The Supreme Hive Mind

Whenever the Left is running a caper or pulling shenanigans, there is a tendency to examine the event in isolation. Pundits and analysts will look for why the Left is doing the narrow thing they are doing, usually searching for the sort of causes that would motivate normal people. Money and power are the two most popular explanations from the conventional Right, as those are the things that matter to them. This sort of analysis misses the mark, because it obscures the commonalities.

For example, the left-wing censorship phenomenon on social media is discussed only within the context of the platforms. The on-going impeachment circus is narrowly examined within the partisan framework of imperial politics. Other than to notice the people behind these efforts have certain similarities, these events are treated as discrete efforts with their own peculiar motivations. Yet, it is what they have in common that tells us much more about the current crisis.

In the case of impeachment, it is an outgrowth of the “resistance” movement that started on-line immediately after the 2016 election. This was launched initially on Twitter by the sorts of women that have become a feature of modern life. These are the bitter, childless types, who have reached middle years without having fulfilled their purpose as women, so they are in a perpetual state of rage. Some are crazy for other reasons, but these female rage heads are a stock character now.

The word “resist” is an important clue. When one is on attack, resist is not the word you use to describe your efforts. The word “resist” is always used in the context of defending something from an aggressor. That’s how they came to view the 2016 election. It was an assault on their ideological worldview. Since their sense of self is deeply entangled with that worldview, 2016 was felt like an assault on their person. They feel that they are resisting an intrusion into their most personal of space.

It is this sense of being a victim, that their person has been violated by Trump, that is behind the impeachment rage. These people look at Trump entering Washington in the same way they view a rapist violating them. Since there is no way to make it whole, they can never forgive the violation. Their vengeance is perfectly justified, as they are infinity aggrieved. Trump entered into a zone they view as exclusively theirs, as if he violated their personal space, so he must be resisted at all costs.

Something similar has been happening with social media. The first social media platforms were message boards and comment sections on sites. The first heavy handed moderation happened on the left-wing sites like Daily Kos, which was popular in the Bush years. Anything that deviated from official dogma was removed and the poster was banned. That was their space and you dirty right-wing extremists had no right to enter their space with your filthy racist ideas.

This sense of ownership and entitlement took over the big social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The same sorts of screeching harpies behind the “resist” campaign are policing social media for heretics. Those are their platform and they determine the community standards. The use of the word “community” is a big clue as to how these people think of these sites. They are not public platforms, but communities in the same way your town is a community.

It is this hive minded view of politics that is behind the fanatical purging of heretics and blasphemers from social media. The people behind it have conflated these platforms with their own sense of themselves. Just as Trump penetrating Washington is seen as the most egregious personal violation, bad thinkers on YouTube are imagined to be spiritual rapists, victimizing the community with their bad ideas. Purging these monsters from the community is now a sacred duty.

This is why there is no reasoning with these people over things like terms of service or the particulars of impeachment. It would be like trying to talk a female grizzly out of defending her cubs. Her instinct to defend is not a rational reaction. It is not the end point of a decision tree. That’s the same thing going on with the impeachment stuff, the subversion, the purging on-line, all of it. This is the reaction of an organism to what it sees as a threat to its integrity. This is how The Hive defends itself.

It is why any analysis of the Left in isolation tends to miss the point. Everything these people do has to be examined within the larger context of the hive mind. The blue-haired lesbian at Google issuing strikes to your channel is not a person, but a node within the larger network of the hive mind. These are people who have no agency, because what defines them is their relations with the other nodes in the Progressive hive mind. When you deal with one, you are dealing with all of them.

At the height of the French Revolution, Robespierre tried to impose a secular religion on the French people. The cult of the Supreme Being would be the official religion of the French people. In his speech announcing this new religion to the people, Robespierre said of the new deity, “He created the universe to proclaim His power. He created men to help each other, to love each other mutually, and to attain to happiness by the way of virtue.” Other than the pronouns, this is a modern liberal creed.

Instead of a supernatural supreme being, the god at the center of the Progressive consciousness is the hive mind. Instead of a name, they use names of its manifestation, like “democracy” and “community.” Yet, it is the same sense of devotion and ownership that drives them to defend it. The Left views themselves as defenders of the faith. It is why they are so ruthless and vengeful in defending that which is inside their mental space, like official politics and social media. They belong to The Hive.

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  3. Nice! Have always thought the use of “community” a bit specious. Automatically makes my hackles go up. Good article. Thanks

  4. Yes. And the Hive Mind is a girl thing, saying “I can’t believe he said that!” and then enforcing the hive mind by naming, shaming, and shunning, as the community of women has always done from time immemorial.

  5. I’m not sure why the Right has not countered the heavy-handed collusion to keep any dissent from Leftist thought off the Internet with an anti-trust suit. The actions of the Left certainly fulfill the criteria.

    • Rich people own the system, including the legal system. Finding a rich person willing to bankroll such a suit is just about impossible. Even if one were found, finding a competent lawyer willing to take the case is impossible, as the bar is owned by rich people.

      The way to think of America is as a theocracy ruled by a foreign religious cult.

      • If you found a rich client and a competent lawyer, they’d hit you with a crooked judge.

        There’s a place for DR lawfare on a small-case, distributed scale where we can swarm the system & find the good judges (e.g. the CA portion of the RAM case), but high-profile cases that draw the full focus and resources of the Hive have a 10% shot at best to run that gauntlet.

  6. What strikes me lately about the Hive is the way that men are starting to act like women. Men are jumping on the hysteria du jour and cutting off friendships with non believers. Maybe this has something to do with all the plastics out there but I can’t help thinking it has a lot to do with social media playing off the human need to battle over status.

    Reality is that through dominance of the media, the tribe controls who gets status among educated people. If you want status you need to wholeheartedly profess allegiance to the narrative du jour.

    I am very tired of watching 3 digit IQ men smugly express incredibly stupid and dangerous (to their descendents) ideas and miss the days when we could agree to disagree

    • There’s an old saying, never, in polite company, discuss politics, religion, or sex. It has all now been rolled into one. The new left is a religion whose domain includes both politics and gender.

      • Good one, ifrank, and so true.

        Thinking about Bunny, above, I think the “ban the 19th!” is a bit of a trap to divide White women and men.

        The 19th wasn’t intended to make things better for women.

        It was used to piggyback another group into administrative positions where they were ‘underrepresented’. The yentas rode our women’s backs into judgeships, academia, bureaucracy, corporate boards, politics.

        The same trick was also used to seduce useful allies to the dark side with promises.
        I give you today’s “independent womyn” and black teacherettes dominating the NEA.

        • An alternate male example would be the Klan.

          Born of a movie, they were ridden into dominance of the country’s majority party.

          Once that was achieved, they were thrown under the bus in one fell swoop.
          The network owners organized a big Dixiecrat segregation rally, and had cameras in place for the first live national TV news broadcast in 1962.

          After that broadcast, Klan membership fell from 2 million to 20,000 in six months.
          We had been redefined. The bus had reached its destination, and new riders were brought on board.

          • Sorry, but one more example: the Night of the Long Knives.

            No other group was more interested in infiltrating the Nazi Party. Rotfront communist street fighters had been “converting” by the hundreds.

            Then came that Night. False accusations were made, and Hitler ended up executing his patriots. After that, serious military blunders and bad intel started getting made, and the Nazi regime started getting ugly.

            Brutal, stupid, and ugly. The Inquisition’s J**wish converso, Torquemada, comes to mind. Kill it and wear the skin.

          • Their secret: from one weapon, to another weapon, to another.

            The 19th- creating useful piggybacks
            – went on to create a vote for Prohibition
            – buying off the political class, replacing Teddy nationalists with criminal schemers
            – who’s profits bought up the defunct defense factories after the war, and paid for lawyers to expand the GI Bill to women’s universities
            – who then agreed en masse with the televised Civil Rights icons, etc, etc, etc.

            Weapon to weapon to weapon, always progressing Forward.

          • I know you used the word for a purpose, so this is not about your comment, but about those who do not use it consciously:

            Have we all noticed how prevalent that word “Forward” is? I see even those who claim to be against “all that” using the word thoughtlessly; it is often put in where no extra word is needed (instead of saying “We will move on this”, it is “we will move forward on this” — that type of thing.)

            Interesting trivial tidbit that says a lot about how the left uses language purposefully and everyone else, while complaining about it, picks up their language and uses it, as well, often to their own detriment..

        • They have put something in the water
          They seek a cure for the conversation
          They stole a march on your indecision

          And the first to fall is laughter
          Just to quell the unoffended
          They seek to murder your opinion

          And the light has been turned down on the age of reason
          Replaced by blinding fires that burn wild across the region
          For the wrong to rule
          The good must just stand idly by

          So I need you more than ever
          Need your hands in this resistance
          If we’re going to go the distance
          And if I ever doubt it
          I think about my future
          And if i want to live there

  7. Marie Antoinette’s outburst this morning was a really strange performance. When asked why she was in a rush about the articles of impeachment, she defensively blurted out that they (House Dems) ‘had worked tirelessly and methodically for 2 and a half years to impeach the President’. The only person to remark on it was the female Fox anchor – the male anchor missed it entirely – instead zeroing in on what she said afterwards.

    Apparently the producer pointed this out to him during the commercial break when he finally mentioned it. I had the impression the Catholic remark was a kneejerk response on her part calculated to take the spotlight off her defensive geriatric slip a few seconds before.

  8. in the past, i’ve used the construction “Verdamniskirche” to describe this spiritual view. Slightly less wordy than “Church of No Salvation”, which is what it shakes out to. The same folks who “resist” now would gladly confess their sins in Maoist Struggle Sessions and gladly accept the beatings of their comrades. knowing that it was the only just response to their confessed doubts and sins against the Whole – Never atoned for, only borne like bruises and scars.

  9. “This is why there is no reasoning with these people over things like …” There is no reasoning with the leftists on anything. Reason is not in them. Truth is not in them. They are pure hatred, contempt, and evil — even as they accuse us of those things. To use Sowell’s lingo, their “Vision” sees those who don’t agree with them as things (not even human) which are stopping them from bringing a new heaven and a new earth into existence. We are stopping heaven on earth. We must be the ultimate evil therefore.

    There is no reasoning with them, nor is there any compromise. We can not live with them as they intend on killing us all. We can not cure the present situation by voting. I repeat, you can not vote your way out of this mess.

    Violence is coming. There is no way to avoid the coming violence other than submitting and dying.

    The least violent outcome would be a breakup of the 50 states and the empire into various different nations. Perhaps then the leftists could work to build their utopia and “show us how it is done”. (no, I realize all their failures would be blamed on us.

    Get ready for the coming war.

  10. Clever metaphor, but misunderstanding the relationship between women and rape, as hinted at by the number of these screeching cat ladies who have had sexual fantasies about Trump, and their younger journalist counterparts who just can’t seem to stop hooking up with Trump-loving chads.

    Better metaphor: gigantic nuclear shit test.

  11. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.” ~ Saul Alinsky

    I expect much of Alinsky’s advice will work as well for folks on this side as on the other. But this one, especially.

  12. We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

  13. Watching Nancy Pelosi today, and the whole spectacle that’s DC. I feel as if this entire era is about to burst into consequences that so many ancient and not so ancient philosophers have predicted. That mania of late stage democracy bringing anarchy and ruin.

    • They are practicing “The Big Lie”. Doing that sort of thing has always carried big consequences.

  14. Zman regulars, I love you all. You are brilliant and insightful men, and today’s post and comments just reinforced this. Feel the love (no sarc). I’m so privileged to be allowed to hang out with you.

  15. The left is absolutely a faith, with its own creed, sins, etc. This a stark reality for anyone who lives in a leftist area. Certain towns in my area have recently banned all new natural gas hookups and mandated 100% electric houses to fight “climate change.” This is happening at the same time that we have a bankrupt power company that literally can’t keep the lights on during hot summer days. There’s no reason behind this. It’s all emotive faith based reasoning where cooking tofu and sprouts with an electric burner, and solar panels on the roof, will help to change the temperature of the earth to an acceptable level. Everyone does his or her part, even if it doesn’t move the needle one bit, and there is no speculation on whether the needle even needs to be moved. I’m trying to find something like this happening in nature. Perhaps when pods of whales miscommunicate with each other and end up beaching themselves en-masse. In those cases the lead whale was likely sick, and no longer able to think. Sort of like Nancy Pelosi. “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.” …Charles MacKay.

    • The beaching whales thing is a good analogy. I look at all of the crazy regulations as “don’t just sit there, do something”, which is then steered into avenues of dependency by the powers-that-be. To me, the “don’t just sit there, do something” is similar to how animals will occasionally go into a pointless frenzy, when they are taken care of and all of their basic needs are met for them. Hind-brain, always the hind-brain.

    • There’s no reason behind this…
      Oh yes there is Brother it’s about control and being able to shut you down for whatever reason they think up…

  16. Stellar work as usual Z Man. One might tend to be alarmed by such doings but in the end, it’s just women being women. One of my favourite bloggers, Wirecutter over at Knuckle Draggin – has made it a game to get banned and suspended by Fecesbook. His idiot fanboys are in it too – they post rude jokes to taunt the censors and then brag about being the fastest to get banned. Then they all meet on his blog to gloat and brag – it’s hilarious, some of the shit they post. It almost makes me want to set up an account on FB and join the fun.

    But there are other factors at work here that bear mention: women are fascists and socialists by nature. The founding fathers of both our countries understood this, and the fact that they are prone to thinking with their emotions instead of their heads – and wisely deprived them of the right to vote. When women get emotional, reason goes out the window. That is why, back when our laws made sense – they were treated much like children. They want FB and Twatter to be their spaces, and I personally am inclined to let them have it.

    This is why the democrat party is self destructing – and the Repubs could very well go the same way. For women, ALL the issues are emotional, and when you frame them that way, they will yard up and move on them like a herd. Without any direction, they are liable to go stampeding over a cliff as they have done countless times since they’ve gotten the vote. Their men can no longer control them.

    Women will do this in any organization where they have a say in it’s affairs. At some point, sooner rather than later… they are going to have to get bitch slapped back to the kitchen and put to work doing something useful like making sammiches. It will be better for us AND them to see it so. We seriously need to repeal the 19th amendment.

    • “… women are fascists and socialists by nature.”

      In a sense I agree, certainly the tendency for heart-thinking over head-thinking. I usually try to interpret these things through the lens of my Christian worldview. Some consider the book of Genesis as mythology, others literal truth, but the overarching lesson of the “fall of man” is that males and females received gender-specific curses.

      One of the curses proscribed for woman is the desire to lord power over man. Man’s curse was to endure physical hardship and brute labor to perpetuate his family. Unfortunately, today’s woman elects to double her burden … she desires power while simultaneously clobbering herself in the workforce. Woman’s antidote to the curse is found in Proverbs 31, and it’s a role that ensures value and dignity far superior to the lies of feminism.

      Universal suffrage and democracy needs to go in the ashcan of history. One vote per household, with only competent, property-owning men going to the polls. Women would be exceptionally well-served under such a system.

      • “One of the curses proscribed for woman is the desire to lord power over man.”
        Nope. That’s not what the Bible says.
        “16 To the woman He said, ‘I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.’ 17To Adam he said, “Because you listened to your wife and ate fruit from the tree about which I commanded you, ‘You must not eat from it,’ Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat food from it all the days of your life. 18It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field. 19By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.'”
        Genesis 3: 16-19
        It says she will desire him and he will rule over her, not that she will desire to lord power over him. There’s a difference. Women hate pushovers they can lord over. At least, that’s what Heartiste says.

          • Bunny – You must be an Evangelical. The Evangelical folks are always sticklers for the details of EXACTLY what “The Good Book” says.

            Howz about you have a look at St. Jerome’s version?
            I guarantee you whatever you wrote up there is different in the Douay Rheims version… coming straight from the Latin, which came straight from the Greek.

            But many on here don’t want to hear me (or us) rant on about the details of Biblical History.

            I’m just chuckling out loud at you, that you think you’re right… when, if you want to get into it: let’s start with the One True Church.
            But again, I’m off on a tangent that likely no-one here wants to read, about religious beliefs.
            I’m still shaking my head at the Evangelical SuperFunRockBandChurch people.

          • No, I’m fairly unchurched. The point is not so much scriptural accuracy, but just accuracy, plain and simple. Genesis does not say that the woman wants to lord it over the man, period. But you’re right, for some peculiar reason I find it especially galling when scripture or Church teaching is misrepresented, not that I’m an expert on theology, and not that the good Capt intentionally misrepresented those verses. Some commenters do seem to pull stuff out of God knows where sometimes.

    • Serious question, what is fascism and what is so bad about it? Are you sure you are not reacting to remnants of the cultural Marxism we have all asorbed merely by living in the West?

      • Fascist unfortunately has become a synonym for “authoritarian” or “totalitarian” even among Righties, while it’s been dumbed-down to “people I hate” among the Woke.

        Italian fascism in particular, not being freighted with Holocaustianity, gets some fairer treatment and more sympathetic modern audiences, but the truth is that there is nothing inherentlly “bad” about fascism in general unless you’re viewing it from the individualist democractic neo-liberal perspective.

        There are dozens of countries worldwide that have governments that are equally or much more antithetical or indifferent to Western concepts like individual rights, one person one vote, etc… that people don’t throw around as epithets.

        No one says “Dems are the real monarchists” with Saudi Arabia in mind. No one says “Dems are the real despotic warlords” trying to analogize their enemies to Somalia. Using fascism as a curse-word is a Holocaustian shibboleth.

      • I am trying to figure that one out too. Odd: Nazi Germany supposedly murdered jews by the millions – and they will have chit on their faces forever more because of it.

        The Japs murdered entire cities full of chinamen, Koreans, Mongolians, Tibetans, etc… and half a century later, that black baboon, Barkie Obutthole and his simian wife are bowing to them and apologizing. I suppose that when it comes to mass murder… gooks don’t count?

        Both fascism and socialism rely on intrusive, authoritative gov’ts. The issue is that the fascists are smarter, faster, and typically stronger than the socialists and will destroy them in a fair fight. Socialists know that if fascism ever takes hold in the USA – they will be the ones marched off to the death camps.

        • Socialists seek to crush race and community. Fascists seek to bend them to their will. Otherwise they are roughly the same thing, from the point of view of the little guy, who is simply a replaceable cog in the machine for either one.

        • ” gooks don’t count?”

          Not to put too fine a point on it, but: No, they don’t. (Duh.)

          To put it a little more gently, Some victims are more victimy than others. Only one group has really, truly suffered. If you don’t know that then report to re-education camp.

          • Ah. I stand corrected. You are absolutely right, and I think that is why the hive minds and shitlibs came up with the fake science of “intersectionality”.

            The good news is that it highlights the panic and fright going on in the hive – they have to invent new BS to prop up the old BS, which in turn is based on even older BS. The men still in the liberal and cucked enclaves have to be feeling that noose getting ever tighter. Intersectionality is good for us – it could be the prelude to civil war on the left as they tear each other to shreds fighting over imaginary victim points.

            Let us pray for high body counts.

  17. It just shows how much Marxism has infiltrated our national thinking. In my conservative days, I too subscribed to the notion of infinite progress.

    Our opponents truly believed in the inevitability of their brown, multicultural, secular, female, future. Trump’s election was a direct and glaring contradiction of everything they hold dear. They react the same way Christians would if God could be actually killed by atheism.

    • It would have been so much easier if they had just stayed quiet after Trump won. Let him block off illegal immigration, while keeping the legal floodgates open. Demographic change might have barely happened.

      Get back in after 4-8 years, don’t say anything, and then quietly re-open the borders.

      This is why I don’t think there is actually a strategy. They are solely governed by their burning hatred of white Christian men. Destroy at all costs. No thinking.

      • There are 2 types of communists, true believers and those who want power. To use the Lion King, (one of my top 5 right wing movies) the power grabbers are Scar and the true believers are the hyenas.

        The Scar types are clever to a point and take the long view of history just like Karl Marx. The true believers are chaotic, brutal, low trust, and have a short time preference. Fortunately for us, the hyenas are starting to run the show with the inevitable results.

        As Terminator 2 demonstrates, inherent advantages are coupled with inherent disadvantages. The opposition’s disadvantages are now manifesting themselves.

        • I don’t see any “manifestation” of any kind. Trump’s been in power for three years and the leftists are still running everything from academia to the Fake News Media. Plus, they have now added all of the internet platforms to their armory. Hell, even Chick-fil-A has fallen. Most of the multi millionaires and billionaires are now ardent leftists. There is nothing in our society that isn’t farther LEFT today than it was ten years ago. Nothing. Not even churches or businesses which have an inherent need to be rightists. Our whole country is being run by leftist businessmen, lawyers, academics, scientists and “advocates”. Gentlemen, we are screwed!

          • Take your blackpilling elsewhere, Denethor.

            Leftwing masks have been dropped, and challenges to conventional conservatism are on the rise.

  18. The idea of local internet communities discussed in the link below sounds like a great idea, similar to ideas frequently discussed on this site, as a way around our big tech, big gov’t overlords. Sure, the full power of the government would be surveilling and trying to thwart, but it’s a start. I don’t know if Dave Rubin is sincere or a grifter, but someone needs to push this ball forward.

      • Felix – have you ever looked at the viability of wireless tech for local networking? Using the BRICs alternative backbone? Or good exploits for the Empire network for Our Thing?

        I’ve put out some feelers here before on creative solutions to our dependence on Empire infrastructure. Anyone else feel free to chime in as well – it’s a topic I’d like to develop for my own site-in-progress, one of the more important components. Communication is absolutely critical for the kind of communities and strategies I’d like to see us develop going forward.

        • I’m not really a tech guy, but I presume you’d need a permit from the gov’t to establish an RF network. You could shuttle bits over the shortwave frequency or the old 2g mobile network, if that’s still a going concern in the US. Atrocious bitrate, of course, but still plenty for a message board or a blog.

          good exploits for the Empire network

          I operate on the assumption that all networks are compromised. The TOR network is run by the CIA, so there’s that. I rely on safety in numbers: they can’t arrest us all.

          • Agree on TOR, IIRC they used a supposedly secure TOR connection to nab a campus-based BadThinker a few years back and our privacy geeks put out the word, Duck-Duck it for those interested.

            I’m interested in any way to effectively link our small, scattered communities as a DEW network at the very least. Not necessarily social media shitposting functionality but even old BBS/Usenet style messaging would serve for emergencies and utilitarian purposes. Tech-geeks among us, put me some knowledge.

          • No matter the solutions, it always comes down to who controls the physical infrastructure.

            And there’s another thing: as soon as you start using heavy encryption or establish clandestine computer networks, the feds will come down on you like a pregnant brontosaur dropped from orbit. That’s why I don’t use VPN myself: it puts you on their radar.

        • Shortwave may be one place to start investigating. A tech license is easy to get, and you can start out legally learning the ropes.

      • That’s what I suspected about Rubin. Regarding the fiber, you saw how quickly the phone companies turned over call records to Adam Schiff yesterday, so have to agree there as well. Even Nunes seemed surprised by that. Still seems worth trying though, as the choking off and surveillance of local communities might be another red-pilling step we have to go through.

    • Rubin is pure cuck-bait, gatekeeper. A more sociable Shapiro, though not quite Prager vintage.

      Not to say this isn’t an idea we shouldn’t use for Our Thing, of course. As Felix says, the raw infrastructure is proof of ownership, otherwise you have a throat they can choke

  19. “Whenever the Left is running a caper or pulling shenanigans….”

    When aren’t they doing this?
    Are they never not doing this?

    As for the left assigning to and for themselves terms like aggrieved , community, resistance, or whatever adjectives/adverbs they choose, this is standard Stalinist / Orwellian strategy to co-opt and redefine words and language to further their propaganda efforts.
    Note how they choose adjectives that tend to have broad appeal (to those who refuse to think) like “community,” etc; after all who wants to be against the “community” or condemn an “aggrieved” person.
    And no normal person would “resist” unless there is a valid and legitimate reason to do so; therefore there must be a darn good reason to resist.
    The left’s choice of words is very clever, deceitful and purposeful.

    (A real good example is the term “denier” applied to those who don’t buy into the global warming scam; an adjective (adverb?) first applied to describe those who believed that Hitler’s extermination camps of WWII only murdered 10 people – as opposed to Stalin exterminating 20 to 30 million people about which you NEVER, EVER hear).

    Lefties never give up, ever; their propaganda techniques are first rate and they are never not scheming to impose their murderous Stalinist “utopia” upon all of us.

  20. The hive also explains how various actors in the deep state all know how to subvert the laws and the constitution with no collusion, from the IRS to the EPA, to all the intelligence “communities”. It is truly one organism with no free, rational thinkers.

  21. Insightful to say the least.

    And if you are right and I think you are, they are about one step away from declaring Trump voters(or those who appear to be) persona non-grata and curb stomping us into a bloody pulp.

    And that step is taking the presidency. Then they will get on with punishing us for being so uppity and wrong as to vote in Orange Man.

    • The Hive knows we’re <50% of the population, and they know how to wield power. Trump may very well triumph in 2020, however, that only gives us 4-years of breathing space to do all that community-building we talk about. Pretty much guaranteed that the 2024 President-elect will make us pine for the good-ol-days of Barry Obama.

      Interestingly, all this hive activity of late has apparently spurred the GOP into high gear; is anyone else here receiving several RNC robocalls/day? Why do they bother me for a few bucks when they have Paul Singer?

      • Reminds me of that article written by a lefty about what should be done with the losers of the cultural wars after HRC won. Apparently complete domination and no quarter was the reasonable option.

      • I receive several calls a week—and have been for several years! Always the same call with Trump starting out, “I am with you…”. Interesting, because there are no registered Republicans in this household. I often wonder if this is a Democrat negative campaign to annoy potential Trump voters.

        Anyway, that’s one data point for you.

      • The one-party Dem state will be more beneficial for us than the kosher sandwich. It will force-pill a lot of Whites and kick off a Caesarist power struggle for Hive dominance. One-party systems are also more fragile because, among other things, blaming the loud, noisy, public GOP is more credible than blaming the wholly-invisible “Wreckers” ala Stalin.

        I’d call myself a mild accelerationist in that sense.

        As for only 4 more years of breathing space, they are a long way from having the ability to lock down America. Which isn’t to say anyone should wait around before making some good plans, but let’s not scare ourselves into thinking we’re in Final Countdown territory.

        • If we get a unified Progressive/D government… whether it be in 2020, 2024, or some other year… my predicted outcomes are as follows:
          – a packed Supreme Court (enlarging the Court to 15 justices if need be) and similar for the rest of the Fed judiciary
          – future Presidential elections via popular vote
          – large increases in legal immigration
          – large reductions in immigration enforcement and/or large amnesties of illegal immigrants
          – expanded voting rights, e.g., reduction in voting age to 16 and/or nationwide voting rights for felons
          – severe neutering of both the 1st and 2nd Amendments
          – somewhat speculative: some change to the structure of the Senate, e.g. split CA into 3 states
          – most speculative: some change to the structure of the House, e.g., proportional representation

          That is, I expect a series of policies whose clear purpose is to lock in a permanent Progressive majority in all branches of government, while criminalizing dissent as “hate speech” and disarming the populace.

          • Those are the kind of events that will force-pill most of the existing portion of the White population that will be of use for Our future anyway. Only the grug-est of grugs could pretend a Constitution or muh Rule of Law matters in that kind of environment.

            The only thing the GOP does now is to ground out Dissident voltage. It’s not as if they’re doing anything to stop the Prog juggernaut by existing. Let them burn.

        • One of the many variables I consider in terms of “breathing space” is ample supply of lead/brass/powder. Heck, I had a hard time just getting .22 plinker ammo during the Obama reign.

          I agree that deplorable lock-down may not be imminent, but the ratchet effect of progressive governance (by both Dems and GOP) guarantees continued squeeze and disruption to employment, health care, religious liberty, along with perpetual wars of Empire. I like the “mild accelerationist” moniker as long as Modern Monetary Theory and dollar-dominance remains viable. So maybe not Final Countdown territory … but predicting when you’re on the cusp of that is mighty hard to do.

          • That’s why Community is so important for our people Brother so we don’t have to worry about those things because it’s all taken care of locally…

      • You do realize when they intend to punish us, at the very least we’ll end up in a economic and political ghetto, preyed upon by Orcs. Your white communities will be crushed by the Feds under a new set of laws that make it illegal for certain whites to congregate.

        The Left will never ease up on us, they will only ratchet up their oppression until we die. Unlike most here I tend to take them at their word when they keep telling us they want us dead and gone. It’s not snark

        I don’t write this because I’m blackpilled but I do see that the Left has no real regard for human life like their communist predecessors.

        • Agree that they hate us and want us dead. Thankfully wanting and doing are two different things.

          To your argument, that’s all the more reason to not congregate in their urban/suburban ghettos of vibrancy – MOVE AWAY NOW. That’s why many of us are arguing for deliberate collocation while developing strategies of interdependent communities strengthened through productivity and self-sustainment.

          Further, after nearly 3 decades of military service, a tour in the White House and far too much time around lefty bureaucrats and vibrants, I simply can’t fathom their developing a strategic win against us. Meanwhile there’s the diaspora of warrior vets who remain ready/willing/able to thwart domestic terrorism. Vets need to remember this interesting piece of TN history:

          • Captain S,

            I can forsee an initial crackdown on white identitarians under a (D) regime by both Federal law enforcement and possibly the military… aided by propaganda from the MSM and false flag stunts (I dont think those are non-existent but much more rare than a lot of folks think).

            My question to you is, do you think the perseverance of those conducting the crackdown would hold or disintegrate? Is it solely a matter of he who has the gold has the swords?

          • Penitent – My sense is that the progressives have the means to win many battles but NOT the war, whether the war stays cold or goes hot. Great question about whether the crackdown would eventually disintegrate … my gut instinct is that yes it would. Progressives and their array of minions have the wherewithal to indefinitely continue with propaganda and persecution, but I question their ability to execute a comprehensive military strategy if it came to hot conflict. So again, they’ll achieve tactical wins but ultimately strategic loss.

            Or just look at them from the purely political perspective – it’s a shite-show. We should never underestimate the enemy, but I just can’t see them persevering with a winning strategy. When I read the thoughts and opinions of highly-motivated folks here, then multiply that by a few million fed-up deplorables, the optimism meter goes from red to amber. There IS hope.

            That said, today’s military is being heavily propagandized and feminized. And while the military recruits some outstanding young people, one of our weaknesses is that the elite warrior mentality is being systematically undermined … has been for decades. Just look at “vets” like Bootyman and that fat slob Vindman and you get an idea of the hollowing out that’s taking place. But a big part of the community building we’re talking about should include warrior vets along with like-minded sheriffs and LEOs.

          • Capt. S,

            Thank you for your considered response. I have my feels about what may occur given different scenarios but I dont like to notionally conduct games within my own head and normalcy bias restrictions. Your service is much more contemporary and varied than mine.

            I’ve had a good deal of interaction with recent vets (enlisted) and some LEOs. I listen more than anything. Haven’t been able to draw an easy picture of whether or not these men would be willing to follow propagandists and yellow journalists into believing we are a threat to be stamped out for simply existing. I’m on the fence.

            I know a lot of them have expressed disgust with the wokeness of the military in their own terms and words. I dont know how far that stacks up against a media propaganda blitz or a paycheck. And, I have absolutely no idea what middle and upper management in the military thinks or is comprised of. Would the generals and admirals keep the reigns on leftist excesses ala Egypt? If CWII is thrust upon us does it devolve to juntas and he with the most colonels win?

            All above my pay grade to really even contemplate but that doesn’t contain my curiosity.

            Just running mental exercises here.

          • Penitent – Good stuff. Needs a pitcher of beer to get through some of these things. With the understanding that flag and senior officers are political animals, the vast majority are not trusted by the elites. Military loyalty is manifestly with the federal government – most fall into that “civ nat” pledge-of-allegiance category – but the fact that they lean “conservative” means that if the left were to go with excessive force they’d lose much of that loyalty.

            Generals and Admirals have political heft, but its those field-grade officers and senior-enlisted that make the military machine hum. Those guys are definitely on our side.

            Like you, I do a lot of listening when I’m around younger vets & LEOs; I need to hear their convictions before I share mine. Still, I think they’re low-hanging-fruit for our cause.

            I assume you’re a vet? Not sure which branch so … Hoo-yah. Hooah. Hoo-rah.

        • I agree, the leftists are sociopaths but if things get to the point you describe, they will have completely come out of the closet and will be attacking normie-cons by the millions as well as dissidents And less insane White liberals. Also at this point, by virtue of them having sole power and hating Whites, most Whites will be forced to be on the same team wether they like it or not…This would dovetail nicely with the fact that normie-cons have already been trained to hate the democrats…plus, many more people will be red-pilled by then wether they like it or not…One example of forced red-pilling I see is high school sporting events between blacks and whites where the blacks are getting more and more bold in their savage attacks and for obvious reasons…Another thing to consider is White women will probably be targeted more, plus there is a limit how much to women can be turned against males because most women still have kids and they don’t want their male kids thrown overboard…Just possibilites to consider. It’s guaranteed to get interesting though…

        • If you claim not to be black-pilled, what’s your plan for resisting when they decide to crush you?

          No one thinks they’re going to go easy on us and I for one don’t believe anything short of them wanting us dead and gone.

          Once again, I don’t see the point of this “fashionable realism.” If you’re trying to save us from making a mistake, give us a better plan

          Blasting Z’s comment section with “I told you so’s” isn’t going to do a lot to help your people when they come for us. What’s your alternative?

        • I don’t write this because I’m blackpilled but I do see that the Left has no real regard for human life like their communist predecessors..
          So the question is are you going to fight or give up and if your going to fight do you want to do it by yourself or with others by your side so you have a chance to win…

      • It’s easy to be blackpilled about 2024, but remember that in 2012 it was assumed by everyone that Hillary would be the next president. No one saw the great Trumpening back then.

        There’s no telling who may surprise us in a few more years. Hopefully, with more community building and some momentum, this movement can keep growing.

        • Keep an eye on Jordan,Nunes, Gaetz, and Meadows…Biggs and Ratcliffe bringing up the rear. These “hearings” or whatever they’re calling them this week are creating rock stars.

  22. It’s important to note that the male half of the hive mind is the cuck. Memetics is being used to destroy traditional man-woman families and replace it with non reproducing bitches and cucks that dance to the music of biological dysfunction. These whining parasites are utterly dependent upon and beholden to the God of Progressivism. They gladly sell their vote (and soul) for a place at the government trough. For them, free everything is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    • BPD + Codependent. The female Leftist is the BPD. The male Leftist is the codependent who enables the BPD’s destructive tendencies in hopes for scraps of approval (and maybe more if he’s lucky, because he’s such a Good Male Feminist so maybe some woman will want him some day).

      At higher levels of the male Leftism power structure, replace codependent with NPD and you’ve got the equally classic BPD + NPD pairing.

  23. “The Hive” is a most excellent metaphor. I’ve learned a lot about hives as I’ve been keeping bees for a number of years now. The bee hive is a world unto its own … there is no other reality to the bee than it’s hive. But occasionally, with little warning, the hive swarms. Swarms depart their hive and establish themselves elsewhere as a completely separate entity.

    What is a nuisance for the beekeeper is hope for the dissident: while we live amid “The Hive” we are “The Swarm.”

  24. I wonder if non-hive Normie can see or feel the hate radiating from these people.

    Just watching five minutes of the impeachment farce online, the poorly contained rage of the “witnesses” was so white-hot that I felt I could toast marshmallows in front of my computer screen.

    And them calling us the haters, sheesh. It’s either classic projection, or the Alinsky tactic of accusing the other guy of what you’re doing.

    At any rate, I hope it redpills some normies. But a lot of normies are just infuriatingly “hard of seeing” when it comes to politics and race.

    • If you analyze everything the Left does from a BPD perspective, it makes a lot of sense. Projection, yes, but BPDs go one step further with Projective Identification.

      Classic BPD conversation: (oh, how I wish I could say this was a made-up conversation)
      BPD: “You’re angry at me!”
      Walrus: “Uhhh, no I’m not?”
      BPD: “I know it! You’re definitely angry at me! Why won’t you just admit that you’re angry?”
      Walrus: “Nope, not really.”
      BPD: “You’re lying! Why won’t you just admit that you’re angry?”

      After enough rounds of this, I become angry, and then the projection (anger) turns from “false” to “true”.

      If you run through the classic BPD personality profile, hard core Leftists meet it pretty much to the letter.

        • The good news is that this unfortunate life experience red pilled me, so I would respond to that conversation very differently today.

          • One morning, when I was about to shave, it transpired that Mrs. Krull had used my razor for her legs. I asked her WTF, and she went blablabla and on and on and on. I then told her that next time she touched my razors, I’d kick her to death and bury her body in the compost pile.

            Had stellar sex that night.

          • I switched to a good old fashioned double edge safety razor years ago. She’s afraid to even touch it.

          • TBF, Connery isn’t really my generation either, but he’s still the coolest grandad around.

            He once did a shoot with Lana Turner and Turner’s squeeze, mob enforcer Johnny Stompanato, comes storming on to the set waving a gun around, mad with jealousy. Connery takes his gun away, slaps him and frog-marches him off the set.

            Heard another anecdote about Brad Pitt meeting Mike Tyson. Pitt cracks some kind of comment about Tyson’s girlfriend, Tyson, jokingly, says something about slapping Pitt around if he even lays eyes on her.

            Except Brad Pitt doesn’t catch the bantering tone and cringes in fear before Tyson: “Sorry! Don’t hit me, Champ! Please”

            (The latter anecdote is apocryphal. Anyone know if it’s actually true?)

      • I see this a lot with (((Volcano Enthusiasts))) in law. It’s a kind of push-through strategy and a way to turn a defect (((they))) can’t seem to fix into an asset – at least in the short term. Civil law’s an environment where the guy crying foul is often seen by the judge as the troublemaker, so the unreasonable guy who strikes first often has an advantage – like the guy who retailates for a cheap shot in egg-ball. It’s also an environment that plays to those who cry out as they strike you.

        The social collateral damage is usually net-negative, as repeat victims learn to simply 109 them, but they score enough points on the cheap with newbies to get by.

      • That is an excellent point. I have a family member who is BPD (borderline personality disorder), and it really does describe the left. Especially DARVO (deny, attack, reverse victim and offender).

    • “It’s either classic projection, or the Alinsky tactic of accusing the other guy of what you’re doing.” Classic symptoms of sociopaths.

  25. I first encountered the Hive Mind in college. It took a few years, but it eventually came to me that the differences these liberals had were trivial and a matter of procedure. The basis of their thinking was the same. They walked in lock-step. Nothing has changed, except that the Hive Mind expanded to include all the other institutions of American civilization. If it doesn’t implode, we’re in for a fight.

  26. There was a video making the rounds a few days ago with a Christian black man interrupting and protesting a children’s drag queen story hour, who was then verbally attacked by furious liberal white ladies. It’s astonishing to see how fully invested these women are to their drag queen agenda, just like protective bees from the Hive, or a mama grizzly bear.

    • I didn’t think he was furiously attacked. I think they were torn, they didn’t know what to do with this man of color fighting the man in a dress. There was some pushback but it was very mild. Now if that’d been a white man…..

      • Compare and contrast to the suburban moms protesting in Tacoma, who were met by a fully kitted-out rooftop SWAT team with weapons pointed at them. At least two of the “readers” at Houston’s DQSH events have been registered sex offenders. Antifa attacks weren’t widely reported until Andy Ngo was hospitalized with head injuries. Then, and only then, was there mainstream coverage.

      • Strange too, because he might look like an otherwise normal middle aged white guy.

        I’m seeing an increase in this; regular looking middle aged white guys going full woke and it’s just cringe. I can see hysterical, misguided women, but men? I don’t get it. Some kind of short circuit is going on.

    • “If you have any questions… you can ask”

      “I have a question. What are you going to do, when you stand before God, and He judges you for your sins?”

      MFW a based Canadian black man is doing more to stop Globohomo than we are. The tranny sure wasn’t afraid of attacking him.

      His only problem was engaging in a logical argument with the tranny rather than continuing to preach. Obviously he hasn’t been reading Zman. 🙂

  27. Their psychological defense mechanisms are always on hair-trigger, because they’re essentially defending religious ideas–fragile, shitty, untrue, pseudo-religious ideas–that can’t stand scrutiny.

    They can feel you going into their verboten zone almost before you do it, and will do anything–shrieking, acting out, violence, running away–to avoid a rational examination of their beliefs.

    But religion, including neo- and pseudo-religion, is a very powerful force. The fact that they’ve “religionized” their thing, and we haven’t so much, could be one reason why they have the upper hand right now.

    • The religious zealouness of egalitarianism and blank statism requires constant reinforcement from the hive to assure them that the reality this see every day somehow us not real.

      At least with classic religious dogmas like the Virgin Birth, you can believe in a miracle like that without denying what you see all around you.

  28. The people firmly in control of the commie demonrats left are not emotion driven mindless harpies reacting to personal grief and anger. They are cold calculating soulless monsters intent on one thing and one thing only…..power. Total, complete unmitigated power. Ad they have only ONE RULE. Win. And any action no matter how heinous, abusive of illegal is off limits. That includes using the useful idiots who emote their way through life feeling assaulted andn insulted by any an every event or act that offends them. But this teaming mass of heaving steaming morons are NOT runnig things. They are merely being pushed, prodded and led by the monsters behind the lefts neverending assault on America and our freedoms.

  29. The Left crossed the Rubicon today and the Hive Mind of the Government/Media/Academic Complex is rejoicing. If they manage to drive the President from office the ball will be squarely in “Dissident America’s” court.

    The ballot box or the cartridge box.

    • Don’t interfere when your enemy is destroying itself. This impeachment process is the best thing that could have happened to Trump. It’s going to get him reelected in 2020 and may well destroy the Democratic party. The witness list in the Senate trial will likely include Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, George Soros, and many, many more.

      The corruption revealed in the Senate trial will likely cause the DoJ to open criminal investigations. This just couldn’t be better.

        • I was pretty impressed with the GOP performance in the House hearings. Nunes, Jordan and Gaetz come to mind. The Senate is more duplicitous, but the Lindsay Graham types can still occasionally be effective, even when you know it’s an act.

          • I’d be wary of a “undecided” group led by Romney, Collins, and a handful of other Republicans in the Senate. These people want the spotlight on them, much like the Girondists during the French Revolution, and they could ultimately prove fatal if they turn on Trump and vote to impeach.

            Watching Pelosi fling her arms around this morning was very, very concerning. I have a hard time believing this is happening. The effect this has on the lunatics tuned into this is corrosive to civil society. If it keeps up, we’re really in trouble. They seem unaware of the consequences of what they’re doing. And I have a very hard time envisioning them accepting a “Trump re-election” (however that happens) were he to get through an impeachment trial successfully.

            The die seems cast — if this is all on the level, that is. (And if it’s just a show, then the consequences could be even worse when it ends.)

          • Romney and Murkowski are the only two who scare me. How they got elected in Utah and Alaska baffles the mind. But they will be partially offset by Manchin. In any event, no way they get to 2/3 with Nadler running the show.

          • Murkowski ran in a run-off where her name was written in and the judge making the final decision when challenged said that anything that looked like it might be “Murkowski” — mainly anything that starts with an M and then has a scrawl after it— counts as a vote for her.

          • Let it burn, Tollah. Work on your personal exit strategy ASAP & you’ll be able to look at these events with the cautious optimism that comes from being out of range.

          • they are biding their time untill they can have a plausable excuse to vote with the democrats to remove trump . they will give us a little theater first , but in the end they hate him more than the democrats do .

          • All the GOP needs to do is keep appearance up for the peasantry until next November. Just 11 more months.

          • Oh I agree. I was upset initially by the impeachment but now I think it’s the most awesome carny act ever. Roll up, roll up! One and all, watch as Nancy Pelosi pounds railroad spikes into her head, cringe as Joe Biden swallows a live midget whole…” It’s so good I almost wonder if the whole thing is some kind of psy-ops mindfuck by Trump himself.

          • Nice. I don’t buy the whole Trump 3D chess thing. But usually his 2D chess is enough against these debased idiots. Though they are dangerous due to their energy, ruthlessness and never failing sense of self-righteousness.

        • I worked , campaigned and volunteered for the GOP for a couple of decades . they are complete controlled by their cheap labor donor base . they also are always the dog that doesn’t bark in all their dealings with the democrats. utterly corrupt and hopeless .

        • The only difference is the GOP has the Freedom Caucus. And that’s a major difference — between no good guys and 5-6 good guys. Major.

      • Do you think any of those people would actually honor the summons and show up? Do you think any of them would even say anything about it but “F-you”? Do you think any of them would suffer any legal penalty at all for not showing up? Power is as power does, as it has always been. The Hive has its own rules, and they ain’t ours.

        • Look, I am all for maintaining a healthy skepticism, but this is just kind of crazy. The impeachment process in the Senate is a trial, presided over by the Chief Justice. The impeachment process itself is limited to removal, but the President can be indicted after being impeached, and is therefore entitled to a robust defense.

          Trump’s attorneys will almost certainly designate all the aforementioned persons as witnesses for depositions and/or testimony at trial. They’ll be issued a summons and if they refuse to appear they will be issued a subpoena and will be compelled to appear.

          McConnell is not necessarily on team Trump, but he understands completely that if he throws in the towel on the trial and Trump is impeached the Republican party will lose the White House and the Senate in 2020. He’s not going to let that happen.

          The seasoned Democrats know what’s coming at them. Witness Pelosi losing it today at the press conference and Biden going postal on a voter today in Iowa. The trial is going to be a disaster for Democrats.

          • Guest, I hope you are right, and I will celebrate if you are, but I doubt it. Looking around, these crazy DC people are mere functionaries, who follow the orders from on high. Those higher-ups don’t give a rat’s ass if someone gets thrown in jail for ignoring a subpoena. But they also control the parts of the system empowered to make the arrests, and so all of these functionaries can simply follow orders and act with impunity.

        • Exactly. The Congress tried to get multiple Admin. witnesses to testify and they didn’t show up. No penalty.
          Anyone who thinks George Soro’s or Bill Clinton will testify let alone be called to testify needs to stop reading this blog and go over to Infowars…

          • The witnesses who were part of the administration refused to testify under Executive Privilege. No such privilege exists for these individuals.

            The Articles of Impeachment have not been drafted so it’s too early to tell, but I can’t stress enough that the Democrats are alleging that Trump activities were *criminal* in nature. Trump will be entitled to a criminal defense.

            My understanding is that Rudy Guliani has a sworn affidavit from the prosecutor Shokin attesting that he was fired from his position as a result of pressure from Joe Biden because he was investigating Burisma, where Hunter Biden was on the BoD. The Bidens are going to be called as witnesses.

          • Good to know about the affidavit. Beyond that, Joe, himself, on video bragging about it is pretty definitive.

      • I used to believe too, Guest. Then surprise, Disillusionment, cynicism, lastly futility. Yours is a pipe dream. I’m wrong, I eat my head.

    • Ousting Trump would likely be a trigger, but the real tell will be whether or not they overtly kill off the rule of law first. There has been an in-your-face coup ongoing for 3 years now and it has been led by corrupt elements within the DOJ/FBI/CIA/SoS/NSA etc; all of which has essentially functioned as a criminal enterprise. If all the perps skate, the cancer is Stage 4 and it’s Katy bar the door time.

          • Wonder if those pirouettes are getting a bit ragged since Barr unsealed the indictments Friday charging the eight “colluders” with illegal campaign practices directly benefitting Clinton, Schiff, Ted Liu, and several dims PACS.

      • “Rule of Law?” Trump waited until 2019 before *inquiring* whether he can enforce laws that have been on the books for generations: public charge, issuing work permits to illegal aliens (2M in 2017 alone Meanwhile he’s done an about face on amnesty, E-verify, getting out of the ME, etc. Right now his only value is making the establishment crazy.

        • President Trump has also filled a lot of court seats with right wing ideologues. How right they’ll stay is up in the air but the achievement as they say ain’t nothing.

          He also came woefully unprepared both for the amount of resistance he’d face and for the actual job of President.

          You need a shadow cabinet and a lot of people on your team you can trust to even attempt reform. The President has a few trusted people, most needed elsewhere and a lot of employees which isn’t going to cut it.

          Now I suspect most of us expected less than stellar overly Chamber of Commerce stuff from him. It’s a long established rep of his.

          However Trump delays the bugaloo and gives us a tiny chance to stop it entirely . On those grounds, he’s a blessing from God.

          Whether that’s Jehova or Kek, who knows . Still a blessing.

    • It eventually will be the cartridge box.

      When you go over Zman’s post it’s clear we are dealing with Leftist fanatics and we all know what happens when these fanatics get into power and what they do to the opposition – they tend to murder them in large numbers.

      There will be no slow peaceful decline when they get into power. They will punish whitey hard and bloody for putting Orange Man into power. They just can’t help themselves, it’s how they roll.

      • The murders will be viewed as an act of cleansing by those morons; they will cheer them and celebrate them.

      • It could of course come to the cartridge box but I’m hoping it might be the lunch box. Note that the hive produces NOTHING and couldn’t feed themselves if the heartland got serious about siege warfare. I’m no Randian but one prescription of hers is delightful to think about … productive whites going John Galt on progressives and their hive of parasitic others.

        • I’m an ex-Randroid preaching a strategy of WGTOW, agree 100%. There’s a Promethean irony in Alisa Rosenbaum being the one who pulled back the curtains and opened the Chosen playbook for da goyim to Notice. She thought she was sticking it to the Christians more than anything, but a lot of what she had to say laid bare the strategy and tactics of how the Chosen achieve socio-cultural dominance with small numbers through money, ideas and media.

        • Big Agro won’t stop feeding the hive no matter what and the US has enough people who are willing to or can be made to cooperate to keep the bubble afloat.

          It can get worse and worse but this won’t end the system. This kind of thing always ends in a whimper and it can take longer than we’ve got.

          Fundamentally there are two “ends” I see

          First is back to heavy Federalism and Localism enforced by an inability for the Left to get their way after the inevitable decline autophagy (think sanctuary this and that as a model)

          Second is a revolt and a an authoritarian Right wing state takeover of some or eventually all areas, A weakened Left could be defeated but it’s going to require a will to power the Right doesn’t yet have.

          In fact if they had such a will, there would be much less Leftism anyway.

      • I dont known about bloody… but the GOP will forever be known as the party that elected the Clown Trump.

        The world leaders laughing at him is nothing compared to how people under 30 see him and anyone who supports him.

        • Interesting to watch…how some are unable to mention PDT’s name without including a slur. It’s like they must know it hurts the quality of the comment/debate, but cannot stop themselves.

    • Sadly, people don’t (want?) understand this. They STILL think that if they vote R, things will improve.

      However, if God Emperor (sarcastic) calls for it, I’m sure his MAGApedes would do it. I just don’t think Trump has the balls to do so. If he made a tweet in that vain, people would listen. The fate of the West is in his hands…

      • President Trump/MAGA is the second slavo, the first being the Tea Party . There is much more yet to come.

        The groypers are not the 3rd slavo in case anyone is asking. They are part of the second MAGA movement more or less.

        It probably won’t fix anything but it’s worth a try and beats getting stupid.

        I don’t know what the 3rd salvo is. It might be a President who leans our way , massive lawfare backed by the new Trump courts or it might be outright warfare if the Left gets stupid.

        • The Tea Party was the first salvo.

          The Ron Paul campaign was the second salvo.

          Trump is the third. People learned on the RP campaign that the swamp is not going to let a non member just get elected without all sorts of shennanigans.

  30. The Hive is also a very personal Jesus for these zealots. The public space is their space, as the voice in their own head is the “real” voice of the “true” public. Dissenting Others are demons from the outer void, having possessed the weak minds of mere mortals who, unlike the Faithful, cannot resist the Satanic seductions of Pepe memes and YouTube Shitlords of Darkness.

    The Hive speaks to them with their voice and believes exactly what they believe, so what’s not to love, yea unto death?

    Rousseau believed true freedom was found in conformity to the Public Will. Social discord would be eliminated when everyone whose free thoughts didn’t fit had their heads adjusted by the National Razor.

    In this convoluted paradox Our salvation lies.

    It’s very hard for any sane person to understand how someone can be a fanatical absolutist conformist and still be rabidly sectarian and selfish about what is Truly Truly Right and What We Must Do Now, but the Cats Careers & Carousels crowd have mastered that One Weird Trick.

    So has Team Shekels, Shoahs & Sodomy. Likewise the tribe of Black Lives, Black Bodies and Black Hair. And so on.

    The struggle to be Slay Queens, gay Queens or Yass Qwainz of the Hive is underway. You saw the opening salvos with Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Look at the video from the truly bizarre DSA convention from last year, with the jazz-handing grand-standing of a dozen coalitions of freaks scum-scrumming for the spotlight by peacocking their dysfunctions, disabilities and diseases like some Dada-esque beauty pageant livestreamed from the depths of Hell.

    We were just learning the angles of this Lovecraftian cultural geometry when we first conjured Trump into the White House with our chaotic and childish memes. We’re a more mature coven of diabolists now. Let’s sow the dark spirits of discord and strife amid the hives of our enemies.

    We have nothing to lose but our Qwainz.

    • Yeah, we need to tailor our defenses against Bioleninism specifically. It’s a nasty monster, all right.

    • One has to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Which makes it a game of—

      Us: (laughing)
      Them: “It’s not funny”
      Us: (laughing some more)
      Them: “Stop it, this is serious”
      Us: (laughing more loudly)
      Them: “Have these people arrested”.

      At which point, the next step is up to us, isn’t it?

      • I’ve been laughing in their faces for a while now. It really leaves them with a blank, “does-not-compute” face, emphasizing this idea of Progressives being robotic, hive-minded NPCs. They haven’t had me arrested yet, but there’s still time for that, I suppose.

      • Whichever clown finally winds up with the Dem nomination, the official campaign slogan should be the same:

        “Guards! Seize him!”

        The overarching theme of the Russia screaming fit, the tax returns screaming fits, the obstruction screaming fits, the pussy hat screaming fits, and now the impeachment screaming fits, the main message is the same:

        White goyim must NEVER AGAIN be permitted to have control over their political destiny! There must NEVER AGAIN be a president who speaks for white goyim. America MUST become a filthy unholy swarm of tacos, chongs, rape-apes and pajeets, all ruled over by a single glorious Tribe. The White genocide project MUST continue as planned. Trump was a mere speed bump, an aberration: the goyim WILL be eradicated and replaced by monkeymen, they WILL eat bugs and live in pods while we dine on kosher Porterhouse from on high, and Christianity WILL be wiped off the face of the Earth.

        That’s the actual Dem party platform, (((bought and paid for))) with good cash shekels, vacuumed out of the pockets of the goyim fair and square.

      • most of us a phags who’ll not even put our real names out there and who’ll fold like a cheap suit the second our precious yobs and big screen tv is in danger.

  31. To me, the funniest and most revealing thing is when the Hive crudely tries to pretend it’s not a hive.

    Like that 60 minutes interview with Leslie Stahl and Susan Wojcicki. In theory, the media and business are supposed to have a beneficially antagonistic relationship, with the former exposing the latter’s wrongdoings.

    But it was clear that Stahl and Wojcicki were just two actors from the same theater troupe–let us call them the Abrahamic Players–working together to put on a crude drama in which Stahl played the Crusading Journalist and Wojcicki played the Socially Conscious Magnate.

    [Curtain comes up, two figures on stage.]

    “Oh, gosh, jewish leftist Susan Wojcicki, look at these frightful things I found on your interwebs. Look at this, it’s…it’s…Hitler!

    “Oh dear, Jewish leftist Leslie Stahl, that is frightful indeed! Perhaps you’re right, and we need to do more to protect people from frightful conspiracy theories, such as those that led to…Hitler!

    [As the curtain comes down, Stahl and Wojcicki clasp hands and bow. Thunderous wine-aunt and NPC applause.]

    Same with the impeachment charade.

    • Quite like the Pamela Karlan -Jerrod Nadler Show yesterday.

      Julius Streicher himself couldn’t have come up with two more repulsive caricatures than those creatures.

      • When the Jewish magazine The Forward ran a story a month or so ago about “the Jewish faces of impeachment” they were besieged with comments such as: “Why would you do this!?”

        It really is quite strange to witness. Either they are incapable of self-reflection and self-protection, or they literally think they have triumphed and can do and say whatever they’d like. But nothing is ever over in this world until we’re in the next.

        • The Forward is amusing because every single time the establishment Neocons want to make a topic forbidden, the Forward takes the opposite position. (Dual loyalty is a slur vs embrace dual loyalty, etc.)

        • Reading intra-Jewish media has always been like this. They seem to have a blind spot for the fact that goys can read this stuff. Haaretz, Forward, Tablet, Commentary et al seem to think they have some sort of cloaking device engaged.

          They’re right in the sense that most goys don’t read this stuff, but it’s a gift for those of us who Notice. I’ll crib one of Enoch’s truisms – the only people who understand the real landscape of American politics are “Nazis” and Jews.

          Normies, consider this a challenge. Read Jewish media like the sources above and any site that’s overtly anti-Semitic. Compare how those sides analyze any current event vs. sites like Townhall, NRO, Drudge, etc… or mainstream neo-lib coverage. It’s hard not to Notice whose narratives better hold up under scrutiny – the “rational moderates” or the “crazy extremists.”

    • Reminds me of how fraudulent was the Will Rogers line: “I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.” This might have been true when they had power everywhere, but now they are the most ruthlessly conformist, organized party of NPCs this country has ever seen.

  32. It’s darkly funny that “protecting our democracy” has come to mean supporting issues that couldn’t win a majority of votes, like drag queen story hour and massive immigration.

    • Those people mean “democracy” in the same way the old Communist regimes were “People’s Democratic Republics”

      Note that they start hyperventilating and using the personal pronoun- “our democracy” means ”your betters in the permanent nomenklatura’s version of democracy”, not yours.

    • You beat me to it Whitney:

      You describe these people as nodes in a collective hive mind. Good, but anyone familiar with
      the Star Trek universe would recognize them as part of the Borg collective. Always assimilating others into it.
      A few weeks ago they assimilated Chick Fill-A.

      The writers of Star Trek are no doubt liberals. It’s possible the idea sprang naturally from their own mindset.
      On the nutcase Pamela Karlan at the impeachment tribunal, during which she said that conservatives generally spread out, geographically, “perhaps because they don’t even want to be around themselves,”

      • No doubt they are liberals. Especially the Picard one. The Federation was the utopian vision of the future after socialism/communism has succeeded and all human flaws just melt away and the Borg’s the reality.

          • Social matter had a post about this exact thing several years ago. the horror of the Borg to the Federation is that it holds up a mirror to the reality that “democracy” and “self-determination” serve as masking camouflage for.

            Commander Eddington, the defector from DS9, even went so far as to spell this out in his farewell speech to Sisko.

          • Not just you. Used to enjoy, now I can’t. DS9 is watchable at times, maybe a bit. I kill the episodes that irritate me. problem is once you’ve seen, you can’t unsee.

      • Whereas we know everyone loves to be surrounded 24/7 by grumpy-granny yenta lezzies like (((Pamela)))*.

        It’s like a Walton Family Christmas!

        * Wiki “Personal Life” : She has described herself as an example of a “snarky, bisexual, Jewish women (sic). Her partner is writer Viola Canales…”

        • You beat me to it. When I looked up Karlan last night the first thing that ran through my head was, So just how many “usual suspect” boxes does this person check off, anyway? If she were a character in some dystopian novel people would be complaining that she was a caricature.

          ETA: didn’t see Pickle Rick’s comment below when I wrote this. GMTA.

      • Colonel Lang and Co over at Sic Semper Tyrannis have been running with the Borg meme for years. I encourage everyone to check his site out. They are not Our Guys but they are good guys.

  33. My liberal Canadian wife has been quite outraged lately by the firings in the NHL. While I’m glad she has finally noticed a couple of the injustices committed by the progressive left, she refuses to see the overall pattern. For some reason she thought hockey, that great lifeblood of Canadian identity, would be safe.

    So I just laugh and ask her, “Do you really think they’re done?”

    • The recent to-dos involving Don Cherry and Bill Peters really drove home just how cucked Canada is. They’re the spiritual cousins of the White South Africans who still have not woken up to what’s happening in their country.

      Then it hit me: Canada pioneered cucking by giving into the Québécois all those decades ago. They’ve been trying (and failing) to make a multicultural white society work, and now think they can do the same with a brown society.

      Never should have put French on your street signs, Canucks.

      • Cherry and Peters was your wake up call? For me, it came when they changed the lyrics of the national anthem in order to be more inclusive. The Quebec thing is well taken, too. Why on earth some prairie-town hicks have to muddle through bilingual signs and packaging is a real head-scratcher. And you can also point to the changing of the flag some decades ago to the anodyne Maple Leaf emblem.

        • I do give credit to the Quebecois for being willing to “stand apart” and not be subsumed. Remember having Robert Bourassa speak to my Canadian politics class many moons ago. The content of his presentation would be labeled “white nationalism” in todays world. To him it was a natural defense of his province’s heritage and culture. We could learn something there.

          • My view of the Quebecois has definitely changed. It used to be shaped, in all honesty, by the press coverage – even though I knew better, even back then. They were presented as evil exclusionists who wanted to fracture Canadian democracy and nationhood. Their demand for national bilingualism reminded me far too much of Spanish in the US. However, their defense of their distinct history and culture is admirable in its own way. I like that they’re attempting to use it now to limit the inroads of pajeets and other 3rd world grifters Trudeau has opened the gates to.

          • The language thing is fine when kept to French speaking areas, but to force bilingualism on the entire country is something entirely different. Then again, it takes two to tango; the anglophones have only themselves to blame for going along with that nonsense.

          • Multiculturalism is something that pretty much only Anglophone whiteys actually believe in. Others (including more tribal whites like the Quebecois) use it to hoodwink the dominant whites into giving them concessions but they have no intention of applying it to themselves. You see this is the US as Hispanics more into an area. The first thing they do is ethnically cleanse the blacks. They’ve not fond of any of the other PoC tribes either.

          • Agree, but it’s too bad the Quebecois have never quite been willing to go all the way and declare their independence. English and now multi-culti Canada would not launch a civil war against them if they did. Quebec gets within sight of secession and punks out because it thinks it depends on the Canadian economy.

            With so much global trade today, is that still true?

            The French Canadians have settled for bilingual signs and product packaging. Big flipping deal. Is that what they think their culture is worth?

          • The problem with Mr. Bourassa and his ilk is that they will defend their culture and heritage only if doing so causes no financial inconvenience. You can’t say “we are distinct and a separate culture” while accepting monetary “incentives” to stay within the political umbrella of English Canada. We know why they do. English Canada bribes them to stay. But by taking the bribe they betray their own principles.

            Even worse, the Quebecois has always been a very left-wing movement. People feared Rene Leveques would create “Cuba North” if Quebec separated, for goodness sake.

            Their mindless devotion to all things left-wing now means that Quebecois must find ways to accept multiculturalism, anti-whiteness, and all the features of the modern left while still trying to fight for their identity. The very things that will undermine any hope for them to achieve their ethnic nation-state are their weakness for taking bribes, and their very French propensity for wanting to be fashionable (i.e. left-wing).

            Quebec is a case study on how not to do things.

      • Quebec is still 85% white – and 99% white outside of Montreal. 85% mainly French-European descendants. You are not allowed to wear a hijab or kippa on the city bus. Ontario is 69% white… “Based” Alberta is 70% white.

        Sorry, the Anglosphere is toxic and the more distance from it the better.

        Also, fuck Ron MacLean and his cowardly bullshit.

      • This bilingual mess called Canada arrived here largely from Trudeau the 1st. I wouldn’t be surprised if he coined the term “multicultural”.
        Just as America was defined as a “melting pot” , Canada was to be defined as a “tapestry” (his words, paraphrased I’m sure)
        Our tapestry is brown, black and yellow on the edges and white in the middle and fraying everywhere.

      • I follow the “gun debate” portion of Quora though I’m just a lurker. Unlike most online shriek-spaces Quora’s gun people are remarkably well informed and knowledgeable about guns and even I learn new things there sometimes. They are also almost totally pro-gun. I’ve noticed one small white pill there of late. There are obviously still a lot of pro-2A civnat types there who will make well meaning but cringe-worthy arguments like “see, this tranny used a gun to defend xirself against a ‘hate-crime'” that are intended to sway people who are obviously pozzed. I’ve noticed that lately though, there’s been more snark and outright contempt shown for people who post disingenuous questions as well as a gelling consensus that there’s no point in making ANY concessions to the gun grabbers. Even a few years ago most NRA types could still be bullied into saying “well I guess you can take my “.

        I’m bringing this up because everything since 2016 has caused the mask to come off the Left especially in the US. People are starting to see that there’s literally no point in debating these people – about anything. If even former civnat 2A people can learn to tell Lefty to just fuck off when xe starts shrieking about their AR-15 perhaps there is hope that white South Africans, Europeans, and even American civnats can learn to say the same when he tries to do anything else.

        The South African example shows the whole scripted process from beginning to horrifying end. In the 1980s various media outlets and (((intellectuals))) began banging pots about how awful SA was. We all saw what happened through the 90s and into this century when the whites gave in and handed their country over to Mandela and his thugs. I think there is starting to be some awareness of the fact that, no matter what “issue” he’s banging pots about today, Lefty is just the same old serial killer driving that same old rusty van with “free hugs” painted on the side of it. Once you get into the van, it’s all over.

        • People are starting to see that there’s literally no point in debating these people – about anything. If even former civnat 2A people can learn to tell Lefty to just fuck off […]

          Love it. One of the big weaknesses of the Right has long been that we felt like we needed to have good, ironclad logical REASONS for why we believed the way we did. Whereas the Left would just come in with pure emotion and start childishly demanding things just, well, because. You know, the classic “What do we want? [some stupid crap] When do we want it? NOW!!!” protestor chant.

          Look up your Bill of Assertive Rights and memorize the damn thing:

          …and allow me to add a #21 to the list: “You have the right to say FUCK YOU.”

          But no, really. We actually don’t need a logical reason why we want to get rid of Drag Queen Story Hour. We don’t need a logical reason why we want to keep our guns. We don’t need a logical reason why we want zero immigration. These are our desires and “because I said so” is a COMPLETELY GOOD ENOUGH reason.

      • I have a job where I’m not supposed to express any political opinion but recently, people have come in to complain about our government (they’re in the right office), apparently I’m able to put them at ease so their rant goes on beyond the original complaint. I take my hat off and suggest to them that these “new Canadians” don’t want to live with us. Every sponsored family in our small community, leaves once their residency papers come in…without exception. No one has objected to my commentary so far.

    • Just a friendly heads up, ODP: speak to a financial consultant. Start hiding your wealth and assets, and set up hidden bulletproof funds. Start looking for a divorce lawyer too. It never hurts to be prepared. And for gawdsakes, stop trying to enlighten her. If you accidentally succeed, your marriage almost certainly won’t survive.

      I am all too familiar with Canadian liberal women myself.

      • No, I’ve given up trying to enlighten her. Now, I’m mostly amused whenever she notices “isolated” events. She still thinks Justin is the greatest PM since his father and that President Trump is an evil rapist. Still, she does occasionally notice things, so maybe if it gets bad enough…

        Other advice is duly noted.

        • I’m old enough to remember when his mother was partying around NY showing her cooter to everyone.

      • I was thinking similar things when Outdoorspro mentioned who he lives with.
        But I didn’t think it was my place to say anything. We all make our choices.
        But coming from another man, it seems your comment, John Smith, was well-taken.

    • I’ve never understood males who are okay with sharing their wives. A bit of progress I missed I suppose.

      Boomers wonder why the younger gens don’t just do what they did and settle down and make a family and gather paper wealth as it falls from the sky.

      For me, this is a big part of why I haven’t: inviting a member of the hive mind into my home, handing her a loaded gun and the full powers of the State to pull the trigger, and leaving the hearts and minds of my future children with her and her hive programming.

      It just seems rather suicidal.

      But I’m sure its cute to split the vote and all that banter laced with proper submissive cues as to not hurt feelz leads to some above average rutting on occasion.

      I just can’t seem to get past the courtship phase where she agitates for the death of my people, my culture, history, traditions, and way of life in the name of Progress, while simultaneously demanding the fruits of that very way of life, culture, and traditions such as monogamy and marriage.

      Its fascinating and tragic.

      • In my case, she very cleverly concealed her true political and social leanings. Women are very good at hiding their true nature until the ring is on.

        We men are also very good at ignoring the obvious until time and familiarity reveal it.

        • Outdoorspro – best wishes, prayers, and sympathy. It sounds as though you’ll be needing all three. I’m truly sorry. My husband and I have our issues, but on the basics – belief in God, truth, and reality, the primacy of our people, the way we raised our sons – we are totally in sync. I cannot imagine trying to make a marriage work without that.

        • ODP – can confirm. I’ve made a sport of dating BPD wahmens over the years. Don’t feel bad – there are few unicorns out there, and all of us get burned before we learn.

          Guys, particularly younger guys, check out Dalrock’s blog on “chivalry” as well as any bootleg Heartiste posts still floating in limbo. I could have saved myself about 10-15 years worth of mistakes if I hadn’t bought into the Narrative on women at a young age.

          • In my dating experience, many years ago, most wahmens seemed to be BPD, looking back on it. As I have told my CivLib wife occasionally, I liked her because she was a normal person. She has never been sure how to respond to that one.

          • Can you ELI5 about Dalrock’s message? Frankly I’ve always found his site confusing and it’s hard for me to get a grasp of his overall theme.

          • Heartiste should be considered essential reading. Starting in the teens for boys. I saw multiple things expounded upon on that site that I discovered decades ago by subjecting myself to the writings hard core feminist “academics” . Most of which will never get touched upon at all by mainstream conservative sources.

            The best feature of heartiste imho was his ability to tie together so much if the craziness that we see on display from the globohomoworld and relate it back to so called intellectual studies as well as personal behavior ( especially by women).

            I really wish he’d get the site back up somehow and continue it.

        • Outdoorspro, I totally get it. It takes time – more than I have at this point, to vet a modern woman for the mind virus.

          It used to be four seasons and four holidays.

          Now they are so steeped in the poison it takes both more time and circumstance to suss out whether they are merely droning, repeating the talking points, or if they really would toss their kids into the volcano to signal their holiness.

          Most make it easy. Pussyhats and “if you voted for Trump you are hitler” types abound.

          The real tragedy is when they are otherwise suitable but carry the virus. Like herpes, its always there. Ready to flare up under stress. And of course there will be stress.

          Its hard to not baby-with-the-bathwater, to let it become binary, but its also the most serious business at hand and should not be taken as lightly as most thirsty men seem wont to do.

          This is where I middle finger the fake pants wearing boomers and tradcons who would push the herpes onto their sons as if that is moral, honorable, or good.

        • Sorry, you never factored character into your potential-mate equation (few do). Back in the day your community would’ve done it for you. They did it for women as well. That’s why marrying-out was frowned upon.

      • Screwtape – unless you find a unicorn, take from them all you can, give them only what you must.

        Otherwise, One Ring to Rule Them All… Once you put it on, you’re walking dead or walking to Mordor.

        • Exile, I appreciate the sentiment.

          My dissident political awakening, if you will, culminated from ten years (and learning more every day) of study, conversation, and deprogramming via forums dealing with matters of the sexual marketplace.

          I owe much to many men who I will not be able to repay other than to echo the truth to those who would listen and to be generative to my community.

          The origins of my journey came through the necessity of understanding the smallest form of politics (a man and a woman) after being divorce raped and financially liquidated during the great recession.

          So the sexual marketplace and family formation is often the lens through which I view everything else.

          My dissident political views spawned from same truths as those early sexual red pills; just as jagged and bitter, but also as liberating and nourishing.

          The solutions are then also similarly situated among the oppression and ruins of a fallen empire, where a lucid mind, robust spirit, and open heart must be inclined toward the difficult task of sorting through the ashes for a spark.

          While at the same time avoiding the trappings of nostalgia and idealism.

          I can never go back to the blue pill idealism of my youth any more than we can go back to 1950 or 1850.

          And those who would advocate for me – or us, to do so, are my enemy as much or even more so than the rabid invader agents of globohomo, even if they look like me and have a real nice Christmas spread every year.

          And back OT. When I was a kid my brother and I would kill wasp hives with fire.

        • These days, it seems like a women suitable to bear my children may as well be a unicorn. I’ve met and dated many. Nearly all were an immediate “hard pass” as far as potential to be a good mother. (Good for only one thing, as they say.) There have been a few “maybes” scattered in among that list, but as time goes on, they tend to flip from “maybe” to “no”.

          On the flip side, I’m sure I hold a cherished place in their respective lists of “those assholes I’ve dated.”

          But long term we need children to win…

          • There is no greater fuck you to a woman than for a man to refuse to put his dick into her .

            It’s probably the biggest political protest you can make , that there is absolutely nothing they can do to you for making.

            More men really need to figure this out.

        • The problem with that take all you can from them attitude is that it only feeds and reinforces their mind virus , and therefore it exacerbates the problem.

          If there is one piece of advice I think the MGTOW crowd has utterly and completely correct it’s that you must cut off these types of women – without mercy. That means once you realize what they are you WALK AWAY without hesitation.

          They must be cut off and made into pariahs.

          That’s probably going to require a level of discipline the average male can’t seem to muster these days unfortunately.

      • Screwtape find yourself a True Christian Lady that knows her place in a marriage and you will have a life of joy…

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