Happy Homelands

I was on with Frodi Midjord, RamZPaul and Tiina Wiik to discuss dissident politics on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as organizing for our future efforts. We had some technical issues with Google, so we went off-line for a while and then started over. Paul broke up the video into three parts and re-published them. The live stream service from Google seems like it has trouble every time I do one of these things. Maybe I give up some form of bad mojo that causes havoc on their servers.

I thought it was a good discussion. Frodi is a great guy, who has done great work in the Scandinavian countries. We need more sensible people out front talking about these issues. I think he made some good points, especially about people’s risk tolerance. If you think your people are worth preserving you do what it takes to accomplish it. On the other hand, I don’t think they have the challenges we have here in America with people being fired from their jobs for holding unpopular opinions. I could be wrong.

Otherwise, I think I did better on this than I normally do on these sorts of things. There is a skill to being a live streamer or a guest on these shows. I just don’t do it enough to be comfortable with it. Paul and Tiina do these shows all the time, so they make it look easy, but there is a talent to make it look natural. It’s why I have avoided getting into the video stuff to this point. I’d end up spending countless hours trying to figure out how to look normal rather than like I was making a hostage video.

Anyway, here is the show in three parts.


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  1. A couple of quick comments.

    One thing that each independent European Nationalist group has that we in America don’t, is a homogenous underlying identity. A white Swede at some level, thinks of himself as a Swede, however unfashionable it may be to do so. That identity makes them distinct from the Dutch, or a German. That is literally their ‘tribe’. In America, ‘European’ or ‘white’ isn’t a positive identity. Even you Z, make jokes about how we ‘aren’t going to be able to get rid of the Irish’.

    When a central tenet of a movement is about ‘exclusion’, jokes like that might be off putting to someone who is of Irish national heritage because they know that it may be non-europeans today, but it could just as well be the Irish who are being booted out tomorrow. The identities of America leave cultural room for a joke like yours. but as a movement grows and the mean IQ drops, some people will be taking that joke seriously. And who will sign on to a movement that is inherently designed for them to enter some lower tier?

    The other thing that liberalism has going for it is that it’s naivete about the nature of man is a natural default state for the young. Every year a few more liberals voters are created from whole cloth by 17 year olds reaching majority. Unless you can tap into such an ideological ‘default state’, any movement will be constantly playing catch up – much like traditional conservatism always has. I think we can count on liberal cynicism doing some of that for us, but I don’t think it’s enough.

    • The Irish jokes are to make a point. No one gets offended by stereotypes of various whites in America. It’s only blacks, Jews and now the newcomers that get this special protection. In other words, the morality on this issue is entirely arbitrary.

      I also think if whites in America are going to rediscover a sense of identity, they will need to embrace the dog’s breakfast of ethnicity that constitutes white in America. I’m old enough to remember when this sort of humor was common and used to lower the temperature between tribes.

      • I’m old enough to recall that as well. I’m just a year or three older than you. And I’m not throwing stones. All I’m saying is that there is a dynamic to it that I’m not sure you appreciate.

        What I’m concerned about is this. When an idea is being fostered by a small group of people, the average IQ of those people is usually quite high. I think that’s the case here. Get you, Derb, Jared, Peter B. and a few others in a room and the mean IQ will be quite high indeed. But as that group (any group) of people grows, the mean IQ will begin to fall toward a broader community average. And an idea needs to be very simple and durable for it to not be misinterpreted when that happens.

        You guys all think being Irish is plenty ‘white enough’, of course. But the central thesis is one of exclusion, so what are the odds that a subtlety that’s easy for you to see will be clear enough for a much larger (somewhat less intelligent) group to continue to see if all those less intelligent people are centered around that same idea? Will everyone think ‘Irish’ is white enough? There is plenty of precedent in living British memory to say no. (Go ask someone in Belfast.) What about the Turks? Or the Jews? (I’m pro-jew myself, but we both acknowledge that it’s a common topic of debate.)

        If you want to draw a line between ‘us’ and ‘them’ it needs to be extremely clearly defined. So clear that even someone who lacks the same wits as the originator of the idea, can keep a clear track of it. Otherwise things fracture quickly, and permanently.

        For many years I’ve been making the case that it’s behavior that’s the key issue. Was a 19th century Irishman who behaves like an Englishman English enough? In America they were. But why exactly were they a part of “us” in 19th century America when they were a part of “them” in 19th century Britain? Taking the same argument to a ridiculous extreme, if your black neighbors in Lagos today all acted like the Amish in their daily lives, would you have any of the same issues with them?

        I can appreciate and respect how some people would take Jared’s sort of view of racial homogeneity. But I would rather live in a neighborhood of east Asians who all worked, lived, and behaved essentially similar to me in all respects (ala Rosie Derbyshire), than I would a racially homogenous environment where people all looked just like me but (to borrow your example) spent all their time cooking and selling meth.

        This may be rambling a bit, but I’m not trying to undermine anything here. Just offering another perspective on it. One that comes from someone who feels like sooner or later he’ll find himself on the outside of whomever ‘we’ turns out to be. In Europe they have some very clear lines to stick to. And for better or worse, I think we need to define those lines as well.

        • That is a fair question. Brett Stevens is a good example of someone who has a different view of who is (or isn’t) “white” and draws a rather strict line, while professing to be on the side of
          restoring “Western Civilization.” He seems to have odd ideas of what WC is or who created it – I don’t think he includes southern Europeans as “white”, yet you could hardly claim WC could have existed without the Greeks, Italians and Spanish and Portuguese (the latter two being the most geographically Western part of Europe). And what about the Bavarians and Polish – without the hussars, we’d have been speaking Arabic for centuries already.

  2. Pol Pot’s revolutionaries giving speeches at craters reminds me of a couple dissidents at a norimiecon site I read. Every time an anti-white story happens like Covington or Smollett they are there reminding everyone that our rulers hate whites.

  3. Please listen to Frodi at about 18:00 minutes into the first video. He speaks correctly, I think, to the point about “going underground” in the face of the assault on truth and speakers thereof by the left.

    He contends that we are winning and that we have them on the ropes, that these deplatforming and other measures are acts of desperation on the part of our enemies. They have shown their intent and nature and folks a re waking up to the threat they pose. Now is not the time to disappear but to turn up the pressure. Drive them to de-legitimize themselves evermore.

    His recollection of a conversation with another resister is bedrock morality: We cannot protect our families if we are not men, and men do not cower from the truth, nor from threats from our enemies. If we do not achieve ethnostates for our children they will have no future. Listen again, as my paraphrasing does him but pale justice.

    The only choice to be made here is between courage and cowardice, between the future and annihilation.

    Men have been dying for the future of their children for all time.

    • I liked that answer from Frodi. he changed my mind a bit. My caveat is that we should always make clear to people the risks of getting into this sort of politics. Good leaders don’t volunteer their men for suicide missions.

  4. Something I’d suggest doing would be to join a DSA organization if possible, to learn their superior organizing methods. On college campuses, they are far and above the most popular organization while TurningPoint sputters. If you’ve ever been publicly identified as being right-wing, obviously infiltration won’t work. Their model of dues-paying membership and local chapters stands in vast contrast to the failed sundry Tea Party orgs that showed up a decade ago.

  5. Another perspective. Perhaps the house of cards will fall down before a rational repair movement can come up to speed and reverse course. Perhaps a rapid collapse unexpectedly occurs after decades of slow decline. Perhaps social chaos ensues and government is powerless to remedy the situation, or alternately, they make everything even worse as a result of heavy-handed reaction. Perhaps survivability once again becomes local, immediate, and founded upon personal wits and strength. Perhaps this results in a better outcome than either merging with or isolating from the parasites.

  6. Speaking of lunatics in the movement, whats up with paddy on ramzpaul? This person has always got some bizarre rant on catholicism going on every single paul show. I guess he has to read them because she/he actually donates to the show via superchat. It’s bizarre.

  7. Re. Zman’s comment on Happy Homelands that the current (perennial?) conservative-progressive conflict was earlier played out in both the English and the American civil wars. Woodley of Menie opines (here, starting at 1:20:00, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcJYJNTvRTA ) that the English civil war was an ethnic war between haplogroups I1 (East-Anglian Vikings) and R1b (Celts), with victory going to the former. A couple of centuries beforehand the Wars of the Roses took place; they were a kind of rehearsal, although the result was different because the Lancastrian Celts beat the Yorkist Norsemen. The conflict was enacted for a third time in the American civil war between the Puritan egalitarian North and the Catholic monarchist South, honours again going to the northerners.

    • Good post. I’ve read elsewhere that similar thinks went on in France between the Celtic Gauls and the Franks. Duke Odo(Gaul-Toulouse) did battle with Charles Martel(Frank-Tours)until they were both forced to unite in dealing with the Muzzies.

      • My optimistic hope for the result of the next enactment of this conflict is that haplogroups I1 and R1b will reconcile and unite against haplogroup J1 and its miscellaneous mercenaries.

  8. Frodi is right — we definitely need a strong lobby to force change. The only thing our federal government responds to are lobbyists and their money, the lifeblood of corrupt Washington, DC. The lobbyists constantly woo our Congress and various institutions to fashion legislation and policies that serve their particular special interests. The insurance lobby is strong in DC, and they make sure the Congress embraces keeping the unneeded middlemen in American “health care.” The NRA represents well their members and have pretty good success in protecting 2nd Amendment gun rights, no small feat. We all know guns would be banned by now if not for the NRA. The blacks have their lobby groups, as do the latinos, the asians, the muslims, etc. Everyone is represented except for the white people, who, let’s face it, provide the revenue for most of the benefits that all these other interest groups receive, and to our white people’s detriment.

    We very badly need a white lobby, a strong organization with membership fees paying for org leaders who are intelligent and persuasive in getting our agenda implemented. (A couple of experienced lobbyists with excellent success records should be hired as they know the ropes and have the contacts.) Our membership fees would also financially take care of these brave leaders who surely will face great public adversity from our controlled media and otherwise lose their livelihoods. Though much of the muted public may have sympathy with the leaders, we all see how the media is a powerful tool in oppressing any dissident voices and ruining the lives of those who dare speak out.

    The ‘small groups of violent men’ approach may succeed in scaring normies who don’t pay close attention to politics or demographics or anything outside the narrative fed to them. The powers that be would no doubt *delight* in lucrative skirmishes with bands of violent white men, who the establishment will squash like gnats (think armed drones). They may choose to prolong the useless conflicts because they’ll use the conflict for a massive new propaganda campaign and MSM news outlets love to draw out affairs with a few drips of information daily on situations that are maddeningly drawn out for years, like what we’re witnessing now. In this massive new propaganda campaign, the violent bands of white men are the villains, further scaring and dividing the public. The elite will also prolong any conflict because the establishment *loves* enriching the arms industry (another powerful lobby).

    If small groups of violent white men do arise of their own accord, the dissident right should treat them the same way as the Democrats treat Antifa, which is the Democrats act like they never heard of them, are unaware of their violent actions, and have nothing to do with them. And so in this way Antifa is permitted to frighten people and insist on their message being the correct one. Antifa receives tacit approval from establishment in that they are never demonized, their violence and lawlessness is downplayed by the complicit media, and their gatherings are never raided or disbanded by the authorities.

    A really simple message for our organization to start rallying people with is: It is time for an immigration moratorium in the U.S. until everyone here is assimilated and then the issue can be reviewed again at some point in the future. The first easy step in this moratorium is turning off the money spigots. Provide plane tickets back to their homelands to all those who can not support themselves in the U.S. without taxpayers’ money. I bet a surprising number of immigrants already here would be in favor of pulling up the ladder behind them, since they understand how damaging the competition from cheap labor is. Many Americans can get behind the simple idea of an immigration moratorium. If we can show people something other than the narrative’s immigrant sob stories, most people will probably get behind a measure that makes their country safer, saves tax dollars, and bolsters jobs and wages for the natives.

    • The NRA is the closest thing we have to a white lobby with some numbers and teeth, that is largely considered acceptable by the normies. Seems a good place to devote resources.

      • We should build a white lobby similar to how NRA is structured and make them a close ally. Other allies to pursue right off the bat in forming a broad coalition would be veterans organizations, targeting old and young soldiers, and traditionalists of all stripes, the masons, Knights of Columbus, etc. Police, firemen, churches.

  9. Frodi had a good idea. The ADL has tried to crush opposition to the Jews, CAIR is trying to do the same for the Muslims. Much of the progressive agenda has been supported by the ACLU for years. The Right needs an organization to do what the lawyer did for the Covington kid, sue the transgressions against them.

    • Such organizations do exist, Alliance Defending Freedom is one of them. But the risk they take is that law schools and the profession are overwhelmingly leftist, and anyone that associates with SPLC-tagged ADF is putting a blacklist on their career. To a center-right law student with a six figure debt load, not gonna happen.

      Being in the minority, there is a greater cohesion between various Jewish and Muslim sects. Among Christians, liberal Mainline Protestants view conservative Christians of various sects as the threat. The media eagerly promotes fem-pastor denominations as a way to promote division within Christianity.

    • Your statement assumes the existence of a fair and impartial judiciary, which sadly is no longer the case.

  10. “On the other hand, I don’t think they have the challenges we have here in America with people being fired from their jobs for holding unpopular opinions. I could be wrong.”

    It varies from country to country, obviously better in Eastern Europe, Denmark probably better too compared to the US. But in Sweden, Germany and the UK whole different story. For starters no European country has the equivalent of the 1st amendment. That means you can make laws against hate speech and ‘racism’ and what have you. If things are bad in the USA thank your founders for the 1st A. They can still do all sorts of devious stuff but the absence of it makes it far easier to be a zealous SJW prosecutor in Britain or Germany compared to the US. And they do all that sort of lawfare stuff too. Maybe less social media banning simply b/c fb and such are not as aware of Swedish nationalists compared to Americans. And you can most certainly lose your job for being ‘right wing’ in Europe.

    • You have a point but I would say that as a European the explicit anti white racism in the US is on another level compared to any European country.
      Affirmative action ,again, is only really starting in western Europe,even in countries you probably consider to be “lost”.

      Maybe it’s because I’m a biased European but I don’t think speech protection or gun ownership are that important in comparison with the health of the general culture or the demography-if they were the US would not be as far down the road as it is.

  11. The Norwegians involved in this thing seem more based than their neighbors.

    Obviously there are many answers to the Organization Question.

    Perhaps one answer is simply beginning to influence existing organizations, which are being held together by mostly very old people who are delighted whenever a smart young person shows up. Like anyone else, they want to see whatever they have spent their lives on outlive them. And their fresh-faced young successors have instant access to goodwill from the sorts of elderly ladies who exert more control over their communities than is often realized.

    The Sons of Norway might be a good place to meet people who are open to new ideas:

    “Gosh, Ole. Did you see they are doing back in the Old Country?”

    A fledgling group is easy to crush in the nest. But a large and long-established group that suddenly pops up on the radar of the Thought Police? Think Elks, Eagles, Moose, Lions, Knights of Columbus, American Legion, VFW, and so on.

    • I’ve thought of this too. Around here, the Masons are desperate for new members. They run TV ads begging people to join. I would imagine the same is true of the Knights of Columbus. At the minimum, if /ourguys/ start joining these groups, they will be exposed to how they have managed to maintain themselves for generations.

  12. OMG!!! Don’t fight back! Don’t rebel! Don’t resist! That would be BAD. They might take ma’ bass boat! I might lose my government check! Thank you Mr. and Ms. Federal Agent. We have more than enough bodies to wipe the combined forces of all the world’s governments from the earth. Federal shills and gutless nothings who have already surrendered there homelands to subhuman rape gangs have nothing of value to say in this matter. What we need more than anything are small groups of violent men who are ready and willing to kill for liberty. All others need not apply. You will never fight. You haven’t the guts for it. Once the ball starts we will find our Lee or our Washington. But fools who wait for “someday” will still be waiting as they get off the trains and start that last walk to the gas. Worthless cowards. How little value you place on your own freedom. May the chains of your slavery set lightly on your necks.

    • It’s easy to demand others sacrifice for your cause. The hard thing to do is be frank with them, before they get into something that may cost them their life.

      • None of us need say “screw the optics, I’m going in.” The enemy is more than happy to do that for us. If “Nameless” Christchurch shooters didn’t exist, for example, the opposition would create them. That is why this fear of optics is another conservantine no-winner that holds to their rules. The fact is the enemy will tarnish our image. We need to figure out what to do about it.

    • Not disagreeing with you, but as someone who rather impulsively followed your logic to its ultimate conclusion I can tell you that is did NOT end well for me. I also find it infuriating how pussified and risk aversive the average western ‘man’ has become these days.

      The primary problem is, you either have to move en masse making it impossible for the politburo to start the round ups or you must simply be more subtle and infiltrate sort of like what Z is describing elsewhere here. The ‘direct approach’ is a one way ticket to either non-personification (my case) or death / imprisonment. There is no middle ground.

      I was –erased– for daring to give it as good as I was getting it from an aggrieved minority. My ability to earn destroyed and I narrowly avoided death by cop and then a lengthy jail term. Asymmetric force that you cannot fathom was deployed against me sort of like the Roger Stone situation in that I had no priors w/ any weapon charges, violence, etc. Merely being a white firearms owner put me into a classification of requiring a SWAT raid on my home / person.

      So think long & hard before dispatching this type of advice in public forums. Zman’s assessment is correct, be damn sure you understand what you are signing up for, I certainly did not…

      • @Apex
        Glad you’re still with us Brother…Your situation is why I stress the building of Community before going to War… Preparing the battlefield will determine whether you win or die… Problem is people are still to comfortable to risk even their bread and circuses let alone their life and livelihood…

      • I agree w Apex Predator, and basically also w Z. If you dont have a chance in an open fight or open forum, insisting on doing it this way is a sure way to lose.

        The other day I saw a drone video of a drone w night vision creaming a bunch of ISIS terrorists. In that situation ‘the good guys’ had the drones. But tactically I saw a weapons system, the drone, that made the 2A look, well, pretty impotent. You cant fight drones that hunt at night, from a distance, w your AR15, or your shotgun or glock or whatever. That’s a pretty demoralizing system to be up against if you only have your 2A small arms.

        In this situation, where you just dont have the strength to fight openly, and certainly not fight physically openly, you gotta go covert. It may not be the ‘Pattoneaque glory’ way to go. But it’s what the underdog has to do.

        But I also think we have to do open political ‘fighting’. I think both sides will be needed. Finding out how it should really be done will have to be worked out as we go I think.

        • “. In that situation ‘the good guys’ had the drones.”


          I thought it was the US and their tools.

          • That’s a digression from my point. But however the hell ISIS came about, anyone who kills these [bleep] is defined as ‘the good guy’ in that exchange.

  13. I listened in real time, including the break for the Google screw up. I thought it was productive and I agree with your view.

    Something Europeans have difficulty grasping is the sheer size of the population here. A few years ago I looked at various European countries to compare with South Carolina, in which I both live and am native. My state has about the same population and land area as the Republic of Ireland and Scotland separately. South Carolina has a slightly lower population than Sweden, lower than Finland, but not by much. Really, only France, Germany, and England minus Scotland are substantially larger. That’s just considering South Carolina, a rather small state.

    • Europe has a larger population than the US.There are sub-national municipalities in Europe with larger economes and populations than some of your states.

    • Exactly, we need to understand war has been declared on us. The opposition has been telling us for years they want us dead and gone and are doing everything to usher that fate in.

      Free speech doesn’t really exist anymore except among known associates and often not in public at all. If you’re caught saying the wrong things in public the police won’t arrest you but you’ll be doxed and probably lose your job. Economic destruction is the West’s version’s of the gulag.

      I can’t see anyone wanting to be a visible alt-right leader unless they have don’t need to work and support system to weather being doxed and all that comes along with it.

      • The one thing that is true is all the prior efforts to halt the Progressive destruction of the West have failed. Therefore, repeating the tactics of past failures will only guarantee future failure. Buckley conservatives, paleocons, nationalists, populists and various flavors of white nationalists have all tried to get on the Progressive stage and beat the Left on their turf by their rules. That has not worked.

        It’s why I think a different model is in order. We cannot think of ourselves as loyal opposition. That’s the mindset of reformers. The time for reform has passed.

        • It’s why I think a different model is in order.
          Ok so what is that model that can draw the most in…If we focus on drawing in the minority then we will always be the minority…If we don’t have an appeal then we won’t get who we need to make it work…

          • I think any dissident movement must focus on presenting a respectable face to a skeptical public. That’s always been an issue with the white nationalists, who go hard and self-ghettoize. No middle-class person is joining up with people who have face tattoos and a head full of crazy ideas.

            That said, it’s not really about recruiting people to the cause, so much as normalizing the cause. That’s why Frodi was arguing and I agree with him. I just think here in the US we have to learn to do this in the shadows, at least for now. The Left will run out of steam and we will have another interregnum, like the 80’s and 90’s. We need to be prepared to then come out of the shadows with a deep set of local organizations.

          • Well I don’t know Brother I think if we stay in the shadows then we will come out to ruins but maybe that’s just how it has to play out because of what we are made out of… Would be nice though for people to see an organization that had their back if they did step off the progressive/communist path of death…I think more would if that was the case…
            I think any dissident movement must focus on presenting a respectable face to a skeptical public.
            Yea I’ve been saying that for some time now perception of us is critical…

          • The drawback is that any alternative political movement that attracts or supports whites will be targeted by both parties, the MSM and the Feds.

            It can be done, but I think it would have to clothed as a religious order.church of sorts to keep the Feds off it.

          • Lobbying is the kind of shadow activity our people should pursue, via a strong white lobbying organization supported by member fees.

          • What Frodi said about ‘normalizing the cause’ struck home. Tying that to your experience of the normal guys whose jaws tightened at the instances of ‘they had their bank accounts closed/taken away’. The ‘way’? to throw sand in the gears is through common sense Truths. Instance by Instance. Point out the Vile Draconian Methods of the PC cultists. The Seedy Corporate Underbelly of the HR cat ladies and self-appointed/ self Anointed Virtue Signalers. Normies know what ‘not having a bank account’ would do to your daily life. Notre Dame. You don’t have to ‘prove’ arson or conspiracy to show Incompetence. In safe guarding a World Treasure & in the BS response of “NO Arson” before the ruins were cool enough to um actually investigate Arson. We can state facts. Common Sense (what a subversive act!) With a bit of Humor. That rings true to the bone. To the core. Why Don’t All Lives Matter? Black Lives Matter. Which Ones? Why Isn’t it OK to be White? My Grandkids are white…
            IF such Common Sense Ideas/facts start showing up in Corporate Training Rooms. Meetings to ‘define’ today’s ‘trooths’… Pick away. Nibble. Point the incurious mind at a glaring contradiction. Let it sink in… We need to position ourselves in the shadows… I like that. A restaurant. A ‘civic’ group. A benign gathering spot. Why I know old Bob from down at the Knights Of C. The Hospital Charity. The whatever is ‘normal’ in your community. Hide in Plain Sight. Let someone else, Something Else, attract the lime light…

          • Why has the respectable Jared Taylor not been more successful? Do you believe he may be more successful in the future? (I love Jared Taylor like I love my father.)

            I’ve met lots of young guys who were persuaded by Anglin, not Taylor. Of couse, young guys are poor.

          • Young guys wouldn’t have to be poor if they wanted to work…My trade is wide open right now for jobs and over half of the workforce is going to be retiring in the next 5 years and we can’t get good help because no one wants to work anymore…I’m on track for 300k this year and I’m one of the lower ones because I like my time off to much…Some guys are grossing over 400k but they don’t have much of a life other than work…

          • Lineman, I’m going to assume you work with your hands and are a Boomer.

            What your generation doesn’t get is that we younger folks didn’t have dads around to teach us to work with our hands and give us the skills that make quality tradesmen.

            It’s hard to aspire to a career in carpentry when no one ever taught you how to drive a nail.

          • I work with my hands but I’m a GenX and it doesn’t matter what your dad did or didn’t teach you…You can learn on the job if you want to work…

          • Yea I’m a powerlineman and depends if you want to go the line school route or dive right in and become a groundman and then work your way up the ranks…It depends on where your at and if you want to stay there or travel like I did starting out…

          • Taylor is a intellectual, not a populist. Guys like him don’t cut it in reaching out. You have a limited window in which to reach people or they tune you out. Learn PR.

            Look at Trump’s stairway speech. That’s a classic on how to reach white people.

            We need a Thomas Paine who can put out pamphlets aimed at blue collar and middle-class normies in flyover country. Short informative videos will help a lot. But I expect that communication method to be closed off quite soon. We may end up having to put them on memory sticks.

            I wouldn’t even waste time with the six figure set. They are too vested in the status quo. Politically whites in this category tend to be raging Leftoids. Look at Trump voters – he got very few in this income category. They are not our friends.

          • If you present a respectable face, the libtard commiedems will find a way to lie about it, turn it around, and get the oath violators to come after you. Invisibility, stealth, out of view may be the way to gain foot holds, and build like minded, non necessarily geographic enclaves.

          • “The Left will run out of steam and we will have another interregnum, like the 80’s and 90’s.”

            I’ll be in my eighties by then, but if I’m still senescent, I’ll be with you.

        • Agreed. It requires an insurrectionist mindset, not an oppositional one. Plenty of analogies have been made to the Viet Cong or the IRA but I think that is mistaken too, for many reasons. A better analogy may be early Christians in the Roman Empire. They brought it down eventually.

  14. Great talk Zman, I am glad you are doing more of these appearances. My elevator pitch is ripped off directly from a gab comment of yours; “The great chain of causation is Biology->Culture->Institutions->Politics->Economics. If you get the biology wrong, everything else fails.”

    • I’ll see a Cavalier or Brittany Spaniel (Setter) to your gas-bag pug any day, good sir!

  15. Listening to Z on RamZPaul. Great stuff!
    It’s not going to do much good for people to lose their livelihood, even get killed over this. We don’t have the numbers yet to play Whak-A-Mole, but they are coming. If one of us gets sacrificed, it won’t be covered on the MSN. An early sacrifice may be useless….. at this point. Let’s go underground. Sprinkle those seeds like I did with the old Mormon gal. Aborting your 1 year old and Reparations Red Pilled her. Perfect opportunity and dumped a lawn spreader of seeds. This is rolling. As was pointed out, the burning of Notre Dame alone Red Pilled a ton of people. The growing craziness insanity of the left is red pilling people. We are affecting the Red Pill change. Critical mass will be reached. Trust that you will see the opportunities and the next step and the next step. The future becomes the present and shows you where to step. This is only the beginning. “Slowly exhaust the occupier.”

    • “Slowly exhaust the occupier.”

      Yes, or starve the parasites.

      Support the official economy as little as possible. Work under the table when possible. Barter-exchange services (e.g. I’ll fix your plumbing if you tutor my kid in math, etc.) Shop at flea markets or garage sales, turn cash into assets instead of bank accounts. Explore living options is foreign lands. Etc. Etc. Etc.

      Think Soviet-occupied Poland in the 70s and 80s.

    • One big problem we face is how many of us actually are there? A few tens of millions? More? How many are explicit supporters but keep it hidden?

      2016 Trump was implicitly campaigning as the white warlord. He won a majority of the white votes. How deep does that sentiment run in those voters? From the point of view of group biology probably pretty deeply.

      You don’t necessarily have to be a dissident to be a white nationalist. Being a nationalist is simply being normal.

      Do we actually need to red pill everyone or do we need clear lines of communication to get explicit and implicit nationalists organized?

      Our enemies corrupt our message but they don’t or can’t stop it…but any move to organize gets nuked, even retroactively.

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