The Mighty Whitey

Over the holidays, I saw this floating around social media. It’s not a new story, but I guess it was relevant to whatever was being discussed. What caught my attention was a comment someone made along the lines of “Stowe is the quintessential New England town.” I think the person meant it looks like what people think of when they think of New England towns. It is a picturesque little town and it is a wonderful place to live, not just for the architecture. The the von Trapp family thought so, which is why they settled there.

Lifestyle sites love putting together lists like this. Cooking sites will have an annual “50 Best Restaurants” or “10 Best Overlooked Dining Towns.” I have an old copy of a cycling mag that lists the best ride in each state. I keep it in case I find myself in an unfamiliar state with some time for a ride. In the olden thymes, popular magazines like Time would do special issues on America’s best towns or best school towns. These sorts of articles are popular, because they mostly flatter the sensibilities of middle-class white people.

Anyway, looking at the list from Architectural Digest, I recognized many of the towns, but others were new to me. I’ve been to about half of them. Reading over the list, the thing that struck me as that all of them are very white. More precisely, they have very few blacks. The first one on the list, Traverse City, Michigan, is 94.4% white. Native Americans and Asians have bigger numbers than the blacks. Doing a little math, there are roughly 100 blacks in this town. This town probably has more left-handed lesbians than black guys.

Jacksonville Oregon is the next town on the list and it has more people describing themselves as “other” than calling themselves black. Here’s a pic of the local high school basketball team. I’m guessing they don’t win many games. My first thought was that it was a town full of middle-aged divorced woman, but the census tells me that the median age in the city is 54.9 years, with 65% of the population over 45. It seems that Jacksonville is a quaint little town for retired white people and some of their less ambitious kids.

Now, Oregon is a state roughly as white as New England, so I looked at the next town on the list, Dahlonega Georgia. The Peach State is the fourth blackest state in the nation, with a black population of 40% and a sizable Hispanic population. The most charming small town in the state is 5% black. It is 90% white with a respectable number of Hispanics, but they are most likely laborers and service workers, as Dahlonega is now “the heart of the North Georgia Wine Country.” Many locals claim Cherokee ancestry, so it is all good.

Figuring that the good whites at Architectural Digest would be painfully aware of their whiteness, I took a look at the towns on the list in heavily Hispanic areas. One of the tricks Progressives use to get around their aversion to black people is they point to the Hispanics or Asians in their towns and claim the maximum diversity points. I have an acquaintance who swears he moved to Arlington Massachusetts for the diversity. This is a town that is 2% black, but there are plenty of Asian professors and Hispanic maids.

Taos New Mexico is one of those towns that Boomer women like visiting, because they have warehouses full of turquoise dangle ear rings and dream catchers. The last census says it is 61% white, but only 40% non-Hispanic white. Taos is less than one-percent black, which means there are 30 black people in the whole town. The high school basketball team is probably not very good. This is a funny town though, as it is more of a resort town, that serves whites who fly in for skiing and the southwestern arts scene.

That’s the common theme with all of the towns on the list with relatively low white populations. Marfa Texas has become a funky little arts town that is mostly Hispanic, but has a small white population to run the tourism business. Bisbee Arizona became a hippie attraction and is now is fully gentrified. You can be sure the readers of Architectural Digest are not taking trips to see the run down neighborhoods where the mostly Hispanic servant class lives. Still, the trend continues. None of these towns have many black people.

The blackest town on the list, interestingly enough, is Berlin Maryland, on the eastern shore of the state. It is 68.8% white and 23.3% black. The town started out as a trading post for the Burley Plantation in the 18th century. This part of the state was tobacco plantations until the Civil War. The interesting thing about the black population, though, is it is declining quickly. In the 80’s the black population was close to 50%. By the 2000 census it was down to 30%. Gentrification follows the same pattern, even in small towns.

All of this is very interesting for race realists, but it does speak to the great divide in the American culture. The sort of people reading Architectural Digest are the sort of people who enjoy lecturing the rest of us about race. These are the people telling us that diversity is our strength, yet when it comes to where they live and where they visit, diversity is the last thing they want to see. Baltimore has some spectacular Federal architecture, but you can be sure Architectural Digest is not telling its readers to visit Charm City.

The challenge before us in the Dissident Right is not to shake our fists at the gross hypocrisy of the good whites. That’s been done to death by Buckley Conservatives and Civic Nationalists. The good whites simply don’t care. My acquaintance in Arlington Massachusetts will forever hate me for pointing out to him that his town is as white as Reykjavik. The challenge is to convince the good whites that the rest of us want the same things they want. We want our towns to have the same complexion as their towns,

That would be mighty white of them.

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  1. Really, there is nothing new here. Any observant, objective and rational person long ago noted that most white liberals are very good at virtue signaling on matters like race relations while living and acting in very different ways. Not a few of the black race baiter politicians have noted in private and occasionally in public that white liberal politicians are condescending to them (understandable on some levels) and expect black votes simply because black voters have “no other options.”

    One unmistakeable trend you see in modern American society is that as a ROUGH general rule the more formal and better education a black person has, the more likely they are NOT to vote Democrat. These educated black men and women learn through their education to recognize the hypocrisy and blatant racism that still permeates the American Left and the policy failures. This is scary for the American Left because their greatest fear is that the black bloc vote will go away, or least no longer be a guaranteed percentage for Democratic politicians. x The Left expends no small effort discouraging black voters from not voting as a bloc. If one steps outside that mentality, they are instantly labeled a “race traitor” or some other term to bring them back into the fold or to minimize the damage they can do.

  2. Z…you have a fabulous sense of humour…I laughed more reading this than anything I’ve read anywhere in a while. And…you are spot on. Thanks. Great start to the year.

  3. I stayed in the city long after my other friends had moved out. Anytime I bitched about having the car broken into or trash and loud music friends now living in the suburbs would scold me for being a racist.

    A co-worker said turn it around the next time they start with that business. Just remind them they live in lillywhite suburbia and you chose to stay in a multicultural setting.

    Put an end to that nonsense but they still find other stuff to drone on about. Black lives matter, racist statues, etc.

    There is no cure 🙁

  4. “The challenge is to convince the good whites that the rest of us want the same things they want.”
    That sounds nice in theory, but since we are the bad whites, good whites are probably going to have to be convinced at the point of a gun. After all, you are the one who continues to repeat that this will not end well

  5. Z I am sure you’ve seen today’s WSJ but this just takes the cake:

    “Civility, you see, is a manifestation of the white patriarchy. Spearheading this campaign are a duo of University of Northern Iowa professors, who assert that “civility within higher education is a racialized, rather than universal, norm.”

    Their article in the Howard Journal of Communications, “Civility and White Institutional Presence: An Exploration of White Students’ Understanding of Race-Talk at a Traditionally White Institution,” describes a need to stamp out what they call “whiteness-informed civility,” or WIC. The pervasiveness of WIC, it seems, erases “racial identity” and reinforces “white racial power.”

    The question is, how do we continue to promote awareness of pieces like this (from a very mainstream paper) in order to act as the boatman across the river. Any advice?

    • Anger is unresolved incapacity, and although it’s better to be angry when you are beating a man to death, incivility is best put aside in the planning stages. Burke wrote that a defect in comprehension is furthered by a malignancy in disposition. This explains much IMO.

    • I can’t read beyond the first few sentences of the WSJ article you linked to.

      The thought that came to my mind was “Civilization: It’s a white thing. You wouldn’t understand.”

      I don’t think that blacks and whites can continue to live together in the same country. We could in the past because white gentiles were on top, set the moral tone of society and enforced the rules. Not anymore.

      • Another element of white civilization is letting criticism, direct or indirect, roll off your back and maintain a civil and polite atmosphere. Which is exactly what these two perfessers are attacking.

  6. Actually, I think the challenge is to convince the “good blacks” that decades of riding the Progressive/Globalist/Government program train haven’t done a whole lot to improve their “communities” and it’s time to get the hell off.

  7. Just live somewhere at high altitude and with lots of snow. Pretty much any destination ski town will do. Then, fly back to your official residence in the city on your own private plane. This pretty much captures the subscription list and pass-along readership for AD Magazine.

    • How about joining a yacht club? These used to be snobbish institutions, with clear and strict divisions along ethnic/religious groupings, but they now appear very welcoming to anyone with an interest in the sport of sailing, especially young families. Even your local marina, with power boats, large and small, seems devoid of diversity for the most part. We’re not talking Palm Beach here, either.

  8. As I’ve said before the guy who can convince enough White people and a few others than he can turn the US into a Hallmark Channel movie will have an army behind him.

  9. “My acquaintance in Arlington Massachusetts will forever hate me for pointing out to him that his town is as white as Reykjavik”. It is not being deceived, but undeceived, that provokes hostility. Or fear.

  10. “Non-hispanic white” is a clouding term injected into the immigration/identity arena to confuse white people. I have met Argentinians and Mexicans who are stone cold white. No further analysis necessary.

    The term causes your average north am gringo to pause and puzzle as he sorts through people from south of the Rio. The intent by the jew-oh-sphere is of course to keep whites off balance

    • I like the term “Conquistador Americans” for the South American ruling class. There’s also the fact that the El Norte Mexicans are 85% European, while Mexicans in the central and southern part of the country are 85% Amerind. Not all Hispanics are the same and not all Mexicans are the same.

      • California has recently seen a type of Mexican blowing in like tumbleweed that they cannot comprehend–sub-five foot Indians. No Spanish, very low IQ, no skills and no way to communicate. Of course, what is actually needed is not communication but a strong north wind.

        • That great humanitarian, proponent of human rights and all-around nice guy, Che Guevara described Mexicans as “a rabble of illiterate Indians.”

          In general, Latin Americans of European stock (or mostly Euro stock) consider indigenous inhabitants (i.e., indians) of Latin America as inferior.
          There is racism in Latin America and you will note that indigenous Latin Americans are rarely seen amongst the political and/or business elites of Latin America.

          As for the Latin American illegals sneaking into the USA, they are almost all indigenous peoples; i.e., those held in contempt by the Euro-ethnic ruling elites of Latin America.
          IMHO, the elites, esp. of Mexico and Central America would welcome the emigration of ALL of their indigenous people out of their nations.

          And check out all those drug related killings in Mexico; those killed and those doing the killing are almost all indigenous indians.
          The ruling Euro-stock elites of Mexico have no qualms that the indians there are killing each other (sort of how the democrats in Chicago, Philly, Baltimore, etc., have no problem with their blacks killing blacks).

          Want to get into a real pickle?
          Ask an Argentine or Cuban or Chilean here in the USA, “are you Puerto Rican?”

    • I had a guy with two Argentinian emigre parents (doctors) who refused to identify as “Hispanic” for HR purposes. He simply had zero identification other than speaking perfect Castilian Spanish. I had to instruct another employee later on who was half-Mexican that he damn well would since being elected a Vice President in our firm depended on it (diversity quotas you know) The Cubans I grew up with considered most of the rest of the New World Hispanics to be the equivalent of trailer trash. Its complicated.

      • Same with the Cuban folk I mingled with. Made damn sure you knew they were full-blood Spanish.

        • An interesting episode that is somewhat understudied outside South America is the War of the Pacific where Chile defeated Peru and Bolivia despite being significantly outnumbered. One of the reasons that is mentioned is that they have a significantly higher percentage of Amerindians than Chile. It’s amazing how race conscious Latin Americans are as a whole.

          • Also meant to add the time my EA, who was an otherwise perfectly nice, efficient, decently educated and from Puerto Rico started coming in chronically late. Had a little sit down. So what comes pouring out? Turns out her sister (and roommate) got involved with “one of those fucking Dominican assholes who was abusing her, because all fucking Dominicans are low life animals” (that was the gist of it) Apparently that was another level in the Caribbean Hispanic pecking order I was not aware of. Mind you, i’d never heard a word of profanity in the prior two years.

  11. Over the Festering Period I was at a gathering of my wife’s very large family, pretty evenly split between higher ed types, private sector jobbed- a couple in sales, and own business entrepreneurs. I had occasion to drop the line “Play the white man ” to one of the teens who was being unusually greedy, even for a teen. The reactions ranged from the gobsmacked, the smirking and the laughing.
    Too a man they fell into the prescribed groups.

    • I do wish I could have been there bile. I must have been a hoot.

      By the way, Scuzza and I still wish you would join Twitter someday so we could keep track of you.

      Happy New Year to you and all that crazy family.

      May the wind always be at your back.

      ~ Mark

  12. The people with the most acute cases of Trump Derangement syndrome I know of live in Arlington and Newburyport, MA. I grew up in the vibrant neighborhood of West Medford across the river from East Arlington in the late 70’s and 80’s. The Arlington and MDC cops always seemed to have a reason to post details on the bridges out of Medford into Arlington, even before Arlington was taken over by cambridge weirdos. West Medford has gentrified into a carbon, well non-carbon, copy of Arlington, somerville, cambridge, vermont, etc. I enlisted in the service after high school and moved to NH when my active duty was up. I had had enough diversity, inclusion and vibrancy by the age of 22. I still have relatives in Arlington, it’s fun to wear a Blackwater USA hat or jacket when I visit.

  13. Anyone notice where barry HUSSEIN o’commie and family vacation?
    Yep, in lily white locales populated by white millionaires and white billionaires.
    Notice where his kids are going to college? I don’t think that any of the traditional black colleges (e.g., Howard University ), could offer any sort of scholarship that would have ocommie suggest to his kids that they should attend college where they can rub elbows and bootie with their bros and sistas.

    And isn’t/wasn’t ocommies daughter “working” for a bunch of white folks in a white owned enterprise in Manhattan. You can bet it was not located in 125th Street and St. Nicholas Ave.

    HUSSEIN ocommie will hang out with his millionaire / billionaire bros and sistas for very, very short periods of time to hear them rap, sing and complain about how racist the USA is. Then he jets back to the lily white enclaves of the uber white rich to consort with the “oppressors” of his bros and sistas.

    I would be curious to see articles in black magazines (Jet? ) listing their best places to live or best places to vacation.

    Montana anyone?

  14. Towns with stable hispanic levels throughout the SW never seem to have big problems with inter-racial conflict. The problems begin where the population density changes dramatically. Would make an interesting longitudinal study…

  15. I can’t remember where, but I have read that Architectural Digest is a place where a communist who finds himself out of work for a while can find refuge. You have to write a bunch of stuff that you find distasteful, but they pay you to travel, and this covers some of your meet ups.

    The dissident right needs places like this.

    • I thought that’s what outfits like National Review were for, back in the days. Since being outed as a conservative would blackball you from an academic career forever, the kind of tweedy dorks that would otherwise teach Poli Sci at the nearest cow college would write articles for Buckley like “Whither Gambia? A Free-Market Approach.” But these days National Review is indistinguishable from boilerplate faculty-lounge liberalism, so that’s out….

        • None taken! But there was a time Buckley et al were fairly close to dissidents. That’s why I said “Back in the days.” These days, of course…. (Personally, I *like* not getting paid. That way, I’ll never be tempted to sell out to The Man. I’ve got, like, integrity, man!)

          • The big complaint against the establishment right is that they were libs on a lag. That they eventually reconciled themselves to the lefty agenda, but that at the time the left made the initial move, they just weren’t ready for it, but eventually succumbed.

            This played into the idea of an avant garde and the linear progression of society, the Whig view of history, which is, in part, one traditional aspect of conservatism (this is in part tied to the natural law side of conservatism, see Ancient Law, by Henry Sumner Maine.) In this mode, one can foresee an end point to the “progression”, which is really a return to a more primitive ideal, and a particular direction in which the “progress” should be made. One way to look at what happened to the beltway conservatives is that they allowed themselves to lose sight of this and let themselves be led by the nose rather unconsciously by the left. Had they not repudiated the southern agrarian aspect of conservatism, they might have avoided this. Maybe.

            One of those mental masturbatory topics for an ISI conference that no one goes to any more.

  16. Most underrated fun during the primary season in ’16 was watching Bernie dance around gun control. His entire state has the peculiar demographic pointed out here. One can freely buy and carry a handgun open or concealed with no permit, no limits (outside of Federal) on types of long arms one can own. Yet, by some miracle, the state doesn’t resemble Deadwood Writ Large. Wonder why?

    • Two reasons: the liberals are full of beans about guns causing crime – but everyone knows that. The second is that there are probably no blacks in Bernie’s home state, I’m guessing.

      As a gun hound I have skin in the gun debate. I once watched an NRA presentation where they made a map of states with the most restrictive gun laws, and another map with of states with the highest crime. They virtually overlapped when laid atop one another.

      I wonder if a map with states that have high black populations would too? I’m almost willing to bet they would…. but that’s hatey isn’t it. Maybe I shouldn’t a thunk it…

      • The Bureau of Justice statistical database will give you all that. But just to Cliff Note it, if you are not: black, male, between the ages of 13-34, and don’t live in one of the 25 or so major metros, your risk from gun violence is about the same as pre-ISIS Europe. Oops.

    • LOL. Ask and ye shall receive:

      (Google search for ” demographic makeup of Vermont” – answer shows up right near the top – even Google apparently missed manipulating this one)

      ” How many black people are in Vermont?
      Black Vermonters make up just 1.2% of the state’s general population, but 10.7% of its incarcerated population. This means that, proportionally, there are nearly 10 times more black people locked up in Vermont’s jails and prisons on a given day than there are walking its streets.Aug 24, 2015

    • Cuckservatives attribute the lack of crime in Vermont to its nonexistent firearms laws. In conversation and online, I point out the demographic reason – the state is 95% white.

  17. Looking around the world at stable, functional 1st world societies I’ve noticed they have all been heavily influenced by western civilization–which is another way of saying they have been influenced by white Christian culture. Except for Japan (influenced by missionaries after WW2) I cannot think of a single non-white open, classical liberal 1st world country. Anybody have suggestions?

    • I’d say a bigger problem is, I can no longer think of a single WHITE open, classical liberal 1st world country. Europe, America, Australia… all are missing at least one of those things these days.

    • Take Japan back to the Mejii restoration. Effectively they looked at Western civ as a big shopping mall and went on a spree buying the best each country had to offer in the drive to modernize. South Korea, similar story post 1954. Ditto Iran from 50s to 1979. Simply look at the GDP data for each country.

        • I asked my Chinese friend who lives in the mega-metropolis of Chongqing if China was a 3rd world or 1st world country. Without any hesitation he said 3rd world.

  18. I honestly wonder if they CAN learn. For instance, when I started living in a college town, it was wonderful — all the benefits of diversity without, you know, Diversity, as anyone darker than Vladimir Putin wore a letter jacket and lived in a separate dorm. Then the eggheads decided we needed more Diversity and began the furious importation of the nearest major metro’s ghetto. Now all the craft boutiques have burglar bars on them and you can’t walk around outside at night. To top it all off, some deep-cover shitlord in the zoning office briefly redrew the school districts so that the kids in the Faculty Ghetto went to class in the ghetto ghetto. White flight? At about Mach fucking three… after which they regrouped, and began griping just as loud about the lack of Diversity in Our Schools.

    Which would be bad enough, but the service class in the town — the small business owners who are parasitic on the college ecosystem — have enough skin in the game to know better, but they go along with it. They’d rather go out of business than acknowledge the obvious. A conservative used to be a liberal who got mugged, but Lefties these days are waaaaay more masochistic. I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

    • Sounds a lot like my hometown, which is looking more and more like downtown San Francisco.

    • I think that is going to depend on how badly they get abused for their decisions – and HOW.

      One of the problems I see with “whites” – is that the goodwhites are not fully held to account for their stupidity by the badwhites.

      This (unfortunately) usually means confrontations on a personal basis in my experience. Which gets tiring and old after a while for all except the most masochistic of badwhites. From what I’ve typically seen: badwhites just separate from the goodwhites and self-isolate to get away from the leftist craziness.

      Somewhere along the line 15-20 years ago – the leftists pissed me off badly enough that I came to the conclusion that one of the best ways to get back at them – ) because they do the exact thing you’re referring to I.E. – never learning) – was to steer away from making logical arguments and trying to sway their opinions – and rather just concentrate on making them feel badly and injecting misery into their lives.

      I’ve found the strategy to work pretty well – but it’s tiring, leads to a lot of arguments, means I have to REALLY keep up on current events (requires a lot of time and I don’t always have the best encylopedic memory recall) – etc.

      One of my best ones was during the election cycle leading up to Obama’s first term in office. One of the office liberals sat down at our lunch table and asked who everybody was voting for. When it came my turn I said ” I hope Obama wins”. His face lit up and he said “why?” with a happy tone in his voice. I said ” because the way I see it electing Obama will pretty much destroy left wing liberalism in this country and take out the Democrat party at the same time – seems like a win win to me”.

      Then I looked down and took another bite of my sandwich. A couple of the guys I was sitting with (all pretty much right leaning) – were cracking up laughing. I looked over and the left wing guy was walking away – and he never said a word. One of my buddies said ” Wow – you REALLY pissed him off – his face turned beet red and the veins were bulging out of his neck”.

      I never talked to the leftie again. He wouldn’t talk to me the whole rest of the time we worked there together.

      I considered that mission accomplished. By one simple retort I injected a bunch of misery into his life. Obviously he had no reply to my response. What the hell could he say? ” I don’t think that will happen” ??? Weak sauce.

      Best part of that exchange was that it pretty much came true. I should go find the guy and send him a letter and see how he likes me now.

      Point here is though: I probably couldn’t count one “conservative” or “right winger” in 20 that I know – who would have even attempted that response (at that point in time) . The typical strategy was always debate debate debate. And the debate points and retorts during arguments were always pretty lame. “Muh Constitution!!” – being one of the usual ones.

      This is why the rise of the alt-right sort of caught me by surprise. Much of what I’ve seen unfold over the last couple of years was ” holy crap it’s like these guys are in my head” type of stuff. The constant out-meming of the left is a great thing. It proves people on the right are finally THINKING.

      In the end though – I don’t think that we’re ever going to bury the eggheads and their followers in the “goodwhite” crowd – without getting in their faces and shutting them down in person. Bitching on the internet is good – but pissing off your co-workers and risking getting thrown out of New Years Eve parties because you just pissed off your gay neighbor’s friends is where the war is really going to be fought.

  19. Being a realist means being realistic about everything, and in particular, being realistic about the stuff that is antithetical to your world view. For example, the gentrified whites that are described in this post are not going to change their stripes because someone accurately elucidates reality to them. Core beliefs and attitudes are hard-wired early in life and will persist stubbornly despite intelligent discourse proving otherwise. This is the nature of the battlefield.

  20. Rather than asking the usual “code questions” that Steve Sailer and Jared Taylor talk about (“Is the neighborhood high crime?” etc.) I can probably glean the same info by asking, “Does the basketball team lose a lot?” If the answer is yes, then I’m that much closer to utopia.

    Re: the goodwhite presence in the Southwest, it’s kind of a dirty secret, but when rich New England whites have kids who are total fuckups (not fit for inheritance even by right of primogeniture because they’ve totaled cars and done a lot of drugs) their parents send them to these weird detox centers/cum boarding schools out there (my friend whose mom married into money was placed in one of these things in Sedona, Arizona and he hipped me to this whole “Outward Bound/I’m taking five credits at Naropa” bullshit.) These Boston Brahman don’t want their dirty laundry aired when their gallery opening or fundraiser gets crashed by their drunk son plowing people over with a golf cart. Still, there’s a bit of Montezuma’s revenge with reports coming in that goodwhite kids who spend all day with Spanish nannies end up sounding more like Julio Caesar Chavez than William Buckley. You get called “Mijo” enough by Marisol and you start to think she’s your mom.

    • A close friend’s niece got kicked out of her lovely NE boarding school for booze/drugs a few yrs ago and ended up in one of the SW Arizona? detox establishments you described. Her grandpa was shelling out practically a Yale tuition for her stay. She eventually got thrown out of that too when her bottle was found in the cactus landscape out front of the Admin building! It was sad, though, because she had been molested by a family member for years, so she was certifiably messed up. She’s been on the mend and got her life straightened out thru AA and other programs that she has to take charge of herself! I wish her well. Her parents are nice people, but s#%^t happens to the best of us.

  21. Good luck convincing the Goodwhites to identify as white people & care about the wellbeing of other white people.
    They want to be perceived as moral & to enjoy high social status.
    Currently, morality & status are defined by the universities & disseminated through the media. Both of those institutions are dominated by people who see normal straight white gentiles as the enemy.
    We need a parallel set of institutions that say it is moral & high-status to care about white people’s wellbeing. And a separate media to disseminate those standards. Then we need to take over, infiltrate or destroy the anti white institutions. Any other to-do list is wasting our time & energy.
    The bad news is that is a heavy lift. The good news is that Goodwhites are lemmings & will quickly shift to conform to the new status hierarchy.

    • First heard about the deep antipathy towards BLM and the Feds in general twenty years ago from an uncle that ran a business in southern Montana. Micromanaged everything but knew nothing. Wouldn’t listen to the locals on staff, everything was run by newly minted PhDs in “environmental sciences” from the east or California. He ran an outfitting business and the Feds were always closing or restricting access to areas with no warning and no explanation. Frequently would do the same to ranchers who depended on hundred year old access rights across Federal land to reach pasture and grazing land.

      • Vin Suprynowicz has been writing about the abuses of the Feds and specifically the BLM since at least the 90’s. It’s probably been 15 years since I read his books “Send in the Waco Killers” and ” The Ballad of Carl Drega”, and they had a lasting effect. I wasn’t really familiar with how pissed off many people out west are at Federal government policies. The fractured-west article posted by Newrouter hits all the same points I remember Suprynowicz making in his books. So apparently not much has changed.

        If you wanted a primer on getting pissed off at the crap the Federal government pulls – those two books are an excellent place to start.

        And Vin is out of Nevada if my memory serves me correctly – so the antipathy to the BLM is something that seems to run across the west country pretty pervasively and isn’t just confined to just one state.

  22. – “In their mating and migratory habits, liberals are indistinguishable
    from members of the Ku Klux Klan.” Joe Sobran

  23. “We want our towns to have the same complexion as their towns,”

    Aren’t the working class whites higher on the victim totem pole than bourgeois whites? Could make some social justice argument. “We are victims, we want your town demographics!”

    • I think Hillary adequately expressed what bourgeois whites think of working class whites — deplorable. There is no place on the victim ladder for them.

    • It won’t work alas. The higher classes have everything anyone could want materially so all they can do is compete on petty bullshit and virtue signaling

      Its pretty much a dopamine addiction for them.

      Also they mostly hate the lower class Whites, preferring Hispanics or sometimes well behaved Blacks

      This is because they lack basic humility, instead of “there but for the grace of God go I” the presence of the White lower class makes a lot of them profoundly uncomfortable feeling like they are phonies

      When it comes to the working class, especially the trades this is actually quite true. Our upper class aren’t terribly smart and aren’t smarter than any of the hundreds of skilled rednecks I’ve met over the years

      My guess is baring an application of a boot to their asses either by some kind of nationalists state , a rebellion or most likely an economic collapse they are going to keep on being the way they are.

      Also while its undoubtedly true they go to church more t than average, so did the Pharisees Same assholes different time.

  24. Ho, Hum. So what else is new? I live in Oregon for a reason, not Jacksonville, but a similar demographic. I wouldn’t live, or even visit, Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, Gary Indiana, etc. Saves a lot of aggravation. Basketball teams do okay, playing other small Oregon towns.

    • Unlike the other cities mentioned, San Francisco proper doesn’t have a lot of blacks and has a relatively low rate of black crime.

      • True, SF has made it so expensive to live there that the minorities have been driven to Oakland and other outlying areas, so the Friscoites can virtue signal without risk, except for AIDs and illegals.

        • Meaning if you drop your wallet there, you’d better kick it to Oakland before you try to pick it up?

      • San Francisco’s black population is half what is was in 1985. Why? Partly due to the insanely high cost of housing. But everyone faces the same costs so that alone does not explain why so many black residents left. What it really comes down to is what Z Man was referring to above; most white liberals are not at all comfortable with being around blacks in their neighborhoods or schools except in small numbers. It’s all about having your cake and eating it too, i.e. virtue signaling on race relations and at the same time keeping the “dangerous elements” away from one’s family and loved ones.

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