The Creedal Insult

One of the side effects of the bizarre creedal nation theology is that what claims to create unanimity ends up creating friction and hostility. The most obvious and predictable way it does this is the debate over the creed itself. What it means to be an American, for example, will change over time under normal circumstances. Attitudes change, circumstances change, the culture evolves, so inevitably what defines the people will change with it. Everything evolves over time.

Not everything evolves at the same rate, so that definition of the unifying creed quickly becomes many versions of the creed. In a liberal democracy, where radicals are encouraged to dream up novel new social fads, this quickly gets out of hand. We now live in a land where the “unifying creed” of the people in Pennsylvania includes making a mentally unstable Jewish man the head of their public health. In a creedal nation, everyone is encouraged to have their own reality.

There may be a bigger problem with the liberal democratic notion that a nation just needs a unifying set of principles. That is, the implementation of that system cheapens it and eventually mocks it. The simplest way to think of it is this. If everyone can easily become an American, then being an America is not all that special. After all, what makes Harvard the most prestigious college on earth, aside from the human sacrifices and satanic rituals, is that it is difficult to gain admittance.

Liberal democracy flips this on its head and claims that something that is easy to attain is somehow special and unique. If Pablo can just float on over in his inner tube and become an American, then what’s the point of being an American? There is none and we see that in current year America. In fact, citizenship is now a burden. The McMichael case in Georgia is an obvious example. Following the law and being a good citizen is for suckers. It’s why people are abandoning their citizenship.

Putting aside the material aspects of the creedal nation theology, there is another aspect that makes it a lethal poison for a human society. People are tribal, having a natural affinity for their kind. Despite the massive agitation efforts to deny this reality, it remains a reality nonetheless. For example, real estate brokers will now be mentioning the local jogger scene, or lack thereof, when showing houses. The reason is we all know the correlation between joggers and quality of life.

No one wants to think their tribe is a bunch of losers. Another aspect of our tribal nature is to think our tribe has some unique quality that is unique to us. Those stereotypes did not spring from nothing. Blacks think they invented basketball, because they dominate the sport at every level. Italians assume they have a superior sense of style. The French think they are the intellectual masters of the West. Every tribe has cultural items they believe to be unique to them.

This is where the creedal nation theology creates conflict. This piece in Counter-Currents on great Jewish violinists makes the point that Jews dominate the list of great violin players. If Jews had invented the violin or invented the music best performed with the instrument, it would be a great cultural achievement of their people. Instead, it is outsiders mastering the cultural achievements of others. It’s no different than a group of genetically engineered Asians dominating basketball.

That is the unintended insult. The musician that masters the instruments and music of another people to the point where he is superior to their best is committing a great insult to those people. It is a demonstration that their cultural achievements are so little that an outsider can master them better than the natives. This does not necessarily have to be intentional. The virtuoso could sincerely love the instrument or music he is mastering, but the result is still the same.

This is most obvious in popular culture. Movie makers inserting Africans, for example, into movies about the middle ages has become a running joke on-line, because it has become so common. The zeal to prove that people don’t matter has the rulers of popular culture feverishly rewriting popular history to include everyone. The result is the past, our past, is no longer our past. Even if the intent is to be “inclusive” of the new Americans, the result is an insult to white people.

Guarding the culture from outsiders is the natural response to efforts at cultural appropriation, something we see on the college campus. If the kids want to have a party on Cinco de Mayo, they better not wear culturally appropriate costumes. Even if the kids make every effort to avoid mockery or snark, it is still forbidden. The guardians of political correctness will have none of that, as to appropriate the symbols and images of another culture is assumed to be an insult.

Jews, of course, are the most ethnocentric people on earth. They have survived as a guest people for thousands of years. One reason for that is they guard their culture, forbidding outsiders to access it. For example, teaching the Torah to non-Jews is forbidden, unless it is part of a conversion, which is not encouraged. In Israel, religious Jews send their kids to separate schools to avoid being mixed in with Arabs, but also to provide their children with training in their culture.

Even in modern America, where Jews operate at the top of society and dominate the popular culture, few non-Jews know much about Jews or Judaism. Part of it is genuine fear of being called a blasphemer, but a big part of it is that Jews are not all that forthcoming about what goes on inside their culture. By guarding large swaths of their culture and not permitting outsiders to imitate it in anyway, Jews have been able to preserve themselves as distinct people.

The creedal nation theology is the exact opposite of what has worked for Jews and other people. Instead of preserving and protecting the culture of the people, it cheapens it and commodifies it. To be an American, for example, now means occupying some space in North America and having a Netflix account and the newest iPhone. The solution in which a people are naturally suspended dissipated and we are left with a collection of strangers agreeing only on our insults.

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276 thoughts on “The Creedal Insult

  1. “Even in modern America, where Jews operate at the top of society and dominate the popular culture, few non-Jews know much about Jews or Judaism.”

    Update: These days few JEWS know much about Jews or Judaism.

  2. Is it just me or does this “Rachael” Levine look like the lead singer from Twisted Sister?

  3. The only thing the left has not done in mass yet is to just murder all of the opposition, that is to say say sane white people, at will and on sight. One day their “leader” will appear and that will start happening. There are already many members of Congress who will support such action.

    I thought that Obama was going to be that leader but he was just the harbinger.

  4. everything evolves over time, except when it doesn’t – there’s always those few universals that rather seem to have always existed and continue to express themselves/be perceived in new ways. the unnamed atribal God of Christendom for example. another, whiteys getting too attached to strangers is something that has been hard to change.

    not just among the impure (yet sometimes more based) mediterraneans, but also among north sea peoples, who evolved thru raiding and the Hansa league but also divorces and unstable cucked marriages. difference is, globalization has turned this ambivalent whitey tendency of “looking out to the neighbor” into overdrive, as well as the idiotic post-enlightenment perversions of every branch of philosophy and theology.

    so perhaps the north sea/Prot/Freemason faction that has ruled white thought for the last 500 years, has to be balanced by the others? after all, nearly all the losers in the inner white wars have been Catholics and Orthodox, and many times not in wars of their own design. if anything, that the agrarian Christian Slavs (usually Catholic and Orthodox) are the most based today is no coincidence; however, even that is a double edged sword, as agrarianism promotes submissive peace and a bourgeois/globalist/degenerate reaction if unchecked. on the other end, the Nietzchean/Freemason/Prot ideas of the north sea have to be balanced by agrarian theological Christian dogma and traditions of the medis and slavs, as relying on pure will and personal interpretation assumes those things are inherently genuine and ordered/grounded in reality in every individual. poly trannies embrace the wanderlust idea. William Gates the Third embraces the Chiglobohomo wholeheartedly. heck, even the Chinese are setting themselves up for failure, allowing women to work and simultaneously aborting girls, as commie equality and pagan/secular thought combine and devolve into this. no wonder Julian the Apostate failed.

    thus ideally Christendom would have remained united, it seemed to keep inner factions among the races compacted around themselves – if segregation was enforced, that is. thus i blame the bourgeois wasp gents-n-ladies and/or wayward bishops that idiotically felt their (((accountants))) suffered too much enclosed in the ghettos. so they released these (((parasites))) upon the wider world, in turn releasing other evils. (at least enough bishops fought back for a while, but El Caudillo has been dead awhile; meanwhile Prots sped their degradation up through low-church female empowerment and the ensuing sentimentalism; even Catholics know to keep nuns in a support role).

    speaking of things that ought to return, autarchy. we would appreciate our racial brethren more if we knew the goods and services we have are provided by them, and not some shadowy conglomerate using robotic strangers (who will be legit robots soon – and even then said robots will not be produced by our own either). yes, it will mean manual labor for some, maybe even not so cheap consumer products or ethnic foods (gasp!), but Whimerica is big and (genetically) resourceful enough to cover the transition costs while becoming more self-sufficient; eventually being able to plug holes in safety net and borders, and thus affording to consume enough earthly pleasures (and not enough vices, hopefully).

  5. Went through the old neighborhood yesterday and was surprised with the League of Nations diversity ! The joggers had chased out whites back in the 70s and the place really became rundown. Now it’s a mix of Asians , Hispanics , a smattering of white yuppies and a couple of different shades of brown a k a mystery meat.

    Gone are the well kept homes, flower boxes and children playing out front. it’s all been replaced by ugly boxes and surly foreigners standing out front speaking weird languages. Nobody takes care of the neighborhood anymore because it’s not theirs . It’s just more government subsidized housing. Of course the politicians will tell you they’re all ” Americans “

    • I perused it and came to a similar conclusion. I suspect many of them may have been born in the US to foreign parents who were here in college, working for a while, or perhaps even here as a birth tourist, but they never lived in the U.S. as kid, much less an adult. Nonetheless, they were saddled with U.S. citizenship, and thereby tax liability, by virtue of the modern misinterpretation of the 14th amendment.

      I’ve read numerous stories about such people who had no idea they were U.S. citizens until they received a Notice from the IRS. It’s a terrible situation for these people because they are effectively banned from traveling to the U.S. unless they file all their missing returns and pay back taxes and penalties. I don’t blame them for renouncing their U.S. citizenship.

  6. ‘every thing evolves over time’ lately, like in the last 15 years I’ve noticed only devolve. maybe I’m getting sucker punched by nostalgia. coming from a guy who got rid of Netflix years ago when a show called Dear White People showed up in the que, and pitched the iPhone around the same time. I’m feeling very American today. I had to get some strong readers now that I have to find my way around a big city in SoCal using a map. its a pain in the butt, but its worth it. keeps me from caving in on the grub hub uber train as well . ide rather drive drunk and starve .

  7. The problem is worse or more subtle.
    Creeds aren’t subject to change. The nicean creed in Latin was fixed from 400 AD except for a filioque which split the eastern and roman church.

    The error is not that you cannot have a credial nation, but that you need to enforce orthodoxy and expel heretics. Even and especially when there is a new creed, which is what is being done to whites. Hank8 lost his head, then Thomas More lost his, but this is what is required.

    Instead, we have the 9 black priests reinterpreting the holy writ using their magic decoder rings from Mordor, to see where the emanations and penumbras and rainbows allow them to lie. So we get Roe, Casey, Obergefell…

    That is what is happening holy writ (Batman!) large in society. SJWs are now more catholic than the pope, illegal alien rapists more “American” than the daughters of the revolution.

    Instead of nailing their theses to the door, they subvert them. They try to get their heresies declared first nihil obstat, then as dogma.

    We do have a credal nation, but it is the progressive, socialist, SJW creed because the orthodox priests wouldn’t take a flamethrower to the witches and heretics.

    • The last credal multi-racial empire that survived by enforcing orthodoxy and expelling heretics only lasted 70 very troubled years. Creed isn’t enough no matter how much silver & lead you use on your diverse population.

  8. If every car is a Cadillac, ‘Cadillac’ just means ‘car’. Substitute university/Harvard or human/US citizen or any other pair of general/exclusive items.

  9. Z Man said: “The creedal nation theology is the exact opposite of what has worked for Jews and other people. Instead of preserving and protecting the culture of the people, it cheapens it and commodifies it.” The fact is, the American project was an unstable compound from the beginning. First of all, commodifying things is part of the American creed. When Alexis de Tocqueville was in town checking out American democracy, he said that what ever the content of a book may be wasn’t that importent as long as it sold well. So why should citizenship be any different? Or cultural identity? And dispite the red white and blue creed, business is business. The transactional society is baked into the cake. Not to mention the fact that having a class of people being bought and sold kind of made a mockery of the old “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness ” thing. And to be honest, America was never a monolithic white country. We are from all over Europe and Great Britain, and to this day we’re not all that fond of each other. Then of course you have all those Christian denominations, non-denominational congregations and who knows how many Christian sects all looking down their noses at each other. Plus even in the beginning there where always Socialist ideas at work. And so yah, that’s not a recipe for success. I could go on for another thousand paragraphs, but I’ll leave it there.

    • “And to be honest, America was never a monolithic white country.”

      Ever Notice how the guys most opposed to Noticing are the guys most invested in trashing the concept of White identity? OBT & Lorenzo, for instance.

      We Euro-mutts were pretty fond of each other before a certain Tribe started adding black pepper and brown sugar to the white sauce around the mid-1960’s.

      As for “commodifying things,” wonder where we got that from? The Christian sect most notorious for looking down its nose at everyone let Jews back into England for the first time in centuries and left Catholic Ireland bloody and starving before they sailed for Plymouth Rock.

      • Exile said: Ever Notice how the guys most opposed to Noticing are the guys most invested in trashing the concept of White identity?

        Has anybody noticed how the concept of White identity is so vague that it’s like the racial equivalent of climate change. How do you actualy define it? And once you’ve defiend it, how many white people would agree with your definition? My direct ancestors came to America from Germany and Great Britain, but I’m neither of those things, I’m American. How about DNA? Or maybe what you mean by White identity is simply a worldview. I don’t know. But one thing I do know is, an identity has got to be based on more than just what your not. An identity must contain a substantial number of positive attributes that marks it as somthing uniquely itself. What is it about White identity that makes it different than all other things in the Universe? I’m just a light skind blue eyed working class American from Colorado Springs, Colorado. And I would prefer to live with people just like me, exclusively. That’s as much as I know about White identity.

        • “An identity must contain a substantial number of positive attributes that marks it as something uniquely itself.”

          Non-Whites including Fellow Whites have no problems identifying you, and they’re not concerned with anything positive. That’s why “negative” identity is equally important. Look at the NYT and HuffPo. Look at Black sites like the Root. They’re not confused about their identity or yours.

          You know 13 do 50. You know who the Tribe is that runs banks, government, colleges and courts. You know Taco Tibbets was wrong to shrug off his daughter’s murder at the hands of an alien.

          You’re over-thinking this and worrying too much about testing the fences. Just consider identity in the context of your environment and your enemies as well as your friends. Stop worrying so much about not being “negative.”

  10. Towards the end of the 1990s, a “national conversation” sprung up in Britain about what it meant to be British. It was suddenly being chattered and nattered over everywhere from the press to the TV to the radio and online too.

    By complete coincidence, of course, this was about the same time that the Blair government decided not only to throw open the national gates to all comers but to actively send recruiters out to the third-world to hand out passports like chocolate bon-bons from a bag.

    There was no “conversation” at all. It was all actually a scrupulously manufactured campaign of disinformation designed to dispel any lingering notions that being British had anything whatsoever to do with one’s ancestors or homeland.

    The pre-ordained conclusion of this “conversation” was that being British meant subscribing to “British values” and those values were then describes as (drum roll, please) “diversity and tolerance”. And that was that. From that day on, Pajeet only had to fetch up at Heathrow Airport in order to rightfully and accurately claim to be every bit as British as Newton, Brunel or Shakespeare.

    The Spice Girls warbled and caterwauled the soundtrack that drowned out the pitiful screams of a once-great nation being murdered in its bed.

    • “It’s time to have a conversation about…” means “shut up and listen!”. It never was about discussing pros and cons.

      • “It’s time to have a conversation” is what a stern Dad tells his twelve year old son. Which, to your point, is not a conversation, but instead a lecture about how things are going to be. Which tells us the role they choose to play for themselves, and the very different role they choose for us to assume. We are not twelve year olds.

  11. Hiding one’s culture is a double edged sword is good to strengthen the bonds of that culture but does tend to make ridiculous sorts of blood liables far more likley to be believed even by educated people.

  12. One quibble

    Whites are not tribal, whites are more than willing to sell out other whites over virtue signalling and just being plain ass chickenshit.

    This was illustrated om this blog earlier this week over the topic of Ahmed the jogger, there were certain DR whites were quite happy to send the father and son away for life. Even in the gun owning community many whites have put the joggers on a pedestal.

    The whole notion of defending ones community is beyond these chickenshit individuals.

    You will never the sort of loyalty from whites – especially upper middle class ones that we see with Hispanics let alone Asians.

    • I don’t understand why the wannabee leaders of Honkey Solidarity keep bellyaching about Jews instead of learning things from their success.

    • Oh I don’t know.
      Pressure may well forge loyalty.

      The problem with the jogger is you know the religion of the rule of law.
      The laws for us are actually written in the Talmud – but it will take more abuse before some people wake up.

      Solidarity that requires sacrifice is hard when you’re comfortable. Fear and discomfort will change matters. As it happens fate has taken a hand ala COVID.

  13. “Part of it is genuine fear of being called a blasphemer, but a big part of it is that Jews are not all that forthcoming about what goes on inside their culture.”

    I cannot agree with this. Jewish filmmakers and comedians assume everybody is fascinated with Jewishness, and in an attempt to cash in on this alleged fascination, make tons of Jewy films and jokes. See Spielberg, Seinfeld and Woody Allen.

    • Speaking of Spielberg, he and George Lucas are the recent two who have defined “white” middle-class America in the movies. Lucas, raised a Methodist, made “American Grafitti” (a remake of the ’50s James Dean type rebel genre), “Star Wars” (redone WW2 propaganda) and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (harking back to the old adventure movies and serials). All pretty much harmless fun and a reflection of the old societal W/T movie norms.

      Spielberg, on the other hand, with “Jaws”, “E.T.”, “Schindler’s List” and “Stranger Things”, among others, went to the warped and the off-kilter as some sort of defining element of the traditional white middle-class. Which is why, back in the day, I found Lucas’ movies as trite, but Spielberg’s as creepy and somehow very wrong. Now I have a reason why.

      • It is certainly true that neurosis and dysfunction are central facets of Spielberg’s depiction of middle American family life. I still think he’s the helluva filmmaker, but there’s no getting around the fact that the ideosyncracies of Jewish life color his rendering of America in general. Intentional or not, I cannot say.

  14. “The zeal to prove that people don’t matter has the rulers of popular culture feverishly rewriting popular history to include everyone. The result is the past, our past, is no longer our past. Even if the intent is to be “inclusive” of the new Americans, the result is an insult to white people.”

    The real reason this is an insult is because it’s a bloody lie. A white lie, if you will. And when people tell flagrant lies to you, it’s an insult to your intelligence. Think, “I did not have seckshul relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky!”

  15. “If everyone can easily become an American, then being an America is not all that special.”

    But that’s precisely the point, Z. The creedalists do not believe being an American is all that special except insofar as it allows freeloaders to sponge off of producers, and PoC to prey upon whites. The two benefits, strangely enough, often overlap…

  16. Who fights the next war with China once all the traditional Americans have been erased and replaced? I am constantly told immigrants built this country. My ancestors have been fighting here since the 1750s. It is time to let the immigrants fight the next wars. I am going to start culturally distancing myself.

    • 5 white men and 1 white woman died tragically serving in the Canadian Armed Forces in a helicopter crash. Capt. Brenden Ian MacDonald, Sub-Lt. Matthew Pyke, Capt. Kevin Hagen, Capt. Maxime Miron-Morin, Master Cpl. Matthew Cousins.

      They died serving a country that hates their own people, and a country that is teaching their kids that they’re evil just for being white. White people need to immediately stop serving in any kind of Forces role. It’s like a Jew serving in the SS.

      Notice it’s all white guys carrying the casket. The Canadian military is almost entirely white, even as the overall percentage of whites is plummeting to 72% (in the 2016 census), and is probably more accurately 60%.

  17. I told one of my co-workers this a long time ago. The only thing that unites us is the shared prosperity and opportunity. Absent those things the US sinks like a stone. That’s why the Russians tried to wreck our economy in 1987 and it’s why the Chinese are doing it now.

    • The Chinese aren’t wrecking our economy. Our government has been selling them Treasury bonds to finance our outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to their country. Don’t blame the understandably opportunistic Chinese for what our Republican GOP elites have inflicted on us.

    • Bob, are you blaming “Black Monday 1987” on muh Russians? If so, based on what?

      If you’re talking about 1998’s “float,” how was that a “try” on their part rather than the result of our own hollowing out of the Russian economy?

      Are you seriously claiming China Did It (Corona)?

  18. First time poster, been reading a while, however.

    I would like to counter-point the comment about realtors mentioning “jogging enthusiasts” when they are trying to sell a home.
    I highly doubt that practice will be resurrected. Just like local law enforcement sends young looking people into convenience stores to test if they will get carded for booze, the real estate licensing agencies (with the guidance of groups like ADL, NAACP, etc) send agents out to pose as home buyers in order to bait realtors into talking about such details, or showing any kind of discrimination in that regard. Realtors can get around it with some coded language and by referencing local school district test scores and perhaps even providing internet links about the community that offer “demographics”. But to directly talk about it would jeopardize their license.
    This sort of proves the point of the overall essay here though. Being a creedal nation forces this nonsense on us. Most “joggers” want to know the local demographics just as much as white people, when they move to a new area. We can’t even locate our own HOMES, the most private and sacred place of all, in a location as we see fit.

    • Can confirm. In SoCal, shyster esquires and allied NGO’s employ aspiring actors and the like to pose as potential buyers/renters to try and COINTEL-PRO realtors and landlords into raycisms (real or merely “actionable.”)

      Best part – landlords are required to post a sign advising tenants to call a shyster if they detect raycisms or they’re automatically offenders – strict liability style. This penalty alone can be used to leverage what would be a $5k nuisance case with $100k or more in “attorney fees.”

      Even Stalin never asked the kulaks to pay “finder’s fees” for their executioners. But “liberty” or something.

    • Good points.

      Yet I have a mental picture of a realtor gushing breathlessly and wide-eyed (or is that “googly-eyed”?) in apparent sincerity about “And the best part about this area is the diversity! You’ll love it! It will be so good for your children to have friends and playmates who will be able to teach them about their privilege on a daily basis. I don’t need to tell good people like you what a benefit that is!”

      >Even Stalin never asked the kulaks to pay “finder’s fees” for their executioners.

      And the Chicoms only sent a bill for the round used BOTH (back of the head) to execute (murder) political dissidents. Chinese can be astonishingly grasping at the “retail level”, but OUR overlords put them to shame with the rapacity of their industrial-grade looting. Just another example of USA Numbah One! USA! USA! USA!

    • If a realtor were smart, they’d size up their potential buyer and craft a sales pitch that goes something like this, “well I’ll be happy to show you this home, but I have to warn you that it’s not in a very diverse neighborhood. Unfortunately your children would not ever be exposed to the enriching experience of living in a more diverse community. We know here at ABC realty that our customers are choosy about their neighbors and want their children exposed to different cultures and ideas! I almost feel ashamed at how dreadfully lily white everything is around here. Wouldn’t you rather see that house across town near MLK boulevard?”

      They’d sell houses like pancakes.

  19. Credal societies are ruled by those who create & interpret creeds. Guess where this is going….

    A priest in the Temple of Jerusalem was known as a Kohen. Likewise, Levin indicates descent from the “deacon” Jewish caste of the Levites who had religious, legal and political functions among the Tribe back in the day.

    These Chosenest of the Chosen have considered credal rule their hereditary right since Rome was a salt-panning village on the Tiber. Cohens and Levins still maintain high if no longer exclusive status in today’s hierarchy of High Church Holocaustianity (aka Judeo-Christianity – in that order, goy).

    Their ranks have swollen over the centuries as Jews specialized in credal trades like religion (in churches as well as synagogues – shout out to the (((Jesuits))) and modern conversos like our attorney general and Lil’ Ben) as well as media, entertainment, bureaucracy, academia and finance (a category our Fellowest Whites broadened to include the sacred shilling of booze, porn & drugs – but only to the goyim, of course).

    Check out Kevin MacDonald’s website Occidental Observer for details – including the excellent work of Andrew Joyce on the subject.

    Throughout history, unless you toe’d the Levite line, life was no jubilee for low-caste, worker-bee Jews (rare birds indeed these days due to the aforementioned specialization – Jesus may be the last recorded instance of a Jewish tradesman). Canaanite backsliders with a taste for polytheism got the Amalekite Sanction, good & hard.

    It’s why even today the elusive “working-class based Jew” minds his place and keeps his mouth shut unless he wants to be swindled, shunned and otherwise Shoah’d by his Tribe. I feel sorry for the dozen or so left.

    As Mel Brooks (aka Melvin Kaminsky) cryptically told us in “History of the World,” it’s good to be the Kohen.

    But it’s no Festivus for the rest of us.

    • You really have bought into the propaganda of this bullshit spewing culture thieving bunch of parasites. Has it never occurred to you to ask why the Middle East is full of documentary and archeological evidence of multiple cultures but none of these clowns. They are literally reduced to claiming that a Roman restraining wall build as part of a podium for their admin building is a wall of a sacred temple.

      • Bile, what have I “really bought into,” exactly?

        If you’re talking about the evidence that the First Temple never really existed or was merely humble building, I’m familiar, but it’s a pretty tangential point to my comment. To the extent the First Temple matters, the point is that the Kohen claim exalted status, not the brick & mortar itself.

        Has it never occurred to you that your own peculiar tangent of choice may not be important to the point someone else is making?

        Has it never occurred to you that my egregious omission of every detail of your point of deepest tangential concern might be the result of rhetorical choice and a desire to avoid posting a six-page Wall of Text with a dozen footnotes – rather than indicating some amazingly awful hole in my knowledge that you should be lauded for “catching” for all of us?

        Has it never occurred to you that saying “has it never occurred to you” is a very spergy way to add your point to the conversation – even if it didn’t come across like a peacocking “akshually” grab for brownie points from the Advanced Anti-Semitism Studies teacher grading this exam in your head?

        • My rant was sparked by the Levi-Cohen piece, the seeming acceptance of the “old, historic, 12 tribes” nonsense to describe a largely disorganized ad-hoc criminal rabble. The one that makes me laugh is the 40 years wandering in the wilderness, to describe a desert where if you get up in the morning and head toward or away from the rising sun, you cross it in a week.
          My larger point is that every line of this lie, which is constantly dripped into the culture of the West, should be exposed as the childish nonsense that it is,
          I didn’t mean it as an attack on you.

    • That explains a lot Exile.
      Also true to history; Paul Johnson’s History of the Jews alludes to the internal pecking order.

      Mind you the key problem remains our weakness of mind, and so will. History shows again and again the scams failing and the inevitable “reaction.”

      There actually are Jewish tradesmen, at least in NJ. I’ve moved but I miss my quite honest cobbler. Some of us grow attached to well broken in footwear.

  20. I’m often told that what makes an American is belief in the Constitutional principles. I then ask if we kick out people that don’t believe in those principles.

    Since we don’t the result is what makes an American is nothing.

    • If we had some sort of reliable test for belief in the Constitution that could be deployed on a mass scale and the political will to enforce the test results then I’d be all for it.

      Failing that, we have to rely on race and then deal with the white traitors and xenophiles after that.

      • Yes well a pretty good test is race. Whites are the only group that have majority support for gun rights, and free speech. Which is probably why when the country was majority white men with political power they created the Constitution.

        The libertarians are something like 96% white men and are always going on about the Constitution. Well of course they like what’s in it, that’s what white men generally like. The problem is they seem to intentionally ignore that that’s not what everyone else likes, and as long as they want everyone to have a vote, ye olde Constitution will never return.

    • The Korona Krackdown proves the Constitution is now meaningless. Where does that leave the Creed Creatures, Apollo?

  21. For example, teaching the Torah to non-Jews is forbidden, unless it is part of a conversion, which is not encouraged.

    Isn’t the Torah just the Pentateuch?

    • For Christians, that is the meaning of the word. For Jews, Torah is the totality of Jewish teaching, culture, and practice. It’s everything that defines a Jew and the Jewish people.

          • So, swinging live chickens around their heads, erecting wires above city neighborhoods to bound how far the Tribe can travel on Sabbath, sucking on a male baby’s cut weiner, smashing a glass underfoot, etc. — it’s all Torah unless a Jew takes exception to a goy mentioning and then it depends. These people honestly believe they can negotiate good deals with God The Almighty.

      • When my Jewish friends would glibly take my Lord’s name in vain, I would correct them. They don’t do that around me any more.

        That said, I find my Reform Jewish friends blurt this out and need correction. My Orthodox Jewish friends are more circumspect and I do not recall them having this type of diarrhea of the mouth around me since they know I am a practicing Christian. They tend conservative in family values in my personal experience.

        I also find my Orthodox friends actually take their faith seriously, while my Reform Jewish friends never seem to refer to, nor practice any discernible faith with the exception of a couple of holidays a year. Yet they consider themselves as “Jewish” as any other co-religionist. Although I get the idea they think Orthodox and Hassidc are to them as Amish may be to some Christians.

    • Lete’s take a look at what a “scholarly” source has to say, from an award-winning scholar at an Ivy League university, Princeton:

      “The Talmudic stories make fun of Jesus’ birth from a virgin, fervently contest his claim to be the Messiah and Son of God, and maintain that he was rightfully executed as a blasphemer and idolater. They subvert the Christian idea of Jesus’ resurrection and insist he got the punishment he deserved in hell — and that a similar fate awaits his followers.”

      and, same source:

      “Awards and Recognition

      Peter Schäfer, Winner of the 2007 Distinguished Achievement Award from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation”

      …. yet, when I simply state what is written by the first part of the so-called “Judeo-Christian” to gentile people, they simply do not believe it. “I had no idea..” is the usual reply.

    • A common bit of modern Talmudry is to distinguish “good Torah” Jews from “bad Talmud” Jews. E-personality The Rebbe is known for this shuck & jive. In modern practice, few Jews consider the Torah/Pentateuch as more than historic while the Talmud and related rabbinical custom & practice tends to take precedence. Obviously to Bolshies and other secularists, both are just cultural ammunition and weapons of mass deconstruction.

      To goyim, these are distinctions without a difference. They’re still Chosen, you’re still cattle, you still signed the contract, and They will still replace you.

  22. “ We now live in a land where the “unifying creed” of the people in Pennsylvania includes making a mentally unstable Jewish man the head of their public health.”

    I needed to search this one.

    This country is just a f**king disaster.

  23. The creedal thing was baked into our national religion over time. Christianity evolved to the point in the West where “anyone can join”. At the same time, any actual expectations from the followers were jettisoned in favor of the vague platitudes of “love thy neighbor” and “treat others as you want to be treated”. In fact, any scriptural demands were turned on their heads, and labeled as indicators of bigotry and intolerance.

    The needs of the individual Christan church congregations for new members, combined with the creedal breakdown of things, has allowed the demands of Christian membership to radically decline, even as churches scramble for new members. The joke is that, once in the door and seated in the pew, the demands are then made, to celebrate all the distasteful things that our culture puts in front of us now. Our Old Testament and new Prophet (PBOH) brothers and sisters, along with the cabal led by Winnie the Shooh, observe all of this, and simply smile and hold our coats for us while they wait.

    • As with Whites in politics, the growth sectors in churches have shifted to Voodeo-Christian Africans and St. Eria Mestizos because Whites dare to believe they have a say in credal matters.

      The Exodus of the Rest of Us is largely Bad Whites with pretensions of self-determination. The remaining salt in the Sunday pepper is just the GoodWhite residue we’ve had to leave behind.

  24. Citizenship has become a burden for most producers in perhaps the majority of states, it has not become a burden (as of yet) for consumers. As our late stage democracy is now crediting trillions, our of thin air, to feed the (now majority) consumers in our society, including a large percentage of whites, the requisite decline in purchasing power of the currency has yet to catch up to this reality. So we have a situation where producers (including small business owners) after years of abuse, will just get on the ox-cart, and no one will be left pulling the ox-cart. At this point the creedal nation will be bankrupt. The creedal nation, and modernity itself could ONLY arise from a vast surplus. A social capital surplus that existed decades ago in the wake of military victory, creating a vast surplus of goods and services, propelled by reserve currency status. In lean times, in trying times, in scarce times, all of this breaks apart, and everyone returns to their tribe. Even secular Jews who married the gentile white woman without the hooked nose will attempt to return to their tribe. It’ll be the hybrid people who have the worst time, with their looks alone creating a perimeter, bifurcated existence.

    • The younger white people have been trained out of even recognizing their own tribe, or understanding that a white tribe exists. They have been told, from day one, that to look for it, or to even identify such a thing, is pure evil. They have no place to turn to, that they know of, and it is up to us to provide that place for them to land when the worm turns.

      • The younger white people have been trained out of even recognizing their own tribe, or understanding that a white tribe exists.

        They’ve been trained to pretend. But the moment they go looking for a school for the sprogs, they suddenly understand perfectly.

        • Yes, the best way to snap out of that is to experience the hard, cold racism of the other groups. This happened to me years ago on the east coast when I lived there out of college. As a west coast person you’re not inundated with negroes unless you’re in certain limited areas. On the eastern seaboard you just can’t get away from them. They’re just peppered everywhere. You don’t realize how many blacks this country has until you go east of the Mississippi. Needless to say, having actual interactions with them, after going through Pre-K through grad school without much interaction, changed my view, and it was near overnight. Like going from The Economist to TRS in one week. A red pill the size of a Buick. Not unlike the Charles Bronson Death Wish movie.

          • even as a lifelong racist living on the East Coast, it is only recently that I discovered the term black belt does not necessarily have anything to do with karate 😉. Whatever its allures, of course if you were trying to avoid the Melanic Hominid® the Deep South is not the best place.

  25. Aren’t most of the homeless “American”? Or all of them? Aren’t most of the suicides committed by Americans? Aren’t most of the drug overdoses American?
    Even if all the factories came back wouldn’t we also have to import people to run or work in them?

  26. yah, nigs dominate basketball — if you throw out all the rules. The NBA is 32 Harlem Globe Trotters now

  27. The musician that masters the instruments and music of another people to the point where he is superior to their best is committing a great insult to those people. It is a demonstration that their cultural achievements are so little that an outsider can master them better than the natives.

    It is an insult to both peoples – to the people who created it as you point out, and to the people who imitate it because it is an admission their own culture is inferior.

    • I am actually confused by this. So Japanese shouldn’t play baseball? Ichiro made a positive contribution to the game….right?

      • I don’t think anyone considers sportsball a great cultural achievement. Not even soccer fans go that far.

        • Sportsball offers the fan two things. One is a harmless tribe to join and root for, and to wear the tribal colors around in, feeding the tribal joining gene. Two is to try to pick winners and losers, feeding the gambling gene, and to then LARP around as the big swinging dick when a string of your picks come in, feeding the BSD gene.

          • Sportsball offers the fan two things. One is a harmless tribe to join and root for…

            Only in American sportsball. In Euroball, all the important games – the ones Normie actually watch – are national games and the tribe they root for is not artificial.

            That’s why European football fans have a rep for being unruly: when you wave the flag rather than a cartoon logo and chant for your guys rather than a corporate greed machine, things tend to get heated. The national games pay crap compared to club football, so you know they’re there because they want to, not because of the money.

            I’m conflicted about American sportsball: on one hand, basketball, handegg and baseball are uniquely American and should be classified as protected world heritage, but I’d love to see America field a real football team, get the Germans a run for their money.

            Some time back, Z reminisced on some legendary hockey game between USA and USSR, and many posters confirmed the special tension and enthusiasm surrounding it. That’s how European sportsball fans feel at every world cup and (since all the best teams are from Europe) the European cup.

          • Mezut Ozil would not count as a blonde. I don’t see him in this photo however. It’s changing for the Gerry’s also Felix.

          • The difference between Germany and France is that most immigrants to Germany are brown, and brown people can’t play ball, they’re not as athletic as the locals.

            Except for the Algerian (or whatever that is) the French joggers are, with one exception, straight out of the jungle, not a drop of white blood. They’re undiluted running power and fast-twitch muscle-fiber, and the French, for all their virtues, are not an athletic people.

            Disclaimer: I’m not a sportsball fan except by the most casual definition, so I don’t know any of those guys, I just googled two recent photos.

          • His eyes are offside. His eyes are offsiiiiide! Mesut Ozil, his eyes are offside.

            They’ll never sing that about Son Heung-min.

          • American soccer currently is fully a realm of Antifa and their minions. The players/MLS owners/supporters/soccer media are straight up US hating commies.

            I doubt the current USMNT even likes the United States.

            In 2002, Brain McBride and crew even though under-matched would amputate a limb for our country.

            The days of a true US national team outside of maybe baseball where the players genuinely love our country are gone.

          • Towards the end of the Obama regime there was a local craze here in Portland (left coast one) for the World Cup. You couldn’t walk past a hipster bar where they didn’t have the thing on. Mostly, the point seemed to be to LARP as Europeans and insist that everyone call it “football” instead of soccer. While pretending to watch the games you would talk about how we needed single payer health care, and generally show your contempt for all things ‘Murrican, and love of socialism, taxes, and oppressive regulation. It was a bonding moment of some sort that allowed bugmen to feel almost human.

            I would walk along and think “shouldn’t you guys really be turning over the tables and setting this place on fire after throwing a beer bottle through the TV?” There must be some kind of modern cultural meta-rule in place here that eventually, everything turns into faggotry.

          • I wonder how many of those hipsters actually played the game? I would bet downwards of 10%. It is a very universal sport, and allows hipsters to EuroLARP easily. Although the only “pure” Euro team to have any success last cup was Croatia. Mexico beat Germany last cup.

            In Euroland, soccer is the game of the plebe. In America it is the game of immigrants and prep schools.

          • Felix, if the EU has its way (and it won’t), those national flags and cheers would be as meaningless as cheering for the New Orleans Pelicans (extra points for being able to name the sport).

        • fair enough. Zman: On a related note: My 11yo son and my love of Led Zeppelin and the Who and our long hours of jamming to recreate their sound would also fall in the sportsball category. Right?.

          It’s not like it’s T tocatta and fugue in D minor….

          • Nah. If Jimmy Page was around in 1703, he would have added a guitar rhythm section to Bach’s pieces. and vice versa. John Paul Jones probalbly has played Bach in concert….I just have to find the bootleg.

            He played tchaikovsky regularly in the middle solo section of No Quarter

          • So is Sumo wrestling….Again with the Japan thing! lol……….

            ….To answer Zman’s point….I know I am not letting this point go…..

      • Well, for anybody who can endure a 20-minute video about soccer, this is pretty good.

        The TL;DW is that people used to support soccer (1) for a diversion from factory work in the days before movies or TV and (2) because they usually knew some local guy on the team.

        But then it changed.

        If sport were still about supporting locals guys you know personally, then it would be a healthy thing. Not everybody loves high art. The ethnostate will still need prolefeed!

    • Hahaha! Just now I was thinking a biopic/hagiography of Rosa Parks starring a white man in drag, but same idea. Show the same reverence for their history and mythology as they do for ours.

      • I wonder how long before push-back occurs with conservative radio guys and others going on about the Texas cosmetologist who got tired of not being able to open her salon and told the judge off, saying she would got to jail to make her point. People are calling her a new “Rosa Parks”! Joggers and the SPLC won’t like this.

  28. The experiment of the American Creedal nation can’t last. Creedal will move to tribal. Regression to the mean. Water seeking its own level.

  29. We are going to need a bigger inner tube than Pablo and somewhere to float too.

  30. I took a psychology class in college for gen ed credits. The prof was a specialist on secret societies. He gave one lecture on the subject during the course, and it was one of the things I learned in college that left the deepest impression on me.

    The upshot: secrecy makes power because people think you know more than you let on, but (to use his phrase) the secret is there is no secret. We know about freemasons, skull and bones, Jews, and so on. Knowing that we know is empowering. It breaks the spell.

    • Back when I had access to some classified material I discovered there was nothing more interesting I could say than “I can’t tell you.”

      If I had actually disclosed what I knew that was classified as secret they would realize it’s all boring, mundane, or available in the internet.

      • I’m grateful to say that the most classified message I ever saw during my time in the military was something like “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog 01234567890” 😂

    • You should read Foucault’s Pendulum to see the dark potential of others thinking you know more than your really do…

  31. Well, if you want the ultimate CivNat response to Z’s post, here it is:

    The author is literally a perfect embodiment of what you find all over the Imperial Capital. But importantly, he’s a true believer, which means he really hates you and me. Here’s his conclusion:

    “It is precisely these (creedal) ideals that allow us to see the universal in the particular, and thus to move seamlessly from a love of our country to the universal love of humanity.”

    • They hate us because they hate themselves and we choose to follow them. We choose to circle the drain of self loathing, we can just as easily choose something else.

      • This guy most definitely doesn’t hate himself. He views himself as being enlightened. Btw, I missed this little gem in his article.

        “Nationalists are fond of saying that without a border, we don’t have a country. I agree. Borders are essential for defining who “we” are and who isn’t part of “us.” All groups need an exclusion principle for the group to cohere. The Constitution and Declaration are the borders of American identity.”

        • People aren’t ideas. It’s cognitive dissonance. Having a body (or blood, your people, etc.) gets in the way of self integration if self is an idea. Then Thanatos. Got to get rid of the obstacle. CivNat is self hatred.

        • Citizen,
          Our host often makes the observation that the collapse can’t be too far off because of the poor quality of our enemies. This guy is the perfect example of that very thing.

          Writing for an educated adult audience in a paint-by-numbers style.

          Broad pronouncements that ignore and thus dismiss all of recorded history and what we have learned about human nature.

          The constant use of middle school magic words and their implied moral superiority to negate any potential counter arguments.

          Oblivious to the never ending reinterpretation of the constitution.

          His borderless borders fill with endless potential: inside every gook, darky and squat…there’s an American waiting to get out…How does he define actual legacy Americans who have become suspicious of what he calls creedal?

          His pedigree is Harvard, Georgetown and a list of the the most celebrated journals and think tanks.

          This is what now passes for an intellectual from our most celebrated institutions.

          • Yeah, I went and read a few of his articles and was struck by the sheer banality. He’s the best that they have, and he’s nothing – at least intellectually.

            I would imagine that he’s a very bright fellow, but this is what happens when you grow up in a world (and then become a pillar of that society) where no one ever challenges the conventional wisdom. He simply can’t comprehend something different.

            OTOH, we’ve all had to hone our thoughts and re-evaluate our beliefs again and again and again because literally everything in our society says that we’re wrong.

        • So… all those folks that can’t understand or don’t agree with his interpretation of the constitution should be deported, right?

          Wow.. He really is a bug creature, isn’t he.

          Paul D. Miller is a professor in the practice of international affairs at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, a contributing editor of Providence, a research fellow with the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, and a senior fellow with the Atlantic Council.

    • It is better said in words I cannot now recall that if you cannot hate, you cannot love.

    • Check out his resume:

      and his Federalist (((Evangelical Christian))) Never-Cruz, Never-Trump LARPing

      I’ll hedge a $20-spot on “Shabbos Goy” to Shoah, but round out the betting slip with “mischling” to place and “converso” to win.

      • I’ll match that and raise you $20 that he’s a goy metrosexual who is flirting with the idea of dipping his toes into the homosexual pond.

        • My money says he’s already apple-bobbing deep in it.

          $50 says he glows in the dark – his Wiki & resume are suspiciously free of “early life” or “personal life” info.

          You can’t swing a dead cat-lady in D.C. without hitting a dozen Homo-Shlomo Smileys like this nowadays.

      • He’s universalist Christian, so very, very sure of his righteousness – and your sinful ways. He’s the perfect guard dog for his ((masters)). He has no idea of his position.

        For him the Constitution is another Bible. They both define him and show him who is good and who is evil – and they both have the power of God to change people. Of course, much like many people who abuse the Bible, choosing which passages to hold dear and which to ignore, our Mr. Miller likely doesn’t bring up Freedom of Association much.

          • Compsci,

            No. He’s a true believer. I live in the DC area. I’ve met them before. You’d be surprised how many Christian Cuckservatives live in the area. They all work for Republican senators and congressmen, the RNC and conservative think tanks. And they’re all just like this guy.

            I have more respect for the Jews. At least they choose a side. These guys give you the “We’re all God’s children” shit and combine it with the Constitution. I don’t have anything against Christianity (and believe in God myself), but I hate Christian Cuckservatives, at least the ones I’ve met in the DC area.

            They all have that smug smile that this guy has. And they all only apply their moralizing to gentile whites. Everyone else gets a pass. Fuc$ those guys.

          • At least half of them write for The Federalist. Their frantic cucking on the Georgia jogger case has been a sight to behold.

      • Notre Dame University? That’s in South Bend IN isn’t it? I wonder if he knows Mayor Pete?

  32. > For example, real estate brokers will now be mentioning the local jogger scene, or lack thereof, when showing houses. The reason is we all know the correlation between joggers and quality of life.

    When I was new to Detroit, my Real Estate Broker twisted himself into pretzels on several occasions to strongly discourage certain locations without mentioning joggers. After a few houses, I caught on to the code-speak and it was much smoother.

      • That was certainly one.

        The toughest nut was one area that was still nice, but was beginning to get a large influx of joggers from the inner city.

        His workaround was to explicitly state he couldn’t legally recommend against it, but gave some useful resources for us to do our research.

        • I have a wonderful story about spending the weekend of Detroit’s Tricentennial (c. 2000?) at a friend’s kid’s wedding nearby. Our wedding party ended just as the Stevie Wonder Concert on the Riverfront did and we were driving through the crowd of joggers on our way back to the downtown Holiday Inn near Woodward Ave. Much hilarity ensued!

  33. So many great points I don’t know where to start.

    I’ve said for a while now, “If everyone is a US citizen then no one is.”

    In some ways, being a native born US citizen has become a huge disadvantage.

    Jose the illegal has the option to drive drunk and commit vehicular manslaughter with impunity specifically because he doesn’t have his fingerprints, SSN, home address, and bank accounts tied into the system that all heritage Americans are trapped in like a spider’s web.

    • Jose the illegal is a prime candidate for Democrat voter registration

  34. I’m a Creedence Clearwater American. We want to make our national anthem “Born on a Bayou.”

  35. mentally unstable Jewish man

    It was mentioned somewhere a while back that there are three mentally ill men who think they are women in high policy positions, and I discovered all three are Jewish. What are the odds?

      • Eh. The most wildly talented player-composer since Pagannini was Kreisler, also a Jew. He single-handedly revolutionized playing, and like Pagannini, for a time was resented for it. Kreisler competely adopted the western culture into which he excelled, leaving the tribe to it’s devices. He learned Latin, Greek, physics, and history at public libraries around the world on his constant travels. Nearly killed by a cab in NYC he awoke after eight days in coma having lost his many languages, all but Latin and Greek. This one percent of one percent creative genius is increasingly rare in Jews too, but if Ed Dutton is right, it began to leave the gentile building just after the Victorians.
        Jews still dominate the ranks of leading violinist, but there is not a single one who compares well with the great Jewish violinist of the early 20th. Not even close. Nobody is gaining ground on the 19th century.

        • Jewish IQ in America is probably collapsing faster than overall white IQ. For starters, low fertility among the Jewish elite is more common than in other populations. There’s also out-marriage, bringing in mostly white women into the population. The strong selection pressure has also fallen away. American synagogues are not as empty as Episcopal churches, but they are on the same road.

          By the end of this century, Jews in America will be like the present day Amish. A weird self-isolating cult that lives on the fringe of society.

          • Only if you consider the apex the fringe, Z.

            From a pureblood HBD standpoint I’m still with you but the Kushner Option – bride harvesting – has kept the Tribe on top in Britain despite vanishingly-small raw numbers. As shown with Mx Abu-Vanka-Kushner, their culture tends to be “sticky” even in admixture.

            They’re not leaving the halls of power without a little “nudging.” Who ever does?

          • The out-marriage thing is definitely real, but it’s not like they’re picking idiots. The kids of those mixed marriages are still pretty bright.

            But, then again, I’ve argued for years that Jews’ big advantage over gentile whites isn’t brains (they may be a tad smarter on average but our numbers overwhelm them), but chutzpah. Where they shine is a ruthless, almost manic desire to push things as far as they can go.

            Mixing with gentile whites – especially because those whites aren’t so neurotic – will definitely reduce that advantage.

          • Citizen, showing them the way to the next boat for the Levant would definitely reduce that advantage much more rapidly and decisively.

          • Some already are…have you been to Williamsburg in Brooklyn? Hasidic population is growing by leaps and bounds.

          • Too much inbreeding. They all look alike and really haven’t a clue about anything outside their little world. A lot like certain Mormons, the Amish and Arabs, too. Lots of debilitating birth defects in these groups you never hear about b/c they are so reclusive. Fascinating stuff.

          • Anna, I expect better Talmudry from you – are you actually saying data on the trends in Jewish outmarriage are as statistically flawed as the recent Covid predictions?

            If so, might our failures in accurately measuring Tribal trends have something to do with your Tribe’s eternal reluctance to stand up and be counted?


            You really can’t have it both ways, Ashken-Anna, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to stop trying, does it?

          • I grew up in a Westchester Co NY suburb famous for its large numbers of Jewish professionals. (Now inhabited by tons of Asians.) Mostly Reform but a sprinkling of Conservative Jews; these were the kids whose families would put on elaborate Bar/Bat Mitvahs at country clubs and would invite their non-Jewish friends to attend. I was a bridesmaid at a top of the line J. wedding for a college friend at the St. Regis Roof in NYC. There were about eight of us bridal attendants, I think I was the only non-Jew. We were waiting for the event to begin. The bride’s Dad, Stanley G., looked at me and pointing, said, loud enough so everyone around could hear, “Now look at that nose (mine) — and her father didn’t spend a dime on it!”

      • How about the ME cult that Paul the Jew brought to the Roman Empire? Was that a cultural appropriation? Should Europeans not practice yoga? karate? Cultural app.?? Is Z man going PC? Or maybe trolling his own site?

    • We should only listen to Jews when they are our violinists and play our tunes.

        • You were not there. How could you know? Adjudging from your Web postings, which never are sublime, I am pretty certain you have never mastered the drum let alone a violin. How do you spell ‘Auschwitz’? Not ‘Aushwitz’ as you did, that’s for sure. And what else have you failed? We know.

          • Excellent recs. But the ‘Anna’ posts are Chinese military. Call it a hunch.

          • I was ready to call bullshit on your assertion, but on second thought you could be correct about the Chicom thing. The Anna I have come to appreciate (seen most often fighting in the trenches of the comments at Unz) would surely NOT misspell the name of that talismanic site sacred to the identity of her kind.

      • The only time Anna posts is when her tribe is mentioned. We’ve already established through her own words that we exist only as God’s instrument to test and perfect the Jewish people.

        Anna exists to remind me that narcissism, hostility and subterfuge are central parts of her tribe’s psychology.

        The journey from pro-Jewish to counter-semite is paved with a thousand Annas. That’s not God at work, that’s y’all, Anna.

    • Gypsies are also known for their violin-playing. They have that in common among a few other traits.

  36. If anything has exposed Clown World, in all its arrogance and malice towards us, they couldn’t have picked a better representative than ((( Doctor “””Rachel””” Levine))).

    Him and that bugman Governor in Harrisburg have been dispensing redpills to normiecons and CivNat Pennsylvanians in industrial quantities. We’re going to see if it moves them to our side.

    • I take the result in CA-25 as a positive sign.

      CA-25 was the district of disgraced degenerate bisexual and throuple enthusiast Katie Hill.

      CA-25 is now theffirst House seat to flip Red in 22 years, and it wasn’t close. IIRC the percentage was 57-42 for retired naval aviator Mike Garcia.

      • It gives the Dems 6 months to tabulate how many harvested ballots need to be in closets to show up on November 3 and 4th to give them bac the seat..

      • The problem is the likely chance our hero “retired naval aviator” is simply another conservative bugman out to cash in and pimping a uniform and flag to reel in the CivNat rubes like the (permanently) retired naval aviator John McCain or Zioclops Crenshaw.

        As a former lance corporal, you learn quickly that you should never trust an ambitious careerist officer.

      • Isn’t California voting for a Mexican pretty standard? Ideas are what white people vote on. Hispanics vote for Hispanics. It’s like all the people that think AOC was elected because she’s socialist. Her district became majority hispanic so they voted for a Hispanic. It did not matter what she had to say. I’m sure it doesn’t matter what Garcia has to say, the Mexicans probably saw the name Garcia and voted for him.

        • Hard to say. Mexicans vote for gibs the same way blacks do, though not quite as monolithically. Garcia’s last name may have turned out a few voters who otherwise wouldn’t have shown up (Hispanic turnout is generally low,) but I suspect there’s something else to it.

          • Burma, they act like whites should act.
            Their motives are easily understandable, so we can deal with them as if they were another white tribe.

            It’s others, more alien, that are frickin’ impossible.
            We can’t predict their bizarre maneuvers.
            Latinos, at least, want to be like us.

  37. Some aspects of Western societies remain hidden from outsiders. They see the top of the iceberg – the technology, development, reliable institutions – but they do not see the 6/7th that lie beneath. They don’t comprehend our ideas of fairness, equity, rule of law, guilt, universality. They know enough to take advantage of our openness and hire as many of their co-ethnics as they can, but they don’t understand WEIRD values deeply enough to successfully imitate them.
    As more and more outsiders come, it is we who must assimilate to them, because nepotism and tribalism are the lowest common denominator. Much of the debate on this side of things comes down to abandoning Western universalism in order to save the rest.

  38. Zman writes:
    “making a mentally unstable Jewish man the head of their public health.”
    So, I follow the link to the article about Dr Rachel Levine..
    I guess Zman made a mistake when he wrote “unstable Jewish man”, because she’s a woman, obviously. But damn she ugly.
    But what the hell, do a google search and whaddya know…

    “Levine, 62, was already better known than many state health secretaries for becoming the first transgender person appointed to a Pennsylvania Cabinet position in 2015, when she was named state physician general. She became secretary two years later.”

    Yup, mentally unstable. And whomever appointed it to be the head of Public Health in Pennsylvania is just as mentally unstable, as are all the politicians who approved its appointment.

    • Wondered about that myself. Thank you for your research (not surprised that was the case).
      Your conclusions are unassailable.

    • Mental instability is ubiquitous in our diseased society. Remember it was just a few years ago when Bruce Jenner was awarded ESPN’s “most courageous,” where everyone at the black tie event enthusiastically applauded. Except for Brett Favre who was caught on camera being the first to stop clapping, with a look on his face as if he was thinking, “why am I clapping for an old man in a dress?” The next day the New York Times ran a piece attacking Favre. Of course.

      • I have been working out pretty heavy during the lockdown (subconsciously preparing to survive the prison camps?). I told my wife that I want to be the next Bruce Jenner. She is concerned. She doesn’t know if I mean the Wheaties box guy or the current version.

        • Judge, that’s a good one! Tomorrow morning you should do laps around the house with a tutu on, get her real concerned-like.

          • You could also start looking at her clothing in the closet to see what looks best on you. Don’t make it obvious, just let her see you out of the corner of her eye.

    • Not sure, but I suspect that Zman did not make a mistake and was instead joking when he referred to that wretched woman as a man. It would be consistent with his style of humor (which I certainly enjoy).

    • That would be the teachers unions’ governor, Tom Wolf, and the Republican senate who Ok’d cheat-by-mail voting.

    • What stuns me is the speed at which the transgender business became part of the cannon- what, a couple years or so? General acceptance of homosexuality took what, 30 years?
      It frightens me that obvious mental illness can be normalized so quickly. If you follow the links you find all kinds of bizarre stuff- people being publicly shamed, not for pretending to be a woman, but for “misgendering”. Misgendering is referring to that hideous freak as a woman.

      • Some actual XX-chromosomal females are flattered that naturally-born male transgenders are trying so hard to be just like themselves. The transgender business as you put it coincides with the arrival of the birth control pill and the associated freedoms that left many childless, formerly promiscuous XX females alone and bitter later in life and they don’t want to be forgotten. Similarly this has empowered some mothers to “mother” some more and support the transgenders as means to undermine the power of normal XY males in their lives to the benefit of such females.

        These three demographics collaborate even unconsciously to strip XY males of their power and feminize society to the formers’ perceived glory. Remember, females are naturally hypergamous, they are ALWAYS attempting to obtain greater resources even if they already have more resources than they actually could need. They never have enough, and they will continue undermining XY males until and unless the males put an end to it.

        Once society got aboard with the queers, there were no more barriers remaining to impede the trannies. They just cruised through the doorway with our XX females holding the door wide open for them all.

        • Very well done. They thought they’d get more girls, instead they got men taking over.

          An O/T thank you- yesterday, the former social strata of den mothers and midsize prominence was explained. That was incomprehensible to a dreg like me, but it was such a lucid commentary that it all made perfect sense. Thank you, let’s keep more like that and the above coming.

      • It started in the universities. I was in grad school when trannymania started, so it was no surprise when Democrats started pushing it as the most important thing ever a few years later. Basically, graduate students run out of identities to deconstruct, then some kook professor comes up with a new theory and voila, we wind up with a new protected class.

      • The first references I remember reading about were in 1995 – but it was all kind of oblique. The UN really pushed “gender” and it sounded so bizarre at the time. But yeah, the 2015 SC decision really opened the floodgates for the next phase of degeneracy. Scroll towards the bottom to see what all has steadily become “reality” since 1995:,_1995

    • The fact of that ‘thing’ being the leader of a HEALTH department shows that Clown World is fully formed. It should be locked in a f-cking asylum receiving therapy. How could you take seriously anything related to ‘health’ coming out of the mouth of someone who is so clearly unhealthy that it defies the most fundamental truth about the binary nature of mankind?

      It was not a long road from the horror that men attempting to wear a ‘skinsuit’ of woman use to inspire to them now being in charge of something more than taking their own meds on time and showing up for therapy at the right hour. We have fallen so far, it truly is depressing sometimes.

      Remember this? The stuff of nightmares, now ‘celebrated’

      • Apex, the Greeks and Romans would have considered a freakshow health commissioner Aristophanes-tier high comedy. But what did they know – they didn’t even have Netflix.

        This kind of staffing move is an example of “humiliation as power” ala Dalrymple.

  39. People are tribal, sure but white people are not, why? Because Poles, Italians, Greeks, etc. are tribal or at least more cohesive as a group. As we see the two factions of white people in America are warring over the fate of the country. Of course there is that other group also.

    Your friends in the Euro identity group are only mildly united with us yanks because of the migrant takeover. If that subsides somehow, the kinship will fade fast. You know, the paganism movement and the usual socialism along with their typical anti american low brow presumptions.

    • Disagree. Don’t confuse Cucktianity, lolbertarianism and “Freedom Fries” anti-Europeanism with “American Identity.” These are all very recent and very Jewish astroturf’d elements of “Americanism.”

      It’s more accurate to call Euros atheist than pagan as a group (for all that pagans are My Guys, they’re not numerous). And does anyone seriously consider America a “Christian” nation anymore?

      Socialism is only a dirty word to lolberts and neo-cons who want us to keep beating the dead horse of Communism. You’d love Scandi socialism if you spent time there.

      As for anti-Americanism, the more America leans into Empire, the less everyone likes us, including Euros. To the extent they dislike us, we need to talk to the guy in the mirror.

  40. We never had the chance to become Americans, a branch of the European Caucasoids. All stocks and regions were shoehorned into a one size fits all constitution. Had we been left to our natural inclinations and preferences we probably would have formed regional nations or maybe a sort of Swiss confederation among those regions. 

    Despite the forced sameness of the constitution and a centralized government for an entire continent we managed to build a nation with different regional sensibilities. This was destroyed by the Civil War and the mercantilism orchestrated government (MOG) that followed.

    The unnecessary western catastrophe of 1914-1945 completed the sapping of vitality of all western peoples.  The worst man-made disaster in European history. The exhaustion made us passive and open to being flogged for our failings and easily hustled into a new materially wealthy utopian delusion.  After ’45 MOG got ZOG’ed and here we are.  The long revolution that replaced our being organized under throne and altar into being herded for the benefit of the worst of our kind and Jews was now complete.  Very little of the social structures of the past 2 or 3 centuries that drove us to this point are worth preserving. If it weren’t for the inertia of nostalgia it would have already collapsed.

    • 1914-1945 was a white Civil War of global scope (with an Asian sideshow from 1941-1945) that completely sapped our peoples’ spirit.

      • WW2 was recoverable, what has proved to be the ruination of the West is the rise of the US on the back of that 34 year period.

        The mythology of the US is civic nationalism and a hostlility to European people and culture. By boasting about liberty and justice, and promoting hostility toward European imperialism it would compensate for a bunch of white people living in the Americas.

        Alexander Hamilton boasting of how America would be a champion for the rest of the world against cruel Europe.

      • It surely did, along with our dna, IQ & numbers. I never thought about it much when I was younger, but seeing what’s going on in the world today, the tens of millions of productive whites killed in all those conflicts has been a disaster of epic proportions, not only for our race, but mankind as a whole.

    • Heh. I dare anyone else to try to match the sheer power our people created for WWll, in America, Europe, and Russia.

      That’s my fantasy.
      Let’s do it again- but this time, for us.

      Bite the hand that feeds, kiss the hand that holds the whip?
      Let’s talk to them in their own language, then!
      I want groveling, fear, and total adoration.

  41. “Reconstruction! It’s not just for Southerners anymore! Try it, Goyim! You’ll love it!”

    And if you don’t, they’ll stuff it down your throat.

    • We’re all Southern now. I never tire of needling the broader white community about this. The welshman watching the factories rust is just like the Southrons watching the great cotton plantations wither away. Our enemies even use the same arguments! According to the 1619 project, now used in schools(!), even the Revolutionary War was fought to preserve slavery.

      • Everything centers around the pet race now. The new narrative is that they’ve even taken up the pastime of jogging through construction sites.

  42. Some invasive species are viewed primarily as nuisances because the harm they do is slow and insidious (think non-native weeds). And some invasive species are acutely and severely harmful, even lethal (think murder wasps). Our society and culture is diseased, and the invasive species are taking advantage of this weakness. And we are being led into extinction by elites who think they are above it all. A time will come when sane people recognize the seriousness of this extinction threat, and the resulting aftermath will not be pretty.

    • The invasive species was involved with making our society and culture diseased, taking advantage of our high trust and welcoming nature. The disease was on full display the last several days with white guilt showing up on social media regarding the jogger incident. The good news is the pushback is stronger now than during Trayvon/Mike Brown because whitey is starting to catch on. Not as fast as we need, but it’s moving in our direction…

        • He needs his WR to let him yell at them with impunity during OTAs to make sure they catch his passes in December. He needs his offensive line (who are not of the same race as him) to not let him get his ass kicked. He needs the media to leave him alone (and let him concentrate on the games ) and not ask him about the case during what his likely his swan song season, a last chance to capture glory.

          Getting out early with this message will let him go back out of the limelight and focus on football. There are a lot of people who want him to fail. He cannot afford distractions

          I am not saying I agree with what he did, but his tactics certainly are likely to be effective in helping him with his goals.

          • I understand what you are saying completely. On a certain level it is a logical move. However, it is always the antiwhite, racist blacks who have to be mollified. Would a single black player publically or even privately support the condemnation of black on white violence, of which there have been THOUSANDS of victims over the years? Also, I doubt many folks in the hood will be buying Brady’s TB12 fitness products so throwing your customer base under the bus may not be a smart long-term business decision.

          • …and I agree wholeheartedly with you sentiments……

            But it is clear, Brady is obsessed with the 7th ring. I don’t even think he is motivated by needing acceptance by the lefties/or to satiate his lefty wife… he is going to move heaven and earth to get his 7th ring.

            He has no interest in fairness towards his race or the country …or whatever. It isn’t about his TB12 brand…or anything else. The 7th ring will sell itself. It will make him the undisputed greatest player in league history.

            It is irrelevant what Brady has to do relative to a person of color. Fairness has nothing to do with his decision. The ends justify the means for him here. He will do what he needs to get the ring.

          • Not to be harsh, but we aren’t investing our energies and risking our livelihoods and good names to “focus on football.” FVck that traitor Brady!

  43. Yeah, the other one they are doing with historical revision is inserting empowered wahmen into doctored crockumentaries and historical dramatizations. Yesterday I was watching that medieval soap opera on Netfix with the Danes, and the kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex all at each other’s throats. (The Last Kingdom, maybe?) The hero in it is the death dealing Putrid, Son of Putrid (or something like that). The antihero is his half sister, or maybe an ex… I dunno… but she is a death dealing cut throat too! She can easily cut down the biggest bloodthirstiest Vikings, and she’s constantly threatening to take her enemy’s balls before she takes his head. I watched a few episodes hoping that b*tch would die… do no avail. The authors try to portray her as a protagonist… but it does nothing for me.

    Last night I thought I had it made: the bad guys captured her, threw her down in a pit with a heavy iron grate to keep her there, while they drunkenly partied above. I was tickled pink when all the bad guys circled round the grate, unzipped – and gave her a golden shower below! LOL!!! But then the good guys showed up, killed all the bad guys and let her out. JFC!!!

    Not even the pandemic can force me to watch this dreck anymore.

    • It’s almost all dreck so stop watching anything except select streams. Read, write or take up an active art form such as painting, writing music or learning a new instrument. Even singing in the shower is better for you and yours compared with the boob tube.

    • You’re better off watching Kelly’s Heroes or the Dirty Dozen for the umpteenth time.

      • Dirty Dozen = a bunch of degenerate criminals going to France to murder their betters (German officers and their wives – surely a war crime).

          • This is proof Nazis were the first to not see skin color because otherwise the Americans wouldn’t have taken an NFL running back with them on a secret mission.

    • It’s Uthred, son of Uthred and the books are excellent, if a bit repetitive; very true to actual historical sources, great portrait of King Alfred.

      Uthred is the most violent and unpredictable berserker in all of the five kingdoms, and his rape interests die horribly at the rate of one per 100 pages – although to be fair, he doesn’t kill all of them himself.

      Behold Uthred the Terrible:

      I watched almost half a season out of loyalty to the source material, but the absolute faggots who cast that emo soyboy deserve the blood eagle. Talk about immersion-breakage…

      I recommend The Norsemen, if you can find a copy. Great satire; a Norwegian production, but they speak English.

      • I watched this until the shield maidens showed up and began slaughtering the mighty Viking males. That deflated any interest I might have had in continuing.

        • In the 2000s, my brother took my young nephew to a bunch of action films that included “kick ass” “you go girl” girls. My brother commented to me that my poor nephew probably believes that women are physically stronger.

          One of the main reasons to discount the opinions of young people is that, for most of them, their knowledge of reality is derived from the media, not from actual experience. They literally don’t know what the real world is actually like.

        • War-pixies have ruined most fantasy and sci-fi for me.

          For anyone familiar with the “Black Company” series by Glen Cook from years back, even Glen fell prey to this nonsense in his latest Black Company prequel released in 2018. To those familiar with the undertones of his prior writing, this is such a glaring bolt-on virtue-signal that it reads like a different writer’s work entirely from the dozen-ish original books.

      • I read an interview of the author of the string of books. He said when he needs some income, he pops out another one. They are easy to write, he says, because Uhtred simply humps and kills, and the plots easily come out of all of that.

        • They are easy to write, he says, because Uhtred simply humps and kills, and the plots easily come out of all of that.

          Yes, and his (numerous) other series come from the same template, but he’s got a real knack for writing violence.

          It’s not Shakespeare, granted, but if you’re into the axe-and-longship thing, you can’t be a chooser. The only real good Viking yarn is Frans G. Bengtsson’s The Long Ships.

          • if you’re into the axe-and-longship thing, you can’t be a chooser

            How melancholicly true lol

        • The Sharpe series by Cornwell is fun, repetitive as well but if you like a good boot-strap vs. blue blood yarn they are fun. Big fan of Napoleonic warfare so the accuracy and cameos by major figures is enjoyable.

          • You’ll love Patrick O’Brian , then.

            They made an outstanding film with Russell Crowe as Jack Aubrey, obviously meant to be the first of a series. Zero poc, zero stunning and brave women, but for reasons no sane man can understand, they never got around to the sequels.

          • “The lesser of two weevils”.. I enjoyed the film. I’ve been meaning to start that series of books. When the thrift stores open up again I’ll start collecting them for my upcoming retirement reads. Thanks for the recommendation.

        • Yes, and the leather, all supple and shiny, and what the hell is that? A climbing harness? A Viking bikini top?

          And if you have to make up carnival dresses, at least make it look cool, like in Vikings. (Another show with miscast protagonist and muh shield maidens.)

      • Felix,

        Agree, Cornwell writes a good yarn, and the books do a pretty good job teaching both the history and the feel of that time. As you say, it’s not Steinbeck but it’s high-class beach reading.

        He also wrote a book on maybe the most obscure battle of the American Revolution. I have no idea why he picked this little battle to write about, but it’s a worthwhile (if not great) read.

    • I’ve seen that show. I don’t think it’s too bad. And the female characters usually have men carry out the physical threats which is more true to life. I’m sure mouthy women with men willing to act on their behalf existed as much in history as it does today.

      I can’t recall any moments where the women in the show defeat men in fisticuffs like how most of Hollywood portrays them. The 90 pound pixie taking down a 200 pound man is a little too ridiculous. The conniving women using her talents to get men to do her bidding is more true to life in “how women use power.”

      • Oh, it’s bad. Read the books so I tried to watch. Bailed out when the priest gave a perfect CivNat speech about how anyone – including pagans – was welcome in Wessex as long as they followed its laws. Really, if thousands of Danes promise to be good citizens of Wessex, you’ll be fine with that priest.

        Also, checked a recent season episode to see if the show as going all SJW like every other show. And, yep, there were the black guys in Anglo-Saxon England.

        • I don’t remember any black guys in the show. My wife’s read all the books and she was only unhappy with the last two shows of season 4. And the fighting Lady of Mercia with no armor is pretty silly. Otherwise, pretty good. And the King Alfred character is great.

      • A few centuries before Alfred, Roman soldiers witnessed women of Goth, Frank, Vandal, and other German persuasions joining the battle when their men were losing a fight, and they knew how to swing an axe. All knew what happened to conquered women and they weren’t having any of it. Very atypical, historically. Also, German women were a good deal more independent than other women, and Romans were small.

    • I actually like that series but yes, women beating men in hand-to-hand or sword fights is one of the tricks used to dispense woke flick propaganda. It’s disgusting, actually insulting to male honor.

  44. Our overlords love diversity. Except for diversity of thought or speech. That’s where we’re supposed to be streamlined into a compliant population where the American Creed is “shut up, shop, pay taxes, watch Netflix…and wear a mask.”

    • I agree but also think the overlords love of diversity is just their hate of us cloaked in their anti-racist morality.

      The goodwhites that push a lot pf this do so because they have accepted and internalized the hatred. They loathe that part of themselves that they cannot cull no matter how much they virtue signal.

      The wealthy aspirational consumers are haunted by their insecurities of knowing that should the facade crumble they would be as naked and white as us deplorables.

      Which gets to the crux. The “thought and speech” diversity seems to me to be code for whiteness more often than not; a kind of good schools shorthand.

      So while they hate our kind of diversity, they don’t seem too bothered by the thought and speech coming from the POC far left, which are obviously insane.

      The whiteness, and thus the America, to them is troublesome er “problematic” because the story of America is one of white achievement and culture that is not easily inked over.

      No matter how many times they reprint the stories to accommodate their latest fever dreams, the real story, the one they can’t alter, like all good stories, lives between those lines of black print in the white of the page.

      Thats why they are afraid. And why I keep returning to the notion of rejecting their tech and media and simply speaking the truth. Even if it is just slipped between the lines.

      We may not own the printing press but we can certainly do our part to reject the shut-up, shop, and pay taxes bit.

    • This is the natural outcome of an unstable society run by money obsessed oligarchs. It undergoes catabolic collapse.

      Everyone goes tribal just to make it and as time goes on, the ability of the ruling class to keep the tribes in order fails.

      The thing about tribal warfare is once the tribal mindset kicks in, the entire edifice of modernity goes with it especially individualism. It becomes tribe vs tribe and in those situations every member of the tribe often down to the baby in the womb is liable for that tribes action.

      Separation of tribes becomes essential but often the state does everything it can to prevent this as it creates economic friction (i.e costs money) and the farther away the rulers are the less effective they become.

      Instead they try to force an artificial cultural conformity concentrating efforts on the scariest groups, in this case Y/T who makes up the backbone of this society and who increasingly fewer on any part of the political spectrum are loyal to the State.

      Its doomed to fail however there can be a lot of pain along the way, a lot. The future belongs to the barbarians and if you want to be part of that future be one.

      • Kind of a cruel joke that Y/T was always the ultimate Praetorian Guard for those in power and the system as it had always stood, big warts and all. Now TPTB have allowed the Y/T Praetorian Guard to fall and scatter, and to get blamed for everything that is not right. Dumb move. There is no Guard now and everything is up for grabs.

  45. Jewish culture has always confounded me. I’ve researched how exactly a casting couch works, but can find nothing online but videos of the actual casting. The Jews are a mysterious people.

    • I would bet videos do exist of casting couch and, moreover, that only Jews and their fellow perverts, say Tarentino, are permitted access to them. If you are a powerful Jew or a fellow traveler, you may get to watch, laugh and maybe wank it. Otherwise you won’t even know the video exists.

    • One of the reasons that a lot of Jews were not particularly wild about Philip Roth and Jerome Weidman, despite their success, is that they were guilty of talking just a little too freely in front of the Goyim. Weidman even talked about Jewish “Anti-Gentilism” in his books, which was a bridge too far back in the 1950’s, just imagine what they would say about him today.

      • Incidentally, this also goes for certain Blacks and the Black community, such as Chris Rock, Spike Lee, and (back in the day) Eddie Murphy. All are conventional liberals in their stated beliefs, but they all mentioned things that you were not supposed to mention in front of white people, like how skin tone affects status among blacks, or black anti-semitism, or tensions between black men and black women, or the deep dislike many blacks have for homosexuals. This wasn’t to be talked about in front of the crackers, and all paid a price.Bill Cosby also stepped over this line, and to say that he paid a price is an understatement. I have no idea if he did what he was accused of or not, but, had he kept his mouth shut about black crime, he would still be a respected “Elder Statesman” whether he did it or not.

        • Altz, I had the same thought wrt Cosby. His famous “pound-cake” speech came to mind when he was pilloried (in short, the black community should stop elevating petty thieves to martyrdom status, especially when they get shot resisting arrest for stealing “pound cake” from the corner store.) This was around the time of Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown in 2014 if I’m not mistaken. Its not hard to prophesy his thoughts concerning those incidents, but alas, his opinion mattered very little at that point.
          Seems like “good timing” to me…

          • The whole business with Cosby was one of the best orchestrated hits I’ve ever seen. I mean, he did that sh*t back in the Seventies – does anyone actually think it was just a coincidence that the hammer got dropped on him when it did? Beria couldn’t have done it any better.

        • Agreed, but no one who ever read “Portnoy’s Complaint” would have been surprised by Harvey Weinstein. Come to think of it, some Jewish guy, Mark Oppenheimer, did get into trouble for saying that. He got savaged for it, needless to say.

      • Interesting. Which book of j weidman would most exemplify that, if you wouldn’t mind?

        I think Roth did Plot against America as an attempt to reconcile with the Jewish community in order to help him win the Nobel prize.

        • Weidman’s “I Can Get it For You Wholesale” has some of the most repulsive yet funny Jewish characters in literature. Written in 1937. FWIW, I agree about Roth. He was a pervert, but he could write well and with intelligence; he almost certainly knew he was writing garbage with “The Plot Against America”. Roth lived through that era, and he knew that the fire-eating southerners were no isolationists.

  46. The “jogger” term , along with teen, youths, children is hilarious. Sometime back, I don’t recall when or how it came to be, but they were also referred to as googles. But in all seriousness, this country has become a complete joke, and this virus nonsense has turbo charged the process. I can’t stand going to the store, any store and look at the people wandering around in masks etc. The long game by the left f*** this country and culture has surely come to fruition.

    • “The reason is we all know the correlation between joggers and quality of life.”
      Well, until recently.

    • I don’t recall when or how it came to be, but they were also referred to as googles

      It was back in those innocent days when people still got up in arms about automatic censoring of specific words. The goal was to get them to ban “google”, plus a number of other corporate trademarks.

    • Oh come on don’t be so unreasonable. Just because he was wearing work boots, was miles from home, and was was checking out vacant homes, what makes you think he wasn’t a jogger?

  47. The Jews install their own as gatekeepers to preserve their culture. Americans permitted Jews to install Jews as gatekeepers of American culture. The result, unsurprisingly, is what Jews would have for America and, separately, for themselves. This will continue unless non-Jewish Americans put an end to it or become what Jews would have for us.

    • It’s been a while since Harvard fulfilled it’s purpose of educating christian ministers.

      How did that happen?

      • According to self-reported data, only a tiny minority of Harvard undergrads identify as Christians let alone Christian ministers. I do know a Harvard professor who is a (quietly) devout orthodox Christian: she is my cousin.

      • It’s happened at Harvard and numerous other institutions. Basically, it’s the structure/expansion of the “colleges” into “universities” (many colleges specializing in various disciplines on one campus). Happened long ago. Religious studies, once front and center in a curriculum, were shunted off to the side. While other disciplines grew. Scientism pushed religion off of center stage. This is true even in ostensibly religious institutions, like Notre Dame, today.

      • Princeton was a Presbyterian school originally… it’s so damn woke it hurts.

      • Hravard is our leadership factory. The entering class has fallen below 50% whites. Of the whites 50+% are jewish. So 25% are white and you have to suspect some of those are papists. Wasps have really been pushed aside. Don’t get me started about disney.

      • off topic-
        what can you tell us about Netanyahu’s idea to micro-chip everyone?

    • Can’t even find one for a doctor anymore. Down here in Florida my current Specialists are a White woman American I think, at the Haitian immigrant and a Indian

      • Jewish professionals were once the benchmark for excellent knowledge-based professional service in the US. No matter your ethnicity, you looked for the Jewish accountant/lawyer/doctor/dentist/psychiatrist/professor first and foremost (if you could get an appointment). Their families amassed relative wealth due to their performance delivery as professionals, and the children, having at least one absentee parent who was bringing home the bacon+, felt entitled to a more fulfilling life.

        These kids picked up the “elite” pedigrees (technically impossible because they are not WASPs) but after serving time to assuage the parents they deserted the service professions for “creative reasons (loud cough, their admirable creativity tends to be non-existent in comparison with W.Europeans and Japanese),” faster money, beaches, blow and blowjobs. Many of the talented Jews with remaining work ethic made Aliya to Israel (where professional service delivery can be AMAZING).

        Today the kids of those original kids who finally felt a sense of entitlement are, as the Z Man observes, dashing their familial lines on the rocks here in the US. (So many Jews of the former professional class I interact with today are as stupid as big-titted goy girls.) That’s apt description for the former professional class only as well as some successful small business owners. The scoundrel families like the Pritzkers and Kushners are always doing their very best to destroy the goy, and if they are successful those Jewish folks will turn on their own. The Jew is seriously wired to self-destruct, regrettably, only after taking everybody he surrounds himself with down the circling drain.

        If you ever have time to waste, and who does, pick up a copy of Humboldt’s Gift (Bellow) and it will teach you how the vast majority of Jews currently living the US think still. I believe Z has read that book.

  48. Damn. I’m a bad American. I have an Android and no Netflix. Of course I already knew that and so do the overlords, because I read this blog and get most of my news from Gab

    • Don’t feel bad. When I was still taking multiple trains to work, bought a nice android tablet just to do nothing but play X-COM – the old Microprose masterpiece, via openxcom, not the Firaxis nu-com nonsense – on it.

    • When in an audience during a citizenship ceremony for one of my friends, my wife noticed that I just put my hands behind my back and kept silent when instructed to recite the pledge of allegiance.

      My wife was flummuxed and asked why.

      I told her citizenship is a joke, and I give no loyalty to people who hate me.

      • At least that’s better than the idiots who put their hands over the heart for the National Anthem. Even if I were inclined to believe the tripe/propaganda, that gesture is for the pledge, not the anthem.

  49. “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

    • In his “Looking Back on the Spanish War” Orwell repeatedly notes how easily these polarities are exchanged: “war is hell”; “war is glorious”; “The truth, it is felt, becomes untruth when your enemy utters it”.

      Orwell was perhaps the first or maybe just the best at “real socialism hasn’t been tried yet” as so much of his lucid observations of the political animal hinged on the materialism of the common man. Or rather the lack of actual materialism of the common man whilst being abused for his desire for basic materialism.

      I have never really squared his views on totalitarianism with his equality for all social democratic idealism.

      But I assume its due to his experience in pre-surplus when hunger and filth were common. I certainly saw how this influenced my fathers beliefs having been an impoverished child of the depression era.

      In the modern era of gluttony, however, I am drawn more toward Huxley’s take on the hinge of the totalitarian prison being mans penchant for comfort and distraction.

      So it seems we have always been at war with Coronachan.

      But is the waste of this war a squandering of what would make us too comfortable* or is it our excess comforts that make us ripe to be wasted away in prisons of our own delight?

      I sense the corona is a maul upon which “sides” are splitting, yet I am not sure if there will be a side that is prepared to timecop our history or safeguard a future for our people when so much it seems is fought in the trenches of gibs.

      *“The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labor. War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent.“

      • Capitalists are just as into materialism as socialists. I think Orwell was discovering is that materials- and their distribution was not what made human society or community. The idea that the economic system was a defining system of government was materialism. That’s why Sweden could be Sweden even when it was quasi-socialist in its economic policy.

        It remained a real country because the opposite of socialism is nationalism and culture- as those ideas reject materialism.

      • it is a squandering of unneeded luxury for some, but not so much for others who did lose more than comfort. ergo, contra Orwell and every socialist and/or materialist, physical comfort doesn’t necessarily lead to intelligence for all. not that you should study better when starving to death, but getting dangerously fat while pretending that “carbs feed the brain” does feel comfortable for a while too, doesn’t it?

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