Letter To The Antisemites

From time to time, I am approached by an anti-Semite hoping to convince me to join their thing. Most people, of course, think antisemitism is the worst, but anti-Semites think otherwise. Recently, a person calling himself Lawrence has showed up in the comment section, inviting me to join the world of antisemitism. Given some posts related to this topic are in the queue, I thought it was a good time to respond to this generous invitation to become an anti-Semite.

First off, I do not think antisemitism is a great crime against humanity. I once worked for a guy who hated Greeks. Anything wrong in the world, according to him, was the fault of the Greeks. He was a bigot, of course, but as far as I knew he never caused anyone harm, not even Greeks. He was just a weirdly eccentric person, who had unusual opinions about the world. In the grand scheme of things, there are many worse vices a man can have, than a bias against another group of people.

Here is my favorite way of explaining this to people puzzled by my indifference to the great crimes of antisemitism and racism. Imagine moving into a new house. You find out the guy across the street is an anti-Semite. Now, imagine you learn that the guy to the left is a methamphetamine dealer. Which neighbor troubles you more? Only a nut would say the anti-Semite is the bigger worry. The point is there is a long list of things that are worse than holding negative opinions.

Now, as far as my opinion on antisemitism, I must admit I have a negative view of it, just as I have a negative view of racism. The mistake people make is in thinking that race realism is the same as racism. If I were a racist, I would not live in Lagos. I can be quite realistic about the nature of blacks, without holding black people in contempt. In fact, I have a great deal of sympathy for black people. The reason for that is I am well aware of the biological reality that underlies the plight of blacks in America.

Similarly, I am a realist, with regards to Jews in America. I have written quite bit on Jewish exceptionalism. I did a long podcast episode examining the alt-right’s arguments on the JQ. I have written critiques of Jewish social customs. I have had debates with Jews about Jewish issues. I stood in a room full of Jews once, explaining and defending the humor of Andrew Anglin. The point is that you can discuss, even as a non-Jew, all the issues involved in the JQ, without being an anti-Semite.

Now, many anti-Semites have encouraged me to “take the red pill” on the JQ so then I would come to appreciate what antisemitism brings to the party. The claim is that once you accept their claims, antisemitism fits like a glove. I generally assume to this to mean the theories of Kevin McDonald, the retired professor of psychology, who wrote the book Culture of Critique. John Derbyshire called him the Karl Marx of antisemitism, which is turning out to be prophetic.

Well, I have read Kevin McDonald. I think he makes an excellent case against Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychoanalysis, and Frankfurt School critical theory. In fact, his arguments against these intellectual movements should be required reading for anyone trying to understand the current crisis. Further, there is no disputing his observation that these movements were dominated by Jews. In fact, all of the monstrous ideologies of the last era had an over representation of Jews.

The truth is though, Jews are overrepresented in everything that requires a high level of math and verbal skill. Every intellectual movement, which was not explicitly anti-Semitic, saw an over representation of Jews. Movements attract smart people. They also tend to be located in urban areas, where Jews have always lived. Therefore, no one should be surprised that Jews are overrepresented in political and cultural movements, especially those of the radical variety.

The main argument of McDonald is that Judaism is a “group evolutionary strategy” engineered to promote Jewish interests at the expense of the host society. He argues that Judaism promoted eugenic practices favoring high intelligence, conscientiousness, and ethnocentrism, so Jews reached the late Middle Ages with these qualities in extraordinary surplus. Once Jews were allowed to participate in Western society, they were uniquely equipped to dominate intellectual movements.

This is possible. It also strikes me as a bit like intelligent design. This unique tool kit for undermining Western society evolved for the purpose of undermining a Western society, that only came into existence recently. In fact, this group evolutionary strategy came pretty close to getting all European Jews killed half a century ago. Jewish dominance today is entirely due to America opening up the country to Eastern European Jews at the start of the last century. Apparently, Jews really plan ahead.

The bottom line, with regards to Kevin McDonald and the general idea of Jews being a hostile and subversive people, is that it could be true. It could also be true that Jews have followed the pattern of all minority populations and gravitated to the people in charge, seeing them as protectors. In America, which means Yankee progressives, who have, in one form or another, dominated the country since Gettysburg. Jew just joined the bets club in the country.

As you can see, I am well acquainted with the arguments and I am not instinctively hostile to most of them. Like everyone with some knowledge of human evolution, I am a bit skeptical of group evolutionary strategy. It could be a real thing. It could also be total nonsense like phrenology. Within my lifetime smart people were sure you could be talked out of insanity. There have been a lot of nutty fads in human sciences, so skepticism is a prudent position until more data comes in.

Obviously, my resistance to antisemitism is not based in ignorance of the material or fear of the morality police. The main issue for me is that anti-Semites think “the Jews” is the answer o all problems. They are like a man who has only mastered how to use a hammer. He sees every problem as a nail. In the case of anti-Semites, everything is blamed on the Jews to the point of absurdity. It seems to me that in order to be an anti-Semite, one has to commit their life to it, like joining a gang.

While I bear no ill will to those of you who have become anti-Semites, I just do not think it is the place for me. My group evolutionary strategy, as it were, is to enjoy the fullness of life, even the parts that are not so good. Obsessing over Jews all the time seems like a waste of time. If there comes a time when I have to obsess over Jews all the time, then I will do what I must, but for now, I have lots of other interests. No hard feelings and the bets of luck in your project.

Warmest Regards


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  2. The term “antisemitism” is a propaganda phrase of Jewish Supremacy-it has no place among intelligent people (so-called Jews (an innapropriate term in the first place) today are not related to Abraham-these are ethnic groups that assimilated Phariseeism millineum ago)

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  4. We’ve had something in the neighborhood of 100 pogroms in the West. The ancient Babylonians, Akkadians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and probably many others also found the Jews troublesome.

    They aren’t about to change their nature. We aren’t about to suddenly find their nature tolerable.

    Let’s just separate and spare us both a lot of discomfort, irritation and bloodshed.

  5. Pay no attention to the ‘Semites’ behind that curtain that are in charge of the FED, the US Treasury, Hollywood, the MSM, have pretty much taken over State and Tubby the Grifter’s WH.

    Pay no attention that the ones cheering for the complete destruction of Syria, then on to Iran, are mostly neo-CON Jews.

    Pay no attention that the ones cheering on the Muslim invasion of Europe and demanding that more be let in are Jews.

    Yes, pay no attention to those FACTS, because that would be anti-Semitic and by golly, we can’t have those GOYIM thinking for themselves.

    From an April 2003 Haaretz article.

    The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it’s possible.

    This is a war of an elite. [Tom] Friedman laughs: I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.


  6. We need another category called, “judeo-critic”, which would be someone who is not an anti-semite, but nevertheless shines a bright light on Jewish behavior. This needn’t be an “obsession”, just something one does as one of their interests. Think Steve Sailer.

  7. This idea of being an “anti-semite” is as foolish as the notion that one can be a “racist”. They are both nonsense terms. Both are artificial labels used by Jews as psychological tools against Whites (particularly Christian Whites)!

    …All irony aside, I really do not understand how educated and intelligent people can allow themselves to be labelled with such a vacuous and really ignorant curse. Denying that one IS one of these imagined things gives it undeserved validity. Do all of you also introduce yourselves by disclaiming that you have a demon? Who’s asking?

    It’s odd. In the case of the “anti-semite,” as someone else pointed out, it’s a word pulled directly out of the arse of a Jew. It really is a nonsense word, for if you are not a Bible-believing Christian, the person of Shem (after whom the term is named) doesn’t even exist. (Shem was one of Noah’s three sons who survived the Great Flood in the ark and—along with his brothers—repopulated the world with the Adamite race). Does Z-man believe in Noah’s flood now? If not, how on earth can he be AGAINST people descended from Shem? From an evolutionist or non-Christian point of view, the Jews, as a “race” can’t even be defined. Again, it’s nonsense.

    And for Bible-believers, they know that Shem was the father of MANY races (or “nations”) of peoples, for a simple reading of the genealogies in Genesis 10 demonstrates that over 20 nations directly sprang from him… Abraham being one of his descendants, himself fathered “MANY nations” (Gen 17:4), including all of the Arab nations extant today. Furthermore, ONE of those nations fathered by Abraham was Israel (through Isaac and Jacob) which ITSELF had 12 tribes, and ONLY ONE of those tribes was Judah! Thus Judahites (from whom Jews would like you to believe they are descended) are only ONE of 12—of dozens more—of only ONE ancestor (Abraham) who was of scores more nations of lineage through Shem…

    Moreover, those of us who know that the Anglo-Saxon and Nordic races are direct descendants of the tribes of Israel (all twelve!) therefore know that ALL ANGLOS ARE SHEMITES. Those who call themselves “Jews” today are not even of the house of Israel as their own teachers tell them (See the 13th Tribe). Rather, they are products of Esau and Canaanite miscegenation (aka Edomites). Canaan was the son of Ham and Esau from Abraham, so technically they are not even Shemites themselves, but hybrids of at least two of Naoh’s sons! Therefore, we Anglos are more ‘Semite’ than Jews!

    As for whatever a “racist” actually is… don’t get me started. But, I challenge any of you to give me a cogent answer for how such a thing logically exists. Yet, you’re all worried about ‘being one’.

  8. Can I still be an anti-semite (with a small “s”) even though I don’t blame the Jews for everything?

    Frankly, I can’t let pushy Jews hog all the glory for messing stuff up, not when blacks, women, and homosexuals loudly and proudly demand we acknowledge their respective roles (affirmative action in action) in turning a once great country into a shit hole.

  9. Many seen to feel they must blame some . . . media-identified “label”. Such are the ones imprisoned by their own self-delusion. For those with “discernment” – even laughing at such is a waste of One’s time. IGNORE that which is of no “consequence”, AVOID [remain aware]/PARRY that of adverse/ill intent, NEUTRALIZE with whatever means available/necessary, that which represents an imminent threat to any-One else’s continuing personal “presence”/well-being.

  10. Has anyone noticed that we are using the term “anti-Semite” incorrectly? Taken literally, “anti-Semite” would imply ‘against semites’, all semites. That is, members of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs, but also include others. Yet, it seems that the term “anti-Semite” has had its definition molested to mean only ‘anti-jew’. Who benefits from this? I suspect it is the antigoyim crowd. If one dislikes Judaism and jewish people, which would be a religious issue and not a racist one, then one should be referred to as ‘antijew’. However, I suspect that few actually dislike jews because of their religious beliefs. Dislike for jews is more likely due to their tendency to use and insult their hosts while angling to assume the hosts wealth and assets. It may be true that not all jewish people support this parasitic nature but many benefit from the spoils and don’t speak against the methods. By their silence they tacitly support their usurper comrades. Not all jews remain silent. Some do speak out against this behavior. Such a man is Miko Peled, the son of an Israeli general. Have a look and listen here, https://youtu.be/b1DNRIa3aEc

  11. Meh, I hate most people.

    I am struck by one thing you said, talking about Yankee Progressives running America. So, basically, the Puritan Jews? 😁

    Other than outward physical features, (and maybe surname), how does one go about differentiating the two?

    Wait until December to see if they put a menorah or Christmas tree up?

    I propose we do away with both sets, just to be sure. I’ve always felt quite strongly about equality and fairness.

    • There’s a reason Catholics call them “judeo-protestants”. I wasted half a day trying to uncover more about Calvin’s funders in Geneva. More hints today that others know more, with the same conclusion.

      Two ruthless strains feeding each other.
      Yankee smugglers helping J slave merchants.
      I see Pappy Bush and Georgy Soros keeping up the old traditions of Newport and Boston, where the Africans came in and the textiles went out.

      I’m with you. “…and let God sort ’em out”.
      Predators, unfortunately, gotta be sharp.
      They enjoy outwitting the prey.

    • “how does one go about differentiating the two?” One group is sociopathically selfish and the other is strongly ethnocentric.

      “I’ve always felt quite strongly about equality and fairness.” That’s how we know you’re a goy.

      • My comment should be taken as it was meant, mostly tongue in cheek, but not fully.
        Of course, especially you, FBI, If you’re monitoring my posts.

  12. What galls me most-
    That bolshie anarchists demand that we apologise to them.

    That people who were here first- including western Jews- bow down and explain themselves to THEM.

    That we must prove our good intentions!
    To arrogant, hostile squatters!

  13. “You find out that the new neighbor is an anti-Semite. Now, imagine a second neighbor moves in and you learn he is a methamphetamine dealer. Which neighbor troubles you more? ”

    Frankly, I’d rather deal with the dealer/addict. The serious anti-semite is batshit crazy and beyond reasoning with whereas the dealer can maybe be reasoned with.
    I frequent GAB and there is a serious strain of hard-core anti-semitism there that damages discourse in a WTF sick and creepy manner. Anti-semites need to look at the company they keep, islam, isis, nazis and communists all have that in common.

      • Cognitive dissonance- that fleeting feeling of discomfort- is the brain trying to switch between processors: the amyglyda almond or the frontal cortex.

        It is deeply, deeply uncomfortable, physically unpleasant, to listen even a moment to things that sound wrong against what we have been trained to believe is right.

        Amyglyda wins. A gut-punch of rage and revulsion hits us immediately. Damn hard to endure. These #&$!s just sound so wrong.
        Crazy, stupid, evil, dangerously wrong.

        Problem is, both sides believe exactly the same thing, know it in their bones- about each other.

        (If they sound right, the gut punch response is- ‘that’s brilliant’!)

        • Lay down with dogs, you get fleas. I don’t have a problem with cognitive dissonance, I have a problem with Evil.

    • The subversives have lain down a line of bullshit so long that the dung beetles have food for ages. The dung beetles at least perform a useful service.

  14. Z Man;
    My final thoughts, FWIW. As a Christian, I have to be respectful of the fact that Jews have ‘persisted’ for over 3,500 years on the face of this messed-up earth, just like the Bible promises. How did that happen_?

    One ought not be a philo-semitic (or a philo- anything else but Jeshua the long-promised Messiah) but one ought to wonder if, *maybe*, there’s some ahistorical force or other involved in that persistence.

    I don’t know about you, but when I see some of the mono-maniacal obsessions with da Joos running and ruining everything but yet paradoxically so easily persecuted, I wonder if satan’s not riding shotgun on that stagecoach. Just sayin’.

  15. There is truth in stereotypes, otherwise they wouldn’t exist. You can go pretty much anywhere in the world and say “Wow, that Jew really Jewed me” and the locals will know exactly what you mean.

    It’s the sociopathic nature of the Jew that makes him such a threat. Of course, not every Jew is a sociopath, but the pornography and the endless lies demonstrate an overall sociopathic nature. Either this trait was selected for, or inbreeding caused genetic damage.



  16. Spending several hours preparing a presentation to a firm with a Mormon purchasing agent, and watching my Mormon competitor receive the contract even though his product is inferior, is frustrating, even though I personally like most Mormons I know. I seem to be playing a “Business” game, while they play “crony”. The Jews are world masters of “Crony”. They occasionally pay a price. (The Mormons got run out of Illinois. Non-members sometimes get testy.) Team up with another poker player sometime and watch the reaction of the losing players when they realize why they lost.

    • Half a dozen years ago, I was called by a potential client in New York. A little research revealed they were Hasidic Jews. The next time I talked to the guy I told him that I’d need a fee upfront before going further with him. He did not like it. I told him that most likely he would give the business to a member of his group and I was just functioning as a lever so he could get a better deal from his coreligionist. I was happy to play along, but I had to be paid for my time. He just laughed and agreed to pay me for my time.

      Clannishness has its nuances.

      • Now extrapolate that out to the hiring of professors, judges, major media (Ted Turner got same treatment as you when he tried to buy Viacom back in 90s), Fed Reserve chairs (hedge funds live or die by Fed actions; academic paper has proven that Fed leaks info so consistently as to be predicted by market movement before an announcement; 14 of top 20 hedge fund managers are jewish), political influence, etc. etc.

        Now realize all those people in all those positions of power have no scruples about using that power for the advancement of their group at the expense of all others.

  17. I appreciate Zman’s warning that he doesn’t want his blog to be a raving echo chamber.

    I cannot believe that a hapless humanity casually stumbles into epic wars and depressions.
    Why are they determined to kill us this time?

    I’m rather ashamed at my own contibutions.
    Been pouring out my heart, as I am bereft.
    Found out I’ve become David Duke, ffs.

    I’d hoped to do better, with more focus on epigenetic economics, supranational infrastructure, and group mechanisms.

    So limited. My apologies to Zman.
    I keep telling myself to tone it down.

  18. Nice work Z in kicking over the anthill, you do take a few chances here and that’s why I keep coming back despite all the jq zombies.

    • If there is a point to this blog, it is that everything can be discussed civilly and rationally, even if it is usually not so.

      • Thank you for that, Zman. I sometimes think that this is the only place I know where people are trying to find solutions rather than just admiring problems — or worse — fanning the flames.

  19. December 17, 1862, General Ulysses Grant wrote to the Assistant Adjutant General of the US Army:

    “I have long since believed that in spite of all the vigilance that can be infused into post commanders, the specie regulations of the Treasury Department have been violated, and that mostly by the Jews and other unprincipled traders. So well satisfied have I been of this that I instructed the commanding officer at Columbus to refuse all permits to Jews to come South, and I have frequently had them expelled from the department. But they come in with their carpet-sacks in spite of all that can be done to prevent it. The Jews seem to be a privileged class that can travel anywhere. They will land at any woodyard on the river and make their way through the country. If not permitted to buy cotton themselves, they will act as agents for someone else, who will be at a military post with a Treasury permit to receive cotton and pay for it in Treasury notes which the Jew will buy at an agreed rate, paying gold.”

    Every single time.

  20. I’m not Jewish, but I’m turned off by the anti-semitism I see on some Alt-Right web sites, particularly in the comments sections. As far as I can tell, Jews achieved their status in Western institutions on merit, not by claiming victimhood and demanding affirmative action and other handouts. My only issue with them is that they tend to vote Left, but I could say the same thing about single women.

    • Let’s grant for the sake of argument that Jews are intellectually superior to whites in every way. Nonetheless, they have been the driving and decisive force for open borders since the beginning of the twentieth century. What good is meritocracy if the most capable want to demographically replace the host population? Clearly, meritocracy cannot be the highest good or the final arbiter of policy, if one values the host population.

      • Right. If someone is running me over with their car, I don’t really care if they stole it, got it from their dad, or bought it. The issue is what they are doing with it to me, now.

      • “superior” is a strong world. I would say their brains and work ethic generally puts them in the top quartile.

    • I used to instinctively ignore antisemitic comments. Whenever I saw the J-word, I’d skip right over the comment. Why waste time with a raving lunatic.

      That’s holy Holocaust conditioning.
      The foundation of Boomer moral authority.

      Then I asked myself, “Well, what are these loons bitching about? Why?”

      So I decided to glance at some of their claims.
      Thought it would be slightly entertaining, like reading a rave on reptilians or Satan or some such.

      Wondering, really, what makes people bark what is obvious nonsense to all right-thinking people.
      Of course we should bomb Saddam, amirite?

    • They didn’t achieve it be merit, they achieved it with ethnic nepotism. Check out the whole article for statistics, look up the sources if you doubt them.

      “Elana Kagan, now a Supreme Court justice, was appointed to Dean of Harvard Law School by the Jewish President at the time, Lawrence Summers. Kagan went on to give over 50 percent of her faculty appointments at the most important, the pinnacle law school in America, to her fellow Jewish tribalists.”


      • So one exception proves the rule… NOT. <–Discredited by you're own utterances

      • One study demonstrated a key difference:
        High verbal intelligence, suitable for scribes and courtiers. A legacy of millenia of alephbets and upper tiers.

        Asians showed a much higher degree of visuospatial (3D) intelligence. The dogged engineers following the orders of the king’s official. Jews tested in the average range, while Asians tested average in verbal.
        A legacy of millenia of ideograms.

        Smart. Focused with military intensity.
        Clever toungued. Independent. A very effective, dangerous enemy once it’s time to swap out the livestock.

        (Patriot, if that “This” had anything to do with me, I offer deep apology as you rightly love your country. I was being bitterly sarcastic about right-thinking people and bombing Saddam. I was such a gullible fool.)

  21. “Jews have followed the pattern of all minority populations and gravitated to the people in charge, seeing them as protectors.”

    And when there is a change over of people in charge, they can get burned.

    Jews were highly valued as scribes, clerks, accountants, and administrators in the early Muslim caliphates. They got stuff done and left the Muslims in charge with plenty of time to spend with their harems. When the Muslims got kicked out of Spain, the Jews suddenly found themselves deeply unpopular.

    • Drake;
      They also played the role of financiers for the various feudal rulers in Europe during the middle ages and for the same (not-so-optional) reasons. The office was known as das Hofjude or the court Jew. It was not specifically a term of opprobrium but rather the title for a highly useful functionary in most courts of any size.

      That functionary was was necessary because the Church in the middle ages had outlawed ‘usury’ which they defined narrowly as lending money for any/high interest, depending. Now, in addition to compensating for the time value of money, loan interest must always cover the default risk. You can imagine that default risk was high during the middle ages. So, practically, that meant no lending unless you were outside the Church: Ditto for Moslem lands where ‘usury’ is forbidden to this day.

      Both trading voyages and military campaigns always required front money and only Jews could lend at overt interest.* And Jews were mostly forbidden from other ways of making a living such as owning land or being in a craft guild. All that was left them was banking and trading (and those rulers’ wives and mistresses did like their foreign fripperies).

      This mutually beneficial arrangement suited the rulers just fine because it was pretty easy to lay the peasants’ hostility off on the Jews when (not if) things went wrong. Or you could simply stiff them, just not too often. May of the rulers did just that.
      * The only other non-kinship credit option was commodity-based loan-sharking: ‘I give you 3 bushels of wheat now, you owe me 5 at harvest. Me and my clan will be around to collect.’

      • So important. On the one hand, it evolved into making risk predictable- leading to present day pension systems.

        On the other hand, mugs like me suspect that it fed an appetite for warmaking.

        Once those debts could be laid off on the national populace- the Anglo-Dutch system of ‘national debt’- one needn’t worry about the king losing, dying, or being deposed.

        A two-edged sword. As with so many Jewish ideas. They seem comfortable with exploiting ridiculously dangerous territory.

        In this case, if the king lived, he might pogrom his way out of debt. If he fell, his tax collecters would lose his protection and be the closest visible target.

        • PS- about that commodity based loan sharking, what we call ‘commodity futures’: rice futures go back as far as written records in China. Another mercantile culture.

          Inventory might have been the origin of writing, whether cuneiform or ideogram.
          Trader magic.

          • Al;

            Trader magic for sure, but mostly ruler magic. How ya gonna’ feed al yo war horses if ya don know iffn Brown Knight of Misthaufen paid his dues dis year ar no’_?

            Marquis of Swampsea be lookin yo way, Ya gonna need dem ponies ready ta ride. How manni dem I gots anyho_?

      • No usury and no women voting-proof the Moz aren’t wrong about everything.

        Plus, it’s gonna be interesting watching them convert all those feminist cat ladies in Europe to Sharia law.
        Things are really starting to get dicier and dicier over on the Rape Isles.
        Not much longer now before it breaks.

  22. Just a reminder JQ loons posting here. You are butt buddies with some of the finest: Farakahn, Soros….Obama…

    • And your pals Weinstein, wiener, spitzer…. calling you Woody Allen wasn’t exactly high praise, weak little man

      Whole book called judges about how your people just gravitate towards self immolation.

      Don’t go blaming the instruments

    • An example. Hollywood disseminating it’s cultural values, modus operandi in action:
      absolve itself for its wrongdoing while simultaneously projecting that wrongdoing upon innocent Americans.

      • They do that also to protect their elite status. They think they are seen as “good” people because they say the “proper” things. It’s a con job to protect their place at the front of the feeding trough.

        First Things has a nice write up on this sort of crap.

  23. I don’t think Jews are hostile. They are unequivocally subversive and ethnocentric. It’s not so much that they purposely seek to ruin the host, its that they never purposely try to get along with it. They really are high functioning gypsies. White Protestants, Catholics, and Lutherans are settlers. In other words, cosmopolitan rootlessness is incompatible with settlement. Family structure, wealth extraction rather than wealth settlement, rootless shell companies rather than lasting community investment via the regional bank, vile (((porn)))… All incompatible. Very truthy, cannot be denied.

    • And this folks, is the very type person the article was written about. I got news for you Klark, there is a subset of Jews who are not all of those things – and you’re ‘lumping us all into the same pot’ makes you sound like an idiot… although I don’t think you are. Think things through a little more before you post.

  24. Collective salvation vs individual salvation. This was the argument between the Hebrew priests and Christ. The 80% – 20% mentioned above is because of this historical difference in culture and faith.

  25. It’s what happens when they let people live in their heads “rent free”. Anti-Trumpism is the best example right now, but some of these anti-semists (and other groups) not to far behind.

    • That’s what happened to me.
      I can’t seem to stop finding evidence that J-culture has had an overlarge hand in historical war and civil revolutions. On slavery economics. That communism is a secular religion, a version of Talmudic Tikkan Olam supremecism.
      (Fix the world. It’s broken, because we should be on top. A natural to slaveraiders who select for such traits.)

      It’s nearly like an SJW sniffing out white privilege.

      But is it wrong?
      Am I making it up?
      What’s your cure?

      Celebrating diversity and inclusion?
      Struggle sessions?
      Massacring Jebusites?

  26. Z Man;
    Adam sure was right about this thread opening the spillway gates and creating a flood of ‘whatever’. I get people being angry, feeling like they’re being conned by somebody pushing their ‘white guilt’ button for their own gain at your expense. But it’s no different with the large black female panhandler at the local grocery store. Her con is that ‘you raaassis’ unless you drop an Abe or Alexander on her.

    Difference is, I’m long past jumping for my wallet when she or her ilk pushes the ‘white guilt’ button. I just smile and waive goodby.

    Works the same for any other guilt button (class, privilege, etc.).
    When I was young and idealistic, pre some pill or other, I used to be all conflicted: “Pay and you’re chump; Pass by and you’re an uncaring jerk.” And round and round wasting mental energy, etc. I decided to own ‘jerk’, ’cause the Town Welfare Office is just two blocks away. Very liberating.

    Stalin, who was a serious guy if there ever was one, gave one piece of good advice: “We neither provoke nor allow ourselves to be provoked”. So it should be with the JQ. They get nothin’ from being one and nothin’ for being one.

    Hell, how is this different from the feminists_? They demand equality when it’s to their advantage and chivalry when that’s to their advantage. It’s human nature to work all the angles for your own benefit, after all.

    The real problem comes from the Cloud letting everybody get away with it. Too bad that’s how you get to a low-trust society. But they-all should have thought of that before they started us on this path.

    • You destroy the social cohesion provided by some hard-to-define but easy-to-see White Christian foundation, and this is how things come out. The Mainline Christian denominations bailed out on the agreed-upon foundations to sow greener pastures among the non-white and non-settled gender and gender preference crowds, and there you go. That’s how the “cloud” lets people get away with it.

      • They certainly cheered us on for murdering our ancestral continent, too. Assured us we had done the right thing. Now, time for some Civil Rights!

    • “Hell, how is this different from the feminists_? They demand equality when it’s to their advantage and chivalry when that’s to their advantage.”
      I am for Jews having Israel though, all people should have a homeland.

  27. My intractable bias has always been to assess the people I meet as individuals as much as humanly possible. Rarely have I ever encountered anyone who was a genuine threat to me or (in my assessment) to the world-at-large. I’m not naive, I know these types of persons exist, but luckily I have largely avoided them. If we ever return to an environment of real hardship or existential threat, having intelligent friends and allies is not a bad thing.

    • You err in thinking people are individuals. They are not. It’s an illusion of sorts compounded by modern economics and liberation philosophy.

      Biologically programmed behavior becomes very obvious in large racially homogenous groups as group-think overrides culturally programmed individualistic behaviors.

      This is why it has historically been illegal for outsider groups to congregate in large groups, lest the differences between peoples become too obvious and agitate the status quo.

      Go to the next black night at your local club. The blacks there will be displaying a completely different behavioral set than when you see them at the office or hardware store. Goes for any race though. Notice the emergence of Taharrush wherever large numbers of Arabs congregate.

      The only reason white behavior doesnt appear to change in large groups is that they set the standard.

      • Yes, I understand innate behaviors and the potential danger associated with herd activity. Situational awareness is a valuable survival skill, and I actively avoid the kind of tribal gatherings that you describe. More significantly, hive behavior is on the rise and these situations are becoming more prevalent, hence more difficult to avoid. Nevertheless, most of the time when we meet new people, it’s individual or close to it.

  28. Jews are overrepresented on the left, but we’re hardly the majority of the left. Get rid of the Jewish sociopaths in Washington and Wall Street and you’ll just wind up being ruled by white sociopaths instead. I don’t really have a problem with anti semites holding us partially responsible for the decline of the west but many of them refuse to admit white people are responsible for most of it.

    • Whites govern through shame, thinking everyone else is equally susceptible to it. It worked when we were 90% white but is losing efficacy rapidly. Jews know that if they aren’t bothered by being shamed and they don’t egregiously break the law, they can do whatever they want. The holocaust fudd is simply weaponized shame-guilt and is useful as a canary in the coal mine. The coal mine being Western culture.

    • As a jew I completely agree with this – we are over-represented in loony circles but hardly the majority. And I do feel responsible partly (even though I have no relation to them) and ….embarrassed by them (again, even though I am not related to them).

      • That’s a terrible argument. The sole reason Jews are not a majority on the left is because they are limited by the arithmetic of population. At any rate it is a small fraction of any organization that does the heavy lifting. What every Jew who Zeroh has referred to, and Issac, who comments here, have in common is this–they are not embarrassed by Jews because they maintain a detachment from that as a personal identity. So long as you remain embarrassed by Jews you are on the fence.

    • Nil –
      Yes. I am not Jewish and remain forever astonished at the number of whites who are utterly convinced that the Jews are the source of our problems. In order to believe that you have to believe that whites are stupid and easily duped into supporting what harms us. They don’t seem to grasp that we have plenty of whites who are more than happy to promote ideas that will destroy us in the end.

  29. Out of curiosity (and being retired with time to pursuit it), I’ve spent a week watching YouTube videos on what critics of the official September 11th story say actually happened. Bottom line: it’s all the fault of the Jewish suspects, neoconservative plotters in the Bush administration, who, with the exception of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are nefarious Jewish followers of the Jewish intellectual,Leo Strauss, and dual-citizen types more supportive of Israel than of America. Included also are the Jewish think tank members and Jewish businessmen who with alleged insider trading, happened to make a killing in the stock market or with cashed-out insurance policies. Most of the Jewish neocon 911 critics, I learned, are on the Progressive side of the political spectrum, with their organized 911.Truth movement. I find that the 911.Truth movement seems infested with anti-Semites, Thus, even if I am convinced with some aspects of critics’ findings like controlled demolition, for example, the science involved in demonstrating this, is marred for me by anti-Semitic finger-pointing. I felt like taking a shower when, in conclusion, these 911 Truth people seem to be not only anti-Israel, but feel the need to separate “good” Judaism promoted by extremist, State of Israel deniers who happen to be their politically correct rabbis, and the awful, despicable, terrible Zionists. Scratch a 911.Truther and one is confronted with the stench of anti-Semitism. For that reason, I find the movement’s anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, anti-Trumpism and lack of any positive regard for their country to be anathema. Just another example of a political movement of True Believers entrenched in anti-Semitism that ends up despising and condemning their villains, Jewish plotters, and Israel.

    • The official 9/11 Truth movement purports only to explore what actually happened to the buildings and planes, not whodunnit. The who is a completely separate question that can’t begin to be answered until the what is established (which will probably never happen). The goal is simply to follow where the truth leads, whether unpalatable or not. It takes all kinds of conspiracy theorists.

        • Referring to Architects and Engineers-the granddaddy, so to speak, and the most organized of the Truthers.
          “We do not know who the perpetrators of this crime are. Identifying the culprits is the purpose of a real criminal investigation. However, we are able to provide overwhelming evidence of a cover-up of this crime. ”
          But, as I said, that ship has most likely sailed. There will never be a reinvestigation, so everything is up for speculation. Anyone can be a “conspiracy theorist”, including anti-semites. There are no admission requirements.

  30. Your post sure caused the local JQ loons to crawl out from under their rocks. How is it that they also all upvote their own posts exactly ten times? Could it be a sole Hitler loon with ten accounts?

  31. You didn’t give a specific definition of anti-semite, so I guess it means irrationally blaming everything bad in society on Jews.

    But I can go through just the last month where the NRA is anti-semetic, if you aren’t a rabid philo-zionist you are anti-semetic, and if you don’t think Caitlyn Jenner is all-American, and even better an example of how everyone should be toward Israel https://www.timesofisrael.com/caitlyn-jenner-receives-jewish-groups-champion-of-israel-award-at-ny-gala/ you are anti-semetic.

    That is the problem. You don’t get to define the term rationally when others have been defining it for years as anything against whatever any Jews, some group of Jews, or the State of Israel does. They usually say Nazi but that is losing its power, so they say White Supremacist or Anti-Semite.

    The same way police properly enforcing laws in black areas is called “racism”. Or the natural assertiveness of men is “sexism”.

    Even to the point if you point out 70% of American Jews voted for Obama, then Hillary, you’re a deplorable racist sexist anti-semite Nazi.

    The problem is the shift when you call out those with great political, social, and economic power who happen to be Jews. They won’t argue the merits of oursourcing, pornography, or having a panopticon, they will immediatetly say you are only attacking them because they are Jewish and thus you are an anti-Semite and want another Holocaust. Sort of a mirrored Bulverism (see CS Lewis) on steroids.

    Why does America have so many Holocaust museums? No Holodomor, or Armenian Genocide or any others, just the Jewish Holocaust, and they rarely feature the others killed in the same camps? Because they accuse people like you and me of having some kind of guilty conscience and really deep down wanting for Hitler to have succeeded.

    Jews, NAXALT, but then again, the anti-semites you speak of, not all of them are like that either.

    One question that might sum up the problem is what would look or be different if Jews really were in some kind of conspiracy that is being espoused?

    • Well, there is no real conspiracy amongst Jews as far as I can tell – but the rest of your post is thought-provoking

      • We.Get.It.

        You aren’t one of the elite Jews that has been socialized to be a negative parasitic force on your host.
        However, with your 50th defensive response, explaining your NAXALT special snowflakeness, you’re becoming just as unlikeable.
        I like my Jews honest and straight forward, without any pitiful/annoying defensiveness. There are a handful who have told me some straight dope about life, about Jews, about a lot of things, since I was very young.
        In fact, the person who “red-pilled” me on the “JQ” was an elderly Jewish politician, a man with some considerable clout, back in the day. He took a liking to me, when I left the boonies of Alabama & went to work on Newt Gingrich’s gubernatorial campaign. I had no feelings about Jews, one way or the other, having only met a handful at that time. Not a lot of them on the backwaters of the Coosa River, amongst the cornfields. He was the person who explained to me how things *really* work, and he explained the Jewish angle. He was brutally honest about his fellow tribesmen. No, he wasn’t a self-hating Jew, before you ask, he was brutally honest about everyone and everything, as he saw them, good and bad.
        I took in what he said, didn’t do anything with the information, and years later, after deciding politcs weren’t for me, worked for a large group of Jewish doctors for a number of years.
        I’ve read MacDonald, I read Cole, Duke, Irving, and everyone else you can think of on the subject, and basically it comes down to this, for me-
        I like my same handful of straight-talking Jews. They are good people. I don’t like the idea of a group of people being “untouchable” to criticisms. That, in itself, is stupid and bound to cause etra resentment and *even more* than ordinary suspicion even if the group has done nothing to garner criticism.

        You’d think for a group of people seemingly so intelligent, that would be blindingly obvious.
        I guess not.
        What do I know? I’m just some dumb hick from the sticks of Alabama…

  32. These things are all paradigms with a certain amount of explanatory power. If the information available fits into the paradigm, it seems to be working and retains that power. Once the information begins to run counter to the paradigm, it is no longer viable. Since, in this case we are dealing with human behaviors that tend to exist in statistical distributions that are not measured, the observational information is entirely subject to perspective and frame of reference, so specific tests of validity are not possible; one exception cannot be construed to invalidate the rule. Unless one so desires, of course.

    The real question is: Is “antisemitism” good for the Jews?

    The answer probably lies in the origins of the word itself.

  33. It’s counter semite z, counter!

    How do you critique the ADL&APAC then, and not be antiass?

    That’s the problem, it makes you more of an ass when right.

    Just like crime stats are more racis’ than memes, much more!

    • Somewhere around here, I wrote a post calling the ADL the Jewish KKK.

      The fact that antisemitism looks a lot like a cult is probably something I should have covered.

      • Consider the following about holocaust revisionism amongst those devoted to the anti-Semitic question: if you could prove to their satisfaction that it happened exactly as advertised and the concentration camps were actually concentration camps and not places for resort vacations, it would still not alter in any way their views of the Jewish question.

        I prefer Jim Goad’s point of view on the matter. Yes, it happened, however compared to the many millions of non-Jews in many other places and times who were victims of slaughter, it seems peculiar to focus on this one single event, for example the case of the Belgian Congo as mentioned upthread. The interview on his podcast with David Cole is worth hearing. Nicely redpilling.

        • No. It would matter. It mattered, deeply, to all of us Boomers. It defined our worldview.

          8000 Holocaust museums means deportation, or even some degree of seperation, are not possible.

          Our rage comes from the fact that we, as a people, a generally very good and decent people, were lied to. Lied to. Lied to.

          Our moral systems are now devoted to sustaining lies, rather than reaching higher. Fixing problems. Finding what works.

          The dishonesty is killing us, erasing all we have built. We, unique, are becoming like all the rest of this degraded, feral world.
          Ruled by liars in a raw display of power.

          • Funny how in a country filled w/Ulster Scots, or Scots-Irish, we NEVER get beautiful films depicting the true causes of the Irish Potato Famine.
            All of us half-breed potato niggers never get to see the horrors that our ancestors were subjected to, rolled out, year after year, yet 2% of the pop of Johnny-come-lately Euro Jews, and the 13% pop that *DEFINTELY* doesn’t need to be constantly kept astir with thoughts of cotton pickin’ & Ol’ Massa, do.

            Funny how I’ve never heard a single Boomer get emotionally overwrought over the Holodomor. I wasn’t born until ’66, so I’m not old enough to know such things, but I am curious as to why Boomers were so invested in dead/dying Jews in Germany/Poland/Russia, but didn’t give a damn about even more dead Ukrainians?

            What’s up w/that? My hubby is a Boomer, and one time when I mentioned the Holodomor, he asked me what was a “Holodomor,” and he’s not a stupid person. I just don’t get it.

          • Zeroh;

            Knowledge of the many crimes of communism was actively suppressed by the Left in every part of the West of all ethnicities until the fall of the USSR temporarily opened the archives ca 1990.

            Post Putin it is once again a crime in Russia to make Mother Russia look bad in any way, present or past.

        • I agree there has been more than one holocaust. I refuse to watch another movie about the Jewish holocaust until Hollywood covers some other holocaust ground.

      • Yes, that would make a good separate post.
        The best indication of just how cultlike anti-Semitism is at present are the responses on Twitter to the just-published paper by Nathan Cofnas.

        That paper can and should be critiqued, as all scholarly arguments can and should be, but the shrieking hysteria which with it was greeted demonstrate that we are in fact dealing with a cult, one that MacDonald himself as a serious scholar probably isn’t very happy about.

        • “Anti-semitic” as in tearing him a new asshole? A guy quoting Frankfurt School Marcuse as an authority?

          Of course Jews are supremely intelligent!
          Seeing as how 2 Jewish psychiatric scientists invented the I.Q. tests to help socialists Dewey and Cole ‘reform’ the nation’s school system.

          Can’t wait for Zman’s post on this.

        • “…shrieking hysteria which with it was greeted demonstrate…”

          To be fair, there are few things on twitter which see anything but a shrieking and hysterical response. Only topics of no consequence would miss the mark.

      • Antisemitism by the ADL definition is simply the existence of gentiles with their own opinions. Using a better definition like “actively seeking to harm Jews,” would make the phenomenon very difficult to discuss as even most outspoken critics of us don’t advocate a pogrom solution.

        So far as cults go the most virulent strains of antisemitism are pretty weak. I’m far more concerned about the cult influence of Jordan Peterson.

        • Completely agree with this sentiment – when leftists took over the ADL the organization lost all credibility

  34. Jews are assholes but they don’t have a meeting at the synagogue to discuss how to take over the world. To be honest I’ve had enough of Jews. I wouldn’t mind never talking about them again, but that doesn’t mean I want to shove them into an oven.

    • I strongly suspect there are a great deal of alternatives between choosing never to talk about Jews again or choosing to shove them into (preheated) ovens. Decisions, decisions.

      • Agreed. If they’re helping us pull the oars is one thing. If they’re the smartest guys in the room for our opponents, well then it’s always quickest when you take the head off the snake.
        Their choice. It doesn’t get any fairer than that.

      • You can be expect to get treated like everyone else. Until you cock it up, then you get treated in an entirely different way. Not personal, just business. I liked your comment earlier about fighting for your country, I hope you pick the same side I’m on.

  35. Z Man’s resistance to the argument that, on balance, Jews have been a very negative force on Western civilization is based on an inconsistency in his thinking. We all agree that there are a small number of smart, law-abiding blacks. However, this fact does not negate the fact that blacks in large numbers are corrosive to any society. Z Man’s inconsistency is that he uses the existence of a small number of right wing Jews as a reason to avoid the conclusion that Jews in large numbers are corrosive to Western society.

    Further, when Z Man says that Jews are overrepresented in all intellectually demanding fields he is obscuring the fact that the vast preponderance of Jews who have been in Western societies, and have had the ability to influence those societies, have worked against the interests of their host societies. Citing a small number of Jews who fought this tendency is no more persuasive that saying that Thomas Sowell redeems all blacks.

    Finally, I think if one reads Jewish publications like the Forward, I think it is difficult not to conclude that a clear majority of influential Jews have a strong ethnic hostility towards Europeans.

    • This is a popular argument by anti-Semites. It is the sort of argument popular with ID’ers and most liberals too. That is, since you lack an affirmative argument of your own, you assume finding a flaw in my argument makes you correct by default. So, you invent a flaw and claim it is in my position, when it is not.

      What you are doing is called hand waving.

  36. One question that the anti-anti Semites never seem to be able to answer is… How is having a ruling elite that is composed of a tribe that is hostile to me and my people good for me? If it makes no difference who our rulers are then we can replace the Jews with high IQ Indians and Chinese and everything will totally work out fine. Oh wait, that is what we are currently doing.
    Wanting to be ruled by your own people does not mean that you hate every other tribe. Mr Z states that he is not a racist, and yet I doubt that he would want to become a citizen of South Africa, China or India where he would be under the thumb of another tribe.
    I personally don’t hate Jews, I just think that since we have spent so much blood and treasure securing a homeland for them they should go live in it. I am also anti any group that that bloc votes for the anti white progressive party.
    Lastly the Jews that came to America from Eastern Europe were already radicalized. They occupied most of the leadership positions in the early Bolshevik movement in Russia and many who came here were anarchists and communists. The 1924 immigration act was due in large part to the mayhem that they caused. it wasn’t until the mid-20s that they changed tactics and started helping our loony, inbred Yankee Progressives get even loonier.

    • One question that the anti-anti Semites never seem to be able to answer is… How is having a ruling elite that is composed of a tribe that is hostile to me and my people good for me?

      Actually, I talked about this in my podcast segment on the alt-right and the JQ. Anti-Semites would do themselves a great favor by shifting from conspiracy mongering to discussing the impact of rule by minority in a historic context. I wrote a post on this as well.

      • Perhaps the best historical example of a population being ruled by a hostile elite would be England after the Norman invasion. That was not exactly a stable society or happy time for the Anglo Saxons. It took the 100 years war, that cut off the Norman nobility’s connections to France, to finally force them to assimilate into Anglo culture. As bad as the Normans were, at least they did not bring in a bunch of foreigners to try and replace the native stock.

        • Rosie;
          That’s a good historical example of rule by a hostile minority elite and there are many more. Spartans ruling over Helots, Mughals in India, English in Ireland, Vikings (the original Ros) over what’s now Russia, Mongols and _____(fill in your favorite steppe tribe) in China, the ‘Tartar Yolk’ in Russia.

          Broadly, there seem to be three patterns:
          1. The conquering minority assimilates, as you point out, in England with the Normans, Russia with the Scandanavians and China (over and over again) with the various steppe tribes.
          2. (Temporary) Rule by separatist oppression as in Sparta (a vey looong temporary period), the Tartar Yolk in Russia or the English in Ireland followed by displacement by the locals.
          3. Rule by separatist oppression displaced when the locals invite in another ruling group promising a better deal; Brits displace Mughals in India, How Rome got big. Etc.

          So, how to apply this framework to the US right now, even *assuming* that ‘They’ rule_? There’s plenty of evidence for assimilation via inter-marriage, cultural appropriation, etc. We ain’t gonna’ get a better deal from China or Mexico, that’s for sure…

          So, I’d say that *if* ‘They’ are in charge, ‘Their’ best move would be to back off on the ‘invade the world, invite the world’ madness and let assimilation go wherever it ‘wants’ to go. IOW end the ‘hostile’ part of ‘hostile ruling minority’.

          • Great points. I agree that intermarriage and assimilation is slowly working on the Jews, just like it did with the Normans in England and Vikings in Russia. Given time, the issue would have fixed itself. The problem now is that the gates have been thrown open and a lot of other unassimilable people have been invited in. The Somalis will never assimilate into Minnesota and Indians are not going to assimilate into Northern California. As Z is fond of saying…“this will not end well.”

          • Now that’s more like it.
            Ironically, I almost wish we were having spirited debates on Spartan media, Mongol economists, or Rus Viking revolutionary movements.

          • Agreed. A good model might be for high fertility communities of quietist Hasidim to continually boil off more secular minded to enrich the nation. That’s what be a truly symbiotic relationship could look like. At current intermarriage rates, we seem to be evolving in that direction.

        • They didn’t need to; within a few years of arriving (say, four years) they had taken over virtually 100% of the assets in Britain.

  37. You are clearly familiar with the topic and you have articulated your views and conclusions clearly. However, it strikes me as a bit of a conversation with Lawrence the Scarecrow — a IRL straw man — that serves as a frame within which you can deny that you are anti-Semitic. Basically, ya’ll are more critical of Jews than I am; therefore, ya’ll are the anti-Semite and I am the rational thinker. I mean, where’s the line? Do I cross the line into ‘anti-Semitism’ if I have different conclusions on group selection theory?

    I appreciate and respect your views because they are thoughtfully presented, regardless of where on the JQ spectrum you land. But, I’m less fond of the jump from exposition & clarification of your own views to the characterization of those with whom you disagree, only in degrees, as obsessive cult members trying to balance a checkbook with a hammer.

    Is it necessary or productive to even define ‘anti-Semitism’? The term has lost any clear denotative meaning and is primarily a rhetorical weapon used to silence and marginalize people and ideas.

    If someone blames the Jews for missing a traffic light, a broken washing machine, or rain on a Saturday, it’s better to point out that they’re being irrational rather than ‘anti-Semitic’. Moreover, people like this are exceptionally rare.

    Those rare sorts of people are different folks that the sort that blame the Greeks (usually Turks or Albanians) or whomever as a matter of expression. And these people are different than those who have simplified complex systems into memetic packages like ‘reptilian overlords’, ‘Illuminati Bilderburgers’, ‘the 1%’, ‘globalists’… or ‘Jews’. At some point, for many people, it’s just a metaphor and many people only have time to support one metaphor at a time — because, like you, they’re not actually obsessing but busy enjoying the fullness of life… except when the reptilian overlords make them miss traffic lights, break the washing machine, or make it rain on a Saturday. Fucking snake brains! Fucking Greeks! Fucking Jews!

    What I believe is the most important aspect of the entire JQ debate is not whether or not the Jews broke the washing machine, but that they are shielded from criticism behind the charge of ‘anti-Semitism’. So, until we have dismantled this barrier to free discourse, until you and others stop red-lining what is permissible criticism and what is ‘anti-Semitic’, I’m going to keep my oven mitts at the ready, unleash a steady stream of merchant memes, and lobby for a final solution.

    • Zman made me see that libertarianism doesn’t scale beyond ingroup- you should see what he was doing to us! Ovens don’t describe it.

  38. The Jews are a symptom so to speak. They’re great game players, they’re smart enough to figure out the game of life and work it to their advantage. I respect that. I respect that they look out for each other as well. I wish whites would do the same. But they didn’t cause the destruction of Europe and it’s colonial empires – the European elite did that.

    Jewish bankers didn’t create NAFTA and hollow out the white American middle-class, it was a bunch of CFR Ivy League educated WASPs under daddy Bush that got the globalization and off-shoring of industry going. Hell Clinton couldn’t even sign it into law without the GOP providing support. Same with the WTO and every global trade treaty. All supported by the GOP lock stock and barrel.

    BTW Thatcher played a similar role in England by privatizing and gutting it’s industrial heart and decimating the working class in the process.

    The immigration problem is a problem because of American business’s insatiable appetite for cheap labor and they don’t care if it destroys the country. That ain’t Jews doing that, it’s the Chambers of Commerce and every little sweat shop across the U.S.

    If I were to point a finger at the most destructive group in this country , it would not be the Jews. By far and away it’s the educated white Businessmen and Wall Street bankers along with Congress who allowed it all to happen.

    • Don’t you think that the jew-dominated education system that those elites attended had anything to do with it?
      “Twenty-five percent of Ivy League school professors are Jews noted Dr. Seymour Martin Lipset, professor of government and sociology at Harvard University. Speaking before a division of the 1971 Allied Jewish Appeal-Israel Emergency Fund campaign here, Dr. Lipset discussed the role of the Jew in the academic community…”

      “Elana Kagan, now a Supreme Court justice, was appointed to Dean of Harvard Law School by the Jewish President at the time, Lawrence Summers. Kagan went on to give over 50 percent of her faculty appointments at the most important, the pinnacle law school in America, to her fellow Jewish tribalists.”


      • It’s not just the Ivy League. Jews completely dominated the university department where I received my degree back in the sixties.

        • More ‘complete domination’. Wrong wrong wrong. The Z-man is correct in stating ‘over-represented’ wrt to general population. Your incorrect statement betrays you to be one of Z-Mand’s Anti-Semites ergo. irrational.

      • “Jew dominated” …”25% of professors” you discard your whole main premise in your second sentence rendering the rest of your post meaningless.

    • Right. Iimmigration is all due to big business wanting cheap labor. That’s why you see see all these Progressive Democrats fighting so hard for cheap labor. Nothing at all about changing the demographics of the country.

    • I’m coming to hate political apologia- excuse me, unscalable Jewish economic theory- such as Schumpeter’s creative destuction.
      Neighborhood and tradition mean nothing to them.

      • ‘Jewish Economic Theory’. Hmmm – was it all written and implemented exclusively by Jews then? Go back and read the article above.

        • I certainly hesitated writing that.
          Then I considered who dominated the field. I’m looking at economics in a new iight as well as history.

          But you’re right, I had to read it again.
          I see that Z delivered another haymaker that I didn’t see.
          Those slippery, clever Jesuit devils.

  39. “Jews are over represented in everything that requires a high level of math and verbal skill.”

    Except things that are pro-white and pro-Western culture. In all areas related to these 2 things they are far behind the average.
    And the few who do “support” such things virtually always turn out to be subversives. How helpful to conservatism did neo-conservatives turn out to be?

    If the 2% of the population that are Jews controlled 90% of the media, and 50% of the media was conservative and 50% liberal, I doubt many would be bitching. But its not, instead its 80% liberal and the 20% “conservative” is controlled opposition that kowtows to liberal norms. Notice all the “conservative” Fox news personalities who attack Trump and said they would support Hillary over him…

    Jews form a network to advance jewish interests, as do most groupings of people. They do it better and at a higher level, and in a way that is virtually always harmful to the host society.

    • Name a pro-Western intellectual movement, that is not anti-Semitic, where Jews are not over-represented.

      • Are you seriously suggesting that jews are pro-West/ pro-White in any proportion to the numbers of them that are anti-West/ anti-White?

        Other than going back to the time of British Empiricism and German Idealism, I can’t think of any recent pro-Western intellectual movements. Perhaps because jews control the academies, and so such things aren’t allowed to rise?

        What pro-Western movements were you thinking of?

    • “Jews form a network to advance jewish interests, as do most groupings of people. They do it better and at a higher level, and in a way that is virtually always harmful to the host society.”

      The LGBQTWRDSZEIA community does it just as good if not better. Especially if you’re a male willing and able 24/7.

      • “Jews form a network…” <— wrong. this jew has been in America from birth (51 yrs old) and has never even heard of such a group. Your opinion is unfounded by any available facts.

    • “Cofnas argues that Jews were over-represented as Bolsheviks because they were also over-represented in business, science, and art – as if being a regicidal violent radical were just another career choice”
      -AJ Joyce, @TOQJoyce

      I’m convinced. Mea maxima culpa.
      We should ignore Europe, South Africa, and our own SJWs.

      Merit must be the underlying cause.

  40. “The real issue for me is that anti-Semites taste Jews in their sandwich.”

    This, my friends, is the triumph of cultural engineering at work. When you can get people to dismiss arguments solely because they believe that believing those arguments makes them ridiculous — that is to say, it lowers their social status.

    Pretty pathetic, even for ZCuckMan

    • As if that weren’t the single most important determinant of what socio-culturally programmed people (i.e. normal people) will “think”/see/remember/believe.

      Plato said: those who tell a society its tales are those who govern.

      People will believe whatever appears “mainstream” to them — as a result of their instinctive, biologically programmed, adhesion to power.

      This is a universal psychological reality of humans.

      Then you can reflect upon whom societies, and smaller groups likewise, choose as their story tellers.
      And it is they who lie the most and best. This is another universal psychological reality of humans, as individuals, and therefore of every group they form.

      People won’t have any respect for who doesn’t lie; nor they will have any respect for who lies awkwardly, and tells lie that don’t align with the lies their nature drives them to desire.

      It’s all like the workings of a mechanical clock; a system.
      Different ethnic groups and races come to hold different places within the mechanism, according to their skills and characteristics.
      There are no good/bad people, and races, instead, individuals and races with differences in average abilities.

      Politics is a clumsy way to look at the reality of human societies, because it adds moralizing, and presumes much more self-awareness in its actors than it should be the case.

      Every race / group / person is like what they are, does what it does. Divisions between good and well-meaning, ill-meaning and evil, have a storytelling purposes. Basically, who gets more power is also “moral”, telling the “truth” (whatever they choose to tell becomes the truth for the subjects indeed), and works for the “good of all”.
      This is how power is rationalized by human groups (such a concept gives comfort to rulers and ruled alike).

  41. A: Jews cause problems in the West.
    B: No they don’t. You’re just jealous.
    A: Jews cause problems in the West.
    B: No they don’t. You’re ignorant.
    A: Jews cause problems in the West.
    B: No they don’t. You are crazy.
    A: Jews cause problems in the West.
    B: No they don’t. You are full of hate.
    A: Jews cause problems in the West.
    B: No they don’t. You’re a Nazi!
    A: Jews cause problems in the West.
    B: No they don’t. I know a Jewish guy who’s just great.
    A: Jews cause problems in the West.
    B: No they don’t. Anyway, remember the SIX MILLION!
    A: Jews cause problems in the West.
    B: No they don’t. Wow, why are you so OBSESSED with this topic?

  42. My feeling on the JQ: You will never convince Jews in general that the anti-Semites are partially correct, and you will never convince the anti-semites that they are not totally correct. To engage the issue is to court an argument with two groups who will not give, regardless of what evidence you proffer in rebuttal. Real-world example: I remember one day my Jewish professor saying it was an anti-semitic conspiracy theory to claim Jews were behind the cosmopolitan-mercantile culture of Berlin; when I raised my hand, and he called on me (he liked me) I said that, as a matter of numeric over-representation, Tietz, Werthheim, and all these other department stores were owned by Jewish families. He just grinned, looked uncomfortable, and went on to the next student. And he never called on me again in class after that when my hand was raised.

    To cite the counter-example, David Duke had some video up about the “Kosher-Nostra,” detailing how the Italian mob was secretly run by Jews. When I suggested that this may not be true (even just the suggestion), pointing out how Lucciano and other Murder Inc. execs dismissed Meyer Lansky as just a glorified accountant (who also died broke and was refused entry to Israel), he first ignored me. Then I asked him why, if Jews really ran things in the mob, was Dutch Schulz (real name Arthur Flegenheimer) wasting so much energy shaking down Negros in Harlem for penny-ante policy money? Duke banned me from commenting on his video after that.

    In fairness to Macdonald, though, he is rigorous, honest, and I don’t even think he hates Jews (he publishes pieces at TOO by Jewish writers, over the objections of some readers who say he’s cucking). I remember arguing once with him about Jews in porn (mentioning Larry Flint and Bob Guccione, who was actually studying for the priesthood before going into porn!) and it was just intellectual sparring. The most unhinged person I’ve ever debated was Tim Wise. He literally threatens people constantly, but he’s on the Left, so he gets away with it, and I guess if presented with transcripts in which he said “I will crush you” he could always say he was speaking figuratively.

    • The “Jews are behind literally everything!” crowd seems to be a very vocal minority of “anti-semites”(whatever that means)
      in my eyes. I am actually surprised and disappointed that Duke reacted that way.

  43. This will be required reading for all my redpilled friends. The JQ is of great personal interest to me, and I have thought long and hard about it. Ultimately, I think Jews should be looked upon as foreigners, and that foreigners – just like other European foreigners in the English-speaking countries – should be treated with suspicion. If there were a party that promised to revoke my citizenship and force me to go back to Israel AND do the same to Europeans (Greeks, Italians, etc) I would vote for them.
    t. Redpilled Jew

    • HuH? I am an American Patriot, 2A advocate and a veteran. I also happen to be Jewish. I am middle class and come from very humble stock. My fathers family was murdered in the holocaust. Wanna try relocating me from the country that I and my Dad (WWII) fought for?? -Bring it assholes.

      • Pssst. Just as an aside, we didn’t win WW2.
        We didn’t “win” anything.
        There were no winners, only losers.

        My family has fought in every war since this country’s founding. Which one(s) did we win?

      • another holocaust whine. This, like the race card, is losing any power it once had cause you guys played almost as often as blacks cry racism.

  44. The obsession over the JQ on behalf of some parts of the dissident Right remains a stumbling block for normies. Zman’s approach sounds much more lucid and palatable. Magic Jew Theory isn’t much more useful than Magic Dirt Theory. Let the mothership from Planet Zion Prime arrive and beam up every Jew in the West, and shitlib pozzed whites would rush in to fill up the vacancies with no gap in the narrative. The WQ remains the larger problem; the white question. Or, as John Derbyshire has put it, “What on earth is the matter with white people?”

    • The fact that white people have an ethno-masochist problem has no bearing on whether Jews are, on balance, bad for our civilization. These are two distinct issues. You are using the existence of white ethno-masochism as a reason to avoid the question of what the cumulative impact of Jews on Western civilization has been.

      • Jews share the white ethno-masochist problem with whites, if they are not in fact more greatly endowed in it. The difference of course is that they are also a small minority, which grows that peculiar seed from a different soil.

        • “Was all this killing necessary?”
          We share guilt based on the same seed of doubt. Different soil, agree there too.

    • I think it’s entirely fair, and not antisemitic, to suggest diaspora Jews had an enormous influence over the cultural degredation of America.

      Whites are a vast genetic grouping by comparison. If you want the white corollary to the JQ, it is the Anglo Question.

      • What is your best guess for the percentage of American Jews who share your sensibilities? I was about to say opinions, but opinions begin with sensibilities. Not the percent who have left the them-us reservation, but those who would be good with the gatherings Z is attending. I would know the answer from fifty years ago, but no longer.

          • Single Jewish women—where soul-crushing angst collides with rabid self-righteousness.

            Spare me, Lord.

          • Even though I am a big fan of a full pelt, jewish women bug the shit out of me. Do not know how Jewish men can put up with them. Like the little fish that can swim amongst the sea anemones without getting stung.

          • “Single Jewish women—where soul-crushing angst collides with rabid self-righteousness.”

            For a while I thought all the on-line fuss about SJWs actually referred to them.

        • I’m not American. Those who share my views are a minority. I don’t claim to represent anyone. I only wish to present the arguments I believe to be reasonable.

          If more of the diaspora picks up on such reasonable ideas when they come to read “the filthy antisemitic gentiles,” all the better.

    • Whites are ideological in the extreme and lack nuance. When their ideology is based on correct theses they are unstoppable. When their ideology is based on abstract values like equality and humility, they are pathetic. Their greatest strength and greatest weakness is that they believe things completely or not at all. They worship the profession of Thespians (historically low status) because acting/lying is the skill most coveted by a people who innately lack duplicity.

  45. Ahh but you are forgetting that in order to be a successful antisemite you must also be a holocaust denier.
    I do thank you for this article, you have helped to position me on the fence a little back toward conventional “truth”
    There is an excessive amount of material out there in regards to the facts (or not) of the holocaust and I have been wading around in the pool for a couple of years now.
    You can tell how uncomfortable this all is for me by the metaphors.
    Peace and or shalom

    • The thing about supposed “Holocaust Denial” is that any historical event in which a lot of people are killed creates parameters of possible death tolls. King Leopold II of Belgium, is said to be responsible for between 1 and 20 million deaths in the Congo. Figures for Ceausescu’s regime are all over the map, as are numbers for pretty much every atrocity. With the Holocaust, however, there are no goal posts, which is just anti-historical insanity. You either say 6,000,000 or go to jail. That’s dumb and it’s anti-scholarship.

      • I believe that anytime anyone seeks to illegalize scientific or historical opinion, or make books or other intellectual materials unavailable, one can immediately infer from that
        A) what the real truth is
        B) who wields true political power in that civilization
        Galileo and the heliocentric theory is a good prototype.

    • I think we need a time machine so we can go back and ask all antisemites prior to 1933 whether there was or will be a Holocaust.

      • I would ask them whether they thought Stalin was or was not already murdering millions of his own people.

    • Whatever. First time I ventured out mentioning this.
      I guess another pre requisite is general assholishness

      • No no, quite right, realizing the Holocaust was aggravated, monstrous bullshit- something only capable by demons in human form- made me look less favorably on other Jewish claims.

  46. Trying to have a conversation with an anti-Semite is like riding in a car that never gets out of first gear. Their answer to everything is to blame the Jews. This means the topic or issue at hand needs no examination, no discussion, because to the anti-Semite, the cause of the problem is obviously the Jews. There. Discussion over. That is as far as you are going to get.

    They are just boring.

    • Thats just silly. Even if you disagree with them, they provide examples and explanations for why they blame Jews. “omg you blame the Jews for everything” is about as good an argument as calling people racist.

      • Sorry but I don’t buy that argument. When I stumble across someone who immediately blames the Jews for whatever it is that we are talking about, I can’t help but feel like I’m talking to someone with Tourette’s. It’s reflexive for these people. They are convinced they have the one true answer. I find these people insufferable and not very interesting.

    • Its the same with physicists, you try to explain to them that its possible for things to fall ‘up’ and they just keep wanting to talk about gravity.

    • If you listen to enough Alt-Right podcasts you will occasionally hear a discussion of the JQ that is not boring. The most interesting take that I know of is the market dominant minority hypothesis. The test would be to remove every Jew from a region, and replace those people with other people of high intelligence. Have you ever noticed that upper cast Indians, or Chinese immigrants, act a lot lie Jews when they reside in the west? I watched an old Twilight Zone episode recently, “Maple Street”, in which a bunch of neighbors turned on each other out of fear that one of them might be a secret outsider. The plot gives a bit of insight into the Jewish writer–Rod Serling. The R-K selection idea plays a role here as well. People who subconsciously think of themselves as predators will from pack to cooperate on a group goal. People who subconsciously think of themselves as prey will tend to be tribal and defensive. One need not be antisemitic to think that Jews might be better off with their own country. Otoh, it is great to have some smart Jewish guys on our side such as the late Larry Auster, Ian Jobling, etc.

      • Look at the Nobel Prize winners. Jews contribute more to humanities welfare than most others. We’d be up shit creek without them.

  47. I agree that “its (only) the jews” is a vastly troglodyte appoach to solve all the “wests” problems. However its brain popping to recogonise how many jews are in and have been leading the anti-european/anti-white movements over time and today. The obvious conclusion is that “jews” are not part of our european race (although they like our money).

    Capitalism is the only problem!

    • What Europeans see as a metaphysical bedrock of existence, Jews see as a word game for naive children. Jews can say one thing and do/believe another in ways Europeans cannot.

      Imagine two domesticated dogs. Both act the part. One dog thinks he serves a great master and earns his keep barking at strange noises. The other dog knows his keep depends on pleasing his master and acting the part.

      The second dog will appear the better dog to the master and the first dog will come to resent the second dog for not being a true-believer.

        • Envy as a reason makes no sense because there is no such hatred against successful Asians or any other successful group there.

          • Seriously? No hatred or resentment against asians? Chinese are called”the jews of the pacific” and it’s not a compliment in places like Fiji or Polynesia. Even in Hawaii there’s intolerance, though it often goes both ways.
            Envy is a powerful emotion.

  48. No rush. 🙂 I never began to suspect that Jews (or a subset of Jews) might have a habit of degrading or undermining goy nations until the beginning of this year (and I’m 53 now). But Jews also seem to have gotten themselves kicked out of places an astonishing number of times — at least 350 times over the past 2700 years. A newcomer to the JQ would have to wonder why.

    • Because they were weak and the weak get beaten to quote the man. Pretty much the history of every weak people.

      Anti Semite = witch burning to stop the plague. Idiot superstition for 75 iq types.

      Missing entirely the Admin state growth and capture by dynasties as the frontier closing and end of imperialism turns destructive dynastic struggles upon us not foreigners or Indians

        • The word “racist” was coined by Leon Trotsky to use as a weapon against Whitey, so I reject it.
          The word “anti-Semitic” was coined by Moritz Steinschneider to be used as weapon against Whitey, as well.
          I would never call someone who hates another race or hates Jews a racist or an anti-Semitic, for that reason alone. It may be their weapon, but I don’t have to pick it up and use it myself.

          If you want to learn what kind of Zionist tribalist Moritz Steinschneider was, I suggest you all read his wiki page. He was a Bohemian bibliographer and Orientalist who became a rootless cosmopolitan by age 13, traveling with a Rabbi, as his pupil, whose father was an expert Talmudist and “well versed in secular science.”

          LOL. You don’t say.


        • How can you claim to understand Realism and the concept of relative power, while simultaneously acknowledging Jewish power, cognitive ability, and ethnic identity, and not atleast hold counter Semitic view points?

          It’s one thing to not hate Jews and view them as rational actors participating in a zero sum game. Actors who’s victories in the game harm your interests. But to claim an understanding of Realism and shrug off Jews seems disengenuous to me.

          Kevin MacDonald’s thesis has no bearing on a successful ingroup competing against those who they see as outsiders.

      • Whiskey, there are two types of thinkers, basically, as Isaiah Berlin once had it, the fox and the hedgehog. He came to this by way of Greek lyric poet Archilochus, who said: “πόλλ’ οἶδ’ ἀλώπηξ, ἀλλ’ ἐχῖνος ἓν μέγα” Or, “a fox knows many things, but a hedgehog one important thing.” You are a great writer and thinker when it comes to one big thing (which I wish you would return to on your blog, especially regarding the sexual element of the culture war; you got some ‘splaining to do regarding White Women backing Trump), but you’re always rudderless on this JQ stuff, not in your anti-anti-semitism, but just in the tone and tenor of it; only non-Jews (usually evangelicals) have this weird screeching philo-semitic fetish (a la your eulogy for Lawrence Auster). Seriously, stop using all your (ample) skill in comment sections, and get thee to thy blog. In two days it will have been a year since you’ve posted there. Inexcusable.

      • I can only guess that they kept getting kicked out of places because they kept causing problems for the people who lived there. Kind of like how, if everybody in a town hates this one person, maybe the problem isn’t all the haters, maybe the problem is HIM?

        Anyway, I made a spreadsheet listing where and when Jews were expelled from places, based on info I found on Gab (if @thezman will allow the link). Feel free to download and comment.


        • EDIT: I considered whether I was too harsh on you in my reply, especially in light of your stated age (53), but then I remembered how the intellectual laziness on display in your argument and spreadsheet, which typifies JQ proponents, makes it almost impossible to find sensible persons to discuss the JQ with. I would rather not call you stupid or unbalanced, but a man of your age should know better. I hope you take the time to remove from your spreadsheet the entries that make a joke of it, and also work out a compelling argument. I guarantee you, I would be most interested in thinking it through.

          “I can only guess that they kept getting kicked out of places because they kept causing problems for the people who lived there”.

          Do you have evidence that this happened EVERY SINGLE TIME?
          Failing that, do you have evidence that this happened most of the time?
          Failing that, do you have evidence that this happened a sizeable number of times?

          Straight out of the gates, I have a very good reason to believe that you did not compile this spreadsheet in order to look into the JQ with an open mind:

          In ten entries, including the very first two, you cite expulsions of Jews from their own land. If you are not intelligent enough to understand the difference between being *getting yourself kicked out of someone else’s land* and *being expelled from your own land*, then I suggest you avoid further publicising your stupidity by linking to this spreadsheet.

          Of the ten I referred to, the most strikingly stupid by far is this:

          Line 330:
          1948, West Bank and Jerusalem, Jews expelled.

          My not-so-very-clever friend, the more I read of your spreadsheet, the more strongly I advise you to spend less time compiling mindless lists and more time thinking these things through.

          Embedded in the JQ is a genuine critique of Judaism’s attitude to non-Jews — hence my other comment to ZMan — but if you rely on such obviously shoddy research and weak arguments, I guarantee you that there are plenty of Jews and non-Jews who will humiliate you in a public debate; and what’s worse, the only people who will find this material persuasive will be even less intelligent and more unbalanced than you.

          • (1) It’s amazing how you can spend paragraphs implying that I’m “stupid or unbalanced” while missing the point. The spreadsheet is a list of expulsions (successful or attempted), and most entries give a source; the spreadsheet doesn’t analyze WHY Jews were expelled. That’s why I began my reply to you about why Jews kept getting expelled with “I can only guess.”

            (2) You don’t actually ever say that any of the entries are wrong, i.e., that Jews were NOT expelled from such-and-such a place in such-and-such a year. You claim that line 330 is “the most strikingly stupid.” You pour on the condescension but you don’t say “line 330 is incorrect; Jews were not expelled from the West Bank and Jerusalem in 1948.”

            I admit that I just copied the data into the sheet and that some entries could be incorrect. But you don’t even say that the entries are incorrect; you just imply that the whole list is 100% rubbish and the product of a closed mind.

          • thats Step 1 Aitch748, if you persist in bringing up subjects that make Critical G uncomfortable he’ll have no choice but to call you a raging antisemite who’s worse than Hitler.

    • Right, so you’ve been looking seriously into this topic for all of 3 months now, but we should just take your views as the last word on the topic.

      While the democratization of knowledge and opinion is a huge net positive, it also leads to people dramatically overestimating their own intelligence and abilities to comprehend and analyze complicated issues. That’s why when people don’t agree with their generally monocausal and simplistic views, the anti-Semites of the alt right (who compose essentially none of the serious scholars in the movement, besides MacDonald), respond with autistic screeching reminiscent of SJWs. Anybody truly interested in debating ideas regards anti-Semitism as simply another idea to be debated, not as an article of faith with MacDonald its high priest.

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