The Trumpening So Far

One of the more amusing aspects of the 2016 election was how the pearl clutchers of Conservative Inc. would rush out of their hobbit dens every week, shrieking, “That’s it! Trump is finished!” It was always after Trump mocked their virtue in some way. They would carry on like it was just a matter of time before their adoring public rallied to their banner and chased away the evil dirt monster. They are still waiting for anyone to show up and take their side. Meanwhile Trump has completed his sixth month in office.

Since January, another pattern has emerged. The Fake News makes up a story and the commentariat carries on as if it is fact. A few months ago, the Fake News swore that Bannon was about to be fired. That did not happen so they moved onto Kushner. His alleged ties to Tsar Alexander were going to force him out. Now, the Fake News swears that Trump is about to fire Sessions. Suddenly everyone in Conservative Inc, who hated Sessions, is now defending him as a great statesman and politician.

The key to understanding Trump has always been that he loves drama. The never ending quarrel is what gets him up in the morning. He thrives in chaos and when he cannot find it, he creates it. The reason is Trump is an opportunist. That’s his nature. He seeks to maximize what he has in order to leverage it into a chance to catch someone sleeping, so he can get a bargain in his next deal. This post from two years ago described Trump pretty well and it is holding up now that he is in the White House.

There’s another aspect of Trump that has always been true, but is taking center stage now that he is in the White House. Two decades ago, he was often compared to George Steinbrenner, the late owner of the New York Yankees. Like Steinbrenner, Trump is an unpredictable and often impetuous boss. He gets mad at people for no sensible reason and he hold grudges that make even less sense. Steinbrenner fired people for trivial reasons, but would then hire them back. That’s what we see with Trump now.

The reason Trump was so perfect for the reality show The Apprentice was that he had the reputation for being the hot-headed boss. It was not hard for Trump to be convincing when he would say his catchphrase, “You’re fired!” It was something that people imagined he said every week, because he had the reputation for firing people. It may have been exaggerated, but we see now that Trump is not only a tough boss, bu he can be petty and small. His treatment of Sessions is childish and pointless.

The thing is though, guys like Steinbrenner and Trump got very rich in the toughest of businesses. The reason is they had a knack for creating chaos, forcing people out of their comfortable positions. An enemy on the move is vulnerable. By creating a whirlwind of chaos, Trump gets everyone moving and inevitably, making mistakes. One possible reason for the paralysis in Washington right now is that the snowflakes in the GOP are too frightened to move. They have never experienced anything like this and they are scared.

From the perspective of the Dissident Right, this is a good result. Most of the GOP are liars, who have been finking on their voters for years. Their inability and unwillingness to repeal ObamaCare has exposed this to even the most naive voters. Of course, Trump’s penchant for creating chaos has collapsed the Washington media. Even the most gullible is now assuming the news is fake. The ability of the political class to peddle their agit-prop has been greatly diminished because Trump has destroyed the media universe.

On the other hand, Trump’s mad man management style is keeping him from getting anything through Congress. He thinks he can wear down people like Ryan and McConnell, but he is misreading the situation. Being Speaker is not like being the CEO of a company. Leadership can only enforce discipline by withholding favors and that has a limit. Ryan can’t fire uncooperative members of his caucus. Trumps’ bullying style is probably making that task harder for the leadership.

Of course, the bigger issue is Team Trump does not know what they are doing. Jared Kushner was good at marrying well and maybe he is good at business, but he does not have the slightest clue about Washington politics. Trump’s penchant for relying on family over smart advisers is fine in business, because Trump is usually the smartest guy in the room. In politics, the only person less qualified than Trump is his daughter, who he seems to rely on more than political strategists like Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon.

Regardless, six months into the Trumpening and there is plenty to disappoint and dishearten his voters. His vacillating on immigration is the most worrisome. It’s why he is in the White House. His unwillingness to bring the hammer down on recalcitrant Republicans is mind boggling. Instead of tormenting Sessions, he should be blasting the bugmen of the GOP. Again, Trump’s impulse to keep everyone on edge, even his allies, makes supporting him an exhausting and unrewarding endeavor.

On the other other hand, Trump did not get to this point by doing things like a normal politician so it would not make sense for him to try to become a normal politician. His unconventional style has worked when the professionals said it would fail. A point worth making again is that you can’t judge Trump by traditional metrics. He’s a once in a century political force who will be judged more on what he destroys than on what he creates. He is the destroyer of worlds, because the world of Washington needs destroying.

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  1. Voted for President Trump and then had some misgivings these past few months, but if all he ever succeeds at is exposing fake news and giving my enemies ulcers it was a vote well spent !

    Just one more thing, all the impeachment talk is really pathetic. If they can’t put real criminals in jail like obama or the clintons how is President Trump’s enemies going to do anything with bogus allegations ?

    • The problem with your line of thinking is that the turncoats and RINOs will happily give the Dems/Libs Trumps head on a platter if they can keep theirs. There is no honor among thieves and forget about the pledge they took about defending anything. They are out for only one and that is themselves. If history is a judge, look at Scooter Libby. Look at any number of Republican token sacrifices offered to the political alter. But have the Dems EVER made such a sacrifice? Have they? No. They band together like a bunch of snakes in their den. And they will bite whatever, whomever comes near. No. The Repubs, as in shorthairs, are always the weak ones. No spine to speak of. So “bogus” allegations will do.

  2. Zman is slightly off the mark with this analysis. Illegal immigration has slowed to a trickle. It’s now manageable without building that wall, which by the way will be built. He’s gotten exactly what most people who live out here in the Southwest knew would happen once the law on the books was enforced. Victor Davis Hanson has espoused simple law enforcement as the key to immigration control for many years. He’s leveraging that success which has come on the cheap to gain political capital with the scumbags in congress. Immigration right now for the most part is under control and manageable. In only 6 fucking months. The man is honest and doesn’t make promises he doesn’t intend to keep. The border will be secured and a wall being built will be part of that security. Zman also overstates the family’s influence over him.

  3. Hey Yeah! The dirt monster. Thats righteous. President Trump is the dirt monster cause its us dirt people who voted him in. Nobody else did.
    When I hear criticisms and complaints about his ability to govern, or question of his character, I think well shit, hows what your bitching about him not being or doing, or not observing worked out for us all all these years?

    I think the guy has a set of fucking balls that clank when he walks. I think the statist-quo is scared shitless of the day when they are exposed as the fucking crooks grifters clowns and morons they are because Mr. Trump has absolutely no fear of them because the guy is an honest dude, and they know down in their slimy little rancid hearts their days are numbered, and as bad as Trump may seem, its a lot better than swinging from a lamp post or standing in front of an on the spot firing squad. Then there’s the Penoche helicopter option.

    I know the guy ain’t perfect, besides the fact you got to have a psychopathic streak to want to be even close to the scum in that swamp. Indeed. No one guy is going to save what America was born to be. Perserving such a thing only happens when people got a reason to get behind leadership without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    On any case, us dirt people love the underdog who is indomitable, it reminds us of ourselves. Warts and all. This guy is the real deal, we picked him, we are gonna stick by him, we know he has no allies in that den of slimy motherfuckers who have bled us dry. Remember who called us “domestic terrorists,( always be careful what you use as identity tactics, there’s the law of unintended consequences you know), trailer trash, deplorable’s, white racists, tea baggers blah blah blah, I never saw or heard a single one of the motherfuckers in government or the fake media utter a word in our favor.
    Except Donald Trump.

    There’s another future and its not dystopian. No matter how much they hate us dirt people.

  4. Take a look at “The Trump Effect” by Mark Tapson at Front Page Mag. Interesting take, essentially that Trump is serving as a deprogrammer of the Prog cult. Goes through the cult reprogramming process and how Trump’s tactics and tweets serve that purpose.

  5. This essay has put into words a nagging sense that I have experienced since reading Scaramucci’s outrageous phone call to Chris Cillizza.
    The things he had to say were, to me, so totally beyond the pale (not because I have never spoken that way but, hey, he’s the “Communications Director” for the most lethal man on earth) that I was appalled.
    But that nagging sense was telling me “you KNOW that what Washington engages in, day in and day out, is much much more slimy and vile than anything Scaramucci said – just look at Fusion GPS” and I wondered if this absolute Guy Fawkes dynamiting of the tower isn’t, after all, what is needed.

    What I want to be so…it may not, at this moment, be nearly as important as what I want NOT to be so.

  6. Obama’s behavior shifted dramatically as he neared the end of his first term, and most certainly once his securing his second term. Most interpreted this as due to the comfort of securing the second term and the “nothing left to lose” of term limits. Yes. But there was more. Obama had learned something very important: no matter what he said or did, big or small, the opposition would scream bloody hell. If he lied, if he didn’t; if he veered left or feigned to the middle nothing would change. He learned to lie, to lie big, and to keep on lying. It wouldn’t make a bit of difference.
    One of those lies was the biggest political theatre that I can recall witnessing in my adult years: the manipulation of deportation data coupled with the coordinated cries of immigration rights’ groups of Obama as “deporter in chief”, all presented to the American public by a complicit media.
    The lessons to be learned from Obama are not the ones that will be written in his drooling hagiographies. But they’re well worth learning.

  7. Just was reading some articles and the comments to them at National Review…thought I had gone to The Huffington Post instead. I’ve read them less and less over the years but they’ve lost me completely now. Best I call tell they want some fantasy president who will never get elected.

    More and more I find myself agreeing with the Bad Things Are Going To Happen crowd…

  8. Zero disappointment here. I’m happier with DT today than I was when I voted – and I was one of the “ever since the escalator” people.

    Re Trump vs Sessions: The thought has occurred to me that the whole thing is a set-up by Trump to create space between himself and Sessions. The idea would be to create the impression of Sessions as an honest broker instead of a Trump Loyalist when the going gets tough on various issues.

    This theory admittedly has some holes.

    First, there’s the possibility that Sessions could come off as a browbeaten lackey doing Trump’s bidding if he ever does get around to prosecuting Clinton Inc.

    Second, there’s the possibility that Sessions really is just too much of a Senator after all these years and he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty right before he rides off into retirement.

    Still, I can’t help thinking if Trump really wanted to fire him, he’d fire him – even over the mighty objections of Lindsey Graham who managed to garner the support of almost 2% of GOP primary voters before he called it a campaign.

    Re Trump/Ryan – I don’t think Trump is making it difficult for Ryan. I think Ryan is actively opposing Trump’s agenda. Ryan, like the rest of the eGOP, is a Globalist – and the practical difference for you and me between a Globalist and a Leftist is nil.

  9. I gotta call you out on a small point, Z. Trump’s treatment of Sessions is not meaningless and pointless.

    Here are three benefits that result from Trump’s apparent break with his AG.
    1. Mafia 101, rule 3 says: conceal your co-operatives with public feints of enmity. This is an effective blind from which to con the unawares. Saddam Hussein would never work with Osama Bin Laden, right? The Corleone Brothers with the Capones? The FDR administration with Stalin? The Bahai B’rith (or whatever) with the Iranian mullahs for that matter? Everyone knows that they hate each other’s guts.

    (At least that’s what we’ve been told.)

    2. You mentioned this one Z but it bears repeating: Trump’s feints have caused an eruption of praise from Sessions’ ersatz opponents. Just as with Comey, the Democrats and Rinos prove themselves to be unprincipled boobs and political prostitutes. It’ll be fun watching Chuck Schumer eat his recent praises of Sessions when the AG finally hits NY state for voter fraud. Frauds covering up for frauds, all the way down.

    3. This third benefit relates to the second, but stands on its own due to its potential to provide Trump with the political grease he needs to get his agenda down the rails: Sessions’ apparent separation from Trump achieves professional integrity for him in his role as disinterested national Attorney General, and makes him that much more formidable when handling the politicized bureaus that he is charged to reign in.

    Time will tell, of course. But betting on Trump’s Cheshire Cat-like manipulations has been a good gamble so far.

    • Well, get rid of the FDR reference and you are spot-on!

      FDR was a cock holster for Stalin from the get-go! For absolutely no good reason, FDR’s Admin. recognized the Soviets in 1931 and gave them legitimacy in the eyes of the world. And that was before the NY Times Walter Duranty went down on Stalin and fellated his regime beyond belief!

      • Ha ha ha! That is one image too graphic to ignore. Stalin’s head the size of a Zepplin! Or was that something else?

  10. Re: Sessions. Sometimes the coach waits until practice is over and the team meeting in the locker room is over and he walks over, signals to one player and walks him outside and they have a little, quiet discussion.

    Then other times the coach, during the team meeting walks right up, gets in a players face and starts yelling at him. In front of the whole team.

    Why? One player needed one approach and another player needed a different approach. Sessions is getting the team meeting dressing down. In front of the entire team. For a reason.

      • Two weeks ago Sessions was a racist and Trump lackey. This week after Trump’s tweets, the Establishment is praising him as “fair, independent and honorable.” How can they turn on him now, when he starts kicking ass and prosecuting Dems??

    • In this case it makes Trump look petty. He goes to all the fake papers like NYT and totally trashes Sessions, who if he hadn’t endorsed and supported him wouldn’t have won. The man had impeccable credentials and a staunch fighter of illegal immigration and TPP

      Yet trump treats him like s**t. Trump comes off as a petulant child. It has gained him nothing. ACA went down in flames. The Tax cuts won’t happen this year. Congress is still slow walking all his appointments.

      Where’s that winning now boys and girls?

      Trump either should man up and fire Sessions or STFU

      • Rod, get in the game here, see my post above. Trump’s playing chess, you’re playing tiddly winks!

  11. Sessions need to drop the fussy inertia he gained by being a senator for decades and get back to being an aggressive prosecutor.

  12. For a half century now, we have been sleepwalking into the ditch in slow motion, while simultaneously reversing the course of evolution and becoming evermore lethargic, hive-minded, and dependent. Trump aims to kick the pansies in the balls and then yells “snap to or get the hell out of my country.” It’s our last chance at redemption before we go down the shitter.

  13. Interesting observation about making our enemies move, Z Man. There’s a lot of hunting done in my little corner of the world and, as anyone familiar with the subject can tell you, many types of hunting focus on making the target species move out of their cover. Often it involves a bird dog. PDT has mostly had to be his own bird dog, that’s probably why it all looks so ragged.

    • “PDT has mostly had to be his own bird dog, that’s probably why it all looks so ragged.”
      Good point indeed.

    • SUN TSU ON TACTICS: All warfare is based on deception

      Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.

      • I love that “Feign disorder” advice. Sun Tsu nailed it!

        How many times have we heard from the MSM that the WH is in chaos?

  14. “Even the most gullible is now assuming the news is fake. The ability of the political class to peddle their agit-prop has been greatly diminished because Trump has destroyed the media universe.”

    In some sense, is it already Mission Accomplished? Getting rid of the liberal medial filter shifts this country significantly to the right over time.

  15. Couldn’t disagree more re: Sessions. Jeff Sessions prematurely and unnecessarily recused himself from any investigation into the non-event of Russian interference in the election. Moreover, he announced his decision to recuse in front of DoJ staff before discussing it with the White House. This was an inexcusable breach of protocol and of loyalty to the President. Sessions has to go. If he had a shred of professional integrity he would resign immediately.

    The DoJ is still, for all intents and purposes, the Obama DoJ. Last I checked Trump has had two appointments confirmed: Sessions and (((Rosenstein))). Sessions recused himself and Rosenstein appointed Comey’s bestie Mueller as a Special Prosecutor for an investigation which might implicate Comey. You knew the fix was in when Chuck Schumer applauded the appointment of Mueller.

    Trump has got to get control of the lawless DoJ or it will shatter his Presidency. He should wait for the Senate to recess, fire Sessions and Rosenstein, and use the recess appointment process to install loyalists who will fire Mueller, end the pointless investigation into Russian interference in the election, and open investigations into Clinton’s fundraising impropriety and the Obama DoJ’s illegal spying on Americans.

    Trump can’t win this by playing defense. He has to get on offense.

    • I am guessing that the press office is the shot across the bow. If Trump’s first round of appointments at Justice and State do not bear down, leadership will be replaced with fire-breathers like was done in the communications office.

      • Sessions made a major unforced error. You do not give oxygen to the arsonist because you see yourself as fair and balanced. Nobody ever went into the Senate and came out the better for it. There is tremendous opportunity waiting at Justice. Trump needs his own arsonist and that fellow won’t need oxygen, all he needs to light the flatulence of the swamp is a match and the willingness to strike it.

      • Maybe it is “mooch’s” pompadour, maybe his Havvaaad degree, maybe being from NY, maybe his style so full of himself and all braggadocio, but I don’t like this guy. I don’t trust him. I prefer the T-Rex kind of guy who is quietly getting a tough job done. And dealing with the State Dept. is much tougher than the so-called “West Wing” soap opera. We will see how long he lasts but I don’t give him a year. Then Trump will have used him and will be on to a more professional communications person and not a “bulldog.”

  16. I suspect that, given Trump’s attitude about Sessions’ recusal, this entire thing is a smoke screen designed to project disunity, and that recusal and its fallout is the convenient excuse and the price Sessions has to pay for his honesty. The media will go for anything shiny (read: bad for Trump), true or not, they believe their own bullsh!t, and they think the public hang on their every word. He’s playing them like fiddles.

    Meanwhile, Sessions is probably the only guy who will (a) be confirmed and (b) pursue the Trump agenda re immigration (that’s Rush’s take, anyway), and Tillerson is said to be cutting through the underbrush at the State department, and at least one flavor of dementia is being removed from the Armed Services, even as chaos seems to be the order of the day.

    PS — Definitely enjoying the podcast so far. Well done!

  17. When President Trump tosses the invertebrate republicans around like the rag dolls they are, they accuse him of tossing them around like invertebrate rag dolls.

  18. “His vacillating on immigration is the most worrisome.”

    Zman, aside from DACA, is there any other aspects of Trump’s immigration policy that you find troubling? I recently read a Times article that said the Trump administration was using the state department to created a lot of hurtles and red tape which has slowed down the influx of Muslims into the US (

    ICE is now fearlessly deporting longtime illegal aliens and Sessions is going after Sanctuary Cities and gangs ( (

    Overall, I find this encouraging, but will also admit there may be more to the issue that I’m not seeing.

    • They keep taking in refugees and he has yet to shut down the Visa Lottery. They there is the rampant abuse of H-visas that has gone unaddressed. There’s plenty of time to address these issues, but I’d like to see him moving more aggressively. The old saying in business is “the first hit is the worst hit.” If you’re going to get called Hitler for shutting off migration a little, you may as well shut it off completely.

      • Turn off H-visas completely and see who screams the loudest. They should be some of the first ones against the wall.

      • If Kushner and the Goldman-Sachs crowd have his ear it would explain his silence on these issues.

        The fact he hasn’t taken Ryan to the woodpile over his support on open borders, amnesty and TPP is indicative that someone has Trump’s attention and it’s not us.

        Tillerson for example is a globalist and is opposed to secure borders. He also hasn’t fired all the Obama holdovers and let them set immigration quotas. He’s poison.

        I doubt welll see the Wall completed and nothing done about the H-1B’s and H2 visa workers or refugees.

        Trump is playing with fire once people realize he has no intention of carrying through on his immigration promises.

      • Offer this counterpoint. Policing works by deterrence and the calculus the odds of getting caught and punished outweigh the rewards. On that measure by simply turning the not inconsiderable ICE empire loose to actually doing its job, a yuuge dent has been made in illegal border crossings. Here in NY the howl is unending, though each of the “poster children” of the left turn out to have unsavory backstories. Finally dealing with MS13 on Long Island is about 6 years overdue. One of my co-workers brother headed a large law enforcement agency out there and confirmed the locals had been howling at the state and Feds for years with zero response. In six months they are now rolling these creeps up. I’d call that progress.

  19. “His vacillating on immigration is the most worrisome. It’s why he is in the White House.”

    Ad it’s why he’s a failure at this point to a lot of the people who voted for him. Immigration is something where he actually has the power to make meaningful changes by executive order. Reasonable people know he can’t just bring back manufacturing or build the wall by issuing directives to agencies he actually (at least theoretically) controls.

    • He may be dribbling these out one at a time to keep the Perma-Party in a constant dither. If so, it’s actually genius instead of stupid. Time will tell.

      • He’s doing them one at a time to wear them out. They can’t help themselves. Like the little brother needling the big sister. She’s going to go off every time he does something, guaranteed.

    • i guess he’s a dissapointment to people who don’t know there are dem federal judges…

  20. Too bad he won’t take on the counsel of Pat Buchanan, or at least read him regularly. Pat’s a fighter, an intellect and a very good political strategist.
    Even if he was younger I doubt that it would happen.

    The Kushners are big detriment to this administration.

  21. A sign of how far we have come is that two years ago Sessions was one of those people who would be pointed out as a fire breathing right wing nutter whenever an example needed to be trotted out. Now he’s a doddering old simp who can’t tie his own shoelaces.
    I don’t think we are anywhere near the pendulum swinging the other way for a while. The revolution is just getting started.

    • The thing I keep emphasizing is that there is no way to judge what’s happening. Trump is not an ideologue and he does not have a laundry list of policy ideas he is trying to push through. He’s more about breaking stuff. And not just small stuff. Breaking the media is no small thing. Breaking the bipartisan fusion party is huge.

      I think Sessions is a smart guy who knows what he is in for with Trump. He’ll mollify Trump by digging into the Pakistan IT scandal and maybe jailing a staffer or two for leaking. Trump will move onto other things.

      • The Paki IT scandal is a gold mine encrusted with diamonds. The old media is avoiding it every way they can,while losing their s**t over drag queens in the military. There’s some very important Dems looking extremely uncomfortable,lately. Not to mention the “genius” of Conservative Inc,bringing out Jeb! Bush to harrumph at us some more.
        Stock up on crunchy snacks & adult beverages.

        • The Pakistani IT scandal has the potential to be the gift that just keeps on giving, with fireworks next year prior to the midterm elections. Gonna be interesting.

          Watergate started out as a minor criminal act, minimally reported as well (except that it was actually minor, not because the media was hiding it).

          • One of the things that speaks to the potential of Paki-Gate is that (a) there are a lot of Democrats who seem very beads-of-sweat nervous right now, leading investigators to speculate on a possible personal data-based blackmail angle, and (b) these people seem to be trying extra-hard to make sure there is no cover-up activity remotely in evidence. Aside from Wasserman-Schultz trying to browbeat the capital police indirectly, that is – the video of that testimony is currently making the rounds. Let’s hope the FBI can reassemble and de-crypt those hard drives. The bad actors in this drama look really slimy from any angle.

          • Slimy yes but not just from the IT wanks. The questions need to be about why the Dems, DWS, and so many Dem Senators would allow these guys into the “inner sanctum” on classified information as if there weren’t avowed Americans who could do those jobs? How did they clear background checks, etc.? Oh, I forgot. John Brennan was in charge of CIA. Comey at FBI. HOlder/LOwretta at DOJ. Nuff said.

        • Nori;
          Good point about Pres. Trump diverting the DMC/MSM with his red cape move pulling the drag queens out of the military. Masterful timing in creating yet another spinning shiny object that our enemies can’t help themselves fixating upon, I’d say. My evidence:

          First, the vast majority of veterans in particular and normal people in general think letting them in the military in the first place was PC madness from both a moral and morale point of view. Fostering an amoral, anything goes, military (not to mention police force) where some members are more special than others* is a terrible idea in any age.

          Second, it was madness from a purely military point of view. The last thing any unit needs is personal drama among its members. Drag queens are drama queens, existentially.* In rear echelons the presence of drama queens of whatever persuasion is ‘merely’ demoralizing and breeds inefficiency. But for units in contact with an enemy, it is downright dangerous.

          Third, for the above reasons, his supporters have been waiting for him to do it, wondering why he hadn’t done it on day 1. So it now seems as though he might be storing these executive actions up and doling them out little by little to keep his base inspired and his enemies spinning up on things that only they care about.

          This is the opposite of business conventional wisdom which (rightly IMHO) holds that you make the cuts/reorganizations all at once so the remaining folks can settle down to making the profit plan for the rest of the year. In politics you dump the bad news on as few Friday afternoons as possible.

          If this is a considered strategy, it’s brilliant because it runs against type for both business and politics.

          *This applies to quite a number of females as well. In general, there are very few nonessential military tasks that females are incapable of performing. And there are quite a number of essential military tasks that they struggle at because of human sexual dimorphism (and brains being wired differently). Then there are the always disruptive, yet unavoidable, hormone driven issues among young folks of the opposite sex.

          • Al from da N: you fleshed it out beautifully,great comment. The media,Hollywood, & plenty of other assorted idiots will try to turn the trans thing into a civil rights matter-they’re already comparing it to when blacks were barred from service. It’s deflection.
            Obama turned the Intelligence community into a domestic databasing repository. They were used repeatedly to kneecap their enemies,which explains some of the schizoid behavior of once-normal Repubs. They’re being blackmailed,or threatened. It’s illegal as hell,but that is a Dem speciality. Sessions needs to appoint a Special Prosecutor to dig into the unmasking-Mueller knew what was going on there,and he’ll be forced to recuse himself from the Russian Snipe hunt. All this stuff is connected. Get a dozen Special Prosecutors working on every scandal-the stench of the O Admin malfeasance will sicken ordinary Americans,for a long time. Going after the previous admin is not a political witch hunt when there is blatant criminality. Hands need to go up,and jail sentences need to be served.

          • I think Trumps next line on this, when he chooses to deliver it will be something like “We don’t want the insane in the Military”

            That would get the shitlibs spinning for months and 80% of the rest of humanity agreeing with him.

      • My take is Trump is attacking Sessions, the quintessential Washington insider, to let his enemies (the Dems, Conservative, Inc., the media) know that he will take on anybody, including the white knight Mueller if necessary. Also to get Sessions to get serious about investigating Hilary, Bill, their foundation, and the leakers (all Obama people).
        If he can get grand juries impaneled, the Dems will start thinking twice about their Russia strategy. They will want to make a deal. Trump knows there is no finessing these people. A hard frontal attack is the only thing that will get their attention.

        • If Trump can goad Sessions into opening up inquiries into Clinton, the Paki-IT scandal, and the leaks, the Left will then attack Sessions. This will force the GOP to rally to Sessions, and by extension, Trump.

        • Let a 1000 investigations bloom. I fail to understand the reticence of the DOJ in GOP hands to counter-attack Mueller. If they only did the obvious investigations (and this is so much material as to be an embarrassment of riches, Mueller would be neutered and there would be no reason to fire that SOB.

          • But, but the Repubs are busy trying to repeal and replace ObozoCare! Ain’t gotz time for nuffin elst. Dey workin, man! Leav’em alone.

      • Ah, but President Trump does have a policy laundry list. He has published it again and again and against for the past 30 years, almost unchanged except for the cast list. It was on his campaign website from the moment he announced, it’s been in his books, he’s stated it outright in interviews. He still knows exactly what America needs, and he aims to do it. Yes, he’s breaking stuff, because he is clearing the job site in order to lay solid foundations that will last another 200 years.

        You are correct that we can’t judge him by any politician we’ve ever had, and that he uses drama for his own ends. This: “a knack for creating chaos, forcing people out of their comfortable positions. An enemy on the move is vulnerable. ” is also a good management strategy to call out the best latent talents of your team, and to strengthen your staff’s weaknesses by exercising them. The kiddies out in Silicon Valley think they invented “disruption” and “creative destruction” but, nope.

        • Solid gold Tina! You nailed it. You are a Deplorable to the core and that is a compliment.

          Just don’t tell me you are an attorney. That would bring you down a notch or two in my opinion, but you keep on going! Nice job.

      • Zman, where do you get this that Trump does not have a list of policy ideas? The man single-handedly drove the agenda items of the 2016 race! Nothing he championed was on the list of the others. The Border wall… Obamacare… illegal immigration AND start asking if legal immigrants love the US or not before we let them in.

        Good grief. Nationalism… that the US is worthy of saving… manufacturing jobs… get coal off it’s back, encourage oil production,.. regulatory reform… budgetary reform… military reform/rebuild… trade reform.

        I don’t get your blinders on this. He’s not only gonna tear stuff down, but he has ideas. He put them up routinely in speeches. He put them up on his website. In 6 months, the shift has been dramatic… just not on the news. There will be routine again in DC. There will be no return to the way things were prior to Trump. Not in our lifetimes.

        • I keep sending people to to subscribe to the “1600 Daily” and to the “West Wing Reads” newsletters. They are daily, easy to read, and show the breadth and depth of everything that is being accomplished. President Trump works at breakneck speed… there isn’t room on any front page to adequately cover everything he & his administration are doing and accomplishing in a single day. I’m beginning to think the media pushes Russia Russia Russia because they are too lazy to keep up.

      • Good points but the accolades heaped on Sessions by the opposition for being such a “nice and honorable” guy are not what we need. His act to recuse himself, without conferring with the President (oh he is so courageous, independent, and decisive!) really frosted me right out of the gate.

        We need people who the opposition hate, like Michael Flynn. They went after him, not with knives, but with heavy artillery. Why the Repubs capitulate so quickly is beyond me. Obozo had avowed communists in his administration and no one said “Boo!”

  22. I am not disappointed in Trump at all. Just the opposite. Sessions on the other hand is just the kind of useless GOP turd that badly needs flushing. Either the GOP aligns with Trump (not likely) or he leads the formation of a new party (very likely). Agree with the rest of the post…

    • Agree. If the mandate and associated penalties still exist at the mid-terms I hope the GOP gets slaughtered. Then two years of gridlock (any difference?) and Trump dumps the GOP and goes third party (the “T” Party?) for his reelection. It’d be a hoot.

      • If the GOP lose, he gets impeached and almost certainly removed. No question on that. And if the GOP lose, the country is finished. Spiting the party by putting the opposition in power was never a good idea, but it cost us dearly in 2008 and is no longer an option, unless the people of the USA think that going into the voting booth with a grenade with the pin taken out is a good idea.

        • What opposition? That’s the point. Without Trump the debate would revolve around issues like where to put the candy machine in the break room.

          • If I understand you, you’re trying to suggest that there’s no difference between a GOP and a Democrat majority, I would submit that there’s no evidence for that.

            The Democrats govern like they will never lose again; the GOP governs as though it will never win again. Yes, you get leftism either way, but one side is blatant about it, and you can still try to primary the GOP fools.

            Never, ever vote Democrat, even by staying home.

          • I upvoted this comment because I find it to state a fact. That said, it’s a sad and hopeless fact. In the Russian Civil War, most of weakness, division, and plain stupidity was to be found on the White side. But what could be done, given the alternative?

          • You must not live in a state where the top two in the primaries run off in the general. I think the entire West Coast has that in place, which is why we sometimes get a choice between two Democrats.

          • Yeah, vote McCain and Graham.
            What a dickhead.
            If every conservative had voted for the Democratic candidate 30 years ago these treasonous pieces of Israel first, warmongering,amnesty filth would be long gone and there might be decent (by GOP standards) Senators in AZ and SC

            Think Long term and dump the GOP trash now.

        • You are truly a stupid mutt.
          The GOP has won and controls
          it all and the Republic is lost.
          Flush out your headgear boomer.

      • The “T” Party- to Trump, testosterone, TEA… with an alpha archetype to boot!

        I sense a winning marketing meme forming. There’s the bumper sticker.

        • Even if all of Trump’s supporters and alt-right went with him, he would never get the Demonic Rats or “respectable conservatives” and never Trumpers. I watched the Libertarian party get co-opted by the Deep State and became utterly useless. The Tea Party started out strong, but it was mostly older voters that couldn’t stand up to being called “racist”. So, it seems to me the Demonic Rats would keep about 45% of the vote, Tea Party/Trump coalition about 45% of the vote, with the remaining Republicrats the outstanding 10%. Now, if this led to an inability to pass any legislation, great. The Federal Government couldn’t fuck anything else up. But, the previous fuck-ups would still be in place, so productive Whites would continue tol be screwed. Plus, the Republicans would always join with the Demon Spawn in a show of “bipartisanship” to continue sucking the life out of this country.

          • Very nice summary of the current situation. While the attacks will continue, time is on the side of the Demon Rats, I like that name BTW, and they will wait out the first term working like demons to make Trump as ineffective as possible. Don’t get me wrong. I am behind Trump 100% but I also see the swamp he is wading through and it is one deep, stinky, rank, festering morass of human weakness at it’s worst. It usually sucks in all that enter and he should be commended for having survived this long.

            The Left/Libs will continue with their 40% numbers but I seriously doubt they will grow those numbers as the effectiveness of those economic successes, especially those that overturn the Obozo socialist moose limb escapades, will satiate people that they have had someone taking care of business, their business and their country.

      • True the GOP stinks – especially the leadership which is evil. But the alternative is worse.

        Trump will be impeached almost immediately and anyone associated with him will face prison time.

        In 2020 we’ get Kamala as our new president who will wage jiahd on the whites in this country.. You think Hillary was bad, Kamala is Hillary on steroids.

        The Left as a whole would probably become outright violent towards anyone looking remotely conservative. and once the gun grabbing began in earnest it would set off armed resistance.. After that it gets increasingly ugly.

        • See what I mentioned above. Choice in CA was between Kamala and another Democrat. I wish someone would challenge these laws.

        • “and once the gun grabbing began in earnest it would set off armed resistance”??

          Hahahahahaha. Not until they get a permission slip from daddy government first.

          • Don’t be too sure, Connecticut made some mouth nosies about confiscating firearms that weren’t registered back in 2013 searching door to door,

            Everyone who voted for the bill got doxxed and there was a fairly direct Molon Labe warning as well


            funny that it didn’t happen .

            That said the Dissident Right and the militia types especially is lazy and afraid of using power and even if they somehow got power, they don’t deserve it and won’t keep it for long.

            When the Neo Nazis at the Northwest Front has a better workable victory plan than anyone on the Dissident Right except the anti abortion crowd that’s not good.

            At least have a plan “what if we win, how do we run things” and “how do we prevent subversion”

            Otherwise you lose.

        • You are probably correct but the fact is that if the we can’t get the GOP especially in the Senate to do its damned job than we lose anyway. It all comes down to blood no matter what just slower.

          And note we’ve run solid primaries against people, didn’t get rid of McCaskil even though she lost as a Republican , we still had to put up with her through chicanery and a broken political process

          That said, its better to vote Republican since each year they are in office is more time to get hard and get good and get armed and get supplied and with that party there is a slim chance to get the US back on track.

          One thing that might work would be to get a better hold on the States and try a Constitutional Convention with new limits on powers and term limits and taxes

          Its pretty risky though, the Feds might refuse the order , declare martial law or more likely the thing would go sideways and turn absolutely septic

          The best case likely outcome (a successful one has no real chance of happening) would be dissolution of the Union by the various states

          Remember first Con Con was essential a cram down and a betrayal of the States I suspect the next would be the same as well

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