The Minority State

Thirty years ago, as the Cold War was ending, the big question for the West was what was going to come next? The great struggle between liberal democracy and communism was over and the clear winner was liberal democracy. The only real question, in terms of politics, was just how quickly the rest of the world embraced what was clearly the only rational politics. The question political theorists will be pondering in the future, is what went horribly wrong with liberal democracy?

There really is no other way to frame things at this point. In 1990, there was a long list of things that no one thought would ever happen in the West. Most of things on that list were things assumed to be common in the Soviet Empire. The police arresting someone for holding the wrong opinion was the symbol of everything that was wrong in the communist system and everything right about liberal democracy. Yet, thirty years on and this is exactly what we see happening all over the West.

This story from Kentucky, of all places, is a good example. Two children and two adults have been arrested for racism. That’s not the specific charge. Instead the state has invented a novel new crime called “harassing communication” which means it is against the law to upset the wrong people with your public utterances. Since there’s not official list of people one must avoid upsetting, the state is free to arrest anyone for their speech on the claim that someone may be upset by it.

At this point, it is tempting to make a comparison to the Stasi or maybe Stalin’s KGB, but that would be a slander against the communists. They were always quite clear about who you could never criticize and what you must never dispute. When Stalin’s boys dragged you from your home, you knew exactly why you were being hauled away by the police. Every man in the gulag knew why he was there. The novelty of liberal democracy is in keeping everyone in the dark about these things.

Another novelty is that in communism, everyone also knew to avoid taking the side of the accused and they knew why to avoid it. That was another thing Westerners would brag about during the Cold War. In America, when someone was bullied by the state, lawyers would volunteer to defend the accused. A common phrase used by Progressive civil and political rights activists back then was “I may disagree with what you say, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it.”

It turns out to have been a complete lie. Not only will no one fight to the death to defend speech, the great and the good line up to condemn anyone for speaking out. Where is the ACLU in these cases? Certainly not rushing to defend children against the crime of saying mean things. No, the ACLU is too busy ratting out heretics and blasphemers, who dare question the liberal democratic ideology. In one of life’s great ironies, all of the civil rights groups now work to limit your civil rights.

Notice also how the concept of rights has changed. Thirty years ago, even left-wing political actors accepted the old definition of rights, as limits on the state. Your right to speak out against the government was really a hard limit on the state to police the speech of the citizens. Today, rights are just demands from an increasingly minoritized population for things to which no one can have a right. In this Kentucky case, they demand the community celebrate their mating decisions.

That should be the story here. This family moves to the community and begins making demands on the community. The white mother and her mulatto daughter start harassing the school about the racial complexion of the curriculum. The father demands the teachers change their classrooms to satisfy the demands of his children. This mixed-race family instantly became a cancer on the community, by making an increasingly narrow set of demands in the name of their rights.

This is one of the new realities of liberal democracy. Instead of people fearing the secret police and their many spies, the people fear the civil rights activists and their auxiliary army of novel weirdos. A mixed-race couple of trannies moves into the neighborhood and everyone is gripped with fear. It not only means everyone has to play make-believe with the lunatics, but must live in fear of upsetting them in some way. The agent of terror is the bespoke weirdo and its crazy demands for acceptance.

As an aside, this may explain the popularity of movies and television shows based on Stephen King books. One of his formulas is the nice, quiet small town that is suddenly beset by a demon that exploits the innocence of the locals, often the children. Everything is just right until the monster arrives. Further, the real terror in this formula is that there is no reason behind the demon. It’s just evil for the sake of being evil. That’s what the people in the Kentucky story are experiencing right now.

It is tempting to think that the people will tire of this terrorism by weirdo phenomenon, but the lesson of communism is that people will tolerate pretty much anything in an ideological state. The old rule about people revolting unless they are well fed and entertained turned out to be untrue in the Soviet Empire. The people often lacked the basics and the pleasures of life were highly rationed. Communism was not overthrown by an unhappy people. It just ran out of social capital to burn.

That is the secret sauce of popular government, whether it is some form of communism or some form liberalism. Both rest on the concept of the general will. The ideology of the state and the actions of the state are in the name of the general will. Everything that is done is done in the name of the people, as if fifty percent plus one is a god that must always be pleased. People will revolt against a king or despot. They will revolt against an aristocracy. People will not revolt against themselves.

That really is the paradox of liberal democracy. In the name of the people, the will of the people must be thwarted in the name of minority interests. We saw this with homosexual marriage. The champions swore they were fighting for the people, even when the people kept rejecting these proposals. It is why increasingly narrow minority groups are so popular with the ruling elite. If they can find just one weirdo to champion, they have a license to do as they please.

This fetishization of obscure minorities is leading inevitably to the West being dominated by minorities to the point where there is no majority. America will be non-white in two decades and Europe will be swamped with Africans by mid-century. Not only is there no effort to prevent this, all efforts are made to accelerate it. Paradoxically, the end point of majority rule is minority rule. Mature liberal democracy is a collection of minority groups demanding stuff from the state, like children at a candy store.

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267 thoughts on “The Minority State

  1. In all these crazy stories, I don’t even read the details, I go straight to the comments, increasingly I am finding that rank and file people are not swayed anymore, the comments of this particular story are just another data point on that.

  2. paradoxically, liberal democracy created far better globalized centralized imperialism than any caesar, king, or pope ever dreamed of.
    at least the above were grounded, as best as possible according to who occupied the office, by the traditions of their people. and well, the fact that without democracy the people tend to still change rulers – just perhaps in a “louder” way, so they know better. if anything, it seems the western elites need a “reminder” from the masses. such a “reminder” has to be led by a traditionalist-populist vanguard though, one that keeps the traditions and can lead. without being rooted in tradition, we get “temporarily good yet unstable after death/coup” caesarism at best; managed liberal democratic decay as a middle option; or temporary committees/juntas that like pantheons and oligarchies and politburos of old eventually get degenerate, dissolute and broken up.

  3. This is what happens when Jews control your country. They make the money, (fed), control the money, (wall st), buy the politicians or have them on film in Epsteins basement. Those jerkoffs pass the laws they’re told to, start the wars they’re told to. It’s a rigged game, a 100 to 1, but a lack of integrity, honesty and decency is their Achilies Heel. They got the guns, but we got the numbers….just like Jim Morrison said. They got away with 911 so they threw down the ace card, the Jewvirus, for total control, all the marbles…..but it’s backfiring, people are waking up. They know a Lie when they see one and now there;s nothing to lose, because everything’s been taken away.

    • My sources inform me that your name used to be Dennis Roesenstein. You’ve got some explaining to do.

    • They got the guns, but we got the numbers

      How effing ignorant are you? We have both the numbers and the guns and ammo advantage. Our actual firepower excepting nukes dwarfs their puny military and police numbers.

      The problem for us is we don’t want to fire a shot. THEY are perfectly willing to murder us.

      I won’t kill indiscriminately, nor will most of us (there are always the mentally ill among us). However there is no way we can organize into an effective fighting force at the national level. They own the superior communication and logistics channels.

      Normie waking up means nothing until Normie faces the confrontation to accept domination or fight. And that my friend ain’t lookin’ so good for our side when you consider the females and the soy boys.

      You wanna lead, then lead. Me, I just want to wake up from this nightmare. Perhaps they will implode. What’s the plan then?

      • The last one is easy. Take power locally and rebuild your AOE .

        In any case its possible to gain the desire to shoot and to create communications channels. Problem is that “our guys” don’t really share as many goals and ideals as you’d think.

        They flee from power rather than too it. Its a losers creed masquerading as principles really.

        Like I tell folks here, if you don’t want say drugs or porn in your society you have to hang dealers pornographers till it stops. If you can’t or won’t do this than you are better off getting rid of the laws entirely which reduces the anarcho tyranny. Better no law without a victim than a bad law.

        A last thing, one thing I admire about the Left. They like winning, they love it, relish it even more than the Trump supporter crowd. Its something our guys need to learn, a patient hunger for victory by nearly any means necessary.

        Get that and the brass ring is ours and better as we are mostly sane, we can keep it,

  4. Being a decade younger, the essayist is not quite as steeped in anti-Soviet propaganda as this reader was in American schools. To wit, the arbitrariness of Russian justice was legendary even in Czarist times to a degree that it was a theme of Russian literature. Read Tolstoy’s short story “God Sees the Truth, But Waits” for the tale of a merchant who is sent away to a labor camp for decades in Siberia for a murder he didn’t commit. When the real murderer eventually turns up at the same camp he remarks it was for a crime *he* didn’t do. In the Soviet era local commissars were given quotas of people to be transported or shot according to the whims of Stalin and his cronies. The resulting arrests could have had little to do with the guilt or innocence of many of those swept up by them. The Western writer George Orwell created the counter-point to Winston Smith in Nineteen Eighty-Four who was always saying “Double-plus good!” in response to whatever the party line might be. When he ended up in the same prison as Winston was in for answering to the siren-call of the Fed-poster O’Brien, the hapless chap concludes that he must have been guilty of something or other, else why would his own daughter have denounced him? Finally, how can we forget the line from Strelnikov in the 1965 film version of Doctor Zhivago when he’s told he’s burned the wrong village: “A village sells horses to the Whites; a village is burned. The point is made.”

  5. Which is worse? Being a German in Jew Butthurt Germany or a White in Black Butthurt America?

    • Why did those mean Germans in Weimar treat those innocent German Jews so badly? Of course, those Germans were hypnotized by bad mustache man and needed a scapegoat. That’s the only possible explanation.

  6. Excellent article, as always I might add.

    One correction though. You wrote that “When Stalin’s boys dragged you from your home, you knew exactly why you were being hauled away by the police. Every man in the gulag knew why he was there.” As a matter of fact, that was one of the most effective ways to terrorize the population, to keep everyone paranoid about ending up in GULAG for unexplainable reason.

    In post-Stalin period, the “system” was indeed more rational, if not less repressive.

  7. Some local background on this story. I actually live in the county where this occurred, Madison County.

    There are two incorporated towns in Madison County. The larger town, Richmond, is the county seat and is where the conservatives live. The smaller town, Berea, which is where this story is centered, is a goofy, liberal island at the far south end of the county.

    Madison County is 93% White, 4% Hispanic (farm laborers) and 3% Black. It’s mostly rural, with “real” farms raising cattle and crops, not “gentlemen farmers” raising horses for the Arabs like you see in other central KY counties.

    Berea is one of those places, like Lawrence, KS, where a lot of Progressives ended up for one reason or another beginning back in the 1800s. For Berea, the flame that draws them in is Berea College, a mountain college founded in the 1800s to bring old school Progressivism to the hill billys.

    There’s a 2nd- tier State university (Eastern Kentucky University) in Richmond as well, but it’s flagship program is the college of Law Enforcement and the second best program EKU has is its Nursing College. The state’s police training academy is also located on the EKU campus. Besides EKU, Richmond also has a military base, the Bluegrass Army Depot. Basically, Richmond is full of farmers, cops, nurses, soldiers, and the people who train them. Not fertile ground for progressivism.

    In modern times Berea also embraced and created an artists’ colony, which means lots and lots of homosexuals. They’ve got reserved public parking spaces for electric or hybrid cars and other silly displays of virtue signaling. Richmond residents, like me, call Berea the “Land of Fruits and Nuts.”

    I don’t know the background of how this family of interlopers ended up in Berea, but they could not have picked a more perfect area, full of Good Whites looking to flagellate themselves and wallow in White Guilt, to make a nuisance of themselves.

    One other thing about Madison County is that it’s legitimately and historically part of the Old Confederacy, even though KY was a border state during the Civil War. Located between Richmond and Berea is the site of the Battle of Richmond, which was an overwhelming Confederate victory. There is a reenactment every August, which is very popular as its one of the few times the Rebel reenactors get to win. Given the history of the area, the wearing and display of Confederate memorabilia makes more sense than it would in other places not thought of as the Old Confederacy.

    So that’s the background. These people are obviously here to stir up trouble, but they’ve found a good base to do it from.

    • Thanks for the background. What stood out for me was this para:

      “There’s a 2nd- tier State university (Eastern Kentucky University) in Richmond as well, but it’s flagship program is the college of Law Enforcement and the second best program EKU has is its Nursing College. The state’s police training academy is also located on the EKU campus. Besides EKU, Richmond also has a military base, the Bluegrass Army Depot. Basically, Richmond is full of farmers, cops, nurses, soldiers, and the people who train them. Not fertile ground for progressivism.”

      Not one group there is not at least heavily subsidized by the government, if not directly employed by it.
      Dunno what that means but it must mean something.

      • True enough, but it’s the parts of government that have direct contact and experience with the world as it actually exists, not as Progressives wish it to be. Their missions tend to be more practical, not theoretical, if that makes sense.

  8. “At this point, it is tempting to make a comparison to the Stasi or maybe Stalin’s KGB, but that would be a slander against the communists.”

    Damn that’s a painful zinger, but it’s true!

    As bleak as the situation seems, the silver lining is that the Diverse Dystopians are gradually building the army that will eventually destroy them. Every firing, every expulsion, every social media purge gets closer to a critical mass of people with nothing to lose ready to fight back.

    This other example from Georgia is a case in point. I’m linking to the Reason clown car only because I can’t yet find an accurate and sympathetic summary from our side, but the gist is that a couple kids created a video that punches way, way, way above any of the garbage late night comedy shows or Daily Show clones in its combination of humor and biting truthful social commentary:

    Expel and marginalize enough Zoomers and soon there’ll be Fuentes everywhere. Even social media purging doesn’t seem to faze them: with a VPN and a new throwaway account the Zoomers are back online in minutes resuming throwing sand in the gears. It’s hard to imagine how Twitter can crush this kind of hilarity and truth-bombing without turning into a carefully curated Youtube:

    Even if social media goes the route of total lockdown, workarounds will always pop up, as they did in East Germany. The browbeaten, weary, immiserated white public will carry the truth with and between them no matter what, so that once the system collapses it will suddenly flower, like it did in 1989 behind the iron curtain. All the things the Communists thought they destroyed only came back stronger than ever, except the birthrates unfortunately – the west killed those.

    Z man struck a nerve in the post on Joggers: there is an undercurrent of “I’m tired of your bullshit” among whites. Right now this weariness is being expressed with biting, dismissive humor, but it may eventually grow to something else: if everyone else hates being around us so much, we may eventually gladly pay for them to go back where they came from so they don’t have to be near us. They all have backup countries/continents they can return to if they hate it here so much.

    Finally, a silver lining to the Wuhan Virus is that it may cripple public and higher education. By all means let’s encourage the tinpot dictators to keep the schools closed in the fall. The more white kids are kept out of public schools and colleges, the better off they’ll be. The tiktok kids, for example, wouldn’t have had a school to be expelled from. It’s no wonder the Diverse are now trying to destroy home schooling. Too much truth being passed down from generation to generation at the kitchen table!

  9. This fits with yesterdays epistle. Between the imports and fetishized minorities any concept of reciprocal obligation is long gone. We import illegals to my local AO who begin carping (since we’re a sanctuary) about everything we owe them. No sense that they owe us anything which might mean some sort of bargain could be struck. The transgender sports thing is a good example. If a guy wants to be a girl, well ok. But then the “girl” wants every aspect of society to be re-engineered to suit its every desire. Despite our high local income demographic, we have a cohort of illegals and “refugees” who demand the schools spare no expense to mitigate all the results of their poor choices. So those programs for gifted kids, alway on the block. Got a kid with learning disabilities that you are working hard on your own to help, but need a few things from the school? Sorry the budget is gone creating bi-lingual class rooms and programs for every little Pablo, Achmed or Tahisi that shows up.

    • The problem with trannies in girls sports is a problem with the biological girls’ parents (at least many of them). Seems they don’t care or they want the courts/schools to take care of the issue when in reality, the courts/schools are the problem. They will never help solve the issue as they’ve been poz’d, if not at the very local level, then the next level of appeals.

      The simple solution is for all real/bio girls to not compete against those tranny, delusional boys and their co-enabling parents. It’s as simple as all female competitors in any contest involving trannies to simply refuse to participate.

      Imagine a 100 yd dash where the gun goes off and the faux, delusional “girl“ leaves the blocks and the rest of the competitors rise up and stand still and wave. Imagine this tranny hitting the finish line and there is no one there for him to goad over. Imagine if the crowd boo’d him. What an example of civil disobedience. The desire for such “competition“ would dry up over-night!

      • You make a good point, but permit me to expand on it.

        Since you offered the example of the 100 yard dash, take the track team, as a whole. What about most, or all, of the biological girls, at the beginning of the season, approaching the coaches, and telling them that they do not want any trannies on the team or else there will be no team?

        • Very good—if possible. There may be an edict from the school officials that there will be no girl track team if they don’t agree to some “non-discrimination” agreement, or if the school has that in their statement of principles. Also with many of these incidents, the trannies in question came from another school district and that the situation was to occur could not be predicted.

          In such a case, there needs to be a statement of individual principles and beliefs, ala civil disobedience. Yes, it will get you barred from the team, or the team sport cancelled. But you will have fought the good fight.

          From Shakespeare: “… We would not die in that man’s company
          That fears his fellowship to die with us…”. That remains a good lesson to instill in the young.

        • Expanding on this a bit, I often wonder if there will be a “So what?” moment among normal white people: That moment when being called an -ist, -ite or a -phobe will be met with an attitude of semi-hostile indifference toward the accusers. If people don’t care about being called racists on Zuckerbook and their employers also don’t care, what power can the hall monitors possibly have?

          Perhaps that’s part of the frog boiling strategy we’ve seen over the decades. Start with something to which sensible people can be convinced to agree, then turn up the illogic incrementally until people actually believe that Jesus didn’t want people calling a man in a dress a man in a dress.

  10. Any complaint about weaponized minorities in the USA that does not mention the word “Jews” is fake, gay & chickenshit.

  11. Last line of the essay: “Mature liberal democracy is a collection of minority groups demanding stuff from the state, like children at a candy store”.
    Speaking of which:
    Thursday evening – Live town hall “Coronavirus — Facts and Fears” will be hosted by CNN personalities Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The show will feature acting Centers for Disease Control Director Richard Besser, former Health and Human Services Sec. Kathleen Sebelius — and Thunberg.
    I’d rather give attention to actual children screaming for actual candy at an actual candy store.

  12. I’ve never understood why they are so hung up on that word that even a sympathetic work such as “To Kill a Mockingbird” is offensive.
    Another case in point: In a “making of” program, John McGlinn tells that when he was recording “Showboat” with operatic voices, he hired a Black choir. The opening lines of the play are the chorus singing, “N’s all work on the Mississippi. N’s all work while the White folk play.” The choir walked out en masse and he hired the Ambrosian Chorus.
    McGlinn was using the original lines and didn’t appear ready to cave in to the usual hysteria.
    “Showboat”, like “Mockingbird” is very sympathetic to Blacks.

    • Shit, we read “Huckleberry Finn” in 7th grade in the unedited version. Couldn’t see that happening today.

      • Can you imagine a teacher today including Huckleberry Finn as a part of the required novels to be read in his class?

        Can you imagine a teacher, reading aloud, a passage in which Huck refers to Jim as “nigger Jim?”

        Can you imagine a white student giggling at the passage?

    • Since you bring up the “N” word, that’s got me thinking. As a White person, I can’t think of any derogatory word referring predominantly to Whites that is off limits.

      Really, maybe I’m having a senior moment, but I’d really like to know—if anyone has some thoughts here. Might be useful the next discussion I get into with a “good White”.

  13. So everybody eventually is muzzled tighter than Hannibal Lector, but with invisible constraints, self-imposed no less. All social relations become artificial mummery. Scolds multiply & assert their authority. The higher their melanin score, the more authority they have. This is a form of totalitarianism no one predicted. Watch your tongue, tovarich! And the tone of your voice!

  14. “And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.”

    The deepest problem is not liberal democracy, it is ethnocentric jews, of course not all jews, dominating our power centers and incentivizing susceptible whites to change our culture to what suits them, which is a multiracial country that they can rule without being noticed. They see the traditional white man as the only real threat, so he must be subdued.

    White liberal pathological compassion is the second problem, but without ethnocentric jews to exacerbate it, it is more manageable.

    Liberal democracy is just the available instrument.

    • Line – I’d emend your line to add “women” to ethnocentric Jews. They’re who’s most susceptible to all the charges of whatever ‘ism’ and they’re the ones most pushing the ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ fables. With women it’s always give in, accommodate, it’s not that big an inconvenience, etc. They’re the ones insisting everyone be made welcome. Women need to be reined in – hard – because they’re the Jews’ target audience. White men can police their own ranks, but they can’t seem to control their own women and the poison they spread to their own children.

      • We need more shaming, reformed divorce laws, and criminal penalties for extramarital affairs. In modern America, women have zero sense of consequence.

        • Perhaps we can begin to go back to divorce settlements based on “fault”. That’s the way it used to be until feminism made female cheating and initiation of divorce, consequence free. There are any number of changes that are fair and reasonable, short of divorce, like mandatory paternity testing for every baby born. (I’ve been married, once, and now over 42 years. Not mgtow. Just observant of friends and family who have gone through multiple marriages and infidelities. We’ve lost a lot of friends that way, as we are pretty hard core wrt the institution.)

      • 3g4m, I’ve got a question for you that is a bit off topic but that I want to ask intelligent women.

        What is your opinion of the claim that many liberal white women support non-white immigration because they are subconsciously disgusted by liberal white men and instinctually want to have sex with virile and non-liberal non-white men?

        • Line – I’m really not one to ask, because I’m wired differently from most women. Personally, the non-Whites are not appealing (but then, even as a lib teen I didn’t find black children ‘cute’ when others cooed). I think it’s massive virtue-signaling – since loving the ‘other’ is the highest virtue, either to the globalists or the churchians, they’re competing for social status. I question how many really want to bed them. I think they’re looking for someone who won’t take their crap, though, and their husbands either fear being divorce raped, or just don’t have the will.

  15. They were always quite clear about who you could never criticize and what you must never dispute. When Stalin’s boys dragged you from your home, you knew exactly why you were being hauled away by the police.

    Wait, what? Absolutely not true – it is a recurring theme in the Gulag Archipelago: the charges were as nebulous and inscrutable as they are in the modern police state, except they’d net you ten-fifteen years in a camp.

    Let’s not go overboard here. Even with the lockdown, we’re nowhere near Soviet levels of anarcho tyranny yet.

    • I wondered about that sentence. I haven’t read Gulag Archipelago, but I am almost finished with 200 years together, and Solzhenitsyn made the point periodically that the vagueness of the charges was a feature of the system. Now the possibility exists that different methods were employed in Eastern Europe after WWII, I truly have no idea.

    • Thanks for the real-talk, Felix.

      Americans should spend some time around genuine political outlaws who actually risk felony-length sentences (1+ years) in their “liberal” homelands just for speaking their minds or gathering in groups before they go apeshit about “tyranny.”

      • Well, when local governments can effectively imprison “citizens” in their homes and arrest people for paddleboarding and taking a child to the park, I think tyranny is an apposite term.

    • Yes, but now the “switch” is easier to throw. None of those cavernous rooms of file cards and clerks that the Stasi required. Had lunch years ago with the guy that wrote a lot of the code behind Tor. His term (he may have coined it) was “turnkey totalitarianism”. This was around 2009. He’d just gotten done getting in a public argument with the former CIO of the NSA during his presentation. I sat down at his table since everyone else seemed to be afraid to be seen with him. Believe he lives in Germany now.

    • Well said. And a strong form of oppression is to show up, take away a family member to an unspecified locale, for charges unknown. Never tell the family why nor where they were taken. Night and Fog and all that entails.

      So let’s just say, in agreement to this Krull, that our oppressors have more upside to aspire to. Don’t tell witch Gretchen…

    • With the operative term being “yet.” Full-blown Stalinism took roughly three decades to erect. America is within spitting distance of Stalinism in less than three months.

  16. It turns out liberal democracy is just a phase, like the ones preceding it. We’ve largely left it but the sheep dont realize that.

  17. The state is far weaker than we think. What would happen to this family if they pulled this stuff against Muslims or, even, Mexicans. Hell, what would happen to the police or the principal if they tried to arrest some Muslim or Mexican kids for saying mean things?

    The state – and annoying families like this – don’t just avoid certain communities because they’re minorities. They avoid them because of ramifications. The state and the whole minority grievance apparatus are like a box that can hit hard but can’t take the slightest punch.

    • Yep – whites are just cowards, largely, who still believe in the rule of law. Scared and weak. Rednecks are all talk, generally.

      They even pretty much leave my church community alone (apparently I lucked into an un-cucked one) because the community would just tell them to fuck off. We have lawyers, doctors, etc. who have and will fight tooth and nail on our behalf for free.

      So the state doesn’t bother us. Whites need to do the same.

    • Indeed. Just take what’s happening to us today with the Coronachan lockdown. 6 weeks and we are in a massive depression. Now what would have happened had this “shutdown” been the result of a voluntary, but organized response to a perceived government abuse? There is a lot of power in a united people. Of course, the devil is in the aspect of “united”—we are not. They have seen to that while we slept.

  18. Nothing less than National Socialism, based on racial hygiene and eugenics, will ensure our future.

  19. We must evolve in the face of new threats to our environment. When the crazies invade and the police morph into jackboots, the correct response is to get smarter. Wear camouflage, observe and note details, shed your tracking devices and high profile behaviors, hone your skills, stay solo, be creative and take action on your timetable and only when opportune. And eventually the crazies will move on to torment easier prey somewhere else.

    • Leave your phone at home when you go grocery shopping or at random times. Throw them off a bit.

      • You can leave it off mostly. I do. Then you can turn it on if you need to when away from home.

        Also, perhaps others know. A small Faraday cage is easy to construct. Can that prevent tracking? It certainly prevents the signal to the cell transmission and prevents EMP events.

    • Tend to agree, but would say the emphasis should be on health and physical conditioning. All else can be taught/added when the time comes. As I’ve said before, if you have “titties”, you’re worthless to the cause.

    • What we must do is organize sub rosa and agree on goals and plans of action.

  20. “Mature liberal democracy is a collection of minority groups demanding stuff from the state, like children at a candy store.”

    And everyone knows what happens when you eat too much candy: the rot sets in.

  21. Just took a look at AoS for the first time in months (well before C19). He’s hedging his bets but is he seriously even considering getting excited over the latest Nunes kabuki?

    I thought he’d made some major steps in our direction since I stopped commenting there (different nick) around 2015-16.

    • Exile – I don’t think most guys over age 40 can help themselves. Despite my husband fundamentally accepting there must be violence for there to be a future, he still thinks that perhaps some arrests or some nebulous ‘justice’ will come out of the latest political expos`e Where you and I see kabuki, he and others see hope that perhaps they can still cling to the shreds of civnattery they were raised with.

      • 3g4m, I suspect your husband’s reservations are likely due to the fact that nobody on our side has formulated a realistic alternative. I am very much in the dissident right camp, but I honestly don’t know of a solution that will work.

        The government (most R’s and all D’s), the media, and the big money corporations all want us dead or broken. I don’t see that changing. Furthermore, I have yet to see a workable plan from our side on how to reverse it.

        • I concur with Mis(ter)Anthrope. We are unable to organize at an effective scale. All of our communication tools are bugged and we are increasingly surveilled, consider all the doorbell video cams for example and even our pickup trucks and SUVs report on our locations.

          If we drill in the deep woods, some idiot among us will carry a cell phone with him and sneak a photo of the kewl things we are rehearsing. Or he’s a government snitch who made it past the vetting and there’s a silent spy aircraft orbiting above us.

          Our only hope is through changing culture over time and pointing out to normies how we’re being persecuted. Unfortunately I am blackpilled by now and anticipate 1984 and Brazil within my lifetime, and I am Z’s age. I think we’re trapped on a sinking lifeboat outnumbered by a bunch of hungry cannibals surrounding us and 50% of our kind are traitors who will actually enjoy feeding us to the beasts.

    • Hind brain thinking, and stirring the pot for clicks. Run of the mill on the interwebs these days.

    • Ace and Tucker seem like two huge bellwethers for me. In some ways they’re so close to publicly noticing. I don’t know what it would take for either or both of them to cross the threshold, but I still hold out hope.

      • I’ve followed Ace since the mid-00’s and the LGF Kilgore drama days. He’s shifted about as far as he ever will, if I had to bet. He’s still legit enough to flame guys like Poppin’ Fresh. Not Our Guy, but a lot closer to Us than Them.

  22. One point: many who were arrested went to the gulags or their summary execution not knowing why. During the terror under Stalin, the NKVD were simply given quotas for arrests and so they picked up people at random, who were then given “tenners” in the gulag or summarily executed after being tortured into a confession. Or in the case of young women, it would be for attracting the eye of NKVD chief Beria when he was riding around Moscow in his armored limousine.

  23. This is all true until the status quo changes. The Tragedy of the Commons comes into play at this point. The point o government is to keep order, reward elites and preserve the status quo. Democracy is inherently anti-preservationist. You still need rational people in charge, budgeting with rational spending, as they dole out the candy to each group of people. All those barriers to doling out candy are eventually eroded, and the government becomes a free-for-all of resource transfer. There’s nothing left to preserve for tomorrow. Each group is its own locus and agenda with its own flag fighting for its own slice of pie. Just as happened in the Soviet Union, you’ll end up with two left shoes to give out and nothing but debt. At this point a new oligarchy is born. Democracy is nothing but a thousand mini-nations within a geography, and in our case, dense, Breitbart/Fox news white people with heads far up asses, not understanding this, as Ben Shapiro celebrates his new black/brown conservative revolution, knowing he can get an Israeli passport at any time.

  24. I notice that the Z-man has been delving deeply into classic themes of political philosophy lately, with today’s invocation of “the general will” (a much-disputed concept out of Rouseau) and the question of how to define “right.” It’s all interesting, and I hope it’s an indication of the effort he’s putting into his book project.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve witnessed the “evolution”–actually replacement–of the concept of “right” in my lifetime. The language of the Declaration of Independence is that rights are “inalienable” and that government exists to “secure” them for the citizens; that is, rights exist prior to the institution of any governing body, and that a government would be judged legitimate in proportion to the respect it showed to these pre-existent rights.

    The erosion of belief in God–seen by the founders as the originator and guarantor of rights–is deeply implicated in the overthrow of this old understanding, and its replacement with an alien one that rights are the creation of government, conferred at its pleasure. Of course, this constitutes a 180-degree turn, which imbued government with godlike authority, instead of it being merely an instrument of God’s authority.

    The changeover may have accelerated in the 1990s debates about healthcare, where public figures were encouraged to assert their belief that “healthcare is a right” as a prelude to public funding of it. All the other stupid-ass “rights” we know today followed on its heels.

    Conservatives by and large were slow to resist, and eventually reflected, the changed definition. Their former talk of “limited government” seems quaint today. But it’s all moot, since the Declaration, Constitution, and the whole American order are mostly defunct, and we’re in the limbo between regimes.

  25. Anarco Tyranny
    An old Sam Francis term that now applies to anything to do with civil rights.
    I highly recommend the book The Age of Entitlement by Christopher Caldwell.
    Basically the new constitution we now live under was established in 1965. The Administrative state enforces that constitution with anarco tyrannical methods.

  26. Not only is there no effort to prevent this, all efforts are made to accelerate it.

    Well, that’s not exactly right, but I know what you mean. There have been numerous attempts, in the South and the Southwestern states, to curtail or stop the progress of the great replacement, but those were all dissolved by the all-powerful federal courts. I think what we’re learning is that there’s no peaceful way out of this predicament we find ourselves in. I mean, thinking there is a chance in hell of voting our way out, or of lobbying our politicians at any level to make and enforce laws to the same purpose, is, at this point, idiotic beyond belief.

    It’s like all that crap that was going on with Starbucks and on the college campuses a couple years ago. Blacks all over the country caught the fever and were intentionally goading whites into calling the cops on them, whereupon the whites who dared to do so immediately lost their livelihoods, were endlessly harrassed and essentially had their whole lives turned upside down. Ultimately, as I predicted would happen as a result, whites just stopped caring and began ‘looking the other way’. It’s understandable. I mean, what decent white man or woman, who works hard, obeys the laws, has children to raise and so on, needs his or her world turned upside down because he thought he was doing his civic duty reporting black/non-white criminality? Sure, you’ll still get the occasional thing like what recently happened in Georgia, but more and more often what you see is, e.g., a white clerk in a Chicago hardware store ignoring what she knows to be the case when a couple of feral black men purchase items obviously for the purpose of committing a pre-planned crime. On a quick cost-benefit analysis she determines it just isn’t worth losing everything she has, including what little dignity she has left, for the mere sake of doing her duty.

    So there’ll have to be war sooner or later.

    • Prop 187 was a good example. California whites voted to expel the alien invaders. Judge waits for a Dem governor then halts it. Dem governor sweeps it aside.

      Democracy is a joke. You have the right to vote as long as the outcome is approved by the elites. Even Brexit, it only went through because they have a planto import even more non whites from the “commonwealth” now.

      • California Latinos voted widely for that and for Prop 8 as well. Every decent person got screwed

        Of course Democracy doesn’t work. Its not a system for humans. A limited franchise system with a somewhat inclusive ruling class is pushing it, that same system gave us our civil war

        Simply, one people with one ethos or your society dies of Leftism.

        Fundamentally the courts and holdovers have been the weakness in saving even our mediocre system. Its one President Trump is trying to fix but its extremely easy to simply change ones mind in accord with ones peers once in office. Liars all. Actual trustworthy Conservatives who care little about public pressure and can be confirmed are not in large supply.

        This is why a replacement system will have a highly standardized set of rulings and judges will essentially be there to make sure they are followed. They will have little authority and a hellish burden with regular recitations of the national code and how to rule and an understanding that failure to uphold it is capital sedition.

        In essence the New States makes the decisions upfront and the courts enforce them for good.

        Its now that different than how the Left operates really but that is fine.

        One people, one ethos, one interpretation of the founding documents or society dies of Leftism.

    • T. Morris, you indirectly make a great case for complete racial separatism.

      Since W/T is being run off and treated like the American Indians were, I propose sovereign reservations for us, like the Indians have. Separatism with legal teeth.

    • Feral blacks in Chicongo actually still purchase (vs 5 finger discount) items for preplanned mayhem? Who knew?

      • Crowbars and sledge hammers are heavy. Even the feral beasts can’t run very far while carrying them. So they purchase the tools using cash with the expectation they can eventually return them for cash after a number of usages. Copper fetches a high enough price anyway they can afford to abandon the tools if need be.

        Clothing and shoes are light enough to just walk right out the door. It’s often a flash mob of unemancipated minors (no record if caught) running off to a van around the corner. Over the past few years here, they’ll crash a stolen car through a storefront window, scoop up the expensive goods, and flee in a separate stolen vehicle.

        Feral blacks work twice as hard as the rest of us. Their time is dedicated to getting out of working, and they expend at least twice as much effort to achieve this.

        • Cat5 has touched on a phenomenon discussed in the book “Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything”. Still a great read.

          One chapter is on the economics of working the illicit drug trade on the streets of Chicago. Basically, they were allowed to conduct a study with the Black gangs. Finding, most everyone in the trade made less than if the worked at McDonalds!

          • Fed and local law enforcement infiltrated and decapitated the black drug distribution networks in the 1990’s. Today, Chicago’s drugs are exclusively controlled by the Mexicans. The blacks only operate as street corner sellers, and their focus is on becoming the next gang bangin’ rap star. Except for the ones shot and killed — they were in the process of straightening out their lives, going to college and becoming a medical doctor within “the community.”

    • So there’ll have to be war sooner or later.
      We all know that here I hope by now that at the end of the road is war, famine, pestilence, and death…So the question is how are you going to deal with it and what are you doing right now to prepare for it…My plan has always been the same and you can see in the comments that it has been the same for awhile now and that is to be Building Community so when that time comes I am ready as I can be… More and more people are coming to that realization now that they are seeing the tyranny up close and personal and I hope when they get the chance they will act and not go back to sleep…

          • That’s excellent territory for backpacking/bushbeating. I had intended to revisit this summer or early fall but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this year. Though I can have fun playing with the maps, I’m a map and compass guy, no gps, and I like to imagine what I’ll see when I’m out there poking around.

    • Berea is also home to Berea College. I thought I remembered some bad stuff about that college, so I looked up and Wiki has this to say:

      “In 2019, Washington Monthly ranked Berea College 4th in the U.S. among liberal arts colleges based on its contribution to the public good, as measured by social mobility, research, and promoting public service.”

      If you translate that into real-world speak, that means it’s another SJW central. One of those Christian colleges in name only that has forsaken the Biblical Gospel for the Social Gospel.

      That’s got to really pollute the local community.

      It sure has that effect in Athens, OH, home of Ohio University.

      Oh, and here’s this. Berea College, being assholes for nearly a century!

  27. The communist rule never really ended. This reminds me of when the Nazis took over, the bureaucrats and elites merely switched hats. They went from good liberal democrats to Nazis and then back to liberal democrats in the West and to communists in the East.
    I doubt it would take longer than 6 months to turn DC into National Socialists should they ever take over the government in the US. The women screaming about equality today would be denouncing Jews and communists.

    • Fred Reed is absolutely lousy on White or American identity and he’s long-ago declared his loyalty to the kith and kin of the killers of Katy Steinle and Molly Tibbets b/c Mexican girlfriend.

      Strategic alliances with hard-right castizos are something we should consider. Listening to cuck expatriates like Fred is another matter.

      Every other person at Unz is a better read (including Ron for all that he’s lousy on immigration). Fred considers Derb to be a crazy racist, FFS.

      • I guess I don’t read Unz often enough to be familiar with any specific writers. Regardless of his position on immigration, Mexicans, or the legitimacy of white solidarity, the overall theme of this article still ring true. Sometimes our ideological foes see the same flaws in the system that we see, only for differing and often diametric reasons.

      • Fred Reid sucks. Flees America and profits off running the place down. Probably lives well with his gringo money. At least that much seems good enough for him.

    • If you’ve read one article by Fred Reed, you’ve read them all. Utterly formulaic and uber boomer. Fred despises the negro while rallying to the chicanos like his female companion. He’s a racist of the first order when it comes to the blacks. One wonders if he had shacked up with a negress whether his views on the attributes of his favorite demographics would be reversed. Fred sucks but the nominal libertarians at unz love him because he’s for free movement across borders.

  28. A “minority state” isn’t a state unless the minority elite provides the polity a mutually-acceptable balance of silver vs. lead.

    As I mentioned yesterday, the Western White majority is over-thinking itself to death with deep concerns about “positive identity” (aka “who we are”),

    The minorities who are usurping our states are not worried about who they are because, unlike some of us, they have no problem identifying who we are.

    If you don’t care to accept their definition of your identity, welcome to the opposition.

    Americans beat fairly long odds to become Americans long before we really knew what being American vs. British was all about.

    All it took was knowing “we don’t want to be British anymore.”

    Negative identity is the necessary spark and catalyst for revolutionary change. Positive identity is a fashion statement unless and until you take power from those you oppose.

    • Good point. I’d rather concentrate on American vs. European identity, because other than my ancestors who came from Europe a couple of centuries ago, I have little visceral connection to the place.

      • Plus many of us are here because our ancestors didn’t fit in over there. A big part of American identity was not being European. The other whites.

        • You really have to ask? Greater point is white Americans are their own thing, not European.

        • I don’t know, honestly. There were people who came to build a new homeland for themselves, but there were also the profiteers who never really gave a damn about the nation. The Brits seemed keen to destabilize the young republic, but I think they brought us back into the fold with their banking and wars, instead. And of course the foreign influences that came with successive waves of immigration.

          The nation is still there buried under the noise, and if pressed I blame us for allowing it to happen. We’re still the same people who threw off the dominant global empire, and I’m certain we could do it again if we got off our asses.

          Maybe I’m saying what you said in a different way. Being American starts with independence from the rest of the world. That’s a kind of negative identity.

          • Thinking more about all this, to tie some things together…

            Been talking about Jews here lately. I don’t love or hate them as a group, mostly I think they’re strange and sympathetic for never fitting in and making people resent them— but I do sometimes suspect they’re being set up. I’ll admit it’s easy for me to be even-handed, though. If I lived in Brooklyn I’d probably be a raging antisemite.

            It goes to what I was saying about the Brits and America. They couldn’t reconquer the US, but they did manage to bring us in as their savior in the last century. By appearances, we’re the dominant party in that relationship, yet here we are wasting blood and treasure on the remnants of the British empire and to some extent upholding the old policy of keeping Russia down and containing Germany.

            While not being familiar with British finance, I think the idea is that the Rothschilds hijacked the thing, and thus the empire. If that’s true, here again you would think the Rothschilds run the show, but I bet if the Queen announced she was expelling them and demolishing the City of London, the people would do the job and throw her a Roman triumph to boot.

            That’s not to say the Brits are at the bottom of it all (even though I’ve read Tragedy and Hope and find Quigley’s argument pretty compelling). I think, for whatever reason, Jewish ambition, American idealism, and British opportunism, came together in a disastrously powerful way. There’s some kind of affinity there that might or might not be natural. And I have a feeling the endgame involves the undoing of that Jewish ambition, disillusionment for Americans (no more global democracy), and probably some bad luck for the Brits— though I could be wrong. I’m just some nobody with an opinion, after all.

            But I think it’ll be healthy in the long run. We’ve been blessed or cursed to see how it plays out.

  29. Part of me is happy this is happening because it seems like it is following the pattern of “slowly, then all at once”.

    The stories of people being arrested for what amounts to basically thoughtcrime are becoming more & more frequent. I was an ‘early adopter’ being in the DC area. I was in complete confusion at 4 am when the SWAT team arrived. Several hours later my house thoroughly trashed while they stole everything that wasn’t nailed down, because ‘evidence, and I got out of lockup I finally saw the charging document which basically amounted to “you made a minority feel in danger for his life”.

    Translation: DC area armed white men making minorities have hurt feelings is a SWAT level event. I made no specific threat, it merely was the action of him going to the police with the new ‘I feel unsafe’ mantra that women and minos can use to call the sword of damocles down upon you.

    It still feels very surreal to this day the level of asymmetric force that was deployed against me for nothing more than words but given that barbers, restaurant owners, etc. are now basically also being arrested it is clear that anarcho-tyranny is going to be the default state of affairs going forward. This is allowed because the stupids who are now the majority of the American populace think it is just dandy.

    You needn’t look further than the comments on that article. Safety / muh feelings trump all else in Karen nation. Free speech be damned, there is an exchange in the comments where either a black or a Karen (or a black Karen?) says it was the right response because it was a ‘hate crime’. The rejoinder was, what -crime- was committed? The mere utterance of words apparently which means the 1st amendment is about as useful as the 2nd is these days. I.E. not very.

    To top off this large black pill I will also say that Lineman and others here who often talk about the need to ‘form our own communities’ should be aware this will be the ultimate outcome when you do. These people will never leave you alone or let you rest. They will work hard to use the State’s power to grind you down into compliance just as this self-hating coalburner and her husband did to these kids in the article.

    • Apex, the choice is to form our own communities outside their areas of concern or what exactly?

      Are we better off raising kids in Los Angeles – or even smaller cities like Milwaukee or Columbus – or in the sticks?

      If we’re better off alone than together, the burden of proof is on you to tell my why.

      Recent events have shown the Empire isn’t capable of managing a low-level mildly threatening pandemic, much less a North American roundup of “homeschooling Christians.”

      If you’re dead set on saving us from making some vast mistake, tell us what our alternatives are.

    • Apex, you are posing a question that has no good answer, only the least bad one (one of our modern liberal conceits is that every question has a good answer–wrong!). The least bad answer is that we have our own communities, “by us, for us”, as some might say. Dispersed and as invisible as possible. They might roll us all up, but they might not. Or they might only get some of us. But it is the least bad choice we have, and it offers the best and most rewarding lifestyle for ourselves and our families in the meantime. It is not a “good” answer, keeping in mind your own experience and your predictions, which can’t be discounted away. I am open for better answers, but I don’t see any on the horizon.

    • Creating our own communities will certainly be opposed by the Establishment. I wonder though, if their current ham-fisted response to the virus might well be a much needed opening. It’s already teaching a lot of people how to go about ignoring the state and that spirit of defiance can be extended to things beyond keeping a store open against the imperial edicts of some Xrrl Governor. Ultimately we just need to start finding each other in real life and forming groups to do things besides politics. We need to emphasize skill sharing, recreation, essentially everything that people do that represents “horizontal” interaction. The strength of the system is that it has channeled a lot of such activities through the internet and activities provided by large corporations. Even when such connections look horizontal, there is a vertical component where an (invariably pozzed) corporate entity mediates things (i.e. Facebook).

      I also wonder if our masters’ attempt to sabotage the election and destroy small business may actually have mortally wounded at least the federal US government. We have yet to see if the government will really be able to put the trillions of stimulus dollars onto the already huge debt. If, as some here have suggested, this ends up with something like half the American people being permanently on the dole we could see massive inflation. This in turn might lead to things like cryptocurrencies or just gold and silver being used more with a resulting loss of tax revenues.

      Those of us who are planning to relocate away from the most pozzed areas could also make good use of the portable income any kind of guaranteed basic income could provide at least until the government is truly bankrupt and cuts it off.

      I think the old notion of a revolution where you have some bold group storming the imperial palace is not going to be helpful. What we’re trying to destroy isn’t some one regime but a whole interconnected set of assumptions, power dynamics, and parasitic ways of life. This is best accomplished by confronting that system with numerous challenges all at once in many different forms. This is somewhat like what a good chess player does in building up layers of parallel attacks. Eventually our rulers will simply not have time or resources to persecute some kids in Kentucky for saying mean things. That’s the point where you step up your efforts knowing it will soon be possible to push the whole rotting edifice over.

      • Pozy, your idea of “horizontal” is great. Local co-ops and low profile local economies. Keep Amazon out of it. It’s how we need to think. Nobody gets rich, but everyone in the neighborhood lives well enough and looks out for each other.

      • Poz. we’re on the same page. They will oppose anything we do but lay down and die. The question is how we avoid or overcome the resistance, not whether it happens.

        Motel Saxon will “leave a light on for ya.”

    • I plan to avoid being swat raided by not saying anything to aggressive blacks beyond “A number 7, please.”

      Or, you know, moving to someplace without American blacks.

    • Apex all I will say is it better to have people on your side when something like that happens or to be alone and leave it at that…

    • I have not posted in a bit. With the supposed fist coming down on Russiagate and the lockdown I am at this point just watching.

      But I have not left and I want to say to the posters in this thread that the topic you guys are discussing is why I am here. As I have noted before, I got quickly tired of other sites where I kept reading “the next time xyz happens we are going to do something about it” but xyz never happens.

      If whitey can not see what is happening to him now then I am not confident that an army of whities will ever saddle up for Civil War 11. I have lived all over the US in poor, rich, diverse, redneck, etc. areas and have lived in various countries including Brazil. Brazil is the most benign final destination for our people if we do nothing.

      The talk of the building of communities is the only way I see us surviving but it is extremely frustrating because it is so slow and the Eye of Sauron will search out and destroy by prison time and/or lawsuits any viable community it finds.

      But I don’t see any other way.

  30. Keeping everyone in the dark as to the rules of engagement is how they cultivate a never-ending supply of new special people.

    These minorities, which spring up like overnight toadstools on manure piles, keep us perpetually divided.

    How can there be social trust when the person next to you is a grievance waiting to sprout from your infraction across one of infinite invisible fences?

    It is also a recipe for anxiety and depression. Try rearing a child with that kind of illogical and arbitrary framing of reality and she will tantrum her way into resentment and anger.

    In our infantile culture, its no wonder psychotropic meds are ubiquitous.

    The tyranny of the few is in full force. But the few are not just some readily identifiable group with funny hats or mystery meat wunderkin. They are anyone, anytime, anywhere.

    The spores of discontent and grievance are cast wide and far, making any seemingly normal person a potential special person overnight. Luckiky whiteness and maleness seems to limit specialness. Unless bugger of course.

  31. Fighting for minorities “rights” (privileges) is nothing more than a vector to Power for the left. Once they accumulate the power of the majority, as our nation turns into the color of Amazon River water, they will decry the need to chastise the minority who somehow seem to be consistently be the most successful and brilliant. Watch as they rewrite the lessons of “American History” to even more absurd social justice screeds about how everyone here before 1900 was racist and most Ellis islanders became racist. Then, questioning it becomes racist.

    If you think that view is wrong, I graduated high school in the early 2000s and never once discussed the Wright Brothers in school. Not once! But we had time to watch the entirety of Roots despite being rife with falsehoods. Every year we spent a full day learning about MLK, but never once discussed the men who gifted us the beauty of flight. It will only get darker.

    That is because for the left it is always about setting a new moral paradigm that suits their will to power or need to feel pious. To demonstrate their control over our lives and their moral superiority, the next step is to then exile those who cross the line.

    It’s precisely why you don’t engage in arguments with them. You simply state “I reject morality because it has no future – progressives don’t breed.”

  32. “People will revolt against a king or despot. They will revolt against an aristocracy. People will not revolt against themselves.”

    People are revolting against themselves with all sorts of perversions and CivNatery. Without an other to overthrow the endless revolution needs to create one.

    It’s all a giant, spoiled, childish larp. Disgusting. On the other hand, western civ will probably have to rise again in revolt against the revolution. It’s not too much of a stretch to think there’s a plan to it, but who knows.

  33. The only way whites are ever going to turn things around in their favor by organizing as a white interest block is to get rid of Trump. He’s taking all of the wind out of our sails as we steadily drift into the rocks. I used to be on the other side of this debate thinking we needed him to stick around to give us 4 more years of protecting our flank. But he’s taking without giving us anything in return and things are decaying rapidly. He drew a target on the press and fed us a few other kibbles, fine, but we’re still heading for the rocks. At this rate, 4 more years of the Thatcher Effect and we’ll be bouncing on the rocks.

    There is a subtext to Zman’s post: the passivity of the majority. Our long time horizon is at times too damned long. Being fragmented has made this characteristic of ours even more difficult to organize around and react to encroachments we despise. Since we can’t organize ourselves let’s have our enemies do that for us by giving them a free hand in feeding the flames. At some point even damp and green wood catches fire.

    Our tribe isn’t going to seek its will and act to its benefit until the conditions are even worse. We can drift and fight a 1000 small fights and watch the clock run out…or we can let things slide over the edge ASAP, gird up our loins and deal with 2 or 3 critical ones.

    • I’ll keep saying it until I’m Jew in the face – Trump and the GOP in general are a Thatcher Effect on America. If Biden or Harris or Abrams or whosis take power, we will see 2015 energy levels on the Right again.

      Con, Inc. is soma and what we know as America is going to Huxley itself to death if we don’t make antifags resort to the two-minute 24/7 hate we had during the Age of Gay Mulatto.

      • The difference is that GloboHomo is never going to give us the space to operate they did in 2015-16. That ship has sailed.

        • Where are you sailing, Meme? Is Admiral Barr going to shelter you in his safe harbor? Do you really think any institutional mainstream powers are going to give you cover? If so, on what terms?

          • Zach De La Rocha said it best – “There ain’t no shelter here – front line is everywhere”

            But I can tell you where I’m NOT going: Whites-Only Communism.

          • Who’s advocating for communism, Meme?

            Why don’t you share some of your spicier links for the normies instead of soft-pedaling racist lolberts like RamZ?

            I’d rather have soshulism than rapey White Sharia with tween waifus or Jewish hacker felons manning the production on my webs.

          • Why not? Such a system would just be a variant of Nationalist Socialism not command and control Communism from Moscow.

            A hypothetical White society would be focused on kinder küche kirche to a great degree.

            Hell it has to be in order to keep industry in check (industry is for the good of the nations people) and to avoid the distractions of the city and modernity functioning as IQ shredders

            It need not be totalitarian but it will have to be authoritarian.

            The reason for this is simple.

            The US White popularization is roughly made up of Moral Whites (people trying to live moral lives based on tradition and usually religion) Good Whites , Current Year Leftists and Grifters/Money Junkies

            The only people, maybe 20% of the population that can be trusted with a lot of autonomy are Moral Whites. Our Constitution, Religious/Moral people so on, so forth, such like

            Good Whites after they internalize the new ways will be fine too though many of them are at heart NPC’s

            The Current Year Leftists are the problem

            Last comes the money junkies who habitually lie, cheat, steal and undermine basic prosperity for workers so they can get richer. Its these A Holes that have left Millennial with nothing but empty wallets. college debt and poison ideology

            A strong nation needs unity, diverse jobs and a strong middle class and the greed heads hate all of that and any movement that fails to check them will fail and the nation bled dry.

          • Ab, it sounds like you are advocating a “Third Position”, which incorporates the best aspects of Socialism and Capitalism and discards the rest. This is what Uncle A, Franco, and Mussolini implemented, to various degrees.

            What I was referring to in the prior post was pure, unironic Communism, which has recently become popular among the side of the former AltRight that lost the Optics War. They think that Bernie Bros are going to start loving them because they’re like “we’re Leftists too!”

            Good luck with that.

          • I’d rather see four more years of Trump and a lot of bonfires in DC as well as out in the field (if Trump actually follows through on burning down things in DC, which is not a given), than DC all walled up and safe while they send flamethrowers out into our neck of the woods. The stage us now set for expanding on a very interesting uncovering of what has been really going on in Ukraine, China, Iran, and the rest of the Middle East these last few decades (did anyone catch the ZH story yesterday, where Barr’s people “accidentally” forgot to redact that a chief aide to the Saudi ambassador to the U.S., back in the day, was a conduit to the radical imams backing two of the 9/11 guys?). I want it all out there for everyone to chew on. If the house is going to burn down, I want the light of day on all of it. That’s perhaps Trump’s sole attractiveness to me now. I want everyone to see that Obama’s crowd and the Clintons stripped the place to the walls for a few shekels for themselves. I want everyone to see that GW Bush willfully looked the other way when all the pieces of 9/11 were there to be picked up and looked at. I want to see the media and the libs have to continually spin and deflect and try to remake history to play their games. A Biden or Cuomo administration will bottle all of that stuff up tight, and give cover to all the bad actors.

            We are going to get what we get, there is no ducking it. But I will take any shot I can get to turn it all back on those in power who have done so much to hurt everyone, even as we get it good and hard. I don’t know if Trump has it in him to actually double down on all the threats he is making. But I am willing to take the chance. A Dem administration won’t change what is coming our way, it will probably only accelerate it a bit. But a Dem administration will give cover for all the bad actors, and I really do want to see lampposts used as good Italians have used them. By the ankles.

          • Dutch, if they accelerate it enough, which is what I’m betting on, they will have a lot more serious things to worry about than the dancing and glowing skeletons in the closets. We’re still the world’s apex predator. I want to see us begin acting the part.

        • Meme, GloboHomo is going to reelect Trump. That should tell you what their worried about keeping bottled up.

          • Yves, I still think GloboHomo wants Trump gone, not because he’s a threat but because he’s a disruptor.

            I guess we’ll know for sure if Biden gets dumped before the convention.

      • Ex, I still don’t think our movement is ready for prime time but we’re running out of runway.

    • Yves – Agreed – the passivity of the majority is an enormous issue, but as Primi Pilus noted, people are scattered and scared, and being picked off one by one. This is why I come down so hard on those here who insist their ‘x’ wife worked out for them and therefore must be okay with everyone else. An alien element in a homogeneous community is an elemental (and today a deliberate) disruption. As Screwtape says below (better than I could have), “How can there be social trust when the person next to you is a grievance waiting to sprout from your infraction across one of infinite invisible fences?” The result is today’s clown world that Kipling forewarned against in “The Stranger.”

      And those who claim “It didn’t used to be like that” are wrong – witness all the various adopted Asians, immigrants, etc. who claim they suffered in silence throughout their childhood for being the sole of their kind in formerly White America. For every Derbyshire claiming his exception is “salt in the soup,’ one can find hundreds of counter examples where it is shit in ice cream – like the Kentucky disaster Zman has shared with us.

    • I disagree. I don’t worry too much about the fact that Trump doesn’t deliver on the promises he makes. That’s to be expected really. The primary reason he was so hated from day 1 of his political career was that he directly courted normal whites, based his election strategy accordingly and won! It will be a good thing if it is repeated. In the coming months and years that lesson will not be lost on ambitious power seekers. Presumably we will get a few who will be more ideologically disciplined and willing to act accordingly.

      Every constitutional outrage committed by the leftists sets a precedent for what shall be used against them by this next generation of explicitly white political figures. I actually agree with the anti-white’s abandonment of free speech in particular given what it has produced here. They should be silenced, their speech is demonstrably evil in intent and effect and this situation came about in great part because their speech was tolerated. Plato was right about this.

      • Tash,
        Our #1 immediate problem is getting enough whites to come to the realization that we have collective interests. We’re too atomized to manage this without the heat being turned up. With Trump catching most of the flack too many of us are too comfortable. If he grabs the brass ring again he will ride the white horse through every street in DC…while every town, village, burg and city continues to flood with every color under the sun except white. His reelection doesn’t buy us time, it buys time for our enemies.

        • That’s the very thing I point to as giving hope though. There were enough whites with self-conscious racial identity to help get Trump elected after the Obama years disintegrated any illusions about a color blind utopia. The number of deceived and naive whites who still cling to those old illusions (today’s bitter-clingers) can only be dwindling. All I ask of Trump is to keep advocating policies that can be construed as direct appeals to white voters. I applaud the anti-white frothing by the state media because it reinforces the brand if you will. Whites can do their part by voting for those who address them and their interests as whites. Show the formula wins power. Pretenders will follow of course but it is reasonable to assume earnest men of action will too.

  34. Everything that is done is done in the name of the people, as if fifty percent plus one is a god that must always be pleased.

    That really is the paradox of liberal democracy. In the name of the people, the will of the people must be thwarted in the name of minority interests.

    Well, which is it, the tyranny of the majority or the tyranny of the minority?

    • Both if the majority has a minority fetish.

      And btw this why I sometimes suspect Jews are being set up to be scapegoated. Everybody has a weakness that can be exploited.

    • It’s the tyranny of that minority that claims to speak for the majority.
      Barry the Kenyan’s “That’s not who we are”.

    • Vizzini, I have been playing around with an idea here. Strozk was the FBI’s linchpin of the Flynn/Trump persecution, and he did it to show off for his liberal mistress, who is married to another man. Neil Ferguson, the UK guy who modeled out the expected high death rate from Wuflu, and got the lockdown ball rolling, did it to show off to his liberal mistress, who is married to another man. How much damage is being done by paramours in high places peacocking for their cheating mistresses?

      • Dutch,

        These are feminine men that eschew the normal male display of prowess through physical superiority, wealth accumulation, dominance over other males, raw power, devil may care bravado, moral/ethical endurance etc.

        They emulate females in their mating dance. That is, virtue signaling and attention seeking through sympathy and caring.

        In the case of Strozk, he constantly reminds his paramour that they “are not alone” and that there is a greater community behind the scenes backing them, and that Americans at large dont want Trump but there are just enough Trump supporters to be a threat. Very feminine to constantly need to “feel” that they are not alone or outnumbered. No Richard V “we few, we happy few…” or William Wallace or Leonidas there. That is way too masculine of an approach for ol Strozk…

  35. There’s a crazy Karen on our block that sued our HOA on dubious grounds, slandered my neighbors on NextDoor, and threatened to sue a new neighbor(who also has breast cancer) because their dogs didn’t get along once and tussled. She’s still less toxic to a community than that family in Kentucky. A crazy lady everyone hates is far more manageable than a crazy family with the full backing of the Deep State.

    Still, as has been said before, the only reason those scolds have power is because of traitorous white people and cowardly white people.

    • GoodWhites are, in some ways, an even tougher but to crack than the Chosen.

      At least the later has distinct surnames and genetic markers.

      • Goodwhites have devil sign on the forehead. We will go after them with computer tomography.
        Political Orientations Are Correlated with Brain Structure
        This was know already in the ancient Egypt. And this is also reason why we all must equal. Without equality, we would understood very quickly that all white race problems from witch hunt to kulak hunt to racist hunt or all known madnesses are coming from very small, 2-4% of easy to be determined. When bible predicted fight between good and evil, they probably knew Egypitan findings that goodwhites have very specific brain what reminds one of the numeric combination of this era.

      • Some of us are more interested in telling people what we really believe than “cracking” other Whites, Meme.

        What is it you feel like you need to hide?

  36. Our grandfather’s knew the danger of weirdos and ran them out of town. Maybe they didn’t all agree with the severity of it sometimes but knew it had to be done to protect our way of life.

    Then the left changed the narrative. Sent us on a guilt trip. ” sins of the father ” blah, blah, blah !

    We bought it and then they gave it to us – good and hard !

    Will the white man rise up and defend himself ? Seems unlikely anytime soon .They bought the media’s Wuhan flu nonsense hook, line and sinker

    They would not listen , their not listening still . Perhaps they never will

  37. In that story from Kentucky, the reporter seems to be acting as the PR person for the family making the accusations. This is pretty typical.

    No attempt is made to present the side of the accused. “Names and ages of the adults aren’t being released at this time, and the investigation is ongoing.” How convenient. If there are police charges against them, it is a matter of public record.

    As you read through the long, rambling article, you see case after case where the girls choose to be offended and choose to make issues out of things where no issue exists. In other words, everyone has to be tolerant of them, but they don’t have to be tolerant of anyone else.

    Here is my complete lack of surprise that the reporter is a nose-ringed youngster who puts her pronouns in her Twitter bio:

    • Great observation, Vizzini, about the “reporter” serving as PR flack. Stories about kids are a specialty of this kind of “reporting,” because it’s easy to hide behind the traditional legal and ethical restrictions about soliciting opposing comments from minors, and thereby only tell the “aggreived” side of the story.

      You’ll recall the story from about a year ago, about a black girl in a private school who claimed her hair had been cut by a gang of white boys. It never happened, of course, and the school (read, boys’ parents) was effective in shutting down the “story” before it became a national cause celebre. But the reporting was as you describe: a PR job, utterly credulous about the accusation, contemptuous as to the accused.

      • Forget the family of troublemakers. They are a minor wart. It’s the “reporter” that is the cancerous growth. She’s the one with the megaphone and the agenda. Her megaphone makes her disproportionally damaging. Her clearly having an agenda beyond impartially presenting the news… relieves her of the moral protection her profession used to have. I’m sure she claims multiple protected statuses … but whatever her claims, she is still a mouthy white girl to most of her allies.

        Within the framework of the law, she is a prime example of the kind of enemies to Our People that need to be hindered and made unwelcomed by the local population. Castigated and shunned.

        The Romans allegedly had a tradition of “No friendly hand” to those that were exiled. You left the city immediately and no citizen was allowed to help you without suffering the same fate as the exiled.

        An unofficial modern equivalent, and without violating the law, is what is called for here.

    • Is it any surprise that a clutch of Halfrican teen girls were inspired by Mehgan Markle to be uppity, self-entitled bitches of the most annoying sort? The media has stoked the idiocy of the masses to worship every clothing choice and social practice of this jumped up American “princess.” The absurdity of what has become praiseworthy in this day and age is simply astonishing. But I have learned that neither the gnashing of teeth in anger nor the weeping of bitter tears in sorrow does anything to stop, let alone reverse, the tide of filth that deluges us.

    • Something tells me I that’s (((Sara Kuhl))). Or am I seeing jews in my Cheerios again

    • Few “reporters” are able to write articles any longer. I gave up once the story got into how they were no black authors.

      Anyways, other than being insulting, I didn’t see any evidence of harassment. Plus, she can be viewed as the instigator by butting into a conversation at the beginning. The fact that she was unable to either ignore the guy or fire back a few insults is the problem. Then pushing it up the chain of command at the school was sure to not end well.

      Saw this happen at a private school my kids attended. Once they got the diversity, it took about 3 months for the racism charges to start flying. Most whites know this is what happens. That’s why they oppose vouchers.

      • The complaints about the N-word in To Kill A Mockingbird are pretty ironic. That book used to be a leftist holy tome. Now the degenerate descendants of the ones who saddled us with this crap aren’t any more sophisticated than to complain about any appearance of the N-word.

        Any based Whites in the school would do well to say, “You know, you’re right. Let’s ban To Kill A Mockingbird!”

  38. Zman asks: The question political theorists will be pondering in the future, is what went horribly wrong with liberal democracy?
    It would be interesting, although likely futile to ask Fukuyama – all that ‘end of history’ stuff he wrote about. He certainly ought to have something worth saying other than oopsie, never mind.

  39. I would just say we’re not exactly in the dark ( at least those with half a clue) as to who can and can’t be criticized. There’s a “dark” biped that walks among us that happens to currently be at to top of the list of freaks, geeks & muds that is absolutely protected from any mean speech/attitude by whites.
    Man, you are burning white hot these days, Z. Every post has been spot on, in describing our reality these days.

    • Or, if I may…There’s a “dark” biped that jogs among us…

    • I think this is bullshit claim. You have an unrealistic view of communism. Read some Solzenitzyn and see how it wasn’t at all clear who is going to be sent to gulag. Not to mention the material poverty of those people. Liberal demos is well fed livestock compared to communist people.

  40. “The novelty of liberal democracy is in keeping everyone in the dark about these things.” It might be novel to political systems, but it’s a well-noted phenomenon in many “rat in a box” lab experiments. Some mouse figures out that it gets a reward from one node, it gets shocked by another one, so the rat moves where he doesn’t get shocked. When the nodes are switched so that he gets a random galvanic jolt or a reward arbitrarily, a lot of the rats just shut down and stop moving altogether. That’s why it seems arbitrary, because, as Steve Sailer pointed out, humans are pattern-recognizing machines and they want to punish us not just for noticing patterns about Joggers, but for even trying to find a pattern for coping with the state’s crazy, ever-changing rules. (Ramzpaul had a bit about this the other day, in which from restaurant to restaurant the mask and distancing rules seemed to change). They wanted us to be paralyzed rats well before they literally started locking us in place (the analogy breaks down, because rats at least have sewers and tunnels, while we’re really trapped during the lockdown). Speaking of rats, did you know that during the Communard Siege in Paris people got so hungry that rats became an expensive delicacy? I’m not saying we’re there yet, but I’m already noticing empty shelves and strangely undersized fruits at the grocery store…

    • I can definitely say you will eat rat when you get hungry enough. Hell, they are a delicacy in some areas. Question: What do you call a guinea pig in Peru? ……..Lunch!

  41. Do all things point to the ethno state? Stem the tide. Point the blame. Presently at best we are only able to insulate ourselves in small groups and communities. Will new cultures develop within those enclaves of despair? Will the Phoenix rise from the ashes as an amalgam of people who will then be forged into a new community and culture? Will ethnics outside our tribe again become parasites fueled by the realization that they are not us and that left on their own the may survive but not thrive? They will not permit our choice to be free of them.Their quality of life depends on us. They are not capable. They are a burden I gladly relinquish. We are all minorities of one.

        • Gab is just a breeding ground for retarded WigNats, as the Pittsburgh shooter demonstrates.

          • I’m sure “Keith Woods is Exto” Greg appreciates the communal counter-signalling, Z, but FWIW, I agree that GAB is a time-wasting echo-chamber.

          • Wait, there’s a new TRS board?

            They shut down the old one in 2018 because of potential lawsuit liability from C’Ville.

            If there is a new one, I think we can put 2 and 2 together pretty easily.

          • It’s their Bang board. They try to police it, but it is still full of profiles sporting Nazi iconography and the typical epithets. I’m firmly in the camp of them having their right to have their place for that stuff, but it tends to end poorly. Gab, as far as my experience, has no more of that stuff than any other social media. Enoch is on Twitter pumping out his content. He’s not on Gab. I don’t think Anglin’s crew is on Gab either.

          • Meme, you’re not fooling anyone who’s paying attention.

            Enjoy the show, folks. I want to see how he pulls the Daily Stormer rabbit out of the “appeal to normies” hat again.

        • For the most part, social media is just a time suck. I support Gab and Torba for ideological reasons, but I need to get better at time management and content management. I’m about a third through the book project and I need to accelerate that project, so it means spending more time on it. I also have plans for this site that will require time.

          • I have the same problem. I have three good books sitting next to my easy chair that I want to read and I know I would enjoy them but every night I find myself looking at a twitter feed or my relatives posts on Facebook.
            I swear these little computers we got in our hands steal our minds and attention spans which changes us as individuals and society in general.

          • Phones have turned into the new televisions for people. Cut the cord, stare at your phone.

          • Templar nails it, drives that nail right through the floor.

            GLG is sooo right, my newspaper/tv is talking to me, I can’t wait to get to the party- and my schedule is ruined.

          • I have a similar focus issue just trying to read Kindle books or PDF downloads on my PC. It’s just too easy for another idea to pop into my mind and send me off on a 5, 10, 30 minute or longer tangent. A couple of those and the evening is gone.

          • I admit that I am prone to pessimism, but I don’t see a way out of this mess. I’m in the fourth quarter of life and live in a rural area in redneck country, so I’m not affected much by this nonsense. However, I do have children and grandchildren and I care about the future of young people in general.

            I’m looking forward to reading your book and anticipate that you will offer some practical advice that I can pass on to my progeny on how to survive and maybe even thrive in this increasingly dystopian society.

            I am very fortunate to have great kids who have always adhered to the values of my parents’ depression era generation. It seems to have been coded into their DNA, as they never rebelled against me or even caused me the slightest bit of grief.

            I believe I owe it to them to help them navigate these perilous times. Any help you could provide in your book would be greatly appreciated.

          • It’s important for some of Our Guys to work the Twitter arena (mirror to GAB – it’s not worth active effort – echo chamber, sadly – not Torba’s fault).

            Telegram may have some future promise but you need to be proactive with security on that platform (what’s unusual in that nowadays?)

            As a community, we shouldn’t leave any cultural arena unchallenged – even Faceberg and rap music (Casa Pound, that’s on y’all).

            Kids have been Shlomo’d to receive their info in fashions we don’t like but we shouldn’t let them twist just because we’re too cool to tolerate shitty music or fight the Dothead Censorship Squad/

      • Yeah I get that. I tend to use it as a news/content consolidator. It points me in directions of things to look at I wouldn’t have otherwise found.

  42. There was reboot of Heather’s a few years ago. It was a TV show and all the Heather’s were BLT-123 freaks who had control over all the normal kids for reasons you listed above. The reviews were filled with a lot of huffing and puffing and righteous indignation. It didn’t last very long.

    • I used to think that the idea that our products were being laced with chemicals to make men effeminate was crazy talk.

      Now I’m not so sure.

      • Weed, fast food and feminist brainwashing. Especially weed.

        Every week I try to pay as little tax on groceries as possible. It’s like a game. (We only pay taxes on “non essential” goods – ie. Junk).

        Last week was 25 cents on a shop of $55.

        • Jeebus. I’ve been living in the city for too long. Our weekly grocery bill for two people and no pets is at least $500. I haven’t spent $55 on groceries since I was living off cheap ramen noodles and sleeping on a couch for a handful of years. I may be due for a move to more-rural parts of the US, that or you live in a time warp :>)

          • I’d assume food is more expensive in the rural areas.

            I dunno what you’re buying but 250 each is insane. I eat meat 6 nights a week for $70/week. Try buying club packs on sale and freeze the extra portions.

          • All depends on what it is UFO if it’s grown in that area then it’s less expensive if it has to be shipped in then it’s a little more…I guarantee though I live cheaper where I am at than I ever did when I lived in those big cities…

        • Geez, drunk civnats have done such a good job.

          So when they test you, surveil you, infiltrate you, jail you, and drag the kids screaming from your house, remember- it was for your own good.

          Racism is a gateway to Nazis!

      • I too have had a change of perspective on things like you mention. Used to seem nuts. But I think that these people … the LEFT? … our elites, betters, whatever …. I think they all know almost instinctively what they must do, what they need immediately attack, and what methods they should use to achieve their ends. And destroying masculinity, like destroying Christianity — the only real counterpoise to the vileness of the human character — were critical and long ago recognized as immediate mission priorities for their movement. So here we are.

        • I agree, Primi. The elites and their useful idiot followers don’t need direction. It’s not a conspiracy. They along with their deep state, fake news media, academia and Hollywood are a living organism that works together automatically without orders. When X number of deaths are needed somehow they ship the elderly to homes which are really death camps. When they need to crash the economy to destroy a president BOOM, the blue state governors close all businesses and terminate all employment of “non-essential” people. They even created a new class of scape goats with these “non-essentials”. Let’s face it if a person is non-essential he is basically expendable. All they need are some yellow stars and they got what they want. Without any formal conspiracy.

          • I liken the overall mass of Leftists to a school of fish. There is no detailed conspiracy among them, but they all subconsciously sense the benefits of swimming in the same direction.

          • Except oddly enough the defective fish who swim where they please.

            I read a paper years ago where some marine biologists studying schooling behavior, took a fish from the school and disabled some parts of the brain such as thought to promote schooling behavior—they assumed the fish would not school and get naturally eliminated pretty quickly by predators.

            Well, something interesting happened. The fish in point was now the observable leader of the school of fish it was returned to. That is to say, all the other fish followed the aberrant one in their schooling behavior.

            Perhaps there is a lesson here for our present society?

          • It was a black fish? That makes sense. The other fish wanted equivalent of his sneakers. He bust a move, they amplify and bust a move. Were any fish shot? They schoolin’ so you know there were a lot of little fish poopin’ outta the egg sacks. No doubt the government paid dey study.

          • Certainly.

            I would also add that there are subgroups within our metaphorical school of fish that definitely have defined, detailed conspiracy plans among their immediate in-group.

          • It’s like a school of Piranhas, vicious and unceasingly aggressive. The prey does nothing but react defensively, blowing bubbles as they get overwhelmed.

          • AB
            I hope people are starting to wake up to that fact that you can only be an individualist if those around you are like you otherwise you will be picked off by those who aren’t like you and are working collectively…

          • Why do you think (((they))) work so hard to prevent the development of any signs of group identity among whites?

          • @Goose
            Yea but it falls on each of us not to let them have any effect us…Think about it Brother if all or most your interactions that you have on a daily basis are with people that are your kind then really how much affect are they going to have on you… Something to think about 😉

        • Never attribute to conspiracy what can be explained by simple flocking behavior.

      • @meme – high levels of estrogen are pretty prominent all throughout the population, from effeminate men, a lower average age of menarche in the trad white population, PCOS and endometriosis, and it also promotes fat retension.

        • Maybe we start more males on weekly Testosterone and Anastrozole injections. Of course, that assumes these effeminate males can screw up the courage to stick a needle in their ass. Ladies, here’s where you can prove effective. Give them their shots. 😉

          • Hah.

            Exercise and time away from the screen works wonders.

            However it has to have a masculine culture to go with it. There is no point in High T of you are using it to ride a desk and play Call of Duty

            It has to be out in the real world, doing physical things or it becomes a liability. No clue how we get that. We’ve been flogging physical culture for over a century as we’ve grown more urban and with mixed results.

          • Are you sure you aren’t Mike Rowe under an alias 😉

            As far as trades done my share. Problem is we only need a fixed number of people doing that and not everyone is suited.

            Its a damned good solution but we need to figure out what to do with the rest.

          • Well I would definitely say if your not cut out for that I would look at who remained working in all this mess and shoot for that…
            Mike Rowe is good people 😉
            PS I push it so hard because I love my job and can’t believe they pay me for having that much fun👍

          • Ab,

            You are right, only so many tradesmen needed, but it’s a large enough number that it can bolster the prosperity of Our People and as whites we are damn good at building stuff and keeping it going.

            Look at it this way in the interim, it’s easy shitcan a cubicle worker, cab driver or middle manager for unapproved think. You can’t arbitrarily and heavy-handedly start caning electrical, gas and oil, farmers and rancher, truckers and structural support workers in the same way. Well you can, but those fragile fat cities where your hive live will die in short order if you are too ernest with your political purge of the tradesmen.

            Long term, you build (reinhabit) thousands of smaller communities in the heart of where all the raw commodities are produced and energy harvested. Tradesmen and skilled workers will be the essential backbone both with skill and the incomes they can put into these communities. Factories will follow. Companies are looking for lower wage areas with a handy population to build production facilities.

            In the What Comes Next for the U.S… who knows exactly. But employed skilled workers and tradesmen will eventually allow for the prosperity that will allow us to afford the more esoteric things.. the artists, abstract thinkers, etc.

    • Z-Man — I do believe there is this restive quiet out here because many people realize now there is no fix for this kind of atrocity (violating previously inviolate rights), and other LEFT-driven madness. They don’t know what they can do, and there are no real leaders to show them the way. They are scattered, and scared. So they try to maintain some semblance of normalcy inside their shrinking circle.

      • Anyone can lead a few men.

        Truth is there is an option but fundamentally no one has convinced anyone me included that price is worth paying.

        The modern world is brittle, proven even more so than most thought by the recent madness and this tells people one god push and we all risk dying horribly.

        Whatever comes out on the other end better be worth it and thus far no one seems to have a real plan to make it happen or any way to stop a nation now filled with blooded killers from going at it till all the ammo is gone and Chinese put us out of our misery.

        We need a new order not chaos and there’s no plan for that.

        Maybe that ought to be top priority, here is what we want, here is what we want to build, here is where people fit in, here is how we take it and protect it,

        • Yes ….. and first it’s got to be articulated, either in narrative form or via the novel (as in fiction reflecting reality). Not many on our side do that kind of creative work … all the creative ones dyed their hair green and started barking at the moon. It’s up to those like us, somehow, to put it all together to stop the madness and preserve those central “goods” you reference above.

      • Until the USSR collapsed, I read that US intelligence was painting pictures of their abilities and strengths. They were still the great and powerful “OZ”. Reagan knew better, or perhaps he just had a spiritual belief. Nonetheless it finally occurred shortly after he left office after doing battle with them for 8 years.

        Point is, the touch off event you speak of is unknowable as to time and place. But that doesn’t mean it won’t or can’t happen. Leaders may be in the field as we speak, it’s just not their time yet. That is my belief.

    • At least the mom looks like she was bangable at some point in her life…the daughters don’t even rate.

  43. In many ways, Western authoritarianism is indeed worse than communism. As you point out, penalties and punishment are totally arbitrary in the West. This was the goal of Stalinist communism but never quite achieved. The West has a surveillance state Mao and Stalin never enjoyed although the modern People’s Republic of China has been able to obtain these tools from the United States. People voluntarily submit their data and information via the dark entertainment known as “social media.” The farce of the judicial system, which is a State form of oppression now, is on full display with the Flynn case. And of course, we have the constant state of war that is the hallmark of totalitarianism.

    And if you haven’t noticed, Buckleyite conservatives increasingly do not refer to Muh Constitution and wrap their arms around platitudes more economic than philosophical in nature. The fraud of American freedom has become too obvious for them to maintain.

    The United States will be infinitely worse than the USSR within a generation. There will be revolts and most quickly will be put down. In time, there will be successful dissolutions and eventually these will accelerate. Initially, individual states will break apart and we already see outlines of this. Expect brutal retaliations against the regions than no longer accept State authority. In time, though, the rump states will achieve an uneasy detente with the federal monster. The analogy that springs to mind is the relationship that existed between the neutral Scandinavian nations and the Soviets.

    • Based on demographics alone the USA will be far worse off than the USSR. Muh constitution didn’t help Liberia. A shitty ideology was somewhat workable in the USSR because it had a somewhat intelligent, and homogenous people.

      It will be worse than Brazil. Brazillian whites don’t discriminate against themselves and know their role in society. The mud people keep to the favelas. Brazillians of all colours share a language, history and religion.

      No, the west is heading to a disaster of epic proportions, maybe one the world has never seen before. It’s either us, or them, at the end of the day.

      • Methinks this has happened before.

        I recall a story of a place called Babel, with a tall tower, and a highly diverse population that spake many tongues…

        I don’t think they had any firearms in that story, though.

        • A population that spoke one tongue until God intervened. A lesson for the globalists: Genesis 11(NIV) Now the whole world had one language and a common speech. 2 As people moved eastward, they found a plain in Shinar and settled there.

          3 They said to each other, “Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly.” They used brick instead of stone, and tar for mortar. 4 Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”

          5 But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. 6 The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. 7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

          8 So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. 9 That is why it was called Babel – because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole Earth.

          • “6 The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”

            The OT is a war manual, filled with examples.
            They didn’t read the NT.

          • Edit: apologies, not degrading it, I’m saying let’s use it as intended. That’s the reason it was kept only to the elites until Gutenberg.

    • Back when when we actually had rights, a “crime” like the one in the Kentucky story, would have been deemed unconstitutionally vague. The idea was that a crime had to be well-defined by the law so that people couldn’t commit a crime without the opportunity to be advised of what behavior was prohibited and also so that govt. actors couldn’t just decide after the fact that certain actions constituted a crime.

      Now, they apparently don’t even try to define criminal action.

      • In a sense, that’s been the case since the federal income tax was adopted more than a century ago. It is deliberately vague so people can be charged to get their minds right.

        • Normally, this would be the point where taxpayers would start refusing to pay (see Revolutionary War). But this feedback lever was broken long ago – deficit spending means Current Year man still hasn’t finished paying for Current Year minus 30’s spending.

    • You see it now with the places where law is not followed regarding illegals That. gave some sheriffs ideas of not following their states laws about guns. Some other sheriffs and police don’t enforce lockdown orders. We will see more of this and a separation of country from the city

      • As Glen Reynold likes to say, faster please.

        Despite the best censorship efforts of big tech, vague laws and the authoritarian state, there is no way to save the nation as configured or to make it work.

        Even the Neo Brazil they want is no longer possible. The main reason is less race but malinvestment. The financialization of the economy and the decline in wealth means that repairing the massive wear to our infrastructure is no longer feasible.

        The US water systems, power grids, telecom, and more are falling apart and as we saw from the late unpleasantness, our food distribution system can go from working fine to near broken in an instant.

        It can only get worse from here and that is good thing with a single caveat.

        It is essential that the Right dissident and establishment understand that civilization is a collective endeavor. requiring collective action for collective goals to build a society built on collective ideals.

        In other words just like it was pre 65.

        There is plenty of room for personal freedom in such a system so no worries but if you want a Christian nation or one built on Christian values than it must be formed collectively by Christian men for that purpose.

        Also along with prepping, it wouldn’t hurt to cultivate a little hatred and desire for revenge either,. A movement that doesn’t want vengeance is one that lacks motivation.

        If you haven’t dreamed about putting the screws to our many foes and making them pay, something wrong with you Mack.

        • Ab, we have different perspectives, but you get my upvote on your post.

          In the spirit of making things work, i.e., ensuring not only the survival, but the flourishing of white civilization, I need to recognize you as my ally, notwithstanding your emphasis on collective, and, I submit, you should recognize me as your ally, notwithstanding my emphasis on individual liberty.

          • You as well.

            A society made up of moral men can dispense with the need for collectivism in any form. Its a tool in the box, not an end goal.

            Also one can have a collective purpose without crossing some lines, your body is yours, you have certain rights that cannot be alienated and must be respected that sort of thing.

            This is our tradition and what we are trying to conserve.

            And note that friction between statutory law and tradition is a huge part of the issues we face even when people aren’t cheating or ignoring the Constitution

            Traditionally censoring porn was allowed but the Constitution actually forbids it , if a fetus is not a person than abortion is a right , are private nukes or germ warfare agents OK? and so on.

            My personal feeling is that the US needs an interregnum so some moral sense can be knocked into people’s skulls and after that period twenty to forty years we’ll have a people than can easily handle liberty.

            If we ca get power for it and we can restrain our will to power enough to give it up, Americans will still exist in 2060 and will be like we were meant to be.

            If not, this isn’t our country and its basically Old Yeller at this point, a rabid dog that we need to avoid being bitten by and will either get put down or get sicker and sicker till it dies on its own.

          • No upvote, sorry ab, Elysium isn’t real.

            They wanted to murder the ENTIRE GERMAN RACE when that People tried to break free.

          • What are you talking about?

            How do you possibly think that someone who is OK with borderline ultra nationalism is OK with trying to kill off German nationalists ?

            I’m not trying for Roosevelt and his Democratic Socialism , Stalin and his International Socialism or Hitler and his Workers Socialism.

            What I am I’m trying to do build a set of tools for others to consider that might work in 2020 . These are to build a nation that works and keeps as much of the traditions of the Founding Fathers as it can with a mostly urban high tech and non religious population.

          • enjoyed your exchange.

            stepping back, it must be clear that to avoid the old yeller outcome, we must aim to be in the position where transgressors against the ideals you describe must feel pain, either applied punitively, or as a consequence of violating natural law.

            pain against violators of natural law follows from ayn rand’s “you can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

            it seems like the entire degeneracy culture is one giant effort to reverse the universe’s natural tendency to punish stupidity.

          • Unfortunately, Old Yeller already has flecks of foam in the corners of his mouth. The current republic is well and truly FUBAR.

    • In many ways, Western authoritarianism is indeed worse than communism.

      For starters, there was no element of replacement genocide built into traditional communism per se. Russia, Poland and the Czech republic may have felt pretty miserable when they got rid of communism but at least they were still largely Russian, Polish and Czech respectively.

      • Except for Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and everywhere else the original population was deemed a problem, you mean…

        • All countries incorporated into the Soviet Union. Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary etc were nominally independent.

  44. Liberal democracy’s end goal is to make us majority non-white, to prove that all men are created equal. Civilizing other nations didn’t work so they have to come here. However, liberal democracy only works in a majority white setting. Weird situation. It may eventually destroy white people and itself.

    I have this other theory – the elites know that liberal democracy is failing. The drive to destroy the white working, and now middle, class is done on purpose to destroy the ability to rebuild. The elites will go to New Zealand while we are not able to rebuild based on a new system since we now are a mixed race mud people country.

    • Why? What would the “elites” do in New Zealand? Are you saying that they will experience some sort of sadistic pleasure watching the world burn from distance? And then what? They can’t survive on their own. Elysium is not possible.

      • they want a a much reduced population of people because once you reach a certain population , say 500mil, being elite doesn’t get better with additional population. so they will not actually go to new zealand, they will just retreat to very secure gated communities during any real tribulation . or so the theory goes.

        • They still need a smart fraction to maintain their standards of living. That won’t work if the north is flooded and destroyed by the south.

          • They aren’t that smart and figure they can live within walls.

            netter to reign in hell and all that.

          • that’s why they keep pumping out male Chinese engineers, even if some drop dead during examinations, even if they have to abort girls and leave them single (and make them more manly/feminist as a result). it doesn’t matter, because the party sends these yellow-red shock troops abroad anyway, where the affirmative action scholarships for their costly foreign student degrees await. from there on, they shall attempt to buy blondes, like a certain other (((people))) did when they became accountants and lawyers. the difference – the yellow-reds are attempting to build clone and robot servants that don’t complain like the stupid natural masses in the nations, with their silly rights and traditions. 5G Drone Empire can be managed from wherever; like Tor, no need to keep stuck on one node. the only solution might be parallel networks, which might also need be rooted in tradition to self-police themselves, else degenerate like the others. the return of the true Ecclesia(s).

            marxist bureaucracy and capitalist aristocracy were actually friends all along, as neither believes in the validity of nations nor natural order really. in fact, one dissolves above as it joins all elites into a common racket (capital), the other dissolves below as it joins all the masses together to be exploited by a common elite (bureau). kinda the opposite of what the Church historically wanted, actually: God (universal), Fatherland (particular), King (natural leading elite), and Natural Rights (of natural subjects/citizens/families/unions/corporations). dare i say, satanic inversion?…

          • Frankenstein’s monster pursued Victor for him to make him a female companion. Chinese incels are only good for 10 years and then they, like the monster, destroy you. You either use them and kill them or they kill you. Not a long term plan. Then again, none of the elites plans have been

        • Less people, better living is an opinion I share with them. A US with a population of half what it is now or maybe a third would be much nicer

          The big difference is I don’t think I’m good enough to make the call who lives and who does and they often are.

          Frankly I don’t think the Earth can sustain more than 1 or maybe with very good stewardship 2 billion . What needs to be “the case” is that European descended peoples need to be at least 25% our historical norm, maybe more . If they are moral, Conservative folk, this won’t guarantee a paradise but it will help survival.

          Now were I a rich man I would be more than a bit nervous. You see if law and order breaks down things like mortars are liable to become street weapons. Those things have a range in excess of a mile, larger ones 3 miles.

          Home brew mortars probably can manage half that and there aren’t many gated communities that can easily be made safe from anything other than skirmish infantry attack.

          If enough people want the elite to suffer, they will and if you doubt it, I’ve seen footage of the richest and most influential people in Argentina begging for help because personal safety went to zero and they couldn’t even buy help.

          The government cant protect its GS for a while and the military maintain order for a bit and maybe a few billionaires can hole up somewhere but a general collapse of law and order is doomsday for everyone, the rich politic elite included.

      • Fleeing to an island of White people has its benefits. They don’t get all they are used to, but they don’t get hanged either. They have significant assets in these hideaways to support a top 1% lifestyle. I assume that they assume they will be allowed to survive in New Zealand. Certainly, the odds are better there than in any State that has significant non-Whites.

        Heck, New Zealand and Australia has been a haven for any number of expat’s over the years that I have known. Nothing new here. I once looked into it a decade or so ago. Australia (and I think New Zealand) can be moved/retired to if you bring in a certain sum of money (buy a house type money) and have a source of supporting income, like a pension. You get a permanent resident VISA with no citizenship rights and no employment rights—ever.

        You retire there basically and die. But hell, we all die. Some in a nice hospital setting surrounded by well meaning/caring Whites. And others being caught up in their inner city vibrancy celebrations. Chose wisely. 🙁

        • NZ is 71% white. Less than any European country. They don’t have many joggers though.

          Destroying the world to “retire” in NZ is also a little far fetched. It doesn’t make sense that our cosmopolitan elites would want to be confined to a small island far away from everywhere. It’s OK as a plan B or C but not as a plan A.

          • Who said retreating to NZ is plan “A”? It is an option. My assumption is that it is one of many options a smart gazillionaire would have in his portfolio. I’m simply pointing out that NZ has benefits that someone who is rich, White, Western European or American would have a great interest in. No where have I stated anyone is conspiring to destroy the world and move to NZ. Rather, if whatever those folk plan comes a cropper, they have a fallback if needed in the lower hemisphere.

        • I hope all the gazillionaires settle in New Zealand. Easier to be found, caught and set on fire.

    • We build our own little New Zealands before they do then. A thousand little communities where it’s easy to roll out the unwelcome mat for both these entitled “youths” and little propagandists like the story’s writer.

      I hate to break it to everyone in this movement… we dont get to have cities. Not without a massive civil upheaval. Large towns and cities simply do not afford accountability for deviants and troublemakers. They can still shop, eat out, get their frappe fagacinos in complete anonymity. They’ll be enough wine aunties and college-know nothings to support whatever insulting cause they take up.

      In a smaller town or burg, mayors, school board members, police chiefs and the errant “Karens” can be shunned and refused service. They can be made to “feel” the impact of their choices and betrayals.

      It’s not the perfect answer, and I can see many of the inherent problems such as employment and feuding, but i just dont see another way around it. Without a massive sea change, the cities of the West are lost.

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