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I do not have a cable subscription, so the habit of channel surfing is unavailable to me, which means I miss much of what passes for pop culture. If I watch a movie, it is off the pirate system or from Amazon. TV shows I can binge watch off the Kodi, without having to sit through the commercials. Frankly, it is the only way I can watch television now. The commercials are so full of multicultural proselytizing, that I cannot make it through a normal show. That said, there are some shows that are not full of Multikulti agit-prop.

Someone told me the TV series 12 Monkeys was fairly good, so I binged on the first couple seasons recently. The series is based on the movie, which was a time travel flick starring Bruce Willis. The basic premise is people in the future send people back in time in an effort to find the people who caused a great plague. The idea is to alter the timeline by preventing the plague or figuring out the nature of the plague in order to create a treatment or vaccination against it. In the movie, Bruce Willis was a time traveler.

The trouble with all time travel movies is that they can never figure out how to manage the obvious problem of paradoxes. The writers usually fixate on it, as it makes for interesting possibilities, but they lack the smarts to make it work. Sometimes you have old self going back in time to give young self answers, like what happened with Biff in the Back to the Future series. Other times, the old self accidentally alters something in the past, only to return to a wildly altered future, his present. Then he has to go back and fix what he broke.

In this series, the writers actually do a good job avoiding the hackneyed time travel plot gimmicks and produce a good plot that respects the “reality” of time travel. I do not want to give too much away, but it you read the book The Man Who Folded Himself you will appreciate what the writers did with time travel. The show is relatively free of poz. No heroic homosexuals, no superhero women, no magical negros. It is mostly unknown white actors doing a serviceable job acting out a reasonably well-done television script.

Now, no series about time travel can make it to the air without having some scenes about the characters going back in time to Nazi Germany. That is an unknown part of the secret law that was passed in the 60’s. We get that nonsense in this series, but it is brief, even though they obliquely try to blame the cause of the time travel conspiracy on the Nazi scientists experimenting on Jews. It is the one bit of subversion that was tucked into the script after it was written, on instructions from the people producing the series.

The relative lack of poz in the series got me thinking about propaganda in movies and when it became so heavy handed. I had the movie Death Wish on my list, the new version, not the 1970’s version, so I watched it along with the original last weekend. I had not watched the original with Charles Bronson in decades. Frankly, I had forgotten just how bad he was at acting. Then again, the 1970’s featured a lot of really bad acting in popular movies. Maybe the audience just liked the stilted dialogue and clunky style.

For those unfamiliar, the original Death Wish was made during the last Progressive inspired black crime wave, which they started in the late sixties. By the 70’s, most cities were unlivable because feral blacks were running wild in the streets. Death Wish is about a normal middle-class white guy who loses his family to home invaders and decides to become a vigilante. The original makes the killers three Jewish guys, one of whom is Jeff Goldbloom, so even in the 70’s, movies were poz’d up on the race issue.

That said, the woman issue is where you see the difference. In the opening to the original, Bronson is at the beach with his wife, who is portrayed as a normal traditional wife. She likes looking like a woman and being complimented on her looks. Bronson’s character enjoys her being a woman and acts like a normal man. Throughout the movie, women play normal female roles. Whenever I watch an old movie and see how women were cast in their roles, I realize what a great mistake it was giving into the feminist harpies.

The new version does the same thing with the race issue, of course. We have reached the point now where it is forbidden to portray blacks as anything other than noble victims or admirable heroes. That means we have to pretend the nation’s crime problems are the fault of white street gangs using outdated slang from the olden thymes or conspiracies operated by evil white men. Otherwise, the remake is a decent version that is free of the usual multicultural junk that makes most movie watching miserable.

I have developed an interest in 1970’s pop culture, mostly because it seems so alien to me, even though I was alive to remember some of it. I was too young to notice most of it, so seeing it through old man eyes in the current age, it feels like another world. It also reveals that the multicultural assault on our society did not start last week. This is a long term, multi-generational war on us that started before most of us were born. This scene from the 1971 Dirty Harry movie is a warning from the long gone past.

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  1. An interesting movie from 1976 is “The Monkey Hustle”. When I saw the title, it popped into my head that they were referring to black folks involved in con jobs. After some thought, I expected a plot similar to “The Simpsons” episode where Homer had trained his helper monkey to steal donuts. Watched the movie, and nope. Its black folks in a poor Chicago neighborhood hustling, swindling and conning friends and strangers for money.

    Its a movie made for black folks, by black folks, so is more honest in its portrayal of the culture. Even today, movies like “Friday” or “Barbershop”, both featuring Ice Cube and a bunch of black regulars, show black culture in a way that you don’t see if you watch movies for white folks.

    If you can find it, I’d really like your take on the movie.

  2. Zman, if you haven’t already seen it, watch “The Parallax View” for a strong historical echo to what is going on now.

  3. We are around the same age, Z, and I’ve been doing some 70-80s cultural reflection. I truly didn’t remember that there was as much POZ then, but, oh boy, it was on full display. Not to the “knocking you in the face” degree of today, but sadly, more than you likely remember.
    The movies that hit me hard were two pieces of 80s offererings-“Caddyshack,” & “Revenge of The Nerds.”
    The absolute HEBREW state of those 2 movies renders them unwatchable now.

    • Ukrainian Tartar. Dad’s from Crimea.
      The last of the Mongol overlords are there.
      He’s what the Khans looked like.

      • I went to school with a guy who’s father had served in WW2 with Bronson. His name was Ray Tolliver and he was a Golden Gloves boxing champ in the Army. He was a brute of a man and would throw my buddy and I around like rag dolls when we would wrestle in the backyard. He told me on several occasions the the only man he couldn’t whip when he was boxing in the Army was Bronson. I can’t corroborate his stories but I get the feeling that Bronson might really have been a “tough guy”.

        • That’s pretty cool. I believe it.

          As for his acting not being good. I don’t think “acting” really applies. He’s one of those guys who was cast and liked for vibe and his cool way with a line.

  4. re: The Man Who Folded Himself by David Gerrold

    Back in the CompuServe days I blew a lot of money and time on CompuServe boards. No internet existed and speeds were glacial and to add insult to injury one was charged to be on a board $5.00 an hour but I was hooked. Once on a Science Fiction board I was thrown off, banned as I recall by the moderator a Raymond E. Feist an author of fantasy. My sin was to say that David Gerroid was corrupting youth ,the target audience, for his positive portrayal of homosexuality and that he probably was a flaming queer. The books under discussion were the three volume series (at the time, there was a 4th released) on the War Against the Chtorr (A Matter for Men, A Day for Damnation, and A Rage for Revenge). This had to have been in the early 1990s and shows how long the pro homosexual propaganda of the Media has been going on.

    That the Z-man would recommend Gerrold’s The Man Who Folded Himself is humorous to me. Here we have our Z-man who crusades for normalcy and could have recommended any number of neat time travel novels picking a homosexual themed one where the protagonist goes back in time to have homosexual encounters with himself!

    Dan Kurt

    p.s I would recommend this book as an introduction to Time Travel: Replay by Ken Grimwood,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
    What an enjoyable read unlike Gerrold’s garbage.

    Dan Kurt

    • I remember reading Gerrold’s Chtorr series as well – it was over the top in your face fag fest. Gerrold had to be a serious fag to push it.,

      Worse it detracted from the story. He didn’t care that a lot of the characters were degenerates and freaks.

      He wasn’t the only one back then, there were several other sci-fi authors doing the same. The magazine Analog always some sickening short story in it.

      Then there were the nihilists like Greg Bear. I swear after reading some of the authors it made me want to take a shower to wash off the filth.

      Author John C. Wright wrote about this sort of idiocy in his book
      Transhuman and Subhuman”.. He takes apart some cherished giants with feet of clay.

      • For classic time travel without the perv, Jack Finney’s Time and Again & From Time to Time though he’s best remembered for The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. A recent excellent time travel novel was Neil Stephenson’s The Rise and Fall of DODO.

  5. No heroic homosexuals, no super hero women, no magical negros.

    Netflix didn’t get the memo. Currently being promoted as a Netflix original: “Private School Negro / W. Kamau Bell / The world’s on fire. Six-year-olds are woke. And people still seem confused about how racism works. He’s here to break it down.”

  6. As much an anyone I deviate from the original article… but this is an important topic. Hollywood absolutely almost always portrays whites as the bad guys and that mental virus has infected generations of simple-minded folks – at the deepest level. Even in soap commercials white men are universally the bad guys. The entertainment industry is proud to be your sworn, mortal enemy.

    • I think the anti-white male and miscegenation stuff you see in TV commercials these days in part comes from [[[Fortune 500 ad buyers]]] and [[[hip advertising agencies]]] trying to out-woke each other. The incremental gain in societal poz is just a happy side benefit.

      BTW [[[…]]] is my code for “feminist-dominated person or organization”. Saves a lot of keystrokes.

      • [[[HuffPo]]]
        [[[Good Morning America]]]
        [[[Yahoo News]]]
        [[[Miss Amerika Pageant]]]
        [[[The Scouts of America]]]
        [[[The Department of Education]]]
        [[[NCIS Des Moines]]]
        [[[Jay Zee and Kool Mos Def]]]
        [[[Bill O’Reilly]]]
        [[[The new Navy]]]
        [[[Saml Adams’ neighbors meet Hurricane Sandy and Sturmoberfuhrer Trump]]]

        Oh yeah, I like this.
        Who’s got more?

    • The Sum of All Fears was their worst chicken-out. The book was about a nuclear attack by Arab Terrorists. The Hollywood movie was about neo-Nazi terrorists (of course).

    • Actually Hollywood portrays white Englishmen as the bad guys quite often. Something about the British accent makes for wonderful villains. Think back to how many villains you’ve seen in American movies who have British accents – StarWars (voice of Gen. Tarkin) Disney’s original Jungle Book (voice of Kahn), The Rocketeer (Timothy Dalton) National Treasure (Sean Bean)..

  7. This Dirty Harry scene was done with such great humour from all the actors. I miss this sort of thing.

    • The mayor’s aide was playing a campy part in that scene, and I’m sure she enjoyed the nonsense. Today whoever played her part would mean it.

  8. I’d love to see a feminist version of “Saving Private Ryan”. The Americans would be played by fat, purple haired feminists rushing the up the beaches wearing their pink hats screaming NAZI, NAZI, NAZI!

    Meanwhile those on the “opposing side” would be refugees from Somalia, Syria, and the rest of the shit-countries, screaming ‘burqa-burqa-jihad’, and blowing themselves up with an assortment of dynamite vests and malfunctioning mortars.

    I’d actually pay to see that!

  9. Z, have you ever seen Dolemite? If you have not then you’re a ketchup eatin honkey MF.
    It’s stunningly bizarre. Like gazing into Cthulhu’s eyes.
    I couldn’t form the full thought or state it plainly until the past few years, but Black culture is wildly alien. Even stranger than the Mixtec Catholic shit from Mexico that makes saints from banditos. And there’s no bottom to be found, it continues to shift and fall away the deeper you dig.
    Separate living spaces will be the end result, the more energy is used to prevent it will only result in greater energy release.

    • My parents took me w/them to see Shaft, Dolemite, Mandingo at the drive-in movies, when I was 5-6 yrs old.
      That was some eye-opening, early ed stuff for a little white girl, raised in a white area in the early 70s, in backwoods Alabama.
      For such strict parents, otherwise, they let me watch and read whatever I wanted, and I never really had a bedtime.

      • Mandingo isn’t in the blacksploitation genre. It is actually a fairly accurate portrayal of life on a working plantation, and the larger plantation culture of the south.

  10. So how did the new Death Wish handle women? The old way or is she a CEO of a multinational vitamin company who is also a big wave surfer?

  11. Z Man;

    The crime wave of the late ’60s & early-mid ’70s wasn’t just Blacks (although they became the public face). It had a significant demographic factor as well as an excess Liberalism factor. Don’t forget that Blacks were part of the baby boom too. In effect, along with feral Whites, they ‘flooded the zone’ just as the crude police repression of young male Blacks was being dialed back. That cops routinely beat young Black males for minor transgressions as a means to preserve social order up through the mid ’60s is a fact. Civil Rights leaders were right to protest that practice.

    But the huge mistake was in supposing that kinder gentler policing (plus catch-and-release jurisprudence) was going to work some magic transformation in criminal behavior.* The Liberal Elites were eventually forced into doing what should have happened immediately, namely greatly expanding police forces once brute repression was, properly, off the table.

    There is always some critical minimum ratio of ‘cops-to-potential malefactors’ that must be maintained or civil order collapses. That ratio depends very much on culture.** Catch-and-release jurisprudence plus ending routine-suspect-beatdowns meant that the ratio of cops-to-potential-malfactors had to go way up. That didn’t happen except very grudgingly. The results speak for themselves.

    Prison-for-drug/weapon-offenses plus ‘broken-windows-policing’ was a way to redress the imbalance without going back to beatings. ‘Miraculously’ the same number of cops in NY, for example, was suddenly able to maintain social order.*** Anybody who decries ‘over-incarceration’ without addressing the basic social order equation in some other way is a dangerous fool, playing with fire.
    *Yet another pernicious example of the harm caused by ‘blank-slate-ism’.

    **There are potential malefactors born every year in every age and culture. How many there are per year varies greatly across cultures. It is best if they can be deterred until the testosterone storm settles down. If not, they must be taken out of society some way or other, temporarily being better than permanently, at least in our current culture. But less social control = more need for cops (i.e. more need for physical control), *always*.

    ***Also, the number of Boomer potential (and actual) malefactors receding as we all aged of the peak criminality years was a bonus too.

    • Point to you- potential beatdowns are the language of malefactors who are actually a danger. That’s what the dang nightstick is for, instant messaging to the proper audience.

      (That little metal ball on the end of the handle?
      It’s called a rib separator. You really, really don’t want that jabbed between your ribs. The pain drops you to your knees *that* fast.)

      • Other Al;

        Agreed: Potential beatdown works well as a deterrent to malefactors so long as it remains potential, i.e. uncommon, is proportionate and it it follows an actual offense. Definition of Actual Offense = ‘What the hell else did you expect_?’, from your peers.

        It loses deterrence and community acquiescence if it is a standard practice.

        • Just so- screw the ‘civil rights’ of physically violent thugs, they need to be spoken to in a language they understand.

          Instead, we have SWAT teams busting down doors for civil (paper) offenses.
          Grandma or the dog gets shot instead of MS-13. (For crying out loud, MS-13 wears their uniform tatooed on their faces! Shoot on sight.)

          We had mobile police shooters on patrol- they shot robbers first and investigated later. Robberies stopped overnight, to the cheers of our black/brown/asian neighborhoods. Then the lawyers got involved, and minority crime jumped right back up again. The gangs cheered, then. (And paid off the judge.)

    • It is best if they can be deterred until the testosterone storm settles down.

      And so was born Midnight Basketball

    • Thing I took from this comment-ppl in the street, regardless of race, should be beaten down with the old “wood shampoo” stick.
      Totally Agree.

    • Excellent points and I would add one more, oft-under-appreciated factor. The surge in murders (both numerically and as a ratio of the population in urban centers) we saw in the 1970s, 1980s, and the first half of the 1990s, literally killed off most of the young black men who would have constituted a danger to their own neighborhoods and others. If you do the research of DOJ/FBI data going back four decades, you will see that In 1992 there were over 2,200 homicides in NYC. The great majority of those homicides occurred in lower income minority neighborhoods. This was nothing new. The same trends were seen in NYC, LA, SF, etc. going back to the 1970s. That’s why all the movies made during those decades tended to portray cities as wild regions with out of control crime and tough cops fighting the system as well as the criminals. After baby boomer criminals and younger Gen-Xer criminals were killed off by their peers or imprisoned in large numbers for long terms, the population of predatory males in these cities and neighborhoods dropped. In effect, nature took its course and leveled things off. That’s why you can look at NYC’s most current murder statistics and despite a city population even larger than it was 25 years ago, the overall number of murders is 1/5 what it was then.

  12. “…started before most of us were born.”

    I look after my aged parents, and the old man spends most days watching black and white westerns from the earliest days of television through the 60s. I always get a kick out of the way the majority of them club the viewer over the head with (((Hollywood))) proselytizing. If there are Indians, they’re almost always noble savages who are misunderstood; likewise the blacks (usually runaway slaves), who turn out to have loads more dignity and humanity than the evil white devils hunting or abusing – or just snubbing – them; they’ll even occasionally insert an actual out-of-the-closet “other” – usually a (((school teacher))) or (((newspaper publisher))) – who, after initial mistrust from the townsfolk, earns their respect with his honesty and integrity. I assume, like most television, these shows were made to be consumed by those with an intellectual age the equivalent of a middle school kid. Still, the lack of even the mildest subtlety can be striking. No wonder most kids for the last ~70 years have come out swinging for the left. (At least until life experience introduces some of them to reality.)

    • Ha! I have a friend, a hardcore Millenial conservative, a union carpenter working on Jerry’s Bridge, he found God and gave up the bottle.

      He stood up to the union president and said he wasn’t going to vote for Hillary, and the other 200 guys in the hall applauded and cheered.

      He won’t watch anything but Gunsmoke.

      (With a little NFL and Fox News. Such a hardass he threw away all his NFL stuff during the anthem kerfluffle.)

    • Yeah, all that’s in the older shows, but that’s usually the extent of it. tThere’s not usually any lesbian on lesbian double dildo scenes, or any large black homosexual gentlemen mounting frail white men, or even any transgendered 10 yr olds twerking for 100s of horny gay men, in Wagon Train, Gunsmoke, The Waltons, Little House on The Prairie, etc.

      So, it’s a bit of a trade out.

  13. “The show is relatively free of poz. No heroic homosexuals, no super hero women, no magical negros.”

    I take your general point, but this phrasing makes it sound like the Iliad was the first pozzed literature.

  14. Recently watched MIB, and noticed all the little stuff I missed 20 years ago: Tommy Lee Jones’ goodwhite character helps the illegal aliens migrants sneak into the country….because that’s the moral thing to do.

    • “Predestination” with Ethan Hawke.
      Not an action film at all, but truly twisty.

      Two white guys in a bar, a customer telling his story (with flashbacks) to the bartender. And what a story.

      Smart and riveting- some scenes make you realize that our world is the Changed. This isn’t how it was.

      • Since we’re talking Bruce Willis, “Looper” is another diversity-free time travel yarn.
        I liked Bruce’s traumatized prisoner in “Twelve Monkeys”, a lot, I like the gut-punch of “Looper” even more.

        The economics of a broken America in “Looper” are scarily prescient- paid in silver or gold, swap meets by street people beneath vacant scyscrapers. The outrageous short-sightedness of the gangsters is a hoot, and the only use found for time travel- well, it’s a scream.

      • Predestination is an adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein’s classic time travel story “All You Zombies”.

  15. Of course, she ends up becoming his “partner” and magically earns his respect having absolutely no field experience (we never find out how fast she can run the hundred, do we?). Unfortunately, the scene was just a setup for the later wymynpwrrr!

    I notice some comments on the clip point out she earned his respect with her “knowledge.” Problem is, the position did not require just knowledge, but physical skills and experience. Her knowledge made her more suitable for a prosecutor’s office or internal affairs, not necessarily street enforcement. I don’t see too many nightclubs employing 100 lb females as bouncers.

    • According to Jack Dunphy, 20% of cops do all the heavy lifting. 80% are just taking up space and studying for promotion exams because they know what they are. Which is why the men at the top are of such poor quality.

      • Go to a major military base. If there is an actual ground combat unit based there (Infantry, Armor, Artillery) they are the ones doing the actual training. All the “support” people are walking around the base like it’s a college campus.

      • Aren’t you talking about the Pareto principle here?
        Most cops want their 25 and out with the sinful pension that goes with it.

    • We see in a scene shortly after the interview scene that she runs waaay slower than Harry and the jackrabbit black criminal he chases. Though lagging behind, she is able to retrieve a briefcase with a bomb in it from the trash that the criminal leaves. She handles the briefcase very roughly before discovering there is a bomb in it. Clint Eastwood has always been refreshingly anti-PC and unapologetic about it.

    • Daly’s character in Dirty Harry was brave and tough actually and while started out a pencil neck only on the job because she was a women toughed up a lot

      I can see a little growing respect from Harry and there was a hint of sexual chemistry as well. It might have clouded his judgment a bit but i think in the end she earned respect

      • “For new readers: “poz” is shorthand for the propagation of culture degeneracy, filth, freakishness, and antipathy toward normal, psychologically healthy humans.”

        Interesting. By that definition, “poz” has been around, and slowly swamping the West, since at least the 19th century. Dada was “poz”; Cubism was “poz”; Surrealism was “poz.” Hell, Freud was “poz.” This isn’t a new phenomenon by any means.

        • …Which is literally the playbook of ‘How To Subvert White Christian Society’… AKA, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion…or “POZ” for short.

        • Poz is the name of a magazine reflecting the talents and achievements of those whose BIG test came back positive.
          You know, Sodomites with Aids.

        • It means HIV positive. Riddled with cultural AIDS. Pozzed or POZ’d. And yes, Dadaism, Cubism, Surrealism, Freudian, blah, blah, blah-all super Jewish & super POZ’d.

  16. With regard to Charles Bronson, it’s really interesting how preferred acting styles change. I was a teenager during the ’70’s, and I can safely say that the acting in contemporary movies didn’t seem stilted or unusual – whereas, the acting styles of the 1930’s and ’40’s just seemed weird. Whereas today, the styles of the ’30’s and 40’s seem a lot more “realistic” than those of the ’70’s. You can only wonder how the future will see what we consider “normal” acting.

    Or, as that great philosopher William Shatner once put it, “How do you know that everyone else in Star Trek wasn’t UNDER-acting?” Funny to think that future generations might see it that way.

      • Ursula, Your mother wasn’t by any chance a green skinned dancing girl, was she? Kirk always “celebrated diversity”…

        Guys like Shatner, Mike Connors, Bronson, and Clint were role models for a lot of us in that generation. As an adult, I can see the flaws (and the poz) in a lot of their stuff, but it’s safe to say it was a lot better than most young people have today. Glad that Shatner and Eastwood are still with us, if only for old times sake.

        Part of the appeal of Shatner is that you never know if he is taking himself seriously or not. I wonder if he knows…

        • Why yes, my mother is a green skinned dancing girl. And my sister is a tribble, who’s cute but causes much trouble…

          “Part of the appeal of Shatner is that you never know if he is taking himself seriously or not. I wonder if he knows…” This is so true! He’s entertaining that way. I’m glad he and Eastwood are still with us, too. They don’t make em like that any more, I’m afraid. I want a modern manly star who is white and does not look like a model or gay.

          And Bronson’s terrible acting is part of his appeal. Just wonderful.

          • Yeah, Bronson’s somewhat wooden acting really worked in “Death Wish” – it gave the impression of an ordinary decent guy who had become emotionally numbed by the violence around him. It’s not for nothing that it’s regarded as his best film. Also, Bronson, the son of Lithuanian coal miners and a decorated WWII vet, actually looked like the kind of guy who could actually turn vigilante; as opposed to Bruce Willis, who, as much as I like a lot of his stuff, still comes off as an overaged smart-assed kid.

            By the way, one of the reasons that Bronson spoke the way he did is that he did not learn to speak English until he was a teenager, even though he grew up in Pennsylvania!

    • Eastwood, Bronson, Lee Marvin… all seemed perfectly suited for Westerns. Dirty Harry and Death Wish were just westerns set in the 1970s.

      • What about Heston & John Wayne? Bonanza, Big Valley, Rawhide, Gunsmoke were all pretty decent tv shows.

        • Yes, Westerns have been a holdout of Traditionalism for a long time, even when semi-pozzed. That’s one of the reasons leftists hate them so much.

  17. I was just thinking the other day about how the classic Dirty Harry movies had racial “stereotypes” (aka realism) about typical criminals of the time. Of course the main bad guy in the first film is a white guy (a kind of effeminate one), but the disposable bad guys–the ones doing random holdups–in the Dirty Harry films are usually loud-talking black guys. I wonder if you could even get black actors willing to play such roles in today’s Hollywood.

    • Think Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction. The black thug roles would be glorified these days as anti-heroes, reinforcing the messaging to the dirt people.

    • In the Eiger Sanction, Clint’s character straight up murdered a gay man who had pissed him off one too many times.

  18. I heard an interesting theory awhile back. Clips like that one from Dirty Harold are popular with the hairy chested feminists for obvious reasons. But the trope is also popular with a certain variety of men – typically those that have been raised by single parents or their mothers.

    Because they weren’t raised right, they carry the ‘powerful woman’ fantasy about their mothers. Mothers make lousy fathers, and this powerful woman trope allows the soyboys and flimps to fantasize about moms that COULD be fathers – the fathers they never had. I dunno – it makes a weird kind of sense to me. I see no other explanation that would allow a normal man to sit through the average social justice lectures that our movies and entertainment has become.

    Anyone wanting a comprehensive psychoanalysis can make the proper arrangements with my receptionist. No cheques.

    • Hmmm. You may be on to something.
      My most beloved friend, violently anti-Trump, liked Hillary, liked what was in her eyes. He said he knew a woman just like her- his mom.

      His mom and his disabled dad were old E. St. Louis Irish Mafia, as in the real deal. Hillary’s dad was head of the Jewish Mafia in Chicago.

      When he said that, I felt a shiver down my spine. I too had seen Hillary’s crazed blue eyes before. My friend’s mom had them.

      • Hilary’s dad ran a curtain store. And wouldn’t you have to be Jewish (which Hillary et als are not) to run the Jewish mafia?

  19. I was thinking about Dirty Harry 1/4 through this article. Before my time but it’s obvious the lunacy had already started in the early 70’s.

    “That sounds very stylish”

    Clint has a long history of breaking all the PC rules.

    • That was in fact a large part of Harry Callahan’s allure; he just didn’t care for the new and obvious culture that was taking hold in places like SF in the late sixties ad early seventies (when the first “Dirty Harry” movie came out) and made it clear that he did not. If you watch the original Dirty Harry and then the others in succession, the Harry Callahan character starts off very un-PC and while never going full on PC does mellow with time. He never embraces PC culture but by the mid-1980s has accepted that it’s the environment in which he must do his police duty and so he adapts accordingly.

  20. God that clip pulled me right in.

    I have a similar fascination with 80s culture, but I think I’ve discerned the distinct cultural periods as 75-85 and 85-95. 75-85 is the true period of greatness that still reflected conservative white america, as much as can be expected of Hollywood. There are no blacks in the original Star Wars and when they do bring in lando, there is a subtext of not to trust him! Leia is a strong female character who succeeds without being “really a man.”

    85-95 we see in skeletal form the advance of the agenda that dominates today. This period is an afterglow that’s already cannibalizing the material from the true creative peak of 75-85. In die hard the computer genius is black “you didn’t hire me for my personality.” Ok evil so long as brilliant. In terminator 2 the scientist is black, etc. the movies driving miss daisy and especially Glory, etc.

    After that it’s a steady decline into insanity with occasional, ever more rare high points.

    • Kind of surprised that “True Lies” actually had a Muslim terrorist group as the evil villain. But that was the 90s, IIRC. I guess there was no CAIR back then.

      • Oh Hollywood can be distinctly anti Muslim (for obvious reasons). There is a book Reel Bad Arabs that documents this phenom. I only skimmed some parts, and it makes compelling points.

      • If you feel like treating yourself, Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin ‘Delta Force’. Pure hit of 80s action

    • I still enjoy “Glory”. Yeah, it takes some Hollywood dramatic liberties which it does with all biographical/historical types of films. But there’s no denying that 270/600 of the 54th were casualties in that realistic assault on Ft. Wagner which really did happen and they really did walk straight into mortar and rifle fire. And the assault really was a total failure.

      The main difference is that most of the 54th was made up of free blacks not former slaves. The character Thomas is as representative of the regiment as the ex-slaves. Shaw’s character is pretty much true to what we know about him, though he was with his troops when he got the command not at a dinner party. Also, he was reluctant to take it on knowing how they would be treated. It was Shaw, not a Private, who encouraged the men to not accept their pay.

      The scene where they are shooting and cheering and Shaw comes up and fires his pistol in the ear of the soldier and says, “Teach them properly, Major” even if dramatic license is still damn good film making and truth.

    • LOL.

      75-85 reflected conservative white America?

      Were you even alive back then?

      I was there – I don’t remember it as being some golden era of conservatism. It’s just that the leftist insanity hadn’t had time to spread like the fungus that it is and pop up mushroom heads everywhere like it has now.

      I was in college in the early to mid 80’s. And one thing that has struck me lately – is that after reading a bunch of MGTOW type sites and watching their videos on Youtube, I have to ask : what the eff , have you guys been asleep? Everything they talk about I knew back in the early 1980s. The feminist craziness, the leftist lunacy – all of it. It was all there – it just didn’t have *quite* the reach that it has now.

      When I see people make statements defending the 70’s and 80’s as some golden era of conservatism – the first thing I can think of is: ” what you’ve got here is a perfect example of cuckservatism. They always defend the old successes of the progressives – and then call it conservatism”

      • Again, Chesterton: “Conservatives conserve the progressive fads of two generations past”

        (Please get me the verbatim quote, thanks)

        Examples: mandatory high school, Prohibition law, eliminating youth labor, Social Security, Rosie the Riveter, foreign war “police actions”, Emergency Powers, Departments of Energy, Education, & Housing, M.L. King, 30 year mortgages, college loans, etc. etc.

        • I can do better than that–the Pledge of Allegiance. As Menchen wrote, “The American people, North and South, went into the (Civil) War as citizens of their respective states; they came out as subjects of one.” The Pledge instructs the young once a day, trapped as they are, that this new arrangement is indivisible. I liked the old Hitler salute better but they thought to change that after their fascist lovelies fell out of favor.

      • Compared to what we have today, on TV it was a golden age. Back then they had no PC/MC gag fest like NCIS – New Orleans. Which is so cucked out it’s beyond belief.

        The MGTOW guys are a mixed bag. Their main function is to be canaries in the coal mine. The coal mine being society. Their mere existence is to warn us that Western society has went off the rails in a very bad way.

        • Yep. Some of the MGTOW crowd are off their meds.

          Other ones have some very good insight into the current day insanity – especially in regards to women and their behavior.

          They seem to share a lot of the “understanding” they have with the Chateau Heartiste crowd. With one major difference – the CH crowd thinks they should use their knowledge to get into more women’s pants. The MGTOW crowd seems to be in more of a defensive posture – and tries to get guys to pull their heads out of the butts and realize that they don’t need to be simpering bitches around women – because they don’t really need women.

          The MGTOW crowd seems to be a cultural / political manifestation of that old saying: ” if you really want to piss a woman off – just ignore her”

        • My gosh, so true. I tried watching one of the regular TV cop/lawyer/hospital shows with Mom about 14 or so years ago.

          It left me so mad I was shouting at the screen. Haven’t watched TV since.

          Fifteen minutes of Good Morning America did the same last year. I turned the sound down and watched the parade of images.

          More preachy than a Western, but from the Church of Anti-America. The Two-Minute Hate, Extended Version.

  21. Amazingly enough, Eastwood confronts two black punks in Gran Torino and scares them off. A few other non pc incidents in that movie, how did that happen in the current era?

    A lot of you guys can block out the multicult crap with women and blacks as our overlords in entertainment offerings, I can’t. But as my younger friend told me once, you know we aren’t their audience and they don’t want us. Works both ways.

    • It just ruins the movie for me. On the bright side, I don’t have to pay hyper-inflated ticket and refreshment prices anymore.

    • I’m always reminded of that work of Rudyard Kipling’s. “If ya’ll gon pay dat dindu geld, ya’ll gon git dem dindus up in dis mofugga”

    • Gran Torino was at the very, very end of the era. And for a 2009 release, means it was written and shot a couple years earlier. Obama changed everything. Funny thing, used to drive right by the “Spooks” scene on Charlevoix every morning on my way to row on Belle Isle. That was a genuinely scary part of the East Side.

  22. I remember comics did much the same thing in the 1980s. While IRL black crime was skyrocketing due to the crack epidemic, Batman was beating up white thugs with pink mohawks who wore safety pins in their leather jackets while menacing old ladies. At the time, I chalked it up to comics artists being boomer squares who were still freaked out by punk rock, but looking back at the ethnic backgrounds of these guys, well … let’s just say there are a lot of coincidences.

    • All comic book heroes were created by Jews, duh.
      What do you think the Superman “Ubermensch” & secret nerd lives where they change into white, goyim super heroes fantasy, is is all about??

  23. If Dirty Harry tried that nonsense today, he’d be half the country’s hero. And jobless.

  24. The Dirty Harry clip is a classic. That could be Hillary Clinton from the Mayor’s office. “Ms.” Rodham, Lesbian from the Mayor’s office.

    Enjoy the crazy that is coming with Kennedy retiring. If you thought the Left was spinning off the rails in recent weeks, Kennedy just poured a gallon of kerosene on the dumpster fire that is Democratic Party Politics, and said, “Watch this shit.”

    • It has been said that anyone President Trump nominates will be vilified as The Devil Incarnate, so …

      Satan, Lord of the Infernal Regions and Prince of Darkness; spoke to gathered reporters “I await the confirmation hearing in the U.S. Senate with complete confidence. Especially with those on the Democrat side of the chamber. With whom I hold enforceable contracts …signed in blood. “

      • I just want another white, non-Jewish man of good character, and not a Christian Zio-Cuck.

    • Yeah, the crazies are not done yet. It’s important to remember that after the last spasm of lunacy, there was no roll back, no return to normalcy. It was just a hiatus while the Left re-tooled.

      • Decades from now, when historians assess the causes of the Great Second Intra-American War, they may conclude that cuckservatism was the only thing that held us back from the abyss for so long. The left has always been this unhinged, always this eager to engage in mob violence, but they didn’t need to do so, so long as their opponents were false-opposition quislings who handed them their victories after some token mewling.

        Now that the Right has finally grown a backbone and taken the fight to leftists on their own terms, there’s no longer any reason for the left to exercise restraint. They have nowhere to go but up.

        • Ain’t gonna be a shooting war. Too many people are pussies about that. There might be some violence, some riots, maybe some political assassinations, like in the ’60’s and early 70’s, but that’s about it. War is something that happens on the other side of the world to sand farming terrorists.

          This is a Government Party – bureaucratic – Civil War. Right now, Trump has them by the throat 2′ off the ground and they know it.

          • Yeah, I agree. The left has no serious fight in it. Their force-multipliers are propaganda (read: brainwashing), the judiciary, and mob intimidation. But the third relies on the first two in order to be effective, and those are being discredited and subverted before our eyes. The propaganda wing–primarily the media and educational establishments–has become so transparently partisan that few take it seriously, and we’re watching the dismantling of the judicial tyranny of the past several decades with the appointment of adult judges at all federal levels. As a bonus, Trump seems to be making serious inroads into the federal bureaucracies.

            This doesn’t mean they won’t try something stupid. The left is in complete panic right now, a panic which looks like continuing indefinitely. But I can’t see them putting up any serious fight. The Rainbow Coalition comprises women, bugmen, and minorities, all of whom are likely to be useless at organized violence. And almost all of them live in large urban hives, which are highly vulnerable to any disruption. If they lose food, water, or power, they’ll turn on each other within hours.

            But I honestly don’t see where they go from here. They’re incapable of ratcheting down the hysteria, but they can’t do any lasting damage. The only way I can see to calm things down is…well, to crush them, so that they know themselves to be defeated. With any luck, that’ll take place at the ballot box but if not, it won’t end well.


            They’re trying to figure out how to incite some violence without actually calling for violence. It’s clear to anybody listening what Moore wants. But Moore is a pussy who wouldn’t really do anything. He needs some crazies to take what he said…and then go out and improvise.

            If you took away people like Michael Moore’s internet connections for a month they’d surrender and cut campaign endorsement videos for Trump.

          • Yep. What the Left is up to is trying to provoke a violent response. They want an excuse. It’s why they equate the words of Trump with violence. They wants to say, “Our attacks on Trump voters are justified because of Trump’s violent words.”

          • “A’int gonna be a shooting war…”

            You sure about that? I know I’m ready.

          • I’m pretty confident about it, yes. Violence, yes. “Civil War”? That’s just a sign of how few people have actually read about or studied the Civil War. Just the scale of it would boggle people’s minds today.

    • Hell, the whole bank heist/coffee shop scene with “I got’s to know” would be off limits today. The one thing always found funny, having owned a .44 magnum revolver at one time, is that Harry, in real life, would have been stone deaf by the last movie in the series. Shot a lot different weapons sans hearing protection (stupid) but that freaking thing took the cake, even with a 7 1/2 inch cavalry barrel.

        • Its mentioned in one of the movies that Harry shot “Light Specials” which given the period would have been .44 special, 180 grains probably at 1000 FPS or less

          This would have been easy to control with one hand and might have a low enough report that he’d keep his hearing for the most part

          It would still give him better penetration as his quip about .38 specials bounding off windshields is actually true. PauL Herrel the You Tube gun guy Mythbusted it and yes they will from time to time

          In fairness though movie heroes all seem to have protected hearing. I’m told some people do actually have a trait like this in real life but movies as always underestimate the noise level of firearms, even suppressed ones

          As an aside The Enforcer , the 2nd Dirty Harry movie has one of the best reloading scenes in any move , Tyne Daly’s! character Inspector Kate Moore stops to reload her Colt Diamondback with an HKS speed loader by the book and cool as ice .

          In general the gun handling and props in that film are near perfect even if the plot id a bit iffy

          • Daly’s character comes across as knowledgeable but inexperienced in the field. She wanted that experience either to further her career or because she wanted to be a cop or both. “Ain’t no sense in sitting on the bench if you aren’t ready to play.” – Josh from Constantine.

          • Saw it at 3 am recently in Resume Speed, Iowa or Dead Broke, Missouri- or somewhere. Only other time was in theater.

            Good lord. They used to burn people for such heresy. Like a secret truth hidden from the masses.
            “Where de white wimmen at?”

        • I have a Bulldog .44. Ppl always think it’s weird when they see a woman pulling it out her purse. Def loud, that’s for sure.

          • Plenty of power in those five shots. Its nothing I’d choose but its been in basically continuous production for 50+ year and that’s impressive for an inexpensive gun.

      • Sam, I’ve shot deer with a redhawk. When your adrenaline is up your ears don’t ring, or at least in my experience.

        • That was my intent with the Bisley Blackhawk. Then I moved behind enemy lines, so gave it my uncle in Montana as a bear gun. For that one shot, yep, doesn’t affect that much, but targets, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Used to shoot it in an indoor range in Philadelphia. First shot stopped everyone dead in their tracks.

    • The Kennedy thing took me a little by surprise. But he is old – and it’s a pretty good strategic move to give Trump the opportunity to put another conservative (or at least somebody who isn’t a raging leftist loon) into the Supreme mix – while he has the chance.

      Since it doesn’t seem like Ginsberg is going anywhere soon – it’s also a way of getting all the shennanigans for Kennedy’s replacement out of the way and getting things settled down – before the inevitable shit-show ramps up once Ginsberg retires – or dies on the bench.

      In my viewpoint – Ginsberg is ust holding on because she doesn’t want Trump to be able to pick her replacement. She’s already come out and publicly done some anti-Trump stuff. So her mindset is pretty clear. If she goes – and Trump gets a non-leftist-loon put in her place , that potentially changes the makeup of the court for decades. Plus it makes the two biggest leftits on the court : Kagan and Sotomayer, in the position of supporting crazy leftist crap while being women. So it sets up a male vs. female dynamic. (just my opinion)

      • I’ve heard that Thomas might actually retire since there’s a GOP President to replace him. If Ginsberg and/or Breyer croak…they’re both in their 80’s and Ginsberg has about 12 different kinds of cancer God bless her…I think there will be violence around the country to try and prevent Trump from replacing them with conservative judges. That’s the subtext of the panic over Kennedy…Ginsberg and Breyer are both teetering on the edge. The Dems could be looking at 6-3 or 7-2 court by 2020 or 2024 since it looks like Trump probably wins re-election at this point.

        • When it comes to the court, the Left pushed all their chips into the pile with Clinton. They could have filled a lot of vacancies during the Obama years if they had played ball with the GOP, but they chose to play chicken, figuring Clinton was a lock. Trump is loading up the federal bench now. He will make another conservative pick to replace Kennedy. Breyer and Ginsburg will not live much longer.

          That said, all of them go soft over time, so nothing much will change.

          • I think the Left will come to regret Obama putting Kagan and Sotomayor on the bench. Both are frivolous airheads that can be easily ignored. A more serious Progressive, someone able to aggressively argue their side, would be much more useful in turning cucks like Roberts. Instead, guys the conservatives will have an easier time keeping Roberts from going soft.

          • Roberts indicated that he had no intention of remaining a judge for life, and plans to go back to private practice to make some real money. He has previously suggested that a 10 year term for Supreme Court Justices is appropriate.

            He has been on the bench since 2003, and on the Supreme Court since 2005. He’s 63 years old. I won’t be surprised to see Roberts resign.

        • Soromayor may be younger, but Latinx women with type 1 diabetes don’t tend to fare well, health-wise, for that long.
          It’s possible to see Trump getting 4 seats, if he gets re-elected in 2020.
          Ginsberg will probably live to 100. She’s been slowly dehydrating like a piece of beef jerky, for 25 yrs now.

      • Calsdad, I agree with all you said. I worry that because Trump likes women so much and is able to entrust them with high-level jobs that he will appoint a female conservative. I am praying for a white, Christian man.

        • The fate of our nation depends on preventing Ivanka from crying. “Daddy, Daddy, they’re saying mean things about me! Do something liberal!”

        • Yes…. but….. I just saw the news tonite and one of Trump’s potential picks is conservative leaning woman (can’t remember her name) who has seven children and has come out against Roe Vs. Wade.

          IMHO putting “conservative” woman on the bench is a good strategic move because it splits the female “tribe”. I get the sense that the pressure from the pussy hat wearing female lunatics is strong within the female tribe – and therefore being a conservative woman is probably hard. If there’s more figurehead conservative slanted women – it makes the push-back against the loons a little bit easier for those among the Vagina tribe who don’t actually want to go full leftist retard.

          At the very least it makes good political hay because it’s a perfect opportunity to drive a wedge into the left – the same way that barring Sarah Sanders from a restaurant has now completely blown up the lefties multi year effort to FORCE ‘equal accomodation’ in public facing businesses – by pulling stunts like all that gay wedding cake nonsense. They pushed and pushed and pushed for that for something like a decade. Then they went full retard and blew it up in a day.

          Just seeing a Trump nominated woman be put out there – might be enough to blow up two decades of feminism because of the complete and total hypocrisy they’re sure to engage in.

          I say nominate the woman.

          • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

            You don’t “split” women. Women form consensus with other women, despite ideology, in small groups.

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