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Lefty rage gets all of the attention because they control the media  Their endless tantrums about losing the 2016 election, as well as their increasingly shrill anti-white rhetoric, is flooding the zone. Lost in all of this is the collapse of neoconservatives into a squalor of vulgarity, dishonesty, and paranoia. Whatever it was, the political movement of Norman Podhoretz and Irving Kristol is now just bigoted rage-heads. This Noah Rothman column is a good example.

The word “ethics” appears prominently in the biographies of the authors who co-wrote a recent Washington Post op-ed lamenting the “taboo” associated with “talking about overpopulation.” Frances Kissling is the president of the Center for Health, Ethics, and Social Policy. Peter Singer is a professor of bioethics at Princeton University. Only Jotham Musinguzi, the “director general of Uganda’s National Population Council,” doesn’t mention “ethics” in the bio. That’s good because the Malthusian views promulgated in the piece are anything but ethical.


Because population control is not a problem in the developed world, where birthrates are declining below even replacement rates, population controllers tend to fixate on sexual habits in the developing world. The authors of this op-ed are no exception. They draw an almost always fallacious straight-line projection to conclude that—in the unlikely event that nothing changes between today and 2100—a population crisis should afflict a variety of Sub-Saharan African nations. To avert this crisis, they advocate promoting and supporting proper sexual hygiene, to which almost no one would object. But their authors’ core agenda isn’t the distribution of prophylactics. They seek to de-stigmatize abortion in the equatorial world, which is controversial for reasons that have nothing to do with faith. After all, it was The Population Bomb and its progenitors that lent renewed legitimacy to old arguments that inevitably result in targeting black and brown populations with sterilization and eugenics.

This is the default approach for Rothman and most of the neocon tribe. Instead of simply disagreeing with someone, they first paint the person as immoral, beyond the pale and therefore fair game for whatever accusation they can conjure. Before offering any evidence, Rothman strongly implies the authors of the Washington Post article are unethical people. He never backs this up with evidence. The fact that he does not like or understand their argument is enough for him to slime the authors.

If you read the WaPo article, you’ll see that it is a good faith effort to talk about the population explosion in Africa. They blame Paul Ehrlich for discrediting the topic of population growth, because they are forbidden to discuss the real issue. To talk about the world’s most important graph, is to risk being called a racist by slime merchants like Noah Rothman, so they dance around it. The piece is actually fair and reasonable, given that it appears the Washington Post.

Now, Rothman is a stupid person, so it is no surprise that he is wildly ignorant of Malthus and population issues. Stupid may be the wrong word. Ignorant is a better word, as he makes to no effort to know about these things. He’s too busy claiming everyone who disagrees with him is immoral. His game is to attack and then cry out in pain when the other side mounts a defense. His likes to paint himself as the moral actor, forced to do horrible things to his enemies.

He is also a serial liar. He smears people all the time and then lies to their face about what he wrote. This classic Tucker Carlson segment is a great example. Rothman lies in his column about something Carlson said. When confronted with it, he then lies about what he wrote. When his own words are read back to him, he changes the subject, only to start lying about what the Secretary of Defense said. When confronted on that, he starts lying about other stuff. Noah Rothman is incapable to telling the truth.

Again, whatever it was, neoconservatism is now just a death cult. It is a strange blend of Zionism and anti-majoritarianism, that lacks an intellectual core. The list of neocon thinkers is not exactly a glittering array of heavy weight intellectuals. Rothman is a smarmy twerp. John Podhoretz is a vulgarian. Max Boot appears to be struggling with mental illness. Bill Kristol is a bitter old fool. Jonah Goldberg is a frumpy dufus. It’s like a Jewish version of the Kennedy family, minus the homicides.

That gets to the heart of it. The Jewish century was powered by a generation of Jewish men who were smart, educated and embraced by a majority ruling class that had built the foundation of the American empire. Not only could neoconservatism only happen in America, it could only happen in Cold War America. Today’s America is a different place and today’s neocons are a collection of feckless heirs, playing make believe as they squander their inheritance. The term of art is reversion to the mean.

Just like the reckless kid with a trust fund, the neocons have caused a lot of damage and continue to be a menace. Their efforts to undermine Trump’s Korea initiative and their efforts to entangle us in the Syrian civil war are two obvious examples. The fact that the New York Times and Washington Post are festooned with these loons, means they will pollute public discourse for a while longer. The good news is that guys like Noah Rothman are the future of the movement, which means it has no future.

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  1. “Now, Rothman is a stupid person, so it is no surprise that he is wildly ignorant of Malthus and population issues. Stupid may be the wrong word. Ignorant is a better word, as he makes to no effort to know about these things. He’s too busy claiming everyone who disagrees with him is immoral.”

    This is pretty much the heart of the issue; whatever college used to be, these days (outside of one or two departments – I’m thinking medicine and STEM) this is what everyone learns; how to denounce heretics from the mainstream orthodoxy. Rothman isn’t trying to know anything; he’s doing what he’s paid to do, which is denounce his opponents.

    “As I’ve pointed out in the past, whatever it was, neoconservatism is now just an ethnocentric death cult. It is a strange blend of Zionism and anti-majoritarianism, that lacks an intellectual core.”

    Its the lack of intellectual core that has been killing it; an ideology, good or bad could probably weather failure or setback if the people guiding it can make it last. Most of the time the establishment usually wins. But neoconservatism has been running on fumes since at least the late 1990s. The original neoconservatives were smart men and their sons just aren’t up to their level; they are mediocre hacks who can’t seem to adapt their Cold War oriented ideology to the very different circumstances we live in.

    “It’s like a Jewish version of the Kennedy family, minus the homicides.”

    That’s a great line.

    But yeah, reversion to the mean is whats happening in front of our eyes with this group. Its not just a political failure, its also a demographic one. The neoconservatives are the Upper West Side Never Trump branch; and which way did the Jews actually having children vote? So where is the base for their ideas going to be in 20 years? Sure, Ben Shapiro will probably still be grifting then but everyone else will have moved on.

  2. I hadn’t even heard of Noah Rothman until just now even though I am reasonably familiar with the neoconservative movement, at least as it was years ago. Along with National Review, I subscribed to Commentary from the late 70s until the mid 90s. I admired the late Irving Kristol and the now very elderly Norman Podhoretz. They had important things to say during the Cold War. But the following generation was made up entirely of non-entities.

    Evidently, Rothman doesn’t even have his own Wikipedia page. Has he ever written a book?

  3. “Russian takeover! Trump is Putin’s puppet, with Kompromat by pissing prostitutes!”

    Everybody here was raised under the unceasing din of the Cold War. “The Russians are coming!”

    Odd, isn’t it, that the very quiet, very real globalist takeover was by someone else-

    The very someone’s who are back to using a worn, yet reliable tool?

    • Ha ha! The liberals in terror of Trump’s Red Amerikkka want to emigrate-

      But no country will let them in because of their restrictive immigration laws!

      Perhaps a little tanning lotion, so they could join their beloved People of Color on a boat…?

  4. The neocon/globalist alliance has much to answer for…

    Illustrating the Zman’s point:

    “Of Course, It Could Not Happen Here”
    By Roger Cohen
    The New York Times

    “The abduction of a Russian girl by Moroccan migrants at a Spanish beach resort causes an uproar. It turns out to be “fake news,” the work of Russian cyber-geeks deployed for information warfare, but not before rightist leaders across the European Union have denounced the “foreign animals” holding “little Tatiana.” “

    • The primary driver of mad fantasy and preemptive aggression is self-pity.

      The problem seems to be a tendency to firmly believe one’s own lies- whatever they are at this moment- and then act on them.

      • PS- I note that the “climate crisis”, with it’s imagined hordes of “environmental refugees” and “failure of rapacious capitalism”, was a broad-scale attempt to get people moving. (And control resources with a new currency/exchange system of ‘carbon credits’.)

        Didn’t happen, so a few brushfire wars were started.

        Some folks saw a chance to grab stuff.
        Syria, for instance, was ignored because “they didn’t have any oil.”
        Then Genie Energy discovered the Golan Heights and offshore deposits. Earlier actions in Serbia/Bosnia and Afghanistan offered uranium and lithium, and South Africa offers reclamation of gold and diamond mines.

        I see the “Muslim ban” brouhaha is over 7 nations- Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and two allies of the Shia Crescent, North Korea and Venezuela (oil, oil, oil/gold, pipelines/shipping, oil port Mogadishu, plutonium processing and oil).

        I say these moral crusades are the marketing arm of commodity wars.

        Rothman and his ilk are paid liars, pitchmen, shills, and plants.
        Why, look at those names. Would that be nepotism at work?

        Sailer said immigration’s negatives were the Deep State’s policy. His “invade the world, invite the world” means the Deep invites quislings and their relatives, of countries that the Deep wants to intervene in.
        Bring them here under cover, and use them to f*ck with the home country.

        • Okay, one more. Reading the NYT comments now, boy howdy does that marketing work!

          *Thulsa Doom voice*
          “Come to me, little one. Yes, come!”

  5. Each of the writers that you mention in this post are the effective equivalent of a communicable disease, and are best avoided. Some of them can infect you with stupidity, some with mental illness, and some are doing intentional harm for nefarious purpose. All are a scourge on society.

  6. Have to admit just skimmed over the article reading the cliff if you will, but this would seem a good strategy for the white race.

    *** Second: White people are prone to moralistic outrage. We have to convince them that what is happening to us is a moral outrage. Morally outraged White people are a formidable force ***

    • Agree. But to appear moral now you must advocate for the protection of a perceived victim. How do we promote ourselves as victims when everyone hates us? When we’re painted as the domineering misery makers. Obvious answer: We advocate for poor working class whites, blacks, and hispanic current citizens. And for the protection of our citizens from the criminal foreign. This is all Trump / populists can hope to do on the morally outraged front. And they’re doing it.

  7. My doctor cousin goes to Haiti often. He said they all live on donated rice and beans, and also go into the jungle and pick fruit. He said he will ask them,”how long has your knee been hurting?” They can’t say, because they have no conception of time beyond the moment. However this gives them the ability to be happy in any circumstance,probably more happy than white Americans, just as black Americans have low suicide rates.

  8. “… neoconservatism is now just an ethnocentric death cult.”

    I’m not sure “ethnocentric” is the appropriate concept. These people have rejected Western Civilization to obtain the approval of its enemies. Some of them simply for a paycheck.



    • Read a few issues of Commentary magazine. What used to be a go to source of discussions on affairs foreign and domestic became practically all Israel all the time when the younger Podhoretz took over. Probably because donors wanted it that way. The ethnocentric label works.

  9. People tend to have larger families in situations where there is little rule of law and property rights are uncertain. A big family in these situations is seen as a source of wealth and old age insurance, especially for the women, but the men get something out of it when they sell a daughter for marriage, too. It also means that the individuals born into these families are devalued. When resource scarcity arises these devalued people emigrate, not only to Europe, but to other African countries. This is not even a new phenomenon. I saw it personally as a kid. Once in a while we’d run into a small group of Africans of varied backgrounds who would stick together because one would know one language, another another, one might understand a language other than his own but not enough to speak it. None in the group would have a nearby home. They’d pick up a little work here and there and a bit, or make baskets, or string beads around bottles and sell them.

    One other thing I noticed is that Christians tended to have smaller families because of the monogamy requirement. However, if one was already polygamous, he wasn’t required to give up a wife, only told he couldn’t have any more than what he started with.

    In Rhodesia, the blacks used breeding as a conscious weapon in the late sixties and early seventies of the 20th century. Whenever there was talk by any politician about the population explosion, some African nationalist would reply that the whites were playing population warfare and encourage the opposite. I think what we are seeing now is a result of a bit of a return to native culture, plus the uncertainty in the rule of law.

    I’d say the fall of the British empire hurt Africa more than it hurt England.

  10. That is really the problem with the neocons: the lunacy/fanaticism. I don’t typically fret about the war profiteers anywhere to the extent that I do about the messianic democracy-spreaders. I once asked a pretty good history professor, “Do you think the war profiteers sit around in a smoky backroom and say, ‘Let’s start a war to make some money’?” I’ll never forget his response: “You don’t need to call the pigs to the trough; they know when it’s feeding time.” The point is that the war was sold (or the men were lured to the hog-pen) by types like David Frum and Krauthammer. You can argue about who capitalized on it or why (I don’t care for the mercenary groups or a lot of the defense industry, for that matter) but no neocons = no disastrous wars there. But yes there were idiots all around: Food Service Companies put pork on the menus (mostly hotdogs) at joint installations in Iraq where pretty much everyone was an observant muslim.

  11. The africa problem will solve itself one way or another.

    Either we stop feeding the savages or they overrun us and no white people are left to feed them.

    They will lay waste to the cities like Chicago and Detroit killing each other and dying of hunger.

    Hopefully there will be enough whites left over to repopulate and we can learn from our mistakes.

    • Lots of badthinkers openly believed Jews held a stranglehold on public discussion, and whaddaya know now goodthinker Jews are behaving as if something was stolen from them after the God Emperor talked over their heads with a few tweets.

    • “THE Jews canot contain their hatred”
      What makes you so sure that all 14 million of THE Jews in the world think exactly alike? You make THE Jews sound like very stupid, unrevsonable people.

      Do Trump’s Jewish daughter, Jewish son-in-law and Jewish grandchildren also hate him? Poor Trump!

      • Ah the old N.A.X.A.L.T argument. Well then, it’s up to the sane ones to police the crazies. But they don’t, do they. No, they make lame excuses for them, just like you’re doing here. I’m sure there were lots of Germans or Japanese that were against WW2, they still got bombs dropped on them. See where I’m going with this?

  12. Rothman is yet more evidence physiognomy is real. Bet he likes to catch…

    As for Africa, end the food aid and the problem will be solved as others have noted. Let the Chinese deal with it. Any media that goes to Africa gets quarantined for 30 days. Ebola is rather pernicious. Pipe dreams but the problem would be resolved.

  13. So who are we rooting for in the World Cup? I reflexively always think England. But I just looked at the various team rosters. I think we should get behind Russia.

    • Russia unlikely to win. The two most fancied teams still remaining are France and Brazil. But if you’re looking for white team to back then Croatia is an outlier. They have looked very accomplished so far. They play Denmark in the next round.

      • Croatia and Belgium look the best to me so far. I called Mexico as being one-dimensional when everyone was swooning over their 1-0 win over Germany. I take soccer very seriously. So much so I’m surprised the game of soccer is even allowed in the United States because it entails realizations that are flagrantly poltically incorrect. Anyone else notice that not a single African or Arab team made it into final 16?

    • If you have to listen to the English media and the schizoid way they deal with the national team you would be very uninclined to see England win. The tabloids will fixate on one individuals part in a loss and destroy them over it. Gareth Southgate 1996, Beckham 1998, 2006. I don’t think England are actually talented enough to do it all in all. I’d like to see Russia do well, I’d love to see Croatia win but its unlikely. All in all Spain look like a decent bet now UareGay knocked Portugal out.

  14. Insightful didn’t think about this angle.

    I watched the segment where Carlson took on Rothman for his lies. Rothman literally self-destructed while talking to him. It was amusing.

    What a dishonest POS who couldn’t even own up to his lies.

    That said, while the Neo-cons are slowly imploding, Trump now has to deal with all the RINO’s on the CofC payroll that are going on Fox and screaming about his trade fights, etc. They are demanding that Trump consult with them – IOW fold on trade and go back to letting white middle-class America get a**raped.

    This particular bunch is the same group preventing border security as well. All in all they will be a much bigger threat to the country than a bunch of weirdly inbred Jews.

    I don’t think the average MAGA voter has a clue to how much those elected Repukes in D.C. hate their guts. If they did, they’d burn the buggers out.

  15. Attack and cry out in pain. I think there was a certain German in the 16th century regarding something similar. As an aside, and I’m indifferent to a lot of the jq stuff, does anywelse think it’s the difference between hysterical virtue signalling sans consequence (((Neo Con))) and actual realpolitik ( Israelis).

    • Meant to clarify that. Israelis can be pretty ruthless, but they are a group defending a territory. They can be pretty pragmatic, as actions have consequences.The (((Neo Con))) establishment have a tendency, similar to (((liberal elites))) and White liberals a reflexive neurotic moral preaching, and preening as White America’s invariably the one doing the paying, fighting, dying, and maintaining. Like Taleb, skin in the game. Similar to Europes defence forces post Cold War. The thing that the (((Neo Con’s))) and (((Liberal Diaspora))) don’t take into account is a declined America isnt capable of being a Golem Goy. After which it’s debateable wheter Israel’s sustainable or another Outremer.

  16. “They blame Paul Ehrlich for discrediting the topic of population growth, because they are forbidden to discuss the real issue. To talk about the world’s most important graph, is to risk being called a racist by slime merchants like Noah Rothman, so they dance around it.”

    While one must be very circumspect regarding the assumption that current trends will persist, if the graph is off by a full 100% the 2100 population of Africa would result in about 2 billion versus 600 million for Europe. Were the 2100 population even reduced to 1 billion, a healthy proportion thereof would nevertheless be scrambling to enter Europe. That graph seems rather inexorable.

  17. “It’s like a Jewish version of the Kennedy family, minus the homicides.”

    • I came here to say that too! Fantastic line.

      My father once told me years ago, “The less you know about the Kennedy’s, the easier it is to like them.”

  18. Our culture is a like a believer facing disconfirming evidence, which is that blacks are more violent, dumb, and helpless. Yet all the elites enforce the view that this is our fault and we must restore them. What will it take for the believer facing disconfirming evidence to reject the belief?

    Will we ever decide to stop sending food to Africa? Is there a straw that will break the camel’s back? Will anything short of an economic crash prevent us from financing the African birth explosion?

    • “We” will quit feeding them right after “we” start shooting illegals at the border. Simple solutions, difficult to implement.

    • Will we ever decide to stop sending food to Africa?

      After President Ocasio-Cortez takes office in 2020 our reawakened sense of unity with and responsibility to people of color world wide (dormant during the reign of the evil orange-haired one) will move the nation to do just the opposite. We’ll increase aid to Africa and begin programs to voluntarily take in increasing numbers of Africa’s population so that we can benefit from the enhanced vibrancy and diversity that we will realize.

      • It’s not unreasonable to think that Ocasio-Cortez will be president sometime after the white world bankrupted itself trying to feed billions of Africans. She will be viewed as the Romulus Augustus.

  19. Populations don’t just explode all on their own.

    If you keep popping out babies and they die of starvation – well then you don’t have much of a population explosion – do you?

    As Sam Kinison said so many years ago in a comment about the (latest) Ethiopian famine “crisis” – why don’t they move to where the food is?

    My point here is – why the hell is the population of Africa exploding in the first place?

    Seems like somebody must be feeding all those hungry mouths. And if I believe what I’ve read – it’s people in the West sending food aid who are doing it. Africa is not food self-sufficient.

    So to my way of thinking – what you’ve got here is a self induced problem. In economic terms that old rule ” what you subsidize you get more of ” – directly applies.

    So – the first order of business is to STOP MAKING THE PROBLEM WORSE. In other words – stop feeding them. After that – the problem solves itself.

    There is something I have noticed working in the engineering field : and that is that people VERY rarely go back to first principles – or put another way, they VERY rarely simplify to solve a problem. When there’s a problem found – and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a mechanical engineering problem or a social engineering problem – the almost universal response is to complicate. That means layering one “solution” on top of another solution on top of another solution until the whole edifice collapses.

    Applied to the African problem that means the typical lefist progressive will see a “problem” in the fact that there’s not enough food. Then when they “solve” that problem by massively subsidizing them with food – they’ll get an over-population problem. Then they’ll try to solve that thru importation of the excess people into Western countries. And they’ll start pushing birth control. When things go south – they’ll start dumping the “wrong” people into camps and genociding them.

    All of that sturm and drang could have been avoided by simply not feeding them in the first place.

    • When thinking about the African issue, eliminate genocide and food embargo from your list of solutions. Those will never happen.

      • I get the idea, but embargo is a proper term for the blocking of trading goods or goods for cash. There is no trade in charity.

      • It will happen when whites diminish in the overall size or their populations. For whites, it will become a fight for their daily survival. What do you think will happen when white Americans and Europeans reach population levels of say…oh…10 percent? I probably won’t see that in my lifetime but I fully expect whites in America to reach that level. And it won’t be pleasant for them. What will the USA look like then? Brazil? Who’s going to feed the oh so noble people of Africa when that day comes? The Chinese? Because we all know how well the Chinese love the Africans and their culture.

      • Consider the WaPo writers’ casual, “but-of-course, any-reasonable-person -would-agree-with-this” advocacy of universally availabile abortion and morning after pills to people in the third world. Ruth Bater Ginsberg has referred to abortion as a useful instrument of controlling undersirable populations. In his somewhat less deplorable youth, Jessie Jackson made the surprisingly cogent comment that abortion is genocide of the black race. Genocide not only can happen, it is going on right before our eyes. I’ve never heard of Rothman before, but I think he’s spot on for calling out the WaPo writers’ — to put it quite mildly — moral obtuseness in annointing themselves as professional deep thinkers on the subject of ethics.

        • Well, you managed to miss the point of the post, which is really hard to do in this case. You should take a moment to think about that. Perhaps your obsession with abortion is getting the better of you.

      • If we leave out War and Famine, then only Plague is left. All 3 horsemen seem inevitable.

    • They will move to where the food is! That’s THE problem. Fortress America! The Euro-trash are on their own as far as i’m concerned. Well, maybe we let their well-balanced attractive young women emigrate… Maybe their top scientists… Damn it is hard not to go wobbly.

      • I vote for wobbly. WAY wobbly.
        Let us bring sense and competition back to our dear ladies.

        I, for one, welcome our Nordic overbabes!
        3 Scandis for every man!
        I mean, have you SEEN Ukrainian wimmin?

        (Side benefit- polygamy would give the girls all the social/sexual drama they crave!)

    • Calsdad: “In other words – stop feeding them. After that – the problem solves itself.” Being an engineer you’re under the impression that fixing a human geopolitical problem is as cut & dry as repairing a vacuum cleaner. You are why companies have separate departments for marketing and engineering.

      • Tell us more on how Niggers are just like Whitey can totally live in his societies in hugh numbers. Cuck.

      • Yes, it’s the job of the marketing department to take the logical solution that the engineers formulate and dress it up, give it pizzazz and figure out a way to bullshit the customer into buying it.

  20. I lack the words to describe how much i despise noah rothman.

    The neocons do not murder with their own hands, they merely egg on others to murder for neocon tribal benefits.

    I will shed no tears when justice finds them, in this life. Or the next.

  21. I must admit that the last 10yrs have made it increasingly to maintain my philosemitic views. For sure, i despise that smarmy J Goldberg. What’s with Rothman’s effete voice? These metrosexual accents really make my skin crawl.

  22. To be fair to Mr. Rothman, it’s easy to dismiss Peter “let’s have sex with animals and abort one year olds” Singer as unethical.

    • That’s fine, but guilt by association is a slimy for of rhetoric. Hitler liked dogs. That does not make dog owners Nazis. That’s what guys like Rothman do all the time.

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