The Future Of Futurism

About ten years ago, you could find any number of sites that focused on the future in one fashion or another. Futurism was a cottage industry. Ray Kurzweil and others, who made futurism a specialty, would get interviewed by big shot publications. Kurzweil was even hired by Google to be their professional futurist. The field was full of predictions about how we were on the cusp of the singularity or that we were about discover the fountain of youth. We would live forever in the robot future.

All of that petered out in the last few years. The futurist bloggers closed down and either moved to Twitter or disappeared entirely. The sites that pushed whiz-bang technology stuff have fallen out of favor. We seem to have run out of road on the technology side of things, as all of the low hanging fruit from the microprocessor revolution has been picked and turned into mobile devices. There has not been a killer app or killer device in a long time now. The future is not so promising.

One reason for this sudden lack of interest in the future could be that we are living in a simulation, specifically a quantum simulation. The beings running this simulation decided we needed to focus on other things. Alternatively, this simulation inevitably results in a lack of interest in the future. Having overcome the Malthusian limit and reached the post-scarcity world, the future is not all that interesting. The recent obsession with the future was just an echo effect.

Alternatively, the corresponding simulation to our simulation is now focused on the future, so we are focused on the past. Maybe in this quantum simulation, another version of us exists in another universe. If you spin around clockwise in this universe, your other self spins counter clockwise in the corresponding one. Perhaps when our alternative universe gets romantic about the past, we will see a new burst on interest in the future here in this version of the quantum simulation.

The main argument against this being a simulation is that a race of beings that sophisticated would not have created a simulation this stupid. They would put us in a much more interesting experiment or throw the whole thing in the trash. On the other hand, this simulation could be a child’s experiment. This world in which we exist is sitting on a child’s dresser like an ant farm. The last few decades were the result of the cat getting into the experiment and breaking some things.

The people who claim to know about public sentiment used to claim that movies and television shows about the future were a reflection of the public’s anxiety or lack of it about the present. If dystopian shows were popular, it meant the public was worried about current events. If the shows were more positive, then it meant people were feeling good about things. Presumable the lack of movies about the future would say something as well, but no one mentions it.

That is something that gets little attention about the multicultural paradise our rulers have planned for us. The business model of Hollywood is built on the assumption of a white middle-class. Devouring that white middle-class in order to create a multicultural paradise leaves Hollywood without an audience. South America has never been a great market for mass media. China and India are capable of producing their own computer-generated crap. The future of Hollywood looks grim.

That may be why the focus on the future has faded of late. Twenty years ago, the Matrix could promise a mulatto future, because it seemed so implausible. The tan future imagined by Hollywood seemed as implausible as space ships. Now, people are increasingly aware of the realities of demographics. Imagining a universe that is full of mystery meat people is just going to press the wrong buttons. Maybe that’s why Hollywood interest in the future has waned over the last few years.

That also raises another issue. Very few people, even in dissident politics, like talking about the multicultural future that awaits us. All of the commentary is either directly or indirectly about how to prevent it. Since there is no stopping the transformation of America into a majority-minority society, the most fertile ground of futurism is about a world where hostile tribes, rubbing shoulders with one another, are monitored by high tech corporations. That’s the future that awaits us.

Maybe that’s the reason futurism is no longer popular. Dystopian futures were intended to be warnings about the present. Whiz-bang futures are about current trends, or imagined ones, advancing to their natural end. Since no warning about multicultural future will make a difference, there’s no point in it. Because that future will be awful, there’s no point in thinking about it now. For people who sense they have no future, there is no market for futurism.

On the other hand, that means there is a market for dissident writers to create fiction that is positive about the fight ahead. The trouble is the people who make movies don’t want white people to be positive, so they instead make movies about gay comic book heroes and mulatto girls running the world. Still, it is an untapped market that some clever dissident could mine. Maybe the next turn of dissident politics is dissident samizdat fiction about the tribal wars to come.

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182 thoughts on “The Future Of Futurism

  1. zman, the phrase “minority-majority” really needs to be exorcised from your vocabulary. First because it is nonsensical, but also and more importantly because it keeps white people stuck in the traquilizing frame that America will always be “their” country, and they will remain the most important part of it, “the majority”, even if by actual numbers they are not. When in reality, the white-minority America will be an anti-white state, if they do not wake up and begin to think of themselves as a people with specific interests to be pursued collectively.

  2. One (very red pilled) futurist site that is still around is “The Futurist” . It is written by two Western (dot) Indians. One authored “The Mysandry Bubble” back in 2010 and predicted it bursting in ten years. Here is his recent followup (scroll about halfway down until the text changes color) While (as Zman says) technological improvement is no longer a “sexy” topic, it is still moving along like an implacable lava flow on Kahauale’a, devouring tradition in its path.

  3. “On the other hand, that means there is a market for dissident writers to create fiction that is positive about the fight ahead.”

    Kurt Schlichter’s books are of this genre. I’ve only read the first of the series, People’s Republic, which was pretty funny while painting a positive picture of the outcome of a civil war that divides the country into two parts.

  4. ‘The people who make movies’ are Jews, the same people who ‘make’ your money, which is worth a little less every day. Every politician in the former USA is bought and paid for by them. So maybe we’re fucked… or maybe we’ll remember our ancestors, wake up, and fight as hard as those righteous sons of bitches.

  5. H. A. Covington’s Northwest novels are a good bit of speculative future history. Well-written and hard-boiled. Really, really hard boiled. And, in the end, White people win.

  6. They’ve already made a movie about the future of the white race

    ” take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape ”

    Ain’t gonna be pretty 🙁

  7. Let’s not underestimate the toxicity of Woke Capital Vulture-Culture across the earth-tone divide:

    Europe/Russia has been a major Whyte Pill and remembrance-evoker for me of what a vastly-more-majority-White-than-MexAfriCalifornia culture still feels like.

    But yet I can smell the Marvel-ous rot wafting amid these ancient streets.

    Tiki-Irish bars with Uncle Tams drunk on sh*tty American beer singing Beatles songs to rainbow-ho-a-lish-ans snoggling with nogs.

    Empty seats at old-school cafes and pubs and lines outside of Herd Rock Cafe and BergerKang.

    On our present timeline, Gentile Mankind’s ultimate horse-shoe future ends with presently feral, devout and fecund Team Brown reduced to a slightly-more-mocha sludge of atomized, faceless, sexless consumer units pulling widget-levers for Baba Moloch, a less-pale shadow of the White oppressors whose ashes they will soon fall upon.

    Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.

    Futurism in the context Z cites was a co-optation of the happy, healthy fertility goddess myth, a Cybeline celebration of youthful masculine ambition tilling the fecund furrow of reproductive and regenerative womanhood. This rot goes beyond race.

    In its modern manifestation, futurism is an eternally scowling sisterhood of ingrate Gretas scissoring themselves in celebration of no-creation.

    Globo-she-lomo has Wahmenatized the Eschaton.

    Based Futurism relies on M’s GTOWing, with a postive vision that leaves the gender-disturbed termagants behind.

    Only shield-wives need apply.

  8. Regarding fiction, you might look at the late Harold Covington’s Northwest Front novels. He was a pretty good storyteller, and there’s lots of strategic stuff buried in the narratives. We could use more of that sort of thing.

  9. If DR fiction involves quantum entanglement, multiverses and simulacrae, please — Dear God — leave that literary ore untapped in the mine shaft. If, however, DR fiction explores (in a speculative fashion, G-men) how the growing insanity of the left will lead to record levels of Leftist self-harm and mass suicide, then knock yourself out bringing on the sequel to War and Peace.

    • Agree. The outre quantum-time-travel-mutidimensional stuff is so “speculative” that it renders itself irrelevant. It’s a pretty toy with no practical purpose, an intellectual and aesthetic sugar-high.

      If you subordinate the sci-fi to the background and make good social and cultural observations, ala Gene Wollfe’s “New Sun” or some of Herbert’s “Dune,” you can make a contribution with “speculative fiction.”

  10. The “future” has been coming for a while.

    November 18, 1993 the cover of Time Magazine (aka “the magazine for people that cannot think”; Life was “the magazine for people that cannot read” IIRC) was:

    “Take a good look at this woman. She was created by a computer from a mix of several races. What you see is a remarkable preview of … THE NEW FACE OF AMERICA – How Immigrants Are Shaping the World’s First Multicultural Society”

    The April 9, 1990 issue was “America’s Changing Colors – What will the U.S. be like when whites are no longer the majority?”

    Looks like the now pamphlet, once magazine Time was looking into the future some 27 years ago. And just think, the “computer” was probably sporting a nice 1.44″ sloppy disk, and crushing that data at an impressive 16MHz.

  11. The SJW future will be full of mulatto, gay, transsexual dual citizens. No wonder people have mixed feelings about it.

  12. We may very well be reaching the tail end of the 300 year scientific revolution cycle that started with the invention of the steam engine and the concept of private property, coincidently both invented by Scottish pastors – James Watts & Adam Smith. I know several people have been very wrong with this prediction in the past – the head of US patent office saying that everything that could be invented has been invented in 1911 I believe, the head of digital computer corporation saying that nobody would want a personal computer in their home, all that said this cycle was going to end at some point and my thought is that mobile phone is the last of the major inventions.

    It’s amazing how little academic thought and research has gone into studying how a society and its economy can be structured with no major scientific growth, all the powers to be assumed that future it will be similar to the past.

    • Not imputing any credit here, but the Scots and their American descendants invented most of the modern world. Not bad for a tiny, poor country with no natural resources. Contrast with Africa.

  13. The biggest problem with looking at the future now is it’s bringing to light just how bad things will be rather than 80-years ago when it was all about how good things would be.

    The future predicted Jules Verne brought us fantastic machines no one could imagine. The future created by Edison, the Wright Brothers and the giants that came after them created a future we could experience and it really make peoples lives better. Now, the reality of technology as we’ve come to know it is not as wonderful as we thought it would be (e.g. the internet) and is actually being used against us.

    China is the best example of how bad this can get for everyone, especially the west where we still cling to the old fashioned concept of privacy. And of course European and American elites will continue to clamp down and eliminate our rights in an effort to control us with the technology we all thought would make our lives better.

    Just as technology and automation has separated us from work, it will soon separate us from our money, our freedom and our natural rights. Whatever “natural” means.

    • “Just as technology and automation has separated us from work, it will soon separate us from our money, our freedom and our natural rights. Whatever “natural” means.”

      Could not have said it better. Except that such will be made easier because we will willingly cede such, humans being so hedonistic these days.

  14. Multicultural future = death and misery.

    Z do you really think those spindly little freaks at Google, Apple, etc are capable of riding herd over a bunch of low IQ, violent mystery meat using 3rd world cops? Ain’t gonna happen.

    Our police force works well because it’s still mostly composed of whites. Once they are gone our cops become like the one in Juarez – either dead or working for the cartels. Tech won’t save the elites and their dream. We are already seeing signs of outright corruption in the LA Sheriff’s dept where the Hispanic cops are forming gangs within the the department that are so powerful no one can touch them,

    Oh yeah the Cartels. They’re already here in the major cities. They haven’t made overt moves actually taking over a city or town yet but they will once a tipping point in demographics are reached,,,

    Worse with a mulatto future we lose our military superiority and with that goes being the banker of last resort. – our economy goes kaput and the welfare state dies.

    • Brazil makes do. It’s crap for the ordinary citizens, but practically a paradise for the elite. Remember, the elite are not planning the future for your benefit.

  15. Z – I’ve read my share of dystopian fiction and apocalyptic prepper futures. The only one that was even slightly realistic – and had a glimmer of the positive – was one I found recommended at Counter Currents (and available at Amazon). “From Her Eyes a Doctrine” was not the best I’ve ever read, but it was extremely interesting. It’s a fully dystopian brown future, with Whites openly reviled and oppressed, but there’s a small group that’s carved its own hidden community to rebuild pride and character. It’s based on Asatru, and I’m a Christian, but I still found some of its ideas intriguing.

    • “was not the best I’ve ever read”

      What is better? I looked that book up on Amazon and from the descriptions of the reviews it sounds -exactly- as I imagine the future being on an unaltered trajectory we are currently on. The only thing the author seems to get wrong is the timeline. It takes place in 2100, the US will be a dysfunctional brown wasteland where whites are hunted to the last man long before another 80 or so years from now I’m guessing. The speed of anti-white hatred is already rapidly increasing. It is overt in newspapers, film, TV, and all forms of mass media because (((owners))).

      • Apex – I should have been clearer. The story isn’t the most gripping or the prose the smoothest, but it was still fairly well written and I most definitely found the concepts intriguing. If/when the author pens a sequel, I certainly plan to buy and read it.

  16. If I had to guess I would say that the white middle-class is quite literally the last demographic Hollywood considers in their business plans. Comic book movies and remakes featuring minorities seem to be most of what they produce. Didn’t they swap out the ChiComs for the Norks as the invaders in the “Red Dawn” remake so as not to give offense to the Chinese market?

  17. Well, can you name a single prospective tech breakthrough that doesn’t give normal people the wilies?

    The prospect of growing an army of Johnny von Neumann clones could only excite an economist, and maybe only a libertarian one. Similarly, if we ever do crack the nut of human level AI most people will be rendered economically redundant and stripped of their political leverage. Who wants that? If the overlords who rule us no longer need political support and consent from living, breathing human beings, only the slaves most suitable to serve as tropheys and playthings will escape the rake.

    Even more benign breakthroughs like “optimized education at scale”, e.g., Lambda School, have second-order effects that I think most people would consider vaguely anti-human, like destroying the already frayed network of personal connections that our current educational system maintains by forcing teachers and students to interact in the same space for 8 hours a day. Just because it doesn’t maximize the rate at which kids learn and retain information doesn’t mean it doesn’t serve a set of essential social functions that can’t easily be replaced.

    In any case, if we do not have a big breakthrough to overcome the drag of you-know-what, and growth stalls, there’s going to be conflict. If we *do* have a big breakthrough, the Autistic Cyborgs in Silicon Valley may decide to enslave us all. Whatever comes next, it won’t be boring.

    • Do you remember when Microsoft premiered their AI “Tay” on Twitter a couple of years back? The thing went full wignat so fast they had to pull it and apologize. Or when Google’s image search for “gorillas” returned, um . . . not gorillas? We’ll have full-on Big Brother censorship long before we have AI.

  18. Why limit yourself to fiction? Why not imagine (i.e. analyze & forecast) what the future is likely to be, and then plan and prepare for that eventuality? Why not share that prognostication and wisdom with others (altruism anyone?). Why not brainstorm solutions in advance (war gaming simulation) and evaluate which paradigms work best? I can guarandamnteeyou that the incipient tyrants are doing this.

    • Check back with me in about a month, Tom. That’s the kind of thing I want for forum topics in a registration-only site. I’d like to see a distributed-moderation-by-group system there where mods can limit the discussion to constructive or critique at their option. Filter the trolls, ratio the contrarians and black–pillers. A few threads with 20 or so guys who have skin in their particular game and bring in a dozen committed noobs a year is my short-term-future goal.

      There will be space for fan-fic type stuff as well. Fiction and narrative help us to imagine and actualize our ideas.

      • One of the problems I have with the current video gaming mania is that it’s desensitizing our youth (read hormonal adolescent males) to the actual reality of existential threat, injury, or fatality. In the real world, where things can go very badly very quickly, there is no reset button. Practicing fictional scenarios does not make you safer or more able; it reinforces the wrong reflexes and makes you foolhardy. Not good.

        • Tom, I’d say that’s very context-dependent. Spending disproportionate time in any simulation is escapist and unhealthy. The memes reinforced by most modern games are pozzed and degenerate, another downside.

          All of that said, as with rap music and other media forms I don’t care for, we need to engage “hormonal adolescent males” in the space they’re in. Gaming can be a gateway for Us and a healthy diversion if it’s done right.

          As for the “life has no save-game” phenomenon, I grant it’s a delusion a lot of sperg-level gamers seem to develop, but that’s a symptom of being Extremely Online and overly plugged-in. If the kid learns unplug after an hour or two, go outside, talk to other people, etc… he’s fine.

    • 2020 is some kind of futuristic milestone. I feel like we’re supposed to be “in the future” much more than in 2000 or 2010. We’re deep in the 21st century now. What do we have to be awed about? 5G? 20 megapixel selfie cameras? Lime scooters? The mark of a healthy civilization, as Kenneth Clark said, is energy. There is no energy in 5G networks; all it does is brings cancer and surveillance. Where’s the grand infrastructure projects? The space program? Some cool shit that makes people think America is awesome? I can’t think of anything here. Plenty of cool shit in East Asia and (parts of) the Middle East though.

  19. A few have mentioned that the women, mystery meats, and blacks are going to play hell when they have run off the white men that make the industrial society work. When the USA and Europe becomes totally dysfunctional like most of the world — then what? Well they ask whitey to come back?

    White man needs to separate himself from the non-whites. He also needs to toss the femi-hazis over to herd their damn cats. Freedom of association is the main freedom we have lost in my lifetime. We must win that back.

    I am tired of being force to interact with the other. They hate me, so why do they insist on being around me?

    • They hate me, so why do they insist on being around me?
      They are parasites so they need you to survive but they are suicidal parasites so they want to kill you off even though they will die in the process as well…

      • It’s about forcibly taking what they, as a culture, cannot produce for themselves. It has always been so, and modernity has not escaped that way of going about things.

        The modern method is relatively peaceful coercion, so far. Katie bar the door when peaceful coercion fails.

    • …which begs the Q, what is the minimum smart white fraction necessary in order to keep our complex civilization running? It would appear we are already approaching it.

  20. None of the big fantasy – sci-fi techs have materialized. No magical propulsion systems or faster-than light drives.
    The alternatives are all expensive and hard: A space elevator is the only logical and cost effective way to get into orbit with current tech – but massively expensive and a huge engineering challenge. Once you’re out of the Earth’s gravity well, various forms of nuclear power and propulsion are the only reasonable ways to move around, sustain yourself, and maybe mine some asteroids for profit – and the left hates it.
    So, since it’s hard and expensive and the money could be better spent on welfare, we instead just get electronic toys that monitor our every movement to distract us.

    • It wouldn’t be difficult for an elite that actually had any real vision of a decent future to create momentum for popular support for some large scale projects. Current high-tech, for instance, is highly dependent on rare-earth elements. These elements are so named because, well, they’re rare on earth. There are not all that rare in the asteroid belt though. The problem is that they tend to be heavier elements so they sink to the bottom of whatever body they are found in when it is still molten. On earth that means they cannot be retrieved as they are now in the core. The little bit we have on the surface is there due to volcanism. Fortunately, the “bottom” of a typical asteroid is only a few hundred meters or a few kilometers below the surface. Also, small objects cool much faster than big planets so these objects are now cold. Finally, they have so little gravity that the pressure even miles down into them is negligible.

      So, hypothetically, if you were part of this hypothetical elite, you know, hypothetically…how would you go about providing an inspiring vision of an expanding, prosperous, and vibrant (in the best way) technological humanity moving out into the solar system and then the stars?

      You might propose building a space elevator (actually several so you have backups when the Islamists blow one up) and then send men and material cheaply to the asteroid belt, the moon, and Ceres (a minor planet in the asteroid belt). Once there you use elements mined right there to build more mining ships. Since you don’t need to lift megatons of stuff off the earth you can also finally build this and other large space colonies complete with artificial gravity. Forget about going to Mars so you can slowly die of low gravity and radiation sickness. For energy you can use good old fashioned nuclear fission of uranium and thorium found out there as well or the nuclear fusion which is finally becoming a reality.

      The problem is that this kind of vision relies on a high IQ demographic (Whites and east Asians) that is currently declining in percentage and probably absolute numbers while other, shall we say less cognitively robust, clades balloon (2-4 billion Africans by 2100 supposedly). Smart people isn’t enough though, you also need effective educational systems, stable and prosperous families, government and social welfare systems people trust and willingly cooperate with, reliable economic growth, and relatively low levels of intra- and inter- national violence. If you don’t have those social factors even a world full of smarties is just going to give you lots of smart gangsters and warlords shooting at each other with ever more clever and powerful weapons.

      So it’s a good thing our actual elite is encouraging all those things and not, like, their polar opposites in a desperate and short-sighted effort to cling to their wealth and power, isn’t it?

      • Indeed. jFK challenged us to go the the moon. Why? Because it was “hard”. Trumpet challenged us to go back to the moon. Why? Because it was the only thing he could think of. And even that likely won’t happen. 🙁

    • Drake, I’m a big believer in the power of the “final frontier” for revitalizing Our People – that’s going to be pretty obvious with my site rollout. The existential and technical challenges of exploring and making use of the Solar System and beyond are a transcendent cause we can harness to rise above our present amusement unto death dead-end culture. This future vision has secular and extra-secular elements which can appeal to mystics and fedoras alike. And Whites are the only race with the demonstrated vision and IQ to make it happen, for all that it would eventually benefit the everyone else.

    • Permutation on an old Vedic thought? Bravo!

      What is never ceases to be. What is not never comes into being.

      Shorthand for non-duality idea that there is only God, besides which nothing exists. Everything is in the mind of God, the body mind and cosmos are, because God simply thinks it. Physicality is an illusion in the way it is normally conceived.

      Astrophysicist Sir James Jeans wrote the same thing in the 1930s this way, “…the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine.”

  21. The future has been Clintoned, Bushed, Obama’d, and Trumped. The presidents, over 27 years, symbolize the failure of the future.

    Clinton demonstrated that the future is squalid and full of graft, all in private and in the back rooms.

    Bush demonstrated that the future is unresponsive to inputs and incapable of functioning competently.

    Obama demonstrated that ineptitude can be hidden, in the short run, by displays of anger, hatred, and cheating.

    Trump demonstrated that intelligence and capability is hated and despised, if the wrong person is wielding it, and that the future would rather fail than be saved by the wrong sort of person.

    The future simply Epsteined, but it did not kill itself. Our culture killed it.

  22. “ On the other hand, that means there is a market for dissident writers to create fiction that is positive about the fight ahead. ”

    Again, Z-man nails it. As I’ve said before, you must end discussions on a positive note with those you wish to convert. As I was recently asked, “Suppose what you say about group differences is correct, why does it matter…where do we go with this?” That lead into a quick scenario concerning public schools and disciplinary measures which was of prime interest to this person with a 3 yo child, as he was soon to experience directly living with diversity and it would affect the most important obligation in his young life.

    He knew public schools sucked, he knew discipline was essential to a well run classroom, he blamed teachers, funding, educational methods—but he also knew deep down that these problems were persistent, expanding, and never successfully addressed after decades of failed attempts. I gave him a workable answer he would hear nowhere else. Next time I see him, I’ll outline another piece of the puzzle. Baby steps.

  23. who knows. the simulation hypothesis has always been more scifi and philosophy than hard science. It would come down to creating a computer that emulates a full-fledged lived expedience that holds logically consistent at the subatomic level for all observers of the simulation. how much computing power wold this take…dunno.

    • The fact that the universe exists at all is more astounding than the existence of a computer capable of modeling it. Not existing is much, much simpler and more likely.

      Once you accept existence: that things on as vast a scale as the universe either simply came to be out of nothing, or existed infinitely, why would anything else surprise you?

  24. We already live in a dystopia so no need to dream up some other version. Spinning a tale of utopian visions in the current milieu seems almost childish so why bother.

    Most reasonably intelligent people can sense that something is wrong. They may not be able to articulate it, they may have a full spectrum of reasons that parallel and contradict each other for why they think so…but many sense that there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark.

    Dystopia is frustrating because is moves so dammed slowly. We wish it would get to the nadir so we could organize and begin to rebuild. We wait around for some sign that it’s now time to get things going. But there is no definitive sign. It’s one little decay after another. We’re designed by nature to have a high “dealing with shit” tolerance so we acclimate to lower and lower plateaus of rot.

    At some point the pressure may built to the boiling point in enough people. Then the balloons go up. In a civilization where the traditional communities have been so atomized that may take a while.

    Talking, networking, building what our host refers to as on-ramps is probably the best we can do at the moment. The current milieu needs a lot more volatility injected into it before we can get to the 3rd act.

    Happy New Year to all.

  25. I think we are all starting to realize that the inevitable march of human progress has run smack into the reality of human nature and that the cyclical model of civilization is more accurate.

    • Trying to bury human nature will prove to be a huge mistake. “When you repress something, it comes back with a vengeance.” I believe it was Jordan Peterson who said that, although not sure what the subject was. I’m sure it wasn’t racial reality, but that’s how I’m using the quote.

    • When people see that a bunch of East Indians and wanna-be Jews can’t even make a plane that doesn’t crash then they’re likely to be much more cynical regarding any grandiose future plans.

  26. The future as envisioned In the modern world is being shown to us by national advertising agencies on our TV’s.
    It’s buried in constant advertising pointed at us in 30 second intervals.
    I have some knowledge of the local advertising world and in local television markets across the nation advertising for commercials depends on the white middle class buying things.
    What happens in the future as that white middle class continues to shrink?
    The future as presented to us by national advertisers is all mixed race globo homo.
    But will these “consumers” be able to truly replace white middle class economic power?
    Compare a national ATT commercial produced by SJW’s in a large advertising company to a local commercial produced locally.
    Big difference.
    The future is supposedly being shown to us by the national advertisers and big advertising agencies yet the local advertisers do not have money to waste on political correctness nor do the local advertisers target the supposedly middle class black or homosexual.
    Because they exist in small numbers in the real world.
    The future for white Americans is strengthening local ties and weakening national ties.
    The national media and the national government no longer represent localism nor us.

    • “The future as presented to us by national advertisers is all mixed race globo homo.
      But will these “consumers” be able to truly replace white middle class economic power?”

      Invest in weave today!

  27. The notion that our universe is just a computer simulation seems to me just a more modern version of solipsism. Just ask yourself a simple question: Which is more likely, that “reality” is some child’s or rather god’s computer simulation, or that “reality” is just reality?

    • Right. Guys like kurzweil always struck me as peak narcissism. Nothing like converging into a godless Sim world to validate the two most important aspects of technology: avoiding the discomforts of reality and living forever. Spiritual snake oil.

      A friend of mine in “tech”, actually software sales, had a hard on for ray and the singularity fetish stuff. He saw this as a motivating factor, something to strive for. I saw it as a cult-like appeal to ones ego disguised as an intelligent thought experiment.

      I am all about though experiments. I studied philosophy. But this stuff always struck me as having some other, dark purpose. Perhaps thats just me.

      Turns out my friend was a massive cokehead sex addict at the time he was into the Kurzweil cult. Flying around the country with these tech types doing blow and Tindering women and buying call girls.

      So…Ray was onto something about the future of man. Just not the future I want.

  28. If I had to critique the dissidents, it would be for their defeatism.

    No, noggers aren’t going to take over the world. Or women. Or sexual freaks. Way things are going it’s not looking good for the Jews either.

    We are in an artificial bubble, inflated by failing institutions. Lefty put all kinds of time thinking about how to march through the institutions, undermine the church, marriage and the family… but he didn’t think beyond what would happen when he finally accomplished it. When this bubble pops, we are going to get an explosive correction and probably a much needed cull as well. The future will look much brighter when the smoke clears.

    This dissident thing is a passing fad. We are going to be preppers mutineers and rebels, probably sooner rather than later. And – we’d better have a plan for when we succeed. I think the first thing we will need to do is put women back in their place. Followed closely by Jews and vibrants.

    • “Back in their place.” What, in practical terms, does this mean? Where would that place be for each group on your list? Please elaborate, I lack imagination and need it spelled out. Or maybe it’s a very active imagination, which is running wild right now.

        • Thank you for your reply, TC. For women, I suppose? How might that scenario be effected? What about the two other groups, Jews and vibrants? How would they be put back in their places? It’s okay to ask, right? They’re reasonable questions. Or is it all still abstraction only, to be articulated after power is attained?

          • Bunny, reasonable questions. Two takes. One of course, which I assume you fear, is an authoritarian oppression. The other, which I favor, is for men to step up and retake their traditional place of provider and leader of the family. I suspect most women—even today—would be happy if that were to occur.

            My wife, who arguably is more successful than I in economic terms, bemoans that she (and I) selfishly chose for her to have a career outside the home so that we could have a few more $$$ in the bank. Lessons learned too late. I believe she is not alone in that opinion, nor does she.

            As to “others”—Jews and vibrants, we only ask that we be allowed to live separately and independently as was the traditional case as late as the 60’s. Jews and vibrants can manage as they best can—they certainly have every advantage in this country, and from what I perceive they believe, they can do even better without us. Of course that’s bullshit, but hey I’m willing to forego their enrichment to society and step aside. 😉

          • Dr. Johnson talks about a “humane process of ethnic cleansing…” All of human history differs in the most brutally violent manner.

          • Hmm, just think how many illegals wouldn’t be here if white employers didn’t hire them. Isn’t there some kind of law about hiring illegal aliens? What if it were enforced? Couldn’t men stop marrying and supporting “career women” right now? Why wait until after the revolution? Just a thought. Seems like if white men en masse really wanted to put browns and women in their place, there’s a lot they could do right now.

          • We can and should start doing this right here right now.

            I’m already one of quite a few guys I know in CA law who tell clients “if you don’t want lawsuits, don’t hire protected classes.” I’m doing it from a based perspective as well as good legal and business strategy of course, but the other guys are mostly doing it for the latter alone. I even know a Jewish Esq. who tells his guys to hire White men wherever possible.

            It’s safer to risk a “statistical discrimination” case than individual employee claims. Individuals will lie and engineer drama to trip you up and sue you. On balance, I’d rather have the Lisa Blooms of the world trying to prove their case statistically from outside my White Guys Club rather than having one of (((their own))) inside our walls.

          • Exile:
            Interesting legal approach to hiring in light of our thing and as a business strategy.

            I have been involved in some discrimination cases and individual employee claims are usually harder to fight than “statistical discrimination” suits in general.

            But “statistical discrimination” suits are easier to file in that they are primarily using statistics (hence the name) rather than actual facts. And “of course,” every human is equal to every other human in every aspect of intelligence, ability, etc. But for small companies for sure it would be much tougher to show “statistical discrimination” because the employee pool is small.

            Before I retired from academia the next big thing that was just getting starting is the concept of “equity.” Equity instead of equal opportunity in accepting students, even in testing methods (some methods are racist because not every group performs the same), etc. So equal results, not equal opportunity.

            So whites, particularly white males, are getting it from all sides in terms of being successful in this country.

            But we knew that.

      • For Jews and muds, obviously “their place” means back in their own ancestral lands.

        For White women, it means they will be happily liberated from the workforce, and can focus on raising their children instead.

          • Ridiculous. Women won’t marry “drop outs,” so while White men sit around on welfare playing video games and taking drugs, women will be screwing randoms and raising the bastard children alone (or, more accurately, the children will be raised by daycare facilities while the women work).

            Not coincidentally, this scenario is exactly what’s happening in our society right now….

          • that was the point . i dunno why conservatism is so complicated . i mean it revolves around a core set of beliefs/values yet there is so much disagreement within it regarding implementation adjacent values.

          • If biology and culture are honored there will be a natural peace between the sexes.

            The Silence of the Hamsters and the Dearth of Thirst.

          • Epaminondas is correct, lose-lose. I have only two children and one grandchild. I am the epitome of White extinction—we’d be better off with fewer “me’s”. 🙁

          • Grey, men need to shut down the 80-hour career-shrike option. It’s neither realistic or desirable for men to be “kept.” This is a bad bugman/modren shibboleth.

        • > For White women, it means they will be happily liberated from the workforce, and can focus on raising their children instead.

          And it will be called “Women’s liberation”.

      • That will be something we need to talk about Bunny – honestly and with brutal frankness. And we need to do it soon.

        Look at the majority of women in politics today. It’s pretty much obvious they can’t be given a place in a position of power. Nor should they be allowed to vote. That’s just for starters. Our divorce courts need a TNT enema too.

        For the vibrants – affirmative action has to go. Barkie Obama should be cleaning spittoons and shining shoes, and his simian wife should be working in a laundry. Those morons couldn’t organize a community, never mind a nation. As far as the Joooos – I’m a Yesterday Man and will be happy to give them a fair shake… but I have noticed a pattern. Epstein. Weinstein. Feinstein. Etc. If they don’t want to end up in the lamp shade and soap industry – they really, really need to get a curb on some of their people rather than circling the wagons around them.

        Or do you think these people are doing a good job of running your nation? If so – feel free to enlighten me on your thought process, because from where I sit… things are starting to get dire, and for both our sakes – you want guys like me sitting on the couch, watching sportzball and eating potato chips. You sure as hell don’t want me sharpening a bayonet, loading magazines, and looking at topo maps with other disgruntled white men. If ya catch my drift…

        Sorry chckie… but play time is over

        • Oh, I wasn’t playing and I’ll assume you aren’t, either. The nation is very poorly run, agreed. Thank you for your interesting answer.

        • John Smith I’m beginning to wonder who you work for. The stupid shite you post is just too conveniently anti- white to be an accident.

        • What is jaw dropping here is the lack of accountability by the white males on this forum. For the majority of our history, who ran the country? Who are still a majority in Congress? Who are 50% of the unwed mother problem? And so on….As a group (since you’re judging people as groups rather then as individuals) and based on your own comments, you’ve failed, yet want to blame everyone else for the direction the country has taken. And now fantasizing about how you’re going to put everyone in “their place”. Which ultimately makes you just another tired set of wanna be tyrants, no different from the progressives. Is this really the best you have to offer?

          • White male bashing? Thank God you’ve rooted out the last place on the web that has not as yet internalized hatred of the white male. Now you can start doxxing and get everyone except the Fed fired from from thier job.

          • ” Is this really the best you have to offer?”

            Not by a damnsight, Veth. Just a quick heads up, though: if you don’t like Trump – just wait until you see the next guy. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

          • Voted for Trump in 2016, will crawl over broken glass to vote for him in 2020. And why will I do this? Because he has a positive, confident vision of this country (as well as decent policies). It’s not enough to be against something, you have to have a vision that attracts people outside your subgroup. That’s why, for example, “don’t let the wimmenz vote” will fail. You want to change hearts and minds…the best way to do this is by positive example, and when the American man is at his best he can’t be beat. I understand that the DR has legit issues, like the “white male source of all evils” BS, but can guarantee clutching grievances like Gollum with the one ring won’t ever get you to a good place. That’s the progressive approach.

          • Hey genius. White men aren’t a majority of the electorate. There’s your answer.

            I wonder when that ceased to be the case and where that fits into America’s trajectory. I bet the answer would be very illuminating.

            That said, I’m okay with looking in the mirror, but that isn’t always the answer.

          • White men were the dominant political force for most of this country’s lifespan, just a fact. And it’s mostly (if not all) white men in Congress who voted for the 1965 immigration act that wasn’t supposed to change the demographics of the country. Thanks to Teddy Kennedy, the Lion of the Senate. And no, that doesn’t and shouldnt let the rest of us off the hook. But the “put them in their place” crap isn’t going to solve any problems and will drive drive away folks who love this country and who also believe in borders, language, culture. For example, why on Earth would any rational woman want to support a group that sounds like they’d like to re enact the stupid handmaid’s tale fantasy? Or someone (and there are a lot of these folks in Cali) whose last name is Sanchez but who are conservative and despise illegal immigration? Plenty of people out there who don’t meet the z blog purity test that are natural allies. And if there is going to be a solution to the critical problem of government overreach and oligarchy we face, my personal opinion is that these folks are a necessary part of that solution.

          • Veth, I hear ya, but I don’t come to the same conclusions wrt this group. Whites certainly got us into this predicament. But as has been discussed repeatedly, Whites are now known to be the least ethnocentric group of all the races in this country. The general call of the DR is to get our head out of our ass and start playing the game according to the “new rules”.

            Yes, there are some “allies”—if you will—in other groups wrt specific issues, but those issues are few and *always* secondary to race concerns. That is to say, their in-group preference will beat our in-group preference. This has been shown to be to our disadvantage in every match-up of conflicting concerns.

          • But that’s the point you are missing, their “in group preference” is as Americans, not this race or that ethnicity. Not unless they are literally forced into an ethnic box by racial purists. For example, a family that is 1/4 Iranian, 1/4 German, 1/2 Hispanic. Oldest son just joined the Marines. Good, good people. Vote conservative. I would trust them with my life if things got “spicy” over some of my 100 percent northern European progressive cousins who think I am a monster for supporting the 2nd amendment. They aren’t the enemy, they share our language, the belief in strong borders and our culture. The enemy is in Congress selling out our birthright for a mess of pottage and a seat on a corporate board (this means you, Paul Ryan).

          • Sure there are exceptions to every rule. As far as purity tests, there doesn’t seem to be any. I’m pretty new here and I’m not sure I’d pass one anyway. What I have found is frank talk, not for the faint of heart, and I like that. It’s needed.

            I’d bet it’s been 100 years or so since white men dominated the electorate, and that matters. I don’t think white men are so stupid they’d engineer a society that works against them. It’s long since their interests have been represented, even if it was other white men who passed the legislation. We’re talking politicians here. Puppets, most of them. I believe democracy works, more or less, for better or worse. If looks matter, the figurehead doesn’t but the voter does.

            Democracy is a numbers game, and it comes down to old-fashioned power politics. Just ask Socrates. He couldn’t win over his fellow Athenian men with good arguments. Or ask the Democrats why they want open borders. Or ask women or blacks to give up the vote. It’s not about who has the best ideas, never has been.

            Maybe white Americans are a unicorn. Maybe white Americans are the only people in history with a completely rational politics. I think that’s a farcical notion, but if true it’s obviously not a sustainable way to run a society.

            Does anyone even know what it means to be an American anyway? It’s an idea? Well I’m not an idea so either I’m not an American or American means something more tangible.

            Also, the immigration act was introduced by two grandsons of immigrants, one Irish and one Jewish. Just throwing that one out there.

          • That’s a very good comment about what makes an American. Do you have an answer/opinion, or is the question merely rhetorical? And re purity tests, I’ve been told on this blog, for example, that mixed race folks need not aspire to the new America. Whites only. Or the requirement to be male to vote or be in the inner circle of power. Which is a shame, as conservatives regardless of sex or race, we have some very powerful common enemies in DC.

          • The founders seem to have thought of Americans as former British colonists. Ben Franklin didn’t like how German Pennsylvania was becoming, for instance. After the first big wave of immigration came the idea of a nation of immigrants. Now they say America belongs to the whole world. I tend to agree with the founders since they wrote the constitution and laid the foundation of American culture. Plus it keeps things simple.

            As far as this blog, like I say, I haven’t been here long enough to know, but I haven’t seen anything worse than I hear from coworkers and drinking buddies of all races. I don’t see anything thing wrong with white people identifying as white. It’s actually refreshing. I get so tired of whites being embarrassed and ashamed and pusillanimous. It’s OK when everybody else does it, so why not whites? It’s actually a lot of fun seeing how people deal with it. Other whites often get scared and think you’re a bad person, or if they agree they just don’t engage. Non-whites find a white who doesn’t grovel interesting in my experience. You get respect.

            As for women, I’ve told several of them I question the wisdom of them voting. They all acted offended, except for one. They all seemed to respect it at any rate, even the feminists— as long as you don’t give an inch or act upset. Turns out it’s another shit test. And one of the offended was actually into my ‘sexism’.

            Seems to me life is very complicated, and there’d be less tension if people would just be frank. People are naturally tolerant because very few want to fight. And if you don’t grovel and show your belly, people tend not to mess with you (or try to take over your country).

            On the whole I come here because I think it’s interesting. I’ve had a few quality discussions. Very little trolling, tends to be substantial as these things go. There’s a bit of cuckery, the echo of libertarian expat doom porn, but that’s the minority. Mostly it’s people looking for confidence in their cause, or people who’ve gone over the top and are frustrated it’s taking so long for others to catch up. It seems like a seed that’s sprouting, and it might grow into something important.

          • You don’t understand how reality works. I don’t have to sell it to you, or your obnoxious women.

            When the lights go out and the SHTF, things will get real. Your fake strong women will not have a choice in minding their place. Reality, Darwin and Murphy will impose it on them and put them in it. Painfully if necessary. Yes, it will get that bad, at the rate things are currently going.

            They will turn on you first of course. Being male (or at least a parody or a facsimile of one), your women will expect you to save them. When you fail, they’ll panic as will your soybros… and they’ll tear you and themselves to shreds. Eventually strong men will arise to impose some kind of order. What that looks like is anyone’s guess… but you can rest assured the women will not have a say in it at that point.

            The founding fathers understood that women think with their emotions, and are fascists and socialists by nature. With that in mind they were wisely deprived of the vote and positions of authority. It is not patriarchy responsible for that, it was a requirement for survival in tough times.

            Times, it seems, that we are hellbent on returning to.

      • In practical terms – Jews have their own place now, don’t they? So why do they need to be here, screwing things up?

        In practical terms – blacks have themselves an entire continent. And – they’ve been bitching for decades now, making TV shows, producing movies , and writing books …. about how they were abducted against their will and brought here. So a “practical” term that could be applied here might be “repatriation” …. instead of “reparations”.

        What has modern day feminism been telling women? Get a job. Join the military. Rule the world. March for gay rights. Defend abortion rights…. etc. Everything except – birth the next generation. What good is a woman who refuses to give birth? One woman like that – with other qualities that might make her a benefit to society isn’t a big problem. Maybe she’ll discover a cure for cancer – or create a vaccine. But an entire population of women that isn’t birthing the next generation IS a big problem. Because that population of women is NOT going to be doing hard labor, staffing up a war winning military, making great scientific advances – or in general making good societally beneficial decisions. They’re already making poor decisions about their main role in life – why should they be trusted to make good decisions about anything else?

        So……. do I really have to spell out what a “woman’s place” is – in the final analysis of things?

      • White Women – 2nd class citizens, subordinate only to 1st class White men. Childless women low status aspirants. Mothers honored achiever status. “Careers” largely superfluous for women except as status compensation for non-motherhood or post-child-rearing vocations.

        All others – 3rd class or lower.

        Diversity smart-fractioners – limited to <10% of the population including White-mixed couple spouses.

        Surplus Diversity – Dr. Johnson's "slow cleanse."

        Fellow-Whites: aliyah

      • Women should not be allowed to have positions in government policy/law making positions or allowed to vote in more pathological altruism. The different races could be put back in their place if we separate – let the different races fend for themselves. I suppose we could have trade agreements across the boundaries but this idea of a massively scaled welfare state will end one way or another.

    • Our guys need to run for city councils and mayors in small and medium size cities. Be good and do good in the job.
      As we succeed at doing that it scales up.
      A good mayor can run a good nation consisting of majority whites.
      We have a positive future and it doesn’t take rocket science to be ready. Just action and determination. And living right.

    • “The future will look much brighter when the smoke clears.”
      Not unless one thinks Brazil is brighter.

    • The progressive left is like the dog that chases a car and finally catches it. Well, now what does he do with it?

      The women, browns, etc are going to face the same dilemma. Once they have total control of all the institutions and have finally driven out the last white male, they won’t have a clue what to do as everything crumbles down around them.

      The big question then is, what will the white males be doing?

      • I don’t know about the left catching “it”. When your religion is not grounded in reality “it” doesn’t need to exist.

        Accomplishing “it” becomes more like the greyhound catching the rabbit. IOW, it can’t. Round it goes. That problem requires moar speed!

        The diversity and equality the left pursues has never been defined and never will.

        The definitions do, however, take form by solving for x when we are given the other variables good and hard, i.e. diversity means white genocide.

        So perhaps I am being nitpicky, as the point is that most people will come to understand when the car of leftist utopia has roughly been caught.

        But given that the left controls reality for at least half the population and for the other half noticing is illegal, seems to me that we could go a long way before reality feeds back into the system.

        Women have been ‘liberated’ for quite some time. All tilts in their favor. More women than men in college, grad school, out earning male peers, celebrated all over, etc.

        Yet rape culture, wage gap, violence against women, women in STEM, women CEOs, an endless list of manufactured problems that need moar equality.

        I think this only ends after the violence/collapse scenarios in which reality demands its due.

        And by then problems of women being in the kitchen or not will be eclipsed by problems of having food or not or avoiding some tribe of vibrants looking to enrich you with some 50 shades or perhaps some curry.

      • The Progressive Left isnt in charge. The donors are. If the PL were in charge Bernie would have been the nominee. And the donor class dont think they need whitey. They’ll have some competent servants around to fix their toilets and man the Police, like Brazil. But what Cloud People dont want is uppity whites who think they get a say in how the country is run; who have these anti-meritocratic, egalitarian notions of constitutional rights, collective bargaining, progressive income taxes, tariffs on imports and other impediments to Cloudy perogatives. Donors want your subservience more than they need your competence as a middle manager in their enterprises.

    • I agree. So much of the modern world is debt-fueled luxuries. Whose debt? Western sovereign debt, and recently Chinese, although the Chinese debt is a transfer of Western debt.

      Either the bubble pops, or Westerners disappear, which, looking at birth rates, is the trend. That’s a bleak prospect, but I’m not betting on Westerners spending themselves into oblivion. I bet the bubble pops spectacularly.

      So yes, I’d be prepping and planning for an impoverished future. And I don’t think that future will be as multicultural as it looks. Again, luxuries…

    • reminds me of eggnog / the bubble been inflating for hundreds of years. what could finally pop it? who knows. I don’t see America becoming like Brazil though. More like China. And China more like America– Chimerica.

    • Women will be put back in their place naturally. Women’s rights is something that happens at the end of a lot of civilizations. I don’t think it’s a cause, I think it’s a symptom but the result is it no longer become safe for women to be on their own and all the gains are lost and forgotten. Feminists aren’t charting new territory, they’re just walking on really old faded maps. These ideas are implausible and possibly invisible to anyone that doesn’t believe in natural law however

      • Yep. Women’s lib is a classic sign of civilization decay. Interesting how it always seems to pop up.

      • I may have mentioned this here before (too old and senile to recall) but I was struck by a line in a time-travel book where one guy from the future recognizes a woman from the future because, he notes, she doesn’t share the same innate fear of men the other women have. That doesn’t mean women must go around shaking in their boots, but that natural caution when around a strange male – particularly a strange male of another race or culture – is a good and natural thing. That will return, naturally, when reality returns . . . and women return to their natural roles.

        • Michael Moore also says we should be afraid of men, white men in particular. “Two-thirds of all white guys voted for Trump. That means anytime you see three white guys walking at you, down the street toward you, two of them voted for Trump. You need to move over to the other sidewalk because these are not good people that are walking toward you. You should be afraid of them,” Moore warned.

          Is fear of white men the beginning of wisdom?

          • Typical goal-post shifting and totally missing my point. The natural caution of the stranger is equivalent to the natural disgust reaction which is being actively eradicated in modern Whites. And yes, women should be ‘afraid’ of men – they’re naturally bigger and stronger and more dominant. And that’s as it should be. Bunny, bless your little heart, I think you’d be happier back at Unz.

        • Years ago I noticed I displayed a natural aversion to The Other, whether from another tribe or white crud with his pants pulled down under his arse, and had a natural caution on alert until I assessed. Chalked this up to ancient hard wiring wherein our old genetic self would exclaim, “Crap…It’s the pink polka dotted people who attack us, take our children and women into slavery, eat a few, and kill the men. Pay attention!” I never once looked at this trait as a deficit. Then I realized I was a rare bird.

      • Whitney… on. “I don’t think it’s a cause, I think it’s a symptom.” Trace the history of women going off the rails to at least 400 BC when Aristophanes wrote The Assemblywoman. God knows the history of women derailing in Egypt and Neolithic times. Ma and Pa Ingalls (Little House in the Big Woods) were surviving and had defined rolls, with little fussing. I’ll bet a few Neolithic tribes went Dominant Woman and crashed and burned.

        Whenever in history food is abundant, our lifespan increases and the fight to survive becomes easier, women seem to go haywire. To much free time is not good for civilization nor particularly women. No doubt Athens had bossy catwomen trouble makers. Bet Sparta didn’t.

        Eventually, whenever that will be, this whole civilization will fall with a dramatic standard of living crash. When there is large scale violence and scarcity, women will panic as they don’t have Skills to survive nor fix the car. Women will be on their knees……way visual…to men to save them. Then the oxcart will right itself for a time.

        • The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about Chile today. Four years of SJW/Progressive socialist leadership (Bachelet from 2014-18) undid everything. Falling economic growth, falling capital investment, rising taxes, decriminalization of crimes, and rejection of the national history and sense-of-self. The whole leftist enchilada, and it took only four years, plus one more for the breakdown to escalate into the streets. The veneer of civilization is a thin one.

          • Historical accuracy notwithstanding, there is something to be said for a woman who, despite all inclinations to the contrary, tells you to return with your shield or on it.

    • “And – we’d better have a plan for when we succeed.” This is the entire point to the renaissance in “dissident” thinking going back twenty years more or less. The body of understandings on which to base the future has grown brilliantly in this sphere, which is also growing. There is not one single understanding but several, not necessarily in competition with one another. And then there are all those things that needed to be ruled out completely, a co-concurrent task. Twenty years ago a collapse of the empire would have found our better souls unprepared to take sustainable actions. We are at the very least closer to that goal. And do not ignore Tocqueville’s maxim- “The world is not directed by long and learned proofs. All its affairs are decided by the swift glance at a particular fact, the daily examination of the changing moods of the crowd, occasional moments of chance, and the skill to exploit them.” The best men are developing understandings to raise their skills. Trump, bless him, is a man with skills somewhat lacking in understanding.

      • “All its affairs are decided by the swift glance at a particular fact, the daily examination of the changing moods of the crowd, occasional moments of chance, and the skill to exploit them. There is not one single understanding but several, not necessarily in competition with one another.”

        James—Exactly! You have expressed the reasons why I have not been part of the discussions on a DR plan to succeed. There are lots of you big brained history folks who have imprinted on numerous espoused plans. Good on…we need the theorists.

        However, whatever we shall be dealing with is in the process of unfolding. We shall know how to react, what to do and how to succeed as totalitarianism unfolds and that is information. We will then know what cards to play. Or we won’t. I repeat and firmly believe that those on the DR side of the great divide will take “the swift glance at a particular fact, the daily examination of the changing moods of the crowd, occasional moments of chance, and the skill to exploit them.” Patiently watch and be ready. More and more are making the journey across. I did.

  29. Funny you should mention this as it’s something that I’ve pondering for a while. People, particularly whites, are starving for anything authentic. The quality of the production doesn’t need to be high or even good. Just be honest.

    For example, Paralight WorX, a tiny German film company, has made some short videos – vignettes really – from the perspective of German soldiers in WWII. The videos usually only have a couple of (not great) actors and are shot in the woods, i.e. free. Despite this, the videos have millions of views. And they’re in German! Why? Because they’re honest.

    • I’ve seen these. Yep, they are honest. I chalked them up to an opening of the German psyche to discussion of the war and their involvement in such. However, the theme is universal in my opinion. Majority of the people is such situations just want to survive and go home intact—without killing anyone.

      • I wasn’t trying to comment on the subject matter of the videos so much as the fact that videos made on a shoe-string budget in German have received so many views. It shows that people want something different from Hollywood lies.

        The DR has a huge opportunity in providing entertainment that honestly shows our side. There are tens of millions of whites who are begging for shows or stories that present the world as it is (whites getting crapped on) and as it’s going to be (tribal).

        • I’m in the biz; have a similar project (World War II Eastern Front) with several people attached thus far but still in search of production capital. That’s the hardest thing. Want to know why the Left runs Hollywood? BC right-of-center people have ceded the floor to them – they won’t get in the game & financially support projects.

          Takeaway: the Left supports their own. The Right doesn’t unfortunately. There are more cons in the biz than you realize, we just have to remain “in the closet” for obvious reasons.

          BC the LAST thing the Left is interested in is tolerance & diversity.

          • Good points!
            Great name Boarwild. Lockjaw the boar.
            (My self having clambered up a large oak tree to escape a huge sow boar.)

          • Thanks man! Initially wanted it to be “wild boar” (wildesau) but that was already taken most places, so I just flipped it around.

            Best handle I’ve seen yet is a guy on Twitter with the handle “Panzer Leader”; he’s a former officer from a U.S. Armored Division ;<)

          • Can’t you do crowd-funding? Regardless, this is an area I would be interested in helping. We need our own systems, our own funding. We need to start making our own entertainment and, later, our own banks, etc.

            Some may scoff at entertainment as a key, but there’s no better way to get recruits. Stories are how we learn. And there’s a monster audience out there begging for honest stories.

          • Well we could on a smaller project which we’re working on too; it’s the Premier Episode for a Military History Documentary Series intended to be a gateway to open up investors for the feature film. Have a legendary Cult Classic Director onboard. Working on the premier episode now. Have a sizzle reel ready to go. Been working on setting up a Patreon page for it the Series Episode. The feature budget is $5mil; not sure if we could crowdfund that, might be a little ambitious.

          • So start with Patreon page for premier episode. Also, it’s a good idea to focus on military history. Old white guys love military history so might open their wallets.

            Unfortunately, I’m not in the biz so I can’t help for now, but it’s an area I’d really like to learn more about. Being dissidents so to speak makes getting various people together damn near impossible.

            Stupid question, but how can people like us around here help? I mean, nobody can “name names” so we don’t know who to help and your side can’t contact us.

            One thing that we could do is promote any projects or funding needs on message boards of friendly sites, though this might create unwanted publicity.

            Basically, some of us have woken up to exactly what you’re talking about. We need to fund our own. It’s just that we’re now dissidents so we can’t do anything openly.

          • Can always do it on the QT – via email ;<) Why don’t we do this: I’ll finish the Patreon page – publish it – then alert you via email or Twitter? How dat?

          • Best wishes for the project. But don’t forget the delivery system is as important as the creative side. Assume the leftist media will try to block distribution and plan ways to get through.

          • Knew that from the get-go; the good news in broadcast tv will vanish within five years (if that) & content is all going to streaming format. We have an in with distributors thanks to one of our key personnel, they’re after him for his content so that places us in a much better position. ;<)

          • Got it. Btw, that’s not some indie, film-school stuff. It’s on par with anything people will see in the MSM … except, of course, it doesn’t hate us. 😉

            This is the kind of entertainment (stories) that people need to see.

          • BW – love what you’re doing, but some pushback on support. “The Right” doesn’t have the networking or $$$ to “support our own” on this scale. Don’t hang the mis-labeled, nominal, insitutional Con, Inc. “Right” around our necks. The legitimate dissident authentic Right doesn’t have million-billionaire support. You are a pioneer of Our Media – small scale, low-budget, high value and artistic/intellectual content. We can’t wait around for a pissed-off-billionaire who’s more authentic than Orange Judas. Starting small is better than not starting.

        • Agree. It’s like a middle school dance. We just need the first couple to take the floor. After that, I suspect the floodgates will open.

          • That’s always my point. Whites are scared shitless – and we should be. You can lose everything. But if we can just get a few safe places for us – a corporation that hires our fired people, a club for friendships, an entertainment company that makes shows for us, etc. – Joe Normie will have a choice.

            But there really is no choice. The world that whites create for themselves is dramatically superior to the multi-culti nightmare. Build it and protect it and they will come.

          • CSC:
            Absolutely true. Whites are scared shitless and they/we should be but……..mostly we should be scared of other whites.

            I’ve lived all over the US and in other countries. I have lived among extremely tough white boys (but they were always of the “redneck” or rancher variety) not city boys.

            I have lived in 2 black ghettos. I watched the white flight. Entire cities went black within 8 years. The whites left behind were the elderly and a few poor white families. So, I know how whites leave the most vulnerable behind to get eviscerated; the things I saw happen to the elderly; wow.

            The few white girls left behind went with the toughest black males they could bed. The white boys were mostly an embarrassment. I understand it was scary bad but still. Thus, I have always had a basic disgust for the white race.

            FYI: the way I survived was to fight back and make sure the few black friends I had were school athletes.

            There were no guns at that time that I saw but the scariest thing was being attacked with a car antenna.

            You could not see it coming but sure could hear it. I saw a few blacks whose faces had been sliced from ear to lip. The mark made looked like a puffed out pink set of lips that could stretch across the entire face.

            We better be ready; we better be ready. In America the lower class whites abandoned the poor whites, the middle class whites abandoned the lower middle class whites, the lower upper class whites abandoned the upper middle class whites. AND the rich and uber rich whites will abandon the upper class whites and flee to New Zealand, Switzerland, and walled off enclaves guarded by heavily armed security forces.

            There is virtually no where else to run. There is actually no choice. None whatsoever.

          • I agree. We’ve failed our own people, thinking we’d be able to buy our way out of it. Hell, I live in the belly of beast (sort of). Whites in the NoVa area despise working class whites.

            They’re truly baffled when I defend working class whites. They’re also suspicious. I seem just like them. How can I not hate those dumb rednecks? Holy crap, he’s not one of us.

            It’s never dawns on them that they could be next, that their neighborhood could be destroyed, that their kids will be targeted at school, that their jobs will be lost.

            But you can see the signs that upper middle class whites are next in line. The brown tide is rolling into McLean, North Arlington, Bethesda, Loudoun. Only it’s not blacks but Hispanics, Indians and Asians. Granted, those groups aren’t violent like blacks, but they aren’t white either. And they’re tribal.

            It’s coming to upper middle class whites. And we deserve it. We sold out our own people for a pat on the head from ((people)) who hate us.

          • CSC:
            Amen, brother. Absolutely we deserve it. If you believe in Darwinism the white tribe is in line for extinction. There ain’t no buying our way out of it this time especially with local zoning laws starting to be overturned.

            I see the remaining whites in South Africa and mostly they act like nothing is happening. Of course, they live in heavily guarded compounds.

            When I lived in London I went out of my way to visit the small shops that were all over the place then. A surprising percentage of them were run by whites who had recently fled from SA. I told them about my experience with white people and they agreed.

            Of course, they had left the poorest whites in SA, but………..

            I imagine that their shops are now operated by Muslims. There IS NO place to run.

        • The DR leaders are a joke. They have the media saavy of a rock. They have no clue how to do outreach, none. One of the main issues our side faces is that we have no platform, no goals, no nothing for alienated whites. Basically the DR is a non-entity.

          By any measure they should have -ebooks, pamphlets, flyers, etc explaining our side, what to do, how to help, etc. Wej have none of this.

          • Baby steps. Also, that’s what we’re here for. We need to organization but very carefully and very quietly.

      • Ever see Sam Peckinpah’s incomparable “Cross of Iron”? In the same vein & one of THE greatest war films of all time! Also one,of the best looking war films ever made. Also told from the German viewpoint.

        • No, but I did enjoy the 1993 German movie Stalingrad. Great film. (There’s a later English or American file by the same name, which presumably is awful.)

  30. Ideas like the “we are actually in a simulation”, parallel universes, multiple and alternate universes, and so on have always made my head hurt trying to understand them. I’ve seen some people trying to prove the simulation theory with mathematics, but it all looks like wall spaghetti; to me anyway. A lot of it sounds like the free-floating gender nonsense.
    “So, there are more than three dimensions?”
    “Why yes, S18-1000! Time is a dimension as well.”
    “Okay, I guess that makes sense. So, four. That’s not too outlandish.”
    “Oh, not just four! There are an infinite number of dimensions! And depending on how we observe them, some dimensions may not be observable at all, or change because they are being observed.”
    “Change because they’re being observed…are dimensions light particles now? Can we interact with these dimensions, see or do anything with them, physically prove definitively exist?”
    “Well, I have a bunch of gobbledy-gook math made of assumptions and held together with suppositions, that, theoretically proves the possibility they might exist; somewhere.”
    My own theory (or suspicion if you want) is that many of these scientists/physicists/what-have-you’s are out of original ideas and have dug out their collection of old sci-fi pulp novels for inspiration to justify their university jobs.

    • There is no evidence for other dimensions and what little experimentation that has been done, as I understand it, has shown that there are no other dimensions (failed to prove or even suggest any of them exist).

      You have to wonder to what degree NASA’s existence caused more people to go into physics than were needed and that we ended up with a saturated field and now all these minds need something to do and so they came up with string theory to keep them busy. Kind of in the same way all these women’s studies departments employ feminists making ridiculous theories for something to do.

        • I could have sworn I remember at least one experiment that could have been a benefit that failed to materialize the expected results. I agree though that string theory is mostly unfalsifiable BS.

          • I forget the name of the physicist (my last physics class was in ’96) who interpreted the results of the double-slit experiment as evidence for “many dimensions,” but I recently listened to a podcast about “Quantum Gravity” and the panel seemed to think that string theory might have some application there. It’s all over my head at this point. 😉

          • Return,

            It’s above my pay grade as well. All I know is that with all the up-and-coming girl and diversity science whizzes… a dazzling future awaits us! No more stogey white men with their white thinking to hold science back any more!

            I know this because for the past ten years every movie and TV drama I’ve seen shows me that 90% of all scientific “ah-ha!” moments occur with the girls and diversity types.

            Also, I’ve come to understand that all girls are kick-ass strong and the diversities have flawless hearts of gold.

          • @ Return

            “I forget the name of the physicist (my last physics class was in ’96) who interpreted the results of the double-slit experiment as evidence for “many dimensions,”

            Hugh Everett was his name, and his theory was called the “Many Worlds” model. Everett’s theory may not be all the rage these days in quantum theory, but at least the late, great Michael Crichton put together a terrific novel based on Everett’s hypothesis, namely, “Timeline,” published in 1999.

            Can’t speak for others, but oh how I miss Crichton’s unique way of concocting terrific adventure stories while weaving in the latest science in a way that lay readers could comprehend. Crichton’s genius extended to non-fiction as well, and he was a penetrating analyst of the world around us.

            “Timeline,” like many of his novels, was made into a movie, but the celluloid version was mediocre. Read the book instead; it is much more satisfying. If you like both the fields of history and of science, pickup the novel – you’ll be glad you did.

    • The “everything is a simulation” meme is just another sloppy coat of paint over the rotting corpse of nihilism.

      • The sim-meme stikes me as an end-stage manifestation of irony-bro-ism, even among the detractors of IB’s (looking at you, Borz). Simulacra, simulation, simian simplification, it’s lolbertarian nihilistic and existentialist self-gratification, all the way down to the contrarian panty-line.

        For those of the many among us with lolbertarian, contrarian priors, let’s first heal ourselves. Simulation-fascination is lolbertarian brain-porn, and it has similar downsides. No NAP, No fap.

    • S18;
      Pretty spot-on skepticism re the idiotic ‘Universe is a Simulation’ meme percolating around. Why my derision_?

      Most, if not all, of the proponents are committed materialists. If there’s one thing a simulated universe is, it is *not* material. It’s perforce nothing but software running on some kind of a cosmic processor.

      What processor you may ask_? They have no coherent answer. I’d say it’s yet another failed attempt to refute the Ontological Argument for the existence of God. Ask any of them, “So, who wrote the code_?”

      The higher the IQ, the more ridiculous the evasion of acknowledging their (and our) need to bend the knee to Almighty God and accept his free gift of salvation through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ.

    • Something beyond big is coming. We know classical Newtonian Mechanics is an approximation – it’s really close but not quite accurate. Quantum Mechanics is simply an interpretation. And those two theories are completely incompatible with each other.

      Einstein’s dream of a unified field theory will be discovered, and it will set the future on fire with unimaginable things, things that for us can not even be imagined, things beyond all name & form.

      No one knows when, but that unified answer is out there and it will be known. Or this could be the musing of an old madd man

    • You travel back, via time machine, to 1960. There you write your dystopian novel about 2020 America. In it you describe everything exactly as it is now. Nobody would buy it. It would just be too stupid to be believed

      • Try imagining what a conversation with the founding fathers would be like. The tech aspect would be pretty easy compared to explaining modern society to them. Our highest values are homosexuals, cat women and blacks.

      • …and all watched over by machines of loving Grace. This is the last line in a poem by Richard Brautigan, a 60s poet novelist that made me realize that these people, the Hippies, were not my people.

        • Rommel drives on deep into Egypt
          His tanks are gone
          How’s your ass?

          Don’t ask me how I remember that piece of Brautigan gibberish

      • Heh. Except somehow Aldous Huxley pegged “mother” and “father” as dirty words. Test tube babies where mom and dad are triggering is the natural outcome of this transgendered madness being allowed to go unchecked.

        And there exist people who would shrug their shoulders and say there is no problem with that. Which just leaves me ready to scream the world into annihilation. As the snowflakes like to say, “I literally can’t even right now.”

    • There is no future. According to the Autistic Oracle and her bawling minions running for US President, we will all be dead as dinosaurs in less than 12 years.

      A just machine to make big decisions
      Programmed by fellows with compassion and vision
      We’ll be clean when their work is done
      We’ll be eternally free yes and eternally young

      What a beautiful world this will be
      What a glorious time to be free….

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