Prison Reform

One of the under discussed topics floating around Washington is prison reform, which has the support of President Trump. His son-in-law has been quietly whipping support for a bill backed by the White House. Trump’s photo-op with Kim Kardashian was part of the effort to get Democrat support for the bill. The point of the reform plan is to put more money into training and counseling for inmates, in an effort to reduce recidivism and decrease the prison population. America has 2.2 million prisoners which is the highest in the world.

Prison reform in America is a loser of an issue, mostly because all previous prison reform efforts have been nothing more than opening up the jails, so blacks could run wild in the streets. Even if you are not old enough to remember the crime wave of the 1970’s, the “soft on crime, bleeding heart liberal” is a stock figure in pop culture. As a result, whites are solidly against anything with the name “prison reform” in it. That’s why you never see blacks on TV making demands for prison reform. Their handlers have no interest in it.

Republicans in the House and Senate are in no hurry to pass anything. Even the open borders fanatics, who want to fill your neighborhood with criminal aliens and MS-13 gang-bangers, are not in a hurry to pass anything. Instead, they are doing the “comprehensive reform” dance, which is how politicians manage to do nothing, while endlessly talking about the need to do something. That means the odds of something getting done in the near term is not good, even if Trump is behind the effort. It’s bad politics right now.

That does not mean the status quo is workable. We have roughly 2.2 million people in jail at anyone moment. There are roughly 4.7 million people on parole, house arrest and court supervision. In a country of 300 million, that’s not a huge number, but seven million people is more than the population of Paraguay. It’s close to twice the population of Ireland. There are 125 countries with less than seven million residents. One reason we have so many people in jail is it is a lot easier to manage criminals in jail than when they are on parole.

Of course, the prison population is about 40% black. That means about about 2.5% of black people are in jail at any one time. Another 5% are under court supervision of some sort. As has been pointed out for decades, eliminate black crime and America is suddenly as docile as any other Western nation. That brings us back to the politics of prison reform, as everyone knows the stats on black crime. Since addressing the realities of the black population in America is forbidden, we maintain a massive human warehousing system.

The looming problem is demographics. In the 1990’s, getting tough on crime mostly meant longer sentences for smaller crimes. The “broken windows” approach to policing is mostly mythology, but getting crime under control does have a real impact. It works the same way the death penalty worked to pacify Europe. By handing out long jail sentences, cities like New York culled the herd, so to speak. Eventually though, the people sent away for 20 years get out on parole or served their time. What happens to them at that point?

A useful example, although not representative, is Joseph Konopka, who went by the name Dr. Chaos in his criminal career. He recruited a groups of young people he called The Realm of Ch@os, who committed acts of terrorism and vandalism in Wisconsin and Illinois. Konopka was arrested plotting a mass cyanide attack on the Chicago transit system. He is serving a 20-year sentence at ADX Florence. He will be released, having served all of his sentence, in August of next year. How is that going to work out?

For those unfamiliar, ADX Florence is a prison for the worst the system has to offer. It is called a “supermax” prison, but the inmates call it the Alcatraz of the Rockies. It holds people like Larry Hoover of the Gangster Disciples, Barry Mills and Tyler Bingham of the Aryan Brotherhood. They also have Zacarias Moussaoui, Faisal Shahzad, Ramzi Yousef, Ted Kaczynski and Eric Rudolph. In other words, when Konopka comes out, he will have spent 20 years living with some of the most dangerous and depraved men on earth.

This is an extreme example, but illustrative of the problem facing modern America. The solution to crime was to lock people up, which made sense at the time, but no one thought much about what those prisons would produce in 20-30 years. Granted, many men coming out of the system are going to be old, but they will still be useless, as the prison did nothing to ready them for life after jail. There’s zero chance the social justice warriors running FaceBook or Starbucks will be hiring Joseph Konopka upon his release.

The right answer, of course, is to start accepting reality about the last 70 years of social reform that started after WW2. Crime spiraled upward when the constraints on non-whites were removed and diversity was imposed on whites. Steve Sailer famously used Katrina and the subsequent collapse of New Orleans to illustrate this biological reality. Black crime would be half of what it is today, most of which is against other blacks, if whites were willing to reimpose the sorts of cultural  restraints common before Civil Rights.

That said, the diversity horse has left the barn. By turning America into a majority-minority nation, the ruling class of the last half century has condemned future generations to endemic crime problems like you see in Brazil. One solution to this is the return of penal colonies and criminal reservations. The people serving life terms should be housed on remote islands where they can live out their lives, without causing harm to other prisoners and prison guards. It is the alternative to the enthusiastic use of the death penalty.

Penal colonies would also mean a shift in sentencing. A guy like Joseph Konopka would not get 20 years. Instead, he would get life in the colony. In fact, a fair chunk of the 2.2 million currently in jail would get sent to the penal colonies. There’s simply no point in pretending that a man can come out after 30 years in a gladiator academy and be a normal person in society. There’s no point in pretending the rest of us wish to invest in the effort, even assuming it is possible. Penal colonies humanely address this problem.

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  1. There is no reform. Juvenile offenders get locked up in youth facilities, then graduate to the county prisons and finally ” go upstate “.

    By then they have effectively been institutionalized. Z is right. Penal colonies would be the natural evolution for incarceration. The inmates have their own code and it is for the most part carried out with little interference from the correction officers.

    Despite spending a lot of money to provide well-balanced meals inmates ignore the food and just eat the dessert .This is the diet they were raised on and it’s the one they prefer.

    But what they really want is drugs. My proposal is what I like to call the wafer program. Pharmaceutical narcotics have a expiration date and should they go past their date and lose some of their potency you could just take all manner of narcotics, grind them up and form them into something like a Lego waffle.

    Air drop a couple pallets of these to their remote island colony and they can spend their days high as kites. Should one of the inmates overdose by accident fellow inmates will be happy to retrieve the half-eaten wafer.

  2. I say we kill two birds with one stone. We implement the “Great American Western Desert Permaculture Project”. If you’ve ever driven across the country you’d know we have a VAST amount of worthless desert. The idea might actually save some of these goons. If they wouldn’t work they would be chained to a concrete triangle with a metal sheet to reflect heat they could sleep in and be out of the sun. Supplied once a day with water and the latest in vegetarian dinners in isolation. All would have ankle bracelets tracked by drones to save money. The vast majority of them would abhor isolationism quickly and decide to work. The actual work while hard is no different that what young Men have done for 10’s of thousands of years. The work would be terraforming the vast American deserts with permaculture principles. The work would after time start showing promise as the desert greened with self fertilizing trees to be followed with fruit tress and all manner of wildlife that would be drawn to the oasis. Some might actually find solace in being a part of something constructive. The goal is to have them work whether they are out of prison or in. I bet most would rather be out.

    Look at this video from a project in Jordon. They took a ruined, desert, hard packed clay, salt saturated ground where nothing would grow at all and in a few years had a self sustaining garden of figs, citrus trees and kinds of stuff growing. It’s startling what can be done. Even if you think the idea is stupid you should look at the video to see what can be done with totally destroyed, salted over earth. It’s amazing.

    If you start at 12:02 you’ll see a contrast between what they started with and what the end result was. A large part of the labor would be building contoured trenches over the whole landscape. It would cost a bit at first but over time the whole thing would pay for itself. It would also solve a lot of water problems in the west by fixing water in the ground.

  3. “One solution to this is the return of penal colonies and criminal reservations. Penal colonies humanely address this problem.”

    The basic fact of criminal behavior is that it is anti-social. The criminal does not see himself as a dues-paying member of the society whose benefits he enjoys, but rather a predator who feeds off it. Place the criminals into their own society, whose rules and mores are determined by themselves, and let them become socialized according to their own lights.
    Would that mean great numbers of dead criminals in the ensuing shake-out? Then for every one death within the criminal society there would be ten fewer in decent society. I think the young folks call that “a win-win.”

  4. Every inmate going into a cell for 20 plus year+s should walk into a cell with a little box by their sink that has a pill in it. If they feel they can’t handle it, then they can open that box at anytime, swallow the pill and be done with it. Send in the mortuary folks before roll call every morning to see who needs to be carted out of there. Then the clean up crew to get the cell and box ready for the next 20+ year felon.

    “But Dave! What if one prisoner takes the pill and forces it down the throat of another prisoner, you heartless bastard?”

    Well then the murderer gets a pill shoved down his throat. So it’s a 2 for 1 deal. Win win in my book. Though the only drawback is the case of Dindu Nuffin, who is serving 40 to life after finally being put in front of a judge who is not a bleeding heart and follows the law, Dindu can’t handle being locked up this time for the long stint (after twice serving 6 months of a 2 year sentence for armed robbery), so he takes the pill to save the taxpayer some money.

    Well Dindu’s Mom will be a useful idiot on the CNN / MSNBC panel circuit as she cries Dindu was murdered by the prison guards as he was a good boy who was framed with doctored video footage of his 3rd armed robbery of a bank and shot two people in his attempt to escape the police. Then Jesse and Al and the usual suspects will push the racist pill box conspiracy. Ah a person can dream though!

  5. There’s a few hundred square miles of uninhabited islands in the US, not counting Alaska and Hawaii. Alaska might be a bit harsh for our wayward killers and rapists, and Hawaii is just too damn humane. But the Channel Islands alone would give you 250 miles, maybe 150 very habitable. If you sent one million of the incorrigibles there that gives you 6.666 per square mile, ten an acre. Seems manageable. Michigan has a 200 square mile island fifteen miles from anywhere. There are many others.

  6. Any of y’all ever heard of God’s Law?

    None of the remedies proposed by Z-man (or anyone else yet) are worth spit.

    We have a crime problem because we have supplanted God’s Law with man’s law. As if ours is better.

    How’s that been working out so far?

    Read Deuteronomy… A perfect code of Law. No society, culture or state has ever (or ever will) propose or enact a superior one. The careful reader will note that there is no remedy of “prisons” of any sort… Every crime had a restitutional penalty (the criminal made good for what he stole or damaged—TO THE VICTIM) or else it was a death penalty offense… Never any reason to lock anyone up. And therefore no cause for society (and the victims) to PAY for the warehousing of the felon (while continuing his felonious education). But, what if the criminal can’t pay for the damage he did? Sold into slavery till debt is paid in full. What if he refuses to abide by the court? Death penalty. Pay back four sheep for the sheep you stole, or die by stoning…Choose. Most will choose to do the work to reimburse the victim over a brutal death. And most of his like-minded buddies will learn from his judgement. Else they’ll suffer the same fate and fail to pass on their flawed genes. Again, problem solved.

    Death penalty offenses (murder, rape, kidnapping, etc.) are non-negotiable. Convicted of any of these crimes by the mouth of at least “two witnesses” and you die without mercy. “And all Israel will hear and fear, and so shall you put the evil away from among you”. No prisons necessary. It’s not hard. But it takes real men to live up to it. Then, and only then, will we have a safe and peaceful and productive society (again).

    • God’s law may be inviolate, but so as long as men, not angels, interpret them, I’ll let a judge and jury determine guilt. If your wife or daughter was accused of witchcraft, would you meekly submit, like Abraham did, Issac to the knife?

      • Well, Abraham wasn’t accused of witchcraft, or any other crime. And he didn’t actually sacrifice his son—it was a test of his faith. If you haven’t read Deuteronomy (or all of the Pentateuch really), you should. You’d see that, unlike man’s laws, Yahweh’s are not hard to “interpret”. Another notable aspect of His system of justice, in fact, is a lack of lawyers…or a jury. Only judges and witnesses are prescribed.

        613 laws, statutes and judgements constitute the SUM TOTAL of the Law. Contrast that with our cornucopia of legal nonsense and you see why our system of justice is vastly inferior.

        In our world, a half million lawyers write the ‘laws’ and another half million interpret them (we have over 1.2 million lawyers in the US). All get fairly wealthy in the process while the rest of us continue to get poorer. Our people are subjected to incrimination for non-crimes (like failing to pay an unlawful “tax” for refusing to buy “health insurance”) while actual crimes of fraud and theft go un-punished. Those who suffer damages are never restored (rather, the State gets custody of the criminal and keeps any fruits of their slave labor) and the wicked walk free. Murderers are not put to death (and certainly not speedily) so it is never a deterrent to those who would do likewise. Every perversion and form of godlessness under the sun is both permitted and even encouraged and so the just and the decent man is oppressed always in his home and his community.

        Thus have we been enslaved by our “system of justice”. But you prefer it over God’s system because you’ve never seen His system. And you’ve never seen God’s system because wicked men lord theirs over you and good men have done nothing to stop it for 300 years.

        “…A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?” -Jeremiah 5

  7. 2.2 million prisoners in the US. The highest in the world? China with 1.3 billion people likely has more prisoners, but then hasty executions would whittle down incarcerations.

  8. Say what you want about sheriff Joe Arpaio… he didn’t have to worry about reforms and recidivism.

    • His tent city prison camps worked. Problem is you can’t pull that in most states with a liberal population and judiciary. Besides most sheriffs don’t have the stones to do that.

      My view we have to ride the train we’re on until it crashes or we take control of the engine. The latter is iffy unless the Deep State does something incredibly stupid. However that is becoming increasingly a possibility as what happened with Manafort. They went full police state on him and did what England did to Tommy Robinson.

      This is really scary and our side should worry. If the elites can simply order one of their puppet judges to curb stomp someone like Manafort in public. Imagine what they will do when they turn that machine on us.

  9. The problem is, it won’t be addressed. If it is, it will be done the CA way where Sacramento rejiggered the Penal Code so as to turn felonies into misdemeanors. For example a armed robbery where less than a $1000 is taken is now a misdemeanor punishable by a fine. Colin Flahery has covered it.

    Or they do as is being done across the country with juveniles thanks to Obama Admin edicts via HUD and DOJ to order police not to go after “at risk” youth like Trayvon and Cruz even when they are caught committing felonies.

    This is our future until the nation goes broke and forces whites to confront the ugly reality of diverse societies. – That they don’t work once the police/welfare state isn’t there.

    • German leftists are busy clucking about the “decline” in crime rates after Merkel ok’d the refugee invasion.

      One of three things must be happening
      -The German gov’t is telling the truth
      -The German gov’t is presenting false data
      -German leftists aren’t reporting crimes for fear of helping the Right

      It is somewhat amazing the AFD is polling at 15% in a good economy. Even a small recession could possibly double their share of the vote.

  10. We don’t need exile and there isn’t anywhere to send people anywhere America is just going to have to grow up and realize its as developed as Europe is for the most part and make policy that way

    All that aside, getting the crime rate down is easy.

    The vast majority of problems and the creation of a criminal underclass in the US is

    Marriage reform combined with job reform and a bit of religious, cultural revival will do the trick.

    However, we aren’t going back to lifetime marriage until women have no political power which would require a collapse/takeover /Handmaiden’s Tale scenario

    The Elite and their right wing Ayn Rand worshiping stooges aren’t going going to tolerate a populist/nationalist regime that has its hands in a lot of places and makes sure that American workers are provided for as much more than capital either. Our leadership class would rather passively genocide the founding peoples if they could and trust me they are working on it

    And as for church going, we use it as a cost cutting center so we don’t have to play fair with our neighbors . Religion is good but its not a dodge for responsibility

    All that rambling aside if we had a situation where people could get married youngish, stay married for life, have steady work thats remunerated well enough for people to raise a family on for life and had some religion and cultural tradition Christianity seems best for this purpose to provide that, our crime rate would be much lower as would drug use,

    Problem is we can’t, the US population is made up of mostly of people who couldn’t get along with the established rules, In the run, when you are starting a new colony , its a heroic baseline for a stock but its poison for a developed country

    I’ll guess we’ll just get crueler and harder and more violent till hell breaks lose and either the US is a savage 3rd world country or splits

    Post war bubble aside we simply don’t have what it takes to be developed and static .

  11. It becomes more and more obvious that Jim Crow was the most rational and humane way to insulate the rest of us from intractable black dysfunction. Getting rid of it in the name of dreamy-eyed utopianism has proven to be a disaster for all involved.

    Also, what is the point of putting human beings into a literal hell on earth like Florence or Pelican Bay? In the name of being humane, no less! Just get a rope, snap their necks, and be done with it.

  12. Nice idea but politically, socially, and culturally unacceptable. The great mass of White people, or should I say White women, will find those measures simply intolerable.

    Heartiste has a post up “Depravity thy Name is Woman” that I think ties into this.

    The loosening of norms of White society upon the Black underclass did not happen by magic or evil conspiracies any more than the Protestant Reformation was run by Egyptian magii. Profound changes in how people live, think, and act forged by technological advantage (then: gunpowder, printing press, the discovery of the New World, rise of merchants, rise of Kings with a literate, non clerical administrative class; now: the pill, condom, anonymous urban living, female driven mass consumerism) caused the “let em all fight” attitude mixed with EXPLICIT Anti-White male feelings.

    If you look at even the FBI, it is as feminized as my work-place (female dominated and serving a 100% female customer base). Dudes are sleeping with various subordinates or co-workers, Comey comes off as masculine and dominant as John Scalzi or Barry Manilow, and the entire workplace seems to be like a morning news show with Hoda and Gayle King.

    I submit what has gone with the West universally is our women are craving, like a starving man food, male dominance and seek it wherever and whenever they can find it. Like the nurses who engaged in a fist-fight, allegedly, over who would get the honors of taking care of bad-boy Dhokar Tsarnaev, after the Boston Bombings, or wife of Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer writing love songs for Tsarnaev, our White women are so deprived of male dominance that they seek extreme stuff in the bedroom as Heartiste points out and crucially …

    In Public Policy.

    If you think of America as one giant NVXIM cult with Alison Mack and Kristin Kreuk there to serve Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin (allegedly, note allegedly) while Dontavious kicks ordinary dudes heads in, you would not be far wrong. If the American Beta Male (95% of White men) fantasy is Leave it to Beaver, for American White women its Game of Thrones. Women don’t face the same violence penalty most of the time that men do, at worst they’ll scrub floors for sexy conquerors, at best they bear “better” children since those will inherit dynastic rule.

    No, I think jailing a White dude for looking at a woman for more than five seconds (Netflix policy currently is not jail but firing for that offense, no seriously) while letting Dontavious beat down random White/Asian/Whatever dudes without any consquence is what is coming. Indeed as rights and protections are taken away from White men they are being handed out to various non-Whites, particularly Black men who are genetically more extraverted and socially dominant (on average).

    Democrats since 1960 have followed the formula: White women * (75% of their vote) + White men * (between 35-45% of their vote appeasing their women) + Non-Whites * (95% of their vote) = VICTORY. And as the percentage of non-Whites increases the need for even White women let alone White men declines. Brazil won’t be the happy place we end up — where Whites can wall themselves off from non-White violence. More likely serfdom and slavery at best, mass genocide at worst. I’ll note that Central Americans seem to be reverting to Mayan forms of human sacrifice again, very big for them.

    • Whiskey, your workplace is feminized, female dominated, and serving a 100% female customer base? Given your online persona, it seems like you are living in a hell that was custom made for you. I laugh when i imagine how many times you must have to bite your tongue every day. How have you not gotten fired?

  13. The prison population is a trailing indicator of crime rates. As crime went up from 1960-1990, tougher crime policies were enacted and incarceration increased. As crime has decreased since 1990, the amount of people in prison has began a slow decline. There is a wish to accelerate this decline by removing the mandatory sentencing. Legal cannabis will also result in fewer sentences, as drug dealers are outcompeted by the legal alternative. The county jails have seen increases in inmates due to petty crimes committed by heroin addicts.

  14. I like the idea of negotiating a Hong Kong-style 99 year lease agreement to acquire an enclave with some sub-Saharan African country. Use those still serving their sentences for aid work, those with completed terms can go to work for corporations allowed to set up shop there on favorable terms. It would probably turn out to be Chinese corporations, but they might have the unique skillset to manage such a challenging body of labor.

  15. This has been going on for a long time. The ratios haven’t changed since the 1820s.

    “Yet it was a fact universally acknowledged, even among the friends of the race, that the escaped slaves who moved into the southern tier of Pennsylvania counties were notoriously criminal. One report statewide showed the black population ratio at 1:33 and the black crime rate at 1:3. Furthermore, of black criminals, some 66.3 percent had come from slave states. Apologists cited the want of education and work opportunities, as well as the temptations of liquor, all of which certainly contributed to these deplorable statistics.”

    “Based on the records of the Eastern State Penitentiary, for the seven years before 1837, blacks committed 36 percent of the criminal acts in Philadelphia, at a time when they represented 9 percent of the city’s population. ”

  16. The death penalty should be humane, goreless, and applied often. I imagine altitude chamber such as those used by the Air Force to train pilots about hypoxia. Hypoxia death does not mutilate the body and is relatively painless. Hypoxia is known to produce mild euphoria before the person passes out. This form of death would be acceptable to most people. The prisoner would not have to be bound in the chamber and could even be provided with a comfortable couch. When this type of execution is made standard I think more people would be OK with the death penalty being applied liberally and with fewer appeals.

    • Maybe, you do bring up a good point. Any criminal that gets a 25 year or longer sentence should be given the option of either a looooong incarceration or death. Not a small number I think would opt for the DP.
      Of course, the sentencing system should be cleaned up so that only real bad crimes (vehicular manslaughter, murder, aggravated rape, human smuggling, treason/sedition etc.) get these long sentences and not some kid stealing a pair of sneakers.

      • Kids stealing sneakers don’t get long prison sentences, generally they get none. It’s not a felony so it’s not a 3 strikes issue. Generally thefts under $1k thefts are treated as misdemeanors. At most if the kid is under 18, they might do a little bit time in juve.

        Say they get pinched for nabbing a $200 pair of sneakers in my state of CA, from a store. They get a misdemeanor and a fine. That’s it.

        Generally what makes stealing sneakers a felony is when the black kid stealing a pair ends up shooting another kid dead for them or having them end up in a trauma center. This is what is generally left out by black activists and white liberals. When they trot out the trope of black kids doing hard time in the big house for sneakers.

    • They’d just need to fill a chamber with some inert gas like nitrogen and the occupants would pass out and die without even realizing what was happening. The human body only feels like it’s suffocating if it senses a buildup of carbon dioxide. There was an article about this in the old old old National Review back when they were staffed with conservatives instead of jelly-faced d**ksuckers.

      • You beat me to the punch on this. Several states are considering the Nitrogen chamber as a mechanism to enforce the death penalty.

  17. Oh boy, more bullshit from the alt-white high priest. The Criminal Jesters system in the U.S. is broken. It is broken when a black kid stealing a pair of sneakers gets 10 years in prison but a blond blue-eyed white (collar) criminal like Elizabeth Holmes and James Comey still are out there selling books and giving lectures. Let us not forget the drug warriors who have exponentially increased the prison population and people, both white and black still get high on opioids.

    But of course, as I mentioned already inability to blame oneself and assign “foreign/minority” bogeyman is the haillmark of the alt-right losers and pretty much every ethnic nationalist mutant world-wide.

    • Do you dispute that wherever in the world we find blacks they commit the most crime per capita?

      • Whoa whoa whoa! Waddya trying ta do heah? We gotta pretty good little anti-whitey rant goin on heah and youse wanna spoil it wit facts? Do you or doos you not admit that black kids gettin 10 years for stealing sneakers is a real thing and not just some flukey outlier that inevitably comes up Ina country a 3 hunnert million?

    • Po’ lil’ LaQuarkus didnu nuffin’, man. He was gettin’ his life togethuh. Gon’ be a fizzycist like Neal DaBlack Tyson!

    • I had never heard of this halfwit. He should do another video explaining how the alleged black victims of white racism are so much richer in America than are blacks in nations with no evil whites to hold the black man down. Also he should explain why it is that so many other immigrant groups have washed up on these shores without money and managed to find the American Dream, yet so many non-affirmative action blacks have failed to do so in generations. To the racist like Adam it’s always 1950 in America and every failure of black America should be used to scapegoat whites.

    • Day jus gud bois who dindu nuffin, day tryin ta turn day life around. Day gwan ta college. All ya’ll mofuggas be racis. Funny how millions mass migrate to Europe to live under the oppressive cis gendered heteronormative White patriarchy. We’re not allowed to notice that however.

    • Petty and violent crime are a function of intelligence – or rather, the lack of it. Since 40% of blacks are literally too stupid to hold a job, they turn to crime and welfare.
      Past civilizations made use of them by enslaving them or utilizing them as servants. We will eventually be forced to do the same.
      Slavery is often a good deal for everyone: blacks are forced to behave and be productive. Whitey can build nations with plumbing and electricity without having to worry about black baboons tearing it all down as they have in Detroit and Baltimore. Coddling blacks and criminals has only made them more violent and bold.

  18. Penal battalions. Let the Neocons use them in Afghanistan, Syria, etc. Cant make those places worse.

    • Is there any reason Afghanistan couldn’t be the penal colony? National sovereignty for conquered nations is overrated.

      I could believe American convicts would build a better society there than the natives.

  19. I was thinking of walling in Manhatten island, destroy the bridges and let them all fight it out there with Isaac Hayes as overlord.

    Another outreach by Trump and the establishment blacks still hate him. There needs to be a final solution of some kind for this.

    • “Another outreach by Trump and the establishment blacks still hate him.”

      My normie conservative brother keeps announcing that black unemployment is at an all-time low. He believes that blacks will notice this and support Trump. I smile dismissively and say, “They don’t care about that. Many of them don’t want to work and want handouts. And for those that do want to work, their tribalism won’t allow them to give credit to a white man.”

      I hope experiences like this will awaken him from his MLK slumber.

  20. Offer young felons reduced sentences and enhanced educational opportunities if they agree to sterilisation.

  21. The only prison reform I’m interested in is less prisons and more executions.

    Not gonna happen given the current zeitgeist.

  22. Penal colonies certainly are a way to address the crime problem. Although I used to be an anti-death-penalty absolutist, I’ve come to the view that for heinous crimes, it is the best approach. Perhaps even only moderately heinous crimes. The only reservation is that overwhelming evidence of guilt must demonstrated.

    • I agree. I am also reminded of how integral public hangings were for the community. Let people see the penalty and let them know you are willing to enforce it. Now, some States have outlawed capital punishment and others haven’t outlawed it, but have made it a joke by allowing appeal after appeal. Warehousing people at taxpayer expense who have abrogated their right to life is just another financial scam that only benefits the deep state and independent contractors providing “privatized” rehabilitation.

  23. “There’s zero chance the social justice warriors running FaceBook or Starbucks will be hiring Joseph Konopka”

    You sure about that?
    Maybe his politics were secondary to his activities;
    maybe he just liked vandalism and destruction.
    He could be the perfect Useful Idiot.

    p.s. just read his wikipedia … very interesting career he had.

    • True, just look at Bill Ayers. He ends up being a professor at U. Illinois-Chicago. He should never have gotten job past street cleaner, but there he was, teaching kids like a good little radical. You won’t find too many leftist utopians that have anything bad to say about him since he was an Obummer mentor.

  24. Trump’s idea of prison reform might be actually adding to the inmate population….Hillary, Comey, Mueller, the 9th Circus…

    Heck, he may even be thinking about bringing back ol’ Sparky!

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