Celebrate Today, Fight Tomorrow

Like most everyone, the election result left me in a state of mild euphoria for the last dozen or so hours. It’s mostly due to the fact I stayed up half the night watching the results. I’m usually in bed by midnight so being up past two made for a challenging day. Even so, it feels pretty good to see the good guys win once in a while. It feels even better when you are proved right. I put Hillary at 46% for this election and she came in a tiny bit higher, but well below 50%. I said all along that the status quo must break 50% to carry the night.

Now, I look forward to the Triumph. In January, Donald Trump will enter the Imperial Capital in a four horse chariot, wearing a laurel crown and painted toga. Behind him, in chains and rags, will be the members of NeverTrump. The great enemy of the people and the threat to the republic, Hillary Clinton, will be displayed in a wheeled cage so the citizens can throw rotten vegetables at her. After the festivals, the proscription lists will be posted around the city and the NeverTrump loons will be thrown into a pit.

Yes, victory feels good.

That said, this is not the end. It is just the beginning and the road from here to a safe and healthy country is long and full of perils. A political class that is willing to tolerate festering carbuncles like the Clintons, is perfectly willing to close ranks and do everything it can to destroy the Trump presidency. A nation willing to vote for a woman with the ethics of Pol Pot is a nation willing to stand aside and let the political class stymie any attempt to reform the broken system. Cautious pessimism is the right outlook today.

The thing Trump has working for him is that the ruling class is truly stunned at the result of the election. This is a black swan event for them. This is not just a media phenomenon. Kelly Ayotte is staggering around Manchester New Hampshire with her panties on her head, asking people if they know where she lives. She went all in on rejecting Trump and now she is out of a job. The politicians that listened to their party leaders and distanced themselves from Trump were all punished at the polls. The world is upside down.

That’s what makes Trump so frightening to the political class. It’s not that they threw everything at him and he won. That can happen. Political athletes are skilled at beating the odds. What’s frightening about Trump is that he is the nullification of conventional politics. He ran an old school campaign and ran it like a business, instead of a jobs program for the political class. He ticked none of the boxes the experts say you must tick. He rearranged a political map everyone said could not be changed. Trump is scary man right now.

The thing that scares the political class more than anything is that Trump had coattails. It was an article of faith among the political class that Trump would hurt down ballot candidates. He was a badge of shame on the GOP, akin to slavery, and they would not recover for a generation. Instead, Trump boosted candidates who embraced him and his success probably saved the Senate and may have saved the House. Everything the political class believed on Monday was proved false on Tuesday.

One reason Trump exists and is the next president is that the political class is long overdue for reform. The reason the political class is a dumpster fire is the public has lost its civic morality. That cannot be fixed with one election. That cannot be fixed by one man in one job. What ails the country is not a missing comma in the tax code or the regulatory code. The political culture in Washington has to change and that happens when the American culture changes.

Another reason Trump is the next president is a lot of people were willing to say what is not supposed to be said. Good men have sacrificed much in an effort to stem the cultural slide. Pat Buchanan, Steve Sailer, Paul Gottfried, John Derbyshire and others have given up a lot to be right in an age when being right can often be dangerous. There’s also the social media trouble makers like Ricky Vaughn and John Rivers. Telling people, who hate you, things they don’t want to hear, takes commitment and guts.

Today is the start if the long war to try and save the nation and our culture. Join the H. L. Mencken Club. Go to an American Renaissance event.  Kick in a few bucks to a Steve Sailer beg-a-thon. Tune into an Anthony Cumia show. Be a John Derbyshire listener. Tell the screeching harpies in the office that maybe giving women the vote was not such a great idea. Sign up for a Gab account. Speak the truth in a world where speaking truth is a revolutionary act. Be a man with nothing to lose.

Celebrate now. Tomorrow we go back to the war.

111 thoughts on “Celebrate Today, Fight Tomorrow

  1. The thing that worries me is now that the Regressives and Media have been beaten and subdued temporarily, is that now Trump is going to be sabotaged by the GOPe. They did their best to screw him over, now that the election has been won, these same ,sorry GOPe types are going to come running for their place at the table (aka Reibus, Ryan, McConnell) as if they were the Generals responsible for Trump’s magnificent win. IMHO, they shouldn’t even get table scraps. McConnell is a spitting image of Obama when it comes to giving away the store while negotiating from a position of superior strength. He’ll sell out quickly to make sure Democrats are not offended. Ryan is a cheap opportunist who needs to be kicked out as Speaker as he will gave to Schumer and Pelosi demands almost as fast as McConnell will.

    At one point late in the election, Reibus and the RNC hadn’t spent a dime on ads for Trump. How exactly did he do a damn thing here? He’s just saving face, with Trump’s current good graces so he can hold on to his position as the head of the RNC. Anybody attached to the Bushes or Romney should be told to drop dead and go back to FOX news to earn their scraps with loser Karl Rove. Please President Trump, keep these people out of your cabinet and administration. They are the enemy within now and they will screw you each and every opportunity they get.

  2. It has been obvious for some time that forces are at work to destroy the US…the race baiting, the immorality designed to destroy the family and culture, the attempts to disarm us.Nothing that has happened indicates that these activities will stop.We must continue to fight!!!
    I am enjoying Trumps win…and look forward to more wins as we arrest and prosecute those who are trying to destabilize us!
    Clintons, soros et al should be prosecuted!!!!

  3. First executive order: Anyone engaged in illegal protests and/or convicted of crimes associated with such protests is immediately and permanently ineligible for all variants of federally funded student aid; grants, loans, fellowships, etc. In addition, all loans in deferment become immediately due with no possibility of future deferment or forgiveness.

  4. I hope Trump will continue his non-typical approach to politics. Unity MY ASS!
    The Dems/Libs mean to undermine him at every turn especially while they still infest the WH and the Depts of Government.

    Also, I recommend before moving in that the Secret Service sniff out every corner for any kind of electronic device or materials that do not belong.

    Furthermore, he does not need to “retain” anyone from Obama’s staff. Get rid of everyone!

    And do not let people like Chris Christie, scum sucking weasel, in your cabinet or administration in any capacity. He is a back stabber and opportunist. I guess the simple advice is trust no one except those close to you.

    Those who were limp wristed in the Obama years, like Mitch McConnell, who is already fighting the Term Limits idea, need to be shit canned. He can’t be fired but he can be ignored just like Barry did for all those years.

    • Very nice to see today’s realignment of the “Transition Team.” Christie got the boot … finally. He was arguing for “unity” with the RINO’s. BS!

  5. Yes. Exactly that.

    No resting on our laurels. The real fight has just begun, now that we’ve made it into the ring.

  6. One wonders if Barry the Kenyan will have the testicular fortitude to refuse to pardon the Clinton crime family for their many and obvious felonies.

    I hear there is no love lost.

    • Heard that too,that the Obamas & Clintons detest each other. They did the campaign thing for Clinton Inc just for the Party. We know these last few weeks of his term he will push every rancid regulation,rotten deal,Exec Order he can. I also expect him to exact retribution on his real or perceived enemies before Jan 20,2017. Should be a right jolly holiday season. Stock up on Eggnog & Ammo.

    • The lefty mob actions are a demonstration for The God Emperor’s benefit. O’bambi likely is using this action to force Trump to agree to shutdown all investigations of his administration and as a bonus Hillary’s investigation. The meeting this morning was way too long for idle chit chat between two men who despise each other. The God Emperor being a negotiator may cut the Kenyan loose to more easily harvest the entrail of the Bitch Queen, or maybe not. After all they are mobbing up in the deep blue zone, so who cares.

      • I predict that Trump (and Giulani, who knows his stuff) will play a game of strategic ambiguity with the Clinton, Obama, Lynch and Comey files, among others. Make them squirm. The staged riots will simply fortify the public to ask the cops to get more aggressive with the enforcement and prosecutions once the new Sheriff gets his badge. Maybe do some old fashioned police work and break up some of these violent conspiracies, trace them back to the Hungarian source. The body language at the lame duck summit was telling. Trump thoroughly Putined the guy.

  7. You are a very brace man, Mr Z, although I wonder if the young ones even know how to use a kitchen.
    Thanks for all the cool headed ins and outs of this election. Now can you please tell me what in the hell a white lash is ?

  8. There is wonderful scene in “Risky Business” where Vito the Killer Pimp warns Joel to “never, never, ever, fuck with another man’s livelihood”. Trump is going to fuck with a lot of livelihoods and these people will not go quietly into the night. The club he has today is exactly what you point out. Those that disavowed him were punished at the polls, those that did not were rewarded. And the Republicans came out with three branches of the Federal Government and deeper control of Governorships and Statehouses. This is a lesson these the inevitable recidivists needed to be constantly reminded of.

    • Hi Mr. Adams, I agree with you to a certain extent, but, appropriate punishment must be meted out. Everyone is better off when they know exactly where they stand, and the troops are happiest when they know justice will be swift and sure. A man who will not punish will not be respected.

    • Well, to your excellent point, the left and the RINOs went after Trumps’ livelihood… and smeared his family. I hope he is mindful of just how badly those arrayed against him truly wanted to destroy him and his for daring to run and serve his country. He beat them all. There should be some payback coming. Hope. Hope.

  9. Saw some cuck on Fox Business this morning saying that Hillary should be pardoned and left alone by the new administration. WRONG.

    Restoring confidence in leadership, public morality, and rule of law requires that those who considered themselves above the law lose their heads. Every last member of the Clinton Crime Family should be hunted down and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Yeah, this is time that some folks need brutal prosecution, ie, the Nuremberg trials, to send a message of the rule of law, that there is a finality to the corruption, and to reinstall in the public, and the Government , that there is one law for all, and those that have violated their public trust will be taken to account. ( no, I’m not talking hangings, but a LOT of assets should be frozen and pensions forfeited )

      • I AM talking about hangings … for traitors like Bill and Hillary just for starters. John Boner and ‘ol Mcconnell also come to mind. Both sides have done evil.

  10. “Tell the screeching harpies in the office that maybe giving women the vote was not such a great idea.”
    You do know white women came out for Trump, right? I think it was 53%.

      • That may be the case, but nevertheless white women could be the demographic that put Trump over the top. Or maybe it was the Amish. Anyhoo, those wistful dreams of women’s disenfranchisement are unlikely to win women over to the Trumptrain and just give the crazy cat ladies more ammo. But all’s well that ends well.

      • LOL .. be careful painting with that wide brush you’re using there, Zman

        Single, highly educated white woman here .. proudly on the Trump train since day one!

  11. Absolutely correct and spot-on post!
    It’s funny seeing the harpies in the media and politicians in DC continue to figure out what went wrong and Hillary lost yet – its right in front of them. They continue to talk around the bushes. Maybe they indeed no longer can differentiate between what is true and not or what is appropriate and what is not. If that is the case – their schmuck arrogance has turned their brains into mush.
    Having said that – the global aristocrats and their elites here in the US dropped Hillary due to the liability that could not be excused anymore after all the WikiLeaks. Word has it that they came to grips with Trump being the elected president. Word has it that they will retaliate by imploding the economy and blaming it on Trump. Remember – there are trillions that were at stake ergo a needed Hillary presidency.
    They imploded the economy in 2008 for that same reason and to get their choice – Obama!
    Despite all the positive reporting about the successful Obama presidency inspired economy – nothing could be further from the truth. We are at the brink of a global economic disaster.

    • Trump’s meeting with Obama at the White House went “well”. My take is that both sides had a broad and intense discussion about many things, even as they examined the other for chinks in their armor. Donald needs to keep his antennas up, don’t buy what they are selling. His business sense should protect him here. But the bigger “takedown” scenario (of both him and all of us) is still in place. Donald has a big plate of crapola to deal with, I hope he stays the course.

  12. I don’t have a lot of tolerance for stupid these days. We will need the National Guard in California to restore the rule of law, at some point. Chicago is another place that will likely need troops. By the time we get to that point, regular folks will be so tired of having their lives disrupted by these temper tantrums, they will be ready for someone to take charge.

  13. Kelly Ayotte is staggering around Manchester New Hampshire with her panties on her head, asking people if they know where she lives………….Man, that is precious!

  14. Hey everyone-

    I have been spending the last day offering up my congratulations and apologies to all the Trump faithful. I had zero faith in Trump as a candidate, and although i would never have voted for Hillary, had difficulty in deciding to cast my vote for Donald Trump.

    I thought his supporters were delusional to think he could win……

    But i was very very wrong….and never been so glad about it.

    So, i want to thank all of you for being smarter, and more tenacious than i ever could have imagined.

    I go into the Trump Presidency with a mountain of hope, knowing this man can do whatever he puts his mind to…..

    Lets make sure the GOP elites cant stop him.

    Well done.

  15. Brutus and Cassius are plotting already. Good thing the election is in January. Keep the doors of the temple of Janus open.

  16. At this moment the children at the NY Times, NBC, CBS, CNN et al are gathering to plot the best way to destroy Trump and turn his followers into pariahs. They are very powerful children and will have Hollywood, the Soros Gang and academia as allies. Trump is a tough guy and has shown that he is not afraid to punch back hard. I believe this is why his followers are so fiercely loyal. Now is the time to be ultra vigilant. We will be at open war with the Cult for all of Trump’s presidency.

    • Mr. LaPore, Trump’s great advantage is that he does not and will not labor under the delusion that he can or should address them as anything but enemies. That clarifies both thought and action. He knows what they are going to attempt. They do not have the experience of being pushed back. We shall see.

    • On left wing radio yesterday: “How do you feel about religious freedom, cuz Trump wants to deport Muslims”

      The cuck gargled, but the proper answer is:
      “After I’m done with your henchmen, I’m coming to kill you, traitor”

  17. Not to be all gloom and doom, but it is my sober observation that even if Trump miraculously turned things around in the same short span of time that Obama sent us into the downward death spiral, there would still be those who would complain and find reasons to rant and seethe over nit picks and personal agendas. These are those who could rally to the likes of Clinton, blind to everything she is and has been. I do think it is type of mental illness. You can’t negotiate with crazy and you can’t fix stupid.

    I do believe that prosperity has dimmed our wits and made us so myopic that not only is our moral compass broken, we have no concept of what a great nation ought to be.

    Nevertheless, I am grateful for this reprieve. Surely the portal to hell would have opened up had Hitlery won.

    • Neither crazy nor stupid.
      They think you are the Deceiver, to trick them into evil. That’s why one can’t reach them.

  18. I would truly like to see a call-to-arms by Mr. Trump to seal the Mexican border with willing, armed citizens. If vetting is required I would suggest a copy of one’s DD 214 would be the first, initial and quickest qualifier for a immediate, armed, citizen border patrol.

    It is time to Make America Great Again. It starts with recreating what once were this nation’s borders.

  19. You you are correct about this being an old-school campaign. I was in Wilmington, Ohio at Trump’s rally on Friday. 3,000 people gathered in an airplane hangar at the abandoned former Clinton County Air Force Base/DHL hub in the middle of nowhere. (Wilmington is a town of 12,000 in the middle of a county that is basically a huge cornfield.) Trump flies in with his 757, lands at the airport, taxis to the hanger, gets off the plane, gives his speech, gets back in his plane and takes off to the next stop. It was like one of those old whistle stop train campaign tours.

    I also like the fact that he’s just basically telling people what he believes in. If you like it, great–vote for me. If you don’t like it, I’ll just go back to a being a billionaire. It is refreshing.

  20. Right on Zman. You said it!
    You have a whole lot of courage and conviction of your principles, and I want to say thanks for all the thoughtful and considerate work you put into words. Kudos.
    You write a lot of great stuff but this is one of your best.
    Right on Man!

  21. The Left has been forced to show their hand. Stunned Tuesday has worn off, and they think the way to truth and righteousness is taking to the streets and breaking stuff.

    Jan 20 is a very long way off, and barry and his minions have no intention of coasting to the finish line.

    This all equals trouble for We The People. I think you all know where this is headed………

    • Listening to Levin, it sounds like Christie is slapping together a transition team full of bush and romneyite surrogates. Lame. Somebody get on the TrumpPhone and tell him to get some real shitlords in there.

      • Yeah, Christie is the weak link in the Trump chain of early insiders. Ultra lib state, sucked up to Obama, too clever by half.

        • I like how Trump and his core team are making quick decisive action and culling the weak links from their ranks. Christie will be seen walking home by himself, in the rain.

      • I am already getting the hibbie gibbies if Trump is letting a weasel like Christie anywhere near his Administration. Now is not the time to change tactics and start playing nice. Letting any former pol into the circle will be deadly. Trust your own. There will be plenty of challenges just in that cadre with the threats, blackmail, temptations, etc. that they will face from day one.

    • Agreed…very soon, the protests will escalate to “Ferguson mode or worse”, financed by Soros, fed by the lame-stream-media & secretly endorsed by the current regime’s DOJ.
      The desired endgame is…Martial Law, whereby Trump perpetually remains…President-elect only…and bath house Barry remains in office.

      Methinks, we’re headed for the “Balkan-route”, as civil war (Rev.2.0) is a distinct possibility…soon.

  22. Z, we’ve been chatting a long time. Keep up the great work.

    We are at the place you and I talked about almost a year ago: that scenario where Trump wins AND the GOP holds Congress. When it was just the House, well, we only controlled 1/2 of 1/3 of Government. Then, we give them the Senate, and golly, well, that filibuster is a tough nut, and that mean old Obama keeps telling is “no”. Of course, that meant signing over the entire 2015 budget, 2-year deals cut in secret with Pelosi, and fully funding everything from Obamacare to Amnesty. Winning hasn’t proven fruitful.

    And so, the GOP has every branch of government, and the opportunity to seat anywhere from 2-5 SCOTUS justices. They are out of excuses, and they are on a beachhead where – thanks to Trump’s political realignments – there might not be any reinforcements. Fear of death is an excellent motivator. The GOP now gets to prove if it can keep its promises. I’m skeptical, but we have to hold their feet to the fire.

    Reagan once said, “They also knew, those Founding Fathers, that outside of its legitimate functions, government does nothing as well or as economically as the private sector of the economy.” Trump in his steamrolling of the well-heeled GOP-establishment field, and his destruction of the Clintons (who outspent him I heard 8 to 1), proves this.

    Trump might be the big spending liberal the nevertrumpers screamed about. But, I think they fear him most because he did something unprecedented at a national level on a tiny fraction of the typical budget. Do you think a guy like that could go to D.C. and accomplish the same thing for 25% of the costs? He sure could. The question is will he, and will they let him if he tries?

    • I’ll bet the GOPe is seething with jealousy now. The House, the Senate, the Supreme Court (soon), and the Presidency. And it would have all been THEIRS if it weren’t for that meddling Trump and those alt-right kids!

      They really do think that. A year ago they were quaking as the aircraft carrier Hillary Rodham Clinton loomed imposingly on the horizon. She was so tough, with all her experience, money and machine, only the very, very best candidate could hope to stand against her. Today, she’s such a leaky, decrepit tub, why ANYONE could have beaten her! And instead of their chosen candidate, the people insisted on throwing away this golden gift on Trump!

      They’re going to be eaten alive by thoughts of what might have been, totally refusing to believe that ONLY Trump could have pulled off this incredible coup, and every one of their preferred candidates would now be playing the noble loser role.

      • The aftershocks of this election are going to be felt for a generation. Whether we can roll back fascism over the next 4 years remains to be seen. I don’t think you’ll see much if any “Well, anybody coulda beat Hillary,” kinds of things because the best argument against it is that Trump crushed the so-called “best GOP field in a generation”. What Trump did was nothing short of a miracle.

        Hopefully Trump institutes the Jack Welch model of employment: fire the bottom 10% every year. Gutting out the detritus in the Federal bureaucracy alone would do wonders for the economy and freedom in general.

        • After firing anyone hired during the Obozo years as a starting point! Or maybe, fire them and make them reinterview for their old jobs. That way we can get more info on what they did while in power and who they did it with and how. We can learn more about how to dismantle this beast. I’m sure these a&&hats will bend over backwards to try to keep the gravy train going. Then send them packing anyway as there are better qualified people to replace them with anyway.

        • Um, fire the bottom 2/3 and don’t replace them. As Ben Franklin said, “The government that would take 10% would be *exceedingly* oppressive.” Trump is an on time & under budget kind of guy, and needs to remember that is what got him this far. Tastes like “more” to me…

  23. Mr. Z Man,

    You hit the proverbial nail on the head. Today we celebrate the battle won, but the war rages onward. We must remember that for the progressives their time line is in 50 or 100 year increments to accomplish change. We must realize that the “war” likely won’t end on our watch but –maybe by educating our kids properly and some luck — it will be largely won on theirs. Carry on and keep a stiff upper lip because it will likely get worse before it gets better. Fortunately, we have the upper hand…today.

  24. Give that evil, wrinkly, hand of Satan George Soros ( AKA Gyorgy Schwartz) and everyone of his children the Mussolini farewell. I want him and his brood to be the first people to receive “White Man’s Revenge.”

    • @5MilesOut re: George Soros ( AKA Gyorgy Schwartz)

      Soros ousted Sheriff Arpaio in Maricopa county Arizona. He and Obama’s Justice Department with Lawfare running up legal costs to defend Sheriff Joe North of 40 million dollars. Dark day there.

      Dan Kurt

      • Why aren’t I seeing any notices to take soros into custody? I know why the lawdogs don’t get near him, but what about “citizen’s arrest”. And then once loaded into the airplane, there is no explaining how he jumped out.

    • I would think the Japanese martial spirit / samurai heritage would disdain the wearing of helmets. 🙂

  25. Trump needs to say it right away. .. Any EO’s issued by Obama are suspect. Any regulatory action taken by any Administrative agency from now till February will be arbitrarily rescinded regardless of merit. All Federal agencies are ordered to stand down on rulemaking and policy initiatives until notified differently by incoming administration. There will be a transition, but the word needs to be … Washington DC… you guys lost… bigtime. take your hands away from the levers and await your new leader.

    • Every EO issued by the last four Presidents should be put under a microscope, with a presumption that it should be terminated.

    • If I read it correctly, the only reason government unions exist in the federal government was through an executive order signed by John F Kennedy. Trump may have bigger fish to fry, but cutting off the left’s funding is imperative. What happened to Scott Walker will look pretty tame if he ever tries that.

    • A good idea. Just the uncertainty will make apparatchiks hesitate to stick their necks out, and some of the most damaging regulations may not be fully implemented. That will make it easier to uproot the weeds Obama has sown everywhere over the country.

  26. The first order of business in the Trump administration should be reprisal. CuckRyan needs to be pushed out. Weiner needs to be charged with pedophilia so that he rolls over on his accomplices the Podesta Brothers and Huma . Hillary needs to be charged with various capital offenses. Bill needs to be put in a rest home.

    As Trump rewards his loyalists, he needs to drain the swamp. Planned Parenthood needs to be defunded permanently as it is a hive of gibs for murderous bitches. Silicon Valley needs to be ejected to Taiwan where the intellectual property transfer to China can be completed and American engineers can rebuild without interference from SJW harpies and barriers to entry from globocorps. Bureaucrats need to be transferred to the North Slope of Alaska or put out on rice paddies. Immigration and naturalization needs to be purged and deportations need to begin. Customs and Border Patrol needs to start hiring Americans. I better see only native English speakers checking my passport when I return home. Regulations need to be slashed and trade rebalanced. Public savings should pay down the national debt.

    Ultimately, there’s only so much Trump can do. ZMan is right: American culture needs fixing before politics can improve downstream.

    • Under normal circumstances, I would like to spare him. But, after what he pulled, how can you trust the guy? His allegiance was to the Bushes, to Kasich and to Mitt Romney instead of to the party and the party’s nominee. Dumb decision.

    • Yes, some Pol-Potting and Chairman Mao style hsia-fanging (intellectuals to the fields) wouldn’t be bad, but you neglected to mention making all able-bodied men and wymin ebt recipients be put to work rebuilding the infrastructure and paid with money (scrip) issued directly by the government as the nation transitions away from debt money.

    • Job one is Build that wall. While that is going on Trump must be seen going around town with a belt full of bloody scalps. Our enemies must hear his words and tremblingly obey. There must be penalties, severe penalties. Paul cuck Ryan’s bloody head must soon adorn the resolute desk.

      • No, Ryan’s head on a pike! The Resolute Desk needs the return of the Churchill bust that Obozo returned to GB. Pronto!

    • Nothing thrashes like a wounded beast. DC and her minions are going to fight like never before once the stun wears off. There will be unsheathing of shivs. There will be underhandedness. My God be with Mr. Trump and his folks. They are striding into the vipers den… and all the vipers are smiling.

      • I like the fact that Roger Stone, Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich on his team. Those people know how to play tough and dirty. And they also know how to cut all the government money these radical groups get.

        • Man, Rudy really scared me on Tuesday, though! He came on Howie Carr’s show to discuss how things were going in the Trump camp as election day progressed, and he was so low-key and subdued I was filled with fear that it was all going down the drain! I actually turned off the show – couldn’t listen to the end because I didn’t want to be depressed at 4:00 PM.

          • Tell me about it. I listened to a Savage interview with Trump on Conservative Treehouse. And every question was prefaced with “if you lose …” It scared me enough to go back to Bill Mitchell to remind myself why I felt so confident about Trump winning in the first place.

      • I’ll have to respectfully disagree on that last point. From what I’ve seen they’re mostly crying and not nearly as drunk as they’d like to be.

        #OREGON HOBO#

  27. Relief. See those people in the streets. Had Clinton won and decided it was time, the civil war would be started. Trump is not a cold dead hands guy but at least, I think, he won’t come for the guns. Had Clinton won there is no telling. I could be at war with my neighbors, the idiots protesting and my government. She is that bad. For me, war is averted for now but the country is way worse off than most are willing to say out loud.

    The war is coming anyway. The city dwellers want my stuff and they want men with guns to take it unto my very destruction.

    Linked article at #Gab.ai
    #2A #AltRight

    • THis is my feeling as well. We dodged a bullet (literally) which gives us a reprieve to possibly move near like-minded people, practice marksmanship, and build earthworks. Half the country wants people like me dead.

      • It is troubling to think that half of the country would make me a corpse, they had better hope we do not reciprocate those feelings. Now let me think, which group has the guns and a whole bunch of military veterans. Hmmmmm. Nah, no one is that stupid.

          • That’s my line. I always say white people are slow to react, but when we finally get mad watch out. We’ve set entire continents on fire. You don’t stand a chance when you poke the bear one too many times.

          • A great English writer expresses your sentiments:-

            by Rudyard Kipling

            It was not part of their blood,
            It came to them very late,
            With long arrears to make good,
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            They were not easily moved,
            They were icy — willing to wait
            Till every count should be proved,
            Ere the Saxon began to hate.

            Their voices were even and low.
            Their eyes were level and straight.
            There was neither sign nor show
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            It was not preached to the crowd.
            It was not taught by the state.
            No man spoke it aloud
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            It was not suddently bred.
            It will not swiftly abate.
            Through the chilled years ahead,
            When Time shall count from the date
            That the Saxon began to hate.


      • Roger that, Brothers! BOTTOM LINE: defang us by grabbing our guns, banning propellants, primers, restrict magazines (the list is endless for these vile people.) Once our firearms are gone, it’s “Katy, bar the door!”

        Cities. Think on that word: “cities.” You see the post-election tumult ONLY THERE. No firebombs, demos, or riots out here in the country townships or vast counties, where real people do real work to survive.

        So after we are de-fanged and de-clawed, not only FED GOV will be after our stuff, but the varied and vast crowds of “You gots what I wants” and the “gibsmedat” crowd will show up on your doorstep.

        Now you know why they make 20, 30, and even 40 round mags.

        FIREARMS=a “non-negotiable.”

        • All of mine, which were lost in a boating accident, by the way, were strictly for recreational purposes and hunting, which was the true purpose of the second amendment.

  28. Lord knows they’re not waiting till tomorrow…Get to the traumatized children….who have been absorbing the lies of their parents and now believe the end of the world is here!!!
    I’m so grateful my tax dollars help push their agenda. Near the end of the article they offer a helpful link to the Huffington Post which will advise on what educators should say. After NPR, defund NEA.
    I think what’s so irritating is how 1/2 the country has turned into 14 year old drama queens.

    • I had the thought myself more than once, but I live in a country that had them, so I repressed it. What I know of the history of them in the country in which I live has helped me understand how such a thing came about, but I’d not like to see it reach that point in the USA. Leave that kind of thinking to the sjw crowd, and if they ever go rogue, well then, vigilantism might be on the table.

  29. Sanders today indicated a willingness to work with Trump. Of course, Trump will have to give something up to get the Bernie kids’ cooperation in going after the big banks, the tech oligarchs and their managerial familiars. However, if anyone can cut the best possible deal, getting the most while giving away the least, it will be Trump.

    I’ve been trying to trace some of the threads in Trump’s take down of the Clinton machine. The way Hillary had first her secure comms stripped away, then her closest aides exposed for their disloyalty and alienated from her is classic Joint doctrine: identify the center of gravity, identify its critical capabilities, identify critical vulnerabilities, then attack those vulnerabilities to degrade or neutralize the capabilities and ultimately defeat the center of gravity.* I’m tempted to attribute this part of his campaign to Flynn and his crew.

    I also tend to believe Assange that the Russians weren’t behind any this. I’m guessing that the Bernie kids were behind the Podesta email phish and that there is already some cooperation going on between the camps.

    * Other vulnerabilities were attacked (Foundation finances, Bill’s escapades, the attacks on Huma through Weiner), but did not bear fruit.

    • How interesting to contemplate the “conservative” candidate actually spinning a web and an attack strategy, rather than simply showing up, acting like a Boy Scout, and wondering why his merit badges don’t count for anything.

  30. Bring on the Great Trumpian Purge.

    90% of Washington and 100 million foreigners.

    I have never been more ready for anything in my life.

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