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This week we have a Labor Day themed podcast for all the hard working Dirt People out there in podcast land. Most people have no idea what it means to work, but I’m pretty sure the listeners here are horny-handed men of toil. I have some stuff on Labor Day, cops, feminist science and the need to start thinking about our corporate overlords in the same way the working men looked at their industrial overlords.

This week, Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the full show and segments from the show. I am now on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones.

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56 thoughts on “The Workin’ Man Podcast

  1. “Dana Plato” daughter of Plato – ROFL. Sounds like you’ve been imitating Cochran regarding subtle cultural references. BTW she died at 33 from multidrug intoxication.

  2. Just a technical note – There are almost no poisonous snakes. However there a hell of al ot of venomous snakes.

  3. Canada does SO have power…although I am only 45 mins away from the Del Bonita border.
    Oh, and thanks for all the smoke. “Smoke” is now a part of our weather forecast lexicon.

  4. Z man;

    In honor of Labor Day: Probably many of your readers are not old enough to recall the days when unions actually were actually well worth belonging to. But then they outsourced their value added to the US Govt. under LBJ. Retrospectively, this was a huge mistake.

    I recall I and my brothers and our (local -there were no other kinds at the time) friends’ experiences in the early-mid ’60s. We were then just summer workers and so had limited skin in the long-term industrial relations game.

    But it was obvious to us all at the time that working in a union factory was way safer and way more long-term more economically secure (via union pension and health insurance plans for our long time co-workers) than working in a non-union factory. I was then an involuntary (but not objecting) member of the Machinist Union during the summer of ’66. This union was a nearly CPUSA (Communist Party USA) subsidiary at the time and I was already a US Nationalist (but didn’t know it – future military officer). But, at that time, they provided real value to real US workers. And then they signed over their value to Big G under LBJ.

  5. The modern American police forces are designed to protect and serve…. their pensions, and by extension, the bureaucrats who fund them. They are essentially a private army, much like Caesar’s legions, who’s first priority is to the hand that feeds. This has been apparent to me for many years (I have several extended family members with the Chicago PD; and I have some pretty infuriating stories) but in the wake of Berkeley and Cville, it should be coming clear to anyone with half a clue. No police officer is going to risk their pension for something as trivial as upholding the law or protecting regular people from the violence of politically protected street gangs. But they will happily generate revenue for their masters by harassing normies who exceed arbitrary speed limits and BACs going to and from work. The fun question is what happens when the public pensions have finally been robbed of their last dollar and these police come to realize they will be left with nothing.

    Just as an aside – I don’t consider freedom of association to be a libertarian issue. It’s a constitutional issue. We aren’t talking about some dude’s “right” to smoke pot or view pornography or whatever. It’s the basic idea that I don’t have to be friends with, or do business with, or be educated by, or live near the growing number of depraved and degenerate groups of people who prefer that i hand over a large percentage of my income to them before me and everyone like me dies.

  6. Plenty to chew on here. In my business the cops are reliable allies and I have a great relationship with the city PD. We have, societally, outsourced a lot of what should be our internal security to the police. Much of that is a consequence of legal protections–private security is very limited in what they can do in places of business open to the public.

    As for the militarization, it instinctively rubs me the wrong way, too. And then we see pictures of squad cars being smashed to pieces by the feral indigenous population in cities (like Baltimore) that have these robocops and it gets really tough to defend.

    I want to argue that if the state has the ability to use force, it needs to have a monopoly on force. Having the state compete with local groups in the distribution of violence is a bad thing. The cops need to be in it to win it when they get in it at all. So they equip themselves to be able to win. And then they let the hoodlums destroy blocks and blocks at a time.

  7. Another excellent podcast Z, but . . . . . . . have to take exception about the bad cop thing. The only interaction 90% of the people will have with police is getting a speeding ticket.

    It’s a lousy feeling. Police officers get tickets too. There are some state troopers out there that take pride in ticketing even their own mother 🙂

    And the used military equipment is laughable. Most departments pass on this so-called “surplus ” . Nobody wants a Vietnam era M4 with a shot out barrel that looks like it’s been stored in the bottom of boat.

    The antifa idiots that descended upon Boston Commons didn’t find their intended victims and instead turned their attention to those “fat Boston cops in riot gear ” throwing piss, rocks and bottles. ( now that helmet with the face shield doesn’t look so stupid . )

    Boston PD arrested 34 of these maggots and predictably it never made the 6 o’clock news.

    I’m on your side Z, but the fat comments ? Hurtful just hurtful 😉
    Keep up the good work !

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    • No hate in you, Killmonger! If only it were true that YOU DON’T CARE. That would solve every objective about race around these parts. It’s possible to not care. Asians demonstrate this. They are great at not caring. But everything you do is about caring. Even when we move away you follow us. Let my people go.

    • The Tiny Duck (Trent D) manifesto!!!!
      Dude, you are foaming at the mouth, that is foam isn’t it?

    • The sheer amount of your contributions to one website alone tells me all I need to know about you.

      Quite the statement from someone who wrote by far the longest comment on the thread on a site he hates on a Saturday evening.

  9. A one-time east-bloc communist official quipped the hardest thing about communism was trying to predict the past. Our communist seem to have a better grip on re-writing the past. This is the talent of democratic communism. The Leninists let you know who your master was, our masters have you believing you are part of the gang.

  10. I’m not dismissing your concerns about police — Sure DoE does not need a tactical team; and some police can act like typical jerk government bureaucrats. But whenever we find ourselves on the same side of an issue as Sloppy Williamson, Eric Erikson, and Reason Magazine, we should pause and check our bearings.

    This issue seemed to have peaked with the Ferguson riots and images of police in military gear confronting the “peaceful” demonstrators who had been whipped-up into a frenzy of race hatred by the fake news networks. The progs and deranged libertarians thought the mass of the country was sympathetic to the rioters. Hence the “Mothers of the Movement” appearing onstage at Hilary’s convention.

    But politically, it’s a looser issue. Trump was astute enough to notice that when norms see police confronting rioters, the norms take the side of the police – even if the police are decked-out in military-style riot gear.

    “Law and Order” is a winning message. “The Conservative Case for Race Riots” is not.

    When the norms see rioters burning, beating, and destroying property, they don’t want to see the rioters given “room to destroy.”

    The norms want the police to busting heads. They want to see rioters in hand cuffs, weeping from pepper spray. Reagan knew it; Nixon knew it; Trump knows it.

    If we want police reform, better to focus on issues like “Why are they letting antifa burn, beat, and riot?” “Who is ordering the cops to stand-down, and why?” Pulling the string on that issue will probably embarrass some democrats and rally the norms.

    Most cops are good guys; and I’ll bet most of them are still on our team.

    • “The Conservative Case for Race Riots”

      Best line I’ve heard in a while sir.

      For what it’s worth i believe policing, like speech is a who, whom question if ever there was one.

      Charlottesville showed that.

    • Most American “norms” are sheep who were programed in the mass retardation factories called public schools. Most cops are like do-gooding shepherds who are eager to do what is ordered by their paymasters, i.e. by the owners of the sheep and the fields where sheep graze between periodic shearings. Further, your remark about most cops being “good guys” must be evaluated while remembering that Progs, militarists, and capitalist racketeers rule America, in part, through cops with the rulers’ totalitarian mentality on display for all to see. How reliable, then, could your teammates be? The cops “serve and protect”, alright, but it’s the rulers of the sheep and fields whom the cops serve whenever protecting the flocks.

      Think of cops, whatever their personal sentiments, also as if we were living inside The Matrix. So cops are the machines’ tools always and can be easily motivated in a crisis which threatens the machines’ dominance. It takes no more than a little reminder about the cops’ tenuous claims upon their careers and pensions. Probably many cops, like the white shirts in Chicago, could be converted into agents, too.

      • But the mainstream media, academia, Hollywood, and all the Daily Show type propaganda pushes the “cops are tools of the racist white patriarchy” line. Doesn’t that make you wonder who is being “programed”?

  11. …bums does not mean the same in Canada, UK and antipodes, the discussion on the bum problem and the bums who ‘bummed up’ was hilarious.

  12. Look up the YouTube videos of the nurse in Salt Lake City, who was just arrested for denying the cops an illegally requested blood sample from an accident victim. I’m basically pro-cop, but there are a lot of cops in SLC that need to lose their jobs or worse, from the scumball that went apeshit on her, to the supervisor that treated her like a ten year old, as he wrongly told her she was wrong when she was right, to the other cops who didn’t intervene when the scumball did his thing. The small talk between the cops, caught on the body cam recordings, is inexcusable.

  13. Police aren’t even in the top 10 most dangerous professions. Provided they don’t shoot themselves, They get to retire at 55 with a nice six figure pension and bennies for life. The rest of us schlubs have to depend on our 401K’s until we hit 67.and then get some SSI.

    The reason people don’t respect the polices is because they treat everyone like criminals and are pretty much above the law when they abuse their authority. There are more than enough documented and videotaped cases of police just wrecking people for some minor offense like skateboarding or that lady walking on the Los Angeles Freeway whom a cop decided to beat senseless for sport. Or maybe the woman who approached a police cruiser in her nightgown and was executed by a cop because it made him nervous. The cops treated the victim’s family like hardened criminals.

    Or how about this one, it just happened:

    All his buddy cops just stood around and let it happen. Scumbags and cowards with guns.

    She should sue him and the department for millions. and the hospital should join in the suit against the city and alll officers for terrorizing their employees.

  14. I follow your blog and have read it almost daily for the last year or so. I like your writing. I’ve been a policeman for 20 years. First, I should say I think you are correct that a lot of cops are overweight, that the job attracts authoritarian personalities and that a contributor to the problem stems from cops who treat citizens like they are inmates. I also think it is healthy for a society to distrust authoritarian institutions of any type, particularly the police. I also think the left has taken its long march directly to the Police and Military and many of the abuses that you and I would agree on have their origins in the infiltration of the Justice Department and major metropolitan police agencies by the intellectual and political arms of the left.

    However, I don’t think you should take shelter behind your broad brush gets paint on everyone rationalization. This is just sloppy thinking. First of all, this Norman Rockwellesque nostalgia for the double brass button cop who walked the beat, sort of ignores that this same jolly guy would knock your teeth out with a lead weighted leather strap if you so much as looked at him sideways. Also, if you read about the beginnings of the Metropolitan police in England and the New England/New York police services, you find a very deep seated (and wise) mistrust and history of violence towards the police and policing institutions.
    I guess on another level, I try very hard to do a good job and treat people the way I would like to be treated and have for a very long time. I see some police who don’t (have arrested some in fact) but not very many. I resent and dispute a lot of your characterizations of me and the people I work with every day. Would I risk my livelihood, house, car, school tuition and families happiness to protect the rights of an individual? Perhaps, but its kind of a big The question becomes one of effectiveness. If I can stop an antifa mob singlehandedly, I might as well go slap cuffs on George Soros and skip the small fry. Regardless, its a lot easier to do for someone who isn’t painting me as a shithead and is going to have a cow if I put on a helmet.

    To which point, I also don’t see us driving around in armored vehicles every day (or even every month in a city of 400K) and I have never seen anyone in any capacity other than a bomb squad wearing “full body armour”. Yeah, its nice to have a bearcat when you have to go scoop up a wounded guy in sight of some maniac with a scoped rifle. Its also nice to have shinguards when a crowd of yahoos is throwing pieces of the pavement at you. On balance, I feel like some of the discomfort with that is pretense. Some of it is based in the same kind of lack of familiarity and precision I read from gun grabbers about “high powered” assault weapons. Having served in the military for decades, I also recognize some of it as a lack of understanding that the military has adopted a lot of gear that was first used by the police.

    At any rate, its a good and timely subject and you seem more open to debate than most, so there you go.

    • I think you make fair points. I’m not anti-cop. I do recoil at the cop-worship we see peddled in the mass media, but I also recoil at the anti-cop hysteria of libertarians. I just think we are sliding into a very dangerous place with policing. There’s simply no reason for cops to have military gear.

    • ” Would I risk my livelihood, house, car, school tuition and families happiness to protect the rights of an individual? Perhaps, but its kind of a big”

      I’m sorry isn’t this the whole point of being a police officer? What other reason do you have to being one then? If you don’t want to risk those things to protect people that is fine, but then you need to quit and get a different job that doesn’t require you to put those things at risk.

      • It’s a fair question. You have a right to a lot of things. Right up top is the right to life, liberty and property. Your lawnmower, for instance is a property right. Your right to assemble peaceably and demonstrate for a point (of whatever flavor) is a liberty right. I don’t think there is much argument that I am not required to chase someone at 100 mph to get your lawnmower back. Yet that involves balancing a right versus a risk, does it not?
        So having established (I think ) that protecting rights is a balancing act with risk attendant, we have to establish whether I am obligated, simply by virtue of being a policeman, to risk my income for your right to assemble.
        I think, in most cases, you have the better of the argument, but as I pointed out; the question becomes one of effectiveness. Stopping a violent mob alone is a pretty risky endeavor in a number of ways. Remember, I don’t have the luxury in the moment of assuming that other officers will join me in contravening what is very possibly an immoral and anti-social order to stand down. In fact, one can reliably predict little support, because of lack of communication if nothing else.
        Lets say I decide to wade in and vindicate, as best I can, your right to assemble peaceably and it goes bad and I get separated. Then I get isolated and attacked with verve. Then I end up smoking one of the Antifa goons and get charged with cowboy murder.
        From the start, we know three things: Antifa hates me and having failed to kill or maim me would like me in jail. The command will resent my foray into constitutional vindication and say I am on my own, both criminally and civilly, should I avoid jail…after all I disobeyed an order and the press will back them to the hilt. You, of course, thought I was a monster from the beginning so you will be content to see me thrown to the wolves. The whole scenario tpretty much vindicates the narrative I have been reading here, just another stupid, fat goon looking for glory.

        I’m not saying that this risk calculation is a noble thing. I am saying that humans do these calculations and your fickle respect is not the holy grail.

        Mob violence is a very disorienting thing. It’s difficult to see what is happening with any clarity more than a dozen feet in any direction. The human urge to huddle and cleave as a group is very strong. Abstract reasoning, like we are doing here, is damned near impossible.

        So yeah, you become a policeman to protect the life liberty and property of others for pay. If you are lucky and conscientious, you do that a lot more often than you fail to do it. There will always be people who are certain they would be Achilles in the breach. It goes with the territory.

        • The cliche motto for police goes “To protect and serve”, not “To evaluate risk and proceed accordingly”. That said, I’m not saying that no thought should be given as how to handle each specific situation, but I think the risk calculation you’re speaking of (my income vs. your rights) is not in regards to a specific situation, but concerns the overall requirements of the job, and should be made before accepting employment as a police officer. Take your premise to another dangerous line of work: I’m a coal miner, but working in caves is dangerous so I’d rather not risk my income so someone else can heat their home. I’m an infantryman, but getting shot at in a battle might get me killed so better to abandon my post than risk my income. I could go on and on, but I think the absurdity of that argument is clear.

          And just as an aside, your argument about standing down while a mob riots would be more understandable if it was applied indiscriminately. It’s a safe bet that if the white separatist groups were engaging in the same level of violence as the antifa mobs, the police would be ordered to intervene by their political masters, and they would obey because not to would be risking their income.

          • You actually make my point with better examples than I used. If the coal company shuts down the mine ….the miners don’t enter, especially not alone. It doesn’t matter if the coal company was right or wrong to shut down the mine when considering what action to take. The question is one of effectiveness. Similarly, if the brigade orders a withdrawal, the infantryman who contrives to attack or hold the line might be a great hero or a dead man……but no one condemns the private who follows the order.

            I thought I made it crystal clear that it appears to me the police command and mayors have played favorites since the spring. My point is that when deciding who should be condemned, the individual officers predicament should be viewed in light of certain realities. Realities largely abandoned in favor of blanket condemnations; and by by blanket, I mean patrol officers from Charlottesville to Sitka.

            I don’t know why reasoned judgement and individual regard has been abandoned for caricature and categorical calumny but I seem to remember Eric Hoffer writing about it.

          • I disagree that my examples make your point. I’m speaking about accessing the cumulative risks of a given profession, prior to accepting employment. You’re taking those examples and spinning them into specific situations, only after employment has been accepted.

            You should know the risks of a job you accept before hand. If you don’t, or later feel the risks outweigh the rewards, then you should quit. But telling me your pension comes before the safety of the citizens you swore to protect because doing the right thing might get you hurt or fired, well then, I’m afraid I cannot provide much sympathy or understanding, because that is the job.
            All that said, and in complete honesty: Good luck to you.

  15. I remember doing some work at a police station many years ago when they were preparing for one of their first swat raids that night. The glee and exuberance a few of the young ones displayed there was something to behold. All that was missing was a pep talk from Knute Rockne to complete the pregame event.

    • I had a swat team assemble (10 to 15 strong and 6-10 vehicles) in front of my house for an operation one block away. It happened at 2 am and was a thing to behold. They even brought in a command trailer. After an hour they left. No bad guy was apprehended and I was glad they were not after me.

  16. I am from Leslie county Kentucky . all my ancestors are from that area and they were coal miners. (yeah, I’m old) . The UMW and john lL lewis were institutions . that has changed now. Like other unions they became democrats first and unionist last. the UMW, UAW and steelworkers unions have no business in the same party as the sierra club and Greenpeace.
    They figured out too late that the greens wanted Kentucky and west Virginia to be uninhabited national parks. Yellowstone of the east so to say.
    That is why west Virginia voted fro trump by a bigger margin than any other state. because the dem greens and race hustlers and GOP globalists have both abandon middle america. and they know it.

  17. Zman you mention lawfare in your corporatism segment. I’ve noticed before you’ve suggested that the courts will be able to be used against the left (sorry, can’t place the particular example)…why would you believe in the current judicial environment a judge would come down on the side of say, stormfront?

    Do you think the ultra left legal system cares about rule of law more than eradicating stormfront?

    Seems unlikely to me.

  18. The fanatics hate and are at war with the past because they hate competitors. They want to erase a civilisational memory that things could ever be different.

    I remember my time in the matrix and how much it obliterated my imagination. It never occurred to me it was possible biological racial differences were real because my culture made it unimaginable.

    The more you erase the past the more you are intellectually chained to the dominant ideology of the present.

    Just like Orwell suggested.

  19. A couple of nits to pick. The Pullman strike was in 1894, when Cleveland was president, not Coolidge, whom you mentioned as possibly president at the time. He came 30 years later. Also, according to what I found on Wikipedia about race questions on the census, there was not a census in which Irish or Italians would have been classified as non-white.

    You mentioned Judith Butler’s book, “Gender Trouble.” I actually tried to read that once. It is one of the worst heaps of intellectual rubbish that I have ever encountered, even compared with the bits and pieces of victim-studies clap-trap that I have come across.

    I look forward to your podcasts.

  20. Not just you, Z, the ‘militant’ attitude from LE in flyover country is becoming more prevalent too. Last summer an old guy came to the shop I manage and got salty about a voucher. He became loud and started disturbing the other customers, so I told him he needed to calm down. He kept yelling so I finally told him to go home or I’d have to call the PD. He left, but came back 10 minutes later and started yelling again, so I put in a call – belligerent customer.

    Within 5 minutes a deputy pulls up, I explain the issue, so he goes and talks with the old guy, who quickly calms down and offers an apology. It’s all good, I know both if these guys. Problem solved. Next thing you know, there is a row of 14 police cars, trucks and vans out front blocking traffic, lights flashing and cops barking everywhere, some of them had vests and rifles. You talk about scaring away customers. I may as well have called the Marines. My call about a “belligerent customer” somehow turned into a mythical shooting situation.

    I get the desire to take precautions, but whatever happened to verifying your facts before charging in locked and loaded? The growing paranoia and fear among people are simply manifestations of something more sinister at work. Some of these guys I grew up with, but they have grown distant. Should the powers that be ever get their way and turn the police into a federal force, I expect the few remaining local Andy Griffiths we have will be replaced with migrant roid raging jackboots. It will represent a complete takeover by the cloud and their nameless, faceless occupying army.

    • I work across the street from a medical outpatient facility, which places 911 paramedic calls all the time. Each response gets a paramedic ambulance, one or two fire trucks, and one or two police cars, full lights and sirens. The firemen and the cops stand outside for half an hour or so chatting, while the paramedics do their work inside. Later in the day, same thing.

      My point is that I am sure the cops and firemen here are padding their number of emergency responses, for funding purposes and work scheduling. The SWAT team in your town might be getting called out to justify their existence, knowing full well almost every call will amount to nothing.

      • Bureaucracy aside, what happened at my shop would not have happened here 30 years ago. Over time things have changed and it’s not just in one region or city. No one wants storm troopers rolling in hot ready to draw down on Mrs. Smith on aisle 5. This behavior doesn’t serve the police or us.

    • If you call the cops these days you’d better be okay with someone getting killed. It’s not sherrif Andy anymore.

  21. You have already triggered the republican horde I see.

    Muh cops! Muh soldiers! Muh constitutional! Muh rule of law!

    Worship of state functionaries is a result of being one of the most heavily propagandized populations on earth. The messages that an inattentive white person receives are very uniform

    I pretty much only go to breitbart to troll the semi-redpilled republican horde. I don’t know that this is the right technique to convert souls to a real rightism, but it’s pretty much what got my attention.

    I got to where I am today from following Derb to takimag, and then propmptly being aghast at the comment section there.

    • I’ve never had a spot of trouble with cops. I am courteous and respectful with them and they reciprocate. And when I see gangbangers and bikers walking around with MP5’s I am all for them gunning up. I have no problem with their armour either, when a ‘protest’ or a ‘demonstration’ turns into a riot in the blink of an eye. Anyone that says they have an easy job is a liar, or an idiot, or somebody with an agenda. My rights are not violated one iota by having cops that beat the shit out of somebody that deliberately goads them and picks a fight with them.
      Ya lost me on that one too, Z. If guys like you have your way, you will have the cops you deserve just like Britain has – unarmed hall monitors and fatty meter maids that will stand by and watch vibrants beat you to death rather than getting involved and accused of racism or brutality for their troubles. It’s starting to go that way already…

  22. I got through the section of the podcast on “Battle Cops” before I had to pull over and puke. The laundry list of talking points has been done to death. The Department of Education SWAT story comes from Radley Balko from Cato/HuffPo/WaPo fame, and has been debunked. I have never seen a SWAT team in the flesh ever. The muh foot patrol thing is junk. Most of Americans don’t live or work in walk-able areas, and I have seen officers on foot every time I have been in Baltimore. The being a cop is safer than being a garbage man thing is crap. No one is intentionally trying to murder garbage men because of their jobs. A cop said mean things to me once well cool story bro, why don’t you grow a pair? We don’t get to denounce people and have the state haul them off without having our stories checked. If that hurt your feels then man up.

  23. Tyranny is probably established out of no other regime than democracy. Plato.
    Today he would say: Tyranny is probably established out of no other regime than the mind-meld between Big Corporate and Big Government.

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