The White Not

When one people conquer another people, there are a number of ways they can cement their dominance. One is for the ruler of the winning side to make himself the ruler of the losers, maybe marrying a high-ranking female of the losers. If the ethnic differences between the winners and losers are small enough, this can work out well. In this case, it is not really one people defeating another, so much as one set of rulers besting their relations, who happen to be rulers of another wing of the family. It is a family squabble.

Of course, the other end of the spectrum is when a different people defeat another people. The most likely outcome is some form of genocide. The winners kill off the males or maybe sell them into bondage, while distributing the women as wives to their men. The alternative to this is to simply kill off the losers. Genocide is a lot easier when the vanquished are alien to the victors. Most likely, the point of the conflict was to take the land the losers had been occupying, so killing them off makes perfect sense.

A third way of cementing your dominance over a conquered people is to erase their language and culture. Instead of killing off the men or committing full scale genocide, you take away their religion, ban their customs and force them to use your language for any official business. The first generation is going to resist, but the second generation is going to see the opportunity and adopt the new ways. The benefit of this approach is it turns some portion of the vanquished into an asset that works to support the victors.

The British tried a form of this with the Welsh in the 19th century. For centuries, the Welsh had been a thorn in the side of the English. Despite their numerical advantage, the English were never able to drive them off. King Offa of Mercia built a giant earth works to wall off the Welsh from the English in the 8th century. That was not because the Welsh were a trouble-free population. In the 15th century, Owain Glyndŵr led his people in revolt against the English. For Shakespeare fans, he is Owen Glendower in the play Henry IV.

The English solution in the 19th century was something called the Welsh Not. The British used it in Welsh schools to discourage the use of the Welsh language. A kid caught speaking his native tongue was given the “Not” which was usually a piece of wood on a string he hung around his neck. If he heard another boy speaking Welsh, he could rat him out and the “Not” would pass to him. At the end of the day, the boy with the “Not” got a beating. Alternatively, children were caned whenever they were caught speaking Welsh.

Something similar is happening in English speaking countries today, except the people in charge are attempting to rub out the native culture by un-personing anyone who says or does normal things. People are routinely punished for noticing the obvious or speaking truths about reality. The point of the punishment is to discourage normal behavior, just as the British wanted to discourage speaking Welsh. Every day, we get examples like this one, where the bizarre and deranged are elevated over the normal culture.

The systematic effort to turn bathhouse doggerel into art, at the expense of respectable Western literature, is not so much about elevating the depraved, as it is an assault on the culture. The people doing this are not motivated by a desire to help the degenerates. The point of the exercise is to discredit literature that comports with the norms of Western society. It is the same motivation behind larding up movies and television with vulgarity, even though the audience finds it revolting. Contempt for the audience is the motivation.

It is tempting to assign rational motivations to the PC idiocy, but that is always a mistake when talking about the clash of cultures. The motivations are purely emotional. When the Left flips out over someone noticing a logical flaw in their education policy, it is not the flaw the angers them. It is who is pointing it out. It is why pointing out the endless contradictions and hypocrisies of the Left is a waste of time. In a world of “who? whom?”, the only logic at play is determining who is attacking whom. The point of the attack is manifest.

Like the banning of bagpipes and tartan in Scotland, the Welsh Not probably did more to build Welsh nationalism than break it. It provided motivation for the Welsh to preserve their language. The rallying point was the Welsh-language bible, which was used in Welsh churches. Instead of the language and customs being erased as intended, the British ended up inculcating a deeper sense of identity in the Welsh people. The long-term result has been a modern revival of Welsh and a drive toward greater autonomy for Wales.

It remains to be seen if the current assault on normalcy has the same effect on the normal white people in English speaking countries. Tommy Robinson may be a flawed player in the great battle over immigration in Britain, but he has become a rallying point. The alt-right in America may be a dumpster fire, but the outlandish treatment of them by global corporations has opened a lot of eyes to what’s happening in America. Perhaps the war on whiteness has reached a tipping point and white people are becoming race aware.

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  1. As it is claimed, rightfully so, Alt-Right is inevitable. It could not be any other way all things considered. If anything it couldn’t happen any other way.

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  3. The biggest threat to white ppl is other white ppl. The biggest threat, the academy, is run by white ppl. The academy produces the SJW for the media – also, mostly white ppl. The academy produces the SJW for law schools, where politicians are born. Politicians support the academy, the academy supports the politicians.

    • The whites in the academy are being replaced with people of color (POC). Some of the whites who will be shut out of the world they once worked in may be woken into reality. Maybe. Can’t wait to see what kind of policies the academic POC will impose on their faculty and students! And many POC who’ve become lawyers are now judicial activists wielding power from their courthouse thrones. Just imagine how our courts will be within 5-10 years time if this flow remains unchecked.

  4. “It’s why pointing out the endless contradictions and hypocrisies of the Left is a waste of time. In a world of “who? whom?”, the only logic at play is determining who is attacking whom. The point of the attack is manifest.”

    I’m sure many on the loony left actually believe the narrative — all of it. And many probably know better but cynically believe it’s for a good cause. Whichever, there’s no converting these people. It is absolutely a waste of time to try. So ignore them.

    But most people just go with the flow, and are not ideologues. (That doesn’t mean they are unintelligent.) This group overlaps with those who, in varying degrees and with increasingly good reason, are fearful of being targeted as bad-thinkers. Talking with these folks is not a waste of time. It is a good use of time.

    It’s hard to know just what to say, what will move them, and how to avoid being seen as a pest. So be perceptive and creative. For most, there will be no immediate change. But it’s worth doing. Think of it as your good deed for the day, or perhaps as an investment in your future and your descendents’ future.

  5. “It’s why pointing out the endless contradictions and hypocrisies of the Left is a waste of time.”

    I positively couldn’t agree more. Arguing facts no longer is a viable strategy (if it ever was). Facts don’t matter in a culture where people can announce that facts are racist and not be laughed out of the public square.

    • Damn, we have reached the point where not only are facts racist, but now they tell me that the subject mathematics is racist. Math is racist! Damn, damn, damn.

      • When you run across someone who says that science and math themselves are “social constructs,” and therefore open to interpretation, try the following tack:

        Ask that person what they do when they get sick – does he go to a physician trained with the finest knowledge the modern sciences can provide, or does he go to a witch doctor?

        When that individual flies, does he board a technologically-advanced passenger jet designed by aeronautical engineers and built by skilled tradesmen according to the science of aeronautics and flown by highly-trained pilots, or does he go up on the roof, flap his wings and hope for the best?

        I have used these responses with great effect myself; perhaps they will work for you as well. Calling someone’s bluff is often a good debating tactic.

  6. the south african whites did not wake up in time…what makes you think we might?

      • Good point,Frip. Look no farther than that mondo bizzarro murder and trial of the South African “Blade Runner “. Straight out of “the Twilight Zone”.

  7. I think they want to turn us into helots.

    From wikipedia on helots in Sparta: J. Ducat (1974 and 1990),[27] who describes Spartan treatment of the Helots as a kind of ideological warfare, designed to condition the Helots to think of themselves as inferiors. This strategy seems to have been successful at least for Laconian Helots:[28] when the Thebans ordered a group of Laconian helot prisoners to recite the verses of Alcman and Terpander (national poets of Thebes), they refused on the grounds that it would displease their masters.[29]

    Apparently ideological warfare can work for centuries when done right. I’d prefer our Epaminondas to come free us sooner rather than later.

  8. Zman: “It is the same motivation behind larding up movies and television with vulgarity, even though the audience finds it revolting. Contempt for the audience is the motivation.”

    My first and only correspondence with Kevin Williamson was about 15 years ago. He positively reviewed a filthy movie for NRO. He never mentioned anything about the gratuitous vulgarity in the review. I wrote him that I could not believe National Review gave this movie a great review as it was aggressively anti conservative. His response was basically “tough shit, get over it.” Much attitude. Or “contempt”, as Z put it. This was my second realization that something weird was happening at NR. The first was years earlier with the Sobran affair.

  9. “The point of the attack is manifest.”

    Indeed. Defense attorney Francisco Ugarte justified the acquittal of Kate Steinle’s murderer as “…a vindication for the rights of immigrants.” (

    Killing White people is now justified in a U.S. court of law, “because whites are racist”. It’s the same argument used to put Tommy Robinson behind bars. This dystopian bullshit is practiced in the open with no fear ( ( And like all other progressive acts, done with the intended subtext to humiliate and silence Whites into accepting their own extinction. Only foolish Whites would not take note.

  10. You said : If the ethnic differences between the winners and losers are small enough, this can work out well. In this case, it is not really one people defeating another, so much as one set of rulers besting their relations, who happen to be rulers of another wing of the family. It’s a family squabble

    Really? So the endless Civil wars and brutal ethnic cleansing that went on in the 1990’s Yugoslavia was “a family squabble”? Do you even read what you write? The Serbs and Croats are virtually identical ethnics with minor variations. Yet, they despised each other enough for the Nazi loving Croats to kill Serbs in WW2. Same in the 90’s. What Oliver Cromwell did to the Irish is a “family squabble” too?.

      • So what? Point being that racially and ethnically close tribes can fight a brutal genocidal war contrary to what the OP claims. And what religion? Both Serbs and Croats are Eastern Orthodox Christian.

        • Thought most Croats were Roman Catholic? Throw in the Bosnian Muslims and the situation was pretty explosive.

          Good essay and worth reading. I do agree in the sense that needless differences tend to be unfortunately magnified in a conflict situation. Northern Ireland is a very potent example, its described as a solely religious conflict but honestly there’s a huge ethnic undertow to it. Scottish Protestant settlers, displaced Irish. Celtic/Gaelic cosanguinity irrelevant. The one happy pill is that Serb/Croat (Ortodox/Catholic) tended to treat Bosnian(Ork/islaH) far more harshly and ruthlessly(Sam Huntington Clash of Civilisations).

    • Yes, those were family squabbles. You seem to think that means they can’t be brutal and intractable. That’s not what that means.

    • Working in conjunction with NGO’s, schools, institutions and think tanks, Western media has piped in propaganda to many countries around the world that sets people against each other; we’re talking about people who have a long history together and many traditions in common but maybe just one or a few differences. The differences are seized upon and grievances are cultivated, tailored to suit each country’s particulars, by the expert Western media propaganda. That’s how you have Croats vs Serbs and Ukrainians vs Russians. They’re practically the same people but the grievance industry works its magic. Thus destabilizing people and governments, allowing leftist globalist authoritarians to infiltrate their countries in all manners.

  11. The one thing I have noticed that no one has mention here yet, or I missed it, is that only the white counties are supposed to support “diversity”. Show me a brown country like in South America and no one wants them to import Muslims, blacks, or even white people. Why not?

    Show me a white country and I will show you one on its way to being non-white. Well, except maybe Russia or a few tiny east European countries. And who does the West HATE with passion? Russia of course. Why? They are too white, religious, and traditional. And by all accounts their women are feminine and not feminists.

    On top of all that, I notice that the average IQ of the white western people, plus their Christian based culture leads to advanced civilizations that are, indeed, vastly superior to the others.

    So, how does mankind progress after the left has destroyed the white man?

    • I wonder how leftists would react to “Get back to me when China, Japan and South Korea are 20% White and then we’ll talk about diversity in Western nations.”

  12. The Penguin must DIE! KILL the (wait a minute.) The Penguin is slowly suiciding. As you were.

  13. From the Woodpile Report


    Power, Declination – Good-natured people are too gullible. We think it is possible that they aren’t what they seem to be. And that indecision, that hesitation, is likewise another tool in the SJW arsenal. For a casino to make money, it does not need to win every round. The house merely needs a small advantage that, over time, adds up to complete and total victory. 51/49 odds played out over a long enough time results in the casino making wealth beyond the dreams of avarice. For SJWs, their subversion does not need to avoid triggering resistance in everybody. They merely need a slight advantage, played out over decades. It’s the Fabian approach to tyranny. It’s always about power. Always. All else is a lie


  14. Indeed, we see now is a concerted effort by globalist business concerns to openly suppress news and free speech of conservative whites and anyone who espouses traditional Western norms.

    Hollywood’s offerings are great example this such as the new Star Wars series and other movies/series where roles that used to go to white males now go to insane Mary Sues. And they make sure to only hire actresses who hate whites and wish them all dead. The actress in the upcoming Capt. Marvel series is one of them

    And of course there’s’ public schooling which has become centers of Leftist/globalist brainwashing. Whites students are guaranteed to learn very little and feel bad about being white. At least white parents have now wised up to the fact that those schools are a danger to their children and taking them out it.

    Anything were whites are a majority is a target such as video games and table top gaming. The SJW’s are even going after science fiction table top games because they are too white and male.

    Nothing is safe from their attacks.

  15. Coincidentally, I was just reading an article this morning by some utopian totalitarian leftist who believes that if people are coerced in just the right, subtle ways they can be brought around to the “correct” behavior.

    The example I found most interesting — and repulsive — was It’s a neighborhood-based social media platform. It has a section where you can post about criminal activity in your neighborhood. “Too many” people were noticing the race of the perps. So, they modified their rules to make it more difficult and inconvenient to point out racial information. There was no assertion that the people were incorrect about the racial information being reported, but they were worried that such “racist” reporting could cause bad feelings against others of that race in the neighborhood (“noticing”).

    Day by day, the social engineers keep trying to nudge, and when that doesn’t work, they outright ban and silence.

    “People don’t like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think, don’t run, don’t walk. We’re in their homes and in their heads and we haven’t the right. We’re meddlesome.” — River Tam, Serenity (2005)

    “Y’all got on this boat for different reasons, but y’all come to the same place. So now I’m asking more of you than I have before. Maybe all. Sure as I know anything, I know this – they will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground swept clean. A year from now, ten? They’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better. And I do not hold to that. So no more runnin’. I aim to misbehave.” — Capt. Malcom Reynolds, Serenity (2005)

    • When I lived in CA, this was an issue on the local Nextdoor site. If someone posted about a suspicious person in the area that included race, people would shame the poster with “Why is the race relevant?” and “By reporting a black man as a suspicious, you are revealing your racism.” This was during Trayvon and the shamers ruled the forum.

      I considered the obvious reply of “There are no blacks who live here and they commit an order of magnitude more crime,” but didn’t think social ostracization was the wisest choice.

  16. Hate to admit this — but I’ve essentially lost faith in today’s white people. Most of them are blissfully unaware of the assault on their culture. Some of them are active participants in that assault! The few who are cognizant of what’s happening and object to it have next to no cultural power. Anyone who publicly dissents from the most dogmatic tenets of Progressivist ideology (a secular theology?) is quickly un-personed, which has the cliché “chilling effect” on others who might consider publicly dissenting. Can anonymous Internet commentators forge a successful campaign of resistance/heresy? To call it doubtful seems an understatement. What is most disillusioning is how limp and ineffectual white people look in the face of all this madness. Where’s their fighting spirit? Perhaps I’ve OD’d on black pills and my cynicism is greater than it should be. That’s my lone hope.

    • Don’t lose faith. There is quite a lot of screetching out there right now about how we’re all Nazis and the like, but know that the people screetching are relatively few in number, and almost none of them own a gun.

    • There’s no question there’s way too many white people unaware of what’s going on. But I’m also having more and more conversations with friends and neighbors about the anti-white campaign. It’s spreading. Yesterday here in the comments I asked how long before Tucker or Steyn or someone like that (Rush?) start advocating for white interests. It’s bubbling just below the surface, and will come out eventually. Popular YouTube personalities like Stefan Molyneux and Faith Goldy have already come out in favor of ethno-nationalism. It won’t take a lot for the dam to burst wide open.

      • You made a optimistic point, Wolf. Resistance is building, even though our enemy has all the weapons – schools, media, bureaucracy, swamp rats. It all depends on how much water is behind the dam when it bursts.

  17. It is hard to overstate the anger that I have about all of this, but I know I am not the only one. Many of my previously center left friends, all professionals and pillars of the communities of which they reside, have also flipped. Zman is right – anti white identity politics has ironically awakened white identity and we will organize we will secure the existence of our people and a future for our children no matter the cost.

    • Strange that they seem so determined to turn me into exactly what they accuse me of being. If they do corner the whites, do continue down the path that leads to genocide, they won’t believe the eventual retaliation.

  18. I related this story on Audacious’ post about affirmative action a couple weeks ago, but it seems relevant to this essay, so I will repeat it here.

    I work as a researcher in a molecular biology lab at a large public university, and recently during admissions interviews I overheard a graduate student in an adjacent lab talking about how there were “too many fucking white guys” applying to the program, and how she was going to try and use her position as one of the graduate student advisers to the selection committee to get their applications thrown out in favor of minorities, all to the agreement of her labmates. It was easily the most blatant display of anti-white hatred I have ever witnessed in person, and one of those moments where you realize, yes, these people really do want us dead and gone. Aalthough in this case the person in question was a white single mother, not exactly sure where she thinks she would be in that new world order.

    Anyway, a month or two later, one of the white guys who is interning in the lab was discussing his plans to apply for graduate school, and I wished him the best of luck and then recounted that story to him. His response was that “these institutions really need to realize that doing this to white people is just as bad as doing it to anyone else”, which isn’t a particularly bold statement to anyone reading this blog, but keeping in mind that in all other ways this kid is your typical “drumph=hitler” masshole leftoid, I found the fact that he was willing to say something like that to a coworker encouraging.

    If the anti-white bias is getting to a point where it is filtering through even to committed leftist white guys in a way that pisses them off, as this 20 something kid clearly was, Zman may be correct in his point at the end of this essay about this sort of treatment inculcating a sense of white identity in people who ordinarily would buy the self-hating propaganda the education system dispenses. We can only hope.

      • I’m very happily married, love the wife and kids but for the most part women have always been the sneaky enforcers of the established order.
        Take this absolute cunt for example
        Uber progressive now enthusiastic Mordor Orc. In Ireland it was always the exact same thing, the women tended to go into a Catholic signalling spiral of righteousness, the men tended to just focus on the structure, the function, and the day to day. Within two generations its gone from Religiousity to rainbow flags and celebratory fetus mincing. If or when we, the rational humans get to power, we will be subconsiously astonished as to whp quick the moral worm will have turned. Osama Bin Laden may have been an Ork, but he was onto something about following the high horse.

    • You should have gone right over their and said: “what were Charles Darwin, Joseph priestly, Alfred r Wallace, Frederick Sanger, ra Fisher, Watson, crick, Maurice Wilkins, aggasiz, Kary Mullis, Edwin southern, t hunt Morgan, (etc to infinity)? Ef’n white guys!

  19. When People of Color (the PC term) do rage cities burn. When White People do rage continents burn. By working hard to destroy the prosperity and social norms of White America the mavens of PC are awakening the White Frith that hasn’t been necessary until now. The unintended consequences of this assault on the productive will be a surprise when these particular chickens come home to roost. It’s not hard to connect the dots and come up with the rationale behind the ongoing Putsch for gun control. They know the festering pustule is nigh onto bursting and it scares the hell out of them.
    Frith: see
    Better to perish resisting tyranny than survive to see defeat. Freiheit uber Alles!

      by Rudyard Kipling

      It was not part of their blood,
      It came to them very late,
      With long arrears to make good,
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      They were not easily moved,
      They were icy — willing to wait
      Till every count should be proved,
      Ere the Saxon began to hate.

      Their voices were even and low.
      Their eyes were level and straight.
      There was neither sign nor show
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not preached to the crowd.
      It was not taught by the state.
      No man spoke it aloud
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not suddently bred.
      It will not swiftly abate.
      Through the chilled years ahead,
      When Time shall count from the date
      That the Saxon began to hate.

      • It was originally the Awakened Englishman, but the PC police a century and a half ago toed it down.

      • I’m a Potato Nigger but by Christ I love that poem. The Gods of the copy book headings is another favourite. The English have always been an innovative, intelligent people. A nationalist resurgence I believe would be a catalyst for change in a cucked decadent Europe

    • He has some good points, but I think he’s incongruously Pollyanna-ish about race: “I’m anti-racist, because I think judging people solely on the color of their skin, rather than the content of their character is fucking retarded.” Then again, I used to be a Pollyanna about race. It’s hard to throw off 17 years of public school and college indoctrination in Kumbaya.

      It’s such a strawman, that race is “solely on the color of their skin,” but it’s not really important to me to go try to argue with him about it. Then again, that was more than four years ago. Maybe he’s learned something in the meantime.

      • The thing of it is, if someone calls me “racist” I respond that everyone is racist. Especially black folk. Race is all they ever talk about.

        We have to learn to dish it out back at them.

      • “Judging people by the content of their character” fails because almost all non-whites have a primary tribal commitment that whites can barely imagine. Almost all “conservative” blacks support affirmative action and OJ and almost all “conservative” Hispanics support amnesty and massive immigration. The number of non-whites who sincerely put conservative values above tribal commitments is so small that it is not worth the massive effort required to identify them.

        • The number of non-whites who sincerely put conservative values above tribal commitments is so small that it is not worth the massive effort required to identify them.

          And then there’s the problem that as soon as they get a little power their tribalism seems to emerge full blown. See Obama for instance, especially in his second term

          Non-whites just never fully buy into the content of character thing. Lurking in their minds is the tribal impulse, and given the opportunity it is going to emerge fully expressed.

  20. An interesting thought I stumbled over some days back. White privilege is real, because the fact of being white and being present in the room reminds everyone else that they and their cultures are not responsible for the good things in life and in our culture. Our presence as white people in the room remind them of that, no matter what we say or do.

    I’m good with that, we need to be aware of it, and own it every day.

    Thanks, Drake. Woodpile Report, that’s where I saw it. Made me think.

    • I’m good with it too. Find another fucking room (preferably on another continent) if you don’t like me.

  21. Saw this quote on the Woodpile Report a few days ago:

    “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.

    The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”

    – Joe Sobran, National Review, April, 1997

    • This a thousand times. Particularly the part about white puzzlement.
      It is very difficult for most whites to realize Western achievement provoked/provokes great envy in non whites, black people in particular.
      Asians, no matter how envious, and being pragmatic, were able to take the technological achievements and run with that knowledge to better their own societies, with varying degrees of success.
      Africa, even when handed the keys to the kingdom by whites with infrastructure development and massive food aid and vaccination programs to boost their own numbers, simply falls flat or even crashes.
      They just don’t get it, and it drives them wild with jealousy.

  22. Slightly OT but Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen was driven out of a Mexican restaurant in DC a day or two ago by an Antifa or Democratic Socialists of America type mob. Many journos on twitter find this amusing. No Democratic politician to my knowledge has condemned this.

    I hope more and more normies are waking up to the fact that the Left doesn’t want to settle issues at the ballot box; they want to ostracize and destroy those who disagree with them.

    I’m honestly starting to think this country can’t be saved without secession or war.

  23. “The long term result has been a modern revival of Welsh and a drive toward greater autonomy for Wales.”

    How much of what is going on in Wales (per the post here) is the result of England no longer being run by the English who conquered Wales? Do the Welsh see that their old foes have fallen to the PC-Multi-Cult-Islamic invaders and believe they now have a chance to return to self-rule?

  24. Tommy R has much to dislike about him but given what he is putting himself through only a suicidal idiot would fail to support him in his fight….our fight.

    • He didn’t put himself in a maximum security prison with 70% Muslim inmates who know who he is and want to kill him.

      He didn’t arrest himself, his crime is calling attention to Muslim gang rapes of white girls which the British authorities want to keep quiet on.

      Look you are not going to get choir boys and saints to lead this kind of stuff.

    • Given TR and Donald Trump, why aren’t we now suspicious of people on our side who don’t have much to dislike about them? WTF are really swell people doing for my kind?

  25. The irony in this post is that the English were formerly trying to stamp out cultural diversity in the Welsh, Scots & Irish, but now are actively morphing into a Muslim culture. Once again, it is the average citizen that foresees the problem and wants a Brexit, but the elites (in their cloistered enclaves isolated from the impact) are driving the herd off the cliff.

    • The elites are under the impression that they can use the Mohammedan to subdue the native, and then rule the Mohammedan. But the Mohammedan is not easily ruled. We shall see.

      • Re: “The elites are under the impression that they can use the Mohammedan to subdue the native, and then rule the Mohammedan. But the Mohammedan is not easily ruled. We shall see.”

        The circle will be completed when British society is explicitly Muslim and ruled by sharia law. By then, all of the elites in Old Blighty will have converted to Islam. Some may have already done so. Teresa May certainly acts like a Muslim convert, does she not?

  26. take away their religion, ban their customs and force them to use your language

    They have eradicated or tamed MOST religions in the US–not quite all; they have subsumed customs in their own NEW ones (such as gender being a subject of litigation rather than being a fact); and as to language, both PC enforcement and bureaucratese are doing rather well, thanks!

  27. I’m a little drunk, so it may well be poor judgement, but do the comments here seem really excellent the last several weeks? I have to hold down a job so i dabble at best. Nonetheless, i couldn’t keep up with the zman if it where my full time job. Daily articles, mostly that are provocative and well written. I’m not kissing ass, i am genuinely impressed. Do site visit numbers exist for this blog?

    • Have to say I totally agree, and yes wife works for craft brewer so having a couple of cracking pale ales right now and slightly merry. The great redeeming feature of Milo was his article A Normie Conservatives introduction to the Alt Right. From there it was an intro to Jack Donovan, The Way of Men is an interesting book, Roosh, then to Vox Day which brought me to Z, Sailer, The Derb, Social Matter. Its liberating reading intelligent insightful conversation free from the overwhelming emotive leftist horse shit, people who are unafraid to look the real world dead in the eye.

  28. I follow a channel on youtube by a german from Bavaria called “Red Pill Germany”. He said that many germans have been raised to the belief that they were good at technology but morally they were inferior to other people. They don’t travel outside the west so they claim have never been tested until now. Now, many get often very painful experiences with non-western cultures and see people that is highly ethnocentric and self-confident. This is an awaking to them and the anger ism´t just against a political class but a whole system they have been established since the war. You see almost the same thing in Sweden. It is the daily experiences that awakes people. It is a culture and a paradigme that is changing.

  29. Instead of killing off the men or committing full scale genocide, you take away their religion, ban their customs and force them to use your language for any official business. The first generation is going to resist, but the second generation is going to see the opportunity and adopt the new ways.

    Didn’t work for the Soviet Union. After four generations, the Old Ways came back with a vengeance.

    • The Soviet deconstruction of man was brutal, not intelligent. The American version of Rousseau and Marx is far more intelligent and clever. It gives him a sense of ownership of the process. We have more true believers than they ever did, more all the time.

      • Which is exactly why their recent urge to overplay their hand should be completely welcomed and they should be encourage to continue to do it.

    • Soviet Union had the stick, but no carrot. There has to be a perceived benefit to knuckling under, not just grinding poverty and oppression. The Soviets made the old ways look good.

  30. When you have been the target of every significant social, cultural, political, and economic initiative of the last 50 years, you begin to notice. They hate it when the peasants notice.

  31. The Fountainhead contained it in a speech (There’s also youtoubes with audio, see “how to rule souls”)
    The whole speech is here
    But to quote

    Here’s another. Kill man’s sense of values. Kill his capacity to recognise greatness or to achieve it. Great men can’t be ruled. We don’t want any great men. Don’t deny conception of greatness. Destroy it from within. The great is the rare, the difficult, the exceptional. Set up standards of achievement open to all, to the least, to the most inept – and you stop the impetus to effort in men, great or small. You stop all incentive to improvement, to excellence, to perfection. Laugh at Roark and hold Peter Keating as a great architect. You’ve destroyed architecture. Build Lois Cook and you’ve destroyed literature. Hail Ike and you’ve destroyed the theatre. Glorify Lancelot Clankey and you’ve destroyed the press. Don’t set out to raze all shrines – you’ll frighten men, Enshrine mediocrity – and the shrines are razed.

    For all her Atheism, Ayn Rand identified and prophecized several key things about the west. We watch Atlas shrugging in Venezuela, as Argentina did under Peron. Now we see the Fountainhead where trash is declared great art, and great art is derided and removed.

  32. Iron is a soft metal. But if you take iron, hammer it, pass it through the fire, hammer it again, over and over soft iron becomes steel. And steel can be turned into blades.

    That’s the iron pill folks. We are soft iron now. But the coming social justice tyranny and the boot of colour will hammer us into steel. Then and only then will we be ready to truly assert ourselves against our foes.

    Don’t black pill. Take the iron pill.

    • I’m having trouble keeping up with all the pills Stop it! 🙂

      I’ve held the same views about a crucible… and that when the nonsense started to really cut into the white mans ass he would get on his hind legs and push back hard. Then i look to south africa where half the whites are still talking that rainbow nation bullshit and the other half are cowering; then i despair.

      • The ten percent and growing of the population that has left doesn’t have any confidence in the ones who are staying, which makes for a dynamic of decline in itself. The lesson I take from this is that Boers were not what our elites painted them to be, but a sturdy and kind people who dealt with reality realistically. The various groups of colored, who all despise each other, would rather live in war and squalor than be ruled by a benign but superior native people. The Boers, and those innumerable populations which fed on their industry, could thrive only so long as the rule was by aliens. When all became citizens, Boers were resented as interlopers.

        Tocqueville–A race, inferior by nature or by education, can tolerate the government of a superior race. The only sensible effects of this superiority are good : if the government manages well, it may be preferred even to that of the native princes; but a private individual, more civilized, more rich, more clever, and more influential than his native neighbours, is always an object of hatred and of envy. Government by foreigners is opposed only to national feelings, which are weak- The foreign settler injures, or appears to injure, in a thousand ways, private interests, which are strong. He is supposed always to use his superiority, his knowledge, his wealth, and his influence, for the purpose of growing rich at the expense of his neighbours.

        So Goethe. You must either conquer and rule or lose and serve, suffer or triumph, be the anvil or hammer.

    • Know ye of The Bronxe Age Pervert, his wisdom is boundless. On a serious note though a very interesting guy worth checking out is Piero San Giorgio. His basic idea is that the globalised economy is utterly fragile and that its not a question of if but when it stutters and stalls.
      Similar stuff to this essay by Italian economist Ugo Bardi
      If you think about it, and how many billionaires have been buying New Zealand real estate he has something of a point. San Giorgio is slightly optimistic about the West’s long term future, he made a point that the last time European Man was severly threatened by non Europeans we got the Reconquista, and we didn’t stop until we got to Peru.

      • To Crush liberals, To Invade their safe spaces, and to hear their lamentation on the twitter

  33. White people were race aware within living memory. I don’t think it’s going to take much more aggressive leftist racial politics to return white tribalism to prominence, only this time, significantly, it will not be regional or ethnic in form as it was in the 1960s, but a broader based movement that doesn’t appeal simply to white Southerners, who were handicapped by leadership seen outside the Deep South as hayseeds. Trump appeals to a far greater demographic countrywide.

    • Saying “within living memory” – makes it sound like maybe it passed away with the WW2 generation.

      Sorry – but “race aware” is alive and well among a sizeable portion of our population. My father – who is 76 – used to make my cringe when I was a kid with his N word jokes.

      I’ve got brothers-in-law who make fun of every non-white person under the sun. They’re in their mid 50’s. The women of the family all tsk tsk’ed one of the brothers-in-law about 15 years ago because his small boy suddenly blurted out (after seeing a guy wearing a turban in the supermarket): ” Is that guy a jackass … because he looks like a jackass!!” – while his mother was doing the weekly shopping.

      The kid got this directly from the father.

      I wouldn’t say white race awareness is “within living memory” thing. I’d say it’s suppressed behavior in the right here and the right now.

      It didn’t take much for me to get the wife to be fully aware of the constant onslaught of black centric advertising and constant pimping of the white woman/black man couple dynamic in a lot of that advertising. Then – when they switched over to the black woman/white man thing maybe a couple of years ago – she caught on to that one too. All I have to do to cement that race awareness into her head is ask a simple question:

      When was the last time you saw some white guy dating a black chick? It almost NEVER happens – and when it does it’s like a desperation thing. The white guy is almost inevitably a complete shithead, but for a black chick even that is usually a step up from the useless black men they have to pick thru.

      My closest friend’s middle daughter started college as a freshman last September. One of the reasons why she quit the school after one semester and decided to live at home and go to community college – was apparently because she was constantly getting harassed by black guys at school. Now this girl is a very attractive blonde haired blue-eyed thin girl. In high school she dated the only black kid in the entire school. She was a bit of a rebel and did shit just to piss off her parents – but I think she has middle child syndrome.

      I think she has race awareness – at age 18. She just had a bad enough experience with blacks at college that she left the school. This is in MA – and the population of blacks in the student body is maybe 9% (I looked it up).

      You going to tell me the problem isn’t likely even worse at Southern schools with a higher population – and football programs that make them all think they’re going to be rich and famous?

      I’m betting that there’s plenty of college age kids that are race aware – which would seem to be borne out by this little story:

      They may be making her recant. But what is going to happen – do you think she’s going to live n’ers more – or less?

      I’m betting on LESS.

      White race awareness has not gone away – it’s just sleeping- and being mis-informed.

      You want to wake it up? Well then smarten up about it.

      Here’s one example. Leftie gun grabbers CONSTANTLY go after white people for owning guns. Then they start quoting murder statistics and comparing the United States murder rates to European rates. All you have to do to suddenly make a bunch of white gun owners racially aware – is to inform them on the FBI crime statistics which show beyond a doubt that if blacks were just suddenly exported from the country – murder rates and crime rates in general would fall below even European levels.

      So now you’ve got a bunch of rabid gun owners who suddenly recognize that black crime is a DIRECT threat to their rights to own guns.

      You can do all of this without being “racist” – and by simply showing the FACTS. Then you leave them to develop their racism entirely on their own.

      • Black crime is not only a direct threat to their right to own guns, it is a big reason to own them in the first place. Sort of a mental “two’fer”.

        • I remember reading an article on social matter that one of the main reasons the NRA is hated is that A, its effective, B its overwhelmingly White and C that not regarding sport shooting, the vast majority of people who buy and maintain a gun are aware of or a victim of vibrant diversity inflicted crime. It is a fair assessment when you take statistics into account. From a European perspective, the same subsets tend to be overwhelmingly represented when it comes to violent crime and arrest figures and imprisonment figures. Holland, Belgium, France, UK the majority of offenders of either African or Islamic Orkish descent

      • My experience is very similar to yours calsdad. The race awareness is already there for a lot of people, and even those on the border can be brought along just by noticing things. I had a very similar experience with my wife in regards to the propaganda in commercials, and now she is often the first to roll eyes and mock the PC and race mixing crap.

        All it takes is noticing things and making an innocuous comment. I would imagine that a lot of people(particularly leftists) would be surprised at the number of white Americans who have similar opinions to what is expressed here, but keep it inside their head for fear of being burned as heretics.

        • That is a BIG problem with our side. I don’t believe it is all caused because we are in fear of being burned as heretics, no, I believe we have better things to do. We as a class are not “hating” types of people. We are fair and easy-to-get-along-with.
          The commies on the other hand want to turn everything into conflict. So, we back down in the interest of peace and community cooperation. What we need to begin doing is fighting back. And when we finally let our anger loose, it’s fury alone is going to shock the commies.

  34. Although an attempt to suppress and delegitimize a culture can in some small ways result in more unity, ultimately the suppressed culture will succumb. Once Western Civilization is snuffed out, it’s never coming back.

      • Never before in history have there been so many confused, vacant, uneducated souls. Poland and Russia had intelligent, educated people with histories. So if Western Civ is to flourish in a rebirth, how are you going to get all the 1 ~ 2 hundred million Marxist~leftists to freedom education camps to learn what they were never taught in history class so they can participate in the renaissance? Doesn’t look good to me… I’m seeing a Mad Max scenario.

  35. Humiliation of those you best, in love, war or politics, is not a good tactic. It will backfire badly.

    • Look what happened in Ireland after the leaders of the Easter Rising were executed.

      Before they died, they were wild eyed rabble rousers. After their deaths, they were Irish patriots, martyred for Irish freedom. England had its hands full after that.

  36. So Penguin books goes all lgbtq and drives out good normie writers. Where is the profit in that? Who will buy this crap or does profit take a back seat to ideology and hate? Is there a foundation that will support this idiocy.

    I long ago got rid of my cable and now it looks like Netflix is next. They don’t even try or care to make offerings that normal people watch.

    • Literature has always been a loser for publishers. The market for high brow fiction is small, but having prestigious writers on the roster helps in other areas of the business. The money has always been in pulp fiction and mass market books. Political stuff is supported by the phony non-profits that buy bulk. Jonah Goldberg can count on his entire first printing being bought by operations like AEI. That makes it a best seller and the publisher makes a little money on it.

      What this means is Penguin would rather lose money in the war on our culture than lose money in defending it.

      • Political stuff is supported by the phony non-profits that buy bulk.

        And by professors who put their own books on the syllabus.

        • I had a Prof in college (a retired Marine Reserve General) who assigned his book, and cut every student in class a check for some paltry amount, as he said- to avoid conflict of interest, and to show us how little he made on each book.

  37. At least in the humanities, that is literature and akin subjects,I sense that PC is being used as some sort of guild pact Against cis/het white males and whites more generally. The erect a careful network or skein of PC and race Disqualifications, that is understood only by their elect priesthood. Any submission or work from someone they don’t like can be rejected on some technicality based on racial discrimination or hate of some sort. They create a balliwick for their own mediocrity, while eliminating a niche of whites. A similar phenomenon is seen in the art world with the promotion of your pollacks and rothkos.

  38. I am happily down and out-of-print book hole. There’s just a vast amount of written knowledge that’s no longer deemed worthy to print but you can find it on abe books or Ebay. I don’t care about first editions though it’s still kind of a pricey habit.

    I just finished The Socialist Phenomenon by Igor Shafarevich. It’s a really hard one to find but absolutely fascinating. Traces socialist thought from Plato and Aristotle to the Incas and ancient Asians to the modern day. Really fascinating here’s a link if anyone’s interested

    I quit reading living authors a while ago. There may be some worth reading but not enough to waste my time on the ones that aren’t. Reading these older books it becomes so clear how far the standards have fallen

    • Buying used books supports small businesses. Buying new books supports the globalist megacorporations that hate you.

      Or buy direct from the authors you like.

      • You know, I had not once realize that yet you’re absolutely correct. I buy most of my books online but it is from all over the world, I’ve got one coming from Australia, but it’s always small little book sellers.

  39. I’m not sure how you do it Zman. I get shaking with anger and incoherent with rage every time I read about these nitwits and the assault on our civilization, yet here you are churning out a well written piece daily, calming explaining the illogic and cognitive dissonance… Bravo sir.

  40. Invaders also destroy the monuments. The reason all those Confederate statues are coming down is because Southern cities are full of foreigners and carpet baggers. While it’s made me cognizant of the South as a distinct nation, there hasn’t really been a wide counter response.

    In a way, that’s a good thing. The response has been more of a growth in racial identity than specifically Southern. But it’s still worrying to see the specifics be ironed out.

    • All my forebears came from the Atlantic states and New England, but I fly the Confederate Flag on all national holidays now. It has the added benefit of juicing up the busybodies in the Homeowners’ Association.

      • The stars and bars are transcending their original meaning to become a symbol of white and rural defiance. I even see some rural Canadians flying it from time to time. Its one symbol that the left cannot and will not subvert.

        • Actually, the Confederate Battle Flag (not the “stars and bars”) has been a “thing” in rural Canada for decades and to some extent, it’s continued use generally doesn’t have anything to do with the alt right etc. It often appears on the front of the rigs of 18-wheelers. The first time I saw this was something like 30 years ago in New Brunswick. When I made some joke about not knowing there was such support for Jeff Davis in those parts (or the like), the response I got was, “I think I just means they’re ‘rebels’ in general.” Given the time frame, the idea may have come from the Dukes of Hazard.

          On the other hand, I recently saw a house nearby flying a version of the CBF with the stars replaced it maple leafs. Took me a second to figure out what was going on, and I laughed once I did. I just googled it, and I found that it is a contemporary thing, though it’s more a response to local politics than an “alt right” one:

          • The battle flag and old glory-really, and in canada? Interesting!
            The high school students in my town in tn had a impromptu truck rally where they drove around, too fast in my opinion, flying the battle flag. I fukken love these hillbillies!

        • I’ve noticed that as well. Here in central Illinois you occasionally see the Confederate flag. It’s sort of evolving from a Southern to pan-white or rural white symbol.

          • Occasionally, I see them in NJ too. One was atop of bad-ass big-wheel rusty pick-truck, a vehicle few would like to mess with.

        • One of my father’s ex-neighbors was a Chinese guy who moved here about 20 years ago when China was more commie than it is now. He (the Chinese guy) – ended up getting sick of MA leftie politics – so he moved to New Hampshire. The first time my father went up there to see how he was doing – he found a pickup truck in the driveway and a Confederate flag flying in front of the house.

          Even some of the immigrants “get it”.

          This guy recognized the Stars & Bars for exactly what it is: a symbol of defiance.

          And for the record : The Stars & Bars used to be a pretty common sight out here in suburban MA – I’m talking maybe 20-30 years ago. MA has it’s share of carpet-baggers too, and I think the % has gotten worse over the last few decades – and we’ve been flooded with 3rd world immigrants as well.

    • White Southern children have been brainwashed in government run schools, many staffed by outsiders with the specific task of washing the Rebel out of their white pupils. Sadly, it has succeeded in many cases. I see nothing good coming of this.

  41. Blackadder: Have you ever been to Wales, Baldrick?
    Baldrick: No – but I’ve often thought I’d like to.
    Blackadder: Well, don’t. It’s a ghastly place. Huge gangs of tough, sinewy men roam the valleys, terrifying people with their close-harmony singing. You need half a pint of phlegm in your throat just to pronounce the place names! Never ask for directions in Wales, Baldrick; you’ll be washing spit out of your hair for a fortnight.
    Baldrick: So being Prince of it is not exactly a plus…

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