Ruling Class Rage

One of the truths of life is that people tend to not notice what is happening outside of their cultural and social bubble. It’s hard to step outside of your daily life and see the big picture, as far as political and cultural stuff. We mostly surround ourselves with people who hold the same opinions and have the same interests. Those with whom we are at odds, we navigate around and they navigate around us. We avoid political talk with that left-wing friend, who still thinks Trump is hiding Boris and Natasha under his bed.

Everyone, to some degree, lives in their silo, not thinking all that much about what’s going on in the other silos, beyond how it effects their thing. It’s why most Trump supporters are not surprised to see Trump doing so well in the polls. They like their guy and his good poll numbers confirm it. On the other hand, the remnants of the alt-right, struggling with the passing of their moment, are still sure Trump is going to lose in 2020, because he has abandoned them. His strong polling does not register, as it is outside their silo.

This blinkered view of things is usually wrong, to some degree, which is why it is a good idea to take a step back when trying to understand something like the hearing on “white nationalism” in Congress yesterday. The House Judiciary Committee hearing on “Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism” was weird, even by the standards of current politics. Even the people doing clown world jokes could not have imagined a hearing where a black woman is made to be the face of white nationalism in America.

To make the thing even more bizarre, none of the people involved in this circus was actually white. There were Jews, blacks, mystery races, various sub-groups of the coalition of the ascendant, but no white guys. However you define white nationalism, the one thing everyone agrees upon is it is mostly white guys. What you are not going to see at a white nationalist gathering is a black women, who started her career as a race hustler, hoping to become the female Al Sharpton of her generation.

Of course, the people involved in the circus can be written off as not right in the head, but why would the Democratic leadership allow such a thing to happen? Regardless of what you think about the people running the Democrat party, you can’t say they are bad at the game of politics. They are very good at the game, which is how they ascended that greasy pole to leadership. Why would they allow their racial rage heads to run wild and draw attention to themselves this way? What could they gain from it?

The temptation is to answer these questions with your favorite gratuitous assertion about the official Left or the official Right. Steve Sailer has popularized the notion that these performances are part of a master strategy to keep the coalition of fringes good and angry at the dwindling white majority. White Nationalists see Candace Owens as part of larger plot to keep white Baby Boomer arfing like seals at the magic negro. Those things are plausible, but convenient answers tend to be the least likely in politics.

Another possibility is that our political class is simply consumed with rage to the point where they are defined by it. Who they are is entirely dependent upon how much they hate heritage America and native stock Americans. The circus yesterday was not the result of some clever plot, but the result of people who hate whites so much they can’t stand to be in the same room with them. Instead of actual white nationalists, they brought in a black grifter to operate as the spokesman for white nationalism.

Something Ed Dutton points out in his recent book is that in the later phases of social decline, the ruling elites will often indulge in various religious and cultural movements, hoping to restore the moral center of society. The mystery schools flourished in Late Antiquity, for example. Perhaps this weird anti-white rage we are seeing from our ruling classes is simply the public aspect of a modern mystery cult. They are play-acting at what it will be like when the prophesies come true and we are a post-white society.

It may strike the more practical minded on the Right as a bit ridiculous, but keep in mind that all rational explanations of left-wing behavior have been wrong for as long as anyone reading this has been a live. The conservative analysis of the post-war Left in America is known for its wrongness. The Buckleyites got everything about the Left wrong, which is why they failed so completely. Whatever motivates the Left to perform these morality plays, we know it is not what conservatives claim.

That’s the important take away from yesterday. It was a morality play performed for people inside the political bubble. For the same reason having a black guy play Henry V makes sense to the Left, having Candace Owens play Jared Taylor made sense. It’s not the person that matters to them. It is the role they play. Whatever practical considerations there are for staging the thing, the one big reason for it was to stoke the rage of the ruling class. It is their mystery cult and what now defines who they are as a class.

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  1. The Buckleyites did not get everything wrong about the Left.

    The Buckleyites were the Left’s JV team.

    Bill Buckley was CIA and proud of it.

    Read his 1952 Commonweal essay in which Buckley instructed his fellow conservatives that “we have got to accept Big Government for the duration… a totalitarian bureaucracy within our shores…” all in the name of fighting Godless Communism.

    Except… when Godless Communism actually collapsed of its own internal contradictions, the Buckleyites looked for one more bogeyman after another.

    Anything to keep the old con game going.

    Yes, yes, he rambles on in his ineffable way about the need to oppose omnipotent government. But… not… quite… yet.

    And not ever, it turns out.

    There has been no political Right in this country, aside from some short-lived grassroots movements,rapidly assimilated by the ruling elite, like the Religious Right and the Tea Party.

    Of course, nothing lasts forever: even the USSR fell. The Left will someday die.

    But, there has been no real failure of the Right. The Right was designed to fail.

  2. Sailer is right that hating Whitey is the KKKrazy glue that keeps the coalition together. Z is right that the elite (especially the Jews it must be said) really hate whites as do many of our replacements.

    Once hatred rules the day things go wild and the elite, especially the jews, may find that they aren’t as immune to the consequences as they think.

    Unfortunately, the House clown hearings may not hurt the Democratic party and may simplify feed their voters. Normie Whites don’t pay all that much attention to these things and, since they don’t hate, they can’t imagine how bad it is going to be once the elite gets its way.

  3. This is absolutely correct. And race issues are just one of the sets of fantasy plays in which they indulge. Off the top of my head, “The Handmaid’s Tale/Me Too” is another one. Women are just a few bad supreme court decisions away from being put into burkas by Christian white males. The ultimate “daddy issues” play. It’s now to a point where unless you support post birth abortion, you may as well be the John Lithgow character in Footloose.

    Then you have the eco-savior play, it’s personally interactive, where you save the planet by buying an EV. The internal combustion engine was the ultimate technological masterpiece of Victorian era white males, the worst kind. The ones who got this “civilization” ball rolling.

    There are many side galleries with many fantasy plays these days.

  4. Why can’t the dems just run the type of candidates they used to run. They’d never lose an election again. Like if they ran someone similar to Sam Nunn in Georgia they probably would have run the last gubernatorial election. Instead they run someone who sounds like a fictional character in a nick bougas cartoon who still won’t concede.

    Maybe for the democrats the toothpaste is out of the tube already and its a kind of “screw your optics, I’m going in” mentality.

    • You’re right, a Sam Nunn would win. But there’s a problem…Nunn is a white male. They’re done with that, they’re done with looking out for the American worker. It’s all about POC, LBGTQ (did I get that right?) now.

    • There are still quite a few of those “old” Democrats around here. They suffer from the same problem we do, need to spend too much time on “regular people” stuff and putting more centrist candidates out there means taking on the Bolshevik wing at the primary level. And believe me, here in enemy territory those Bolsheviks are more unsparing to party dissenters than they are to opponents. So they do nothing.

  5. Its that Old Tyme Religion to them! Carl Jung had a pretty damned good exposition of the entire phenomenon in his book ‘The Undiscovered Self’. Talking to them is pointless as has been noted many times in the last few years, just as them talking to anyone to the right of Stalin is likewise pointless.

    The faster all sides accept this the faster we can actually start to make some headway on the problem, whether it involves voting, bullets, Going Galt, or a combination of all. If there were to be one identifiable source of all the issues, which there is not, I think this would qualify.

  6. That Candace Owens and Benjamin Netanyahu have replaced Richard Spencer as the most influential white nationalists of the moment is one of the more entertaining aspects of the struggle.

    But this is a struggle.

    So, struggle.

    Struggle on the political and the ideological level, if you can. That is the most effective way, but it is not for everyone.

    These levels are far away from each other at the moment. They will often appear to be in conflict with each other. That’s fine.

    Sometimes these levels will actually conflict with each other. That’s fine, too. We’re nowhere near all-or-nothing territory yet.

    Many people either cannot or will not understand this. A very large percentage of the very best people in this thing are wired in ways that make understanding this difficult, if not impossible. If you can’t understand this, that’s fine. I didn’t understand this until I had my political teeth kicked in a couple of times and grew up a little. And I still struggle to keep it clear when thinking about what is happening and what is to be done. Struggle is hard and the counter-intuitive aspects of it are particularly hard.

    But understand this: an inability to understand does not mean the tension between the political and the ideological levels of struggle is something to be ignored, avoided, or shouted down. TRS took a long time to get this. Spencer never did and likely never will. Struggle means work and his abilities seem a poor match for this.

    No one can be all things at all times. If we had one-tenth as many people content to act discreetly in public as we did addicted to shit posting online about what we should or should not be doing, we would be further along than we are at present.

    While I understand the need for organizing, I think for some people a better route at present is to go solo: posting It’s Ok To Be White decals and QR codes linking to Z and Co everywhere from Mega Lo Mart to church to truckstops to gunshows. It’s the Current Year’s equivalent of cold calling but for some it’s the best way to go from the digital to the physical – and best when it does not make the local news…

    Speaking of real life: never, ever, ever put your complete trust and/or hopes in anyone you have not met in real life. Which means getting out there and engaging, but smartly.

    The Alt Right failed. But it was not a total failure. And it will not be the last failure.

    Forget Valhalla. The guerilla wins by not losing.

    Next time fail again and fail better.

    • “The guerilla wins by not losing.” Exactly. Just like a gambler with a small stake, you advance by not betting big on any one hand. You take advantage of your opponents’ mistakes and minimize your own.

      This is a long run thing, not dictated by political cycles, but influenced and impeded by them. Personally I have to keep myself thinking about what’s to come, not worrying about what idiocy passes across the lips of Maxine Waters or some cuck on Fox News. It’s fun to spout off on Twitter, but that doesn’t actually move the ball.

      “What we have – we hold!”

  7. The Buckleyites were entirely correct about the liberals of their time Z. These loons today are nothing like old world liberals.

    The left is desperately seeking common ground to unite the vibrant and colourful nut roots … and white hate is all they have right now.

    It won’t be enough but it’s all they have for now

  8. The mystery cult certainly doesn’t have many literal believers in the elite. White is the best in Tel’Aviv and the high society of Manhattan, DC, and Los Angeles. Simple explanations involving white elites keeping the pressure on the uppity white working class and petty bougousie are much closer to the truth than the idea that Sabban and Schumer are ready for the rapture and return of the negro nazerene.

    Woke is real among the class of people who enforce the social norms of this elite, in the same way that the blue line is real among police who enforce the laws. But the elite will never hesitate to violate norms or laws, or to throw either sort of enforcer under the bus, to achieve the ends a simpler reading of elite motives would have you predict.

  9. OT, but just for the lulz, I think the meme warriors should start having fun referring to “reparations” as “Free Bananas.” It would make all right heads explode.

    It has a sort of hilarious hit and run plausible deniability.

    “Free bananas for the descendants of slaves! Every ADoS deserves free bananas for life!”

    “(spluttering). Free bananas?! Are you calling our voter base monkeys?”

    “No, not at all. Why would you think that?”

    “Because monkeys eat bananas!”

    “So do humans. Are you saying that human beings who enjoy a good banana are subhuman? Why would you think that? Do you automatically associate certain foodstuffs with black human beings? Why are you such a racist?

    “Besides, Humans farm bananas, monkeys don’t. A primary distinction of the difference between humans and monkeys is the ability to pick crops. Which is why, since we have such a superabundance of bananas, we can easily afford to provide all descendants of slaves, who were known for their skill at picking crops, with a supply of free bananas for life!

    “I dearly wish we could afford to give free lifetime supplies of such a wholesome and nutritious foodstuff to EVERY human being on Earth, but African-Americans are deserving of priority on the Banana Question, due to the Terrible, Terrible Legacy of Slavery.

    “Bananas are healthy and promote a healthy diet. They are rich in key minerals which must be frequently replenished after periods of sweat and exertion, like say after a long basketball game. Michelle Obama, herself a descendant of skilled crop-pickers and married to a basketball fan, is a big promoter of healthy diets, which include plentiful servings of fresh fruit, such as bananas.

    “She also notes that many African-Americans suffer from living in so-called “food deserts” — areas of high African-American population which are under-served by green grocers, due to racist misunderstandings about the African-American tradition of robbing grocery stores at gunpoint.

    “By maintaining steady, regular deliveries of free bananas to the African descendants of slaves — delivered in bullet-proof armored cars if necessary, to ensure their freshness — we’d be giving these underserved communities a healthy start towards a more healthy diet.

    “And it doesn’t have to end with Free Bananas. The African descendants of slaves could be provided with many other free foodstuffs, such as chicken, sweet potatoes, and various types of fresh melons. Why do you think this program is racist? Why are you so angry and negative?

    “Behavioral studies of lottery winners clearly show that the recipients of sudden cash windfalls are prone to waste and squander their new fortunes. By providing African Americans with Free Bananas, we are instead laying a foundation for a healthy future!”

    “Why do you want black youth to be unhealthy? Why are you a racist? Do you want to see them needlessly squander their unearned checks at da club, wasting the legacy of their forebears on alcohol, strippers and drugs? Or would you rather see them marching confidently into a bright, non-racist future, boldly lifted aloft by the promise of Free Bananas?”

    • Overly long and pedantic. The wall of text under it explains why it is still born. Memes by their nature should require no qualifier and I believe they should be birthed somewhat organically. The left created Clown World so ‘Honkler the Clown’ was a hot take on what is already in existence by their own creation.

      This is the path of subversion and it needs to be simple and straightforward. Go read ‘Power of the Powerless’ like I’ve said for 2 days now, it was written in the 70s under a clown world environment far worse than ours. And there are shades of memetic subversiveness in there before the thing was even an idea / concept.

      • Oh i don’t know. Rent a truck (under false name). Fill it with bananas. Paint reparations on side. leave it in baltimore. post covert film of proceedings on 4chan.

  10. I would say that disaffected Trump supporters, alt-Right or otherwise, have become so based on lack of results on key campaign promises (immigration mainly, and also disentanglement in the affairs and wars of other countries) and on Trump’s focus on standard GOPe issues (tax cuts, criminal justice reform, doubling legal immigration, etc.).

    The theory that Trump will lose in 2020 is based on his razor thin margins in 2016. Perhaps his embrace of the GOPe agenda will garner him more votes (and campaign money!) than he will lose, but if so, for people like me it will be a Pyrrhic victory. Trump has become Jeb! with a better looking wife, a caustic tongue and the (withering) Russia mellow drama.

  11. There is nothing that could make them give Jared Taylor a national microphone in front of Congress. What if people listened to him?

    • A extended interview with Tucker would be better. They can bury congressional testimony. Cspan? com on.

      • Did see a little blurb in this morning’s feed that Owens’ spat with Lieu is over 2.5mm views..which for a C-span excerpt is approaching record territory.

  12. Who they are is entirely dependent upon how much they hate heritage America and native stock Americans.

    I worry a lot about the Hate Gap. Not only do the “native stock Americans” not hate back (the manly and natural response) they actually internalize the hatred of their haters as self-hatred. They see white people (i.e., themselves) through Jewish eyes.

    White people not only have to take their own side, but see things through their own eyes.

    • Our out-group preference and pathological altruism is so strong we tend to take the side of the others. It’s almost like someone noticed these traits and embarked on a propaganda campaign to make being a racist the worst thing ever.

    • Trump voters need to be more hateful.

      The left is filled with hate. The dissident right hates what the left is doing to whites and also hates most republicans and despises boomers.

      Normie whites who voted for Trump are just not by nature haters. They have too little hate which is what makes the cultural war one sided for the most part.

      They can’t imagine how bad it will be for whites when the elite finishes with their plan because they would never do anything as evil as what the left has in store for whites. White normies who voted for Trump view all of this like a football game and root for their team and its star quarterback Trump.

  13. There’s nothing to suggest that Democrat dont dominate the 2020s. Demographics are destiny. Women HATE Donald Trump. The country has continued to brown. The way multiracial society works, every POC is Democrat religiously. Blaxit was a comical failure.

    The Republicans lost congressional seats in 2016. They barely gained seats in a ridiculously slanted year. In 2020, the Democrats have the mirror advantage. If Biden carries the Dems, oveit’s over. If the POC tides takes the Democrats, it’s probably over due to shear party loyalty.

      • Better go check the record boyo. White women DO if they are educated and/or liberal. There is a volume of data supporting this that is freely available should you choose to peruse it. Audacious Epigone is one source among manifold out there.

        So when you add that amount of wahmen plus the rest of the coalition of the fringes TBomb is completely on point about the 1000 year reich the left is currently building should we stay on our current trajectory.

        • You’ve been listening to the big lie too much, and you’re trying to pare the statistics down and shift the goal posts to a subset that will support the big lie:

          White women made up 37 percent of voters
          53 percent of them voted Trump
          43 percent voted Clinton

          My statement was completely true.

          If you’re going to try to find a subset of White women that voted otherwise, you can, but it doesn’t make what I said wrong:

          54 percent of college-educated white men voted Trump.
          45 percent of college-educated white women chose Trump, while 51 percent chose Clinton. This is the only white demographic tracked by the exit poll that Trump didn’t win.

          See that caveat? That’s a pretty big caveat, and Clinton barely won that slice. Married White women? Trump. Non-college-educated White women? Trump.

          You want to focus on the only White demographic that didn’t vote for Trump for what? To demoralize Trump supporters? Get out of here. Trump’s popularity ratings are higher now than when he was running and the Democrats are running a clown car full of misfit midgets against him.

          • It’s not educated vs.non. It’s married vs. single, mature vs. college girl. Who’s more motivated in 2020? That’ll explain it to those falling in w/ the Big Lie. Good job tonight, V.

      • Some rare wisdom right there. Women are so dying for alpha that they’ll take it from Candace, if she’s the only one giving it. Morose and superior is an unappealing combination.

    • Tykebomb,There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This. The midterms proved that. Republicans were ahead in key states,which sent the orcs into voter fraud overdrive. Those thousands of Central Americans jamming the border are future Democrat votes,which is why they fight so bitterly against the wall.

      Without longtime election theft democrats would (and should) have been relegated to being The Stupid Party Standing In The Corner,Dressed Stupidly.

      • I agree. But a battleground with a Republican president is very different than a battleground with complete democrat control of the federal government. Never forget your terrain. That clown show on capital hill is the prologue to a federal crackdown that will gleefully violate your rights when Madame President let’s the FBI inspect our collective colon with a cattle prod. Zman thinks hes a dissident now? What till the FBI seizes his computers and phones as our European brothers already face.

        I reiterate, our best hope is that a decade of complete democrat control, drives white normies so insane they demand their state leave the union. Incidentally, state legislators are already making bills to invalidate federal gun laws. We’ll see how Madame president responds to that in the 2020s.

  14. This is the old Hemingway line about bankruptcy: “two ways — gradually, and then suddenly.”

    The “suddenly” part is that the Left has no intention whatsoever of losing 2020 — they will have Israel nuke the Midwest before they take a loss. But they have no charismatic candidate, just a clown car jammed full of crackpot nobodies. They NEED to turn out the black vote 6 zillion percent, but as we’ve seen, the black vote only shows in full force when Shaft or Superfly is on the ticket. That’s why they’re banging on so loud about “reparations” at this odd juncture — if they can’t promise the rape-apes Superfly, maybe they can promise Perpetual Constitutional Free Shit. The other part is the WN stuff, which just fortuitously kicked up now, so they’re jumping on it for all its worth.

    IOW, their pitch to blackie in 2020 is “Sorry we don’t have Superfly, but we have the next best thing — jail Whitey as a terrorist, and give you all his stuff.”

    The “gradually” part for the new WN witch hunt is that the Left religion/mental illness now consists entirely of Hate and Kill the White Man — that’s it in its entirety, there’s no B-side, no “other shoe,” no plan for after the Revolution wins.

    I’m kind of surprised the left hasn’t appropriated the visual imagery of the Christian crucifix (viz., the crucifix, not the Cross) as its new symbol — a naked, flogged, dead White man nailed to a stick. They don’t accept the Resurrected Christ and certainly don’t believe His teachings. All they want is a dead White guy nailed to a stick.

    • 1) They have Kamala Harris, so they DO have a chance to put a darkie on the ticket perhaps as Veep if not the front-runner. Expect to see that closer to election time so the gibs vote is secured.

      2) That is a dead jew nailed to the stick, and always has been as much as people wish to believe otherwise. Fixed that for ya…

  15. “Convenient answers tend to be the least likely in politics”. How about the Proggie left understands that IQ reverts to the mean, they know they are not the smartest people in the room, and the importation and promotion of the 85 IQ hordes puts them back in the place of once again being the smartest people in the room?

    Would the Proggies rather argue with Devin Nunes or Maxine Waters? Which interaction would make them feel better about themselves? I am not talking about the nature of the argument, but rather the mental fortitude of their opponent. Just spitballing here.

    Let me elaborate a bit. Nunes would run rings around them in an argument. Waters would make a fool of herself. They would rather deal with a world populated with the likes of Maxine, and be rid of people smarter and more capable than them, such as Nunes. They would rather dominate an idiocracy populated by imbeciles, than have to compete and likely lose to people who are smarter than they are. I have come to believe that people are most comfortable in an environment where there isn’t anyone who is too much more intellectually deft than they are. Hence, the “safe spaces” movement, which insulates people from those who intellectually intimidate them.

    • The problem, though, is that once the IQ drops low enough, “arguing” no longer has value as a means of winning. These people who visualize themselves forever coming out on top because they’re smarter than the imported livestock may be surprised to find themselves running for their lives from an enraged herd of horned animals.

  16. I’ve been trying to decode the mystery part of the mystery cult for years. I still have no idea what they’re up to. I do know one will have to abide by the code if one wants into the bureaucracy and its privilege.

  17. I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about this lately, and I still can’t express it very well, but I’d like to hear what y’all think. Instead of a mystery cult, I think it’s akin to what Old Africa Hands call “Africa wins again.” They point out that Africans see cause-and-effect differently. We live in a relatively safe, predictable world, so when we nearly wipe out driving a car around a curve at 70, we think “better not do that again!” On the other hand, they live in a very dangerous, unpredictable world, so if they almost wiped out — but didn’t! — they’d conclude that taking curves at 70 is the only way to go, because it worked last time; their juju was strong or whatever. Which is why even though there are very few cars in Africa, there are way disproportionate traffic accidents, almost all of which are fatal.

    I think our politics is devolving back to this. Hating on Whitey got them where they are. It solved all their problems, so they’re going to keep on Hating on Whitey, even when Hating on Whitey IS the problem. It also explains, I think, why their invariable reaction to getting caught at a dumb caper is to pull an even bigger, dumber caper. There are never any consequences, which means hey, it worked! Better do more next time, to keep our juju strong. Nobody’s that incompetent — there must’ve been one person in the Hillary campaign, for instance, who knew how servers work. But that’s “Western” cause-and-effect thinking. They see the effect of all Hillary’s actions — she goes from nothing housewife to (they think) the legitimate elected President of the United States of America, so whatever she did, do more of!!!

  18. Rage at still not having reached the promised land as the reason for these hearings is on the mark, but some of these people have to understand they are playing a very dangerous game.

    These hearings will only harden both sides. It’s hard to tell how many white men are on this side of the divide but this circus will only add to those numbers.

    They are still making the same mistake as when they crowned Obama. Spiking the ball at midfield.

    We’re lucky in the quality of our enemies.

  19. The de-humanizing of the dissident right continues, with Congress legitimizing the notions, labeling us White Nationalists and/or White Supremacists (interchangeable). De-humanized people do not meet good ends.

    I don’t put any stock in polls, other than that they may reflect how the deep state/elite are feeling about a certain person or issue. Now that POTUS Trump has capitulated to bringing in more immigrants than ever before and going along somewhat with neocon foreign policy, it’s not surprising the polls show greater approval of his performance.

  20. The other approach is that of Crane Brinton in “Analysis of Revolution.” The ruling-class anger is manifested in a Reign of Terror and Virtue because somehow Heaven On Earth didn’t show up right after the revolution and it must be due to saboteurs and wreckers.

  21. Because there is very little honor left in American life, there is a certain built-in tendency to destroy masculinity in American men. Norman Mailer

    The major break in the understanding of manliness is not between, say, the nineteenth century and any particular preceding era but between my generation of Baby Boomers and the entire proceeding complex of teachings. In some ways, TR and Churchill have more in common with Homer and Shakespeare than they do with us. –Waller Newell

    It’s not the woman on the left who need analysis. They’re all crazy. it’s the men. Or rather what pass as men. O’Rourke, Sanders, Durbin, Booker, Nadler, Blumenthal, Wyden, Biden, Hickenlooper, Newsome, etc., etc., ad nauseam.The list of neutered leftist men in public life is endless.

  22. Does anyone find it odd that Beto felt secure enough to call Netanyahu a “racist” ?

    Is this a sign of a crackup in the Dem coalition? Or a divorce between US/Israeli Jews?

    Liberal Jews in the US concerned with the direction of Israeli politics should make aliyah and inform their co-ethnics of their wayward path. (Can you say that with a straight face, I can’t)

    • He’s locking down the camel jockey vote- Male Muslims are unlikely to vote for women, they’re unlikely to go for Bernie. The Yids bought Biden a long time ago,

  23. I am conflicted but agree that at the end its in our interest to stay away from this side show completely. I do think Candace served a beneficial purpose, in that she made her inquisitors look stupid and petty, though I bet they were hesitant to fire back at a Mad Black Woman. Perhaps there is some value in using that face to tell the argument to broader America, but I bet it doesn’t make any news program at all.
    The past few years have demonstrated that it doesn’t do us any good to be the ones shouting in the streets. It might feel good, but our overlords will be certain to place hoods on our heads in the media at the first chance they get.
    Onward, steadily.

    • Street protests are fine. But you want the images that emerge from them to be clean cut young white guys getting the hell beat outa them. Requires rigid discipline. No scary body armor or clubs. Small black knifes only for last resort defense. If one could entice antifa to attack a prayer circle comprised of young boys and girls that would be perfect. The footage you want is of a bloodied wide-eyed cute girl exclaiming that she was descended upon while praying and called a dirty white whore. But she doesn’t understand why because she a virgin and bathes regularly (earnest naivety is gold)

      • I agree, but look at how the Covington kids were handled. They were well-behaved and performed well, but were strung up by the press and every other left wing lunatic. While they were vindicated, I think the overall effect had a negative effect. Again, the media masters will make sure to paint us in every bad light possible, and the BoomerCons will spot off about “muh Constitution…”

        • Or duke lacrosse team and 100 other examples. Young white guys are privileged and toxic; didn’t you know? People have started to notice and are becoming enraged. Messing with someones kids generally has that effect.

          • Right, but do we need our kids to be the pawns of a battle that adults need to fight? Not saying you’re wrong, but I have a couple of kids in this fight, and feel more comfortable taking attack then setting my kids or any others families’ kids up to receive the full blast. Worth a conversation, and I am eternally grateful to the Zman for proving a common area to discuss it.

          • well when I say kids I mean 18 plus. And yes it is shitty. I suspect that the zman is loathe to go that route because of decency. Nonetheless it is historically the responsibility of old men to whip the foolish young into intemperate action in service to the tribe.

          • “If there be trouble, let it be now so that my children will know peace.” Thomas Paine (paraphrased)

  24. And also like late antiquity, the whole damned “hearing” was nothing more than a virtue signaling ORGY.

  25. I think a better analogy for the insanity playing out on the public stage is from the medical profession. I view these acts of public debasement as symptoms of a metastasizing disease. My take is that it reveals a transition to Stage 4 cancer of the body politic. We now have politicians all over the country that seriously advocate coercive policies that attempt to impose a dozen different genders on the species. This is beyond insanity, and now functions as a deadly menace. Thank God we are approaching a breaking point. It can’t come soon enough.

    • Be careful what you wish for. Once you pass the big seven-oh, roughing it becomes a serious survival issue. But I know where you’re coming from. Back in the eighties I had always feared the big boom would arrive while I was in a nursing home. So far, we’re right on schedule. Talk about being expendable!

      • Being post 70 confers some unique advantages as well. No one will likely see you coming and you pretty much got nothing to lose at that point. Simple, secret, solo, and spontaneous are nearly impossible for the jackboots to stop.

        • Maybe I’ll wait until I discover I have an incurable disease and then ponder those options.

          • yeah it surprises me that pancreatic cancer doesn’t produce more massacres. Must be something deep-rooted and psychological i don’t understand. Also alot of old men are strangely timid toward physical danger.

    • It’s quite clear the Dems and the tribe are going to force the issue real soon now. They are following the same pattern as other communist genocides. Full blown demonizing of a particular group by not only the Left but the state. That is eventually followed up by killing the group in question.

      It’s just a matter of when. If Trump loses in 2020, it won’t be very long at all. The Left will go full bore Lysenko and Mugabe on us in less than a year as there will be nothing to stop them. They have regulatory capture of the state and all it’s organs including the military.

      We have to understand the senior military officers are all members of the Deep State and have no loyalty to the country. Trump found that out the hard way when his retired generals betrayed him and the country.

  26. The Left seems like they are poised to finally have the victory they wish over Western Civ. Our best play is to say, you can have it, we will start a new one. Like we always do.

  27. I saw a tv “news” report this morning about a black country singer with a top 10 song and now I’m reading about black white nationalists? Can we have nothing?!

    • Last night I pooped into my local watering hole, in my $600k median home priced urban bluetropolis, for a beer after a long day.

      Turns out the old Tuesday night tradition of streaming old classic rock shows has been replaced by live hiphop/rap open mic night. Complete with vibrant gatherings of smokers out front and all the usual swagger, blattitude, and vulgar urban lyrics about muh dick.

      Goodwhites must be sorted out before they hand the keys to the kingdom over to their pets. Leftism is a sweet rice monkey trap. How long will they hold onto that rice?

      • Screwtape lad…..careful of that “Last night I pooped into my local watering hole.” That will solve the problem and send everyone scattering, if you get the pun! You may even be sent to an “evacuation” re-education camp. Hey, gotta find humor to offset the grimness! I refuse to be pushed down into an angry twisted mess. Simple scatological humor turns me into a giggling 8 year old. So be it.

  28. Considering that white nationalists have been and are currently being banned from social media and actual Western nations, of course they won’t invite Whitey to the hearing. The last thing they want is to give the microphone to a Jared Taylor. It’s all about not getting Whitey riled up about the coming minority status, and to not notice that only one group isn’t allowed to play the identity politics game.

    • Jared Taylor is a highly articulate, reasonable, gentleman. But I’m glad he wasn’t there. In that forum, he’d be subject to denunciations by preening, virtue-signaling libtard congresscritters, then “confronted” by snippets of comments he made or wrote, without the time to explain or defend himself. Z-man is right; there is nothing to be gained by appearing in a forum such as this.

      • I understand, and you and Z are probably right. Although when they speak of white nationalists, the image for ordinary Americans is of unsophisticated, backwoods haters, not a polite, intelligent gentleman like Taylor. Taylor’s been inside the hornet’s nest many times, and always comes away unscathed and winning the game with his calm demeanor and impeccable logic.

  29. The modern American Left is insane, not in the sense that they are raving lunatics (although some are), but in the sense that their entire world view is based on falsehoods. This has always been the case to some degree, but the degree of delusion has increased over the last twenty years, and the falsehoods are becoming more and more difficult to sustain. These “Hate Whitey” hearings are the Leftist equivalent of the Ghost Dance of the Plains Indians – if everybody just believes hard enough, the fantasy will become true, the white devil will disappear from the Earth, Wakanda will rise from the sea like Atlantis reborn, and all will be well.

    This delusion is dangerous for us, but it is also our greatest opportunity. In the long run, the side most grounded in reality usually wins.

    • The side most grounded in reality wins?

      Tell that to the Romans, who watched their empire rot from the inside once both the plebeians and elites (and particularly the wives of the elites) started to worship a Middle Eastern cult that preached “blessed are the meek”, “pity for all that suffers”, “peace and love”, and “virgin births.

      I’ll put my money on a fantasy religion that captivates the resentful, the incurably mal-contented, and ne’er-do-wells of the world any day. They have numbers on their.side.

      • You read too much Gibbon. The Eastern Christian Roman Empire lasted almost 1000 years, longer than any polity in history.

        • Sure. And the Eastern Roman Empire was more “Eastern”. More accommodating to an Eastern ( i.e. Middle Eastern) religion, and more easily and willingly converted.

          Western Rome was Western through and through (anyone still care about the West?), and the schism with the new religion weakened it culturally and politically, and made it more vulnerable to getting torn to pieces. The rise of Christianity wasn’t the only factor, but it sure as hell didn’t help.

          It’s not a “Gibbon” thing. It’s just reality.

          • I argued that the side that is most grounded in reality usually wins. You gave an example of a society adopting a religion that you believe not to be grounded in reality – and collapsing.

            Not sure I see your point here, even if I concede your beliefs about Christianity.

          • Go into the centre of Rome. There, you’ll find the Vatican, arguably the “capital” of Christianity. The Roman Empire is long gone, but the religion that contributed to its demise lives on.

            Who won?

            BTW, the Booby wasn’t being confrontational, just pointing out that fantasy, not reality, is what wins popular opinion.

          • “The Roman Empire is long gone, but the religion that contributed to its demise lives on.

            Who won?”

            The one most grounded in reality, just like AltitudeZero said.

          • Christianity was a minor cult when adopted by Constantine in the 3rd century. The Roman Empire had been a zombie for more than a century at that point – riven by civil wars that were burning out the center of the country. It’s something of a miracle that it took anoth couple of centuries for it to finally collapse under the weight of waves of barbarian migrations. Christianity was a net positive in all that, by help8ng transmit classical civilization to the conquering barbarians.

            It was the ascendancy of another religion that actually ushered in the dark ages.

            BTW. The four century long “collapse” of Rome should give pause to people who think the US will disappear any time soon.

    • “The Leftist equivalent of the Ghost Dance of the Plains Indians – if everybody just believes hard enough, the fantasy will become true, the white devil will disappear from the Earth”
      Great analogy using the term the Lefty Ghost Dance! In mid-life, did ceremony with Lakota friends. For some Indians, the Ghost Dance is still alive. To think I’ve lived long enough to see the Ghost Dance baton transferred over to the left. Did not end well for those following Wovoka.
      “The movement began with a dream by Wovoka (named Jack Wilson in English), a Northern Paiute, during the solar eclipse on January 1, 1889. He claimed that, in his dream, he was taken into the spirit world and saw all Native Americans being taken up into the sky and the Earth opening up to swallow all Whites and to revert back to its natural state. The Native Americans, along with their ancestors, were put back upon the earth to live in peace. He also claimed that he was shown that, by dancing the round-dance continuously, the dream would become a reality and the participants would enjoy the new Earth. “
      “In the long run, the side most grounded in reality usually wins.”

    • An ancient Greek philosopher once said that a state would fall to ruin when its founding principles were carried to ludicrous extremes. We’re there.

      • Yes. To think that we can’t effectively repel the Invasion because of the due process mandated in the Constitution is the definition of frustration.

    • The analogy would hold up better if it was the 19th Century Whites were the ones doing the Ghost Dance.

      We’re the Sioux now, friends.

      • The USSR looked unbeatable too – until they collapsed.
        Besides, despair is a sin, as the late Jerry Pournelle used to say. A war vet should know that.

        • FWIW, I believe that Christianity has been maintaining that despair is a sin for almost two millennia now.

      • Ha. We dream of being the Sioux. They occasionally fought back even though it was hopeless to stop a more intelligent, better organized and unimaginably more technological foe. We’re willingly walking into cattle cars to be sent to the camps out of fear of being called a racist.

  30. Welcome back, Z-man! I admit I don’t know why Trump is polling so well, although I suppose the general level of economic prosperity is the main factor. I still don’t think that it’s going to transfer to electoral vote success in 2020, unless the Democratic Party fractures so badly that there are three or four disappointed Democratic presidential candidates who run as third parties.

    I worked on Capitol Hill in the 80s and 90s, and I know that I lot of committee hearings are mostly, or purely, theater, which is what the Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday was. I don’t think your theory and that of Steve Sailer are incompatible; the ruling class does truly hate White people, and they also need some theater to demonstrate to the members of their “coalition of the fringes,” that the object of their hatred represent a genuine threat.

    • He’s polling well because the whole Russia collusion thing collapsed – and Democrats are rocketing leftward at a rate that’s alarming to normals. I think that’s why he’ll win again next year.

      • He’s underwater in all polls except Rasmussen. The real story is that there is no challenger from the GOP cuck side. The donor class is confident that Invade/Invite is unchallenged.

        It would help our people to register as Dems and vote in their primary, both for chaos agent Yang, and tactically for the weakest candidates when Yang presumably drops out after NH.

      • I’m hoping that Bernie and Biden receive a big dose of anti-white male talk from their fellow Dems. The best way to get the normal Dems to flee is the continual scolding of White America as racists. The left may be good at politics, but with race, they can’t contain themselves when it comes to depicting Whitey as a bigot.

        • They will. The Colored Left is done waiting. They want to take over now. They have no patience left for whites, especially white men. White women, who have had a taste of what’s to come, will be next.

          The question is whether Jews can ride this tiger.

          • No urgency on that front. Obama had both houses and barely got health care falling short of single payer. In south africa blacks 90% now, yet they hesitate to pull trigger on land reform. They can and will ride tiger. Only question now is whether whites have the agency to force the issue into open conflict. I don’t think the social clubs and team-building exercises will achieve much.

  31. So if the mystery schools are equivalent to Late Antiquity, then by the time we reach majority-minority status in Western countries, we’ll be in the decline of the new Middle Ages.

  32. Of course, Jared Taylor or even Andrew Anglin might have convinced some people to join the movement. And that couldnt be allowed. So making Candace the face of the movement was meant to tamper down the enthusiasm for la cosa nostra.

    • Frankly, they did us a favor. Our guys can’t get it through their thick heads that repeatedly playing the role cast for them by Lefty is bad politics. Richard Spencer was whining that he was not invited to perform at the show. It’s like the man is retarded. He learned nothing over the last three years. So, it worked out for the best.

      Let clown world have their shows. Our side needs to stay off the stage.

      • Regardless of what any of us think about Richard Spencer, It seems to me that the days of interviewing him and other white nationalists are over. Now the game plan seems to be to silence and ban.

        • The main criticism of deplatforming was that it would induce the Streisand Effect. But the left thinks it will work by noting the disappearance of Milo Greekname from public discourse. Perhaps they ignore the man’s lifestyle catching up with him, and he’s ignored Gab. Probably more effective than deplatform has been doxxing, which scares anyone normal away dissident groups.

        • I don’t think that’s the case. I think it is more like how the English used to raid Wales whenever they needed to feel good about themselves. Because these guys keep coming back for their banning, the Left has ritualized the act, as part of their morality play. Many on our side enjoy being banned as much as the other side enjoys banning them.

          Again, think of it in terms of ritual and ceremony, rather than practical strategy.

          • Do you anticipate that this hearing is a prelude to actual old -style totalitarian repression where people are imprisoned en masse or do you think the left is still larping at Stalinism?

          • No, I think our ruling order will become increasingly unstable and incapable of controlling its own elements.

          • “how the English used to raid Whales“

            “Moby Dick?” shouted Ahab. “Do ye know the white whale then, Tash?”

      • The plan is simple: Ignore the other side and build an alternative.

        By the way, simple doesn’t mean easy. It’s a monumental task, and one that must be done very quietly, at least at first. Spencer isn’t willing to do the little things, like organizing groups that would help white communities; instead, he wants to preen on TV.

        We’ll win on the ground doing the little things that hold a community together, not by engaging those that hate us in media.

        • Then the Left comes in and smashes our alternative and RICO’s all involved.

          We don’t get to have things anymore.

          • You don’t build “white” groups. You build community groups in white areas. Nothing political, nothing racial. But be damn sure that you keep control of the leadership. The Left is very skilled at taking over organizations from the inside.

          • They’re not though – they just use “rules that prevent leftists from taking over” as a reason to destroy an organization. Any rules that prevent leftists from taking over are racist or sexist or violate one of a zillion leftist rules.

          • This is going to trigger some, but you need to make your groups explicitly, earnestly Christian, in whatever flavor you prefer.

            The men in tiny hats will work very hard to infiltrate and subvert your group, but the holy name of Jesus Christ is powerful spiritual repellent.

          • Speaking as an Episcopalian, I’m not so sure the name of Jesus always works to keep evil at bay. Rather, it can used as cover for a host of iniquity. I don’t believe the Christian Democrats in Europe have performed well for their faith or their peoples either. Nonetheless, I’m more inclined to a movement that explicitly honors the faith that is the core of our culture and cannot be part of a neo-pagan movement, even if if I recognize its members as kin and allies

      • I disagree but, of course, it’s arguable. I think here in Appalachia it would be possible for a breakthrough white advocate politician. Sympathy for the poor mountain whites would shield him from the most virulent attacks or cause them to redound on the attackers. He would have to be affable, crafty and generally non-threatening. Of course if his hillbillies occasionally became spirited, well he would gently condemn their actions but explain that it is only to be expected. The platform. “my people are hurting” opioids, our boys being taught that their toxic, our boys being systematically destroyed (covington catholic), jobs being taken by illegals (mexicans have almost taken over construction in my town and made inroads into mining). He would explain that he harbors no hate for the blacks/browns. In fact, they are in the same boat as his people, and their enemies are his enemies. He would never name the Jew but he would dog whistle the hell out it. He would secretly play footsie with the more intemperate elements of the Appalachian right. He would be a race realist but very troubled by the facts (IQ and impulse control genetics). He would extoll the diversity and rareness within his people (green eyes, red hair, freckles) and gently mourn their loss through out breeding. I talk with the white working class here in the hills. They are a decent gentle people but they are getting very angry. I think they would back the right guy/gal to the bloody hilt. Once an island is established then we could work out.

        • The problem is that Lefty is already making in roads into Appalachia. The John Brown gun club and Redneck Revolt offer everything you are. Their only price is to accept blood guilt for white people. It’s A LOT harder to play ethno nationalist when the country still remembers when we were a mean majority and that nice brown is just so nice. Bernie Sanders/ Andrew Yang has extreme power from just showing sympathy to the mountain folk. Both of them want massive immigration.

          We have to build a positive identity based on distinct pride not a negative one based on victimhood.

          • wise up man. Victim hood is a powerful tool. pride, shame and principles except a few hard cores have no place within a movement that wants to win. Certainly herr H used resentment of their victimization effectively with the German Volk. Of course, a blended approach is necessary. We are in a desperate fight here. Manipulation though appeals to pride, victimhood, use of scapgoats, humility. It is all fair. That said i would like to see no-go zone from south NY to north alabama materialize. The methods used to achieve this are best not discussed.

          • @SidVic
            Good points, but the victimhood-game is not about billing yourself as a victim, rather than as a champion for victims.

          • Yeah,but let’s face it the white working class guys are being screwed. They are out there busting ass to keep the lights on. Whilst they teaching his daughters that its cool to be promiscuous and his boys to be weak and effete. My worry is that we bid our time like the south africans and miss the mark. Eventually, someone has to clamor aboard the tank and whip up the crowd. I sense they are ready here were i am. I don’t know about the rockies or california? Most likely several failed attempts will proceed the one that catches. I suspect that future historians will look back and wonder at our timidity. Maybe Z is correct and 3ys , 10yrs 30yrs quite building is smarter. I don’t know. But demographic trends certainly preclude a 50 yr plan. I guess a solar flare or pandemic will probably make it all academic anyways.

          • Most whites are angry that blacks and Hispanics arent being fair. It all comes back to being fair. Whites have renounced racial identity, why won’t blacks and mexicans. It isnt fair. There are poor whites too. It isnt fair.

            If you embrace solely victimhood, Yang will roll in, say how it’s only fair you get gibs too, and proceed to keep ruining the country. Most whites just want a hand on the shoulder and the liberal project will continue a pace. They will take Bernie faster than Trump, in fact, they DID do that.

            Theory is great, but reality takes precedent.

          • You’re correct. I’ve been over at powerline auguring with the solid citizens so i know. My point is that fertile regions exists. A vanguard must be cagey and push things along. This Noor trail and the covington catholic boys thing enraged alot of people. Certainly the commentators are grousing openingly about anti-white stuff and have begun to talk from the perspective of a whites. That wouldn’t have happened a year ago. I think i detect big shifts. maybe wishful thinking, but i think things are moving rapidly.

          • Socialism of the Wobbly kind was huge in that region back in the big union era . Its not new.

            Anyway the argument is not about identity there . People in Appalachia know exactly who they are and have a better grasp of history and their place in it than any elite and most anyone else as well

            Its about money and opportunity,

            Our side simply doesn’t offer enough on that front, economic relief , trade control, bank reform and so on.

            Right now the Deus Volt subset of the Dissident Right are the only ones even aware that there are more things that Capitalism/Communism (same effect, just different central planners) and Mixed Economies

            There are Christian Economic Systems , Catholic Economic Systems and just reforms of finance and those issues concern people as much or more than identity especially in places that are mostly White

            Folks in that region are also concerned with drugs and morality too

            This doesn’t mean we should forget identity , far from it, only that we must address other issues too.

        • My post on another site, recently:

          Last night I watched a middle school and high school talent show in a rural, White, Appalachian school district. A pair of darling little sixth grade girls got up and sang Royals, and when they sang the last part of this verse:

          I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh
          I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies
          And I’m not proud of my address, in the torn up town
          No post code envy

          There was a slight knowing stir among the audience. It’s the poorest part of one of the poorest counties in the state — in the nation, I believe. The towns are torn up. Dying. Abandoned coal mining communities.

          They know. They are wonderful people. They are nice. Until they are not.

          Their elites don’t care about them. The elites are caught up in their “Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash” and the people in these torn up towns aren’t impressed anymore.

          We don’t care. We’re not caught up in your love affair.

          They’re nice. Until they’re not.

      • Agree 100%. Based on my experience staffing congressional hearings, albeit about a quarter century ago, there is absolutely no way to win or even look good in that forum. Add to that the very real prospect f being attacked by Antifah with the connivance of the Capitol Police. We need to build quiet networks, not offer ourselves up for targets!

      • Yes, thank God they didn’t call Spencer. It’s not so much that AR leaders (lol) can’t figure out that playing the role left assigned them is bad for our cause, it’s that they don’t care. Guys like Spencer and Heimbach live for attention and every media attack gives them a status boost and adulation from the retarded base that now comprises most of the AR. They’re like that obese guy with his gut hanging out at Charlottesville bragging about “fighting the antifa on the streets”.

        There are only two people that I know of, on the American scene, that could represent Whites well. Mr. Jared Taylor and Greg Johnson.


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