Race Realism

The Israeli politician, Abba Eban, once said, “Men and nations behave wisely when they have exhausted all other resources.” A form of this is attributed to Churchill, but there is no evidence he ever said it. References to the apocryphal Churchill quote started appearing in the 1980’s. Like Twain and Voltaire, Churchill gets credit for a lot of pithy sayings, because people believe he would have said them. Regardless of the origin, the assertion is true. Men go to great lengths to avoid the right answer.

We see this with race. Three generations ago, when social reformers and political leaders looked at the condition of the black man, they were presented with three possible explanations. One was biology, the reason most people accepted for the differences between blacks and whites. The other was some form of magic, like God blessed the white race or cursed the black race. The other was culture. The laws and institutions of the nation were rigged against the black man.

It has long been understood by pollsters, marketing men and test designers that when given three options, people will look for the least likely of the three and eliminate that first, so the choice is a binary one. That’s what happened 60 years ago. Magic was eliminated as a possible choice, which left biology and culture. It is also well known that people will always choose the option they want to be true, over the one they wish were not true, despite a mountain of evidence in support of the latter.

Three generations ago our rulers decided that the reason blacks were so far behind whites was culture. They set about changing the laws, creating programs to address past sins, modifying institutions to accommodate blacks and lecturing whites about the sinfulness of racism. The last black to be the victim of Jim Crow, for example, is 75 years old this year. We are reaching the point where no living person was the victim of legal segregation. The majority of blacks now have never experienced real racism.

Blacks would contest that last line and they would have a point. The other day, there was a news story about a white not being properly worshipful of a black. It is these sorts of outrages that perpetuate racism in America. All kidding aside, no black under the age of 50 has had their race used as an impediment to their success. In fact, being black is now an enormous asset for a black person with anything on the ball. The demand for competent blacks far exceeds the supply.

Despite all this, the achievement gap between blacks and whites remains unchanged in measurable areas like education and household wealth. In some areas, like crime, illegitimacy and substance abuse, the gap has grown larger. The gap in SAT scores is higher than ever, despite attempts to rig the tests. For three generations, our betters have rearranged every aspect of American society in an effort to alter the realities of race in America. The results are more of the same.

The only rational conclusion is that culture is not the cause. At the far right of the curve, sure, better social conditions for high IQ blacks have made a difference. For the overwhelming majority of blacks, however, the culture war has been a battle among whites over how much money, in welfare benefits, will be transferred from the white middle-class to blacks. They are no more able to compete in American society than they were when this all started.

That brings us back to the original options. Between culture, biology and magic, our betters, and most Americans, were sure it had to be culture. Now that three generations of social engineering have disproved that argument, we’re left with biology and magic. Our betters, unwilling to accept the reality on the ground are now arguing that the real cause of the racial gap is magic. They don’t call it magic, but that’s what they mean when they chant phrases like “white privilege” and “unconscious bias.”

In fairness, our betters are not embracing oogily-boogily because they believe it. It’s that they cannot bring themselves to embrace biology. Everything about the prevailing orthodoxy depends on the blank slate being true. Even the slightest doubt will cause the whole thing to come crashing down. It’s why kooks like Cordelia Fine get awards for writing books that claim biology is a social construct created by a cabal of white people to oppress women, if women existed, which they don’t.

All human societies need order, otherwise they look like Somalia. Order requires authority and that comes when the people being ruled over accept the people and system that provides order. The king is not going to be king very long if no one accepts his right to rule. Similarly, people will not tolerate a ruling class that is populated by madmen denying reality. This is what brought down the Soviet Empire. Even the beneficiaries of the system could no longer pretend it made any sense.

That’s what is happening today. The reality of race is undermining the moral authority of the system. Everyday, more and more white people wake up from the dream of race denialism. It’s why, despite the lack of sane leaders and a coherent strategy, the alt-right thrives. Whatever their flaws, they are right about the reality of race, which gives them credibility in an age when the ruling class has none. Ironically, it is the weapon of race that gave birth to the current arrangements and it will be race that is its undoing.

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  1. As I look at the pro or college basketball court, or the NFL playing field (which I shall watch no more), one would have to be daft not to recognize that there are biologic reasons for the extraordinary preponderance of Black athletes. Don’t give me jack about they practiced more and ran harder. On my best day I could not bench press one of them but one of those linemen could lift me overhead two dozen times. That is biology. Jews have accumulated 20% of Nobel prizes but make up .2% of the population. Biology. We European white guys are merely average intellectually and relatively we suck athletically.

  2. All races/groups/sections of society that get complete cradle to grave welfare and other entitlements are chronically underachieving. There are plenty of smart Navajo kids that could go on to college and get great careers, but they do not push themselves, and find it hard to excel without constant support systems. Maybe ‘self-sedation’ could be a fourth category…

  3. What a load of crap. Zero supporting documents or any evidence to substanciate your claims.
    Is this why asian people are so much more intelligent that white people?
    Biology? Nothing but some ignorant Numb nut peddling his own brand of hate. Ready the Bible, get some wisdom. The Lord loves all equally.

    • And yet another one who tells us to read the Bible, but neglects to take his own advice.

      I am a student of the Bible (one who has read it through many times) and I can assure you that no where does the scripture say “the Lord loves all equally”. But Jesus did say…”Ye do err, for ye know not the scriptures”.

      Do a word search for “hate” in the Bible and you’ll find out that there are many for whom God uses that term…Some of whom He said He hated BEFORE they were even born. Esau, for example, the father of the modern so-called Jews.

      Moreover, God’s Word, Law and His covenants in the Bible are written to his people Israel, and no one else. And no, the “Jews” are not Israel.

  4. “The only rational conclusion is that culture is not the cause of the black – white gaps we see in American society.”

    Not agreeing with you here Zman. You’re defining culture here as white culture, specifically white racism towards blacks. There is also black culture though. Call the white racist component and the black culture subcultures under the broader American culture if you like; doesn’t matter. Point is that (IMO) urban black culture has in the past, and continues to in the present, play a major role in preventing blacks from (as you say) being “able to compete in American society”. Dan Moynihan was an ardent liberal in a very liberal time meaning that to be an ardent liberal you had to be VERY liberal. Moynahans report “The Negro Family: A Case for National Action” correctly (again, IMO) emphasized the role of urban black culture in keeping blacks “(un)able to compete in American society “. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Moynahan report beofre ZMAN. Check out the wikipedia page on it or the recent article in The Atlanitic about it from 2015.

    • There’s an argument that white coddling of American blacks the last 60 or so years has made black America worse than it otherwise would be. Steve Sailer makes this point regarding the test scores of West Africans and their success in the US. Even so, there are no majority black polities that meet even the lowest Asian or European standard. Mother Nature is simply not very convinced by cultural arguments.

      • Not denying either the argument of welfare state coddling or of genetic differences. Only asking you to consider a role played by the argument originally posited by the Moynihan Report back in ’65; that is the argument that urban black culture (lack of father involvement in the family, de-valuing of education, for examples) play a role in the lack of ability of blacks to compete in society.
        Personally, I think those on the right who blame only the welfare state or genetic differences are just as incorrect as those on the left who blame only racism or white privilege (whatever the heck “white privilege even is). I believe it is a clear case that black dysfunction is multi-causal. surely people will argue about the extent to apportion blame (is it 90% racism and 10% urban black culture or 50% genetic differences, 25% racism, and 25% genes, just to throw random number out there for example).

        • Culture is downstream of genetics. That is just as true if genetics are 90% of that equation or 9%. Between Europeans that number would be lower on that scale yet the differences in the play are exceptional. Between Europeans and Bantus the differences are large and represent the difference between human epochs.

        • “Only asking you to consider a role played”

          And that’s just the issue, is it not? The whole conversation about black behavioral problems begins and ends with external or “cultural” factors. These haven’t born any fruit in decades. Why should they be up for consideration (for the umpteenth time) now when better information (genetic research, widespread population statistics, longitudinal twin studies) is on the offing? I grant you that the most crass version of genetic determinism should be taken with it’s own grain of salt, but erring on the side of empiricism is only prudent when social sciences are completely unreliable in terms of their objectivity (more often openly racialized in favor of blacks).

          • “The whole conversation about black behavioral problems begins and ends with external or “cultural” factors.”
            Maybe for you it does Issac. For me and plenty of others the conversation about black dysfunction is not about culture exclusively but rather involves many different factors (I said that very clearly in my previous post). Let me ask you to ponder this – would you look at a subculture of dysfunction in white America, poor white trash in Appalachia for example, and boldly declare that culture plays no role this; that it is purely a matter of the genes?

            “These haven’t born any fruit in decades. Why should they be up for consideration (for the umpteenth time)…”

            Yes, they have not borne fruit for decades because they have not addressed black urban culture, they have addressed white racist culture.
            When Zman says in his OP: “Three generations ago our rulers decided that the reason blacks were so far behind whites was culture. They set about changing the laws, creating programs to address past sins, modifying institutions to accommodate blacks and lecturing whites about the sinfulness of racism.” The “culture” he is referring to is white racism.

            I agree with him – addressing white racism did not, and will not ever, solve the problem of black dysfunction. That is because there is more to black dysfunction and just white racism. Black dysfunction also involves genes and black culture.

            I contend that the role of the urban black culture in black dysfunction has not been addressed through public policy in any manner that would help alleviate the problem. The reason for this is that to even consider black culture to play a role in black dysfunction has been considered equivalent to racism. When Moynihan published his report in 1965 concluding that black culture itself plays the (not “a”, but “the”) major role in black dysfunction he was soundly criticized. A little trivia fact for you: that annoying term we hear so much from the SJWs – “blaming the victim” – originated then. Moynihan was declared by the 1965 version of SJW to be blaming the victim. He received much flak that a guy who was, as I stated before, one of the most liberal politicians around in what was a very liberal era, was soundly pilloried as racist, hate-monger, Nazi, and all the other similar invectives we hear bandied about so often by the SJWs today.
            The response to the Moynihan report set a precedent that even today over 50 year later, has yet to be broken. That is – blacks bear no responsibility for their ills. Any negatives experienced by the black community is always due to racism’ to even consider otherwise is in and of itself racist.
            Anyone reading this post who is not familiar with the Moynihan Report should do some background reading on it. It really was the last serious attempt in American politics to assign blacks responsibility for their dysfunction. The response to is set a precedent at exists to this day – black are never to blame for their own shortcomings and to even ponder that they have any role in their own shortcomings is racist.

  5. ok, I don’t really disagree with what you say here, but I think you leave out a major factor…. money…greed….
    capitalism… the money/capitalism factor is the prime mover….my theory is that multiculturalism, the bias of the upper class for nonwhites and against whites, is simply an outgrowth of america itself, what america was from the beginning…

    the child is the father of the man… an old saying meaning that we as people, as adults, we are simply continuations of what we were as children, we are a product of our experiences as children…and our innate characteristics from the beginning created what we are today…. america and its culture are also an organism, one that continues and is based upon what it was 200 years ago, 300 years ago, 400 years ago….

    what I am saying is that anti-white/pro-nonwhite multiculturalism is a natural outgrowth of what america was 400 years ago…and capitalism is THE primary aspect of america…and that capitalism is the prime mover that created anti-white/pro-nonwhite multiculturalism ….

    anti-white/pro-nonwhite multiculturalism did just spring up out of nowhere….nothing really does, does it? everything in this world, in this universe, has a genesis, is shaped and molded by forces…same for anti-white/pro-nonwhite multiculturalism …right?

    doesn’t that just make sense? Look, your theory here is right in line with mainstream alt-right theorizing…and I realize that my theory (not completely explained here, i realize) is heresy of a sort…but please let me explain completely…

    america started 400 years ago as a place that was the essence of capitalism and that centered around a need for cheap labor… in fact that need for cheap labor in america had a major influence on the british isles… america was born as a place where the upper class, or upper class wannabes came to exploit cheap labor–tobacco farms in america needed cheap labor, and the upper class got that cheap labor by cracking down on the lower class of the british isles via arrests for petty crimes and then transporting them to america as indentured servants…once these white slaves were in america they were often worked to death…this is a chapter of american history that has been mostly hidden and forgotten… and it illustrates how america has always from the start been about cheap labor and capitalist exploitation…

    –and do not mistake me for a socialist… I am a capitalist…but capitalism is inherently evil in its bones…always has been and always will be…

    then the capitalists in america got black slaves to fill that desire for cheap labor….so america became tri-racial…black white indian…
    and then there were the immigrants…

    so, picture the scenario, the dynamics of early america…you have an upper class landowners…he wants cheap labor…there are whites that work for a living there in the area… then there are blacks who live in another nearby area….segregated…the whites are in charge via democracy…so the whites use laws to restrict the ability of blacks to work… the landowner wants cheap labor…blacks can help lower the cost of labor….the whites are using laws to restrict the landowner from using that cheap black labor…

    that right there is the core dynamic, the crucial factor that shaped american culture… the upper class had to fight their way THROUGH white working class culture in order to get cheaper labor…

    and then you have nonwhite immigration…again the white working class was always against it…and the rich landowners, seeking cheap labor, had to fight their way through white working class democracy in order to get that cheap labor…

    now envision that scenario happening over and over and over, again and again and again…over the course of 400 years….

    do you see how upper class white american subculture became biased against working class whites and in favor of nonwhites and immigrants? How that bias became a central plank in upper class america subculture?

    And now look at another aspect of american history that is not much discussed–the influence of the upper class on the educational curriculum, and how formal education came to shape the american culture…

    imagine that upper class landowner who has to fight his way through white working class subculture and democracy in order to get that cheap nonwhite labor…imagine he has a son…he sends him to a local private school to educate him…the local white working class males quit school at age 13 to work in the fields…but not the scions of the upper class…oh, no, they go to a local college…the name of that school is harvard or yale…or princeton…oh, 200 years ago these were but humble local colleges…but back then they were just schools…schools that catered to the upper class…

    and as time went on these first colleges took on the character and viewpoints of that same upper class that formed their backbone…and what were the viewpoints of the upper class? The upper class subculture had a bias against the white working class and for the nonwhites…because nonwhites provided cheap labor that the white working class sought to restrict…

    and as time went on, formal education became more necessary, even for the white working class….as science/tech became more prevalent, education and whtie collar jobs came to dominate the economy, making it necessary for white working class people to go to school…

    and the educational curriculum came to play a major role in shaping american culture and shaping and molding young white working class minds…

    but what was the genesis of the educational curriculum? The educational curriculum did not just spring up out of nowhere….nothing does! …that curriculum was born of those first few colleges from hundreds of years ago…those elite schools that became the ivy league colleges etc…these colleges created the basis of the educational curriculum…and those elite colleges were shaped and molded by …the upper class landowners who had a subculture that was naturally biased against their opponent, the white working class…and biased in favor of cheap labor provided by nonwhites…

    and so the educational curriculum that flooded american minds was biased in favor of nonwhites and against the subculture of the white working class…

    so this is all about capitalism at its core…labor vs capital…
    and ideology and propaganda and how they shape young and malleable minds….

    • Mass third world immigration was instigated by (((THEM))). The culture of critique was imported by (((THEM))). Globalism is essentially (((THEIR))) thing. If euro-whites had been left to manage their own affairs I believe the western world would be a very different place. Anti-white fever is an (((ALIEN))) infection.

    • Wow, that is a LOT of tap dancing right there. Amazing what lengths propel will go to to avoid the painful truth that biology matters.

          • the war is between the elites and the white working class….the elites have domesticated the professional/white-collar subculture via their influence on the educational curriculum…this domestication has created millions of self-loathing whites…many of whom only pretend to be self-loathing in order to fit in and get ahead in life…. almost all of the alt-right mistake the self-loathing whites for the enemy…these are only the collateral damage caused by the propaganda campaign of the elite…or alternatively they may be seen as weapons of the elite/big-business…. don’t mistake the weapons used by the real enemy as being the actual enemy….when someone hits me on the head with a hammer, I go to war with the man who wields the hammer, not the hammer itself…these liberals are the product of decades of child abuse–propagandization in school via a slanted, cherry-picked, anti-white version of history created by the elites…this propaganda process applied to the malleable minds of children results in self-loathing adults…please do not blame the victim…

    • Most don’t know that the first settlements, the sponsored Virginia Companies, began with 70,000 white slaves, with an 80% mortality rate.

      I concur that it has always been a class war.
      Those using foreign troops forget that said troops are using them in return.

      • PS- overlong, of course, but I agree with the way you lay it out.
        Our betters go thru untold schemes, gyrations, and expense to avoid simply paying the help.
        What’s wrong with steady state? Why all this cheating, these schemes?

  6. Even the most utterly committed race realist in 1964 would be shocked at the lack of progress on almost literally any front for black Americans since.

    Considering the outrageous deference extended to them since that time, it is almost scary.

    The theory has been proved by experience beyond bull Connors wildest dreams.

  7. Pure nonsense dressed up as intellectualism. Heavily plagiarized as well. If you’re interested in a real dialogue and unafraid of a podcast, contact me


    • Not a soul around these parts has intellectual pretensions because none wish to be one, and you, twit, are exhibit A.

  8. Very pointed argument. However the path to ‘race-realism’ vis-a-vis economic outcomes is strewn with powerful taboos. None of the conservative talking heads or politicians can brook the cultural explanation and stay in business/elected. On the other hand sports fans have obvious explanations for the physical prowess of blacks rooted in biology should they want to broach the subject.

    • On the other hand sports fans have obvious explanations for the physical prowess of blacks rooted in biology should they want to broach the subject.

      How about we start calling for proportional racial representation in all sports? That all professional sports teams should be composed racially and by gender, according to how the general population is split out?

      Make them play by the same (Alinskyite) rules. That might just drive home the stupidity.

  9. Essential to improving oneself in any endeavor be it education, sports, salesmanship and on and on is humility. Most blacks in America don’t have it so they can never improve as a race. Individual blacks yes, but the whole no. So this will have no end. Children learn humility; they are not born with it. They learn to admit they were wrong and grow accordingly. So sad black leaders are a bunch of a$$holes. I am currently all out of give a f*cks about them too.

  10. These are all the same arguments our Betters use to keep us in our place as dirt people, two heavily armed the surveillance and police state, to justify all of the force they use against us.

    “They’re not as smart as us”.

    “Look at how they behave”.

    By making these arguments overtly you are in their minds justifying their control of you.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  11. I’ll submit that it IS culture. But a new culture founded on dependence, entitlement and blame.

    Throw in a failed education system that relies on soft sciences, administrative rule and ever increasing demands for a monetary solution to the self-imposed problem.

  12. Biology has always been destiny. Woe is the grievance culture when the cloud people attain red pill satori and emerge from the magical mists of wannabe.

  13. No. No. No. Whites are not going to simply wake up to “reality”.
    Because there is no one reality. Reality is what people perceive in their own minds.
    And most Americans’ minds have been filled with thousands, no MILLIONS, of false, fake & misleading emotions & images about race.
    When people are confronted with a new concept, or new situation they search inside their mind to search for similar experiences in the database of their personal experiences.
    If they do not have a personal experience that matches that new concept or situation, they then look for it in the database of experiences that they have witnessed, heard about, or read about.
    In the case of race, we’ve had 50 years of TV, movies, songs, lectures and articles about how awesome black people are & how moral people love them. So when people go into their database for information of black people they get a lot of imagery of TV screen doctors, lawyers, athletes, cops, Presidents & even God himself in the form of Morgan Freeman.
    For the normie GoodWhite striving for morality, even the information that they see with their own eyes cannot compete against that tsunami of propaganda. Especially, not when the propaganda has also supplied plenty of magical thinking reasons why the reality does not match the imagery.

    My thesis:
    1) Whites are controlled by morality.
    2) White people will take their own side en masse when it is broadly considered the moral thing to do.
    3) Morality in America is controlled by our status-granting institutions & disseminated through imagery & emotion by our mass media.
    4) Therefore, White people broadly taking their own side will happen when university professors tell them to and TV shows glamorize it.
    5) Our status-granting institutions & mass media are currently controlled by people who hate white people and link any pro-white behavior to Nazis/The Holocaust.
    6) Universities & mass media will not encourage white people to take their own side until the people who hate whites are removed from those institutions.

    I welcome anyone to find the error or lie in these statements.

    Any talk that does not address these realities is either wishful thinking or being deliberately obtuse.
    The more I read you Z, the more I begin to suspect that you are on the other side. Telling white men that the awakening is just around the corner is a pretty good way of getting them to stay comfy & sit tight.

    • “Because there is no one reality. Reality is what people perceive in their own minds.”

      Don’t think so. Delusions and hallucinations would be reality if this were the case. You can perceive in your mind that you can walk off the edge of the Grand Canyon and still keep walking. The reality is you will stop walking and start falling. My personal definition of reality is the physical universe and the actual events that have occurred there following the rules of physics. I believe there are dimensions and frequencies different from ours that we have no way of perceiving, so while they may exist, I have no way of observing them. This does not mean this is not reality, but my belief in them is just that. A belief. Not reality. I think Infogalactic has a good description.

      “Reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined.[1] In a wider definition, reality includes everything that is and has been, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. A still broader definition includes everything that has existed, exists, or will exist.

      Philosophers, mathematicians, and other ancient and modern thinkers, such as Aristotle, Plato, Frege, Wittgenstein, and Russell, have made a distinction between thought corresponding to reality, coherent abstractions (thoughts of things that are imaginable but not real), and that which cannot even be rationally thought. By contrast existence is often restricted solely to that which has physical existence or has a direct basis in it in the way that thoughts do in the brain.

      Reality is often contrasted with what is imaginary, delusional, (only) in the mind, dreams, what is false, what is fictional, or what is abstract. At the same time, what is abstract plays a role both in everyday life and in academic research. For instance, causality, virtue, life and distributive justice are abstract concepts that can be difficult to define, but they are only rarely equated with pure delusions. Both the existence and reality of abstractions are in dispute: one extreme position regards them as mere words; another position regards them as higher truths than less abstract concepts. This disagreement is the basis of the philosophical problem of universals.
      The truth refers to what is real, while falsity refers to what is not. Fictions are considered not real.”

      Saying there is no reality is the same as saying there are no absolutes. With no absolutes that a group agrees on means that the social construct will unravel, since each man does what is right in his eyes. Our social construct has unraveled. Time to get back to reality and agree on some absolutes. Like providing a future for the White race and their children.

    • Zman can speak for himself, but I don’t get the impression he’s telling everyone to sit tight and stay comfy.
      Part of breaking the spell is talking about this stuff with others of like mind. Talking about it with each other until we’re blue in the face, talking about it from every conceivable angle and playing with every type of possible solution.
      Zman, and many other dissident right bloggers, have been seeing their number of visitors growing, in some cases to a very large degree.
      The Left didn’t just act blindly. Action was preceded by years of talking and writing and networking. In fact, that’s something that the Left still does far better than the Right.Lots of talking and writing and reading and organizing.
      It’s going to take a lot to break the spell that many normies operate under, but we have reality on our side, and I’m grateful guys like Zman write about this and provide a forum for all of us to hash these ideas out.
      It’s a crucial part of moving the pendulum in the opposite direction.

  14. Nobody treats different species of dogs the same, even though they’re all dogs. Nobody would mistake a pit bull for a golden retriever. Different species of dog, and people watch themselves around the pit bulls.

    But noooooo, humans are all the same! And if you point out any differences in aptitude or temperament in the different human species – RACIST!!!!! rings out and a million fingers start to wag in your direction.

  15. The madness and corruption of the Soviet Union could’ve kept going, but they were unable to feed themselves and they couldn’t sell enough oil to pay for food imports. The rest of it was what happened when they finally were forced to confront that reality.

    Gorbi had this bright idea “Hey, let’s give them some freedom and autonomy and maybe we can get the economy active enough to feed ourselves” and instead it led to everyone wanting out and away from.

    On a bright note, Russia is now a food exporter, something they never managed to be during their communist days.

    • Owen;
      FWIW, I think that Gorby was an naif apparatchik. He actually believed that communism could thrive without the brutal repression that characterized the USSR. Brezhnev, et al, would have never have fallen for such soft headed ideas or actually put them into practice. They might well have seemingly embraced them in abstract to draw the poison of reality.

  16. I’m especially enjoying the moaning and handwringing by the lefty elite regarding the recent data on SAT scores by race linked above. What’s so delicious about it is that no institution in our society has been as colonized by progressive pieties as education, public and private – the people who populate these institutions are the truest of the true believers. And yet! And yet! What is the awful truth? That blacks continue to fail even when surrounded and supported by the most well-meaning, most encouraging, most understanding whites ever produced by any society anywhere – whites who literally obsess and grieve over the notion that they could be guilty of holding even a trace of racial animus.

    And what is the conclusion that our progressive masters draw from this utter failure of decades of social engineering? Is it that after all the billions in resources squandered that maybe, just maybe, most blacks just don’t thrive academically no matter how many earnest accommodations are made on their behalf? No! No! And perish the thought you bigot! What this must reveal is that the sinister shadow of racism still STILL! lurks in the deepest, darkest recesses of every progressive white heart – which of course will have to be eradicated at all costs, no matter the costs. The purging of historical statuary is part of this process and only the beginning. It also reveals how much work is left to be done in stigmatizing and harassing the deplorables – because if the taint of racism can still be found in the hearts of the Good Whites, how much more of it is there to be eradicated amongst those less good – Trump voters, for instance.

    Although he has now reformed himself, almost twenty-five year ago Charles Murray published The Bell Curve, and the Good Thinkers have had a conniption all this time trying to refute it (for another failed recent effort see here: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/voices/the-real-problem-with-charles-murray-and-the-bell-curve/). They have failed to do so because of an adamant refusal to address Murray’s bedrock conclusion – that the United States now and into the imaginable future will have a permanent black underclass that no amount of social engineering will remedy, and what we we going to do about it. As Z’s column avers, it looks like our political elite is now going to try witchcraft. Does anyone need wonder how that will turn out?

    • I read the ridiculous cucked article at the Sci Amer link, and found myself thinking “This must be a Jew.” Imagine my surprise when I got to the end and bumped into author Eric Siegel’s mini-bio.

      For the life of me I can’t figure out why our Jewish brethren are so invested in aggrandizing black culture and its concomitant chaos over Donna Reed and apple pie. Is it just dancing wildly around Baal at the foot of Mt. Sinai?

  17. It’s not mostly about biology. It’s mostly about culture. Black culture has been undermined by decades of liberal policies including handouts and promotion of a grievance mindset that tells blacks they are too good to perform menial jobs.

    Contentiousness and industriousness have more to do with success than IQ; someone with those traits and an IQ of 85 can easily become a valuable contributor to society. Who do you expect to clean the toilets, mow lawns and work manufacturing jobs?

    Let’s stop pretending that melanin content determines your destiny. My Indian boss’s skin is darker than most American blacks, yet he makes six figures and he’s raising his kids in a strong family. How’d that happen? Because he came from a strong family.

    The solution to the race problem is to end affirmative action, end welfare and end the coddling of minorities.

      • The reason Africa and Haiti haven’t adopted the demonstrated social, medical, and scientific benefits of Western civilization is because doing that would be cultural appropriation, and we can’t have that.

        (Do I really need a snark tag?)

    • “Who do you expect to clean the toilets, mow lawns and work manufacturing jobs?”

      The natural distribution of intelligence and other personality traits in Whites allows us to have super-intelligent scientists, intelligent men with wisdom, natural leaders, businessmen, engineers, mechanics, and, surprise, those that will willingly clean toilets, mow lawns, and work manufacturing jobs. Whites did this for decades until the Boomer generation was spoiled by the “greatest” generation and assumed they were all supposed to have 7 figure incomes by walking out to the mailbox to collect their royalty checks. And a beautiful wife. And children that were seen but not heard and brought glory to their fathers on the football field and then became doctors or lawyers.

      I remember growing up in the 60’s. Doctors had a higher income than, say a high school teacher. But, it was only about $20,000 a year difference. That may translate to $150,000 annually now, but all walks of life were able to have houses, cars, clothes for their kids, and food. And men seemed to accept their place in the social order. They weren’t complaining about how Doctor Jones had a Cadillac and they only had a Ford. They realized that Doctor Jones had gone to school for more years than they wanted to and that Doctor Jones saw death on a regular basis, had to tell a mother her son was dead, and was on call 24 hours a day.

      • “hey realized that Doctor Jones had gone to school for more years than they wanted to…”

        But more than that, they realized that Dr. Jones was smarter than they were (no, not in every case, etc. etc.).

        Now every kid is told that they can succeed at anything they want to. So if they don’t they blame it on some form of discrimination or oppression.

    • Yeah, that’s not the argument. But I suspect you knew that, or are you really that stupid to think it’s based solely on the amount of melanin in one’s skin?

  18. “Three generations ago our rulers decided that the reason blacks were so far behind whites was culture.”

    I’m way more cynical than that. I believe the Democrats realized in the mid 50’s that there were way more votes to be had pandering directly to the blacks instead of pandering to the whites who don’t like the blacks as they had been doing for a century and a half.

    So LBJ had them execute an about-face on civil rights, passed a couple of “nigger bills” as he called them, and accurately predicted that the DNC would own the black vote going forward. The culture versus biology issues were just details for the implementation people.

    • I think Progressive whites looked at demographics and figured that the numbers were on the side of non-whites. As they always do, they got ahead of their skis, figuring the future was going to be decided by non-whites. They have gone all in on anti-white, but a couple of generations too soon. Then there is the high probability that the coalition of hues will never hold together.

      American in 2100 is probably going to look a lot like the Middle east, except the whites will be the Israelis. Their focus will be on keeping the other tribe fighting one another.

      • The coalition of hues assumes a lack of biodiversity, and that the internal contradictions (e.g. the party of Jewish people also being the party of Muslim terrorists) don’t exist. South Asians and East Asians are starting to figure this out. If the Democrats/Left think white people are the most or only racists, man are they in for a surprise. Whites always took a paternalistic attitude towards slavery (and what came next). Much of the rest of the world has no real problem with enslaving people they think are lesser.

        Nancy Pelosi just got a front row seat to where this is all heading. The center of their little rainbow will not hold.

        There is a re-sorting going on in the country right now, and it’s going to last another decade or two. Trump’s election points at that resorting, and while some of it was working class whites voting their team and interests, it wasn’t ALL of the reason he won.

        As far as what 2100 America looks like, in 1900 we were an agrarian nation riding horses, and the fastest communication was a telegraph. All we can really say about 2100 is that it’s going to be unrecognizable from today, and that we have no basis to even comprehend – let alone predict or control – what that future will look like.

        I still think there’s going to be a war, and that war will thin the planetary population by 1/3 to 1/2.

      • IMHO retribilizing has a lot of benefits, for instance Feminism will go in terminal decline. A new heroic age is dawning?

        • I sometimes wonder if the best possible future for our species is the one you allude to… something like the Aztec flowery wars (without the post-festivities human sacrifice) or the pre-Persian War hoplite wars among the Greek city states.

          A little late afternoon stabbing and jabbing, honor the dead, then back home to get stitched up and tell tall tales over a few drinks. The biggest bad asses get the best looking girls and the population stays relatively stable The death rate isn’t too high since there is only so much killing you can do with spears inn massed formations.

          American football almost fit the bill since there was always the chance you could get maimed or killed. But it got hijacked by big business… I guess that the Greek mercenary bands that tore up Asian armies after the Peloponnesian Wars and Alexander were the NFL of their time.

  19. Wow, this makes me feel old. I remember my first real post-red pill insight in politics with the emergence in 2006 of the Islamic Courts Union in Somalia. It was essentially a bunch of judges and Imams who got together and said “you know what, fuck anarchy. We’re going to establish law and order.”

    They of course succeeded rapidly as the population celebrated the outbreak of peace. Bad branding though, especially for 2006 with neocons in power in DC. Local powers intervened to destroy the ICU and re-establish war and chaos in a little under 6 months.

    I think there’s a correlation to our domestic situation. When good whites tell blacks to hate the police, at least in part the point is to ensure anarchy reins and peace doesn’t break out.

  20. It is funny that Whites were conned into believing everything they “knew” about blacks was “untrue” and harmful to the development of negroes into the same intelligent, hard working, socially cohesive, polite, inventive, trusting, and honorable race as Whites were. Little cracks into their successful White culture were leveraged into sociological truths. Never mind that sociology is not a science, but a joke, we were still forced to use it to make social policy. Part of the high trust society that Whites had led them to trust and believe the experts. Who would never lie to them. Any exception to the rule displayed by a handful of blacks were expanded into the norm for the negro race. “Here is an example of an intelligent/polite/well-spoken negro, therefore ALL negroes have the potential to be this way. If we just allowed them to fill-in-the-blank!” Forget that these examples were invariably mulattoes or other race mixed blacks. Somehow, SOME exceptions were transmuted into the norm for ALL . And Whites noticed. But, the political process that Whites believed in had been subverted into an alien hegemony and whenever Whites tried to make a change, their elected representatives ignored them. The judges they believed in made absurd rulings that contradicted common sense. The media they believed in became their unstoppable adversary. We are now in a time where the last possible political solution is being tried. And the person elected to return to us what used to be taken for granted is making moves that, again, don’t make sense to us.

    The generally understood racial rules of the past have been forbidden by those that legally own this country. We have gone from understanding that while ALL of anything is not uniform, now we are supposed to enshrine the exceptions to the rules as the absolute rule. The logic, if one made call insanity logic, of refusing to quarantine a pathological race is akin to the medical practice of not even being able to connect AID’s and homosexuals because whatever sexual preference anyone wants is the most important thing in life. This is akin to society not quarantining Tuberculosis infected individuals to protect large numbers of other individuals because the infected person might get his feelings hurt. And its not his “fault” he has Tuberculosis. So, we have “progressed” from a society where the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few to one where the needs of the ONE outweigh the needs of the many. The hilarious thing is that those bad Whites that opposed integration were absolutely right. Everything disparaging thing they said about blacks was true. Everything they said would happen has happened, in spades! And, yes, that was a racial joke. How can a society survive when “truth” is ignored to exalt “feelings”? It can’t. So, unless we get badass and start humiliating and shaming those idiots that promote such BS, there will be another dark age. That wasn’t necessarily another racial joke, but it works. Just remember something that evil, racist George Wallace said that was a correct racial strategy. “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

  21. Zman, the only hole in the biology V culture argument I can see that has any real weight is that all of the efforts by social engineers over the last 50+ years seem calculated to create a dysfunctional culture. From affirmitive action to anti-discrimination laws I cant help thinking that if culture were the culprit, our national policies seem designed to incentivise the worst aspects of black culture and penalize the best. Then again I may have been over influenced by “Black rednecks and white liberals”

    • The problem with the social engineering cum poorly behaved Scots-Irish theory posited by Sowell is that Scots-Irish frontier populations settled down after the frontier era, despite staying in frontier locations. Poor rural Kentucky populations aren’t as violent as wealthy upper-middle class black populations in suburbs. Furthermore, the explosion of black disruption in the 1960s out of prior black virtue is itself a myth. Northern cities started Jim Crow when blacks arrived in large numbers. They did this not out of a sense of racial animosity (indeed, the arrival of these blacks at-first caused a great outpouring of sympathy and hope), but because civil society was being eroded rapidly by black populations failing to adhere to basic standards. Scots-Irish immigration happened in the same period of time (southern working class fleeing the destroyed economies of the South) and there was no antecedent explosion in crime for the areas that became colonized by these fleeing diasporas.

      • Any cursory examination of crime statistics by race completely negates Sowells argument. By cherry picking specific demographics, he tries to construct an economic argument for crime vs. a racial one. It’s only so much smoke and mirrors.

    • Mars;
      Taking a naive stab at the relative weights of HBD vs. culture/nurture from the ‘twin studies literature’, that is, socio/psycho evaluation of human identical twins separated at birth, it looks to be about 2/3 biological/nature and 1/3 nurture/culture. That is, IIRC, genetically identical individuals raised in different milieus were similar in about 2/3 of psychological traits but not in the other 1/3.

      This looks like a useful heuristic (rule of thumb) approximation of the relative influences.

    • The social engineers who would rule us have awakened to the fact that self-disciplined, highly-intelligent and hard-working people of good morals have little need nor want of an ever-expanding leviathan of government. Their opposites, on the other hand – those people incapable of governing themselves let alone anyone else – present endless possibilities for the expansion of the state into every nook and cranny of our lives. That is the dynamic underlying the vast population replacement scheme now underway in the western world generally and in the USA specifically, as well as the attacks upon traditional men and manhood.

  22. Zman…the kicker is in the last graf, the need for “sane leaders and a coherent strategy.” How is that going to happen?

  23. Which is why I think that race issues in this country are way overblown. Normal people of average intelligence can quickly come to the conclusion that the people who shoot at the police and who burn down the Asian grocery store are the problem.

    I read something this morning on Drudge about NFL ratings, and how furiously the media is working to say that the decline has nothing to do the behaviors of the players…despite the fact that THIRTY PERCENT of people who say they have stopped watching say they have stopped watching because of these silly/phony “protests”. It’s cord cutters. It’s too many commercials. It’s the election. It’s the hurricane. Add all those up, and they don’t add up to the THIRTY PERCENT who say it’s because of the racists and anti-American losers on the playing field.

    The reason I think the race issues are overblown is that the NFL proves just how many people will tell their Prog overlords to f**k off. We watched our first and last college game of the year last weekend. Why? Some moron decided they would run a 2 minute commercial of gay people kissing each other on the stadium cams just to give a lecture about “love”. Yeah, oh, hope you liked that commercial because f**k you, I got better things to do than attend weekly re-education seminars on TV.

    In some ways the Left is correct. This problem ain’t gunna solve itself, so just pay people off, pay your riot insurance (taxes), and get on with your life. On the Right, or the alt-Right, race issues pose no actual threat to you as long as you raise your kids right, educate them, and teach them how to work around a system that seems like it is rigged against them.

    We teach our kids this at home. Last week some bureaucrats at my daughter’s school gave her a hard time about PSAT registration deadlines. It’s a made up deadline set by the school, and they could easily have waived it for her as one of their top academic students. They refused. That’s “No”. I called School B, and School B said, “No problem, take it here, costs $22.” That’s “Yes”. Bureaucracies aren’t hard to defeat, you just have to understand how they work, what their rules are, and how to go around them.

    I think that’s the path most people will wind up following when it comes to race in America over the next 20-25 years. They’ll just find a way around it. Smart people do that.

    • I’m doing it with my 16 year old boy through the simple method of jeering.

      Whenever I see liberal idiocy I point it out and get a snort, snigger and occasional snot.

      There’s nothing a 16 year boy likes better than mocking adult stupidity.

      Just make sure it’s the right (i,e. left) adult.

    • I have to believe this is a seriously deficient imagination if this is how you see the next 30 years playing out as placidly as this.

      • And you let your imagination run away with you.

        As the poet says, “Most of the things I worry about never happen anyway.” (Tom Petty, Crawling Back to You)

    • There’s a lot of truth in that – but there’s a limit. Consider being a Jew in Nazi Germany and trying to ‘navigate the system’ in 1938. Or a high IQ black in the 50’s. We are beginning to find ourselves in the same boat.

      As our host points out, we are being expected to compromise and accept lunacy ‘because black magic!!!’ We are expected to hire and promote inferior people. That is why you are getting re-educated when all you want to do is watch a football game with your son. America used to be a place where you could do that without getting mocked or sneered at by low IQ/low skill vibrants, bitchy female ‘crotch warriors’ or sexually disturbed degenerates. If people like this are allowed to run the system… there won’t BE a system to navigate. Hell – it’s happening now, these coloured liberal fucks can’t even balance a check book. It’s so bad now that if they killed all of us, took ALL our money and assets – they STILL couldn’t pay their debts.

      Our host is right. This is not going to end well.

  24. In life, you play the hand you are dealt. None of us got to choose our parents or our genetics. Blacks adapted to life in sub-Saharan Africa, and hence are endowed with physical advantages that enhanced survival in that environment. Caucasians adapted to life in the upper latitudes where seasonal extremes demanded innovation in order to survive long winters of food deprivation. These traits evolved over a period of at least 50,000 years and affirmative action is not going to change DNA in the short term. There is no blame to be placed on any race for the DNA they inherit. The stupidity of our leadership is, however, a choice and blame is wholly justified.

    • I’ve seen this video several times and it should be shared as widely as possible.
      Zman could write an entire post riffing on this one short scene.
      I encourage everyone to watch it.
      Race realism in action.

      • Someone should do a video on the total decimation of agriculture in Rhodesia after Mugabe and Co. took control from the white Rhodesians. Explains perfectly the total decline of Detroit!

    • When I was a kid I once worked for a Chinese, a former general. I learned why, even in Africa, they are everyone’s last choice as a boss. But now they are the only choice there. Yet the Chinese have exhibited a surprisingly, for them, good attitude toward the African. They accept the truths of what the African is unequivocally and admire his ability to live in conditions no one else could and still party. Today is the day and tomorrow is a foreign country. Accepting truths is the first and most crucial step in making arrangements that are sustainable. Africa is theirs by default, and good luck to them.

      • I work with w/the Chinese, Koreans, Mexicans in my business. I don’t see this “good attitude” towards blacks or toward Africa or any other minorities. You should go into a manufacturing plant in Mexico, ask them how they like their Chinese bosses. They will pick a fellow AmerIndian, a Mestizo, a white man, but if given the choice, they sure won’t pick a China man to boss them. When I talk to these owners, there’s nothing but disgust and scorn for blacks and browns. They aren’t even that crazy about most white people, to be honest.

        • You wiffed on that. I said Chinese are everyone’s last choice of employer. Probably true of the Chinese for that matter. I said that the Chinese in AFRICA have a surprisingly good attitude toward African peculiarities–because they, unlike us, have absolutely no inflated expectations. One million Chinese are in Africa, millions more are coming. They don’t much like China either.

  25. Reading various alt-right/neo-reaction blogs over the years has made me think that there ought to be serious arbitrage opportunities to be found in the differences between reality and what the elites are desperate to believe is reality.

  26. Does this really matter?

    The western will soon be Of Color

    Also consider that Black Men are the masculine ideal and white girls are increasingly bearing their children

    Race realism so called cannot fight demographic change and sexual superiority

    • There DO seem to be an awfully lot of feminine males around here in my growing, western town. I spent 27 years in a military system here, and was aware of (and appalled by) the changes in our society. However, daily experience within that military culture cushioned the full impact. Now retired, I see this city populated by soft, pale, beard-sporting and very feminine males — Femen, or overt Femmiboiz. I see them everywhere — open and unafraid … seemingly proud in their conceit.

      There was change in the military, too, of course, with the growing participation of women and proscription of male behaviors. And the leadership became consumed with PC projects driven down from the Clinton-Bush-Obama Administrations. But at least there was still the (weakening) masculine ethic underlying all. On my retirement, shorn of that cover, the full effect of changes in the larger culture was shocking to me.

      And a large part of what catches my eye is this popularization and embrace of feminine-maleness among young white males. They are of all races and mixtures, to be sure. But it seems that among they younger whites — even those indulging in the extreme fitness culture — the mark of the female lies heavily upon them.

      I wonder what fathers allowed this to gain cultural traction, and how they let this happen to their own sons.

      • It’s almost like we are developing into a different species. I mean the physical tells, physiognomy I think they call it, are obvious and incredibly accurate.

    • A quick walkthru of a downtown NYC community college, about 17 years ago, proved you correct. Almost no white faces- so few they didn’t register.

    • Normal white women don’t think much of black men. Stupid, unemployable, and lacking all self control isn’t the masculine ideal in any place that has paved roads and running water. They want men who can keep a job, stick around, and act civilized in public.

      Barring a few masochistic crazies, the white women who go that way are disgusting specimens with no better options.

      A few lower-quality middle class girls believe the bullshit they see on TV and try it once, but they learn better pretty quick and they’re ashamed of it for the rest of their lives.

      We have hard numbers on this. Don’t kid yourself.

    • “white girls are increasingly bearing their children”
      Where do you live?
      I’ve seen no evidence of it in Eastern PA and Northern MD.

      • And if they do, the black guy runs away. Making babies and raising children, are 2 completely different things to a shiftless, lazy black. That’s why Fathers Day is the most confusing day in the hood…

    • If black men are the “Masculine Ideal” how come so many of them in inter-racial relationships are stuck mostly with fat, homely white girls or thin barren blonds?

  27. The other was some form of magic, like God blessed the white race or cursed the black race.

    I found that claim interesting becomes it does seem to imply that God is not real. He is real and His covenants came with blessings and curses depending on whether or not men kept of broke the covenants.

    There is no magic involved.

  28. Black people need to be shamed for their behavior, not rewarded. Seems as though they have an extra gene that makes them prone to violence and self pity, not to mention irresponsibility, laziness and ignorance.

    They have to fix themselves, no one can lose weight or go to the bathroom for you.


    • Well, look around. White people need to fix themselves, too. But if you’re living on the margins, lack of probity is a lot more destructive.

        • Agree in a sense. I’m down with freedom of association, a moratorium on refugees and immigration, ending affirmative action and reforming welfare yet again.

          • The reform that welfare needs is to abolish it.

            A LOT of problems become self fixing once you stop funding the continuation of those problems.

            “what you subsidize – you get more of”

            This is basic core economic principle.

  29. The realization of biology and racial awareness is a male thing. Most women are incapable of accepting that people are fundamentally different and not at all equal in every way. Women tend to look at people, in groups and individually, as equals and everyone gets a turn. Perhaps that is an outgrowth of the catty relationships females have with each other as they mature and the hormones kick in, and they want to get away from that.

    In any case, males are very hierarchical in their relationships. It is how work environments manage to function reasonably normally–workers take their orders from their bosses. It is how men sort themselves out–who can kick the ass of the others in the room. Male sports are all about winning, not just participating.

    Men will understand and embrace the biological basis of race and culture, but women will fight it to their last breath.

    • Women will follow wherever the benefits are for themselves. If they see the ‘alpha’ males and the wealth marching off into race realism land they will march too.

      • Women chase status, a good part of which is provisioning for them and their offspring. They also chase bad boys—apparent Alphas– who provide nasty sex, with the idea of producing children who will survive. Thus, their strategy is hypergamy = AF/BB!

  30. Not quite. It was and is culture, but a strange form.
    Blacks, that were coming toward parity with whites by 1960, found they could play the race card and become spoiled brats. Have a kid, get a check. Blame crime on discrimination. Blame the results of laziness on bigotry.
    You see the parallel thing happening with sexism – you don’t see women in high-paying “dirty” jobs.
    Does biology and race play a role? Undoubtedly. But character matters more, and that was much thinner in 1960, especially up north, but perhaps moreso in the south where the penalties were greatest.
    Whites that didn’t want to play the integration game moved to the suburbs.
    Even today, in inner city schools, when there’s discipline, there’s success. Also it isn’t just high IQ blacks, but stable 2 parent families. Correlation or causation?
    LBJ was the one that conducted the successful experiment in soft slavery.
    But Blacks weren’t enough, which is why we need 3rd worlders to vote for the party who wishes power bynmaking America into Zimbabwe.
    In the LGBTQ age we aren’t likely to demand blacks act like Mormons and see if they suddenly start succeeding again. But that is CULTURE! not race or biology. And might go a long way toward actual equality.
    What if blacks had more stable families tham whites loke in the 1920’s?
    What if they were more diligent and trustworthy? More honest amd courageous? That doesn’t take IQ, it takes virtue.

    • Yep, blacks did better under worse conditions when the black church was a powerful stabilizing force in the community. Re-evangelization might help, but only blacks can do that for themselves. IQ is not the only predictor of success.

      • I should correct that to “ghetto” blacks. Blacks who gained entry to the middle class are obviously better off today.

        • A problem there is that the risk for the children of middle class blacks reverting to the state from which their parents escaped is 50%.

    • “Blacks, that were coming toward parity with whites by 1960”

      To the best of my knowledge, Blacks never paced whites cohort for cohort. The slight-of-hand used by Sowell and the like compare the wealthy black cohorts with poor white cohorts which, certainly did come closer to parity in prior epochs. Unfortunately, being incrementally better than the worst of white society is still not good. Jim Crow didn’t come about after the Civil War as a punitive southern reprisal (they didn’t even control their own governments for generations hence). It came about in Northern cities when blacks arrived in large numbers. The inability to blacks to behave in a civilized manner once they reached a critical mass turned racially egalitarian northern urbanites into rabid proponents of segregation.

      “Does biology and race play a role? Undoubtedly. But character matters more”

      Character is a function of biology.

      • “Character is a function of biology.”
        Depends on what definition of character you’re talking about.
        “A characteristic, especially one that assists in the identification of a species.”
        “The moral qualities distinctive to an individual.”
        No. Because children are naturally altruistic? No, they’re naturally little maniacs. Character is taught. Over and over again.

        • The moral qualities distinctive to an individual are are indeed a function of biology and quite varied, as one’s own family constantly prove. When they are problematic special attention must be paid. Character must be stressed more to some than to others. We call a person without character a sociopath, but there are many degrees of that on the way down.

          • Morality is just a meaningless word without free will.
            “Catholic teaching on free will recognizes that God has given men and women the capacity to choose good or evil in their lives. The bishops at the Second Vatican Council declared that the human person, endowed with freedom, is ‘an outstanding manifestation of the divine image.’ (Gaudium et Spes, No. 17) As the parable of the Grand Inquisitor in Dostoevsky’s novel, The Brothers Karamazov, makes so beautifully clear, God did not want humanity to be mere automatons, but to have the dignity of freedom, even recognizing that with that freedom comes the cost of many evil choices.”
            But the Word according to Sam Harris-
            “How can we be ‘free’ as conscious agents if everything that we consciously intend is caused by events in our brain that we do not intend and of which we are entirely unaware?”
            Hmm, what’s the reality? Free will or biochemical puppet? I don’t think morality is a heritable trait.

          • I am not irresistibly attracted to pretty fourteen year old girls. Some guys are. The difference is inborn. We both have free will. They are going to need to avail themselves of a lot more of it than I am.

    • True – the feminists used to constantly bitch about the “glass ceiling” – how there were no women in the corporate boardrooms or in the corner offices.

      You never saw them complaining about not getting the chance to go work in the coal mines, work outside in Alberta on the oil rigs, or get the opportunity to smash your head on the ground at a high rate of speed by falling off the high steel.

  31. Agreed that race realism is, and should be, a foundational pillar of the dissident Right.
    I find it amusing that progressives and race hustlers now ridicule white normies for being “colorblind”, or claiming that they don’t see color.
    This attitude should be ridiculed, but let us understand where this attitude came from in the first place.
    The initial push of the Civil Rights movement was to convince whites NOT to look at race as an individuals defining characteristic. It was black leaders and their white handlers that repeatedly demanded whites become “colorblind”.
    I was raised in the 70’s and remember this well. It took a lot of effort, but superficially many whites agreed to go along with this train of thought as an act of good will.
    As the decades rolled on, and it became clear the social programs weren’t having the desired effect, the goalposts had to be moved again. The remnants of the Civil Rights movement, and the Academic Left, dropped the “can’t we all just get along” rhetoric and moved into hard core racial antagonism and provocation. Of course, Black nationalists had taken that tone from the mid 60’s on, but there was still a distinction to be made between the MLK types and the Black Panther/Nation of Islam types. That distinction faded by the early 80’s, at the latest.
    Unfortunately, most white folks didn’t get the message.
    Many white normies still desperately cling to the notion of colorblindness, and it might be a nice idea if the other side was playing by the same rules, but of course we all know they are not.
    Now the hard Left and the race hustlers want everyone to be hyper aware of race, but only according to the terms and conditions set by the Left.
    White people are allowed to see race again, but only insofar as it benefits blacks/POC, and disadvantages whites.
    This is an extremely foolish position to take, and even some activists on the Left have acknowledged this. Once enough white people wake up to their own racial identity, the game changes.
    Once you let the genie out of the bottle, white people can go back to the type of general racial awareness we all shared before the ascendency of the Civil Rights movement.
    That recognition of racial difference will not benefit black people in any way.

  32. I love black people. I have a number of brothers and sisters in Christ that are black and I care about them deeply. But I always say to them and others, name a city, state or nation that is majority black that was not an absolute hell hole. That’s the way it is. I wish someone could prove me wrong but they can’t. The best I can get is ancient Ethiopia but that had a huge Jewish (white?) influence through Solomon.

    • Ethiopia is a heavily Semitic (first Jewish, later Arab-Muslim) nation. They are almost as distinct from the sub-Saharan Africans as the Coptic Egyptians.

      • Such as :

        “I get no kick from champagne, (Dooo Waah) mere alcohol doesn’t move me at all…..”…..

        Oh….er…uh…. wait!

      • I’m not surprised that things are looking up in Ethiopia. They had the closest thing to a civilization that Sub_Saharan Africa had pre-colonialization, and just getting rid of the insane Communist government that they had in the 1970’s nd 1980’s has got to have made a huge difference. But I’ve heard these “African country on the verge of huge breakthrough, just like South Korea” before – Tanzania, anyone? So I’m withholding judgement this time. Best of luck to them, anyway.

  33. You’re an optimist. White people watch too much TV not to know deep in their hearts that blacks are just like them — only a little more thoughtful, a little more decent, a lot smarter and better at math, and infinitely more hip and authentic.

    They know very little about reality.

  34. Real wakeup won’t come until the shakeup. White normies need to finally come to terms with the fact that every generation after the boomers is worse off financially despite the appearance of material wealth through debt.

    I was thinking this morning that in order for me to have the same situation as my boomer parents did,
    (decent job, one income, mortgage, kids) I’d have to be pulling in over $100k minimum just to emulate the middle class in real terms of 45 years ago.

  35. I wonder if “susceptibility to guilt” isn’t a biological thing, too (the way the “Game” guys like Heartiste go on about “pathological altruism”). Yeah, I was dealt a better hand than most, brains-wise… and I have never, ever, felt the slightest shred of guilt about it, despite all the indoctrination and a conventionally liberal adolescence and young adulthood. In fact, I thank God for it every day. No more do I feel envy that Michael Jordan won the “jump shot” lottery, Brad Pitt won the “handsome” lottery, etc. Such is life…. or, at least, I thought so. But maybe I just lack the guilt and envy genes?

    • Noblesse Oblige: “the inferred responsibility of privileged people to act with generosity and nobility toward those less privileged.”

      In the late 90’s there was a scandal, art museum in New York opened an exhibit funded by the NDA which was a statue of the Virgin Mary with elephant shit smeared all over it. A lot of bad whites went all “blah blah blah my tax dollars waaaa.” Anyway, I’ve been using it as a useful metaphor as of late for the prog MO.

      Take Noblesse Oblige and smear elephant shit all over it. Then you have guilt.

    • I’m 4 SD’s up on Stanford-Binet and 6 ft 4″ @240lb so I don’t get fucked with much.
      I feel no guilt whatsoever none of it is my fault or achievement.

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