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A couple of months ago this post generated a ton of suggestions. It seems like a worthy project, as our rulers keep producing new words and phrases to fool us. In the fullness of time, someone is going to write a book on how marketing techniques infiltrated the minds of our rulers, like a virus, causing them to increasingly rely on cheap marketing gags to communicate to themselves and the rest of us. The result being a ruling elite that sounds like commercials for laundry soap.

With that in mind, here are some new additions to the list.

Show your support: This is always a demand from a company or organization for you to buy their stuff so they can spend the proceeds on themselves, while taking credit for some good deed. Currently, retail chains are having their cashiers harass customers into giving money to the Red Cross for hurricane relief in Houston. The end result will be a photo-op of the executives posing with the Red Cross, handing them a big check, so they can claim to be supporting the community.

Inclusivity: The rallying cry of modern terrorism. Every organization that is about to be assaulted by tackle-faced social justice warriors gets a committee on inclusivity. This a place where lunatics plot to destroy the organization. Google started one of these and is now in free fall. Node.js is the most recent to be attacked by the ISIS of the West.

Affirming: Lesbians and middle-aged cat ladies are riddled with self-doubt, because they chose a lifestyle that is at odds with human biology. This leads them to create organizations, usually within other organizations, which are designed to tell them that they made the right choice, even if nature says otherwise. Protestant churches have all become affirming as they embrace every anti-Christian lunacy.

Brave: The Progressive religion is built around the concept of the struggle. Prog loonies all imagine themselves as paladins fighting the monster called fascism. Therefore, anyone who sallies forth into the public square to preach the good word is called brave. The irony is that it is safe. Antifa is called brave, while the people they are beating with clubs are called cowards.

That is not who we are: This is one of those phrases that is not intended for the wider audience. It is almost always said by a so-called Conservative in reaction to something normal people are doing. The person saying it is trying to signal to The Hive that they are not associated with the bad thing in question. When Paul Ryan says to his voters, “This is not who we are” he literally means he is not one of the dirt people in his district.

Send a message: This is another code word that people in The Hive use in public, but it is not intended for the public. When a politician talks about “sending a message” he means to signal his virtue to the rest of The Hive. The message to the rest of us, if any, is that the person saying it should probably be hurled into the ocean before she gets us killed.

Problematic: This is a favorite of Prog loonies. It means the speech or act in question could be ruled heretical. The problem is they lack the words to condemn it and an easy escape route to run away from it.

Troubling: This is the same as problematic.

Vibrant: This is a favorite term to mean no white people. A neighborhood is vibrant when it is full of boarded up houses and gang-bangers with pit bulls.

Sustainable: This is one of those words that should be included in the humor section, but the people who coined it have no sense of humor. Anything that is labeled “sustainable’ is always something that is not sustainable. Alternatively, it may be sustainable, like organic farming, but will require a great die off of humans. Whenever you hear this word, assume the person using it fantasizes about putting you in an oven.

Accepted: This is when some outlier or fringe population forces the majority to forgo its own preferences for those of the outlier or fringe population.

Passion: This is what happens to Progressive white women in the modern era. They are suddenly gripped with passion. Like Hitler, whose passion for killing Jews was all consuming, passionate women are obsessed with killing erections. Passionate women are always wildly unattractive and ear-piercingly obnoxious.

Growth: This is always used in economic debates to signal that something is good for rich people. A pro-growth policy is one that allows the rich to hoover up more money from the middle-class. When pundits accuse a politician of promoting polices that will hurt growth, it means the billionaire who owns the pundit is vexed with the politician.

Toxic: Any argument or fact that can be screamed away, because it is obviously true, is called toxic. The users of this word believe that the magic of their incantations will make the dis-confirming thing go away. Normal men being normal in public, for example, is branded as “toxic masculinity.” White people not robbing liquor stores or shooting one another over sneakers is “toxic racism.”

Sharable: This describes something that appears to be free but is used by the true owner to harm others or steal their property. Progs call doxing, for example, a sharable strategy. Tech companies like sharable technology because it means they get to install their spyware on your phone or computer.

Dialogue: This is when a Prog loony screams at you and you sit and take it. You are having a dialogue! If you refuse to put up with the lecture, then you are being divisive and polarizing, which is both troubling and problematic. It means you could be suffering from toxic racism.

102 thoughts on “More Devil’s Dictionary

  1. “RESOURCE!”:
    Any form of property, wealth, good or service that is COVETED by Progressives. A Resource, in order to be “Protected” against “Exploitation” (that is, used by its Legal Owner) MUST be Regulated by a loyal Prog Agency, to be parceled out ONLY for “The Common Good”. Which is ONLY that which enriches Progs, their constituents and Donors, for the furthering of their Cause…

  2. Fantastic post. I actually wrote an award-winning humor book called THE ANGEL’S DICTIONARY (inspired by THE DEVIL’S DICTIONARY) on a similar wavelength. For a limited time, complimentary review copies are available on request at … Thanks for letting me share this info with your readers. And remember: laugh anyway!

  3. Controversial: Something liberals/leftists/Marxists etc either don’t like, don’t understand, or cannot shame into silence

    Rhetoric: When used by a talking head, this word is interchangeable with the word “bullshit”

  4. I read an article about how Google was pressuring some “think tank” to defenestrate some individuals from its stable of tank-thinkers because they spoke unkindly of Google’s monopolistic business model.
    My shitty comment was to the effect that “think tanks” are not austere, lofty, transcendent bodies who formulate policy positions from an aeries of divine objectivity but, rather, seraglios populated by old whores of advanced corruption who peddle their asses to rich and powerful entities with an axe to grind – like, f’rinstance, Google.
    So “think tank”, although an old term, should be added to your Devil’s Dictionary because the devil is in the details that these bastards formulate.

  5. Ok I’ll play.
    Womyn = anti girl, anti woman, anti female, anti feminity, anti family and of course anti boy, anti man, anti male, anti masculinity.

  6. “Universal values” , Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama’s favorite phrase, is the biggest lie of all.
    Let’s see…forced clitoridectomy, strapping dynamite onto preteen girls with Down’s syndrome and sending them into populated areas to be detonated, shooting children in the back, routine mass beheadings, stoning rape victims to death, etc etc.
    Any politician invoking universal values is not only lying to you, he/she is your enemy.

  7. Liberal n. a Prog devoted to the establishment of totalitarian, secular, humanist internationalism through the popularity contests and log rolling of electoral politics. The liberal often believes that capitalism has many decades of useful work to do, esp. if it entails in the meantime—for Progs—lifestyles which (that?) are commensurate with incomes far above the median income. Thus our liberal is a sybarite who supports the exact opposite of the freedom implied by the Latin word from which liberal is derived.

  8. Warriors are brave.

    Which is why I don’t like “Social Justice Warriors”.

    Call them “Pests” “Bullies” “Thugs” or even “Commissars”

    (Keep using “progs”)

  9. Did you do polarizing in a previous column, which now means any statement or action by a white man in defense of himself or his culture.

  10. Tolerant: means that saying things that upset the hive will not be tolerated

    Multi-faith: means that the other faiths do or say whatever they’ve been told to by the Muslims.

    Real : whatever we say is real is true.

    Embracing: group hug – not you bigot!

    Community relations: always turning a blind eye and excusing whatever our duskier brethren are getting up to.

    Equality: an aspiration that involves giving otherwise unemployable grievance studies graduates well paid jobs with minimum skills or work required (also see diversity).

    Scientist: someone with a sociology degree that works for an environmental pressure group.

    Green: something that helps to transfer huge amounts of cash from the middle class to the rich.

    I hope these help

  11. You have issues: means that I disagree with what you say but can’t think of a good argument to refute it.

  12. stakeholder: usually used in the context of “public consultations” (see cigarette plain packaging consultation in the UK as an example) where it means that the third party entities that are sucking on the public teat (aka “the Experts”) and who would lose their funding if the public goes against them on this issue, get listened to and the public is ignored.

  13. Sort of unrelated or meta related.

    It’s another great post but my eye was drawn to the bottom:

    This post has already been linked to 1827 times!

    Think about each one of these posts. Thousands of links. If even 0.1% links to someone unfamiliar with these ideas, think about that impact. Two people a day are infected. They go out and start subtly changing how they speak and think. Maybe they return. Maybe in time they get the courage to link it to someone else. Think of the accumulated impact of that over time. Even at a ridiculously low 0.1%.

    What has struck me is because the central claims are so obviously true, indeed most people already lie to themselves that they don’t hold them, the path to the alt right is a one way street. No one ever goes back into the cave.

    That’s why progs are so scared.

    They have to win every day, every hour, every minute. The dye is cast, the cat out of the bag.

    They’ve already lost.

  14. Gender neutral: Someone so but ugly that gender is indistinguishable, Eg: the he/she/it criticizing Melania’s shoes.

  15. Thoughts & Prayers: A meaningless toss-away phrase that sounds good to a debased culture, used to fake spiritual piety and to fake that *you care*. Unless one believes in voodoo, magic, etc., public “thoughts” expressed for the benefit of others are a waste of time and mental effort. They’re yet more outwardly expressed internal dialog all about you: They do nothing for anyone else.

    Unless one believes in a powerful supernatural being who can hear your prayers and can act on them, invoking prayers is likewise useless virtue signaling. However, to suppose that such a being might be motivated by the mere thoughts of those who casually invoke His Name is staggering presumption.

  16. Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) = A leftist group which relies almost solely on governmental largesse to survive.

    Related: Non-Profit Organization = A for-profit group with a good tax lawyer.

  17. Giving Back to the Community: A business or individual who is coerced to give money or services to others directly instead of through taxation.

    • I never gave back to the community because I never got anything from the community. Let the takers give something back.

  18. “Social Justice”
    The selective punishment of persons in the here and now, not for any crime they have committed, but because they REMIND progs of some alleged past SINNER.

  19. How about Progs using the “…Our American Values!” line? I immediately see that Goodfellas MEME with Liotta laughing his ass off!

  20. Voter Suppression – Preventing Democratic constituents who are ineligible to vote from voting.

  21. “Ask”= FORCE.
    When the Washicrat Prog Elite speak of “Asking” the ‘Rich’ to “Pay Their Fair Share”(TM) …they will NOT be printing a line on your tax form “ASKING” for a little more. Vee Haf Veys of making you PAY, Dear Komrads….

    • Bile;
      Less bile and more careful and charitable exposition of your views would get you a lot better hearing for them. As I said above, you are often potentially right but you gain no credit for it.

      • He’s not called ‘Bile’ because of an overwhelming love for humanity and compromise.

        I have wrangled with him on occasion, and even though we do not always see eye-to-eye I always appreciated his direct candor.

      • AfdN, BJ has a credible point that deserves to be evaluated fairly. After all, was not the Corporal in chief preoccupied also with monumental construction projects within Grossdeutschland, with conquest of the Slavs’ lands, and, like the American MIC, with the development of wonder weapons?

  22. social justice = the demolition of traditional legal procedures for the sake of producing outcomes desired by George Soros.

    social democracy = the demolition of traditional voting procedures for the sake of producing outcomes desired by George Soros.

    economic justice = the pilfering of the middle class until the complete and final liquidation of that class, in accordance with the wishes of George Soros.

    living constitution = making the Constitution of the United States the friend of random foreigners, invaders, terrorists, investors, and sociopaths, while suppressing the speech, the ordinary economic activity, the religion, the inherited sense of community, the language, and the very spirit of freedom of Americans as ‘unconstitutional’.

    Call it the Theodosian Code for Dummies.

  23. Disparate Impact: Rational responses to minority behavior (good, bad, or neutral) is always morally wrong and financially hazardous.

  24. Biology deniers looking in the rear view mirror will see a return to normalcy, traditional marriage and childbearing in the end without a shoulder to cry on.
    The frosty wombs of winter will comfort one another with worn out rhetoric and hollow feminist slogans, knowing there is no one to mourn them.

  25. I call it linguistic distortion. Take a word or phrase that’s been around forever and whose meaning is a clear as day, and, overnight, change the meaning into something that is the opposite of what the whole world has understood and accepted since the beginning of time.

    Take “reasonable,” which has always meant what it said, but now means “complelety devoid of reason.”

  26. Humanitarian: someone who loves himself above all others.
    Spiritual: atheist.
    Underprivileged: Democrat voters.
    Women’s Studies: lesbian hate fest.
    Postmodernism: fashionable gibberish.

  27. “Cisnormative”–the assumption that someone who wants to assume the identity of either the opposite gender, or something else entirely that does not fit into the male-female dichotomy at all, just might have something slightly wrong with them in some teeny-tiny way.

  28. “Acting white”–showing manners, giving deference to others when appropriate, failing to give deference to others when appropriate, exercising social skills, being considerate of others, keeping your voice down, using good grammar and pronunciation, valuing intelligence and knowledge, respecting polite culture, achieving big things, saving money, and keeping the damn radio in your car turned down, especially at three in the morning.

    • Not parking in a turn lane during rush hour to talk on the phone because it’s illegal to drive and do so.

  29. “White privilege”– the act of being white, having been white, or might be white at any time and any place, no matter if you are alone or with others, and whether or not you are in the presence of people who are not white.

  30. “Racist microaggressor”–admitting or referring to any element of your whiteness in mixed company, or completely ignoring and failing to acknowledge your whiteness in mixed company. Participating or being present in a mixed racial group, or avoiding a mixed racial group.

  31. Un-presidential: Any president lacking a (D) next to their name that does something for the benefit of the nation and not for any particular (non-white) race or political group.

    • Oh, and
      Hate Group: More than one individual who is not a Democrat politician, member of the liberal media, and is not agreeing 100% with liberal religious ideology. (Not to be confused with Enemy: Constitutional republican disagreeing with any alt-right precept and/or being mean at a convention.)

      White Supremacist: 1.) Anyone who believes all men are created equal. 2.) Anyone who reminds a liberal of any color (LoaC) that blacks owned slaves. 3.) Anyone who reminds a LoaC that Democrats were the primary slave owners and members of the KKK. 4.) Anyone who reminds a LoaC that only 8% of whites in America owned slaves and that 200,000 whitey’s died to free those slaves, almost none of which owned slaves themselves. 5.) Anyone who reminds a LoaC that was 150 years ago and no one alive was a slave. 6.) Anyone who reminds a LoaC that 40 acres an a mule were paid out to thousands of individuals, and transportation costs and political capital were paid out to establish the nation of Liberia, which has since been trashed by descendants of freed slaves. 7.) Anyone who reminds a liberal of any color that a.) parts of affirmative action has been in place since 1865, and b.) since 1961’s EO 10925 employers, especially liberal employers, have radically used this as a policy of reverse discrimination. 8) Anyone who uses the term “reverse discrimination.” Ok, this has gone on too long. But I AM getting tired of every media report being prefaced with “White Supremacist” nowadays.

    • Gravitas: the gift of having a pleasing baritone voice and never straying from what is on the teleprompter.

    • For women with a mischief to their kind, Pervert with bad advice our better mind.–John Dryden

  32. the link to that church was amusing… their “celebration of diversity” was all whites… the cat ladies with looks of righteousness, the men all have the thousand yard stare.

  33. White Supremacist: Someone who questions the wisdom and morality of affirmative action or of destroying monuments to dead white people.

  34. Sustainability – Someone publicly claiming a virtue at someone else’s expense. My wife and I met two young men in central Oregon who were bicycling cross country from NYC to California. They were big on espousing sustainability. They were recent college graduates in philosophy and geography so naturally they had nothing else to do. They were taking this 2 month adventure with donated funds, on $6000 bikes donated to them by a California bike shop. They even had a web site to tout their brave adventure with photos of their well-attended and celebrated departure from NYC. Come to find out they had gotten bored in Idaho, stopped for about a week until one of their fathers could drive from NYC to pick them up and transport them through Idaho into Oregon. So much for pedaling across the US. but the glory and attention had already been received.

  35. Toxic Masculinity – Men actually acting like men and not acting like progressive women. Just look at schools, where normal boy behavior is something to be punished, suppressed, and/or medicated.

  36. Agree to disagree: the device a prog uses to end an argument he is losing. This is one step before Toxic, which is made to ensure there is no argument.

  37. Over 150K men die ever day but I am supposed to fork over Fiddy Dolla to the Red Cross because Harvey?

    Doing that is as worthwhile as wearing a “i voted” sticker after offering your pinch of incense to the latest American Caesar.

    • After the Haitian earthquake, the Red Cross took in 500 million in new donations and built 6 houses. The Clintons were in that up to their elbows. I wonder what Chelsea is planning now?

      • Yep. never let a crisis go to waste. Naive man is easily emotionally manipulated by any media that uses children, the crippled, pets etc in its reporting.

        And it goes across all segments of society, including sports where the eminently punchable Tom Rinaldi produces a “report” that begins with some piano softly playing in the background as he talks abut golfer so and so whose Dad is a demented tosspot who used to beat poor what’s-his-face with the kid’s kitten.

      • Red Cross is tied in with local united ways, which are tied in with local progressive minded businesses and media. Interviews ad nauseum on local news on how to give to Red Cross. Would not give a dime to those crooks.

  38. Voter Suppression: (1) Ensuring that only people legally entitled to vote do vote. (2) Ensuring that dead people do not vote. (3) Ensuring that each person votes no more than one ballot for a particular election. (4) Requiring submittal of the same personal identification when a person votes as would be required for cashing a check.

  39. Toxic: Any argument or fact that “cannot” be screamed away, because it is obviously true, is called toxic.

    Nice work as usual. Will link at my own blog.

  40. Add “struggle” to the list. That’s when people who are on a mental glide path to oblivion, because of the intense focus on their own problems and situations, decide to cop out and blame some element of the broader culture or other group for their predicament.

  41. A breath of fresh air in print. I need to teach my kids the newspeak as they get older so they understand when they are hearing it.

    I loved, “Assume the person using it fantasizes about putting you in an oven”. I’m pretty sure most of the prog-nutters in my country are starting to think this way.

    • Only in the GTA… those of us that live further north quietly live our lives and prepare for the invasions more permanent than the one over the summer.

  42. When I hear “that’s not who we are”, I hear Obama saying it with a sneer, in response to something that is affirming of America’s exceptionalism in some way. I assume that “we”, in this case, means Barack and the mouse in his pocket.

    • When Obummer said “we”, I always thought…….We? FU Barry; if you and I were ever in the same room and your Secret Service protection wasn’t, I’d beat you to a bloody pulp for insinuating that you are an actual American.

  43. “Troubling” is the word used by senators and congressmen, when support of the subject at hand, which makes perfect sense in the real world, conflicts with their narrow and personal self-interest.

    • Troubling – Facts we don’t like but can’t refute so we declare them to be scary and/or mean.

  44. This is good fun. To my other list (original post), I’ll add:

    Diversity – we don’t mean you.
    Identity – we used to institutionalize people who claimed to be Teddy Roosevelt while dressing like Ann Margret.
    Anti-fascist – Marxists
    Unfair Advantage – you worked too hard and/or had good parents
    Awareness – it’s a fundraiser
    Community – tribe
    Dialogue – sit down, shut up, we’re talking and you will listen

  45. Agree re ‘sustainable’ being ridiculous, particularly in my part of the world. There, actually sustainable living (using only local resources) year-round = a 10′ x 15′ log house with a sod roof set directly over the 10′ x 15′ barn. Why over, you ask_? Animal warmth goes up and animal excrement runs down, that’s why.

    Of course, the trustifarians who prattle on about sustainability have no actual idea what living without a cell phone would be like much less living without fossil fuels. So I’d say that prattling is based more on ignorance than malice.

    To advocate sustainability out of malice would require knowledge of what it would actually require to live on only the readily available local resources, or better yet having tried it out for themselves. Those that do try it out, even for a few days, (as in wilderness camping or hunting) know better. For example, dog sledding is just a hobby now. Real arctic dwellers only use snowmobiles in the winter and ATV’s in the summer .

      • It is composed of algae from ancient oceans, but let’s keep that on the down-low, lest the climate freaks try to get algae on the endangered list and ban its use.

        • I guess that’s the evil oil companies shipping algae up to Titan to ensure the petrochemical rains there..
          Grow a brain.

          • Bile;
            If you are advocating for a non-biotic origin for terrestrial hydrocarbons (hard to tell, exactly), you may well be right. And there is increasing evidence, such as you cite very briefly in passing, that you are.

            There are always a stubborn few geologists and geochemists who dare to question the conventional wisdom of the day and are later proved spectacularly right. The history of the Theory of Continental Drift is People’s Exhibit A in this regard.

            The geology I studied in the ’60s was turned upside down when Continental Drift was vindicated some years later. Now I’d be hard pressed to find any reference to the authorities of the ’60s who roundly denied it at the time, some of the likely still alive.

            Coincidentally, the ’60’s (and later) body of theory that denied Continental Drift also dogmatically supported the fossil origins of so-called ‘fossil fuels’. FWIW, I recall the two main points of proof were that they had no better explanation and that plant fossils were found associated with coal deposits. Anyone who dared say ‘association is not causation’ was denied tenure on the grounds that he could not convince TPTB that his obviously contrived explanation was better than their obviously contrived explanation(s).

  46. Yes, many times at the register they ask if you can show your support for *** with an extra buck or whatever. Sometimes I just say, you’re the one that made money on this transaction, donate a small portion for it. And yes, your fearless leaders will take all the credit and smile their pearlies as they take total credit while giving the cause that giant check.

    Breitbart has a window splash on entering site to help Texas. It will be good for them I am sure.

    • I hate those people who go around saying “oh you’re judgemental”, in general they are the biggest a**holes and nutjobs around who have taken it upon themselves to police others.

      They are very prevalent in upscale urban areas like Silicon Valley.

      Most need a beat down.

      • God gave me the faculty of judgement to protect myself from the hazards of life. I’ll be god-damned if I throw that survival tool away!

    • What’s funny about these Judge-O-Phobes is that if you complement them (on that which THEY value of course…watch out that you don’t complement them on what NORMAL people value!) they will puff up with glee that you recognize their superior nature. However…you have just JUDGED them! Because a Complement is simply a Judgement with a FAVORABLE Verdict! Therefore, when you hear some Prog railing against “Judgementalism” with much Prog Sanctimony, know that she is really BITCHING against being CRITICIZED!

    • Thank you for the reminder. I’ve long taken “Don’t be so judgmental” to mean “Stop calling my attention to the fact that I’m being a self-centered asshole”.

    • And here we are, 11 months later, and the president was just called “divisive” AGAIN today (well, to be truthful, some media personality AKA “analyst” called him “the most divisive president in history,” with the MSM’s typical lack of hyperbole, because the media person and his acquaintances do not like him as do most Americans, thereby making the president — not the media — “divisive.”)

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