Woke Justice

Usually, when people think of corruption, they imagine government officials taking bribes, selling access or self-dealing at the expense of the people. It is the politician doing favors for someone, who is secretly giving the politician money. It’s not that the act of taking cash for access, for example, is illegal. It is that this sort of self-dealing happens outside of public view. The constituents don’t know that their representative is taking bribes or cutting secret deals at their expense.

That’s why people take offense at this sort of corruption. It makes a mockery of the whole democratic process. The point of representative self-government is for the people to select representatives, who will speak for them. Those representatives then populate government with people, who have the duty to carry out government functions for the good of the people. If the representatives or bureaucrats are taking bribes and selling favors, it undermines the point of the democratic system.

This sort of corruption, regardless of scale, is petty corruption. The people doing it acknowledge the reason for the political order and they accept that their actions are in violation of that order. They know they are violating the trust placed in them by their fellow citizens. They are simply motivated by the same things that are always behind these sorts of personal failures. They either give in to temptation or they are of low character. Petty corruption is a part of the human condition.

There is another sort of corruption that is far worse. This is when the people in positions of authority no longer respect the spirit of the law. They see the law as nothing but an obstacle course, which they must navigate in order to get what they want. Whether it is the process or the limits, the law is just a puzzle they must defeat. This sort of corruption is a rejection of the spirit of the law and the process created to write and execute the laws. This is the corruption we see in the courts.

There can be no reading of court precedents that would lead this judge to rule that long guns are not protected by the Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court has made that clear and legal scholars agree about the intent of the Second Amendment. This women does not care about the law or the spirit of the law. She is a political fanatic, who sees the law and the political system as obstacles. She stands in opposition to the political order, yet she is allowed to serve as a judge, rotting the system from the inside.

Throughout the system, we see judges make rulings that fly in the face of black letter law and prior precedents. It’s become such a common occurrence, it is just assumed that every consequential case will end up in the Supreme Court, as no one respects the rulings of lower courts. The Ninth Circuit, for example, has been a punchline for decades, because that court is stocked with fanatics and imbeciles, unable to perform their basic duties. All of its rulings are assumed to be flawed.

This situation with the federal courts has become particularly acute after Trump won the 2016 election. No matter what the administration does, a federal judge somewhere rules it is unconstitutional. The reasoning is often so bizarre, it suggests they are intentionally mocking the spirit of the law. These judges are trying to discredit the basis of the system that allows them to be judges. The court no longer respects the spirit of the laws or the political system that creates them

Most Americans, using the old definition of the term, still see the courts as the backstop for democracy. While the courts often make mistakes or give in to the fads of the day, the courts are still seen as the safety valve. It’s why legacy Americans still talk about rights and the rule of law. Despite what they see on their televisions every day, they still think the people on the bench respect the spirit of the constitutional system. That is no longer the case, as the courts are thoroughly and irredeemably corrupt.

Of course, the problem with the courts did not happen overnight. The new elite that coalesced in the middle of the last century lacked an historical attachment to the Anglo-Saxon form of jurisprudence. Instead, they either explicitly rejected that as bourgeois, and therefore illegitimate. Or, they came from a different legal tradition in which judges made and interpreted the law. Either way, the new elite that formed after the war was at odds with the spirit of the American legal and political system.

This corruption became clear in cases like Griswold v. Connecticut and more famously in Roe v. Wade. In both cases, the courts manufactured new law, based in nothing but the whims of the court, but also corrupted the very basis of the legal system. Ever since, the courts have been the most important branch of government. The political class now fights for the power to stock the courts with people, who promise to pervert the law in favor of their side at the expense of the other.

We have reached the point now where the judges no longer feel that have any need to respect the spirit of the laws and the system that created them. Every case that goes to the Supreme Court has four votes for or against it, regardless of the issue. The four Progressive fanatics are so predictable, it is just assumed they will rule in favor of their tribe’s wishes. The only question is which “conservative” judge will be selected to fink on his team and side with the orientalists on the bench.

Now we see that the lower courts are in full revolt. U.S. District Judge Josephine Staton, the one who ruled that long guns are not protected by the Second Amendment, no longer cares about the law. She is fully woke, by which is meant fully politicized. She has no respect for the law or the process that form and uphold the law. She and her fellows on the bench are in full spiritual revolt against the system that makes it possible for her to be a federal judge. She is the face of spiritual corruption.

Petty corruption, like a judge taking a bribe, is no threat to the system. A crooked judge can be exposed and his punishment can serve as a reinforcement of the spirit behind the system. Every system needs a rule breaker once in a while to test the resolve and be an example to everyone. The corruption we see today is a sign that the system has broken down completely. Our elites no longer have any respect for the spirit of the law or the intellectual traditions that are supposedly its foundation.

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260 thoughts on “Woke Justice

  1. Note to posterity: If you decide to have another try at representative government with a formal Constitution, you need to establish certain rules as absolute. E.g. “marriage is between a man and a woman”, “free love is not a right”, “all men have the right to own and carry guns” (whether or not they are members of a “well-ordered militia”), “women can’t vote”, etc. Furthermore, key points need to be underlined with, “If any judge discovers an exception to this rule, his or her life is forfeit. Whosoever maims or kills said judge has committed no crime.”

    Truth is eternal, but every era has its own set of fashionable falsehoods. Thus will wise men writing a Constitution in the 22nd century armor it well against the insanity of the 21st, but be hard-pressed to anticipate the perversions of the 24th.

    • You left out the issues of race and tribalism that will sabotage any constitutional republic if not addressed explicitly. If you don’t address these issues, there won’t be enough people around to enforce your absolute rules.

      • All republics suffer the temptation to expand the franchise, as it is hoped that the new voters will reward the party that made them voters. One remedy for this is the Prussian system of sorting voters into upper, middle, and lower classes such that each class provides 1/3 of total tax revenue, and giving each class equal representation in government, with no representation for people who don’t pay taxes. If Warren Buffet pays 1/3 of all tax revenue in Nebraska, he gets to hand-pick 1/3 of Nebraska’s allotted representatives.

        Government employees and contractors don’t pay taxes, they receive taxes, and they don’t need representation in government because they *are* government. People who make goods for the government shall not by considered government if they sell the same goods (e.g. guns) to the general public.

        It’s more complicated in places that, unlike 19th-century Prussia, have multiple ethnic groups capable of paying taxes. Perhaps the Chinese, Indians, and Jews should be allowed to elect their own governments that negotiate with the white government as to where they will be allowed to reside and what professions will be open to them (e.g. let Jews be doctors, dentists, and jewelers, but keep them out of media and education). Multi-ethnic republics have always been unstable and short-lived.

        • You’re avoiding the obvious issue of race. What if non-whites are significantly more tribal and stupid? Do you want to allow them to immigrate and vote like non-whites?

          Sure government employees are parasites. But they are not in the same cognitive category as blacks and Amerindians. C’mon.

          Why are you working so hard to allow blacks and Amerindians to have a vote that counts as much as yours?

          • Ah yes, race..race..race. I don’t mind a boot on my face forever as long as it is a white man’s boot, this thinking by the alt-white is why it will never be significant or relevant.

            Majority of non-whites are leftard citizen of the world types but….majority of the leftard citizen of the world types are white. No amount of screeching by the race obsessed booger sniffers is going to change this.

  2. John Adams, George Washington and others noted that without virtue America could not succeed.

    • Wan Wei Lin said: “John Adams, George Washington and others noted that without virtue America could not succeed.” Indeed. A Constitutional Republic can provide a place where liberty is safeguarded. But the Constitution can’t guide you in what manner you should live out your liberty.

  3. Z Man said: “We have reached the point now where the judges no longer feel that have any need to respect the spirit of the laws and the system that created them. Every case that goes to the Supreme Court has four votes for or against it, regardless of the issue. The four Progressive fanatics are so predictable, it is just assumed they will rule in favor of their tribe’s wishes. The only question is which “conservative” judge will be selected to fink on his team and side with the orientalists on the bench.”
    Nicolás Gómez Dávila said: “To reform society through laws is the dream of the incautious citizen and the discreet preamble to every tyranny.
    Law is the juridical form of custom or the trampling of liberty.”
    He also said: “Law is the easiest method of exercising tyranny.”
    Here’s a few words on this subject by Thomas Jefferson.
    Here’s an artical on ” judicial tyranny.” On a website called ” News Target.”

  4. Listening to the Ben Shapiro show, three things struck me: 1) he is an outright enemy, not just a cuck; 2) I know I shouldn’t be but I am amazed at how coordinated the “media” is with this white supremacist garbage, hot take: this is going to backfire big time; and 3) this is not going to hold for much longer. The mask has dropped, it used to be that the left would hint at things, etc., but they’ve really lost it. There are no pretenses anymore. If you support Trump you must be “eradicated” per a CNN guy on Twitter. It’s actually kind of scary to see this happen so fast. That’s been the oligarchs major problem. They’ve moved way too fast too harshly left. It has backfired in Europe and it’s going to backfire in a big way here. Just wait until people actually start reading the facts for once, the entire 20th century has been one big lie from start to finish…

  5. America 1620: a gigantic place there for the taking.
    America 2020: a gigantic place there for the taking.
    America 2420: a gigantic place where white people on reservations own casinos and sell tax-free cigarettes.

    The Iroquois pulled it off, why not us?

    • That’s the cowards out. It would be better to scorch the earth , render FUSA uninhabitable for a thousand years and die to a man than to die like that , drunk drugged and stuck in crap land lorded over by Africans

      Don’t run, don’t cuck, get hard, get good and for god sake get organized and take back what is yours

      It’s far from insurmountable if you know what you want

      If you don’t have a specific list of grievances and solutions as to why your guys can do better start there

      • Comfortability factor is still to high Brother for people to get their act together and start working towards a goal…Bread and Circuses still rule the day…

        • I can’t really blame anyone for that. The modern level of prosperity is a gilded cage and a lot of people even on our side don’t have future descendants to fight for or really any idea what kind of alternative they want anyway.

          Its very hard to sell “make divorce harder, ban porn, dry up the drug supply, control imports.” to people unless they can see that these actions would make for meaningful improvements in their life

          Of the issues that can get people fired up there is abortion, guns and to a lesser degree immigration. IMO anyway the last ought to be job one, guns job 2 and abortion? Well,it’s a religious issue and not amenable to rational discussion.

          Our situation is also complicated by the fact the US isn’t as religious as it once was . We are far more religious than say Sweden but even among the broader Right , religion is far from a major thing.or a common language

          I’m not religious at all for example and my world view isn’t Christian. I’m hardly likely to fight for the Deus Vult crowd, it’s not in my interest

          Trying to put together a Post Christian USA would be damned hard since Post Christians mostly are simply not religious and lack the religious impulse to get ‘er done

          Of those that do , they are uniformly Leftists which makes things harder still

          In the end, the system isn’t ready to change anyway. Its eroding at a terrifying rate but as Adam Smith once said “There is plenty of ruin in a nation.”

          So best to get good, get hard , get equipped get ready and most importantly get friends . It’s gonna be a wild ride

  6. Patrick Crusius Manifesto: The Inconvenient Truth (an excerpt):

    About Me
    In general, I support the Christchurch shooter and his manifesto. This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion. Some people will think this statement is hypocritical because of the nearly complete ethnic and cultural destruction brought to the Native Americans by our European ancestors, but this just reinforces my point. The natives didn’t take the invasion of Europeans seriously, and now what’s left is just a shadow of what was. My motives for this attack are not at all personal. Actually the Hispanic community was not my target before I read The Great Replacement….

    Political Reasons
    In short, America is rotting from the inside out, and peaceful means to stop this seem to be nearly impossible. The inconvenient truth is that our leaders, both Democrat AND Republican, have been failing us for decades. They are either complacent or involved in one of the biggest betrayals of the American public in our history….but here is what is important….America will soon become a one party-state. The Democrat party will own America and they know it. They have already begun the transition by pandering heavily to the Hispanic voting bloc in the 1st Democratic Debate. They intend to use open borders, free healthcare for illegals, citizenship and more to enact a political coup by importing and then legalizing millions of new voters. With policies like these, the Hispanic support for Democrats will likely become nearly unanimous in the future. The heavy Hispanic population in Texas will make us a Democrat stronghold. Losing Texas and a few other states with heavy Hispanic population to the Democrats is all it would take for them to win nearly every presidential election….

    Personal Reasons and Thoughts
    My whole life I have been preparing for a future that currently doesn’t exist. The job of my dreams will likely be automated. Hispanics will take control of the local and state government of my beloved Texas, changing policy to better suit their needs. They will turn Texas into an instrument of a political coup which will hasten the destruction of our country. The environment is getting worse by the year. If you take nothing else from this document, remember this: INACTION IS A CHOICE. I can no longer bear the shame of inaction knowing that our founding fathers have endowed me with the rights needed to save our country from the brink destruction…..

    America can only be destroyed from the inside-out. If our country falls, it will be the fault of traitors. This is why I see my actions as faultless. Because this isn’t an act of imperialism but an act of preservation…..

    My ideology has not changed for several years. My opinions on automation, immigration, and the rest predate Trump and his campaign for president. I putting this here because some people will blame the President or certain presidential candidates for the attack. This is not the case. I know that the media will probably call me a white supremacist anyway and blame Trump’s rhetoric. The media is infamous for fake news. Their reaction to this attack will likely just confirm that…..


    (Read the whole thing: this manifesto doesn’t read like like the paranoid delusions of a crazy person, but those of an angry and desperate, but mostly lucid young man who doesn’t believe he has much of a future. And is he wrong? There’s a seemingly inevitable, John Brown-like feel to the violence that we’re being sucked into.)

    • ‘Lucid young men’ with weapons and manifestos. Great news for everyday people minding their business.

    • A man on another forum remarked, given the facts in the Manifesto, you could argue that he’s the sane one and all the people sitting around doing nothing are the crazy ones.

      • The authorities and social media suppress these ‘manifestos’ b/c they are afraid the content will make sense to too many people. I am not ready to ‘endorse’ either this or the Christchurch guy’s but the situation is really ‘FUBAR’. (I still think mass murder is the worst way to ‘address’ it but what a damn mess, for all of us.)

        • Mass murder without purpose like killing a bunch of people at a Walmart is evil and stupid.

          The problem lies at the level of the leadership

          I can’t endorse illegal acts , Breivik unlike this moron at least understood the problem space and attacked the source, i.e the next generation of his enemies

          The reason for this is Breivik was culturally farther left and understood the basic idea of collective responsibility , goal setting and such

          The Right is too individualistic to have a group goal, to act to that goal and to even understand the group think of the other side well enough to counter it.

          If they weren’t soy boys and girls, Antifa would be a far more formidable fighting force than the Right since they have cohesion and a common, if stupid set of goals.

          Being soy people they may not last without amenable authority to cover for them but in truth Reds can be hella scary and underestimating them is a mistake

          Mainly the Right just whine leave me alone and makes threats that basically never come to fruition.

          Maybe there is some discussion of what the heck do we want in meatspace I am not privy to but if there isn’t, well join or die

  7. [[[They]]] see the law as nothing but an obstacle course, which they must navigate in order to get what they want.

  8. I’m seething w anger as I read this. I’m in Europe, and I’m telling all of you stateside right now that the 2nd amendment is important.

    Contrary to what some of you may believe, it is not superdifficult to get a firearm in Europe, in particular a hunting weapon which is of course a long gun. It takes some footwork, a hunting class, an exam you have to pass, a process that takes a few months in places like Sweden or Germany. A handgun takes significantly more paperwork and time but even that can be done.

    The real issue is that everything has to be registered. So if you re planning on keeping it for in case the conceited Dunning Kruger circus running society cant protect you from their unforced mistakes, you will have to bet that they are so incompetent that they cant even confiscate your weapons before they fall off their horses. I guess w their astronomical levels of incompetency that may not be an entirely irrational bet, but still….

    And you are never allowed to carry it in public. To and from hunting or the range you have to lock it down, possibly disassemble it etc. So except for home invasions you wont have it when you need it most.

    Last week, in Germany, an 8 yr old boy was murdered when he was deliberated shoved in front of an incoming train by a muslim and a day or two later, another muslim decided to chop someone up w a samurai sword in the street, also in Germany. In Sweden, where the gun ban only applies to law-abiding citizens, the story came out that Volvo had trouble finding ‘good’ immigrant workers b/c too many shootings in Sweden, w perfectly illegal but not imaginary, guns, by ‘bad’ immigrants, scares the former away.

    And all over Europe, every public square is now being stocked with huge concrete obstacles, often decorated as ‘public benches’, flower stands, ‘modern art’ or some other nonsense. B/c of the recent ‘fashion’ of vehicle jihad. So thank god the EU has registered all those legal hunters’ shotguns….. DEFEND the 2nd amendment. I used to not appreciate it enough.

    • It’s too bad it has to be like that where it takes a loss of something to see that we didn’t protect it, love it, defend it enough when we had it…Kind of like a majority white country…

      • Kind of like a majority white country…

        The stuff we’re throwing away…. The West is trying to shit-test Darwinism itself. This won’t end well.

      • Job, I chose a rather unusual way to use my degree so you basically go where the job is. But I was also born here. I grew up in the US. Id rather not fill in every detail b/c in my line of work, you dont wanna be doxed. After all, to the ordinary (dumbass) European, this would qualify as a ‘narhzee’ site. And I think this blog, incl. its commentator threads, gets more attention than some realize.

        • I remember stuff about you is why I ask. I understand. Like, what sort of attention do you think?

  9. Guns could be the flashpoint issue, frankly. Revolts do not occur when the people are distracted and their bellies are full. They just don’t or very very rarely.

    Thinking long and hard about things, the gun issue is one in which you might actually see some REAL pushback. Gun culture is like a cult. These guys do not screw around.

    Now they got the AWB through the first time way back when in the ’90s, but much has become different now. Just spitballin but on this one I think there could be some real pushback.

    • The defense of the Second Amendment is one of the only two successful conservative causes. To a lesser degree, the prolifers succeeded in restricting abortion in a number of states. On all others, there was a fighting retreat, but still a retreat.

    • It all depends on the tactics used. If I wanted to do it, I would avoid any sort of overt police action on a large scale. Make the other guys fire the first shot and paint them as dangerous nutjobs.

  10. I am intrigued by the new talking point in media about mass shootings: how quickly the police respond and neutralize the problem. Apparently, we are to believe that a lone wolf has 1-2 minutes to peg the Breivik meter before he will be killed or captured.
    Those laconic Spartans were founts of wisdom. Molon labe. Make them come to you to enforce the corrupt judge’s pronunciamento. You may still die; but Ruby Ridge and Waco seemed to drive more anger at Fed overreach. If the Saxons are slow to hate, let the muds and the feds accelerate…

  11. I think it is a mistake to see lefty jurisprudence as “corruption.”

    The lefty judges are merely “legislating their morality.” Because justice.

    And politics is downstream from culture is downstream from religion is downstream from biology.

  12. This is such an important issue that, in order to spread awareness of it, we have to have a term that encapsulates the meaning of the problem for normies, and is catchy and easy to remember.

    The technical term for rule by judges is “kritarchy,” but normie ain’t going to use or remember something so alien sounding.

    Our phrasemakers need to channel the spirit of Sailer and Derbyshire for a good coinage or rehabilitation. Something along the lines of “judicial tyranny,” “rogue judges,” “gangster judges”…

    • A populace raised and educated in the Second Founding Civ Nat reverence for Magic Paper & muh Rule of Law is meme-resistant on this. The only thing that snaps the Imperial Conditioning is pain – being on the receiving end of “justice” or being close with someone who is. The Divorce Industry has probably done more to swell dissident ranks than every wordsmith out there. The FBI seems to be gearing up for a Dissident Industry that’s going to start pushing for that lead. Stay tuned.

    • You’re over-thinking it. Kritarchy may not be an every day word, but it’s a single term, most would tend to remember it because it’s so different, and it starts with the same hard “c” as cuck. It’s a good word and, even as stupid and ignorant as most normiecons are, they can be made to stretch their tiny little minds occasionally.

      • I sometimes get “Kritarchy” and “Kakistocracy” mixed up. Of course they are not mutually exclusive terms. . .

  13. Your BLAZING HOT WHITEPILL of the day. There is a fascinating Daily Caller article about the Amish. In literally 220 years, if everything remains as is, the Amish population will EQUAL the entire current population of the United States. That’s right. It’s the grain of rice on the chess board. In 1900 there were roughly 6,000 Amish. Today, it’s close to 350,000. Their birth rates and retention rates have remained rock solid for over 100 years. If they remain so, the future truly does belong to the Amish!

    • They’re pacifists.

      George Orwell remarked: “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” My dad hit Omaha Beach the morning of June 6 so that the Amish could live their lives the way they chose.

    • For anyone who doesn’t want to party like it’s 1699, that is not a White Pill

      Still. even though stats don’t work that way , the US population will be far more religious than now simply by reproductive differences

      Amish TFR 5-7

      Orthodox Jewish TFT 5-7

      Other Religious TFR 3+ (Evangelical, LDS, Devout Catholic, Orthodox)

      Secular well under 2

      This is a product of catabolic collapse so USA 2239 will probably look like USA 1909 technologically with some differences.

      This certainly rules out say space travel or any future tech, no one will be able to understand it and many will not want it

      Hopefully there aren’t any progressives here but there are people who like who don’t mind the physical comforts of modernity and wouldn’t mind their descendants not having to scratch out a living on the land either . This is a bit sad more than anything

      • I don’t get this? I’d much rather have the Amish as a base population to work with frankly. And the rest of America won’t go away, it will still be there and the tech, etc, won’t go away either. And yes, the Orthodox will take over Israel in literally one more generation. There will be no further liberal governments in Israel possible in 20 years.

        • The thing is, the tech will go away . Some of it is already crumbling around us.

          Below replacement fertility means as natural or hell unnatural death takes people, new people don’t replace them . Ever

          We’ve had roughly 50 years of below replacement fertility and if it weren’t for mass immigration we’d be entering a decline rather shortly

          3x this long means a serious population decline and those stats as noted means almost no one left isn’t of those categories

          if the largest group is Amish, who precisely is going to keep a complex tech base alive ? They won’t be maintaining or using much of it.

          Most of the rest of the people might want it and there certainly could be some regions with a higher tech base but its resource and the will to get at them driven

          Also it’s not like we have limitless resources, in a couple of centuries oil and possibly easy to extract and use coal will be a thing of the past

          Fewer people who understand tech and with a large population who don’t want it means a much lower tech society.

          Its called catabolic collapse

          I would not assume motorcars in 200 years and trains might quite rare,

          • Oh I agree with that completely. Idiocracy was a prophecy. However, I’ll take my chances with the Amish average IQ well over the imported sub 70 IQ Somalis the democrats are so found of. In literally two more generations, the Amish will be a sizeable portion of 3 entire states. Ohio will remain deep blood red and PA will finally become more reliable than FL in the red column. It’s quite astonishing actually. They are going to need more land quite soon.

          • I don’t know what the average IQ of the typical Amish is, but I’ve read that they have some serious genetic inbreeding problems/diseases. If, and I don’t know this specifically, they suffer from closeness resembling (effectively) the Pakistani cousin marriages problem in ME and UK, then don’t expect technical savvy or even average IQ. Much of their survival success may be that they scrape the land for their livelihood, with the most primitive means known.

            That being said, they may not be the group to lead back into the light, but rather the group to show us how to survive in the dark (ages). 🙁

          • Other Religious TFR 3+ (Evangelical, LDS, Devout Catholic, Orthodox)

            That demographic is larger than Amish and Orthodox Jews and isn’t stupid or anti-technology. The tech isn’t going away.

          • And they may not have the resources to do that much. No oil, no coal , no nukes and fusion a happy twenty years away

            Also in that time frame, the other groups would in theory been heavily outbred by the Amish who will be the dominant culture

            Catabolic collapse is a right royal beotch and when The Western Roman Empire succumbed to it they went from one million people to ten thousand or less and lost almost all their tech base

            This is 99% population decline BTW

            if anything we have it worse in some ways since we won’t have energy to rebuild modernity

            There will be a society and maybe a few areas with electricity, running water and the like but modernity with the internet, everybody has a car and all that jazz is a goner

          • “Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.”

            — Edward Abbey

            A.B., your pro-natalist rants sometimes reach the heights of absurdity.

          • I have no clue how you think I’m pro natal.

            I’m far from it and am completely fine with population decline so long as the demography is favorable. The US would be better with half the current population

            Pointing out we’d have decline without immigration is a value neutral statement.

            Broadly my POV is end cultural marxism end immigration, have large scale repatriation and let the chips fall where they may

          • A.B., if I’ve misunderstood you, my apologies. But I’ve never read anything from you like the reply above, only hand-wringing about sub-replacement birth rates. We can agree about what you have just said.

          • No apology needed. The Internet is terrible for nuance of any kind.

            I’m not one to tell other people to have kids anyway being middle aged happily single and having no interest in children.

  14. The Constitution is just a rationalization device and it has been this way for many decades.
    Even the framing of this issue is bad. The judge ruled that citizens don’t need semi-automatic long guns for self defense. We will notice that self-defense is not mentioned in the Second Amendment.
    There is another case that is a bit more illustrative and that is Maryland V Craig (https://www.oyez.org/cases/1989/89-478) where the court decided that an enumerated right we clearly had does not exist. Then there is Wickard V Filburn, where the courts decided there was no limit to government regulation.

    The entire judicial system is designed to weed out people who won’t play ball. In most cases, you must be a lawyer to become a judge and in most cases, you need to attend university to become a lawyer. Then you need to pass the Bar and pass a pretty intrusive background check. Once you are admitted, they have their “ethics” standards with which they can disbar you at any time. This system creates a lot of opportunity to completely control the judicial system. This is why there is not a single right winger on the Supreme Court.

  15. the female california judge was likely chosen PRECISELY because she thinks the way she does.

    there are Americans and there are amerikans. she is an amerikan.

  16. Here is an extreme analogy that may be helpful. Imagine that a small asteroid strikes the earth and throws a lot of dust into the atmosphere which causes a global winter for several years (this has actually happened long before our species evolved). Now, what is the likelihood that we will be able to maintain our current standard of living? Will being highly skilled at whining increase your chances of survival? We have bad judges because we have bad voters because we live in an environment that degrades the species rather than elevates it.

  17. The courts were a mess by the time Griswold vs. CT came out. If you really want to see a Supreme Court decision that was a five alarm fire, check out: Schlecter Poultry Corp. Vs the United States,1935.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A.L.A._Schechter_Poultry_Corp._v._United_States

    Also, check out Wickard vs. Filburn, 1942, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wickard_v._Filburn

    Those two cases were a one-two punch that brought down the historical relationship between the Federal Govt. and the governed. People forget that for most of our history the Federal Govt. only stepped into problems when two or more states were at loggerheads over something, as designed by the constitution. With these decisions the gates were wide open for any politician at the Federal level to create anything in law and it would be perfectly legal, right down to Obamacare today. The states may as well be an assortment of counties in a superstate.

    In a superstate, where the Federal Govt. regulates everything from the number of endangered frogs in a pond to grandpa’s diuretic, there’s simply not enough time in the day for a bunch of octogenarian Senators to remove judges in the impeachment process. They’re wiped out by 3:00, and most of those Senators were elected on the promises made legal due to these two pieces of cases law. They have no incentive anyway.

  18. “The political class now fights for the power to stock the courts with people, who promise to pervert the law in favor of their side at the expense of the other”.
    The old saw: “first we kill all the lawyers” seemed to be the solution. Appears lawyers no longer matter, and now….

  19. I was never excited about Kegstand Kavanaugh since there are always enough finks, in Zman’s terminology, on SCROTUS to make sure the rich and powerful get what they want and that the dirt people lose. I was cringing when /ourguys/ went all in with the “he’s going to be so rage pilled he’ll stick it to the babykillers and feminist wack jobs!”

    Kavanaugh was always a system approved faux conservative. The overreaction to his nomination was telling, however. Why are the courts so powerful that a milquetoast guy like him generates total panic?

    • Milquetoast is right. A writer at the NY Times suggested that Kavanaugh throwing ice cubes at someone in a bar while he was in university was grounds for not approving him. Freakin’ ice cubes! I would have more respect for him if he threw a punch. Geez, with an Irish name like “Kavanaugh” I would think that he would enjoy a brawl.

      Zman observed that the Cloud People, an Kavanaugh is a Cloud person, are physical cowards.

  20. “Justice?” What’s that?

    The s*** is hitting the fan. Based on the President’s address this morning and the anti-White/anti-2A screaming from the Media/Left today, freedom and “justice” in this country are as dead as a hammer. The 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments are history.

    My guess is that this site and similar sites will soon be censored/banned. “Assault” rifles/semi-autos will be banned. It’s over, folks. Prepare accordingly.

  21. I’m in favor of gun control. The answer to these attacks to stop potential mass murders from getting weapons of the power of an AK47. That deranged young man in Florida should never have been able to amass an arsenal of that power in so short a time. Why do people need firearms like that? It ought to be very difficult to own a firearm. This would solve so many problems. This one issue I’m with the leftists on.

    • Gun Grabber, good moniker. You are most likely a Leftist troll, who never owned a firearm. Probably you’d wet your pants if you touched one. But I’ll bite. Here’s your answer—which you will never understand—“We need AK-47’s because the Government has AK-47’s”

        • I know you’re just a troll but actually the government doesn’t have MX (Peacekeeper) missiles anymore.

        • Yes. The militia ought to keep them for use when called out to defend the land. Not a professional army.

        • Pulled from index card talking point #46

          Good job.

          Seriously – why do you even try? All you’re doing is regurgitating talking points from your handlers……………

        • Under the proper as intended interpretation of the Constitution , the US does not have a standing army only a sizable standing Nazy, some of whom are trained Marines

          Actual national Defense is from well regulated, that is properly equipped and trained civilians who would be armed with military hardware.

          Back in the day armed warships were privately owned and prior to the NFA, a private attack aircraft would be perfectly legal though some states restricted explosive ordnance .

          Given the cost of modern military hardware, 10 million for an Abrams tank, likely State governments would end up with most of them in the various state national guards whose job would be to guard the nation from outside interference

          The big difference is that the proper US is isolationist and would not have bases everywhere ro engage in warfare except if attacked or against pirates

          We probably would not be a major or nuclear power though we’d be well off and very very White

          As for the more current missiles, I suspect that no one would sell these to civilians and that the Department of the Navy would own them

          Given they are many millions each, the cost alone deters private ownership

          However if there were nukes, we would by Constitutional amendment declare they are not allowed to be sold thus lawfully solving the issue,

    • Mass shootings aren’t new. Even in 1927 some guy in Michigan wiped out over 40 kids in a schoolhouse. They were rare, because anyone who did that knew he would be swiftly executed. Today the ones that survive languish in cells while they see psychiatrists on the taxpayer dime. Throw pharmaceuticals into the mix, and a deteriorating culture on top of that, that’s what you get.

    • Here is an answer that you may not like. If you take away firearms (which are in the vast majority of cases used for hunting and self defense), then people will find other ways to defend themselves (both against criminals and a rogue government). And you will not like those other ways as they will be much more surreptitious and deadly than an AK-47. Are you sure you want to start an arms race in personal protection devices in this era of cheap high tech materials and parts? What if the thing that kills isn’t a bullet or even visible?

      • If someone wants to commit mass murder, he could toss a molotov cocktail into a shopping mall food court at Christmas time. The place would be packed. Drive a car into a crowd of school kids at recess. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

        • That’s true, but those attacks have a shorter time duration. There’s something less empowering about them than using an assault rifle. It would lead to civil war to try to implement, I realize

          • Dear Gun Grabber. It is my firm belief, that in order to stop not just gun violence, but all human violence what so ever. We should immediately petition the federal government in the strongest possible terms to begin a massive research project to discover a process, whereby all of humanity can be transformed into butterflys. So there ya go Mr. Grabber, problem solved.

      • The U.S. had the second highest number of gun-related deaths in 2016 after Brazil and is obviously trying to repeat or exceed this “claim to fame” in 2019.

        Switzerland has a very high per-capita gun ownership for a European country, (27.6/100 persons). Over all, about 19th in the world. And guess what, no one over here is shooting up the local Coop stores.

        Wonder why? That’s a rhetorical question. I think we’re all “woke” enough to know why.

        • No, in Germany your Merkel’s ‘Farbenkinder’ are chopping up ppl w samurai swords, running ppl over w trucks, shoving them in front of trains or simply ignoring ‘Mutti Merkel’s’ gun ban and shooting ppl.

          When will ppl learn that gun bans ONLY apply to those who are not also interested in breaking the ban on murder??

        • Karl Horst(Germany) said: ” Switzerland has a very high per-capita gun ownership for a European country, (27.6/100 persons). Over all, about 19th in the world. And guess what, no one over here is shooting up the local Coop stores.” Dear Mr.(Germany). The United States of America is around 13% Black and 16.7% Hispanic and Latino. The vast majority of the firearms in these minority neighborhoods have been obtained illegally. Most of the murders, rapes, robberies and assaults in the U.S. are perpetrated by these black/brown people. Would it be ok with you if we send these barbarians to your city?

          • Karl is usually a well thought out commentator on this site, so I must ask him,”How do you post what you posted, and use the examples cited wrt gun violence? “

            Do you not understand the basic principles discussed here repeatedly wrt HBD science? If you ignore HBD principles, then you will never understand how Brazil can be similar to USA (overall) in gun violence.

            You must rethink and try to understand at least two things: 1) mass shootings as per this week are rare and account for less than 1% of death by firearms in the USA, and 2) remove the minority population from those statistics, and the remaining White population in USA have gun violence stat’s resembling any of the ideal European countries you cite.

            A similar argument can be made and has been shown for the subpar scoring of USA students on international educational achievement tests (PISA).

    • LOL.

      You can’t even understand simple things like what the term “arsenal” means – you expect anybody who understands this issue to respect your opinion?

      Here’s a question you should answer:

      Why is it that every single time somebody starts blathering on about how guns are the problem – their words flow as if they just copied them from a textbook passage somewhere.

      Does whomever is pulling your strings just hand out index cards with pre-approved words and phrases to use when discussing this subject?

      It’s people like you that have brought the majority of the pro-gun crowd to the point where they just summarily dismiss any and all “arguments” coming out of the anti-gun left.

      It’s become so blaringly apparent that the vast majority of anti-gunners are just indoctrinated fools that they don’t see the point in even debating any more. They just (instantly) fall back on ” Fuck off – come get them” type responses.

      The truth of the matter is that the use of a long gun makes up a very small percent of the weapons used in the overall murders committed in this country on any given year. This is all logged in intimate detail by FBI crime stats, so it should be undisputable by anybody who cares to look at actual reality.

      The actual cause of most murders in this country – is one that lefties will contort themselves around any and all obstacles to try and avoid addressing. So I’m sure you will as well.

      Any person who deems themselves a white nationalist – who admits they are in favor of gun control is either a moron – or a liar (about their white nationalism).

    • There are two over-riding reasons to own guns: to shoot anyone who 1.) breaks into your house or 2.) comes to take your guns.

  22. The problem is that too many white people elevate the sanctity of the process over the results. It probably has to do with our naturally high trust societies. In any case, that leaves us open to subversion.

  23. >>>The new elite that coalesced in the middle of the last century lacked an historical attachment to the Anglo-Saxon form of jurisprudence. Instead, they either explicitly rejected that as bourgeois, and therefore illegitimate. Or, they came from a different legal tradition in which judges made and interpreted the law. <<<

    Oh Gawd! Whomever could you be referring to?

    • There’s a whole book in the Old Testament called “Judges” for a reason. In our system, representatives are supposed to write the laws. In the Jewish system judges rule. It sure looks like we’re under Jewish occupation when one looks at the power of the courts.

      • Last verse of last chapter of said book: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

        • For context, basically the story is the story of pretty much all tribal life in a stone/bronze age civilization.

          After a nice little genocide of the men, boys, and married women of Jabesh-gilead, the Israelites took all the girls and virgins and gave them to the Benjaminites. But this wasn’t enough, so they saw that a festival of the Lord was taking place, and told the Benjamites to go and ‘steal’ themselves wives. Unclear exactly what that entailed. And then it basically ends with them saying ‘everyone did whatever they wanted to do.’

          Oh, and they gave these women to the Benjaminites *AFTER* a game-of-thrones style war involving a rape and then chopping up of a concubine…

      • The term ‘Judge’ in the book is probably better translated as ‘Chieftain’, ‘Leader’, or even ‘Consul’, given the military leadership of the ‘Judges’ in that book. Later, the Hebrews used the term exclusively for the person administering justice, but that’s not what it used to mean. The Phoencians/Carthaginians had a similar word to indicate their rulers – ‘suffetes’.

        • BT, I might also add that the “law” was the Torah, considered God’s word/law given to man. We of course discarded that a long time ago and instead have been trying to write our “own” law.

          And here we are….

  24. Those of us who work in the kritarchy have known for years that many judges start with the result and use precedent, at best, to rationalize their desired result. Like the military, the higher you advance, the more likely you are corrupt in the ideological fashion Z’s speaking of. We go through the motions of doing hours of research and writing elaborate case law arguments, but we know that petitioning the court is more like begging and flattering King Louis than Plato debating Aristotle. On mundane matters, issues are decided on the judge’s whim, and on anything with cultural or political undertones, it’s a question of who-whom. I’ve made it a point over the years to educate our clients about this to keep their expectations in line with reality, and it’s a helluva red pill.

    The justice system is the most “interactive” contact most Americans will have with the government, where they see the process at work at length and in detail. Americans are still very focused on the justice system, as entertainment lineups demonsrate. As the (((masks))) increasingly slip on and around the bench, the kritarchy will be a major acceleration factor in convincing normies that their government hates them and only uses the “rule of law” against them. I’m doing what I can to protect Our Guys, adjacents and normies who don’t deserve the system they’re stuck with, dropping red pills along the way.

  25. As usual – you and a good many of the people who frequent the comment section are off – by DECADES – on when the rot set in.

    Delayed reaction – that’s the term of the day.

    Seems I have to keep posting this:


    There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of Depression, singing songs to freedom.

    There are those who have never ceased to say very earnestly, “Something is going to happen to the American form of government if we don’t watch out.” These were the innocent disarmers. Their trust was in words. They had forgotten their Aristotle. More than 2,000 years ago he wrote of what can happen within the form, when “one thing takes the place of another, so that the ancient laws will remain, while the power will be in the hands of those who have brought about revolution in the state.”

    Worse outwitted were those who kept trying to make sense of the New Deal from the point of view of all that was implicit in the American scheme, charging it therefore with contradiction, fallacy, economic ignorance, and general incompetence to govern.

    But it could not be so embarrassed, and all that line was wasted, because, in the first place, it never intended to make that kind of sense, and secondly, it took off from nothing that was implicit in the American scheme.

    It took off from a revolutionary base. *The design was European. Regarded from the point of view of revolutionary technique, it made perfect sense. Its meaning was revolutionary and it had no other.* For what it meant to do, it was from the beginning consistent in principle, resourceful, intelligent, masterly in workmanship, and it made not one mistake.

    The bug was inserted into the Republic during the 1930’s. You can go AT LEAST that far back. I’d argue that the decay started in the early 1900’s when features of the Republic like the militia system were co-opted, the Federal Reserve was instituted to enable that later-to-come out of control welfare state communistic government – and people like Woodrow Wilson got us involved in WW1 – in direct contradiction to the advice given by the founders of this country – and over the original structure of that Republic which was supposed to keep that from happening.

    The growth of empire started well before “after WW2”. And empire is in direct opposition to the intent of the Republic as founded. It’s also directly in opposition to any sort of “white state” – as the people running things don’t give two shits about who they rule over – they just want to rule. If it was any other way – then we (and other empires) would have never gone around the world looking for countries full of brown people to take over.

    You’ll NEVER fix this problem unless you get your shit straight on where the problem emanates from in the first place.

    • You’re still too far ahead. What we have today is a result of the conquest of the various American States by New England in the Civil War.

      • Yes , but…………. much of the increase in Federal government was rolled back after the Civil War. The milita system in particular – still existed and didn’t become the “National Guard” until 1903 or something like that.

        You see – this is why I keep referring back to Garet Garret’s “Revolution Was” – and in particular his comment of “revolution within the form”.

        Once CONTROl of the militia transitioned over to the Federal government – we no longer had the same “militia” system – no matter how hard they continue to try and propagandize that we do.

        The militia was banned from use overseas if I remember correctly. The National Guard was most distinctly NOT – and was used in overseas adventures ever since then.

        One of the complaints I do remember reading that was lodged against the militia system at the time the “progressives” were trying to manipulate the country into being an engine of empire – was that the miltia had degenerated into a bunch of clubs. What they wanted were military age cannon fodder to staff their armies of empire – not a bunch of clubs operating under the aegis of a militia – whose members would not be inclined to engage in overseas wars.

        I suppose you are correct – in that roots of decay go all the way back to the Civil War era. Except that it seems like the decay dial was turned up to 11 after the turn of the 20th century.

        I’ve also seen it written that the average American citizen’s exposure to the Federal government in circa 1890 – was limited to the Post Office delivering their mail.

        25 years later – that world was completely changed. And it has only gotten worse since then.

        But the FDR era was what truly laid the ground for the modern welfare state that we currently live in. Which is why I think we need to go back *at least* that far.

        And it’s also why I think that much of the comment section here is made of FDR dick lickers – who are only pissed off about the fact that the darkies are horning in on their left wing welfare/warfare state – which was set in motion in the 1960s.

        That’s why they’ll only go back that far. Going back any further calls into question their entire notion of American “empire”.

        You can have empire – or you can have Republic (as founded) – but you can’t have both.

        Empire DEMANDS inclusion of darkies – and always has. As soon as you start conquering them – you own them. You break it – you bought it.

        This is why I think the people who will only go back to the 60’s are damn fools. They’re actually responsible for this mess.

        • Pinpointing the start is tricky. I’d say the groundwork for Empire was laid, intentionally or not, in 1789 with the implementation of the Constitution. Then the 1848 socialist revolution failed in Germany and many fled here settling above the Mason Dixon. After the war(“the second founding “), things settled down but the Bill of Rights was flipped to apply to states. Meanwhile (((Eastern European ))) immigrants began arriving in large numbers and taking over the Democratic Party and things began accelerating :WWII, desegregation, Hart Cellar, etc. Its a long, sad story.

          The Iron Curtain Over America is an interesting book on WWII available free online. Also Lincoln’s Marxists is still available on Amazon. And check out this Washington Post article if you haven’t :


        • Do you REALLY think the regular commenters on here are FDR lovers?

          THere has been nothing to support that statement. What makes you say that?

          When I read Diana West’s book called “American Betrayal”, I learned much more about FDR, Lend-Lease, Commie infiltration of the White House, etc.
          I was never a huge fan of the guy (some then-unknown instinct told me he wasn’t the best…), but after learning more about him: Yikes.

          From that time on (about 2015), I have only referred to him as a schmuck. And that’s being kind.

    • Arguably, the US became an empire as a result of the Spanish-American War. We gained temporary control of Cuba, along with the Phillippines, Guam and Puerto Rico.

      • This yankee thinks that the USA became an empire when it compelled by force of arms the confederate states to join the USA.

        • Good point. Most of the blacks in the North, originate from the South.

          So I suppose you could directly trace the root of the problem directly back to the forced inclusion of the Confederates back into the “Republic”.

    • The Old Republic began to die with the advent of the Industrial Revolution. Our Constitution was written by and for a largely agrarian society with a small number of merchants and very little in the way of manufacturing. By the time of the Civil War, our country was simply a different nation composed of powerful, wealthy individuals whose interests were no longer aligned with those of individual states and landholders or vice versa. Once the merchant class had the bit between its teeth, all the issues of modernism flooded behind, probably of necessity. Democracy on a gigantic scale and the modern industrial state are not compatible with our Founders’ notions of civil society. We’ve put in place all the mechanisms for tyranny and should not be surprised to find out that we’ve been living in one for quite some time.

  26. The Coalition of the Fringes correctly view laws – particularly, the Constitution – written by old white men as not applicable to them. These laws were written by and for gentile NW Europeans.

    The Coalition doesn’t respect those laws because they shouldn’t. It’s not their people who wrote them. I would – and, as the country’s rulers change, will – feel the same way. I will view laws written by Pres. Harris and House Speaker AOC and ruled constitutional by the Wise Latina as illegitimate obstacles deserving of no respect.

    Thus is how empires fall.

    • Why use a term invented by a small tribe to describe their enemies in a negative light when talking about northwestern European peoples? We don’t describe our people as Gweilo or Firangi – Gentile should be consigned to the dustbin too.

      • Good point. But for the time being, it’s useful for newbies to understand who is really European and who is not.

        But, yes, it is tiresome and angering. Bit like the term “Non-Hispanic White.”

      • I use the term “gentile” along with “White” in order to differentiate from Jews. Many Europeans are people of European descent are not Christian.

  27. A few observations.

    Perhaps the defining moment of the Trump Administration occurred in the first few weeks when the Administration acceded to a federal court ruling barring implementation of Trump’s travel ban. There was no need for interpretation; the law was crystal clear that the President had authority to ban aliens, or groups of aliens, for any reason whatsoever. Trump could have defied the ruling, told the officials in the relevant agencies to ignore any court orders purporting to stop them from enforcing the travel ban, and to disarm and take into custody any federal marshalls attempting to enforce the court’s order. It could have been the equivalent of Reagan’s firing the air traffic controllers. But he didn’t and the courts are now emboldened to invent obstacles to laws, regulations and enforcement actions, knowing there’s no downside except reversal by higher courts, which bothers them not at all.

    Some states have systems under which judges must be “reconfirmed” by the voters periodically in retention elections. This sometimes works–in Iowa three supreme court justices who had voted to makke homosexual marriage lawful via “constitutional interpretation” lost their positions in the next election. but there is no check whatsoever on federal judges, save impeachment. The last U.S. Supreme Court justice impeached (Samuel Chase° was in the Thomas Jefferson Administration and Jefferson characterized the impeachment threat as a “scarecrow.”

    Mark Steyn, whose defamation case in the courts of the District of Columbia has been dragging on for years, has noted that Americans are particularly inclined to defer to judges. This is all the more bizarre because in the United States, judges are lawyers whose politiccal connections put them in black robes. In Europe, there is often a separate track for the training of jurists, although these courts are increasingly influenced by the American example and are becomig more “woke” and activist. The Steyn case is illustrative in another sense, in that, while the courts are active in implementing their own political and social agenda, they cannot try and dispose of ordinary cases. Almost any commercial contract calls for dispute resolution by arbitration; anyone who can avoids the courts!

    Sadly, aside from a constitutional convention that completely rewrites the constitution, including the role of the judiciary, I see no way out. Well, maybe a Pinochet, which is where I think we’re headed anyway.

    • Trump swore an oath to defend the Constitution which required him to defy that ruling. If any part of the Con is going to survive, America needs more “Consitutional crises,” not less. Everyone knows I think the Magic Paper died in 1860, so I won’t belabor that point.

    • Had Trump defied the Fed Judge ruling, we’d now be bitching about President Pence. It’s just that simple. We need to stop conflating Federal law requirements and impeachment requirements. Impeachment is purely a political act and based on what the opposition can get away with at the time. The Trump opposition has spent the entire length of Trump’s presidency looking for an excuse. Trump has deftly avoided giving them one.

      • O.K. Trump deftly avoided giving the opposition an excuse to impeach him. And what has that gotten him (or us)?

      • That’s a cope, but electoral politics aren’t a way out of this mess, just a means of monkey-wrenching. Demographics will make sure no one has to pretend to “deftly avoid” defending the White race within 10 years or so. GOP delenda est.

      • In 2017 the Republican Party controlled the House of Representatives and Trump was a newly sworn-in president. The chance of a House impeachment then were practically nil. And the Senate was also controlled by the Republican Party, so getting a two-thirds vote to remove Trump from office were less than impeachment in the first place.

        And if a president is going to be impeached and removed from office, it would be better if it was on a matter of high principle (“Who run Bartertown?”). If Congress wants to make the courts superior to the president in matters of border control, well, at least we would know where we stood.

        • No one says Trump was not naive. He trusted his party and they betrayed him. Of that Rep majority you tout, were dozens of never Trumpers. That’s what happens when you elect a complete novice to the job, that or you get a puppet like Obama and Bush. People voted (took a chance) for a novice. They got one. As most people here seem at least to agree on, Trump is giving us time to prepared for what’s down the road. I welcome that reprieve. But welcoming a reprieve is not necessarily the same as arguing for a political solution.

          • Of that Rep majority you tout, were dozens of never Trumpers. That’s what happens when you elect a complete novice to the job, that or you get a puppet like Obama and Bush.

            It’s what happens when you elect a bunch of Israel-firsters to Congress.

    • Of course it’s a moot point now because Trump has never done anything on any issue. But, early on he could have let it be known to the Supreme Court through back channels that he would defy an order on some issue that he thought important enough. The threat may have failed and Trump would have then either had to defy the order or give in. However, there is a very good chance that the SC would have backed down to save face. If they rule in Trump’s favor, then the Supreme Court’s power and prestige remains intact because they officially gave Trump permission. They would know that if Trump defied the SC and got away with it, it would be like exposing the Wizard of Oz.

  28. This brings to mind Mark Steyn’s court battle with Michael Mann. How can a case which would have been thrown out by any county court judge from a 5th-tier law school go on for 8 freaking years? Who’s at the top telling the judges to “just sit on it”?

    • The length of that case is clearly politicized and tactical. A normal case would have been resolved in half the time even given the procedural gamesmanship. National Review contributed to the mess, which is why Mark wisely went with his own legal team.

  29. Consider the 4th Amendment on one hand and Civil Forfeiture on the other. How was that even possible? And like any corrupt banana republic, local police and law enforcement seem more than happy to use it against law abiding citizens any time they can.

    “To get back the seized property, owners must prove it was not involved in criminal activity.” Seems your legal system chose to ignore Coffin v. United States as well.

    That’s a great system you have there.So much for your civil rights and protection under the law.

    • (((Government lawyers))) evade the Bill of Rights re: forfeiture by suing the property, not the person. That’s why those cases are titled things like “U.S. v. $100,000” or “California v. 2019 BMW.” It’s utter BS and one legitimate example of how the “war on drugs” got hijacked for corrupt ends. A just President would end the practice.

      • “Conservatives” largely signed onto that practice.

        Many police departments now openly declare that they depend upon that seized revenue to continue to operate.

        You’re gonna have to do a whole hell of a lot more black-pilling to build enough societal momentum to get it to end. Just relying on some magical President to come is not going to EVER do it.

        The civil liberatarians and the liberty movement have been covering the dynamic where the police departments are militarizing – for at least a decade now.

        If you’re just becoming aware of this – you’re seriously behind the curve.

        • I’m openly 5PT preaching that voting won’t save us and I’ve been noticing this stuff since “suing the res” started. As soon as the “liberty movement” gets JQ-woke, get back to me about being behind the curve. As for “civil libertarians,” what Z said x2.

          • @Exile
            I get the feeling Calsdad has it out for you in this post for some reason… Maybe he would be so kind as to share why the animosity towards fellow travelers…Also noticed the trolls sure come out when there is any sort of unity being talked about… Anyone else notice that…

          • @Lineman,
            Some sergeants try to lambast and kick you into doing your duty. Others lead you. I’d experienced both before I became a noncom myself.

            I was assigned to a Sergeant First Class that was a borderline sociopath, narcissist, who spewed nothing but bile upon us all day. It worked to get some of us moving but only as far as we were in his view. I eventually rebelled and had just enough dirt on him so that no official action could be taken so he “demoted me” from the HQ unit “down to a rifle squad.”

            I was ecstatic to be among my own (the “Line”). I was fortunate to land with a buck sergeant “L” who greeted me like a man and handed me a book. It was a worn copy of Starship Troopers. He said he had everyone in his squad read it. No expectations or speeches. Just read it over the next couple of days.

            To sum up. Devoured the book. Watched Sergeant L. He only ever asked what he himself would do. He smiled or laughed at hardship which made us laugh and carry on. Never had to yell. He would give us little nuggets of encouragement without being preachy. By the time we deployed for war I would and did follow him without question and in complete verifiable trust.

            I’m being windy again but my point is… raging gets a few folks to move but I agree with you that rage and anger only carry the day so far. Hope, fraternity, and trust sustain the soul to confront hardship.

      • Forfeiture law is also a good example of a predictable corruption that the public was too stupid to understand or foresee, but was widely publicized as the logical end result at the time. Ditto, Patriot Act.

    • Even worse, many so called “red states” where the people cry “Freedum!” have the worst laws on this. It’s actually pretty hard to do on the west coast. It’s how shit kicking cops get new police cruisers. I actually judge states on this particular metric, along with the legality of DUI checkpoints. Imagine Thomas Jefferson going through a DUI checkpoint with Benjamin Franklin in the passenger seat.

      My county loves DUI checkpoints, like putting a TSA checkpoint on a freeway exit. Collective inconvenience, collective punishment by wasting time. Cops making overtime standing like clowns. And if you’re going to do that at least be nice to people.

      • Shithole suburban dwelling “law-abiding” cuck.

        But..but..cops are heroes, they keep us safe and are there to protect us.
        Ya don’t know.

  30. It explains why James Fields got a life sentence. Whatever you may think about the whole Charlottesville thing that guy is a political prisoner

    • I would have acquitted Fields on the evidence, not merely out of solidarity. In pre-Woke America, a jury of normies would have at worst found him guilty of vehicular manslaughter* and he’d be out in a few years. The fully-politicized Homeland, FBI etc… are going to turn White Nationalists into Bobby Sands’ IRA in short order. We need to be ready for that crackdown, keep our heads and don’t make the mistakes the IRA made with vanguardist BS that set them back in public opinion. Greg Johnson’s pieces on mass shootings at Counter-Currents, including this week’s latest, should be required reading for anyone flying our flag.

      *the same charge Bruce Jenner should have done time for after speed-bumping a Diversant, but hey, look at Caitlyn in that dress!

        • He’s not advocating violence or other wig-nattery, he’s noticing. We’re not going to reach the 25% level of true dissident leverage by pearl-clutching inside the Overtonberg Window where Con, Inc. has been trapped for decades. NAJALT, and all that, but the idea that mentioning the JQ is verboten b/c upset normies is what guys like Yarzony are there to reinforce.

      • Greg Johnson’s pieces on mass shootings at Counter-Currents, including this week’s latest, should be required reading for anyone flying our flag.

        Yes. Here’s another excellent quote:

        In 2015 and 2016, we won enormous victories by attacking the enemy’s weakest points from a position of strength. In 2017 we suffered enormous defeats because we thought we could attack our enemy’s strongest points from a position of weakness.

  31. Z’s conceptual analysis here is largely correct, but his labeling and vocabulary are insufficient. “Corrupt” is the correct term to use for the first phase of his analysis, viz. an official taking bribes to do special favors, thereby “corrupting” the purpose of the office. But that is not the correct term for what we see in the courts.

    The courts and judges are not “corrupt,” they have been Judaized, in the exact same way that the universities, the press, the cinema, radio and television, the Internet tech hubs, the financial system, and the permanent bureaucracy have all been Judaized.

    Not everyone who participates in these Judaized systems is Jewish, they don’t have to be. They simply have to have been infected with the Jewish mind worm, the Jewish conceptual and ruthlessly nepotistic apparatus which relentlessly promotes the unceasing Jewish will to power.

    The moment they set foot on this continent in the latter 19th century, the Jews surreptitiously declared war on America and Americans. They knew perfectly well what and where the levers of power were, and set about immediately with feverish determination to control all of them. Which they have quite successfully achieved. They figured out which disaffected groups could be successfully weaponized against the Whites in order to fracture and demoralize (and now, simply drown and overwhelm) them, and they got that ball rolling successfully too. Notice how 2A is about as Absolutely Carved In Stone as any American legal precept could possibly be, and yet it is nevertheless subject to unceasing, unrelenting, utterly unprincipled attack, deconstruction, revision, repeal. This is not an accident.

    The same people who did this to Russia in 1917 are busy doing it to Americans now, and the consequences will be exactly the same: tens of millions of dead white Christian goyim, millions more starved, tortured, deported, raped, enslaved.

    It’s actually the case that the Americans lost this war quite some time ago. We’re now in the mopping-up phase. We have been living in a conquered, Judaized, uni-party state for quite some time, but in 2020 it will become official, open, and gloatingly triumphant. Just read Max Boot’s twittering about the El Paso massacre and how he parses it.

    You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • Jewish individuals and groups succeeded in reshaping their host societies to reflect their values, serve their interests and gratify their 2000-year-old spite against Christianity and even more ancient spite against the goyim in general. Gentiles now hold views that were originally self-serving Jewish ones.

      I find it pathetic how evangelical Christians in particular fawn on the Jews and Israel. Brings to mind what someone said about the Western-Soviet relationship: “They spit in our face and we call it dew.”

      It’s not an original observation that groups that are liberal in the US aren’t liberal in their homelands. It’s been pointed out that American Jews tend to favor one type of society where they are are a minority, such as the US, and the very different one for Israel. In the US, the activists favor secularism, equalitarianism, multiculturalism and open borders. Israel is quite the opposite.

      Many members of the Coalition of the Fringes are critical of Israel, regarding it as the last White Colonial power and comparing it to Apartheid South Africa. Blowback on the Jews’ past actions.

      • “Many members of the Coalition of the Fringes are critical of Israel…”

        Once the hammer comes down, these people will be among the first to be liquidated.

        • Jews are caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

          Jews may or may not regard themselves as White, and the lefties don’t seem to, but non-Whites do. Uber Whites, if anything. On the other hand, there is a growing recognization among White gentiles that the Jews are a hostile elite and have been in the forefront of political radicalism and cultural subversion dating back to the 19th Century. What happens next and which way they swing is anyone’s guess.

    • For people who don’t do the Twitter, the reactions of “conservative” Matt Walsh were absolutely amazing. After the El Paso shooter was hastily identified as “white nationalist,” he was just itching to unleash his Judaized response, something literally like “hang all the white nationalists from lampposts, now!”

      But when it emerged that the other killer was Antifa, he tweeted something like “woah, guys, let’s all calm down here, and not go to extremes.”

      Guys like this are like Jewish-trained poodles, but with paychecks instead of doggie treats when they do the tricks right. They make me sick.

    • I had the same thought, that ‘corruption’ was not quite the right word for ideological infiltration or fanaticism or what you wanna call it. But i didnt want to split hairs over semantics so ignored that until I saw your comment.

  32. Obergefell V. Hodges. W/O commenting on the merits, how on earth did five judges get to invent a right out of thin air and overturn dozens, of not hundreds, of locally nuanced laws across 50 states with the snap of their fingers. Because “love”?

    Impeaching 10% of randomly selected Federal judges would go a long way to establishing some humility. Nothing quite focuses the mind like a …..

    • Impeach is probably not possible given the ignorance of the population. What also might be effective is to assert control of the people over the courts rulings, such as the legislature vetoing such rulings when they overrule their legislation, something like the executive’s veto upon the legislature. Of course, that seems improbable as well.

  33. “She has no respect for the law or the process that form and uphold the law. ” Why should she? She is utterly convinced of the moral superiority of her position. The overwhelming goodness of banning guns trumps petty things like the rule of law.

    Obviously the (cultural) Marxist infestation of the academy is massive problem for those of us who want a semblance of rational governance. It’s amazing that we just turned over the keys to the entire educational system to Marxists. What were conservatives doing the 1960s?

    Having said all that, The Federal Society is probably only second to the NRA as an institution that somewhat effectively fights the left. Despite a tendency to eventually get captured by the left, there is a group of reasonable federal judges out there, thanks in large part to the FS.

    • Geezus Kryste.

      Public funded and run education in this country run by Marxists goes a lot further back than the 1960s.

      One of the planks of Communism – is the takeover of education – and the infestation of education by Marxists.

      That task was made easy in the US by Horace Mann:

      ” About Mann’s intellectual progressivism, the historian Ellwood P. Cubberley said:

      No one did more than he to establish in the minds of the American people the conception that education should be universal, non-sectarian, free, and that its aims should be social efficiency, civic virtue, and character, rather than mere learning or the advancement of sectarian ends

      Arguing that universal public education was the best way to turn unruly American children into disciplined, judicious republican citizens, Mann won widespread approval from modernizers, especially in the Whig Party, for building public schools ”

      So Horace Mann took those “unruly children” and made them into obedient little “citizens”. This made the job far easier for the Marxists – because all they have to do is take over the mechanisms that are already in place to produce compliant little drones.

      Just change the inputs a little – and out come millions of little Marxists.

  34. Law, say the gardeners, is the sun,
    Law is the one
    All gardeners obey
    To-morrow, yesterday, to-day.

    Law is the wisdom of the old,
    The impotent grandfathers feebly scold;
    The grandchildren put out a treble tongue,
    Law is the senses of the young.

    Law, says the priest with a priestly look,
    Expounding to an unpriestly people,
    Law is the words in my priestly book,
    Law is my pulpit and my steeple.

    Law, says the judge as he looks down his nose,
    Speaking clearly and most severely,
    Law is as I’ve told you before,
    Law is as you know I suppose,
    Law is but let me explain it once more,
    Law is The Law.

    Yet law-abiding scholars write:
    Law is neither wrong nor right,
    Law is only crimes
    Punished by places and by times,
    Law is the clothes men wear
    Anytime, anywhere,
    Law is Good morning and Good night.

    Others say, Law is our Fate;
    Others say, Law is our State;
    Others say, others say
    Law is no more,
    Law has gone away.

    And always the loud angry crowd,
    Very angry and very loud,
    Law is We,
    And always the soft idiot softly Me.

    If we, dear, know we know no more
    Than they about the Law,
    If I no more than you
    Know what we should and should not do
    Except that all agree
    Gladly or miserably
    That the Law is
    And that all know this
    If therefore thinking it absurd
    To identify Law with some other word,
    Unlike so many men
    I cannot say Law is again,

    No more than they can we suppress
    The universal wish to guess
    Or slip out of our own position
    Into an unconcerned condition.
    Although I can at least confine
    Your vanity and mine
    To stating timidly
    A timid similarity,
    We shall boast anyway:
    Like love I say.

    Like love we don’t know where or why,
    Like love we can’t compel or fly,
    Like love we often weep,
    Like love we seldom keep.

    W. H. Auden

    • ‘In the burrows of the Nightmare
      Where Justice naked is,
      Time watches from the shadow
      And coughs when you would kiss…

      ‘Where the beggars raffle the banknotes
      And the Giant is enchanting to Jack,
      And the Lily-white Boy is a Roarer,
      And Jill goes down on her back…

      ‘O look, look in the mirror,
      O look in your distress:
      Life remains a blessing
      Although you cannot bless.

      ‘O stand, stand at the window
      As the tears scald and start;
      You shall love your crooked neighbour
      With your crooked heart.’

      It was late, late in the evening,
      The lovers they were gone;
      The clocks had ceased their chiming,
      And the deep river ran on.

  35. The case that you cited is a very good example indeed, because if anything is protected under the Second Amendment as written, it’s military-style rifles. This is one of the reasons that the Left used to always target handguns – a (fallacious) argument could be made that they were not ordinary militia weapons, and thus not covered by the Second Amendment (the old name of the Brady Campaign was “Handgun Control, Inc.). But of course, the Left soon found that targeting handguns reeled in too many of their favorite minorities, so this was dropped. It’s been years, Hell, decades, since I heard the term “Saturday Night Special”. This term for a cheap handgun was the “Assault Rifle” of the 1970’s – it didn’t really mean anything, but it gave the right feelz. If the current “Assault Rifle” blitz fails, they’ll move on to something else, demonize some other weapon. What will never abate is their almost hysterical desire to disarm the American people. You have to wonder why…

    • The point is to disarm law-abiding white people and expose us to the full effects of anarcho-tyranny. They are not going to take guns from Juan and Deshawn.

      • Out at the range yesterday, as we were enjoying ourselves all on our own, up drove a car load or two of mixed Whites, Mestizos, and a Negro couple. The four of us had them severely outgunned, but it still soured my stomach to see any of them practice with firearms (even if it was clear none of them were particularly skilled).

        • That’s why I just shoot at my place anymore and if you lived closer you could come over as well😉

      • Right. Have you noticed lately that some of the young, woke Left are making noises about “prison abolition”?

        So turn ALL the bad guys loose and take our guns.

        Thanks guys.

    • I was thinking the same thing, unfortunately.

      When the authorities can’t or won’t enforce the law, historically people took the law into their own hands. Vigilante justice out of necessity.

      We’re in a low-level civil war right now and I can see death squads targeting individuals or specific political groups rather than innocent people going about their daily business. I’m thinking of James Hodginkson, the Bernie Bro who shot up the Republican baseball game and nearly killed Steven Scalise, and Anders Brevik, who killed 77, 69 of whom who were attendees at a Workers Youth League summer camp.

    • The opening scene in The Godfather depicts an Italian asking Don Corleone for justice for his injured daughter, because the courts have turned her attackers loose. Look for more of this!

    • As everyone from Coulter to Greg Johnson to Mike Enoch keep warning, if you shut down legitimate means of dissent, the more psychologically fragile dissidents will start cracking, wig-nat style. For the Fed-Stasi, that’s a feature, not a bug. We’re going to have to work double-time to police our own ranks ala Johnson’s admonisments at C-C re: this weekend’s nutters, but I’ll throw in a caveat that Greg left unsaid. Communites can provide the support that potential lone wolves need to get their heads right rather than leaving them atomized to snap alone under the deliberate psy-opping of globo-Schlomo. Before we “call the cops” as Greg recommends, let’s try a preventative approach that asks nothing more of us than giving the better among these guys someplace to call home and someone to call a friend.

  36. How much of this permeates the whole citizenry? It seems everybody is black pilled on justice in this country. Most may not be corrupt but totally don’t care or want to play boy scout anymore. That is all on our elites displayed fully by the court appointed deviants.

    My call to jury duty appearance last year gave me a good example of where we are.
    Most don’t even respond to the summons and those that do wail and connive to get out of it, and I am talking about a bunch of one day trials.

    Until Trump and even governors pull a Jackson and just totally defy court rulings, no remedy will ever be in sight. Then there is all the other major corruption, deep state and legislative.

    • Some governors tried to defy the Feds in the 50s and 60s. That failed. I don’t see today’s pozzed state governments (even in the Deep South) doing *anything* like what George Wallace tried to do.

    • Maybe jury duty is a good place to start. Any rightist who is summoned for jury duty should make it a point to respond, and do everything necessary to get on a jury. Including lying when the attorneys are trying to suss out your intentions. Say whatever necessary to get on, then band together to acquit an accused on “our team”, or convict the defendant if he is on theirs. This is how we have to play the game now, and it’s necessary to practice it, like learning a new skill.

      • Are you kidding! Pretty much the only people that show up for jury duty are white people. My city has to send out hundreds of extras summons because the black people just don’t show up. Apparently with no repercussions. Those are just for Whitey also. I get called every year. And I always get out of it because I’m self-employed and I have no employees. If I don’t work I don’t eat. But I have no intention of serving because I don’t feel good about doing my civic duty anymore. It’s right up there with recycling which I feel morally good about not doing

        • It’s not civic duty. Its duty to the white race. Ignore the laws, punish our enemies and do what is right for white people. Yes, it will require sacrifice but it’s the sacrifice of one days labor.

          • That’s the way I see it. It’s not civic duty anymore; it’s an opportunity for guerilla warfare. And the enemy is inviting you in. Of course you don’t tell them what you’re there for; they’ll find out when it’s too late. And even if you can’t get an entire jury of like-minded people, you can at least gum their game. One person on a jury can spoil an acquittal or a conviction to benefit our side and injure theirs.

        • Same here in my area. They even had a questionaire with 3 questions. White or Black was one. Can’t get negroes to show up.
          I counted (this is a major black city) , out of 80 seven were black. Should have been the opposite.
          The self employed provision used to work not anymore. An asian doctor who I befriended for the day closed down his clinic.

          • I live in the same county as these people not the same city. Millions of whites here. Thanks for the heads up wasn’t aware how bad things are.

          • Well Brother if you’re still within walking distance I would be looking for somewhere else🤔

      • Jury nullification (ignoring the instructions/law & voting your conscience) is an American tradition since the Colonies, but many states in Second Founding America consider it contempt of court if you openly declare it. So just do what the OJ jury did, with not a peep from starf*cker Judge Ito – as the Dr. orders above.

      • LOL.

        Go to jury duty.

        Utter the words “jury nullification”.

        Set your stopwatch on how long it takes to be eliminated from said jury pool.

        • So you keep your mouth shut about what you intend to do. We’re soldiers now, not Boy Scouts.

          • You need the rest of the jury to pull that stunt.

            As soon as you mention it – it’s pretty good odds somebody else on the jury will rat you out.

            More education needs to be done behind the scenes to do handle things the way that you are advocating for. Many more black pills need to be forced down people’s throats.

          • Even to the fellow jurors, you don’t have to use the term, you just make a convincing case to them that it would be wrong to convict. Most won’t even realize you’re telling them to engage in jury nullification.

          • Or you just hang the jury if you have to, because you have “reasonable doubt”. “Deepfake videos are common now!” etc.

          • Dr. Mabuse said, “So you keep your mouth shut about what you intend to do. We’re soldiers now, not Boy Scouts.”

            Almost there. Soldiers wear uniforms and stand openly in battle. Partisans is closer. Outnumbered, outgunned and outlawed. Be the clever and concealed partisan.

        • if you can’t keep your mouth shut and stop posturing, you won’t last long as a guerilla. No one cares what Chief Justice John Jay thought and if they did, we wouldn’t be in the mess.

          Shut up and serve and if you don’t think whoever it is belongs in jail, vote not guilty and stick to your guns , The reason doesn’t matter and no one needs know.

          Honestly a lot of people who hate the system need to read up on guerilla warfare and tactics. We’ve got far too many people out there who seem to think it’s going to be Blue and Grey 2.0 with armies .

          Its not. It’s mostly not going to be dirty black ops and occasional audacious operations.

          As I’ve said, maybe we’ll get lucky and not have this happen , I certainly don’t want it but it’s not up to me.

          If you want a real life example from the Taliban. Those so called low IQ bag of dates and an AK guys did more damage to Marine aviation than anyone since WW2


      • Been there, done that. Unless you get on a Federal jury, your ability to cast a “protest” verdict is pretty limited. Even on the grand jury (I was on one for 5 months), the bad guys are pretty obviously trouble for the community. The cases are not usually political in nature. Every one I was on was of the nature, “Hey, this guy is an asshole that I really don’t want living in my neighborhood-good riddance.”

        • There is still value in locking assholes up. Either way you’ve done your part and it’s perfectly possible to work within the semi functional parts of the system while working to create something else

          Be a Grey Man.

      • Dr. Mabuse: That was fully my intent when summoned for jury duty about a year ago. But somehow, even though the room was perhaps 65% White men, the “completely random computer generated” first cut managed to include about 60% women – two of them hijabbed – a few Negroes and subcons and Mestizos to round out the perfect multicultural pool from which the jury would be chosen. The game is rigged at every level – it would be a true rarity for a d-rightist to get on a jury.

    • This country is simply too big. Nobody believes they will get a fair hearing with all this land and all these different people.

      • Jury of your peers had a very specific meaning once. No commoner would get to serve on that jury…

    • Trump can’t pull a Jackson when most of Congress is looking for a pretext to impeach and remove him from office. Seems Trump knows this, but few others here do, emotions being what they are.

      • Trump should have wised up to that danger in the first few months and moved to neutralize it by taking hostages. Every member of Congress should have been informed of the very unpleasant legal consequences awaiting their parents, children, cousins, in-laws etc. if they tried any funny business. Instead he wrings his hands on Twitter and lets the years drip away with nothing to show for them.

        • To the extent Trump was ever legit, his generation was too steeped in Second Founding American Civ Nat loyalty to go full realpolitik – which I agree was absolutely necessary to give us any shot to rush the DC cockpit. I think the window for using the Presidency or other national offices for anything but strategic monkey-wrenching passed with Trump. We needed a much younger, harder man for the job, but (((they))) have done a good job making sure that anyone so inclined already had their own “hostage” problems to hamstring them. That’s what Epstein et al are there for.

      • He’s a 72 year old hotelier and entertainer, not a warchief or a ceasar

        He wasn’t there to set things right away, he’s there for personal aggrandizement and to leave a county in which the kind of enterprise his family does can function for another generation or maybe two if he’s lucky.

        The fact that this benefits us some is incidental .

        • Yeah, I know. I’m not suggesting things that, given the shoddy materials on hand, have any chance of happening. That’s why I just shrug when his devotees keep going on about everything he’s “accomplished” so far. It’s not much, but it makes them feel like they’re part of something with a future.

  37. It’s almost guaranteed that more than half of GOP-nominated judges turn out to be ravening progressive wolves in sheep’s clothing. Yet we never see that with Communist-nominated judges.

    Hence that’s why I’m a big believer in “Red Team jurists.” Just like the progressive judges, they’re guaranteed to come down on the side of the right every time, regardless of the facts. Just like the Blue Team judges, who are as predictable as the sun rising and setting every day.

    The rule of law is meaningless when one side decides they refuse to play by the rules and dictate the rules of the game on the fly to benefit themselves. We had a kid like that in our neighborhood and we refused to let him play with us for that very reason.

    If only we could do that with our Lefty friends. Maybe in the end the best we can hope for is a peaceful dissolution.

      • DLS, agreed. But on the other hand, how many posters here have ever said that they were working for a peaceful separation. That seems to be a delusion “not in evidence” as they would say.

        One always hopes for the “best”, but wisely prepares for the worse. As for the worse wrt preparation—Lineman, seems the best resource—but I’ll let him speak for himself in this matter.

        • Ahh Compsci the problem is most times I feel like my most of what I say falls on deaf ears anyways…Your right on the separation thing though, most talk about it but their lack of real action shows that they aren’t really serious or they are still to comfortable where they are at…Most look at this war we are in as something you can do or prepare for as a hobby not the life and death event that it is…It’s the Normalcy Bias thing working in overdrive for most folks…

      • Speaking for most of us who endorse the 5PT approach, we’re not looking for declared secession. We’re simply going to start living in close proximity and building normal White communities in places the Empire doesn’t prioritize – backwaters, cold weather, low population, not their beloved coasts and metro areas. Then we’ll boil the separation frog slowly through lax enforcement and passive non-compliance rather than strident civil disobedience. Keep sending them taxes and keep our heads down, all the while growing our population and educating them our way. Meanwhile the Empire will have its hands full keeping their orcs in line.

        • That’s a recipe for failure.

          “Taking over” non-strategic areas means that you will never win this war because when it finally comes down to a fight – and it will – the Orcs will have the numbers – and the militarily strategic position to enforce their will.

          It’s stuff like this that makes me think the right and the white nationalists are irredeemably retarded.

          • Well Calsdad I think there is a lot unsaid in Exiles post that if you were talking f2f might be able to be sussed out amongst yourselves…There is a lot of things that can’t be said online in front of your enemies but if you have a solution that will solve our problems without us being in physical proximity of one another I’m all ears?

          • Exile, Carlsdad,

            You both have reasonable arguments.

            Exile is right that, at least in the early stages of building a dissident counterculture, it’s easier to avoid the supposedly all-seeing eye of the State in locations that the Overlords don’t take seriously and where they might have fewer “spies.”

            But this isn’t a struggle that can only be won by a maquis operating in the hindquarters of the backwoods. Sooner or later, you have to subvert the Powers where they live and move and have their being. That’s where they are strongest, but most vulnerable: in later stages their might can be nullified by sand in the gears.

            Different tactics; different phases; one operation.

        • Well there is that county in Colorado I think that has declared itself a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary Zone”. It’s a cheeky way to slap at the Left with all their “Sanctuary Cities” and states that openly defy the Federal marijuana laws. It was Obama who decided *not* to send in the National Guard when the first states declared weed legal. When certain Southern states tried to stay segregated in the Civil Rights era the Guard *was* called in. That was probably too long ago though to infer much. Tellingly, Trump has followed Obama’s lead and hasn’t done much to rout the illegals from places like this (Portland) that proudly flaunt the federal law nor has he had the DEA move against the weed states.

          The US federal government has essentially lost all legitimacy with everyone, Left and Right, at this point for various reasons. The real question is whether any national leader Right or Left will have the stones to essentially go Peronist on the nation to hold the whole thing together. If we don’t get a national Peron there might arise certain regional Franco or Che Guevara like figures who will break off the first rogue republics. After that things will move quickly just like the Soviet collapse did. How peaceful or violent this process will be I can’t say.

          Edit: One factor I forgot to mention is that the US breakup may look less like the Soviet one and more like the India/Pakistan partition of the late 40s. You had millions of Hindus intermingled with Muslims all over the place. When the division came they all ended up on the road together, Hindus moving West, Muslims East. There was massive bloodshed as the streams crossed. This, of course, is what you have here. Millions of people live literally next door to those they would prefer not to be around politically, socially or occupationally. So that aspect of things favors the violent side of the violent/peaceful prediction.

          • @Poz
            Millions of people live literally next door to those they would prefer not to be around politically, socially or occupationally. So that aspect of things favors the violent side of the violent/peaceful prediction.
            Yea about that why do people do that to themselves when there are so many places out there that have those things that align with their values…

          • @lineman
            “Yea about that why do people do that to themselves when there are so many places out there that have those things that align with their values”

            I can’t speak for everywhere, but here it seems like occupation; to force us in line. Its like progressive evangelism.

    • The cuck will always vote with us until the vote actually counts. They LOVE being the powerless opposition. They will cluck and crow about their precious principles right up until the day when they get the chance to break a tie. That is precisely the time they cuck. Think of John McCain’s downvote on the repeal of Obamacare/ACA.

  38. It’s like the Sandman v. WaPo case where the judge threw out the case with prejudice declaring the news article was simply opinion. The cherry on top has to be Roberts ruling the Obamacare fine a tax.

    When I lived in a midsized Midwest city, I once wrote the city council members with a question. The only one who replied was the old, union guy on council. They later got him removed for the petty bribes you described. I always had a soft spot for him because, while corrupt, he at least did his job.

    • Sandman should refile: in the UK.

      The libel laws are much stricter and the WAPO undoubtedly published their lies there.

      The downside is that damages are a lot less generous.

    • I used to view the handful of landmark “creative” SC decisions as justice(s) trying to protect the SC from intense public backlash. Like bending a sapling to prevent its breaking … when the SC seemed to lag “too far” behind the leftward cultural drift. But maybe it is corruption more than a defensive posture. Imagine where we’d be without the last two of these decisions? Make that 3. or 4. Each one of them introduces major cultural watershed not easily reversed.

  39. If elected officials and judges do not respect the law, why should any of the rest of us?

    • This is the kind of comment you see at Brietbart and Instapundit a LOT. “Ooh they won’t like it when we stop obeying…”

      But this has been said for 40 years as everything gets more and more Pozzed. NOTHING HAPPENS. It will take a major shock to the system and a lot of people losing their comfort before we actually stop obeying, if we do at all. The Brave New World is *really* good at hitting the dopamine.

      • My estimate is 90% of whites will happily happily embrace their own extinction. If you are counting on the people to save themselves, you will be disappointed.

        • There is an order problem. Another Freddy Gray or Rodney King riot that spreads nationally with police withdrawing and forays into the suburbs tends to concentrate minds.

          Normies hate riots. Hate even more having their homes looted. Elites ride the tiger. The Purge movies are the template for the non White lumpen proletariat.

          Into such a political void steps a Caesar.

          • That is precisely why they will not let this happen. BLM was getting out of control in this way and then suddenly, BLM just “went away” Someone interfered and pulled back funding and organizational support for BLM. BLM went from a major force in the country to nothing in a matter of a month of two. I’m sorry, but it did not just happen. Someone made it happen.

            This is why I say ‘never attribute to incompetence what can be attributed to malice.’

          • Inclined to agree. The story of Shaun King’s embezzlement of the BLM funds quietly went away, too.

          • Nothing much will happen till the Boomer die off and/or economic collapse . We’ll just get a slow slide into 3rd world irrelevance with possible collapse and ACW2 scenarios

            There is almost certainly not going to be a Caesar along the way . Anyone with such ambition and ability is either corrupted or otherwise dealt out of the picture. There are very men few like that and a big intelligence service to watch them.

            There might be a quiet one somewhere but its a slight possibility.

            In any case the rebel class is mostly Libertarian which is the slightly saner version of Leftism

            This means the most they can manage is a tantrum . They combine some of the less savory aspects of both, lack of good moral direction of the Left and both the corporate fetish and lack of organization of the Right. It’s a useless toxic ideology.

            if you are not willing to take freedom from people who clearly can’t handle its and /or you can’t handle the responsibility of doing it right, you have no business with power.

            You won’t get it either.

            ironically one of the few authors to get that was Canadian author David Brin . He’s nomenklatura up there but understood the militia which at the time were “survivalists.” pretty well

            In his work the Postman, basically Fed Gov was trying to rebuild and the survivalists who had turned feral and were well armed would accept no large scale order, period

            Ignoring the ludicrous idea of an effective and benign USG it was SF after all, this is exactly what would happen.

            The militia right once they’ve fought and tasted blood will turn on any large scale order.

            There are millions of these guys BTW

            The best way to get your Caesar is to get them and the rest of the Right to embrace authority

            It’s doable. I’ve seen middle aged and even older people go from moderate to more radical than me with a little push

            It doesn’t take many either.

            Last on this epistle , to something our host said. You can’t expect a great awakening since no one is offering anything better

            Hope and anger of the fuels of revolution and our side doesn’t offer that.

            We offer despair. That won’t fly.

          • Back during the Rodney King riots the rioters did not enter Beverly Hills. Later a media person asked the mayor why he thought the riots did not spread to his town. His response was, “We don’t allow that here.”

        • Maybe not happily, but grudgingly. It’s amazing how prophetic some sci-fi is. The West might as well be the Eloi.

          Edit: read where the upscale real estate market is booming in Warsaw. I wonder how much of that is driven by foreigners looking some type of insurance policy.

        • 25% is the social tipping point for minority views. If we can flip or Finlandize 15%, we’ll have sufficient allies/adjacents to run effective inside-the-Empire interference for Our Thing as we separate.

        • A while back, re-read “Eichmann in Jerusalem” for the first time since college. Forgot how striking the recounts of how the local Judenrat’s—really that community’s “elite”—worked with Nazis on their own eventual extermination. So, my bet is on the same happening here.

          • Thanks…..just ordered it. The question of “how” has haunted me since childhood. I know now.

        • Of the 90%, when you just mention the principle of white nationalism, either their heads rotate side to side like a dog’s, or their face tenses up like you have committed a hate crime in front of them. So yeah, most American whites are totally oblivious. For those white eth-nats out there, best to form your own wandering tribe and hope for the best, much like that other wandering tribe.

        • thezman said: ” My estimate is 90% of whites will happily happily embrace their own extinction. If you are counting on the people to save themselves, you will be disappointed.” America has always been about ethnic tribalism and regionalism. throw in some Democratic rugged individualism and there’s the good old U. S. of A. Now we’re living in the ass end of that prodject. One of the main components of decadence that Friedrich Nietzsche talked about was the loss of the will for self-defense. obviously, demoralization isn’t anything new. What’s new is a massive, generational project to gut the moral, civic and mythological foundation of a civilisation. Sure, some of this happend in all empires that went into decline. But not in the vicious, all or nothing way the left has attacked Western Civilization. It is I’m afraid simply too big, too intrenched, too well financed and too f**king late to do anything about it. If you want to save yourself and your loved ones, find your tribe and roll up your sleeves. Oh, and don’t forget. If you stay in America, your still in the belly of the beast. Plan accordingly.

          • Somewhere in my travels – I read that one of the reasons why the Germans overran France so easily in 1940 , was because so many of the French were so deeply dissatisfied with the 3rd Republic – that the welcomed the German invasion.

            No “nation” can sufficiently defend itself – when a critical portion of it’s populace wants to see it die.

            That’s why I think the critical effort here is to make sure that a critical portion of the white population comes to realize that the current order of things is solidly set against them.

            Get a critical mass of people with their heads properly black-pilled and immune to the endless stream of BS emanating from the left – and this problem will resolve itself (one way or another) eventually.

            Fail to do that – and you will inevitably lose.

          • If the new squad attacking the old white guard on the left doesn’t wake up the progs and neo/ Buckley cons, what will?

          • @Rube Goldberg – This. It’s a much different thing when your own ox is gored – the (D)irtbag/ (D)umbcluck coalition may seem like mental defectives, but it is seldom in a ‘fail to benefit their own interests ‘ way – it’s more like a ‘burn down the house while trying to loot it’ mental/ MORAL defect.

        • Perhaps, but that is true of any people. It was the lament of the Gulag Archipelago. But I wouldn’t say happily or double happy. Fighting back is hard. Just the nature of man I suppose.

        • My estimate is 90% of whites will happily happily embrace their own extinction.

          This is super-black pill to me but I’m thinking the same. Right now I’m having this vague sense that old or very long cycle patterns are slowly coming into focus and we are seeing why liberty and a ‘free society’ is bound to do one of two, be swept away. Or embrace authoritarianism. I think this is basically what happened to Rome. And I think it is b/c a ‘democracy’ is bound to be run by unconscientious grifters, liars and bullshitters.

          Democracy is a wonderful idea. There may be something about humans that make it impractical in the long run??

          • Democracy is not a wonderful idea—at least not wrt how it now entails universal suffrage.

        • I don’t know if 90% of whites would happily embrace their own extinction, but I do suspect that 90% of whites will never lift a finger or even publicly support us until we’ve already created a protected community of our own.

          If in the disintegrating society that is to come, 5% or 10% of whites create their own community and withstand the initial media outrage and legal fight, a large number of other whites will rapidly come to our side. Of course, by that point, we wouldn’t need them, and, in many ways, wouldn’t want them.

          Regardless, whites love living around other whites. They prove that every day.

        • New-ish fan of your work here.
          It occurs to me that those 10% of us remaining will have nowhere to live, what with the migrating foreigner hordes and the cucked whites who currently are lobbying for their own replacement.
          The numbers don’t favor us, imo.

      • I go back and forth on this. On one hand you are absolutely correct. Nothing has ever happened. One outrage after another and no reaction. On the other hand it could be that white people still believe they have something to lose. That the system can still mostly work.

        By about 2025 when the medicare math just is not going to work anymore and a lot of the economy goes down with it then people will pretty quickly have their standards of living adjusted downward. At that point when literally nothing is left to lose then maybe we get to war.

    • The officials and judges can pretty much count on the right staying on the couch, and believing traditional order is still in effect, and the left owning the streets and imposing their own order when and how they please. The heritage population of the country is well conditioned at this point. I’d prefer to be wrong about this.

      • I share your lack of faith in our people as things stand. But I have an enormous amount of faith in the ability of our enemies to so ‘screw the pooch’ that they awaken enough of us into pushing back hard. Trump ‘woke’ our enemies, Kamala Jemima will return the favor once elected.

        • Unfortunately, I can’t imagine any pushback from conservatives/dissidents being organized, intelligent or effective. We have only a few intelligent voices, like Z Man, voices lost in the wilderness, for all intents and purposes, seeking reasonable minds to sway. If the pushback comes in the form of young white men shooting a bunch of innocent strangers, very soon the government will activate laws they have on the books about domestic terrorists that are just waiting to be activated, and life will get that much harder for all dissidents, on the left or the right. Then we’ll watch as the law is applied per the whims of the global corporatists wielding authority, sniping all dissidents and making public examples of them. Conservative Inc will be OK with it because, most importantly, it’s done LEGALLY. The fruits of our bad schools and our Godless, gun-, violence- and smut-loving popular culture with our widespread use of drugs (prescribed, recreational, illicit) manifest themselves in people who do such Godless, heinous, sick crimes. Illiterate, purposeless people with bad ideas. The new Americans.

    • Exactly. A “rule of law” society is dependent on legitimacy more than any other system of government, and when everyone in bust-out America is lawyering around the rules or simply ignoring them, he who respects the spirit of the laws is a “freier,” as Israelis say.

    • Because they have the power to incarcerate you and thus ruin your life; not the other way way around.

      • This depends on how much lawbreaking . California is awash in laws and is actually quite lawless, Anarcho Tyranny really sucks but it is the way of the future.

        Upside the USG and the States who are often a bigger more immediate threat, will sooner or later run out of money and thus the ability to enforce laws

        We see this erosion with sanctuary cities, gun sanctuaries, weed legalization and I expect to see more of this impromptu Federalism for good or ill.

    • “Our government is the potent, omnipresent teacher. For good or ill it teaches the whole people by its example”- (((Louis Brandeis)))

      The goober mint is always telling us it’s wrong to use violence to get what you want yet the Anglo-Zionist Empire has a gigantic military that has slaughtered millions for dubious reasons. We have a TV and movie industry that churns out the most bloodsoaked entertainment since the Coliseum. Very often these movies portray torture and murder as righteous acts. I mean it’s okay if they’re “Nazis” right? Who was the last politician to call out Hollywood in any serious way? Joe McCarthy? Of course he was destroyed.

    • Does anybody who reads this blog actually respect the law? I haven’t since I was unjustly convicted of breaking an unconstitutional law at the age of 16 (I hadn’t done what I was accused of, but what I was accused of was protected by the first amendment even if I had done it.) on only the word of the guy *I* had called the cops on!

      That day it was seared into my soul that government was arbitrary and untrustworthy and did not serve justice. I obey only out of fear of the consequences, not out of respect.

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