The Social War

For most modern Americans, the issue of “rights” is talked about in spiritual terms, more than practical or legal terms. The concept of Natural Rights has lost all meaning to the modern person, even though our system depends upon the concept. That is not necessarily a bad thing. As Western societies have evolved since the Enlightenment, the concept of rights has expanded and evolved as well. Today, what we think of as “our rights” fall into three general areas, civil, political and social.

For Americans, the concept of civil rights has been tangled up in racial politics, mostly because of baby boomers nostalgia. As a result, three generations of Americans have been steeped in the mythology of the Civil Rights Movement, thinking it only applies to black people. Putting that aside, we expect equality before the law and due process. The law should apply to everyone equally and the administration of the law should follow a transparent and predictable process.

While civil rights are about equality before the law, political rights are about equality in formulating the law. That means having an equal shot to participate in the political process which creates the laws. Equality before the law is not worth a lot if your enemies have the exclusive right to dictate the law. The real change in the Civil Rights Movement was in the political realm. Blacks are now fully included in the nation’s political process.

As civil and political rights have expanded, social rights have contracted. The right to live your life unmolested by others is increasingly difficult. It used to be a given that a man had a right to anonymity. That is just about impossible today. More important, it is increasingly difficult to hold unorthodox opinions and beliefs. Half a century ago, people dreamed of a colorblind future, but today, people dream of not getting fired for posting FBI crime stats on Facebook.

This relentless intrusion on our social rights is in the news on a daily basis. This story from Tampa is a representative example. Here is a woman, hounded by bigots, because she holds unapproved opinions. You can be sure that the ululating fanatics will be badgering her school system to fire her from her job. We now live in a society in which thinking things that were commonly understood a generation ago, is used to ruin a person’s life, making them a pariah in their own community.

This erosion of social rights is not just in the public sphere. If a group of people holding unapproved thoughts wants to socialize privately, the bigots will seek them out and call down the rock throwers on them. This story from Michigan is typical. These people are going to great lengths to avoid drawing attention to themselves, yet the local progressives are hunting them down, hoping to prevent them from having a private dinner together. Iran has more social liberty.

Of course, the war on social rights is just the start. The orchestrated assault on the nation’s oldest political rights organization is one example of the effort to extend the denial of social rights to the denial of political rights. The ongoing legal effort to deny Americans their civil rights, based on their thoughts, is another aspect to this war on our general liberties. The plaintiffs are asking the court to create a new legal status for heretics, which denies them the rights and privileges of citizenship.

Now, the reason Western societies evolved political systems that respect civil rights and allow for near universal participation in politics is to reduce political violence. When the working class can organize around the candidates of their choice, they do not have to stage bread riots. When minority groups can expect equality before the law, they do not have to make war on the majority. Participatory democracy, in theory, gives everyone a stake in the system and a reason to defend it against subversion.

What is happening today is a unilateral declaration that a growing list of opinions and ideas are off-limits. Anyone that embraces them, or is suspected of embracing them, is outside the sphere to which civil, political and social rights apply. These outside people become fair game, as they have no legal avenue to seek redress. A person who loses his job because he agrees with what his grandfathers thought, is quickly becoming a man without a country.

In this Tucker Carlson profile, he makes the point that he lives in a great neighborhood with smart wonderful neighbors. It is America as it was in 1955, so naturally the people living there are deeply satisfied with their work as a ruling elite. The reason for that is they have no idea what is happening out in the hinterlands. They avoid the consequences of their preferred polices. If hordes of migrants show up in their schools, they will not be so self-satisfied.

The same logic applies to what is happening in this social war being waged against political dissidents. The people hounding schoolteachers out of their jobs can feel self-satisfied, because they get to avoid the same treatment. The people harassing companies to break ties with the heretics, have no skin in the game, so they are free to overindulge in righteous indignation. At some point, this leads to violence, either against the victims or by the victims.

That is why the current climate is so dangerous. Nature supplies more men with nothing to lose than any society can need. A political system that systematically marginalizes large swaths of young men, telling them they have no place in the world, is a society begging for political violence. Rebecca Klein of the Huffington Post may be feeling smug, for having “outed” a bad thinker, but she is not going to be so smug when her Prius blows up when she tries to start it.

During the Civil Rights Movement, there came a point where the people in charge faced a choice. They could let reasonable men on both sides find an accommodation, or they could let the unreasonable men on both sides fight it out. Today, the people in charge have that same choice. They can put their unreasonable people on a leash and deal honestly with the reasonable people in dissent, or they can continue to wage this social war and invite the war into their streets and their neighborhoods.

This will not end well.

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  3. “When the working class can organize around the candidates of their choice, they don’t have to stage bread riots.”

    Exactly. But the left’s “activism” culture requires that there be people outside the system for whom “peaceful protest” — i.e., riots — is the only way to get the attention of the ruling class. It started with the working class; now the working class has the vote. It continued with women and minorities; now women and minorities are inside the tent. So what’s an “activist” to do? Perfectly simple. Organize illegal aliens and Muslims. Because they are the only people still “outside the system.”

  4. “reasonable accommodations”…Are you high? Everything since 1964 has been whites getting screwed, nothing more….Fuck “Reasonable accommodations” give them NOTHING….Take from them EVERYTHING.

  5. I often think about how things will go when the time comes for bombs under Priuses. In the beginning of that war there had better be impeccable methods used because the resultant investigations will be more robust and intense than a thousand Mueller witch hunts.

    • Sure.

      The first few men will be the kind willing to die, quite elderly, terminally ill or just crazy determined

      This is often how these things happens elsewhere

      Also a lot of them will be one and done operations, its a lot harder to catch someone who doesn’t repeat the things they did before

      After it goes on awhile, it will become so common no one will be investigating with any intensity any more than there is widespread investigation of a grenade attack in Malmo Sweden or some random homicide in Mexico.

      Really important people and cops will get effort, everyone else ?

      Not so much. Inadequate resources and risk the problem will follow them home tends to deter much action.

      That said and the thing the Feds almost certainly watching this blog no doubt don’t get it is that the people blogging and WRSA or here or the late Mike Vaderbough at Sipsey really are trying to stop these things , we want them no more than they do its just the Left is fast becoming a bunch of culture raping soon to be genocidal nut jobs and that the Right won’t be disarmed and won’t go down without a fight

      Honestly aside from getting ready for the big show and getting smart the best the religious can do is pray because we can use all the help we can get

      • “The first few men will be the kind willing to die, quite elderly, terminally ill or just crazy determined

        This is often how these things happens elsewhere.”

        Finally a use for the aging boomers who want to make amends for the decay they championed. Kamikaze boomers wearing Japanese pilot hats and goggles and a Kek emblazoned white headband. The final boomer act of self-actualization.

  6. One of the first corporations to jump onto the anti-NRA jihad bandwagon was the First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO), which is the parent company of my friendly community bank in DeKalb IL. Of the seven states in which FNBO or its subsidiaries operate —Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota and Texas— five went for Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Seems like they may have set themselves up for a nasty consumer boycott from here in the heartland. If you are a client/customer of an FNBO affiliate, I strongly encourage you to send a note explaining your likely future banking options to Mr. K. Langin : the FNBO PR flack handling what really should be a major sh*tstorm. You can tell him I sent you. Next up, I’ll see how far I get talking to United Airlines’s PR flacks at their Chicago HQ.

    • They also provide credit card services for smaller community banks. A card I have from a local rural bank chain is actually serviced through first Omaha. Guess what I’m canceling and telling my bank why?

  7. The next decade is when the SHTF for real, you gonna see widespread political violence in North America and Western Europe.

  8. We don’t have an adequate supply of helicopters to provide rides for everyone who deserves one. We will need to employ other methods. Excuse me, I meant “Synergize alternative methodologies, and leverage unexplored efficiencies.” (I’m in a management training meeting at work.)

  9. My only quibble is with your end piece . It will end well, with the Left removed from power or hell if it comes to that is exterminated we can rebuild a healthy civilization.

    It won’t be pleasant for a few decades but hard times lead to better men and frankly as long as their is food, medicine and basic comforts we’ll be fine.

    The first few decades will be rough and I expect to see hardship driven behaviors and cultural oddities as most kids will be raised by traumatized parents

    And yes we could lose half the population? assuming the 50 states were still a thing so what?

    Assuming survivors have a total fertility rate around 3 and that most survive the population will double in 4 decades change and with a more favorable demographic as well

    Any rate above replacement so long as the border can be controlled will lead to recovery over time.

    So long as the Left is in charge, society will die in an great open air prison , a rat utopia or both

  10. Saying “this will not end well” every week is all well and good, but the $64,000 question is, when? Vox Day has been predicting the collapse of the financial system and degeneration into something resembling Thunderdome for about the last 20 years; the predictions are starting to ring hollow.

    In the long run, we’re all dead.

    • The current assumption is the 2030’s or so I’ve heard this from a lot of people

      That said everyone including the power that be are surprised by how robust the bubble has been.

      The irony in my mind is that its mostly propelled by thrift (corporate savings and cost cutting) and not growth like they want you to believe

      Any growth there is in the hands of a very few and every developed nation has below replacement fertility , many have actual population shrinkage

      The only pool of human capital remaining appears to be in Africa and even the elite are concerned about secondary effects of that population

      we are about 3 decades change out from a complete European collapse anyway once migration from African population reaches critical mass

      How that plays out or what happens in the US is far beyond my pay grade though I’ll say the Swedish Prime Minister Löfven even publicly in todays presser with President Trump stated Sweden is making entry much harder and that they are overloaded

      If they get smart now and prevent too much migration, better yet mass repatriate the late century will belong to Europe

      China has too many economic issues and the US will probably either be 3rd world , split apart or in a civil war by than

  11. We really, truly, no doubt about it, need a full blown worldwide war to rectify this steaming mountain of bullshit that gets shoveled higher every day. Otherwise our children will inherit a world of real shit. Better me that fights and dies than them.

  12. I noticed that the writers of the linked Michigan article have unwittingly but correctly identified themselves as the new shits.

    • the Metro Times is a soft liberal commie rag that you pick up free around here. Nobody reads it except for restaurant reviews and openings.

  13. It’s very easy for the elites to double down due to the technology. The temptation is that it’s easy to block people due to advances in AI and keep track of them via social media. The feeling of power plus all the progressive advances they have made will make it all go to their head.

    It’s also easy to see something like the IRA emerge here among the disenfranchised. The IRA after all was started by Catholic Irish in Northern Ireland who were discriminated against by the Protestant Irish in terms of jobs, housing, etc.

  14. People have not handled the free flow of information, enabled by the internet, very well. The internet has changed some important elements of living. One is that most people, one way or another, have an identifiable identity on the internet. Staying anonymous to the wider world is not an easy option any more. It can make you a target. Another is that there is a lot of information out there, and some of it is actually true. People can easily collect up all sorts of ideas, theories, concepts, and philosophies. They can join the political or social “in” crowd by parroting their ideas. Third is that people have this weird idea that it is OK to pummel people who disagree with them. Doxx them, get them fired, get them shunned in polite society. For some reason, because you can do it, it makes it OK or even a noble thing to do it. The internet makes it easy for people to be mentally manipulated, and they are, without a thought for what they are signing up for. Like owning a gun without any training or idea how to operate the thing or when to use it, lazy activity and interaction on the internet is a dangerous thing. TPTB like things this way, so don’t expect any changes.

  15. The term “natural” rights is really just a root level identifier for the concept of most fundamental right as viewed by the individual (e.g. it supersedes all other types of rights). In practice, it means that the individual will fight to the death if necessary in order to defend this perceived essential condition. It represents an evolutionary success strategy as opposed to a compromise made in service to a large group or social interest.

    • Tom;
      You forgot the preface the Founders used for ‘natural rights’, namely that they are God given: As in ‘God-given Natural Rights’ from the Declaration of Independence and the preamble to the Constitution. Why does this matter_?

      This concept is absolutely critical to the current struggle. If our natural rights are God-given, then we do not hold them at the sufferance of other people, period. This is true, regardless of any other theory of how else said rights might have come into being.

      IOW, overweight, blue haired, fish-mouthed feminists got nothin’ but their shrieking. As soon as the new oppressed minority of white males gets this through their heads, they lose their existential fear and dismay. All that’s left after that is defining the tactics to best defeat the fish mouths.

  16. What’s worse?

    Somebody with nothing to lose?


    Somebody with everything to lose?

  17. You know, back in the 90s when I was still a liberal the Palestinian question was often stated as young men with no hope in their lives and what choice did they have except to resort to violence. I hadn’t even noticed the parallel until you wrote that about young men today here

      • Maybe not, but they have been effectively bulldozing and settling white cities with their people for generations. Vae Victis.

  18. The largest battle we need to win is to reclaim moral authority on behalf of whites.

    The leftist cultural revolution has completely eradicated any amount of moral authority for European descended people on most major social issues. Most white people unknowingly accede all points to minorities on issues of race, religion, immigration and human rights.

    The cudgel that the leftists use is an arbitrary construct of morality that has little basis in reason or logic and is arguably the antithesis of civilizational survival throughout human history. That it is more righteous to reject your countrymen in favor of outsiders is a bizarre moral turn that has few equivalents in the history of humanity.

    But leftists have used their control of the media, the government and the educational complex to indoctrinate many people with these views. Their control of the narrative is complete at this point and why they strive so hard to squash dissent. It’s the duty of every person who reads these blogs to do their best to chip away at the narrative in every small way they can.

    That does not mean confrontation, it means injections of reality to the uninitiated at every opportune moment. Some of the best moral issues that even ardent leftists understand, as Sailer points out, are issues of overcrowding, social disunity and, most importantly, affordable family formation.

    Affordable family formation is the hammer we can use to win. We must instill in people an understanding that the current political leftist control racket is depressing the ability to have children: they make expensive overeducation essential and overly burdensome, they pump up real estate in good areas by means of immigration and two income households, they tell women that pursuit of career during their prime breeding years is the only thing that will make them happy, they demand the importation or low-iq, low-education, low-skills immigrants who drain our government social programs like education, Medicaid and the justice system for their benefit at our expense, they make schools in many areas unappealing and create unsafe environments for our children making whites seek out extremely expensive areas to live, etc.

    These are the issues we have that will help us move in the right direction. The reconquista starts now: win

  19. Those in charge will have no incentive to act reasonably until their lives and fortunes are endangered and even then they will engage in a war they cannot win. They will reap the whirlwind and once things reach that point circumstances will spiral out of control.

    No, it won’t end well because the people in charge this time are inherently unreasonable as are most Marxists.

  20. Regarding the Tampa area teacher, I saw the original video with her and Bre Faucheaux. They were denouncing Chris Rock’s hateful statements on whitey. Sent it to my adult daughter who is not political and her comment to me was she liked those girls. I now sent the update on this shyte that is happening to her and my daughter’s response was, What happened to freedom of speech?

    Yeah, she actually asked that.

    • Take pleasure in the fact that your daughter isn’t a ‘democratic socialist’ and that her instincts, though uninformed, are decent and sound.

  21. Martin Luther King is now an idea to the left, not an historical person. They actually despise much of what he said and believed – the man was a Baptist Ministered and thought all people should be judged by their character, not their skin color.

    They haven’t gotten around to formally dumping him only because most people are so poorly educated, they don’t really know much about King.

    • That MLK wasn’t seriously considered for the new $20 bill, and that his statue in DC represents an Asiatic God-King, and not a real human being, proves your point. That the Left cannot dispense with him completely – yet – recalls the awkwardness that Stalin felt about Marx and Lenin, as he built his cult of personality. Too much of their actual work and writing conflicted with his program of self-deification, yet he required from them that vague and mystical “origin myth” to support his absolute power.

      Letting the kiddies read and learn from the complete text of MLK’s great Lincoln memorial speech might cost a young prog teacher her job; better to stop at “I have a dream” and then “explain” – in purely orthodox terms – what that dream was, for instance, the total annihilation of whitey, or whatever the Current Year demands.

      Imagine the complications for the happy-faced graduate of a contemporary ed school if she were confronted by all the religious, cultural, legal, and historic context – to say nothing of the literary and verbal tradition – that lifts the speech to greatness; no, it’s all too much. All too confusing. And the last thing we need in a classroom is inquiry, curiosity, all that stuff that makes intelligent children so annoying.

      • My reply is the same as 3g4me’s, except that MLK is considered a saint in this country, right & left, when he was a total POS.
        He was engaged in many sexually/physically abusive relationships w/young white women at the time, (while married, a father & man of God),
        along w/close friendship/sympathies w/a Commie Jew who wrote the bulk of his speeches.
        If’d you read much of his writings, you’d know he was pro-reparations, & totally prepared for street violence as far as it needed to go, to further his ambitions.
        I’ve lived between Birmingham/Atlanta all of my life, and consider him an immoral, lying, thieving, crypto-commie conduit, whose speeches were just sermons sprinkled w/ the tabula rasa concept, forcing whites to wear skin suits made of original sin guilt.
        Yet,to this day, all while they are robbing us of our Confederate heroes here in the South, we were gifted with, yet another, MLK monument.
        My G-G-G-G grandfather served w/a young Robert E Lee in Brigadier General John Wool’ s engineer corps, during the Mexican War.
        His son, my G-G-G grandfather, fought under Lee’s command starting from the second battle of Manassas, & was wounded 3Xs, & during the last time he was home recuperating he fathered a son.
        He was also w/Lee at Appomattox in April 1865, for the surrender.
        That son (my G-G grandfather) was born October 1864. He was named
        Robert Edward Lee (my family surname)

        That’s why, when those mother f@$#!%& college commies throw fits for statues to come down, I completely lose it.

    • Michael King was a plagiarist, a communist, and an adulterer who enjoyed having sex with White whores while beating them. He wanted full-scale economic ‘reparations’ and endless ‘affirmative action.’ Your claim of his belief in judging people “by their character, not their skin color,” is just as much a fable as the left’s view and use of King iconography.

  22. This is the reason we should be spending more time defending and or ignoring Nazis than giving rein to the left over them. Every time a conservative normie joins in with the left in dissing Nazis he digs another shovel full of dirt in his own grave.

    • Once in a while I do drop in on Rush. He was doing a good job explaining the college debt and usefullness. Then he digressed and went about some female speaker being shut down again on campus.

      You know, all of the established righties like him never come to defend anyone like the aforementioned teacher here. Too far right or touching the ethnic divide is a bridge too far. Until they come for his ilk.

      • Rush and Mark will only talk about “Americans.” Mostly. The melting pot Dream. We’re at the point where it’s all race all of the time. However.

  23. Over the years I’ve had many frustrating conversations with my then, now past coworkers. When something would come up that they didn’t like it was always “why”. As in “why” do we have do it this way. There were procedures and ways of doing things that had been worked out decades before and there is a saying if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Often if you explained the history they would accept it.
    One of the problems with many people in our country is a complete lack of history. How do you know where you are going if you don’t know where you are? And how do you know where are if you don’t know where you have been.
    Whether it was by design or chance the ruling class has systematically destroyed the fabric of our society. We now have many people that have no ties to family, church, community and only care about themselves. At the same time there are vast numbers that cannot function without government assistance. As our host has stated the ruling class needs to stop stirring the pot and get a handle on their useful idiots. For not if, but when the conflagration comes it will not end well and the ruling class my find they will be the beneficiary of what they have created.

    • To leftists that lack of history is a feature not a bug. It creates the “blank slate” perfect for imprinting their ideas. I’ve semi joked about being only three degrees separated from the American Revolution. My grandfather, a veteran of the AEF, told me the stories from his grandfather, a GAR vet, of the men he knew as child that were the last veterans of the Revolution. We’ve lost those connections.

      • My gradfather was a captain with the MTC of the AEF first with the British 5th Army and then the 5 Div and then 28th Div. He was gassed in Cambrai on March 21, 1918. He died in the Dayton VA hospital years later in 1952 and is buried in Arlington. My father enlisted in WWII with the Third Army XX Corps 69th Signal Batallion. He survived and fathered me many years later. Unfortunately, I never met my grandfather and have very few memories of my father.

        • One grandfather was old enough to enlist in the Union army in 1861. That span still amazes me. Same with my dad. I knew him but not much as a young man.

      • I have a very short list of ancestors who fought in the Am Rev. My heritage group started “Constitution Week” back in the 1950s and continues the commemoration today. Also supports American History essay contests in the schools and ROTC awards as well. Join one of the many such organizations today!! The 250th anniversary of the Am Rev is coming up shortly.

  24. Being just old enough to remember portions of the Civil Rights era seems there is one difference here. You are right, the sides there decided coming to an agreement was preferable to some sort of Klan v. Black Panthers race war. But slather on a layer post modernism and the very act of even listening to the other side is characterized as “violence”. Kinda hard to have a dialog when saying “good morning” to a post modernist leftist constitutes an assault if you are a member of the white patriarchal power structure. What is bizarre is watching otherwise decently educated upper middle class people around here descend into that sort of nihilism. Watched that from my Faceberg listening post the last few weeks. There is no dialog with the mob.

  25. One of my other favorite bloggers made an observation that may well apply to all this. Quoting almost verbatim:

    “Women are fascists and socialists by nature. Most are not mature enough to rise above that – and realizing this, the founding fathers wisely deprived them of the vote.”

    To the cat ladies of the Huff n’ Blow, they are not stifling rights, they are simply ‘enlightened women seeking consensus’. Nor are they making war on the NRA; they are simply trading freedom for security as women always do. (Those icky patriarchal founding fathers had some nonsense to say about that too). And because they are no longer satisfied by their men that they emasculated, even stinky imported rapists are an improvement over their soy boys. This is how the average liberal white woman rolls. Literally a quarter of them are nuts; something like 25% of north American are on antidepressants. An even larger majority will vote with their emotions. None of this chit would even be a problem were it not for women voting and having a say in civil affairs. Pandora and Eve are going to do what women do.

    No, it WILL NOT end well. The blowback has already started. First the Alt Right blossomed in the lower echelons of the white demographics. The more refined dissident right is taking hold in the upper echelons.

    Perhaps it will end well? After the next civil/race war, when the cull has finished and scarcity has been re-established … Chicky will finally shut her gob and get back in the kitchen, Darky will go back out to tend the cotton field, the sexually disturbed will get put back in the closet – and Valhalla will re-assert itself for the worthy that survive.

    • Lorena Bobbit got a standing ovation from all the crazy harpies on Steve Harvey’s show.

    • I don’t think they really think they are trading freedom for security. They are simply trying to destroy something men with different political beliefs like for spite’s sake.

    • What’s wrong w/ a little fascism? If it was good enough for the Founding Fathers, Mussolini, Franco & Uncle A, I find quite a bit of it quite appealing, & I’m a woman…

      I’ve said for many years if I were in charge, I’d burn down every public school, university, right down to the daycare & preschools in this country & salt the Earth where they stood.
      Public schools are state sanctioned child abuse, college is an indoctrination center that leaves you 5-6 figures in debt to start off your adult life, all while you probably are working as a tutor, a barista, or a community activist, not earning Jjack shit. As for daycare/preschool, that’s what mothers are for.
      Pick your own damn fruit, mow your own damn grass, clean your own damn home, and most importantly raise and teach your own damn kids.

  26. But, very few people “on the Right” are willing to see how the progressives structurally changed the society to make this nightmare possible.

    You want to be successful in this society? Get into Harvard Law or Harvard Medical or at least some reputable law or medical school.

    Except… even if you are perfectly well qualified, the system is rigged so that the majority of people who are indeed qualified will not get in. The system is intentionally designed with “choke points,” so that the people who are, largely arbitrarily, chosen to pass through those choke points, will feel grateful to those who let then in, and will “buy in” to the system.

    Same thing (at a lower level) for getting in to Berkeley or UCLA vs. going to a community college: Berkeley and UCLA admit that they have far more qualified applicants than they admit.

    You are an independent thinker who speaks his own mind? Then do not plan on getting into Harvard Law or Medical, or Berkeley or UCLA.

    Indeed, most jobs that nowadays require a college degree do not really make use of any knowledge actually acquired in college. College is to create choke points to control people.

    This is not a bug; it is a feature.

    Or consider how the progressives have wrecked the monetary and financial system, largely through the Federal Reserve cartel, so that Americans cannot simply save their money and expect it to retain its value when they need it for retirement. You have to play the stock market, navigate the 401(k) rules, or, for most Americans, becomes grateful dependents of Social Security.

    There is only one route to restore the country: deconstruct the institutions that progressives have put in place in since 1913 — the “national security state,” the monetary and financial system, the education system, the government-structured medical system (Obamacare only marginally increased the governmental involvement), etc.

    The only way to “make America great again” is to systematically deconstruct progressivism. And very few people on the Right grasp that.

    • Sherman’s March Through The Institutions.

      Maybe a good theme song for the dissident right would be a remake of “While we were marching through Georgia”.

    • Fine post.

      That was one of the stupidest things the Left ever did, It tends to encourage vengeful revolutionaries to burn the institutions instead of saving them

      Historically in a religious war like we are in, enemy institutions get destroyed, C.F Henry the 8th and the monasteries , churches etc

      I’d prefer that not to happen given these institutions have failed at their primary duty , continuity of western values for the leaders for half a century or so no one will miss them anyway.

  27. Who would have thought that one Jefferson Beauregard Sessions of Alabama would be the kind of gutless cuckold to allow downtrodden white working class men to have their lives destroyed by a motley crew of trustafarian diaspora chic hipsters and mystery meat junky thugs?

    I’ve often stumped a bit in defense of the Trump admin’s political manuvering, but this absence of a crackdown on the violent left is without any sort of reasonable explanation that I can discern. Leaving antifa and shitLib HR hens to destroy a part of the base could very well sap all the political capital gains made through otherwise effective realpolitik.

    • the feds, and some states, have clamped down hard on antifa. they are charging them with serious crimes and locking them up. won’t see it reported in the msm however.

  28. I think the elite can be counted on to double-down, and make things worse. Awhile back someone pointed out that Kevin MacDonald’s writing about a “hostile elite” doesn’t show the existence of some kind of new nefariousness, but is rather just a restatement of something that has unfortunately been blindingly obvious and true throughout most of human history: the people in charge hate, fear, or at least distrust the people they rule over. We’re at some kind of breaking point, and near physical violence because of the estrangement between classes, as Carlson, you and Charles Murray pointed out with his “super zips” chapters in “Coming Apart”. The elite and common man can have some common ground, but it’s very rare and very discouraged right now (i.e. the media beating Trump up over liking fast food or well-done steaks, as a minor but noteworthy example). I watched like 30 seconds of the Oscars, and it was too much cloud people for me to stomach. It’s like a Masque of the Red Death Bacchanal celebration while people die outside the castle’s high walls. They’re so far out of it that they think their sanctimony over Weinstein playing grab-ass is righteous rage; yet they support the importation of people who “groom” lower class white (and Sikh) girls on an industrial scale. Marie Antoinette and the Romanovs were comparatively down-to-earth.

  29. They figure to crush us utterly with the combined power of the state and mass immigration and NAMs plus H1b types in the executive suyite. Sundae Pinchai and India Noori team up with the FBI, ms 13, and Louis Farrakhan.

    • That you Whiskey? Or another guy with that name?

      In any case easier said than done, US infrastructure is crumbling and the city support system is fragile.

      Just a couple of guys horsing around with an AK a few years ago were able to shut off power to a good chunk of Silicon Valley for a time and they were never caught

      If/When power plant workers start getting ala the Taliban or it goes red Dawn on the food supplies , Fed Gov and its putative janissaries are humped

      The unfortunate thing though is the left are religious crazies and can’t think things through and leave well enough alone.

      Who’ll start it, no one knows, Only think I do know is it won’t be anyone posting on blogs. Bloggers are for the most part the guys trying to stop these things from happening or if not that just showing the facts, not revolutionaries

      It will probably be someone like Cliven Bundy not a Mormon or a moron who gets shot , or another Crispius Attucks and the backlash will spiral out of control. God help us all.

      • Disagree. Coordination between dissidents is compromised heavily and the average gun toting white good ol boy isn’t savvy enough to coordinate a campaign to keep a city dark for long. Arab terror cells in the mid east have foreign support and liberals turn a blind eye to much of their coordination. They also enjoy vastly more popular support than most dissident in the west. The comparisons just don’t work. A better parallel would be anti-soviet partisan fighters in eastern Europe. They were mostly unsuccessful, but did eventually lead to underground markets of low level subversion. Sadly for the west, most eastern bloc states were not under the same genocidal demographic pressure so even here the parallels are limited.

        That said, you are right in the last point. The only possible ignition for popular unrest would be public incidents of undeniable white victimization.

        • Insurgents either adapt or die off and building tight networks that can’t be compromised is a learned skill.

          No doubt its ongoing now and the Bundy bunch debacle has if nothing taught people to be less trustful

          Besides the Right has tons of people with actual counter insurgency and urban warfare experience on the side of the Right and we’ve seen time and time again how brittle the system can be , one rogue cop willing to die can paralyze a state as happened here in California

          CI is especially valuable since such people can just as easily build an insurgency and can counter other counter measures

          In any case the “Right White” is barely realizing that they have to fight . That is just starting

          At this point the Right is incapable of deciding what it wants anyway, has no mental model for a post Leftist state to speak of and without such a model, resistance is impossible

          1st, realize there is a problem 2nd have an alternative in your head 3rd work to that model

          We have barely started on #1 its just trickled down to the more solid portions of the Right , P.J. media’s Kurt Schilhter and the like

          Once that is done, more work can be done on what exactly future USA ought to be like . Make the model, plan it

          The closest models out there, excluding separatist ones assume a much higher degree of religiosity than actually exists

          They have to be realistic achievable models that suit the actual people that live here and it might for example be a bit difficult to promulgate a new model with say LDS on one side, Evangelicals who think abortion is a literal sacrament to Moloch , leave me alone militia types and moderate Right wingers on another

          Its a lot of work and while it can be done, its not being done yet. Until than and as long as President Trump in office and nothing truly stupid happens, nothing is going to happen anyway . Think 2033 here maybe sooner, Trump plus 10 years

        • You don’t need coordination. That stuff went out after OKC bombing when it was made known the the FBI had infiltrated every anti-government group in the U.S.

          Get a pissed off utility worker and box of dynamite(which isn’t hard) and he can turn a city dark for weeks, ensure the gas and oil lines are blown and no water for the populace. You see a city is like a giant exposed nervous system Break a few things in critical places and it all shuts down hard.

          Others may choose the a variation of the beltway sniper(which comes out of a Army sniper training manual you can get for free).. Imagine what happens if some peed off worked grabs a propane truck and parks it in a nice neighborhood where the cloud people live and detonates it?

          The nightmare for police is someone like Dorner who deliberately takes outs cops and sets off city wide panic among the police(which happened in LA) and tied up all law enforcement assets across the state. One man did that. Imagine that happen repeatedly. Police will stop going to work.

          Or drive the cops the nuts by SWATTING them. Have teenagers call in fake shootings and bomb threats and force the police to exhaust their resources to respond to them.

          • Plz. Between the crumbling infrastructure, (and what money was allocated to maintain these structures siphoned off to pay for more taco benders & kebab imports), along the low IQ diversity and female hires who either dont know WTF they’re doing, or who don’t do Jack diddly in regards to basic maintenance and repair, you don’t need pranksters sabotaging anything.
            It’s all falling apart before our eyes. See: Marine vessel crashes, train wrecks/ trains mysteriously splitting apart, false doom alert warnings, airport electrical fires, airport overbookings, planes running into one another, sinkholes in highways,the Oroville dam, untold number of FBI suspects commiting mass terror events as just a few examples.

            How would you even be able to tell if an event was “on purpose?”

            Besides, when a group of 12 white ppl with stated white interests try to form a group, at least 3 of them are Feds by week 2, yet Antifa, Nation of Islam, BLM, La Raza, MS-13, and ISIS, just galivant around, free as birds.

        • Let’s see. Murdering white farmer in S Africa. Murdering white rancher in Oregon.

      • Its me. Establishment controls police and military who will fight for their paymasters. They have Goolge, Ford, Pepsi, the US military, the beuarocracy, media and political party both wings. We have ….

        • Good ta have ya back mate.

          At the moment team freedom has a growing bunch of pissed of people, many of whom have recent urban warfare experience. They don’t have something critical though , a real idea of what they want and how to cooperate to get that

          The US military is in bad enough shape. 71% of the young people in the US can’t even qualify for service and even with the drastic amount of money we have spent, we are in piss poor shape for another war

          Also putting soldiers on the streets or kicking in doors feeds insurgencies and likely pisses off the rednecks that make up a good chunk of the tip of the spear

          Now some police and military will comply with confiscation orders, its assured but it will not be enough if only because someone will be happy to simply take power f they can. He may not get it but rebellions like the US would suffer are multi directional and never 1 vs 1

          Anyway Western Rifle Shooters blog headers summed it up perfectly

          Why does the Left believe that Americans will be shooting at the military, rather than freeplay varmint-hunting of Communist politicians, along with their associates, media enablers, and local supporters?

          It won’t be pleasant, the Right might even lose but its not hopeless, most insurgencies are at least 50/50 these days and if the bad guys win and simply exterminate the dirt people or drive them to a redoubt, so be it . As blogger Aesop put it “the body count will epic”

          As for me, I’m getting to old for this kind of thing and hoping, praying, working where I can to keep it from happening period,

    • South Africa – the definition of Democracy is Majority rules. We have the same authority as South Africa.. As long as whites remain a majority, why should we have any minority judges? Screw Schumer.

    • Funny that Michael Savage noted that bit of news on his show maybe one day after mocking anyone believing that the Second Amendment was intended to protect us from totalitarian government action like this. Spit on him. You heard me.

      • Weird, so he doesn’t believe his fellow tribesmen would’ve fared better in the period between 1939-45 if they were a populace as well armed as the American ppl? Huh. Seems a bit callous.

        Btw, I’ve lost the link to it, but one of these smart nerd types went back through gun manufacturing records from the 1800s-current day, looked at weapons imports, records of guns confistcations, relinquishments, destroyed, the guestimated numbers of ghost guns, guns smuggled in illegally, etc., and according to him, this figure we’ve been hearing for many yrs now that there are between 270-300K guns in America is just bunk.

        According to his best guess, he thinks it’s more like 460K on the low end, and could be as much as 600K.
        Found that tidbit of info interesting.
        If I’m not mistaken, I believe I read that Barack Obama was America’s greatest gun salesman ever, and that 120K weapons were sold just in his 8 yrs alone.
        If that number is indeed accurate, then I definitely don’t buy the 270-300K ownership figure.

        Also, that Parkland school shooting/jr media whore, the young Patrick Bateman looking kid with the lifeless dolls’ eyes, that’s being shoved down our throats along w/that le 56% faced, mystery meat, shaved headed dyke girl along w/that CNN town hall debate, passive-aggressive Heeb kid?
        They made me slightly empathetic toward Marco “Never-ending Foam Parties” Rubio and I’m pretty sure I solved the mystery of who bullied the Cuban adopted, now orphaned, sociopathic Yid shooter.

        What a fully 2018 clusterfuck of dysfunctional non-Anglo people who perfectly encapsulate everything I loathe about Current Year!
        Every time I see anything about these “kids,” their cool new ” grass roots, civil right’s movement/gun grab attempt,” I think to myself, “I wish a bitch would.”

        Frankly, I’m ready to go full accelerationist in this brakeless clown car. Screw it, I’m not getting any younger, let’s go.

        • Zeroth,

          I’m sure all your Ks should be Ms. And I agree, the number of guns in this country is probably at least twice the common estimates.

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