Happy Thanksgiving

The first time I heard this song in full was on the way back to Massachusetts. It was the day before Thanksgiving and it was snowing. Driving through Stockbridge, I came upon a cop who had pulled over a car full of hippy looking degenerates. I stopped and offered to help him beat the hippies. He was more than happy to let me join in on the fun. Before long there was a whole gang of us, beating hippies and enjoying good fellowship. There’s really nothing like the holiday season to bring out the best in people.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

27 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I like Hippies. Hippies weren’t groveling at the feet of the Man. Hippies didn’t spend their lives in a cubical. Hippies didn’t worship the NFL. Hippie chicks liked sex.

  2. In Orlando rock stations would play that song in it’s entirety at noon on Thanksgiving day. From about 1980 to ’10 when the last rock station converted to news/talk radio.

  3. NFL served up another steaming plate of crap today. Why anyone would go to the trouble and cost to attend one of these shitefests on Thanksgiving is a real mystery.

    • The Vikings – Lions game was good, the Chargers beating the crap out of the Cowboys, not so much. Listened to that one on radio, at the start of the 4th the attendance was announced as 23k – in a stadium that seats 80k for football. That’s because those that were there were heading for the exits.

  4. Ah, the memories. Back in my hippie days, I was at a NOW rally in Lafayette Park in DC. Arlo and some bandmates joined us. He tried to convince me to return to his hotel with him, but I refused.

      • They were gathering chicks for a party. I didn’t think it was a smart idea to put myself in a situation like that, considering the lifestyle of the party givers.

  5. And to you zman.

    I listen to your podcast early Saturday morning (7ish) when i do my weeks grocery shopping. I love the ritual, listening and laughing along to my samizdat.

    One of the cool things about this whole scene is the genuinely subversive and counter cultural nature of it. I feel that thrill at no time more than my Saturday shop. Thank you for making it my favourite time of the week.

    You’re doing something very important here…at least to me.

    Thank you again.

  6. Just be careful which bench you sit on, some of them have father-rapers! Father-rapers, on the Group W bench! (That Al Frankenstein looks like he could be one….)

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and hope you enjoy your pickle. I’d rather ride my motorsickle!

  7. Just had to check between cooking shifts…so much for staying off your keyboard. “…and we had to pay $50 and pick up the garbage…” Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Going to be 91 degrees where I am, just have to leave the turkey out in Sun to cook 🙂 Personally I kind of like hippies; they are pretty harmless and the chicks don’t wear bras (and were not usually fat).

      • Hippie chicks were groovy, smelled like patchouli, and their only hairy parts were in the nether regions, which were natural, of course, back in the day when weed was weak and free love flowed freely.

  9. The Hippie Beatings shall continue until Morale improves….

    And my Morale always improves given Hippies to beat…

    Happy Thanksgiving to one & all. Zman, thanks for sharing your blog with us!!

  10. I’m thankful for a story at KHOU. Funny how somebody trying to blow up the Governor of Texas is something i’m just now hearing about. But, anyway, here’s the thing that made my day. It’s like you wrote it, Z.

    Some cat lady is mad about not collecting from her ex, so last October she mails bombs to the Governor of Texas, Pres. Obama, and the Social Security head guy. They then tracked her down and proved the crime by matching cat hair found in the box with one of her cats.

    Fodder for a future podcast? Only time will tell.

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