An Approved Alternative

Note: The regular Taki post is up and the topic is our friends at the FBI. Behind the green door is the Sunday news podcast. There is also a review of the book Red Plenty, which is a very interesting book on Soviet central planning. There is also a post about the looming war between the barefaced and the Masketarians.

The great Sam Francis observed that the Buckleyites were doomed to failure, because they not only engaged the Left in practical politics, but they also embraced the rules the Left had imposed on practical politics. As Francis put it, conservatives had accepted the premise of the managerial class, which meant they would eventually be forced to defend it. If the premise of your ideological movement is the permanence of the managerial state, your existence literally depends on its existence.

That is why Buckley’s project was punctuated by rounds of purges, which often seemed designed to remain in good standing with the Left. In reality, the two sides of the political class, embraced the same set of premises, and the same moral framework. It is like a rivalry between two departments in a large corporation. Their differences are completely bounded by the overarching concerns of the corporation. Both sides know that the point of their rivalry is that the corporation always wins at the end.

The problem with the purging of bad-thinkers is two-fold. One is it boils off anything resembling diversity of thought. Instead of an ongoing debate among equals, it becomes an echo chamber. The other consequence, something that appears to be a feature of the managerial class, is smart people get purged. The result is a slow decline in cognitive capital. If you are curious and ask too many questions, inevitably you run into conflict with the system.

That is what you see with National Review. The last interesting guy on staff was Mark Steyn and he was run off years ago. John Derbyshire was hurled into the void half a dozen years ago. The only thing interesting about National Review these days is looking up the long list of people they fired. Otherwise, the site is now just a collection of dullards who repeat what they are told. Like conservatism itself, National Review has been consumed and fully masticated by the system.

This is why Trump was able to win in 2016, but lost in 2020, despite being more popular and facing a vegetable. In 2016 he was facing off against a brittle and pointless right-wing system that shattered when he struck it. The left-wing side was not prepared to take on the role of disciplining the right-wing side, so Trump was able to squeak through and win the election. The left-wing side was fully prepared to deal with Trump in 2020 and made sure there was no way he could win again.

The problem for the system is it still lacks an approved alternative. Despite its many flaws, Buckley-style conservatism was a valuable vessel into which was poured the political aspirations of white America. About 40% of white people called themselves conservative at the peak. Another 25% leaned that way on most issues, but maybe had some objections on other issues. This made the right side of the political system seem like a legitimate alternative to the left side of the system.

Something similar happened in the late-1960’s and early-70’s. The old-line Republican leadership, the Rockefeller Republicans, lost their legitimacy due to their impotence in the face of the culture war waged by the Left. The Goldwater campaign in 1964 was the first shot across the bow of the old guard. The ascent of Nixon masked the problem, but finally the conservatives rose up to supplant the old guard. The Reagan revolution was more about creating a new approved alternative to the Left.

Today there is no out-of-the-box movement ready to push the wreckage of conservatism over the side. The long run of Buckley-style conservatism anathematized anything that looked like a threat from the Right. It is easy to miss, but conservatism became extremely narrow and intolerant after the Cold War. Populism, nationalism, and traditionalism are all forbidden topics in modern politics. The result is alternative thinking is a scattered mess, often polluted with eccentrics.

One strange result of this loss of an approved alternative is the left-side of the political class is in a panic. Progressivism in America is now a fully negative identity that needs an enemy to survive. More important, that enemy needs to be compliant. Over the long Cold War, the left-side of the political class evolved to depend on that compliant right-side as its constraint and raison d’etre. This is why it is desperately flailing about trying to create a new version of the old familiar.

It is also why the Republican party is trying to get a make-over. They dumped the ridiculous Liz Cheney not because they disagreed with her opinions. In fact, most Republicans share her disgust for their voters. It is just that she is screwing up the plan to put Trumpian lipstick on the old pig of right-wing politics. The hope is if they decorate their language with Trump’s rhetoric, white voters will forget how much the party hates them and go back to reflexively voting for the GOP.

The trouble they are having is that white people increasingly distrust the system as a whole, not just the Republican leaders. The Trump wing now defines themselves in opposition to system. They still talk about voting in new people, but their plan is self-contradictory, even though they do not see it. Throwing more people into the “the swamp” just means the creatures in the swamp are well-fed. Another tainted election and that reality becomes clear even to the dimmest of them.

Then there is the dissident wing, much smaller, but growing. These are the people who have come to terms with demographic realty. While lacking a coherent moral philosophy, they have broken free of the prevailing moral framework. They can no longer accept a politics that features two sides of the same. No amount of political marketing is getting this group back in the fold. Not even a return of Trump will bring this group back to liberal democratic politics.

What the political class faces is a choice. They can try to adapt to this reality and become a ruling party like in South America. They win every election, but the opposition parties are allowed to exist as a pressure relief. The other option is to prop up the Republicans and conservatives as a Potemkin alternative, knowing that very few people think they are anything more than yes-men to the oligarchy. Those are the options for the next approved opposition.

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127 thoughts on “An Approved Alternative

  1. Z-Man and his commenters are quite good at pointing out the problems and how we got here. Lotsa smart guys here!
    Question is, where do white dissidents go from here? Do we just sit at our keyboards and pontificate? I’m really not criticizing all the intellectual give and take that goes on here, but does anybody, anywhere have a plan of action? It just seems unnatural for white men, especially American white men, to sit around and do nothing while their world is stolen from them!
    All that being said, I don’t have a clue what to do, if anything can actually be done at all!

    • Many people have commented on what to do going forward. Some good ideas, some not so good. The most important one that I have taken away from the comments is to not be a target. That is, stay quiet; avoid getting on anyone’s radar. Pay your taxes. Know who you can count on. Jettison those who will never be brought to our side(you know who they are). Love them, wish them the best, but know they will be an anchor to your efforts.
      As the one you tuber guy says, “we prepare well today, to live well tomorrow “.

  2. Z, the Taki piece is excellent. Particularly liked the conclusion.

    Would like to read your thoughts on how starting with Trump liberals and the left have started hero worshiping the FBI, CIA and the media (except Fox) . The more our side realizes that they are frauds the more they are worshiped by the left.

    Go back 7 years and I never ran into a liberal who thought the FBI was a symbol of everything good and holy about American “democracy.” Now I am told by democrats that the FBI and CIA only hire the “best and the brightest” like the love birds. An easy way to end a relationship with a Democrat is to give an example of how the FBI is a fraud. Oy Vey.

    My understanding of the USSR is no one outside of members of the KGB or editors of Pravda worshipped those organizations. It says a lot about the craven need of good whites for the status of being smart and good that they actually idolize those transparently corrupt institutions

  3. Zman I was thinking about your talk recently and Sam Francis. You were talking about slavery and Sam had a great saying… “blacks provided the perspiration, not the inspiration.” That line has stayed with me every time I hear that America owes it’s very existence to Africans. RIP Sam Francis… gone too soon.

  4. I don’t think people understand what just happened; January 20th, 2021 was our 476 AD. That was bloodless too, nearly.

    The real question is we have our Zeno, but where is our Odoacer?

  5. Zman: “Progressivism in America is now a fully negative identity that needs an enemy to survive.”


    C.S. Lewis via Powerline:

    Exclusion, Lewis explained, is not an evil in and of itself; it can be “accidental” to groups dedicated to substantive activity. But a problem arises when an exclusive dynamic exists for its own sake, when elitism develops in the absence of substance. “Your genuine inner ring,” Lewis stated, “exists for exclusion. There’d be no fun if there were no outsiders. The invisible line would have no meaning unless most people were on the wrong side of it. Exclusion for the inner ring is no accident: it is the essence.”


    Funny how it works. On the non-political, social side of it. When you were a kid you could see hierarchical groups forming. I didn’t see it in kindergarten. But I did in 1st grade. And definitely firming up by 2nd grade. After that, fugetaboutit. School was clique city central. And everyone knew who the elite “Socials” were. As we called them.

    Since 1st grade the elite group started coalescing around one or a few pretty girls who dressed well and were in the higher reading groups. The queens would bring in a charismatic boy, who definitely had to be cute too. They’d accept the members of his posse who weren’t outright dorky.

  6. So, for a few weeks now the GlobHom corporation where I contract has been offering free gene juice jabs to anyone that cares to sign up for them.

    Soon, on June 1st, the corporation will roll out its internal jab/mask apartheid system.

    The fully jabbed will have the option of updating their status in the internal HR database. Once that is complete, corporate security will mail a green, “jabbed,” badge to the jabbee’s house and all face-diapering and distancing guidelines may be disregarded by the jabbee.

    Jabbee’s who do not update their status are still required to follow all guidelines.

    Uploading an image of one’s jab card is voluntary. The FAQs were not clear if one must enter specific jab info in the HR database.

    As a lowly contractor, I have no access to this database, so it is a moot point for me.

    • Wild Geese – I greatly enjoyed not wearing a mask (even around my chin as is my wont) today, but I’m well aware that vaccine apartheid is coming. Just how far it will go remains to be seen.

    • Howard, I would be very interested to hear about your experiences in a month or two, how this example of public shaming plays out in corporate life. Please let us know or contact me at my e-mail.

      You’re the first into a situation that will soon involve us all.

  7. By the way someone needs to do a takedown of those Convention of States people and how they’ve been wasting our side’s time for almost a decade now acting like they’re gonna be the escape vehicle from the uniparty regime.

    Any organization that thinks the solution to the present chaos is to pass an amendment banning the federal government from purchasing land for purposes other than the excercise of its previously enumerated powers is worse than useless. It’s worse than even controlled opposition. This organization needs to be torched.

    • I had some interest in this topic several years ago, but I couldn’t agree more that it’s a dead letter. As if the same oligarchy that has pissed on the Constitution for decades straight is going to suddenly say, “Oh, you had a convention of the States and decided to strip away all our powers? Well, that’s different. Here are the keys to the master’s house.”

      • Their proposed amendments aren’t even meaningful, even within the framework of Buckley conservatism.

        Nothing about abortion or keeping the LGBT mob from shutting down churches. It’s all “let’s make Congress understand that the general welfare clause is not an excuse to just spend money on whatever projects you want” stuff.

  8. Last week I received an e-mail from National Review Institute about its “Virtual Ideas Summit,” under the subject line: “Last Call.” The title of the event was given as “Finding Opportunity Through Freedom.”

    I noted it to a fellow Rightist friend as a portrait of a movement bereft of ideas and motivation. The subject line inadvertently said as much. Indeed, placing the words “virtual” and “ideas” next to each other could only be seen as a pathetic cry for help.

    Coincidentally, I had gone onto NRO the day before, for the first time in many months–perhaps even years–to search for an old article by the late Joe Sobran: another of those great writers like Brimelow, Derb, and Steyn (and Sailer) who were unceremoniously defenestrated by NR.

    I didn’t find what I was looking for. But I took a moment to peek at the offerings on NRO’s homepage. As documented elsewhere among these comments, they were simply embarrassing. It’s hard to believe that once–and for a long time–I frequented that site multiple times per day. But it was a different place, at that time. It’s clearly just a zombie now: dead, but animated by some arcane hocus pocus.

  9. Much of the difficulty in creating an alternative to conservatism is settling on a name to rally behind.

    All the names dissidents are trying to adopt, traditionalists, populists, paleoconservatives, nationalists, just aren’t working. They are either too broad and watery (paleoconservatives) or too specific to a particular dissident subgroup (populists.)

    Likewise, none of the available oldschool “ist” labels really work either and they all have their share of baggage. Right now there’s someone running a website trying to jumpstart an anti-Nazi American fascist party. Two decades ago they did the same thing with falangism (I’m convinced it was the same person, based on the overwhelming similarities of tone.) The fact that falangism as an ideology will only ever make sense to people immersed in Latin political tradition, not Anglo-Saxon politics, didn’t stop them from trying it out.

    To me this puts the lie to the notion held by many on the dissident right that the goal should be to move beyond the idea of formal ideologies as a framework for politics. I have to respectfully disagree with that notion. People are naturally attracted to clubs and if you put a word in front of them that somewhat describes their existing political instincts, they’re likely to rally behind you.

    (I’m aware that America First is a thing but it has the same weaknesses as the other terms I listed.)

    • “All the names dissidents are trying to adopt, traditionalists, populists, paleoconservatives, nationalists, just aren’t working. They are either too broad and watery (paleoconservatives) or too specific to a particular dissident subgroup (populists.)”

      Paleocon doesn’t work because it will forever be an odd duck of a word. Populist is actually pretty broad, as the name indicates. Presently it’s the least risky, and easiest conversationally. It signifies you are for traditional America and working whites…without getting thrown out of the office.

      Outside the office, Nationalist works pretty well I think. It doesn’t pin you down too much, but they’ll know you’ve got dirtball thoughts. Good.

      BTW you didn’t suggest any alternatives. I agree that people want a club name to be a part of. Why don’t we just make something up that has no history or baggage.

      Silver Starlights?
      Raging Bulls?
      The Grim Reapers?

      We could form syndicates through roller derby clubs.

      • The Knights in White Satin.

        Riders on the Storm.

        Revenge of the Snow People.

        The Pilgrims.

        The Z Party.

  10. This is why I like Fuentes. He’s learning to thread the needle by reintroducing old themes likes populism, nationalism, even race, without appearing kooky. Ultimately he’s a transitional figure, with a hispanic-sounding nuAmerican name too boot.

    Give the left the bogeyman they need— but only along racial lines. Make them fully commit to anti-white policies, and make them tie whiteness to America. Force them to be America’s executioners and force Republicans to be the ‘white’ party. See how it works out for both.

    It’ll be decided by white babies, as it was always going to be. That’s something beyond politics.

  11. I would also add I don’t think Anarcho-Tyranny is a stable political arrangement. If indeed America is evil and wicked and the people who founded it are the same, there is only one solution to that.

    It has many advantages, for the ruling elite. They can dispense with the tiresome Republicans, and just rule. The new ascendant coalition can take seized property and forced labor and gain wealth and power. It fits the moral framework of the society. And it feeds the hatreds of the coalition of the ascendant. Most billionaires and millionaires WANT to live a few gated compounds with massive body guard forces and nothing but slums around them.

    One of the big drivers of human actions is class hatred by the upper classes for uppity lower classes. The Financial Times in its travel section in the Weekend edition noted that the Aristocracy in the 19th Century hated the bourgeoisie also traveling to Europe, which made them less special. The Bourgeoisie in the late 20th hated the working class jetting to Majorca as that made them less special.

    The Green, anti-White agenda (they are the same) are nothing more than class resentment of ordinary people being uppity and not knowing their place.

    • I think the goal is a version of Mexico’s long period of PRI rule, ratified through what was termed “electoral alchemy.” The GOP would play the role of the National Action Party, a rump opposition with regional support.

      The main difference is the guys who ran the PRI weren’t, you know, fucking crazy.

  12. Nice Takimag article. Also of note, the framing or Richard Jewell. The FBI knew well that the real Atlanta Olympics bomber was Eric Rudolph. He was their protected informer. They later smeared the people of North Carolina implying they were protecting him as they staged a pro-forma attempt to capture him and then left in about a week. Rudolph was caught dumpster diving by a local cop acting on tips from locals that the guy was in the area. Conservative Whites might not like abortion but they like bombing nurses and doctors even less.

    As for the approved alternative, there is another way the power elite can rule. By taking Anarcho-Tyranny and worship of Rapper Americans to its logical conclusion. The 1619 Project has been massively successful, GoodWhites and Rapper Americans have embraced America as evil from the start, and worthy only of dismantling. The ultimate moral solution in that framework, already embraced by Disney and the media* is to put most White men in camps like the Uighurs and work us to death. While giving our stuff to Rapper Americans.

    This is already underway — from no Whites allowed in Chicago to the purge of Whites in the military by Lloyd Austin to the Regency no Whites allowed for bailouts to pretty much everything, the initial steps are already being taken. Mass anti-White pogroms this Summer will provide the justification for “roundups” for White men’s “protection” in internment/labor camps.

    *Falcon and the Winter Soldier, a subplot is the “flag smashers” who are good guys blowing up cops and soldiers demanding they get other people’s stuff. Mostly mulattos they were given dead White people’s stuff and now with the dead resurrected they basically want to kill them again and get their stuff. This is presented as right and moral. By way of RACE.

    • Probably about 20 people were murdered by Scarpa because of the FBI. The agent that handled him passed on information from the FBI about other informers that Scarpa would then kill. That agent never saw a day in jail.

    • I’m not sure if most people understood my post. Scarpa contracted AIDS. He suffered greatly. He had it coming.

  13. From the Taki article:

    “No institution in the modern age better represents the very soul of anarcho-tyranny than the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In theory, this is the nation’s chief law enforcement organization, tasked with protecting the country against well-organized internal threats like organized crime, white-collar crime, and municipal corruption. This type of crime often spans state borders, allowing it to elude local law enforcement.”

    Does that type of crime *really* elude local law enforcement, though? Or is that simply the line of bull we’ve been fed to justify the FBI?

    Sure, people can flee across state lines, but it would not be that hard for states to cooperate on those things themselves. They did it for many years before the FBI existed.

    • It used to when the FBI was created. Most states lacked a state police force. Towns relied on county sheriffs, who were not equipped to deal with organized crime, which figured out how to get around local law enforcement. That’s no longer the case these days.

      • Hmm. The FBI was formed in 1908, but it’s my impression that prior to prohibition (a government program), “organized crime” was mostly a local phenomenon — different local gangs competing within a city.

        I think interstate criminal organizations were a pretty rare phenomenon until the ’20s and ’30s.

        So, did the FBI arise out of a serious need to combat interstate crime, or did interstate crime arise out of a need to justify the FBI?

        I mean, I don’t have any credible evidence that the FBI was involved in furthering bootlegging, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Certainly there were individual agents on the take.

        But in the years since, the FBI and CIAs deep involvement in the illegal drug trade has become an open secret.

        I’m not convinced those county sheriffs were actually doing a bad job on their own. At least not until the federal government stepped in and virtually created an entire criminal market for booze out of nowhere.

        • McKinley was assassinated by anarchists in 1901, so organized crime was an issue at least that far back. There was wide scale public corruption like Tammany Hall, which controlled local law enforcement. It was not until the 30’s that FBI became an actual police force. To your point, it is reasonable to say that the FBI was one piece of the reorganization of the country under a strong national government. If were were honest about our politics, they would be called the Imperial Police or maybe the Imperial Secret Police.

          • I always chuckle at the thought of organized anarchists. I know, I know, but the terms.

            “There was wide scale public corruption like Tammany Hall, which controlled local law enforcement.”

            Well, thank goodness we don’t have to deal with anything like that today. The FBI made things much better. Now we have wide scale public corruption at the federal level. Those Tammany Hall guys were pikers!

        • Ideally the FBI should be abolished and replaced with an entity that’s basically Europol for the US states.

          Right now the Squad is pushing for a new federal agency to “review” police killings.

          If they succeed in creating it, and they likely will, its real mission will be to erode whatever is left of local and state police autonomy from the federal government and make them total vassals of the regime.

          In a decade, two at most, your local police deparment, even sheriff’s office, will be no more autonomous from the federal administrative state than National Guard units are from the US military.

  14. Heh, the four-by-twos are printing so hard this morning they’re going to start traveling backwards through time.

    I mean, just look at those idiot rips in tech equities on no news.

  15. I just read the brilliant post at Taki and I’m stunned that you got away with calling a spade a spade in a semi-mainstream blog. I guess that’s a small White Pill for the DR.

    As to the Stasi, they morphed into a de facto criminal enterprise several decades ago and rely on Conservative Inc. & the Rs to run interference and image damage control for them in order to keep the plebs in the dark about it. Yes, there are still a few honest agents to be found in the hinterland field offices, but all the heavyweights are now political cronies & crooks. Their perverse entrapment game is ubiquitous & serious, and the reason I believe that Solo is the only practical solution moving forward. If you join a militia, chances are that one or more of the members will be U/C agents or CIs (and probably in a leadership role). I wish we had a crime statistic covering how much crime is actually initiated by the Stasi. I’ll bet its non trivial.

    • I’m old enough to remember when we were told over and again how furious — FURIOUS!!! — lots of agents were about the whole Comey-Clinton shenanigans and were fixin’ to resign in protest literally any day now. Dudes on Fox saying how their contacts were giving them the straight story, man, and Hell was a-comin’.

      lol. They never cared at all.

      • They didn’t care in the least. What more people on our side need to realize is that not only can the vast majority of people be bought, but cheaply. Look at how cheaply the average Congressman sells his vote, and tell me that a little pension check won’t do the same with one of these minions, cops or otherwise. It’s a society devoid of honor. Nothing can impoverish a man more in 2021 than having honor. You can easily become a poor hermit. Unless you can hang out your shingle with a small business, like cesspool servicing, you have to be part of and interact with the system. This means that at around 25 you have to say, “okay, I’ll suck the devil’s c*ck, but I won’t like it.” So, unless you have your own business, you end up in a corporate or government system. Kamala is the pure, distilled, HR department central casting, embodiment of the system, which is why it promoted her, even with a 1% primary vote.

    • TomA: ‘I just read the brilliant post at Taki and I’m stunned that you got away with calling a spade a spade in a semi-mainstream blog. I guess that’s a small White Pill for the DR.”

      Only from your far right perspective is TakiMag “semi-mainstream”. Objectively on a sliding scale, it is still far right.

      Semi-mainstream means, say, that a newsstand would begrudgingly stock the magazine: American Spectator.
      American Conservative. American Greatness. Powerline. NRO. Weekly Standard.

      Though not as Wild West as it once was, Taki Mag still wouldn’t have a chance at a newsstand rack. In this dangerous time, any platform that doesn’t shy from race realism, IQ, anti-immigration, anti-LBGT, is solidly far right.

    • Z’s Takimag article is very good, but it doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of how corrupt and psychopathic the FBI really is and how egregiously they entrap retards and idiots and convict them for political show.

      Back in 2013, they entrapped some utterly moronic mechanic in Schenectady who wanted to build a “death ray” which he described as “Hiroshima on a light switch” that would be powered by a cigarette lighter. This supposed “Klansman” actually called up a synagogue out of the phone book and asked them if they would like to buy a “death ray” they could “nuke Muslims” with.

      He got something like 30 years for “conspiracy to build a weapon of mass destruction.”


      In another case, the FBI framed some black guy who was borderline retarded, and certifiably mentally ill, as an “ISIS agent” and encouraged him to stab people on New Year’s Eve. The guy didn’t have a knife and was too poor to buy one, so the FBI drove him to Walmart and bought the knife for him and then arrested him.

      The poor bastard got 20 years:

      And of course the FBI entrapped Randy Weaver on bogus gun charges that were ultimately dismissed — after they murdered his 14-year-old son and blew his wife’s head off as she was holding an infant.

      It’s interesting to remember the late Congressman Jim Traficant’s 20-year-battle with the FBI. In the early 1980s, when he was sheriff of Mahoning County, Ohio, the Feds got him on a wiretap accepting a bribe from the Mob. Traficant went to Federal court in Cleveland and, representing himself without a lawyer, won an acquittal by saying that as sheriff, he took the money as part of a sting operation. When the prosecution demanded to know why Traficant didn’t report the bribe to the FBI, Traficant said it was because the FBI was corrupt and on the payroll of the mob themselves.

      Twenty years later, the FBI finally got Traficant convicted, sentenced to prison and expelled from Congress in a separate case. Traficant maintained that the FBI had framed him and was carrying out a “vendetta” against him for beating them in the earlier case.

      Traficant was sometimes a bullshitter, so it was hard to know who was telling the truth, but his version of events cannot be automatically discounted given some of the other atrocities the FBI has perpetrated.

      • Youngstown was one of the most mobbed up towns around, back when it was a White mill town. Now it’s just another dead rust belt town with Africans, mulattoes and white trash who act like Africans. Say what you will about La Cosa Nostra, but the FBI’s destruction of White organized crime, who used to keep black criminals under control better than police has been more devastating to American cities than anything else.

        • “See, I got business associates that are black. And they don’t want my son with their daughters, and I don’t want their sons with mine.”

          Tony Soprano

    • I want to mention in response to the Taki piece:

      I had my car stolen a couple years ago in Portland, OR. I actually got a call three days later from a cop who found my car. He waited there the better part of an hour while I arranged a ride across town. That experience gave me a real appreciation for police, at least those ones. You can check the stats, something like 95% of stolen cars are returned in Portland.

      The police use an otherwise sinister seeming technology to do this. Every cop car is equipped with 360 degree cameras that run every license plate they pass.

      This tells me that the surveillance state could be put to good use for the benefit of decent people and the cops don’t actually mind fighting crime when allowed to. That same cop who found my 2000 Civic shitbox and spent over an hour getting it back to me would probably be more than happy to go bust down antifa doors if given the orders.

      • Then again, he’d kick you door down, toss your personal belongings, and take your hard drive if he was told by the FBI that you wandered through the Capitol on Jan 6 without a tour guide….all in front of a compliant media alerted to film you heading out on a perp walk for being a dangerous white supremacist.

        I’ve had good and bad experiences with police. Never forget the following:

        Cops are, at best, neutral instruments of state power. The limits on state power are not the police, who do what they’re told. The limits on state power are laws and institutions, both of which are in freefall.

        • I agree with you. My point is only that we could have really effective police under different management. Then again, we wouldn’t really need them.

      • It’s wishful thinking to believe that the cops will ever get the orders to “bust down Antifa doors”:

        “As retired Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis warns: ‘The system is corrupt. Police are an oppressive organization…and corporate America is using police forces as their mercenaries’… In this way, the old police motto to “protect and serve” has become “comply or die.”

        The Corporatists, including former CFR director Geoge Soros, have trained and paid BLM/Antifa as a pseudo-gang to manipulate public reaction in the desired direction.

  16. William F. Buckley Jr. was a member of the Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) for 30 years. GHW Bush and Dick Cheney were CFR directors, and Liz Cheney is a former member.

    Most of the Biden appointees, including the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Commerce, Homeland Security and CIA are CFR members. These were approved by a majority of the “Republican” senators.

    They all play for the same team, and unless we understand how that team is organized, effective opposition is impossible.

    • CFR, CCR, CPR. What’s the difference. All your saying is that the elites are in the elites. Tell us 50 more times tho.

  17. As much as I hate to hand out black pills on a Monday — going in to Memorial Day, no less — there’s a third option: Jamestown. Years ago I read a fascinating book by a Soviet mathematician, Igor Shafarevich, called The Socialist Phenomenon. While I found his attempt to find “socialism” in, say, Inca Peru a bit quixotic*, the main thrust of his argument was clear, and horrifying. Socialism is a suicide cult, Shafarevich proclaimed. They hate themselves and want to die, but because they hate you almost as much as they hate themselves, they want to force you into suicide with them.

    Hard as it is to process when stated baldly like that, I have nonetheless come to believe that it’s true. Hillary Clinton, just to take one odious example, was practically cackling with glee on the campaign trail, over the thought of nuking Russia for the lulz. Lots of her behavior makes sense in isolation — mostly venality, some not-so-closeted Sapphic urges — but nothing makes it all hang together except as preparation for some gaudy Jonestown sendoff. Nobody’s that dumb, short-sighted, and petty… and she was just an alkie with neurological issues, not an actual pudding-slurping drool case like our totally legitimate, not at all fraudulent President, Rutabaga Joe.

    *Shafarevich all but says as much. He makes an interesting, but not really germane, distinction between (I think; it was long ago) ideological and cultural socialism. He freely admits that all this is just of historical interest and, being a mathematician, helpfully puts summary abstracts at the end, and urges everyone to skip straight to them.

    • That is a fantastic book. I actually have two copies of it. I’ve been debating about sending one to zman. Do you want to Zman? They’re kind of valuable now so if you don’t want it I should give it to someone else

      • I would never encourage anyone to do it, but if you have a certain kind of entrepreneurial spirit — one that was prevalent among freelance shipowners in the Age of Sail — I’m told you can find a copy on the Internet. On a completely unrelated note, we really ought to study how guys like Shafarevich circulated their samizdat back in the bad old days… purely as a matter of historical interest, of course.

        • Big fan of hard copies of the “naughty” books.

          Based on the $$ for used copies of the original 1980’s release and Amazon not even selling a .99 cent kindle version of this, I’d say it’s VERY NAUGHTY.

          Adding a used copy to my Forbidden Books library based on your recommendation.

          • I think you’ll enjoy it, but a word of caution — the “historical” stuff can get very dry, and I’m not certain how accurate it is (he made his study based on what was available to him at the time in the USSR, so tread lightly). The analysis is spot on, though, and given that he was an actual intellectual inside the USSR I must assume he speaks from deep experience. If you find yourself getting bogged down, take his advice and skip to the summaries.

        • I’ve heard that if you just write in cursive most people today can’t read it

        • Unz is doing a good job posting free online versions of classics and banned books on his site.

    • I read the book that he got all his Inca information from that’s in his bibliography called “The Socialist Empire: the Incas of Peru” by Louis Baudin. Also fascinating. It precipitated me reading a whole bunch of books about the Incas

    • “…there’s a third option: Jamestown.”

      When you mentioned Jamestown, I didn’t think this is where it was going:

      “Socialism is a suicide cult . . . They hate themselves and want to die, but because they hate you almost as much as they hate themselves, they want to force you into suicide with them.”

      (I realized that you meant Jonestown.)

      • Yep, Jonestown is what I meant, of course – thanks for the correction.

        (Although given the Left’s economic policies, we might not be too far from the bad parts of Jamestown, either).

        • The Jamestown colony is instructive for anyone trying to “build a community”, as often discussed here. In 1608, after a disastrous winter, John Smith became leader of the Jamestown Colony, and made this speech to the remaining colonists.

          “Countrymen, the long experience of our late miseries, I hope is sufficient to persuade everyone to a present correction of himself, and think not that either my pains, nor the Adventurers’ purses, will ever maintain you in idleness and sloth…the greater part must be more industrious, or starve…

          You see now that power resteth wholly in myself, and you must obey this now for a Law: That he that will not work shall not eat (except by sickness he be disabled). For the labors of thirty or forty honest and industrious men shall not be consumed to maintain an hundred and fifty idle loiterers… Therefore he that offendeth, let him assuredly expect his due punishment…”

    • the reason socialism and all utopic efforts are suicide cults is because they involve a purity spiral. which inevitably leads to democide. it’s due to mental illness, a kind of homicidal OCD.

    • Interesting. I feel like there is some connection between this idea, the concept we see around about how leftism is a sort of push toward chaos, and René Girard’s idea of mimetic crisis (where everyone’s desire collapses on the same mcguffin, resulting in a chaotic and suicidal level of undifferentiated violence).

      How else to think about both the left’s obsession with trannies and the old depictions of devils are having features of both men and women? How else to think of the left’s hatred of hierarchy, which is that thing that keeps group desires from collapsing on a single object?

    • Meh.

      Maybe it was just the judeo-socialists he was dealing with that ultimately hated themselves.

      The American variety seams to mostly be children that want their urges satisfied with no consideration of how that will happen or what comes next.

      Although, a lot of the non economic left are absolutely nihilists – the racial nuts and also the animal rights nuts.

  18. In the end, it’s a question of legitimacy. If a democratic system loses legitimacy, the system must regain that legitimacy through force. Many whites are losing faith in the system, which means eventually either the system collapses or the system turns to force.

    Ironically, Trump’s victory in 2016 probably increased whites’ faith in the system. They won the election, after all, and Trump became president. But then Trump was thwarted at every turn by Deep State, Big Tech and the media.

    Then, Trump lost re-election in a very shady way. Strike two.

    But the ultimate blow to the system’s legitimacy is still to come. Once whites realize that the demographic changes have forever blocked conservative whites from the White House and thus from the courts as well, the legitimacy of the democratic system will crumble.

    For a hated minority, democracy is just another form totalitarianism. The fact that people of other tribes vote you into slavery doesn’t make your slavery legitimate.

    At that point, whites may start to push back and might even reject the system entirely. That’s when the Dems will turn to force.

    • This is what happened with the COVID restrictions. All it took was one GOP governor (DeSantis) to open up his state. Suddenly the other GOP governors looked ridiculous continuing their lockdown. Quick to avoid looking like the controlled opposition they are, one by one the red states re-opened.

      Of course, once the red states opened most people in the blue states simply stopped following the rules (or didn’t follow them to begin with). Not to mention the economic losses for blue states would be enormous if they stayed closed while the reds stayed open. Suddenly the blue governors said “that’s great, we were just about to end our lockdowns too!” and the CDC is putting out all kinds of bullshit to make it look like they were always planning on slowly winding down the idiocy.

      This is how power works. You don’t want to be the emperor with no clothes. Apparently there are still some brains in US politics. Canadian politicians don’t even seem to know this; the screeching Karens keep adding on more rules while people have simply learned to ignore them and do what they want to do anyways. Whites are generally very law abiding and trusting in the government. It is a very bad thing for the establishment when whites start to learn how to operate under the table, the same way all other groups do. And we are, slowly.

    • As touched on previously, by many (possibly even you), we’re moving into an era where “legitimacy” isn’t required, only compliance.

      You will be made to care.

      • What’s funny about the current regime is that they actually do want you to love them. Unlike rulers of the past who just wanted to rule, our rulers want to rule and be truly adored. (Past ruler just demanded that you pretend to love them)

        It’s another sign of the feminization of the elite.

        • I’ve this crazy fantasy that if Jan 6 happened 20+ years ago and a non-violent protester took a photo of himself on Newt Gingrich’s or Tip O’Neil’s speakers of the house office desk, they’d invite him over for a beer and a photo op and try to parlay that into some political hay.

          Then they’d quietly fire half the Capitol police force for gross incompetence.

          Now there’s Nancy P, with all the terrible might of the federal government behind her, and she is going to MAKE THEM PAY. Huge difference between how men and women respond to what was, at the end of it, a prank that kinda got outta hand.

        • Good point Citizen – i continue to use Citizen before i’ forced to switch to Comrade.

          The reason they want to be liked is because they would prefer that we follow willingly. Once we see our destination, and know longer want to follow, they will use the stick and will no longer care about being adored.

    • If “math is racist” doesn’t wake up normie, nothing will

      That’s the fruits of our 3rd world immigration where a critical mass of younger people don’t have the brain power to pass basic arithmetic.

      How that trickles down into society is unknown, but it will not be good. But that’s the future. Math is racist, go figure…

      And now the UC university system is benign the SAT and ACT. And the State has a new program to categorize math as racist, so who knows what a high school diploma will be worth.

    • “Then, Trump lost reelection in a very shady way. Strike two.”

      There’s a reason why there’s so much hysteria on the left over questioning the results of the 2020 election. Once people check out, they won’t check back in.

  19. The majority will keep dancing as long as their affluence is intact. But eventually, the chickens of endlessly printing money will come home to roost. That will be the real hinge-point for the Uniparty. Do they then go full totalitarian hardcore tyranny, or does the country fracture & succumb to bloody division? Either way, the plebs will pay the price & it will be in lost freedom, wealth, and innocent life. And since I’m being bluntly & heretical, I will once again argue that it doesn’t have to be that way. We can become antibodies like our forefathers that fought the 1775 Revolution and this time focus our remedy solely on the core of the disease. The fish rots from the head. Just look around you. Can there by any doubt?

    • Based on its recent forays into Jacobin madness, the United States has the potential for what could be simultaneously the biggest freak show and bloodbath in human history. We certainly need to avoid it.

      The economic spark has started with inflation, by the way. This is going to get ugly.

      • I am not seeing any inflation at the grocery store in my area. Groceries are the exact same price as they always have been. I do know about Lumber though because I know a lot of people in real estate and Construction.

          • I saw it this spring with bags of top soil and compost. Instead of the old 40# bags, they’ve now changed to labeling them by cubic feet. I should probably weigh one, but my guess is that they’re now roughly 30 lbs. each. The price is the same, or slightly higher, as it’s been the past few years.

          • You read “Some settling may occur during shipment” as you stare into your newly opened half empty container.

          • I’m seeing a little shrinkflation, but other than that I am very thankful that grocery prices in these parts have been very steady during this whole mess.

            Meat has been the most surprising, with chicken, beef, and pork being range bound in terms of price per pound.

        • It’s uneven, with some areas of the country getting hit harder than others. I’d noticed too that for some items, although the amount of money is not substantially more, as a percent it’s off the hook (a pack of frozen cherries that I’m partial too, for example, went from $5 to $6; a buck is not much but it’s still 20% more).

        • A standard 2”x4” last year was between 1-2 dollars.

          This year they are approaching $9.00 each.

          Same stuff.

          Last year I had 9 projects scheduled and could only get materials for 2 of them.

          Apparently the mills in Canada shut down with the Coff, and they have been playing catch up ever since.

          So yes, Whitney, prices are climbing fast.

        • I’m seeing plenty of grocery inflation here in DFW, but then I’ve noticed the prices rising for the past few years, even pre-covid. Regular, not-on-sale run-of-the-mill whole wheat bread is $3.49. A jar of peanut butter, which I could get on sale for $1.50, is now on sale for $2.50. Paper goods (toilet, tissue, towels) are through the roof – on sale for $7.99 when the full price used to be $5.99. And meat – bacon is $6.99 a pound full price. I had to buy a small rump roast to replace a badly freezer-burned one (my bad) and it was $7.99 a pound – for what used to be a cheap cut of beef.

          Sorry for all the boring grocery detail, but it massively adds up. I can spend $150 in the store buying a bunch of cheap staples and no meat and carry home just a few bags.

        • The official grocery price inflation rate in 2020 was 3.5 percent nationwide. There are places that are outliers. I suspect the higher fuel prices will result in a grocery inflation rate of five to six percent this year, minimum. In construction, it is not just lumber. While partially due to the supply chain interruptions and the current housing boom, many home construction materials (tile, glass, concrete) also have escalated dramatically.

      • Aye, inflation.

        Toilet paper rolls are thinner (I took pictures). Good steaks are way more expensive. Gas is up. Certain basic staples in the supply chain (“Shout!” cleaner, for one) are not to be found.

        Ammo? You know, for target practice and proficiency? OMG.

        Inflation is here. It’s just getting started.

  20. The GOP should really be called the “Lilliput Party”. They just advocate what the Dems demand, but on a much smaller scale.

    Dems: “$1500 stimmy for everyone, including illegals”.
    GOP/Lilliputians: “Wait…um…$500 for Americans only”

    Dems: “Defund the Police!”
    Lilliputians: “Um…Police are desperately needed to arrest white protesters”

    Dems: “Open Borders now!”
    Lilliputians: “We need an organized system of H1B wage repression and EB5 pay-for-visa schemes”

    Dems: “Hate speech is not protected speech”
    Lilliputians: “Dissident conservatives are free to build their own Internet, then speak on their own social media networks financed by their own banks which run on their own routers and fiber optic networks running through their backyards”

    Dems: “Defend Israel!”
    Lilliputians: “Defend Israel!”

    • This was a great comment. I especially liked the ending.
      I rate 10/10, would read again.

  21. A third option is the Chicago model:
    1. Elections are held only for party members, ie, democratic primaries with very low turnout.
    2. Various government interest groups (teachers, police and other public unions) and ethnic groups choose a champion to run on their behalf.
    3. The party determines if extra players are needed to run in order to split competing power blocks.
    4. Larry Lightgroot stomps on your face until enough productive people leave.
    …at which point,
    5. You get a federal election in which 10 bazillion ballots are cast for the national party and 100 bazillion dollars are printed/ shipped to pay for everything.

  22. The Left’s , and this includes D.C.Republicans’, unhinged panic over Liz Cheney’s dismissal and the failure to sour voters on the likes of Trump, Gaetz, Greene, whoever, is explicable in a broad sense: the pretenses are no longer working. Without widely accepted controlled opposition, the Ruling Party has to maintain power with a iron fist. It’s hard to maintain a system with too many dissidents. It is hard to preach to the world about liberty when you run a fascist state.

    The election of Trump was the seminal event of our lifetimes because it showed to so many here and abroad what a petty tyranny the United States has become when the Ruling Class would not accept the results of a free and fair election. Since there is no way to continue the fraud, there will be no restraint on repression. Heritage America sees. The world sees.

    • Z and I and I’m sure others here used to hang at the National Review comments section not so much to troll as to watch the slow motion train wreck. What struck me was the staff’s sincere shock they were so deeply hated. Maybe Hoffer should have made “delusion” the end game of mass movements.

      • They were so condescending to the readers, it amazed me they thought readers would tolerate it. I remember Jim Geraghty posting comment on Twitter attempting to mock comments to one of his particularly stupid columns. It had a real, “don’t these people understand how much smarter I am” tone to it. Kevin Williamson used to regularly try to bait readers in the comments into arguments with him and would usually lose.

        • I see Rich Lowry has bought the UFO bit hook line and sinker. Onward, Rich! Have a big think about those ETs. And what is the conservative case for alien technology?

          • NR, 2021: The alien menace must be met with force.

            NR, 2031: The conservative case for alien rights.

            Conservatism is generally a joke now, and whatever NR is comes across as worse.

      • NRO should have tumble weeds on it. I know their paying subs dipped below 100K a decade ago. My guess is it is half that now. Their average reader the last I checked was 70-years-old. If not for institutional support, they would go the way of The Weekly Standard.

      • The big wake-up call for me was when they kicked out Derb. I hung around half-heartedly — occasionally checking more out of habit — until the thing with Mark Steyn. At that point I canceled my subscription and told them where they could stick it.

  23. I hadn’t checked in with National Review for a few weeks, here is a sampling of the featured articles this morning:

    Bob Dylan Turns 80-By total moron Dan McLaughlin
    In Big Government we Trust?-by Samuel Gregg (A research director at the Acton Institute)
    Don’t Withdraw U.S. forces from the Middle East-by Roger Zakeim (The people who pay me will make less money if you do)
    Behind their NR Plus paywall that a few Boomers must be paying for:

    What if the Pandemic was Man Made?-by Michael Brendan Dougherty (really going out on a limb early on there, Mike.)
    Why America Needs Skilled Immigrants-by David McCormick and James Cunningham (This appears to be paid content from two CEOs).

    I remember reading an interview with the guy who ran the “Conservative Pundit” Twitter account during the 2016 primaries. The account was setup to satirize people like this. He said he quit doing it, because he could come up with absurd enough positions these people weren’t willing to actually take. It hasn’t changed since then. One of the consequences of National Review putting out the “Against Trump” was that they had to drop out of providing a moderator to one of the GOP primary debates. In retrospect that may have prolonged the magazine. Had Rich Lowry tried to take on Trump during a debate, Trump may have finished them off that night.

    • 2016 Twitter is something I will be telling my grandchildren about as one of the turning points of American political discourse.

      It’s when political officials, journalists, and the right-wing token resistance realized everyone hated them, we had the best propaganda, and the only way to put the genie back in the bottle was to go full scorched earth to silence us.

    • “I remember reading an interview with the guy who ran the “Conservative Pundit” Twitter account during the 2016 primaries. The account was setup to satirize people like this. He said he quit doing it, because he could(n’t) come up with absurd enough positions these people weren’t willing to actually take. It hasn’t changed since then.”

      Muggeridge’s Law writ large:

      “During the 1960s, Malcolm Muggeridge, editor of the satirical magazine, Punch, published a phony advance itinerary for Nikita Krushchev’s upcoming visit to the United Kingdom listing the most ridiculous places the Soviet premier might visit, roughly half of which were eventually in Khrushchev’s actual itinerary.”

      “That event formed Muggeridge’s Law, summarized by author Tom Wolfe in a 1989 Harpers Magazine book preview essay: “We live in an age in which it is no longer possible to be funny. There is nothing you can imagine, no matter how ludicrous, that will not promptly be enacted before your very eyes, probably by someone well known.” Another version postulates that it’s impossible to parody political correctness because real political correctness has become just as or more ridiculous than satire.”

      “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” – Hunter S. Thompson.

    • I read NR faithfully from the early ’90s until a maybe a year or two after Buckley’s death.

      In the late Bush/early Obama years, I remember being struck at seeing Lowry, Ponnuru, and Goldberg appear as regular guests on shows like Meet the Press and on NPR roundtables.

      Initially I thought “Wow, conservative thinking has now gone fully mainstream. Yay!” But it didn’t take long for me to realize that the only reason the NR staff was being invited onto those shows was because they were in agreement with 90% of what the Left had to say, and as far as the other 10% they were allowed to voice a tepid, pro forma “opposition” argument that was entirely predictable and never had a chance of undermining the dominant leftist view.

      I quit subscribing in the early Obama years, NR was too busy lauding the “historic achievement” of the “the first black president.”

      Controlled opposition, indeed.

  24. A prime example of a guy who presents himself as rebellious (Trump supporter), yet fully follows the left’s moral framework, is Bill Mitchell. You can follow him on Gab, where he posts often and gets much push-back and ridicule.

    • Who is he, exactly? I tried to google him but there are several Bill Mitchell’s…

      I have seen the dissidents set him on fire several times and fear that they may be working against themselves. The point of the beatings should be to change behaviours and opinions – not driving away possible allies…

      • Bill Mitchell is a podcaster, I think his show is called “Your Voice, America.” He jumped on the Trump train early on, and considered himself “alt-right” very briefly until he realized and was horrified that the movement was full of “racists!” I remember him saying that he simply thought alt-right meant an alternative conservatism to the current GOP, not all the race stuff. He was on Molyneux’s show a few times. One of those guys who has very little interesting to say.

        • Just now, I looked at gab and saw that Mitchell is proudly reporting that he’s working on getting Diamond & Silk on his show soon. That’s quintessential Mitchell, showing how not racist he is.

        • If you look up “grifter” in the New American NeoCon Dictionary, there is a picture of Bill Mitchell.

        • Way back when I started the podcast, Spreaker had a ranking system I noticed the Mitchell’s show was far down the list. In fact, I passed after a month or so and I had hardly any listeners. I got curious so I looked into him. I’m pretty sure he bought his YouTube followers. His YouTube channel would get a a thousand views, despite having tens of thousands of subs. His Twitter was the same way. Everything about the guy seemed fake.

          He’s now on Gab with 75K followers, but his posts get less traffic than my posts and almost all of his replies are mocking him.

      • Exactly. Real change will come only when the True Con types are so thoroughly soured on the system it no longer is viable. While they make me cringe more than the communists, these people are potential and, if the venom doesn’t turn them away, inevitable allies.

        • it amazes me how few people here, there, anywhere, realize that adult humans do not change their essential nature. they can’t. the GOP is going to shrink, and will not win national elections, but they will hang around because of people like the ones here who still go over to NRO (and then regurgitate their findings here). we live in a corporate world now, voting doesn’t matter because governments don’t matter.

  25. > This is why it is desperately flailing about trying to create a new version of the old familiar.

    The best the left has as a boogeyman is Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Greene.

    Gaetz is in a little bit of trouble due to improprieties with a 17 year old, though anyone honest with themselves knows even if he did sleep with someone a few months underage, the majority of congress has done things orders of magnitude more appalling.

    The controversy with Greene reads like some script with the Cori Bushes and AOC’s of congress causing drama and acting like high school mean girls to get rid of the pretty girl threatening their power. It’s all such a bizarre spectacle they make Trump’s shenanigans look respectable.

    Really surprised they aren’t going after Gosar more, as he publicly has stood with several unpersons like Fuentes. Then again, while not perfect, he’s by far one of the smartest people in the room.

    • “Really surprised they aren’t going after Gosar more, as he publicly has stood with several unpersons like Fuentes.”

      Shouldn’t be surprising. The game with Fuentes is to avoid mentioning him unless you’re doing a specific hit piece against him. It seems he’s been successful making himself seem like a very right wing conservative and not an alt right loon. You can tell who gets the memos because they will not mention his name. Michael Knowles was gently “groyped” at a talk recently when a student asked him to have a congenial debate with Nick. Knowles stammered a bit and referred to him as something like, “that guy who shall not be named.”

      • Truly pathetic. All he has to say to keep face is “I’m sorry, but I have no interest in debating Fuentes. Thank you for coming.” Refusing to even name him while trying to smear him just makes one look petty and pathetic.

        One of the Daily Wire crew actually brought him up a few months ago and implied that Shapiro, Knowles, and company destroyed him so bad he was now a non-entity.

  26. It seems like the only alternative is an “approved” opposition sanctioned by the ruling class. The heck with that. What needs to come next is a completely unapproved alternative that sweeps away the current system. Everything is so corrupt from top to bottom and side to side, it all has to go one way or the other. More Whites must come to grips with this and realize that the old “we’ll get them in ‘22 or ‘24” isn’t going to work anymore – forever.

    • The alternative that is playing out in my purview is simple: guys IRL, offline figuring out how to live in the ‘forests’ of the occupied states without reference to the military aspects of being a partisan. To hide some crops from the locusts as they swarm over the land, eating without though of others, the future. Looting, while excess corn meal sprays from their mouths as they spew blatant lies … and your children go hungry.

      It starts internally, having the discernment to know the lies from truth. Like pre-converged peoples once known as ‘Christians’, they recognize one another without words. Sanity intact, one may begin carving out a life of meaning without magical thinking, fantasies about ‘taking back the house’, ‘muh guns’ … and so on.

      Luckily, say one’s discernment powers were weak, the awakening afforded by the stark contrast between thinkers and outdoor, or alone in vehicles mask-wearers made it easy to tell where you stand in contrast to the cowardly rest. There is no mystery left, the equation is clear.

      Unfortunately, the ease of today’s off the grid life, even if conducted in suburbia by just separating yourself, pales in comparison to what took place during Stalin’s collectivization drives. If the state manages to bring that kind of force to bear to drive you off your land, there may be no forests left to hide out in, even in plain site.

      At least Solzhenitsyn indicates there may be brotherhood awaiting in the camps. In the meantime, conduct it outside the camps.

  27. “The problem for the system is it still lacks an approved alternative.”

    Ah, the “two party system.” I often said, years back, that the only ‘party’ taking place was the one in the green room, when the “liberal” and “conservative” talkers would come off the air and giggle together over how the rubes bought their lucrative act.

    • I know the overarching plan needs to be “Win the war first, fill in the details later,” but I can’t help wondering how, in the next life, we prevent the two-party hoax from reinfecting our new governmental structure. The American Founders saw the evil in it but rather naively assumed they’d set up a government that obviated the need for parties. They were proven wrong right from the get-go.

      Much like socialism or libertarianism, ignoring the human instinct to organize into groups based on similarities — race/ethnicity, religion, philosophy, etc. — will result in failure, but at some point in the future something other than the Red Team-Blue Team farce will have to be instituted, and we may need to legally proscribe its reemergence.

      • I don’t know if a two party system could exist without the winner-take-all elections we have. At least a proportional system might put some brakes on them

      • Personally, I would refer (yet again) to the Covington novels. The White ethnostate, as presented in those aging but in many ways prescient fictional stories, is both authoritarian and laissez-faire. It sets the general outline of permissible behavior, having utilized films, television, controlled internet, etc. to reinforce White primacy and positive views of White history. It’s not interested in digging into anyone’s quotidian doings – but this is after it went after society’s mutants with a vengeance. There are general and legitimate disagreements on how to achieve a certain result, but no conflict regarding the direction the society is taking and no debate over its ultimate structure – pro-White.

        In a very, very rough way it reminds me of Putin’s Russia. Not in his personal disagreements or vendettas, or his necessary dealings with the large number of non-Russians still under Russian rule, but for the average Russian citizen. They can now travel, buy whatever they want or can afford, run businesses, etc., but they just don’t meddle in national politics. That’s all most of them wanted anyhow – the parallel to the White guy who just wants to grill and chill. Like or not, that’s the average guy. Not exceptionally bright or capable, but perfectly able, in his own small way, to help maintain civilized life and order and build his own small happy family.

        Most normal people don’t want to be famous or powerful – I think most here just want to live our lives as we choose without bothering others, or being demanded to notice or affirm or obey others. It’s really not much to ask, but our ruling Puritan Praetorians demand constant attention and obeisance and affirmation. Your thoughts themselves are deemed public space and legitimate targets of lawfare. I didn’t even see that in Brezhnev’s Russia, certainly not to the extent I do here today.

        tl;dr: Envision an alternative version of the Managerial State, where the prevailing orthodoxy is being White and being normal. There can be disagreements on various means and issues and the periphery, perhaps parties with different ideas on whether to expand or maintain the status quo, but nothing can or ought to challenge that underlying pro-White structure. And I’m perfectly okay with that.

        • “Most normal people don’t want to be famous or powerful – I think most here just want to live our lives as we choose without bothering others, or being demanded to notice or affirm or obey others. It’s really not much to ask, but our ruling Puritan Praetorians demand constant attention and obeisance and affirmation. Your thoughts themselves are deemed public space and legitimate targets of lawfare. I didn’t even see that in Brezhnev’s Russia, certainly not to the extent I do here today.”

          This is the crux of it, well done. If someone finds a way to make the present course painful for the Managerial State, and in such a way as not to result in immediate death or imprisonment, it will back off. Otherwise this will become the Russia of Lenin and Stalin (who at least was pro-Russia).

        • My tl;dr of 3g4me’s tl;dr: Make the flourishing of white families the explicit highest value of the state. Nothing that conflicts with this value can be legal.

          Since words can always be twisted, such a goal for a state will be no panacea for prevarication but hopefully it will limit the amount of distortion that can occur.

          (The Covington novels are great.)

      • Aristocracy, heritable with primogeniture, and a house of lords under a monarch (either constitutional or replaceable/term limited). Alternatively, a one-party system with fixed membership, where a departing member selects their replacement (much harder to practice; you cannot bribe your way into being someone’s son) Fixing democracy is a fool’s errand; Captain Save-a-ho always loses.

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