Our Emmanuel Goldstein

One of the best observations Orwell had about totalitarian society is had to have an opponent, against which everyone must rally. It was not just a practical opponent, like another country. The forever bad guy had to have a spiritual dimension. In opposing the bad guy, the members of the society established their commitment to the cause and thus their standing in society. Emmanuel Goldstein in the Novel 1984 and Snowball in the novella Animal Farm are his famous examples.

Of course, modern totalitarian states are almost always the result of some mass movement that swept to power. Their ascent was either based on their promise to reform or their ability to demolish the prevailing order. Eric Hoffer noted that “mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.” The bogeymen in the Orwell novels were such devils. They were the center of the moral universe for the totalitarian society.

The important part of this bogeyman role is that the bad guy cannot simply be a man with whom you can reason or even conquer. The bad guy has to have supernatural abilities and maybe be unconquerable. In the 1984, Emmanuel Goldstein is powerful enough to cause all of the regimes troubles and smart enough to avoid getting caught by the party. The value of the supernatural enemy is that they can never truly be defeated, so they are a convenient scapegoat.

This is something to keep in mind with the bizarre obsession the ruling class has with Russian meddling. Like The Brotherhood in 1984, the concept of Russian election meddling was a fabrication by the inner party of America. Initially it was just part of the widespread seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election. It was the excuse to explain the criminal shenanigans. The media was tasked with spreading the concept and it became a part of the collective reality by the time Trump was in office.

Despite the fact that no one has every provided actual evidence the Russians or anyone other than the Israelis and Saudis have interfered in our elections, the Russian meddling meme persists. The Left is captivated by it. So much so the inner party feels they must persist in the charade. This story is a great example. In order to keep the true believers excited, the FBI squanders money in phony investigations into Russian election meddling. They would be better served hunting UFO’s.

Russia has become the Emmanuel Goldstein of current year America. Whenever things go wrong for the inner party, they blame Russia. If that’s not practical, they shift the focus to Russian in some other way. Maybe it is Russian meddling in the Middle East or South America. When a party member is struggling, as we see with Biden, then it must be the work of those evil Russians. You can be sure that is trump wins in 2020, we will get another round of “Russian hacking” allegations.

As with the Orwell figures, the Russian conspiracy stuff is not just about the practical things vexing the party. There is a moral dimension to it. “You are a Putin defender” has become one of the worst things a true believer can say to someone. Whenever the party member or even just a true believer is confronted with disconfirming facts, they instinctively suspect the person confronting them is allied with Russia. Just put the phrase “Tucker Carlson Russia” into Google.

This behavior would suggest we are in a soft version of the totalitarian states described by Orwell in the last century. There’s plenty of evidence to support that claim, but the lack of organization by the inner party suggests another possible explanation. That is, the inner party of the true believers operate like a school of fish. When one fish responds to something, the other fish respond. The beautiful ballet of the school of fish or flock of birds looks like design, but it is pure instinct.

The thing that holds the ruling class together is a shared morality that not only defines them, but gives purpose to their lives. The Judeo-Puritan morality of the American ruling class runs on shared believe, not central coordination. The Judeo side cannot not stop obsessing over their ancestral homelands in the Pale of Settlement. All of those old grudges remain fresh. The Puritan side is always in a life and death battle with Old Scratch, the forever tempter of the righteous.

Put the two together and the evolving those of the inner party has turned a relatively backward country between Europe and Asia into the great villain. It give purpose to their lives and justifies their actions. Whatever Russian does, they must oppose, but whatever they oppose, they assume Russia supports. This asynchronous relationship between themselves and the devil is the center of their moral universe. Literally, who they are is the opposition to Russian meddling.

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170 thoughts on “Our Emmanuel Goldstein

  1. No one who studies our culture from a religious perspective considers us a Jude-Christian Society any more in a meaningful sense. Your use of Puritan is a Secular aspect of the culture of pioneers who founded the colonies that became the USA. That may be the problem – we are looking at them build a transhumanism-inspired Tower of Babel –

  2. Some of the dumbest commentaries I have ever read consist of denials that foreign rivals who more or less hate us don’t spy on us and try to “swing” our elections. This is, you’ll pardon the expression, “stupid beyond belief.” Of course foreign states do it in the “Open Society” U. S., where we practically invite this sort of subversion. And we do it too, elsewhere. I mean, let’s get real, eh?

    • Some commentators are even dumb enough to believe that foreigners who pretend to be our greatest allies don’t spy on us and swing our elections. Dumb & dumber.

      Where are you seeing the comments you cite and what foreign rivals are they talking about?

      If you think a “foreign rival” had anything to do with Trump’s election, you’re out on a limb.

      Talk to me about the Chinese cash Billy Jeff and Algore were raking in and you might be cooking with gas.

  3. Orwell’s use of “Emmanuel Goldstein” was a stroke of genius.

    It didn’t just get his book past the censors, the book was waved thru with racing flags and made a permanent part of high-school Boomer civics.

    An epic poison pill, Mr. Blair/Orwell, may you rest on a mountain of treasure in heaven.

  4. True Emmanuel Goldstein in current year is “whiteness” itself
    more accurate term would be “Europeanness” or anything related to European civilization

    Every handsome and masculine guy I knew were white guy such as Marlon Brando type
    Most beautiful women on earth are white girl no doubt
    Seem to me European are just better at everything than Non-European

    So what’s this all of surrounding madness that whiteness is evil and wrong?
    Why Western society need Unlimited immigration/race-mixing?

    Can someone explain this vast mentally ill behavior of Enclave of European across the world?

    • Yman, I tediously repeat myself, but I call it the Oldest War.

      Unimaginable catastrophe drove the Caucasians from their homelands. In the south, they met a shattered people who could not defeat them, yet who refused to mix.

      Those people created total war without weapons: Culture War.

      The vision of our defeat has kept them united as a People for millenia. They have ridden us to undreamed of heights, and now seek to send their horse to the glue factory. That will leave them as masters of the earth- or so they believe.

  5. “..Despite the fact that no one has every provided actual evidence the Russians or anyone other than the Israelis and Saudis have interfered in our elections, the Russian meddling meme persists…”

    Ah yes,..and speaking of America’s ‘so-called’ “BFF in the Middle East”,
    just what exactly have the Zio-Talmudist’s been up to regarding the 2020

    I will turn that discussion over to Adam Green at Know More News for
    him to elaborate on for everyone here:

    Operation BLACKOUT: Israel Hacking America 2020

    I put nothing out of possibility for those who committed many
    attacks against America, especially the U.S.S. Liberty and

    Dr. Kevin MacDonald was right when he called them
    a ‘hostile elite’; others have been right about them
    throughout history as well.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. I’m sure that the Russians are responsible for the death of that Epstein bloke. If they can poison ducks in the park in Salisbury and make the bodies disappear, sneaking into a US maximum security prison, making the guards fall asleep, killing a nonce and vanishing the security tapes should be no problem.

  7. Russia is a temporary bogeyman – they’re white and nationalist so an obvious target.

    “Climate Change” is a bogeyman they’ll keep for the long haul. It can be blamed for any damn thing – like Australian arsonists – and the only solution is more government control of the economy. It’s perfect.

  8. About 15 years ago pop culture began to conflate Nazism and Russia. I think it’s called operant conditioning. In other words, why start from scratch on Russia? Why waste all the work that was done Nazi Germany if it can be transferred onto the Russians?

    Needless to say, the Goldsteins are behind this program, being in control of the media, much of foreign policy, and of course, advertising.

  9. “The value of the supernatural enemy is that they can never truly be defeated,…”
    kinda like global warming, huh

  10. Russia has been our POWERFUL ENEMY all my lifetime. It was the right who feared and hated them and now the leftists. The beat goes on.

    I figured the leftists picked the Russians this time for two main reasons. First, simply because the right hated them long ago and now don’t. Second, because now they are so White, Traditional, and Christian. That is the oddest thing. The leftists loved them when they were officially atheist and now hate them for being to Christian. Odd that, eh? (or so damn predictable)

  11. This is somewhat O/T, but I see that Vox is upset yet again.

    This link and his statement and subsequent actions might help some now or in the future, as it provides evidence that he says one thing, then does the opposite, just scroll down.


    Also, he is a big Russia fan, and Putin fan. The NWO will have the Russians as the saviours of the West, whereas in fact they’ve worked to destroy us.

    I distrust anyone espousing working with the Catholics, and a fan of commies. Safely ensconced in Italy.

  12. Judeo-Puritan sounds like an awkward marriage. It must be the money!

    Goldstein could be about the size of the thing. How better to unite an empire than fear? Almost makes me pine for the days of brutal autocrats. At least they were honest about it.

    Better still, loosen the ties a bit and devolve into confederacy. That’s how it was supposed to be. Plus it would be a splash landing instead of the hard crash we seem to be heading towards, but that’s probably too reasonable for our rulers.

  13. Sharp column but I fundamentally disagree with who the Deep State’s Emmanuel Goldstein actually is. That prize absolutely goes to the “white nationalist” boogeyman, widely perceived in our nascent dictatorship yet always invisible. “Russian meddling” is part and parcel of the white nationalist conspiracy theory, a shorthand way to criticize the evil masses for their shameless mentality. The one time I think Tucker Carlson almost was canned was when he called bullshit on the white nationalist boogeyman. The white nationalist conspiracy theory is used to justify open borders and mass migration, to cite one example.

    While the Trump-Russia Collusion hoax exposed the Deep State as vicious and monstrous, it also illustrated how profoundly stupid and fundamentally ignorant it is. The conspiracy theory very predictably radicalized much of the country and has resulted in near-Spanish Civil War-type polarization. In fact, the idiocy has convinced me fully the United States will disintegrate in much the same way as its soulmate the USSR did and it will happen in my lifetime. While it has been rather obvious for some time the USA would unravel, the Trump-Russia nonsense intensified the hate and has accelerated the timeline.

    Much as the farcical impeachment has been exposed as a blatantly Jewish project, the revelations about the Deep State has shown what a backward and moronic country the United States has become. While I fear being an old guy in the midst of a civil war, the USA can’t die quickly enough.

    ETA: There is a third country that meddles in American politics, and that is Mexico. In fact, it probably is the worst offender.

  14. Maybe the correct analogy is Russia is Oceania? Russia hasn’t always been the enemy, and it won’t forever be ours either. China may become Oceania next.

  15. Years ago I was on the phone one day with an old friend whom I’d known since college days. This guy happened to be Jewish, but in a secular cultural way — not religious, and not a rabid Zionist, just a regular guy with a particular ethnic background. He could just as easily have been Sicilian (I know plenty of those too) but just without any Jesus stuff growing up. I’m a Catholic, but our respective religious backgrounds were simply not a topic in our friendship, the thing never came up.

    Anyway, this guy was both a friend and a colleague, and we usually just chatted in a friendly way — about mutual friends, work, art, movies, etc. We didn’t talk politics or heavy stuff, and I’m not a zany anti-Zionist or Israel-obsessive; I’m critical of the place, but mostly I don’t care what they do because I can’t stop them, it’s all out of my hands. Well, at the time of the conversation, Israel had just done some sort of egregious thing — bombed a bunch of Arab civilians, whatever, it was in the headlines. In the course of the conversation, I made a kind of sarcastic disapproving remark about what the Israelis had done. I could as well have said something sharp about Clinton bombing Serbia, but today it was Israel that was in the headlines.

    Out of nowhere, my friend shot back, “Yeah, well the Pope is a child molester.”

    W. T. F. ??!?!??

    The point being, you simply have no idea just how atavistic, paranoid, and wagon-circling these people are. Even when you get so cozy with them that you think they’re us, it turns out they very much are not.

    Which is a long way of saying, the demonization of Russia is an entirely Jewish thing.

    Here are the pieces on the chess board, in no particular order…

    — Trump in his first campaign drew giant mobs of pissed-off White people, angry that their country has been looted and destroyed. This made the Jews nervous, because they have a guilty conscience, being the primary looters and destroyers. Small wonder they always hear Cossack hoof-beats, and see Nazis under the bed: they fear a just comeuppance. This is basically what drives the Jewish anti-Trump hysteria: fear of a reckoning for their very real crimes against America.

    — Russia is a great big country full of oil, nuclear weapons, and Christian White people. It is the last strong redoubt of White people on planet Earth. Jews in their desire to destroy White people for good, and erase Christianity for good, see Russia as an enemy which must be undermined.

    — All during the Yeltsin years, Jews were busy gleefully looting and plundering Russia, draining its blood dry. Putin put a stop to Jewish plunder, therefore Putin is Hitler. You’ll recall the same sequence of events in Germany: Jews were happily plundering Weimar Germany, and Hitler put a stop to it, so Hitler became… “Hitler.” The Holocaust did not happen under peacetime Hitler, it only happened after the Jews had helped maneuver Hitler into an unwinnable war. Putin and Russia are evil for defying Jews.

    — The long-planned Jewish destruction of White America is nearing its final phases. Once the mercenary armies of orcs and rape-apes have full numerical superiority, it will be time for Bolshevik Red Terror, Part Two. And don’t think this is paranoia, Part One began a hundred years ago, and is very well-attested. White, nuclear-armed Russia is still a potential ally to American Whites, and therefore must be sidelined and eventually also destroyed.

    It’s not murder, it’s mitzvah.

    • Sharp and largely agreed except on one point: while the Judeo-Bolshevik project accelerates, these people are done, straight up done, and not only won’t be at the head of the table but will not be eating there at all. Much of what we are witnessing is a dying animal realizing it is losing power. Just ten years ago Jewish power in the United States was absolute and uncontested. In another decade the Tribe’s clout will be gone. It’s the damnest thing to have watched. Has there ever been a group of people who were this successful yet simultaneously self-destructive? The rats really exposed themselves with the blatantly Jewish project of impeachment. Say what you will about him, and he is a Zionist puppet, but Trump has the best political instincts of anyone within our lifetimes. He knew full well war with Iran was bleeding his support dry so he cut that nonsense out immediately. As recently as Bush Jr. that would not have happened.

      • I noticed that Breitbart seems to be even more hypersensitive to “anti-semitism” than ever and is removing even the most non-critical references to Jews in their comments section. That’s why commentators deliberately misspell the word “Jew.”

      • Just ten years ago Jewish power in the United States was absolute and uncontested. In another decade the Tribe’s clout will be gone.

        Today, ten years after ten years ago, Jewish power is still pretty damn near absolute and uncontested. I am guessing your reasoning is that the nonwhite legions Jewish power has imported and nurtured will get up enough steam to turn on their enablers. I can see more tension and conflict to come between the Jewish power brokers and their proxies but “the Tribe’s clout will be gone”?

        I think only non-Jewish whites can sweep the board clean like that.

    • Excellent post, but most Jews are either unaware of or ignorant of the fact that non-Whites regard them as White. Uber Whites, if anything.

      Liberals Whites are tolerated as useful idiots by the leaders of the Blacks and Browns, but they’ll be crushed eventually.

      If and when the orcs and rape-apes invade a White neighborhood, they will not make a distinction between Whites and (((Whites)))), Leftists, Liberals, Conservatives and Dissident Rightists. We are all evil racists and must be destroyed.

    • What is interesting the jewish decline ie the Weimar phase of degeneracy, hyper lending, and moral confusion. You could argue we are in that phase now, part of the looting phase. Looting of people’s culture, identity, heritage, future, wealth and place.

    • Great food for thought, doof.

      The lack of foresight here is astonishing.

      What if Captain Ahab had slain Moby Dick? Then what?

      The Jews may actually accomplish their mission. The white race exterminated. But then what?

      Monomaniacal thinking is only useful when you’re absolutely sure of what you wish for, because you may actually get it.

    • The lesson for all of us is this.

      Go into every interaction with these people assuming ” atavistic, paranoid, and wagon-circling ” plus all the other observed characteristics, is the norm.
      You will be right far more often than you are wrong and will fare much better for it.

  16. While the Puritan religion as such no longer exists in its most magnificent seventeenth-century form, its philosophical backbone remains a central part of the American identity. Crucial to the advance of capitalism it has now reached the stage where those that have made the most use of it, and their descendants, desire as much wealth and power as they can skim off the country.

    The Puritans, and their ideological followers, were the driving force behind the American Revolution, a continuation of the War of the Three Kingdoms. Their strategy continued in the US War Between the States, another episode in the Reformation’s never-ending war against Catholicism. Immigration by the unwashed, unreformed masses of Ireland, Italy and other primitive societies to the mouth of the Charles River diluted the perfect blood of the Puritan stock but just the same the Puritan mind-set was able to slither across the continent, dragging along its baggage of blue laws and restrictions on behavior. The country would have been much better off if the natives had simply roasted and eaten them.

    • And so, Tom, you are packing your bags to return to . . . land of origin/country that your people hailed from, right? The Puritans of whom you speak so disparagingly were tough customers, to be sure. Other people, almost as tough as they, stood up to them, too.

      My New England forbears left the Massachusetts Bay Colony and founded Rhode Island and Connecticut colonies a century before the American Revolution as the religious climate in Mass Bay was not to their liking. But no matter what religion you adhere to, you simply have to admire these Yankees, who within a couple of years of arriving, were living in simple dwellings with their intact FAMILIES and growing and preserving most of their own food. Then, the real miracle occurred. Immediately after putting a roof over their head, they went about establishing a church in each small community and then a school, cf. Harvard College, 1639. Are you impressed yet? These institutions still exist and for the most part are thriving. Go figure that such a horrid group of Protestant Englishmen could leave such a legacy.

  17. A cautionary note occurs to me after a couple of stiff drinks, again on Hubris and Nemesis. The one thing that hasn’t changed (enough to matter) between the USSR and today’s Russia is the nuclear arsenal.

    The one and only country on Earth that America existentially cannot afford to push to the brink is Russia. China’s arsenal is capable of doing serious damage to America but Russia retains enough nuclear capability to make sure that if we force their hand, they could take us down with them. A post-Russo-American-nuclear exchange America would at the very least be ripe for final humiliation at the hands of her rivals and dozens of resentful nations and extra-governmental interests looking to even past scores.

    I’m also not taking bets that other Final Solutions aren’t still laying around, contra official rhetoric, particularly bio-weapons.

    The Yankee-Puritan kosher-sandwich diktat of submission or genocide b/c Deus Vult worked out for Weimerica against the Confederacy, the Central Powers and the Axis, and thus far against muh Russians. But it’s a choice we can only force on the wrong opponent once.

    We’re rolling the dice for our children’s future and we’re counting on continuing a hot streak. Ask any gambler how that turns out in the end. You only come out ahead if you know how and when to stop rolling.

  18. “This behavior would suggest we are in a soft version of the totalitarian states described by Orwell in the last century. There’s plenty of evidence to support that claim, but the lack of organization by the inner party suggests another possible explanation. That is, the inner party of the true believers operate like a school of fish. When one fish responds to something, the other fish respond. The beautiful ballet of the school of fish or flock of birds looks like design, but it is pure instinct.”

    This is why they had to memoryhole the #NPC meme when it started to metastasize on Twitter a couple years back. The meme was getting too close to the truth.

    • The present regime is 80% Brave New World and 20% 1984 with the latter’s share starting to grow rapidly.

        • Crazy. President of Princeton and governor of New Jersey so I just assumed he was from there.

          • Wilson’s boyhood home is in Staunton VA, announced on historical markers in that area. He was a real old-time Southern Democrat, like Carl Vinson and Richard Russell, who came later. Wilson re-segregated the Washington DC federal workplaces and the US military during his Presidency.

      • If you’re a permanent minority, you use a friendly front as provocateurs.

        The WASP rulership was replaced in a generation or so this way. Next came the consolidation, now we’re seeing the mop-up.

  19. Had an old friend who works for the Deep State. I spent about four hours one weekend helping him prepare for the interview to land the job – that’s how far back we go. One day I said I didn’t think it was obvious Assad was the bad guy or that helping Islamist nutters take over Syria would help the U.S. or the people I care about, Christians, have better lives.

    Guy lost his mind, called me a Putin puppet or something. Haven’t spoke since. He’s a smart guy, but the tribe tolerates no other gods beside globohomo and if an old friend shows himself to be a heretic, he’s got to go. Simple as that.

    • Pray tell, what was the reason for helping Islamist nutters take over Syria? It benefits globohomo? Any idea how?

        • Here’s where Israel gets its oil:

          Over the past 25 years, significant fuel imports have come from Angola, Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, and Norway. In more recent times, the Israelis have turned to Russia, Kazakhstan, and some of the other -stans for the bulk of their oil. In 2015 – 2016, most of Israel’s oil is supplied from the volatile Kurdish region.


      • I think there were several reasons why globohomo was supporting the Syrian rebels. For most, chaos in Syria served two ends – harming a Russian ally and creating chaos that increases the demand for immigration.

        For the Americans, the main reason was that Israel prefers incompetent and chaotic Islamist neighbors over relatively more competent and stable ones.

          • “Facts” in the Ben Shapiro sense – “things we demand you accept as proven without discussion or analysis.”

            If Israel was bombing Turkey and Greece daily and supporting a Salafist head-hacking invasion of Spain and France*, I don’t think we’d call the US relationship with Israel “healthy and strong.”

            Russia’s relationship with Israel is ambivalent and fraught with unpleasant necessities, much like America’s. There is still a great deal of Jewish influence here despite persistent ethnic Russian awareness of the JQ – and despite off-loading Anna and her Fellow White Ashkepaths on America.

            Jewish money still talks, especially in a country impoverished by Bolshevism, a Cold War with Israel’s favorite golem, and 1990’s Jewish capitalism.

            Putin has done what he could to cull the ranks and limit the influence of Russia’s Jewish oligarchy, but it’s a multi-generational project. He needs a successor determined to finish the job.

            * BTW, now that I think about it, they are.

          • And with China, too, they sell them our stolen military and computer tech.

            A criminal gang will broker with any customer, remember. That’s why half the whores in Europe are named Fatima.

      • Libya/Syria: France’s (((Sarkozy))) and Genie Energy wanted the weapons, gold, and oil.

        Hillary- who’s dad was head of the Jewish Mafia in Chicago-, Valerie Jarrett (Obama) and puppets like Merkel were looking for an excuse to emplace Muslim troops in Europe.

        The Arab Spring was a repeat of Hillary and (((Albright’s))) Balkan Spring. They seized ports, mineral resources, and the Albanian Muslim mafia’s heroin pipeline to the EU market. Wesley or Ramsey Clark brought in 4500 Afghan mujahideen to Bosnia to secure that CIA-sponsored pipeline, and the bogeyman “al-Qaeda” was born.

        • PS- Valjar was Iranian, so was Lisa page, just as Vindman was born in the USSR.

          Don’t believe anything you hear about Iran. They are a controlled opposition, occupation government, useful as a spoiler in Eurasia, and as a scapegoat to rally Western elections. And, of course, as a test bed to try out strategies for breaking Aryan societies.

          What we see there is similar to Pakistan or Palestine, or Iraq and Libya, a ‘milk and bilk’ strategy where we pretend to fight, while making subterranean deals with ‘non-government’ actors, the criminal networks run by the generals and politicos, along with multinational corporations and NGO public relations fronts.

          War on it’s own isn’t so much profitable, as in ‘public costs, private profits’. Like culture war- whether drug war, lawfare, or media- it is a fulcrum to lever up asset prices beyond their market floor, while also boosting the price of the cheap weapons used.

          • Valjar has American parents; she was born in Iran b/c her father, a physician, was working there on some aid-related project. Her mother was a huge liberal, a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College. Social worker of some kind, I seem to remember. Parents were both lefties as was Val’s ex-father in law.

      • Ris, it was said for the longest time that Syria was safe because it had no oil.

        Then oil deposits were discovered beneath the Golan, and tech developed making the offshore natgas deposits of Palestine and Cyprus worth fighting over.

        Plus, the interminable squabble over routes in Pipelinestan to the seaports. In granpa’s day, the fight was over railroad routes (with oil tanker cars.)

  20. Hmmmmmm.

    Some disorganized thoughts, questions and observations arise with regard to the Jew/Russia connection:

    – The Russians murdered more Jews than the Fascist Germans did. I get the animosity that would give rise to. I get that, it makes sense.

    – The communist Bolshevik movements that gave rise to the progroms seemed to have an inordinate amount of Jews at their centre. That does not make sense. Can someone elucidate?

    – ideologically, the Russians are the spiritual brethren of our leftists. The difference between Pelosi guzzling chardonnay in her walled mansion in the gated neighbourhood – and Putin sipping chilled vodka in his dacha on the Crimean… is that Putin can handle his booze and doesn’t have to worry about menopause. You’d think they’d share some comradeship…?

    I know the Russian bogeyman is a thing for the lefties and progs… but is it for the normies? The ones I associate with see it for the flubdubbery it is just as we do… but whadda I know? Just seems to me that some of the supposed alliances and rivalries don’t make sense…

    • “Ideologically, the Russians are the spiritual brethren of our leftists.”

      Don’t conflate largely Jewish Bosheviks with “Russians.” Marxism has always been a Jewish project, as was much of the anarchism of the late 19th-early 20th century that gave birth to the more nihilistic antifa-strains of Leftism we see now. The Holodomir and the Hungarian purges, to name 2 of the more bloody deeds of Communism, were Jewish projects.

      As for “making sense,” revolutionary Communism gave the Ashkepaths the power to take vengeance on the White Russians and subjugate them.

      As for who murdered “more Jews,” the numbers of Jews killed by either Stalin or Hitler are largely left up to the Jews to determine and approve. They’ve proven an unreliable and often totally incredible source on the question, with respect to the alleged atrociities of either goyisch Fascists or goysich Russians.

      • Thank you E – I see I have some homework and some studying to do. So – was Lenin a Jew? I think I’d heard that Trotsky was, and possibly Stalin as well….

        I am not trying to be a dink, I don’t know anything about Jews as we don’t have any of them round here, and any official information about them comes straight out of the hive. As does our info about the Russian Revolution and to be honest – I no longer trust the history books or the people that wrote them.

        It just seems to me that Jews won’t hesitate to sell members of their tribe down the crapper. They always seem to find a place in the leadership of politics that hurt them as much or more than anyone else…

        • Head over to an online bookstore or Amazon and purchase Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald, The Jewish Century by Yuri Slezkine and Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed.
          If you Google those up, there still may be free PDFs out there if you want to go that route, but I think all 3 are worth owning.
          This should be enough to get you started.

          • IIRC, Amazon has banned McDonald’s “Culture of Critique.” It was the first scholarly work to be disappeared. It remains widely available at both his McDonald’s website and Barnes and Noble, to cite two examples. I think Amazon’s banning of that introductory work into the malignant nature of Jews shows how threatened the Tribe feels.

        • John, it’s important to remember that blood isn’t everything about Jewish behavior or membership on Team Zion.

          There are powerful cultural, social and economic identity elements that factor in. We’ve all seen stories about the White conservative who finds out he’s 10% Jewish and turns into a 23 & Me raging Jignat.

          That said, Marx was Jewish from a converso Lutheran family (check the second link for a lol – they did it to avoid antisemitisms, OFC)



          Engels was a goy but identified strongly with Jews (see the OO link).

          Lenin was at least 1/4 Jewish (see his Wikipedia, which goes out of its way to cite a single source to claim he didn’t know it).


          Jews are fond of confounding the question of what makes someone Jewish – is it a religion, an ethnicity, an identity, or something else, or all of those things? It’s one reason why some Jews weren’t happy with Trump’s recent try-hard order declaring Judaism a protected “nationality.” They understand the value of ambiguity, particularly in the hands of their talented sophists, and don’t like having one of their many pivot-feet nailed down.

          When in doubt, Jewish is as Jewish does. Shabbos goys like Pompeo, Trump & Romney are often just as instrumental as blood-Jews in advancing their interests.

          Be careful not to get hung up on hard rules and details when Noticing. They are always confounding and deflecting, and will strive to make you miss the forest for the trees.

          Follow your nose and you’ll learn to spot theirs.

          Occidental Observer, Kevin MacDonald’s website, is a great source for this. He has solid sober guys like Andrew Joyce there who avoid the less reliable and socially fringey edge-takes you’ll see with Anglin and some others.

          As for the various factions battling over “what’s good for Jews,” that’s a reality that some guys miss or fail to nuance. The critical thing is they’re always asking what’s good for their Tribe. They may have internal blow-ups over the route, but they dont’ disagree on the destination. There isn’t One pan-Jewish Plan to Rule Us All, but there is an almost universal desire among Jewish elites to Rule Us All, out of a mix of mainly hubris, avarice and self-justifying paranoia.

          • Ugh. There are times I feel as if I’ve been a desert dweller all my life… never having seen a tree, much less a forest full of them.

            It’s like it’s just one Pandora’s box after another with those guys. I almost don’t want to open this one because I know what I am probably going to see.

            This dissident stuff is hard to take sometimes…

          • John, I’ll make it easy for you to understand the Jewish issue: They are accused of being capitalists (own media, Hollywood and finance) and accused of being communists (very active in Russian revolution).
            They are hated for supporting Democrats and accepting foreigners into the country (assimilated Jews do) and hated for wishing to live exclusively within their own group (Hassidim and Israelis)
            Old Russian satirical limerick describes it perfectly: “We hate the Jews because the Jewess shut out beloved leader Lenin and we hate them because she missed”.

          • John, Anna provides us a ready example of the sophistry I mentioned.

            They want you to think that capitalism and communism are so “opposite” that it’s madness to believe the same people could be engaged in both.

            Capitalists and Communists fought Hitler together b/c they had a common enemy in his “third position” nationalist populist politics. Like Mussolini before and Salazar after, Hitler & the Nazis were expressly anti-Bolshevik and anti-global Capital.

            You can be Communist and find friendly Jews. You can be Capitalist and find friendly Jews. The one thing you are not permitted to have is a third option that Jews don’t support.

            That’s what we call the “kosher sandwich.” They occupy both sides of the Overton Window frame – they patrol the Right and Left to keep the discussion and debate confined to two Jewish-approved options.

            Heads they win, tails we lose.

            In the 1960’s-70’s, when the Stalin-Kruschev-Brezhnev brand of Communism had become increasingly hostile to Jewish elements, with ethnic Russians gaining power, Jews put Russia back on the enemies list. Many “third wave” Ashkenazim came over in what we call the modern Jackson-Vanik era, for the bill rammed through Congress by the Jewish lobby to accomplish that project. This bunch included the families of warmonger Max “Boot” and anti-Russia fanatics like Cathy “Young” and Julia Ioffe throughout our media and political apparatus. And Anna’s clan.

            They left because too many Russians were Noticing.

            Prior to the 1960’s Jewish Republicans were rare as hen’s teeth. Irving Kristol, father of human stain Bill Kristol, led a group of Jig-Natty Jews who converso’d their way into the GOP. Anti-Communism was back in fashion now that Jews were being deplatformed by ethnic Russian Communists.

            As a result, American Republicans and Democrats unite to fight Our Guys today despite being political “opposites.”

            Is there really any contradiction when a Jew wants nation and community-destroying diversity for a host population he wants to divide and conquer, but wants nation and community building ethno-centrism for his own people?

            Of course not. Both of those things are seen as “good for the Jews” (albeit in the short run), so even factions of Jews who may disagree on how to fight the enemy can come together in wishing the curse of diversity upon Us while enforcing the blessings of cohesion among their fellow Chosen.

          • Beautiful- “it’s just one Pandora’s box after another”.

            As David Goldman says, the generals in Egypt own all the factories. This is how Iraq’s Finance Minister, Aumi, could hold hundreds of businesses while funding both Chirac in France and Obama in Chicago.

            Above the surface, we have official government war-gaming. But the iceberg below the surface is the vast web of undisclosed ‘biznis’ that is the real game.

            It’s ‘generals’ all the way down.
            What we see is the negotiations over price.

        • Hilaire Belloc: The Jews is available free online in various formats. You might begin there, and notice the applicability to contempoary western societies.

        • Stalin was a former seminary student before dropping out to join the revolution. I’m doubtful he has Jewish roots.

          • Stalin’s wives and mistress were Jewish.

            He led Azerbajani gangsters, old allies from his days as a bank robber, back to Moscow to Purge the Inner Circle after Lenin died, but left the political commisars intact. They had what they wanted as a class, and their shabbos got the blame.

            Lenin was a Kalergi-type agent sent by the Jewish occupation Wiemar government.

            Bronstein-Trotsky was sent from New York with bankster money to fund the Revolution. Jewish Mencheviks were civic nationalists, so they were first to be purged and conquered by the Bolsheviks, who then moved on attack the Slavic Christian majority after seizing power. Their slave labor in the gulag timber and mining concessions repaid the loans by New York.

            The Prohibition was a quieter culture war means to buy up power, position, and influence here, that WASP America might be repurposed as a weapon.

          • You’re seeing mafiosi fight turf battles.
            Of course they aren’t all Jewish; Jews reset new rules of viciousness in power games and opportunists jump in.

            They bring in new levels of acceptable incivility. They demonstrate their effectiveness, so the new standards become the next baseline. A spiral of wickedness.

            It ain’t their House they’re tearing up.
            They just bring the axes.
            Then others want an axe of their own.

          • I don’t think he was. He seems to be a true believer. That seems to be what ticked him off when all his supposed believers in this atheist state started acting a bit not atheist. The story of the Israeli Ambassador visiting:

            “In the autumn of 1948 Golda Meir arrived in Moscow as Israeli ambassador. A huge crowd of Jews turned out to greet her on Rosh Hashanah. On 8 November she was warmly welcomed at a diplomatic reception by Polina Molotov (the wife of V.M. Molotov, Stalin’s longtime foreign minister), herself a member of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. For Stalin this public and private demonstration of Jewish feeling seems to have been the last straw. …an open, full-scale campaign of attacks on Jewish culture and attitudes, and on Zionism, soon began in the press.”

            Over 30 years into this atheist state, most of its leaders still Jewish and here Stalin has his “atheist” government officials openly celebrating a Jewish ambassador to a Jewish state on a Jewish holiday. Not a good look.


    • President Putin is a teetotaler. He toasts with unfermented sparkling grape juice and water. Abstention assisted his ascension to power.

      The Russian people pogromed subversives, spies, degenerates, and persecutors — who by great proportion also were Juice.

    • That Russians are the source of all Jewish misery is simply bullshit. 80% of world Jewry lived in Poland by 1750. Poland was an empire three times it’s present size and included, for example, the Ukraine, and Ukrainians, you may be sure, spoke Ukrainian, not Russian. When Russia began taking over these former Polish spheres the locals had already developed a cultural hatred of Jews, and many of their reasons were all too valid. To blame Russians for the fate of Jews is for Jews to avoid examining their own role in their own fate. That role was detailed by Jews of that time as a warning but the dye was cast.

      • Andrew Joyce did a great podcast explaining the collusion between a European rabbi, London Times jewish editor and a bunch of jews who had “outstayed their welcome” in Poland and got to Limerick. Once there, of course, they set about middle-manning the poor Irish into even greater poverty and only survived by having an unusually strong, moral and persuasive Clergyman who convinced the people to boycott all borrowing etc. The foreigners got media involved in their Pogrom of Limerick to create sympathy but they eventually lost as the locals held fast. This is why the stereotype of cleverness, business acumen and hardwork is so annoying. Try usury, cronyism, nepotism, lies etc. Hearing the truth of that incident was a real eye opener for me. This is why control of media, history etc is so powerful, it creates the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and who others are. That is also why Robin Hood and other tales have been so ridiculously subverted by modern Hollywood. Still, we all know that.

      • “former Polish spheres the locals had already developed a cultural hatred of Jews”

        Indeed. When my father was a graduate student in the early 1950’s he – for reasons never entirely clear to me – had quite a number of Polish friends. To a man they hated Jews. Many had specific family grievances (as in direct, within the three most recent generations), all had general stories of economic depredations. [1] Dad had a number of stories about various Polish friends, normally cheerful (or stoic, depending on their individual character) weeping with rage when deep in their cups. (Far from being one of those unfortunate Chinamen unable to process ethanol, the old man could drink like a fish with minimal effect. He had the hyperactive metabolism of a hummingbird.)

        [1] for a start, read up on the “Arenda system”. But I blame the Polish nobility for that debacle more than I blame the Jews. Sure, the latter were cruel and exploitative, but the former had obligations to their own folk, which they failed to carry out, instead selling (or renting) them out to vicious outsiders.

  21. And that fantasy obsession/obligation is both a fundamental weakness of Progressivism and the reason it is so destructive to our species. We evolved in a natural world in which ignoring reality got you dead at an early age. In the Progressive Universe, you can only survive by embracing fantasy. Somethin’s gotta give, or we all become extinct sooner rather than later.

  22. Russia isn’t just a convenient enemy but the only other powerful nationalist nation-state next to the US. Getting Russia and the US into a shooting war was the original plan but then Hillary lost. The Deep State has been scrambling ever since.

    • China is much more of a threat than Russia. If there is such a thing as a bogeyman, China is it. But the Cloud People make a lot of money off being nice to the Chinese, so we must discount any worries.

      • “China is much more of a threat than Russia”
        Enlighten me. To whom is China a threat and why?

        I personally feel no threat from China, do you?

          • Really? I think they lost their jobs to the elite who shopped the world looking to save money. I gather that the jurisdiction du jour is now Vietnam. Doesn’t that make them “The Enemy”?

        • I didn’t when they were on bicycles, not yet building nuclear launch submarines in Pakistan, targeted satellite platforms in Guangzhou, and bioweapon labs in Xinang.

          Or facial recognition and social credit scoring and for Langley.and Cambridge

    • I would tend to disagree with that take. I suspect that had Clinton won in ‘16, we wouldn’t have heard a peep about Russian collusion.

  23. There is no organized cabal as a single entity, but joint interest groups and individuals with insidious instincts to make ruin of the old order of Western Civilization to create themselves as well-offs in a new order. These instincts are both inherited and taught. It has been ongoing for centuries and in many different incarnations. It will never end, it is the struggle of good versus evil. Men who want to be gods versus men who serve God.

    • Yeah I can still remember when I realized that the first commandment could mean don’t turn yourself into a god

      • Whitney: Which is the effect reason seems to have on people. Funny how deep that goes when you think about it. Just throwing it out there.

        • That’s how I see “take not His name in vain”- don’t abuse His authority as vanity, as cover, to do wickedness ‘in His name’.

          Not as, “don’t cuss”– that’s for children.

    • It would be interesting to see see the membership overlap between the Trilateral Commission and the CFR. Or the attendee overlap between Bildeberg and Davos.

  24. Let us never forget that Ted Kennedy (“the lion of the Senate”) was actually coordinating with Russia in the early 80s to interfere with U.S. elections. Naked treason is only acceptable if it’s being done by the ruling class themselves, as they’ve done for generations. What comes to mind, brought up perviously by Z Man, is all of the scares that went on in pre-revolutionary, 1780s France. You have eras like this when everyone knows that a turning point is coming, that whatever tangent we’ve been on (in this case since the 1940s) is coming to an end, and another will begin, and when it begins, a lot of people currently on the inside looking out will be on the outside looking in.

  25. Good buddy of mine told me a story back in the 80s about a Russian warship docking at one of the piers. Said it was amazing to still see this relic being pressed into service.

    The story of the Russian boogeyman is an old one and being perpetuated by those who own the media.

  26. I think the real bad guy for the long run (in terms of running-down and disassembling Western Civ) is not going to be Russia, it will be much more along the lines you described: “The bad guy has to have supernatural abilities and maybe be unconquerable.”

    Only racism has the ability to create Magic Dirt, and Unconcious Bias, and Generational Hatred, and even, going by something that was reported on Radio Renaissance this week, to cause premature births to black mothers in neighborhoods where unarmed blacks – not armed, and not white or Hispanic – are shot, but only by police and not by each other. Pure magic, that.

    Racism is already filling the Emmanuel Goldstein role. How many two-minutes hate for racism have we had just this week? British royal family? That Sandmann kid back in the news for piling-upon? You’ll see another in a few days. We could play Bingo on cards made with exponents or racism scattered where the numbers should be: Orange Man Bad, zoning laws, down payments, bail, standardized testing, you, me, the next person to read this, etc. Games could be won in a week or two!

    • Doc, exactly this. In the current year, to be a realist and a truth-speaker is merely evidence that you and I have not sufficiently internalized crimestop or adequately acknowledged 2+2=5. O’Brien has much more work to do. The Inner Party seems to realize that the Victory gin failed to lobotomize us; so now it’ll have to be the everlasting boot to the face.

    • Yep, Russia is just a temporary stand-in. White Racism – and by default, white people – is our eventual Emmanuel Goldstein.

      The demonization of whites has only just begun.

  27. The Puritan ethos without Christianity remains with us in 2020 and its zealousness knows no limits it seems. Tie the religion of secular Puritanism to the grievances of the Eastern European Jews against Russia and western Christianity, throw in the grievances of the unassimilated blacks and we have quite the pot of stew here in America.
    Let them gain complete control of big tech and the surveillance state and it becomes a poisonous death stew that will be hard to get away from. Eat it or die. Problem is if you eat it you will die.

  28. OT – I went to a US sporting event on Thursday night. The amount of energy these white men put into their tribal games is insane.

    Grown, bearded men standing up and letting out unprovoked howls. Throwing away 12USD on a can of beer. You can see the wild warrior spirit that runs among us on display at these games. The sense of tribal camaraderie. And you know what, it feels good. We have a wild streak in us and I also went out of character and started screaming at some points.

    Anyways, after seeing these white men turn into savage beasts, I can see why tptb and all their minority puppets are terrified of us. All we have to do is transfer that spirit from sportsball tribe to their racial and national tribe.

    • It’s even better with hockey. White people cheering for other white people. Doesn’t get any better.

    • That can be done by getting rid of pro-sports which only serves to siphon emotional energy from white men.

      There is a reason why Rome used bread and circuses – it was to keep the masses from rebelling and killing the Patrician class. The same here. You don’t want people sitting at home stewing in their juices about how bad they got f**ked over at work and why property taxes are so high and why therr city is full of nasty foreigners.

    • Yes, but sportsball tribalism is the substitute for actual tribalism. Bread and circuses to the max. These are money making machines whose goal is that, any tribalism outside of team and player worship is counter to $ grab. The NFL let it slip too soon. Wait until another 20 years go by.
      Speaking for myself, haven’t watched, and more importantly haven’t subsidized, pro sports in years.

      • It’s worse than a mere substitution of an ersatz thing for a genuine thing. It’s white men trained to worship millionaire mostly negros working for billionaires, an astonishingly large proportion of whom are Jews. It’d be bad enough showing adulation for a false thing, but this is adulation of people who hate you, controlled by smarter and more ruthless people who quite possibly hate you even more.

    • Watch four or five white guys go on a hunting trip. That’s what terrifies ((TPTB)). It’s not just the guns and hunting aspect. It’s the planning, coordination, attention to detail, feel for the land, expert use of tools (both high-tech and low-tech) and cooperation from beginning to end. And no one told them to do any of this, i.e. independent thinking.

      No other group on the planet can do that like white guys. ((TPTB)) sure as hell can’t. They manipulate numbers and words. They’re fake and they know it. Those white guys need to be eliminated.

  29. Where does the “white man” fit in the schema of evil? Are Putin and Russia simply manifestations of whiteness or is there a multiplicity of evil entities with which the contemporary human must contend?

    • Depends on who you ask. To the black and brown ascendants, the Russians are just another manifestation of whitey.
      To all the cat-women doing the kvetching, Russia is the evil empire about to do a bunch of pogroms.

      The French in Haiti was broke into factions, who wanted to use the slaves as a battering ram against each other. But in the end, they all got got. Men, women, children, it didn’t matter. Just another whitey. The black and brown ascendants hate us all equally. Progressive, Neo-fascist, nationalist, liberal, it doesn’t matter. We’re all just whitey.

    • Reagan was Hitler, Bush was Hitler, Bush II was Hitler, Trump is worse than Hitler…in retrospect Clinton was Hitler, Nixon was Hitler, by definition anyone president before the enlightenment of ’68 was Hitler.

      There are no multiplicities, only multiples with Hitler as the starting point.

  30. A little far-fetched, but an interesting thesis. Great fun too! Me? I favor Emmanuel Goldstein. Both supernatural and Jewish, all bases are covered!

    • You must be new. The Puritans were actual communist when they arrived at Plymouth and starved after their first communal planting. They went private after that experience, but didn’t change their stripes. Their 19th century ancestors sought to change the world they knew and started the War Between the States. The 20th century version became atheists and joined with the Jews, also atheists, to rule the world. That is Judeo-Puritan morality.

    • It’s actually correct. You see they taught history wrong.
      The Puritans didn’t flee to escape religious persecution. It was because they couldn’t persecute everyone else.
      Puritans are a Christian heresy. They believed they could bring about heaven on Earth by making sin impossible. Outlawing a buncha things.
      Fast forward a hundred years or two and you get social gospel. Which is basically the same heresy. Collectively society could achieve salvation and Utopia if we outlawed sin.
      Fast forward another hundred years and we have progressivism. If we outlawed sugar and plastic we’ll bring in heaven on Earth.
      That’s why progressives hate real Christians. They’re a heresy. They may have forgotten thier past but that’s the reason.

      • Agree. The Puritans wanted a sectarian-totalitarian State.
        It’s no accident that the vast majority of US evil comes from their NE Gene-pool sink-hole,

      • And they’ve been followed everywhere they’ve gone. Ever since. It continues to this day.

      • Exactly. The TL;DR is: the Puritans came here because no one at home could stand the miserable bastards. (I’m a blast at Thanksgiving, in case anyone is wondering.)

    • I don’t understand the second option. What do you mean ” hate God”? Which religion does God have dibs on?

  31. Readers will recall that the Russians were our friends when Hill and Barry needed to ridicule fear of Russians under the beds among the deplorable or enrich their friends and foundations. Our melanin-enriched president promised them his flexibility after his re-election, all in the spirit of collegiality of course.

    Oh,wait, sorry, I forgot for a moment that we’ve ALWAYS been at war with Eurasia.
    This message will self-destruct in three… two… (smoke, sounds of truncheons landing as a scream is heard, SORRY, I COULDN’T HELP NOTICING!).

  32. “ The Puritan side is always in a life and death battle with Old Scratch, the forever tempter of the righteous.”

    That is the most metal sentence I’ve ever read here -I read that as “Forever Templar”, debut album “Forever Righteous”. I’m stealing that. Ha!

  33. You’ve touched on this before and it’s really a very interesting subject. I don’t know of any other country that’s so obsessed with this concept of a “bogeyman who’s out to get America”.

    I think maybe Cuba would be in second place for propagandizing a national paranoia of America. But in their case, for good reason, since you actually attempted an invasion of their country back in 1961.

    It seems like every decade or so, someone in your government invents a new bogeyman. In some ways, it’s a paranoia on par with our national guilt for our old Austrian chancellor; it just doesn’t seem to ever go away. Hopefully the new generation of millennials, who have no connection with the last century, can get past it all.

    The really weird part is how Russia continues to be the boogeyman dejour for America, while China is still getting caught stealing US technology, spying on US military bases, etc. on a routine basis.

    Maybe if Russia could just start making cheap products to sell in Walmart, everyone would be as happy with Uncle Putin as they are with Uncle Xi.

    • Re: “Russia continues to be the boogeyman dejour, while China is still getting caught stealing US technology, etc”

      We get the same level of insanity vis a vis Iran and Saudi Arabia. I’ve been hearing about Iran as the boogeyman since the 1970s. We constantly hear about them being “terrorists” yet all of their terrorism seems to be mostly confined to the Middle East. Yet a whole bunch of Saudi Arabians fly planes into our buildings and kill thousands of people – and the best response we can muster is to invade Iraq.

      Then a Saudi national is caught running away from the site of the Boston Marathon bombing – and the chief of Saudi intelligence right around the same time brags about how “they control the Chechens” (the Boston bomber brothers were both Chechen) – and it all goes away quickly and we’re right back onto the Iran thing.

      I’ve known a couple of Iranians in my youth – and they both seemed like good people. Boston is a college town, and while I’ve never known any Saudis personally – you can get exposed to them if you travel in the right areas. They all seem like a bunch of a-holes.

      Once you start pointing out the insanity of this to people – I’ve noticed that they do start to take notice. But there is definitely a constant drumbeat supporting the narrative – and most people can’t seem to think outside of it.

      • The other night Tu-Ca pointed out, half in jest, that if Iran lavished money on Think Tanks, Foundations, Lobbies, and corporations in the US the way Israel and Saudi Arabia do we might have better relations with them. When I was a kid an SA did a hit-and-run (speeding and drunk driving) on Beacon between Arlington and Berkley and instead of throwing him in Charles St Jail they flew him to Nantucket. (Who know Nantucket had a jail?) That’s the last I remember hearing of it. Saudi’s always manage to get spirited out of the country, don’t they? https://tinyurl.com/vvkmukk

        • “Saudis always manage …”

          Indeed, as is only fitting. After all, The Magic Kingdom (KSA) are our Second Greatest Ally. And in fact they have done nearly as much harm to us as Our Greatest Ally.

          Now what is highly interesting is the degree to which the KSA is hated by other Muslims, including the Sunni ones.

        • I think the part that really gets under my skin isn’t necessarily the fact that we’re perpetually pissed at the Iranians , but rather that “we” (conservatives it seems especially) will bend over backwards to talk about how the Israelis and the Saudis are our “friends”.

          With friends like that – who needs enemies? The list of attacks against this country by Israel – is long. The USS Liberty being just one of them. Given the level of anger directed at Iran for the hostage crisis – if we were treating all things as equal – we should be raging at the Israelis still for the Liberty attack.

          The Saudis seem to be a big smarter about it – in that they smile to our faces – and then send deniable agents over to blow us up.

          Not many people recall – but the news had the stories about here for the first couple of days at least after the marathon bombing. A Saudi national was caught running away from the bombing. Some civilians actually tackled the guy if I remember correctly. He was then brought to the hospital – and kept under guard – because he had been so close to the bombing that he took some injury, plus the guys who tackled him put a bit of a beating on him. But then the news stories were memory-holed – and the guy was quietly spirited out of the country.

          If I recall correctly – I read somewhere that the guy had been traced back to a prominent Saudi family – and the feeling was that he was some sort of agent , there to make sure the Chechen brothers did their job correctly. Now most people would deny there is any possible connection. But another thing that happened after that – during the time period when the Russians were involved in Syria and they were holding the Winter Olympics (2014) – was that Saudis were pissed about the Russian involvement – and head of Saudi intelligence or something like that – threatened the Russians over the Syrian involvement – and said they’d make a mess of the Olympics because they (the Saudis) “controlled the Chechens”.

          A couple of years after the marathon bombing – I had a conversation with a guy I met who was on the Boston Police Dept. – and heavily involved in the events of that day. When I asked about the Saudi – he confirmed that there was some sort of shennanigans going on there.

          And so you’ve got TWO incidents where the Saudis were most likely directly involved in murdering Americans – on American soil.

          I can’t recall any incidents where Iranians have done the same.

          Yet the Saudis are our “friends” – and the Iranians are right up there with the Russians as “enemies”.

          It’s shit like this that makes me fail to take anything coming out of the power structure seriously – or immediately think it’s all just a lie.

    • Part of the modern religion says POC can’t be bad. So Russia has to be the bad guy. It would be racist if China was.

    • I find it hilarious how much — and how unconsciously — the Judeo-Puritans sound like New Soviet Men. Swap out the obscenities for Commie argot, and the typical #Woke Twitter sounds exactly like Stalin-era Pravada. We’re beset by wreckers and saboteurs, comrades! Even the best worker — especially the best worker — can be an agent of running-dog imperialism. Even the shifts in groupthink are signaled the same way. Just as Stalin signaled one of his major policy shifts in an “academic” article about linguistics or something, so too do you have to look at the stuff on New Real Peer Review and the like to see the next front of #Woke insanity developing. Czeslaw Milosz’s The Captive Mind should be required reading.

  34. It’s easy to dismiss the lot of them as nutters, but they are seriously just this side of psychosis, and they are going to regain power in the not too distant future. Gloves off then, because they simply won’t be able to restrain themselves. People who are working at building networks shouldn’t spend a lot of time idling about. Bright side, civnat eyelids popping open.

    BTW, “Judeo-Puritan,” love it!

  35. Its having an effect in Russia. The foreign Minister Lavrov told the Washington Post to piss off last year” ‘Whatever I answer, you’ll write what you want,’”

  36. Much of the Judeo-Puritan groupthink revolves around the idea that every country on the planet wants to be like America. And then it further assumes that every nation on the planet had no collective history prior to 1776. Foreign policy devolves from there.

    • Even what passed for “conservative” believed that Iraqis who had been ruled by despots since the time of Ur of the Chaldees craved democracy. I don’t think any mainstream conservative would have thought that in 1985, but they sure did in the leadup to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

  37. As night falls in St. Petersburg and the grid lights up, the enormous gulf between the oooga-booga and the reality is backlit for anyone to Notice.

    This is Russia’s NYC, its second largest city, population just under 5 million, but walking around the city you can’t help but see that for all their pride, Russians are still trying very hard to recover from Bad Times – and they have a way to go yet. It’s very functional, on a par with a mid-sized American city for the most part, but if you separate the cultural and historical elements, St. Petersburg is more a Whiter Boston or even Cleveland than it is New York or Los Angeles.

    It’s a world-class city by virtue of its history, art & architecture, not its infrastructure. I’m going to miss Moscow on this trip but most folks tell me Moscow is where the modernity is. The contrast between Oslo or Copenhagen and St. Petersburg is pretty stark for all that my heart is pulling for the folks here in many ways.

    Unsurprisingly for any Euro-style city, its public transportation is much more available, cheap and redundant than a comparable American city. Food & drink is decent quality and very reasonably-priced. The US dollar translates to fat rubles in general. They have the basics reasonably covered. For quality dinner & drinks tonight I will probably drop less than $100.00 for what would cost me probably twice that or more in the U.S. in general, much less my usual haunts in SoCal.

    The people here are not the resentful ideologues with chips of inferiority on their shoulder that populate the Ashkenazi folk tales of Hollywood and the legacy media. They are more worried about making this place better than geopolitics. America is righteously resented here but I honestly heard more flak about us in Scandinavia than I have here.

    I’m mindful that talking politics occurs more among friends than strangers here, but it seems to me that the people who are concerned with things foreign in general are still more inclined to emulate our culture than hate it. God help them, many still can’t see what We do, the dark underbelly of consumerism and the kitsch culture of the sham-Am-Irish pubs, foodies and Hollywood.

    Like him or not. Putin is a net-positive for Russia and we did more than anyone else to put him in power. We stabbed Russia in the back with NATO expansion and the Larry Summers cabaret of carpetbaggers we sent to “teach Russia capitalism” good & hard. Yeltsin’s name is still anathema here, but he was merely the stooge for Western (((elites))). The USA turned two-plus generations of Russians from hard Anglophiles to soft Anglothropes.

    Pat Buchanan was warning us in the 90’s that this would result in the resurrection of Western-hostile Russian patriotism, but the cult of neo-con-lib, capitalist-socialist, multi-cultural mono-culture in which truth is found in silence, love is who you hate and war is how you make people free, happy and prosperous prevailed.

    Let’s cut ties and get Our People clear of the 800lb albatross of Second Founding Ashkepathic Imperial Hubris before Nemesis marshals the world-spanning enemies of Empire and starts settling accounts in the most Old Testament fashion.

    • Good rendering of the sensibilities of the place.

      Ever read Ryszard Kapuscinski? He was a Polish journalist during the Cold War. He wrote a very good travel book about the USSR and its collapse over a 50 year period. He has a lot of very good insights about the corrupting nature of empire and the effects this has on identity and community, insights that translate well for our current pickle.

      “In the first part, entitled First Encounters (1939-1967), Kapuściński writes about the 1939 entry of the Red Army into Pińsk, his home town in the Polesie area, and about the poverty and terror he experienced during the ensuing Soviet rule. He continues to describe his postwar experiences in the Soviet Union, including his travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway, and his travels to Central Asian and Transcaucasian republics of the Soviet Union, today Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

      The second part of the book, From a Bird’s-eye View (1989-1991), makes up over one half of the book, and is a travelogue from his lone trips around the Soviet Union during its collapse. In the European part of the USSR Kapuściński visited, among others, Brest, Moscow and Donetsk, in the Far North – Magadan and Vorkuta, in the South – Tbilisi and Yerevan. During these voyages he traveled over 60,000 km, mostly by plane.

      The last, shortest part, The Sequel Continues (1992-1993), is a summary. It is also an attempt to analyze the changes in the countries that arose from the disintegration of the USSR. According to the author himself, the whole work does not end with a higher and final synthesis, but with the reverse, because during its writing the subject and theme of the book, the great Soviet Empire, has disappeared. ”

      He wrote another book also worth reading: Travels with Herodotus. He takes excerpts from Histories and compares those tidbits to his own reactions to traveling in strange lands.

      He’s not one of us but he is at times a kindred spirit.

      • I think I saw some of his stuff in my libertarian-con days but dismissed him as a standard anti-colonialist lefty. I just put Imperium on my to-read-list.

  38. As a child of the fifties I have seen this Russia obsession switch polarities. Liberals I have known all my life were contemptuous of “cold warriors”, and they loved to use that phrase about “searching for Russian commies under the bed.” The shoe is now on the other foot, even though Russia today is nothing like the powerful foe the U.S.S.R. was prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall. My liberal in-laws and liberal “friends” are now earnestly looking for Russian spies under their toilet seats. Fact is stranger than fiction. Too bad Tom Wolf is dead. He could have written a fantastic novel about this.

    • Ep, this bizarro-world inversion has always boggled me too. The pre-1990’s anti-anti-Communists are now parody-grade anti-Russians. Despite all the strum and drang over economics and constitutions, it really boiled down to blood feuds older than America between peoples who had nothing to do with Ourselves and Our Posterity.

        • There’s more to that than people think. I truly believe one of the reasons that the Dems are so soft on Chinese Communists, is that they still say they are Communists, Putin meanwhile is elevating the Orthodox Church. That alone is enough to make him a villain.

    • Don’t forget how much Bernie Sanders loved Russia when it was the USSR and the declared enemy of the U.S. (he even spent his honeymoon there). I soooo hope that Bernie gets the nomination.

      • Find it funny that Bernie was honeymooning with the Comrades in Russia the same year Trump was going all in on the bankrupt and decrepit Commodore Hotel on 42nd street. The latter deal is widely regarded as the inflection point for the revitalization of that corridor in Manhattan and the city in general.

    • Yes, the Left hated Russia before the Revolution; they were pro Russian when it was an open-air gulag under Soviet rule; they became anti-Russian when Putin threw out the oligarchs and there was some semblance of a return to Christianity.

      • To any on-the-fence readers who think your righty friends are being hyperbolic about commies— Sebastian just gave you evidence what the left is about.

        Then again you could say commies are the right’s Goldstein. Maybe there’s something to it all?

    • I would happily take a series of Hunter Thompson’s dispatches from the Democrat campaign trail

    • Epa, the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory more or less is a continuation rather than an inversion. The Left was and is pro-communist, and Putin’s is seen as a traitor to Marxism. If Russia reverted to communism tomorrow, these people would again embrace it.

      • I don’t think reverting to Communism would be enough. For Russia to be redeemed, it would have to celebrate sodomy and tranies.

        • Nah, upon reverting to Communism the Leftist will jettison the sexual deviant and mentally ill. They are only useful tools to break down the existing forms of family, morality and accepted norms. They make lousy serfs and comrade-soldiers.

    • ‘Liberals I have known all my life were contemptuous of “cold warriors”, and they loved to use that phrase about “searching for Russian commies under the bed.”’

      Well, that’s because back in those days the so-called Liberals were anti-establishment self-described revolutionaries. The revolution is complete. It has been since the 70s or 80s. The so-called Liberals are now the new establishment. Now they, too, must fall back on the Russian boogeyman lest they face the people of the country who did not vote for them, and whom they, the establishment, are now at war with.

      Counter-revolution must be the rallying cry of everyone who wants the academic left expunged from our gov’t and institutions.

  39. It would be fun to troll Lefty with a pro-Putin update of that Reagan-era Sting ballad, “Don’t the Russians Love Their Children, Too?”

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