Peaceful Separation

There are four ways to peacefully govern a multi-racial or multi-ethnic society. There is the hard separation that existed in the North before the Civil Rights Movement. The South had a soft segregation. The old way of stating the difference was that whites in the North were willing to treat blacks as equals as long as they did not have to live near them. In the South, whites were willing to live near blacks, as long as they did not have to treat them as equals. Both are now forbidden to mention in public now.

America has settled on Proportionalism for the last half century, as a way to navigate through the impossible task of keeping the peace between blacks and whites. Now that tens of millions of foreigners have been added to the mix, what was a fairly good situation in the 1980’s has become increasingly untenable. Thirty years ago, most people, black or white, were optimistic about race relations. That is clearly not the case today and people are starting to wonder if it is even possible to make it work.

That is what makes this New York Times op-ed so interesting. The conventional way to read it is as more of the same blame and shame the Left has done for decades. The writer is supposed to be the sympathetic character and the whites are the bad guys in the never ending drama. The writer spends a lot of time listing the sins of white people and how that makes him feel. The thing is though, the way it is written leaves the impression that race relations are hopeless.

For African-Americans, race has become a proxy not just for politics but also for decency. White faces are swept together, ominous anxiety behind every chance encounter at the airport or smiling white cashier. If they are not clearly allies, they will seem unsafe to me.

Barack Obama’s farewell address encouraged us to reach across partisan lines. But there is a difference between disagreeing over taxes and negotiating one’s place in America, the bodies of your children, your humanity. Our racial wound has undone love and families, and ignoring the depths of the gash will not cause it to heal.

We can still all pretend we are friends. If meaningful civic friendship is impossible, we can make do with mere civility — sharing drinks and watching the game. Indeed, even in Donald Trump’s America, I have not given up on being friends with all white people. My bi-ethnic wife, my most trusted friend, understands she is seen as a white woman, even though her brother and father are not. Among my dearest friends, the wedding party and children’s godparents variety, many are white. But these are the friends who have marched in protest, rushed to airports to protest the president’s travel ban, people who have shared the risks required by strength and decency.

What has become common, when blacks are trotted out by Progressive to lecture us about race, is that they make the case that they will never be satisfied with the efforts of whites. A close reading of this essay reveals that the writer is happy with the social structures of race. He does not like white people. There is no way he can be happy in America, living among whites, as long as whites continue to act white. This is the state of things. Blacks can never be happy and whites can do anything to change that fact.

That is not a problem that can be resolved to anyone’s satisfaction. When America was 80% white, it worked OK for Progressives, as it let them guilt the rest of the country into going along with the liberal agenda. As America approaches majority-minority status, this is entirely untenable. Ekow N. Yankah, the writer of that piece, is living the dream. He has an elite position in an elite profession. He gets treated like royalty and lives an upper class lifestyle. He is also an African immigrant. If he cannot be happy, no one can.

The thing is the people commissioning these sorts of pieces have to see the implications of what elite blacks are saying. American has done everything humanly possible to make it work for blacks in America. They have to see that white America is completely out of patience with this stuff. If you are a plumber worried that you could be replaced by an indentured servant from over the horizon or you are an office worker worried about the robots, Ekow N. Yankah’s complaints just sound like ungratefulness.

The inevitable end game with race relations as America careens into majority-minority status is separation. The question is what kind of separation and whether or not it will be peaceful. Ekow N. Yankah is an accomplished guy with loads of talent. Africa could use a man like him. Maybe the people in charge are pushing these sorts of essays, because they know what is coming. It helps prepare the ground for the inevitable. Or maybe they locked in the past, and they just do not see what is coming down the tracks

Let us hope it is the former.

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  1. Yup, the “Quickening” gets more exciting/out-of-control daily. At 71+, after experiencing war “up close and personal” in ‘Nam followed by a couple of years of int’l careening ripped to the tits, culminating in 5 years at BangKwang, Thailand notorious maximum security prison, I am now increasingly mullified daily by thought of being “a little closer to Home”. Considering such things as the absolutely blatant and pervasive “official criminality, AI killer drones/robots, cyber and space weaponry, brain chips, etc, I hope to have already “checked out” – as Jim Morrison was purported to have once not-so-eloquently stated – ” . . . before the whole shithouse goes up in flames” and the radioactive ash begins to settle.

  2. I wonder if whites are subconsciously using Latinos to punish blacks. I notice local Chinese restaurants wont hire blacks, only Latinos.

    • Has there EVER been a black that worked in a Chinese restaurant? I can’t recall seeing such a thing and I ‘ve been in lots of Chinese restaurants;-)

  3. They don’t see what’s coming down the tracks.

    Leftism by definition lacks any cultural/political imagination at all. They cannot conceive of taps that do not produce flowing water, bulbs that do not light or metal boxes that do not move.

    Thus they feel free to destroy anything about their society that is inconvenient: the technological miracle of the modern world is simply an eternal given.

    Masculinity? Toxic.

    Religion? Antiquated.

    Family? Repressive.

    Meritocracy? Racist.

    Capitalism? Exploitative.

    But we can get rid of all of these things and still have our Xboxes right?

    This is literally the leftist worldview, a kind of a la carte menu of items and one can pick or choose as they wish and still get all the goodies.

    This lack of imagination why they can now be so virulently anti free speech despite being virulently pro twenty or thirty years ago. Or sexual assault (Clinton).

    They can’t even tell you with confidence what they themselves will believe in five years. Let alone what the rest of the world will believe. They have no idea, leaves in the wind.

  4. “…He’s also an African immigrant…”

    That is just incredible. So he came her voluntarily, and then tells us all how terrible we are. Then why is he here?

    Separation seems the only plausible path forward. I pray it is peaceful.

  5. I’ve been reading this 150-year-old account of a white Brit in Africa, describing the different tribes and the ways of Africans. Can’t believe how it resonates with the society we see around us. Our leaders seem to be on the path of decriminalizing criminal behavior as way to appease the savages among us. This will hasten our turning 3rd world.

    “The history of the negro has proved the correctness of this theory. In no instance has he evinced other than a retrogression, when once freed from restraint. Like a horse without harness, he runs wild, but, if harnessed, no animal is more useful. Unfortunately, this is contrary to public opinion in England, where the vox populi assumes the right of dictation upon matters and men in which it has had no experience. The English insist upon their own weights and measures as the scales for human excellence, and it has been decreed by the multitude, inexperienced in the negro personally, that he has been a badly-treated brother; that he is a worthy member of the human family, placed in an inferior position through the prejudice and ignorance of the white man, with whom he should be upon equality.”

    “In his state of slavery the negro was compelled to work, and, through his labour, every country prospered where he had been introduced. He was suddenly freed; and from that moment he refused to work, and instead of being a useful member of society, he not only became a useless burden to the community, but a plotter and intriguer, imbued with a deadly hatred to the white man who had generously declared him free.

    “Now, as the negro was originally imported as a labourer, but now refuses to labour, it is self-evident that he is a lamentable failure. Either he must be compelled to work, by some stringent law against vagrancy, or those beautiful countries that prospered under the conditions of negro forced industry must yield to ruin, under negro freedom and idle independence. For an example of the results look to St. Domingo!”

    “It was amusing to watch the change that took place in a slave that had been civilized (?) by the slave-traders. Among their parties there were many blacks who had been captured, and who enjoyed the life of slave-hunting — nothing appeared so easy as to become professional in cattle razzias and kidnapping human beings, and the first act of the slave was to procure a slave for himself! All the best slave-hunters, and the boldest and most energetic scoundrels, were the negroes who had at one time themselves been kidnapped. These fellows aped a great and ridiculous importance. On the march they would seldom condescend to carry their own guns; a little slave boy invariably attended to his master, keeping close to his heels, and trotting along on foot during a long march, carrying a musket much longer than himself: a woman generally carried a basket with a cooking-pot, and a gourd of water and provisions, while a hired native carried the soldier’s change of clothes and oxhide upon which he slept. Thus the man who had been kidnapped became the kidnapper, and the slave became the master, the only difference between him and the Arab being an absurd notion of his own dignity. It was in vain that I attempted to reason with them against the principles of slavery: they thought it wrong when they were themselves the sufferers, but were always ready to indulge in it when the preponderance of power lay upon their side.

    “Among Ibrahim’s people, there was a black named Ibrahimawa. This fellow was a native of Bornu, and had been taken when a boy of twelve years old and sold at Constantinople; he formerly belonged to Mehemet Ali Pasha; he had been to London and Paris, and during the Crimean war he was at Kertch. Altogether he was a great traveller, and he had a natural taste for geography and botany, that marked him as a wonderful exception to the average of the party. He had run away from his master in Egypt, and had been vagabondizing about in Khartoum in handsome clothes, negro-like, persuading himself that the public admired him, and thought that he was a Bey. Having soon run through his money, he had engaged himself to Koorshid Aga to serve in his White Nile expedition.

    “He was an excellent example of the natural instincts of the negro remaining intact under all circumstances. Although remarkably superior to his associates, his small stock of knowledge was combined with such an exaggerated conceit, that he was to me a perpetual source of amusement, while he was positively hated by his comrades, both by Arabs and blacks, for his overbearing behaviour. Having seen many countries, he was excessively fond of recounting his adventures, all of which had so strong a colouring of the “Arabian Nights,” that he might have been the original “Sinbad the Sailor.” His natural talent for geography was really extraordinary; he would frequently pay me a visit, and spend hours in drawing maps with a stick upon the sand, of the countries he had visited, and especially of the Mediterranean, and the course from Egypt and Constantinople to England. Unfortunately, some long story was attached to every principal point of the voyage. The descriptions most interesting to me were those connected with the west bank of the White Nile, as he had served some years with the trading party, and had penetrated through the Makkarika, a cannibal tribe, to about two hundred miles west of Gondokoro. Both he and many of Ibrahim’s party had been frequent witnesses to acts of cannibalism, during their residence among the Makkarikas. They described these cannibals as remarkably good people, but possessing a peculiar taste for dogs and human flesh. They accompanied the trading party in their razzias, and invariably ate the bodies of the slain. The traders complained that they were bad associates, as they insisted upon killing and eating the children which the party wished to secure as slaves: their custom was to catch a child by its ankles, and to dash its head against the ground; thus killed, they opened the abdomen, extracted the stomach and intestines, and tying the two ankles to the neck they carried the body by slinging it over the shoulder, and thus returned to camp, where they divided it by quartering, and boiled it in a large pot. Another man in my own service had been a witness to a horrible act of cannibalism at Gondokoro.

    “The traders had arrived with their ivory from the West, together with a great number of slaves; the porters who carried the ivory being Makkarikas. One of the slave girls attempted to escape, and her proprietor immediately fired at her with his musket, and she fell wounded; the ball had struck her in the side. The girl was remarkably fat, and from the wound, a large lump of yellow fat exuded. No sooner had she fallen, than the Makkarikas rushed upon her in a crowd, and seizing the fat, they tore it from the wound in handfuls, the girl being still alive, while the crowd were quarrelling for the disgusting prize. Others killed her with a lance, and at once divided her by cutting off the head, and splitting the body with their lances, used as knives, cutting longitudinally from between the legs along the spine to the neck.

    “Many slave women and their children who witnessed this scene, rushed panic-stricken from the spot and took refuge in the trees. The Makkarikas seeing them in flight, were excited to give chase, and pulling the children from their refuge among the branches, they killed several, and in a short time a great feast was prepared for the whole party. My man, Mahommed, who was an eyewitness, declared that he could not eat his dinner for three days, so great was his disgust at this horrible feast.”

    – Sir Samuel W. Baker, “The Albert N’yanza. Great Basin of the Nile, and Explorations of the Nile Sources.” 1868

    Fascinating read!

    • The joke is on us white people. The content of character is the reason things like Jim Crow came about after whites got to experience what it meant to live near free blacks. The period of 1920’s-50’s (or so) is often held up as time when true black character got a chance to shine with black fathers and their families in homes, holding jobs, living respectably — in spite of mean, discriminating whites doing everything in their power to keep the black people down. In reality, all that respectability during that period was due to whites making it very clear that blacks needed to act decently, or else. Apparently this harsh hand of control is what is needed to keep society decent when living with those of African descent. Then in the 60’s they pulled a fast one, saying judge a man by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Well, although whites had learned to identify that black people often meant trouble, originally whites optimistically thought blacks were just like whites and their nature was one that could thrive side by side with us in a high-trust society. But that turned out not to be true. Not because whites are mean and wanted to hate blacks and lord it over them, but because different races have different ways and behaviors. Before Jim Crow, whites saw blacks as our equals and as brothers and wanted to end slavery and live among each other in peaceful, egalitarian bliss. But Africans did things differently than European whites did in our high-trust society built from people behaving responsibly and decently. When you ease up on morality and law and order, like we are these days because of all the PC propaganda and lies we’re fed, you end up with a degenerate, violent, dysfunctional society, rife with corruption and deceit. The reality would seem to be upside down and inverted from that which we’ve been taught for decades and now we’re reaching the point people are starting to be physically forced to uphold these fantasies even as they destroy our race and traditions.

  6. I’m not sure “Ekow N. Yankah” is a real name. I think it’s just an anagram of “Awake, Honky”.

    : )

  7. It’s important not to overthink the matter. There’s an obvious solution, which can be stated plainly, enforced privately, and kept separate from the silly white communism of which so many of you are growing dangerously fond.

    So here is the solution stated in just two words and with a little innuendo concerning speech pathology baked into it:

    Blask out.

    There is, of course, one pronunciation for the blask and another one for everyone else who can pronounce ask the honky way.


    Blask out: It’s an inclusive saying. Caucasians, Mexicans, Arabs, Chinese, etc. can participate. No white “ethno state” required.

  8. Zman’s “Proportionalism” is masterful legal theory, far beyond the pathetic ‘arguments’ cuckservatives indulge in.

    If frauds like Barry O, Anita Hill, or Afro Davis can guest lecture on filing racial lawsuits to “fight the power”, then certainly Z deserves a class or two.

    Perhaps rewarding lefty mercenaries with a sinecure university position is why the clerisy is barking mad.

  9. The NYT is an instrument of propaganda and it is overtly trying to remake the national culture one meme at a time. And the referenced op-ed is a flagrant attempt at brainwashing the gullible. In our ancient evolutionary environment, being stupid frequently resulted in a short life span and the associated early exit improved the gene pool. In today’s environment of affluence-fueled welfarism, stupidity and dependence are reinforced in order to promote electoral incumbency. This is very bad for the species, regardless of race.

    • Trump should have Seal Team 6 disappear one NYT Editor a week until this crap ends.
      Seal Team 5 can do the Wapo.

  10. Wrong

    white girls prefer Black Men as lovers and are increasingly bearing Children of Color.

    Soon whites will not exist due to miscegenation and racism will not be a problem

    • Dead wrong, Kemosabe. Overwhelmingly, white women prefer to date and marry white men. And the ethnicity that is most in demand by “People of Color”? ? Evil white men!

      Go read “Heartiste” if you don’t believe it…Search for “Race Preferences Dating”

      The science is settled!

      • Toddy, you are talking to our everybody’s favorite troll Tiny Dick er Duck. A more self loathing individual than this you will never meet.

        I think he was majorly cucked and I don’t mean politically.

    • What was that funny bit about aliens invading Earth, everyone united to fight them, differences forgotten- except for the white women.

      Nobody could figure out why the white women kept trying to fuck them, instead.

    • The only White girls that prefer Black Males are those that have non-existent self-esteem due to being unattractive, being overweight, having serious daddy issues, having mental problems, or just from having diseased souls. When the only option you have are inanimate objects, a sperm donor with a low IQ is a potential solution to your barren soul and uterus. The myth of White females desiring repulsive black males is only promoted by the media, Tiny Duck, and Kyle Troy.

      • Don’t forget to include the white gold diggers like the Kardashians who chase rich and famous black entertainers and sports stars for the fame and money. Tiny Troy must see that and assume all white women are like that, an insult to women. Must be a woman hater too.

  11. Hopelessness is the key to keeping the grievances going. Liberals used to complain about ‘inequality’ and ‘pollution’, but concrete complaints were addressed with concrete remedies like desegregating facilities/institutions and adding scrubbers to smokestacks etc.

    But they want the grievances not solutions, so now the complaints are about intractable problems like “structural racism” and “climate change”. There’s no way to fix these problems which is why they love them so.

  12. I believe that there is a cultural suicide element at work, too.

    Put yourself in the shoes of a recently college-educated black. He is in the third generation of affirmative action entrants. In each case, they were promised that they could be anything they wanted. So like most ambitious young people, they signed up for STEM, pre-law, and pre-med programs. Once there, they experienced 90%-plus washout rates and slunk off to African American studies programs.

    Of course, whites in those same programs experience high attrition rates, but nothing like blacks. Asians do too, but their rates are lower than whites.

    So if you are a young, ambitious black, you are the product of fifty years of getting kicked out of elite undergraduate programs. You can’t admit it, but you are ready to give up. But give up to what? Go back to the inner city neighborhoods that your parents escaped from? Or the soft shame of being some ethnic studies professor mouthing empty platitudes about critical theory and intersectionality? Even if you wanted to do that, it’s competitive. Maybe one out of every hundred “studies” students even secures tenured position.

    So it’s surrender or Gotterdammerung. Based on what I’m seeing on the webz, the vocal ones are choosing the latter. My friends and acquaintances in the black community are a mixed bag, but the same sentiments are present.

    • Very interesting comment. Rings true. My husband and I are in touch with the private schools and colleges we have been affiliated with, and several generations back in our family, as well. There are renewed forms of segregation that are sanctioned, whether it’s done with housing on campus or academic fields of study. All huddled under the great umbrella of “diversity.” Another topic where these schools avoid comparing and contrasting the different groups is alumni participation in fund raising. Oh, boy. Try and get statistics of your affirmative action recipients’ participation in the Class Gift. Good luck with that!! The Development Office would rather move en masse to Mississippi than broach that subject;-) Lots of taking but very little giving going on with some of these privileged characters 25 years out. The lack of even a sense of gratitude is appalling — but not surprising. Entitlement mentality? Through and through. They are owed!

      • I only became familiar with the phrase, “not my kin,” about four years ago. It’s in-group slang for the anti-philanthropic attitude you describe above. I think that a lot of it stems from shame.

  13. “What has become common, when blacks are trotted out by Progressive to lecture us about race, is that they make the case that they will never be satisfied with the efforts of whites.”

    The REAL case they make is that blacks are incapable of solving their own problems or creating successful environments, and Whites have to do it for them. I’ve never heard anyone ask, besides evil racists, why would anyone want to exist with a black millstone around their neck, a millstone that will never be White no matter how long they are around us or how much better their environments are when they are near us?

    “Ekow N. Yankah is an accomplished guy with lpads of talent.”

    Talk is cheap. There is no example here of his talent. Be honest: the only real skills blacks have are runnin’, jumpin’, makin’ noise, and complainin’.

    Of course, separation is the answer. But, the last time that was attempted in this country, a war was fought by the Northern (((elite))) to prevent their White “slaves” in the South from separating. No one should expect they will be anymore likely to allow it now or in the future. Whenever I see some libtard on the tube among some self-righteous spiel about the evils of those that disagree with them, I just want to say, “You know, you’re right. White conservatives are too evil for you paragons of virtue to be around. Why don’t you separate yourselves from them and create that utopia you are capable of producing if they weren’t interfering? Why, if you divided the United States into different countries, the world could see that your goals and feelings are correct and those you separate yourself from will be swallowed up into trailer parks and disappear from history.”

  14. I’m not certain that it’s fair to project Ekow’s psychosis onto the entire black community. This was published in the NYT. The target audience is upper middle class white liberals who yearn for this type of racial self-flagellation. It’s the modern equivalent of a hairshirt for them to wear.

    Out here in the real world of flyover country most of my acquaintances, white and black, would characterize this essay as complete bullshit.

    • A prog will wet his pants in sight of an African immigrant with an IQ north of 100. He can think again he was right all along, the world will be one.

  15. It’s been clear from reading Genius T. Coates and others like this professor, that the unspoken message is that to eliminate white supremacy, you must eliminate white people. Not that they believe it’ll solve any problems. At this point, It’s about settling scores for them.

    When I hear white liberals gushing over pieces of crap like this article, I am amazed they don’t understand this.

    We’re basicially the same age Z, and I find myself missing the days when America was essentially a biracial nation. And you’re right – the 80’s were a pretty good time.

    A program like “The Cosby Show” is unthinkable today – neither liberal whites nor blacks want to believe in an America that’s basically a decent country.

    Today we get trash like “Blackish” which only exists to shame whites, and promote the idea that no matter your class, Amerikkka is a racist hell hole.

    As you’re fond of saying, this will not end well.

    • Huey Lewis — of Huey Lewis and the News, one of the whitest bands of all time — had some interesting reflections on this. He said that for as “racist” as America supposedly was back then, you had lots of blacks making music for whites, and vice versa — Huey had lots of black fans. The supposedly super-racist 50s was full of integrated rock and doo-wop groups. Sure, there was “black music,” just as there was “white music,” but there was lots of overlap, and the same people could enjoy (and make) both. Nowadays that’s inconceivable. It’s all posturing — white kids listening to rap are actively rejecting “whiteness,” and no black kids listen to “white” music.

      • As I said somewhere once, history will record that the high noon of good American race relations was some time between 1985 and 1989. Huey Lewis was a good example of that.

        • Mostly off topic, I realize, but Huey Lewis seems like an interesting, thoughtful guy — I would definitely read his autobiography if he had one. It’d be informative about good race relations, if nothing else.

          • He was in medical school before his musical career took off, so he’s not likely to be an idiot.

        • I’ll agree. Race relations were much better back then. Since then politicians and SJWs have been doing everything they can to stoke a race war. Apparently there are votes to be had there.

        • I’d put the high point of race relations in the 50’s, not because the races saw themselves as equals, but because blacks had authentic neighborhoods and families. Thinking better of themselves for honest and lived reasons is worlds better for race relations than being born victims. What few black male acquaintances I have of my age repeat the same 50’s story. Hard for white people to imagine but race and ethnic discrimination are not top five worst things that can happen to a soul. It is easier to destroy a man with flattery than discrimination.

          • There’s certainly some truth to this. Let’s just say that the high point of post 1960’s, integrated race relations was about 1985-1990.

          • I hate to point out the fucking obvious: blacks and black small businesses in particular (and back then the core of the economy was small business not the global megacorps) did much better when they didn’t have to compete with whites.

          • The 1950’s were the high point because whites universally considered them beasts, and kept them caged up (or put them down as needed). Once the left committed race treason, the cages were opened wide.

  16. … White America is completely out of patience with this stuff.

    Yep. The goalposts never stop moving. Whites are asked to do more, and give up more, but blacks are never asked to do anything in reciprocity, such as act on black-on-black crime, reduce the thug culture, stop saying that getting an education is “acting white,” recognize the power of the nuclear family, do something about the out-of-wedlock birth rate, etc., etc.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that not only is separatism the only solution, but also, in the long term, they must go back to Africa. If they continue to resist assimilation into Western culture, they need to go someplace else. I don’t see why we (white Westerners) need to divvy up the country we carved out of the wilderness.

  17. It’s as if someone, somewhere, has the resources to encourage people to destroy each other, and also has the resources to avoid the repercussions of such an outcome.

    It’s as if someone wants 99% of the people to live in poverty, violence, and basically stripped of all humanity.

    It’s as if that someone has learned how to pit people against each other in a tribal and murderous way.

    It’s as if that someone has realized that a reasonably intelligent, educated, peaceful, optimistic, and armed middle class is antithetical to all he is trying to accomplish.

    So that someone is working to destroy intelligence, education, peace, optimism, and the ability of the good guys to arm themselves.

    All so that someone can live a rich and comfortable life, secure in the knowledge that any human movement likely to strip him of his assets, legally or illegally, has been repeatedly decimated and stripped of any capacity to do so.

    Never mind that the human experience that we know, and have lived, is obliterated in the process.

  18. One way or another, separation will come. Society as currently constituted isn’t working, and everybody can see it now, even dim bulbs like Coates. This isn’t even debatable, anymore, IMHO. Hence the frantic desire of the managerial state to disarm the white population, by any means necessary, to try and head off the inevitable. Not gonna work, kids. The split is coming, peaceful or otherwise, our new country is an inevitability, the only question is, what is it going to look like?

  19. I think that the Europeans are importing large number of black and brown people just for this kind of excitement. Leftist women love the drama and the men just hate themselves.

  20. Many of the more defiant blacks will find a way to reconcile themselves with accommodation when they realize that whites are asserting themselves. They did so in the past and will make the adjustment again. It’s human nature not to be wilfully self destructive moreso than to be unbending. They only have to understand that this is the way it’s going to be.

    On our side that means getting our ducks in a row and cleaning out our ranks of dead weight. And demonstrating resolve.

  21. Ekow (woke spelled backwards) would be of great use if he were deported back to whatever dump he originated from. He could, in the absence of aggressive whiteness, be free to advise all of his compatriots about how evil America is and how they should never come here.

    Yeah, I know, good luck with that.

  22. I guess Ekow N. Yankah would be quite content in seeing America transformed into your typical African state. A few corrupt officials living high on the hog, while the rest of the populace is treated as crap until some General in the army gets a wild hair up his ass about taking over. Then the cycle starts anew.

    Though, like other typical liberal elites, they don’t realize that once the honky was gone, his world would crumble to bits. His own color would not save him. The gangs and thugs would eventually take over. All the elites would have their homes robbed and he would be beaten if not outright killed for living like a king and trying to claim he’s been down with the cause. After Jesse J. was heckled and practically chased out of Ferguson by “his peeps”, that should have been the first clue of trouble for black liberal elites should the honky not be around to protect his ass.

    • True. Black academics see the influence that white ones maintain in the power structure of the Democrat party and assume that things will be the same when POC are in charge. But no, they’ll end up with Kwame Kilpatricks in charge, and no money to fund their chair at the university.

    • I remember Jean Pierre Hallet, a Belgian guy who spent a lifetime working in the Congo, in his book “Congo Kitabu” talking about how most Africans simply did not seem to feel gratitude the way whites or Asians did, and how lacking they were in any sort of empathy. He pointed out some very notable exceptions to this, and there’s no doubt that Hallet liked Africans, possibly better than he did whites, but he repeatedly pointed out that they were different from Europeans, deeply different, and there was no sense in dodging the fact.
      I doubt that Hallet, or anyone else who has worked in the real Africa, would be surprised by Yankah’s stunning ingratitude.

      You let Africans in, you get Africa, and all that implies. Full stop.

      • Aaaaand now I’ve got another one to add to my reading list. Thanks a lot. At this rate, I’ll be done with my 2017 reading list sometime in 2055.

        • Well worth your time. Just as an adventure story, it’s outstanding. Guys like Hallet were the best case for for colonialism possible. His other book “Animal Kitabu” is pretty good too. He was an example of a now-vanished breed – a white guy who loved parts of the non-white world unsentimentally, without any illusions, precisely because it was so different. He was of course a tremendous racist by today’s debased standards

    • They remind one of the LGBTQRSTUVetc. crowd that seems to think letting in Muslims who favor Sharia law is wonderful – they will “Co-Exist”.

  23. The word ingrate comes to mind. Nothing else explains their actions and stupid scrawlings.

    Get rid of Progs and this issue would resolve itsel, not that it is possible.

    • Quite true IMO. The white progs/cloud people are the drivers of this stuff and aided and abetted by the judiciary they control.

      Basically it’s proportionalism at the barrel of a gun. Because if whites don’t like and resist the cloud people have one of their meat puppet judges issue a fatwa to force whites at gun point to accept their edict or else.

      We cannot have a honest discussion on race or half-way peaceful resolution without getting rid of these whites. What’s worse they will not change their ways so it will come down to violence at some point, when the system and the fictions it has created can no longer be maintained.

  24. At the end, the quoted author says he does have white friends, the ones who orient their lives towards agitating for his interests, not for their own.

    And that, right there, is the problem. People are judged not by who they are, but by what they will do for my benefit. Selfish bastard.

    • Yeah, I re-read the article this morning and, to be fair, you can read the thing any number of ways. Like Africa, it is predictably unpredictable.

      Even so, the bottom line the black population has established an unsolvable set of contradictions for peace. They want whites to go away or stop being white, but they want the world that only whites can build and maintain. I’ll also note that you never see “Blacks need to start doing X in order to foster good race relations.” They have been conditioned to see themselves as the arbiters of public morality.

  25. Rhinos are tools used by progressives in the destruction of western civilization. Our government is fully engaged in rendering our country unliveable with little or no opposition. They can be stopped, but will they be stopped.

  26. The Frankfurt School Marxists said that man’s social being determines his consciousness. The original Frankfurt Schoolers moved their social being from Nazi Germany to Malibu, and they *still* weren’t happy. This cat moved his social being from some African shithole to the Upper West Side, and he *still* isn’t happy. Ergo — Latin!! — Cultural Marxism is wrong. Now, is that science, scientificity, scienticulation, or what?

    • 97% of scientificulators agree!

      Junk scientody in uni isn’t so much a problem when corps use uni as a cheap R&D writeoff. At least product is developed, though it may be a marketing scam or snake oil fad.

      When junk scientificity is used in court, however, everybody gets robbed, good things are blocked, and trash starts polluting the pool of information.

      • ‘Pool of information’- clumsy.
        In other words, the culture.

        Junk science by lawyers and their armies of paid expert witnesses rob and trash the culture.

        (Ads for expert witnesses are in the back of legal trade magazines, such as ‘Slip and Fall specialist, stairwells and wet floors’; ‘Public Employment Discrimination, racial’; and so on. Pages and pages of ads.)

  27. Small typo in the paragraph after the pull quote:

    “Blacks can never be happy and whites can do anything to change that fact.” Should read: “whites CAN’T do anything to change that fact”.

  28. There can be no peaceful separation. Even in the deepest, darkest ghettos and slums – where there isn’t a single white man to be seen – blacks still hate whites but still would rather live with them than their fellow blacks. Ethnic ghettos are what they are because of the people that live there, not because of racism. Things get doubly complicated when you consider that the left is now actively pushing mixed race marriage.

    Historically blacks have always been servants, slaves, criminals… or savages. My thought is that any peaceful coexistence with them can only work if they live as our servants or slaves. Any effort to make them equals is only going to fail. Their “equals” are all in Africa living in squalor.

    I see race wars looming, possibly a return to some form of serfdom or slavery for blacks. I don’t see any other way of living with them.

    • America did achieve a peaceful separation once before in her history. After a couple of hundred years of insurgency warfare, all of the Indians were confined on reservations. Ins the 1830’s blacks were seen as fairly happy and docile. Native Americans were seen as potentially violent and dangerous.

      I confess to having some sympathy of young ghetto blacks. Drive through a town like Cairo, IL and you will see burned out buildings, and trash everywhere. Get a job. Where? The city survives on state and federal handouts. Housing projects hold hundreds of sullen black bodies while once elegant Victorian houses fall apart nearby. There is no economy at all.

      Why not formalize the arrangement? Blacks shall be free to live in the reservations where they shall be provided with food, entertainment, health care, housing, and most importantly mandatory birth control. People would be free to leave the reservation at any time, but there would be no welfare whatsoever outside. In a generation or two the problem would go away.

    • Don Imus used to say I’m not happy unless you’re not happy. I think that’s the state of race relations in the US.

      When the day comes that blacks perceive that, on average, whitey is not doing as well as the average brother, then and only then will they be content. When that glorious day arrives, they will, like blacks everywhere, rub whitey’s nose in it and delight in watching him squirm and suffer – much like they do today at every minor victory – because black culture exults in tormenting and humiliating the weak, downtrodden, and defeated. (see Jared Taylor’s excellent essay, The Ways of Our People, for elaboration of this circumstance).

      Until then our ways work against us. We continue to allow them to make a mockery of whatever remains of our mores and values while they steadily transgress them, and destroy what’s left of our culture.

      We will continue wending our way slowly down the path we have been treading for the last 50+ years and wind up occupying a third world hellhole Baltimore USA unless and until some event occurs to catalyze political action by the growing but long suffering and silently resentful classes (that would be us).

      But even were such an event to occur, Whitey would mostly be at war with himself over whether to respond to it appropriately or not.

      There’s no political solution under the current arrangement of society and government. The only answer is to move as far away from Baltimore as possible and build something new.

      Those who can’t or won’t do that must learn to live there.

      I say this as someone who currently lives in rather close proximity with blacks. I find that I can accomodate them, especially at this level, by certain stratagems.

      First, I take pains never to appear in any way superior or above them, economically or otherwise. I also speak to them in their idiom, not hard for me as I have been exposed to them at close quarters during several periods of my life. It helps to keep in mind at all times what sort of ideas occupy the mind of someone with an IQ of 85~90, and how easy it would be for such a person to misunderstand things if they are not phrased simply and directly – much as one would speak to a foreigner learning English as a second language.

      Second, I turn my “white privilege” to their benefit. The people I am around dimly understand that I am educated and know about things that elude them, arcane knowledge like how to find information on government benefits on the internet and post ads for their cars on Craig’s list, the basics of filing simple income tax returns, where to go to get free legal help to fight their hopeless civil battles, and so on. They tolerate me because I am useful and act friendly to them.

      Thirdly, I have used my interest in sports to develop rapport with them. I am really a rather uninformed sports fan, but I find that my meager knowledge of football and basketball translates into endless opportunities to converse briefly with the black dudes in my neighborhood. Being able to throw off the most paltry of current season statistics and standings, name a few of the players on some of the popular teams in this area, and perhaps engage in a little of the most amateur analysis of games and current prospects for teams gives me a topic of conversation which I have found of almost universal interest among these guys.

      One survives and thrives around blacks by process of camoflauge, and that’s what we have been doing and will continue to do until the day when our culture and theirs have seamlessly melded together, on the terms of the lowest common denominator, in our third world future.

  29. this professor is not unhappy. He is very happy. But he and other blacks have been trained by the media to complain and play on white guilt….it’s all about white guilt…

    there is an old saying in the pro wrestling game: blood turns green…the wrestlers cut themselves with hidden razor blades in order to draw blood and excite the crowd…more money…

    likewise, white guilt turns green…for minorities and corporations and those who are at the top of society…

    The more that blacks and minorities complain about racism, the more white guilt is generated and exploited, which means more racial preferences for minorities…white guilt turns green…

    the media/hollywood etc encourage minorities to complain about racism because white guilt turns green for the media/hollywood and for the corporations that fund the media via advertising buys.

    You see, back about 35 years ago or so…more or less…there were empty buildings all over big old cities like london and NYC. But you don’t see too much of that anymore…back in those days, however, there were so many empty buildings in nyc, london etc that young people used to do something called ‘squatting’…just live for free in empty buildings…you can hardly do that today…
    Well, the buildings got empty because the white majority stopped having so many children…and corporate profits were low as well…the economy is 70% based on consumer demand…low asset values…tsk tsk…

    and who owned most assets? The rich.

    The rich did not like having all those buildings empty. And low asset values! The very thought!

    So they began to manufacture consent for more immigration…more consumers…higher asset values!

    But how did they get whites to go along with mass immigration and the necessary racial integration etc that was needed to get all those new worker-consumer into the economy and thus increase asset values?

    White guilt.
    White guilt manufactures consent for mass immigration and multiculturalism.

    So the media and all the rest of the institutions push white guilt, anti-white multiculturalism etc.

    More consumer demand. More consumers….plenty of worker-consumers to fill up all those empty buildings.
    Higher asset values!

    White guilt turns green. But not for you or me….

    • I don’t know about you but I am all niggered out. At this point the only thing the urban plague motivates is ammo sales.

    • what the CEOs and corporations really like about the situation today is that the high price of housing keeps white people working hard so their kids don’t have to go to school with diversity….white people working harder means higher corporate profits, higher CEO salaries, and more money spent by corporations on media ads…back when all these empty buildings meant that young white people could squat, that meant lower corporate profits….less money spent on media ads etc…
      ….like a plant seeks the sunlight, the system seeks a situation wherein white people have to work harder for less…it’s an ecosystem

  30. The solution that elites have in mind is White male slavery. Do the financial math. Woke Yankya can only live the Good Life with White men slaving away.

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