Nature Finds A Way

One of the more frustrating things about biological realism is that most people really wish there were no such thing as biological realism. The reason ad makers keep trying to sell stuff using little girl football players or race mixing campers is they know most white people wish all that stuff were true. Those ads and their assumptions are flattering to SWPL-ville types. The studied dismissal of human biology by our ruling elite goes largely unchallenged, because the great white middle class hopes they are right about all of it.

I’m always reminded of this when the topic of African population numbers and the world’s most important graph are mentioned. Putting the racial issue aside, the population explosion in Africa is going to be the defining issue of the 21st century. Inevitably, someone always says something like “that assumes those trends go on forever.” The implication is that population math will magically correct itself. Any effort to explain the math is met with more denial and hand waving. Most people do not want to know about it.

The fact is, the West is struggling with a sub-Saharan population of about three quarters of a billion people. Those flotillas of Africans crossing the Mediterranean every day are causing all sorts of political and economic trouble for Europe. The number of migrants landing on the beaches of Europe are in the thousands right now. That is thousands per day. Imagine what happens when it is ten thousand a day. In fifteen years, the population of Africa will double. The migrant troubles of today will feel like the good old days.

Nature finds a way of solving these sorts of problems. Thomas Malthus gets a bad rap from history, but he gave us a great concept. It is the Malthusian catastrophe. Once population numbers reach the carrying capacity of the land, society collapses and humans fall back to subsistence level existence. It has never happened, as agricultural technology has far outstripped population growth, but that does not mean catastrophic risk does not increase with population numbers. Risks like pandemics, for example.

Right now, Africa has a Marburg outbreak and a Madagascar Plague outbreak. The Marburg virus is the most interesting. It kills 88% of the people that contract it. There is no known treatment for it either. The outbreak thus far is limited, but Africa is not exactly a well oiled machine when it comes to managing large scale social projects, like containing disease outbreak. Talk to people who study this stuff and you come away with the sense that Africa has been incredibly lucky and their luck is about to run out.

The Madagascar Plague is a different sort of problem. It is a combination of bubonic, pneumonic and septicemic plagues. Modern medicine has treatments for all three and they are cheap enough to get to Africa. The trouble is these diseases spread quickly. African medical services are like everything in Africa. They are a circus of inefficiency, corruption and ineptitude. It would not take an exceptionally large outbreak to tip over the medical system, as well as the supply chain from the West to that medical system.

Getting back to the most important graph in the world, one possible change to it could come from a wide scale pandemic. It is conceivable. There have been plenty of pandemics in human history. The Black Plague not only altered the structure of European society, it altered European DNA. There are some good arguments that the Black Death helped accelerate Europe’s cultural progress out of the medieval period. The relationship of land, labor and status were thrown over by a great die off.

There is another angle to it. The Black Plague did not originate in Europe. It arrived by sea in October 1347 when 12 Genoese trading ships docked at the Sicilian port of Messina. Most of the sailors aboard the ships were dead, and those who were still alive were close to it. They had The Plague. Even if those ships had never made it to Europe, the strange disease that was killing people along the great trade routes of Asia was on its way. The Black Death came to Europe the same way the first people came to Europe.

Human-like animals burst out of Africa at least twice and probable three or four times in history. We know that modern humans displaced the Neanderthals, who left Africa and settled Eurasia. The Denisovans were probably displaced by Neanderthals, but that is open to debate. There is the possibility that the out of Africa narrative is wrong in some important ways, but the available data still suggests that there have been waves of humans out of Africa for as long as there have been bipeds on earth.

Maybe that’s how Mother Nature erases the board and starts over. When one wave of humans runs its course, a new batch of humans burst forth from Africa to replace the old, outmoded ones. The new batch being raw and unformed, they adapt to the new lands they inhabit and give the old evolutionary process another shot. Because they bring new diseases or new forms of diseases, they do not have to be more fit than the indigenous populations initially. Those invisible bugs they bring with them become the great equalizer.

That could be what we are seeing today. The people of Europe and Asia had a nice run, but they have reached a dead end in the eyes of nature. The fertility rates have plummeted, even in China. In Europe, the willingness of the natives to defend themselves and their territories has collapsed. From the perspective of nature, Eurasians are looking a lot like the giant Panda. Humans may think it worthwhile to maintain a species that no longer will reproduce, but nature is unemotional about these things.

Alternatively, a great plague that originates with the swelling populations of Africa and then spreads around the world is another option. Most people who study the current crop of diseases in Africa do not think they will mutate into something wildly contagious that overwhelms our social structures. They could be wrong about this. It could be that some new bug alters some common bug, like the flu, which then ravages the human populations of the world. Like the Black Death, it would be carried by outsiders to Europe.

Those are all pleasant outcomes to consider, but there is another option. The population of sub-Saharan Africa could reach a point where it exceeds the capacity of the West to subsidize it. Right now, without foreign aid, Africa would fall into famine and civil war. What if as their numbers increase, the per capita aid required to sustain them increases? The ability to manage the problem could have a much shorter time horizon than Western planners assume. Economic crisis could come to the West like the plague.

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  1. Another possibility is that antibiotics will lose their effectiveness for many problems. Chicken houses have to use large quantities of antibiotics to support their density. I assume the human population is much the same.

  2. Keep in mind two things when looking at population statistics from African nations.

    1) A lot of foreign aid to those countries is based on their reported population.
    2) Politicians will lie through their teeth for a free lunch, much less a billion dollars in aid that they can skim a mil or so off the top of.

  3. The SJWs will claim that Sapien’s replacement by Homo Africansis is inevitable- they’re better adapted to global warming, you see.

    And their swarm will be preceded by plague, clearing the way.

  4. Bruce Sterling’s delightful “Holy Fire” is set some 60 years after the Great Plague Years of the 2020’s.

  5. Saying there will be a malthusian catastrophe now is sort of like hearing the Marxist say “oh we’re going to get socialism right the next time” Malthus and Marx were both wrong

    • Both were partially correct

      Getting a reprieve doesn’t mean we will always be ahead in the game.

      Global population will decline either by peoples efforts or by mass death.

      As for Marx, the most useful term in Marxism is called alienation from the means of production (ain’t got no job, ain’t got farm) and we have a lot of that. More every year and if you think that unemployment, wage arbitrage and underemployment

      If you think that lack of money and income isn’t contributing to delayed families and smaller family size especially in the US and Europe you need to study up.

      Its basically the entire reason for low fertility in the 30’s and the 70’s and the 80’s also

      Our leaders are rootless, globalists and mostly greedy psychos and they are unwilling or unable to pay the cost for civilization so you get what we have now.

      Nationalism or die, that is the only option

    • You have to look at the nature of man and how we deal with the problems that face us. When we are confronted with a crisis, we devise a technical solution. When that technical solution is universally adopted it will in turn create it’s own crisis, and that crisis will require an even more advanced and complicated solution. Eventually, we will meet the crisis we cannot innovate our way out of. It’s not a question of if but when.

  6. Here’s a thought Q: Is the average life worth living? “Youth, middle age, aged: blunder, struggle, regret.” Most people probably don’t even weigh the pros and cons, but all in all, even if you’re lucky, it’s a close match. How many dead people, if they could, would have chosen to never have been born?

      • Cattle die, Kinsmen die. Cattle die, kindred die, Every man is mortal: But the good name never dies. Of one who has done well.
        Havamal 76

      • true for the lucky. many not so lucky. famine, disease, war, floods, fire, mental illness, addiction…life is a gift, but that “gift” comes with a heavy price tag: much suffering.

        • You know, people in those places have learned to enjoy life when and how they can. It’s the neurotic insecure moderners who suffer from chronic ennui.

      • Consequential lives are precious. All the rest are irrelevant. To paraphrase Bill Burr, ‘ I don’t recognize anyone in your family portrait. It’s 25 people (defecating) into the river, achieving nothing. It’s a gd ecological disaster, and you framed it.’

    • Mr Phil in hell: Sir, I for one cannot even fathom the frequency you are operating on. Life for some is surely a twisted ordeal, however with the tiller grasped firmly the general chosen direction in life for most is absolutely attainable. Think bigly. Most of my friends will attest to that concept.
      Your thought above is dismal. soapweed

      • you are one of the lucky. you are not suicidal. downs syndrone. depressed. suffer from addiction. have a close friend die in a car accident. suffer from severe pain or go to bed sick and hungry. count your lucky stars. not everyone is as lucky as you. curious though, you seem so oblivious to the suffering of so many all around you. this will come as a surprise to you, but there are many ppl who do wish they had never been born.

        • Suffering is the crucible from which great men are fully realized, and that grinds lesser men to dust.

  7. It struck me as a kid seeing how little an African can live on. We lived in a small town but outside the farms the villages got progressively smaller to the point where it would be four or five huts all populated by relatives overseen by a headman. The women raised corn and leeks, storing the corn in a sort of silo hut, taking some out at times to beat with a mortar and pestle, followed by grinding between stones by hand which was then used to make a sort of corn meal mush called sadza. Protein was obtained from cows or goat’s milk from animals left in the care of young boys, flying ants, caterpillars, or small game caught with snares.

    When we had hunting parties there would be a huge fire for the hunters. The African guides would be camped out near the margins of the camp with tiny little fires that you would swear on first seeing that they weren’t burning at all, but would almost make your skin boil off if you got too close. Around these would be ungutted fish drying on sticks stuck in the ground.

    If large game was harvested absolutely nothing went to waste. It was so dry you could hang meat to dry on a clothes line.

    This is part of the reason why even with the slight progress that has been made there that the population has exploded so.

  8. Even the government won’t shield the US from imported hideous diseases.
    That would be too much like xenophobia to suit the Liberals. We need a Horatius at the bridge to be CDC director. Instead, we’ve got “We’re part of the world” Freed.

  9. I’m really beginning to believe there is no good or evil, since an event or practice can only be judged by the outcome it creates. The third world population problem has been created by the West. Our tech, our medicine, and our food aid has caused this. Things that were done with the best of intentions have and will cause great pain and suffering. I’m pretty sure how it’s going to go.

    We need to look at the conditions that have been created there to get an idea about what will happen. Dense population, poor waste disposal, and a dependence on outside aid for food and medicine. Those are perfect conditions for plague when the outside aid is taken away. The West is going to become focused on it’s last great war and will turn it’s back on Africa. This loss of foreign aid will trigger the greatest plague man has ever known.

  10. Big picture: Humans and Nature’s fauna are incompatible.

    As the world’s human population explodes, the Earth’s non-domesticated critters are dying off at an alarming rate. Except no one is alarmed, since they can only see the ‘human rights’ issues of our solipsistic folly.

  11. The parasite needs a living host and if the host extincts himself the parasite cannot replace him. Like money, food doesn’t grow on trees in Europe, especially not in winter.

  12. This is not a new theory. Back in the 90’s, when we had the sense to NOT flood our countries with feral low IQ Africans – we speculated that Mother Nature would do everyone a favour through the use of a Darwinian culling mechanism known as HIV/AIDS. Quite honestly, I am astonished that it hasn’t already done so.

    But truly, Z, you are being quite premature in writing off the white race. That ‘cultural melting pot’ is at a rolling boil. All it takes is one angry shot, or one smirking wrong thinker – and that lid will come right off! Consider: the Germans went from rubber boots and farm horses to jack boots and Messerschmidts in ten years. Before they were defeated they beat the stuffing out of the Russians, the fwench, the Brits, us Canadians and you Yanks. It took everything we had too – with our bombs, planes, troops and even the atomic bomb.

    Trust me, if they can put 6 million jooos in the ovens – they can easily deport a couple million brainless vibrants and send them back to Africa. In the next ten years you will not be of the dissident right anymore – you will probably be a mainstream moderate. Fact is I see race wars and certain Cloud People hanging from the lamp posts long before we are culled by Africans.

      • Sorry Jones – you see, I’ve seen that number bandied about for over 4 decades now and – having only recently been red pilled – I used it without thinking. If you disagree with that number I have no problem with it.

        • So you think Anne Frank is hiding out with Amelia Earhart somewhere? Your idiocy is mesmerizing on so many levels…

          • I’m saying that if somebody wants to debate that 6 million figure – I have no problem with it. I have no dog in the fight over the ‘jooish question’ one way or the other. Suffice it to say I don’t trust them or any other self proclaimed victim group either. As a group they have lied to us, and tried to manipulate us so – so I take their Holocaust accounts with a few grains of salt. I don’t trust their historians any more than I trust their mainstream media slobs.

  13. I’m a little more bearish on the 3rd world population question in that genetically speaking, those populations are dead-ends. The rates of neurodegeneracy and inbreeding are very high in Arabic and African populations, as well as Central Americans.

    If they do subsume the East Asians and Europeans then we’re looking at a mass extinction event, not just a disappearance of blonde hair.

    The low IQs combined with neurological destruction means that if the above scenario is true, with a combination of radicalized Islam, then the world’s infrastructure, including nuclear power and weaponry is ripe for decay if not use in warfare.

    We also forget that while there are extraction industries in the third world (oil, mines, etc.), those are mostly done by European or Asian contractors and workers. Those contractors often complain of native helpers being unable (or unwilling) to do some basic mechanical tasks like changing oil or fixing spark plugs. Most of even the roughneck work on rigs and in mechanic shops are done by Westerners or East Asians.

    If the above scenario were to come to pass, again you’re not looking at the lack of Swedish volleyball teams with blue eyes, but the lack of all but sea life on Earth.

    • Tough to predict the affects of generational inbreeding or of breeding amongst a small population.
      Yes, bizarre results are produced when first cousins marry and have kids; check out pictures of the mountain folks of the Appalachians; you will see some rather strange looking humans. The monarchs of Europe, due to their propensity to marry relatives, produced a good amount of not to smart folks (e.g., Prince Charles of the UK).
      But then again, look at the jewish people of Europe; they were confined to ghettos for hundreds of years and given their limited ability to breed with non-jews of Europe, they certainly have a more limited genetic stock than, say, European non-jews.
      Yet, they are on average, more successful – economically and intellectually based on actual results + IQ tests – than non-jews.
      Hell if I know.
      Maybe it is a cultural thing; jews, on AVERAGE , are strong believers in academics and learning. African blacks (and many US blacks, US hispanics) simply are not.
      Inbreeding leads to extremes; physical and intellectual. Whether these produce positive or negative (or both) results, who knows.

      If you think about it, humans evolved from a very , very, limited – numerically speaking – group of early humans. Genetic aberrations and who knows what else have produced the humans of today, of which some are very intelligent and some are not.

  14. “From the perspective of nature, Eurasians are looking a lot like the giant Panda. Humans may think it worthwhile to maintain a species that no longer will reproduce, but nature is unemotional about these things.” That’s the money quote. Facts are indeed stubborn things.

    • Lets talk population density

      Oregon has a population of 4 millions and locals and former locals like me thinks it getting crowded.

      Germany is about 30 percent larger than Oregon , with the same population density it would be I’ guessing around 6 million . Its now 80 million and change, nearly 14x the population density

      There comes a point in which it simply is too crowded for a race or a culture and its pretty clear that number has been reached in Europe.

      People don’t want to pop out huge families in poverty stricken conditions and tenements just so the elite can have more consumers and workers when they have a choice.

      You’ll also see elements of this in the UK< its population is a little more stable but its doubled since Peak England (Victorian Era) and its pretty clear that's plenty

      Its rational and healthy decisions to have fewer kids when its crowded only that decision is being screwed with the rootless sociopaths that make up or ruling classes . Get rid of them, throw out the foreigners and if you feel punitive their advocates and enablers , seal the borders and the nations population will slowly decline to a level the people feel comfortable with . Heck you might even be able to figure out some way to put more money in peoples hands and you'll get that population up a bit

      • Holland is far more densely populated than Germany. The entire population of earth will fit into the state of Texas given two bedroom homes on suburban lots with room left over for parks. The real population problem is in the quality of people.

  15. Nature is full of symmetrical phenomena. If deadwood is allowed to build up in a forest, it will lead to much larger fires when it finally burns. In human populations, if the deadwood is allowed to accumulate, it leads to pandemics and so forth. By suppressing the natural culling forces of nature — as we have been doing for the last 100 or so years — we have created the back pressure for a truly gigantic corrective event. The world population of humans will reach 1B before it reaches 10B.

    • This point is very important. The how and the timing is up for debate, but the “what” shouldn’t be.

  16. The problem with experts is they tend to be experts in very narrow fields. The prediction that African population will double by year 20XX is based on current trends. It ignores, as Zman points out, a Malthusian reality. African land under the control of African people can not sustain that population. Yes, Malthus could not have predicted the agricultural revolution that dramatically increased the productive capacity of the land. But that happened when Europeans or their legacy governments were largely in control. South Africa and Rhodesia were very productive when run by the British. Once the British and Dutch Afrikaners were kicked out both countries became basket cases in terms of ability to support themselves.
    Just as important as the “carrying capacity” of the land is the cultural capacity of the land’s owners and operators.

  17. I see this all the time teaching undergraduate history classes. I’ve never met Francis Fukuyama, but when I do, I’m going to congratulate him on the bang-up job he did. Every college kid I know (many thousands at this point) believes we’ve got History dicked — we’ve figured it all out, and the forces that shaped all of human life up to this point simply don’t apply to us anymore. When I ask them why there won’t be another Great Plague, they blithely say “science.” (of course, I apparently am one of those who don’t understand “scientosupercallufragilisticexpialadocious” or whatever it is). When I ask them why they thing demographics don’t matter, they ask me what “demographics” means, and when I explain it to them, the whole room goes pin-drop silent (“demography” is synonymous with “raaaaaacist”). I can’t even get them to spit it back to me on the test, and with this coddled, grade-grubbing generation, that’s really saying something.

    • For some reason, your comment was flagged as spam. Maybe “Vox Day” triggers the spam filter for some reason. I don’t know. I’m using a third party product.

  18. Am I the only person that had to look up what SWPL means?

    By the way, speaking of the “out-of-Africa” hypothesis, they recently discovered in Germany ( !!) 9.7 million year old teeth (two, to be exact) of some sort of pre-ape/gorilla.

    Open minded scientists will re-examine the “established” evolutionary tree because apes were never supposed to live in Germany. Perhaps the German apes were seeking some “lebensraum,” given that ancient Africa was teeming with all sorts of hominids and ape/chimp like critters.

    Politically correct “researchers” will call this find an aberration; merely the teeth of some long extinct ape that had zero connections to any supposed common ancestors to humans. Though I cannot but think that if these teeth were found in Africa, these same researchers would be jumping through their rears figuring out where on the hominid evolutionary tree these ape-teeth belong.

    Where Malthus went wrong was in extrapolating , unchanged, existing trends (food production, population growth, etc) into the future. History shows that the unexpected will usually emerge out of the ether and produce results that were totally unexpected even a short time earlier.

    A good example of this is the fall of the USSR; an event not even predicted by the CIA, the State Dept., etc., just a few short WEEKS before it occurred.
    Or the financial crisis of 2008, in which the brilliant, esteemed , genius MIT PHD, Professor of Economics at Princeton U., Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, stated a few months before the worst financial dislocation since the Great Depression, that the housing/mortgage crisis would not affect the overall economy.
    The “esteemed” Stanford Professor of Biology and Population Studies, and modern day Malthus, Paul Ehrlich, author of the “Population Bomb” (1968) predicted mass starvation in the 1970s; this guy has a perfect record of being wrong for 40 years running, but is still held in high regard merely because he is a leftist fear monger.
    Recall the price of oil at over $100/ bbl. The genius Harvard/Wharton analysts at Goldman Sachs predicted the price would rise to $150/bbl. Instead it plunged to the mid $20/bbl a year or two later.

    Yea, a Malthusian type disaster can and will occur (e.g. the Irish potato blight/famine of 1845; The Great Pandemic of 1918) ; but it too will be unpredictable and appear out of the ether. And when it does, rest assured the ‘experts” will emerge from the woodwork, claiming “I told you so.”

    But these predictions will be as hollow as those stock market prognosticators who predict a crash. Eventually they will be right, but eventually there is always someone who is right.

    • The other day, I tried to explain to the Vox types the categories of scientific knowledge. Early human evolution is very much in the category of “things we think are true, but remain in debate.” Lots of it is in the bucket of “Let’s assume this is true so we can systematically explore the topic further.” The Graecopithecus freybergi specimens are a good example of both categories.

      • Noam Chomsky and his devotees have thrown in the towel on trying to prove language evolved and the plain and simple truth is that abstract thought (which ZMan is quite adept at) can not have arisen owing to any evolutionary development.

        The “Just so” boasts of evolutionary theory are not as believable as the Just So stories of Kipling.

        When an evolutionist can explain how two animals can copulate and produce an offspring that has one or more organs neither copulating progenitor had will be the day they are worth listening to.

        There have been more false missing links finds than the actual falsies worn on dates by the members of the Chinese women’s gymnastics squad throughout time.

        O, and for some reason, Man is made in the image of God and has a rational and immortal soul… did not appear as typed.

      • Vox is a smart guy, but he seems a bit disingenuous at times. A part of the reason might be his Christian faith. Evolution and natural selection, while fare from perfect, remains a decent model for explaining the variety of life on earth. Every once in a while some truth that was assumed to be axiomatic is proven to be incorrect. This does not invalidate the scientific method or require new words to describe how we do science. All models based upon observation will always be subject to revision.

  19. Those who succor the blind faith of evolutionism are forever sneaking teleology into their explanations and, thus, nature sees and adjusts or some such thing…

    There was never any such animal as a human animal but that is the hopeful monster of the atheist clique, from Stephen Jay Gould to the ZMan.

    Man is made in the image of God and have a rational and immortal whereas animals have an animal/sensitive soul and plants have a vegetative soul.

    Unless one begins with Being- as did St Thomas Aquinas – one will fall for decadent and delusional “explanations” for existence.

  20. The Chicoms clearly have that continent in their sights, as their colonization plans are well underway. Do you think they would go so far as to implement some kind of depopulation scheme, be it a plague, famine or some other kind of disruption?

    • Given that Mao killed anywhere from 40 – 70 million of his own people in great social “experiments”, and his successors still regard him as “70% good, 30% bad”, it’s hard to believe that the Chinese are going to get all teary-eyed about black Africans, whom they more or less regard as being subhuman anyway. The Chinese tend not to be a very sentimental people anyway, and Communism doesn’t help.

      • The Chinese tend not to be a very sentimental people

        Absolutely untrue. The Chinese are a deeply religious people. They worship money.

      • There’s also the way they deal with their irksome Muslims at homes. “Oh, the Uyghurs are rioting. Should we use the people crushing tanks or just bulldoze their city?”

        Say what you will about the Chinese, but they do know how to handle some problems.

    • The Chinese have never been a colonizing people. That does not mean they will never expand outside their natural range, but it will mean they do it in a Chinese way. That most likely means they will get into Africa as an effort to hem in India and the rest of South Asia. Their base in Djibouti looks like an effort to get a naval presence in the Indian Ocean, rather than meddle in Africa.

      China has her own troubles though. That 1.5 TFR is going to be big trouble in another generation.

    • I think the Chinese are even greedier than the Europeans, and so they will be even more susceptible to the lure of cheap labor, and that will be their undoing as it was the Europeans. Look at South Africa, if they had simply never allowed an underclass of cheap black labor to exist in their nation they would not be where they are today. The Chinese won’t be smart enough to depopulate Africa.

      • The Chinese are not exploiting Africans for labor. They import labor into Africa whenever possible, a bone of contention already for Africans. But the truth is nobody prefers African labor, including Africans.

    • They are the champions of genetic engineering and are unencumbered by ethics. Their genocidal past could emerge in the future based on their risk assessment of potential Mugabe-like rampages.

  21. “Modern medicine has treatments for all three and they are cheap enough to get to Africa. The trouble is, these diseases spread quickly.”

    That’s part of the problem. Another part is people may keep digging up their dead family members to dance with them, in some quaint and adorable ritual that the press oozes on and on about, and which is responsible for spreading the plague right now.

    “Africa has been very lucky and their luck is about to run out.”

    I think OUR luck runs out before theirs does. The developed West will do what they did during the recent Ebola outbreak. They will marshall all available resources to save the Africans, and when that isn’t enough they’ll dig deeper.

    The churches will implore people to donate money. Well-meaning SWPL doctors will go there, just like during the Ebola outbreak, to treat the sick – and die in the process, as happened in the Ebola scare.

    They’ll even fly patients for treatment to the west like they did during the Ebola affair – or perhaps mobilize a couple of aircraft carriers to sit off the coast and provide support for teams of suicidal health care workers who wish to die to help the poor Africans.

    From each according to his ability, to Africa according to its need will be out motto, and we’ll go broke, get sick, and die if necessary fulfilling that mandate.

    And, since no good crisis is normally allowed to go to waste by our rulers, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them convert such an incident into the justification for even MOAR immigration from Africa to Europe and the U.S. – to protect the immigrants from plague or something.

    Malthus was right, but Keynes was righter, when he said markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. Same difference with any Africa.

    Or maybe Alex Jones said it best. “We love our Somalis, We love our Muslims..!!!

    • This. +1

      It will take a currency collapse to stop the West’s pathological altruism when it comes to saving Africa.

  22. One crucial difference is the Black Death was not dependent on Europeans maintaining the Black Death through choice. Africa’s population growth would cease overnight if the West stopped propping up Africa; from my time there I was amazed at how much in Africa was utterly dependent on Westerners or Asians either making the products they depend on or building the things they rely on. It amounts to a massive subsidy effort; whatever can be said about Medieval Europeans, they didn’t subsidise the Black Death. At some point that will stop, and the population growth will halt with it.

    • True, and often forgotten in these discussions.

      Also, the susceptibility of death/degeneration of third world populations to what are essentially medieval diseases.

  23. Complimentary article from Kevin Meyers posted to “westernrifleshooters” dot “wordpress” dot “com” on August 4, 2017. Entitled “On Africa”.

    Worth your time to find and read.

  24. The real problem is low white fertility. If it was as high as in the 1950s in America, 4 per woman, whites still would be advancing at home and around the world. The fertility crash began with the Church of England’s 1930 Lambeth Conference, when the first major Protestant denomination allowed contraception; followed quickly by the other major Protestant denominations. For Catholics, the problem advanced after Humanae Vitae in 1968, which continued the ban on contraception, but which Paul VI was too timid to enforce, crashing the Catholic birth rate as well. John Paul II and Benedict XVI also hardly enforced it; for example, Hans Kueng and Charles Curran were denied teaching positions at Catholic universities, but not excommunicated. The current pontiff, Francis, is even worse. Although if you read traditional Catholic websites, many are eager for a post-Francis restoration. The point is, although biology is crucial, so is belief. Whites, and everyone, again need to believe God wants them to get married and have kids, not just 2.2, but many, and that contraception is wrong. Without that, why not just have fun and wait for oblivion?

    • Things like the Lambeth Conference, the 19th Amendment in the US and so forth have a cause though. Something about whites changed in the late 19th century. The fact that it coincided with the industrialization and the urbanization of Western nations suggest a connection. For some reason, men stopped maintaining certain social customs.

        • More like “people like working in factories or offices better than back-breaking agricultural labor.”

          The “kids are so annoying” idea is a very new one caused by the way we live now. Kids are an asset on a farm, but a liability in the city. Still, women working, permissive parenting, and globohomo consumerism have made urban kids a much larger liability than they have to be.

          • Working in factories and the mines at the turn of the century was far worse than working on the farm. Even the textile mills were hell holes.where 16 hour days were the norm.

            It was not until the labor movement of the 20’s and 30’s that conditions and hours improved. But ordinary Americans had to pay for those gains in blood.

            In regards to kids. Prior to mass industrialization. Most kids were considered grown by 13 or so. Even then it was not uncommon to see children as young as 7 or 8 working in the coal mines that powered industry. Nowadays the modern education system lengthens out infantilsm well into the late teens and early twenties. As one teacher stated.’High school is just a day care center to keep kids from wandering about town’.

          • No, it wasn’t. If working on the textile mills was so nasty, people would have stayed on the farm. But they didn’t. They left in droves.

            And if you think that 7-8 year olds don’t work on a farm, you’re sadly mistaken. *Everyone* works on a farm. No exceptions.

      • “Something about whites changed in the late 19th century…”

        From wikipedia:

        “In 1881, the Isle of Man gave women who owned property the right to vote. In 1893, the British colony of New Zealand, granted women the right to vote. The colony of South Australia, did the same in 1894 and women were able to vote in the next election, which was held in 1895. South Australia also permitted women to stand for election alongside men.[3] In 1899 Western Australia enacted full women’s suffrage… ”

        And on it rolled.

        • Men could vote because we were expected to die for our countries. Women should’ve been held to a sex-appropriate equivalent standard. Married women who’ve borne their husbands at least two children maybe.

      • In a nutshell, World War I happened. Reading about it, I am puzzled. Why would these interrelated countries and families go about killing each other and destroying their rather mild ruling houses? It was like a madness that swept over them.

        • Stared back in the so called Enlightenment. Egalitarianism is a dangerous mind virus . There is an old joke about time travelers , amateurs shoot Hitler , professionals, Gavrilo Princip , masters, Rousseau

        • Books have been written, trying to answer your question. A partial answer is that the general staffs of all the major countries involved (Germany, Britain, France) thought the war would be short and swift and a rollicking good time –
          something like the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 (which wasn’t such a good time for the French, but never mind.) None of them had any clear understanding of what full-scale mechanized war would look like. As a result, none of the generals on any side had any better strategy than to order battalion after battalion into the other sides entrenched machine gun positions, with the predictable result. That this could go on for four years is indeed a kind of madness.

          • Set up funding war loans-
            Federal Reserve 1913

            Pass conflicting, false messages between nations, with bank ‘diplomats’ reassuring aristocratic military staffs on how much money they’re going to make (Schiffer Bank agents)

            It’s business. Nobody ever asks who, exactly, loaned out war debt in the first place

          • PSS- then it keeps going: one example-
            In 1948, Grumman Corp was near bankruptcy. Bought for $7 million by a successful Prohibition gang family.

            The Krinskys then anglicized their name; still big wheels in Chicago, and Grumman is now Northrup-Grumman.

            “Creative destruction”. Heh.

          • PSSS- then have Venona Papers agents (Kim Philby, Harry Dexter White, Henry Hopkins) set up privateer East India Companies, such as the CIA and MI6, operating under unrestrained ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund Act, 1940) and you’ll have globalism superceding the fragile federal states that sprang up after WWI.

            WWI shattered 500 years of Westphalian Empire in only four years;
            WWII gave us a post-national global governance infrastructure and economy, a black market at the top.

      • Until 1900 the rich and the poor both had large families. Then as education was perceived as the ticket to wealth, families were delayed and the disconnect began.

      • Note also even before industrialization cities have always been population sinks, in the past it was disease though birth control and outright infanticide were not unknown.

        Normally cities got more people from the countryside but now 80% of people are urban which suggests to me that TFR should decline quiet a bit till land becomes cheap

        Some cultural changes , default male custody and fault only divorce with limits on alimony and the like would have a positive effect I think but it won’t be a huge one

        And note an abortion ban and religion won’t help in most of Europe. Abortion is basically illegal in Poland and they are among the lowest in TFR (1.3)

        It won’t help the US either and you won’t get useful ban in without removing the female franchise

        Abortion is broadly in the minds of women good for them even if it bad for the broader society which is questionable anyway

      • Women have the upper hand in the urban areas in the game of sexes. A lot more potential mates as compared with rural areas so it pays to wait for the ‘mister right’.

        Of course, it is a disaster strategy for the society and women as a group, but it makes sense on individual level.

    • The US total fertility rate has been below replacement for more time than its been above replacement by far hitting “modern” levels during the depression and staying at those levels every year except for the baby boom (1946 to 1972) all the way to current

      This decline was way before birth control , easy divorce and cultural Marxism

      In fact its been 60 years of below or just at replacement fertility for 26 years of high fertility

      This suggest to me the Baby Boom was an aberration . I suspect it was caused by the optimism of a vast increase in wealth for regular people a delayed desire for children and the common wartime fertility bump

      None of these are repeatable circumstances so the TFR is declining to its natural level

      This doesn’t suggest racial decline to me but that carrying capacity has been reached in the Wes and East alike and that anyone with a 3 digit IQ and good impulse control is not going to be having large cities in an urban environment if they can help it.

      This long term is a good thing since this modern civilization is not sustainable do to resource limits , Norman Borlaug and cheaper oil have bought us some time but humans are living at an unsustainable rate . We are running the Red Queen Race with technology

      The crisis we face simply is the Africa/Middle East population boom, we are going to have to stop feeding them (as in no food exports period) expels them and probably use some rather horrendous measures

      If we don’t the collapse will kill everybody

      As far as the political realities, anti immigration parties are 2nd and 3rd largest in much of Europe. Mostly collusions by globalists keep them from power but that is subject to change and even folks like Macron have started to notice,

      Once the Boomers are reduced in power enough I suspect things can get fixed. They have more time than the US does by far

      • Or we could just come up with a way to slowly shut down the economies of the world, and force lower consumption. Say the planet was warming because of one of necessary byproducts of production like CO2 or something.

    • So, you are in favor of whites overpopulating their countries just like Africans. Let’s have a race to see who gets to the demographic apocalypse first.

  25. Just watched the movie “Contagion” who’s plot reflects just such a situation. Best part is when Gwyenth Paltrow’s character has the top of her head sawn off (in an autopsy) and the docs remark that it is full of mush.

  26. All these dystopian zombie, virus killing movies are popular for a reason. We know the correction is coming.

    It seems Bill Gates was back tracking a little on his messianic mission for Africa. The shit gets real and the mind focuses. Or maybe not.

  27. Once the Africans wear out their welcome in Europe, finish destroying their ability to feed themselves. they’ll be dying by the millions due to starvation and related diseases.

    The West will send token aid but otherwise let it happen (Asia won’t even pretend to care). No knowing if it’s enough to reduce the continent’s population to it’s carrying capacity.

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