Days of Delusion

There is a theme to the show this week. As I was collecting up items to use, I noticed that many of them featured people in a state of self-delusion. That was not intentional, but it just worked out that way. I was hoping to find some items that I could make sport of as this is a holiday weekend. I think it is a good idea to try and keep in light when people are in the holiday mood. This is the first holiday of the summer and probably the one people look forward to the most. I’ll be off until Tuesday, weather permitting.

I tried to find some opening music that fit the theme, but I could not find anything I liked and that worked as intro music. Surprisingly, there’s not a lot of music about self-delusion. I guess that probably hits too close to home for people in the entertainment rackets. That and songs about drug taking sort of fill that niche. The result is I went with whatever struck my fancy last night. AC/DC seems like a nice lead-in to a long holiday weekend.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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46 thoughts on “Days of Delusion

  1. The majority of young people today are People of Color. Why would they get onboard with right wing views? It doesn’t make sense

    Have you guys considered that your time has passed? Seriously is anyone here under 30?

    Just look at David Hogg. He’s running circles around people

    • Braindead Millennial here, I apologize for talking out of turn before my elders.

      David Hogg isn’t the organizer, Mike Bloomberg has people doing that for him. His fame comes from being the only non-Jewish white visible “survivor”.

      Take your subversion somewhere else like Zimbabwe, the phrase “people of color” is intrinsically anti-white.

  2. I was going to do something of a light-hearted post about the choice of beverage to accompany a Z-man power hour (in my case, a bourbon old-fashioned). For some reason, the arrest of Tommy Robinson just stopped me cold. I don’t know that much about him, about the case, and about his videoing outside the courtroom. But it seems obvious the authorities were gunning for the guy. Sad what has happened in Britain. My ancestors came from the isles, Scotch Irish Protestant, and it pains me a bit to see how tyrannical the whole mess is getting. Don’t say it can’t happen here, because there’s plenty who’d love to make it happen.

    • I am deeply affected by this also. This seems much worse than the normal run-of-the-mill awfulness of the leftist governments. I’m very afraid for him

    • Lagavulin, neat or Wild Turkey, rocks. Personal theory, being mostly Scot and Scots-Irish, is the best left and came here. What is left, well…you see what you have today in Britain.

      • You must mean “best” meaning the most wild and unruly and those with nothing to lose, as most of the Ulster Irish who arrived here were indentured, transported convicts, or dirt poor. What was left behind were the 18th century version of normies. The transplants were more violent, less tractable and more likely to value personal freedom, exactly what was needed to hack a life out of the backcountry.

        They weren’t “better”, they were just rattlesnake mean and weren’t shy about imposing their will through violence. That’s how they kept negroes from doing the feral shit they do today.

    • Tommy is normie Con/NeoCon tier, but he has fought like hell in a way no one else has, regarding Muslim immigration. Go watch a YouTube video of him telling his whole history of arrests, beatings, illegal break ins, etc. It’s insane stuff.

      • Robinson was in some fashion supported by the intelligence agencies MI6/MI5, who used the EDL as a controlled opposition honeypot. Whether he is still useful to them remains to be seen, but if he dies in custody it might well lead to rioting akin to that of France 2005.

        The British police are undermanned and their budgets have been slashed to pay for foreign aid. Only 10% of UK cops are allowed to have firearms, and those guns are normally locked in a van rather than carried. The UK cannot control any rioting without the use of the British Army, which has nil training in riot control. Only a few thousand riot trained Northern Ireland cops would be standing against untold number of rioters on both sides. The minor London rioting in 2011 took days to put down, with far more cops on station than now.

    • I’m increasingly discouraged with Peter Hitchens, who – since his ‘Abolition of Britain’ (1997) – has been my ‘go-to’ journalist for outrages against traditional freedom in the UK. He’s posted nothing on Robinson’s ‘vaporization’. But here is Paul Weston, in a piece reproduced at ‘Gates of Vienna’, redacted a bit by me…

      “Britain is Now a Genuine Police State”

      “There are a number of court cases taking place in Britain which are subject to reporting restrictions. A good percentage of these — and we really don’t know how many, which I think is rather the idea — relate to Muslim gang-rape trials. Tommy was under a 13-month suspended sentence for previously reporting on a gang-rape trial subject to reporting restrictions. In other words, if he broke the law again he would then serve the jail time as per the initial sentence…

      “…But the police made no mention of reporting restrictions or contempt of court; they arrested him for “breaching the peace” which would seem to be a total fabrication and therefore unlawful. His immediate hearing and sentencing suggests this was a planned action by the police (and our lovely government) in order to shut him down.

      “To further reinforce the actions of a totalitarian state, a reporting restriction has now been put into operation with regard to his arrest. Tommy has been “disappeared” in much the same manner as countless others were airbrushed out of existence in genuine totalitarian regimes abroad, but I think this is the first time in England that a citizen has been “disappeared” in such a blatant way.

      “Even more horrifying is the supine manner in which this grotesque act of totalitarianism has been received by our media and purported civil-liberties merchants, none of whom have raised a murmur of disapproval at the time of this writing…”

      Which makes me wonder why Hitchens shows no interest in the case…

      Weston concludes,

      “I think Britain is finished as a country, culture and people. Our only hope of achieving revolutionary thought is via total economic collapse. When we are hungry and cold we might, just might, become angry enough to revolt…

      “Tommy was a threat to the Traitor Class, so they have removed him. He won’t be the last.”

      • There’s a real possibility he won’t survive prison. The Muslim gangs want to kill him. They almost did the last time. It dawns on me his real name is Stephen. Will they let him become a martyr

  3. Just as a population of only three million Americans produced an extraordinary quality of great men (and the anti-Federalist no less so), so a population of three million in Elizabethan England (and most of them illiterate) produced the custom, vigor, politics, and language required for developing modern civilization. I can scratch my head about that or I can conclude that genius is formed in provincialism, and universalism is the curse of gigantism.

    • The Wright Brothers, a couple of self-educated bike-makers from the midwest, built the first airplane that (a) flew, and (b) didn’t kill its pilot after flying. Were they geniuses?

      All the massive empires of the era had populations far larger than… two guys, devoted to their mother. With proper testing, we would discover – obviously – that the Wright Brothers had no business developing the principles of flight, when thousands of ‘geniuses’ lived in France, Austria, Italy, China, Britain, India.

      My own opinion regarding stuff like this is not backed by graphs and statistics, so I won’t mention them. I’ll just ask the quantifiers to give me the odds that a little town like Athens cooks up a Socrates, a Plato, an Aristotle – never mind the playwrights – in less than a century, while our glamorous contemporary Empire gives us Ta-Nehisi Coates and Mark Zuckerberg.

      Is Mark Zuckerberg a genius? Could be. Can he buy and sell human beings by the thousands from his safe command post on a private island, secured by elite retired mercenaries making good pay? You bet he can.

  4. Regarding leftist and minority entitlement.

    I’ll just note that of the ten commandments five are related to prohibitions against coveting or taking things that don’t belong to you (and the tenth commandment having three different covetousness-related clauses).

    There are zero commandments exhorting people to share.

    • Yes. Implicit in the Ten Commandments is the right to private property.
      They are also one of my proofs of God because I know that humans could never be so profoundly succinct.

  5. OT Tommy Robinson has been disappeared by the U.K. State and Lauren Southern fears he will be secretly executed.

    My guess is that this will happen soon over here. Only a matter of time before all Straight White men are made by law some kind of serf. Our rulers are insane, I’d rather have a real war.

    In wartime White men are needed.

    • Like the guy who was jailed for the hate crime of leaving a bacon sandwich outside a mosque and was murdered by the inmates.

      I share your sentiments.

      • I didnt know about the bacon sandwich man but it is horrifying to see what is happening in UKistan. Tommy Robinson’s last interview was with Lord Pearson. I found Tommy a good robust chap who did nothing but tell the truth. Now that criminal country and the sick politicised judiciary have sent him to a likely death by Islamics in prison.

    • Tommy Robinson has been imprisoned for 13 months and the Press is not allowed to report on it. His life is in danger. Stalin would definitely approve of these tactics

    • Yes it can happen here and probably will. All it will take is a Democrat like Kamala in the WH and Democratic congress and we are toast. Guys like Spencer,and others in the HBD movement don’t get it, this isn’t 1985, we’re in the end game and the opposition is playing for keeps while we play snark which accomplishes nothing.

      White segregationists and Civic Nationalists don’t get the Progs, being the ideological heirs of Stalin and Mao aren’t interested in peaceable coexistence with whites, they want us crushed and gone. England is a example of this.

      Whites don’t get that the police and justice system can be turned on us very easily. Look what the latter(DOJ – FBI) did to Trump – it’s clear they no longer represent the American people or respect the law. For them to overtly turn on white America isn’t a reach at all.

      The whites biggest weakness is that even though we have identified the problems facing us, we are doing nothing outside of the preppers. Alt-Right is basically prostrate in terms of growing or maturing. We have nothing in the way state or nationwide organizations, support groups, etc.

  6. How about King Crimson’s ’21st century Schizoid Man’, or Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoia’?

    They’d have been good choices for your theme music.

  7. CNN and MSNBC are part of that alternative reality. I’ve gone to the gym and seen their smug faces saying things so bizarre I’m tempted to think it’s parity.

  8. You are right – we don’t produce men like Madison any longer. That’s why many of us are fairly fanatical about protecting the Constitution. Whatever replaces it won’t be nearly as good. In fact, there’s a good chance it will much worse.

    • True, but then the 18th century didn’t produce men like LeBron James. Madison versus James in reasoned discourse, Madison wins 100-0. But James versus Madison on the basketball court? Ouch.

      So every age has its great men.

  9. I’ve been red pilled for quite awhile now, but the piece about the constitution and U.S. history was 1 big black pill…echos of what Glen said careening around my head.

  10. I thought for a second I was on the Lars Larson website. Another great podcast. Thanks Zman.

    • Ted Olson is a *HUGE* Deep Stater-adjacent. His wife, Barbara Olson, who died on a plane on 9/11, wrote 2 good anti-Clinton books,
      “Hell To Pay” and “The Final Days.”
      I’d say Ted is easily bought, so there’s that.

  11. I was thinking about tactics in this war. We here about violence on black bodies, and NFL protesters over black bodies etc. This is usually countered with statistics about how cops killing blacks is uncommon or no more common than whites. I think that’s the wrong approach.

    We should accept their premise and submit that we need programs for educating the country about black on white violence just as they need it for white on black. We have the statistics on our side in that violence against whites is far more prevalent. This is something that’s almost never mentioned and needs to be made clear to normies. Whites are the victims of most interracial violence while simultaneously being framed as the perpetrators of most of it.

    If we need a national conversation on BLM matters then demand one on anti-white violence at the same time. If black players want to protest “black bodies” then get them to answer about the “white bodies” that are double the number. Find explicitly racial crimes against whites and make the victims known in every comment section, get them Wikipedia pages. Ask Starbucks to have this conversation, ask them why they ignore this violence but fight against the other.

    They won’t actually have a “conversation” but having to watch them spin around the hypocrisy will show normies that not only are whites more often the victims but that our politicians and activists like it that way.

    • Meetings and hearings and “national conversations” are worse than useless. They institutionalize the facts and issues to oblivion. Shouting the truth from the rooftops, and from wherever you can find a place, is the only way to go. People are paying more attention to that sort of thing, all the time. They know that the other formal stuff is pure bull crap.

    • All people need to know about Blacks is this: In the U.S., Blacks represent some 13% or so of our total population yet commit the majority of all violent crime. No matter where one goes in the world, where there are concentrated numbers of Blacks, there is violent crime and dysfunction. The higher number of Blacks, the higher the crime and dysfunction.

      And everything else follows these facts.

      • Even more concentrated that that. Pull the BoJ statistical abstracts and it’s more like 3% being responsible for half the violent crimes.

    • Really Mark, have we not found out that everybody yells over everybody else in these useless conversations. We are heading for civil war, there is no way out.

      • Headway gets made slowly. We didn’t all start here politically, or for that matter our opponents didn’t find themselves at the top by waiting for the civil war.

  12. For intro music, how about ‘Crazy Train’ by Ozzy? Or maybe ‘If You Leave Me, Can I come Too?’ by Mental As Anything.

    • “I wanna be sedated” suits me whenever i contemplate the idea of elections consisting of infinity clintons and infinity bushes, perpetually running against each other but always enacting the same policies no matter who wins.

  13. That’s a good point about America re-inventing itself the way you described. As a wizened, critical thinking adult, it infuriates me when I still find myself mired in the narrative and the nation the leftists brought about in the 60’s and 70’s. This new America won’t last either and us old farts may well live long enough to see the next one. I look at the history books I was given as a kid in school, and the narrative I was fed through comic books, children’s television programming and other venues – and I STILL find pieces of that fake narrative embedded in my psych. I think we all have self delusions of some sort. It sometimes takes a neutral observer to point them out.

    In my crystal ball I see history repeating. Large numbers of stupid blacks are going to be killed in a stupid race war, and the smarter ones will be put back into servitude or slavery they way it’s been done historically time and time again for the last 2000 years at least. Rightly or wrongly I see the Joos getting run out on a rail the way they have been everywhere else throughout history. I hope I’m wrong about all that, but history repeats, or at least… it rhymes.

    Africa will not explode. It has already collapsed under its own weight. In the next generation expect mass famine, genocide, pestilence and all the good things that go along with black Africans. Mother Nature, Darwin, and Murphy will make short work of them. Expect the moslems to get death marched out of Europe after massive upheavals. The Euros know full well the moslem is either at your feet or at your throat and will move to address that reality once the options have been exhausted. Europe may well face another dark age as the EU collapses too. We are out of money, out of patience, and out of time. Something has to give.

    Have a great weekend Z, and keep up the good work.

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