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Summer is here in Lagos. We went from cold mornings and moderate afternoons a week ago to cool mornings and hot afternoons. Next week is the unofficial start of summer in the U.S. and the start of high killing season here in Lagos. There be lots of pent up homiciding, so we are expecting a banner year. In preparation I am taking next week off from the show and the Sunday show. Next week is one of the slowest traffic weeks for the site, so it is a good time for a break.

This week I wanted to clear out the mailbag, but I have been noticing a trend in the e-mail the last six weeks or so. That is people asking me about topics that I have not discussed anywhere. I have not done anything on the Israeli attack on Gaza or the Arizona audit, for example. Since many of these topics will never warrant a post or a segment in the show, it seemed like a good time to address them this week. I am killing two birds with one show, so to speak.

Getting back to the coming of summer, it is looking like an interesting culture war here in Lagos over the dropping of the masks. Last week, the Tubby Tyrant in charge of this dump dropped the mask edict. In theory, you are no longer required to wear a mask when going into stores or offices. We never wore masks at the office, but if you wanted to go in a store, you had to wear one. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.”

So far, no stores have dropped their mask mandate. In fact, the Covidians seem to be doubling up on their mask discipline. I saw a normal in the Wawa without a mask and a helpful Covidian tapped him on the shoulder to remind him it is store policy to wear a mask inside the store. She was just another customer. I was hoping he would reply with a right cross, as that is probably the only way these people learn, but he just ignored her and went about his business. She probably reported him.

I have had some fun with the Covidians I know by saying that mask wearing goes against the science. You can see that it really cuts deep. They have spent the last year telling us the CDC is the Oracle of Delphi. Now their most trusted oracle has turned on them and they have no way to handle it. That will not stop the lunacy. Instead of stars on their bellies, the Covidians will have masks on their faces. This could become a permanent feature of our society going forward.

It is not the worst thing. For a while now it has become clear that normals cannot live with the crazies much longer. Maybe their decision to mask up forever will lead to a natural self-segregation of the two species. The crazies will slowly stop dealing with normals and normals will be able to easily spot a crazy from a distance. A slow segregation of the two groups will emerge. it is wishful thinking, I know, but summer is upon us and it is the time to think positive thoughts.

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  • 14:30 Bill Gates
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  • 40:30 DeSantis
  • 46:00 Shekeling
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  2. Grossly off topic but may be of interest:

    The father of progressive rock guitar, Robert Fripp, is being publicly humiliated by his wife on youtube. (I confirmed with our own esteemed Frip that there is no relation.)

    Robert Fripp is married to Toyah, a British new wave lass from the 80s. Since then she’s had lots of work done and gotten fake tits. She’s now in her 60s.

    The covid lockdown has made her lose her mind for lack of attention. Since then, she has been putting out videos, with her husband’s help, where she is blatantly advertising her body to attract a higher value man.

    It’s like a car accident, you don’t want to watch but you can’t turn away. This is the latest video but it is not the worst.

    At the end of the song, around 2:45, she takes her husband’s head in her hands and says, “You’re my bitch.” Pity for Robert.

    • That video is a sublime trainwreck. Man…

      I first saw their videos a few years ago, I think. I made some subtle barb about her. Then I deleted it the next day. One feels bad taking a shot at attention-seeking former beauties. I mean, she’s still pretty. But yeah. If you’re a fan of Fripp it must be a bummer. I’ve had to endure similar let-downs as a fan of Judas Priest with Halford’s cringe behavior post ~1984.

    • Pity for Robert.

      I’ve been a fan since Discipline. He is a great musical genius. Feminism? I don’t want to see the videos.

    • That sucked big time.

      Never heard of her before these vids started surfacing, had no idea she’s been prominent in British music and acting for decades, or that they’ve been married for 35 years.

      But WTF is up with Fripp’s eyebrows?

  3. Dalrymple via Taki: [The lockdown limits on number of patrons] made dining a delight, for in Britain there is usually, or at any rate very often, a screaming or cackling hen party of drunken women in a restaurant who destroy the pleasure of the place. *People in restaurants are better behaved in America*, though I have often come across restaurants there in which there is one woman with a particularly penetrating voice—not loud, penetrating—who disturbs one’s piece of mind and renders one unable to think. Is she, I wonder, employed by the restaurant to prevent the customers from lingering too long after they have finished eating?”

    I’ve never heard anyone compliment Americans as being better behaved than other countries. (First world countries). Especially from a Brit like T.D. Though he certainly is right about the loud group of women problem AND the individual shrill voice woman.

    You get 4 women in a restaurant or bar and after enough drinks them (not many) and it’s explosive cackling every 15 seconds. They get into a rhythm. It’s a national plague and the media needs to start reporting it. Sometimes it’s positively insane. And sometimes they’ll turn it up to 11 and bypass the laughter altogether and just start screaming. Women are scary.

    If you’re in a good mood you cope with it by mental shifting into sociologist mode. If you’re in a bad mood you have to leave. Or drink faster till it doesn’t bother you anymore. Or buy the new Bose noise-cancelling earbuds. “Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds”. Bluetooth so no wires to get tangled in your spaghetti. You can still hear people, but the quaking duck next to you at the bar is sound-reduced by about 85%. For comparison, with regular industrial earplugs, she’s reduced by about 27%.

    And of course, you can totally drown the birds out by playing music through them with your cellphone. Or white noise, etc. It’s not just women. Sometimes places are just very loud with loud music.

    Anyway, they’re really remarkable. I guess that’s why the price tag is $270 Amazon. I’d go so far as to say life-changing if you go out a lot. Worth every penny. I’m sure there are cheaper ones on the market, but the Bose are also top tier with music.

    Does anyone know why Theodore chose Dalrymple as a pen name? Of all the possible names he picks the most awkward one in existence.

    • “I’ve never heard anyone compliment Americans as being better behaved than other countries.”

      Nor have I, I thought we were “Ugly Americans” forever. I love my European brothers but this turnaround with respect to politeness amuses me. If the British women are worse than the American women then those poor British blokes have my sympathy. The mind boggles.

      • We have our own cross to bear, loud black women. Sometimes they even start swinging.

  4. I don’t know if it is incumbent on us to take the side of the Palestinians, but it is logical. We have the Jewish diaspora here doing their best to transfer wealth and technology from here to their, even if you are not an ideological anti-semite, at the very least we should be on the side of those who are fighting our enemies.

    • The absurdity of it all is that the J@w who rages on about whites being racist villainous ogres simply because they are themselves – white! Draw the Venn diagram.

    • It is logical if you wish to be led around by the nose by you alleged enemies, which seems to be the case with you guys. You like being treated like slaves.

      • Not sure i follow. Anti whites, many of whom are j@ws, are my enemy, not my “alleged” enemy, especially if they are open borders, pro diversity, BLM cultist. Sorry if i’m being obtuse, but i don’t understand your comment. Is someone impersonating the Z man?

        • Anti-Semites make the mistake of allowing Jews to do all of the thinking. Israel gets into a fight with Palestinians, so anti-Semites reflexively take the side of Palestinians. Jews come out against chocolate ice cream, so anti-Semites love chocolate ice cream. It is just so tiresome.

          • I don’t care about the problems in the Levant.

            I don’t care about ice cream.

            I do care that J@ws in the media and J@ws in government promulgate policies that hurt white people. People like Schumer, Zuckerberg, and Sanders are our enemies. J@ws vote for Democrats, the anti white party. Past time to face these facts.

          • While there may be some “anti-semites” who behave as Z describes, his characterization strikes me as a straw man in the general case.

            Z, like Derb, can’t imagine winning without the small hats. My disagreement with them is that I can’t imagine winning with them.

          • Yeah guys, it’s sentiments like those that got Taki’s comments shut down. Anyways just imagine if we had a country to send our progressive ideological enemies. Thier very own country.

          • Funny how that works. We tend to be nice to nice people. Then, because we are nice to them, we like them more.

            Similarly, we tend to not be nice to people who are not nice to us. Then, because we are not nice to them, we like them even less.

            The mind conjures up reasons to justify our behavior.

    • What’s going happen is enough Americans will take the Palestinian side and then hordes of Tlaibs people come here as refugees. That’s their game plan

      No thanks

      Let Israel wipe them out, open the land for more settlements, and cross our fingers that millions of ((())) in America move to their “Holy Land”

  5. Your answer about the TRS guys and Nick Fuentes might be the most disingenuous thing I have ever heard.

  6. Zpod: 44:00 “Trump barely won Florida. …Hillary was the worst candidate in American history and she got more votes than Trump. Same analogy with Florida. They almost put a gay black crackhead into the governor’s mansion.” Funny. Good blackpill. It really is that bad. Another analogy I always think about is the Deblasio Ford supreme court travesty. Every sane person in the country should have been outraged that our government could sick a sick woman on a respected and upright American citizen in the person of Kavanagh. Yet shortly after the Dems take the midterm elections. No voter retribution whatsoever. Forget the vote. Where are all the sane men in this country?

    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues on for a simple reason. Israelis and worldwide bagels won’t budge. Not even on a two-state solution. Palestinians are probably the best of the Arabs. From a dissident right perspective, the Syrians are the toughest. You can’t really count it as a fault of the Palestinians to say they don’t care about us/America. American whites via Israel have been bombing and ghettoizing them for 70 years now.

    Not in the best health lately so I got the Pfizer vac today. So far no side effects. It’s said that these vaccines help against other viruses and diseases in general. So why not. There’s no waiting in lines at this point. Just schedule it online through your favorite major pharmacy and the next day you get the shot. If I turn green and my nose falls off I’ll let ya’ll know.

    Keith Woods is good. I don’t liken him much to Fuentes. I appreciate both guys. Woods’ YouTube videos are primarily political theory. Topical as well, but mostly as springboards to illustrate big-pictrue ideas. He speaks well. Voice is pleasant and low Irish. He’s good to send to normie friends as he’s a civilized and likable representation of someone fairly close to our side. Also he doesn’t care for baggells and it’s funny how he disguises it. Some of his recent video titles give you the feel of his channel: Is Christianity Left-Wing? / Overcoming The Superman: Evola’s Response To Nietzsche / The Coming Neo-Feudal Age / Liberal Financial Tyranny. / Why Jordan Peterson Fails.

    As far as the live streamers who make their audience wait 10 to 20 minutes for them to sit down and start talking. I think it’s to give time to fans / listeners to “populate” the chat. I’m not sure though. I don’t think it’s them trying to be cool and fashionably late to their own shows. That doesn’t seem likely. But as Zman is fond of saying, “who knows”.

  7. Prediction; all the Election races necessary to the system and the Dems will be won in the 72%~ range, indeed with massive overkill, just like 2020. This will genuinely shock Normie and especially Norma.

    It will then repeat complete with genuine shock again in 2024.

    So no, the vote doesn’t count and never will again. Indeed your vote is already counted and probably already printed, certainly the software already has counted it totals.

  8. Z just a small thing…Keep the PO Box talk. Its kinda cool to hear about the neat things sent your way and its also nice to know that there are readers/listeners practically everywhere. Makes me feel less “alone”.

    • Agree but now I feel like all his regular commentators and subscribers should work together to send him the least fungible valuable item of $50 or less as a donation. Suggestions:

      $50 of ordinary bricks
      $50 of dry erase markers
      $50 of diamond dust
      $50 of recyclable aluminum

      I enjoyed the observations about converting the donations to cash being an issue. Being inspired, I hope we can all band together to make the Z Man work a little harder for the love we send his way. Gold bars! Bah! How about something to smelt. Hobbies make a man.

      Alternatively, think of the awesome e-bay store you could build with all these kinds of donations. This could be a win-win.

      Sharks. Ideas? We need the donations to add value to the movement.

  9. Having listened to the entire podcast now, I have a couple of criticisms.

    First, the identification of Whites and Rapper Americans with Gefilte Fish or Falafel people is just a proxy for the larger racial division. Its why Gefilte Fish people get upset with Whites liking their nation and such. They understand that for what it is, which identifying with the only winner in over 120 years against non Whites. All politics are tribal and Whites do actually like their own people. Biden forced Bibi to declare a unilateral ceasefire (the Falafel people can keep firing) and of course, eventually the US will crush the Gefilte Fish people for the Falafel people since all politics are tribal and it will be proxy and prelude to crushing Whites here at home.

    Second, the audits and the reactions from the Biden Regency are telling. Why go forward with the audits NOW? The time to do that was in November. Last year. The only thing I can think of is serious buyers remorse from: Globohomo corporate heads, who thought they’d get even lower taxes, not realizing the Biden Regency means Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders run economic policy (that’s what comes of having Paul von Hindenburg as your President). So a global minimum tax, no more tax free Apple, Amazon, Google, Nike, Facebook etc. Gates pushed back on “Open patent Vaccines” and now bingo, he’s mud from Hero in just four weeks. That has other Oligarchs worried. The Military is upset at both purges (all Rapper Military means no more Special Forces Olympics to get Colonels promoted to General and the military cutbacks means Colonels and Generals end up as Wal-Mart greeters not lobbyists for Raytheon). They forgot that the Biden Regency meant AOC and the Squad were in charge of Military Policy. Big construction firms and the big engineering firms looking forward to big projects and big profits in rebuilding roads and bridges are now finding “Mayor Pete” Buttgig telling them infrastructure means tranny surgeries and Drag Queen Story Hour.

    They should have stuck to the Devil They Knew, but this is a way for them to undo the deal after their goodies were taken away. They figured they were the winners when they were just the suckers. The Biden Regency knows this, and knows how deep, often, and flagrantly they cheated, so its clamp down time.

    It would not shock me to see the Clampdown instituted over infighting among the Ruling Class. Already the Regency is telling corporations that profits don’t matter and neither do returns to shareholders, making gays and polar bears and Rapper Americans matters most. To big hedge funds, this is a death sentence. Without shareholder returns, who will pay for their mansions and blow?

  10. I don’t come up with new ideas, I just try to make the smart people’s thoughts simple enough for me to understand.

    My mantra of “Dems just want to hurt people for the fun of it!” keeps bearing fruit for me.

    Someone here today is having serious trouble with his wife, and it’s sad because he obviously loves and respects her. The problem of the irrational getting the upper hand with a pseudo-morality has been killing us for decades, and today’s Karen invasion of face-diaper wearing scolds is just the latest iteration.

    The locally much-reviled Ben Shapiro has at least three pieces on how to deal with bullies, and I found the e-book to be very useful. A key point was that your best argument needs to be your first. The knockout punch should come early.

    This is no way presented as advice to anyone, because I’m playing with fire here. I was thinking of how I would use the “They just like to hurt people” line with someone I loved who was swinging a moral bat at my head.

    First is the need to deflate their dependence on appeal to authority. Attacking the authority while leaving the motives of the loved one alone might be the first line. If they come at me with “vaccine, global warming” something like: “The government enjoys destroying people’s lives.” might be a starting salvo. “They don’t care who they hurt, it’s a blast for them to see us fighting. They didn’t want hydroxychloroquine, because that might solve the problem. Maybe not, but they didn’t even give it a chance. They want us to fight, because your argument has merit, and my argument has merit, but they won’t allow you to see my side.”

    If anyone has ideas about this, please argue or add.

    • Well, first off what is really happening?

      1. Feminists in some sense want to destroy the Patriarchy and institute a Matriarchy.
      2. Black people want to destroy White Supremacy and lead the conversation about what our cultural values and norms are.
      3. A lot of people want to make money.

      1 and 2 mean that you are losing status as a white male. The loss of status is reflected in how well you can accomplish 3. Low status males struggle at 3.

      You cannot influence 1 or 2 because you are not a woman and you are not black. Any time you are confronted with 1 or 2 the point is that you have already lost your status and they are just trying to make that clear to you. In short, a loved one swinging a moral bat at your head symbolically represents the fact that you have lost your status as a man. The unfortunate fact about male status is that its hard to get it back once you have lost it. If you are perceived to be a low status beta male and a complete wuss then you probably have to move to a new town and get in a fist fight the first day you are there or that reputation will just follow you. Same with the Feminist, leftist, antifa, black activists. They are looking for an easy victim, i.e. a low status white male, to pick on so that they can demonstrate their power. Power is worthless unless you can demonstrate it.

      So you have to look inside and ask yourself why these people think you are an easy low status victim. A woman is not going to swing a moral bat at a man she is afraid of. You must be radiating weakness.

      • I completely agree with the idea that if low level types are taking potshots, you have shown weakness.

        However, the one thing that any moral enemy can’t stand is dismissal. You can get your power back in any situation by dismissing your enemy. You get a retaliation and dismiss that, too. You get momentum. It’s bloody. There has to be a will to see your enemy destroyed. If you are new to this type of battle, you will have no subtlety. Your relationships will be destroyed. Probably worth it, if they suck already. Payback.

        If you want to win back a relationship, you still have to win, no matter what. Being prepared to write off anyone who will not learn is a ballsy stance, but you have nothing to lose at that point.

        “They want me dead, and if you are helping them, then Fuck You. You just want to hurt me, too. If it’s not true, then you have some explaining to do.”

        Do or die.

  11. re: Bill Gates, there’s a lingering right-wing/bourgeois idea that a community naturally continues protecting its elderly standard-bearers, up to the day they shuffle off the stage permanently. This is not typically the case now, in left- or right-wing communities, and probably never was typical. Like other animals, the younger humans immersed in their own pressing needs sniff it out when an old eminence grise begins faltering and losing a step or two. The former naturally start thinking of ways to pick off the latter, i.e. the weak.

    Harvey Weinstein was always a boorish, philistine slob. Read anything he said in print two decades ago and it’s perfectly obvious. He was also a sex pest for a long time, until that day when he couldn’t get away with it. It’s not because his behavior switched like a light from “acceptable” to “reprehensible,” upon hitting some imaginary threshold of lechery. It’s because all those actresses of the ’90s and ’00s, who had caught the scent of a mogul in his prime and were inspired tto think of ways he could be useful to them, have been replaced by newer actresses in a newer decade when he wasn’t smelling so good any more. Nothing else changed.

    Bill Gates was never a paid-up leftie. He just used up his goodwill, as everybody does eventually, no matter how rich.

  12. The word you are looking for is “ephebophile”, an adult who is attracted to mid-to-late adolescents.

    Ephebophilia is the thing among male homosexuals, and it has its adherents among male heterosexuals too.

    Cannot comment with any confidence on females, but if you look at the new reports on heterosexual female high school teachers and their male students that is probably pretty common there. Lesbians? Don’t know. Don’t care.

    • Pretty sure the universal law around the globe is,

      “15 will get you 20.”

    • And the gay priest scandal in the Catholic church. Gay priests going after young adolescent boys.

    • Excuse me, but wouldn’t that make every older male who married a teen-aged bride an ephebophile? Obviously the ancient Greeks with their penchant for teen-aged boy would qualify as ephebophiles vs NAMBLA types (“Sex before eight or it’s too late.) being outright pedophiles. But taking teenaged brides used to be the accepted custom. Hell, my own wife was a mere 19 (my mom was only 18) when I married her, does that make me (and my dad) an ephebophile?Or is it limited to homosexuals?

      • If you have to ask Bill, you have answered your own question.

        To get married you have to have reached the age of consent. Unfortunately many people reach the age of consent before they are in reality mentally capable of consenting. That’s why the only solution to this problem is that the globalists should raise babies in a lab and all adults should identify as binary and live in isolation cells with regularly scheduled sexual encounters provided by robots. Like in Star Trek. Anything else is a slippery slope to child brides and forcing women to do housework. Smash the patriarchy!

  13. Many have said that the events of “1984” are coming to pass, but I’ve realized the events of Asimov’s “Robot” series of novels is occurring, only all here on Earth. Today’s Maskers are equivalent to the “Spacers” in those novels, who are perfectly content to sit in their large comfortable homes and have robots prepare their healthy food and attend to their every need while virtually interacting with others with minimal direct contact. The Maskers are perfectly content to hole up in their expensive homes or apartments and have poor people deliver their organic meals and amazon purchases and work and talk to others via zoom. And like the Spacers, if the Maskers have to interact with the filthy Earthers/conservatives, who they consider sub-human and inferior in every way, they are sure to make a show of wearing their noseplugs/masks and gloves and keep their distance, not only out of an unnatural fear of infection but as a means of emphasizing their superiority. It’s all in those novels, the first of which were written in the 50’s.

  14. Two subjects. Israel uses the Merkava tank, not the Abrams. The Merkava is unusual in that the engine is in the front, where it serves to protect the crew. Almost all other tanks put the engine at the rear. I doubt the use of the Merkava makes any difference in the present conflict with the Palestinians, as their anti-tank capabilities are limited.

    I’ve given some thought to the vaccine, even though I hate the whole idea. I’m not concerned about effectiveness, as i don’t consider Covid-19 a serious threat to reasonably healthy individuals; but I am genuinely concerned about side effects, especially long-term side effects. A requirement to be vaccinated is likely, however, to be able to travel almost anywhere. I hope to avoid the messenger RNA and the adenovirus vaccines; even the method of inducing immunity is novel and may lead to problems (a big risk of auto-immune diseases). I’d prefer the Chinese Sinovac vaccine, as it is a traditional attenuated virus vaccine, but obtaining it is apt to be difficult and it may not be recognized everywhere. Another alternative is a protein fragment vaccine, which is the mechanism used in the hepatitis B and pneumoccocus vaccines. Such a vaccine is under development in France with a U.S. partner but ity may not be available until the end of the year. Until then, I’ll limp along with Covid tests. Any advice anyone else has to offer will be greatly appreciated!

    Sorry that Citizen of a Silly Country is having problems with his spouse. Mrs. Diversity Heretic is fully anti-vaccine.

  15. Disagree on the HIPAA walls.
    Those were erected to protected gays dying from AIDS and Fauci’s AZT ‘therapy’.

    Those “walls” will change at need; for example, we can’t erect a physical wall on the border, or ban air travel from problem countries, but are fine with erecting a paper border wall of vax status and covid ‘testing’.

    Plus, gay marriage came from the push by scared man-women to cash in on survivorship benefits to pay for their HIV hospital bills- a knock-on effect.

    • And, I will add, that whole privacy thing really got rolling when companies wanted to charge gay employees more for health insurance because their behavior was so closely linked to AIDS but then it became a huge thing that you didn’t have to disclose your sexual orientation and you didn’t have to disclose your HIV status. Even though both of those things were very relevant to everyone at your job prior to you getting hired.

      Now they are using public health as a weapon. I don’t think they were wrong about the Gay/AIDS privacy stuff. I think everyone should be allowed to keep their medical information private. And that includes being able to walk around outside without telling people about your medical/vaccination history. If anything they should force people to prove they had a mental health exam proving they aren’t psychopathic killers before letting them walk around freely.

  16. As my comment awaits moderation, think of Bill Gates in context of Jack Ma in China, or various Russian Oligarchs after Putin. They fell after becoming too big and a rival power center, or blocking some key initiative. It really is remarkable however how quick Gates fell from being featured by the FT in a weekend edition (not even a full month) to now pariah.

    • That’s my thinking as well in these instances. We agree finally on something. 😉 It seems way too coincidental that these type of folk fall so quickly and so fast on such trivial matters (for a powerful Leftist at least), while others like Cuomo just shrug the whole thing off.

      • His money came from being in The Club already.

        It’s strange he’s being (provisionally/partially) thrown out. Nothing he’s ever publicly said or done seems to justify it.

    • Epstein and Covid turned out to be the two best ways of changing the conversation ever invented. Watching propaganda, information warfare and psychological manipulation play out over the whole planet via tv and the internet has been amazing for the last year.

      Einstein didn’t kill himself.

      • Covid is another urban myth

        But we lived through it, and sadly it reaffirmed my ideas as a kid that people are garbage

        Too many of them.

        And it’s people like this that turn a good man to devil worship

        Motörhead’s version of Sympathy for the Devil is brilliant

        I’m rambling woo hoo

        • “I don’t always listen to Motorhead, but when I do, so do my neighbors.”

  17. Re Bill Gates. Not five weeks ago he was featured in the Weekend Financial Times on his plan to save the world from Covid and Climate Change. Mostly by having you peons live in a shipping container and eating cockroaches.

    Now, he’s out. That’s a very rapid, and massive fall from grace. Don’t forget the Gates Foundation which Bill will still control will be handing out lots and lots of money to left wing causes. Denouncing him means no cash.

    But I think we have another clue in the treatment of Jack Ma of Ant Financial. The CCP basically just canceled his IPO for being too big, and has made him sell off various parts of his empire, fined him lots of money, and forced him to grovel. Of course the CCP is far more organized than ours, or the Russians (the latter Oligarchs who get into trouble mostly end up broke and dead). But I think the same thing is going on.

    Money is not always power. Sometimes it is (Trumped) sorry by power. Power though always equals money. Someone powerful thought that Gates was becoming a power rival in the Biden Regency. And moved to take him out before Gates could thwart empire building in some area, likely “Climate Change” and Vaccine Paspports with injected RFID chips. This seems to be sudden. Melinda Gates has been wanting to divorce him for years? Why now?

    Yes the Ghislaine Maxell trial but that is sealed and non public by order of a judge, and Billy Jefferson Clinton in that same infamous photo with Gates and Virginia Giuffre (then age 14) will in no way be charged or even mentioned. That’s power. Real power. Gates just has money. Bill has chief hatchet person Hillary, who retains a political machine with now growing influence over the Biden Regency. Perhaps Hillary wants to throw Gates off the sled, but she could just order the judge to ignore/seal evidence involving Gates for a payoff as that is what America is these days. My guess is Hillary (the only figure really powerful enough) wants Gates gone so one of her schemes to be Queen of America can go forward. You can never really go wrong assuming that weird, bad stuff happening in America has Hillary Clinton behind it.

    • Remember that Gates was apolitical until Hillary shook down Microsoft- threatening to split the company unless it gave up 10% of Microsoft’s annual profits, back when Gates was the world’s richest man at 40 billion.

  18. I’m happy that Fuentes is successful and is out there doing his thing, because so few dissidents gain traction and better him than no one. But I wouldn’t put a Z-Man Certificate of Authenticity on him, if there is one, because I’ve seen his live streams and speeches and I’m just saying theres something off. No dissident has the 100% package but no one will, so I give him bonus points. Maybe it’s my own Protestant bias against Trad Caths which I find utterly incompatible with the anti-Authoritarian bent we need. Who knows. I can’t imagine belonging to a religion where I hate the entire hierarchy, considering them to be unbalanced, wimpy sodomites, who get billions in tax dollars to destroy what’s left of white western civilization, yet have to obey them, and trust that the hierarchy is divinely inspired. I just cant fathom it. It blows my mind. And to top it off they consider me to be a heretic who’s outside the faith.

    • Yes, there is an absolutist streak in many Catholics. They find an issue and become inflexible about it, whether it be liberal or conservative politics, but they go into it full bore

    • It’s ok, I hate Protestants back. I doubt it will come to blows after the revolution because we’ll create segregated neighborhoods for Evangelicals where they can form men’s groups where they talk about how awesome Israel is and how they won’t cheat on their wives.

      • Well great. I am not going to participate in a cataclysmic battle for white identity against 90% of humanity only to be stabbed in the back at the end by some Papist scum. Have fun learning Spanish and worshipping Maria.

        I am out. It’s over guys. There isn’t even unity on this side. Just a bunch of people sharpening knives waiting for the next guy to take a bullet so he can waltz in and take the prize risk free. Lame.

        I am definitely not looking to promote Catholic Fascism.

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  20. “Old people aren’t very interested in young people”

    Ask Ghislaine Maxwell. (badda-bing!)

  21. As someone who has nearly daily arguments with the wife about the vaccine, I can tell you that – not surprisingly – logic and numbers have zero effect.

    As Z has noted many a time, Covid has been a morality play from the start. The other side hit gold when they came up with the mantra, “It’s not about your safety; it’s about the safety of others.” They were now on God’s side, and you were just being a jerk.

    They’re using the same morality for the vaccine, even though it doesn’t make any sense. They have to stay on the side of angels.

    By the way, here’s a typical back and forth between me and Mrs.

    Wife: You need to get the vaccine.

    Me: Look, if you look at the numbers, I have at most a one in 50 million chance of getting Covid and having Covid cause me problems.* Why would I risk a vaccine that could have long-term side effect for a danger that’s one in 50 million. I’m in far more danger driving or riding my bike.

    Wife: Doctors say that it’s safe.

    Me: So far, it has been pretty safe. And I think that older people probably should get the vaccine. But the vaccine is new. There’s simply no way that they can know if there will be any long-term side effects and in what numbers. Something that the doctors and researchers fully admit. I doubt that there will be long-term effects but we just won’t know until we’ve had time to see. Again, at the moment, the risks of the vaccine are more than the risks of getting Covid.

    Wife: I’ve known people who have gotten Covid and had long-term problems. It’s dangerous.

    Me: There are also people who have had reactions to the vaccine. Both are rare.

    Wife: It’s not just about you. It’s about protecting others. (This is ace up their sleeve and has been since the beginning of this thing.) We need everyone to get vaccinated to stop Covid. You are endangering others.

    Me: How am I endangering others if they have the vaccine?

    Wife: You can still get Covid with the vaccine.

    Me: Then, what’s the point?

    Wife: It reduces the severity of the virus.

    Me: So, they’re protected. Regardless, the numbers are plummeting.

    Wife: Because of the vaccine.

    Me: No, the numbers started to collapse before the vaccines started to roll out in big numbers.

    And round and round it goes.

    *The number of cases in our area are down to ~50 per day. If people are contagious for seven days, that’s 350 people. Let’s guess that the real number is triple that. Well, that 1,050 people with Covid in Northern Virginia. There’s 3 million people in our area, so around one out of 50,000 people in our area have Covid. If I have a 50-50 chance of getting Covid from one of those people (which way to high), I have a one in 100,000 chance of getting Covid. Let’s say that I have a one in 1,000 chance of covid causing me issues. Well, 50,000 X 1,000 is 50 million.

    • Doctors say that it’s safe.
      That appeal to authority is a hollowed out shell. The same doctors who said to wear masks which don’t do anything? The same doctors who refused to use cheap drugs to save people? The same doctors who withheld notice of this “miracle vaccine” to score points against OMB? At this point a “doctor” who openly advocates universal application of an experimental vaccine is just another loon, but one who happened to spend more time regurgitating crap on college tests.

      • True, but I don’t even need to go down that path with my wife. All of my other points show that risks of the vaccine are higher than the risks of Covid for me.

        But she’s bought into the vaccines are about protecting others, not just you. In her mind, I’m endangering others because I believe crazy conspiracy theories. The fact that I don’t bring any conspiracy theories into the discussion doesn’t matter. (I simple show the odds and point out that a new vaccine can’t have a long-term track record. Both are facts.)

        Again, it’s a morality play or a religious discussion. Facts don’t matter. My wife believes that she is on the side of good, so why wouldn’t I want to be on that side.

        It’s not a fun time in the Citizen’s household.

        • I feel yer pain. Fortunately for me, Mrs. Kozelskii is almost as disgusted with the Kovid Kaptivity as am I.

        • I have a wife who *had* Covid—as I did—and still got the vaccine. However, we don’t have this discussion, at least not in the depth you outline above. That would make me nervous. My recommendation is to drop the matter and agree to disagree—quietly! If I had such conversations with wife, I’d seriously question the reason we are a couple. I detect serious, fundamental value differences of a non-negotiable nature.

          • You should see the “discussions” about our kids and the vaccine.

            Basically, the matter won’t be dropped.

            Even the collapsing case/death count doesn’t phase her.

            What’s weird is that she’s pretty normal on other stuff, but, yes, the past year has made me question some things in my life. (Probably, the same for her.)

          • Life is a bit more complicated than a Chateau Heartiste blog post.

          • For the love of Christ, don’t put the jewjuice in your kids, that’s criminal…their whole lives are in front of them.

        • Her lack of reading comprehension is not your problem unless you let it be.

    • Sorry, mean to say one in ~5,000 not 50,000 for 1,050/3 million. But the other numbers are still correct.

      • My gods, Citizen, it’s a sterilent. Not the kids, please gods don’t erase Citizen’s grandbabies.

    • Here’s the riposte for the “doctors” argument.

      “4 out of 5 Doctors recommend Lucky Strike”.

    • Women love drama. The Chinkypox soap opera allows them to participate in it as heroes and victims at the same time. It’s the same thing as battered women syndrome. In the vast majority of cases there is no violence at all, and no real abuse. Most of the time it is just some woman looking for attention by making false accusations. In the case of real cases of abuse – the vast majority of those are just two idiots fighting and the weaker idiot losing.

      The whole play was well thought out and executed – if you throw out the science. I hear the sequel is already in the works…COVID 29. I will be passing on that one too…

      • I think that women miss the days of strict religion. They like rules for who is good and who is bad and then shaming and gossiping about those who aren’t following the rules.

        Covid gave them back that world, and they really like it. On top of it, they get to feel like they’re in some dramatic fight against a deadly pandemic – without, of course, any real danger.

        Covid was made for suburban women.

        • This is, in my opinion, exactly what is happening. And the Black people joined in with the whole everything is racist schtick. And now we have the convergence of the gossips with the people who can’t stop talking about being black. Diversity is their strength because there is only so much time per day on tv so they have definitely figured out how to fill it up with their preferred topics. Unfortunately they think that is showing the world how powerful they are when really it’s just showing everyone how totally idiotic they are.

        • The entire viewership of MSNBC would have self immolated or spontaneously combusted if Trump would have tweeted that this time last year. Just that one word would have ended the world.

      • the question is – what if COVID is fatal? Not the disease but the response. Like is it possible that the response to COVID might actually induce a collapse of the united states?

        • The response to the 19 has been much more harmful than the disease itself.

          This was a test by China to see how far we could be pushed. And we failed it with flying rainbow-colored flags.

    • Doctors are well-bribed quacks.

      Which people?

      How does a possible marginal reduction in severity protect others?

      Because they run fewer PCR cycles now.

    • It’s legal for gays to spread AIDS but not regular Joes to spread the common cold

    • Citizen – My sympathy. I am fortunate that my husband and I are in complete agreement that neither one of us will ever get the vaccine. You’ve excused your wife’s resistance to your racial beliefs before by saying you were a standard civnat yourself when you met. The vaccine, however, is a totally separate issue and indicates not merely the female herd mentality, but also a trust and faith in authority and the media. Hope all works out for you.

      • Very astute comment.

        My wife is a very good person, and a person who wants to do good. The question becomes where does she take direction for what is “good.”

        She still believes in the old system. In many ways, she’s a Boomer. She trusts the government and the media. I know that around here that sounds insane, but her life is fine and, frankly, so are the lives of everyone she knows who also believe in the government and the media.

        When I talk about how suburban women (and many men) think, I know of what I speak.

        I can say with a great degree of certainty that these people’s beliefs will not change until the brown horde are at their doorstep. But I can also say that their beliefs are a mile wide and an inch deep.

        Regardless, we’ll see what happens with Mrs. Citizen. I made a vow to myself long ago that I would never make my children go through divorce unless my wife was cruel to them. My wife is a wonderful mother, so I’m riding this ship to when the kids leave home.

        After that, well . . .

    • It seems as though your wife is very influenced by the media. Given the media hates people like us and wants to do is harm, how much can she be trusted?

      I am not implying she can’t be trusted. It is a genuine question. we are increasingly gong to need to continually vet all those around us. The Stasi files showed that even spouses would inform on each other

    • It sounds like a really difficult situation. The new woke/covid cult is really exposing this kind of fault between friends, and in marriages. I recall you were having issues earlier too, WRT George Floyd. I’m guessing that when you married X years ago you had no idea that any of this would ever come about.

      Race wasn’t everywhere, politics weren’t everywhere. You had your views, your friend had their views, but you were still friends. She might be slightly liberal in 1995, but nobody knew she would think all white men are evil, boys need sex changes and race mixing should be promoted in 2021 (just an example). Now, it’s like having certain views is a pre requisite to be friends with people. They never leave you alone. For young guys like me, it helps me filter out 99% of incompatible women. Unfortunately, for those who married / got “established” in life earlier, when things were more normal, issues are now popping up.

      Don’t go too dissident on her, she might report you to the police. Be very careful. Unfortunately don’t have much advice, other than that. I’ll pray that these issues can be resolved.

      • Yes, it was a different world. You also have to remember that I was a typical CivNat, though probably a bit more race aware. My wife was a typical, slightly liberal women, which at the time, was more about helping the poor, etc. It was racial. In fact, she used to be pretty open about not wanting to live around blacks and Hispanics.

        Basically, we weren’t that far apart politically and the differences really never came up.

        But times have changed, and we’ve changed. To be honest, I’ve probably moved a lot farther politically than she has. That said, after we moved a safe suburb, she gradually drop any race awareness because she was protected against it so she switched to beliefs that fit in. Btw, that’s not just my wife; you see that all the time with women – and men, sometimes.

        The world is forcing people to choose sides. There’s a huge amount of social and economic pressure to stay on the side of TPTB. I have neighbors who have security clearance. They literally won’t say a word about BLM or anything else. They won’t even say good things about BLM or other issues out of fear that my might agree in the wrong way, i.e. like when people got in trouble for saying “All lives matter.”

        I think that a lot of CivNat types are hoping that the world will go back to what it was in the 1990s, where politics and race don’t push into their personal lives. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at things), I don’t think that’s going to happen. They’ll be forced to choose sides or, at least, pretend to choose a side.

        As to my small skirmish in this larger war, we’ll have to see. My wife really is a good person, but if our views on the world grow so different, that may not matter. Also, it might not be my choice. I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t want to live with Hitler.

        Of course, if we got divorced, she wouldn’t be able to live in a nice white suburb. She might be forced to live with the diversity that she now claims is such a good thing. There’s always a silver lining.

        • Yep seen the same in my mom and her side of the family. Normal, moderate liberals for their entire lives. Starting around 2016, they’ve been on the decline. They’re now totally depressed covidians who are on SSRIs. CNN or CBC is on at all hours. White supremacy is evil and only Nazis oppose sex changes. I used to argue with them but I’ve realized they’ll probably turn me into the police one day.

          The normie white strategy of “I’ll be really good if you just let me grill” is a horrible idea. Every white in Toronto is like that, thinking they’re morally superior unlike *those* white people. Of course the distinction exists only in their mind. To the dark people they are all evil oppressors.

          Things are never going back. I won’t lie I’m a little excited for it. Our society got way too weak and bluepilled. Life seems pretty sad and boring for my beta grandparents and father who were miserable and cucked beta providers forever. We are relearning how to be alpha , and as an extension, how to save civilization. Dunno if we’ll pull through though. I’m going down swinging.

  22. Another great podcast, just finished it. A few thoughts on the topics therein.

    Re: The Jab. If you’re old (read past the age of reproduction), then its a net benefit like all flu vaccines. It will help you exercise your immune system and thereby improve your robustness. If you’re young and happened to have lost the DNA lottery, nature wants you to die rather than reproduce, so these mass-scale vaccinations actually degrade our species robustness over the long run. Where does that lead? I guess we’ll find out.

    Re: The current Israeli-Palestinian news spectacle. This is just another photo op for the actors in DC to declare their fealty to the Jewish-Israeli lobby and keep those campaign checks coming in. Its only significance is that it further confirms that voting has nothing to do with politics. Not even American Jews give a shit about Israel anymore.

    Re: Bill Gates. His wife is divorcing him and his dirty laundry is about to get exposed. The current news about him is just preemptive damage control by his publicist.

    And last, re the young turks mixing it up. Jockeying for dominance is a normal and healthy practice in all mammal species. It’s one of the few positive fitness selection drivers still in existence in this modern world of gender insanity. The road to solving our nation’s & specie’s problems does run through maximum whining, but rather through good old fashion male dominance behavior writ large. Let the ass kicking begin.

    • “This is just another photo op for the actors in DC to declare their fealty to the Jewish-Israeli lobby and keep those campaign checks coming in.”

      It’s been backwards from that, thus far. D.C. is all but airdropping fresh LAWs into Gaza. Maybe they even did, a couple months ago. A thousand rockets don’t come from nowhere.

      What you say is true about the Republicuck Party, however. They think the AIPAC train will take them to the White House station. Maybe it even will. Better to suck up to the boss than attract new voters, now that voting doesn’t count for jack.

    • This here is some classic TomA commenting. Survival of the fittest. No compromise. Good old fashioned male dominance behavior.

      This is precisely the opposite of what San Francisco people want to see men writing on the internet. I would be surprised if you were allowed to fly domestically TomA. You have got to be on some kind of list at this point.

      Love it.

  23. Why is our media so filled with Israeli news anyway? It is way more in our news than Britain, Canada or Australia, who are very similar to us, use English as their primary language and who are essentially the same people as us. The Jews in the media think it’s important and so we have to suffer it.
    Ain’t my people, ain’t my problem.

    • The whole thing, and much else, reminds me of when a U.S. spy plane was knocked down over China and there were “spontaneous” protests in front of the U.S. embassy. Part of the skinny was that the Chinese government allowed people to protest against the U.S. there, but they finally had to rein it in because people were getting a little excited since they were finally able to protest something, anything, it really didn’t matter what. Likewise, for example, people seem extra exercised over the Middle East imbroglio since caring about what happens in their own lands will get them thrown into a dungeon in D.C.

    • Does it make you feel any better to know European channels are filled with news from the US down to the state and occasionally county level?

      Who? Whom?

    • An interesting point, made by a Christian elsewhere, is that many of the Palestinians are Semitic Christians, aka Jews, who survived 70 AD.

      I’d say they survived because they were in the Christian camp, and then the anti-Christian political retaliation followed.

      I don’t think Bethlehem is slated for rescue. Even the priceless finds in front of the Temple Mount are being paved over, because the past must be erased- that it might be rewritten at need.

      The entire Mideast campaign by the neocons is revenge, retaliation, a rewriting- ethnic cleansing of the oldest legacy Christian populations.

      • PS- not only Semitic Christians, but the Mizrahi who stayed behind, fled, or were ‘outsourced’ (sold into slavery to foreign nations) by the Judeans, in their internal pogrom of the the Ten “Lost” Tribes.

    • How does the old joke go…?
      Q: Why does Israel steadfastly refuse to become our 51st state?
      A: Because then, they’d have only TWO U.S. Senators!

    • “Why is our media so filled with Israeli news anyway?”

      Is it the same reason that our media talks constantly about daily life in New York City despite 95% of North America not caring?

    • I confess that i don’t give much thought to the conflicts in the Levant, so I have a very simple attitude towards things there.

      Jews vote like blacks, push diversity, call me a racist and a white supremicist, so i hate them back.

  24. Once again with feeling: The American Psychiatric Association estimates that 20% of the adult population is walking around with a diagnosable mental illness. I think they’re light in the pot.

    • The afflicted are not distributed evenly. Urban territory is chock full. The majority of urban females are overtly mentally ill. They’ve been awaiting an event like covid their entire lives.

    • When I was an undergrad, the knock on psychologists/psychiatrists was that they were in the field because they were half in the bag with their own mental issues. I’ve not changed my mind.

  25. You mention the large number of people claiming side effects from the Wuhan flu jab. Not saying there are NOT a large number of side effects, but consider
    1. Every single person in this country who wanted the jab has received it.
    2. For the non-elderly who were jabbed, fully 3/4 (probably more) are neurotic born-again Covidians.
    3. These Covidians are the same people marching for “justice”, screaming that the world will end because of “climate change” and that Trump was literally Hitler and we lived in a dictatorship for 4 years.
    Trust me, if you are looking for side-effects, the freaks will find them and scream about them.

    • From what I have seen the cultists will apply the same “logic” to the stab as they do the other invisible forces of their anti-reality.

      Invert and multiply. They will dismiss, ignore, and rationalize away observable reality in favor of preserving the sanctity of the religion.

      I.e. how Racisms became “systemic”, as in, not visible. Wuhan stab reactions, aka getting covid-lite, go unreported or are downplayed with great fanfare. Unlike actual wuhan, which coughing and body aches meant certain death.

      Just last night a leaf-eating goodwhite was telling me about his dad who is 80 and got the stab after already having covid last year and surviving just fine.

      Two days into the “vaccine” he was in the ICU.

      But luckily during his 10 day ICU vaccine adjustment holiday they found out he had cancer and so wrote the whole thing up as an episode of the cancer.

      Which the doctors have yet to actually diagnose due to the biopsy being “inconclusive”. Which the son is super fired up about because “what is wrong with the system?”

    • The freak’s are NOT looking for side effects. According to the Flu Manchu’s the Jab was the solution that was to enable them to have one more thing to laud over the disbelieving dirt people.

  26. Agree that we’re seeing a bifurcation of society. Among whites, I’ve only really seen 2 groups of people.

    1. Those in terror of the China flu. Destroying their social life, locking down forever, getting fat, drinking/doing more drugs, antisocial, depressed, etc. They bleat like sheep and mindlessly accept tyranny.

    2. Those who want to keep living. They seem to be mentally fighting against the lockdowns. I have seen a few guys who are actually looking better than ever. Using this time to workout. Improve their style. Focusing on the things that are really important to your well-being as a human.

    Type 2 seems to have regained their will to live. They are more confident in themselves than before. There’s alot of depressed people, and soft white people have gotten even softer and more depressed. But some of us have gotten harder too. Idk if others have sensed this.

    • A couple weeks ago my SIL started telling me about everyone in the family (including herself) getting the “vaccine” and I said that technically it isn’t a vaccine that it’s a . . . she cut me off right there and said “Stop talking!” She’s been rude to me on numerous occasions but really took it to the next level with that. Reason with Type 1? Good luck getting a complete sentence out.

      • Maybe say something completely off the scales to throw her off (“You sound like someone who believes something stupid like that blacks are failures because of unseen systemic racism gas”).

        Of course I have a SIL that holds her mostly retarded negrito adoptees in higher esteem than her natural born kids; someone like that is capable of weapons grade insanity. I wouldn’t ask her the time for fear of getting an weird answer that would make a Scientologist blush.

      • Peabody: So sorry you have to deal with someone like that. Hope your brother reined her in rather than let her treat you so poorly. One of my friends has constant issues with her sibling about the virus and vaccine. Although I broke with my family long ago over numerous other issues, covid hysteria has me even more grateful that my husband and I have minimal dealings with family members.

    • Seeing the same thing

      The mentally strong came out stronger and are ready to move on

      The week were devastated

      I remember in the last real estate crash that there were younger people who had bought homes late in the cycle and got crushed. Many STILL haven’t recovered and are scared to jump back in the market. They will be renters forever.

      When I was in New Orleans a few months ago this bartender was telling me that she was watching a TV show with people gathered around in a group and no one was wearing masks, but it was an old recording from pre-Covid, but she was telling me how it freaked her out not seeing people in masks. She was a younger girl. So I told her my story about the housing crash and the renters, saying how there are things in life that traumatize people and they don’t ever fully recover. I said in a way so as to give her a boost of confidence that things will be okay and don’t let yourself get scarred.

      My guess is that the people who have had to deal with Covid the most as far as mask wearing and safe distance protocols, say food and bar workers and grocery store workers, many of them will never fully recover mentally.

  27. Nick Fuentes: Like Z says, the young man is immensely talented. He’s going to debate Robert Barnes on Tuesday May 25 on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. I know nothing about Barnes or his ability to debate, but Fuentes is extremely good at it. There aren’t enough debates these days.

  28. Wishful thinking, indeed. They’ll never stop dealing with us. Dealing with us is their raison d’etre.

    • If it’s 75 degrees out and muggy, and you’re walking around with a face diaper on, you’re a lunatic / moron. It is a good litmus test.

    • How true.
      With future hostilities in the offing, it’s always good to know what team everyone is on.

  29. On the topic of fascinating YouTube videos of people being incredible at something: check out the lock picking lawyer. That guy can pick any lock. You can spend a lot of time watching him because it’s so impressive.

    • I can waste hours watching ratting videos from the UK, particularly Severn Valley Ratters. A half dozen Plummer Terriers are loosed on a hay barn and within an hour they’ll have rooted out and killed a couple hundred rats. The single-minded efficiency and obvious joy these dogs exhibit is wonderful.

      • HAHA… Me too. There is a guy in Utah that cleans out rats, muskrats, raccoons and mice using dogs, mink and some type of big lizard. Awesome to watch the animals work.

      • If you keep watching, YouTube will finally get around to showing “ratters” in NYC! Yep, groups of people taking their various rat dogs out in the city at night, shaking trash cans and letting their dogs have at it. It’s a hoot.

      • I’ve taken the dive down that rabbit hole too. As the owner of a Yorkshire Terrier (wive’s choice), it helps me lie to myself that I have a tough and useful dog.

  30. Well Z – another fine show. I just want to say that were it not for the fact that I am prematurely retired/unemployed – I’d buy you a coffee or a beer anytime. And I’d buy a round for the house too.

    A guy like me has too much time on his hands so I see all the lunacy and have my nose rubbed in it every day. It’s unavoidable because of the sheer volume, even though I have basically turned the mass media off. It sets me off sometimes.

    This site and the folks on it are a very tall glass of cool water sometimes. Have a great weekend you guys.😊👍

  31. it’s not a vaccine, and it doesn’t work, and it’s very dangerous. but do it jic?

    oh, and 81% of US already has cross-immunization (which does work, unlike the jab).

  32. 1) As far as watching someone work a lathe, etc it actually has a name: “process porn”. Back when I hung out on Imgur the most popular posts were process-porn vids/gifs.

    2) When I listen to your show with the missus one of her favorite parts was when you’d rattle off what letters you got and from where. It’s part geography trivia, part light affirmation letting us know we’re not alone. That doesn’t necessarily make it “good radio”, but just figured I’d let you know your efforts weren’t entirely lost.

    3) The one issue I’ve had with Counter Currents in the past is the content can be irregular. It seemed like some combination of long tweets, sarcastic rants, and then well thought-out commentary. Maybe there’s a rhythm to but I never checked in enough to notice.

    • I agree on #3. Sticking to schedule is important. I’m baffled as to why the big live streamers are always late for their own shows and cancel for no reason. I don’t know how they live like that, but I really don’t get why the audience tolerates it.

      • It seems young people are never not online, and are always doing something else while streamers are in the background or haven’t even come up yet. Most probably are texting their friends, chatting on discord, and passively listening to the show when it finally comes on. Heavy on the attention deficit and instant dopamine hits.

        It’s not like how T.V. used to be a generation ago where you scheduled your time to be on the couch at 8:0pm0 to watch your show with more or less full attention.

      • The comment section nearly ate me alive when I once tried* to watch a saved Nick Fuentes stream and criticized the fact that he’d just left 20 minutes of basically elevator music at the beginning of the saved stream file, and suggested it would have been really easy to trim the saved stream to the starting point when he posted it.

        Apparently, the fans don’t just approve of the late starts, they insist on them being enshrined!

        *Too rambling and pointless for my taste. I gave up after 15 minutes (of ACTUAL content) or so.

        • I have never made it through the long intro phase with music of a live stream when I tried to watch from the beginning.

          I was a marketing type for decades and am mystified as to why popular videos and infomercials are so long and rambling. In an era of shortening attention spans, there seems to be some unwritten rule that podcasts and videocasts need to be a minimum 2 hours. 4 hours is even better. I have never found someone with that much to say. I prefer 1 hour ones. Get to the point.

          Is the online world now designed for shut ins?

  33. Thank you.

    (Apparently WordPress thinks my comment is too short. No, really – when I hit submit, it took me to an error screen that said exactly that. Encouraging people to be more verbose… I suppose that’s a good business model for blogging software, but it’s a large part of the explanation for why nobody can think straight anymore).

  34. “A slow segregation of the two groups will emerge.”

    Nope. The crazies parasitize the normals and can’t exist without them, so they will not go away. If you want to be rid of the crazies, you’ll have to destroy them.

      • Karl, I admire your name. I am Hugh Jorgan on most shopping cards, with a fake address. A cashier once looked at the receipt and thanked “Mr. Jorgan”. My daughter was both amused and unamused.

        • This actually made me laugh out loud. I have a low brow sense of humor, yet I have never heard that one before. Chapeau, sir.

    • Well the past year has finally given me something in common with the nogs of balmore.

  35. Re: the Maskholes, I learned a valuable lesson from all this. Back when “fifteen days to slow the spread!” was only a month or two old, I thought we’d pretty much reached our limits. I was certain that Karen would soon realize that’s she’s stuck inside with the kids, and — much more importantly — that meant she couldn’t spend her whole day self-actualizing at Target and the beauty salon. It won’t take more than two or three missed spa days before she’ll demand Fauci’s head on a pike, and that will be that…

    Alas, the horrifying truth soon dawned on me: Lots of people want to live this way. Maybe it was different for those states who went Full Retard right away, but since my state was late to the party and never went “I am Sam” with it, we had a wave of early adopters… all of whom took their mask-wearing as license to be completely antisocial assholes. People who would’ve at least faked a cheery “good morning” a few weeks prior didn’t even deign to acknowledge my presence — except, soon enough, to give me the death glare for not wearing my Magic Face Tampon.

    Looking back on it, I should’ve seen it coming. Just as online anonymity leads to the kind of rampant Internet Tough Guy Syndrome that makes some sites nearly unreadable, so the Karen Kloth gives our worst women (of both sexes and however many genders) even more of an excuse to be that way. Best of all, she doesn’t have to bother with doing her makeup and brushing her teeth anymore — you can still see that mean, Mack-truck-with-a-hangover expression they all wear perfectly well just from the eyebrows. It’s a massive handicap to all girls prettier than Karen, in other words, which is reason enough to keep doing it forever…

    • Reminds me of an old quote, maybe from Churchill, something to the effect that the old spinsters of London loved the blitz and hated to see it end.

    • Yup they would rather lock down forever than deal with the harsh realities of life. Alot of them didn’t really enjoy their lives before the lockdown. Modern life is alienating for many. Plus, they were depressed and alone before, and if they can’t have fun why should anybody else?

      Plus joining team COVID gives their pointless atheist lives meaning. They can join a team and fight for a cause!

      • Yeah the prospect of actual liberty and the responsibility that accompanies it is terrifying for many people. They have been craving a cure for whats left of their autonomy for a while now.

        The powers that be, honed by years of social media A/B algo training, have figured out how to tune the ‘user experience’ of modern buglife to the sweet harmonics of imagined self-empowerment caged in approved consumer bandwidth and social signaling pattern.

        But they couldn’t end the general anxiety and cogdis from navigating that alt-reality. It needs to be focused.

        Covid was a great piece of social engineering. Hindbrain flight cranked to 11 right into the hands of forebrain rationalization as unity and purpose. The pathologies are encouraged to turn inward and burrow into the anthill.

        Imagine how conditioned the kids have become to this model. When 10-25% of your life experience happens in this sadistic bunker of new normal.

        I wonder about the sunk cost effect as well. Its at once fascinating and tragic.

        For me the net of it remains to be a rigid determination to put as much distance between my family and the cultists as possible.

        • I wonder if the unsocialized 2-3 year-olds might be an entire generation of the worst sociopaths we’ve ever seen.

          • “I wonder if the unsocialized 2-3 year-olds might be an entire generation of the worst sociopaths we’ve ever seen.”

            Single motherhood and puberty blockers have already sealed that deal.

    • That last bit is certainly spot on. The Karen Kloth is an aesthetic leveler. Now homely girls are on the same playing field as the bombshells–at least from the neck up. I suppose we should be thankful that Lord-God Fauci didn’t dictate burlap sacks as well, or the two sets of dames would be now be equal in all physical respects.

      • It’s also a great example of why people on our side struggle with this stuff so much. My initial thoughts on Kung Flu were:

        1) this must be dramatically overblown, because the Media is freaking out, and therefore it’s obviously a lie.
        2) When that was confirmed, people would start wising up, because your own lying eyes tell you it’s not that big a deal
        3) that being the case, people will realize all this is stupid, because life — and the economy! — must go on, and
        4) Karen will actually lead the charge in that respect, because she has a) the most pointless, easily replaceable “jobs,” and b) she’ll be stuck with the kids.

        Wrong on all counts. I was thinking, you know, rationally — looking at the evidence, drawing reasonable conclusions, that kind of thing. What I should’ve done, I now realize, is get blind drunk while binge-watching the “Wanna have a catch?” scene from Field of Dreams until I was incoherently weepy — so, you know, in the headspace of the average girl of both sexes and however-many genders as xzshe makes xzher way through each and every day.

        Had I done that, I would’ve seen what has since unfolded.

        • Put simply, negotiating an irrational reality is impossible. However, throughout our lives we’ve become thoroughly habituated to using rational, empirical modalities to make sense of our environment, bowl out the problems and opportunities likely headed our way, and act accordingly. But all of those tools that once worked quite well are now useless. We simply careen from one act of lunacy to the next, hanging on for dear life, and hoping to live out our lives without suffering some existential or terminal catastrophe. Hardly the future we envisaged for ourselves growing up in the Beforetimes.

    • Obese, unattractive, and crazy women will keep the mask alive for the rest of our history. It gives them a way to control others, hide their own hideousness, and basically indulge every negative impulse about making other people’s lives worse. Fat chicks love being anonymous in public with the mask on. They will never stop wearing it.

  36. Speaking of questions, one has been on my mind for a while. Who is that king whom everybody is flocking around in your painting? Who was the artist? Thanks!

        • The swarthy man is not offering the white boy but the laurel wreath that the white boy is carrying.

          In the ancient greco-roman world laurel wreaths were the symbolic recompense of conquerors, sports champions and elite artists.

      • Pft. You had that commissioned as a self-portrait. Gosh-durned humblebraggers.

    • I believe it is Alaric who led a Gothic army that sacked Rome back around 410AD.

  37. Pretty much sums it up for me on the Israel issue. I have never cared. I see no reason why I ought to; although I am aware about who is attempting to make me care. First I heard of the new beef was with a conversation with my father:

    Him: “Things may well be different in the future lad, Israel has kicked off again, they may take it to the wire.”

    Me: “I don’t give a stuff about the Jews or the ragheads.”

    I view the West’s intervention much like the ill-advised intervention of a do-gooder to protect an often vulgar woman getting a public beat down from her partner. Don’t do it. There’s history there that you’re unaware of. There are so many better things to consider than Israel’s Neigbourhood Watch Programs:

    1. Securing your finances and skill set.
    2. Starting a family.
    3. Making preparations for educating your children.
    4. Networking with the like minded and establishing strong relationships with trusted fellows.
    5. Moving to a decent, defensible area that is not likely to have state housing whacked up right next to it.
    6. Preaching to those who may be converted.
    7. Coming to terms mentally with what has happened and attempting to pass the spirit of Western Civilization down your line – or just onto others.
    8. Telling racist jokes.

    It really is a legitimate question to ask of all these theaters: why the devil should we care? Are the consequences local and imminent?

    • Moreover, it’s not as if either side is likeable. I have mild interest in both sides annihilating each other, simply so I don’t have to hear about them anymore, but other than that it’s just not something to care about.

      • Ideal world, short of completely ignoring this neverending sand fight, I’d sell them both weapons. Then get popcorn.

    • I used to buy in with the ‘stand with Israel’ stuff. Hook, line and sinker. After hanging out with the dissidents though… I now have a few questions about that and I don’t like the answers coming back. God can sort them out; I have no friends or allies in that conflict.

      Once you are out of The Narrative there is no going back either. I ended up prepping too and might add to your list:

      Find God, find a good church. Do that… and you will have found a lot of other things on your list.

      • Glen, I agree about God. But I never include him on these sort of lists, as I am never too sure how many will be receptive. I suppose this could be considered as some sort of sin on my part, denying Him &c.

        Anyway, yes to God.

        The thing with Israel is that perhaps government busybodies and military sabre rattlers ought to care. I mean, from a geopolitical perspective these sorts of things can always be exploited. So that’s for them to decide. But the way the Israel/Palestine thing has filtered down to the man on the street, to family dinner tables, to friendly gatherings &c is bizarre to me. Unless these people have relatives in the military and the like, why would they care? It is the sermonizing from proles and shills of both sides I cannot stand, it is simply not my problem and theirs neither. But I can understand why a global power may want to stick it’s nose in, albeit on the quiet.

        But the best question to try and find and answer to is:

        “What would happen if the US just let the Middle East alone?”

        • For background on this question, I suggest “The Controversy of Zion” by UK author Douglas Reed, which starts with the hijacking of the “God of all men”, and continues through both world wars:

          “Forty years of continuous bloodshed in Palestine have obviously been but the prelude to what is yet to come there… Any third world war may begin and spread outward from Palestine… The ambition of Zion will not be fulfilled until…’other Gods’ have been thrown down, and ‘all nations’ have been enslaved…”

    • Everybody should have a homeland, so for that reason alone, I suppose I side with the Palestinians. But do the Palestinians support us White people in having a homeland? I’d guess not, or they probably don’t care. And Israel absolutely opposes us in having a homeland. So I’m not going to get too worked up over this conflict.

      • No group gives two hoots about whites, least of all most whites. And that is really what our main concern ought to be. Israel/Palestine is just another diversion.

        As I mentioned to Glen above, if anyone must be concerned it would be the geopolitical bods in the government. But for Joe Normie, what’s the point in getting worked up or picking a side? That said, it is in your face in many places: had a video a conference the other day with a client. They needed networking support. Client turns on his webcam and he is wearing a large ‘Star of David’ (is this the correct name?) round his neck. Behind him was draped a very large Israeli flag – so large that it was literally his entire backdrop. My first thought was ‘this is how you subvert’, it was completely inappropriate, but nobody said a word.

        Perhaps the client would be kind enough to join the IDF and take the fight to the front lines. Perhaps, in light of things like this, it is truly impossible not to ‘pick a side’.

      • Jordan would be a perfectly good homeland for the Palestinians. That was the original intention. There’s no actual ethnic difference between Jordanians and Palestinians.

        Regardless of how you feel about the Israelis:

        A) The West Bank and Gaza are too incredibly tiny and inconveniently located to every be the basis for a stable state.

        B) The Palestinians are literally, now, born and bred to terrorism. Their governments are criminal enterprises and they are absolutely unable to make a go at a civilized state.

        But, as for my opinion on what US policy should be, I think the US should have no opinion or involvement at all. As others have said: Not our business, not our fight, not our people. On either side.

        • Coincidentally, Steven Crowder had a guy on named Joel Rosenberg, a fake American (born in America but now a “dual citizen” living in Israel) whose life’s work seems to be to convince White gentile Americans to keep giving a shit about Israel.

          He said the current conflict started with the eviction of four families that hadn’t paid rent in 70 years. 70 years! If you subtract 70 from 2021 you get 1951. This goes back to practically creation of Israel (1948), assuming he wasn’t rounding. I’d kinda love to hear the story about how the Jew kicking them out had a stronger claim to the property than the people who’ve been in possession of the property since before the Jews took over.

          I cannot imagine if the American media and politicians gave similar amounts of time to Armenia or South Sudan, or Ugandan Rebels, FFS.

          So not our business! I’m not even necessarily saying Israel is wrong, just leave us the fuck out of it!

          We certainly made some hard decisions as a nation — the Trail of Tears, for example. Imagine the situation today if we had the UN and every fucking busybody on Earth stepping in to try to influence the “American/Cherokee conflict?”

    • Your father is right. Falafel people are going around beating Gefilte Fish people. Happened in West LA, and also NYC. The Squad is firmly on the side of the Falafel people. So too, BLM.

      BLM has had it with the Gefilte Fish people. And that’s instructive. The coalition is breaking down absent the Orange Man Bad. Of course, there is only one thing to bring unity: a “comprehensive solution” to the problem of White people. LLoyd Austin is purging the military of Whites so fast that even Jack Carr the former SEAL and now “author” of NYT best seller list thrillers is worried and wrote an open letter.

      Fundamentally the Biden Regency is incoherent. It is aiding Iran in some areas, dropping sanctions, giving cash, etc. while fighting it in Syria and agreeing with it in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Just as the Regency itself is incoherent. Schumer has been silent on Gefilte Fish people, only San Fran Nan has supported them. BLM pretty much drives the party and so the Gefilte Fish people are pretty much toast. The nearest enemy. We are the next closest.

      This might blow over, or it might just escalate if Iran decides to keep things going. But its certain the internal contradictions of Gefilte Fish people and BLM cannot long continue.

      • When the nuggras and other browns see Juice, all they see are white people. And that’s why, no matter how much the Juice join the nuggras in their AWR, they will never be accepted by them. They will be used for their money, power and brains, but once their usefulness wanes–and as the nuggras become prepotent–they too will be cast upon the pyre, and their brains won’t save them from black brutality. Poetic justice.

        • I was in a heavily Juiced up (secular) area lately. They are literally “ultra white” white people. In fact I realized that they basically used the media to create the perception about whites.

          Ultra skinny, ultra dorky, lots of “alternative” people. Even I as a tall and relatively strong but thinner gentile thought that I could beat the crap out of them lol. Can’t imagine what a savage vibrant would think.

      • I think the observation that the ruling class is not merely incompetent, but also incoherent is apt. It also points out the danger that echos Sailer’s theory that the coalition is held together with hatred of whites.

        Sailer is wrong that the preferences of blacks and trannies matter, but he is right that there are rifts in the ruling coalition; mostly questions about to whom we are going to sell the country. Their problem is that there are too many buyers: China and Israel have bought all they want, but everyone is still looking to sell.

  38. “Tubby Tyrant” (LOL! That’s a good one.) has also just announced a tax-based slush fund lottery to “encourage” people to get vaccinated. I guess the stacks of dead bodies must be getting higher in Lagos.

    • The funny part is that he ran for Gov on the slogan “Change Maryland.” At best, he’s managed to slightly better administer it, in comparison to the looters out of Baltimore and PG County. I can think of nothing that he’s managed to “change” other than tolls rates on some bridge.

  39. The crazies will slowly stop dealing with normals and normals will be able to easily spot a crazy from a distance. A slow segregation of the two groups will emerge.

    But even then I suspect that Sturgeon’s law will prevail.

    Sturgeon’s Law: “ Ninety percent of everything is crud ”.

    I figure that even after the dust settles those of us going around bare faced will be a very small minority. Actually, I’d be happy if we are so much as 10%. The church ov Covid is strong and has many fiercely loyal adherents.

    • Hold the line, brother. I’ve noticed that if I go somewhere without it, and make no apologies for it — just march right in, head held high — pretty soon lots of the people around me start lowering theirs, or sometimes even taking them off entirely. What’s that famous old social science experiment, the one about how you can get a whole class full of kids to declare that two lines of obviously different lengths are equal, provided one or two ringers keep adamantly insisting they are?

      Same thing in reverse with the masks. Most people know it’s ludicrous; they’re just going along to get along. Give them an excuse to free themselves.

      • One of the oddities here in ChimpCongo is the split family glommed around a stroller. The dad and son maskless and appearing lighthearted. Mother and daughter wearing full face masks and examining each passerby as if The Contagion itself. I have been seeing two of these divided families on my street every week since the snow melted. I can only wonder about their home life and future as a family.

      • That’s what happened to me yesterday… I went to the grocery store with my daughter and we both had our masks on just because the store says we’re a mask… But I saw a few men in there without a mask on and I took mine right off and took my daughter’s off… Then I went to the liquor store and the clerk didn’t have a mask on so I took mine off… Then we both talked about how f****** retarded the whole thing has been and how great it is not to be wearing the stupid face diapers… And this is upstate New York

        • I’ve steadfastly refused to shop anywhere they require a Karen Kloth. And now, thankfully, there is no store in my city that requires one.

      • I think that a lot of people are finally realizing that all this is nonsense, but like you say, are just going along to get along. People are being conditioned to be nervous around others. Even outside, they are trying to social distance because they don’t want stranger to say something or look at them funny. Pretty normal human social behavior, I figure.
        I have started in my own small way to try and change the programming, and let other normal people know that they are not alone, and perhaps there are more normal people than crazies. In my daily jogs in the park, as I pass maskless people, I make noticeable effort to not to attempt and keep 2 meters (or whatever) between us, even I could. (If you are wearing a mask outdoors in a park, you are a cretin, and unworthy of my consideration). I make an effort to look them in the eye and give a friendly greeting. It’s actually been surprising to me how many people I encounter are not physically trying to increase distance or diving into the bushes to avoid contact, or eyeing me nervously because they are worried I may hassle them. By me demonstrating that I am not afraid, others seem to relax as well. Just demonstrate to others around you that not all people are crazy.
        Like many have discussed in this forum, we need to be finding likeminded people and building communities, even if at this point we are just identifying who is not crazy.

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