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One way to model how the imperial state functions is to think of it as a single informal community that controls the organs of power. People enter into this community as they would any community. They get to know people, make friends, build connections and over time are considered a part of the community. Every once in a while, one of them falls out of favor and is punished by the community. They are “on the outs” for a while until they can be rehabilitated and returned to good standing.

It is not a formal structure with rules and official membership, like the communist party in Russia was back in the last century. That was an effort to create something where no natural community existed. Instead, Washington is the natural evolution of the managerial class that evolved in the 20th century. People move to the area through one of the many on-ramps of the managerial state. Over time, they slowly become part of the ruling community that controls the imperial government.

It is why reform is impossible. There’s nothing all that wrong with the formal government, at least in terms of structure. The issue is the people running it. For them, the organs of government are there to serve the community, not the country. That’s why they are always finding ways around the rules, subverting the process and manipulating the system in order to achieve ends different from what is intended. For them, the point of government is to serve the community, not the country.

Even though the community is not a formal organization, it has some similarities to the old communist party system. Instead of party officials enjoying special perks like cars and secret access, community members have unofficial perks. For example, the community members involved in the seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election will be exempt from prosecution. That was the point of the IG report, to let the world know the community has looked into the matter and the issue is closed.

If there is any doubt about this, consider the people at the heart of the scandal, who cooked up the fake intelligence dossier. They are so sure of their position, they are now running a new operation to plant community stories in the media. If these people had any fear of Barr or Durham, they would be lying low. Instead, they are doing the same service for the community they were doing before all this. They are members of the community in good standing. They have nothing to fear.

Like the old communist party, community members live with one another in lavish quarters in the capital. Instead of apartments on the Embankment, the community lives in swank neighborhoods in the city. The lower ranking community members live in seven figure homes in the surrounding suburbs. For example, Lois Lerner, the women who used the IRS to harass dirt people in the 2012 election, lived in this lovely home in Bethesda. She now lives on the Vineyard, by the way.

It is this community nature of the ruling class that makes it immune to democratic reform and popular pressure. When reformers are elected and sent to Washington, they are absorbed into the community. As Pat Buchanan pointed out decades ago, reformers arrive in the capital and go native within a few years. The reason is they join the community and soon see their interests as the community interest. Those who don’t are eventually framed or shamed out of office and expelled.

This is why Trump’s game of chicken with the Democrats over impeachment will end in disaster for the country. He thinks they lack the spine to remove him, but they are not interested in removing him, at least not yet. Instead, the community has decided to use him to further the interest of the community. When impeachment hits the Senate, Trump will be given a list of things he must sign in order to avoid conviction. Look for immigration reform to be at the top of that list demands.

Immigration is a good way to understand the psychology of the community. They want to pass reform, by which they mean open borders, not for material gain or because they are ideologues. They want the issue to go away. The most expedition way of doing that is to give the pirates what they want. This is how health care reform worked. The pirates got what they wanted and the issue was put to bed. Your health care is worse, but you are not part of the community, so you don’t matter.

Trump could roll the dice and dare them to convict, but that’s not much of a threat to the community. A few members of Congress will lose their seats, but they will not lose their place in the community. Instead they will land in high paying lobbying jobs elsewhere in the system. That was the lesson of health care. The inner party lost the House in the 2010 election, but all of the defeated members landed in good jobs at good wages in the imperial system. The community still thrived.

It is why reform, particularly democratic reform, is hopeless. You cannot reform something that does not exist in a formal sense. The ruling elite in Washington is a subculture financed by global pirates. The billionaires underwrite the community and the community makes sure the global pirates get what they need from the state. In many cases, the billionaires are members of the community. George Soros and Paul Singer are as much a part of the community as anyone.

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247 thoughts on “The Community

  1. What to do? what to do!?!? first and foremost understand we are not going to fix the system. we can’t starve the system because they can print all the money they need .
    we CAN take care of our families , network and help each other . we can be part of our local community. Network. even help those in our communit who can be helped .
    We can cut the cable . won’t change much but not watching make you a better man.
    We can have a family . It’s almost like that’s how god wanted us to live .
    We can homeschool our kids (see above, have a family, or if not family an close group of friends)
    we can learn to shoot so we can protect the family in unstable times and when order breaks down. its fun too and good networking.

    and most importantly ::::::::>>>
    we can do our best to educate others to the realities Z outlines here so they will quit beating their head against the wall trying to fix the system . It lets then get on with life.

  2. I think you are correct in diagnosing the current situation but incorrect in the prognosis.

    Washing DC is a community of sorts, people acting in their own interests, directed so a large degree by those around them.

    A better word than community is culture. DC is the imperial capital and the residents of the capital (which is not just geographically in DC) share an imperial culture. Which shares a lot of similarities with the cultures of other late stage imperial capitals.

    Where you are wrong is that cultures are notoriously resistant to coerced change – and yet constantly shift and evolve over time. So taking a snap shot today and thinking this is how it will always be is wrong. Especially as the current situation is inherently unstable. The empire is essentially ungoverned and is failing the basic cause of any government which is self preservation. Various factions are fighting each other for ephemeral short term advantage, and doing so in increasingly irrational ways. Eventually some faction is going to attempt seizing command and kick of a civil war at the center by failing to execute success.

  3. Such is the nature of big government. As it gets bigger and more centralized, the more outrageous it will become – creating further rifts between those in the community and those outside it. We find out people in the community are regularly engaged in deviant sexual acts (with young children), all sorts of graft, corruption, selling out the country and are likely getting away with murder. The foundering fathers knew about human nature, power and the propensity of the powerful to hold on to it at any cost, even of that of the country. Their solution was decentralization and institute a system of checks and balances. Worked good for a while. IMO the USA ended, as founded, after the Civil War when the Federal Government proved it had all the meaningful power. The political go-getters desired Washington DC, not the state house. Codified centralization in the form of the 14th through 17th amendments and on that vector, time took care of the rest. The USA is now a big government social democracy with squabbling interest groups all looking for there share of the nations looted wealth, the community. They do take care of each other as a quid-pro-quo – i.e. you’ll never see the Clinton’s or their ilk serve a day in jail. One day that magical snowflake will land on a mountain of abuse and outrages creating an avalanche of upheaval. Many people look forward to that, I hope I’m dead by then as these usher in very ugly times.

  4. The President can make any agreement he wants to get through the shampeachment. Once it’s over he can then renege. The assault on the Borg continues.

  5. The Conservative Tree House article about Mitch McConnell was damning.

    Although voting isn’t “hopeless” per se, it’s just that voting for “conservative Republicans” against “liberal Democrats” – or use your favorite adjectives – isn’t going to change much.

    “The Community” has a status system. You need a parallel status system, so the new politicians, and their staff, don’t automatically join “The Community.”

    The religious right had something close to this – “The Family” of the “Prayer Breakfast” fame. This has caused over a decade of nasty, conspiratorial articles in the mainstream media. It worked exactly like “the Community” but they had a separate status system.

    Of course money is a huge, huge part of status. So is celebrity. So that means in order for there to be an alternative status system, it has to have its own money and media.

    Players who work for our interests must be rewarded with money and favorable publicity.

    Build that alternative money/media status system and we can win.

    Hint: guns have nothing to do with it, and the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent, so don’t wait around for a “currency collapse” or a “civil war.” It’s all about organization.

    • You’re 40 years too late. We had a chance during the Reagan era but back then no one would have thought we needed that.

      That said, the ruling class will not allow us to do as you suggest because they hate and fear lower class whites and have done everything to prevent us from organizing to the point of imprisoning our people.

      Dream on.

      Oh guns have a lot to do with things. It’s how the elite stays in power. Anger them and they send hundreds of angry white men with guns to arrest your ass and put you in a prison where you get ass raped. And if you resist they shoot you dead on the spot.

      And is why the elite are always trying to take our guns away. They are the equalizer. It can make the average man the executioner of politicians, judges and their billionaire supporters.

  6. Speaking of being absorbed, in Zell Miller’s book, “A National Party No More”, he relates that soon after reporting for work in the Senate, Joe Biden came in to Miller’s offce and sat down. Biden said, paraphrasing, (it’s been a while since I read the book), at first new Senators are appalled at how things work here. Then there’s acceptance and finally participation.

    Zell Miller, a lifelong Democrat, was the best Republican the Senate has had in a long time.

  7. You assume that Trump, and the Republicans, will compromise.

    You assume that they can compromise.

    The left is too factional to compromise. There is no one to beat out a compromise wish.

    • If we are taking an informal vote, count my vote to be the POTUS calls their bluff…. . He will dare them them to remove him. This still may do it but the POTUS is going to bring this to a head one way or the other. Either he wins the stand-off or the population sees the truth immediately and makes the appropriate adjustments to their lives.

    • It’s like Chernobyl, the night before. All the elements are perfectly in place for a disaster, politically, economically, all the literally crazy characters currently in office. I think we’ll look at this at the biggest tinderbox in generations. Right down to Hillary Clinton helicoptering in at the last minute. It’s like a grand finale of some kind.

  8. Cheer up Z world! If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Conservative Inc. is that there is no problem that can’t be solved by a tax cut! For really difficult problems, enact an amnesty as well. Problem solved!

    • The military will never do a coup because the officer corps are mostly liberals from upper class families that are invested in the system. And oh they really don’t like normie people at all, most are soulless who have zero qualms about sending their men to die in useless wars.

      Think about that for a moment, it takes a real monster to do that.

      A popular violent revolt can only happen if the Left does mandatory gun confiscation at gun point.

  9. Rush just got through explaining why McTurtle must not do a quick rejection of the impeachment articles and limit the scope of the senate trial. Trump wants a long senate trial in order to expose those higher up in the Clouds who finance and control their governmental and NGO puppets.

    The article here is good, but it lacks fight. Why give up on this and resign ourselves to non-exposure, non-destruction of the forces that have made The Community possible?

  10. The Community unites itself to protect from a foreign threat!

    No, not deplorables. I mean a literal foreign threat. And no, not that bunch either, h8rs.

    You see, listening to MSNBC all night and this morning, I learned why Trump must be impeached.

    Trump is… is… a Secret Russian Agent!!

    His very election was THE Russian interference in our free and fair system!

  11. Following the logic then:
    Trump caves or he holds fast. I would think with his ego and alpha characteristics he would hold fast and make them convict in the senate (even though he did cave on the omnibus spending bill). Therefore putting this back to the cloud people, do they convict in the senate if Trump doesn’t cave? And if so, do they rightly or wrongly assume that trump’s base and a substantial amount of Americans will do nothing about it?

    While prior to the trump age Id assume nothing would happen because the media could spin narratives for cover. However, is that still the case? As the overused libertard meme says will it be “boogaloo time”?

    • I would like nothing more than to see Trump in the well of the Senate in January, going off like Mussolini, taking the stand (due to his grandiose ego) all sides overplaying their hand a thousand times, Romney attempting to be the new Cicero, and for millions of people around the country to see just how messed up the country is in a way that they’ve never seen before, all with a stock market cratering because the domestic political situation makes Honduras look stable and well run. Trump was always best suited as a wrecking ball.

      • JR Wirth—I think that you are on to something. For an alcoholic, addict, or someone near bottoming out, one has to admit that they are fooked up and that their behaviors are the problem and THEY will have to change their behaviors and their whole outlook if they are to get better. Someone has to hold the mirror up and say,”This is what you have become. Do you like what you see? If you keep going you will die. Do you want to live or want to die? It is your choice.”

        Our institutions have become dysfunctional and self-serving. It is about time to pull back the curtain and see who is pulling the levers.

  12. Everything in your essay is true, Z. The elephant in the room trying to avoid our gaze is the issue of blackmail. Did it begin with J. E. Hoover? He was both blackmailer and blackmailee. Have you seen any interest in the fact that the NYC mansion was equipped with surveillance BEFORE being gifted to Epstein by Les Wexner. Why aren’t they calling him to testify?

  13. This is an excellent, thought provoking article. I have a couple of comments.
    1. The term, “Community” is similar in description to the “Deep State,” which is a more organized connotation. Though I dislike the term community it really describes the resistance to outside influence, reform, interference, whatever, of its existence and purpose.
    2. This Community is very resistant to change or breakup. It is like a cancer that has metastasized into the body (politic) and has embedded itself so deep that it is almost impossible to excise from the body without killing the patient. It is a disease of opportunity. It is the result of the bad parts of human nature, which are like cancer cells.
    3. This cancer, by its own nature, will kill the patient and itself. It is like the scorpion talking the frog into giving it a ride across the water and then stinging the frog. “It’s my nature. Can’t help it.”

    What to do? The country is divided. Not good. How do you fight it? Frontal assaults are suicide. Starving it? That takes time. The Community members are experts at divide and conquer.

    It seems that to defeat the community, one must understand it and find its weaknesses, its fatal flaws, and exploit them. Kind of like autoimmune disease.

    Paraphrasing Sun Tzu millennia ago, to win all the battles, you must know your mind and the mind of your enemy. So we better REALLY do our homework. Can’t vote our way out of this one, kids.

    • Remember these aren’t soldiers, they are very pampered hot house flowers that will collapse under the least amount of duress.

      You induce duress by making life hard in the “community”, you cut off water, electricity and food and watch how fast these people fall apart.

      I watched how they handled the Beltway Sniper – they basically were in a continual state of panic. Now imagine what would happen if the power went out during a nasty cold spell for a week or so or during the middle of summer heat wave.

  14. Great essay Z-man. Worldviews in mass conflict. The signpost for post-modern governance was when politicians from the 90s started parroting globalist talking points on the “global community.” You really have to understand their vocabulary and the worldview that stands behind it. The globalist doesn’t look at a world atlas and see nation-states with boundary lines; he sees regions and continents. The globalist doesn’t see a landscape of unique communities and distinct cultures; he sees cheap labor, market forces, opportunities for plunder/power.

    The globalist can’t get deplorables to vote for his worldview, so he buys off bloviating (but pathetically dumb) and oftentimes telegenic politicians while he works quietly in the background, systematically deconstructing the very foundations of his enemy – the family, the village and township, the nation-state. The globalist has a win-win proposition: his leftist lackeys sprint to his bidding … his right-leaning lackeys jog.

    The globalist views his community as the planet, and observes it from the stratosphere. There’s a gate around his community, and it costs billions to become a permanent member. If you want a visitors pass or temp membership then you go to the right schools, be seen with the right people, go to work in DC or the academy, and above all – obey orders.

    The rest of us view community at sea-level while we plug away at work, raise kids, and balance the checkbook. But as Z-man points out, it’s a vastly different community. But this community is much more powerful … if/when they grasp the consequences of losing. I think (and hope) that’s where we are.

  15. Every form of human governance from the Mesopotamian City States to today’s global institutions and nation states share one thing in common – they were/are all run by a small number of elites.

    It does not matter when in history, nor the religion or belief system of the peoples, nor the geographic location on the planet you are discussing. The result is the same. A small group of elites call the shots.

    That means to me that oligarchies are not some bug in the machine. Oligarchies are not some result that mysteriously falls out of all forms of human governance. It means that oligarchies are the common thread.

    I contend that human governance never ‘evolved’ beyond oligarchies. I contend that all forms of governance are contrived to be the source of power and administration for the oligarchs. I contend greed and the lust for power drive ‘elites’ to invent forms of human governance as their means to oligarchic ends. As greed and the lust for power are timeless, so are oligarchies.

    That makes governments oligarchic tools. Because they are tools forged by oligarchs, and used by oligarchs for their ends it should surprise no one when those tools bring oligarchic results. The surprise is the Kabuki theater used to cover the baseline reality.

    We are ruled of, for, and by oligarchs. They use our government as a tool to rule us.

    And they do so with concern for us as nothing but a means to their ends. Making peoples intended oligarch tools well.

    We may not have a choice of when in history we were born, nor where we were born, and therefore have no choice but to be born into oligarchic chains.

    But you can decide once you know the game that is afoot whether or not you will continue to play as the pawn you were intended to be. Free will exists outside the oligarch’s chains, and is why they expend so much energy and resources seeking consent.

    The choice to remove consent is made en mass from time to time. History calls them revolutions.

    The real trick, and one we obviously haven’t quite figured out yet, is how to have humanity decide en mass not be oligarch tools, while simultaneously choosing not be led by another oligarch agent in hiding Pied Pipering the people to another oligarchic the rat race, as the current ‘populist’ President indicates.

    • Better oligarchs are part of the solution and revolutions are often the only means to “circulate the elites.”

      Check out James Burnham’s “The Machiavellians” about Machiavelli, Pareto, Mosca and Sorel. Several of the thinkers there dealt with the “inevitability of elites” and the useful and beneficial role of political violence (or at least the credible threat/risk thereof) in “governing the governors.”

    • The rest of us will always be tools of some oligarchs, somewhere, over time. Best to make sure the people overseeing us view things our way.

    • Since we’re not close to figuring out that real trick, a nice change would be an oligarchy that doesn’t actively hate the people.

      Both Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson actively despised a large amount of the population that they governed. At least Lincoln didn’t hate the *entire* country. I think Wilson actually did — everyone who wasn’t an Ivy League intellectual. We’re still living under their legacy. The current progessive oligarchy, both Democrat and Republican, is Wilsonian.

  16. All true, and right on the mark. We cannot talk or vote our way out of the mess we’re in. Best case scenario is an overt triggering event that red-pills enough normies to finally jump start a take-back-the-country revolution. It won’t be easy, DC controls a very large and ruthless Jackboot corp (as example, see Manafort persecution). They let their own skate and then overkill civilians, that’s DC character and integrity for you. And that is their weakness. They will be viscerally hated when it goes hot.

  17. “It is why reform is impossible. There’s nothing all that wrong with the formal government, at least in terms of structure. The issue is the people running it. For them, the organs of government are there to serve the community, not the country.”

    Which seems to be an argument that the problem IS the structure, since it does not properly take into account human nature, and the drive to power.

    I agree reform is impossible, and that means the only way out is economic collapse, or some other mechanism leading to war.

    The below quote applies to the overall picture of governance as well as it does to the specific subject of education:

    “With conspiracy so close to the surface of the American imagination and American reality, I can only approach with trepidation the task of discouraging you in advance from thinking my book the chronicle of some vast diabolical conspiracy to seize all our children for the personal ends of a small, elite minority.

    Don’t get me wrong, American schooling has been replete with chicanery from its very beginnings. Indeed, it isn’t difficult to find various conspirators boasting in public about what they pulled off. But if you take that tack you’ll miss the real horror of what I’m trying to describe, that what has happened to our schools was inherent in the original design for a planned economy and a planned society laid down so proudly at the end of the nineteenth century. I think what happened would have happened anyway – without the legions of venal, half-mad men and women who schemed so hard to make it as it is. If I’m correct, we’re in a much worse position than we would be if we were merely victims of an evil genius or two.

    If you obsess about conspiracy, what you’ll fail to see is that we are held fast by a form of highly abstract thinking fully concretized in human institutions which has grown beyond the power of the managers of these institutions to control. If there is a way out of this trap we’re in, it won’t be by removing some bad guys and replacing them with good guys.”
    — John Taylor Gatto, “The Underground History of American Education”

    • Part of the Magic Paper mythology about the Constitution and muh Founders was the supposed genius of checks and balances, making the wrong men do the right thing, etc… The reality is that no system can withstand corrupt decision-makers.

      I like Gatto, and recently re-read “Weapons of Mass Instruction,” but he’s a liberal-leaning libertarian at heart. The managerial state is exactly why we have a society that rewards sociopaths and psychotics with status & influence.

      While solutions require both personnel and policy changes, the simple fact is that a system has no power without enough people who are willing to follow and enforce its rules. Gatto’s engaging in some special pleading for his professional colleagues here. Some of his own best stories are about how he totally disregarded or severely bent the rules for the greater good.

      • Government naturally centralizes, grows, and consolidates over time. If you asked the average founder how long he thought our constitution would last, I doubt any of them would have said, well into the 2020s. The constitution was thrown overboard at the turn of the last century by venal, power hungry people, using a population of “educated” people (from public schools) to overthrow the old order. And they did. And they began to centralize, and over a hundred years later we have this magnificent edifice to show for it. An edifice that is now gobbling through trillions just to tread water. The solution to our problems is decentralization, which only comes through a catastrophic consequence, in our case it will be the rickety bond market.

      • Boy, you got something different out of this quote than I did. If anything, Gatto is consistently against any managerial class. He’d take us back down to the one-room schoolhouse, or homeschooling, if he could. Teachers directly accountable to parents, what a radical notion!

        I suggest reading that book; it’s the best he ever wrote.

        As to checks and balances, I agree it looks impossible to keep the managers from getting corrupt (that is, constitutions don’t work). In fact corruption looks like the whole point of government.

      • If there’s anything that makes Muh Magic Piece of Paper better than other documents, is that it did take multiple generations to break it down…you know, FWIW.

    • Do not think of a static ideal, it does not exist. Instead it is a changing dynamic, driven by human greed and fear. One cannot get to that “right” place, but only steer the dynamic to one’s own preferences. It’s time to drop the fig leaf about what is “best”, and push the idea of what is “best for us”. That’s how every other group has always operated, draped in “what’s right” or in themes of “justice”. Time to drop the pretenses of noble aims, and simply go for what is best for us. It’s way past time.

  18. The US has been on a war footing since the early 40s, never having returned to anywhere near pre-war spending. It is largely this spending that has propped up the “community” along with student loans. The ability to stretch out the unsustainable has been nothing short of amazing. DC and the surrounding suburbs are the richest in the nation. But it’s hard to see how these rackets can go on forever. We are indebting our children to the bankers so scolds and harpies in DC with no children can live high on the hog and our children are indebting themselves so the childless harpies can live high on the hog in the academy.
    I just hope that when the proverbial shit hits the fan, they get their comeuppance. There has never been anyone more deserving.

    • After WW 2 the US did significantly reduce debt, though and debt in inflation-adjusted dollars stayed almost completely flat until 1975. That was the turning point. Ever since then debt has been growing like you gave an American Express gold card to a sailor on shore leave and told him to knock himself out.

      Why 1975? Probably a lot of pigeons coming home to roost: Social Security, Welfare, Medicare/Medicaid, and a political class whose only solution for the past 45 years has been “kick the can down the road.”

      Social Security is like this crappy yacht your granddaddy bought and willed to you, but instead of cutting your losses and scuttling the thing, you just kept putting more and more money into it, double-mortgaging your house to try to keep it afloat. Now it’s sitting there in its slip, listing and rotting and your house is about to be repossessed because you can’t make the payments, and you’re still going “just a few more repairs and it will be great!”

      • Not debt, spending. The US did have quite a few years between 45 and the 60s where there were large surpluses. But that was because taxes were so high, not because the government reduced spending.
        Offense spending (anything but “defense”) never got anywhere near pre-WWII levels ever again even adjusting for inflation. The cold war was every bit as financially destructive as any hot war ever was, not to mention the actual hot wars sandwiched in the larger so-called cold war.
        The US now has been officially at war for close to 2 decades.

      • Going off gold and printing money hasn’t helped. Nor has not prosecuting those behind the money-printing/QE/whatever they’re calling it these days scheme.

      • Nixon cut the last of the apron stings to the gold standard around then – that opened the way for FDR/Johnson programs to become sacred American cows

  19. The Kavanaugh hearings brought it home for me. Reading about the accusations it became apparent that the players in that it of drama all went to the same schools and knew, or at least knew of each other. Washington really is a small town, provincial too. Concerning the topic at hand, the qualities of the people dwarf organizational structure in determining outcome. I’ve grown to despise our current elites. They are equal parts patronizing sanctimony, mean-spirited viciousness, ignorance and delusion. The white pill is that it is probably only necessary to remove 10-30K of them from the board to turn this ship around. The american civil war cleared the decks for a cohesive US with a central government. It was extremely bloody because a entire people had to be brought to heel. In our circumstances a relatively painless decapitation and a strong hand would probably suffice.

    • Attributed to Paul Begala, “Washington is Hollywood for ugly people”. In this case, ugly really does go to the bone.

  20. This is a slower process than many of us would like. Having the community/ deep state/cathedral forced into the open is a significant step. So it’s exposed now what?

    Now we have to actually do something besides only preaching to the choir. Normies need something more concrete to help them understand the nature of this conflict. This is that something.

    Nature and numbers work to our benefit in the long term. Unfortunately, in the short-run we’re in for a rough ride.

  21. Community, Deep State, Secret Cabal, Shadow Government, Hidden Power, etc. For years I was ridiculed for speculating about such things. I’ll alway be thankful to Trump for giving us final, positive proof. If you deny something this obvious, then we part ways.

    • The moral of the story, with all of the above, is that you don’t want to know any of these people. You would never want to be in that environment. The goal of life is to live it far removed from them.

  22. Sigh. Today I learned that a lot of conservatives think the right to hardcore porn is a conservative value. To quote one of my detractors, “It’s called freedom, bitch. You don’t believe in it.”

    No. No, I do not, if it means watching some sweet 18-year-old girl get talked into doing hardcore porn.

    • Tranny Story Hour and Double Penetrations are what our grandparents jumped off those landing craft in Normandy to protect, didn’t you know?

      • They jumped of those landing craft in order to protect:

        (1) the New World Order;

        (2) the holiest of all holycauses;

        (3) the continued firebombing and razing of German cities;

        (4) the continued depopulation of Germanic peoples;

        (5) the conditions propitious for starving millions of Germanic peoples post bellum;

        (6) ((( our ))) way of life;

        (7) the American imperium;

        (8) the military industrial complex;

        (9) Bolzhevism; and

        (10) today’s topic – the community.

        • L Mike;
          With all due respect, all but #3 and #9 were the *result* of winning WWII’s giving unprecedented scope and power to the elite of the ‘greatest generation’. Had those GI’s known about your list, they likely wouldn’t have jumped out of those Higgins Boats, which I’d guess was your actual point.

          • Your point is well taken, particularly from the perspective of what motivated the GIs jumping out of those boats.

            From the perspective of the bankers, the money-changers, the policy-makers, the big grifters et al, I would submit that all of my list was part of their plan.

      • Ya know, Meme, in a way, that’s 100% true.

        And I ain’t talkin’ libertarians, either.


        Tranny Story Hour is organized by RADAR, a (((citizen’s))) tolerance and inclusion advocacy group, part of a marketing campaign by Teva Pharmaceuticals, in conjunction with the SJW radicals on the board of the American Library Association.

        Located in Israel, Teva is the only pharma company that produces gender transition drugs.

        And since Paul Singer is a major funder of both the Republicans, TPUSA, and LGBT activism, I’ll bet he’s also a major shareholder in Teva.

    • This is why Vox is not wrong when he condemns the very term conservative as well as the fiction of “freedom of speech” There is no such thing – the question is whose definitions and limits are applied. When there were blue laws controlling corporatism and decency laws controlling pornography, the average man was far better off – even if he technically had less ‘freedom’ to corrupt himself. And today’s ‘conservatives’ – of any stripe – can share lampposts with the SJWs, their ideological kin.

    • Ban the pornographers, instead, and solve far a greater number of problems.

      (Hint: porn is as tribal a community as Hollywood. Tribal male stars boinking Catholic shiksas, of course, per the ancient mandate- victor takes the enemy’s women.)

      ‘Ban porn!’ is just Con. Inc baiting the hook, another social issue for the election.

      I’m 100% certain they’ll never say “ban immigration”.

    • As usual Ed Driscoll and Glenn (but especially ED) parrot the party line. Good to see the commentors there put a little knee in the groin of their argument.
      This is particularly irksome: “After that column came out, it occurred to me that I had the answer: Porn and videogames. That’s what’s making American teens healthier”.
      What a jackass. His arguments over there have been so poor I sometimes wonder if he’s intentionally pulling normies into the comment section to have them squashed on the rocks of reality.

    • Only tools for Globohomo would write shit like that. Porn dehumanizes people. Those who do it and those who watch it.

      Personally I’ve wondered how the free porn sites can even exist without serious financial support. And what we know of the rich, they never do anything out of the goodness of their hearts. There is always a nefarious purpose behind whatever they fund.

  23. For all that ideology can play a part in politics, what we are seeing today is pure power politics. The Inner Party has no ideology beyond Them vs. Us. They are a criminal elite invested only in exploiting a population they despise.

    The Epsteining of America is almost complete. The few politicians who show any concern for the proles, genuine or feigned, are blackmailed, bribed, intimidated or prosecuted while the pimps, swindlers and greasy-tongued shills mug for the cameras when they’re not mugging us for cash.

    Clownish & cruel is a bad combo.

    There can be no communion with their community. The fiction of the American nation can only last as long as we are willing to endure this abuse. Sooner or later that dog they’ve been kicking is going to bite.

    Contra the purple prose and poetry about muh slavery in the last century and a half, slave masters typically treated their slaves humanely for this very reason. People will tolerate authoritarian or even totalitarian rulers they admire or respect, but despotic cruelty is despised no matter how much rhetorical lipstick you smear on it.

    As Z noted in yesterday’s “eat the cake, bigots” post, both patricians and proles are starting to view each other as less than human, and this will not end well.

    Machiavelli’s famous advice that princes should make war not love has a dire subtext entirely lost on our Clown Princes. A prince neither loved or feared but simply despised had better keep a fast horse handy.

  24. The problem isn’t government, it’s the span and scope of government. Our government was deeply corrupt during the 19th Century, but it was only about 3% of the economy, not a quarter of it, and this is before taking int account bloated state budgets. The swamp simply expanded from a hole with a bunch of reeds to the current monstrosity. Only a currency crisis will shake that up. Government will, mathematically, have to live on half of what it does now. That doesn’t mean the entire swamp drying up, but that’s a good half of it. They’ve never seen that before. A stage four cancer is curable, the patient simply has to die.

    As I read the news this morning, the swamp just gave itself four months of paid leave for maternity and paternity. The former middle class now buying RVs to live in them will be happy to hear that. Let them eat cake.

    • The problem isn’t the span and scope of the government, it’s the people doing the governing. The wealth and power of Leviathan could be used to bring Silicon Valley to heel, send the invaders back, build a thousand prisons for criminals on Wall Street as well as Main Street, put trannies on reservations, etc… but where there’s no will there is no way.

      Limited government that allows unlimited private sector social abuse and outright criminality is worse than unlimited government that has some concern for balancing the interests of the public and the state with those of the vulture donor capitalists.

      • “The wealth and power of Leviathan could be used to bring Silicon Valley to heel, send the invaders back, build a thousand prisons for criminals on Wall Street…” Government won’t do that. It dances to the tune of those places. They have all the important lobbyists, etc. It doesn’t take a big government to secure the border. Government will always be the tool of oligarchy, not the tool of mom and pop bakery owner. The only way to have some control is to shrink it.

        • JR – this is Tea Party libertarianism. Shrinking government and letting the oligarchs oppress you b/c “private sector” isn’t a solution either.

          Big business is no better than Big Government and only government can rein in billion-dollar multinationals. Big Gov’t is a problem when it chokes small businesses with regulations and excessive taxes, but it’s necessary to keep companies like Google and ADM from acting above the law.

          In a perfect world we wouldn’t have Leviathan-sized corporations but so long as we do, you either have to use Big Gov’t against them or act outside the law entirely – not that I’m totally against that, FWIW.

          • As Amazon and Microsoft fight over a multi-billion dollar defense contract. Meaning, Amazon and Microsoft fight over OUR MONEY. As McDonalds busses in Mexicans across the border to staff its restaurants. As nearly the entire Fortune 500 is signed onto all of this. Go ahead, think that little joe blow auto mechanic can wrestle control of the government. How naive are you? Big government is like a bull with a ring through its nose and led by billion dollar companies (meaning, not you ever). The idea of the “people powered” big government is an illusion that many dissidents seem to love. I’m not saying that we can roll it back, it just has to be done in by the collective greed and avarice of all parties above.

          • JR: What’s more likely – a government that cares for the general public or a corporation that cares for the general public?

            A modern “legal person” corporation exists to grow and benefit itself with no regard for the health of the host polity or physical environment it exists in.

            Like cancer.

            Government is more constrained by the concept of legitimacy – it exists and is tolerated by the people because it is intended to benefit the public at large.

            In a debased society it’s hard to tell the difference in practice. but with slightly better human capital we could have better government, which we can’t live without, while we could dispense with mega-business entirely and be better off.

            If you don’t get the biology and the culture right, no system will work. If you get them right, better people can make any system work.

          • Human nature and history demonstrate that big government does not aid the little guy, the shopkeeper, the innovator, the inventor, and it never will notwithstanding the contention that big government is necessary in order to batter the Bloombergs, rein in the Rothchilds, silence the Singers, and zap the Zuckerbergs.

            The paleolibertarians like Tom Woods, Rothbard, and our own Calsdad, have a much better grasp and understanding of human nature than those who pine for muh strongman and muh leviathan. They know that those who lust for power will be attracted to a big, fat, intrusive, meddlesome, and officious central government.

            They also know that having such a large “community” is more likely to result in the creation and spawning of Big Grift, the multinationals, and the political entrepreneurs.

          • Mike: paleo-libertarians are less wrong than lolbertarians, but still not right. Woods and Mercer are two of the better ones and Rothbard’s always been a more astute analyst than his ideology suggests.

            That said, there is nothing in the paleo-libertarian toolbox from which you can construct a society that can resist predatory plutocracy. The libertarian mindset will not accomodate “because we live here” Tucker Carlson-Pat Buchanan society-first politics because at their root those politics stem from “leviathan strongman” principles like Will. Blood and Soil.

      • And don’t think that J. Edgar Hoover, putting on his silk stockings under his desk, wasn’t as maniacally evil as anyone in those offices today.

  25. Working all of this out in a way that preserves and perpetuates the ideals and the limits of our government is pretty much over, and I think anyone paying any attention would agree, no matter their political persuasion.

    So the issue now becomes making sure the heavy hand of governance is aligned with your preferences. That’s all that is left to do now, engineer such an outcome.

  26. It has been previously quoted on the WRSA site: “We are a nation of sheep, run by wolves, and owned by pigs.” I now drink coffee to help me change the things I can and brandy to deal with the things I cannot. And, I am still prepping for the pending festivities. It would seem the Old Dominion is about to become the tipping point. Bleib ubrig.

      • Try looking at German words. Use DDG entering German: and whatever you want to translate. Maybe try each word separately.

      • Mr. Alzaebo: Bleib ubrig was the expression the Berliners used in 1945 as the Russians approached their city. They knew what was in store for them. The literal translation is: “stay(or remain) together(or whole)”. The colloquial translation is: “survive”.
        This was all documented in Cornelius Ryan’s non-fiction book: THE LAST BATTLE. I use this when I close a lot of my replies to articles on WRSA to remind “Mein Volk” what is in store for the White Christian Patriot movement in this country if we are not prepared to go “…war to the knife and knife to the hilt.” I am keeping a weather eye on the Old Dominion, as well as the increasing militancy of the Infanticide Party here in my own A/O. And yes, it was a shot of brandy with a Bud Lite back after I finished my preps and PT for the day. Bleib ubrig, mein freund.

  27. “Trump will be given a list of things he must sign.” I disagree. The GOP has become Trump’s party and any Senator who votes for impeachment or sells his vote for voting against is toast politically. Even moderates, such as Rob Portman here in Ohio, are shocked by Democrat mean spiritness and over reaching. (Reportedly Portman was shocked with the way the Dems went after Kavanaugh (a Buish Republican) Too many Senators (Ted Cruz) want to be president someday. They know the base wants them to both clear Trump and call witnesses to expose the machinations of the Deep State. I also disagree with the linked article that says McConnell (aka the Turtle) prefers to be in the minority. Clearly not true. Although he is awful on so many issues, he does want a conservative judiciary. He wants his legacy to be a Supreme Court, with a 7-2 conservative majority, and conservative control of the appellate and most district courts. In order to obtain that, the Republicans need to remain in the majority. Z Man is probably right that long term reform is not possible. However, Trump is a good bet for re-election (Bill O’Reilly says its 60/40 that he would beat Biden). We’ll get a respite and more time to plan for the future. We need this time because the demographics ensure that we will lose in the long run with the present system.

    • Ask John Boehner how miserable he feels being “toast” next time he’s swanning around SW OH spending his K-street millions and guzzling thousand-dollar-a-bottle booze. The Community takes care of its crooks in and out of office.

      • If there is natural justice, Boehner will spend 15-20 years wheezing and hacking his way toward a painful and miserable death brought on by slow-moving lung cancer, due to the massive quantities he’s consumed all of his life. And now he’s profiting off legalized marijuana, too. Just a rotten man — who also turned his back on his extended family, from what I’ve heard.

        I’ll be reprimanded for this, but it’s one of those days…

        • He’s a human stain, one of the worst of the worst. Read Peter Schweitzer’s “Extortion” for a good idea of what a total crook that dude is.

      • John Boehner is an interesting profile. In the early nineties you should of heard the fresh, young (then unknown) Boehner who hadn’t been absorbed by the Borg, truly inspirational. But year after year took it’s tool before he became yet another swamp monster (though less so since he didn’t get quite the gig that Paul Ryan did).

        My former (R)Congressman probably quit for a similar reason. I went to one of his town halls and he said (lightly paraphrasing) that everyone on the budget committee in Congress knew absolutely nothing about budgeting and financial matters generally; he’d only been in office a year and he already seemed worn out.

        • Yeah, but he’s one of “my” two senators, so it is particularly galling. At least Sherrod Brown doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a socialist lapdog.

          • Viz – I’m from OH originally, I remember the “Dick Celeste Before He Dicks You” campaign. Concur. The OH GOP is one of the worst state parties in America – cuckety-cucking cucks. Taft was the last semi-legit OH conservative.

    • Christian Doc.
      I share your reservations. P Trump is either the luckiest guy alive *or* he routinely takes proactive counter-measures. For example, he cut Shiff & Pelosi off at the knees by releasing the transcript right after the Ukraine phone call scheme was brought out into the open and it was too late to walk it back. So they had to run the operation even though they had to know it was risky and could easily backfire. And it largely has.

      I greatly admire and deeply respect Sundance at The Conservative Tree House, who is the author of the link above about the Turtle exacting a high price for acquittal. Sundance posits that this is because most of The Turtle’s fellow swamp-swimming colleagues also had their hands in some cookie jar or other. There is evidence enough to support this construction, particularly Miss Lindsey’s neutering one of P Trump’s leverage points by stating that he’d not allow Schiff to be called as a witness.

      But I think his analysis mistakenly assumes that P Trump neither know about their longstanding corruption nor anticipated their likely moves. Ask yourself, why is Rudy in Ukraine investigating and why are the usual suspect’s MSM mouthpieces so freaked out about this_? Rudy’s creating additional leverage, I’d say, with the gleeful assistance of the locals who have got to be tired of being pushed around and looted by the Davosie.

    • Christian,
      I share your reservations about P Trump having to bend the knee to The Turtle to avoid removal. Either P Trump is the luckiest guy alive *or* he routinely takes proactive measures to protect himself. For example, he let Shiff, Pelosi, et al, roll out their Ukraine phone call impeachment scheme and then out them off at the knees by releasing the transcript after it was too late to walk it back. So they had to roll out their compromised operation anyway and it blew up in their faces.

      What’s Rudy G doing investigating in Ukraine_? Creating leverage, I’d say. He must be over target ’cause he’s sure taking flack from the usual suspects’ MSM mouthpieces. Leverage over whom, you may ask. I’d bet it’s the Turtle and his fellow swamp swimming senators who also had their hands in the Ukraine cookie jar.

      Not 4d chess, just common sense: ‘OK, what’s the Turtle’s next move likely to be_? How can we thwart it_?’

    • Why then did Mitch McConnell state way back in mid October that the Senate would hold a trial if the House voted articles of impeachment? This was a clear signal to Trump that he would have to negotiate himself out of conviction in the Senate. McConnell holds this president by the short hairs and he is currently the most powerful and dangerous politician in the imperial capital. Pelosi’s intent to shovel the most laughable, spurious and superficial impeachment articles out of the House and into McConnell’s Senate tells me this has been an orchestrated pincer movement all along. Z is correct and the community will extract what it wants from Trump.

  28. The fourth branch of government is the only one that matters now. A lot of “Conservatives” talk about how Obama people infiltrated all of the establishments such as the FBI and other agencies, but I think it’s been converged all along.

    Considering that half of them are diversity hires and the other interested only in marking time before a feather bed of a retirement, it’s a small minority (like McRaven) that are craven in their lust for power and consider themselves more important than the elected officials and the people they’re supposed to serve.

    We aren’t voting our way out of this crisis. It reminds me of how the U.S. aircraft carrier task forces worked in the Pacific War. When Raymond Spruance commanded it, it was known as the Fifth Fleet. When Bill Halsey commanded it, it was the Third Fleet.

    It was a case of the same coach with different drivers, but nothing changed in the tasking or composition of the force. It’s the same with our elected officials. No matter what they do, the fleet of the Deep State steams onward to tyranny.

    One of the problems is that the Deep State is a product of a federal government that does all things for all people. When a local government receives money from the Imperial Capitol, it agrees to abide by the conditions imposed under the grant paperwork.

    If we didn’t regulate nearly every economic activity and wage war against every Third World shithole, the Leviathan would’ve never appeared. How is it that while our military largely demobilized after WWII, the bureaucracy never did?

  29. Perhaps if there was more support for the president the swamp would tread a little bit more carefully ?

    Right now they must feel pretty safe to defy the will of the people. Until we recruit more dissidents to our ranks looks like business as usual.

  30. I’ll respectfully disagree that they have nothing to fear from AG Barr. He shows every sign of being extremely serious about tackling the corruption in the DoJ that led to the Trump/Russia sh!tshow. You know that he’s on target because he’s taking flak. There’s an active effort in the MSM to discredit AG Barr and to paint him as a political ally of President Trump. Apparently Vanity Fair has a hit piece on Barr coming soon, and the commies on NPR yapped about it all morning.

    The Senate may well try to keep a lid on the trial by drafting rules that limit Trump’s ability to defend himself, but I predict they will fail. The Senate has authority to draft rules governing the trial, but the rules must meet minimum standards of due process. This will end up in court, and Trump will win.

    • This is the same kabuki they played with Issa, Gowdy & Nunez. Left and Right play-act a WWF-style media-smackdown & laugh at how well it played to the rubes over drinks together.

      Team Trump is going to chum red meat all year long about their Christmas 2020 perp-walks for all the Swampers – gotta elect us, goys, or these evil Demon-rats will slip the noose we’re ready to lasso them with.

      Toss in some Iran & China-bashing and a few jabs about how Lizzie/Joe are bad for Izrul and you get the standard GOP kosher summer-sausage, perfect for the holiday electoral season.

      • I’m inclined to agree with both of you — Barr is a CIA/Bush man, and might be a made man, too…but at the same time, the venom directed at him seems of a different character than that fired at Nunes, Gowdy, et alia. Some seem legitimately determined to jail him. They truly hate him.

        Might be a show that Barr’s putting on, but the lunatics are legitimately after him in a way and treat him far more rhetorically violently than they have other GOP showmen like the above (and Chaffetz, too).

      • The Soap Opera- secrets, betrayals, reveals, reconciliations, with a hint of adultery. Maybe we’ll get a wedding!

      • Barr is a constitutionalist who takes Presidential authority seriously. The notion that Congress can pass laws that circumscribe Presidential authority is inconsistent with a constitutional structure of co-equal branches of government. Barr’s role in securing pardons for those involved in Iran-Contra is wholly consistent with that view.

        There is no explicit basis in the Constitution for Congressional oversight of the Executive branch. It’s another BS “right” magically discovered by the courts in the progressive era. Since then Congress has sought to expand it’s authority in an attempt to subjugate the Executive branch.

        We just witnessed the House abuse it’s oversight authority to constuct Soviet-style hearings systematically designed to generate incriminating evidence, most of which was hearsay, to exclude exulpatory evidence, and to deny Republicans the opportunity to call witnesses. Leaders in the Senate are now suggesting that they intend to structure the impeachment trial in a way that severely limits Trump’s ability to defend against the charges. This entire scam was enabled by a thoroughly corrupt DoJ. AG Barr is not going to gloss over this.

        • You didn’t get a single upvote for a very realistic assessment and I agree with you. If, as folks here think, Barr is part of The Community, then I apologize in advance. Until then, I wait for both Barr and Durham. I never did expect Horowitz to produce much, as proven by “no political bias.”

          • I don’t live for upvotes, but thank you for your comment. I have been reading and commenting here for around 5 years. This blog used to be consistently one of the best informed comment sections on the internet, but I’ve noticed that recently the commentary has been trending toward less informed analysis and toward more reactionary cynicsm, with a tinge of despair. It’s not a good trend.

          • “Guest”: We’re cynical because our prior “informed analysis” was obviously flawed by trusting the wrong men. Those men misled us with bad information which resulted in bad analysis. Garbage in, garbage out.

            This blog hasn’t changed that much in 5 years and I’m cynical and skeptical of anyone posting as “Guest” who claims to be a 5 year commenter.

            I’ve noticed recently the commentary has been trending towards astroturf and trolling as Z’s influence and reach grows. It’s a good trend, in a backhanded fashion, so long as we don’t fall for the grift.

          • You’re wrong. Five years ago a post typically would receive between 5 and 10 comments. A post with 20 comments was a big hitter. The post on December 10, 2014 (Marie Antoinette with an Afro) has six comments, most of which made a specific point. You can check the archive to confirm.

            And since you picked a fight, I’ll point out that many of your comments are exemplary of the trend toward reactionary cynicism with a tinge of despair. Repeatedly screaming that the system sucks and everyone is corrupt doesn’t really contribute anything of value–everyone here already knows that. I used to learn things reading the comments here, but lately this place is starting to look like the comment section at Zerohedge, and that’s not a good thing.

          • Looks like you might be right. I should have researched his background: Janet Reno and Holder both used him. He was a VISTA volunteer, which might indicate more than just serving others. Barr sounded pretty tough today. The so-called good guys might just do us all in. Glad you tipped me off. I’m ready to start cussing real loud where I sit.

          • When someone says, “There’s no politics in John,” or when Schiff and Nadler say “they have profound concerns” about Durham, I wonder if they are speaking out of respect and fear in each case or if they’ve all been bribed to fake their comments about him. If it turns out to be a ruse by Barr and Durham, then we’ve got no place to go.


        • Unless you’ve personally known the man for years you don’t really know what Barr “is,” you only know what his image-crafters would like you to know.

          It’s a trap we all fall into. I remember telling people what kind of man George Bush was, Ted Cruz, etc… then scratched my head when they never managed to implement a persona-consistent agenda.

          You can smuggle a lot of criminality, corruption and nonsense under cover of muh Constitution. That’s the story of much of the modern neo-con constitutional conservo-libertarian con-job.

          AG Barr is going to gloss over this because that is who he is and why he is there. If you look into his background and study his actions, not his words, you’ll see another apparatchik.

          No one who believed in the Constitution would be working to implement Barr’s anti-Bill of Rights “pre-crime” program to fight “domestic terrorism” in conjunction with foreign intelligence contractors like Israel’s Caliber.

  31. I would guess that most men that understand how the community of corruption works want to do something about it. First inclinations have to include hanging. Imprisonment and or caning for lesser offenses. They all should get a good dose of caning regardless. Defining their power limitations does not seem to be enough. Corrupt individuals are not bound by those or any other rules. Term limits would help. Appropriate punishments would help. None of them are ever punished. Time to change that con mucho gusto.

    • Like most others here, I too long for perp walks, hangings and other assorted means for justice for our country and its people. What I struggle with is how it could happen.

      As we all know, Dr. President Trumps most significant achievement has been pulling back the curtain on the Deep State and show it for what it truly is. Unfortunately, it has been revealed to be much more thoroughly corrupt than most of us probably imagined. It is so completely taken over, especially the law enforcement and judicial branches, that I can’t imagine how it can be set right.

      Let’s say that President Trump, or AG Barr decides that the time has come to start arresting prosecuting the likes of Comey, Schiff, etc. Is it even possible to do what needs to be done? If it is, will it be necessary to get the military involved (with so many corrupt flag officers)?

      Or, is a total takeover, purge, and new form of government going to be necessary?

      This type of thing is way beyond my scope of knowledge, but I would love it if any of my fellow commenters and/or our host can provide some insight.

      • Our experiment in the light hand of government has run its course. It was established in a homogenous white Christian community, far from the existing competing nodes of power. None of that is true any more, and government cannot function in a light-handed way in the polyglot tribal culture we live in. So the heavy-hand of government can only be turned in directions that we find useful. It is now a game to capture the high ground, and ruthlessly exercise the power accorded to those in high places. The process will be a difficult one, but the first step is awakening to the necessity of it in the first place. Laying low in quiet places is only a short-term tactical move while we further normie’s (and our own) understanding of the actual choices we live under today.

        • Most will not move unless they have to. We will all have a better chance if we can somehow relegate the federal government to its enumerated powers forcing the states to step up to the plate. Like that will ever happen. We are doomed.

      • Most people I know are at a loss as to how it will all play out but predict and prefer amicable separation as the ideal solution. Some call for an ethno state. Who is to say that isn’t a bad way to go. Whites deserve their own homeland. White separatism in the existing multicultural nirvana that is being forced on us is possible but difficult. The existing community in Washington doesn’t want that. If the Federal Government can be put in check the States could responsibly run their own deal. They need to get off the tit to do so. Some will. Some won’t. White nationalism may flourish in that environment. The natural inclination seems to be going Galt if you can. I just want to be left alone and government at all levels limited to its legitimate purpose. The current state will not prosecute or punish anyone in the community. Look at Hillary. She’s told us everything we need to know.

  32. I think of DC as more like one big Mafia family. You are in, or you are out. Being in, and then stepping out, is the ultimate crime, which is what Trump has done. As Schumer says of the CIA, they have multiple ways of making you pay. The Dems and the Reps are like competing Mafia families, they don’t like each other, but they still coordinate to screw the outsiders when it benefits the families.

  33. “Trump could roll the dice and dare them to convict,..”

    Sometimes when things are broken, they cannot be repaired but must be replaced. If marxist/globalists do roll the dice and win and actually convict him in a Senate trial, then that will count as a victory for those who think the system cannot be repaired because it will further delegitimize the entire system in the eyes of a huge number of real Americans. Will it be enough in and of itself? No, but the empire will die the death of a thousands cuts, perhaps with a sword stroke at the end if they are particularly stupid abroad. The American peoples may not survive the death of this Empire of Mammon Above All Else, but the earlier the system is delegitimized the better our chances are.

    • The system is delegitimized now. Even the normies feel it in their bones. But, yes, the cuts will come and may end with the terrible swift sword on nukes raining down on the Imperial Capitol.

      • Kim’s warning of a “Christmas present” might be rhetoric, but I’ve heard that he’s got the reach now to land something on the US east coast, and over the last few days, strapped some kilotons to said missile(s) as a test, and that a few paranoiacs in the military in Hawaii are back on high alert…just rumors, though.

  34. This already has ended badly. There never again will be peaceful co-existence between the Beltway Ruling Class and its subjects. Even the current state of Cold War is tenuous. The final break will come when something catastrophic happens, be it war, terrorism or disaster, and the rest of the nation collectively yawns. If the Deep State had not been so ham-handed they could have strung this along another 20 or so years. Hell, it even could have coopted Trump. When state agents decide to do a Black Flag operation, likely on Red America to evoke sympathy among the rubes, the people will not rally to the side of its ruling class.

    It’s done, over, and while the zombie will shuffle along a while it eventually will stop being.

  35. Trump won’t be impeached. That is a step too far right now for the Imperial Capital. The pitchforks might really come out should that happen.
    The plan is to dirty him up and then defeat him except that they breed such mongrels as candidates the normal Americans think that they are looking at a circus side show.
    Never the less Trumps lack of getting tough on immigration and letting Jared and the Republican establishment surround him with back stabbers may do him in.
    And after 2024 a outsider to the imperial city will be impossible to elect, as President anyway.
    We are heading for something big.
    Not sure what?
    But we can see the headlights on the tracks now in the distance.

    • Smart money would say just wait and see. Trump is a one-off, so at worst they wait until 2024, by which time demographics have shifted even further in their favor.

  36. The notion seems related to the case of regulatory capture in the corporate world, wherein government regulatory agencies are generally staffed by industry veterans who retain bonds of financial(stock and pension) and personal loyalty to their companies. They are members of that community.

  37. I’m not sure how in the long run you can guard against any structure metastasizing into a bloated unrecognizable Frankenstein monster over time. On the local level we have schools so ridiculously top-heavy with management that we have lost any coherent view of what education should or could be. My city spends more money on diversity inclusion than giving much needed services. You know the story of over-priced colleges and university’s that keep growing and growing and growing bureaucratically. So what do we worry about in this day and age? Weather Peloton ran patriarchal misogynistic commercials. Yup, that’s who we are, Sheeple!

    An economic implosion out of necessity is the only way to course correct, and that my friends will lead to the truly unexpected.

    • My city spends more money on diversity inclusion than giving much needed services.

      The important thing is that we now have sex ed that teaches your kids “gender identity” and “gender expression”.

      • If you look at it that everything they do and support is to break down the culture that exists far from the Capitol boundaries, you won’t be far off, IMO.

        • Dutch,

          Yes this. Break down the mores, culture, ancestral ties, honor, faith, family, sexuality, gender roles, hope, franchise, personal defense, etc… and you break Our People.

          I challenge anyone to find a single item above that is not under constant and dire assault by these loathsome creatures.

      • It’s easy if one income can support a family. Which may or may not involve moving to an area where work for at least one person can pay the bills for the family. Where the work is determines family formation for most people.

  38. I’ll confess that I’ve been somewhat oblivious to the role of the DC swamp in all of this post-2016 nonsense. I knew that there were bad actors within the government and that a segment of elite DC society despised Trump and his voters, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I happened upon a Drudge-linked article in the WaPo that I began to seriously despise the imperial capital and its residents.

    A wahmun who was a once an armed forces employee (or something) was running as a Democrat to oppose Trump. In the article, she tearfully likened her struggle to the founding of the nation. It further describes how this “public servant” and all of her accomplices and friends are scurrying about fomenting “resistance” to the man I and millions of others helped elect into office.

    I almost lack the words to describe my disdain for these federal tit-suckers and their unending schemes to overthrow my president. Trump is imperfect in many ways, but he’s still the duly-elected president. Who do these people think they are? I would not shed a tear if the whole town were to be nuked tomorrow. I would only hope that the resulting cloud of radiation wouldn’t affect the Z man’s ability to provide us with amazing blog posts!

    • They’re already doing it, and out in the open. so, what’s the reply? Because they’re not going to get nuked anytime soon.

    • Yeah the post put me in a mind to see if it was too late for John Allen Muhammad to get some sort of parole and alas, it’s ten years too late.

      Interesting case study there. The protectors of the cloud people felt so strongly that the DC sniper was their mortal enemy, the straight, white male, that they let JA skate numerous times. You see that time and again where, for as aggravating as the arrogance is, the incompetence, even in regards to their own safety, is even more so.

  39. Living in the Imperial Capital, I see cracks in the community. Hairline fractures, for sure, but cracks nonetheless. For 50 years, the community was fairly homogeneous. It was whites and Jews, who by education and culture might as well have been the same people. Indeed, they intermarried all the time.

    That’s changing. The Asians and Indians are coming. Sure, there Asians and Indians (and blacks and Hispanics) in the community before, but they were tokens with no power. But they are now coming in greater numbers, and they’re start to create their own organizations and money sources.

    The question for the community is whether whites and Jews will tolerate other groups demanding a say in how the community is run and whom it benefits.

    • I live here too and for my entire life so I’ve seen it all the way down the line. The issue is this when you are talking about Asians/Indians vs. the current regime. (And you are not wrong btw)

      Do you prefer being slowly choked to death on avocado toast and mazzo balls or by rice balls and curry noodles?

      They will all stuff their flavor of poison & corruption down your throat even if they fight among themselves. You can be ruled over by A) People who don’t care about you and see themselves as above you or B) Same thing, except they look different.

      In a world where people recognized the obvious reality in front of them, as I’ve said before there would be 100,000 armed men standing in front of the White House with a list of demands and the knowledge by government there were another million of them just on the periphery.

      Instead, whats on Netflix tonight? How’s muh feetzball team doing? Did you see that new video game? New porn, new car, new wine, new dog, new house, new .

      • All true, but it’s one thing to be ruled by a people who look like you – even if they hate you. It’s another to be ruled by those who appear foreign. People notice.

        Second, the ruling Jews and whites haven’t had any competition – ever. How will they handle different groups demanding power. I think Jews believe that they can buy/intimidate/outsmart Asians and Indians the way they do whites and blacks. I think that they are wrong. Whites can be guilted. Blacks are stupid and just come along for free stuff.

        But Asians and Indians will always see Jews as the other because they look different. They will never trust Jews and certainly never see them as their own. This is particularly true with Indians. Indians and to a lessor degree, Asians are used to creating their own organizations. They are used to working with their own, funding their own.

        The act like Jews, and Jews don’t like it. The Cloud whites don’t like it either. They were pretty happy with their Jewish masters, whom they shared genetics and culture, but buck a bit when Asians and Indians start telling them what to do.

        • Cloud white women really hate Asian women. Sometimes I get lunch/drinks with a female Asian colleague (and please don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not a rice burner), but the goodwhite ladies are immediately hostile to her. They assume we are dating. They paper over it well and put on their fake smile alongside a passive aggressive demeanor.

          The dirt type people couldn’t give less of a shit. Maybe that is not a healthy reaction either, but it is what it is.

          Let’s see what happens. I agree with you that the Jews will not be able to control Asians, especially Indians. Those guys take Jewing to level 11 – extremely, extremely dangerous to us and to what remains of our nations.

          • In Nice White Lady shows and movies – which I’ve seen due to Mrs. Citizen – the lead NWL always has a black best friend but Asian women are never seen. You’ll occasionally have an Asian guy but not Asian women or, at least, young Asian women.

            These shows producers know what triggers young NWLs and it’s young Asian women.

          • Young East Asian women are beautiful and intelligent. That is a direct threat to NWL over 29, who wants to keep control of her man. Double or triple, for feminist-leaning-yet- NWL who couldn’t be bothered to have some children for her man, and instead has a career and a few dog-kids in her 40+ decline.

    • Spend a fair amount of time in Bethesda. Friends there now bitch about the influx and the impossibility of competing in the schools against the various stripes of Asians—their kids can’t be perfect enough. A slow dawning and they haven’t put the pieces together yet.

      • Same thing is happening in NoVa. The community is feeling what it’s like to be invaded, and, surprise, they don’t like it.

        Jews and Cloud whites screwed up. They should have limited immigration to Mexican and Central Americans, who would never threaten them. Asians and Indians will. Indians, in particular, act a lot like Jews. Asians are more conforming but still recognize ethnic and racial groups, i.e. they call a Jew a Jew. They won’t be cowed into pretending Jews are one of them. It’s ridiculous, and they know it.

        • I’ve said before that Indians are by far the greatest threat to whites peoples in Canada and America. Far more than Chinese. China is one of the fastest aging countries in the world, and their fertility likely plummeted again in 2019. By 2030 or so there just won’t be any outward population pressure. When was the last time you saw a Japanese person? Same situation here with China will happen soon. Not to mention, China is booming. The Chinese foreign students in Canada are often disgusted at the Indians, Arabs, and Negroes who have invaded. They seemed to be okay living with smart fraction whites, but they would rather live in China than live with the dregs of the 3rd world. Me too, if I’m being quite honest. Chinese corruption is bad and we certainly must be vigilant, especially matters relating to the ChiCom government. They do not appear to be inherently anti-white. They don’t have a problem with smart fraction whites.

          Indians are the exact opposite. Their population is STILL above replacement. They despise whites, and every other race, including other castes. They are corrupt and also stupid and incompetent, unlike the Chinese. Their corruption is so extreme that whites cannot even comprehend. We would not have considered this kind of stuff. They are arrogant.

          So yeah, I’m alot more worried about Indians than I am about Chinese, to be honest. Indians would love to see all whites living in poverty, and then spit on them…

          • Lololol … give us Indians way too much credit. We are threat to nobody except ourselves. Listen, I am not above calling a spade and spade but INDIANS??!?

            When referring to Indians, whom are you referring to? I am North Indian ethnicity form Punjab. The worst contempt and hate I have ever received from any group of people in my 37 years is from South Indians of the Reddy,Rao disposition. They would rather lost money and fail in a venture than see me success venture from it. Their hatred for my success is worth not making profit for themselves.
            When talking about the business, maybe you are referring to the Patels and Desais? You know the “ones who can buy from a Scot and sell to a Jew, and still make a profit”? You are aware their business is 100% family oriented. Even a son-in-law will Never be a made man. Never…Ever. They do business with other Patels and that is it. They have no allegiance to other Indians . However, at least Patels are willing to do a venture where both sides profit….as long as they make more

            You are also aware that Indians nearly 700 million, are Hindu…Hindus worship Krishna, Brahma, Vishnu, Ganesha…..NOT the state.

            Every decision is made to please god. When you buy a house, you invite the Hindu priest to you house to do a Havan (prayer) in order to bless it and bring good fortune. When you Buy a new car : I received 15 calls from my mother in law ( a loving lady to me and my kids) to not to forget to go to the temple and get the car blessed the first day I get it and not drove it until it is blessed. All actions are done to please god, not the state. They have more festivals and holidays that half the god damn month is essentially spent not working ( only a slight exaggeration)

            The entire society is run a mini family
            Empires…..from the vegetable seller to the largest corporation…you haven’t seen nepotism until you see Indian nepotism. All corporate boards are filled with the founder and his sons, daughters, grandkids. ALL OF THEM.

            The good of society is ALWAYS sacrificed as long as one’s own immediate family profits. ESPECIALLY if it is success of other non family Indians

            Does this look like a threat to you.

            You know the ONE group Indians DON’T like. Dark skinned people. namely black people. Full Stop. Are you aware a common swear word in Hindi when you are made at some dude is to call him a kala kaluta…..or dirty black guy? It is analogous to calling him an asshole. Please watch the tv ads for face whitening cream that are as ubiquitous as fast food ads in TV. Your jaw will drop.

            So, please focus you concern on the real threat: the god-less commies running all the western nations…India will be a vital ally against this threat. If they can hold off the Mughals for 600 years, Democrats, Merkel , and Corbyn would be a breeze.

          • Yeah, well I’m not really interested in the different shades Indians come in. My observations above stand correct, about people calling themselves “Indian” who are currently occupying the USA and Canada. They all have a bad attitude, regardless.

            Indians are the greatest external threat to us.

            We also have our own issues, as you pointed out. We need to fix our people spiritually and get rid of the poz.

          • Good intel, Vmax.

            Patel plunked down a family directory, thick as a phone book, and told me, “there are 8,000 names in here, and I’ve met them, I know all of them by their first name. We have no problem with bank loans or babysitters.”

          • Interesting, Vmax. One thing I have noticed is that Indian businesses do use huge amounts of family as labor. This gets around all sorts of law, tax, and bookkeeping issues, if everyone lays low and does their work. There is a lesson for the rest of us in our looking to achieve, build our own communities, and monkey wrench the system from within.

      • Sorry Karen. Your kids are too lazy. We need to bring in Indians to do the jobs white people just won’t do, like finance, accounting, engineering, IT, and management. Before wise Apush came along, keyboards were literally rotting on the desks.

        BTW – this is actually how Indians think. Prepare accordingly.

        • Agreed that Indians are far more pushy and utterly corrupt compared to Asians who, btw, are pretty damn pushy and corrupt.

          Indians will not take a backseat to Jews and Good Whites. Jews are probably smarter, but the Indians have numbers and they won’t quit. Also, they nullify Jew’s biggest advantage: They recognize Jews as Jews. Indians will do their best to simply block out Jews. They’ll never trust them. They’d rather do business with their own.

          Jews don’t have much power if you ignore them.

          • It’s interesting and kind of frightening how quickly the Indians ousted the Hasidim from the Antwerp diamond market.

        • It’s all so disgusting and repulsive. A 30 second walk through the neighborhoods colonized by my fellow pajeets should be sufficient to disabuse even the most brain-washed leftist of his notions of “assimilation” and “equality.” For that matter, a 30 second peek into dinner table conversation at the average Patel family would have the same impact.

          They wants dem dollas, and dem hwhyte wimminz. No different from blegs in that fashion.

        • Lol. Not really. Mannish and Apush are getting too expensive sir. It is now Mr. Nguyen and Mr. Philippines who are much more affordable. Mr. Apush is happily crunching data for some firm in Bangalore where he has enough money so that his wife can hire 10 servants to do all her work and they can take 2-3 vacations to “Amreeka and Dubai”. Every year.

          • That class of person never left. Or, of they did, they returned. The ones who stay here are almost always the ones who couldn’t “make it” in the old country. “Not sending their best.”

          • Or only tangentially in that they’ll use their cousin’s uncle’s son to help them lobby or get that safety green card or safety property.

            But the pajeet invasion is truly disgusting and frightening. And of all places, they’ve colonized the ATL. There seem to be far more in the ATL area than even SoCal.

            It makes me utterly despondent to observe the sarees, kurtas, and general kachra walking these streets and on it.

          • They “de-assimilate” over time… an Indian FOB might be a normal guy off the boat… as he lives in our negative culture he becomes more and more “Indian”. Everyone needs those POC oppression points.

            Your observations are true as well. At least you’re honest about it. White people are, in general, so truly naive. They think because they smiled at an Indian person on the street, Indians are nice and friendly and happy to integrate into Canada. I used to be that way. Now I can see them snarling underneath, despite what their gestures might say. They’re also worse at hiding it now as their numbers have grown exponentially.

          • Some of this de-assimilation is driven by the overall American culture, when I was in school in early 90’s, most ABCD’s (slang for US born Indian kids) were acting white and not into desi culture much beyond some dance/food stuff, and they were definitely not acting AA. By the time I left in late 90’s, the trend towards ghetto culture had started, baggy pants, MFG instead of J Crew, rap music, etc. When I was back at my school last year, it was shocking to see how insular the ABCD’s there looked. It’s almost like there was a college within the college for them, the white kids hanging with them almost looked like they were trying their best to fit in. As overall American white culture has been degraded over last three decades, the people who were attached to it on the outside like ABCD’s have faded away.

          • SoCal surprisingly is the least desi filled metro area in all of America, NorCal sucks all the newcomers, Central Valley has all the old timers.

          • Man it’s good to see like minded desi bros here. We really need a place for ourselves on the boards, there used to be that guy at red pilled Indian but he disappeared last year.

          • I’m sure you tech geniuses can figure it out. After all, white people were living in the stone age before Patel came to America. 😉

  40. The only thing that can save Trump is the MAGApedes. If he sent out a “call”, I believe thousands or hundreds of thousands would be following it. What call? I don’t know, some kind of civil war stuff. They follow him blindly and right now they still think the rule of law is important, and that they actually live in a country of their own.

    Anyways, Trump failed on every issue and will lose 2020 regardless, due to rampant voter fraud that he also failed to get under control.

    If he’s going to get impeached, I hope he doesn’t sign shit. Better go out a man than a traitor.

    • I honestly don’t see this. I predict he’ll win in a landslide. Whether he’ll carry through with his promises is another thing (is he a liar, or just THAT restrained by circumstance?). Of course, he’ll still face the same opposition as with his first 4 years. Regardless – and I think Z covered this recently – he’s just another Reagan, a brief pause before the slide inevitably continues. Being as happy as I can be is my strategy.

    • U.F.O., you’re most important point is the failure to address the voter fraud problem. Every other issue is comparably small. As has been said before,if the Dems win in 2020 , they run the table.

    • I’m afraid this won’t happen, although it’d be lovely to see. I don’t listen to Ramzpaul on YouTube often, but something he once said still resonates with me today:

      “The neoliberal world order seems to roll on regardless of who is president.”

      As Tullamore writes below, I too think that Trump is just another Reagan. He’s a response from the cooking frogs that the stove has been turned up too quickly for their liking. And if he’s deposed, what will we frogs do? Go a-marching on the South Lawn?

    • The military dissidents that I read do not follow Trump because he is squishy on immigration and gun control. In fact, they have little faith or trust in him. Nonetheless, they’re loaded for bear.

    • There’s interesting evidence that somebody already thwarted the fraud in 2016, in 5 critical swing states …

      Also, if Trump made a sincere, justified emergency call to arms, to assemble the militia of the whole – he’d have at least 5 million armed men in Washington DC within 3 days.

  41. This exists at the state level as well. Just look at the family connections of Govs. Cuomo and Newsom.

  42. Interesting predictions made in today’s commentary. I will remember them as I count off the days. Question that comes to mind, will the payment to avoid removal come before the impeachment is tossed, or after? Seems a rash of bill signing before will make such a quid pro quo obvious—even to normies.

    • On this point, the question is whether Trump’s instinct for self preservation outweighs his oath of office. Any honest observer must admit we don’t yet know the answer but my guess is Trump would choose the future of his family’s economic interests over those of the country as a whole.

  43. Z, you have tapped into a real gusher of wisdom, if your posts lately are any evidence. Excellent post!

    They can have their community. This is still a physical world. No amount of wealth, power, or privilege will help you when you need it the most. The fundamental flaw of a security state is that the security are dirt people.

    • M.B.,

      “The fundamental flaw of a security state is that the security are dirt people.”

      Our opponents know it. At least the tiny hat brigade does. Their motivation lies less with supporting Zman’s Imperial “community” and more with providing a less than robust host nation in which to remain safely hidden and their fingers on the levers of power. The fact that these two aspects are served by the same effort is both design and fortuitous.

      It is the reason they spend so much effort on pushing degeneracy, chaos, demographic replacement, and the dismantling of both religious and social bonding institutions.

      Even they, those that are in positions of power, know that the gender dysphoria craze is ridiculous. They understand that feminizing the military is dangerous for national security but they fear the Noticing more.

      I dont like to make everything about (((them))) but the Impeachment hearing’s cast drove them out of cover… this is that important to them. As far as the non-tribal participants in this scheme, their motivations are in line with what Zman said above.

      Back to my original point. A society that is sickly, at odds, perverted, lacking self-awareness, balkanized, and amoral: is harmless to them. Killers and security personnel can still be recruited to protect them from its populace. Why recruit underlings from a group of people that have a conscience, morals, and a sense of duty to nation and their people when you can enlist toughs whose sole loyalty is to their paymasters?

  44. Having lived and worked in the Washington DC area from 1985 until 2004, this Z-man post is a good description of the way that “the community” absorbs people from the outside. One sometimes overlooked aspect of this is the role of spouses, especially wives. When Richard Nixon was considering Harry Blackmun as a Supreme Court associate justice (bad pick, of course) he specifically asked him some questions about the views of his wife. Blackmun thought they were strange questions, but Nixon realized the influence that a spouse could have over the views of an elected/appointed official. Later on, Blackmun’s wife continued to press him on the abortion issue. (Blackmun was the author of the execrable opinion in Roe v. Wade, which usually isn’t defended even by people who like the results.) There are also stories about how Nancy Reagan sought to moderate the views of Ronald Reagan in order to be more accepted by Washington DC society.

    Z-man is right: the present system cannot be reformed. (I do think that the present “winner-take-all” system, with no provision for proportional representation, is particularly bad.) It will continue to function until it encounters either or both financial bankruptcy or military catastrophe.

    • The “Winner Take All” system is defunct. The election of Trump and the perfidy of the GOP has shown us that.

      • Your argument might sway me if I thought the Democrats were any less perfidious. But they’re all terrible and the system can’t be reformed in the short term, so I just want the candidate most likely to restrict immigration and stop the endless wars to prevail by any means necessary.

      • My use of the term “winner-take-all” was meant more narrowly, and refers to the system in federal and state elections where a candidate either wins or loses in a particular congressional or state legislative district, in a state, or in the electoral college. The voters who backed the losing candidate have no significant influence and in jurisdictions heavily dominated by one party it’s usually a waste of time for other party voters even to go to the polls. In such a system, it’s virtually impossible to form a viable third party. Almost all other systems allow for some type of proportional representation in a legislative body based on overall popularity within a country, or within a particular state. In Germany, for example, the Alternative fur Deutschland political party was founded in April 2013, yet already has a sizeable presence in the national German legislature, and in some of the states it’s the third largest party, just behind the long-established CDU and SPD. That kind of rise is just unimaginable in the United States.

        I’m not saying that a proportional representation system would change Washington DC overnight. But the “winner-take-all” system helps perpetuate it.

    • As I said yesterday (yet again), men have got to get control of their women. I’m deadly serious, because they’re a deadly threat and risk.

      • Might make an interesting project – for someone more motivated than me – to track every major Left turn since the Founding and see if it can be directly associated with one or more women, be they spouses or senators. God save us all from a woman NOT kept in check against her nature.

        • Well it’s traditional that women’s suffrage in the U.S. came down to one woman in Tennessee, who managed to browbeat her son, a Tennessee legislator, into providing the last essential vote to get the last essential State to ratify the 19th Amendment. So that’s a start.

      • The challenge with men re-asserting control is that there are white knights, with (((legal))) power, that will destroy these men who try to re-assert control. Not that it cannot be done, but at the point we are at now I don’t see it as a possibility. Maybe if Gen Z boys are sufficiently based…

      • Not only is it unlikely that men will / can reassert themselves, but they are being pushed evermore into submission by feminism, A major force in the game of identity politics.

    • “It will continue to function until it encounters either or both financial bankruptcy or military catastrophe.”

      That’s been my (and most in this sphere) opinion for a while, and it’s informed by comparative history, be it Gibbons, Spengler, Glubb, or even the corpus of my namesake. The big questions are: what will this look like, what do we do to best prepare, how do we know when it passes a discontinuity point, and what do we do when we get there?

      Modern techno-oligarchy is predicated on a continuous cheap supply of energy; solar, wind, and hydro electric combined will not match hydrocarbon energy, especially not when the problem of storage is factored in. Several people (like JH Kunstler) anticipate a move back to local communities because large urban populations will not be able to be supported.

      My bet is on the removal of the Dollar as world reserve currency by a sufficient number of industrial nations to leave us increasingly irrelevant and debt ridden, with a debased currency from runaway inflation. The stockpiling of gold by China, Russia, and others is a sign in that direction. Then again such a move might precipitate end game criteria for our ruling elite, which could mean war.

      • We will solve the energy problem. First with compact, modular nuclear fission, then with something else even better.

        About your bet – as bad as our debt is, theirs is worse. Our productivity is better, too. Our natural resources are tremendous. Who beats that?

  45. Geezus Kryste.

    No matter how hard the “state” beats you about the head and sticks the whole thing up yer’ butt, you still can’t escape the normie / conservatard belief that the “organizational structure” of the swamp is basically good.

    The “organizational structure” of the Swamp – is as much a result of the people who inhabit it – as a white society is the result of the people who built it.

    And the whole premise that there is “nothing wrong with the structure” – is almost the exact same words I have heard out of more lefties than I care to remember: ” there’s nothing wrong with the government – we just need to elect smarter people !! ” .


    There IS something wrong with the structure. It’s been corrupted – to support the corrupt. There’s a reason why the founders designed the government to have LIMITED powers – because what is going on today – was seen as inevitable. Since the government structure of today was massaged and manipulated and carefully worked and molded to put it into the form it has today – to SUPPORT CORRUPTION – and this started at least as far back as the FDR administration ( personally I would go back to the early 1900’s when multiple checks and balances were removed and the Feds acquired an income stream directly from “the people”) ……………. you’re statement that – ” There’s nothing all that wrong with the formal government, at least in terms of structure.” – is laughable.

    It’s the kind of normie con BS I would expect out of Charlie Kirk or Ben Shapiro.

    We just need to elect smarter people!!


      • You’re missing the point. The “Community” inhabits the structure. The current structure was created – to enable the “Community”. The original structure of the government – was an attempt to entirely avoid there being a “community” at all. That original structure is gone.

        I think what you wrote in the sentences below – is pretty clear:

        “There’s nothing all that wrong with the formal government, at least in terms of structure. The issue is the people running it. For them, the organs of government are there to serve the community, not the country.”

        • If your ruling class is so corrupt it needs a structure to guard the people from it, your ruling class is so corrupt it will find a way around that structure.

          You libertarians never can grasp this fundamental reality of life.

          • Now THAT is an interesting difference of opinion – and one worth going into in detail. I want to agree with them both…

          • I’ve brought this up to lots of people on both the left and the right.

            Communism and Libertarianism both assume that you can create a new kind of man — either devoted to the collective on the one hand or willing to deal fairly with his fellow man without state coercion on the other hand. Those worlds don’t exist.

            Similarly, CivNats and Constitutional conservatives assume that if you just get the right rules in place, everything will work. Again, they ignore the fact that evil exists, that people will exploit the rules and that the sort of sociopaths most interested in exploiting the rules will gravitate to the levers of power.

            Of course, that applies to “our thing,” too. Even once we win, it’s not a matter of just enacting the DR shopping list of goodies and thinking it will be okay.

            Looking at extremely enduring societies throughout history, you find all sorts of governmental systems — republics, monarchies, etc. One of the common themes throughout most of them is homogeneity — the more homogeneous the society, the easier it is for it to endure. Those are the sorts of societies that are destroyed from without, not within.

            One historical society that always really fascinates me is the Republic of Venice. It existed for more than a thousand years, which is a pretty good track record. It was a largely capitalist trading society ruled by an oligarchy.

            It survived through some of the most turbulent periods of European history while sitting astride major trade crossroads. with adversaries and enemies sometimes on multiple sides. It more or less just ran out of money and energy and could no longer defend itself.

            I’d like to spend more time understanding the reasons for its success.

          • Venice was ruthlessly communitarian. As a Venetian Citizen you had a *ton* of responsibility, and the higher up you went, the more rights you had, the more responsibilities you had too. But as they became more powerful the elites started to wall themselves off from the general population. It also saw some major setbacks against the Turks and settled instead of fighting (they didn’t really like the Spanish and Knights of St. John for constantly fighting the Turks). There’s a great popular history on Venice: City of Fortune: How Venice Ruled the Seas by Roger Crowley.

          • A very good book. I’ve read it. Also interesting that the Doge couldn’t take so much as a potted plant from a foreign ruler. Also, the problem was always the same, success breeding oligarchy, and oligarchy suppressing new blood. Human beings have a natural way of slamming the door shut on usurpers after they say “I’ve got mine.”

          • The founders made the new nation’s bylaws–the Constitution—to make a set of rules and to create a tension that will produce system of checks and balances to keep things on an even keel, and to provide for peaceful transitions of power, rather than revolution and bloodshed.

            But there is a fly in the ointment. It requires an overwhelming majority of people of goodwill to adhere to the bylaws and not to game the system. It is clear that we do not have that overwhelming majority. So the nation’s business is gaming the system for personal gain.

            Sociopaths and in the extreme case, psychopaths, lack empathy, so there are times that they have to see that their actions will personally hurt them. Then they will back off.

            I hate to say it, but that is where we are right now.

          • Viz;
            Byzantium too. Started as the E half of the Roman Empire. Lasted 1,000 years after the fall of the W half. Had an integrated political and religious culture that they relentless protected and promoted. Outlasted the Huns_!

          • I’m a libertarian. Or was one. I still call myself a libertarian, but with alt-right leanings. I’ve come to the realization that a libertarian society will not work in the US with its present make up. Libertarianism only works in a high trust, homogenous society made up of at least moderately intelligent people. We do not live in such a society, we haven’t in many years, and it gets worse each and every year. The problem is that every power the system has acquired over the years gets turned into a weapon against us. Abolishing the government or at least drastically reducing its power would, at this point, primarily remove powers the left presently has over us.

          • You clearly haven’t been beat hard enough with the wrench of reality yet. Z will administer the beatings daily until morale improves. I was there, brother. It’s really, really hard to get off of the libertarian hope-wagon.

          • The problem with the libertarian vision is that culture is the sea that we swim in. And like fish, we do not see the sea.

            Libertarianism would mostly work in the right culture, until it undermined itself by allowing that culture to be changed out from under it.

            Which is basically what happened in a number of US states in the 19th century.

          • They fled the Lombards into the lagoons. They hacked trees and sunk piles and built houses. They began to trade with salt from the sea marshes. They formed clever shifting allegiances and alliances.
            They warred, they traded, they had a powerful navy. They eventually lost ground to the Turks- but what really ruined them was the Americas. The trade shifted to the Atlantic and then Pacific and the Mediterranean became a backwater. They ran out of money, declined and Napoleon finished them off. Their story is not ours – ours is a giant England – that is facing Vikings.

            There’s nothing wrong with our republican system, we just stopped enforcing it in the 20th century. We are a fat happy island that suffers the ills of isolation, peace and prosperity. As it happens all our ending – so help is here!

            We’ll have to fight, but we’ll keep America. We will.

            Most of the moping here and elsewhere is depression that peace is dying. Like losing a loved one.

            Its like women – one goes, learn to love the next one. Fuck her with a vengeance …. I mean Dear Sirs learn to love war. It really is like dirty sex you know….exhilarating. Really you can’t ask for better people to ah.. send on their way then our precious elites. As it happens its them or us, and they chose this. All of it.

            And its better than moping like a slave, especially one who knows he’s marked for death.

          • One crooked judge is all it takes to wreck a law. Nine were sufficient to derail the whole Republic, but it’s not as if Congress or the Exec couldn’t have done the job either.

            People who act in bad faith for criminal motives are not restrained by systems, classic 2A argument, white-collar version.

          • They took that power for themselves with Marbury vs Madison. They should have been strung up, but instead now we have, well, what we have.

          • The corruption is normal in history and it just took time.

            Its our turn. We stand up and fight, take it from them – or go extinct.
            Also normal in history.

            I am constrained to point out that given the fathomless incompetence and cowardice of these freaks …we really have no sane or honorable, decent excuse to succumb.

          • The point that you are missing is this:

            Either the constitution authorizes the current government or it was inadequate to prevent its development. Either way, the constitution failed.

            (Apologies to spooner but the point is valid)

            Yes the governing class sucks.

            Yes the system sucks too. The constitution creates the framework of the system so it must suck also.

            This is an all of the above situation, not an either or one.

            Give up your last shred of normiecon belief – the idolatry of the constitution (as they are want to say, mimicking Mohammedans – “the constitution is the perfect document”).

            It was a flawed compromise, mostly based on the state of England’s government at the time. That worked pretty well for a number of decades bu then became obsolete and perverted by bad people.

          • He never said the Constitution was perfect. The Constitution is irrelevant. The “normiecon” belief here is that the system matters at all.

            The idea this system is bad implies another system is better. The systems don’t matter.

            The people running them do. You need different people with a different culture to have a better country. Whatever system those people use to run the country is just window dressing.

        • “It’s a odd thing when you come to think about it. The opportunities for abuse are just about everywhere. There’s no requirements in the Texas State Constitution for bein’ a sheriff. Not a one. There is no such thing as county law. You think about a job where you have pretty much the same authority as God and there is no requirements put upon you and you are charged with preservin’ nonexistent laws and you tell me if that’s peculiar or not. Because I say it is…it takes very little to govern good people. Very little. And bad people can’t be governed at all.”

          —Cormac McCarthy, No Country for Old Men

          “Avarice, Ambition, and, Revenge or Galantry, would break the strongest Cords of our Constitution as a Whale goes through a Net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

          —John Adams

          The “System” worked until it stopped working. That is because the “people” were corrupted and in many instances, no longer part of the “posterity” to whom was bequeathed the United States.

          • ‘”We the people” of today are not the same “we the people” as then’ is probably the most succinct summary of the problem.

          • I use it all the time.

            To point out to normie cons that the US is no longer a moral people.

            Which means that the US constitution is no longer adequate for the country.

    • Good and astute comment! I, too, see the seeds of out present-day situation in the Progressive reforms of the early 1900s and the acquistion of an overseas and Carribean empire. George Kennan, in his last book, Around the Cragged Hill, proposed dissolving the present federal union and reorganizing into six or eight regional republics and possibly three city-states. They would all have the capacity for self-defense, but little ability to meddle in the affairs of foreign countries.

      No, I don’t think it’s going to happen, either, but it’s an example of a very bright man realizing that something is wrong with the very structure of the United States.

      • That was what basically existed under the Articles of Confederation, and it may be what exists when the federal structure collapses.

    • I could live in Calsdad’s small gov because I could probably watch the unfit die. However, most people could not and vote for big gov, which metastasizes into the corrupt DC community.

      This trend can be fought by confining the gov funding to the local level to curb excesses. But then the problem reappears on a larger level because some unfit localities must be supported. So we must refuse to pay.

      WN is more appealing because the burden of the unfit is not heavy and tough love can be applied without accusations of racism.

    • CD – not “smarter” people, better people. A benevolent despot is better than a crooked constitutional republic or an an-cap sperg-topia.

    • It’s not that the structure is “bad”, it just can’t scale up. The structure of the Roman Republic was fine when it was a village, and still worked when it was a state the size of Delaware. After the Punic Wars, it was suddenly an empire stretching across the Med – and the structure stopped working for lots of reasons – too much money (creating corruption) was a big one.

      Our Constitutional structure worked fine with 13 relatively poor former colonies. Now – after 200 years of progressives hammering away at the Constitutional limits, and vast sums of wealth flowing through an imperial capital, it doesn’t work at all except for those in the government community. It’s completely, irredeemably corrupt.

      Look at the Ukraine scandal – a lifelong grifter like Biden was delivering $ billion checks to a backwater no-place like the Ukraine. The checks were authorized to flow back to defense contractors, who in turn keep the campaign donations flowing to members of Congress. Biden and his drug-addled son get a nice taste of the cash for themselves and nobody is supposed to even notice. That isn’t a system that will ever be reformed with votes.

      • That brings us to the “empire question.” Is empire ever “good?”

        Every empire ever has comprised of an organized minority that hijacks the machinery of government to serve its own ends which, more often than not, are in direct opposition to the majority population.

        E.g. Roman legions would have been better served turning their gladia and pilam upon their officers because by serving them in their aggressive wars of conquest they ensured their own impoverishment.

        Similarly, the American empire doesn’t serve whites or blacks or anyone. It only exploits these (and other) resources in service of enrichment of the cabal that controls the machinery of government.

        • Good or bad, empires are always temporary. They go through the phases Sir John Glubb laid out, then they are gone. They rise, get rich, become decadent, and rot away.

          • All things are temporary in the long run. But where they are “good,” they tend to last longer than “bad.” And if they don’t, they are, always, “nicer” than bad and makes all the bad worthwhile in order to get that “good.”

      • Drake: Good point. I’m always inclined toward a scale-based argument. If you look at some of the other arguments I make in this post’s comments, scale has a big role. Big Biz requires Big Gov’t to control it. The threat of political dissent and ultimately violence is what restrains bad actors (the basic principle of government, when you get down to it).

        A smaller-scale polity can rely on lower-intensity unrest and social pressure to keep bad actors in line. It’s hard to rip off your neighbors when you have to face them at the store, in church, etc… but it’s easy to rip off the faceless “public” a thousand miles and a million faces beyond your Dunbar Number-limited conscience.

        Reining in the corporate crook in New York when you’re in Iowa requires a more remote and violent response, like a system of national law enforcement. That remote legal system can more easily be co-opted and subverted – another scale and locality problem.

      • Felix,

        I’ll take that a different direction. Each of us, the dissidents, should have a nice epoxied brass plaque with our nom de plume on it to remind us what is at stake and just exactly where those in charge would like to see us hanging out. I know if I see an expectant sign marked “Penetent Man” awaiting my corpse it would be, ever just under the surface of my thoughts

        Who has the power? We have to communicate under false names for expressing ideas that 50 years ago were as Americsn as apple pie. These creatures walk the daylight under their own names without fear. Hell, they promote themselves on television.

        If that doesn’t burn your bacon I dont know what will.

      • Plant a tree for ever newly elected member of congress. Tell that their term ends when it mature enuf to hang them from it.

    • Lovely idea. In between slapping up It’s OK to Be White signs, we can post adhesive stickers on street lamps, “Reserved for Chuck Schumer.” Or Marco Rubio, or etc…

  46. Good insights I guess. Well, I’m off to work now. Bills to pay and work to do. While I am doing that maybe it will come to me why should I even care about any of this.

    • I dunno…DW makes sense here. Without a guide, some sort of literal technical document to walk us normies through what there is to be done and how we should go about it, what other response can there be? Keep in mind, I’m already drinking heavily.

      • That’s exactly what they want to see. Why do you think Russians were paid with vodka? They’d love it even more if you’d stick a needle in your arm.

        I live by this motto- anything they want me to do, push on me,etc.-I avoid it like the plague.

      • I like the idea of a step-by-step guide on what each of us should be doing. This is something the Left is good at. Look up any Leftist cause and you will find endless information on their various web sites on “What can I personally do to help?” It’s written in a way such that the average person can select items off a list and simply do them with little to no thinking… in proportion to how much time or money they are willing to invest. Even someone who only wants to spend 5 minutes or $5 can still do “something.”

        I think we would benefit from having a similar list of specific actions that each of us could take. The more specific, the better.

        Keep in mind, I’m already drinking heavily

        Drink less. Get in shape instead.

        • “…what each of us should be doing?”

          Starve the breast. Pay as little in taxes as possible.

          Consume taxes.

          Don’t send money to cable companies, television news channels, satellite TV, NYT, the Post.

          Don’t participate in fund raising for NPR / PBS

          We live in a surveillance state. Protect your ID. Apps, google, amazon Government uses AI and machine learning to build a dossier on you.

          Be a prepper. Be prepared.

          Persuade the persuadables,

          Stay informed. Read real books. Choose your authors, pundits, mentors carefully.

          Be strong, stay healthy, be fit, exercise, 7 hours sleep every night, don’t become obese. Avoid drugs, sugar, alcohol to excess, carbs.

          Learn to safely use a firearm. Practice regularly.


          Avoid living or doing biz in Blue states or cities.

          • We tried that and they’re starving us.

            Frankly it was a stupid slogan, it told them our intentions.

            People don’t cede power willingly, only by force. When we had men watching them they ceded power.
            We have man bois and women in charge and we expect to hold off the pirates ? The pirates are always present. Every generation has to hold them off. Or justly be enslaved or go extinct.

            We are far from weak. Just in will.

            Someone asked for a “technical document for normies” above.

            Go to the gun club.
            They’ll find you.

          • A lot of that is fine advice. But the not paying taxes bit to starve the beast is delusion.

            The truth is that they don’t need your taxes at all. They control the military and the world reserve currency and can for the foreseeable future just print any amount of money that they need.

            BTW – i advocate getting as much from them as you can – and feel no obligation in return. But don’t deluded yourself into believing that will slow the juggernaut in the least.

          • Exactly! Stay sober, alert, strong. Keep out of their systems as much as possible. Keep your families together. Stay OFF big pharma- particularly any SSRIs. Keep your head clear.

            They want you broken, weak, lost and addicted and addled. Particularly addicted.

            Everything they want, don’t do. The state of our people is in ruins.

      • Normie to do list, technical document.

        A. Fighting is normal, war is normal.
        We’re an island long at peace, we’ve forgotten that. Also normal, the english had quite the shock with the vikings.

        B. 3 box strategy.

        Ballot box
        Cartridge box
        Lunch box (look at red/blue map).

        C. Organize. 4-8 is enough. The rest of us will find you.

    • Love the post, but my impression is that this one was written for the readers who follow Z in the White House.

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