Let A Thousand Honkies Bloom

When I was at the American Renaissance conference, the striking thing to me was the number of smart and levelheaded people I met. Just about everyone I met had some college, read books and was familiar with the Western canon. Not everyone was a scholar, but everyone I met was refreshingly open minded. Even the young guys were genuinely curious about the world and our times. I mentioned to Jacquavius that it was like an academic conference, except everyone was smart and a heretic.

The fact is though, most everyone there was from the same cultural and philosophical place. If you are a fan of American Nations, the crowd was mostly Midlanders, but there were a good number of people from Yankeedom. If I had to guess, the Tidewater was the third most represented nation. My bet is the least represented region of the country was the Appalachia. I did not quiz all four hundred people at the event, but I have a good ear for American regional accents and I did not hear too many hill people or Southerners.

When I cruise around social media, the one thing that strikes me about the alt-right is its Yankee vibe. It is a very northern honky phenomenon. It is also a very suburban phenomenon too. I have made the point for years that libertarianism was a suburban white boy ideology. Most of the guys calling themselves alt-right grew up in the suburbs and started out in life as libertarians. It is why the alt-right has a greater focus on the JQ than the race issue or even immigration. Jews are simply more numerous in the North.

America is a big place though and there are lots of places where the bourgeois burgher is the weirdo. You see that with the divide between guys like Hunter Wallace and some of the alt-right people over optics. Posts by Wallace here and here, if you are interested in the topic. The gist of it is the alt-right guys think the Southern Nationalists are embarrassing, because they remind people of the old school Southern racists. The Southern Nationalist think many of the alt-right are LARP’ing poseurs or hypocrites.

The thing with whites in the South and Appalachia is that race and heritage are the towering issues, which is not something people from Yankeedom understand. They won the Civil War and got to impose their culture on everyone else to their satisfaction. People outside of Yankeedom care deeply about preserving their culture, which is a unique subset of America. They are also far less concerned about the JQ stuff, as the only Jews they see are on television. It is just not an issue for them.

It is not just a North-South thing. People in the Midwest, the hilariously named “cuck belt”, have their own issues. The effects of globalism probably score higher with them than race or ethnicity. Immigration, on the other hand, is the symbol of globalism and resonates more with honkies in Ohio, than with alt-right guys in New York. It is in the Midwest where the sense of alienation is strongest. Popular culture, politics, and economics are controlled by people who no longer look familiar to the average white Midwesterner.

Of course, the West and Southwest are ground zero for immigration. It is not an accident that the three most important voices on the issue are based in California. Steve Sailer, Victor David Hanson and Mickey Kaus are Californians. If you have spent your life in Los Angeles, race is not an issue that concerns you. Immigration, on the other hand, is all consuming. It is the most important issue in California politics for over three decades. The same is true to a lesser degree all over the West and Southwest.

The reality is that the emerging identity politics will inevitably have a regional character to it. It is also going to have a class character. Richard Spencer gets some grief for being a snob, but he is just a guy from the gentry class. Steve Sailer is white bread middle-class, because he is from the white bread middle class. The Southern Nationalists are going to be working class guys. America has never had a rigid class system, but class still exists and every American is a product of their social class to some degree.

The point of this is that we are on the cusp of a new era. We have had identity politics for a long time, but whites have not been a part of it. That is changing as the nation’s demographics change. Even as we lurch into majority-minority status, America is a big country with lots of regional differences. It is a land of nations, with unique local cultures, which persist despite the efforts at homogenization. The white identity that emerges will reflect the local culture. That is just going to be another feature of the new America.

That means the people talking about this stuff will have to respect this reality in order to understand it. More important, the guys into the advocacy side of things are going to have respect the fact that what works for them may not work everywhere. There is also the fact that cultural movements are inevitably lots of trial and error. Like memes that go viral on-line, for every good protest idea there are thousands that fizzle. In the fullness of time, these regional white identity groups will figure out what works for them or they go away.

We live in an age of firsts. We are the first country to be ruled over by people desperately trying to commit cultural and demographic suicide. We are the first people, with a significant element that celebrates the extinction of our race. These are events so outside the norm of human history, there are no examples in the past to rely upon for guidance and solutions. No one knows what a majority-minority America will be like. No one knows if it is sustainable. What is coming this century is entirely new.

Let a thousand honkies bloom.

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  2. Yeah..there’s a fight brewing, but in the end I think our destination is down the same path of the former Yugoslavia. We’re headed for a multi-faceted national divorce….and it’s gonna be a brutal one, indeed.

  3. re:last week-end’s post

    Voxday, the komic book kommando, is super butthurt over comments Zman made about his 16 point plan for world domination. It’s too funny, really. The guy spends all day talking about comic books and yet considers himself the second coming of Aristotle. I would bet money he has a special made outfit he wears while pontificating on one nonsense thing after another. He has the mentality of a 13 year old fat kid, lost in his own little fantasy world.

    • Vox makes some good points, but he is also one of those white guys who thinks he’s an American Indian, which always cracks me up.

      • 60 million gawddam Irishmen, and every one of them had “a grandmother who was a full-blood Cherokee”

  4. Speaking of cultural suicide, Sailer had a good piece today (Nov. 8) on the Times trying to explain the Air Force Academy race hate hoax. He asked what percentages of hate incidents are actually real, and not hoaxes. I would bet less than 5% are real. It occurred to me that there are a number of people on this blog with the research and stat skills to work this out. If you fall in that box, read Sailer’s piece and give it some thought.

  5. I’m from the Left Coast, my wife is Honduran, and I’m learning Spanish. I’m actually positive about the future. I love pussy, and if we fill up our country with Latina pussy, I’m cool with demographic change.

    But no Asians. I don’t want any Asians coming to the USA.

  6. I think you’ve hit the key to the greater alt-Right.
    It is a coalition – anti-Immigration, southern nationalism, traditional values, are all distinct and separate, but confederated against a common enemy.
    Many of the 11 (sub)Nationsare on the same side v.s. the elite and globalists, but for unique and distinct reasons.

  7. I find it interesting that you say that the Southern Nationalists have little interest in the JQ. I stopped reading Occidental Dissent several years ago because of the virulent Jew-hatred expressed there, more from commenters than from Hunter Wallace. I followed your links there, hadn’t read that site for couple years, and it’s still the same. A particularly nasty Jew-hater named Denise is still commenting there.

    • I was not thinking narrowly of Wallace’s crew. I should have been more clear. I think the average honky in the south who is feeling the call of identity politics is not all that worried about the Jews. To be honest, I think Wallace is probably a yesterday man, but we’ll see.

      • “Honky”? For somebody who is always ragging on the boomers you sure talk like one. That word was self-parody when used in the era of blacksploitation films, the 1970s. Why would any self-respecting white person adopt the slang and patios of the urban negro, especially to describe themselves.

  8. ” No one knows what a majority-minority America will be like. No one knows if it is sustainable. What’s coming this century is entirely new.”

    What is coming? Murder is what’s coming. God help minority Whites ’cause no one else will.

    • The only group that has murderous intent against whites, are negroes. And that group is the one that is going to be wiped out.

  9. The alt right has this in common with libertarians. There aren’t that many of us, and we’re quite divided among ourselves.

  10. Its all going to depend on a couple interrelated factors- first, the left continuing to flail about in incoherent screeching and recrimination while it eats itself in ever increasing radicalism. It has, along with its evil twin in the Republican political class, shown itself to be suddenly vulnerable. People who considered the last 50 years of political consensus and political parties inalterable and unchangeable have suddenly realized that, yes, the beast bleeds, and if it bleeds, it can be killed. That cannot be underestimated as a basis for a restoration of sanity.

    The second factor that will guarantee the shift back is the cold fact that leftism, in all its forms, is no longer avant garde, countercultural, or increasingly, fashionable among the younger generation. Rebelling against cultural conformity means gleefully breaking the Left’s taboos on race, sexuality, and religion. That is the tipping point we must utilize-the Left’s dogmas are old, tired, and soulless, and the more the schools force feed “diversity” to white kids, the more they will reject it, instinctively. Its up to us older generations to give them the intellectual tools to be principled counter-revolutionaries, not Jacobins or Bolsheviks.

  11. We will probably get a number of descendants of the “conservative,” right-wing, and alt-right movements, rather than just one. And these will be in continual flux, each rising, falling, coalescing, and giving way to something new over time. What is important is to be sure that each of these descendants and their descendants firmly promotes, at a minimum, that it is OK to be white.

    Right now writing and distributing that message gets the police called and probably results in expulsion for college students. This needs to change. If it doesn’t, then soon writing — and perhaps even reading — that message will result in jail time.

    Yes, indeed, let a thousand honkies bloom!

  12. “We are the first country to be ruled over by people desperately trying to commit cultural and demographic suicide.”

    I think there are many examples from the Roman Empire that would argue against this. But, again, we are not ruled over by our own people anymore.

    “We are the first people, with a significant element that celebrates the extinction of our race. These are events so outside the norm of human history, there are no examples in the past to rely upon for guidance and solutions.”

    I also disagree with this. The French have been on this path since the Revolution. The difference between European countries that have already given up and the US is that when a European country began to decline, there was another White country in the wings to take up the slack. Now, there is no White country anywhere that can fill in as the preeminent power in the world

    • I’ve never agreed with the Roman Empire example. The Romans incorporated barbarians out of necessity. They worked hard to spread them around the empire to avoid sectarianism and tribalism. Basically, they used integration to wipe out troublesome tribes. At no time were the Romans hoping to wipe out their own people nor did they pretend that anyone could be a Roman. The Romans arguably bankrupted themselves defending their borders. It’s just a very bad example in so many ways.

      As to France, French was not the first language of most of the people in the kingdom at the time of the revolution. France was, and to a great degree still is, a country of regions. They are not even ethnically the same. One product of the French Revolution was a strengthening of French identity and the submission of the regional identities to the national identity. The radicals committed genocide in the Vendee in order to stamp out regional identity.

      • I thought about the Roman thing, too and saw both of the comments regarding it. The thing that made me think otherwise was remembering the time of collapse under Romulus Augustulus. Rome itself was still exclusively Roman. And even in the succeeding centuries Roman families tended to keep to themselves. They didn’t mix in with the invaders.

        • I would guess that a major reason that the old Roman families didn’t mix with the invaders (Goths, Lombards, etc.) was due to religion – the old Romans by the time of Romulus Augustulus and thereafter were Catholic Christians. The invading Germanic tribes were mostly Arian heretics.

      • Like I implied, we are not ruled over by people desperately trying to commit cultural and demographic suicide because “we” do not rule our countries anymore and those that do are trying to commit cultural and demographic murder. But,

        “After Gibbon, others, for a time, pointed to barbarians as a contributing factor. More recently, historians have pointed to economic factors, arguing that aggressive taxation destroyed the empire’s economy and finally the empire itself. But what really happened? The answer, according to Oxford historian Peter Heather, is that unchecked immigration and invasion led to the gradual dismantling of the empire. Heather tells the story of this massive and crippling wave of hostile immigration in his new book, The Fall of the Roman Empire. For modern Americans grappling with issues of empire abroad and facing the beginning elements of unchecked immigration themselves, the book is fascinating, if somewhat disquieting, reading.”


        If you want, you can read some of the similarities between the West today and the Roman Empire. I don’t want to post it all. But, the takeaway is this:

        “There are two major lessons to be learned from the fall of the Roman Empire in the West, and these are made apparent in Heather’s book. First and foremost is the danger of uncontrolled hostile immigration. That the empire could absorb large groups of immigrants is beyond doubt. It could and did do so over several centuries. But even the Roman Empire, with its vast territory and unprecedented wealth, had a limit to the number of people it could absorb and Romanize.”

        “Eventually, the immigrants grew more powerful than the existing Roman authority and, maintaining to some degree their independence of spirit and character, were unwilling to relinquish their own culture and adopt the Roman. Vast blocs of once-Roman territory eventually became foreign and even the preexisting Roman population, eventually outnumbered, had to make peace with the newcomers.”

        “This is a stark lesson for America. The United States faces its own immigration dilemma with very large numbers of immigrants moving in but resisting Americanization. Our modern situation at the Rio Grande is not so different from the Roman situation at the Danube circa 376 A.D.”

        From the 3rd century onward we see a trend to accept the installation of barbarian tribes inside the borders. And while at first they had to follow Roman law, they later got the right to keep both their leaders and their own political structures, giving them a wider sense of freedom toward Roman power, ultimately leading them to hold the only power in the areas where they settled.

        Also, it was the Emperor Caracalla in 212 A.D. that instituted the policy of citizenship for ALL freemen of the Empire. Prior to that, those living in the far-flung areas of the Roman Empire were aliens and exempt from paying tax. Caracalla’s “generous” gift was a farce. In reality, he just needed more tax revenues and more military recruits.

        As far as the frogs are concerned, I’ll just say this:

        “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”

        Talk about suicide. France has been pushing that SJW hogwash for almost 230 years now.

  13. Your ideology is unappealing to everyone except for a few white men

    Gillespie tried it on in Virginia and lost to a guy who ran an ad calling people like you racist murderers. That tells you something right there.

    It’s why a democrat will win in Alabama. America is changing for the better and the youth do not want your racism

  14. Outstanding blogpost Zman.

    I don’t understand why the different factions of the Dissident Right feel the need to attack each other so much. We’re all pulling in the same direction. A Steve Bannon-style American Economic Nationalism may not achieve all of the goals of a Hunter Wallace or Richard Spencer, but it’s a heck of a lot better than the status quo.

    In the short term, we absolutely must stop the flow of third world immigration and deport the criminals, temporary refugees and illegals. If that doesn’t happen, civil war is assured. The Trump/Bannon coalition is the best and only hope to make that happen. As a side benefit, they’ll also discredit the media in the process and make our long term fight that much easier.

    In the long term, the Spencer/Wallace factions make a valid point that American Economic Nationalism isn’t an enduring, unifying philosophy and is likely to get watered down and co-opted over time. Spencer and Wallace should continue to do their thing to try to build a stronger coalition based on stronger form of identity politics (white identity, southern identity, whatever works).

    In my opinion, the most important goal is to teach the basics of race realism. Once you recognize and understand that globalism can’t work with 85 IQ third worlders, you will inevitably join the Dissident Right.

    • One could rationally argue that economic nationalism doesn’t address the imminent demographic paradigm shift and voting patterns would bear this criticism out. America, for all intents and purposes, will be destroyed when Texas goes blue. And that will happen in the 2020 or 2024 without presently unthinkable immigration policy change.

      • Race ain’t real until you need a bone marrow transplant. Then race gets real in a hurry. But hey, biology is just claptrap, right?

  15. I grew up in the Midwest. The only Jews I knew were Mr. Zimmerman, who ran a shoe store and supported our school Christmas charity drive, and Mr. Bohm, who owned the camera store. I referred to Bohm as my Uncle even though we were not related. He helped our family through a rough patch.

    I knew nothing of Bolshevism, or the Frankfurt school. The Jews I knew were successful because they worked hard. TRS has a heavy focus on the JQ because most of the founders of TRS are New Yorkers.

    To a Midwesterner, David Duke’s focus on Israel seems odd. At times it seems like Duke prefers Muslims. While this is logical to those who are red pilled on the JQ, preferring a violent culture like Islam to Judaism seems nutty.

    Most people don’t read very much past the headlines. The echo meme was effective because it woke a lot of people up to Jewish influence. Alt Right memes need to be tailored to the audience, and what is effective in one region may not work in another.

    West Virginia is full of whites, but they have traditionally voted a lot like mestizos. Robert Byrd has half of the state named after him since he brought home the gibs me dat. White areas of the country that are not doing well economically are a big challenge for the Alt Right. These areas do not attract a lot of immigrants because the jobs are not there to draw them. Jews are a distant abstraction, and the only blacks one sees are on TV.

        • “With the It’s Okay to be White poster campaign sending oy veys echoing around the world and Donna Brazile making good on the notion that non-whites are the perpetual blind spot of any serious political movement (no really, let them into your inner circle and they’ll sell you down the river for a carton of Newports), the collapse of the J-left’s crumbling institutions continues to accelerate.”

          Oy! Oyyyy! Ke sha!!
          The goyim are revolting!

          The epic revenge of Generation Zyklon on the SJWs shall be spoken of in whispers for a thousand years…

  16. You forgot about the Sagebrush Rebellion types. The intermountain west is where the normies stopped talking about it, and are taking up arms. It’s been pretty ham-fisted so far, but they will learn.

  17. Thank you for that map Zman. Many tend to forget that European nation states once composed of many, many different groups (we can name them as tribes or nations) speaking different languages with different customs. Example, France, Italy, Spain had many regions where inhabitants spoke regional dialects but not the “classical” French, Italian, Spanish. United States is similar. I do not think someone from Deep South has anything in common with someone from NYC or Jersey for example. English is the lingua franca but they are very different types of english. Sometimes I wonder how this United States will endure as one nation under God.

    • It won’t any more than its rival empire of lies the USSR did,

      In some ways its Good Riddance, I’m from the Rocky Mountain West and see no reason why people who have nothing in common with me from say Boston or Connecticut should be deciding policy for me and mine

      This is though as much an urban/rural gap as a state one, most “Deplorables” have enough common that if we left each other mostly alone could share a nations, upstate NY isn’t the same as say Colorado but it does have things in common.

      Chicago or NYC might as well be Mars

      Hopefully though we can end this nonsense with minimal violence and in such a way that doesn’t vastly increase our vulnerability

    • The Southern white folk have much in common with their white peeps in Ohio. Both have been hammered by globalization and immigration. The same applies to the white folks such as Sailer, and other s here in California with those in Ohio, George and the Mid-West folks.

      The fact that we’re separated by thousands of miles, we do share lots of things in common if you’re talking about blue collars and middle-class folks. Globalization, immigration and even big box stores wiping out our local businesses are just a few things we have in common.

      You want more?

      Contempt and frustration with local government which isn’t honest or responsive. Public schools that no longer answer to the public unless it’s minorities doing the complaining.

      We are all disgusted with D.C. and their cabal of elitists and oligarchs that appear for all intents insane and hate our guts.

      The same with Silicon Valley going nuts promoting our demographic destruction.and censoring us.

      • Many in Ohio are essentially southern white folk. ” They learned readin’, writin’, Route 23…”

    • “I do not think someone from Deep South has anything in common with someone from NYC or Jersey for example.”

      Football. Conservative ideals. Outdoor activities. These are but three of numerous examples of how Americans regardless of location share commonalities. You are selling white people here short.

  18. We are the first country to be ruled over by people desperately trying to commit cultural and demographic suicide.

    Others beat me to it, but I think the race is still on and Sweden, Germany, Britain, and Australia are looking like strong finishers.

    We are the first people, with a significant element that celebrates the extinction of our race.

    If you include self-hating whites, I think others beat you there too.

    • I tend to blame America for exporting this lunacy to the rest of the Occident. Thirty years ago, no one in Europe worried much about racism. We gave that to the world. But, the great honky die off is a pan-honky phenomenon.

      • Z Man;
        Concur. Focus must be on The Cloud, our common enemy. Focus must not be on regional differences. A new big tent_!

        • The cloud people are all but invisible to some folks out here in flyover land. From a struggling mid sized town in East Kentucky perspective, the cloud people don’t seem important at first. Wal-Mart has done more damage to the community than Mexicans. Highway project after highway project (bypassing the bypass route of the old bypass route), have destroyed more small businesses than Jews. Consolidated schools have destroyed more small towns than blacks. White people are not having children for numerous reasons, but when the community schools are gone, it is just one more pita to deal with.

          The ironic thing is that a majority of people in these towns will favor the Wal-Mart (cheap stuff), highway project (muh jobs), and giant mega-school in the middle of nowhere (for the children). Of course the cloud people profit from all of the above. Some in the Alt Right like too say that economics do not matter, but we need a message that resonates with people.

          • Great comment, Reactionary. Goes right along with James Wilson one above. I think some of the Greek reformers could see a bit of this and it caused them to form the demes, the Romans to have artificial tribes and Jefferson to propose small wards as political units.

            Of these those that were tried in practice needed up dying along with the cultures they were in and one was theoretical, so nothing lasts forever, but if we were to have a mechanism whereby occasionally, instead of things continually getting bigger, there was some way to make them smaller, or keep them broken up while there was some form of expansion going on.

            An example would be enlarging a school district for taxation purposes but keeping school sizes restricted below some threshold level.

      • Paul Gottfried has detailed how the American Imperium imposed racial P.C. on Europe in recent decades.

    • “We are the first country to be ruled over by people desperately trying to commit cultural and demographic suicide.” There was a not insignificant amount of this contributing to the collapse of the Roman Empire. Empires do not inspire loyalty, and are not intended to. They rule by other means. Sweden, Germany, Britain, and Australia are satellites of an empire, a failing empire. Eighty years ago Orwell was writing of the type who bring this about, English intellectuals who hated everything British and had no affection for their country. Now that is universal in the EU.

  19. Having lived for considerable lengths of time in five of the American Nations, I can vouch for Zman’s observations. These nations are as different as Dutch are from Germans are from Danes–despite all of the nations speaking English. The differences lie in a deeper cultural place than mere language.

    When I see alt-right-ish folks poking at others, many times it is this cultural difference that is at its root. Some of the alt-right luminaries are, at heart, provincial. One might have globetrotted and now resides in the Old World, but their head space is still in Yankee-land, with Yankee-land predilections. Spend some time in the delta or in the hollows or on the prairie and what white/western nationalism/identity means to them may surprise them.

    The alt-right/white-identity “thing” will have to bridge these cultural gaps. Some peculiarities will have to be tolerated and some will have to be attenuated to make a go of it. There will be plenty of time to hash them out after the crisis, whatever form that may take.

    • “The alt-right/white-identity “thing” will have to bridge these cultural gaps.”

      ‘It’s OK to be white” does this pretty well.

    • We lose sight of the fact that the country was founded on provincialism elevated to a principle. That was the Founder’s solution to Montesquieu’s dictum that the one thing a republic could not be was large. Plus. provincialism is the seed of talent and genius, universalism never. Yet the narrative reserves provincialism for the rubes and universalism for the sophisticated.

  20. “No one knows if it is sustainable.”
    A small highly-paranoid part of me believes the upper-crust doesn’t care if it’s sustainable because they will just hole up in their bunkers if things go south. With the coming robot age, they will no longer need to rely on blue-collar folks for their goods & services which makes them much more dangerous.

  21. Our side is still in the process of building itself. The flip side is currently more significant IMO, as there is little doubt the left hates white men.

    • Liberal whites hate themselves. They must hate all whites to remain reasonably consistent. Low self esteem is a calling card of the left. Unless one is in charge, of course. 1st class all the way for the leading true believers.

    • Whats significant is the two “people desperately trying to commit cultural and demographic suicide” are people who have this fantasy they will rule and get there via genocide.
      I’m from northern NH Yankeedom and WV Appalachia. Both places have a lot in common. They just want to be left alone. Both smell a very dead stinking rat. And both are the type of American’s who you really do not want to piss off. Because when you try to force these dirt people, and that are realistic dirt people, they tend to be people who you can’t stop or switch off. And there are deep grumblings among the warriors in these two dirt people tribes.

      See, thats just the thing. This isn’t about safe discussions of culture via anonymous keyboards, this is the shit were rivers of blood come from. And my main point Im trying to portray. The “people desperately trying to commit cultural and demographic suicide”, have an agenda that has been responsible for more mass murder through human history than all other Marxian style agenda’s combined. The 20th century was a blood bath. Its the dirt people who fought that. Its the dirt people who will again fight this next one we are the target of. There’s an acronym most aren’t getting, it’s “BFYTW”, which stands for Because Fuck You Thats Why. It means never say die, come and take them, our guns, our culture, everything, because your not getting them. We have a meat grinder we want to stuff you and your dirty stinking ideology into.

      Us dirt people are so far ahead of the curve no one in Normie land can see us. We have learned to live with less, we have hardened ourselves to whats coming, we have no doubts on this score, the only way this crap ends is by making rivers of blood. It is where this is all going.
      And it is us dirt people who have ever created positive change in this world. No one one else. This is our purview. Its our legacy also.
      There’s no winning against the marxian horde without us. All the Normies out there in whatever stripe, they haven’t figured this out yet. Still living in some altruistic dream of the past thats going to magically come to the rescue. God bless them. But they better wake up fast, times getting real short. There is nobody coming to the rescue.
      Its all of us who must find away to solidarity together who are our heroes who will rescue the West.

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