Judging Trump

I am often asked if I have second thoughts about this post. I was a tiny bit more critical than normal, but in my defense, I have no sense of humor on the gun issue. There are certain issues that draw a bright line between the chosen and the damned. Guns are one of them. There’s no “sort of getting it right” or “only being a bit wrong.” You either get it or not and Trump does not get it, but he has shut up about it. He went to the NRA convention, so I’ll give him a pass.

I’m still waiting for Trump to deliver on the stuff that is important to me. Despite the bold talk on immigration, he has done nothing. His best work has been on trade, where he has gotten tough on China and re-opened the NAFTA deal. He’s also dismantled the climate change apparatus inside the Department of Energy and cut a ton of punitive regulations. These are all good things and in another age, I’d probably be over the moon. But, it is not another age. It is now.

Despite making lots of noise on the issue, nothing much has changed on the immigration front. The wall is no closer to reality than it was two years ago. The number of guest worker visas has increased, rather than decreased. The DACA issue is still out there, as Trump now waits on the states to solve the problem for him. He installed a dunce in as secretary of DHS. Worse yet, that perfidious weasel Paul Ryan is quietly trying to sneak an amnesty through the House.

In fairness, the immigration issue is not an easy puzzle to solve. No reasonable person should have expected sweeping reform in the first two years. The fact is, a third of the GOP is bought and paid for by the open borders lobbies. Another third are so utterly clueless on the issue, they don’t know where to start. Still, Trump has been outfoxed and outworked by his opponents on immigration. He seems to like talking about immigration more than doing anything about it.

All that said, he has a lot of time to make things right and he has shown an extremely rare ability to address his own errors. The gun issue is a good example. He was making all of the usual mistakes on guns, then he wised up and reversed course. Most pols are the opposite of a fine wine. They get worse with age. Because he is not an ideologue, Trump learns from his mistakes and adjusts. Maybe on the immigration front we see the same sort of growth we saw on guns.

The bigger issue though, the thing now looming over his entire presidency, is the wide ranging conspiracy engineered by the intelligence community. A few months ago it looked like a handful of radicalized mid-level bureaucrats. What’s becoming clear is this was a conspiracy hatched by the men at the top of the intelligence community, with help from the White House, to not only help Hillary Clinton, but engineer a coup after the election to get rid of Trump.

Think about the stones it takes to face off against the intel community. They literally know all of your secrets. In the case of Trump, they have the secrets of his friends, family and business associates. It was 18 months ago that Chuck Schumer warned Trump about doing this. When Schumer said, “Intel officials ‘have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you'” he was not being flippant or rhetorical. We now know the intel community has been at this for a while.

It’s not just the fact that the intel community has the capacity to spy on everyone and appears to be spying on everyone. It’s that these are vicious, craven people lacking a moral compass. It’s ironic that James Comey was fond of accusing his people of lacking a moral compass, when it is now clear the guy is a sociopath incapable of knowing right from wrong. Clapper and Brennan have no scruples whatsoever. Of course, assassination looms over all of this.

Now, we can’t know how much Trump knows, or how much he knew back in the campaign about the spying. It is entirely possible that honest people had told him what was happening long ago. We do know Mike Rogers went to Trump Tower after the election and warned Trump about this operation. Once in office, Trump would have been briefed on a lot of things related to this. Even if he thought it was just a handful of crackpots in the FBI, it took mighty big stones to take the issue head on.

One of the funny things about these times is they are entirely unexpected. Back when Trump came down the escalator and started talking like Pat Buchanan, I recall thinking, “I can’t imagine a scenario where I vote for him, but I never imagined anyone saying these things again either.” Trump is turning out to be the most consequential president in our lifetime. I think we have to withhold judgement on him until these great events of this age unfold.

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  1. I agree that we have to cut Trump a whole lot of slack. He is surrounded by enemies and outright traitors. The federal agencies are still largely staffed by Obama appointees who are actively working to undermine Trump. The thing that I don’t get is why Trump keeps appointing new future enemies (like Bolton)? And why he doesn’t run through the federal agencies with a hatchet (figuratively speaking)? These Obama appointees should have been history by now.

  2. The salient point in your post is that Trump is not an ideologue. I give a slightly different twist — Trump is his own man. Unlike a lot of Pols, Trump is not beholden to any particular support group. That is the core problem with American politics today.

  3. What Trump really is, is a counterpuncher. He stirs the soup, gets people off balance, and when they react he hits back where they least expect it and keeps ’em spinning in circles.

    He has a big ol’ bowl of OODA Loops for every morning, I warrant. It’s obviously the breakfast of champions.

  4. TRUMP has two things going for in this nasty little bout with the Intelligence Community:
    1) He has “fuck you’ money”, that is, enough money that can’t be taken by or compromised by any foe, so he can weather a storm against his fortune: and 2) He has MI = Military Intelligence on his side vs. the generally “civilian” CIA and FBI, who are nasty and dangerous (think creepy frat boys), but not as nasty or as grossly dangerous as the military (think Seal Team 6, et al) behind TRUMP.

    • He also has some good mob ties which is helpful considering the level of criminality connected to politics these days. Unfortunately, the idea that .mil and spookland are at war strikes me as an incongruous probability to hang one’s hat upon. I said from the beginning over at WRSA that Trump was not/is not/never will be “off script”. If he were to veer off the proscribed path he or someone he loved would be pink mist in a heartbeat. JFK, Gary Webb, Mike Hastings, LaVoy Finicum and Jose Guereno were all unavailable for comment.

  5. Despite losing a massive amount of friends within Conservative, Inc. (in hindsite no real loss), and spending almost 2 yrs now sounding like an Alex Jones tier conspiracy nut, I’m feeling decidedly smug regarding my prescient powers.
    I knew immediately after the trip down the escalator & Mexico speech that Trump would be president, if the GOP didn’t have him killed, (I was really iffy about that, really thought it probably would happen), and I’ve been saying from the beginning this Russian kunspeeruhsee came from the top & encompassed the vast majority of alphabet agencies along w/ Dem, Inc.
    I had also hoped I was being overly paranoid due to vast ramifications and almost insurmountable obstacle this would entail.
    I can frankly say, at this point, I have absolutely no idea what’s next. Whatever weird ability I have, (guessed every pres election outcome correctly starting w/1980), it’s either on or completely off.
    Right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if anything, no matter how horrific or bizarre happened.
    I’ll keep y’all updated, though. 😁

  6. Six and a half miles of the wall have already been built. I expect the next stiff breeze will turn you back into a Nevertrumper.

  7. If Trump did nothing else for 6 years I’d still call him 1 of the greatest of presidents. Legislation isn’t that important, whats important is his destruction of the MSM’s credibility and his (unintentional?) waking of white people up to their identity.

    The way things are going though, I think at some point if he wants to survive (literally, not figuratively) he is going to have to visit some SF units and ask if they’d be willing to murder a list of people in exchange for blanket pardons. At that point, I’d unironically hail him as the God-Emperor.

  8. Just winning the election and surviving these insane times president Trump has blown the lid off the deep state.

    No one can put this Genie back in the bottle. Not sure what the rest of my fellow Americans will do but I will never look at this government the same way.

    It’s time to end this. Eradicating these criminals so deeply embedded in our government should be the job and concern of every American citizen.

  9. *Trump is turning out to be the most consequential president in our lifetime, which is not something any sane person could have imagined two years ago. *

    I think it’s the opposite. name one thing of consequence he has done.

    • #1 on his list of accomplishment is that he isn’t Hillary Clinton.

      Her winning would be like if Sauron had captured Minas Tirith, and then gotten his hands on the one ring. A never-ending pall of darkness would have fallen across the land as hate-speech laws would be passed to silence all opposition and gun laws enacted to defang them as well.

      The 2nd greatest of his accomplishments is to have eviscerated the MSM’s credibility, to the point that the only people on the right who pay it any mind are Republican Congressmen.

      He also withdrew from Paris Accords, slashed regulations, appointed conservative judges, a bunch of other things.

  10. The referenced post was one of your finer moments, Z. Providing some much needed objectivity to a good many ‘conservatives’ stuck on the old red team/blue team paradigm. That otherwise intelligent men can make endless excuses and become so willing to monkey around with a legal keystone providing Whites a means to defend their own families – just because the guy in the WH has an (R) after his name – is mind-boggling.

    It reminded me of last spring when Mark Bradman at Conservative Treehouse posted that President Bashar Assad was an honorable man and the Syrian gas attack was a false flag event. 24-hours later Trump fires 59 rockets at an empty air field and Bradman instantly flops over and goes full neocon, squealing that Assad is an 8-track terrorist. While his work on Spygate is to be commended, Bradman still views the world in terms of being an ‘American’ or a ‘Republican’ first. The thought that starting a war with Russia, Syria and Iran could significantly alter the future of many young White American men never entered his mind.

    A theme Z has long touched on is that Whites are beginning to vote their skin. While a positive sign, this is largely being done on a subconscious level. An overwhelming number of Whites on the right still align themselves not by their racial and cultural heritage, but on a list of policy ideas written by feckless GOP lawyers in service to the cloud. The endlessly watered-down MAGA nonsense the boomers at Breitbart spout fit snugly into the old ‘conservative’ mean, and that with all of the trappings and virtuous pandering to the Left’s moral framework embedded in our culture. Until Whites make a distinction at a conscious level concerning the core of their identity it matters very little who is in charge, the end result will remain the same.

  11. Let me just share with you this quotation:

    “”No great country was ever saved by good men, because good men will not go to the lengths that may be necessary.” – Horace Walpole

  12. Trump fights back, he calls out the media, and he doesn’t speak in focused-group meaningless phrases, and that’s good enough for me. Anything he accomplishes is a bonus

    • Well, that’s all nice, but it’s by no means “good enough.” You want a Patton — a man who wins his battles, instead of just looking good losing them. A loss is a loss. A win is a win.

  13. Trump has been in office for a year and change fighting to avoid being forced out of office or outright murdered, his legacy destroyed and so on

    He’s done pretty well and while I want the wall more than you can know and mass deportations, I know this won’t happen fast if it happens at all and I don’t expect a civic nationalist to be the guy to do it

    In the end Trump is doing what I expected of him, pushing the Overton Window and giving the nation a breather as well as bit more
    If for some reason we get very lucky or some God likes us we might get things fixed. If not?

    A few more years to watch the systems decline and to prepare for unavoidable war is most welcome because I don’t think we are getting that polite bloodless middle class revolution everyone wants

    Its going to Rwanda X Bosnia till either either real America has its own land or is exterminated

    And you know what, that’s OK. Que Sera Sera

  14. I agree immigration is the issue that matters. I don’t think Trump is a white nationalist but the anti-white rhetoric employed against him on a massive level was a wake up call.

    The left’s reaction to Trump has made people consider where the country is demographically and how much we are hated. While Trump is not explicitly on “our” side he has caused people to start picking sides.

    That’s something that had to happen since conservative inc. is only interested in bickering over the best tax policies, while the left is bringing in voters who could care less about those policies or any other issue the GOP intends to lose honorably on.

  15. I give Trump a lot of slack. No one is taking on the entirety of the world order and billionaire class like he is. I was clued in early to his magnificence by reading Sundance back in 2016. It’s a roller-coaster ride. Hang on.

  16. Z Man;
    I’d say that the Deep State fight *is* the immigration fight.

    The Globalist connection to the Deep State dates at least to GHW Bush who ran the CIA before he became Reagan’s VP. It was Bush I who proclaimed a ‘new world order’ after the USSR collapsed, after all. As further evidence, S Halper, the CIA/FBI agent’s provocateur working against the Trump Campaign is a long time Bush Wing GOPer. He’s almost a cartoon-level swamp dweller.

    Recent revelations in ‘Spygate’ show the lengths that the Deep State will go to when the Globalist grip is threatened. Congress obviously fears them more than they fear their own voters.

    So if Pres. Trump is able to curb or, even better, decapitate, the Deep State Globalists, immigration revisions and enforcement will likely flow like water because Congress will still have to fear their own voters.

  17. Scott Adams put it best:

    Four things to understand about SPYGATE: 1) There was no spy in the Trump campaign. 2) The spying that did NOT happen was totally justified. 3) It would be bad for national security to identify the spy who doesn’t exist. 4) His name is Stefan.

  18. Trump certainly stubbed his toe on the gun issue. However, I think that he realized as a businessman and not as a politician his mistake and mostly corrected that one. There is still time to due what needs to be done on the issue and hopefully he will make progress on it. The jury is still out.

    While Trump had a good idea before running for office about the corruption I don’t believe he or anyone really had any idea of how truly encompassing it is. Even the major players didn’t know because of the way everything is compartmentalized and run as little fiefdoms. That being brought out for everyone willing to see will probably be one of the best things to come from Trump’s presidency.

  19. Ozero and his Kavalcade of Kids were so convinced of their righteousness they believed they’d rule for a thousand years, and threw caution to the wind.
    Full speed ahead into this mess we’re in now. God, grant us some jail time and payback.

    • Jail time is too good for the lot of them. A good stout piece of rope is what they deserve. A public hanging and confiscation of every dime they possess is what they deserve

      • Indeed, but as long as the DOJ is controlled by Sessions and Rosenstein, no criminal charges will be brought forth.

        I suspect the Senate has laid down the law not to fire Sessions and Rosenstein in order to protect the deep state officials.

        Here’s the thing if we had a working DOJ, charges would already have been brought against numerous people and the FBI would be actively investigating many other members of the Deep State by now.

  20. On a gun forum that I frequent – way back in June of 2015 – somebody posted a story from the Dailymail about Trump announcing he was running for President.

    The second post in the thread – was from a guy who simply said:

    oh shit.

    Which I think pretty much sums up the entire time Trump has spent running for and now being President. Maybe his entire era can will be summed up as the “Oh Shit” era of America. When the fact that a significant enough part of the electorate woke up to what is really going on in this country – to vote the guy into office.

    To pile on a little irony – the guy who made that “oh shit” comment – is a Russian ( I know him and he’s a great guy and a lot more “American” than pretty much every left winger I’ve ever met and even a lot of “conservatives” that I know)

    • Agreed. Maybe the next one will be better than that Constitutional autist, Gorsuch, and understand that the lefty justices will always vote left and he always needs to vote right.

  21. Thank you Z.
    The immigration issue is THE issue of our time.
    The Left is using immigration as a battering ram against traditional American culture.
    Immigration lawyers are (in their own minds) the new civil rights lawyers (Yesterday, Selma! Today, DACA! or Refugees!).
    Maybe we need to propose some type of “freedom and prosperity zone” for Mexico and Central America which will allow us to regain the moral high ground in the “build the wall” debate. “We are sending you home so you can help rebuild your own countries.”
    And yes, we need a real law enforcement person to head ICE, CBP and USCIS.
    Topic for another post: Why we need to dismantle DHS (and have a separate, well functioning, immigration department).

    • Immigration was THE issue of the 80s, we just didn’t know it. It’s not very relevant anymore as the damage is done. Even if we implemented everything Trump wanted it would only delay whites becoming a minority by about 5 years. Even if we closed the borders and deported every illegal, the last year Republicans have any chance of winning the presidency is 2028 due to demographic change.

      pg 35 summary graph

  22. You can’t expect sweeping immigration reform in the first years. Absolutely. The globalists control the Congress, the courts, and the corporate media. They were never going to allow it. But the first two years is all that a new president has. Although it’s beginning to look as if the midterms aren’t going to be the disaster that the chattering classes were triumphantly predicting, it’s highly unlikely that Trump will be stronger after them than before. What was required was that Trump use the first two years to fight hard for what he wanted, and, when thwarted by the Congress, ask the electorate for a mandate in the midterms. That he didn’t do so suggests that immigration reform wasn’t something that he cared much about.

    • The globalists are in the early stages of gaslighting Japan and South Korea into accepting Third World invasion. Major immigration restrictions will be passed in the EU long before they get passed in the US Congress. It takes 16 countries to change EU law, Eastern Europe is 12. (Italy, Denmark, Finland?, Malta?, Netherlands?)

      Trump has utterly failed in trying to make the case for normalizing relations with Russia. It truly shows how bankrupt “movement conservatives” are when they won’t vouch for Europe’s most conservative country.

      • “The globalists are in the early stages of gaslighting Japan and South Korea into accepting Third World invasion.”

        I do not particularly doubt this. It is certainly what has happened in North America and Europe. My question is: why are they doing this?

        • Kalergi Plan, the need to accommodate 3 billion Africans who will exhaust their semi-arid homelands. AI and automation will reduce future labor demands, so the elite want cheap manservant eunuchs and sex slaves.

          Real estate becomes more valuable when more people want it. Why else would the slumlord Kushners be worth so much if it wasn’t for Rudy cleaning up crime and Schumer’s 1990 Immigration Act.

        • Hegelian dialectics.

          thesis -> antithesis -> synthesis

          problem -> reaction -> solution

          Gov can’t just go out and arrest someone who is anti-government. So they convince the guy to blow something up (problem) which allows them to arrest him (reaction), leading to an enemy of the regime being in jail (solution.)

          In the case of immigration, they are causing cultural unrest/violence (problem) which will lead to people getting angry & demanding that something be done (reaction) which will empower government to take more rights from the people (solution.) The Patriot Act was just the 1st of many steps; notice how all the rights gov gets to deal w/ immigration problems ignore immigrants and instead focus on those speaking out about the problem. This is because we aren’t quite at the peak “reaction” stage, so things need to heat up more.

          This is likely an ancient tactic as I’m pretty sure the Romans used it on a few enemies. It was also used by the USSR in a long-term plan to subvert the US. What is going on today is likely still that plan, carried on by die-hard marxists and their useful idiots.


          flow chart of the plan, shown in video:


    • Disagree. Trump is gaining strength right now. The dems are going to be blown the fukk out this November. And Trump will be in complete control of the GOP.

      • And if Trump does gain strength, what will he do with it? Deport the “Dreamers”? Deport all the Haitians who are still here years after the earthquake? End H2b and H2b visas?

    • As a political scientist, I have to disagree. The most effective window for a president accomplishing their objectives, at least since the passage of the 22nd amendment, is the time from a president’ s reelection (not the second swearing in,) to the next off-year congressional election. The first two years the president and staff barely have time to figure out the copier and appoint a cabinet before it’s time to start gearing up for reelection. Trump’s best days are still ahead of him, and I say that safe in the knowledge he will be reelected.

  23. You mentioned sociopaths in the government. Sociopaths love government and political office. They can hide there without anyone spotting their disease. It’s a natural fit for them. Most normal people do not want to be in elected office for life or in gigantic bureaucracies holding power over others. The people who most ardently want this type of career are sociopaths. Not all, but a good percentage. The rest are either reformers or mercenaries.

    • Exactly why I get very libertarianish when we talk about the size of the government. It is far easier to keep it small and give these people minimal opportunity – than it is to remove these ticks once they are dug in.

    • The British phsycologist Kevin Sutton has listed the top ten professions with the highest percentage of sociopaths; among are civil servants, journalists, media personalities [radio and t. v. ] and lawyers. His bio looks to put him in the elitist libtard academia bracket but his published research shows how they unwittingly expose the truth to a hilarious degree.

  24. I’m a countersignaler on the gun issue. I really dislike the NRA/patriotard demographic and am a pacifist. I mean maybe banning guns might cause too much of a backlash – but I think guns should be discouraged. People need to listen to Pink Floyd and relax.

    • If a crew of crackheads breaks down my door at 3AM, I’m not going to be able to convince them to not force me to watch them rape my 12-year-old daughter before murdering us both, by playing some Pink Floyd for them. The Non-Aggression Principle, while it has some shortcomings, is at least plausible and moral. Pacifism, on the other hand, is simply for pussies who have been overly sheltered their whole lives and refuse to take on adult responsibilities, including defending themselves, their families, their faith, and their people.

    • Does your pacifism extend to the police? If someone is holding your family hostage, do you call the police, or just stay silent and hope for the best? Because whether you call in people with guns who have a little piece of metal on their chest to act violently on your behalf, or break out your own gun, really makes very little difference from a moral perspective.

    • That time has passed, Krusty, decades ago. If they were going to confiscate guns, they should’ve made their move in the 90s. Instead, their gun bans alerted Americans as to their intent and we stocked up on guns across the country. One must accept that we are a gun-filled nation now. Though there are some horrific shooting events in the U.S., I shudder to think where this country would be had our guns been confiscated. We are not Europe or Australia — we are gun-loving America. The young need to be taught early on about what has happened to people historically when their government disarms them. Everyone who learns this, gets it. It’s existential. There’s a reason it’s the 2nd Amendment, not the 25th!

      • The 2nd Amendment is actually embedded in all the other 26 Amendments, because without an armed citizenry, there is no Constitution.

        • The post-WW2 Marshall Plan should have demanded that recipient nations incorporate a right to keep and bear arms. (Thanks a lot, FDR) Several euro countries are actually under “state of emergency” right now thanks to ISIS, which means indefinite detention without trial.

        • Agreed.
          A law or right that isn’t backed up by the threat of violence isn’t a law or a right, but a polite suggestion.

        • And most of the gun violence, too.
          I read if you run the stats for America without the 5 blackest shitholes we go from #3 to #187 in gun violence.

      • Back when the Hill, Billies were passing the Brady act and the assault weapons ban I would ask people as a (usually) final question, what are they planning to do to us that is so horrible they need to disarm us first. I think we know the answer now. Screw that. Come and take them. Lead first.

    • The police job is to run away hard and fast from vibrant criminals. Ask Reginald Denny how being unarmed and relying on police worked out for him,

      The govt from the city to federal level backs vibrant criminals over White dudes. There is no escape given open borders ms 13 or General Buck Naked are your new neighbors. Better to be armed whenever possible alert always and understand you live in Mogadishu meets Medellin.

    • It’s really hard to express the contempt I have for pacifists in a way that’s appropriate for a public forum.

      Pacifism is an affectation that only works when you have other people willing to step up and do your fighting for you. Otherwise, you’re just meat under the boots of people with actual survival instincts. There are few things more contemptuously immoral and hypocritical than a pacifist.

      • The Amish came to America because they were deeply unpopular with neighbors and governments in Central Europe.

    • If you really are anti-gun you should move to a place like Nigeria where the only people who have guns are the gov’t forces and the militias. Who by the way slaughter Christians and other wrong-thinkers by the dozens and hundreds. Grow up ya coward.

    • “but I think guns should be discouraged. People need to listen to Pink Floyd and relax.”

      There will indeed be no need for firearms one day (“they shall beat their swords into plowshares”), but you’ve jumped the gun a bit on that. Pun intended. Look around—people are still busy beating plowshares into swords. Many of them hate you and your music; in fact see you as a soft, pale target.

      Either you are hopelessly naïve or a fool. While relaxing to Pink Floyd may be peaceful and give you happy thoughts and daydreams, only an idiot believes humanity—in general—shares the notion. Whites, for the most part, tend to idealize the “peaceful easy feeling”, but realistically we know it’s neither a natural state of man, nor is it ever found or kept by laying down our arms and armor and wishing in a meadow to the soundtrack of “Obscured by Clouds”.

      But whatever, make sure you understand something as an avowed “pacifist”… Your “peace” DEPENDS on the gunpowder of OTHER men who wield it on your behalf—either directly or indirectly.. Men of your kindred. KNOW THAT. And next time you see one who’s wearing an NRA hat, or printing his Springfield XD-S under his t-shirt in some public place or venue, be sure to thank him for his service.

      • “But whatever, make sure you understand something as an avowed “pacifist”… Your “peace” DEPENDS on the gunpowder of OTHER men who wield it on your behalf—either directly or indirectly.. Men of your kindred.”

        But that’s the problem. They’re not my kindred. The white martial caste are people I’ve never met and have nothing in common with.

        • I presumed you were white since not many ‘others’ frequent the forum. But nevertheless, you’ve “never met” any? You should get out more often.

          Yet you disavow those who would (and do!) protect you from those “others” who don’t care much for pacifism–or pacifists. You’re a weak man. Or woman, however you identify.

      • As my wife says, “Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don’t.”

    • “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” (Attributed to George Orwell)

    • Could you plz post your physical address? In case times get rough, I want to know where I can go, if I want to take some things.

  25. Yes, you are right about his situation. However it’s important to remember Trump made many claims that he would strengthen the Second Amendment. Perhaps he was reminded about this after his statements with Feinstein. Nonetheless his uber conservative AG (at Trump’s direction) is busily working on a way to reinterpret existing law to weaken the 2A. The final ruling hasn’t come out yet, but it will be a great disappointment if he uses his “pen and phone” to do this. After Parkland a Republican legislature and executive passed Bloomberg supported gun restrictions (the party of Lincoln can no longer be trusted on this issue). Frankly, after all this I was surprised he spoke at the NRA convention. In the end I think Trump will prevail over the “Deep State” regarding the spy scandal, but in the long run it won’t matter to the American People. Like Bush 41 to Reagan many of the reforms Trump makes will quietly be modified at our country’s expense by the next professional politician and many of the mid level deep state henchmen will become senior.

  26. I too was pretty angry at the gun meeting with Feinstein. Trump see,s to have come to his senses since then. The extent of corruption in the Federal Government and the depth the media is willing to go to cover it up is breathtaking.

    This is by far the worst scandal in our history and Trump seems to be handling it well so far. I have to believe at some point when all the facts are laid bare, that the gloves will come off and there will be a reckoning.

    • Businessmen adjust their thinking to the situation, on the fly, to make things work. Politicians try to jam the situation into their thinking, and will never change their thinking.

  27. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the Obama Administration took the corruption to an astronomical level. As bad as a covert coup against the president is, there is much worse yet to come out. If the Weiner laptop emails ever get released, an actual hot revolution could well come to pass. The corruption and criminality in DC is systemic and off the charts. We have been too affluent for too long, and we are now suffering from empire disease.

  28. There is no empowered constituency for immigration reform beyond Trump and about 75 GOP Congressmen. Until that changes, you wills tay disappointed. This is the major grass roots issue where both parties need a rebellion against the K Street Mafia.

    • You are dead right about that. My Congress critter made lots of conservative noises in her primary, then immediately joined the moderate Tuesday group, supported bump stock ban, etc., and just signed to bring out DACA, with no push back I can see from anywhere in this district. They’ll say they’re conservative, then vote with the big donors and K Street. Which is why I’m not calling myself a conservative anymore. I may not know exactly what to call where I’m standing, but I sure as he11 ain’t that. Tim

    • nah, the gop is full of pussies. Trump will have those guys in congress jumping through hoops and rubbing up against his pants leg…

  29. On the immigration issue, it’s hard to say whether it’s Trump who has botched it, or the GOP staff he selected. So far, his accomplishments are stuff the republicans typically push for. (He should have done tax reform last, and made immigration reform the price for getting it. Give republicans tax cuts and you’ll never get another thing out of them.) Time will tell…if he doesn’t do serious immigration work we will know it was just talk.

  30. Well, i can speak from the perspective of the academy. It was quickly, still is to be sure, getting to the point where one could be ruined for most innocuous bad think. Trump has definitely shifted the ground here. I invite readers to peruse the comments on a very liberal, very sophisticated NIH biomedical blog. The blog offers advice on grant writing and commentary of interest to the community of medical researchers. Lets just say the comments go south in a hurry! Yours truly is key provocateur.

    • haha that was funny as hell. every comment like a hunter working the duck call, drawing the targets in closer before unloading in their faces.

    • I’m stunned. First time I’ve ever seen a person calling themselves a “Skeptic” make such a wonderful showing. Usually, they’re not too bright, left wing atheists.

  31. >> It’s not just the fact that the intel community has the capacity to spy on everyone and appears to be spying on everyone. It’s that these are vicious, craven people lacking a moral compass.

    Well. Now. That seems a sweeping judgement. With equal validity, one could argue from an Newton’s Third Law vantange that Trump won *because* of a Deeper Deep State at lower levels fighting against the Deep State on top.

    Which is no more comfortable, in the long run.

    • Thus far, I see no evidence to support this. Perhaps in the fullness of time the man-behind-the-man-behind-the man will be intuited by events, but I’m sticking with serendipity at this stage. I think the sort of people who were attracted to Obama and got him into the White House were wholly unequipped to wield power. Thus we have this roster of incompetents running these operations.

      I think in the fullness of time, we will appreciate that Obama was not the most ambitious man to occupy the White House.

    • Trump got elected because the grass roots of the GOP have finally realized how corrupt the government/establishment really was.
      for me , who voted twice for Reagan, watching the police stand by and watch women, girls and old me beaten down in the streets by antifa thugs was terrifying. The fact that the media didn’t report it and the GOP establishment blamed the victims told us all we need to know . You could only see what was really happening on youtube videos of people who were there.
      so I figure the game was over and we clearly had lost. but voting for trump was a way of causing the air people a little grief in the transition.

      that is why everyone not making cat vids or sports posts is being thrown off youtube,facebook,twitter, and patreon. The search engines are now rigged to only show approved content.
      This will make tings much easier for president sanders , or president Jeb bush. Or whoever. It doesn’t really matter.

      Just yesterday my daughter was lamenting that the college experience has turned a couple of her lifelong friends into complete lunatics. The she can no longer even really talk to them because their thinking is so warped . they have been ought and we thought that exposure to the real world would help. Sadly this is not the case.

      no since trying to save the tree , “the wood has been made into a boat. ” , as Derb would say.

        • I’ve got three who can, along w/2 sons-in-law, & son’s fiancee.
          Unfortunately, they don’t see things in quite the dire manner that I do, but I chalk that up to youth, and a total disinterest in political matters.
          I keep hoping, though.

    • “…Trump won *because* of a Deeper Deep State at lower levels fighting against the Deep State on top…”

      The massive surprise shown by the Democrats at Hillarys loss makes me wonder about this also. I think it possible that they planned to hack the voting machines but when they did so they found themselves locked out of many of them and the actual votes were counted instead. Someone hacked the hackers. military maybe????

  32. That these issues are even talked about in the halls of power is a huge win. You are right; it’s a different age now. The fight is different, the players and teams are different and the weapons and tactics are different.

    The mass media was collectively blown off the battlefield by Pepe and Twitter. And sure, deep state finks can foment and manufacture real trouble for Trump… but their underlings can do the same to them. Whistle blowers don’t have to get past the gate keepers in the mainstream media anymore. Because Democrats are mostly dishonest idiots by nature, they become their own worst enemies. Trump did not win the last election so much as Hillary lost it.

    This is why the battle is on to control the net and social media. When our leaders get stupid and greedy – it’s out there where all the dirt people can see it and that is a huge problem. Were it not for the net our guns would have been confiscated, the first amendment would be a bad joke, you’d be working for a chit skinned African and Hillary would be president. Or more likely, we’d be in a civil war right now.

    If I had to critique our blog host, I would have one minor nit to pick. He gets focused exclusively on the world as it is. That’s good, most pundits can’t even do that! But you have to be a critical thinker and game out alternate scenarios lest you get bit on the arse by the laws of unintended circumstances. I see this in his opposition to the wars in the Middle East. What would have happened if the US had not intervened? What would the place look like with Saddam in charge? How would that compromise us? Our allies? What would our global rivals get out of that? That’s just for starters. Presidents have to look at stuff like that, and I don’t think our host does with the diligence he should. Whatever – we will argue on stuff like that, and right now we need to be cohesive and focused, or Lefty is going to bring the house down.

    Trump is getting a ball rolling, and he has an incredible amount of mass and inertia to overcome. It’s up to guys like us to keep it going… and there is no doubt in my mind that Z is one of the heavy lifters.

    • Glen* wrote:
      ” I see this in his opposition to the wars in the Middle East. What would have happened if the US had not intervened? What would the place look like with Saddam in charge?”

      America’s involvement in MENA & south central asia since 20010911 has been a disaster(1). If there is ONE lesson to be learned from all the blood and treasure poured out on to the sand it is this:
      “Leave alone or support the secular dictators in MENA.”

      It is those bloody bastards that can keep the Islamonuts in line or at least managed. Because they can get away with feeding them into wood chippers and we can not. And that level of brutality is what is necessary to keep the lid on the pot in MENA.

      (1) For the USA, for Christians living there, for stability in the region, etc.

      • I see your point. But consider this: a nuclear Iraq under Saddam Hussein. A nuke going off in Tel Aviv, New York or Paris – and that murderous mudflap giving us the finger and promising more to follow?

        These wars are chit shows because democrats are given a say in military affairs. They insist on a hearts and minds approach to an enemy that basically has neither – and they actively undermine any real efforts. Moslems need simple harsh laws and people to enforce them – the proper approach is to slaughter the worst of them as a warning to the others – and either install a puppet gov’t or walk away with dire warnings of a ‘rinse and repeat’ if necessary. Gulf War 2 was totally unnecessary – but the Uniparty insisted on it.

        If America moves out, others move in – and they will play to their advantage and our disadvantage. Anyone that thinks this is a good thing is an idiot or naïve and does not understand geopolitics.

          • “A nuke going off in Tel Aviv, New York, or Paris”
            DARE TO DREAM.
            If it had a crowd funded effort, I’d empty my bank accounts and take out a loan.

        • Saddam had been “rented” before and he could have been “rented” or even bought, again!

          It was the plan of the nefarious Bush Crime Family that punished Hussein. They are truly an evil bunch, with, at that time, a Chimp , as their figurehead…meanwhile Poppy and his Saudi cohorts were mixed up in those plots, which were designed to drain the US Treasury for benefit of the Deep State. What did SecDef Rumsfeld announce the day before the 9/11 hoax? That the Pentagon had “misplaced” or lost $3-6 trillion?

    • “What would the place look like with Saddam in charge?”

      Likely the same as it did before 2003. The better question is-how would we and the rest of the world be? The answer is easy, dramatically better. Same thing goes for Ghaddafi, Iran under the Shah, etc.

      Don’t even get me started on Germany & Hitler…

  33. We’re watching “Babylon Berlin” right now, a crime thriller set in 1929 Berlin, and it feels like our present situation is almost the same. Their version of the Deep State is a military conspiracy to overthrow the democratic government and re-install the Kaiser. Everyone is corrupt in some way. Police, politicians, military, industrialists: all corrupt and in on it or else scared and trying to cover up. An informer was gunned down on the street in broad daylight; nothing is unthinkable to these people.

    There are a very few crusaders trying to stop the rot, and even they don’t have clean hands. But it doesn’t really matter, because the “democracy” they’re trying to save is rotten anyway. At the last minute, the thoroughly dirty general running the scheme is saved from exposure by President Hindenburg himself. What’s the point of trying to save such a system? Oddly enough, it might come down to an organized crime boss to do what the legitimate authorities won’t do: at least gum up the game, even if it’s for unsavory reasons.

    I keep thinking that only a black swan is going to keep this evil from triumphing. And not just in America, but all over the world. Donald Trump was one such black swan. There are others out there, and I think they’re going to be popping up, maybe in significant numbers, before Trump finishes his term of office.

    • One thing I’ve been hearing out of the mouths of lefties for decades now is:

      “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”.

      I don’t think that’s really the issue.

      The issue is not that people do nothing – the issue is that they ACTIVELY participate. When they’re filling out their MA state income tax form and they see the box that says ” did you have any income not reported” – they check the box – and report the income. When they overhear some conversation by their neighbor in the East German apartment building they live in – they run down to the local Stasi office and report it. They contribute to political parties. They actively defend every a-hole decision made by politicians.

      It’s not a “do nothing” issue – it’s an ACTIVE PARTICIPATION issue.

      I see it as a similar issue to all the people who constantly complain about all the different forms of addiction, whether it’s eating, or smoking, or drinking – or doing drugs – in the end the problem boils down to a very simple action:

      Stop moving your damn arm – and the problem stops INSTANTLY.

      People ACTIVELY participate in their addictions – by moving their own damn arms around to move the food to their mouth, the needle into their arm , or the cigarette to their mouth.

      They want to convince me that their own brain has no control over of the arms attached to their body.

      I’m not buying it.

      Be lazy – stop moving your damn arms. The world will be a better place for all concerned.

      • Yup. I agree.

        I also understand this truth: No one can do anything to you that you do not give them permission to do.

        Full stop.

    • “An informer was gunned down on the street in broad daylight; nothing is unthinkable to these people.”

      Seth Rich could not be reached for comment.

      • Seth was just one such informant. That Fuddy woman, the Hawaiian birth certificate lady was another and the Clinton body count beyond S. Rich is growing. The whole sex trafficking crowd is also being gutted: think of Allison Mack, Ray Chandler, the Red Pope and their ilk.

        We’re all gonna need a bigger tub of popcorn before this fight is over!

    • ‘Babylon Berlin’ is not history, but another in the series of cynical, quasi-pornographic apologia for contemporary degeneracy in Hollywood, of the same ilk as ‘Rome’ and ‘The Tudors’.

      • It’s a fine piece of entertainment. I never considered it “history”; if I want that, I’ll watch a documentary. It does a good job creating an image of a thoroughly corrupt, dysfunctional society not far from collapse. The parallels with our present-day situation would be just as true if it were a sci-fi drama set in outer space.

        • Doc;
          Agree that it’s not a history of Germany outside of, maybe, Berlin at the time. But, as you say, it’s a pretty good contemporary look into the black soul of The Coastal Cloud Folk that hope to rule us without restraint.

          Thank God they keep getting into their own way.

        • The 2052 Presidential Election: Corruption In Space
          brought to you by journalist slayer & the owner of planet Mars, Elon Musk.

          • Musk, like Zuckerberg are mere figureheads! Nice little Jewish boys acting ask conduits for whatever their Deep State daddies want them to do.

            Funny how the Pentagon’s “Lifelog” program, (it’s own version of “Facebook”) was “abandoned” the very same day that the Zuckerberg version was incorporated!

        • Many moons ago went to see a campus production of “Caberet”, at the same time was in the midst of a three course sequence of modern German history (taught by the incomparable Peter Hayes). My girlfriend at the time could not understand why, rather than being entertained, was completely creeped out by the end. “Babylon Berlin” is not history, per se, (though there are characters that hew very accurately to real persons) but instead is an excellent snapshot of a society ready to tip into the void.

    • Black swans are unexpected, unpredictable events. What is going to happen has a few variations, but none of them are unpredictable. There will be the rise of a Strong Man to make the people safe; whether this person is legit or a plant from those who orchestrated the problem in the 1st place is the main variable. I’m betting on at least 2 rising at about the same time. Let’s hope we know which is the one with your best interests at heart (assuming that is even a choice.)

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