They Hate You

The Sarah Jeong story has probably been the best thing to happen to our side since Trump came down that escalator. The challenge of this age is in convincing typical white people that it is not socialism they should fear, it is extermination. There are still people waddling around in their tricorn hats talking about the socialist menace. Mention race to them and they start hyperventilating about their constitutional principles. What the Sarah Jeong story does it make it impossible for the normies to avoid the elephant in the room.

It’s not so much that this Asian airhead hates white people. Blacks have been out in public talking about how much they hate white people since the Civil Rights era. Typical white person has been trained to accept this, by assuming it is meaningless. Blacks are powerless, so their hatreds are no threat. Then you have the subversives like Ben Shapiro telling them that black hatred of whites is really bad for blacks because it keeps them from showing up at CPAC every year to take selfies with adoring white people.

Asians are supposed to be different. They are the model minority. Typical white people just assume that Asians are on their side. They work hard. They avoid crime and social dysfunction. They come here looking for a chance, give their kids nice names like Sarah and send them off to good colleges. You’ll note that you never hear anyone suggest we should end immigration from Asia. In the blossoming race war, Asians are never in the discussion, because white people just assume they are on the side of Team Whitey.

All of a sudden one of the model minority has revealed that she hates white people as much as the black street hustler. Even more disturbingly, the people known for eating dogs apparently think white people smell like dogs. It adds a whole new element to what the coalition of non-whites has in mind for us once they get total control. More important, this white hating Asian migrant is defended by so-called conservatives. Ben Shapiro wore his tiny little fingers raw tweeting out defenses of the Times decision to back Jeong.

The initial response from typical white people was to celebrate Progressive values by howling about the racism. When that went nowhere, they moved onto howling about the hypocrisy. When the response from the Left was to laugh in their face, white people were forced to face reality. The other side is not a bunch of socialists. They are a coalition of non-whites and some traitors, who are held together by a hatred of white people and the fantasy of a non-white world. They hate white people. That’s it.

Normie white people will try hard to rationalize it and force themselves back into the comfortable role of doormat to the Left, but the scales will fall from the eyes of many whites. Many may have already come to terms with the reality, but it is the behavior of people like Ben Shapiro that is the eye-opener. The guy who recently said racists should be hounded out of their jobs, is now defending Jeong and the New York Times, either from a position of solidarity or out of craven opportunism.

Another aspect of this is that it undercuts the argument made by conventional conservatives about their vaunted principles. The other side has no rules and they have no intention of limiting themselves with rules. All the breast-beating about racism was a lie and it always was a lie. Since the Left controls the moral framework, they have just taken the first step toward normalizing tribalism. Compared to Sarah Jeong, Richard Spencer is a naive one-world idealist. Jared Taylor is now Ben Shapiro’s moral superior.

This story also offers a chance to point out to white people that there is no bargaining with these people. A bargain requires a degree of good faith on both sides and some way to hold the both sides to the deal. The Left thinks it has a moral duty to do whatever is necessary to destroy the rest of us, so they are not just allowed to break the rules and lie about it. They are morally obligated to use any means necessary to win, which is why they named one of the activist groups By Any Means Necessary.

Now, white people have been finding ways to roll over and play dead for a long time, so this event will not suddenly turn them into identitarians. Whites have a habit of internalizing each Progressive outrage. It’s important to remind the normie white person in your life that the other side never quits, They can never be shamed into giving up on their goals. They lost over 30 votes on homosexual marriage, but kept at it until they won one and then got the courts to enshrine homosexual marriage as a founding principle.

If you think the defense of Sarah Jeong by subversives like Ben Shapiro is an end point, you are mistaken. Now that they have established that it is OK to hire virulent antiwhites, the next step will be the firing of whites because the antiwhites find them upsetting. In other words, the presence of whites will be grounds to claim the workplace is hostile to non-whites, so the whites have to be fired. How long before Justice Roberts writes the majority opinion claiming the Founders always wanted whites to be non-citizens?

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  1. “This story also offers a chance to point out to white people that there is no bargaining with these people. A bargain requires a degree of good faith on both sides and some way to hold the both sides to the deal. The Left thinks it has a moral duty to do whatever is necessary to destroy the rest of us, so they are not just allowed to break the rules and lie about it. They are morally obligated to use any means necessary to win, which is why they named one of the activist groups By Any Means Necessary.”

    Just substitue Islam for Left and religious for moral. That’s what jumped out at me, anyway.

    Does this help explain why the Left wants to import Islam? Fellow travelers?

  2. If this is peak anything it’s “Peak Excuses” for being ignorant to this wider culture war. If you’re white and you’re aware of this whole affair, or been made aware and had enough time to rub 5 thoughts together, you’re out of excuses. It’s the end of the line and you have a choice to make.

  3. Whites who now deny what is planned for them either are self-deluded or think they will be somehow exempted. Self-proclaimed conservatives like Shapiro who have come to Jeong’s defense have done all of a public service with their self-immolation.

  4. Out of curiosity from a comment (Ann Coulter?) that was made about Sarah Jeong forgetting it was white men who risked their lives to help keep South Korea a free country, I looked up her Wikipedia to see her bio just to confirm her birth country. Sure enough it was South Korea. Then I looked at the rest of her bio.

    Of course no shocker that she graduated from Berkeley and Harvard Law school. Can’t find finer institutions for brain washing and indoctrinating our youth. I’m sure she did very well in their popular classes “AmeriKKKa the Not So Beautiful”, ” Liberal Regressive Studies”, “White Privilege 101” followed by the advanced course “How to use White Guilt to your advantage”.

    Oh, sorry forgot the mandatory classes “Gender Studies” and “Masculine Toxicity of White men and how to destroy it”

  5. Thought of an old quote from Mike Vanderboegh, a bit of a nut, but also a former Commie, so worth listening to on some things. “When white people get scared, the don’t burn down their own neighborhoods, they burn entire continents”. Back in college did some RA work for my adviser that consisted of abstracting about 16 hours worth of transcripts of interviews he did with Curtis LeMay prior to his death. Proved Mike’s point. This will not end well.

    • I agree. At the end of the day, this is about Darwinian biology, not universalist principles of ‘justice’.

  6. If you aren’t dropping pics of #oldwhitemen Korea Vets versus #SarahJeong in threads everywhere, you might be fucking up.

  7. Great column. Three quibbles:

    1. Jeong may actually not hate whites. I live in Asia and Asians have intense loyalty to their family and, secondarily, their tribe. When they live in a country where their tribe is in power they are also loyal to the country. Asians, as we all know, are driven to succeed and make money. Add in female desire for attention and what you get is Sarah Jeong.

    Asians see that in the US, the way to succeed in any SJW related field, such as journalism, is to hate whites. So, they gladly hate whites. Since whites are not their family or their tribe, the end justifies the means. Koreans have no loyalty to whites simply because 30,000 white men died to keep them from being overrun by communists. On the other hand, if the way to succeed was to love whites, they would express their love of whites 24/7.

    2. Jeong is a perfect example of why whites should never help non whites whether by allowing them to immigrate to their countries, providing aid, continuing affirmative action or rescuing them in disasters. There is no way non whites will reciprocate if the tables are turned. Asians and all other races will simply ask, “what is in it for me? ”

    3. While it is true that whites are too focused on socialism rather than race, whites also have to ask why these non whites hate us. There is no way to answer that without looking at the role Jews – in the press, entertainment and educational system – have played in stoking hatred of whites. Asians are gaming the system but many blacks, like LeBron, are too stupid to see that they are being played and should be grateful for not having to live in a black country.

    • She probably hates whites now but who knows why. She probably learned to hate whites from….whites (leftists). I dont know that much abotu East Asians. But I know Indians in India and in America. Indians in India LOVE whites (if you dont believe me visit India: )

      In America, Indians learn that they are ‘supposed’ to hate whitie, so they become far more tribal and annoying. Indians in India are our best (potential) friend in this world. And we re gonna need them to avoid becoming China’s b*tch.

      • She may have learned how to hate whitey but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is just a case of gaming the system. My hunch on this was backed up by a twitter thread Steve Sailer posted of an Asian writer for the Guardian who admitted that building a brand on hating whitey was an easy route for an Asian chick into a staff writing job.

        ‘Young Asian “Guardian” Writer Explains How Anti-White Tweets Like Sarah Jeong’s Are Career Path to Staffer Job’

        • “She may have learned how to hate whitey but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is just a case of gaming the system.”

          For a girl, often same deal. They first intuit what the herd feels, then they start feeling it themselves and then they eventually think it as well. But it came from our traitorous fellow whities.

          • I would say more our (((fellow whites))). They are the ones who originated the whole idea of hate whitey and make whites a minority and they are the power at the NYT as well as most of the mainstream media.

        • My_Comment, Jeong is definitely on a personal brand building exercise. This has been a “thing” in recent years, and Trump is the ultimate practitioner of it, perhaps for all time. People need to be “edgy” to build their brand, they can’t be boring, and she is taking it all the way down the court.

  8. “An angry Asian person has a right to their rage.” – HuffPo

    She was hired *because* of her “hillarious” racist tweets, not in spite of them. If she were a negress, she would just be more unassailable, and have even more juicy defenders.

    • Maybe, Joe, but they may have to eat crow anyhow, see , Comment 22:

      “Jack D says:
      August 4, 2018 at 3:46 am GMT •

      I’d call it 50/50.

      OTOH, more stuff is coming out – the NYT thought they had vetted her, and knew about all the bad stuff and was prepared for it, but I’ll bet that they MISSED half of it. The idiotically embarrassing defense of Jackie that she deleted, but that Steve found in the wayback machine – I’d bet a dollar that they didn’t dig deep ENOUGH to find that. They already have enough dumb people on the editorial board – they thought they were hiring a really sharp (and sharp tongued) Harvard Law Asian, but she turns out to be a idiot who operates by feelz, and doesn’t really seem to be mentally stable. Not what they thought they were bargaining for.

      OTOH, at this point it would be embarrassing to get rid of her – they would succeed in pissing off the right AND the left. Maybe they think it’s better to DOUBLE down on Sarah, just like Sarah doubled down on Jackie.
      • Replies: @istevefan, @Anonymous, @RW”

      • The longer they double down, the better for us, esp. if Trump gets involved.
        This thing has the smell of the most bizarre, but nation-shaking, cause celebre in US history (aside from Harper’s Ferry).

        • I hope you are right. Maybe her woke asian self-agency supplies NYT with the illusion that the poison can be tolerated longer, even taken as a tonic, but to eventual deadly effect. Muhuhahaha. Cheers.

          • A gripping view of the NYT mentality, in Comment 67, at :

            “Michael S says:
            August 3, 2018 at 8:17 pm GMT

            Yes, the Times is growing its revenue, but you’re missing the big picture: they’re merely CANNIBALIZING the #Resist readership, snatching away scraps of an ever-shrinking pie, with increasingly clickbait headlines and articles. Who *else* is growing aside, from the few biggest players?

            And as the quality degrades into trashy tabloid spew, so will their reputation, even among the cosmopolitan New York ELITE. Entropy does not reverse. Once a business goes down-market, it’s very difficult to go back UP-market again; it almost never happens. It’s why Apple refuses to make anything cheap, and why Walmart never seems to carry anything of decent quality.

            I’m THRILLED that they’ve hired and defended this pond scum. It will take them YEARS to recover from this brand damage, if they manage to recover at all.
            • Replies: @Forbes”

  9. I am contemplating if the latest absolutely blatant anti-white rhetoric being openly published is the emotional last gasp of the “progressive experiment,” or do these people truly believe this is a good strategy? If it is their strategy what are they going to do when white women and white liberals figure out they are included in “the enemy” category? To link the last 2 Z-Man topics only women and feminized white men could hold this cognitive dissonanant concept of “all white people bad but of course not me.”

    • If it is their strategy what are they going to do when white women and white liberals figure out they are included in “the enemy” category?
      They are hoping by the time the above group gets it there will not be anything they can do about it except submit or die…

  10. The rise of “Patriot Prayer” and the “Proud Boys” is a reaction to leftist BS. The rally in Portland was interesting, the venue chosen so Oregon members with concealed carry permits could legally carry. The Portland police responded correctly by going after Antifa, after incorrectly ignoring the ICE occupation on the orders of the leftist mayor a week or two earlier. Shots will be fired soon. The Bundy Ranch standoff came close, with the Oath Keepers, another patriot group. Men are waking up. It’s not so much about race, it’s about liberty. Little Korean girls and feral blacks are obnoxious and distracting, but the enemy is the FBI, CIA, DHS, DOJ. LaVoy Finicum would agree.

  11. “Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

  12. This article has great points. Very well written!

    I have always disagreed with whites, including pro-whites, who claim that Asians are a model minority and are NOT racist. The Asians do have anti-white hatred in them; however, unlike the Blacks and Browns, they tend, unlike Ms. Jeong, to express it subtly. This makes it harder for White people to detect this anti-white hatred, especially since most whites are predisposed to thinking very highly of Asians.

    Also, if we allow high numbers of Asians into our country and Whites assimilate (that is, miscegenate) with them, this would contribute to our being blended out of existence. This needs to be avoided. Asian + White = Nonwhite Child

    • My French-Chinese daughter looks European in every way. More importantly, she has been raised as a “white” person and thinks like one. Culture is way more important than superficial racial traits.

      • What’s with all the negative votes? Traditional Biblical values (respect for our elders, teaching children to behave ethically, the prohibition of false testimony, forbidding covetousness etc.) become objects of condemnation when expressed in a body that is not 100% “white” (whatever that means)? Or do downvoters also have a problem with French people?

      • There are a shit-ton of Asian and half-Asian shitlords out there that most people would never suspect were not rednecks. This idea that the Jeong chick represents any Asian majority is pure bullshit. I told the story above because it fit in with Z’s narrative and it is true, but what is the moral of the story? The people in the room took the cue from the white conservative, not the Asian hate-monger. If I had sat there and clapped the whole room would have done so. If I had stood they all would have stood. How much of this is going on with Trump right now? He’s making it clear to them that their fate lies with how well we do, not with how the yuan is doing or whether the Chinese stock market is tanking. And when native American Asians see and hear how the students from overseas react toward Americans, do you think they sympathize more sith the kids of commie billionaires or with the middle class kids they went to school with and went on student exchange trips with?

        Z is great because he brings us a bit of truth, but he makes the same mistake many make when he uses it as a theory and sees reality through that lens rather than seeing things simply as they are. To a certain extent there is nothing wrong with this. Theory sometimes is the periscope that helps us see around the next corner. But sometimes those periscopes give us distorted or limited images of reality that can be misleading.

        This isn’t a situation like in Lord Jim where the white man has immersed himself into an Asian culture. It is the opposite. They know this. And they don’t want to end up like Lord Jim, either.

  13. I’ve been clear on the hate Whitey situation for a while but I have to admit you opened my eyes to Ben Shapiro. Thanks for that

    • What would you say to my normie conservative brother who loves Shapiro because he attacks college SJWs?

      • Everytime shapiro’s name comes up Just say “he’s the enemy” and let it ferment in his brain. It’s the truth and eventually it will become obvious. Anyway, that’s how it works with me

        • We must do better than that. I suggest: Shapiro belongs to a tribe, many of whom practice a dual morality. They privately place the success of their tribe above all other concerns while publically denouncing those who advocate for the white race. While we may find common cause with them on some issues, like limited government or traditional sex roles, their highest goals are massive non-white immigration, the defeat of traditional white culture, and the defense of Israel. If people support them when they fight college SJWs, those people are fooled into supporting massive immigration and endless wars overseas.

          • I simply call them what they are. I post this on Twitter quite often: “fill in the blank” is a true Conservative with Judeo-Christian values.

            Hopefully being labeled as a Conservative with Judeo-Christian values will be an insult sometime soon.

          • How about shortening it to Judeo-C values? Emphasize it the way they do. After a while it’s just Judeo- values.

      • How about pointing out his defense of the anti white bitch the NYT just hired? or maybe point out how Lil Benji is just fine with the “browning” of America but Israel must remain a jewish state? there’s lots of material here if you just look for it, the littlest Chickenhawk is a veritable gold mine of hypocrisy.

  14. I don’t think the fact that a particular Asian hates white people means much — after all, plenty of Lefty white people hate other white people. The thing that matters is that the Times hired her even though they knew about her tweets, and they have defended their decision, and refused to back down in the fact of criticism. This makes the double standard — “It isn’t hate when we do it” — difficult to obscure. That’s not quite as big a thing as what Z is claiming, but it’s something.

    • And, JEB, the NYT could’ve defused some of the heat for this, had they gotten her to issue an utterly-abject apology. But, to my knowledge, they’ve not come close to such a move, and, the longer they delay, the less weight any such apology will carry.
      Fine by me!

  15. What really funny is that, in the midst of all this “Hate Whitey” BS, white men remain the most sought-after demographic on the planet, when it comes to women. Despite decades of anti-white propaganda, almost all white women, and significant minorities of Hispanic, Asian, and Black women all say that they prefer to date, and want to marry, white men. Even this Jeong chick says, in one of her tweets, that her preference sexually is for “CisHet White Boys”!

    Of course the supply is limited, and most of that will be taken up by white women. No wonder so many “Women of Color” profess to hate white men. We are depriving some of them of the thing that they really want – us.

  16. Jared Taylor was ALWAYS the Littlest Chickenhawk’s moral superior…In fact, it’s hard to think of any traditional “conservatives” that Jared Taylor, a learned man of principle, isn’t vastly superior to in every way.

  17. I spent time with a friend who represents the task before us. He sees that whites are under attack as a group, but believes that we have been uniquely evil and thus there is nothing the enemy can do to us that we don’t deserve. When he recounts our crimes against the Indians, his lips curl in hatred for his own. I want to say, “Is there any group that wouldn’t have done the same if they could?”

    We need a moral justification for people like my friend. We need guys like him on our side.

    • People will not see what they don’t want to see. Think about some race-based stress he might suffer now and again, an action that could be taken against him, a slot his child does not get in school, a job promotion that goes to the affirmative action hire, not him. Whatever it might be. Frame his pain and anger for him, ahead of time. When it happens to him, the light bulb will go off. This hypothetical stuff just bounces off his cranium. Make it personal for him, and you get somewhere. People create their own realities in their minds, and you need to pierce that construct by associating it with moments of real world pain and anger that he will suffer.

      • Some people wake up due to a personal threat, but there is the tragic counterexample of the white South Africans turning their eyes away from death stalking them. Further, the time is short. By the time many people’s instinct of self-preservation engages, it may be too late. Many people, including Z, have argued that a providing a moral justification for whites to organize as a group may speed up the awakening. What else can be done? We’re trying to dismantle a ticking bomb.

    • There is no moral justification. People act in the space and time in which they exist and no other.

      One of my favorite moments from the movie Zulu is when a private breaks down crying and asks the sergeant major, “why us?”. The sergeant major answers, “Because we’re here and nobody else.”

      When the shit starts hitting the fan these people will know who they’ll have to stand with or end up someone’s lunch.

    • Uniquely evil. How absurd. That’s someone that has no knowledge of anything but European history assuming they even have that

    • Instead of saying ” I want to say “, just say it. I’m sorry your ” friend ” doesn’t have even a basic grasp of world history, but when confronted by the evils the white race has perpetrated, bring up the Mongols, the Ottomans, the Arabs and the Japanese.
      The first 3 groups established huge empires via violence and slavery. The Japanese chased the Ainu to the fringes of Japan and nearly erased them, with conscious intent, through war and intermarriage. In the 20th century, the Japanese kicked ass all over Asia and engaged in horrific torture of POW’s, among other niceties.
      It was Europeans that systematically ended slavery in our own lands, and through force of arms, pressured other societies to suppress it globally.
      Saudi Arabia didn’t end slavery until 1962, and it is well known that it is still practiced by wealthy arabs.
      We are the vanguard of the human race.
      All the rest get in line behind us in terms of civilizational accomplishment, and until the 60’s, most white people would have openly agreed with this assessment.

    • Does your friend realize several of the Indian tribes practiced ritual torture and cannibalism?

    • Your friend hates himself for what other people have done to other people…I don’t know if you can reason or provide justification for people like that…You might ask him just as a joke if he was any other race would he feel bad for what that race has done to others…

    • Right on the mark line in the sand. My girlfriend constantly complains about florida’s health care. How it’s so much better in Mass. I told her it is because of all the mexicans and haitians etc etc that live here. If it was made more to her liking I told her it would encourage just more to move here. She thought a moment and said ” I think they should go back so americans can benefit”. I’m using similar tactics on other issues and can see a change happening slowly. It can be done I think with patience and can spread to others exponentially in the process I hope.

    • Be careful with fanatics. Often times they are so emotionally invested in a position that noting will change it. I’ve seen the same fanaticism play out in the human potential movement in Silicon Valley back in the 90’s. Some people you can’t change. You can lead them to water back can’t make them drink.

      These are the people who will let the guru a**rape them , take all their money and the victim will somehow justify it.

      You can try, to get him to question what he’s been taught. But it’s hard work and he may hate you for it.

      BTW if the balloon goes up, don’t let him near you or your family.

  18. “The guy [Shapiro] who recently said racists should be hounded out of their jobs, is now defending Jeong and the New York Times, either from a position of solidarity or out of craven opportunism.”

    Hopefully, this will get Zman to round third base and head to home plate.

    • It really is a thing, you know? I know Z’s like, “Whatever,” but it is a thing. Kristol, Shapiro, Boot, Rubin, etc. Even Goldberg’s complaint is that this sort of thing makes whites think they are white, which is a bad idea.

      I mean, shit. Right?

  19. About six years ago I was a cosmopolitan urbanite working on the campus of an elite private university. I had been teaching myself Chinese for over a year and had become proficient at speaking it. I had some Chinese coworkers whom I considered friends and they helped me practice.

    I frequently walked through campus and there was a sizable population of students who were Chinese nationals. Every other sentence out of their mouths was some sort of racial hatred about every group around them. The only exception was when it was a group of Chinese females. At that point it was a 50/50 shot whether it would be racial animus or lusting for big W/B D.

    Some of my favorite moments were watching the various shades of red on their faces when I added my input.

      • A former co-worker of mine spoke Cantonese. I learned two Cantonese words from her: “Wong How” means Empress and “panty hose” means panty hose.

        I think the closest thing to an official Chinese language is Mandarin. I assume that there are various dialects, as well.

    • I had a friend who could understand Chinese and he told me the same thing.

      In essence they are alien colonists. No different than Muslim, just better behaved

  20. Excellent entry but I am still pessimistic about how the whole thing played out. The wails of “racism” from the boomercons and BBCs (basic bitch conservatives) are sad if not expected. However the mind of the boomercon doesn’t work in the way we would hope it would. The response from many boomercons I know is to be even more committed to being non-racist in order to stick it to the racists at the New York Times. Many still follow the Romney-style playbook of thinking that the way to win is to beat the left at their own espoused (but not practiced) virtues. Double down on everything. These people are truly clueless.

    • That’s very true, but BoomerCons can be turned by reality, especially if it hits them hard enough, enough times. That’s what happened to me. Just like doubling your bet when you lose in gambling, eventually the huge cumulative losses start to get your attention. This will happen to more and more of them as this crap escalates.

      • That’s very true, but BoomerCons can be turned by reality, especially if it hits them hard enough, enough times.
        They are definitely waking up and arming up…I have helped quite a few with choices and builds of rifles, carbines, and pistols…The great part is they have to listen to you while your helping them and I feed them pill after pill;)

    • Initially, it certainly looks like it’ll be a target-rich environment. My plan is to start with harsh language and a slingshot, and save the real firepower for later.

  21. Probably about a year ago I listened to a podcast that interviewed Jim Goad. He noted specifically that Asians, when going SJW, go hard SJW. He phrased it as “they take it to the hoop.”

  22. Even the normally risible Jonah Goldberg of all people recognizes that this is serving as a wake-up call: “But there’s a bigger problem. The social science is mounting every day that the more often people make these arguments, the more they are making white people think of themselves as white people.”

    On the other hand Bill Kristol tweeted his disappointment in his “fellow white men” so things maybe haven’t changed that much.

  23. I’m already on it. Yesterday I put the black powder Retirement Rifles aside, and went out to the range with the mouse guns. Both the AR and the XCRL are dialled in and good out to three hundred yards. Other preps are underway, for as you like to say – this is all going to end badly.
    How bad will it get? I’m not sure. The wheels are already coming off the progressive bus. When Lefty finds out who the Useful Fool actually is and was – it will be mutiny on the bounty.

  24. The NYT hiring her is great. It helps lay down the battle lines in a way that more whites can see.

    She is building her resume and visibility, and will burn the Times down on her way out, whenever that is. They deserve each other.

    • Will we see the worthless Charlie Kirk-types even holding a token protest outside of the Anti-White New York Times headquarters?

  25. It’s not that big of a deal, and will be forgotten next week and overshadowed by the next allegation of Trump evil. But, every little bit helps.

    • Yeah, that’s how I see it. It’s already falling off of the news feeds. I’ll be surprised if I’m still seeing the columnists flogging it in a week. It’s probably been forgotten by most people already. Whitey is a slow learner.

      • No, Bruno, this ballgame won’t be decided by news feeds and MSM colunmists. Rge cat is out of the bag, and, as long as the NYT sticks to its guns on this, it will be the gift that keeps on giving, esp. for those of us who can make dents with Normies, e.g. by reminding them
        “if the NYT’s continued backing of this twat’s tantrums doesn’t show you what the MSM really is, what could possibly dent you?”

        • And if isn’t decided in the news feeds and MSM columns, it won’t be decided at all.

          Try an experiment. Get out from behind your computer, and go to the white working class bar of your choice. See if this even comes up as a topic of discussion. (It won’t.) Try bringing it up yourself.

          “Yeah, it’s a sad world. What are ya gonna do? Hey, how about dem Cubbies!”

          This may be a cause celebre amount the chattering classes, but truthfully, not much of anyone else gives a fuck about what the New York Times does. It might as well be published on the moon. Whites have been enduring one humiliation after another for decades. By this time a mouthy Asian bitch at the NYT is just water off their back.

          Let me tell you a story. In one of my high school classes there was a discussion of discrimination. One student stood up and said, “I’m a member of the most discriminated against class of all. The white male Protestant!”. And the class burst into applause.

          So when do you thing that happened? 2016? 2008? 1996?

          Nope. That was 1974!

          The point here is that you don’t have to tell whitey there’s a target on his back. He’s known that for decades. And yet, the white working class Democrat, while perhaps not as common as he once was, still roams the plains of the midwest in large numbers.

          And you think this is the last straw? Seriously?

          The returns will be in soon enough. Watch the polls. If this is as big of a deal as it’s being made out to be, the Republicans will take the House and the Senate in a walk. Except, we all know that they won’t.

          • That’s why the ongoing NFL Anthem protest is still more important than Jeong. It got right in the white working class’ faces, they couldn’t ignore it anymore. Little Miss Dog Mc Nugget is more important as a wake up call to the white middle classes.

    • MBlanc. I disagree. When making our case to normies, the Jeong affair will at the very least make it harder for them to dismiss us as loonies. That’s no small thing in this rhetorical war. The NYT just made my conversations MUCH simpler.

  26. The scales are falling from a lot of eyes and the process is accelerating. In this regard, my sense is most white men (married or single) are now aware of how things are or rapidly becoming aware. They know who the enemy is. Let’s not concern ourselves with the traitors since they may never get it, but hopefully they’ll be less than 20% of the tribe. Next comes white married women waking up, which aligns with the Z-man’s podcast remarks about marriage making women more conservative. Yes, they can be won over and can understand where their interests (and their family’s interests) lie. Namely, with the tribe. However, I remain utterly depressed about single white females. They are a lost cause and this block will only get more deranged. By the way, picking up on Z’s positive/negative identity podcast, is being a woman necessarily mean adopting a negative identity? Most feminists seem to have that problem of always contrasting themselves to the “other” and wallowing in what men have done to them, should have done for them, failed to do for them, shouldn’t have done to them, etc.

    • Spot on, Eduardo, esp. about single women, whose asses are kissed by the Ad Industry, thereby warping the whole culture. See esp. , e.g.

      “… To destroy the Super Zips, it is necessary to destroy its ecosystem, the FEMALE driven consumerism. And all that is needed to do that is, frugalism replacing consumerism. Buying only when needed, and on value and price, not STATUS. The dirty secret of the Super Zips is how dependent, either directly or indirectly, they are on female-driven consumerism.
      Network and Cable TV, much of the movies, advertising, marketing, and whole swaths of government, depend on either direct expenditures or indirect revenues, and taxes derived from that….Others, particularly Hollywood, would rely on entertaining people, rather than just a profitable SUB-group (see “the Help” the book and movie, and OPRAH’s career).”

  27. As someone who has lived in several heavily-Asian locations, and whose family moved away from multiple neighborhoods after they got taken over by Asians, I can definitely attest to the need to reduce immigration from that continent.

    Interestingly, though, the current (1965) immigration system of flat quotas that admits so many third-world migrants is arguably holding back an even larger tide of Asian immigration. It’s a common opinion among imported elite (or at least imported tech elite) that the quotas should *scale with population*.

    The Mexicans and Central Americans want to work here, hoard capital and ship it back across the border to pay for Carlos Slim’s many monopolies. That’s terrible in its own right. But the Asian immigrants quite literally want to open the floodgates. They do this of course out of self-interest – it’s hard for them or their spouses to get green cards even though they technically meet the requirements – but they give no thought whatsoever to the impact it would have to let a billion people from China or India come into a country of 300 million.

    The East Asians and Tamil Brahmins are model minorities WHEN THEY ARE A MINORITY. Once you start reaching levels of 10%, 20%, even 50% in some areas, and they have the numbers to form power blocs… well, kiss your culture and your tribe goodbye, roundeye.

    • Moslems are the worst. Even secularized Moslems are frequently anti-American. The situation is worse in Europe and the Uk.

      IMO, every Moslem is one reading of the Koran away from at least supporting terrorism.

      • To speak out against Islamic terrorism, as a Muslim, makes you an apostate. There are specific death sentences for such a thing. Islam appears remarkably unreformable. To renounce Islam gets you treated exactly as if you renounce your ghetto street gang. You can get in but you can’t get out.

  28. Oh yes, they are playing for keeps. This is also why we should not ‘soften up’ on issues like women’s vote (since the podcast’s many thoughts Ive come down on ‘NO!, Women should NOT be in politics’). B/c that is caving to leftie, losing the first Schelling point. And then the ball rolls until we re all apologizing for slavery.

    And, zero your f*cking rifles while you’re at it.

    • Not presuming to speak for all women and not intending to hijack the subject of this post, but I’m afraid disenfranchisement could be a red pill deal breaker for women. Women feel much the same about the 19th as men do about the 2nd, pry, cold, dead hands, etc.

      • Women wont be asked. The whole point is, we are approaching where this cant be solved amicably anyway, between us and leftie. And if we cant stand up to our own women, we cant stand up to the combined wrath of NWO, islam and brownie hatred.

        Interestingly, women will say no and object and such. But subconsciously they will prefer that men decide this over their heads. It’s instinct and biology. However most, even in here, are still pretty blue or purple when it comes to the delicate sex.

        • What you say is true, but you’re ignoring an elephant.

          Women only gained the right to vote in the early 20th century. But gain it they did. That couldn’t have happened without the consent of men. What stops it from happening again?

          You’re problem is that democracy always metastasizes. First it was landed white males, then all white males, then all males, then women, then all citizens over the age of 18 (that one happened within my lifetime). I expect if I live long enough, I’ll see the franchise will be extended to illegal aliens (in progress), and children.

          If you truly want to address the problem, you take away voting, period. Monarchies and dictatorships have their issues, no doubt. But I know of no dictator or monarch that ever displaced the population of his kingdom, except when trying to bring a foreign and hostile satrapy to heel (see Northern Ireland, or Tibet and Mongolia).

          The root cause of the excesses of democracy is democracy itself. Man up and strike at the heart of the beast.

      • Bunny, I’m curious how you respond to the argument made by some women, like Ann Coulter, that she would gladly give up her right to vote to prevent the large number of liberal women from voting.

        • Disingenuousness. Perhaps she has convinced herself that disenfranchisement is theoretically a good idea. She would most likely hate it in reality and she admits it is a “pipe dream” and “personal fantasy”. She has no argument for disenfranchisement other than it would prevent liberal as well as conservative women from voting, enabling her party to consistently win the Presidency. If she has another argument, I haven’t found it. In essence, “I want Republicans to win so badly I would surrender women’s votes”. Not very compelling, imho, when balanced against the advantages of having the franchise. White women voted 43% for Clinton and white men voted 31% for Clinton, so all women should give up the vote. Makes no sense. Regarding Trump’s election, “The gap between married and unmarried women is 29 points, and the gap between all marrieds and all unmarrieds is 19 points. It is just 6 points between men and women. In other words, marital status is over than 300% more powerful a predictor of voting behavior than gender is.
          Married women were considerably more likely–by a margin of 9 points–to vote for Trump than unmarried men were. They were even marginally more likely to vote for him than married men were!”

          • ” admits it is a “pipe dream” and “personal fantasy”.”

            Woman speak for “the men are too pussy to set things right.” So far that’s true. If it keeps being true, bullets will eventually replace ballots.

            Bunny, you’re against it b/c you dont believe we can do it. You’d be impressed if we did it. But your pride won’t permit you to admit to that. You might even be angry at yourself for being impressed. But impressed you would be, with or against your will.

          • No. It could be done by force if, as you say, bullets replace ballots. “Impressed” is not the proper term.

          • You’re supposed to say that. But your instincts are different (assuming you re a mentally healthy human female). It’s called a ‘shit test’ in the PUA community and thousands of guys can verify that the concept makes sense. Women would protest in the street but stop resisting once they realized it was for real this time. Like I said, it’s biology.

          • I generally say what I think and I don’t do shit tests. But, mkay, nothing I say could convince you that women wouldn’t secretly relish having their rights abrogated, so don’t stop believing.

          • Jeez, this comment field is getting more and more blue pill lol

            Bunny, you don’t shittest?? That’s like saying a guy doesnt look at boobs lol Point of fact, you’re shittesting here to see if I, and ppl who agree w me, strict to my guns when the first girl who doesnt want her vote taken away, shows up.

            Frip, first blue pill, now uber beta haha

          • The girls who don’t want their votes taken away aren’t likely to show up in these comments, but trust me, they walk among you. No, I don’t shit test IRL, I experience garden variety conflict, and people usually stick to their guns and disagree here. That’s fine with me. At the first hint of agreement, they would be accused of white knighting anyway. Back to the topic at hand, this conversation is probably boring the others.

          • You’re misunderstanding what shittests are. They are not you being fake or lying. They are sincere enough but are an emotional female impulse to challenge a male, see if he’s strong frame. You do it real life, same as I look at a woman’s rump, it’s natural biology and nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, the pathology would be not doing it. You’re responding to my suggestion to repeal the 19th exactly as a healthy, self-confident female should. And if there were more healthy, self-confident males that would of course not save the 19th but that’s a different story.

          • So what you are saying is (hah)…anytime a woman disagrees with a man it’s a shit test? What if I disagree with Ann Coulter or 3g4me or another woman? Is that a shit test, too?

      • I strongly disagree. I would be ecstatic to give up my purported stake in the franchise if it meant all the damned air-headed women couldn’t skew the results. Now try to deny me the full import of the 2nd amendment and we’d have problems. Other than that, I second Mora ya Simba No women in politics!!!

          • The 19th amendment (and other topical issues) remind me of my cat. She is leash trained, and will happily go no further than the limit of her leash, barring the occasional tug to reach some tasty grass, or a lunge when a lizard or rabbit appears. But allow her to go someplace, a place she didn’t have any particular interest in going to, and you won’t get her back from there, barring scooping her up. She goes into the contrary cat-tripod cross up stance and gets very angry. “I am HERE, dammit, and you can’t make me go “OVER THERE”. People are that way about things, too. The Left seems to have figured that one out very well, and sets about institutionalizing whatever madness they can dream up, knowing it is very hard to get rid of, once established. Human (and cat) nature.

            I don’t think the 19th is necessarily madness, BTW. I’m not sure where I land on it. Keep working on me. And this attitude protects the 2nd. If the 2nd ever goes away, it ain’t ever coming back.

          • Moran I agree with you and just want to say my wife would gladly give up the right to vote because it would benefit her…Im guessing Bunny doesn’t have a strong man in her life that treats her like a lady should be treated so she wants the power of the government on her side so she can use men for her bidding…I agree her though in that women won’t be giving that up until they are put in Burqas or we win…

          • I think Bunny’s responding like a girl’s supposed to respond, shittesting to see if we’re serious or just prancing around. I think she’ll come around but she doesnt think so. Women are often like that, part of why they dont belong in politics lol

          • No, I’m responding like a BoomerCon CivNat normie who still believes in muh Constitution, the American Dream, voting and all that good stuff. I’m too old to use men for my bidding, dang it.

          • lol and here I thought I was chatting w a cocky 20 yr old hour-glass shaped tough country gal from ol Texas and not her grandma haha

            On a serious note, the ppl who made ‘muh constitution’ would have agreed w me.

          • You would be incorrect. I have enjoyed 43 years of matrimonial bliss with my one and only husband and it would take an act of Congress to get him to do my bidding.

          • Well I guess he doesn’t provide all you need if you need vote for the government to do something for you…

          • “muh Constitution, the American Dream, voting and all that good stuff. ”

            Even if female voting is turning it into the North Mexican dreamos??? Coz that’s kinda the fundamental problem here, in case we werent on the same page.

          • Even if female voting is turning it into the North Mexican dreamos???
            I don’t know if that would matter to her… People won’t let go of delusions even if it’s to their detriment…

          • She’s a civnat patriot. She think’s it’ll be the same w non-white majority. That also explains her position female franchise, she’s a bio blue pill, both w race and w gender.

            She should visit Cali, from world tech leader to sh*thole on the left coast in 20 yrs.

          • Red pill, blue pill, both want to kill off the heritage nation. A nation doesn’t live by blood and soil alone. Whatever transmogrification occurs in the future, it won’t be the old America we knew and loved, so be careful what you wish for.

          • “A nation doesn’t live by blood and soil alone” that is what a nation IS. You’re confusing nation with state.

          • Depends on what definition you use.
            Black’s Law Dictionary: “A community of people inhabiting a defined territory and organized under an independent government; a sovereign political state.”
            Ernest Renan: “A nation is a stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, ethnicity, or psychological make-up manifested in a common culture.”
            There are more.

          • Bunny’s responding like a girl who hasn’t got a man so she needs that power of the government to be her man…

        • 3g4me — we should be friends. I am with you. All of those idiot women out there can have their desires, but as Moran (Ron someone’s ) said, when s**t get some real info he streets, their pink push cat hats won’t protect them,.
          No women in politics: I second that emotion. Heh.

      • BUNNY: I,m a single, white female Gen X’er and love sharing (with other women!) that I would be most content to have the 19th Amendment repealed. No death necessary. Most women are too stupid to see that they are already disenfranchised. Suffrage was for bored bourgeoisie women (and the Christian Right Prohibitionists) with too much time on heir hands while the men were out working.

    • M.y. Simba;

      You may well be right in an abstract, Libertarian, ‘should be’ case nostalgic for our options from 100 + years ago, this idea of Female disenfranchisement has no salience today. Obviously that ship sailed long ago. So, we should not be centering our present efforts on repealing the 19th Amendment, however desirable that might be.

      We should be using this story to point out to all and sundry female relatives and acquaintances, “So, see the NYT_? What kind of future do you suppose these Cloud People have in mind for your very own children and grandchildren_?”*

      If you get any traction, you could followup with, “Do you know what is happening in S. Africa right now and why_? Would your kids and grandkids actually be immune from this kind of scenario here_?”

      This kind of rhetoric is more likely to win over White Females than rumbling about the 19th Amendment into our whiskey (and I *am* found of whiskey, on occasion).

      Given the hand we have been dealt, so long as the possibility of peaceful separation or non-Last-of-the-Mohicans’ options** exists we will need thoughtful white females’, like Bunny’s, help and support. Your answer below seems to jump ahead and assume some post-apocalyptic situation where White Men are left standing (great idea – we can only hope) and have no need to compromise great (great outcome – how likely_?). This future *may* happen, but no sane person should wish for that sort of future from the start, given the casualties likely entailed.***

      That said, ‘eyes open’ needs to be our posture now. The classic-but-never-refuted security equation is: Threat = Enemy Intentions X Enemy Capabilities. We now have conclusive proof of their intentions. We therefore cannot allow the correlation of (actual) forces to go their way, ever.
      *Sometimes it really *is* about the children.

      ** Endemic, episodic warfare pointed towards tribal extermination.

      *** ‘Full disclosure’, as an aging. early year Boomer, these would likely include me: Note to self, etc.

      • I agree repealing the 19th should certainly not be the center of our efforts. Now it is slowly moving into our Overton and I think that’s good but the real problem remains loss of our historic homelands.

        • Just because some far right wackos mention repealing the 19th on far right wacko websites doesn’t mean it’s getting anywhere near Overton. Denying women the vote is still under a rock at the bottom of the Indian ocean. But keep talking about it so the world can keep writing us off as a bunch of old timer asshats.

          • You’re punching right. You should join Shapiro’s controlled opposition op. Probably better pay than here too.

            Never punch right, that’s the only way to not slide left. We dont share Overton w leftie or ‘MSM’. Women’s vote is coming over the horizon here. Fear of discussing it conceded moral high ground. Stand by your views, and then handle hell or high water. Women in politics was a disasterous idea.

          • Frip — you,re right abou the issue being at the bottom of the ocean. As a single white Gen X female, I just like to bring it up to other women to make them foam at the mouth. It’s amusing. (But I still am ok with it.)
            I think the only “true believers” who can rightly broach the subject of repeal of the 19th are people liken Ann Coulter and me, precisely BECAUSE we are women. Coming from men, it just won’t be received the same way.
            But our discussion is a moot point because, as you have rightly pointed out, the issue is tied to a rock at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. (Great metaphor, by the way.)

  29. We also need to recognize what a profound tool the internet has been in bringing these truths to the light of day.

    They’re trying to silence us, but so far they haven’t. Just keep going: comments, tweets, blogs.

    Out of sheer desperation, I started tweeting recently, and already some have been re-tweeted by Steve Sailer, VDare, etc., and I know it gradually works its way into the “right bloodstream” from there, and then into the bodily tissue…

    Just keep going, any way you can.

  30. This is a good sign. We are all aware that newspapers are increasingly marginal, this signals that the Times is no less so and is desperate to stay relevant, or to even know what that is. The things they want to say paying subscribers increasingly don’t have the need to hear. Sounds like National Review. If there is a business model in there it must be named Bezos or Gates.

    • The NYT hire reflects their survey of their readership. It wins them nothing, but sets attitudinal boundaries that exclude ever more people in the middle. We are beneficiaries of that, in perhaps a smaller way than we would hope. But getting their bad attitudes written down has value, somewhere, sometime.

  31. Whatever your opinion of the various groups of European immigrants who poured into this counttry from Colonial times through the 20th Century, with one exception they lacked a grievance against America, Americans, Christianity and Western Civilization. The one exception was the Jews, especially the Eastern European ones.

    Jees were also the first group to demand that America radically change in order to reflect their values, serve their interests and gratify their 2000-year-old hatred of Christianity and even more ancient hatred of the Goyim in general.

    Jews were the pioneers leading the way for the cultural, political and physical dispossession of White Gentiles. All other groups are simply following in their footsteps.

    • Yeah, the integration of Germans, Irish and Italians went just swimmingly, none of them radically changed the culture at all.

      • They changed America, not necessarily for the better (e.g., Irish political corruption), but they didn’t hate this country and its people. German-Americans fought their relatives in Germany in two world wars.

        Strike a nerve, did I?

    • No, Ris, the pioneers for this crap were the Wilson-era WASP Do-Gooders, whose constitutional amendments (esp. the 16th, 17th, and 18th) started the emergence of the Deep State, etc.
      A few super-rich E. European Jews got to jump on board the speeding train which clearly had BigMo.

      • The founders where overwhelmingly WASPs of various flavors. (Carroll was the lone RC signatory to the DoI.) Widespread political corruption came in on the tsunami of late 19th/early 20th century immigration. (Prior to which there was no “Cosa Nostra,” “Tammany Hall,” etc., etc. . .)

        • Yup. Even the massive European immigration of the 19th – early 20th created problems beginning with the Irish Catholics.

  32. Sarah Jeong is the New York Times’ big, florid neck tattoo. An unmistakable–and apparently now unremovable–signal of who they are.

    The problem, as discussed in recent Zblog posts, is that redpilling is actually a long journey, years for most, and that it’s starting to turn into a race against time. Clock is ticking.

    I don’t want to sound dramatic, but I think the “redpill level” of the police and armed forces will eventually come into play. Lone dissident righters with guns isn’t going to be enough. It’s going to be organized guys with guns, too. Smart and not-so-smart white guys might need different kinds of redpilling.

    And a lot of people assume that those guys will be on our side. Maybe. But, (1) they take orders from above, often terrible people. And (2) have you seen an army unit lately? Plenty of blacks, LOTS of Latinos. When something happens, I the Latinos will probably all break the other way.

    • There a lot of blacks in the military and the police. And, I imagine, a growing number of Hispanics and Asians. They will not be on our side.

      • Look at the elite MIL/ LEO teams. I’m in the firearms biz – we were at the Intl SWAT competition, and besides the Haitians, essentially all white. SOCOM ( Army/Navy/AF/ USMC. SP. Forces) look like the Duke Lacrosse Team. Army is 30% warriors, 70% jobs program. Enlist the former.

  33. Every year we get invited to the Asian Culture Center event at the local university. Several years back we went because some friends from out of town were going to be there. An ex-friend has been running the shindig and she was trying to get as many non-Chinese to go because she was concerned that they were beginning to dominate things. I am sure they are by now. They have practically taken over that part of town. The blessings of cash out of state tuition.

    Anyhow they were having some kind of talent show, and these things are usually dominated by traditional dance numbers and acting out scenes fom old plays and instrumental music. There was one young man who got up and proceeded to do a rap that was decidedly hateful toward white people. You could see the hate in his face. The libs in the room sat there with the vapid, stupid smiles you see on their faces when they are at the farmer’s markets. Just basking in a cocoon of diversity. Very few white faces. I was a lone white face sitting at a table amongst a bunch of Asians near the front. The whole room was well lit, so it wasn’t like your typical darkened auditorium.

    When he got done with his screed there was some hesitant clapping, and out of the corner of my eyes I could see people beginning to clap, but looking toward me. I just sat there staring at the boy. The clapping tapered off and he slinked off the stage.

    I think there is still some resentment of colonialism and some racial hatred with these people, but unlike with blacks they can see the hypocrisy of hating on white men and going to universities that were established by them and using institutions of government made by them as well.

    • Yeah, Tea Party, they can see the hypocrisy of hating on white men. And, as Derb points out, they’re generally far more culturally COMPATIBLE with other Ice Peoples, than are any of the Sun Peoples (esp. most US blacks, with their huge resentments about slavery etc.)

  34. It also helps that this chick is obviously a head case, with serious obsession issues. I mean, it’s not like she tweeted a few anti-white male things when she was drunk, or pissed off – there are literally thousands of these things, going back years. If she had been employed by an anti-male, Asian-Supremacist “Der Sturmer”, her output could hardly have been higher. So either she is actually a hate-obsessed racist anti-white loon, or she pretended to be a hate obsessed racist anti-white loon on twitter, in order to impress people like the editors of the NYT. Either way, the NYT is giving an extremely powerful position to someone on the basis of believing them to be a racist anti-white lunatic, and even normies can see this.

    As I said a while back, the NFL Anthem protests were the best thing to happen to white people in decades, but this Jeong chick is running a close second.

    • NYT’s full-knowledge embrace of this chick can be interpreted as a reliable indicator of two things:
      1. The degree to which the city elite are out of touch with the rest of the country; either that or their willingness to alienate more than half the country
      2. The advanced state of the process of “choosing of sides” which started quite some time ago but which Trump’s election accelerated.

    • Sorry to put it so crudely but she aches for a strong, white man to tell her to pipe down and come sit down next to daddy. Sour grapes.

      • Yup, she’s shittesting, seeing who will put up w her running her mouth like that. The beta blue pillers at the NYT predictably failed.

  35. The worst Asians for this are South Koreans and high caste Indians. There is a reason..they are both from very status conscious cultures with a strong sense of their own superiority and undercurrent of butthurt. What this chick is doing is trying to signal status through the anti-white shit. She is saying “I am one of you. Give me a good job”. That is why we need to bear down on this stuff. Its not about free speech. Its about removing the anti-white option as a means to signal and socially climb. The fact the the NYT and our Elites stand behind her is a sign that this..shall we call it Leukomisia? is a pathway to greater social status and success. The mainstream conservatives are either too stupid to get this, or don’t care because they dont think their tribe is affected.

    And remember are what you meme. What you meme jokingly today, will become what you truly believe down the line.

    • The New York Times should always be prefixed from now on with “The Anti-White New York Times”.

      In the spirit of fairness, the Amazon Washington Post should give an editorship to Richard Spencer.

      • Tucker should invite on a NYTimes reporter to discuss Trump and then introduce him/her as a “writer for the racist New York Times” and then grill the person on how much they hate white people.

        Tucker: “Do you think white people smell like dogs?”

        NYT Reporter: “No”

        Tucker: “So you disagree with bosses at the racist New York Times.’

        He’ll never do it, but it would be fun.

        • Lets be honest it’s no coincidence that under Hispanic billionaire Carlos Slim’s control, the Times has amped up the Trump hate and anti white rhetoric exponentially.

    • Dirtnapninja, I’m with you on the high-caste crowd, who I see as worse than the Koreans. (I live in a KoreaTown, and they’ve raised this hood from its prior Hispanic problems.)
      The high-casters seem to have really started to express contempt for us, once the Establishment started to tout Ghandi as MLK’s mentor.
      I’m with Derb on Ice People vs. Sun People, as long as Orientals acknowledge that they’re (quite welcome as) the junior partner, in a white-run USA.

      On the mainstream conservatives, it looks like the rage at this NYT policy is starting to get them to face music, if J. Goldberg’s latest essay (at ) is any indication. Here he minces fewer words, than are usually seen at NR:
      “You can PRATTLE on to your Ph.D. adviser’s content, about how whiteness is a social construct that needs to be dismantled. But maybe you should have the simple DECENCY and common sense, to understand that many people won’t see it that way, because the net effect of your “counter-trolling” is that it leads to the opposite of your stated goal:
      You are making white people feel THREATENED, and, as a result, you’re making at least some of them more racist. YOU are making WHITENESS a thing. And you are blaming today’s white people for things they never did….”

      • Poor, cucky, foolish Jonah. That porcine scribbler *still* finds himself incapable of recognizing the real world. Whiteness is a thing, Jonah, and always has been. No one is “making” it a thing. Plain biology isn’t that abstruse, but then science seldom crosses paths with National Review.

      • Sounds like the Jews are getting scared now. Maybe they remember what happened the last time they pissed off white people.


    • >>>The worst Asians for this are South Koreans and high caste Indians.
      Personally, I’d rank the wealthy Pakistanis as the worst of the worst.

      “Heathen scum that think they’re better than you” may be overstating it, but not by much.

  36. Re Asian immigration, it’s a huge deal in the western sea board of Canada. There is a huge white flight from places like Vancouver to mid central Canada sending house prices to the stratosphere. Makes sense: in a mostly white environ, little Johnny would be salutatorian and acquiz boll star. In a predominantly Asian school, he is fighting for fortieth place and may not get a spot in college. Our wise overlords are guiding us the right direction, I have faith!

    This article, while excellent in the first paragraph, is a little hysterical. The dangers are the above and miscegenation. Our elite come 2050 will be a Chinese/Jewish/Anglo admixture that vehemently asserts itself “Jewish” and identifies with pre 1990 white america zero percent. Same with the under classes, except black and Hispanic admixture, and talks incessantly about its history of slavery and Jim Crow, lol!

  37. For a good current take down of Shapiro watch Vox Day’s latest podcast. He was on to him years ago as a fellow columnist at World Nut Daily.

    There are a few Youtube channels with expats living in China and other asian countries. They will disabuse you of any notion that these people are our friends or will be accommodating when they get power in the US.

    As a side, this goofy chick sure has a penchant for really white dudes.
    Men have tamed the world and now everbody is now willing to return the kindness.

  38. So would Little Benjie still demand the head of Joe Sobran, or PJ Buchanan, on a platter?

    Don’t bother answering. We KNOW the answer.

      • No, I mean PJ Buchanan. He, too, was hit with the “anti-Semite” smear guns–when he was running against GHW Bush and scaring the poop out of Bush. Buchanan never recovered from that.

        It all had to do with Pat’s clear-eyed editorials making it clear that the interests of Israel and those of the USA were not congruent in most cases (not all.) THAT was not tolerated by the Israel Lobby. Perhaps you recall his use of the term “Amen Corner” when referring to the Israel Lobby in Congress??

        So when did he become a mensch?

  39. When the tombstone for Anti-White Leftism is put up (and it will be, in the lives of those now living) the inscription will read “They tried to boil the frog too fast”.

    First, the NFL Anthem protests forced normie whites into recognizing that their football “heroes” hate them, then the Trump-Russia madness forced them to recognize that the CIA and FBI hate them, and now, it turns out, even cute little Asian girls (yeah, Jeong was cute once, before hatred and alcohol twisted her face like it has probably twisted her mind) hate them! Is there no where to turn?

    Yeah, actually, there is somewhere to turn – to God, and to each other. Fortunately, that’s all we need, and it’s happening, right now.

    • Yeah, Toddy, and a sub-inscription could have the killer quote
      “White people… you’ll all go EXTINCT soon. This was my PLAN all along.”

    • At some point you need to use that faith in G-d and proles to produce a better ruling class or protect yourselves.

  40. “You’ll note that you never hear anyone suggest we should end immigration from Asia.”

    I do. And I have for decades. In graduate school I saw them sponging off of the labors of Americans, taking resources and adding to the corruption of these institutions.

      • Funny you should mention white IT guy with his head up his ass. A commenter on Boomer Con stated a few weeks ago that his friends that work with him in IT are real Americans, they just happen to have heritage from India.

        As Vox Day has said, Conservatives are no longer right wing.

    • I’ve opposed all immigration for at least ten years, as well as getting rid of all birthright citizenship…

      • I agree. Time to close the doors to this country. We’ve had nonstop immigration, mainly nonwhite, into America for decades. It’s way too much.

      • I’ve been arguing that we don’t need ANY further immigration for a good 10-15 years now. To much opposition. I’ve found support for that position to be few and far between – pretty much exclusively among people who most so called conservatives would call “Alex Jones worshiping nutjobs”.

        One effective tactic I’ve used though over and over again – especially when dealing with liberals, is to point out that all the illegal aliens and immigrants from other third world countries we let in – are DIRECTLY competing with American “native” blacks for jobs. I look at it this way : trying to argue that immigrants are screwing Deplorables out of jobs is an “I don’t give a fook” event with pretty much all lefties. But if you start arguing with them that immigrants screw over blacks – and I usually say something like: ” you know black people have been in this country hundreds of years – they’re pretty much as American as it gets” (just to rub it in) – well now you’ve dumped a big turd in that liberal’s lap.

        Have fun with your cognitive dissonance lefty dumbass.

        We are in a querilla war – you have to put the bombs in the road where they will have the most effect – and you need to attack the enemy’s will to fight. Taking advantage of the lefty competing world viewpoints is one way you do that. It makes no sense to argue honestly with a lefty – what you are trying to do is cause pain and sow doubt.

      • Birthright citizenship has to be ended via constitutional amendment. I know some contrive specious arguments that the 14th does not or does not have to include foreigners’ babies born in the US but the text itself is pretty plain. And if it can be ‘made’ to mean something it simply does not say, the constitution is dead in the water, might as well be a bag of tealeaves for SCOTUS to sort through. And leftie would love nothing more than if the constitution, ‘for this very advanced reason’, does not say what it plainly says.

        Admittedly, the gay marriage decision did pretty much substitution a pile of tea leaves for the constitution.

          • “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

            That’s pretty plain. Now, the specious arguments to bar anchor babies from citizenship usually follow the logic of ‘and subject to the jurisdiction thereof’ means if they were not ‘supposed’ to have been in the US they are not subject to the jurisdiction thereof. That’s plain nonsense b/c if they are not subject to US jurisdiction, they cannot break American law, including immigration law, hence they are no longer illegals. This plane of reasoning leads to logical garble. There is no way around an amendment to change this. The text says what it says and trying to make it mean something else, w/o an amendment, will lead to tea leaves rule (faster, it seems to be coming anyway).

          • Jacob Howard, the author of that amendment wrote “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States.”

            So we don’t have to guess what they meant by “jurisdiction thereof.” If you’re correct, then the term “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” has no meaning and removing it from the sentence would not change the amendment.

          • Then he should have written that into the amendment b/c ‘subject to the juristiction thereof’ is generally taken to exclude the US born children of foreign diplomats but not ordinary foreigners. Diplomats are not under US jurisdiction.

            If I am NOT correct then the constitution does not mean what it says it means. And then the rule by 9 justices just became absolute and unbounded. A council of 9 absolute kings and, even worse, queens.

          • Now that could be an interesting approach although I strongly doubt you re right about that.

    • Coworker sponsored both his brothers from India. Now, 12-14 years later we’re about to be enriched by 17 new Pajeets. Parts of central New Jersey have a Mumbay feel to them where builders quickly erect boxy Taj Mahals (formerly known as McMansions) for newly arrived IT specialists.

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