Political Violence

Why is George Soros still alive?

For most of human history, a person who caused trouble for rulers found himself either on the run or on a pike. A earl or prince that made trouble for the king was dragged before the king, humiliated and then hanged. If he fought back, then the king sacked his lands, killed his family and made an even bigger spectacle of killing the the troublemaker. After all, the point of political power is to reward your allies and punish your enemies. Yet, George Soros, an international troublemaker, is free to make trouble wherever he likes.

The obvious reply to that is civilized nations no longer rely on political assassinations to handle their business. Political leaders have a self interest in discouraging the practice of killing heads of state. If ruler X has ruler Y killed, because it advantages him, the other rulers have no choice but to band together and kill ruler X. Otherwise, it is a lawless world of all against all. President Gerald Ford issued an executive order in 1976 prohibiting US intelligence services from conducting political assassinations for this reason.

That makes sense with legitimate political leaders, but George Soros is a rootless grifter, who has no allegiance to any government. Killing him would be no different than droning a terrorist. Some argue that international law prohibits targeted assassinations, but international law is mostly meaningless. The Israelis have been using targeted assassination against whoever they like for a long time, including the murder of Canadian engineer Gerald Bull. The US has droned more Arabs than we can count.

The most likely answer is that George Soros is not seen as anything more than a nuisance and only to certain members of the political class. He may be a billionaire, but he has no armies and he has no real reach. He’s smart enough to know that, so he makes sure to keep on good terms with the right people. It’s fair to assume that he is a master at not pissing off the wrong people. The proof of that is he has not suffered from whatever the Europeans call Arkancide. Still, no one stays lucky forever, yet Soros still lives.

It’s not just Soros. What we don’t see in the current age is any political assassinations in the West. For that matter, there are no attempts to take out an important person. The last such example in America was Patty Hearst and there is some question as to the reality of her kidnapping. Maybe there have been some recent cases of rich people targeted in Europe for political reasons, but none spring to mind. You would think with all the Muslim fanatics lurking around that some of them would decide to target a rich person.

It’s a strange thing that makes even less sense when you consider the realities of the modern age. In the 1970’s, someone like Squeaky Fromme taking a shot at Ford had a certain logic to it. Today, killing the president does not make a lot of sense. Sure, Trump is a critical component of the current fight, but generally the head of state is nothing but the part of the iceberg we see. The real political power is the cabal of rich people under the waterline, controlling things out of site of the public. Regicide has no value these days.

On the other hand, blowing up a few important political influencers in the Imperial Capital would have an enormous impact. Imagine back in the Bush years if opponents of the war, started targeting neocons. Alternatively, think about the impact it would have if Muslim terrorists blew up Mark Zuckerberg. Sure, taking down an airliner is a big show, but it is really hard. Killing some billionaires is a lot easier and the impact is much more significant, assuming you kill the right billionaires. It never happens though.

Of course, we could be in a transition period as the world of political violence adjusts to the changing nature of politics. Thirty years ago it made a lot of sense for political terrorists to attack civilian targets. The IRA and the Basques separatists lacked the capacity to take on the state, so they attacked the people in effort to put pressure on the state. Today, the state is not the only player and not the most important player in most of the world. Maybe political actors have not yet internalized the new global order.

The decline in political violence in the West sounds like a good thing. Most people would prefer it if car bombs are not going off in their cities. Even if heads of state are off limits, killing important political figures is destabilizing. The rise of a global order not only reduced the need for violence between countries. It may have reduced the need for violence within countries, as the political factions merged into a unified managerial ruling class. Rule by hyper-educated bureaucrat means disputes are handled over cappuccinos.

This may not be a good thing. For all of human history, power brought risk. The higher someone climbed the hierarchy, the greater their responsibilities and the greater their personal risk. The very real threat of personal violence had a tempering effect. Today, people in the managerial elite don’t have to worried about getting fired, much less assassinated. They occupy a world where no one is ever held accountable for their actions. As a result, they have become dangerously cavalier about their duties.

In fact, the main feature of the on-going domestic espionage scandal of the last administration is the brazen and reckless way the players went about it. High moral character is what leads good men do the right thing when no one is looking. Fear of the hangman is what leads lesser men do the right thing when no one is looking. In the political game, personal risk has always been what weeds the reckless and dangerous from the game. That’s been removed so our political class is full of reckless and stupid people.

Nature has a way of correcting itself. If a species evolves down a dead end, something else evolves to replace it. Maybe what comes next is a new brand of political violence that meets the needs of the managerial state. Instead of people shooting political players, managerial class types will get snuffed out when going for their mocha latte. The assassination of Seth Rich could turn out to be the model. Maybe what will evolve to provide vigor and discipline to the managerial state is a grad school version of Arkancide.

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  1. It would seem to be almost too late to gain any real benefit from dropping Soros, since he gave billions of his money to Lefty organizations to carry out his wishes for de-stabilizing Western civilization, as well as aiding the muslims in their demographic jihad (for the same purpose).

    That being said, there are many of us who would stillenjoy and savor his early demise: Jews/Israelis whose families suffered from Soros turning them in to the Nazis, goyim such as myself who detest him for the same reason (all those whom he helped place in the camps to die), and those of us who detest him simply because he is a vile, sick bastard who thinks his wealth gives him the right to destroy our countries in order to create a world government that will overrule the nationalism we natives feel toward our own countries.

  2. Late comment- does the unprecedented rash of school shootings- two dozen, already?- have any connection to the rash of political retirements (and/or the #metoo Reign of Terror)?

    Is this the grad school version?
    “Nice kids, pension, career ya got there…”

  3. Surprised there was no mention of ‘its” sidekick NRV – No
    Redeeming Value – the grifting, murdering, shape-shifting, sulphur-breath, tail dragging Hilda-Beast.

  4. And right on cue:

    The man suspected of killing a Chicago Police commander Tuesday in the Thompson Center was wearing body armor and has a long felony record, including a conviction for armed robbery, according to court records and police sources.

  5. Soros plays by the rules. His donations and activities of his Open Society were the official policy of the United States until Trump came.

  6. I think you’ve made an excellent point. Some have commented that tight security is likely what keeps the political elite safe. But when Rockefellers walk alone to their cars, that doesn’t make sense.

    SIDE NOTE: I once read a woman’s account of going to a music festival when a man drove up in a Corvette Stingray. It was Paul McCartney. Back then I wondered how that could be possible.

    I suspect that a run of the mill mob enforcer, or an experienced bank robber for that matter could take out a Soros and get away clean. So there must be other factors at play. My guess is a combination of public ignorance, public conditioning and a friendlier geopolitical atmosphere than we think.

    I had begun to suspect a few years ago that the core conflicts exist only to cause fear and maintain rule. Despite much evidence to support them, there are super glaring anomalies with the Bay of Pigs invasion, our disagreements with North Korea and the Cold War itself. Did you know some Americans can’t wait to go spelunking in NK every year? Iran has some world class ski resorts too. And what was the CIA”s excuse for MKULTRA and other programs? Why, the USSR of course.

    All that aside, there’s still the possibility that most people are just not aware what they’re missing, even those 2nd tier to the elite. I can think of only one primary culprit for this… the Media. Both news and entertainment media have stolen the broadcast spectrum from us and no longer serve our interests. The FCC requires only that they can guarantee to transmit content, not what that content consists of. Children, even infants are sent deep into the mines by Hollywood before being raped and finally dying early of drug overdoses. The Academy Awards are considered a royal event. But the people must have their Hunger Games and E.T.

    Killing should always be at least plan B. Perhaps a killing of the media would be a more fruitful endeavor? For example, a number of disparate groups might vandalize the broadcast capabilities of the networks and satellite providers, disabling them for a few days. The internet would be untouched, but only static on the TV.

    I’m not suggesting that anyone reading this with knowledge of broadcasting technology or the specific protocols used by the major networks should explore a plot of this kind. Wink.

    • I grew up in Seattle with a guy whose Mom claimed to have had sex with Sir Paul 9 months before his birth. The crazy thing is that he looks like PM, is left-handed and plays bass lefthanded. This is where genetic tests come in.

  7. Back a century ago when Europe was full of political violence it never really hit wealthy political donors. Nationalists targeted whoever they saw as a representative of an occupying alien nation (eg. Princip who was offended by Austria taking possession of his country killing the heir to the Austrian throne) and their motivations were more romantic ideals than a strategy with specific goals.

    Leftist revolutionaries and anarchists were hitting state targets in the hope of provoking the state into a repressive response that would discredit the state. Obviously they won’t do that now that they love the state.

    Soros obviously works with the American deep state. The CIA or whoever gets to hide international activities behind a private “philantropist” while Soros gets a license to do shady stuff without investigation – and his shady business reputation just gives more cover for the deep state planned political stuff. He is probably not the only oligarch who is doing this. I remember how Bill Gates used to ignore PC and social justice crap and got hit by the antitrust investigation but now that he’s a “philantropist” with projects all over the world he is immune.

  8. When demonic entities can read the thoughts and motivations of people, it makes it more difficult to successfully terminate those who are being protected by the demonic entities.

  9. Perhaps someone is keeping track of all the FBI and DOJ fires and early retirements. Many of whom probably are guilty as hell and shouldn’t be allowed to get off scott-free. As for soros, if he is taken out so should his whole family and all the family’s assets be frozen so his will cannot go on after death. That evil should be put to a concrete end. NOW

  10. To make that kind of serious commitment requires serious motivation and we’re just not there yet.

    Who wants to ruin their life or potentially end it going after a political figure when there’s online shopping , big SUVs to drive around and lots of fast food.

    Not to say that the political elites aren’t worried about it. That moonbat Pelosi said returning veterans were the most dangerous threat to America !

    That’s why we see the systematic disarming of white nations like Australia, Canada and England. They’ll keep staging their mass shootings until they get their way and disarm America as well.

    A handful of security with light weapons and a bulletproof vehicle may stop the lone shooter, but a well trained group could take out any of these political types with ease.

    Then again killing may not be that easy for the majority of people. Reminds me of the final scene in The Unforgiven. The two town folk out in the street had a clear shot of William Munny , but neither one had the guts to pull the trigger.

    That’s the trouble going up against a known killer. If you don’t kill them you know they will definitely kill you.

  11. Islam is slaughtering people in the western world and they do not go after heads of state since most heads of state are on their side against their own peoples. When the people wake up in the EU, perhaps they will do away with their “elite leadership” that is selling them out to Islam. Here in America we need to awaken and drum Islam out of the land. This is only if we want to continue living within our culture and way of life.

  12. Political violence seems to work well for both Muslims and blacks. Government killing of a black can get a city burned down. Muslims explode regularly. You don’t see many journalists going Charlie Hebdo anymore. Politicians regularly pass laws to appease blacks and Muslims. How many white male pedophilic rapists in Sweden get off with a warning? Political violence only works when performed by, for lack of a better term, what I call a “superorganism (s.o.)”. A people who more or less think alike and share values and identity. Races and ethnic groups are s.o.’s. Certain religions are s.o.’s. If all the members of an s.o. “share the rage” the members can always count on a few lone wolf types to independently take it upon themselves to do the dirty work. Remember the video of all the Muslims ululating and celebrating at the World Trade Center destruction. In the case of suicide attacks often their family will be rewarded, without any prearrangement, or at best nothing more than a tacit arrangement that nobody can be held individually libel for, by the community. I remember many years ago some black drug dealer kingpin in Oakland, who was killed in prison, getting a horse drawn funeral procession through downtown, greatly impressing all his fellow ghetto denizens. The police department was in a rage. You can’t ban a permitted parade in America based on whom it’s celebrating. Imagine if an assassin died in a successful attack on Trump and George Soros, without any conspiracy in advance mind you, offered his family a million dollars as an act of charity to help them recover from the shame. Saddam Hussein was well known for doing this for the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. Before the modern West troublesome S.O.’s were dealt with by going “Roman” on them. i.e. genocide. As we all know that seems to have fallen out of favor lately. In the individualistic West collective liability is not allowed. Well it is only if you’re white.

  13. Political Violence comes in (at least) three forms: “Spooks,” “Mobs,” and “Freelancers.”
    “Spooks” operate on the behalf of a gov’t and collect a check from same. Whoever killed Litvinenko and Gareth Williams belong to this category.
    “Mobs” are groups that are financed by people like Soros and others. Antifa, BLM and sundry others come to mind.
    “Freelancers” are useful idiots that are steeped in a single, self-reinforcing, ideology and become deranged. James Hodgkinson (the Scalise/Republican softball practice shooter) is an example of this type.
    I’m not sure where the “Arkanciders” belong or if there is an overlap w/ Seth Rich’s killer. But if you are interested in the Seth Rich case follow @MichaelGuy and listen to the Blunt Force Truth podcast.

    • Speculation on some parts of the internet says that the reason Jeff Sessions is going after MS-13 is that the Dems have been using them for street muscle. Antifa has limited potential for violence as they are mostly beta LARPers.

  14. Soros is a convicted felon in France for insider trading.

    Couldn’t Trump just arrest and extradite him?

  15. I know what it is. We (or at least I do) hate specific ideas and concepts (politics) but feel little or no hatred towards specific individuals. In order for me to actually hate someone, not despise them in the abstract way as I do Soros, I have to have direct personal experience with that person such a way that they caused me harm, and I have yet to have this experience at all. Hence, political violence is not attractive to me at all, despite how much I despise a lot of the current system. I also think a lot of it has to do with that there are “outs” for me to live my life free of much of the system. As long as I can do pretty much what I want with my life, on a day to day basis, what is the point of engaging in political violence?

  16. Reasons for the decline in political violence, especially assassination, is the association of it with nutjobs (John Hinckly) and the growing belief that killing specific individuals really does not change much.

  17. This is why if would behoove all of us to learn who the local representatives of the government leviathan are, where they live, and some of their habits.
    Personnel is policy. All the laws in the world mean nothing if there is no person or persons willing to enforce them.

  18. Let’s face it, that’s is only one potential target of “kinetic action” that MATTERS. We are all better off if kinetic action appears to be off the table, and stays off the table.

  19. The question isn’t just regicide per se, but the uncoupling of actions from consequences. The ruling elites the world over, not just in the U.S. and Europe – have labored long-and-hard to craft a system whereby they can internalize profits and externalize losses. They have been largely successful.

    They are free to undertake risky, even criminal actions – secure in the knowledge that they won’t be touched if things go sideways. In other words, they are not responsible for the consequences of their actions. The two have been completely uncoupled from one another. This means that the ruling elites are effectively above the law and beyond its reach.

    Ordinary people, at least the perceptive ones, have known this for a long time. Senator Edward Kennedy’s aquatic “adventure” at Chappaquiddick in 1969 – which resulted in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, is but one example of hundreds from which to choose.

    An average person who acted as Ted Kennedy did would have done hard time, serious years behind bars, but Kennedy – because his family was part of the American aristocracy – walked away with little more than a reprimand. Manslaughter and negligent homicide are serious crimes – unless you are a member of the protected class, that is!

    Throughout history, the elites – regardless of the society in which they have lived – have always sought to place themselves beyond the reach of ordinary laws under which the commoners have to live.

    The problem of a caste system in the law, whereby different classes are subject to different sets of laws, is that sooner or later, the disadvantaged classes start noticing that they’re getting the short end of the stick, time and time again, and that’s when the resentment and anger start to build.

    At this juncture, a wise ruler would act to defuse the brewing crisis, but no one ever said our ruling elites were wise.

  20. I heard some guy somewhere on some podcast or something say that Soros is rumored to have some kind of deadman switch.

    If he goes, instantly a bunch of derivatives get sold or something and the bond market collapses or something.

    A lot of somethings there, I know, but it seems plausible at least.

    Then again, he might also be a member of the illuminati. Or something.

  21. Just because something is not open and obvious does not mean it is not occurring. The deep state has been assassinating it’s enemies for a long time with impunity, long before JFK. Heart attacks, plane crashes, car crashes, suicides, fake overdoses, helicopter crashes, train crashes, mass shootings, drownings, crazy terrorist shootings, etc. etc. etc. Anton Scalia? Joan Rivers? Breitbart? Seth Rich? John Barlow? 60X people we know about who had the misfortune to be associated with the Clintons? The recent attempt to take out 100 Republican Congressmen on a derailment?

    The latest crash of the airliner in Russia over the weekend is a good example – was that a random crash, or was someone on that plane that could give testimony on the U1 scandal and/or the fake Russian dossier? I am at the point where I no longer believe in coincidences. The good news is that Trump and the white hats are working to bring this evil to light.

    As for Soros, I don’t believe he is still breathing. Some bad guys don’t get a trial. So yeah, both sides are taking out people right in front of us almost every day. Most are by the bad guys. Mainly because Trump is working to publicly expose them and wants to enjoy watching them dangle from a rope.

    • John Barlow was not assassinated. He had a heart attack two years ago, almost died then, and never really recovered. He was overweight for years, didn’t take care of himself, etc.

  22. Consider the conflict between the progressives and the alt-right. Both camps’ soldiers come from the same heterogeneous population.

    Lefty is nothing but a foot soldier, trained, indoctrinated, and outfitted in today’s cultural socioeconomic uniform.

    In fact, both side’s outward appearance is similar, purchased from the same retailers, from the same third world manufacturing contractors for the usual global brands.

    There is a lack of recognizable markings in the uniforms of both camps to allow the identification of who are the officers, commanders and generals that are leading the their forces.

    People think everyone is of equal rank;
    and fail to distinguish that there are high target value generals – leading their armies – and rank and file individuals manipulated by their cult.

    The global culture industry – the fashion
    and the arts industry – is expert at coopting any dissident markings and uniforms, turning them into middle school and teen harmless accessories.

    Targets in the leadership of the enemy camp blend unrecognized among the very large upper middle class. Most of the iceberg is invisible.

    The fight against them cannot be carried out by the rank and file without strategic support, guidance, intelligence and command.

  23. I have asked myself “Why is Soros still alive?” at least once a week for longer than I can remember. There’s the obvious answer: our leaders don’t have enough metaphorical chest hair to make that call. There’s also the fact that the entirety of the Democratic Party is in league with Soros, relies on his money, and doesn’t really object to his tactics or goals. That sort of takes us into a larger question, “Whatever happened to Sedition and Treason”? How can you look at the proliferation of phony “movements” like OWS or BLM or #Resist, and not spend five minutes on Google following the money? Apparently, when your fifth columnists are funded by a grant from the Tides Foundation, it’s magically OK.

    I don’t wonder about the lack of terrorism towards rich individuals. I simply wonder: How hard would it be for the wrong dose of heart medicine to get slipped into Sauron’s morning rejuvenation routine? I mean, you’re not knocking off an Ironman triathlete, here. The guy would lose an armwrestling match to Steven Hawking. Here’s how you know that Trump’s not really colluding with the Russians: the Russians have been masters at this stuff for decades. If Soros was funding NGO’s to destabilize and delegitimize Putin’s government, he’d get stabbed in the butt with a Polonium-laced umbrella within a week.

  24. The Left will move on to violence if they can’t get Trump impeached, especially if they don’t take the House or Senate next year. Whether they will ACT on it is an open question (I doubt it, they’re all talk), but I do expect to read and hear more violent rhetoric.

    Also, to the question of why there is such a low tide of political violence these days:

    1. The people at the top, regardless of purported ideological identification, agree on 99% of the Big Issues of the Day. Not a lot of reason for Game of Thrones style intrigue…they’re there to split up the spoils.
    2. Those people pay vast sums of money as riot insurance. (Food stamps, Government Contracts, and other forms of welfare)
    3. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has been satisfied. People generally don’t engage in political assassinations over insufficient self-actualization.
    4. A recognition that mass incarceration works. If 5% of the population commits 90% of the violent crime, and you lock that 5% up, you’re just not going to have as much violence in your society.

    But mainly, violence in the West at all levels has declined dramatically for many decades be it political violence or urban violent crime. There’s just no point in it.

    • Why bother with violence? All they have to do is to put the screws on McConnell, Ryan, and force conservative Utah to vote for Romney whom will succeed McConnell by 2020 in the Senate as the Leader of the Legislative Deep State. Much more effective than violence.

    • Sorry, they’ll do what again? Smash up the universities and Starbucks that they frequent?
      Encore! Encore!
      Or come to the burbs, or even out to Redneckistan? This was promised and never delivered, and I lament that yet. Because there would never, ever be so large and succulent with unintended consequences as that Red Pill Mike Shot of their own making.

  25. Suppose you are a deep state operative, and you wanted to funnel some money to specific NGOs. How would you do that? Keep in mind that you cannot simply take govt money, that would leave a trace.

    • Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars go missing all the time. Has the Pentagon ever submitted/passed an audit? How much rebuilding $ has disappeared from Iraq and Afghanistan alone?

      • True, but I doubt that the military route would be taken.

        There is a much simpler way that would funnel money from the capital markets to NGO’s, and that would leave next to no traces at all.

    • You, as a deep state operative, tell a specific NGO how to sue the government on a specific point. The NGO sues and wins. Part of the settlement is that a portion of the award be earmarked for a specific cause.

      The EPA has been doing this for years.

  26. I would only add that, rather than any want for determined zealots who would target a political figure, modernity has produced a myriad of ways in which security services can mitigate those threats.

    While everyone is aware that street trash and low-aptitude gangs can have their run of unlicensed weapons, these are allowances of a ruling class who find those ne’ne do wells as more often allies than foes. What illiterate thug is going to go after a socialite rather than the easy pickings of a middle class family? What more organized mafia would take it upon themselves to kidnap a latter-day Kennedy when they could simply hold the public purse hostage instead?

    I believe the answer to your riddle is two fold: First, as stated, being involved in the “kinetic action,” (beloved neocon euphemisms all) is increasingly difficult for non-state actors due to the readily traceable supply lines of weapons. Secondly, as you suggest, managerialism has given rise to both outlets through which state actors can resolve disputes as well as mechanisms by which more organized criminals can be cut in rather than feud with the official state beuracrats.

    Per your concluding speculation, I think the jury is out. Though if the alt-right is a better barometer of human nature than their social engineering counterparts in the neoliberal elite, one would certainly expect to see a descent into long forgotten levels of political asassination and upheaval in the none-too-distant future. While at the moment neoliberal are offering plum deals to third world power players and growing domestic minority blocs, there will come a time soon when the neoliberal elite do not have enough of a monopoly of political cache to keep these arrangements as sufficient incentive to not defect.

    This is likely the soul of the elite urbanite desire to see miscegenation boom as soon as possible and the reason that many elites themselves have, despite knowing the IQ loss involved, participated. A day comes when the various mafia factions of team brown will have all the power and opprtunity to shove aside the Clinton and Bush families of America and establish their own roughshod political fiefdoms in order to vye for the imperial throne. In all likelihood they will make the Clinton mafia look like boy scouts.

    • Anyone can be gotten to, if you have the resources. Only the very elite have money to really afford serious security. Same with government officials.

      For example, Zuckerberg jogs with a 8 man bodyguard detachment in public streets at times. So what. To a talented shooter it would be like potting a running dear.

      Anyone twice removed from a president or state governor has squat in terms of security outside of a address that few know. And those people make the government and business run.

      Once a few them start getting zapped, disappeared, crowbar’d, the others will quickly stop coming to work and the system seizes.

      If you want to be more PC in your targeting just copy cat the Beltway sniper. The Feds couldn’t figure this one out until the sniper started bragging to sheriff of D.C.

  27. Of course I would NEVER support killing someone I disagreed with. However, I would secretly applaud the elimination of certain judges and media talking heads. These have become crucial weapons for the elite. If you can’t find someone to betray their own people because they are more afraid of the “unknown” and have difficulty believing their masters can protect them, you have altered the game in the posterity’s favor. Unfortunately, it is the Deep State, the military, the elite, and the global corporatocracy that have the most highly trained assassins.

  28. Killing innocents is anti-evolutionary, and is always unjustified and counterproductive. Those that do so are hurting the species as well as their own cause. However, we live in an age in which great power can become concentrated within the corporal body of humans that lack the good sense that accrues from struggling against real existential hardship (e.g. they became too rich too easily). These people are the seeds of disease.

    • Though I would agree that one’s image is irreparably harmed by hurting innocent people, the idea that such behavior is anti-evolutionary is clearly false. Most human populations are descended from some warrior tribe for a reason. The pattern of civilizational conflict up to the splitting of the atom had tended toward total war and civilian decimation with brief moments of more economical conquest with lesser collateral damage.

      • I should have provided better context in my post. I was largely making reference to Zman’s focus on assassination as a tool of problem solving.

    • . Politics is genetic far more than cultural and on those grounds , there are no innocents and its pro conscious evolution.

      Where its counterproductive is in larger modern societies. that type of political violence leads to tribal warfare . Modernity cannot tolerate tribal warfare as the market state depends too much on open borders and open ,market and economies of scale

      if people only do business with kin if possible, automatically distrust or worse consider it moral to cheat outsiders , while yes a few merchants can get rich, a lot less of the do

      Functionally our Western societies have merchant values and that isn’t compatible with other forms

      Problem is that rootless societies die. The rich do fine but the broader society gets replaced with a more tribal identity since only people with a strong identity and culture reproduce , well that and lower IQ short time preference types but they can’t maintain modernity

      In essence free trade and movement of peoples is inimical to social survival of the larger society

  29. We still have targeted political violence, but it is mostly focused on the middle class opposition and can involve violence in other forms. Ruining someone’s life is a form of violence, and this is done every day to people who violate the norms of the left with their speech and in their associations. This kind of political violence works in the service of the privileged and powerful, and replaces letters of marque, lettres de cachet, and bills of attainder.

    Witness the political intimidation of Trump’s daughter-in-law. She wasn’t the real target, we were. You speak up in public, or associate with the wrong people and you could get taken out. Like intimidating someone with an unloaded pistol. everyone in the room may know that it isn’t loaded, but everyone also knows what the unspoken implications are, as well.

    Banning people from social media. That guy that was fired from his job as town manager in Maine. The “me too” shit. All of this is set up to maintain a kind of extra judiciary public tribunal run by the left in concert with the press to intimidate all of us. It is why we post anonymously, rather than using our real names.

    It is proof we are not actually free.

    Most do not realize this. We have rulers over us, and those rulers have minions who are totally OK with this shit. They live next door to each one of us. And they are allowed to come over and break your ribs with little chance of being punished any fucking time they feel the urge.

    Makes you kinda wanna kill somebody, don’t it?

    And some shithead lefty is going to read this and say we’re the violent ones.

  30. what i don’t get is why the democrats were as craven in there corruption as they were in 2015-2016 with strzok, page and the various foundations.

    I mean what happened to Frank Church or Otis Pike – guys who were liberals but also were against abuses by the cia/deep state.

  31. Political violence works for those who control the megaphone. For those who don’t, it does not work, and is in fact counterproductive since those who do will always take the opportunity vilify them and their group.

    This is the reason we have little political violence now. The left used it during the 60s to take power. But after that time, they did not need it since they have been in power ever since. NB: by “power” here I mean the fount of power in democracy, which is control of the schools and universities. Control of Congress or the Presidency is weak tea compared to the power to install new ideas in the electorate.

    The right takes a stab at terrorism every now and again, but it always fails for them. So the idea of it never catches on.

    • Which “power” did they take in the 60’s by resorting to violence?

      The progressive hard core left has (mostly) been in power in this country since FDR came in during the 1930’s – and has been manipulating the form of the Republic since the early 1900’s at least.

      I see this kind of reasoning used all the time from so-called conservatives – who can’t seem to recognize the fact that they just constantly go about “conserving” whatever major advances were made in the recent past by progressive leftists. The behavior is so pervasive and has been going on for so long it’s become almost genetic among “conservatives”

      • The power TO resort to violence, without repercussion. Openly, in a myriad of ways, as we’re seeing in today’s advance.

        Ayers was promoted to a high seat , instead of an electric chair…proving both Leonard and carlsdad right.

        • Right. It is far more amazing that Ayers never received a nail bomb than it is that Soros is still alive. Ayers is said to agree.

      • Anders Brevik did indeed know that, which is why he targeted the youth camp. I cannot help but wonder, however, if his message would not have been delivered more effectively through a mass killing of immigrant Moslems and Africans; they were the real focus of his rage, he just wanted to take out the next generation of leaders to break the cycle.

        • Though his methods are morally suspect, one cannot argue the reasoning. Migrants are vastly more replaceable than elites.

          • That and when you stage an attack like that its awful hard to claim it was done because the guy was a bigoted right wing idiot who hated non whites

            Everyone in Norway knew it was political and it was tribal (you go after my future I take yours) and got his message

        • That ‘youth camp’ is where the Swedish Workers Party has trained it’s next generation of leaders since the 1930s.

          • I heard a while back that said Swedish Workers Party is having a hard time replacing the youth talent that was killed at that youth camp.
            Brevik effectively neutered the future of the party, ensuring their decline and eventual destruction.

        • “I cannot help but wonder, however, if his message would not have been delivered more effectively through a mass killing of immigrant Moslems and Africans”

          That’s like pissing into the ocean. They kill each other at a greater rate than he could ever do, unless you have government backing to go “Roman”.

    • He has already put the bulk of his wealth into his foundation. Killing his son won’t do a damn bit of good. Figuring out how to take over his foundation as a coup after he is dead and buried, now that’s a plan.

  32. Back in the 1970s and 1980s when the Boston Globe was constantly full of the latest criminal doings from Whitey Bulger – I finally started asking myself (and others) – why doesn’t anybody pop that f&^%ing guy. Even then as a teenager I recognized that it wasn’t an impossible thing – it was just that nobody had the balls – or proper motivation – to just go do it.

    When the stories came out about his killing or involvement in killing of a number of nominally innocent people – I remember thinking : ” if that was a friend, sister, girlfriend of mine – I’d go join the military – learn how to shoot – go to a state with no firearms laws – come back to Boston – pop that fu$ker! from a rooftop – cut the rifle up into pieces and distribute it widely – and then disappear to a different life “. I figured the chances of ever catching me if I was just some random guy with no footprint was slim to none.

    Unrealistic maybe – but at the time I couldn’t understand why people were just left to run around stirring up shit on a constant basis without repercussions.

    Same thoughts apply to Soros – as well as a whole bunch of the cloud people in this country.

    Life and society simply don’t work properly if consequences are removed from the equation.

    • Bulger’s ability to remain free had a lot to do with the FBI, but I think it helped that he tended to prey on stupid people. It takes some smarts to do what you described and it would have meant low time preference, soemthing criminals and the passionate lack. Maybe that’s why political violence has waned. There are other ways to cause trouble for political opponents, that are more appealing to the patient and contemplative.

      • Yes – that’s the likely explanation. Even Whitey was probably very careful not to kill people who had somebody who might care enough – or have the means – to make his head explode like a melon.

        Kill a stupid person who is surrounded by other stupid people and nobody’s very likely to even know they can do anything about it.

        If there’s one thing that I’ve found over the decades is that the vast majority of people suffer from a complete and utter lack of imagination and don’t have a “can do” mentality.

    • You have to remember Whitey’s brother was senate president and Whitey had cops, court clerks, priests and various others on his payroll. People in Southie erroneously believed he was good for the community (“Whitey kept the drugs out of Southie”).

      • I remember very clearly that Billy (that scumbag) was Senate president.

        My point was that Senate president or not – Billy Bulger would not have prevented some guy quietly coming into town and taking up residence with a Remington 700 and a nice scope and making Whitey’s head go splat from a carefully scouted rooftop.

        All that was missing was motivation. Not the means to the end.

  33. The state seems to have no trouble loosing the dogs on minor troublemakers like Kim Dotcom, yet Soros remains unscathed. This would lead me to believe he acting in concert with our rulers.

    On a related note… Is there any historical parallel to the universal traitor-ism among the elites throughout the west? To me it appears to be unprecedented. All through the West, whether they be business, spiritual, civic, cultural, etc., our “leaders” pursue our destruction. I can think of examples of this being true in a particular nation, or perhaps in a particular class, across several nations. Has the ever been a time when such madness among the elites was universal?

  34. The question should be why are some of his enemies (Israel’s) still alive.
    You pointed to Gerald Bull, I’m sure we can come up with a lot of names.

  35. What u say ’bout this little development?:
    This Russian Buissnessman Sergei Millian who is a Russian source behind Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s paid for Russia/Trump dossier from Fusion GPS used by Obama to get a FISA warrant on Trump goes by another name, that name is Sergey Panchenko. Sergey Panchenko just happens to be one of the dead passengers in today’s Russian plane crash that has killed 71 people. Also dead in this plane crash is Ivanov Vyacheslav the CFO of Rosatom who is involved in Hillary’s Uranium One deal with Russia back in 2009 under Barack Obama.

  36. What you say about this?:
    This Russian Buissnessman Sergei Millian who is a Russian source behind Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s paid for Russia/Trump dossier from Fusion GPS used by Obama to get a FISA warrant on Trump goes by another name, that name is Sergey Panchenko. Sergey Panchenko just happens to be one of the dead passengers in today’s Russian plane crash that has killed 71 people. Also dead in this plane crash is Ivanov Vyacheslav the CFO of Rosatom who is involved in Hillary’s Uranium One deal with Russia back in 2009 under Barack Obama.

  37. I like your line “thirsty years ago”. Sounds like a time before beer was invented.
    Soros is certainly a US stooge and acting with approval. He is going round poking his nose in everywhere it is not wanted. Ghastly old Scrote.

    • Maybe this is no more than speculation but what if soros was the “go-between” of the City of London and the New York or DC globalists? He has power, that is what keeps the sad-sack alive.
      If anyone were to follow global politics even just a bit one could pick up the role of soros in the USA and compare it to the role the guy played in Canada, he’s dead now, but his name was something that began with an “S” , I can’t recall…info overload…@@&$^??&%##@!!!

  38. “Why is George Soros still alive?”

    Either he hasn’t upset the right people or we’ve reached the point where the powers that be have lost the ability to plan and conduct an efficient assassination. Decline isn’t just about no long being able to go to the moon after all. (I’m inclined to think that he probably hasn’t upset the right people; he gets a lot of press but he hasn’t really picked any serious fights with people who are going to have him accidentally fall down an elevator shaft. Funding NGOs and shorting the British Pound aren’t the same as funding Chechen bombers to attack Moscow or selling nuclear hardware to Tehran or trying to take down the Dollar.)

    “On the other hand, blowing up a few important political influencers in the Imperial Capital would have an enormous impact. ”

    There is the possibility of a lack of imagination; most political theory in the real wide world is still based in some form of Marxist Leftism that is focused on the idea of political control through political players. Thats probably why someone sent white powder to Trump’s family instead of considering that they could have more effect in the world by blowing up Tim Cook or Mark Zuckerberg.

  39. The modern day Arkancide of the bureaucratic class is less overtly violent.

    I fantasize about taking their pensions.

    Can you imagine the hysterical chatterings amongst the faceless powers that be if Lois Lerner et al had to renounce their precious pensions?

    • I think a fine example of your method would be the Swiftboaters. They waited decades, and when their old buddy Kerry was reaching for his pinnacle they shot his ego and career dead.

  40. The west is in short supply of martyrs, if you off a somebody today you will get caught.

    What we need is juryies that won’t convict assinations that are in the peoples best intrest.

    The soil of democracy requires the blood of tyrants or so they say.

    Keep up the good work .

    • RE: “You will get caught”.

      You sure about that?


      After actually spending some time reading about murder cases – I came to the conclusion that if you’re the least bit “smart” about what you do – the chances of getting caught go down substantially. Most people get caught for committing crimes – because they’re damn stupid and do things in the heat of the moment – as well as do follow-on stupidity like brag about their crimes.

      Now I’m sure that the various police agencies devote a lot more time to solving the untimely deaths of “important” people – over and above the deaths of homeless and other societal throw aways – but there are still cases where cloud people get offed – and nobody seems to be able to solve the case.

      That billionare couple that was recently found strangled is a case in point.

      There’s more than a few books out there from the right wing about political figures getting taken out thru various means. That would indicate that the thoughts of doing it are least germinating in a lot of people’s minds. Go read Matt Bracken’s “What I Saw At The Coup” – for an example of this.

      It was written back in 2012 – long before Trump becoming President was even a thought in anybody’s mind. What it talks about is a left wing coup to take out right wingers. A scenario that actually sounds completely plausible now a few years later now that we know all the machinations that the swamp has gone thru to try and take out Trump.


      • Those numbers are artificially skewed because no one is interested in clearing cases that occur in The Vibrant Lands.
        Some cheer for more.

        • LF;
          I don’t think that there is some nefarious plot involved. The main point is that those who dwell in those Vibrant Lands don’t seem to care enough (in deed, not word) to want those murders cleared: You need *witnesses* willing to testify and *juries*-of-their-‘peers’ willing to convict for that to happen. Knowing who did it through the usual semi-reliable informants just isn’t enough.

          The working-level public safety minions of the overarching Urban Cloud under which those Vibrant Lands ‘thrive & blossom’ have to take a pragmatic attitude. I believe that’s why you see so many denizens of those Vibrant Lands in prison for drugs. Takes a known but un-convictable usual-suspect-bad-dude off the street. Best of all, no local witnesses are needed. Make the buy, film the bust: Easy Peasy.

      • I have to agree with calsdad. With no external evidence to match to a crime scene, how does a crime, especially a murder, get solved? Can’t match a bullet to a rifle or pistol if you can’t find the rifle or pistol. Can’t match DNA to any person if no DNA is left at a crime scene.

        According to the Pew Research Center
        ” In 2015, 62% of murders and non-negligent homicides in the U.S. were cleared. ”
        38% is a great many unsolved homicides in the United States.

      • I said if you kill a somebody, kill a nobody no problem attack the inner circle and i wish you the best of luck .

    • Not always.

      The Beltway snipers didn’t get caught until they started talking to the police – which gave the cops enough clues to put 2 and 2 together.

      Otherwise had they maintained communication silence with the enemy they could have continued their reign of terror despise having to face the FBI, military and CIA assets.

      And all they did was take a few pages out of a U.S. Army sniper manual that can be found on the internet.

  41. I was shocked the Brits didn’t kill him when he screwed with the Pound. I still wouldn’t be surprised if Hungary atoned for unleashing him on the world by killing him.

    • There is some possibility that these new administrative states are no longer capable of carrying out a targeted killing. Imagine the endless series of meetings with power point presentations on the analysis of having meetings about planning for the assassination of Soros. Even the Russians bungled the poisoning of that Ukrainian politician. Russians like cloak and dagger like capers.

      • The possibility – and only the possibility – exists that it might not be a state actor that has the capability for political assassinations. Made-for-TV-movies are chock full of evil doers working for evil big corporations, etc. Pretty damn hard to find them in real life, however.

        I suspect Soros is still alive because much of his funding activity is devoted to supporting the anti-American Left, especially inside the U.S., and there’s probably more dislike of the U.S. around the globe than is publicly admitted. Plus, while he’s stirring the pot in the U.S, he’s not doing it in someone else’s country, so the “let sleeping dogs lie” principle applies.

        • Foreign Al;
          I think a lot of commenters here are missing the point that the very rich in general and guys like Soros in particular have really *good* private security.

          Their objective is to have enough ‘layers of protection’* to ensure that only a well-organized, state-level actor could cause them and their families (i.e. anybody ransom-able) any harm. And a bribe or two to the ‘organs of the state’, as they used to say in the USSR, would be enough to get tipped off if anybody organized was sizing you up. Then your minions can take preventative action as needed.**

          OTOH, the merely well-off have to rely on banding together strategies such as using gated communities with private security, alarm companies with armed response, political control of those who control the police, etc. And those of us in the middle class can usually shelter under their arrangements.

          But those in these two categories *are* vulnerable to well organized, personally directed attack: A mafia hit, for example.

          But the truly rich, not so much. They can afford custom-tailored purely personal protection 24/7/365 regardless of circumstances. That’s why one can still find them in 3rd world pest-holes. Somebody’s gotta exploit the peasants, after all.
          *Depending on threat assessment. We all do this implicitly. Most times, geographic separation, a dog and an alarm system are more than enough to defend against the usual-suspect, thugs-in-need-of-drugs level of threat.

          **The well-known Cody WassHisName and Sid Vicious who are kept on permanent retainer by The Clinton Crime Family come to mind as examples. Not to mention the well-known Arkancide phenomenon one level below them. It would be a brave jihadi cell indeed to make any moves against Her Thighness and a really skillful/lucky one to pull anything off.

      • Actually, now that I think of it, since the administrative state – including the Pentagon – is filled with leftists, who view Soros as a hero, or cash cow (or both) – it would be impossible for any kind of action to be taken through the proper channels, as with Bin Laden. It would take something Tom Clancy/Brad Thor-ish where a cartoonishly skilled and trustworthy special ops individual worked directly with the President, or the SecDef, or some other motivated (and protected) individual.

    • The Hungarian and Nigel Farage have had enough of the psychopath. It looks like his kids aren’t much better.

      Something they all of his kind take for granted.
      The dirt people are the most tolerant civilization in the West. We have been subject to every violation of the rule of law imaginable and then more than some.
      Thing is with the dirt people, because they have this particular tolerance of trespasses by the cloud people, its kind of like a savings account with double accumulative interest, one day the interest is due, and it is no small matter. Dirt people go from the most tolerant to the most merciless people imaginable.
      Don’t ask me how to explain it, it is one of those things that are of such a sublime matter, you have to be a dirt person who has reason to know it to define it in suitable words, Sundance of The Last Refuge came close, he called it cold anger. I think Z himself defined it to a point in his writing about dirt people.
      But here’s something, the globalists, deep state, or whatever you call the sonofabitches du jor running things, they do not appreciate just how lucky they are. So far.
      I predict if this crap of destroying this Republic don’t stop, what Z is talking about will take on an entirely new and cold blooded character nobody has seen for a very long time.
      I think there are White Hats, and they are beginning to save it. Its touch and go right now. But when the White Hats, and this applies to dirt people also, its a legitimacy/motive power thing, ripping the hands of the black hats from the levers of power is a difficult thing at first, but when the first few Blackhats fold, a quality thankfully they all hold in common, the rest will collapse relatively quickly. Its the nature of this Marxian/Globalist bullshit. Its essentially an organized crime syndicate system of various regimes working loosely together with a political fig leaf. Its most important weapon is legitimacy, or the illusion of legitimacy, and it has no power but force and use of violence, ultimately, to defend itself from dirt people who truly withdraw consent with a vengeance.
      They believe themselves something special, superior, that Intelligentsia/Nomenklaturer sense of ultimate entitlement. Entitled to rule over us with impunity.
      Nothing could be further from the truth.
      The thing they miss in their hubris and greed is Tolerance and Consent have everything to do with that.

      • The thing is, the dirt people have to congregate in the local pub, consume alcohol, and then be inspired to take up pitchforks and scythes by the local rabble rouser. Once assembled they have to walk en masse to the nearby tyrants domain and commence to slaughtering and burning said tyrants castle and family. It is hard to imagine a modern version of this. I just don’t see it in our current condition.

    • I’ve wondered for quite some time why George Soros hasn’t been Arkancided. The best explanation I can come up with is that he’s in tight with the leftist progressive higher ups who support all the bullshit that he is constantly engaged in.

      Somebody had better pop him quickly – he’s getting old and might die from natural causes. Then we’ll miss the chance to make a point – and his progeny will just carry on his nefarious works.

      Maybe it might be better to pop one or all of his kids. That makes a better point (to him) – plus it solves the problem once and for all.

      • Agree. Certain families – like those of Schwartz/Soros – need to be cut off root and branch. Not much benefit to only offing the old pos yet leaving its progeny to continue its work and enjoy its ill-gotten gains

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