Alien Reboot

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For reasons no one has bothered to explain, the government went on a strange public relations tour, informing us that it has for years been documenting unidentified objects in the air and sea. These events have been captured by cameras mounted on military ships and aircraft. They released a bunch of these videos, some of which had audio of the people recording them. Those voices in the videos tell the viewer that the cameramen are baffled by the blurry images they are seeing.

Along with the videos, the Pentagon provided some background. They claim they have data going back a long time suggesting these events are not illusions. For example, they claim the appearance of unidentified flying objects near a nuclear weapons battery caused the facility to shut down. They did not state it directly, but the implication is the entity behind the unexplained objects was also able to turn off the nuclear weapons facility or at least disable it while they were flying around it.

Despite the comically bad video that was released, the claim is that these objects, in the air and the sea, operate in ways thought impossible. They move faster than any human built craft and they maneuver well beyond our capability. In one case, an object was claimed to have been in the air then it went into the sea, moving at speeds well beyond any known seagoing vessel. The video for that one shows what looks like a piece of fuzz moving around on a grainy black and white video.

Supposedly the government is releasing this stuff because Congress passed a law requiring them to come clean on the UFO question. Marco Rubio, one of the Senate’s most brilliant thinkers, got something passed last year that requires the Pentagon to issue a report to the public on what they know. Presumably, these videos are part of prepping the public for whatever the official word is on UFO’s. Who knows, maybe they will roll out a little green man along with the report.

Of course, the right way to view this is with lots of skepticism. After all, the people putting this into the public domain lie to us every day. They were sure that invisible Russians using mind control somehow altered the 2016 election. Amazingly, those invisible Russians were able to do their dastardly deeds without ever having been caught on camera, so maybe the space aliens flying around US navy ships could learn a few things from the those invisible Russian mentats.

Then we have the evidence itself. Maybe the military really is using 1970’s technology on ships and aircraft, but those videos look suspiciously primitive. The only thing missing was Mulder and Scully from the old X-Files series. If Rod Sterling were narrating the video, it would have made more sense. Again, given the government’s compulsive lying, the voice overs were less than convincing. If this is all they have, then we have to assume this is just more bravo sierra from the state.

The biggest problem with all UFO claims is that we know some things that would have to be true about alien visitors. One is they would have to be orders of magnitude smarter than humans in order to master interstellar travel. We are not even sure we can return to the moon, much less travel the stars. This super smart species that has conquered what we currently think is impossible, that is travel beyond light speed, would surely have figured out how to evade our primitive cameras.

The claim about the nuclear missile facility is the most amusing example of the paradoxes in the UFO story. We are told they were able to detect these entities on radar, but the entities seem to have disabled the nuclear weapons. That means these super intelligent space aliens can shut down our most advanced weapons from their ships but could not figure out how to shut off the radar and cameras. It is a good thing they did not come here to rob bank vaults.

Despite the outlandishness of these whoppers, it fits a familiar pattern for how the state disseminates bogus information. Andrew Anglin pointed this out in his Unz Review piece on the UFO story. He wrote, “Journalists and people who claim to be journalists regularly come up with things that seem plausible or likely, then claim that they have an insider source”. Those sources are imaginary, or they are the government contact that is dictating the fake news item to the “journalist”.

The question, of course, is why are they putting this nonsense out into the public domain after years denying any of it was real? There are plenty of theories ranging from the mundane to the conspiratorial. One possible answer is that these people are compulsive liars who just like lying. Generations of selection pressure in favor of sociopaths have resulted in a ruling class full of them. They think it is funny to mess with the rubes in flyover country and this just another gag.

The good news is that the public seems to be more than a bit skeptical about these new UFO claims. The story did not get much traction and the commentary on it from independent sources has been mostly negative. The American public may have reached the point where they view all official stories as just new productions from the same theater group. The new real-time X-Files is like the latest Star Wars offering, in that the public has seen enough. The thrill is gone.

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211 thoughts on “Alien Reboot

  1. I’d like to offer what seems an obvious, yet probably all too often overlooked hypothesis related to the UFO issue. As with too many issues, people tend to think everything must be either-or. Really? I ask you, why can’t ALL OF THE FOLLOWING be true?

    There really are some unexplained phenomena that are usually called UFOs. It’s possible that the government issues more or less honest reports, at least at times. There have been some damned odd sightings over the decades (centuries even). Many of them can be explained by hysteria or other psychology factors, but ALL of them? Note that at first “unexplained” sightings MAY BE explained by natural phenomena.

    The government deliberately lies (that’s a given) at least sometimes for understandable intents, for example, to divert attention from secret aircraft or other weapons experiments they want out of the public eye. It’s equally possible that they conduct some type of disinformation campaign, perhaps to include deliberately engineered fake UFOs or other phenomena. The rationale for such a false front are anyone’s guess.

    There really are “above top secret” things going on, that we must not know about. Of course the government would like about them, try to cover them up, or otherwise discourage curiosity.

    Provisional conclusion: Occam’s Razor still applies. What is the most likely explanation for all of these? In decreasing order of probability, I’d guess a combination of : government secret operations and disinformation to divert attention from them; government propaganda ops (e.g. not concealing secret activity, but 100% deception) for unspecified purpose; mass hysteria or deliberate hoax by non-governmental actors; bona fide sightings of unidentified phenomena, explicable by natural phenomena; finally, sightings not explicable by known science. Lacking access to statistics, the point is that the vast majority of sightings can be attributed to human activity overt or covert, deliberate deception, willful or accidental self-delusion, natural phenomena; a fraction must be allowed for the unexplained.

  2. UFO reboot?

    Distract Whitey from the Second Summer of St. George?

    Wasn’t there some story back in the ‘70s about the aliens coming to take all the blacks back to their home galaxy? If only…

  3. Any FF related to Aliens is just to distract from Trump being reinstated after the audits flip states in the 2020 election

  4. As the jewjabjuice drips into the DNA of the braindead sheeple, you’re gonna witness Madness in a 5th dimension. Hell….unleashed.

  5. Remember when alien abductions were all the rage? Then it sort of faded away. Always some people in the middle of the woods in the middle of nowhere. Personal theory is if these were really happening some guy named Verle would have shot one long ago, then called the game warden to make sure it didn’t invalidate his unfilled deer tag. Wonder if there is an alternate explanation–there is a spoofing technology out there that defeats current radar and thermal detection.

    • From Douglas Adams “Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy “- –

      “Teasers are usually rich kids with nothing to do. They cruise around looking for planets that haven’t made interstellar contact yet and buzz them.” “Buzz them?” Arthur began to feel that Ford was enjoying making life difficult for him. “Yeah,” said Ford, “they buzz them. They find some isolated spot with very few people around, then land right by some poor unsuspecting soul whom no one’s ever going to believe and then strut up and down in front of him wearing silly antennas on their head and making beep beep noises.”

  6. As I await moderation, the truly scary prospect is that the Ruling Class really believes in UFOs. All evidence points to them believing in other equally idiotic things.

  7. The scary option is that the Ruling Class really believes this.
    People see weird stuff all the time. Lots and lots of bigfoot sightings, Nessie, even mysterious big black cats the size of leopards. People are seeing stuff, just not what they think.

    There have been no pictures of Bigfoot save that faked 1960’s footage. Haha. But people see them all the time. And yet, with cell phones with good cameras, no pictures or video. Why? They are seeing upright bears with mange. That’s why. Nessie, same thing. Jeremy Wade (Rivermonsters) figures it might be a Greenland shark pursuing seals every 20 years or so in a really big flood, then leaving. They don’t look much like sharks, and they are known to get into freshwater in the shallows — they’ve been videoed in 10 feet of water in the St. Lawrence Seaway. [They have no real dorsal fin, live mostly thousands of feet under water, and can live to supposedly 500 years]. Jaguars used to live in the American Southwest, hunted to extinction in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. They have now been spotted via trail cams in Southern Arizona, though no one has actually seen one in person (thankfully). There are mountain lions in the Hollywood Hills spotted on trail cams, and of course many more cougars spotted in local bars during happy hour.

    Point being that seeing weird stuff that people have problems identifying happens all the time. But its usually mis-identification of existing unusual animals not normally figured to be where they are when spotted.

    The scary thing is Ruling Class elites not even being able to do the kind of investigation a TV entertainer like Jeremy Wade can do and come up with a credible answer. I.E. yes someone saw something, it was a known optical illusion (Sun Dog) or lens/camera artifact. They probably also believe in St. Fentanyl and BLM and the inherited blood guilt of all Whites. That is truly scary.

  8. Further evidence for my theory: at Ace of Spades (yeah, I know) they link the entire Media pushing very hard an ostentatiously fake “study” that hetero men really like to cuddle. It is, indeed, all about the butt stuff with our Media… just the way the alien infiltration wants it!

  9. I don’t know why so many of you don’t think we have visited your planet. The produce alone is worth the trip. And the anal probing.

    • “So remember, when you’re feeling very small and insecure
      How amazingly unlikely is your birth
      And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space
      ‘Cause it’s bugger all down here on Earth”
      — Monty Python “The Galaxy Song”

  10. Up until recently, I would have believed that military forces occasionally spotted weird flying phenomena which they would secretly investigate. There are many things in our heaven and earth undreamt of in our philosophy.
    Now that authorities are saying it is so, I strongly doubt it.
    These days, decyphering official announcements is like reading between the lines in Pravda: we think, what forces behind the scenes made them publish that? We know the answer is probably not, ‘because it is true’ because it never is. Every statement and every MSM report is pushing an agenda.
    Hmm, remember The X Files? Government agencies were colluding with aliens to invade us.

    • Current inhabitant at 1600 PA Avenue, his VP, and Speaker of the House do lend creedance to the alien collusion/invason theory.

  11. OTOH – the Elites may be about to literally rip off the mask and reveal themselves as Lizard people.

    That kinda makes sense.

    • In a choice between MLK blvd and George Floyd Square…which is the correct tactical answer?

  12. I wonder… Are ‘aliens’ homogeneous? Are they all little green beings? Or are there, you know, aliens ‘of color’?

  13. Apparently there were some unidentified flying objects (i.e. bullets) visiting the St. George Floyd memorial today

    • I want to call them animals, but then I don’t want to insult animals. Many of them are below animals. And if we can’t pretend that they’re like us then we are the problem.

  14. I’m expecting a deep fake alien to come and tell us we can join the intergalactic UN which will lift our living standards, cure cancer, and give men permanent erections. All we have to do is give over control to a world government that demands we eat bugs and use solar energy, because the intergalactic transwarp civilization hasn’t figured out fusion or efficient farming.

    • What about the theory of the Nazi colony in Antactica? Lake Vostok? Supposedly Germans explored the underground river network in submarines. Maybe UFO’s are Antarctic ships coming out to see us.

      Of all the conspiracies, Antarctica is the most interesting. Because it’s totally possible, and creepy.

      • “Nazi colony in Antarctica”
        THAT is what is so great about the comment section on this blog. From the guy who claims to know everything about every subject, today I learned something new.

        • Look it up, it’s fascinating.

          Human life can be sustained in Lake Vostok and on its shores as long as there are UV lights running and fertilizer.

      • If you haven’t seen the movie “Iron Sky”, you’re in for a treat then. Might be difficult to find, however.

  15. UFOs could be real without being extraterrestrial. Some people theorize that they’re demons. CG Jung argues that they’re a manifestation of the collective unconscious. And others speculate that they’re impingements from another plane of existence or another dimension. I’m not sure what to believe, although I am certain whatever the gubmint is saying about UFOs is a bald-faced lie.

    • Ostei- “could be demons” – true. They also could be angels. Reading The Bible now & there’s descriptions of the craft angels use to get around. FWIW the angels you have seen depicted in art as cherubics with wings is apparently erroneous. From the descriptions in The Bible they are pretty scary looking: they have 4 faces – one of a man, one of a bull, one of an eagle, & one of a lion.
      They’re on some sort of contraption that has wheels & it whisks them like lightning in whichever direction they’re going. Apparently they don’t actually “turn” like a human does.

      Here’s more from a Biblical Scholar:

      As far as Anglin’s Utz piece, doesn’t he connect the dots that all these people have a military connection? Even Marco Rubio who’s on he Defense Intelligence Committee. The vids are laughingly bad. If they’re attempting to perpetuate yet another hoax you’d think they could employ some better FX artists ;<)

    • Ockham’s (Occam’s?) razor points to distraction from government incompetence/corruption.

    • Plasma electric magnetic phenomenon:

      From Thunderbolts:
      “In 1956, Winston Harper Bostick demonstrated that an amorphous mass of high-velocity plasma has a natural ability to convert a large proportion of its kinetic energy into magnetic energy, contained in an organised toroidal structure. He called this structure a ‘plasmoid’.

      Archaeologist and Thunderbolts colleague Peter Mungo Jupp details the criteria of eyewitness accounts that some UFO sightings may in fact be plasmoids. They seem to possess an intelligence, rise and fall to the ground as though being flown, seem to fly in the direction of either magnetic pole, change shape, pulse, and can blink with multiple colours. This ubiquitous property of plasmoids is often recorded as UFO sightings.”

    • ETs probabilistically exist. Some are more, some are less advanced than us.

      Forget about those less advanced, they are incapable of traveling here.

      Consider those more advanced. Perhaps, because the universe is so vast, we remain hidden. Perhaps they have found us and have already paid us a visit and found us uninteresting or not unuseful.

      Perhaps they are our authors and are allowing the simulation to continue a while longer in order to see what we will do next.

  16. So the takeaway is a society steeped in Sci Fi movies and video games does in fact have its consequences on mass psychology

    I suppose back in the day of the Western that everyone believed that cowboys would save them

    • Plenty of predictive programming for aliens/ETs, just like all the plague and zombie crap.

    • Damnit, this was in response to John Smith’s comment regarding the aliens & our friends in the tiny hats.

  17. Well I looked o’er Catawba, and what did I see?
    Comin’ for to carry me home
    It was a band of spacemen, comin’ after me,
    Comin’ for to carry me home.
    Swing low, sweet UFO,
    Comin’ for to carry me home.
    Swing low, sweet UFO,
    Comin’ for to carry me home.’

    • It really is a beautiful and soulful song. (Even if it has been used to club my people into submission.) I can remember singing it in music class as a child.

  18. Saw a quip during the Obama years:

    You know, at this point an alien invasion would be something of a relief.

    • I guess if you think about it, Covid was in fact our version of the War of the Worlds back with Orson Welles

      So there is a cultural tie-in with space aliens

      But, yes, space aliens would come as a relief.

      • The CBS Radio production of H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds” was broadcast in October 1938, just prior to WW2.

        CBS founder William Paley and his star newsmen Edward R. Murrow and William Shirer were long-time members of the CFR. In March 1938, Murrow and Shirer were first to report on the Nazi invasion of Austria and provided much of the later “war reporting” to the US public. During the war, Paley also served as a Colonel in the Psychological Warfare Division.

        Same game, different season.

    • A species so evolved would be predatory beyond our imagining.

      The fraction of a second they let us live would be really cool-looking, probably.

    • And what better way to institute a World Government than the need to unite humanity against an alien invasion?

  19. But if we’re gonna dream….

    Some of you might remember the old Negro spiritual, ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’:

    ‘Well I looked over Jordan, and what did I see?Comin’ for to carry me home
    It was a band of angels, comin’ after me,
    Comin’ for to carry me home.
    Swing low, sweet chariot,
    Comin’ for to carry me home.
    Swing low, sweet chariot,
    Comin’ for to carry me home.’

    Substitute the name of your favorite nuclear reactor facility for ‘Jordan’, ‘spacemen’ for ‘angels’, and ‘spaceship’ for ‘chariot’…. and you’ve got a hit that all of us on this side of the great divide would love to see become a reality:

    Millions of Blacks, led by Al Sharpton in a dazzling Space Commander uniform, happily singing this song as they file aboard a long line of ‘Freedom Ships’, and joyously exclaiming to each other:
    “They takin’ us to Wakanda! A thousand light-years from Whitey! To a constellation in the BLM Galaxy where the Black man rules as kings! Where no White devil will ever oppress us again!”

    Think for a minute, about what the world would be like, if suddenly all the Blacks were gone….

    Crime rates would plummet… along with venereal disease rates, and out-of-wedlock birth rates, and welfare dependency…. millions of dollars of annual costs for food stamps and ADC and subsidized housing, for court costs and incarceration, would go back into taxpayers’ pockets….

    No more smiling mixed-race couples on TV….

    No more ‘news’ about what LeBron James thinks…

    Inner cities would be safe for the first time in decades, opportunities for gentrification would boost the economy….

    The daily killings and “epidemics of gun violence” would stop, in Baltimore and St. Louis, in South Africa and a thousand other places, which would suddenly have become civilized and habitable….

    Europe would once again belong to Europeans, and Scandinavia to Scandinavians….

    The abundant resources of sub-Saharan Africa would be available for responsible exploitation….

    “Racism” would finally be eradicated!

    > We’d lose some good people in the bargain; but no improvement is without it’s costs.

    So— assuming for a moment that Gov’t officials from the US and Israel ARE in fact conversing with the aliens who are piloting these spacecraft, as persistent rumor has it—

    What do you suppose it would take to convince the space people to rent out their crafts? To temporarily turn their spaceships into a ‘Wakanda Freedom Fleet’ of interstellar chariots, that would transport every single Black person on planet Earth to somewhere far, far away?

    And if they had room left over, we could throw in every White person who voted for Obama or Clinton or Biden…. since the Blacks are gonna need servants on the long voyage ahead of them….

    What might we offer these Space Aliens that would induce them to do it? No price would seem too high, given the obvious benefits….

    I for one would be happy to contribute….

  20. It is getting pretty obvious the United States could not win a conventional war and does not want to wage one lest the tiger paper shows. The MIC, though, stays hungry for tax dollars. So the Green Menace must be fought, comrades!

    Add in the psychotic need for a new religion. St. African only goes so far before it becomes too ludicrous even for the faithful, Covidianism is sputtering out, and Climate Change…who remembers that? So what a perfect grift. It feeds the perpetual need for End Times Part 67, and it lines the pockets of the Ruling Class.

    The ominous aspect is use of The World’s Greatest Military and the brown bodies it produces to rally the nation no longer works. So we may get a civil war, folks, to promote loyalty and prevent boredom. Oh, and to generate revenues.

  21. Boom Boom Gaza, Space Aliens 👽 say eat bugs…distracting us.

    Maybe its so COVID goes away.

    Trump did this best, like when he said he wanted to buy Greenland. DoS just finally answered NO, hey things gotta be staffed properly you know…

    Trump would tweet so he could distract and get his real work done out of the news. Our current year rulers usually do it to steal or stay out of jail… so they must be nervous about something.

  22. The US Government is telling you that, btw, Superman is real and has been an honorary US citizen since 1955. Oh and the same sources say there’s a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. What the hell to they take us for????

    • The answer is they take us for those who let them take everything from us, and that is factually based.

    • Ha! The joke is on your ignorant fools. I know the bridge wasn’t for sale. It’s government property. But I did secure a hundred-year lease on good terms. Me and my descendants are going to be rich off the toll revenue! 😀

  23. I’m an agnostic on UFO/alien stuff, — like religion, there’s more to it that the skeptics think but less than the believers think — but as you hint, the biggest problem here is the source: the govt always lies.

    Along the same lines, the biggest clue that it’s phony has been the way UFOlogists have constantly promoted the idea that the govt was “almost” or “just about” to come clean; if they really believed this stuff, they’d know the govt always lies, the govt is the enemy, and they wouldn’t want their subject tarred with the association.

    Theory: the govt is leveraging their current low believability by hinting at the truth of UFO’s precisely in order to smear it as a govt psy op. It’s just crazy enough to work. Remember, these are the “big brains” that gave us the Bay of Pigs etc.

    Another theory: the govt will use “a message from our space brothers” (a frequent Hollywood trope) to justify not going back to the moon or to Mars. (Rather than, oops, we spent all our money on Iraq, jogger improvement programs and COVID handouts).

    • My sense of things is that the politicians have an urgency about them like they the the world is going to end and they want assure they secure themselves a seat on the escape vessel, sort of a Noah’s Ark vibe

      • Clearly something is up. Either way it’ll be amusing to see the opinions on the end game here.

    • Isn’t it odd how the UFO thing seems to go back to 1947 around a military base and that right after the second world war, a large number of Americans began thinking you just couldn’t trust the government.

      80 years of standing army has destroyed us financially and spiritually. The founders warned us of the dangers of standing armies and going around looking for dragons to slay.

  24. I’m considering marketing a small device that monitors air particles around the wearer and will alert when it encounters alien DNA*, allowing the wearer to detect the presence of hidden aliens among us. Only $29.99!

    I only wish I was sure the product would be a failure.

    * Before you ask, no I can’t discuss how it identifies alien DNA. It’s a trade secret.

          • Given what I’m sure are billions, with a B, that the “magic face diaper” industry has made just over the last year, I think your price point is too low. You can’t put a price on safety, bud! Throw in a pair of Rowdy Roddy Piper spectacles — the ones that reveal the aliens — and you’re talking big money. Add a deluxe package — the one that detects Invisible Hitlers and Wh*te N@tionalists — and you can get the Supreme Court to order everyone to buy one (it’s a tax).

          • Love that pic of La Bella Holmes. All tarted up like that, she’s not half bad… but man, like that old Eagles song goes, you cain’t hide your bunny boilin’ eyes. I think it was Shakespeare who said, “Never stick your dick in crazy.” I’m betting Henry “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac” Kissinger is regretting skipping that lecture now…

  25. There are about 3000 admitted satellites orbiting earth, plus the military satellites that can’t be admitted to. If the Globalists conditioned the dirt people to the presence of UFOs/aliens, it would seem like an easy jump to projecting 3D
    holographic UFOs to scare the behjeebers out of the peasants, in order to consolidate power even more for the New World Order.

    Just something to ruminate on.

    • “… it would seem like an easy jump to projecting 3D
      holographic UFOs…”

      Um, I think I found a problem with your scheme.

  26. Maybe sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar?

    UFOs and aliens are fun – as are the lunatics that believe in them. I’d rather be entertained by them than having the queers, wahmen, joggers and other capering loons trying to do it…

  27. Perhaps we never have and never will be visited by extra-terrestrials due to the “Fermi Paradox” which states that when an advanced civilization reaches a certain point of knowledge and discovery, things start to regress like we saw with the Greeks, the Romans, the English, and now the US. Ridiculous things like transgenderism, racial justice (vengeance) and the like take precedence over genuine scientific discovery and discipline. In short, it may very well be a universal maxim that “advanced” civilizations always commit suicide before they can even come close to interstellar space travel.

    • “…the “Fermi Paradox” which states that when an advanced civilization reaches a certain point of knowledge and discovery, things start to regress like we saw with the Greeks, the Romans, the English, and now the US.”

      That’s not what the Fermi Paradox states, that’s just one of many necessarily bullshit* propositions for explaining the Fermi Paradox, which states, in short, “The odds** seem high that intelligent life exists in the universe and has had time to contact us, yet there is no evidence of other intelligent life in the universe.”

      *Necessarily bullshit because any theory proposed in an absolute evidentiary vacuum is necessarily bullshit. Related, the Drake Equation is also bullshit. An equation that assigns a meaningful result to the process of multiplying seven numbers, only two or three of which we have even a modest evidentiary basis for estimating, is necessarily bullshit. By the time we have the answers to the other 4 or 5 variables, the Drake Equation will be moot.

      **Speculation about the odds, in a complete evidentiary vacuum, being yet more bullshit.

      • While we’re on the subject though, yes such speculation is more pop-philosophy than rational analysis, but an interesting hypothetical posed by one of those “where are they” articles pointed out that it’s almost within our grasp to build self-replicating space probes, and that in deploying such probes they would “colonize” the galaxy in…well I forget the number, but lets say 10 million years. Point being that the galaxy is way older than 10 millions years and if aliens occurred with anywhere near the frequency of their adherents we should be swimming in these probes, and yet, nothing.

      • If you need evidence for the Idiocracy Fermi paradox solution, just look outside or turn on the television.

        Any civilization that reaches a point where they can feed everyone and has a smartphone-equivalent brain replacement probably hits a massively dysgenic wave that eventually kicks them back to the iron age once all the gadgets stop working.

        The only way out of it would be genetic engineering, but that just leads to the insect colony non-sapient future. The elites wouldn’t be able to resist inserting genes for “better-socialized” offspring, which is a slippery slope leading to the brain structure of a china-man and eventually to that of a bee or ant.

        • A sample size of one species which hasn’t even successfully killed itself off yet isn’t very strong evidence.

        • Which tells you only that the probability works out to >0.

          Not much to go on. Yes, evidentiary vacuum as hyperbole, but not much.

    • Nothing in English or Greek history compares to this. Both peoples were overtaken by countries with larger economies and populations. The US is committing suicide and trying to take down the whole of the West with it.

  28. I think the point of dredging up UFO conspiracy stories is to give the American public something familiar and reliable to cling to, in a world in which face-masked reality makes less sense than tinfoil hat lunacy.

    At least the tinfoil people could breathe.

  29. The UFO stuff is most likely an inside-the-beltway meme between the power elite (a phony sad power elite) flashing their colors to each other like n words. Showing that they’re all on the same page. The same way they support DC area sports-ball teams, etc.

    • It’s almost a form of mental abuse too, or attempted stab at it

      They know people are all bent out of shape from Covid, then they throw this at them


      Are they trying to create even more mass psychosis?

      These people are demented, and they hate us for sure

  30. I think its just a combination of horrible equipment and the anti american US government trying to demoralize christians. Christianity is standing in the way of woke, gay liberalism and what better way to torture them than by putting trannies on tv and talking about aliens, which are certainly not explained in the bible.

    • Seems to me that Christianity isn’t standing in the way of anything. In fact, it seems to be abetting the Power Structure’s deviant, anti-white agenda. And I say that as a Christian.

      • We have about 8-10 Protestant, non-Amish / Mennonite churches in Canada who are openly & publicly standing up to the COVID tyranny and not complying. They’re been jailed or fined, most bullied into outward “compliance” – but are moving underground in reality.

        Total congregants? Probably around 5,000 and 8,000 between them. Pretty blackpilling when you realize what a tiny % of the population that is.

      • In the end religion is a reflection of it’s practitioners and alas Jesus cannot prevent bugmen from twisting the faith to their own ends.

  31. There are lots of aliens around me… In fact Canada is bringing in 400,000 per year (those are just the legal ones). I heard there’s 30 million illegal aliens living in the USA, mostly the Southwest. Most of these aliens are actually quite hostile. They laugh in our face and brag about our replacement while cheating, stealing, and destroying.

    I’ll start caring about grainy 1920s style black and white footage of blobs moving around once we get the current alien problem under control.

  32. Distraction?

    Just like the “Russian collusion” tale was rolled out just in time and in order to distract from Hillary Clinton’s private server crimes and the murder of Seth Rich, maybe the sociopaths in charge of programming decided the public needed to be distracted from the debacle that’s the Biden administration.

    As mainstream religion dies off, peoples’ need to find an overarching narrative and greater meaning needs a new Tale to focus on. Climate change extremism and Anti-racism are providing some new Believers with causes to rally around; but only among the Lefties. Alien spacecraft, on the other hand, is an apolitical phenomenon that people across the political spectrum can embrace. Knowing that there’s always been a certain amount of UFO rumors floating around, maybe the SRC (sociopathic ruling class) decided to stir the pot with a dose of “official evidence” of a wondrous new Visitation from Afar.

    It checks a lot of the same boxes; it’s got mystery, suspense, drama, the numinous unknown:
    Entities far wiser than we are, revealing god-like capabilities we can barely comprehend, come from far off to visit us. Are they here to help? Or do they have some larger purpose in mind, some unimaginable vision of their own to act out? Why have they not made contact? What are they waiting for?

    Anglin’s piece at Unz does a good job of bringing it all back down to Earth; pointing out how stories of alien abductions suddenly stopped at the point when cellphones— which could verify them— became popular; and asking the logical corollary question of why we’re not seeing cellphone videos of these spacecraft popping up on Youtube? And pointing out that the most reasonable explanation is fake footage and actors from the military.

    On the other hand, as a previous commenter pointed out, there’s Lori Lightfoot…. and I would add, Mitt Romney.
    human…. there.

    Could Kamala Harris’s sudden elevation to VP after crashing and burning in the primaries be evidence of advanced Mind-Control techniques developed in a Galaxy far far away? Could her unearthly cackle be a clue that she knows something we don’t, but are about to find out?

    Stay tuned….

    • Bill: “Entities far wiser than we are, revealing god-like capabilities we can barely comprehend, come from far off to visit us. Are they here to help? Or do they have some larger purpose in mind, some unimaginable vision of their own to act out?”

      Spoiler: It’s a cook book!

  33. The Scene: Raytheon HQ Engineering Section:
    VP Engineering: Look at this film the Navy sent us_! OK, so who’s the wise guy that let a damn gnat get inside one of our Mark 379 Navy cameras again_?
    Jr VP: Let’s just tell them it’s UFO’s. Otherwise they’ll start looking into our hardware Quality Control again. Don’t want that. Might start asking questions about artifacts from our signal processing software again too.
    VP Engineering: UFO’s_? They’ll never buy that. Hint that we know that the sailors on the midnight watch were smoking weed on duty again, then they’ll cover it up for sure.
    Jr VP: And we can say that if it’s not not watch misconduct, it’s UFO’s ’cause it can’t be our software or hardware quality control. So then they’ll cover it up either way. Win:Win_!

  34. I think the first post by TomA hits the nail squarely on the head.

    Look, squirrel!!

    I can’t imagine what the hell the dingbats have up their sleeve, but rolling this out, it could be a doozy.

    • What are they going to call up next? This event will be difficult to top. Which has me concerned.

      • Lots of noise out there about a, “cyber pandemic,” in late summer to drop the power and financial grids.

        • Wild Geese: ERCOT of Texas has absolved itself and its idiotic decisions regarding wind power for this past winter’s power outage. It’s all the fault of the pesky customers using too much. We are taking more than our fair share. They’ve already warned repeatedly that the ‘next’ big overdemand crisis will be this summer.

          I’m trying to plan accordingly, but the electronic/solar power bank with sufficient watts to start up the compressor on a full-size fridge or room-size air conditioner (no gas to store and stabilize in a >100 degree garage for our smaller gas generator) is on sale at Amazon for just over $1000. Being ‘green’ is costly.

  35. Context. Last November, the mask fully came off with the overt theft of a presidential election and the installation of a corrupt dementia patient as the Commander in Chief. And this created a non trivial problem for the Deep State. Namely, a significant cohort of the population would now know that the game has changed fundamentally. What to do about it? Since “Russia-Russia-Russia” would no longer pass the laugh test . . . “Look, squirrel” became the default answer. So now we have an imminent invasion from Mars to distract us from the crime wave taking place in DC.

    Z, since you’re doing lots of movie review these days, how about reviewing “Mars Attacks.” I loved that movie and it’s not only applicable to current events, but an eerily accurate portrayal of our leadership.

      • Since there is a “talk like a pirate” day in our modern hip culture, why can’t we have a “talk like a Martian” day where everyone goes around communicating in “Ack, Ack” sentences. Just a thought. And TV news would be far more accurate and comprehensible if the talking heads spoke in Martian too.

  36. The flying triangles were pretty obviously light bouncing around inside the scope, and no one smart enough to point this out to the breathless recorder of same. (Tho I understand someone debunked it by reproducing the illusion.) The previous grainy film loudly “leaked” was something similar, an illusion caused by the observing equipment. Not that there aren’t Things Out There we don’t know about, but these ain’t it.

    I’m reminded of an exercise where you stand staring into the sky for no reason… and pretty soon a whole bunch of people are staring along with you, trying to see whatever you apparently see.

    • I think F/A-18 video from the Navy is basically a fly trapped between panes of glass in the heads-up-display.

  37. “That means these super intelligent space aliens can shut down our most advanced weapons from their ships but could not figure out how to shut off the radar and cameras. It is a good thing they did not come here to rob bank vaults.”

    Sentences like this are why I keep reading Z.

  38. I think the answer is that the government really HAS been infiltrated, at the highest level, by Little Green Men. They push it out to The Media that aliens exist. Knowing that everyone smarter than a concussed goldfish knows everything in The Media is a lie, we all take this as rock-solid proof that aliens don’t exist, and our Little Green Overlords are free to keep abducting and probing us to their hearts’ content. (Why else would our Media also be so obsessed with butt stuff? See the connections, man… seeeeee the connections!!!)

    They really know how to play the long game, those Little Green Men.

    • It always struck me as odd that a race of beings so advanced as to traverse deep space, would do so just to stick things up people’s bottoms. Unless it was their version of April Fools Day or some sort of initiation rite. But then again seeing as they a sooooper advanced, what else could they really do with us? Would they attempt to steal our old fashioned technology? Possibly resources from Earth? In this frame of reference it seems highly likely that the aliens just like having fun with us.

      Unless… they came to stop systemic racism? Who knows, maybe the white man owes them some reparations too?

      • That is as reliable as the sunrise in the east. The punchline to any alien abduction story is “…and then they probed my ass”

      • A super smart race travelling at light speed would see us the same way we see a mound of ants. Not really that interesting.

        Of course, sometimes kids mess with ant Hills, or scientists do experiments in a lab.

        Who knows.

        • People, people, you’re not looking at this intersectionally. Are we not forever being told that gays are a superior species to the rest of us? And if you say “Little Green Men” real fast, preferably while drunk, it kinda sounds like “Negros.” Who, of course, was kangz. Put it all together, and what do you get? A highly technologically advanced race of gay blacks, coming back from planet Wakanda to uplift us all.

          • The reasoning you present is rock solid. Write it up, have it peer reviewed by some Yale bods, and then publish in the scholarly Huffington Post.

            You could be the next Sokel.

        • It’s the Wakanka Air Force visiting the racist homeland. The kinda technoooly blacks just can’t help but thinking up when they’re finally free from white oppression.

  39. This ufo story is weird but probably just another way of campaigning for more money. The thing to keep in mind is that the leadership of the country has demonstrated they are stupid and gullible. Just look at the whole Elizabeth Holmes episode for instance. If Kissenger, Perry, Shultz, Mattis, Foege, et al. are dumb enough to be fooled by that scam these ‘leaders’ at the helm of the empire are dumb enough to fall for just about anything. It’s further support for the argument Z makes that you have to take the support for critical race theory at the top of society at face value. Yes, they are that stupid and they prove it everyday. Once this survival movement for white people coalesces into an actual organization and resolves on some concrete goals to pursue that fundamental stupidity can be exploited.

    • I’m frankly surprised, and terrified, that the Elizabeth Holmes story didn’t get more traction. Just do an image search for her name. It doesn’t matter if it’s a candid moment, a publicity still, a Glamour Shot, whatever — one look at her, and anyone with the sense God gave little catfish would start walking the other way as fast as his legs could go. Kissinger and Mattis, at least, have negotiated with people at the highest level. How the hell could they have fallen for it?

      There has indeed been a terrifying decline of not just intelligence, but horse sense, in our “leaders.” Leave aside the fact that someone like myself, a Liberal Arts guy who has to pull off a sock to count past ten, knows that blood doesn’t work that way. All it takes is one look at the lady in question… and nobody saw it.

      • The first time I saw her speak, my thought was “are you kidding me?” I thought it was a joke I was not getting. The crazy eyes and the weird voice, which obviously fake as hell. That really is a stunning indictment of the political class. Kissinger is ancient, so maybe he is just out of his mind, but the others have no excuse.

        • Not to mention the constant black turtleneck. She seems to believe that if you kill Steve Jobs in ritual combat, then eat his heart while donning his clothing, you gain his powers. I’m no shrink or anything, but ye gods, that woman is obviously a lunatic. And they don’t even have the “thinking with the wrong head” excuse — I’d give the dorks at Stanford a pass, since she’s probably a 9.5 in the STEM world (which is a 5.5. in the real world), but Mattis, at least… well, I’ve heard from very reliable sources that he is completely, constitutionally immune to feminine wiles, IYKWIMAITYD.

          • This gets to something I’ve mentioned many times. The world in which these people operate is nothing like the regular world. Holmes ticked the boxes for the Cloud People ideal of the new model woman, so they eagerly looked past the red flags. In fact, they saw no red flags, which in the Dirt People world is usually a red flag in itself. Her goofy affectations were what made her “original and authentic” in a world of people aping each others goofy affectations. In uncanny valley, there was nothing weird about Holmes.

        • The voice is so strange that I thought it was being altered by one of those auto-tune things to make her sound that way.

        • While working in the Pentagon in an office full of fresh-out-of-college bureaucratic strivers, I happened to walk in on some of them consuming Holmes’ TED Talk. I quipped “it’s all BS” and there was an audible gasp. When pressed, I offered that their reaction was all the proof I needed that it was all smoke and mirrors … since they were emotionally invested in her being successful. Later, one of them asked me again about it, though in a more neutral tone, and I offered “look at the eyes. They never lie. She looks like my ex-wife.” I would really have enjoyed being back in that office to take credit for my prediction.

      • You describe my own reaction exactly when learning about all this, how transparently crazy she is, how outlandish the claims, how gullible and just plain stupid all those ‘great men’ taken in by it all must be. It is terrifying to realize in a way they aren’t evil geniuses bent on carrying out some carefully conceived master plan but rather buffoons and knaves, catapulted into positions of power through some other mechanism entirely divorced from any metric of merit we’d recognize. And then you realize the women are even worse. Biden is the perfect figurehead for this ship of fools and I can’t believe adversaries aren’t already seizing the opportunity.

    • Lizzy “Borden” Holmes recently got herself knocked up to get a lighter sentence from the judge.

      Definitely not a bunny-boiler, no siree Bob.

    • The Holmes saga does illustrate the hivemind of the Cloud People and how they lack the capacity to think outside their world. They, too, are in rapid and steep decline albeit with nicer stuff.

      Critical Race Theory, Russia, Climate Change, Covidiainism…it is all a Ghost Dance that the Cloud People start and many Dirt People join so the Great White (?) Buffalo will come. More than the economic and power collapse of the United States, this dyscivilizational behavior portends bad days ahead. So Little Green Men make sense as a rapid replacement religion for St. African.

      Good mention of Z’s frequent reminders that these people believe this insanity, too. I am more guilty than anyone in wanting to attribute to malice what should be attributed to psychosis.

    • That crazy Holmes woman is an honorary lifetime member of the cloud people. I doubt she will do any prison time and even if she does, she will be propped right back up again and die a billionaire.

  40. The alien thing is just a religion replacement. Omnipresent beings that you can’t see or understand, looking over you, occasionally interacting with you, sometimes harsh sometimes benevolent. But the most important thing that the aliens have absorbed is faith. It is the One World religion

    • Fits right in with the virus, Hoopin’ Floyd, and alphabet soup worship.

  41. The Wu Flu plandemic psyop isn’t working so well with the vax denier untermenschen?
    The alien invasion will be the Big Show and it has been ordered up by the Chicago Jesus Messiah Hussein Hopenchange who is the One!
    Forward, yes we can!

  42. What’s amusing now is watching the gaslighting and reversal of the narrative.

    For years believers in UFOs were treated like cranks and weirdos, which they mostly were, but now people who question the UFO narrative are the cranks and weirdos.

    That bastion of high quality journalism, The Daily Beast, recently ran a headline “QAnon Crowd Convinced UFOs Are a Diversion From Voter Fraud” — now the cranks and weirdos are the ones who don’t believe we’re being visited by little green men!

    Have they overplayed their hand? We’d like to think so . The government and mainstream press print about a dozen ridiculous things every day before I have had my morning coffee that nobody with an IQ above room temperature would believe, but I am afraid Edward Dutton is also right, and room temperature IQs are becoming depressingly common.

    • Kind of like the White Hat turning Heel in the WWE world.
      The Powers That BE just might want to see how much outrageous news they can get away with.

      • Speaking of the WWE, not only did John Cena apologize for calling Taiwan a country, he groveled and begged for forgiveness while speaking Chinese. If you haven’t seen the video, look it up, it is pathetic. So much for years of a carefully crafted tough guy image.

        • Insane. The groveling is fairly evident from his facial expressions and the text, but the way he says it is so over the top. The bits where he says “very, very, very, very sorry…” sound so awkward in Chinese. I’ve never heard a native Chinese speaker talk like that. He’s literally translating his English into Chinese in a naked attempt to ingratiate himself to his Sino overlords.

          What a fag.

  43. If the rumours are true that the US government has been working closely with aliens for decades and the result is present day America then, to paraphrase Trump, I would have to say that the Romulans have not been sending their best.

    • I dunno. Assume they are hostile aliens trying to retard human progress and they suddenly seem a whole lot smarter!

      A variation of one of Robert Conquest’s Three Laws of Politics:

      “The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of hostile lizard-like aliens!”

    • Anyone remember the TV mini-series “V”?

      Aliens disguised as humans came to help earth, but were secretly reptiles who just wanted to form a fascist government, take the water, and take the human population back to use as food?

      Look around the US and try and tell me we’re not being fattened up like cattle!

      • I am encouraged that the appreciation for well marbled meat is universal.

        The fact that the technology required for interstellar travel still coexists with good old antibiotic-flooded, GMO-enhanced meat production tells me that Vegans really do hate science – and that we will reach the stars long before cow farts cook the planet. Personally, I am looking forward to my mid-flight ribeye aboard Elon’s electric minivan to Mars.

  44. Aliens, angles, chupacabra, bigfoot: after the year long Wuhan martial law, mostly peaceful race conversations, the Biden installation…I am done with this show.

    The Fonz jumping the shark in Al’s parking lot is Shakespearean in comparison.

  45. I’ve been in the USN for over 23 years, including command & pentagon tours. The answer to this, whatever it turns out to be, will prove to be boring. With the military, always bet on the boring, mundane answer. The camera video looks terrible because it isn’t designed to record video for broadcast, or at least it wasn’t when it was designed 2 decades ago (and it IR images). I’m in the middle of a particularly terrible defense acquisition university (yes, that’s a thing) class right now, and it’s all process, process, process so if we wanted to pay for better cameras now, we’d likely field them in a decade. Why would DoD answer Rubio’s statutory requirement for data release? I’d speculate it’s not b/c they think it will get them more funding … the boring answer is that someone at DoD decided that stalling might risk an interruption in current funding. The Pentagon is not a military HQ (that’s done at CoCom staffs) – the sole purpose of people working there is to keep wrangling money out of congress.

    • “The camera video looks terrible because it isn’t designed to record video for broadcast”

      Huh? I don’t know about “broadcast quality”, but they told the vendors, “We want cameras, but they don’t have to be very good.”?

      What job is it the cameras are supposed to be doing?

      • The quality at the time of the procurement was acceptable. MYP is right about the acquisition process, and good luck swapping in new tech into existing systems with out years of MilSpec testing and evaluation.

        TBH, the quickest way to this side of the River Dissident is to spend more than a decade in USG contracting.

      • As MYP pointed out, the cameras were state of the art back when the contract was awarded and design finalized but that was probably in the 80’s or even earlier. One of the first technical requirements in the spec was probably something like “resolve the hot thing coming toward you from a noisy background really fast!”

      • What’s the camera for? Night-time gun targeting, probably. And for that requirement, the camera’s performance is likely good-enough, or at least was good enough when the requirements documents were written 10+ years ago.

  46. I agree that the most interesting aspect of this rather odd scene is the lack of interest from the public. If the military had come out in 1985 and said that it had evidence of space aliens, the news would have been huge. Today, crickets.

    As you say, it’s a sign of how much the public has lost faith in the government and the system in general. That’s a hopeful change, and one that bodes well for our side.

    • Funny, too, how you can almost pinpoint the change, historically. We all have made the “calling Agent Mulder!” joke, but the funny thing is, that only works if we, as a society, assume that our government is basically competent. I love the contrast between “X-Files” and the other “aliens have invaded us” show of the last 20 years, “The Walking Dead.” One derives its dramatic tension from the assumption of a competent government covering things up; the other, on the premise that the government was absolutely useless in the face of what has to be the dumbest, most easily-preventable public health disaster in history.

      Hmmm…wonder what changed between 1992 and 2008? Looking your way, George W. and the neoklowns….

      • I cringe thinking about me cheering at a GWB rally in Fall 2000. But I still can’t quite come around to thinking “I wish Gore had won.” I keep coming back to thinking “if Reagan had only picked Paul Laxalt to be his running mate in 1980 …”

        • I’ve said many times that in lieu of giving money to veterans’ organizations, I should just let some GI with PTSD punch me right in my stupid goddamn face, for supporting that farce. It won’t give him all the wasted years of his life back, but it’d do more than thousands of therapy hours and drugs from a shrink.

          • During my year in the garden spot of southern Iraq, I made a point of emailing a professor from grad school (who’s class I had taken in Spring 2003 in the run up to the Iraq debacle) to say “I was wrong.” I made a point to email him from my email address.

          • I came around to the “I was wrong” way of thinking when Derb published his late in the W Bush years, but it’s only been fairly recently that I’ve realized that I was not just wrong, but cataclysmically wrong. The lesson from Vietnam was that military should have folded (and really came close to it in the Carter years), and instead I sponged up the boomer anger from the failure of Vietnam and happily supported whatever ruination the MIC felt had to be doled out.

          • In retrospect, my first tentative move into this side of the great divide, my first questioning thought against “Team Red” occurred while watching GWB’s 2nd inaugural address, with its messianic themes and Wilsonian nonsense, then suddenly realizing “uh oh … he really believes this.”

  47. “Marco Rubio, one of the Senate’s most brilliant thinkers…” hilarious.

    If Rubio ever came across this post, he’d most certainly not understand the sarcasm.

  48. “Marco Rubio, one of the Senate’s most brilliant thinkers”

    Fantastic dig at both Rubio and the Senate

  49. “Supposedly the government is releasing this stuff because Congress passed a law requiring them to come clean on the UFO question.”

    Sounds like a nice little yarn to spin in order to convince the plebs to trust the government… look! They’d never lie to you, and to prove as much, they are willing to ‘come clean’ about UFOs. Part of me thinks it is that, the other part thinks that they do genuinely enjoy seeing how much crap that can excrete in the mainstream discourse and still get away with. Hell, most people the world over lapped up the Covid overreaction so why not? Aliens caused Covid could be another thing to go with, perhaps somehow linking in with Floyd? Aliens vs Covid vs Floyd: Reboot Requiem Part III?

    The most amusing part was the (alleged!) nuclear weapons facility pinning the blame on the little green fellas; their ENIAC based system is probably so antiquated that it was on it’s last legs. Can’t apportion blame to reality (old systems, no more expertise in maintenance) so… hurrah! The aliens have come and we’ll finger them for it! Z, in all honesty it would not surprise me to see aliens being blamed for everything in the next ten years.

    I have to go now, a client has had a bad outage, initial service desk reports speak of weird and very quickly moving green lights in the vicinity of the server at the time. Could be aliens, could be the Ethernet LED, who knows? Facts don’t.

    • It almost makes me wishing I was still in the tech sector. I’d love to be able to include hostile aliens among the network security threats we from which we would help protect our customers.

      “Our product is installed on major networks all over the world and aliens have never successfully infiltrated one of our networks!”

      • That quote of yours is gold. It’s great because a) it is obviously true and b) if, with all their amazing technology aliens couldn’t hack you, then you’ve got the safest network in the galaxy. I’ll put it forward to the CEO for consideration; at least it is, as I said, true. This makes it more honest than our five current ‘core values’.

    • Ridiculous!

      Everyone knows the majority of the federal government’s computer infrastructure is based on TRS-80s…

    • This whole US admits UFO’s reminds me of that Monty Python skit with two pilots so bored the start making passenger PA’s just to throw them into a panic for the hell of it.

    • Most of the people I know who “bought into” the COVID crap only did so because it let some of us plebs “work from home.”

      We pretend it’s real, you pretend we’re working.

  50. Eventually it will be released to the public that the “aliens” have made contact with our leaders. Their message is that we face extinction if we don’t ” Stop global warming” and get rid of all of the anti-LBGT and racist people in our midst.

    I imagine they will tell us we also need a one world government and an economic reset as well. You see the aliens are quite enlightened being all advanced and everything.

    • More likely they will be the Lovecraftian fish men. One of them is already Mayor of Chicago.

    • Ha. And in a fit of fully compliant inter-galactic smugness, Resident Biden may agree to the first public anal probe relayed live from the Oval Orifice Office.

      • You know, the Chinese have lately had a thing for anal swabs. Connect the dots, trust the plan, wait two more weeks, etc.

      • So this is why the U.S. kisses Israel’s collective behind. It turns out the aliens are probably Jewish.

        I should have known.

        • To be fair, there is no evidence that the aliens are not Jewish. That said, the ones that I saw in Independence Day didn’t really look at all Jewish.

        • Well, the aliens in that old South Park episode were Jewish…”stick it in my marklar!”

        • Eventually it will be discovered that the flying saucers are powered by furious hand rubbing.

      • It’s probably worth noting that the ghost writer for octogenarian Eshed’s latest book is a fantasy writer, Hagar Yanai

        “She is also a three-time recipient of the Geffen Award for Best Original Hebrew Fantasy.”

        She’s also a textbook loony leftist:

        “Hagar Yanai was born in Kibbutz Barkai. Following her army service she studied Anthroposophy for two years at Kibbutz Harduf and then traveled to Japan where she studied for a year with a Zen master in Tokyo, and worked as a hostess in night clubs. She spent some time in a Zen monastery in Kyosho. Her first book, A Woman in Light, was inspired by her affair with the head of the monastery. Yanai received her Bachelor’s degree in creative writing and screenwriting from Camera Obscura School of Art, and her Master’s degree in literature from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.”

        • Correction: “Ghost writer” isn’t the correct term, as she’s apparently the credited author.

          Also strange is that absolutely the only copy of any of her books I can find for sale is a Spanish edition of one of her novels. It has exactly one review:

          Most Israelis are fluent in English, so it’s weird that not only would there be no English translations, but also no English discussions or reviews.

          Barnes and Noble also lists just the one book, in Spanish, with zero reviews.

          Israel Book Shop and Judaica Place, “The World’s Premiere Jewish Gift and Book Store” list nothing for her, in any language.

          Curioser and curiouser.

          • Ah, she does turn up on Goodreads:

            I’ve had to edit out the link because the post is being marked as spam. Just search her name on Goodreads.

            But the only book that links to a purchasable copy is the aforementioned Spanish edition.

            The minority of the reviews for her books that are in English tend to not be very complimentary. There aren’t a lot of reviews even in Hebrew, and not a lot of positive reviews. Apparently writing the “Best Original Hebrew Fantasy” is a pretty low bar. Like, there are probably more talented authors writing in Klingon.

    • I suspect that George is right. Our leaders see society splintering and need a cause to unite us and as a pretext for world government. Very insightful.

      This is like what Reagan said:

      In his speech to the Forty-Second Session of the United Nations, the President said, “In our obsession with antagonism of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond.”

    • This was my first thought a la “The Day The Earth Stood Still” wherein Keanu “Clafutti” Reeves (in the updated climate change version) threatens earth with destruction if people . . . don’t stop destroying it.

      Having just spent a year gauging the gullibility of the general population no doubt TPTB (P stands for psychopaths by the way) have determined the time is ripe to wrap up the whole globalist enchilada with a scary alien threat tortilla. I don’t suspect they’re wrong.

  51. I can’t imagine what I would tell my younger self in the 80s what life is like now or the level of sheer lunacy we are ruled by now.

    In the 70s we had a similar type fascination with this sci fi lunacy with Erich Von Daniken’s ancient astronauts and even the Bermuda triangle BS. Even then it was not entertained by serious people, the type we don’t have anymore.

    Of course now we have unending waves of all types of craziness and new beliefs. Trannies as the new norm, homo marriage, full body tattoos, witchcraft widely adopted, sex changes on children, deadly fake pandemics, numinous people of color and of course racism, racism, racism. I could go on as well as everyone here could.

    • “Of course now we have unending waves of all types of craziness and new beliefs. Trannies as the new norm, homo marriage, full body tattoos, witchcraft widely adopted, sex changes on children, deadly fake pandemics, numinous people of color and of course racism, racism, racism. I could go on as well as everyone here could.”

      To be fair, we cannot discount the highly likely event that the aliens turned up, saw this, and then promptly got the hell outta town. Good lads. There is also the chance that the aliens come from a civilization so progressive as to be incomprehensible to us, but sickening to the few sane aliens left. They fled, looking for pastures new. They saw what you described and thought ‘FFS!’.

    • “In the 70s we had a similar type fascination with this sci fi lunacy with Erich Von Daniken’s ancient astronauts and even the Bermuda triangle BS. Even then it was not entertained by serious people, the type we don’t have anymore.”

      Pssst, you forgot the Killer Bees that were flying up from Brazil to sting us all to death.

      Sadly I remember buying pulp paperbacks about the Bermuda Triangle as a kid back then. Fascinating stuff for a kid, not so much as an adult.

      • Around the same time, there was an explosion of mass UFO sightings, too (mid-Seventies?). The X-Files led to similar claims, notably the unhinged belief that aliens were impregnating women. Even that takes a back seat to transgenderism.

        The Seventies and Nineties before the economy came back, much like today, were really stressful periods. This country seems prone to embrace crazy stuff when things are unsettled.

        • If you spot anyone building a replica of Devil’s Tower out of mashed potatoes, let me know.

    • I’m only half-joking here but it’s definitely time for an update to MacKay’s “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Crowds”. I think it would be good for the new version to focus on all the horseshit the mass media has foisted on modern society over the decades since ultimately that’s where mass delusions start, propagate, and finally burn out.

      Usually, there’s some kernel of truth around which horseshit begins to accrete somewhat in the way planets from in protoplanetary disks. It seems that over the last 20 years especially, the only way one of them dies down is when another comes along as people are bored with the earlier one. It’s going to be hard to top Covid, unless… THE ALIENS GAVE US COVID!

      Yes, thank you. You can pay me now.

  52. Relax, It’s a well known fact that little green men are scared stiff of smartphones. If you should happen to be accosted by aliens just whip out your phone and they’ll scarper back to Alpha Centauri or wherever before you can switch the camera over to video.

    • I imagine if there were aliens out there they probably had something like smartphones at some time in their past. Remembering the horror of the smartphone probably just triggers them and they flee in terror.

      • “Our species barely survived the Great Smart Phone Catastrophe. Building a smart phone is the only crime still punishable by death in our civilization.”

  53. > Supposedly the government is releasing this stuff because Congress passed a law requiring them to come clean on the UFO question. Marco Rubio, one of the Senate’s most brilliant thinkers, got something passed last year that requires the Pentagon to issue a report to the public on what they know.

    Sounds like a typical corporate scenario of something being ordered by superiors that is patently ridiculous but compliance is easier than fighting it. The military probably saw the request and said, “You want some UFO stuff? okay, here’s something to shut you up and feel like you got something. Now can I do some real work?”

    I’m joking, of course. Our military doesn’t do real work.

      • Yes, the Defense Department is clearly trying to increase funding levels. With the war in Afghanistan finally ending and the stories released that they lied to Trump about troop levels in Syria, there has to be some fear that there could be Defense cuts coming soon. It shouldn’t work, but you never know with our government.

        • That’s actually the premise of a not-too-bad novel by William F. Buckley’s kid, Christopher, called Little Green Men. The military needed increased funding, and wanted to keep the Russians on their toes, so they made up an alien conspiracy. There are some genuinely funny bits: The aliens went from “little green men” to “tall greys” because the DoD couldn’t find enough midgets with security clearances, and the whole operation is run out of the Social Security Administration, because that’s the last place any politician or nosy journalist would dare set foot.

  54. also, given that alien visitors would have far more advanced weapons than we would, why would the aliens even need to hide? they would be down here on sight seeing trips, etc.

    the paradox of interstellar travel is it doesn’t make any sense; there is no reason to do it. and travel between galaxies makes even less sense. it would be like driving a million miles to get a cup of coffee.

    • They really don’t hide anyway. They put on displays for us to watch and enjoy and be freaked out by. What they most certainly are not is space explorers from another star system. What they actually are is probably weirder than we can imagine and maybe negative or evil, so everyone is best advised to keep your distance from this topic for your own good.

    • My God man have you never seen the Stargate series? It’s all worm holes and english is the universal language.

    • The aliens are dumb. They traveled many galaxies away only to crash at a half-assed Air Force base in New Mexico. So stupidity may account for some of it.

  55. Sorry Z Man, I may have misheard, but I thought you said in last Friday’s show that you’d be taking the week off? Naturally, I am happy for the content, but just wondered?

    • Taking time off from the podcasts. Just writing a blog only everyday is dialing it back for Z.

      • Thanks, David. Yes, it is impressive that this is ‘time off’. I can’t say I am not thankful, this is my daily dose of sanity.

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