The Plague

The zombie apocalypse is upon us. It is time to load up on ammunition, potable water and the dehydrated food they say will last generations. Of course, it also means cutting yourself off from the rest of humanity, as you can’t be sure when they will catch the virus and turn into a zombie. You might have to use the ax on the guy next door, who just moved in, so there’s no point in getting know him. It also ensures that whatever is turning people into zombies will not get to you.

We may not be on the verge of a zombie apocalypse, but there is a cornavirus outbreak in China that has spread to several other countries. The Chinese are taking it very seriously, warning people to limit travel and avoid the outbreak zone. They are saying the virus has mutated, but what exactly that means is unclear. There has been at least one case in the United States. The infected person had recently traveled to the outbreak region of China and developed the symptoms.

Now, it is highly unlikely that this will turn into a pandemic that wipes out a large swath of humanity, like the Black Death. It’s not impossible, but the odds are low because of modern technology. One reason the plague spread so easily is the poor sanitation in urban areas. People were exposed to all sorts of unhealthy things. They also lacked the medical care we take for granted. Mortality rates for plague today are about 10%, while they were as high as 60% in the Middle Ages.

Even as recent as a century ago, doctors were still blaming miasmas, bad odors, for various diseases. One reason the Spanish Flu spread so far is the general understanding of germ theory was in its infancy. Rather than isolating infected people and quarantining infected areas, people traveled as normal, spreading the virus all over the world in a short period. The Great War had millions of people moving from their homelands to foreign areas and the virus went with them.

That is the one connection between the last great pandemic and this new coronavirus outbreak in China. Every day millions of people leave their home area and travel to some new area for business, crime, tourism and so on. Humanity is probably more mobile today than at any time in history. Maybe there was more net mobility in the great industrial wars of the last century, but it is close call. The possibility of something really bad being spread by people is therefore at a peak.

Modernity may be the reason we are much more vulnerable to a civilization-wrecking pandemic than at any time in the past. A century ago, most humans lived in rural areas and farming was the number one employer in most of the world. Even industrialized nations still had close to half the workforce engaged in agriculture. Most men still had the wherewithal to maintain themselves in a pinch. The cities would be crippled by a plague, but the rural areas could carry on,

Today, 90% of western populations are dependent on the system to provide the basics of life, like food, water and heat. If enough people die from plague or even get really sick, the supply chain will break down. Given how near run all modern business is these days, the margin for failure is pretty low. A few weeks of failed logistics in the food business would leave whole communities starving. One water main break could cut off water to an entire city, if the work force has fallen ill.

Modern society could be like Jenga, the kid’s game where players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower of blocks. When everything is running as designed, removing one item does not cause collapse. If a few items stop working, then maybe it just takes one wrong failure for the whole thing to come down. For example, a pandemic plus a series of bad weather events leads to widespread food shortages, which in turn lead to civil unrest in major cities.

There’s also another angle to the risk analysis of modern society. Much of the infrastructure in America has been neglected for generations. Drive around an East Coast city and the roads are like the surface of the moon. Under those roads lie generations-old sewer, gas and water pipes that have been neglected. It takes a lot of manpower to keep them running. The same applies to lots of other basic infrastructure around the country. Manpower is needed to keep it functioning.

One reason for this is simple corruption. The ruling class no longer feels a duty to the societies over which they rule. They are extractive in nature, seeking only to skim and pilfer what they can from the people they rule. Another reason though is the collapse of social capital from mass migration and financialization. Most of the public stuff we rely upon is maintained by local communities. The obliteration of those over the last few generations is showing up in the infrastructure.

In a serious crisis, like a deadly pandemic, survival will depend upon communities voluntarily working together to provide the basics and care for the weak. For much of America, this is now impossible. In Europe, where 80-90% of people live in urban areas now dominated by foreigners, it would also be impossible. The point being, the cost of responding to a serious pandemic like the Spanish Flu is now much higher. In fact, we may not be able to react to such a threat.

Now, it is possible that like scarcity, humanity has overcome the threat of pandemic, through medicine and technology. The SARS outbreak killed 800 people, but in a world of billions of people, that is a trivial event. It’s three airliners crashing in a year. Just as we no longer prepare for famines in the West, we may no longer need to plan for another round of the Black Death or similar. Of course, people had similar thoughts before the outbreak of the Spanish Flu a century ago.

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156 thoughts on “The Plague

  1. Stop worrying so much.
    WHO General Rhesus is on the job.

    It looks like his name is pronounced Gay-Bray-Rhesus.

    “Meanwhile, the World Health Organization decided against declaring the outbreak a global emergency for now….
    (It would cost China $)
    …The decision “should not be taken as a sign that WHO does not think the situation is serious or that we’re not taking it seriously. Nothing could be further from the truth,” WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said. “WHO is following this outbreak every minute of every day.” -AP News

  2. Interesting, only 140 comments ?

    Thought for sure the ” zombie apocalypse “would bring out more interest 🙂

    The survival / prepper community had used the word zombie as a nice way of saying your neighbors. Sounded better when you had to talk about what needed to be done in a time of crisis knowing most people would want to come to your house and kill you for your last can of baked beans.

    Was interesting to see the word zombie enter into the common vernacular. Then movies and television. Up until then zombies have been relegated to the old black-and-white era along with the Werewolf and the Mummy.

    For now the old standby of water, food and self-defense for this household.
    Beyond that only the folks living self-sufficiently off the grid in some remote location are going to be safe from a major disaster / pandemic.

    Really, really not looking forward to anything like that.

  3. In the absence of God, the Elites seek to make any event a product of Man alone. There can’t be a catastrophe that “just happens” or is a result of “bad luck”, it *must* have a human-driven origin. Any calamity is caused or made more calamitous by “climate change” or “structures of imperialism”. These people believe all things exist in accordance with the will of Man which, in their ideal society, means their own Will.

    Wiser men are less arrogant than this.

  4. The problem with zombies is they aren’t dead-dead but undead. Their higher brain functions have failed.

    Therefore we have been in the Zombie apocalypse for many years. At least since Hillary, probably since Romney.

    But these zombies don’t have parts falling off and can vote. And are all the most basest desires, even if they lack reason and can’t articulate them except for the SJW shrieking.

    Or the borderline zombies who Trump is walling off.

    Or the quarantine areas known as universities.

    The only difference is there is a rare but possible cure, but I think, not the world, but the coasts will burn.

  5. At some point, enough people are affected that people start dying because the people who would perform the life-saving functions are, themselves, sick or dead.

  6. A few years ago there was a lot of talk about the coming antibiotic apocalypse. Not being mentioned now so either they’ve fixed it and there are a load of new antibiotics in the developmental pipeline, or there is now a general acceptance that things will gradually get worse.
    Of course every cloud has a silver lining, for one thing the pensions funding crisis could turn out to be a lot less of a problem than anticipated. In addition health insurance costs could well plummet as most of the really expensive medical interventions will quickly become impossible in a world without reliable infection control

  7. Global outbreaks are good for business, be it the World Health Organization, NGOs, other non-profits, pharma and biotech companies, the doom-porn industry otherwise known as the MSM, or Wall Street, plus, of course, manufacturers of face masks and hand sanitizers.

  8. A patient with bubonic plague showed up in my ER thirty years ago. He was a soldier who had been sleeping on top of his bag instead of inside it, in the California summer at a base (FHL) where the ground squirrels run the place – until they start dying and their fleas jump ship.

    This was a cinch: one case, easily treatable, not spread casually. One of my most memorable moments was telling him and his wife what he had. They hadn’t heard of it until I used the synonym Black Death. Of course, I didn’t say that until I had made it clear that he was going to survive – his fever was already gone by the time the CDC Plague Lab confirmed the diagnosis.

    In terms of hospitals being ready, most have the ability to quarantine only a very small number of patients at a time. In a serious outbreak, we’ll learn something about the behavior of different groups when faced with such challenges.

    I’ve read where, when cruise ships actually have to board lifeboats in earnest, all discipline breaks down and the rule of the day is, this boat is for people like us, with the deck crews orchestrating the segregation in some cases.

    A real Hollywood-level outbreak would reveal a lot about just how much ruin is left in our society. Methinks not much.

  9. ” You might have to use the ax on the guy next door, who just moved in, so there’s no point in getting know him.”

    Yeah, but that’s got nothing to do with the zombie apocalypse, its just part and parcel of living outside the gated, liberal whitopias.

  10. While a pandemic of any kind, disease, natural disaster, riots, or financial breakdown is scary what is much more frightening now would be the government’s response or lack of it.

    When I was a kid I lived in a major black ghetto that erupted in one of the many race riots in the 60’s. I remember seeing hundreds of national guard troops locked and loaded with armored vehicles patrolling our area. At the end of our block a machine gun nest was erected. The police and the guard did not mess around. Thousands of arrests were made. Over a thousand people were wounded and a large number killed by authorities. By the end over what today would be about 1/3 of a billion dollars of damage was done.

    But the vast majority of the rioting was contained in the black areas and few rioters ventured into white neighborhoods. Today????

    Today if this happened there would be few arrests, authorities would back off and stand down as much as possible. The only thing keeping white areas safe would be the fear of the rioters of whites with guns. How many whites would even defend themselves with those guns??? And if the 2A is effectually gone……

    • Today’s policies in California, which leave productive, tax-paying citizens on their own to defend against addicts and mentally ill who rob them, is giving rise to a feeling of vigilantism. Understandably. Except people who defend themselves end up being taken in to custody and prosecuted by the law, while the criminal scum go unpunished to live for more robberies until they die of drug overdose. This is one of Soros’ methods of destabilizing societies, something that’s been unleashed on countries around the world for corporate benefit, and which has been unleashed in the U.S.

      • Ursula—I live in CA and you are correct. At this time police will not even become involved unless more than $950 worth of theft or damage is done. What surprises me is that I don’t see mobs of teens taking the bus to our area, stealing $900 worth of merchandise each, taking the bus home, only to come back each day. I don’t see the police stopping them and if any security guards touch them they can sue the corporation that owns the store.

        Then there are the homeless who do whatever they want to do. And you are right, if I defend me and mine I will be the one on trial.

        • We’ve yet to see how this evolves. Will whites protect themselves or be permitted to do so? Dr. Drew Pinsky is thinking of running for office and he seems pretty based but I’m wondering if he’ll be gotten to. There was a Swiss woman in Beverly Hills named Ursula who was starting a “Recall Garcetti” campaign in response to the very poor stewardship of Los Angeles. Turns out she filed some paperwork 1 day too late and toned down her criticism abruptly and disappeared. Payola, I assume.

          Just one white person with a good mind that keeps themself above being bribed could make a huge difference. Not sure we’ll see such a person in Los Angeles or even in America. Our betters see the rampant homeless addicts and mentally ill living on our streets and robbing us as part and parcel of modern American city-living. Similar to that creepy Khan in London with accepting the terroristic behavior. Absolutely insane.

          They repeatedly say in California that it’s a housing issue, but it is not. The addicts and mentally ill come to California like a magnet for its temperate climate, but most of all, because they are welcomed with generous taxpayer-funded programs that aid scumbag thieves and addicts to live on the street with robbing the productive tax-payers funding the programs. The leaders keep pushing the idea that it’s a housing problem because developers would love to solve the problem with cheaply built small housing units that cost the tax payer some $700,000 PER UNIT. It’s just another looting/skimming project, the latest. Meanwhile, addicts and criminals are being taken care of on our streets so they may live another day to rob the revenue-generating beleaguered tax-payers.

          Heads on stakes, I say.

        • There’s a business opportunity here: generating quotations and estimates for repairing damage done – Minimum of $1,000 only. Then you can file a police report and with that claim on your insurance.
          I’m sure it will attract the Jewish contracting equivalent of ambulance chasers- call it Feral follow-ups.
          No work, of course, will be done, the estimate/quote will cost you say 20%,

    • EX, I hear ya. If you have no guns, you have no guns. However, should a roving band of looters come into this neighborhood during a period of anarchical unrest, I can safely predict an apocalyptic interaction with those folks. They would be slaughtered to the last man as an object lesson. And I’m not exaggerating.

      This type of threat is not one of folks doing shit under cover of authority. These are people looking to loot/rape/destroy your family and possessions. Such a scenario is one of life and death for the community. The folks threatening are in the ancient sense “outlaws” and under *no* protection of the law. All lawful citizens are therefore “obliged” to eliminate them on sight. It is a civic duty. And in this case it is your “moral” duty as well—to preserve your family and community is your highest responsibility.

    • During the ’92 Rodney King riots in LA, Korean shopkeepers in the Ghetto- no one else had the right combination of Bravery Stupidity and Greed to operate stores there, were notable in that they had snipers on the rooftops of the strip-malls that their stores were in and the rioting blacks were driven off with a few obviously well targeted shots.
      The 2nd Amendment worked.

  11. An important point is the role of local governments; and I’ve made this point before; which are more interested in banning straws, promoting alternative energy, and making the LBGTQRSTUV’s and POCs happy than fixing sewers and mains, repairing the streets, plowing, etc.
    Say what you want about the corrupt old city machines, but in order to take your cut you had to take care of the constituents. Now they rule from the salon.

    • When I lived in a mid-sized city, I sent a letter to all of the councilmen about an issue. The only one to respond was the crusty old union guy. He was later removed for somewhat minor corruption. But, yeah, the city machines were corrupt, but tended to get things done.

  12. A pandemic decimating a huge percentage of the population is a WHEN not IF event. We have dodged one for more than a century while making it easier and easier to happen. The Spanish Flu happened at a time when it took a week or more to cross the Atlantic……even !longer to go further. Now we can travel halfway round the globe in a day and more people travel a thousand miles or more a day than did so in a month in 1917. Add in the fact that we have knowingly imported MILLIONS of savages from turd world countries with hygiene habits worse than chimpanzees. It’s a recipe for disaster. When it comes it will be spectacularly bad.

  13. I once visited an outfit who held office in some weird huts built on stilts. They told me they leased the plot from the government and were not allowed to lay down foundations – the plot was designated emergency cemetery, a spot you’d dig mass graves in case of wars or epidemics. I doubt the told their customers that.

  14. Decaying infrastructure: part of the Flint water fiasco was that it never occurred to the Establishment Republicans who rolled in to save the day that lead pipes would still be in service. Even after all that other aging blue hellholes generally haven’t taken the hint.

    Moon crater surface roads are hardly confined to the East Coast. And when roads are repaired they don’t last. There’s no long term thinking.

    • The truism that most of these deteriorated areas have been under Democratic control seems to hold up from my personal experience. My city is a pretty good example. 🙁

    • More than 10,000 homes in Chicago receive their water from lead pipes. There’s no money available to replace the pipes or the home plumbing contaminated over generations. So Chicago put out a rigged contract and now pumps an organophosphate into the water supply which can create a slime layer that reduces lead concentration. This industrial chemical is believed safe but in truth the authorities won’t actually know for another few human generations.

    • I was just thinking about that driving in the rain this morning. I recall a high school math teacher who used to do road construction explaining the mathematical understanding required to properly grade a road. And I don’t ever recall running into standing pools of deep water on a highway. But somehow here in DFW, every time it rains, the right lane is deeply awash in water. Add in all the morons driving with no lights (got stuck behind one such truck entering the highway ramp at 20mph no joke) and I’m happily home with my computer for the day.

      • Interesting…that was never my experience on any of the NTTA roads (northbound tollway, PGBT, etc.)

        • Sixx – just re-read my own comment and I wasn’t clear. There is no problem with standing water on the NTTA roads, but every other local road. I was trying to contrast that with the assumption that older roads (built and designed by Whites) were better graded than the roads today (at least here all built by Mestizos).

  15. I doubt this outbreak will take off, I think it will be contained. That said, I think the most important thing for us to do – as MANY have said long before I did – is to organize, organize communities, organize politically and ideologically, not that I like that word. And organize for personal and family survival for some time w/o the support of society. For the last part guns are definitely a good idea but most parts of meaningful prepping are far less ‘sexy’ things than oiling or zeroing your gun. Things such as water, shelter, food supplies, medical and dental shortfalls taken care of, communication in a situation without electricity and such.

    There is a general feeling of uncertainty, that things can’t keep going as they are now and at some point, something is going to give. It is less important what triggers it, finance, a pandemic, that Trump and his opponents start fighting physically over which side arrests who and who is ‘on the side of the constitution’ or something else. The the problem is, you can sense that society is increasingly brittle. B/c there is no social capital left to build in a certain elasticity into the system or communities. I don’t know how this will play out and I think guns are a good hedge to keep around. But they are not going to solve this problem and they should not take up too much of our attention, especially compared to organizing for the crash when and if it comes.

    • A supply of water and food is your best bet. Remember, if you run out of food, a FEMA camp may be your only recourse. It’s trivial to keep a 90 day supply—costs less than one of them “assault” rifles. The Mormans here keep a year’s supply, albeit they might have some stuff stored at the local church facilities. But if you own your own home with a yard and such, no excuse.

      • A water filter is absolutely crucial. I filter all my tap water for drinking through ZeroWater but I don’t know how it works as field kit.

        If anyone knows about how much rain, lake etc water ZeroWater can filter before it clogs up, I’d love to hear about that.

      • I’m prepared – water, ammo, food stuffs, etc. But I have no answer for the 5 year, 10 year, 20 year SHTF scenario if Western Civilization cannot glue itself back together. What percentage of the modern population is capable of surviving over the long term without Walmart?

        • Tbh most would probably die if the power’s out for that long. Prepping ranges from storing basic supplies for a few months to being able to survive off the land indefinitely like a Comanche. The latter is a tall order most would not be able to clear. Everytime Im out hiking, Im reminded of how difficult it would be to survive entirely without resources that are non-renewable in a pre-industrial society. I dont think Id survive that and Im sure most wouldn’t.

  16. Another few factors should be mentioned. First, in previous epidemics, local authorities and the Public Health Service were able to enforce quarantines. The Public Health Service is the fifth “uniformed service,” and quarantine enforcement is a large part of the reason for that. Today, judges would likely be second-guessing health authorities designation and enforcement of quarantines. Any quarantine that even appeared to adversely affect a politically-connected minority would likely be struck down, adverse public health consequences to the contrary notwithstanding. .

    Another factor would be the distribution of vaccines and treatments, if and when they became available. While medical personnel might not be challenged as first in line, beyond that, it could get very unpleasant over who gets access to the available medicines first.

    Another commentator has mentioned that there is very limited “surge capacity” in hospital beds. I wonder if vaccine and drug production has much surge capacity in reserve.

    A final factor is the likelihood that a pandemic will affect certain racial groups more than others. If minority racial groups suffer disproportionately from a pandemic, there will be accusations that the reason is official neglect of the minorities, or even accusations that the organism in question was bio-engineered to sicken and reduce the minority population.

    Mix these factors in with a society that is increasingly low trust and the potential for significant society breakdown when facing a serious pandemic is not far fetched.

    • Agreed, do you know we let people into the country with incurable TB and do not quarantine them or expel them.

      Remember that disease outbreak that was killing school children a few years back? It was brought in by Central American illegals and their children. See the state did not demand they be checked out by doctors for diseases before being sent to school.

      All this has been hushed up and more by authorities and the MSM. If we get a serious outbreak the shit libs running the MSM won’t admit it. Worse the CDC is compromised – we saw it the way they handled the Ebola outbreak which was short of suicidal.

      • The insane Sanctuary status helps to kill white heritage Americans via criminal violence, disease and drugs. It’s part of the Great Replacement or the White Genocide. It allows the drug and human trafficking cartels to gain footholds in major and minor cities, against the will of the white Christian people who constructed a great nation. The elected leaders who support(ed) this should have their heads on stakes, as notice to others who want to cripple and destroy white people.

      • See, all of this stems from the decades-long indoctrination that White countries are not really actual countries, they are just cookie jars for incompetent brown pauper-people. We are not nations, we are simply lifeboats and feed-troughs for incompetent wheedling Third World beggars and nitwits who had all of human history to solve their problems on their own, but somehow did not care to do so.

        In the minds of the SJWs, the West is not a civilization unto itself, it just a gigantic battered women’s shelter for homeless sh!t-colored retards.

    • Feeling pedantic here Uber is terrible for drivers wages and bad overall and the Neti Pot is actually ancient being derived from Auruvedic medicine. Its spread is new though.

      As for the Corona Virus, its a nothing burger. It could sicken a lot of people but even the ultra scary 1917 flu killed no more than 5% of the human race. If it got 5% of the global population the effects would be annoying but otherwise nothing and this isn’t going to happen.

      Caveat economic effects would suck for a while but it won’t induce a collapse.

      The only caveat is that if it was a cytokine storm producer and targeted the young., That would be somewhat bad since no one much is having kids and no one is above replacement

      The only real risk is some hemorrhagic disease or other emergent black death nastiness that was treatment resistant. That could kill a lot of people both from the disease and from collapse of complex supply chains.

      This seems fairly unlikely though as Ebola is slow to mutate and public health while sub optimum is still functional.

      • Well, it’d suck if you or someone you cared about was one of the 5%….

        As to Uber (and Lyft), all abprosper said and more: they are all about employing mystery meat from various shithole countries, at least here in eastern Massholia. The youtube ads show light-skinned but “foreign (and kindly) looking” or east Asian drivers, but that is generally NOT what you get here in the Hub of the Universe (nor in San Francisco for that matter). Also note the recent ads emphasize safety FROM the driver. Plus, at least one ad features an obese, Divine-type cross-dresser or nonpassable transsexual with blue hair.

        • Personal loss could be horrid of course .Last time I lost a number of ancestors during that plague but in the big picture, 5% is no real concern. Cleaning up 4.5 million corpses would be a public health issue though

          What does make the 1917 flu especially nasty is it killed young people mostly.That would be bad especially as its avoidable with proper border controls and good hygiene

          As for the various “disrupters” out there in computer land , they are going to have to get used to a lot of Mama May I , the answer is NO! from the new government.

          As Sean Hannity noted at one point, if it comes to mass unemployment (or wage arbitrage for that matter) its better to ban automated trucks, Uber whatever else for the greater good.

          People need work and if they don’t have it, they have no incentive to behave correctly and will run society down welfare or not.

          If your business model precludes jobs and your State precludes welfare than they have no moral obligations to you and if they overthrow you for the last guys or Pol Pot 2.0 its on you.

          The thing people do not understand is that Western civilization is not Libertarian at all . Its a highly complex network of tradition and mutual obligation tempered by faith. Broadly things like the guild system existed to make sure wages weren’t arbitraged down but balanced this by quality guarantees and training .

          The weaker faith and weaker traditions caused by modernity (I’m talking everything after the Protestant Reformation here) make it much harder to keep things in order and modern tech lowers wages ironically making society even more expensive.

          Dealing with this will be tricky but a failure to do so is an endgame.

          The Reds may have crack brained solutions to economic woes but they did have more than a little understanding that there was a big problem there and a failure to fix them means the Reds who are a persistent subversive ideology will return very possibly with their Cultural Marxism intact

  17. It is my working theory that all of the movies about the “zombie apocalypse” are safe outlets for white guys to talk about third world mass migration without feeling racist.

    • The modern ones are definitely all about mass immigration anxiety, for sure. Certainly The Walking Dead and the remake of Dawn of the Dead are, and the dreadful World War Z even has zombies surging over the top of a massive barrier wall. But the early Romero ones were not about that, they were satirical takes on 60s-70s white America, back when little Sanjay, Mohammad and Ramon were just a glimmer in George Bush’s eye.

      Interestingly, the newest seasons of The Walking Dead are a POC fantasy of a World Without White People, rather than a paranoid nightmare about immigration. Once Rick and Carl had left the show, the new POC showrunner moved quickly to get rid of Maggie, kill off Jesus, Tara and Enid, and turn the tragic, charismatic Daryl into a mumbling monastic loner. The only White people left really are the new villains: a bizarre tribe of filthy psycho rednecks led by a fat White lady with a ludicrous Southern accent (actress is a Brit). The rest of the show is now a boring fantasy about a peaceful POC utopia that would be paradise, if it weren’t for that straggling remainder of degraded crazy white people dressed as zombies who need to be finished off ASAP. Needless to say, it’s dull as Rod Dreher.

    • And for the Lefties to poke around amongst their fears and nightmares, without triggering all the things that trigger them. Those things being the race, gender, and human nature differences and realities that they constantly stuff into gopher holes, by necessity, to reconcile their world view to themselves. The NPC nature of so many of the roles in the shows protects them from confronting this stuff, even as they poke around in it.

    • Atlanta has a huge CDC center. It’s where the Ebola patients were quarantined.

      I think I read somewhere that in the ENTIRE US there are less than a few dozen fully rated quarantine units.

      • I have observed in hospitals that they have a “containment room” here and there, with sealed overlays to the access door, probably a low pressure and isolated HVAC system, so that infections are less likely to escape when access is made, and so on. This is great for the isolated case, which is then, well, uh, isolated in a different way. What is the plan for twenty or two hundred such patients?

        • There is no plan. Period. Aesop (of the Raconteur Report blog, for those not in the know) has written quite extensively about how we’re screwed if Ebola gets established in the US.

          For the record, hardly any of us have EVER dealt with anything that needs Ebola-level gowning/gloving/respirators – AND the commensurate level of attention to DE-contamination after leaving the patient’s room. We don’t have the infrastructure, the staffing; hell, even the consumable supplies. At most hospitals, the highest level of widely-available respiratory protection is the N95 mask.

          Nota bene the name “N95” means (only) 95% protection against small particles. But is it really 95% even? Maybe not.

      • Not all the patients some were hospitals that had beds to handle such cases(note there are only 4 hospitals that can and only 1-2 patients per hospital – due to the intensive and costly nature)

        We are not anywhere near ready to handle a shit bringer of a pandemic. And in some cases the staff has only gotten cursory training in handling such patients.

        Your only safe bet is to self quarantine. The non-sense of what Z says of local communities coming to together to help one another will only spread a infectious disease.

      • I looked at this a few (lt 5) years ago.iirc there were 21 bio-hazard level 4 beds.
        There were sufficient trained nurses etc to staff about 14 of them.

  18. Immigration controls like Ellis Island might return with a worldwide plague. Maybe. Some of the ruling class would have to be infected before any controls were implemented though.

  19. ” One reason the plague spread so easily is the poor sanitation in urban areas.”

    So India, with 50% of the population shitting in the street need have no fear.

    • Spot on.

      What about the Ganges which is one giant open sewer line now? I can’t think of a better plague incubator than India and Bangladesh. It would not be hard for a traveler infected with the Coronavirus who does not yet show symptoms to land in Mumbai and then spread the virus once he gets sick.

  20. My guess is that nothing severe will happen.

    That said, you never know. Chinese people live in filthy conditions and practice disgusting food hygiene. Indians smell worse but Chinamen are probably worse with their food and general cleanliness.

    I hope that this will psychologically affect whites to start to dislike Asians more. While they used to be nice, they’re creepy, soulless and rude now.

    • Always bet on nothingburger. We hope you enjoyed the Coronavirus. Try it with a twist of lime! Stay tuned: next up – Hypersonic!, followed by another exciting episode of The Asteroids.

    • A former Chinese colleague of mine told me once that they, the Chinese peasants, eat anything that has at least two legs and that includes the dinner table as well.

      • No no no. The saying is:
        If it has four legs and a Chinaman doesn’t eat it, then it’s a table or chair. If it has wings and a Chinaman doesn’t eat it, then it’s an airplane.

        This is a Chinese saying, BTW.

  21. My gut feeling is it’s all held together with confidence. Once that confidence is lost— and obviously that’s where we’re headed—we’ll see impossible things happen.

    Depression, scarcity, disease, conflict. All of them becoming facts of life again. The con game of civilization.

    My guess is it happens as boomers pass from the scene. Maybe their credulity is a virtue. EXCEPTIONS of course.

    • And that’s not doom porn because it doesn’t mean all is lost. It just means this weird 75 year bubble of prosperity and navel gazing isn’t the new normal.

      • Humanity has always set the then-current level of civilization as a baseline. The primacy of assuming the recent past as the normal order of things. That normalcy bias is a killer if one is not prepared for adversity, and can also be limiting, if one is not prepared to bust out to a better place with new ideas and contrivances.

  22. Can’t wait until it reaches San Francisco and LA. We’ll see if the squalid conditions in parts of these places helps facilitate Uncle Pandemic’s run on an American city. But really, China is at a much greater risk of it happening in the first place and has a higher tolerance of the consequences. After all, China is pretty overpopulated. They wouldn’t even miss 50 million people, the worldwide death count of the Spanish Flu. They can make the muzzies go in and clean it up.

    • How hard a disease hits a country might depend on just whom it affects in the population. China could afford to loose 50M peasants—famers on a 1 acre plot of land scraping out a survival living. But of its younger workers in the urban areas?

      One of the mysteries of the 1918 Flu pandemic was that it was unlike any other recorded plague. Most large scale epidemics take out the old, weak, and very young. That is to say, the folks with compromised or under-developed immune systems. The 1919 Flu took out the young adults while mostly sparing the very young or old. Why?

      Well, one theory is that this Flu variant produced a heightened immune response, which—before it killed the virus—killed the patient—especially if that patient had a highly working/active immune system. Indeed, stories abound as to how this affected folks.

      My grandfather was in the merchant marine as a young man. He and two others of the crew began to show symptoms simultaneously. They were immediately quarantined in a separate area of the ship and put to bed. It was a rough night for my grandfather—fever, nausea, the works. Sometime during a sleepless night, he passed out. When he came to the following morning, his two fellow shipmates—having been placed in beds/cots on either side of him were gone. Both having passed in the night. Only 24 hrs or so upon presentation of symptoms to death. That’s how bad it was.

      • Wow, strong stock you come from, Compsci. Not that I wish it on humans, but these tragic epidemics do cull the weak from the strong, something the U.S. has lacked for a good 70 years and is due for a comeuppance, I’m sorry to say, especially with our admittance of millions of low-IQ, unhealthy, unskilled brown people from around the planet. Maybe it’s why we don’t read about a high percentage of our population having ulcerative colitus or autism in the past, for example, because they never would have survived beyond childhood, thus resulting in stronger people surviving without such conditions, thus passing on healthy sperm and eggs. I myself probably wouldn’t have survived 100 years ago due to an allergy-based asthmatic weakness I have, though my parents made sure I played many sports (swimming, soccer, softball) and played a wind instrument, which strengthened my lungs and my constitution considerably. When I became an adult, I brought pets into my life in spite of allergies and found over time that my exposure to the animals helped me to outgrow the allergies and become stronger and immune to many of the animal danders. So maybe I would have survived 100 years ago, if I was living an active life in the countryside near animals.

        • Ursula, great minds think alike. 😉 Son is following your story with only granddaughter. Sterile environments are avoided. Into the back yard to grub in the dirt while dad tends the yard. When visiting, grandma’s dog is all over granddaughter. Boston Terrier of boundless energy that has a penchant to chase, jump, and lick face of new small human “playmate”. This goes on for literally hours to great giggles from granddaughter. Grandma reacts in horror, but she is outvoted.

          • I read that some medical professionals are beginning to believe that not introducing common possible irritants to toddlers may be exacerbating fatal food allergies in our population.

            Peanuts, certain oils, fish and strawberries being the most commonly dangerous. The theory is that while a toddler might actually be allergic, his/her developing immune system can actually overcome the allergic reaction and become able to process the source of the irritant. Avoidance actually allows that developmental window to close and the young person is left with a deadly allergy to the source.

            Anecdotally, I don’t ever recall encountering or even hearing about other children with these catastrophic allergies as a child myself (other than shellfish, which much of our population then didn’t eat on a widespread basis).

          • When I was a kid we got polio, MMR, tetanus, and (I think) whooping cough vaccines. That’s it. Being from a very religious area, many didn’t even get that. And I don’t remember anybody having crazy allergies except one or two kids with bee sting allergies. Childhood illnesses weren’t a big deal. A few people got measles, a few chickenpox. Nobody died.

            We didn’t wear bike helmets or seatbelts, we didn’t have car seats, we rode in the beds of pickups. Nobody died.

            Nobody died until high school, when we started driving and having the freedom to be completely reckless in the way teenagers are.

            Maybe it’s the food today, maybe the over medication, maybe kids just don’t get out enough anymore, maybe my homogeneous community was adapted to the lifestyle. All I know is the free range childhood worked for us.

        • Ursula – you are so right about only the strong surviving – both physically and psychologically. I’m pretty black-pilled right now, so generally sticking to my genealogy, but it’s amazing to translate all these mid-1800s Italian birth records and then translate death records and mark 90% of those babies dead. Parents had 4-7 kids in a row die before age 5. I honestly don’t know how they withstood the grief. Those that managed to survive (and immigrate) generally lived into a ripe old age and had 5-15 kids each, almost all of whom survived to reproduce themselves.

      • We are overdue for one of the horsemen to come riding into town. We’ve been living too easy for too long.
        Every year that passes people who can remember life before widespread vaccinations, as just one example, die. There are very few WW2 vets left. Life free of war, widespread contagious disease, childhood death and even deaths of mothers giving birth have left us feeling that it was always this way and that these things can’t come back because they were never there in the first place. It’s not like the propaganda mills that pass for public schools are ever going to teach it.

        But I don’t think we have defeated any of these things, let alone scarcity. We have won temporary battles against them.

        If things got bad, one of the first things I imagine you would see is a lock down on both travel and international trade. It’s easy to scream for the love of humanity and how we should take in refugees in good times, but it is a whole other thing to do so during a pandemic. Let us not forget that the Black Death arrived on ships containing cargo. Had they known the culprit was flea infested rats from the ships, those ships would have been burned.
        Well, I can dream. Let us hope they sink the damn ships.

  23. A good example of this breakdown was Katrina. National Guardsmen were manning checkpoints in NOLA more than a year after the hurricane. You had vibrants stealing everything not bolted down and pooping on everything they couldn’t steal like animals.

    When I went to help my cousin salvage what he could from his house, we were armed like we were in Somalia, which wasn’t far from the case.

    • After Katrina, I was talking to a friend it NO. She was full of praise for the mexicans who moved in afterwards – so much better than the blacks. It got me to thinking – maybe this is a real reason the city folks are so eager to import mexicans, because they tend to drive out the blacks. One of Obama’s policies that sucks the worst(for small, red towns) was the proliferation of section 8 housing and the people who get rent subsidies

      • If you don’t want welfare, you had better have enough work that people with 85 IQ’s and poor impulse control can at least get by.

        If the minimum wage is say $10 US than rent on a studio can’t exceed $400. For some place like long beach where a studio is $1600 a month than the absolute needed minimum to get by is $30 an hour for four, 40 hour work weeks

        A Dissident State is basically going to have to work as hard on fixing the Rich Poor divide as the old tyme liberals every did.

        Another thing, such policy will have to deal with the situation without treating people like interchangeable cogs . Just because Big Poultry thinks they deserve cheap labor for chicken Auschwitz doesn’t mean that city dwellers are the cheap labor.

        Businesses have no right to push people away from neighborhoods, family and friends for private gains as this is inimical to a healthy society turning everyone into the rootless cosmopolitan parasites like our leaders. Its inhuman and its evil

        The market and the economy needs to serve the people , not the people serve the market and economy

        If they are unwilling or unable to make it happen than the problems won’t get solved and they’ll take the blame for it.

        Counter revolutions even ones at the ballot box suck.

        That said mass deportations and an end to immigration H1B and all that will at least get the ball rolling and buy time so its not panic mode but it done or be done.

  24. China seems like a giant petri dish. It hasn’t managed to kill many people yet with it’s various pestilences, but our forest have been pretty well destroyed.
    Dutch Elm disease, chestnut blight, and the Emerald ash borer – all from China – have wiped out forests of our best trees.

    • The entire Asian continent is a giant petri dish. This has to do with 1) huge population plus density 2) poor sanitation, and 3) improper farming practices. We need only look to our pal, influenza, for an illustration of all of the above.

      In the case of influenza, we have farmers using night soil, snails, and ducks. A close relationship to pigs is very helpful a well. When I was at the University, mention of this relationship was frowned upon as some sort of racism. Leftism will be the death of us all.

      • Scary infectious diseases always seem to come from one of two places, tropical or subtropical Asia or from Africa. It is conspicuous that Central and South America, which also contains huge hyper biodiverse tropical regions, never cause superbugs. There seem to be no superbugs hidden away in the tropical wilderness of Australia either.

        • I suspect population density and length of time of human habitation wrt Asia and Africa. But I will note here I completely speak outside of my general area of study. Your guess is as “informed” as mine.

        • For quite a while, and certainly when I went to school, Columbus was blamed for bringing syphilis to Europe.

          • Good point, syphilis may be the exception to the rule and come from the Americas to Europe although Im not entirely sure. But generally Africa and South Asia seem to be the incubators.

            As an OT geeky aside it is funny b/c, measured by plant and animal species, South American jungles are actually more biodiverse than African and Asian jungles. Also strange b/c it is in the latter two that authentic mega fauna (elephants, rhinos, hippos etc) survived while all the mammoths and woolly rhinos are gone from the new world. But very OT for this blog 🙂

  25. It’s the Crispr/9 “flu” that I fear, surely there are bio hackers working on a wipeout. Because they can.

    • I watched a show where a South Korean geneticist was enthusiastic about bringing back dinosaurs and cocktailing DNA to make unicorns just because why the hell not. He was a silly but capable person. Imagine a nefarious capable person with the same attitude and there’s your pucker-level 9 event.

    • This threat can’t be overstated. Easily accessible and relatively inexpensive. There are a lot of nihilists and pyromaniacs who want to see it all burn down. I’m less worried about the governments’ use of this tech than I am about doomsday cults and disenfranchised lone wolves. Even some well intentioned sperg tinkering around in their basement or garage can unintentionally unleash a catastrophe. All countries could pass draconian laws controlling this stuff but will always finds a way.

      All of the doomsday scenarios of the nuclear age required access to expensive technology that required an even more expensive delivery system. Put into use it would only have affected a relatively small geographic area.

      This threat is about the size and cost of a high-end home entertainment system. The atmosphere, the waterways and a mobile population are a cost-free delivery system.

      Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see any way to effectively control this threat.

    • What will be the “end”—a significant event for a 90% population reduction—will be the appearance of a “slow” virus. It might already be here, there are a number known, e.g., human papaloma (sp?), HIV.

      This virus will spread, but not appear symptomatically for a period of time much longer than we see today. But obviously not longer than it takes to reproduce or we’d keep “ahead” of it. It’s hard to believe that it would be 100% fatal, human variation as it is, but a disease that killed or incapacitated 80% of the population? Probably would leave only indigenous mountain people in far off lands or a mixed bag of industrialized folk wandering around the ruins of civilization for left overs.

      And maybe that’s the answer—a restart for humanity.

    • This is why the “do nothing” small state “local local local” types are such idiots.

      Between things like CRISPR and the subversive nature of Leftist ideology not to mention automation and the countless other problems faced by society, the Dissident Right had better be willing to boots on necks.

      If they don’t, not long after the DR is in charge, its back to pedophile story hour and some incel will go all White Plague on humanity

      Eventually if the DR is wise they can life the boots a bit, once moral behavior becomes second nature but modernity means a big state no matter what.

      And yes this sucks, the alternative is a Leftist takeover corruption and probably death.

      • “pedophile story hour”

        Please, it’s “Sexual Deviant” or “Pederast” as our past betters termed it. They were based as hell.

        • Fair enough. pederast it is . You get my point though.

          Sexual deviant though has always been a meaningless buzz word and is as useless as fascist at describing anything.

          The idea that sex was “only married couples, missionary and preferably in the dark” is risible . Human sexuality is highly variable.

          Hell it was considered a humane breakthrough in the 18th century to mandate a minimum age of 12 to work at brothels!

          It is best to keep homosexual conduct under wraps for the good of society and under no circumstances should the sexualization of children be allowed but our level of sexual amorality caveat the pederasty of late isn’t even especially high historically and if anything with the amount of celibacy, its pretty low . Its not even noteworthy.

          The loss really is in stable marriages but getting the middle and lower classes into that arrangement will require both social engineering and economic changes for job stability.

          This means those boots on necks and I’m not sure we have the ability to do that. If there is a bad enough collapse , stable marriages if not as such in name will be the norm but the age of raiders comes before that

          • Back to the “local, local, local” question, I have to say that I very much favor small, self-sufficient communities that trade and prosper with other similar communities. Small communities that have their own police, fire fighters, farmers, machinists, builders, teachers, artists, etc. I want to see white people getting far away from centralist policies and control, rather forming a federation of consensual people trading and allying with each other on various issues. I want to end our empire and put the prosperity from our productive white people back into our white people, via a network of small, self-sufficient communities.

          • Philosophically I am with you but it won’t work unless the US can withdraw from the world and somehow at the same time manage to mitigate the extreme risk of technology.and is Cultural Marxist free from sea to shining see

            Since the US is also a mostly (80%) urban society now so you can’t assume anyone shares country values.

            Worse White people in the US are mostly responsible for the Poz and they aren’t going to stop promoting something they see as giving them social status unless they are forced too.

            Someone also has to stop renegade states and cities from behaving badly pushing Poz, violating migration and drug laws, pushing gun cointrol and worse

            The Dissident Right must push a single reasonably uniform moral system even on Leftist controlled areas and must prevent subversion and revanchism from the Left as well

            Running away from power and hoping the US can LARP 1776 again is folly.

            You get power, you use that power and you use it a lot until morality becomes second nature, If you don’t? You get overthrown

  26. Back in the 80s, I think, was a cool show called “Connections”. I think some of the episodes are on YouTube. They did an episode about what would happen to the system if things started to break down. Things would go to hell in hurry.

  27. Having been part of the pacification forces when L.A. decided it would allow itself to burn in ’93 was an eye-opener. That was a tiny spark, capitalized on by a small segment of the population, and confined to relatively controlled areas. And yet America’s second largest city was paralyzed for roughly three weeks.

    I’ve never looked at American civilization the same since. A decayed society, ethnic factionalism, deteriorated morality, unrestrained fifth columnists, and leadership-stymied resistance to chaos do not make for a resilient society.

    Our cities are massive fuel tankers with eggshell thin walls holding the fuel within. Its terrifying

    • The veneer of civilization is thin. When one is out and about, one can see that politeness, perseverance, and following the rules has allowed a magnificent and spectacular cultural edifice to be constructed. The system is served and replenished “just in time”, and has a carrying capacity at or only slightly above the current population at any given time. Cooperation and diligence keeps it going and builds it out, as necessary.

      A breakdown, whatever the source, can cascade into disaster, if not contained. Even crude and micro containment exercises, such as armed Korean grocers on store roofs, are antidotes to the cascade. We can’t prevent the outbreaks, be they disease, riot, or simple pure aggressive criminality, but multiple, overlapping elements and strategies of containment need to be ready to go. Once an outbreak gains steam and overwhelms the containment strategies, that’s when things get serious as all hell.

      • in a time were many/most are $200 or less than an unemployed week away from financial catastrophe..the dominoes are almost fully in place for the fun part to begin

        • (Gasp!) But this is the FREE marketplace! Never in the world has there been such a marvel! More immigrants now!

      • I’m glad somebody mentioned “just in time” supply chains. This is something modern companies pride themselves on. “It’s so efficient!” they say. Well yes it is. It sure sucks though when people hear that there’s plague in your city and the truck drivers with all the food are turning around on the freeway before they get there.

        • It’s just another loser idea from the loser neo-liberal/globalist/neocon time along with all the other modern idiotic ideas on economics — austerity, anyone? (I.e., wholesale looting.) Common sense tells one what kind of excess inventory people might find helpful to have on hand. We need to go back 100+ years for all elementary, intermediate and higher education books.

        • One of the things I read about the collapse of the Soviet Union, was that when it all collapsed – their economic inefficiency, due to stupidity like 5 Year Plans, actually helped in aftermath.

          Unlike the just-in-time system, the inefficiency of the Soviet system means they did stupid shit like “estimate” how many sneakers they’d need for the next 5 years – and then go ahead and manufacture them. Their estimates were always wildly off target – but when SHTF time came – it also meant there were warehouses just chock full of sneakers. Their crappy economic system also had a crappy distribution system. And – as anybody who remembers the days of the Soviet Union should recall – the food shortages were a fact of life. What this meant though was that when the collapse came – nothing much changed. People had gotten used to growing vegetables in their apartments, trading on the black market – etc.

          The fragility of the JIT system is something that gets covered quite a lot on survivalist sites. It’s a pretty well known problem among people of a certain mindset.

    • The effect that “Religion” can have on the spread of a pandemic is not to be underestimated. The LDS Church has an undercurrent simmering just under the surface of preparing for the Second Coming ushered in by the earth having a fever i.e. floods-famine-earthquakes in larger number- volcanoes in larger numbers blowing tops and affecting urban areas and Yes-plagues.

      Jos. Smith as quoted in Doctrine and Covenant 87:
      “And thus, with the sword and by bloodshed the inhabitants of the earth shall mourn; and with famine, and PLAGUE, and earthquake, and the thunder of heaven, and the fierce and vivid lightning also, shall the inhabitants of the earth be made to feel the wrath, and indignation, and chastening hand of an Almighty God, until the consumption decreed hath made a full end of all nations,”

      See also The Cleansing of America by W. Cleon Skousen-a book on endtimes. The title implies much.

      What I’m getting at is the spread of a pandemic may also aided passively or actively by those whose religion is eagerly looking forward to Jesus returning and a pandemic may signal the start. What would it look like for fervent Second Coming people to land in cognitive dissonance as “plagues-pandemics” roll out? For all the Christians reading this, please do not get your knickers in a twist. Doesn’t mean you’re going to run around waving your arms doing nutty stuff. Though a possibility for some in the world. In Central and South America alone are 10 million LDS members submerged among the dominant “bleeding heart” South-Central American version Catholic.

      What about the Madi in the Well Islamic people waiting for the end of the world?

      • @Range – Mormon here. I’m dubious but most white Mormons are family oriented and I’m dubious that they’d let in sick ppl if it endangered their loved ones. However, the S Utah Mormons bear you could be different. You raise a good point and I know many that throw their hands up and point to the potentially imminent Second Coming if Christ when the conversation turns to social ills,

        • Chad….it would depend on what talking points the Church Authorities feed to the MSM. In the beginning of a pandemic, of course folks tend to their own. Should a pandemic roll out over an extended period of time, the end times mentality will set in….meaning saving one’s own yet watching the plague unfold. Come to think of it, wouldn’t that be the common attitude taken for most people anyway? Hm….what else could one do? Hm…I just talked myself out of my own opinion. Well, that just proves never can call The Range a stubborn ass.

  28. Oooooo the coronavirus! Otherwise known as one of 100 different viruses, including Rhinovirus, which cause the common cold. Now I’m sure the foul environment of a chinese fish market has spawned some highly resistant strain, but really? I guess ebola doesn’t scare people into buying vitamin C suppositories any longer, so now we have this! Then it will be a weather event next to gin up fear, maybe the thousand year vortex snow cyclone! Quick, buy all the milk and bread. And if you run out of food? Well, no need to let those zombies just go to waste….

    • Justaprole,

      You might be on to something. Another thing we often forget when imagining out doomsday plague scenarios is that while human travel is greater in both sheer numbers and global scope than ever before… so is communication and the ability to mobilize containment and treatment apparatuses.

      I’m not just sneezing at the possibility of pandemic, but it is a tired old song. On the other hand doesn’t mean pandemonium can’t occur despite a negligible actual crisis… when your society is a tinderbox.

      • I agree with you; technology isn’t just for containing independent thinking, it works just as well at containing people – diseased, of course. However, perhaps the cloud people constantly hype these failed pandemics in the hope one really will reach Stand-like proportions. Whether you believe in the georgia guidestones or just that cloud people want us proles to beg for more governance and protection, a good old fashioned plague shepherded into our borders does ths trick. Heck even the threat of it makes the dullards clamor for more protection from the world around them.

  29. I’ve long thought that this is how our elites will get us killed, not wars, or death camps, but through shear incompetence in dealing with a disease. Witness Obama and his cheering squad not wanting to block people from Ebola countries because of racism. We even got some of that this time where it seemed like the medical authorities didn’t want the average American to come down hard on thoughtless Asians.

    • The AIDS fiasco was the first sign that we no longer were willing to handle diseases in a serious manner. The Ebola fiasco was further proof. No sensible and serious government would let people exposed to Ebola simply return home. There would be a quarantine. They would also have a separate facility set up for anyone infected. They wouldn’t place them under house confinement in an urban area on the honor system. Even medieval people had better sense.

      • “No sensible and serious government would let people exposed to Ebola simply return home.”

        Lol, if only. I recall the usual suspects were crying racism about denying foreigners from Africa with the Big E, let alone returning citizens stupid enough to go to Africa in the first place.

        • Remember Obama hugging the Ebola nurse, trying to tell us all that it’s OK to hug people who’ve recently been exposed to Ebola? That was the final confirmation for me that he truly did/does hate the U.S.A. (whites in particular).

          Then, that red-head nurse Casey, who returned to New Hampshire (I think?) from treating Ebola patients in Africa and refused to be quarantined and self-righteously insisted on going on a bike ride around her neighborhood. Was she a spook or what? I felt like I was in The Twilight Zone with Ebola nurses and our president insisting that it was OK to endanger yourself and families/friends being exposed to these people. Sick.

          • Ursula, I have been wrestling with something that you touched on here, and I have difficulty defining it. Humans have the instincts to provide, protect, and nurture. We are wired that way, IMO. Yet, somehow it all gets crossed up in some people. They embrace totalitarianism, or in this case either utter stupidity or maybe they are simply playing a psyops game. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, which maybe I shouldn’t and they are simply bad actors acting out, I am trying hard to reconcile good intentions with bad behaviors and attitudes.

            I have come to the tentative conclusion that these people have warped the essence of protect, provide, and nurture into a selfish, short time horizon version that grabs the safety blanket and screws over the others, for the sake of simply providing and protecting oneself for right now. It is a selfish, short sighted version of what we all try to do. When our side is black pilled, the impulse is to stock up on necessities and isolate ourselves behind barriers. Their black pill is to restructure their environment to force the system to give them what they want and need, right now, and to hell with the rest, and to hell with what it will do to everyone in the near future. It is childish and selfish, and that’s where the posturing of “good for all” and “whaddabout the children” come in, to put a pretense of respectability to a world view and a set of behaviors that are absolutely, destructively selfish and suicidal. It’s how I square up the earnestness and diligence of how these sorts of people can carry on with this stuff, day in and day out, and never look in the mirror and be horrified at what they are doing. To me, it has to be some sort of warped, deviant iteration of provide-protect-nurture. I don’t know if there is a name or a concept for it.

      • Everything’s a psyop. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Just for fun, consider the possibilities.

        Not Sure, thinks it might be a hoax.

        To panic or not to panic? CNN reports on ebola vomit.
        LGF refutes.

        Nurse makes out.

        Cock-up or conspiracy?

        “USAID spent $1.4 billion constructing treatment centers in Africa but nine out of the 11 centers did not treat a single patient. The locals using hygienic products and traditional methods solved the crisis before the US top-down approach. But plenty of contractors did very well in this boondoggle!”

      • First cause was Western society allowing homosexuals—especially men—to run amuck. AIDS is just one of the many diseases that one encounters when your casual sexual partners number in the *hundreds*. Prior to AIDS hepatitis was endemic, for example. Still is. Of course in our politically correct bizarro world, the solution is to vaccinate 6 month olds for sexually transmitted diseases like Hep C, and HPV—whether you want it for your children or not. But the gay population should have no restrictions on their proclivities and the resultant threat of infection the rest of the (normal) population. I still remember the howls when at the height of the AIDS epidemic, San Fran ordered the “bath houses” closed. Clown world sows the seeds of its own demise.

    • I’ve long thought that this is how our elites will get us killed, not wars, or death camps, but through shear incompetence in dealing with a disease.

      The Chinese will engineer a genetically targeted virus that leaves 100 million über-Chinks in charge of the planet.

      • The U.S. in recent years was gathering Russian DNA samples for some reason unknown. A future bio-attack? Will history show a foreign-run multicultural paradise country (the U.S.) killing off the western-eastern Russian territory’s white people with some kind of virus?

      • The short story “Seven Kill Tiger” [spoilers] is about the Chinese stealth-hijacking UN vaccination programs to spread a gene-targeted virus to rid Africa of black Africans. (The amount of hate – for the author – this story engendered is remarkable.)

      • The chinese are responding rigorously. As far as them being super smart ….

        Been to Asia outside hotels?
        Sure a billion is a big pool.
        But more than half their “smarts” is stolen from us. Now that its ending they’ll revert to norm. Without us they’ll stop advancing. If we vanished Space colonization does not happen. Air travel will be maintained at current levels. As will most science in Asia. But advancing humanity? That’s us brah. The Europeans, the Americans. The rest will remain static at whatever level we stop at.

  30. ‘They’ have been promising a pandemic all of my life and it’s never comes through. I’m tired of this crying wolf game. I want to see some vicious hungry wolves

    • I want to see that look on their faces when they realize they can’t fob a catastrophe off on “racism”.

      • But in the early stages they will insist that the ghetto rat get better treatment than a white married father of four

        • Yeah, Whitney, maybe they’ll say that whites tried to selfishly divert needed services from the lacking people of color and the correction is to make sure all people of color receive care first. That will be “America First” in the future. Equality!

      • Epaminondas – You know better than that. In a true pandemic with hundreds of thousands dead, the headline would read, “Millions expected to die. Minorities hardest hit.”

      • Are you serious? Of course they can! In the lib mind every single fatality is the result of the failure of the healthcare system because liberalism is the religion of government (mystery cult of power), thus it is omnipotent and if it was also omnibenevolent all would be perfect. Thus every person not cured is the fault of government not being omnibenevolent. Go and figure from that on your own.

      • Yes we can.

        WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is in charge.
        On the job.
        No Africa would get pushed around by the Chinese over CN losing money.

        “ “Meanwhile, the World Health Organization decided against declaring the outbreak a global emergency for now….
        (It would cost China $)
        …The decision “should not be taken as a sign that WHO does not think the situation is serious or that we’re not taking it seriously. Nothing could be further from the truth,” WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said. “WHO is following this outbreak every minute of every day.” -AP News

    • We have been incredibly lucky in this regard. While they have been warning about the dangers of pandemic for a long time, it’s only been a few decades since we have really started globalizing on a massive scale and have had the mass movement of people and goods.

      I don’t believe for one minute that the authorities could really handle a widespread pandemic. They are good at isolating it, but if it gets out into the world widespread, they will be quickly overwhelmed. We don’t have anywhere near the hospital beds we used to have. We just have nowhere to put a lot of sick people. We likely never did, but we are even worse today. The population has grown significantly while the number of beds has shrunk significantly.

      There is also a lot of mistrust in the authorities. The social capital we once had is absolutely gone. Given the recent propensity to blow every single weather event into a looming catastrophe, there will probably be a large number of people who think it’s yet another crying of wolf by the authorities.

      • Worried? Not me.

        I’m in Deep Red America. 😁

        I have food, weapons, a woodstove, woods, water, family.
        Neighbors & family They have same.
        No concrete jungle more for me.

        We have extra hospital beds.
        The approaches to this locale are through winding roads bounded by high Appalachian forested hills.
        Gun fanatic wipipo live here.

        Uh, yes you can afford to move there. Or here.

        I’ve seen one very polite and professional vibrant in the entire town. He’s fine.

        The local police haven’t infiltrated molon labe militia.

        They are the molon labe militia.

        Enjoy urban vibrancy.

        Seriously get the fux out of there, esp you Z, esp from Lagos.

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