Tyler Cowen Is A Bigot

Tyler Cowen is a deadbeat who lives off the paycheck of others. That’s not his official title, of course. He calls himself an economist and he “works” at George Mason University as a professor, but he seems to spend most of his time travel writing and doing restaurant reviews for his blog. It’s a good life. He is paid $225,201.00 per year to not teach any classes, based on his web page. Instead he writes books no one reads and maintains a busy travel schedule at taxpayer expense. He posts on his blog every day, too.

And he hates you. That’s the only way to read his latest post.

Given what’s happening in the country, with regards to the populist uprisings, immigration, identity politics and anti-white racism, his post could be read as a way to rub salt in the many open wounds. It’s a cry for attention. Another way to read it is to signal to the rest of us, that like the royals of that bygone era, he and his class see themselves as above it all. They live in the cloud and the disruptions caused by the Cloud People are of no consequences to them.  This is his “let them eat cake” statement.

Cowen is an example of what has happened to America over the last three decades. His world can be described as a low work, high reward life. He lives in Fairfax County, one of the richest counties on earth. He putters around at his hobbies, never feeling the least bit of concern about his job. Government never has a recession and never fires anyone. He is not living like a rock star, but his earnings put him firmly in the top-10%. It’s a great life and everyone should experience it, but you can’t. You have to pay for it instead.

By paying for it, it is not the cash that it takes to finance the multi-trillion dollar skimming operation that is national government. The reality is, as Tyler Cowen would be happy to explain, the rich pay most of the taxes. The bottom half of earners pay little in taxes to the Federal government. The middle-class is not taxed too heavily. No, It is not the checks you write to Washington. Paying for it means the endless war on you, your past and the culture you consider to be yours and your ancestors. Your tax is their hatred of you.

It is one of the unanticipated consequences of the managerial state. People like Cowen should be grateful for a lifestyle few can experience. Logically, he should look around and want to conserve as much of America and American culture as possible, as it is what has allowed him to live. Instead, he bitterly hates the world that made it possible for him to exist. Like a spoiled teenager, he is perpetually lashing out at the people doing what is necessary to make it possible for this coddled class to live a life of leisure.

This pampered class hates you and wants you replaced. That’s the point of the Cowen post. He certainly knows that the reason NoVa “works” as a multi-culti paradise is that trillions are hoovered off from the rest of the nation and used to make his the adult daycare center run smoothly. He knows it, but that’s not important to him. What matters is that he lets you and his colleagues know just how much he hates the Dirt People outside the walls of his world of make believe. He’s a bigot. He hates Dirt People.

All over America, the people in charge are sending this around, laughing about how they are erasing you from the history books. They think it is funny.

Of course, if the roles were reversed and three honkies were posing in front of the toppled over statue of Martin Luther King or a vandalized holocaust memorial, the New York Times would be issuing a another fatwa against the honky. Nothing will happen to these three or any of the people who toppled it over. That’s because what’s driving this is not the agency of black people. They are simply reacting to the prodding of bigots like Tyler Cowen and the rest of the pampered class. It’s monkey hear, monkey do, as it were.

Ironically, Tyler Cowen lives on a street named after the Spanish philosopher, George Santayana. He is best known for the quip, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The past is full of guys like Cowen. They were a feature of the French Revolution. They were a feature of the Cultural Revolution. They were there cheering the Bolsheviks when they seized power. It was all good fun until the knock was at their door. The knock comes because men full of hate for their side have no friends.

Tyler Cowen and the men of his class hate you. The reason for that is he knows that if we ever get anything close to the libertarian world he claims to support, he’s standing on a street corner selling pencils. He knows he and his kind are just overgrown toddlers living in perpetual adolescence. Without the Dirt People to keep him safe and supporting a system that makes his world possible, he’s nothing and he resents you for it. He resents that you can live without him, but he cannot live without you.

It is easy to look at that picture and feel disgust toward the blacks posing on the toppled over statue. Maybe that is our future. Maybe the world of tomorrow is blacks camped out in the ruins of the American Empire. The great ethnic and racial strife that will define the coming battle for the West may not end well. The reason the Tyler Cowen’s root for the other side is that no matter how it turns out, the future will not include under employed economists who spend their days writing Yelp reviews about kebab restaurants.

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  1. Speaking of taxes, I lived in a mid western state with an income tax. I made a low 40k’s salary and after federal, state, SS, local income tax and when I took my check home (taxes on phone, electric, etc), I figured I pay about $12k that I could visibly count. Not sure how much my apartment rent was tax, but might as well add another $1k. This was around the year 2000. It was genteel poverty at best though I had health insurance and paid for half of it pre-tax. No fancy vacations for me even if I could take the time off.

  2. [from his Wikipedia entry]

    “In February 2011, The Economist conducted a poll[4] in which the magazine asked “experts at Economics…which economists were most influential over the past decade.” After the ten most popular nominations, there were twenty six more getting one vote each, with Cowen among them.[4]”

    Bigotry or not bigotry, it’s about the right, or instead wrong, bigotry.
    I mean, their only purpose is to climb that ranking.

    We all know it. The rest is… the means for the climbing.

  3. Tyler Cowen is also one of those people who lies about being a Libertarian. In fact, he’s a Left “Libertarian”, where “Libertarian” principles and policies always seem to align neatly with the extreme Left.

  4. Z man, you wrote, “if we ever get anything close to the libertarian world he claims to support, he’s standing on a street corner selling pencils.” Does this mean that big, bad libertarianism isn’t so bad after all? And what about the American renaissance of nationalist leftism? How will you bring it together without promises of loot, rigged commerce, and militarism?

    • Libertarianism is, at best, a useful critic of central planning. At worst, it’s current state, its a way for mediocrities to pretend they are clever. It’s why no serious person has ever taken libertarianism seriously.

      I have no idea what you mean by “nationalist leftism.”

  5. “Maybe the world of tomorrow is blacks camped out in the ruins of the American Empire.”

    Nah, Africa and the Middle East will collapse without the support of the West. Millions will starve to death and those wastelands will return to their pastoral, tribal roots.

    In the U.S., the world of tomorrow is Hispanics camped out in the ruins of the American Empire. When blacks and Hispanics clash, the blacks lose. American blacks should be careful what they wish for.

    Welcome to Mesoamerica, the extended version.

  6. The guy is supposedly a Libertarian but says the only reason Virginia has a good economy is because the heavy military spending by the Big Gov to keep the American Empire.

    • If so, he neglected the “Dirt People” who enlist in the military and provide the military contractors with labor to use their stuff. Maybe Cowen will realize his oversight and overreact by publishing an essay in favor of conscription. Taco_Town and Dutch will gleefully cheer him on with a stiff arm salute.

  7. I guess it’s a good thing I’m a law abiding grandma, & not some neo-Nazi who’s not adverse to prison time. Because I’d be tempted to burn down that entire town, like Sherman through Atlanta.
    Not to steal your line, Zman, but boy, will this ever not end well in Charlottesville.

  8. It seem to me that these overpaid academics who comprise a key part of the present political establishment are roughly analogous to the plantation owners of the antebellum South.

    They are able to get themselves a damned fine living based on the labor of others. They have managed to get de facto control of the American government. And they are leading their followers over a cliff.

    You aren’t going to be able to successfully “otherize’ the majority of the American people because of our skin color or our history, no matter how many statues you pull down. Past media coups like the present Charlottesville kerfluffle have resulted in the ever-expanding list of gun rights, the GOP control of congress after the leftist triumph of Obamacare, and the election of Donald Trump. Now that the left has decided open violence against their opponents is an awesome tactic- ugh. It isn’t going to end well.

    My ignorance of Chinese history is broad and deep. But I do recall reading that after the revolution the Chinese communists killed the “landlords” with great enthusiasm, and sent the academics to work in the fields.

    I never understood all that until lately, now having seen enough of people like Tyler Cowen and many others prance and preen with their endless despicable desires to enslave me, in myriad ways, for their personal benefit.

    I’ve barely heard of Tyler Cowan- but I’ve heard enough to despise him. Probably not as much as he despises me- but I’m sure I’ll get there soon.

  9. “the future will not include under employed economists who spend their days writing Yelp reviews about kebab restaurants.”

    Or cheap chalupas.

  10. I graduated from GMU in the early 90s. Went back recently and I could not get my bearings or synch-up to where I had spent almost 4 years of my life. The expansion of the place was so enormous and profound that I could not remember the GMU I went to, could not place what used to be the Engineering building. There is, however, a life sized statue of George there now. He is standing next to a table and his hand is resting on 3 books on the table. Hume at the bottom, Locke in the middle and on top, Rousseau. I thought to myself, is that a joke? Then I realized it was, on all of us.

  11. Z Man;
    I read the T Cowan article: The smug is strong in this one.

    But I rather doubt that he has reflected nearly so deeply on these matters as you give him credit for (or as you have). As I know from my own careers, when things are going swimmingly, it is nearly irresistible to credit your own virtue for the success instead of good fortune via God’s undeserved favor and blessing. And it is also nearly irresistible to signal that virtue to your peers, existing and prospective, to prove that you really do belong at the cool kids lunch table.

    I think that’s what we’re seeing out of Mr Cowan’s shallow, so-called think piece: He hears the disturbing tom-tom’s in the bush but it’s just too pleasant sipping mimosa’s on the veranda at sunset. So there must be a few ignorant savages doing the drumming. Two King’s regiments of the line will see off that scruffy host in no time, right Col Blimp_?

  12. I cant see the future. I think the baby boomers end by being euthanized when we are no longer productive tax payers. Persecution of Christians will begin in earnest in about 15 years, but it won’t really get going until the 40s. The alt-right will have to get real smart real fast or they will only serve as a foil for sjws. Being a convenient villain is no way to succeed.

    We could on the edge of a golden age… but I don’t know. Technology will drive the culture, that much I know. Whoever understands the tools and uses them effectively will have a keg up.

    But ultimately God is in charge. He may raise up leaders and communicators to restore our nation to sanity.

    • “The alt-right will have to get real smart real fast or they will only serve as a foil for sjws. Being a convenient villain is no way to succeed.”

      What a foolish statement. If you hadn’t noticed, everything to the right of Bernie Sanders is an effective foil for the SJW left. They gleefully razed the career of a moderate liberal at Google who dared to cite some pertinent gender research in a memo. They just as eagerly describe the mainstream GOP as “nazis,” when it suits them and, lest you forget, also had violent altercations with Mitt Romney supporters long before Donald “literally hitler,” Trump was ever a political entity.

      Whatever the alt-right is, or becomes, the SJW left will continue to define them (along with the rest of their enemies on the right) because they have a seat at the establishment (also left and SJW sympathetic) table and those at the establishment table set the narrative. What follows from that isn’t for the right to wise up and contort themselves to death just to avoid accusation. What follows is for them to weather the impending storm of political pogroms because there is nothing on the other side of this leftist racial holy-war other than a hard reaction.

      • Anger and agitation is all the hard left has. Imagine Fauxcahontas or Bernie without all the anger. Nothing else there. They cannot out-reasonable the middle or the right, all they can do is out-anger them. You also cannot motivate all those young male live-at-parent’s-house morons without a bunch of anger and agitation.

        This will end, as it did in the sixties, when more people start getting killed. The morons will then go home and their leaders will take it even further, which is when the bombs in public places start going off.

        • Which means that Gunnar is right in his prediction.

          (And in no way do I mean to be snide or rude, but God was in charge of the Black Death too. We may face a similar condition.)

    • Dude, we are dealing with Maoists at the beginning of a cultural revolution. The Left is now so wound up by the media and it’s leaders that they have more in common with the Red Guards of Mao than anyone. And one day if given the chance they will initiate their own “Great Leap Forward” here in the U.S. and that means tens of millions of white butchered.

      There is nothing the alt-right or any white to the right Bernie Sanders who won’t be marked for death by them. If you ever dealt with lefties it’s like dealing with cultists with totalistic mindsets.

      War is coming whether we like or not. The Managerial, corporate and political classes have either okayed it or are so stupid they don’t see what they unleashed.

      it’s just a matter of when.

    • It ain’t that easy, Whites are very well armed and while the media is trying to keep them from learning to cooperate again (hence the attack on Unite the Right) its not going to work . we’ll dump the Nazi trash and try again,

      They will be organized, armed and ready to play hardball.

      Also with CRISPR and similar tech, much nastier can be made by hobbyists than every before.

      My money is on Y/T and Christianity in any fight.

    • I know this may fall on deaf ears, but there are some here who will understand. Others will understand later.

      The reason Zman and so many other anglo-saxon men in the blogosphere are experiencing an awakening of sorts as to their true identity is because our God has purposed it for our time. Plain and simple. He is about to do a mighty work.

      “Who’s God?” someone asked– OUR God, Yahweh, the One who planted this Nation, which He has called “the Mountain of the Lord”, and the “daughter of Zion”. WE are His chosen people. As with Israel of old, we have forgotten who we are and what our grand purpose is on this earth. We have been led astray and “caused to err” by the anti-christs among us. Consequently, we have left our God, forgotten and disobeyed His law, and some of us have even “despised our birthright”. Our Creator is about to right some wrongs.

      When in the old testament record, Israel was disobedient to God, He brought their enemies upon them as a chastisement. The heathen nations would afflict them and rule over them, as parasites, until Israel, repentant, overwhelmed with grief and frustration, called out to God for deliverance. Then God would deliver them and destroy their enemies …”So shall ye know that I am Yahweh your God dwelling in Zion, my holy mountain: then shall Jerusalem be holy, and there shall no strangers pass through her any more.”

      This began in earnest for us right about the time of the second World War. For an excellent (and disturbing) graphic representation of this, please take a moment to view the following:

      The prophet Joel declared: “Hear this, ye old men, and give ear, all ye inhabitants of the land. Hath this been in your days, or even in the days of your fathers? Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation. That which the palmerworm hath left hath the locust eaten; and that which the locust hath left hath the cankerworm eaten; and that which the cankerworm hath left hath the caterpiller eaten….my great army which I sent among you!”

      The locust, the cankerworm, the caterpiller, the palmerworm… our parasites; the arab, the negro, the oriental, the mestizo. This is what we suffer today. He has sent them among us to chasten us. It will get worse before it gets better. Probably much worse… and white America will be persecuted terribly in the years to come.

      But our God has an ulterior motive. The purpose is to try us and refine us so that we may be revealed to the world as to our true IDENTITY. Christ’s Kingdom will at THAT TIME be established; “And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it.”

      Our enemies intend to avoid this. That has been their on-going conspiracy for the last two millennia. Some of us here now understand exactly who that Enemy is. Others will understand later. I am of course hinting at those who claim to be exactly who WE are, but are imposters. It’s been a very long game. But their primary tactic in the last century has been to flood our White, Christian nation with what they term, “immigrants”. Thereby, they have unwittingly accomplished God’s purpose in chastening us. But the culmination of their conspiracy is about to unfold, which I believe happens when they successfully remove our last “great hope,” Trump from office. This will be the beginning of the last and greatest war of mankind which will literally bring us into the next Age. If anyone is interested in where and how this is predicted, see the 4th and 5th chapters of Micah.

      The enemy, of course, will not succeed. But there will be “great tribulation” before it’s all over. However, our God promised us this: “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, AND IT SHALL STAND FOREVER.”

      And just to be very clear to the subversives who may be lurking here, WE White, Christian Americans are NOT the “other people”.

      Furthermore, if you wish to know what happens to the “other people”, see Malachi chapter 4.

  13. The Last Psychiatrist had a central theme to his blog: if the system is paying for something it’s getting its money’s worth. Through SSI, Medicaid and food stamps,, it’s pays around $12,000 a year to a whole lot of people for the service of not burning their city down. Cowen gets $250,000 a year for destroying folk and culture. Destroying culture is a lot more difficult than not starting fires, but I think it’s fair to say the system judges Cowen quite competent in his metaphorical burning to pay him such a hefty sum.

    • Nicely written

      people can complain about welfare all they like, but unless societies regulate efficiency you are only going to get more of it. More automation, less jobs,. more Socialism

      The Marxists call this “alienation from the means of production” which is stupid. but at its core partially true , the less good jobs you have either the society becomes poor or the state grows or usually both lie we have now.

      Every businessman who arbitrages wages down might as well vote for Bernie Sanders because that is what we are going to get on steroids

      Its also why we can’t get rid of the Affordable Care act, not only if there graft galore but there is a solid constituency who now have health care

      People are welcome to say “Stuff It” to them all day but at that point and the point in which they’ve lost half their wages as percent GDP (like has happened over the last 40 years) they no longer owe you anything either

      You don’t have to like the idea of a social contract but its either blood, soil and culture or its a very tenuous carefully negotiated well understood social contract

      Money has always been a huge part of the social contract in the US and not flowing

      The funny thing is the only reason we have time to course correct is Democratic party stupidity, they got stuck on Cultural Marxism and impatient for power so they imported a new electorate

      It didn’t hurt that the Republican cheap labor crowd was down with it too.

      After that the switch to cultural Marxism to control Whites and keep them from defecting from the system maybe till they can be replaced.

      Its failing though and hard.

      Had they not done this and the US were to have its 1970’s Demographics we’d be far more Socialist and Americans would roughly be about as well off as they are now , a bit less I’d say on average with the same population decline issues.

      I might trade since most of our problems are demographic

      The upside is this failure gives people enough time to either deal with automation/computers or to go for Distributism and Economic Nationalism which is better for the human spirit and size of the economy than a welfare state if that is sanity prevails

      Otherwise I suspect the complex society engendered by computers won’t be a problem . Collapse and war make a mockery of complexity

  14. So much for the tolerant left!” cries the far-right. I am intolerant, yes! But of what? I am intolerant of intolerance on the basis of race, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, religion or nationality. In a word, I am intolerant of bigotry. “You are a dogmatist!” I am a dogmatist, yes! I am irrevocably convinced of the equality of black and white people, of men and women, of the fact that rape is bad, and I want society to be also. Do you mean that I am not ‘liberal’ and that I do not wish to give bigots a platform? To this crime I plead guilty, I do not wish to give Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups a platform. No, I wish to deprive them of that.

  15. Oh man. You can’t goad me anymore. That ship sailed back in the 80’s and 90’s when vibrants decided white men were what was wrong with the world. I’m immune now.
    Those black baboons posing with the crumpled Confederate statue aren’t even smart enough to see the optics of the pic they posed for: blacks can wreck shit – but they can’t create things. They are so stupid, they think they’ve won a race war that hasn’t even started … yet. It’s going to though. This statue thing is a run up – they’re testing Whitey and trying to gin up their courage – I can see vibrant lynch mobs in the near future.
    Prepare. Arm yourself and be prepared to defend yourself.

    • I’m far more interested in lynching the white liberals who have empowered those baboons.

  16. It’s actually somewhat hopeful that a parasite may be experiencing some flicker of guilt about his uselessness to humanity. And the hatred of others may be a subconscious projection of his own self-hatred. As to the statute photo, based upon what I have read, this is what I think happened in Charlottesville.

    A left wing 5th columnist infiltrated the alt-right movement, and then organized the Charlottesville protest as a covert political ambush. It was premeditated, funded, and executed with precision. A permit was issued, revoked, reinstated, and then abrogated when the police maliciously withdrew as a signal to initiate the final attack by Antifa. The alt-right protesters were isolated, surrounded, outnumbered, and facing imminent attack.

    The real lesson of Charlottesville is foreshadowing. The continued destruction of Civil War Monuments is an attempt to bait more of these incidents. Do not take the bait. Do not fight back on their ground and their terms. Do not assume that they are an amateur ragtag mob. They are playing to win, and they are extremely serious.

    Be intelligent. Be patient. Be prepared. It’s still early in the 1st quarter.

    • The guy leading it was a plant, and the poster and literature proclaiming the event was all stereotypical old Soviet Union Communist in style and language.

      • Dutch;
        Yes but the Progs are so stupid as to have screwed up the template. Probably because it eludes them that *they* are now the representatives of ‘the man’ and the unite-the-right demonstrators are now the representatives of the oppressed proletariat (aside from the Nazi’s).

        100 years ago, the mission of a false-front commie provocateur was to infiltrate the dissidents’ demonstrations so as to get the ‘reactionary authorities’ to over-react against the revolutionary ‘peaceful demonstrators’ so as to increase the outrage in the ‘proletariat’ as a whole.

        But what happened was the authorities under-reacted and the Progs, unable to help themselves, went too far with the violence and with pulling down the statues. This increased the outrage in the ‘reactionary’ proletariat and will continue to do so.

        • The prog bubbles are coming back to haunt them. The press has no idea how their “chimpout” appears absolutely over-the-top to the average person, or that Trump’s logic in blaming “all” sides matches up fairly well with what quite a few people are taking away from the weekend. Ten seconds of video taken at the scene tells you all you need to know.

          The pulling down of statues is horrible optics. The statues may as well be Jeff Koons dog balloon sculptures for all it matters. The ignorant self-righteousness of helping oneself to the destruction of a public monument speaks volumes. To an average person, it recalls the Taliban destroying the statues in the museums. No more and no less.

          The average person is sick and tired of all of this. The media thrives on it (Trump’s speech was exactly what they wanted, word for word). But the average person keeps his opinions to himself, and becomes ever more resolute to reject the crazy. That shows up, quietly, in the ballot box. Ever more reason to police the voter ranks for ineligible voters, and to keep clean the process that actually counts the votes. If the average person loses faith in that process, all sorts of (bad) outcomes become more likely.

    • You are kind to anthropomorphize parasites. They can escape being parasites by symbiosis, working in tandem with the human race instead of predatoring.

  17. You do wonder what the way forward is, or even if there is one. I’m 70, so I suppose it doesn’t matter so much for me, but I still care. I ended up here, reading this blog, because I was so disgusted with Conservatism Inc., Nat Rev and the Weekly Standard during the last election. Voted for Trump, a little reluctantly, but knowing he wasn’t a damn leftist Hillary. Happy to see him, every time the left press pushes him into a corner, reach out and ram a rude fist into the sore spot. But he’s not going to lead the country forward, so I’m left with more questions than answers. White identity? Don’t know. May be the only answer, but I don’t think it’s a good one. But it may be the only one. Tim

    • Trump doesn’t need to lead the country forward. If he just moves government out of the way, the country will lead itself forward, like it did the first 150± years.

    • Trump is the guy who says what we don’t, or cannot say. He is speaking the plain truth about Charlottesville. It is the press that is papering it over with the whole white supremacy thing.

      Not to say that white identity and supremacy was not a part of it, and Trump acknowledged and denounced that. But the attack on the participants by a militia of morons, basically slacker young males living with their parents, amped up on red bull and adrenaline, has to be pointed out.

    • Trump destroys more than he creates and I’m okay with that. That he’s exposed the fraudulent right as feckless losers is alone worth the price of admission. That he is also exposing the worst aspects of the Left is bonus. But I’m realizing that the power establishments that Trump challenges are literally (not figuratively, literally) willing to fight to the death to maintain their power – Trump’s efforts will lead to violence and without similar will to power our side may face a severe and painful backlash.

  18. Anybody that agrees with these knuckleheads probably have Jim Cramer as their financial advisor.

  19. Off-topic but I’m predicting statues of MLK will be coming down before 2020. His “judge people by the content of their character, not color of their skin” stuff never sat well with the SJWs.

    • Oh no, thriving as a SJW demands the capacity of holding two violently opposed opinions at the same time without raising an eyebrow.

  20. You start to understand why the revolutionaries always end up marching the intellectuals off to the camps.

    • “You start to understand why the revolutionaries always end up marching the intellectuals off to the camps.”

      +1000. Don’t imagine the left wouldn’t march us all off to camps if they could.

      • The one nice thing about intellectuals is they can’t fight worth a damn. Can’t do anything else useful either.

  21. The left have painted themselves into a corner. By staking out such outlandish claims against “white racism”, they have badly over-reached themselves. And they can’t walk this back. By continuing to push for ever-more-radical “solutions,” they need greater political power to enforce such positions. The tyranny of the press is being converted into tyrannical political and police powers at the expense of law-abiding citizens. I have often thought of the ridiculous Bush family and their squishy liberalism and surface egalitarianism. They put in place a ruthless bureaucratic mechanism to enforce their childish notions of egalitarianism at the worst possible time, i.e. acting as though ALL Americans were suspects in the search for Muslim terrorists. That was one of the all-time great acts of idiocy. Leftists from Berkeley to Boston must have been high-fiving over their good fortune when Bush left D.C. in 2008. All they had to do was follow the Bush template and institute “real” change. And that is what they did, to no one’s surprise. All it really takes is one man with power to challenge even a tiny piece of this leftist agenda, and the ridiculousness of the press is instantly on view. The left is all of a piece. Take one brick out and the entire edifice will come crashing down. They know this and their hysteria over Trump knows no bounds. And I think he is aware of this.

  22. 1. “It was all good fun until the knock was at their door. The knock comes because men full of hate for their side have no friends.” I thought about the Duc d’ Orleans, who changed his name to Phillipe Egalite’ during the French Revolution. Cousin of the king. Built the Palais Royale in Paris to facilitate the intellectual foment of the revolution. Without him it is hard to see the tradition of the coffee house as the long time home of political discussion ever starting. Radical though he was, he was still a royal, and lost his head during the Terror.

    2. On the business of the middle class not being taxed too much, I would have to agree. We bought our first house back when I was in residency making just over $20,000 a year with a 12.5 % interest rate and taxes were hardly an issue. At my peak of earnings I was making between 6 and 7 figures and was paying through the nose. It had something to do with the conscious decision to slow down my rate of work. You know when you are taxed too much when you cut your own income because of a diminishing return. Middle class people do not do this.

    That said, the real tax on white middle America is not monetary, it is in lost opportunities that most are unaware of because those opportunities are never seen, and you don’t feel like you have missed out on something that you were never aware of in the first place. This is the kind of thing guys like Cowen should be writing about. I know that guys like him give lip service to some libertarian ideas that are actually good, but it is really only a little game they play. Like Glenn Reynolds says about global warmists, I’ll believe they think it matters when they live like it matters. In this way libertarians are just as big fakers as the libs.

    People should be able to make a living with whatever means are available to them within reason. The middle class peasant of today (think in terms of what “peasant” really means for a change, it does NOT mean “proletariat”) is denied this basic right by all kinds of rule and regulations that to a great extent he is unaware of because he is so removed from the possibility of enterprise that they exist out of his mind’s eye. We own a house in an Asian country that is occupied by relatives who run a grocery store out of the front of it. They make enough to pay the bills and send their kids to private schools. Oh, you say, I’ve seen those. Cheesy thing that has a grating they pull down in the front on holidays and weekends. No. This is in a gated community. The floors are granite. The house across the street is that of a prominent politician. You wouldn’t even think of having something like that in your own neighborhood. Simply isn’t done. In that country something that is anathema here is a tradition. The big companies hate this sort of thing. There’s a Seven Eleven nearby. If they had their way there would be zoning regulations to put it out of business. But there are also companies that make a living supplying little stores like this, too. A whole industry that does not exist here in the US.

    I’m not going to be stupid like the people who look at the European train system and say we should try and duplicate what is being done there. What I am saying is that if we are going to think outside the box on race and culture we should look at other ways of doing so.

    Yes, the middle class is being taxed to death. But they don’t know in what way.

    • Burke, being timeless, wrote something to the effect that people are rarely wrong in their feelings of a thing going bad and rarely right in the cause of it. Coolidge, the last authentic American President and likely the last one who read Burke, had this to say of taxes–“No matter what anybody may say about making the rich and the corporations pay taxes, in the end they come out of the people who toil.” Just as a corporation does not pay taxes but collects them from their customers and passes them along, so does the physician charge his customers for his taxes, no matter how indirectly. Government assigns servitude at both ends of the equation.

      • Physicians are kept from passing on their taxes to their patients via government control of their prices. I worked my ass off, running two offices, each at a full time pace.

        • I’ll add that the reimbursement for the most common procedure done in my specialty was halved during the time I practiced. Made up for it as long as I could by working harder. But the harder you work the more they tax and regulate you. Pretty soon it ain’t worth it.

          Think about that the next time you wait an hour past your scheduled appointment.

          Chances are there’s someone around who could do what you want done better and faster, but it isn’t worth it to him to bother.

          • Two more things. I don’t appreciate having two of my favorite people in history used against me in an argument with a premise based in ignorance, and according to your formulation the only people who pay taxes are those who don’t receive remuneration from anyone for services rendered. The crap about corporations not paying taxes is bullshit. If they could escape them that easily why do they move overseas? Why do they reinvest more in their business when those taxes go down?

          • Sorry doc, you fail to understand. Taxes (and the regulatory state which taxes support) cause damage to your productivity and your mental health but your customers are paying them none the less, just as my customers are paying mine. If I take cash for work, which of course I never do, they gratefully pay and I gratefully receive less for the same service. On another level, corporations don’t pay taxes because they can’t pay taxes, they can only pass them on in the price tag with every other consideration that pressures price. Coolidge was right, only people who toil pay taxes. I did not infer that you did not toil or that taxes do not suppress industriousness.

            If in fact we had kept the old system of taxes that existed before the income tax unleashed Leviathan, those who toil would be under no illusions about who pays taxes and that is why a much smaller fraction was ever raised.

          • Question: Say all corporate taxes are a pass through. Keep raising those taxes incrementally and watch the behavior of the corporation through time. Does the behavior of the corporation change? Why? Do those phantom taxes become “real” at some point? At what point do they become real? If you have trouble understanding this, you probably think there’s some point at which you can determine that a fetus becomes a person, too.
            Also, if corporate and physician taxes are simply a pass through, why do you want them to be lowered?

            Let’s get down to the brass tacks. You answered the way you did out of envy.

          • Do you think it’s smart to admit that you are using your real name on an Alt-right web page and admit that you are cheating on your taxes?

            I’ve always insisted on paying others by check or credit card. When you get taxed as much as I have you want to make sure there are as few free riders as possible.

      • Excellent post.

        In ANY service or product you purchase – the consumer is ALWAYS the payer of taxes. The most obvious way to illustrate this is the example of a meal at a restaurant. If you pay $50 for that meal – that $50 includes all the taxation that was imposed at every step along the way on all the goods and services that came together to make up that meal.

        And since the final product is literally flushed down the toilet – in yet another service you pay taxes for – there is NO way for you to recoup any of those costs.

        So there is no getting around the fact that YOU are the final payer of all that taxation.

        TeaPartyDoc doesn’t seem to get your point.

        • Carlsdad. You are too easily persuaded. His idea is that people raise their rates to recoup taxes. This is cannot only include corporations or businesses. You are an economic actor too. You receive some kind of wage. You can demand more for your services or simply stop providing them. Individuals and companies do it too.

          If taxes had no effect on businesses they would not alter their behavior. It is obvious that they do. His argument is an old liberal trope in favor of high corporate taxation. It is economic idiocy.

          • It makes sense in another way. The guy took the name of a fellow who was extremely well versed in the classics and political theory and died in jail after a botched land bank scheme because he didn’t understand the way the real world works.

          • I didn’t take his name, that is my name; blessed be his name. Were there Boers in Rhodesia? You’re as thick as a Dutchman.

          • Yes there were Goers in Rhodesia, idiot. Thousands. You don’t have to live in SA to be one. Universally clueless.

          • I did know this. That was a device to reference your hard head and malignancy of disposition without being so blunt about it.

          • My take on the Dutch was never how dumb they were but what a bunch of freeloaders they were. I did a bunch of travel between Zurich and Amsterdam in business class and the amount of free booze these guys put away was amazing.
            I asked a couple of stewardesses if this stuff happened anywhere else other than into and out of the Netherlands and they said no.

          • You are so consumed with raging at a chimera that you do not realize that there is little or no disagreement here since I favor a zero business and corporate tax rate and ending the income tax, but in any case ending graduated taxation. Unfortunately corporations now see themselves as partners with government and no longer loath taxes and love the worst kind of tax, regulation.

          • Ya know, maybe it’s time to revisit the ‘Corporations don’t actually pay taxes’ shibboleth. TPDoc’s lived experience conflicts with what seems an intellectually coherent, theoretically neat, intuitively obvious economic principle. It looks to me that should call for some of the underlying assumptions to be reexamined.

            IOW, how much market rigging does it take for that principle to be no longer true in specific circumstances_?

            A parallel example is the ‘free trade benefits all’ shibboleth. A friend of mine at church is a PhD economist who went to the dark side and made a lot of money hunting down securities markets’ inefficiencies and exploiting them. Even though he has every reason to know that profitable ways can be found around many such economic principles (efficient markets hypothesis in his case), he repeated the free trade one to me last year as part of a pre-election political discussion. He was dumbfounded when I said, “Yes, the gains from trade are a *theoretical* slam dunk, yet we don’t see many in the real (non-financial) economy. So who stole them_?”

            Then the lightbulb went on. To be continued, or not.

          • Bingo, Al. In my practice nearly every penny coming in was because of my labor. But to keep everything running I had to have staff, and with every new regulation I had to add more. I was earning the money of at minimum eight employees and my labor was paying all of their FICA and any other witholdings. I was earning their income taxes. When you think of it like that I was paying much more in taxes than what was on the books.

            The tables in this article based on the experience of the Coolidge administration show that the lion’s share of taxes are paid by the high earning regardless of the rate https://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/1920s-income-tax-cuts-sparked-economic-growth-raised-federal-revenues. What this means is that when Coolidge said that the burden of taxation falls on the poor, it was taken rhetorically to mean that the poor bear all the taxes, but what he actually meant was that depressing the acquisitive mood of the high earner slowed the economy and in turn put more stress on the poor, because to a great extent they rely on the well off and their contribution to the economy for their own well-being. Mellon understood this because he saw this activity in his peers.

            Right now I am doing what Mellon’s peers did. Gone Galt. Living off of tax-free municipal bonds, making no contribution to the economy other than in a few paltry purchases, and showing little to no income. If Obamacare survives into next year I will qualify for a subsidy (won’t do it, though).

          • My point. That was not always the case. Also my point. You write that high taxes are bad for corporations because they are bad for business, and they are, but also that corporations are partners with government, which loves taxes. so it should be clear that corporations value their relationship with government more than they hate high taxes. Answers are not obtained by asking the wrong questions and begging real ones.

          • If the “corporations” love taxes so much why do they want them lowered? You are a fucking idiot.

  23. Gravy trains don’t run forever, and this one is on the verge of becoming a museum piece. A useful idiot will always be an idiot, but when it ceases to be useful, the world will go on without it.

    • Purdue just got first stage approval on the road to turning Kaplan into an online university. The major disruption comes when an established player decides that survival is in being in at the beginning of the disruption.

      • Dr. Jordan Peterson talks of starting online university. The new paradigm in education has arrived sans participation trophies and monumental debt.

        • Dear Charlottesville,

          UVA claims it dumps $5.9 Billion into the local economy annually. Charlottesville’s annual city budget is about $162 Million.

          What happens to you as people realize they can get an education online, cheaper and on their own schedule and pace, without risking being injured in an Antifa riot enabled by the governor of Virginia and the Cville city council’s standdown orders to the police? Who knows when this will happen again? Will people want to risk it?

          What happens when some large portion of the 11,000 UVA undergrads realize they can avoid the whole mess associated with being there?

          • The havoc these people are wreaking! Women could get married, have kids and study online. After a while, that biological clock starts beating louder than Edgar Allan Poe’sTell-Tale Heart, no matter what they say.

          • What I was thinking! I doubt that women will flock to intersectionality parties online. It seems more like a proximity thing- a live party with the cool gang. Like a rather raunchy quilting circle, and even fuglies can have fun! (Salaries included!)

          • The breeding grounds for the puella aeterna insure the feminist versions of Peter Pan remain in the limbo of adolescence. So many lost causes, so little time, until life has passed them by and all they have to show for it is a faded Bernie Sanders tattoo.

  24. A Man For All Seasons

    More: Yes. What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?
    Roper: I’d cut down every law in England to do that!
    More: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned round on you — where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country’s planted thick with laws from coast to coast — man’s laws, not God’s — and if you cut them down — and you’re just the man to do it — d’you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake.

  25. Where are we at with these people? Do they feel more empowered sensing momentum or is it the tide turning against them and they strike out?
    Trump finally pushed back a little yesterday and the chimpout from the press was heartening to me. That’s what I want, and more.

    The cultural war Speech that Pat Buchanan gave over twenty years ago is heating up now.

    • “Trump finally pushed back a little yesterday and the chimpout from the press was heartening to me. That’s what I want, and more.”

      I think little pushbacks are more important than we usually realize. They work sort of like compound interest. But it’s important to do them over the long haul and to avoid going backward. That’s how the Left won the institutions. That’s going to be an important part of taking them back.

      Along these lines, as we think about the situation, it would be a good idea to look for the low-hanging fruit.

  26. it occurred to me last evening that in toppling confederate memorials, the mob was symbolically killing white people.

    The media presents a national consensus that some ideas are so bad that violence in opposition is appropriate.

    My FB feed is full of (over) educated people, mostly friends from college, applauding the mob and the collapse of the rule of law in Durham, completely oblivious that the mob will turn on them next.

    You’re right … this will not end well.

    • The emotional IQ of most white people is broad enough to get this. The media bombarding us with the “Kill The White People” meme is not going to have the desired effect.

    • A few threads back a prescient commenter brought up the civil truce that ended the Civil War over 150 years ago: No treason trials for the Confederates, no guerrilla war for the Yankees. He thought it explained as a precedent why the post-WWII occupations of Germany and Japan went pretty well. He may well be right.

      But I think that analytical framework also applies to the Durham NC photo, unfortunately. The Confederate monuments were, in part, symbols of that truce: ex-Confederates could have their honor and limited local political control. Also part of that truce was, however imperfectly applied, geographic, economic and political space for Black America despite them being a sometime fractious minority.

      The morons in the picture seem completely oblivious to what they’re actually pulling down, namely that civil truce. And the correlation of forces is not what it was 150 years ago. For example, I live in furthest Yankee-land and I can tell you that aren’t very many classical Yankees around here any more and no small numbers of stars and bars guys, most particularly bars guys. 😉

      • In what way did Eisenhowers post war slaughter of a million German’s end “pretty well”?

        • They never made trouble for us again, for one thing.

          Actually, that’s the main thing I care about.

          • I guess if death and extinction is a goal, it works

            Every nation we’ve touched is turning to ruin and is dying, some faster than others

            I’m hard pressed to see how the Nazis or Communist would have done worse, well hell as awful as they are the Nazis at least liked babies and children

            Personally I think the US lost WW2, we became a sick mirror of our foes and are now paying for it.

          • Stopping the Germans from “making trouble” – made it easier for the commies to make trouble.

            Which is an issue that has persisted right up into the present day – since they’re pulling down statues in the here and now.

            Pat Buchanan has made the point a number of times that the Nazis true war was with the Commies – which you can see clearly in the numbers involved in that war – as well as the statements made by the Nazis themselves.

            It’s a point worthy of debate on whether or not we might have screwed ourselves in the long run by not allowing the Nazis the finish the job they started.

      • Soldiers recognise that both sides fought bravely, and honor them for it.

        Next is the desecration of graveyards.

        So if the Confederate Army is attacked “for Black America”…
        And the Alamo attacked “for Latino America”…

        Then the Iraq/Afghan vets will be attacked “for Muslim-Americans”…

        Which I suspect is the ultimate goal.
        To legitimize the importation of hostile troops…

  27. Bakunin said, “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge,” and he meant it. I’m coming to believe that’s the key to these people’s entire psychology. They know they’re basically parasites, but they lack the special parasite gene the true blue-bloods have, that let them enjoy and feel entitled to their upper-crust lifestyle. So they condemn the long line of people, stretching back into the mists of time, that MADE them into parasites (that’s really how they see it). They also know they lack the practical skills to build the New Heaven and Earth, so they assuage their guilt by egging on pointless destruction. I thank my parents and my God every day that I’ve been taught to appreciate the hand I was dealt — yep, there was a lot of luck involved, but a) chance favors the mind prepared, and b) the sun shines on the good and wicked alike. Take what you have, and leave a little more for your children — only Western Civ has ever managed that.

    • I remain convinced that self-loathing is the most powerful force in human history. Religion used to channel this into positive or neutral ends. “Suicide is a sin, so build a great temple to the gods so when you meet them, they will know you.” Once they killed our gods, they had no place to channel their self-loathing, so it has curdled into a suicide cult.

      • That old cokehead Freud was really onto something with his “death instinct.” I forget who said it (David Stove?), but someone compared the human intellect to peacock feathers, or horns on a deer — “gratuitous formations” that actually hinder survival, thus perversely demonstrating reproductive fitness. I wish Lefty would discover the joys of cheap vodka; they could hate themselves the old-fashioned way, and leave the rest of us out of it.

        • To dismiss Freud as “that old cokehead”, and to then allow that he had an insight that you nor I wouldn’t have had, in all likelihood, seems… what’s the word? …

          • Perfectly normal, if you’re not autistic? Sorta like saying “Barack Obama may have ruined the country, but he sure could read a teleprompter.” Even lousy people have good ideas from time to time. Recognizing that seems… what’s the word?.. like being an adult.

          • Seems bravely as any accounting and assessment of reality shall be.

            Freud was no less status-intoxicated than this Cowen is.
            His purposes being (ethnocentric) visibility power and social recognition. Whenever — and of course it wasn’t a rare incidence — science conflicted with his main purposes, it had to give way to these.

            Jung was much superior and a real scientist.

            Now, how would this mean none of what Freud found and said were true?
            There’s no connexion.

      • There is no real self-loathing. There is loathing for God. And this is what becomes the suicidal drive they have no control over. This is why they hate mankind. This is why they hate beauty. They hate the creator of it all. He did not ask them for their permission of the life He gave them.

        • Which God?

          People in the West did very well for along time before Christianity and yet eventually suffered the same problems.

          Its probably caused more by wealth and the disconnection from tradition. Wealth insulates people from feeling tradition in some respects, its meaning is diluted

          Despite what their adherents think, religions fade, religions change and that loss especially in a society with dysfunctional traditions causes enormous harm

          The Roman elite also stopped reproducing at one point and probably for similar reasons . This was under Augustus and just prefaced the coming of Christianity

          as far as a fix, there is one but its not pleasant, End the existing system and build a new polity with its own traditions forcefully removing non cooperative people

          A somewhat stable economy with hope and viola, more children

          Functionally this happened to Rome and while it took some years, things happen faster now since information spreads farther and more people are wealthy , it will happen faster here

          • That is far far from proven.

            . I’d argue the human evidence is for many deities

            In fact the Old Testament also makes it quite clear that the other Gods are real

            They might be lesser as the Bible claims Jehovah created the universe and all it in but they exist

            You cannot have no other Gods before me if there are no other Gods

            That said even if the Christian variant of Monotheism is accurate, it doesn’t invalidate what I said in terms of society

            Its tangential to it and basing your future on a religious revival that may never come is foolish.

            You need to have a backup plan just in case you can’t use Christianity as a social cement

          • Since a faith cannot be proven, why waste your time acting like you need it proven. Look in to the etymology of the word god. God is a generic term. Mythologies have created numerous gods in the name of religion. For some, man is a god. For some, various entities that are more advanced than we are gods, and this is why people worship “demons” whether they know they are demons or not. I assume you refer to the Elohim of the Old Testament in your need to define God. Just define as him what he is. The Creator and you will have no problems.

          • Bark, monkeys, bark!
            Explaining nothing, defining nothing, completely unaware of what you’re actually reading.

            So. Damn. Boring.

          • How did the West do very well before Christianity? Unless you’re talking about a mere geographical distinction, the West in my understanding flows from a Judeo-Christian / Enlightenment world view. I don’t equate the West with the pagans of antiquity

          • In .alt Right terms Ancient Greece and Rome are 1/3 of what makes the West the rest being Christianity and the European nations , this including our colonies though excluding South Africa

            The Enlightenment is the beginning of the current globalist regime and while it in now way was at its foundation, the Enlightenment philosophical system is a threat the existence of the West

          • Greek-Christian.

            That is the right one. But labels we use today shall reflect today’s power map, I understand.

          • What? “People in the West did very well for along time before Christianity and yet eventually suffered the same problems.” You do realize Christianity is a defining trait of Western Civilization since Rome? That’s why the left in America is so determined to deconstruct Christianity.

          • The West in my mind is the lands of the European peoples

            These lands in differing forms but in ways that we would understand predate Christianity and very much predate the Enlightenment

            My Hearten Norsemen ancestors were as Western as I am, more in some ways

            Our people predate Judaism and Christianity alike something that is not our native faith

            As noted the .Alt Right disagrees to a degree which is fine

      • In the book “The Origin of Consciousness
        in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” Jaynes hypothesised that humans until the 2nd millennium BC had no modern consciousness and instead automatically obeyed an internally hallucinated “god” voice (from one hemisphere) that they were compelled to follow as if automatons.

        These voices were a top down relay of ideas and memes from the King/Priests down the chain so each human in the hierarchy acted as a relay of the voice’s instructions to the lower status individuals under them.

        In this way an entirely homogeneous society of action without any individual agency or independent thought could be maintained through ritual and repetition of instructions to form a continuous cycle of internal direction.

        Secondly, he maintains that consciousness, while having a stronger genetic component in some humans (i.e how it first arose), must be learned in each generation and the obvious corollary of this is that it can be inhibited or unlearned.

        The book is fascinating (and in many ways quite compelling in its propositions) and lately it has got me thinking that we are somehow seeing a re-emergence of this pre-consciousness in the west in some hybrid form, and these group entities are in effect waging a war to reduce or eliminate the “others” in order to resolve the problem of non-conformant conscious humans around them.

        If this is true then it is more a genocidal purge of consciousness to attain the eden of non-thought that is the real driver of this behaviour.

        • They still mostly do.

          Don’t try to warn them about that.. and wake them up.

          You know the saying… few things are as dangerous as awaking a sleepwalker…

      • Libido and mortido (eros and thanatos)?

        These are complicated, convoluted topics — but, the only ones aiming at any real truth.

        There is a face behind the mask (a face possibly not knowing the mask that rests on it), and a soul behind the face (which the face normally knows nothing about, as well).

        The three make a play. The mind, and “reality” are the stage.

        The rest is shadows and appearances.

    • When the host divests itself of a parasite, withdrawal pain is a consequence for the parasite.

  28. LOL.

    Where the hell did the idea that the “middle class is not taxed too heavily” come from?

      • Middle class people pay minus deductions for children and housing 1/3 of their income in Federal assessments alone

        With additional state taxes its close to 50% in California (75% state tax, 8% sales tax on at l;east half of goods, gas taxes etc)

        The Middle is being bled dry

        A proper tax rate is closer to 10% and since we are going to retain social security an additional 10% for a national pension scheme at 2k inflation adjusted per month this also covering all government pensions as well.

        If its not enough, well get growth or spend less

      • It’s not true at any level. A.B. has it correct.

        The tax burden on the middle class is astronomical and ridiculous.

        Making statements like ” the middle class is not taxed to heavily” is an just the excuse the lefties need to raise them. Which in the larger context of things – is bordering on moronic given that you’re funding your enemy.

    • Even the working class is indirectly taxed heavily or either bilked out of having any money in the first place for their labor due to a variety of factors that compress wages, ship jobs out of the country at no one but multinational corp’s interests and so on.

    • Simple: the class or the people that the government fears least are not taxed too heavily, nor are they, ever, taxed enough.

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