The Fifth Columnists

Imagine you are an antiquarian who specializes in obscure books. You like the odd stuff that focuses on folktales and legends. After a while, you start to notice some similarities between legends that should not be connected. Maybe they came from different time periods are different parts of Europe. You get curious and after years of research you establish four main categories of this particular legend. There’s overlap between all of them, but none of them are exactly like any of the other three.

One possible explanation is that each set of authors borrowed from the previous authors, but added and removed material to fit their audience. On closer inspection, you can’t see how any of these authors had access to one another’s work. That and two were contemporaries, but separated from one another by a great distance. While it was possible they borrowed from one another, it is highly improbable. Instead, the most likely answer is they were working form a common source, some unknown body of work.

Those familiar with biblical scholarship will recognize where this is going. Most Bible scholars have come to believe that the solution to the question of the specific literary relationship among the three synoptic gospels is they relied upon an as yet undiscovered source or sources. They have constructed what that source would look like by careful comparison of the three Gospels, to catalog their similarities and differences. The term they use for the source is the Q Document, that may or may not have existed.

Discovery through inference is a useful skill for understanding the world, because we are usually presented with incomplete evidence. In the case of biblical scholars, their understanding the provenance of the Gospels would be simple if the writers had used end notes, hyperlinks and direct quotations. That’s not the case, so they have to “recreate” the missing data in the same way one figures out the shape of the missing pieces to a jigsaw puzzle. You fit everything else in place and examine the gaps.

That’s a useful way of thinking about these waves of fake scandal stories that are becoming a feature of the Trump era. On the surface, they look like what we used to call tabloid news or what we now call fake news. The “reporters” take some information and frame in such a way it takes on a whole new sinister meaning or they salt some fantasy they are peddling with unrelated facts to make it seem plausible. The headline makes one claim, but the body of the report fails to deliver the goods.

There’s some truth to that, but there are facts that don’t fit that narrative. For example, the main organs of the media are often silent on these things until they run their course. For example, instead of running with the BuzzFeed story, the main stream sites showed a great deal of wariness. Even CNN was skeptical. Part of it had to do with the fact that the authors were, as Columbia Journalism Review out it, “serial fabulists.” Still, CNN has never been afraid to make up the news, so it was odd that they were skeptical.

Then there is something else. The NeverTrump loons dropped all of their other subversive activities in order to push this story on social media. Confirmed plagiarist Jonah Goldberg was still pushing it even after the Mueller people knocked it down. As far as Goldberg is concerned, the story is true, even if it is false. The odious carbuncle John Podhoretz was working his greasy little fingers raw pushing the story on Twitter. Of course, the pope of the neocon fifth columnists, Bill Kristol, is still pushing the story.

There’s also the ham-handed nature of this caper. Giving the story to a serial liar like Jason Leopold was bound to raise suspicion. Giving it to the tabloid like BuzzFeed is just asking for scrutiny as to the accuracy of the sourcing. If you’re trying to push a rumor, this is the wrong way to do it. The way to drop a story in the media is to find a low level reporters at the Washington Post or the New York Times and give them the scoop of the year. That’s how the professionals put a rumor into the system.

The one guy capable of being comically ham-handed when trying to undermine Trump is Bill Kristol. This is the guy with some sort of weird attraction to bald gentiles. He first pushed the mentally unstable David French as a primary opponent to Trump and then landed on Evan McMuffin, the guy with comically bulbous head. One has to assume that Mitt Romney is loading up on Gillette products so he can run as the bald alternative to Trump in the 2020 primary. Yes, Romney is that obsequious.

The point of this rambling post is that when you start to think about these endless waves of fake news about Trump, there seems to be a missing source. That is, the patterns suggest there is a piece of the puzzle missing. It’s just assumed the neocons all share the same thoughts about foreign policy for the obvious reason. Maybe what we are seeing is an active conspiracy. Maybe these guys are coordinating their efforts, while working at various news outlets and government posts.

It is certainly a cliché to call people like Bill Kristol a subversive, but clichés don’t spring from nothingness. They have some truth. We know he was involved in the fake dossier the FBI used to spy on the Trump campaign. How unrealistic is it to believe that this crew is the source of the endless waves of fake news about Trump? Further, how unrealistic is to think they are actively conspiring with one another? In other words, the missing piece to this puzzle is a wide ranging conspiracy of people with a shared interest.

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  1. I predicted more than a year ago that one of the revelations to come out would be deep state direct funding of journalists via some slush funds. I stand by that prediction, though I thought it would have become public by now.

    So that’s the missing piece of the conspiracy, and frankly motivation for the professional resistance – their pocketbooks.

  2. The outgroup have ye always with you. A defining shibboleth of the academic/entertainment/media/coastal elite ingroup is hatred of Trump and his supporters. Hence the rage and fury we see today. Think Robert De Niro. Another outstanding example is “Enlightenment Now” by Steven Pinker. Pinker pushes the envelope occasionally, but he knows when he has to kowtow to his academic ingroup/tribe. The book, ostensibly all about “science” and “reason,” is laced from end to end with unhinged rants against Trump, who we are to believe is inspired by Pinker bete noire Nietzsche, and virtually identical to Hitler and Mussolini. This fundamentally irrational behavior is unsurprising when one realizes one is dealing with the species Homo sapiens.

  3. When you have a secretary of state guilty of multiple felonies and the head of the FBI stating he will not prosecute, attorney general caught gun running with Mexican drug lords and the president guilty of using the IRS to wage war on his enemies the swamp creatures have a great interest in keeping themselves out of prison.

    The corruption runs far and wide. Finance ,media, government, private corporations, etc. Multiple entities indeed. They’re not going to give up their little racket very easily.

    We could take it all back. The question is will enough Americans wake up from their slumber ?

  4. “The wheels are coming off the bus.” Even the catch phrases they use are coordinated. I think they do this because they are simply supremely confident no one in the mainstream media will ever call them on it. They are probably right to think that.

  5. Synoptic Gospels? Simpler. Witnesses OBSERVED THE SAME THINGS HAPPENING, not derived from some other source.

  6. Memetic warfare used to be largely covert and was primarily the purview of entities like the CIA. The military employs a variant known as psyops, and uses it to good effect both on and off the battlefield. And of course, Google and Facebook have embraced it for both economic and political ends. Once upon a time, real men decided their differences in forthright martial combat or scholarly face-to-face debate. Now, craven weaklings lurk in the shadows and attack using technological surrogates to fight their battles. These men are a scourge upon the species.

  7. Well conspiracies are often composed of people with shared interests and values. That pretty much defines the Deep State that is opposed to Trump.

    We can tell it’s supporters cover both political parties, the management class in the FBI, DOJ, the spook organs and high ranking military officers. Along with Big Tech and the MSM in it’s various expressions,

    Pretty much all of them have a vested interest in returning to business as usual no matter what the cost.

    And you know damn well these people will never ever let go of power until they assume room temperature.

  8. Free Beacon, which is run by Kristol’s son-in-law, terminated its relationship with Fusion GPS before Fusion hired Christopher Steele. No one disputes this except James Comey.

  9. The funny thing is, for all their hatred of Trump, there has never been and never will be a more pro-Israel President. Even if these people, Kristol, etc., don’t hold second passports, they sure as hell do in their own minds. It’s pure irony that they will eventually bring about a very anti-Israel leftist President. As someone who has worked around Jews, and I’m saying this with absolutely no animosity, they have this nasty habit of burning bridges out of spite, and ending up worse-off because of it.

    There probably will never be a Merchant of Venice play put on in the U.S. in our lifetime, as it’s been branded anti-semitic. However Shakespeare really got Jews. They tend to go after that “pound of flesh” to the bitter end, even if it ends in self destruction.

    • Over the past, say, three years, I’ve read a degree of negative observations made about Jews and Israel online that I never read before. A Jew may or may not regard himself as White, and the Leftie ones don’t seem to, but the non-Jewish Left regards them as Whites. Uber Whites, if anything. On the other hand, Conservatives, and not just the Dissident Right, are commenting on the pervasive and aggressive anti-White Gentile attitudes and behavior of Jews dating back to the 19th Century, first in Europe and then the US. References are made regarding the “parentheticals” ((())). I’ve heard people (non neo-Nazis) talk about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

      The Jews are caught between the figurative rock and a hard place. Which way do they jump or do they make aliyah to Israel to escape? If the Western World falls to the Third World, will Israel survive?

      As the internet’s best blogger likes to write, this isn’t going to end well.

      • Almost all J3ws regard themselves as separate from, and historically persecuted by, Europeans. Correct or not, they will never forgive.

        The 1965 Immigration Act was almost entirely the product of decades of J3wish activism. No one demands open borders more than J3ws, even the conservative ones.

        Read MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” and don’t get sentimental over the very few good J3ws you can think of. They are not sentimental about us.

    • It has nothing do with support of Israel, it has to do with Jews hating Trump because he supports domestic policies that are totally at odds with what the Jews want. Open borders, globalization, financialization, etc.

      Yes they have a nasty habit of burning bridges. That’s due to their innate aggressive disposition, coupled with being highly avaricious and nepotistic as well. In small doses it’s fine. But when they are the predominant attributes it’s poison to their host society at large. Hence their history of being repeatedly expelled.

      Though our side lacks the guts to go after them, so they’re safe from us. But people like AOC and her ilk do and when they get power they will go after them. They’re pretty woke to Jewish power. AOC grew up in NYC so she’d have to be blind not to notice the Jewish power brokers and money. And most of the new Left hates Israel and by extension Jews. Not overly but the fact they welcome the NOI says it all. Wink, nudge, wink.

      The funny thing in all this, the Jews created this monster by pushing brownskins over whites as the Democratic power base. They failed to understand that Mexicans and others have neither fear nor love of them.

  10. Z Man;
    I take it that the main point of your post was about discerning if there are intelligent operators behind the constant destructive socio-political attacks that sure look like they are coordinated. If so, you couldn’t have picked a better example than the so-called Biblical Higher Criticism’ intellectual movement of which which Q Theory is just a (very prominent) part.

    Almost nothing has done more damage to the Universal Christian Church (and Western Civilization), particularly the Mainline Protestant parts oft it, than ‘Theological Liberalism’. It was fully part of the 130 + year old Progressive Movement and Higher Criticism provided the university-centered intellectual foundation and justification for it. And few of the many recurrent Christian heresies over the last 2,000 years are more transparently stupid.

    You do not need to be Augustine or Aquinas to see that the entire intellectual enterprise completely depends on materialistic modernism (just like Marxism does). That is, one must *assume* that there can be no supernatural explanation possible for the Biblical Text as passed down through 2000 years of Church History (4,000 including the Old/First Testament). Only then does all the unverified and inherently unverifiable linguistic prestidigitation seen in the linked wiki article make any sense at all.

    Because, if the Biblical Text IS the Inerrant Word of God, then we trifle with at at our peril, both in this world and the next. For the Bible insists that it is and to say otherwise is to make God out to be a liar. This, in turn, can only not be a serious problem, for you personally, if there is no God.

    But if we insist on a strictly materialistic world view that a priori excludes God, then all that extensive intellectual effort is meaningless except as a means to cause people to doubt their faith, and at that they have done very well. Any old explanation at all for how the the Biblical Text was assembled is, in principle, admissible under strict materialism, particularly post-modernistic materialism. Aside from academic self-aggrandizement, it ought to make one wonder why the proponents went to all that work.

    So what’s the connection_? Not sure, but maybe it’s who Hillary’s mentor, Saul Alinsky, dedicated his book to.

    One thing for sure, (((the usual suspects around these parts))) had very little to do with Theological Liberalism. The European, particularly the German Universities of of the 19th century have the ‘distinction’ of having birthed Theological Modernism via Higher Criticism & Q Theory, etc., Marxism via Hegel, etc., US Progressivism via Woodrow Wilson, etc., imitating them. and maybe Hitlerism via Romanticism and Nordic Mysticism.

    • Interesting, Al, and you are versed in things I do not know. Our Proggie UCC minister, in his “Bible study”, seems to look at everything else (the Koran, the “books left out of the Bible”, and so on) more often than the Bible itself. He deconstructs elements of the Old and particularly the New Testament into granular pieces and then tries to explain why they are false and not the Word of God. All in service to some vague “higher” religious thing than mere and trivial Pauline Christianity. I try to maintain my undercover status in enemy territory, and not break out laughing at the wrong moments.

    • “Q” was a convenient way of going rogue for a bunch of Catholics, too. They are the Ones Who Are Educated FAR Beyond Their Intelligence. They are analogous to the Establishment politicians, by the way; after their election, they prefer not to know anyone in their actual District. So lacking grounding in reality, they flitter off…..etc., etc., etc.

    • I don’t think setting up the false dichotomy of a degenerate present “modernity,” and accepting pre-reformation Catholicism as the inerrant word, makes for a useful rhetorical device unless you intend to drive off anyone who did not grow up in a trad cat setting.

      • Issac;
        I can’t speak from a ‘trad cat’ setting since that was not my upbringing. I personally know that Christianity is more than just a matter of rhetoric. But I’d settle for some respect in these degenerate days, as you rightly put it. In speaking of Biblical Inerrancy there really *is* a strict dichotomy. If it is not true then anything is possible, including the Q claptrap.

        Higher Criticism was originally developed by some apostate State Church Protestants in N Europe in the late 1700’s and early – mid 1800’s: They considered themselves part of the Enlightenment. There was originally no Catholic connection at all. In fact they were hostile to it. So, my condolences if the Roman Church has contracted this virus along with Mainline Protestantism, which is nearly dead from it within my lifetime.

        The doctrine of Biblical Inerrancy *used* to be considered an essential of the Christian faith, all branches, including the various nation-based Eastern Orthodox, Dutch Reformed, Evangelical, Church of England, Coptic, Roman Catholic, etc. It still is for many of them. Almost none of these traditions accept the Pre-Reformation Roman Church as any kind of a model, BTW.

  11. For anyone interested in real news from this side of the pond, read on. You’re all aware of the Yellow Vests in France. Many main-stream media would have you believe they’re just a few thousand scattered about Paris and other major cities. I’m currently in the south of France (Saint Tropez to be exact) and the yellow vests are EVERYWHERE!

    There are few, if any towns, that don’t have yellow vests gathering on traffic circles or making their presence known in the morning markets. In addition, sympathy for them is as your president would say ‘Huuuge!” I count at least one in twenty vehicles has a yellow vest up on the dash to show support.

    Just so you know, in France (and the rest of Europe) yellow vests are required by law, to be present in all motor vehicles; one for the driver, and sufficient numbers for all passengers. In the event of a breakdown, one must pull over, all occupants must leave the vehicle, don their vests and stand on the opposite side of the guard rail (if present) until help arrives.

    The genius of the Yellow Vest is there’s no way for the French government to ban them! Brilliant!!

    • Karl;
      I’ve read that one of the main drivers of the French discontent is the constant, petty-but-costly oppressions that the French State subjects all drivers to, particularly speed camera tickets. Apparently France is looking to incessant small fines to make up for revenue shortfall elsewhere. Is this true_?

      I believe I read that this was also much of what made the situation in Ferguson MO in 2015 (?) boil over into riots. Apparently the local police were mostly functioning as the city’s arbitrary and capricious revenue agents. IOW, the locals hated the cops because they were constantly ripping them off for petty-but-not-inexpensive municipal offenses and mostly not just because they were raaycisss.

      If so, look out Chicago this summer, ’cause they are definitely into balancing their budget through municipal fines.

      • Pretty well sums it up –

        Nearly sixty percent of the radars today have been neutralized, attacked, destroyed by those claiming to be a part of this movement,Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told reporters. (see link)

        I’ve personally passed dozens of smashed or painted over speed cameras on French roadsides. They’re everywhere.

        And this isn’t just happening in France. Disabled Italian speed cameras are legend. You see them all over the countryside just like France.

        • Karl;
          I know that this thread’s over, but I can’t help piling on the epic stupidity of the French Elite over this speed/stoplight camera business. The article that you linked says that the entire annual camera gross revenue plan is 1.2 Bil. Euros*. This is a piddly 0.3 % of the annual French Central Govt. revenue plan of 420 Bil. Euros.

          Pocket Change: They ought to be able to find this much money under their many many bureau sofa cushions.

          Seems like all they had to do to deflate the unrest was to promise to scrap the cameras along with the diesel tax they had already promised to scrap. Then show some ‘solidarity’ by cancelling a few gala’s at Versailles, scrap a few carbon conferences or any of the other usual Cloud Folk fripperies. Evidently they couldn’t bring themselves to do this. Soon it will be too late.

          In any event, the net take will be even less than the budgeted 1.2 Bil. Euros due to the bribery and kickbacks that always seem stuck to the shoe-soles of camera deals around the world. Is it possible that Macron et. al. can’t get out of those deals because they are personally compromised_?

          • I’m down in Côte d’Azur right now ducking the miserable weather back home. I had a very nice chat with a local goat farmer , yes, the actually have them here, near a town called Toustous. He was very articulate, very well spoken and was very much up on current events. I asked him about the whole situation. Evidently it’s a combination of things; part is the speed cameras, another is the reduction of the speed limit on A/B roads from 90 kp/h to 80kp/h, vehicle inspections used to be pretty simple. Now, they’ve become more picky about the most minor issue and the worst part is diesel is now as expensive as benzine (gasoline). For people in the cities, they could care less, but for farmers, you can image the impact. Automobile owners are the cash cow of European tax collectors. There’s always another scheme to squeeze one more penny out of someone who owns a car.

            As I mentioned before, France is Paris-centric, so the politicians only care about what affects Paris and the surrounding arrondissements (districts). In the cities and areas that are not popular with tourists, meaning areas that do not generate tax revenue, they are forgotten. But like remove rural areas of America, they suffer the most from tax and in this case, fuel increases.

    • Interesting. Suspected as much. Have checked a few of the live feeds from Paris that last several weeks and it also seems the demographic swings way to middle aged “average guy”–think “Joe the Plumber” from the 2012 election. Does that hold elsewhere? If so, Macron is in real trouble. When people who have little spare time and a jobs, families start turning out week after week, you’ve got a problem.

      • To be fair to the press, French demonstrations are rather common, but not quite as widespread as this one.

        Some years ago, French farmers drove their tractors into towns and blocked roads to protest McDonalds. So the French have a history of going on strike at the drop of a hat.

        This time it’s growing in scale and spreading well beyond Paris and the major cities and so is the sympathy among the general population.

        France is very Paris-centric, so the government doesn’t really care about anything outside the outer ring. This time, the Yellow Vests are everywhere and it’s in the public eye and mind so Macron and his cabinet is very aware of a country-wide unhappiness about his party and general policy issues.

        Its still anyone’s guess what France and Germany will look like after the next elections given Merkel is on the way out and Macron’s popularity is rock bottom.

  12. Alternative theory Jared Fed this via cut outs to Kristol. Knowing he’d be dumb enough to take the bait and discredit Cohen.

  13. For them, success is getting a wet fart like this out there. They don’t care if it’s true or not, or that it is refuted and falls apart. There are enough dumb people out there to mislead, they just want to damage Trump enough that he loses.

    My local paper has not updated the story, but they sure did everything to ensure it came out the gate quickly.

    • There are quite a few people who couldn’t care less whether something is true or not, they simply want talking points with which to bully others on-line or in conversations. The truth of the thing is irrelevant.

  14. Speaking of string-pullers, whatever happened to Richard Perle, aka the “Prince of Darkness”?

  15. Speaking of Q documents, everything you write about the Never Trump fabulists seems applicable to the Trump loving devotees of Q. I watch the YT “analysis” of Praying Medic, a guy who believes in faith healing and cites his prophetic dreams as authority for the correctness of his Q “decodes.” It is great entertainment for cynics like me. As the postings on 8chan trail off and the day the 50,000 sealed indictments trigger mass arrests never seems to materialize, the Q chatter has become quite subdued. I suspect that too many seeds of doubt have finally germinated in the fertile minds of the true believers.

    • A part of me thinks there is someone quite skilled and capable, who at one point told his buddies, “here, hold my beer!” And Q was born.

      • Q is undoubtedly a psyop, and millions of painfully gullible white Americans have fallen for it. Even trump has apparently fallen for it as he has been seen painting invisible letter Q’s in the air at his rallies.
        The storm is always just about to unfold and then…. it doesn’t, and we are told to “trust the plan”.
        I don’t know if anyone here is familiar with Anonymous Conservative, but I’ve been reading him for a couple of years. He is all in on the Q bandwagon, and has become increasingly paranoid about the “cabal” in the last 6 months, ala Alex Jones.
        Q is a dead end, but has been wildly successful in paralyzing millions of patriotic white Americans into believing that some hidden savior is saving the republic from behind the scenes, telling these same Americans that they can just sit back and relax while their country swirls down the drain.
        Very convenient.

    • Maus;
      With apologies to C.S. Lewis, Q could mostly be true, could be a psyop like Dave suggests or a LARP like Dutch suggests. I’d say it’s way too much work for too long a time to be just a LARP.

      IOW, we need to entertain the possibility that it might be true in some form. But I share your ‘Charlie Brown kicking the football too many times’ frustration. Look at it as a lesson in how the Progs must feel about the Mueller investigation.

      As for Q being a psyop, by whose side_? Maybe Pres. Trump’s so-called endorsements of Q is just to mess with the heads of the DC Hive to keep them off balance, reluctant to conspire and concerned that just maybe the hammer will fall on them so they’d better watch their steps.

      Wow, both true *and* a psyop_!

    • Have you considered the possibility that the New Testament “Q” and the 4Chan “Q” are the very same person?

      Get back to me after you’ve pondered that.

  16. There’s something missing in this article. You don’t connect from the general to the specific at some point.

    So what’s going on with this Cohen guy that they are getting to confess to some things against trump? I understand they were holding him in prolonged solitary confinement which may have “softened him up”, but there again that’s another Jewish name and perhaps he was some sort of anti trump mole or plant all along. How does that story play in, or does it?

  17. The trick to lie without getting caught in these sorts of things is just to run with guilt by association. Trump has worked in real estate and in the casino business forever, so there are only two or three degrees of separation between him and some very seriously ugly people. That the people who hate him can also be connected in this way to unsavory characters is just something we’re not supposed to notice. I’ll give you an example: No concrete got poured in NYC in the 80s that wasn’t at least touched by the Gambinos (especially Gravano’s faction), so you can, without libel, say that Donald Trump has mafia connections (if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have been able to build, as unions can cause stoppages just with routine checks that will bring lines of trucks to a stop). Of course, unsaid is that police precincts and government buildings were built with Gravano concrete, too. The New York Times and anyone who reads in the public library in NYC has “mafia connections” in this sense.

  18. We already know the source document – it was the pissgate dossier you mentioned at the end.

    It’s not this kind of conspiracy for the same reason it’s never that kind of conspiracy on the left. They don’t need to actively conspire. Their deranged but starkly uniform ideology means they always arrive at the same conclusions, with or without coordination.

    Remember, it’s a school of fish, not a command-and-control hierarchy. Formal hierarchies are inherently right-wing and lefties avoid them at any cost.

    • Lance;
      The school of fish explanation seems to fit the US elite media world pretty well. But that attractive explanation doesn’t preclude the possibility that somebody is at least trying to herd the school from behind or lure them with bait from the front to get it to move in some preferred direction or other. One reason why this ‘undirected school of fish’ explanation is attractive is that it relieves one of the danger of looking like a fool in seeking other, conspiratorial, explanations for the obvious coordinated movement of our elite media.

      Re conspiracies and hierarchies on the left: What would you call the Communist Party USA_? It still exists: .

      CPUSA is a leftist conspiracy for sure. They had a definite command and control hierarchy during the Cold War; Probably still have one now. Took direction and funding from Moscow via the various versions of the International branch of the CPUSSR. Worked hand in glove with the Soviet intelligence agencies (KGB & GRU) back in the day using cut-outs, etc.

      A cursory examination of their web site shows that they share most priorities with The US Prog Nation. So, are they part of driving that train or are they just hobos jumping in a boxcar, hoping for handouts from weak-minded housewives_?

      • The “school of fish” scenario also absolves any of the participants of responsibility for getting things wrong or for pushing a fabricated narrative. Just like Antifa simply grew out of a Petri Dish somewhere. Individuals need to be held accountable.

      • The “school of fish” analogy doesn’t account for money flows.
        Take the simple example of buses.
        Someone paid for the buses that shipped barefoot pregnant “refugees” from the southern Mexican border to that of the US, Who?
        Someone pays for the buses that ships “antifa” thugs to Alt-Right demonstrations, Who?
        Someone pays for the buses that routinely carry democrats from polling site to polling site at each election, Who?

        Many of the facts concerning these events are public- (or pseudo-public i.e. readily obtainable).

        I know of no concerted efforts on the right to document them.

        Similarly, looking at the coverage of the widespread demonstrations in Europe, there are many pictures (not carried in the US of course) of pictures of the States police thugs being gratuitously violent. Why is there no evident effort to identify these people, their wives and families and where they live and go to school. That is where the pressure points are- One step closer to home than this:

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
        ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

        • Left wing money is vast and interconnected between government agencies, religious charities, NGO’s, corporate charities and misc trust funds, ‘Rockefeller Foundation’ MacArthur Foundation, the ____ Charitable Trust, hedge fund operators, endless subversion. Some group needs to organize a plan to put the fear of God into the subversives who (very quietly) run these organizations.

    • “School of fish” …thus the need for conformity, thought control, and peer pressure– a hierarchy can work without these, but a school of fish cannot.

      And of course a group of herd animals can easily be herded. The more herd-instinct the better as far as the herders are concerned.

    • Lots and to the Left they are the enemy now. They got a good hate starting to build against the Jews and the wealthy and it will get worse. They are really woke to the Jewish question and it’s the Right out.

      They got the Right on FoxNews spewing like NPC’s on the Jewish and Israeli questions and it’s a hoot. We like to think that only the Left has NPC scripts for their serfs, we do as well.

      It’s going to get interesting as that segment of the Democratic party gains more and more power. Pelosi was barely able to hang on this time around and only by cutting deals with the incoming Socialists like AOC. In time people like AOC will call the shots and people like Schumer and Pelosi will be relegated to the back bench if they want to keep their seats.

  19. Almost all reside or spend time in a small geographic area.

    Almost all hobnob in the same circles.

    Many if not most have lots of relations and friends in common.

    They do all of the above because they have always done all of the above, some of them for eons.

  20. Again, Trump continues to kick over the rocks that exposes both those ‘termites’ on the Left and the Right that have abused their platforms for self-serving agendas. The last useful ‘nugget’ offered up by Peggy Noonan was when she referred to Ross Perot as a hand grenade with a bad haircut. President Trump is the equivalent of a political IED (with an interesting haircut). Of course, there may be some collateral damage, but it must be tolerated to overcome an existential threat.

    • Peggy Noonan, who was in the right place at the right time to land a good gig decades ago, and has turned it into a lifetime of being paid to tell us the random odd things she thinks of when she first wakes up in the morning.

  21. A few years ago Horowitz started The graphic that was central to it at the time was well more than enough to say there is a conspiracy.

    Around 1970 my mom taught me how to listen for propaganda, the shape of the 30 second smear. 5 seconds of headline, 20 seconds of smear and always ending with “Republicans deny the charge”. The conspiracy is universal.

    This ties in with Z’s comments over the past few months regarding Lefty’s “morality” and the recent post about their monolithic thought. They don’t even need to be actually conspiring, they accomplish the goal by not allowing any diversity of thought.

  22. Whoever first said “History gets written by the victors,” forgot to add, “and then it gets edited by the Jews.”

    You write “there seems to be a missing source.” Nonsense. The supposedly missing source is of course the Talmud, which among other things is a war manual, (as well as a manual for unparalleled racism, hatred and spite) and one with a vastly better success rate than the too-much-quoted Sun Tzu.

    • ‘Cept that if the Talmud were so much more useful than Sun Tzu (apart from teaching the fine art of religious sophistry) we’d all be studying it for fun and profit.

    • There are 1.2 billion Chinese and everyone fears and respects them.

      There are 14 or so million Jews and rightly or wrongly a good chunk of humanity wants them dead.

      My money is on Sun Tzu for the long win,

      • Weak mustard hasbara, everyone here is too woke for the Chinese red herring. You’re supposed to tell them we Zionists are the good guy and won’t stand for this liberal diaspora subversion. It isn’t true, but it should be.

  23. I think Rush Limpballs is correct when he says the point of Guardian of the Deep State horse face Mueller’s phony Russia investigation is to run cover for all the shenanigans the FBI was up to during the Trump campaign and after.

    It’s also meant to hamstring Trump vis-a-vis better relations with Russia, but Rush is still on “Russia bad” Cold War nostalgia.

    • There are many people who would rather see the world burn down, than have their world view contraindicated by the success of their political enemies. Enemies of Reagan then, and enemies of Trump now.

  24. Ummmhhh….why not? Remember, the major money now feeding the Carbuncle Crowd comes from a Lefty. No reason that he/they can’t share a little….ahhh….”walls-closing-in” foodaddle.

  25. If those mentioned are coordinating their efforts, I would be surprised if Rick Wilson was not a part of the operation. He seems more unhinged than those guys — and I bet his consulting revenue has slowed to a trickle.

  26. I really thought you were going to talk about the Aryans or something, but then you speak out some Semitic nothings.
    Oh well.

    • Bizarre. The best case for multiple mythologies with a common source is exactly the Indo-European one, which is the true genesis of Europe as a culture and people, but some accultured Bible Belt fellows really feels they should defend some foreign religion, with the same intemperance Kristol jumps the gun.

  27. You know, if we had a feal fascist president he would do something about these conspirators and traitors. If only.

    • Lincoln was the first fascist. We need another one who understands the issues and will finish the job.

      • And our next “fascist” after Lincoln was Woodrow Wilson, hands-down the worst President we have ever had (and that is against stiff competition).

      • Don’t forget Woodrow Wilson ; he jailed anybody that was against his WWI policy and initiated the first nation wide propaganda effort to win/maintain support for the war effort (a war the USA never should have joined).
        Wilson was also an avowed racist and anti-Semite; he made no efforts to hide this.
        The ONLY thing he did correctly was deporting hundreds of communist radicals back to their sh*thole nations; mostly in Eastern Europe.
        Frankly, the USA today should deport those who support the PLO, Hamas, ISIS, Cuba and Venezuela.
        I would start off with Bernie Sanders – and his ENTIRE family; Linda Sarsour and her ENTIRE family, Alexandria Occasional Cortex and her Entire family; both those PLO/HAMAS/ISIS fans recently elected to Congress and their ENTIRE families; proCastro DeBlasio and his ENTIRE family; the entire Editorial Staff of the NY Times and their ENTIRE families, etc.

        None of this would be a hardship for those deported. After all , they hate the USA and they love Cuba, Venezuela, and PLO/HAMAS ruled regions.
        They would welcome a free, one way ticket to their version of heaven on earth.

  28. Why did Mueller choose to speak on this at all, let alone the rapidity of his disavow? His hand is that weak? Does any of this help him to hide the real crew of crooks ?

    • I think his hand is that weak, and he (Mueller) knows that pushed too far, his bluff will get called. His credibility now is tenuous at best, and all else aside, he is smart enough to realize that.
      This was an interesting post. If we had a rational just system, Zman would be head of intelligence analysis at one of the three letter agencies. “If….”
      I think it very likely there is a working conspiracy. These people all know each other well, and are clumped together like rats on a sinking ship.

    • I think is was an attempt to cut the disgraced attorney Scott Cohen off at the path, especially before he can testify before Congress, as Cohen is now spewing falsehoods wildly in an effort to curry favor with someone, anyone, who might be able to assist his sad ass, and in the process is utterly destroying whatever remains of his own credibility and, by extension, Mueller’s as well.

      It also embues the Mueller crew with the slightest patina of being unbiased, as this statement makes it seem like somebody over there actually gives half a shit about the truth.

      But it’s all a ruse.

      • There are a lot of Michael Cohens running around in NYC and you nailed the personality type. They are “fixers” who make their living working the edges. Since NY is a kleptocracy, they are necessary to get anything done. But they are, by necessity, amoral and will do or say anything to deal with the issue at hand.

    • Mueller is a very adroit political actor and always make sure he comes out on the winning side.

      If Trump wins a solid victory and there is a good chance of that, it looks good for Mueller to at least appear to have been honest. Its not terrible for the Republic or well what’s left of it right now either.

    • This was likely another instance of a covert mole hunt scheme. Whoever was the source for the leak is probably in the cross-hairs of a leak investigation.

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