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I’m back to the shotgun format for this week. The single issue format got a lot of good feedback, so I think I’ll do more of those. I have to think of some topics first, to make sure it is sustainable, but I’m confident that will not be a problem. Last week was one of the most downloaded issues I’ve done. Anything that has race in it gets a lot of traffic. That says a lot about the audience, but it says a lot of about our age too. Race is real.

For this episode, I’m back to a cornucopia of unrelated items I saw this week. I thought about doing a show around the upcoming libertarian convention, but I think an hour of sperg-bashing would be gratuitous, so I have just one segment on it. If there is a common thread to this week’s show, it is that the gap between Left and Right is growing. It really does feel like the public is coming to the realization that it is time for a divorce.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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22 thoughts on “Various Stuff

  1. Z stated that “we can’t vote our way out of this.” This observation is what radicalized me.

  2. Funny to hear you bring up Ron Paul’s loss in NH as a pivotal moment for people. It really was. A red pill moment. I recall specifically reading NR’s The Corner for commentary on the results and something John Derbyshire said has always stuck in my mind. This was back when John Derbyshire was a rock star at NR and they slapped pithy quotes of his on mugs, t-shirts, and bumper stickers (“Pop culture is filth” etc). I’ve tried and failed to locate the post so I can’t link to it, but his comment went something like this, “Here you had a candidate for constitutionalism, liberty, and small government. Pity. I always thought those were good things.” It really was demoralizing to see NH reject him, although I think NH’s reputation as the “live free or die” state has been a fiction for a while. Too many people from MA moved in. It’s somewhat appropriate that the “old man of the mountain” crumbled in 2003.

  3. Zman’s globular diction is brought to the fore when you listen to him on YouTube at 0.25 speed. You’ll get a sense of what he’d sound like slumped over the bar at 3AM.

  4. I was particularly amused by your observations about the US libertarian movement. I was heavily engaged with the British version for many years and I still have friendships with many as a result.

    Though not, perhaps, for much longer because I have left the movement. The cracks started to appear in my head quite a while back but the final straw came when I attended a meeting where they were earnestly discussing why the human fetus should be classified as a parasite. I kid you not! At that moment, I realised how batshit crazy these people were (or had become).

    Libertarianism (as currently configured) actually offers nothing. The ultimate symbol of their constant cries for “freedom” are a guy barricaded in a log cabin with a shotgun, a pile of video games and a “Leave me the f*ck alone” sign hanging on his door. It;s not just that it’s a bad vision, it isn’t any sort of vision. At the end of their rainbow lies nothing and certainly no pots of gold.

    There are so many problems with them as a political or philosophical movement that I could bang on all night but two, in particular, are germane here:

    1. They have entirely bought in the “blank slate” theory of humanity. This is strange because, almost without exception, they claim to believe in Darwin and Natural Selection too. However, their insistence that all people are basically the same means that, according to them, the only difference between, say, Switzerland and Bangladesh is that the latter have insufficient access to cheap, meretricious Chinese-made chochkies from Amazon.

    2. They have settled upon the “Open Borders” nostrum as pretty much the rock foundation upon which the entire movement is based. However, the OB mantra (or “Free movement” as they call it) is rapidly collapsing in the face of observable reality leaving them with a series of slogans which (absent open borders) largely make no sense whatsoever.

    My feeling is that libertarianism is already circling the drain and after the US 2020 elections they will be fully flushed down history’s toilet, unlikely to ever return. The straggling survivors will caucus with and then become absorbed by the Brown/Left and that will be that.

    By the way, and again from my experience, a disproportionately high number of libertarians are unmarried, childless middle-aged men who fill up their otherwise empty lives with gadgets, toys and Dr. Who re-runs. It does make me wonder if their philosophies and political visions are informed by their life-choices.

    Sorry about the long rant but had to get that off of my chest.

  5. Regarding Bill Weld, George Will and Matt Welch. That article on Reason is on the receiving end of more uniform ridicule and derision in the comments than almost anything I’ve ever read there.

  6. I think we white people don’t understand People of Color and their goals

    That is where are unreasonable fears come from

    They are not asking us to feel guilty about the crimes of our ancestors

    They are asking us to rectify an unjust system that unfairly benefits us white people

    • They’re asking for the white people — who created a great society with all the accoutrements People of Color desire — to hand it all over, get out of the way and die. The People of Color do not reciprocate the suicidal altruism of white people who caused all of these problems by striving to achieve a well-intended fantasy of multi-racial harmony in a shared society. White people need to wake the hell up.

    • If People of Color were able to create their own great societies and systems that rival white creations, we’d all be wanting to relocate to Africa, Latin America and MENA. But they don’t because they have different natures.

      • Central and South America are lush, resource-rich areas. I am expecting their new Utopias to rise any minute now!

    • What about colored people such as East Indians and Asians? They outcompete white Americans, sometimes by many factors. Why has not the injustice of the “system” hobbled them, and should we alter society or somehow penalize those groups to help whites?

  7. When are the libertarians going to tap out from your choke hold on them? I call mercy to these pathetic adherents . Now George Will is on the team? Oh Lordy!

    With blacks and even most progs nowadays we have the worst ingrates in human history. It boggles the mind that these people can be so ungrateful and hateful to those that created a world than even allows them to live let alone flourish.

    Ted Kaczynkski’s observation about liberals is spot on. Something like that for people who seem to portray themselves with so much compassion sure seem filled with hate.

    • ” It boggles the mind that these people can be so ungrateful and hateful to those that created a world than even allows them to live let alone flourish.” Erik Hoffer pointed out that this was, in fact, the very reason they hate you. The problems continue not because they don’t grasp it, but because we refuse to grasp this.

    • The British seem to have forgiven the vikings for their raids a century or so ago. The Americans, likewise, seem to have gotten past Pearl Harbor, and the Japanese, Hiroshima. But the blacks are still stuck resenting the 370,000 slave holders in 1860, some of whom were black, and ignoring the 2 million union soldiers, 300,000 of whom suffered death freeing their sorry asses.

  8. Bad science is like bad religion. We saw the same thing back in the 70’s and 80’s with the holy rolling, bible thumping performance artists fleecing the flock with threats of hellfire and brimstone – while they themselves whored, drank and lived the high life on yachts and in mansions. When religion collapsed as viable tool for the power brokers they promptly turned to science. Then we got holy men like Fat Al Gore and David Suzuki travelling round, and scaring the chit (and the lunch money) out of elementary school children with visions of drowning polar bears. Both of those greentards have personal carbon footprints of small towns.

    It isn’t bad science or bad religion – it’s just bad people.

  9. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but I just wanted to let you know that it’s the highlight of my Friday morning. I listen to it while I’m getting ready to start my day

  10. My “line in the sand” for alt-light types is: Will they talk about “the most important graph in the world” demographic replacement (genocide of whites), and ring the alarm, or will they sidestep that? Mark Steyn will mention Steve Sailer (not to denounce him), so he is (in Cosa Nostra terms) a “friend of mine,” but not “a friend of ours” (Steve Sailer, Jared Taylor, and Kevin MacDonald are “friends of ours”). To continue with the analogy, Ben Shapiro is neither of friend of mine, nor a friend of ours; he is Joseph D. Pistone/Donnie Brasco. He will be helpful to the extent that he can gain our trust, in order to do the maximum amount of damage to us when the time comes.

    • The CivNat response to the Africa question is “Oh, those straight line projections are never right! Something will happen long before that point to solve the African fertility problem.” That magical solution is never offered, but there really is only two possibilities.

      • Well, this time they could be right. If white aid and intervention is the only reason for the spike in extended lifespans for Africans and African fertility, then a white demographic winter could very well result in a mass African die-off. I see whites as the “turtles” in the “turtles all the way down” myth. Minorities celebrating our demise would be a bit like an obligate parasite draining its host dead. Not sure if Maxine Waters or Julius Malema, for instance, is as smart as a fluke or a tick, so we’ll see what happens

        • I don’t think the African diaspora is the great threat. The real threat is disease. Increased population density on the Dark Continent increases the odds of some new deadly mutation of an African disease. Then there are the increased disease vectors. Something like the Spanish Flu would probably collapse the West.

          • That will probably happen anyway, but as a result of the rapefugees already in Europe or Mexicans along our border. If you start a TB regimen, and then jump quarantine or stop taking the drugs, the disease can (and will) mutate. It’s something Jared Taylor talks about from time to time, drug-resistant TB and even leprosy (!) making a comeback due to the eating habits of some of our Southern neighbors. The threat of disease or even pandemic would not be enough to halt the progressive religion with the immigrant/refugee at its center, since, as religious fanatics, they’ll just congratulate themselves on ministration to the wounds of the lepers. Maybe California can be a giant leper colony.

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