The Strange Death of Neoconservatism

Political movements usually end in one of two ways. One is they achieve most of what they sought and then fade away, having lost their purpose. Alternatively, they fail to achieve their goals, perhaps having been discredited or out-competed by a rival movement, then fade into obscurity. In both cases, they will kick around for a while, going through a stage where they exist as a racket, rather than a legitimate movement. They feed on the nostalgia of people, who originally supported the cause in its better days.

An obvious example of the former is the crusade to legalize abortion. Once the Supreme Court invented a right to abortion, the point of the abortion movement should have been satisfied, but they transitioned from that to an effort to normalize it. That was largely successful by the 1990’s, but by then abortion was good business for the people in the abortion rackets. They make money on the political end, as well as on the selling of baby parts side of things. Planned Parenthood is a multi-billion dollar business now.

The other side of the coin is paleoconservatism, which flourished in the 70’s and 80’s, as a response to the infestation of the conservative movement by former Progressives, calling themselves neocons. In many respects, the paleos were not a political movement, but more like antibodies released by the Right in order to ward off a virus. That virus, in the form of guys promising to radicalize the Right, won the battle and the paleocons were slowly purged from Right and from the Republican Party.

That brings us to neoconservatism, which was spectacularly successful as a political movement. What started as dissatisfaction with their fellow leftists in the 1960’s had come to dominate the Right by the late 80’s. Domestically, they normalized unlimited immigration and the financialization of the economy. On foreign policy, they successfully pushed through their freedom agenda, which was aggressive war to impose democracy on the Middle East. It is fair to say the neocons revolutionized American politics.

It is that success that has discredited the movement and its leaders. So much so, in fact, that one of the founders of the movement is now abandoning his creation. Norman Podhoretz, one of the godfathers of the movement, has announced that he is re-branding himself as a paleo-neoconservative. He not only confessed to supporting Trump, but now agrees with his old nemesis, Peter Brimelow, on the immigration issue. He still defends the Iraq war, mostly out of vanity, but he is now a war skeptic in the Trump mold.

Now, this does not mean the rest of the neocons are about to become Trump supporters or demand the rehabilitation of Pat Buchanan. Like a drug resistant virus, people like Bill Kristol, Max Boot and the other Trump-haters will still be with us. It’s just that their movement and its primary issues are on their way to the ash heap of history. Outside of the cheap labor lobbies, immigration has lost its appeal. A re-thinking of global capitalism is happening across the West and the freedom agenda is thoroughly discredited.

There are a lot of explanations for why the neoconservative agenda has crashed into ignominy. Some argue that the failure on the foreign policy front was due to an inability of neoconservatives to appreciate the cultural conditions required for democracy. Others, like Darren Beattie, take this beyond the foreign policy issue, and blame the neocons embrace of the blank slate. Like Marxists, they simply thought people were interchangeable, because they could be molded into whatever society needed.

A better answer lies in the words of Norman Podhoretz in that interview with the Claremont Review of Books. In it he says, “But in the army I got to know people from all over the country and I fell in love with Americans—they were just great! These guys were unlike anybody I had ever met in New York or in England or France.” That’s an odd thing for someone to say about his fellow citizens. It’s the sort of thing a foreigner says about his new neighbors. It also seems a bit forced, as if he feels like is required to say it.

Explaining his change of heart on Trump, Podhoretz says, “I said to my wife: “This guy [Trump] is Buchanan without the anti-Semitism, because he was a protectionist, a nativist, and an isolationist. How did I know he wasn’t an anti-Semite? I don’t know—I just knew.” Later he goes out of his way to make that point again, that his quarrel with Buchanan was mostly about his alleged antisemitism. Therefore, he can change his mind on the entire neocon agenda, just as long as no anti-Semites are involved.

It is a strange confession from someone whose life’s work has been a multi-generational lecture about first principles. It is this flexibility on their core beliefs that is the clue about why neoconservatism has fallen into disrepute. They were never really motivated by anything other than tribal animosity toward the people they sought to replace. Podhoretz back-stabbed people like Brimelow and John O’Sullivan, marginalizing them within conservative circles, for no other reason than tribal animosity.

Another example of this is later in the interview, where Podhoretz relates an anecdote about the writer Henry James, who was no fan of Jewish immigration. Upon visiting the Jewish ghetto in New York, James allegedly said “Well, if these people stay, whatever language they speak, we shall not know it for English.” Podhoretz then says, with noticeable glee, that “the only people who are reading Henry James and indeed writing doctoral dissertations on him are the grandchildren of those people.”

Taken together, it reveals that neoconservatism was never a political movement centered on a native patriotism. It was a purpose built weapon for people who saw themselves as strangers at war with people they saw as hostile to their tribe. This not only allowed them to sideline critics by calling them anti-Semitic, it was an energy source to motivate the adherents to stick together and fight. Even today, as people like Bill Kristol descend into madness, the neocons hang together in their fight against Trump. They stick together.

Ultimately, it was not the tribal hostility that was their undoing. It was their unfamiliarity with the people over whom they sought to rule. It’s easy to think one group of strangers are the same as the other group of strangers. That’s why open borders made sense to the neocons. Guys like Podhoretz could learn to love Americans, but he could probably learn to love Guatemalans too. Similarly, the auctioning off of the industrial base made perfect sense, as the neocons knew nothing about the people losing their jobs.

Finally, the collapse of the neocons seems to comport with the theory of Ed Dutton, regarding the decline in general intelligence. The generation of Norman Podhoretz had a lot of smart Jews, who were motivated to climb to the top of society. Their children and grandchildren, in contrast, are like the ne’er-do-well heirs to a fortune. John Podhoretz and Bill Kristol are quite stupid compared to their parents. This decline in Jewish talent not only pulled down neoconservatism, but may be signaling the end of the Jewish century.


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  1. ‘Smart jews’, huh? Whether smart or not, all jews are xenophobic/hostile/dismissive toward anyone not a jew. They are treacherous/deceitful/amoral. Those old smart jews embraced the psychopathy of Marxism/Leninism/Socialism/ad nauseum and tried to subvert white Heritage America. Their children may not be as ‘smart’, but they are just as treacherous and venal and hostile towards my beloved white America as were their forebears.

  2. Norman Podhoretz seems to have undergone more ideological metamorphoses than a butterfly. I hadn’t noticed his latest break with neoconservatism. For all that, he’s a good writer. His autobiographical stuff (“Making It,” “Breaking Ranks,” “Ex-friends”) documents the ideological development of the Left in the mid-20th century, and has some excellent vignettes of some of the more prominent intellectuals of the day. I love his description of Mary McCarthy – “Our leading bitch intellectual.” She was actually a good novelist. See, for example, “The Group.” She was basically a talented Jane Fonda. In spite of that she’s more or less forgotten today, perhaps because she was much too ingenuous about Communist influence on the culture, media, academia, etc., in the 30’s and 40’s. Among other things, Podhoretz’ three books noted above describe an important aspect of human nature – our ubiquitous tendency to perceive others in terms of ingroups and outgroups. He describes what happened when he became a heretic to his leftist ingroup, defined, as many ingroups are today, by ideology. He was ostracized, vilified, and cast into outer darkness. In the case of Norman Mailer, he noted a characteristic of many leftist thinkers today; their ability to challenge the ideological shibboleths of their ingroup, but then redeem themselves at the last moment by adept virtue signaling. Pinker is a similar type, and one can find many other examples at Quillette.

    • Podhoretz has always been driven by self-interest and his love of Israel and the Jewish People. That’s why his political positions – and allies – have changed over the years. Its not complicated.

  3. Podhoretz calling himself a “Paleo-con” was a joke. A mocking, little “Victory Dance” joke. But still a Joke. It looks like some people need a humor transplant. And I don’t feel sorry for the Paleo-cons. They wanted to lose. They were happy they lost. Being a “good loser” is what they strove for – and they succeeded.

  4. “Easter Worshippers”… Will my list of enemies expand when I add users of this term?

  5. A U.S. president finally gets tough with Iran and a gallon of gas finally hits 3 dollars. It’s been too damn long. A strange death indeed.

  6. Ok, neocons, your agents are bombing the Original Christians on Christmas Day and Sri Lankan Catholics on Easter.
    Plus burning Our Lady and thousands more in the land of Charles Martel for the Holy Week.

    How many yids do I gotta fumigate to get somebody to *do* a Holocaust Memorial or a mosque?

    Or a few thousand of them, for starters?

      • Thanks- a mention of Pizzagate and Podesta by the good Dutch reminded me of the satanic rituals and cruelty witnessed by pastors interrogated in communist Rumania and USSR.

        Pizzagate horrors, such as spirit cooking, expiring “pizzas”, and the dental torture (no marks) of 4-year-olds at Ellison’s Lolita Island made some connections click that damn near drove me nuts.

        I realized we’re seeing something not entirely human. Me, an atheist, raving about demons?

        All good data into the mechanics.
        I swear to you, my beloveds, that Evil has a source, and that we embodied are here to fight it. Fight it to win, just as we learned how to defeat bacteria.

  7. If the neocons are so dead, where are the paleocons in power? Why does Trump have people like John Bolton in his administration? Why are we in Yemen? Why is Rand Paul nearly alone among republicans in denouncing all our warmongering?

    • To quote myself, “Now, this does not mean the rest of the neocons are about to become Trump supporters or demand the rehabilitation of Pat Buchanan. Like a drug resistant virus, people like Bill Kristol, Max Boot and the other Trump-haters will still be with us. It’s just that their movement and its primary issues are on their way to the ash heap of history.”

      • I get what you were saying there. With people like Podhoretz recanting a bit of the ideology and the GOP base picking a candidate like Trump, there’s been some disenchantment with neoconservatism. Our fruitless wars have given the brand a bit of a tarnish, like Jack in the Box after an E. coli outbreak. To me though, it seems a bit early for eulogies when neocons are so obviously still in power. Nearly 30 years after the fall of the USSR and Bernie Sanders is a likely candidate for president. Jack in the Box survived O157:H7. Ideologies can have troughs and peaks. There are vested interests in keeping neoconservatism alive. The fact that it has currently fallen out of popularity among us hoi polloi isn’t a guaranteed death knell for an ideology that was never grassroots to begin with. But I hope I’m wrong.

      • The Cold War was the weird crucible in which neocons could “alloy” themselves into the American Right. They’ve failed in making muh Islam the new USSR, so those odd conditions of existential threat pressure are no longer there to sustain them. That said, like the heroes in any slasher flick, we need to behead, hack, burn, acid-bath and ash-scatter them before I count them out.

        • “..we need to behead, hack, burn, acid-bath and ash-scatter them before I count them out.”

          An inversion on the “kill’em all; God’ll recognize his own.” Interesting, if arrogant, boomer take on executing the exact kind of purification Mao and Stalin took. At least you’re honest. I’m more favorable towards more precise removal a people instead of wholesale slaughtering, but the sentiment is understandable.

          • A more precise removal was once tried, and now we are brainwashed against it. The brainwashers resorted to the most extreme, epic trauma.

  8. Just show an evangelical a video of the “sin chicken” . They had a choice between Jesus or a chicken. They took the chicken.

  9. I think JPod is just trying to re-brand himself to better swim in hostile waters. Outside his genuine and spontaneous sprees of Ashkepathic paranoia, what he says is most always contrived for effect. Like other “reformed” Never Trumpers (Beck, Shapiro), they are merely changing their coloration, not their agenda. Trump sadly would rather appease these Fifth Columnists than his base. I will shed no tears for him when these newfound friends give him the Ides of March treatment. What about “never cuck” was so hard to understand? I hate to black-pill on a Monday, but I suspect there’s a lot of ruin left in the neocons.

  10. An oldie but goodie: Lefty Gore Vidal’s piece, “The Empire Lovers Strike Back,” originally published in The Nation in 1986. I reproduced the most interesting part:

    Significantly, the one Yiddish word that has gained universal acceptance in this country is chutzpah. Example: In 1960, Mr. and Mrs. Podhoretz were in upstate New York where I used to live. I was trying out a play at the Hyde Park Playhouse; the play was set during the Civil War. “Why,” asked Poddy, “are you writing a play about, of all things, the Civil War?” I explained to him that my mother’s family had fought for the Confederacy and my father’s for the Union, and that the Civil War was–and is–to the United States what the Trojan War was to the Greeks, the great single tragic event that continues to give resonance to our Republic.

    “Well, to me,” said Poddy, “the Civil War is as remote and as irrelevant as the War of the Roses.” I realized then that he was not planning to become an “assimilated American,” to use the old-fashioned terminology; but, rather, his first loyalty would always be to Israel. Yet he and Midge stay on among us, in order to make propaganda and raise money for Israel–a country they don’t seem eager to live in. Jewish joke, circa 1900: A Zionist is someone who wants to ship other people off to Palestine.

    Podhoretz’s response in Commentary:

    • After having crossed over to the dark side rereading someone like Vidal is interesting. Still a mixed bag but interesting.

    • Ha ha! That joke was on patriotic, German-Jewish nationalists. Israel is a holding pen, a penal colony.

      My own Converso ancestors came here in 1651 to get away from their insane Talmudic family, who got rich funding religious wars.

  11. Dead wrong.

    We are still trying to topple Maduro, Assad and try figuring out a way to start a war with Iran. We are permanently occupying Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Syria. We’re supporting a war in Yemen. we have military actions going on in Somalia, Central Africa, etc.

    Trump now supports open borders.

    I’d say the Neocons have won big with Trump. He’s their puppet.

    • Got him through his daughter, the carrot, and media/legal pressure, the stick. It’s their way.

  12. Iraq was the neocons biggest moment, and biggest disaster. So far. They’re only in decline on the ideas/acceptance front. Sadly, they’re fully ensconced within the Trump administration which can take one of two directions at this point (the firing of John Bolton and allies) or (war with Iran). It’s absolutely feasible that we go to war with Iran, which would be an unmitigated disaster for both countries, and led by people who lost their moral quiver, and in a bizarre way are trying to get it back by stirring up potential enemies overseas. It may be very WW1 like. The early 19th century regimes trying to keep legitimacy in rapidly changing times in a new century. Of course those regimes were wiped off the map.

    If you look at the two decades proceeding WW1, the old regimes were already slipping. The disastrous Boer wars, The Russo-Japanese war. Different times, different politics, but the same long-in-the-tooth regime problems. Iraq may well be our own version of a Boer war before something far worse.

        • Except none of them are remotely similar to the Boer war, where the Brits prevailed despite poor military loss ratios. The US hasn’t prevailed in any of them despite good ratios.

          • You focus on one metric and then determine there are no similarities shared by those wars.

            Technological changes allowed the sanguinary costs for the British in southern Africa to be converted into materiel losses for the Americans in Vietnam and Somalia. In Lebanon and Somalia the American military was less able to apply its material advantage and the kill ratios became much less favorable.

            The wars are indicative of a hegemonic power on the wane.

    • I agree that the old colonial powers created internal problems for the West…

      But we should see this period as giving rise to what we now refer to as the neocons. We make problems for ourselves then the jews exploit it to their benefit: the jews convincing the Brits and French to not seek a peace in 2016 was the beginning of all our present troubles.

      • We’re exploited by everyone, from Israel to Mexico exporting its least productive, to China and Russia, etc. We’re run by aloof people on a techno-Versailles while being exploited by realistic, grounded leaders of various countries. Israel is just one of them, and punches far, far above its weight.

        Trump said during his campaign, “we will no longer be the stupid country.” – If only.

        If you see a drug addled prostitute on the street corner, do you blame the pimp? Do you blame the john? Or do you blame the prostitute? The world is covered in pimps and johns, always has been. Human beings are natural exploiters, and so are nations.

  13. Trump worked against Pat Buchanan in the 90s at behest of the Chosen, if Neoconservativism is dead is because Trump gave everything they wanted while throwing some breadcrumbs to regular Whites in America, a “winning” formula.

    • Since, for one thing, most “neocons” are NeverTrump your claim doesn’t remotely make any sense.

  14. Got to give a shout-out to Twitter. Despite their suppression of rightists, the stuff that gets through about the Jews, but perhaps even more what the Jews themselves say, creates sort of super-strength redpills on the JQ.

    I was a sort of normie libertarian with some HBD leanings when I got on Twitter, but now I’m really, really right wing.

    Future historians may be too embarrassed to write it, and therefore knowledge of the fact may go out of existence in the long run, but make no mistake about it: World War III will have been caused by Twitter.

  15. Is Podhoretz’s change of heart a sign that the R donor class money may be drying up for this stuff? Probably wishful thinking. Romney’s insane rant over the Mueller report suggests that the R donor class wants Trump to lose in 2020. There is no way any R insider doesn’t know that the Mueller investigation was part of the attempted coup.

    • I’d like to think that Mittsy is simply butthurt and is lashing out because he is irrelevant now. But he is obviously a very smart and well connected guy, so I assume he is the front man for a bunch of other rich and powerful who feel as he does. Watch your six with Mitt and who he represents.

      • Romney was one of three founding partners of Bain Capital. The purpose of BC was/is to buy struggling companies and streamlining them-whipping them into being “efficient and profitable.”

        Romney is an open-borders globalist, a carpetbagger, and he’s at home in any port he briefly anchors, until that port is of no use to him, then he sails on to the next port. He may be nice to his dog, but he’s not nice to the world.

        He has shapeshifted into the new-action John McCain, has a thin skin, has small hands and an inflamed ego, and hates Trump expressed as a never Trumper. He’s a terminal wuss but the SOB can make money. I cringe when he is the first to jump on the piano bench, swish his skirts, clutch his pearls and squeal at the Trump mouse. God what a puss! I thought that shit would stop when Mia Love got trounced. Wrong! Wow- did my respect go down for my Mormon neighbors here in Southern Utah when they went extreme herd animal and elected him to the Senate.

        Without a doubt he was the pick by the LDS church management.

        Because he is the reincarnate of John McCain derangement syndrome, expect to see this horse’s ass to be front and center screaming at Trump ad infinitum. So unseemly and embarrassing. Do not in any way trust this Romney weasel.

        • I live an a small California city that was historically Mormon. Most of the movers and shakers still are Mormon, though they like to operate in the shadows. There was a lot of quiet pride when Romney got the nomination in 2012. Not seeing so much of it now. The different things going on now in the church must be roiling the old guard, I suspect. As for Bain, go into a Staples store, one of their deals. No one in charge, all minimum wage, and not much happiness or pride in their employer going on. Simply a retail emotional dead space. The Bain Capitalists have kept the place, and the people, stripped bare. The future for all of us, if we are not careful.

          • “The different things going on now in the church must be roiling the old guard”

            Could this be what roils the old guard?

            I wrote on 4/17– The LDS church made a slide to the left a couple weeks ago. They are “inspired” to now allow children of gay people, members or not, to be baptised. And being gay in the church does not constitute an apostasy anymore. It’s been downgraded to a naughty.

            So there we go and saw this coming a long way off. The church is growing by conversion from mainly Central and South America. It is losing young people stateside so hence the appeal to Gay inclusion. This is also about flying under the Imperial Capitol radar and tax exempt status.

            It will come to a head over gun rights when the church will side with Imperial Capitol, members outside of the US don’t care, and Int. Mountain west members will get thrown under the bus. Follow the money.

          • Hi AZ….you know their scriptures! I remind myself to drink of scriptures to learn, and to keep the hacks at arms length. May end up at the end a weird Christian mystic living in a cave with cats and mead! Hmm…on second thought….

        • In other words, Mitt Romney is a Zionist. A Zionist in favor of that pro-Israel sentiment to the detriment of the USA.

        • “The purpose of BC was/is to buy struggling companies and streamlining them-whipping them into being “efficient and profitable.””

          You’re missing the part played by crony capitalism in this. At least in the case of the steel company that Bain bought, cashed out of, and that later had to be sold off for pennies on the dollar (that of the 2012 Democrat ads claiming Romney killed some worker’s wife) the selling point for investors seems to have been Romney’s ability to lobby for and get tariff protection for steel wire products. Which he got, though it wasn’t enough to keep the business viable in the event. In other words the secret sauce for Bain is political pull, not “streamlining” or introducing any other actual efficiency.

  16. Yes, the neoconservative Lannisters are hanging on for dear life over the progressive Celesi and her multiculteral band of vibrancy. . We need the white walkers to purge the iron throne of all of the feminist progessive leaders now in Westros. Oh the day for Ned Stark!

  17. Neoconservatism’s fall is a great reminder that the Right is not supposed to be a vacuum cleaner for the Left’s disaffected spin-offs. It’s possible to find common ground with disgruntled former members of mainstream leftism, but caution, judiciousness, and a willingness to purge when necessary will win the day moving forward.

  18. Maybe I’m too cynical, but where you see collapse I just see a pivot towards a new strategy. What that strategy will be is yet to be seen, but it won’t be good.

    • Absolutely. Shapeshifters.

      In their early days, when Abraham the Lucifer still worshipped Dzhumid and Ninil, they were the cult of the Bride Stealers.

      The white Kievan Rus defeated a colony, Khazaria, that had dominated the region for 3 centuries.

      The white Romans, with Greek auxilaries, defeated Israel on the plains of Har Megiddo (Armageddon), then lifted the Heretic to deity.

      Both must be destroyed, that rightful Rule may come.

      (This is the covenant with the volcano demon, so dread that none dare mention his name, and his half-brother, the demon of the Ka’aba , a fallen meteor where human sacrifices were once performed.)

      Stalin’s Purge sent the Trotskyites and Bolsheviks West as conquistadors, where they resumed their long fight with each other as Right and Left.

    • They are well into making that pivot: it’s gone from backroom manipulations to the public Kulakification of YT.

    • Since Norman Podhoritz isn’t on the same page as JPod, Bill Kristol, etc you appear to calling a split a “pivot”, which doesn’t really work.

  19. Reading Kristol and Boot on twitter feels a little like peering through the peep hole into the cell of a mental patient. They are going insane in real-time and it is equally amusing and embarrassing. Boot tweeted the other day about Nixon being impeached for obstruction of justice, even though he was in fact never impeached.

  20. The blank slate vs. cultural conditions argument for why neoconservatism failed is really not much of distinction. I think the idea sweeping the Right the West now, whether it’s called this not, is the importance of social trust in highly functioning societies. Good formal political and economic institutions are nice, but very secondary. The folly of “invade the world, invite the world” becomes obvious if takes the idea of the importance of social trust seriously.

  21. I worked on a book on neoconservatism ten or tweove years ago. The comtext was the “campaign to save Soviet Jews”. I forget the details, but the main contention was that neoconservative movement grew out of that campaign.

    • IIRC, the neocons grew out of the “New York Intellectuals” a group of Trotsky supporting Jewish students in the City Colleges. Some of them went on to get CIA funding, where the non-Stalinist left was paid to switch sides by something called the Congress of Cultural Freedom. Gloria Steinem was also paid by the CIA.

      • Blathering a bit below.
        Allow me to repeat:
        Stalin’s Purge sent the Trotskyites and Bolsheviks West as conquistadors, where they resumed their long fight with each other as Right and Left.

      • My own memory: Irving Kristol wrote about this stuff in his ‘Reflections of a Neoconservative’. It’s a good read; it’s honest.

        Our minds were so addled with the Soviet threat in those days that ANYONE who acknowledged the reality of that threat was accepted as a ‘conservative’, even “evolved” Trotskyites like Kristol.

  22. Z- are you aware that early in Eastern time this morning this website was ‘gone’ saying “This user’s account has been banned”. Was that a test run for pulling the plug on you or did you beg TPTB to reinstate you after some of yesterday’s bad think? It looked exactly like this:

    So I hope that whether that was a false alarm or the real thing, you have some contingency plan as I’m certain they would be more than happy to pull the plug on you w/o notice at this point.

    • Sure, why would I not like Mark Steyn? He’s funny and an excellent writer. He’s no Jewish, by the way. Like many Europeans, there is some Ashkenazim in the family tree, but in his case it goes back to well before he was born.

      You guys have to stop thinking that Jews are wizards.

      • Steyn introduced me to the notion that “demographics is destiny.”

        While I wish he’d embrace biological realism, let’s not act as if he’s working against us. He is not a catch basin preventing his readers from going further right.

        • That’s right. The difference between Steyn and Shapiro, for example, is not trying to keep people from hearing our ideas. Shapiro’s main mission is to function as a gatekeeper. As an aside, I’ll note that the neocons at NRO had no problem colluding to usher Steyn out of the respectable circles. Jonah Goldberg did nothing to defend Steyn.

          • I don’t get Shapiro’s appeal. He’s on the radio when I commute home in the afternoon, and find him to be yet another in a long line of “Well, the Liberals have a point, let’s discuss it” commentators. He seems to have made a name for himself shooting down ignorant college sophomores in small auditoriums.

      • He also has very large balls. He took on the Canadian effort to suppress dissident speech, and the Michael Mann effort to block dissent with lawsuits, by spending unimaginable hours in courtrooms. He also bravely supports criticism of Islam, such as defending the Dutch cartoonists. This is all risky business in the real world.

        • Mark Steyn took a hit from Mark Levin when Levin pulled his contract with Steyn after Steyn fronted money for a studio in which to broadcast his Steyn/Levin brief collaboration, and got stuck for paying his staff and digs. Husband and I throw a few meager bucks his way here and there. Steyn has more lawsuits splattered against him than Carter’s has pills.

          • Plus Steyn is originally responsible for introducing me to the concept “demographics is destiny.” So in a way, it was Steyn that has brought me to Z and you. Give the guy some credit as he has big bills to pay and can’t afford to add one more Whack-A-Mole hit, and retirement is looking a long way off for him.

          • Yup, the media owners smeared and blacklisted Steyn, just as they did an actual Juice, Michael Savage, after Savage gave Trump a voice in the national stage.
            Savage dominates every market he enters, so they won’t let him in.

            Shapiro is almost certainly the same media corp that gives us Hannity and Levin. Can’t escape the barking puppy on the dial now, anywhere in the country.

            Zman is correct in saying they police their ranks, but the policing goes the wrong way.

            Thanks for mentioning that gaslighting back-stabber Levin.
            His lawyers slandered Steyn’s reputation and character, as a person, while Levin was screwing him over. Surprised he didn’t pull an O’Reilly assassination on him.

        • Well, he’s still in court for calling Mann the “Jerry Sandusky of climate science” for molesting data and for calling Mann’s hockey-stick graph “fraudulent”. Then he got after the judge and his lawyers dumped him. There’s large balls and then there’s common sense, and I wonder sometimes if his ego isn’t out in front of his mouth sometimes.

          • Maybe. But National Review is also being sued by Mann for the same “offense”, and they severed their legal efforts from Steyn’s due to his impetuosity and willingness to fight. How are their much more decorous efforts working out? They’re no further ahead than Steyn. If playing it safe results in the exact same results as flinging the plates around, you might as well have some fun while you’re being legally bankrupted by the crooked American legal system.

      • Two and half cheers for Steyn, definite net positive for the dissident Right. Still an interventionist, slightly chastened (Coulter seems further along on that evolution), and gushingly philo-Semitic, but he has paid a large personal cost for speaking inconvenient truth to power. Not “our guy” necessarily but he’s no grifter.

    • Ron Paul repeatedly argued that the purpose of the border wall was to “keep us in” and not “keep illegals out”.

    • Among guys who you’ll see on mainstream TV, Steyn, along with Tucker, are just behind Pat Buchanan on the short list of “our guys.”

      • America Alone! So prescient.

        Like Range, Steyn brought me here. The best writer on the scene, even while hostage to the occupiers.

        • Steyn brought me to Molyneux, who brought me to edgy YouTube Disney parodies, who brought me to TRS, who brought me to McDonald.

          I miss Walt Bismarck so damn bad.

        • How is Steyn a hostage to the occupiers? Ok, he’s not Jared Taylor, but a hostage?

    • Traficant died by being run over by his own tractor. Now many people are killed by falling off their tractor and having the rear tires run over them but how many people do you know put their tractor in gear, run around in front of the tractor and get themselves pinned in front of the tractor?

    • Mark Steyn is one of my heroes. He goes toe-to-toe with the enemy in a place that actually matters – in court. His passion is free speech, and he is rather good at it.

      In normal times, he’d be our Mencken, a widely-read and quoted commentator on the follies of our age. But no, now he is a virtual leper.

      At a guess, Steyn wouldn’t lose sleep over ‘not being your man’.

  23. Jews are finding out that their open boarder obsession is not working out for them the way they imagined. Latin and Asian cultures are indifferent to Jews at best. Middle eastern and African ones are openly hostile to them. As time goes on, I expect to see them align more with white people, and sssimilate into the white population.

    • Your predication about Jews aligning with white people will come true on the same day that blacks vote Republican because Trump lowered their unemployment rate. You are overlooking the implacable tribal hostility that these groups have for whites and traditional America.

      • The black unemployment line is great for convincing skeptical white moderates. It doesn’t work with blacks because their rate is still three points ahead of the white rate, and their earnings are lower (which they mistakenly credit to discrimination). U6 unemployment is still 7%, above the 5% that is considered to be full employment.

        • Blacks could be at full employment due to GOP policies and would still never vote for a party associated with whites or traditional America.

          I agree that whites love to talk about low black unemployment rates under Trump. A friend of mine brings it up all the time, out of the blue. I quietly laugh at him for his unrequited concern for blacks.

          • A majority, no. But ~20% instead of ~10%, possibly. That’s enough to tip the balance in some Midwestern states. Some claim the real number is ~5%, so it may be just pissing up a rope.

    • Foreign Jews might live up to these expectations in small numbers, but American Jews, whose identity is almost entirely based on anti-Christianity and not being “White people,” will disappoint you.

  24. The neocons “success” in open immigration came only because it encountered no resistance from the left, and therefore no resistance from the mainstream media.

    The “success” of the freedom agenda happened despite opposition from the left, and only because the USSR collapsed, which they didn’t even see coming.

    Had the USSR held on another couple decades, and continued to support regimes hostile to NATO, who knows how things would have unfolded, but going by Iraq, Libya, and Syria, probably not too well.

    As for advancing conservatism they were a complete failure. The left only grew in power under their watch.

    • From 1990 to 2000, the white TFR went up, and in 2004 there were a number of “Bush Democrat” Hispanics. The ’08, ’12 and ’16 blowouts for the Dems with Asians would have been a surprise to an observer in 2000, Asians were the strongest GOP bloc in ’92 having no sympathy for Perot.

      Blame them for looking at the data with tinted glasses, but there were reasons in favor of their stances, at a time when rural whites were still electing a lot of Dems.

    • Now NATO will become the EU Army, protecting the EUSSR. The (((intelligence agencies))) will continue dominating both overt and covert (black) markets.

      Once the neo-bolshies have crushed and consolidated Eurabia, they will expand into Mediterranean Union.
      They will link up with Red China’s One Belt in the oilfields of Israel’s Caliphate.

      Venezuela and MesoAmerica is being prepared for a Latin Spring rush into the U.S. We will shatter and balkanize under the onslaught, ripe pickings for the emergent Eurasian Empire.

  25. Off topic:

    Does anyone else find Trump’s dodging on the tax returns question annoying? This is roughly comparable to the birth certificate Obama issue, and Trump thinks its weak to cough up the returns, given that he got Obama to cough up the long-form. But in terms of working class voters, this looks like more hypocrisy.

    I want the returns from Kushner Cos too.

    • At this point I find Trump just plain annoying in general. All talk, no action. He’s literally becoming everything he ran against.

    • IMO. Trump sees their obsession with his tax returns as giving him leverage. It’s something that they want bigly, so he’s not going to just give it to them without getting something of equal value in return.

    • The tax returns are a fall back seditious conspiracy now that Mueller failed dig up any dirt. They are just trying to give friendly state AGs a shot at prosecuting Trump (and tarring everyone near him) for tax/disclosure nonsense now that the feds blew their wad and missed. It’s the NCAA principle – make the rules so complex that anyone can get caught, given enough scrutiny. Here’s your “enough scrutiny.” Just more deep state bS to make it impossible for Trump to do anything of consequence

      • Everybody hates the IRS. “Forcing” Trump to release his returns is just reminding people how much they hate the IRS and taxes in general. Let the Democrats run on Trump’s tax returns and remind everybody their real friends are the enemies of the average voter.

    • S’okay, he’s just got the barking moonbats chasing their own tails again.

      And I would love to see the Kushner’s, too, every political player should be an open book by law. That would be the tradeoff for power.

    • Eh. The birth certificate thing largely played to Obama’s advantage by making the birthers look like kooks. Nobody care’s about Trump’s taxes.

    • Trump bloviates, and that’s always annoying. He shouldn’t dodge the tax return “issue, he should say it’s none of anyone’s business and he’s not going to provide fodder for misleading opposition research and anyone who objects — and I mean you — should get stuffed.

  26. 1) Your rejection of blank slateism descends lineally from the neocon epiphany in the ’60s. You have more in common with those guys than you think. 2) You confuse defensiveness with animosity. So what if Podhoretz is defensive. Same might be said of this article. 3) James is unreadable, as are many of the people who write about him. None of it is English.

    • Are you a glutton for punishment?

      The neocons spent decades trying to marginalize us, and not only do you defend scion Ben Shapiro, you defend the old dons.

      Sadly, your people do not grasp why the curtain fell from the Temple. You are not the chosen people, we are.

      • I would only modify that to “all nations” are the chosen people, should we choose to be. This doesn’t mean that the nations are the same, simply that salvation is available to all who accept it. This concept directly violates some of these folk’s deep belief in their specialness.

      • I always thought Episcopalians were the chosen people right up through the consecration of Gene Robinson as bishop of NH in 2003, but I’m not getting into any theological disputes on Easter Monday. As far as I’m concerned, Jews and all the other white ethnics are fungible, particularly when they inhabit cities on the East Coast. You can safely ignore Shapiro because he’s boring and spergy. I don’t ignore Podhoretz because he writes exceptionally well and he’s unusually honest. You’re obsessed.

        • No, I’m not. I’m a constant voice of moderation to the annoyance of many. I think CivNat can work if you apply Singaporean levels of authoritarianism and incorruptibility. Coming in here and defending the worst behavior from your co-ethnics ruins it. You are a strong argument in favor of the biological determinist stance that I dislike.

          Podhoretz, no better candidate for deplatforming.

          • “Defending worst behavior from your co-ethnics …” Problem is, dudesky, you don’t know how to read. RIF. Who are my co-ethnics and how much of a defense was it to point out that Shapiro apologized for his stupid remark? You’re free to reject his apology. In any case, a stupid remark isn’t “worst behavior” because we still live in a 1st Amendment country. It’s just a stupid remark. As for biological determinism, if you’re in here, you’re not in here to debate the filioque clause or theories of predestination: you’re a biological determinist.

          • In fact we do NOT still live in a First Amendment country. Wake up and smell the coffee.

        • NPod wrote well and had his lucid moments. JPod is less than half his father at best. Take off the in-group colored glasses.

      • “You are not the chosen people, we are.”

        Far, far more true than you, any of you, know right now.
        The White race and culture is the fortunate happenstance, the highest culmination yet of millions of years of unceasing Purpose.

        That includes their god, the archetype called Lord Jesus.
        As an atheist, I believe this wholeheartedly.
        I would kneel, kiss the Cross, and lift the sword should they decide to kill demons, the torturers.

        • I would kneel, kiss the Cross, and lift the sword should they decide to kill demons, the torturers.

          But would you Believe?

          I’m a Christian Ally and a proud Grundtvigian atheist myself, but our Second Renaissance must build on something other than religion.

          • To say I could Believe would be a lie. Born that way, my mind doesn’t work like that.

            Rathet than clutching at straws, I found it necessary to figure out *what* it is they are trying to describe.

            Religion is a primitive science, but still, a science, an attempt.

            Semantics is bullshit, and the pre-moderns didn’t have the technological concepts we do.
            Their tangled tapestry is like an aboriginal trying to explain an automobile engine.

          • I’m trying to to put together part of that something.
            Faith based on technical knowledge, not doubt and hope and gas.

            I found the sages can’t actually answer or explain anything.
            Why we’re here, why we suffer, what happens next. Then they tell you you can”t know either.

  27. These folks are great at Motte and Bailey tactics regarding so-called anti-semitism. I have never seen any ill feeling for Jews from Pat Buchanan. To tar him as ‘evil’ was one of the worst things the neocons ever did. Heck in my younger, more vulnerable years, they had me actually believing it without even seeing any evidence.

  28. Trump has upset the apple cart. The Deep State thought they would succeed in killing him off and restoring their preeminence/vision for remaking mankind as a hive/herd species. But they are now losing that battle as manifest in the coup failure and Mueller fiasco. Smart Jews are jumping ship and pretending to migrate to the other side. It’s an illusion. Their DNA is not wired for freedom-loving pioneer spirit. It’s no one’s fault. It’s just evolutionary history. A zebra cannot changes in stripes.

    • Its not just Jews . Jews are typically city folk and city folks regardless of race tend to bigger government as they are dependent on complexity to survive.

      This cultural clash is really about city v. country or more precisely “serfs” city folk and people dependent on complexity and the “yeomanry” people who are culturally and at least to a higher degree less dependent on that complexity

      These cultures usually are quite different but the radical differences and the amount of harm the cities are doing to the country is unprecedented and if things go hot, will lead to pretty horrible outcomes

    • When they try to jump on the ship – they should be thrown off into the water with great ceremony……………

  29. So he and his ilk helped ruin Conservatism and now wants to bury the knife in what is left of the Paleos. And yes, by calling himself one that is what he wants to accomplish. He is old though and doesn’t lead anymore. Also, most Paleos, and even little old me, are irrelevant now.

    You know, the term anti-semitism is thrown out so cavalierly now one forgets as to why it should even be a term. Lots of anti ethnic and religious feelings out there but because of the holocaust and jewish power it is supposed to mean something deep and dark.

    • I know Mr. Z. would rather put the WWII baggage aside, but the Hall of Cost is central to Jewish power. “Oh, G_d, if you White goyim organize, it automatically leads to death camps!”

      It’s why I believe it should be attacked, whatever actually happened. (I find the official story ridiculous.) Even the slightest criticisms of Jewish power become literally another Shoah. They traumatize children with the story in school and keep up the propaganda with garbage like Swindler’s List. We can’t even think straight anymore because every issue somehow has to be seen through the lens of Jewish persecution.

      • Go in to any library and see how many books there are on the Great Depression which killed an estimated 10mil and then see how many books there are on the Holocaust…It even amazed me and I have a little knowledge of what’s going on…

        • Go to any library and slip an “It’s OK to be White” bookmark in every one of those books you can find.

          • Better yet, “It’s better to be white.”

            Why stop with half-measures?

        • Just look around this country – at how many Holocaust Museums there are.

          I was in Boston last fall – there was an exhibit lining the sidewalks on the common – with large poster-sized pictures of people who supposedly perished in the “Holocaust”.

          I told the wife I was sick and tired of this stuff. It’s 2000 and freaking 18. WW2 ended in 1945. Most of the people who were there when it happened – are dead and gone. There’s 73 years between the end of the war and now. Were people in the -> US <-still having interactive exhibits of the casualties from the US Civil War right before the beginning of WW2? Were they even spending much time thinking about it any more? I felt like it was a very appropriate question to ask – seeing as how US Civil War casualties were very high – and it's something that affected THIS country. Holocaust victims came from Europe for the most part, and it was right around the time

          How much rememberance of the Armenian genocide is there in the US? How much is there even of US WW1 and WW2 or even Vietnam war dead for that matter?

          I find it odd – and actually a bit annoying that events from almost 75 years ago are constantly "remembered" – to the exclusion of actual US history.

          When I point things like this out – in a matter of fact way – I find it actually makes an impression on people. The wife in particular has taken to saying " god I'm sick of hearing of jew this and jew that constantly"

          • Goebbel’s Jewish wife was listed by Vad Yashem as “perished in the Holocaust, cause of death: Gas Chamber”, until they realized their mistake.

          • duckduckgo: “No results found for “Goebbel’s Jewish wife” “Vad Yashem” Holocaust.”

          • I don’t know how to link comments, it”s within the last week. Magda something.

            Gandy, you are a great reminder of conservative outlook, by the way.
            A valuable sounding board.

          • ” god I’m sick of hearing of jew this and jew that constantly”

            You lack of self-awareness would be astonishing if it weren’t so characteristic.

          • You mean “jew this and jew that” ISN’T what I’m hearing from you?

            Jews are living rent-free in your head.

          • No, the evidence is becoming overwhelming. The pattern is becoming clear. We can’t believe how we fell for it all for so long.

          • I will never forgive, never forget the horrors and crimes afflicted on humanity.
            Never, ever, ever, ever.

          • LOL.

            Still sticking with the reading comprehension issue I see.

            And no – Jews are not living rent free in my head.

            What they are doing however is living larger than they would otherwise by benefit of my tax dollars.

            It’s a pretty simple point to illustrate by just detailing how much money gets sent to the country of Israel – directly from the pockets of US taxpayers, even though Israel is NOT a poor country.

          • Wikipedia says almost $3.2B in US military assistance to Israel in 2017, a nice bit of change for the military-industrial complex here, but that’s not enough for many in Israel to live large on, and small beer in the US budget. No, you definitely have Jews living free between your ears, and hearing about it incessantly from you and others here is past tiresome. Get a life.

        • Ask anybody how many Americans were killed in the American War for Independence or in the War to PRevent Southern Independence or in the Great War or in Korea, etc., etc., etc.

          Then ask how many Jews died in “the Holocaust.”

          Revealing. Very.

        • Definitely made me shake my head when our own history is thrown out and someone else’s take precedent…Not really at those who do that to us but at us since we can’t get our f*¥king act together…It seems though people have to be forced to do anything either by pain or by someone or something more powerful than them…Sad That…

      • The Right Stuff guys hit on this a couple months back talking about the Beer Pong Shoah. Zoomers are rejecting the endless moralizing and obsession with their great-grandparents’ wars, to the point where they make Nazi references just to piss off the blue-noses preaching to them. “Normalizing” the Hall of Cost (in the sense of “your six million are not more important than Russia’s 20 million” etc) is a good first step to reclaiming our own history from the special people.

        • Those Beer Pong Nazis turned the bathroom shower into a GAS CHAMBER

          Pedal powered brain bashing machines in the back yard, dick-biting doggy pets, a souped up barbeque pit, an electrified conveyer belt in the GARAGE

          Spraying bug powder all over the place
          Where were the PARENTS

          Their kids are building a pedal powered brain bashing machine and they don’t even ask what it’s FOR

          • To steal a page from Kevin MacDonald, these kids have evolved emotional/moral armor against the culture of critique’s Holocaustianity meme. They’re the evolutionary step away from my generation where GAS CHAMBER had to be put in capitals because some deaths are more (((special))) than others.

    • N. Podhoritz did NOT call himself a paleoconservative, so you can drop this particular effort at mind-reading down the foot-in-mouth memory hole where it belongs.

      • Whether the paleoconservative portion of the article is correct or not ( I haven’t checked) – the most important piece of information that has shown up here is in the comments:

        ” “Well, to me,” said Poddy, “the Civil War is as remote and as irrelevant as the War of the Roses.” I realized then that he was not planning to become an “assimilated American,” to use the old-fashioned terminology; but, rather, his first loyalty would always be to Israel. Yet he and Midge stay on among us, in order to make propaganda and raise money for Israel–a country they don’t seem eager to live in. ”

        Podhoretz reveals that he doesn’t REALLY want to be one with this country. That alone is reason for expulsion. The fact that he’s a neocon should be a close second. Neoconservativism is (to paraphrase Garet Garrett:

        it took off from nothing that was implicit in the American scheme.

        I warned my “conservative” friends at least 20 years ago that all of those people calling themselves neocons should be viewed as leftist fifth columnists. When the wars came – I warned them harder. They didn’t listen. I could also see that the Neocons were hastening their own demise in the longer term.

        The worm is turning…….. finally.

        Podhoretz and his ilk are traitors to this country. They should be treated as such.

        • The article got it right, you just misread it. And persist in doing so.

          Unlike the Wars of the Roses the War of Northern Aggression was not, in fact, a civil war, so there’s that.

  30. The Neocons see America as an army and an economy and nothing more. The USA was a just a Raj, a source of money and soldiers that existed to protect the Motherland.

  31. “…but may be signaling the end of the Jewish century.”

    And it can’t come fast enough.

  32. As someone who lived through the purging of the paleocons, such as Sam Francis, Joe Sobran, Peter Brimelow and others, the death of neoconservatism brings me great joy. But somehow, it doesn’t feel like it’s dead. We still have open borders, still have high rates of legal immigration, pundits with views like Francis and Sobran are banned, troops are still in the Middle East, and free trade is still dominant. While I get a kick out of seeing Kristol and Boot ridiculed, I’ll wait on any celebration until we see real change.

    • That tribe has been playing this game for 3000 years and they are still here.

      Parasites can always find a host. This is a problem that requires agency. Lots of it.

    • It is anything but dead. Z uses this theatric description of a few nominal neocon pundits embarassing themselves to much effect, but it is all sound and no fury. The brilliance of the necon machine is that it serves the power elite and therefor needs no public base of support. It can be slightly modified and re-introduced to either party and that is precisely what is being done with both parties today. The DNC has been gaslit into supporting effectively neocon 1.0 reganism with a veil of progspeak. The GOP is being seeded with neocon 2.0 trumpism, which is the appearance of reform with as little reform as possible.

  33. One of the blind spots I see for the dissident right is it’s flat out refusal to engage in or recognize realpolitik. It’s potentially fatal and will leave the movement wide open to groups that do.

    The Iraq war and the one in Afghanistan were not about imposing democracy on cavemen.

    • I think the warmongering is a combination of things. We know guys like Bill Kristol saw it as a way to help Israel. That said, I think many of the neocons have the same weird obsession with Israel as Evangelicals. It’s not about Israel the country, but Israel the symbol. I also know many of the neocons really believed they could democratize the world. They looked at Europe and Asia and said, “If we can force democracy on those people, it can be done to the Muslims.”

      As I said in my podcast, some portion of American Jews are just nuts. They are the dominant portion, so we see it every day. The collapse of neoconservatism could signal a larger collapse of the crazy wing of the Tribe. I think if you an optimist, that would be a good result.

      • Evangelicals think they are busy ushering in the eschaton. Most cannot be educated otherwise since they read ‘Israel’ in their Bible and then see ‘Israel’ on a map and assume they’re the same thing – no amount of rational argument will work with them.

        • Mentioning that today’s neocons like Max Boot are just versions of the Pharisees gains a little traction. Evangelicals will never become anti-Semites, but they are open to criticizing those who are deceptive and disingenuous.

          • Even when you point out that Rabbinical Judaism sees itself as a direct descendant of the Pharisee sect they just put their fingers in their ears..

          • Interesting… because realizing that was kind of a turning point for me. But at the same time, I was also being exposed to a lot of Jewish religious thought straight from the horse’s mouth.

            I, myself, have a reputation for knowing my Old Testament better than most and my faith has been a hobby in theology and history since I was a kid. What I was hearing from these religious Jews was the exact opposite of what comes out of the OT. It sounded like distortion (an not of God).

            I’ve far more antipathy than I used to have.

            But I also find the attempts to usher in the eschaton as christians playing the part of Judas Iscariot – trying to rush Jesus along and force his hand in our time, not his. Ultimately, they are making a mistake.

          • “Mistake”?? Try “Blasphemy” and “heresy.” They are without excuse. The Scriptures are plain. They just don’t believe them, that’s all.

          • Exactly correct, even in the New Testament, there were “good” Jews and “bad” Jews, like some of the Pharisees, as you said.

            The insightful statement you made tells me you have an understanding of the basis of Evangelicals’ values, namely the Bible, particularly the New Testament. The New Testament is something that atheists and Jews (in some cases, the same person) will not stoop to even read, so they will always misunderstand the motives of Evangelical Christians, leaving these haters spewing nonsense like “Evangelicals want to imminatize the eschaton.”

          • “Haters”? Thanks.
            American Christianity is Millenial, the Millerite movement was national because they were poised for it. (In 1844, the End Times had arrived, people were making survival vaults and such.)

            Seventh Day Advent.
            Latter Day Saint.
            Etc etc.

          • You are seriously deceived as to who these self-styled “evangelicals” are.

          • You don’t want them to be anti-Semites, you want them to be counter Semites: Your stressing that you are against the Pharasitical harmful actions of some is the way to go,
            Always stress the actions not the people.
            I despise nominal Christians like little Linda Graham just as much as I do Boot.

          • I find the convert the evangelical problem to be a subset of the convert the cuckservative problem. The evangelical idolizes the Jews, even those Jews who are atheistic liars. The cuckservative idolizes freedum and the constitution. He is easy prey for the Judo move that claims any leftist goal like gay stuff is a pro individual rights issue and therefore a conservative value. The evangelical and cuck both reject throne and altar–they are idolaters.

          • Since the so-called “evangelicals” you mention do not believe the witness of the Scriptures, I cannot agree with your assessment that they are willing to admit the truth about deceivers anywhere or on any subject. These so-called “evangelicals” (they are nothing of the sort) “turn the Lord’s glory into shame” by “running after false gods.” Their so-called “evangelicalism” is IN FACT nothing more than grotesque superstition.

        • Most people who gush insanity like “ushering in the eschaton” have no idea what 2nd Peter 3:12 means. A minor mistranslation from the Greek has given the atheists a new way to bash Christians, it seems.

          • Yeah, you aren’t going to convince Evangelicals they are wrong if you don’t even correctly understand their beliefs about Jews. It’s not about ushering in the eschaton for more than a minuscule minority.

          • The error of most evangelicals is their acceptance of the Schofield Bible. If they don’t believe that the British and U.S. whites are descendants of the lost tribes, they at least believe the Jewish people are still the chosen ones. An old fashioned Inquisition would have been nice around the early 1900’s.

          • I have had multiple people tell me that we are living in the end times because Israel is now a country again and its up to Christians to convert the Jews so that Jesus will return. These are not just some backwoods snake handlers. One went so far as to say that God has a separate covenant for the Jews so they don’t have to follow any of Christianity. This is what happens when scripture is divorced from tradition. The orthodox and catholics have their differences but they are both right about protestantism. Our modern anti-Christian society is a direct outgrowth of Luther and Calvin.

          • Your ignorance of Luther is appalling, although everything else you say is right. Very odd. But it’s your unthinking–and uninformed–prejudice, which is understandable although not excusable. Like 90% of Americans, you know less than nothing about Luther or Lutheranism, which is properly called Evangelical-Catholicism anyway.

        • A new book published by the Evangelical-Lutheran Diocese of North America (, titled “An Introduction to the Catholic Faith,” point-blank condemns millennialism in all its forms (all bizarre superstitions); Zionism, AND so-called “Christian” Zionism.

      • Podhoretz once said that, as he first traveled to Israel, he had a sense of dread because he knew he inevitably would see it as not living up to his ideal.

        • I don’t know if this is still a thing, but when I was a young guy, Jewish parents would send their kids to Israel for a graduation gift. I knew a couple of guys who went the summer after they graduated from college. They came back as anti-Semites. It seems this is a well known phenomenon among Jewish men in America.

          • Why did they become anti-Semites? I read somewhere that a major reason why Israelis leave Israel is that they can’t stand their fellow Israelis.

          • Still is. The mostly Israeli Jews I’ve worked with all send their kids home around graduation and definitely encouraged their American Jewish colleagues to do so. I can’t speak for the boys, but I know two of their girls that couldn’t marry goys fast enough when they came home. IDF-lifer father was most upset, and mama is still kvetching 3 years after the weddings.

          • Ummm , so what you’re saying is that maybe we can keep the Jews in line – is by threatening to ship them all off to Israel?

            Sort of like how Trump is currently threatening to swamp all the sanctuary cities with illegals?

            I.E. : call their bluff……………. or: be careful what you wish for you just might get it.

      • Since most neocons are only residually religious, muh Israel occupies much of that mindspace for them, for all that Boot’s sub-tribe seems more obsessed with revenging themselves on the Cossacks than with Israel itself. Heartiste did it tongue-in-cheek, but his “worrier-warrior” piece, taking Sailer’s material to places Steve fears to tread, struck a note of truth for me. Even “based Jews” I know have a strong, unusual combination of paranoia and bellicosity. For those into “Enneagram” personality dynamics, they’re a race of “counter-phobic Sixes.”

      • The evangelicals don’t understand realpolitik either – but the Neocons do, which is why the Neocons can manipulate them.

        Nor was it warmongering. In international geopolitics, many of the players are literally mass murderers and you have to be able to treat them that way that way when you deal with them.

        What is the dissident right’s opinion on the American Empire Z? Is there one? Writing off the sandbox wars as mere jingoism is hopelessly naïve and I hope the movement is above that.

      • A close friend of mine – another Jew (and former military) and someone who left our SJW-led congregation* – was ecstatic when the Afghan pullout was announced. Or was it the Syrian pullout? Either way, they were very happy. As was I, though with some doubts.

        No, I was not obsessed with Israel’s safety per se, though that is a high concern of mine. Rather, Afghanistan is a quagmire no matter what. They rightly say “You have the clocks, we have the time”. The only way to “reform” it is to scrape it clean and start over, and at least at present no western country has that kind of will. Syria? Assad is a monster, a butcher, and no doubt deserves everything he’s got coming in the world to come. But… he’s also focused on this side of the veil, which means we have leverage. The Islamic nutjobs? They’re focused on their 72 virgins, which means they’re not controllable. Let HIM spend HIS money and blood on that, not us.

        * Our shul has a SJW for a rabbi. Alas. But since my wife’s not Jewish, she likes him. With our children being Jewish by conversion, and my efforts to raise them as Jews, I take what I can get.

        • “The only way to “reform” it is to scrape it clean and start over, and at least at present no western country has that kind of will.”

          And what, pray, makes it our business to reform them or anybody else? JUST GET OUT OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Our gov’t marched our men in; they can just march out.

          • I’m not advocating trying to reform it. Just pointing out MHO of what it would take.

            Personally, as long as we can keep them bottled up with their 7th century culture THERE… let them alone.

    • Neither Saddam Hussein nor the Iraqi people attacked the US on 911. Kicking their ass in war was hubris, not retribution or remedy. There never has been a country of Afghanistan. It is and always has been an amorphous and chaotic tribal region. We are not now and never have been fighting a war there. We are an occupation force trying to intimidate the locals into subservience. Both “wars” were a needless waste of young lives and national treasure.

      • I would add that Mubarak and the Shah of Iran were friendly to the US, Gaddafi gave up his weapons, and Assad really doesn’t affect us one way or the other. But our neocon and lefty leaders sure love to use our military, comprised mainly of the deplorables they detest, to destroy the world with their ignorance.

        • ” But our neocon and lefty leaders sure love to use our military,”

          Last time I looked it was Bush the wrinkled who attacked Iraq the first time and his shiftless witless son who perpetrated the second slaughter and that in Afghanistan and we should not forget Slick Willies crimes in Somalia, and Barry the Kenyans atrocities in Libya and Syria were relatively minor in slaying only tens of thousands not millions.
          Not a Neo-con amongst them and the self styled conservatives the biggest killers.

          • If you think the Bushes were conservative, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe start by looking up Wolfowitz, Eagleburger, Perle, Abrams, Kristol (yes, he was Quayle’s chief of staff). Cheney and Rumsfeld relied heavily on neo-conservative advisors under Bush the Dumber. Max Boot reached the height of his influence during this era. Willie and Barry are covered under “lefty leaders.” Other than that, I agree with your post.

          • bilejones: “…the self styled conservatives the biggest killers.”

            DLS: “If you think the Bushes were conservative…”

            Reading comprehension fail.

            bilejones even started his response by quoting ” But our neocon and lefty leaders sure love to use our military”, sp there’s not much excuse for failing to understand what he was refuting.

          • (((Donors))) promised HWB he could be a Rockefeller, a Roosevelt, if not a Rothschild.

            J.P. Morgan, at the end, only owned 19% of his assets.
            King Leopold ended up bankrupt.

            (On that note, it turns out the Congo was another blood libel by a (((shit-stirrer))) named Horschfeld. E.S.T.
            He claimed that 10 million, virtually the entire population of the region, not just Belgian holdings, were killed, collecting basketfuls of hands.
            An international commission found that the slaughter occurred only where the European officers were NOT present, or too few and ignored.
            The locals resumed vicious tribal warfare whenever they got the chance.)

          • OF COURSE the Bushes were/are neocons. So are Pompeo, Pence, Bolton, etc. “Neocon” doesn’t mean Jews exclusively.

        • Having been to Iran pre-revolution, albeit as a young’un, I remember it fondly. The people we met – admittedly not a random sampling of the people there – were warm, friendly, and modern (as shown in many pictures of the time). People from Iran that I meet now are, also, pretty darned secular and consistent over time in that.

          I was outraged over Carter’s stabbing the Shah in the back. The Shah was doing his best to drag his nation forward.

          What a loss.

      • You talk around the real issue. Both “wars” were murderous acts of unprovoked aggression by by vicious barbaric thugs,
        War crimes of the worst, prototypical sorts.

      • Iraq was mainly about Iran and trying to hem them in between Afghanistan and Iraq. (Stuck between Iraq and a hard place? Anyway…) Iran was (and is) mainly about Israel. I still think had Iraq gone “well”, however you choose to define it, that the next step was going to be Iran. But it turned out a bit like the Underpants Gnomes in South Park. (Phase 1: Collect Underpants. Phase 2: ? Phase 3: Profit!)

        Nobody really seemed to have thought through Phase 2.

      • Don’t look now, but it’s about the poppy fields and the product derived therefrom.

  34. I grew up in a secular world, my parents were liberal atheist and we never had any problem with Jewish people. Generally thought they were good because high IQ, got a lot done. But now it really looks to me like the Jewish people just hate the descendants of Christendom so much that they will do anything to destroy us, including destroying themselves. We’ve all heard about the Golden Age of Islam and it’s tolerant Society but that myth is spread by Jewish people because they like Islam because it refutes Christianity. Islam will say that Jesus is a prophet but they deny the resurrection and without the resurrection there is no Christianity. The Jewish people hate Jesus. First century Rome didn’t care about Christianity they just considered it a Jewish sect most of the persecution came from other Jewish people. With the destruction of the temple and the scattering of the people Christianity was allowed to grow but to this day the Jewish people hate the descendants of Christendom. It’s really ancient and tribal. And in a global representation of the adage “cutting off your nose to spite your face” I think that’s why they want to let all these Muslims in. It’s absolutely insane.

    • This is where their Samson myth comes into play. “If we pull the cathedral down on our enemies, we may also be destroyed. But it will be worth it.”

    • My company acquired an Israeli company several years ago, and I ended up spending quite a bit of time in Jerusalem working with Ashkenazi Jews. They were very smart, having built the company around their many holidays and daily prayer breaks. I estimate they worked about 6 hours per day, and maybe 200 days per year. They were extremely friendly and welcoming, and loved to talk about their faith. But wow did it shut down if I tried to talk about my Christianity. The general consensus was summed up by one employee, who said that Jesus was a hippie troublemaker who betrayed his faith.

      • That was actually one of the things that made me move away from Atheism in the first place. I looked around and saw that there were all these different arrows pointing directly at Christianity from different places in the globe and they were all held by terrible people. And I thought if this many terrible people hate the same thing there’s probably something really important there

        • “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Thank you Whitney. Same observation woke me up from my secular trance.

          • Appreciate your caution and concern but the quote was not what I live by. Look around at the secular globalist world and the strange bedfellows with whom they cohabit. See who was dancing when Notre Dame was burned. In one city the Left danced, in another city Islam danced. They use whoever brings them power.

          • Although that’s the main reason Christ taught us to love our enemies: Because they are the instruments of our destiny. OF course they define us, if only partially, but that part is hugely important.

          • How does that work? If, say, Warren Buffet, promised to give you anything you wanted for Christmas, provided you started to believe in Santa, would you be able to induce that belief in yourself?

          • Ive heard of people having a religious epiphany that changes the direction of their lives, but “Hey, those guys suck” is a new one.

        • I feel your post requires an interpreter. I’ll try to interpret this garble, feel free to correct – or maybe the 43 people that liked and therefore understood it could correct me then some questions if i may:

          – You suddenly thought about attacks on christianity?

          – The arrows u mention are symbolic attacks on Christianity by various people?

          – These people were all atheists from around the world who were all terrible people?

          – This made you disagree with a non-belief in religion? Ie. Became a believer?

          – Because it was being criticised a lot, you thought it must be good?

          Is that what you’re trying to say?

          • Good Lord. It’s a principle of reading that the reader take the writer’s words and use them to get into his thoughts–without, be it noted, putting words into the writer’s mouth, which you have done throughout your list. Read what is written and don’t add stuff. The writer’s meaning was quite clear.

        • “Any people that has been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong.” — Henry Kissinger

      • I think you’re going to have about as much luck as those few of the black community who scream at their Brothers to stop also…It’s Sad that people can’t be decent anymore…

      • Good to see. I’m another believer in “based Jews” being good for Our Thing. Please red-pill your friends and have a shitload of kids. Openly ethnocentric Jews who don’t try to sell me shit like “Judeo-Christianity” are not by definition my enemy. This has been my experience with most Right-wing Jews from Israel (of which LA has quite a few I’ve worked with). Ashkenazim seem give be the main troublemakers for both of our tribes. We can work together on that.

          • What were some of the things that woke you up and what are some of the things that hindered your progress…

          • First, read the series in my Red Pill Journey (link just above). I know it’s a cop-out, but I put a lot of effort into trying to document the whats and whys of my shifts.

            I would say the biggest things that hindered me were:

            1. Vestiges of my love for my parents. They saw me moving away from their cherished liberalism and – not quite weeping – but were very upset. They were my mom and dad… and it was hard to change while still HONORING MY MOTHER AND FATHER.

            2. My atheism. For a long, long time I was an atheist, and moved in those circles. People who are atheists are, overwhelmingly, left (not all, but most). It’s hard to tear yourself away from your support structure. Eventually I did, because I’d rather be alone but honest with myself, than lying just to have friends.

      • I am a big proponent of the ethnostate or an ethnostate for most all ethnic groups (or races, if you will).

        I am also despise NAXALT. Regression toward the mean is a stone cold female dog. Seen it too many times to discount it.

        That said, even the Austrian Corporal was prevailed upon by army officers married to women of the Tribe to leave them alone. And the Wehrmacht did the same for many tribe members who served. And I see diminishing returns and increased costs going from 90% to 99 44/100%.

        That said, I am not fully on board with Z-man’s previous podcast where it was all up to the edge cases to figure out where they fit in. I just read a paper that demonstrated that mixed-ethnicity children and spouses really take it in the face when inter-ethnic competition goes kinetic. By both sides.

        • Check out the Lowry War of 1864. Mixed-race free people were forced into dangerous labor to protect black slaves, resulting in a rebellion.

          One of those tidbits of history the left will never bring up because it upsets their narrative.

          • “to protect black slaves” is a misleading translation of “for the Confederacy”, afik.

      • Remember the Ten Tribes.
        Judah seeks to rule the rest, then by extension, the rest of us.
        1942-45 was a repeat of the Ten Lost Tribes, it’s in the manual.

        Judah’s god is not yours, nor is he ours. Each peoples have different collective oversouls- gods- that move them. Genetics is a spectrum of “frequency” sensitivity, we march to the sounds of different drummers.

        The false axiom, one line of root code that warps all above it, “there is but One god, the supreme, the creator”.

        No. That’s not how it works.
        Basing our expectations on this appeal makes us blind to other, malevolent gods…exactly as they would wish it, if they were sentient. Nature resorts to camoflage quite often.

        Most Juice are normal, but some veer or even plunge into the Infected side of their spectrum. This percentage exists in all populations, but some are more prone to the psychosis, the Infection.

    • You say “now”

      Word to the wise: until “now” becomes at least “two years ago” do the opposite of Luke 11:33 with regard to your insight, especially IRL.

    • There is a term I occasionally hear from Jewish professionals, called “servant master”. It is not something you can Google, but it appears to be a sort of an insider code phrase. The idea that the 110 IQ (((masters))) appear as servants to their intellectual and professional underlings, even as they actually function as the masters. Sort of a “pulling the wool over the eyes” of the rest of us. Part of this is the attitude that only they know the real score of how things work, but they must not let on, so they work to keep us “muppets” (to use the Goldman Sachs term) happy and unaware. (Trump has a bit of this “servant master” thing going on, personally).

      On the other side, there is the 80 IQ Muslim thing, a great tool for intimidation and getting the “gibs”, when the people involved don’t have the mental tools to otherwise compete.

      We are caught in the middle, intellectually, socially, and from a theology standpoint. I don’t know how much of this is orchestrated or planned out by others, but we in the middle end up being twisted all over the place, at war with each other, and afraid of our own shadows. A cultural version of the middle child syndrome.

    • “…the Jewish people just hate the descendants of Christendom so much that they will do anything to destroy us…”

      You seem to have lost the thread. Is or is not Norman Podhoritz part of “the Jewish people”?

      Well, to be fair, the Podhoritz interview linked to by Z is behind a paywall. So here it is, extracted:

      • There are – SADLY – Jews who harbor enormous resentment for the abuses we’ve received at the hands of Christians. Not just the Nazis, but across history.

        And, yes, in all honesty sometimes I do too. But at the same time, as one national example, America has been enormously good to Jews overall. I won the lottery by being born here… and my love for America and our unique Constitution are things that hold me back from considering Aliyah… after all, if I move to Israel, while I’d retain my American citizenship (as an escape route if needed) it would not be honorable to vote here if I lived there. (It’d be one thing if work took me there temporarily, but not in a permanent move).

        At some point guilt and grudges need to end. Jews were horrifically treated by Spain… hundreds of years ago. It’s not right to punish those alive now for crimes done then. Same for other countries.

        • Oh golly gee whiz, how awful to hear about the “abuses” you special, special people “received at the hands of Christians . . . across history.” Through no fault of your own, no doubt, because you’re special, after all, and eternal victims. And all the while you proclaim you are one of ‘us.’ – why, you even have a magapede little skullcap. How . . . quaint.

          If it’s merely muh magic constitution that prevents you from returning to your homeland, then good news! You need delay no longer. It’s a dead letter and is not regarded as sacred writ by most hard right dissidents – as a a matter of fact, it’s utterly insufficient for any ethnostate, so take it along with my best regards on your upcoming voyage home.

          • Too bad that despite his “faults” deserving your hatred he need not fear a collection of little zeros like you.

    • If you can blame 80% of your problems on 2% of the nation, you might have a scapegoat problem. Christendom had to weaken for them to have any chance of significant influence.

      • (((Who))) has the wealth, intergenerational organization, malevolent intelligence and political/social influence, and hatred of Gentiles to weaken Christendom?..

      • Onezero, Christiandom (good description, btw) did weaken due to modernity, true.

        The OT is a manual for the war.
        The NT is a manual for the peace.

        The war religion came in to exploit the place pacified and uplifted by the peace religion.

        Wreckers and saboteurs, as they or their copiers accuse everyone else. SOP for the Old World they keep alive, that we got past.

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