There Will Be Blood

In a healthy and orderly society, the ruling class maintains a set of rules for arbitrating disputes, allocating power and disciplining transgressors. The rules governing the ruling class are intended to defend the ruling class from internal threats, as well as external ones. On the one hand, the rules make sure that people entering the ruling elite are the sort who will improve and defend the system that preserves the ruling class. It also protects those new members, by giving them an orderly path up through the hierarchy.

Imagine if it was OK in the Senate for a back bencher to murder his rivals in order to gain a senior position in the Senate. That could be tempting to an upstart, but then again, killing off newcomers would suddenly make sense for those already in power. Having rules against murdering rivals protects all concerned, and by extension, the ruling class as a while. An orderly system of distributing power and promoting new people up the hierarchy encourages everyone in the ruling class to defend the ruling class system.

It’s why we always see so-called conservatives, for example, rushing to the nearest microphone to disavow challenges from their right. They always frame it is a choice between reasonable compromise versus unreasonable extremism. Their calls for civility are essentially a defense of the current order. The rules work for them, as it allows them to enjoy a one percent lifestyle as the in-house opposition to the Left. While not as gratuitous, Progressives will also call for civility when they sense a threat from their Left.

That’s what makes the debate on the Left about tactics, interesting to anyone on this side of the great divide. From the perspective of dissidents, politics is a spectator sport. There is no one speaking for our issues in the halls of power. Immigration patriots, race realists, populists and nationalists are all excluded from the political debate. On the other hand, the most radical Progressive crazies get at least an audience with the people in charge. This Atlantic piece gives a little hint that maybe the moderate middle is about to collapse.

American politics is today a brutal boxing match of harassing confrontations. The disagreements renew two enduring questions: one philosophical, one historical. Is political harassment civil? And do the ugly political confrontations signal a sharp departure, or have they always existed in the United States of America?

Moderates in both major political parties have long argued no on both fronts. Their political brand is unity. They pursue the absence of tension. That has meant avoiding confrontations through building political bridges high above the audible river of children crying in detention facilities, in police cars and cells, in abandoned schools, in abuse-infested homes, in rat-infested apartments, in searches for incarcerated and deported parents, in funeral homes over closed caskets, in plantation shacks after their first whipping, and in slave auctions fearing their new harassers.

These political moderates classify as uncivil those, like Donald Trump, who would toss children into those crying spaces. They classify as uncivil those, like Maxine Waters, who run down into those crying spaces and call for the all-out harassment of the harassers. They look down on both the Trumps and the Waters’ from the heights of their self-styled civility. They look down on those crying children—and their comatose or raging defenders—and counsel patience, preaching a religious belief in the American political process.

Now, you have to put aside the fact that the author of that piece is a ridiculous person with a fake name. His lack of authenticity is part of the act that gets him a place in the prevailing orthodoxy. The angry black man routine allows him to play the part of house anti-white among the ruling class Progressives. If he had stuck with his birth name, he would be forced to play a different role, as no one is going to take seriously a guy playing the Malcolm X part with the name “Mister Rogers” and sporting a cardigan.

What matters is his argument that justice requires the just to be uncivil, by which he means overthrowing the rules. After all, incivility is by definition the rejection of the rules of discourse. Radicals have always been attracted to this formulation, as they always imagine themselves as the righteous underdog fighting the powerful system. In the last century, this was at least plausible, if not entirely accurate. Communist revolutionaries wanted a new system. The New Left was in revolt against the previous generation.

Today, the Progressives are in total control of American life. If you doubt this, name a left-wing web site that has been banned from the internet. The terrorist group Antifa is allowed to operate on Twitter and Facebook. Post FBI crime stats on social media and you risk being doxxed by a Huffington Post writer and losing your job. In other words, the people in total control of the system are now losing faith in the system, because they don’t think it is effective enough at crushing their enemies. Ibram X. Kendi wants more blood.

This is not surprising. From Robespierre through Marxism, into the multiculturalism of today, the Left has always been a spiritual cause, because all of their schemes require a certain type of person, a certain moral understanding. Ultimately what is required for their society to work is a certain moral order that can only be imposed. As Progressivism has curdled into an anti-white ascendancy, it means erasing all traces of whiteness, which is going to mean erasing white people. You can’t do that and remain civil.

What we are seeing is that the anti-white ascendancy that was birthed by cultural Marxism, brings with it the same defects as Marxism. That is, it lacks a limiting principle, so it inevitably proceeds to the most extreme expression of its core beliefs. There was no end to radical intolerance in 20th century Marxism. There will be no end to the racial blood-lust by anti-white radicals. It is why anti-whites are offended by calls to civility. The inevitable end point of their ideology is unrestrained vengeance against whites.

A dozen years ago, Mark Steyn made the point that the history of ruling elites reforming themselves is not very encouraging. That was in the context of immigration. All these years on and we see that our ruling classes have done nothing to stem the flood of migrants into the West. Therefore, it is hard to imagine them standing up to the anti-white radicals they have cultivated the last few decades. Guys like Ibram X. Kendi exist to hate whitey and they will not be restrained by calls for civility or compromise.

129 thoughts on “There Will Be Blood

  1. I think the good news is – there won’t be much blood. As somebody pointed out during the Rodney King riots, when the blacks tried to torch a neighboring oriental neighbourhood – the locals shot them and they quickly retreated.

    To fight pitched gun battles in the street, to wage protracted civil war… that takes commitment, discipline and courage. I dunno about you but from what I’ve seen, the only time Lefty gets violent and aggressive is when he is backed up by a mob and he has the advantage of numbers. The second he starts getting shot at the chit gets real and the game isn’t a game anymore. I’m sorry, but I don’t see Lefty being in a position to fight anyone in a serious way. It would be their blue wave all over again.

    They key will be the military. If Lefty controls the military then We are looking at a scenario much like Falleujah. We’d win but it would be very, very messy. But I don’t see that either. The left hates the military and most of our service people hate them right back. I cannot see them taking orders from lefty to shoot at their own citizens.

    • As was explained to me at the time by one of my rowing buddies (who was half Korean). Most of the those roof Koreans were ex-RoK army or organized by someone who was. Probably the most effective army, man for man, in Asia. Those guys were not fucking around.

      • Question Please: Roof Koreans?? Can you fill out a bit? Don’t understand. Thanks.

        • Try DuckDuckGo: “Roof Koreans refers to Korean-American business owners who defended their storefronts during the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Images of the shopkeepers standing on rooftops wielding firearms were widely publicized in news media, earning them a reputation for being bold and courageous.”

          • In a nutshell, they quickly organized into an armed militia and wherever they were, Homey and his merry band of looters would suddenly discover they had pressing business…elsewhere.

        • Commonly referred to (with admiration) as “rooftop Koreans.” People of Korean descent who ascended (SWIDT) with firearms to the rooftops of their businesses in LA during the Rodney King riots to protect their families and property from the rioters.

        • Thanks for the information to all below who responded …. was running errands so didn’t have time to “Duck-Duck-Go” it. Sorry. Funny thing, I was over SoCal in a Huey during riots on another mission from another AO — refuel in Los Alamitos — and was perplexed by indicators I saw in the near distance. Guess I’m getting old now for not making that connection, as many later colleagues were on the ground supporting containment.

    • “…that takes commitment, discipline and courage.”

      Big emphasis on ‘discipline.’

      Something ‘Homey the clown’ and his merry band of feral critters are woefully deficient in.

  2. The reinforcements have arrived!
    For Ibram X, that is.

    Obrador- “AMLO”- just won Mexico’s election.
    He is the Hugo Chavez of the Cartel narcostate formerly known as Mexico.

    • This will be interesting. AMLO has written a bunch of checks he can’t cash. Unlike Chavez, who firmly controlled the country, he controls what the narcos allow him to control. My hunch is that once the paucity of choices becomes clear to him, he’ll opt to go full retard on blaming Uncle Sam and urging a rush for the border. Won’t be right away. There is a small chance, if he really wants to be a “man of the people”, that he orders the reliable army and navy units to go full extrajudicial “Duerte” on the narcos and wipe them out. He’s a leftist, so standing laws and constitutions mean dick, just question of which way he swings.

  3. The parasites are desperately fearful that the gravy train will stop running and that starvation must be just around the corner because they have no capability to produce or take care of themselves. This shrieking is existential dread. They threaten a fight the same way a chihuahua barks insanely at the Rottweiler.

  4. After all the disclosures, does anyone doubt the FBI, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, US Military, DOJ, Secret Service, etc. are all filled with Peter Strozks and Lisa Page types? And that any call by say Maxine Waters or Kamala Harris to simply engage in White male genocide would not be enthusiastically greeted and enforced by all those dudes in high speed/low drag tactical body armor and drone pilots, tank commanders, etc? All to the cheers of their pussy-hat wearing girlfriends and wives in the certainty of themselves being “part of the good ones?”

    White males can either roll over without resistance, or fight like lions, in the end it will not matter much because the US government from the DOJ down to the Portland PD and beat cop is full of SJW pussy-hat wearing “Resistance” people. Heck its a miracle Maxine Waters and Kristen Gillibrand have not incited another Hodgkinson to try and kill Trump since they have done their very best to rile up their crazies to try and kill Trump. Its a dead certainty most of his Secret Service people are “the Resistance” and will enable any would-be shooter. If some Judge somewhere does not first simply issue an arrest warrant “because he says so” and the Secret Service does not willingly perp-walk Trump and install … Kamala Harris?

    In the chaos of Katrina, the police had enough time to go in and disarm Whites only so they could be easy victims of vibrant vibrancy. Imagine that nationwide.

    Indeed I’d say the survival of Trump is more a factor of infighting among Hillary and Harris over who will be the leader of the Democratic Machine, the #METOO movement a pre-emptive maneuver by Harris to cut off Hillary’s Hollywood money as Weinstein was a major bundler. Certainly the winds of change are blowing in Hollywood to defenestrate White Jewish males who had a tiny clue, in favor of Black women, and White SJW women like Kathleen Kennedy. [And in Germany it looks like Merkel has again won, forcing the CSU to back down and take lots more “migrants” as she bought off the Greeks and Spaniards and Italians predictably.]

    The only issue is will China start flexing its muscles, say annexing Hawaii? Or AMLO decide California really belongs to Mexico and start to enforce that with the Mexican Military/Cartels (yes the two are the same). I’m sure every liberal Judge in the US would block any military response to Mexico’s annexation and at the same time the Uber-wealthy would demand military action to protect Babwa’s Palos Verdes estate and the holdings of Zuck and company. Or perhaps some lone White male in a basement somewhere bio-hack his grudge against the vibrant which, well what could possibly ever go wrong there?

  5. Can someone recommend a good book of fiction on a race war breaking out? I guess it doesn’t have to be about race. Any book about a horde of modern barbarians or Prog overlords trying to take over a city/nation/civilization/etc. would do. I’m unfamiliar with right wing fiction, but since being red pilled I’ve noticed that there IS such a thing. Thanks for any suggestions.

    • Matt Bracken- Enemies Foreign and Domestic series, google it, he sometimes gives them away free, or for 99c.

    • Never read the Northwest novels by Covington. Never. “The Brigade” is not the one to start with. No.

    • Kurt Slichter’s “People’s Republic” & “Indian Country” make for a pretty interesting series from a right perspective. The premise is that under a President Clinton, the country fractured into Red vs. Blue states. Amazon retails both books. He’s a clever writer.

  6. Not so fast rahowa geeks! The California prison system gives insight on how things actually work. The Norteños have their black and white allies, vs the surenos who have their black and White allies.

    • But the Nortenos and the Surenos have been at each other with rocks, pointed sticks and finally now guns, thankyou cartels, and still no one has won or destroyed the other. But I know personally there is genuine hate between the two.

  7. An idea I’ve had is that instead of civil wars, we will just crystallize into parallel societies. The left continues to move further to the left, which causes more political losses, which causes them to move further to the left, and so on. However, the right is too cowardly to face off against the left because while the right has political power, the left maintains their vice grip on institutional power. It ends up being an uneasy detente. The left demands blood and their antifa stooges will occasionally emerge from time to time but everyone more or less sticks to their own side and their own people. The whole thing is done pretty non-violently generally.

    Before anyone brings up the possibility of demographics, the coalition of the fringes only works as a coalition. Hispanics will be emboldened to pursue their own issues, not caring about blacks, yellows, and Jews. This coalition is unable to amount to anything and their constant infighting prevents anyone from uniting, which means even if whites end up 40% of the population, white conservatives will continue to have congressional majorities, Presidents, etc. The right wing will be the dominant white ideology but they will never want to face off against angry leftists because even in this crazy, anti-white world, the smear of being called a racist is too strong for white people who still hold hope that baste blacks with MAGA hats will save society.

    I’m just rambling but I don’t see any real physical dissolution ahead of us. Of course, this divide means that the country rots because of the lack of unity. In history books, we’ll remember that Pax Americana peaked in the 1990s.

    • “Peaked in the 1990’s”? Read your history. America peaked in 1965, and right before all the civil rights, medicare/medicaid and assorted Great Society legislation, as well as the Hart-Celler Immigration Act. You must be pretty young, because it’s been pretty much downhill from that 90%-of-America-is-white year of 1965. Now, get off my lawn!

      • I think RD just meant that “Pax Americana” not America peaked in the 1990’s and that is true. The Soviet Union was gone, the economic challenge from Japan of the 1980’s went bust and China had yet to emerge. We truly faced the world with few if any external constraints. And where we are now came in large part from the choices our elites made then.

  8. Reaction by the right will be in the form of one man resistance operations erasing representatives from the progressive left within their own neighborhoods.

    • Hunting is slow and failure the default. I wouldn’t count on lone wolves to remove the problem.

      • Don’t discount the numbers of lone wolves. And as time goes by some will gather in packs. We might begin with several million lone wolves. And their targets are going to be high priority. If in several months the commies lost 20 million of their leaders, is that not significant?

      • Hmmm. Not sure about that.

        Saw two lone wolfs completely decimate a Brigade Support Area one night at a ‘Polkatraz’ exercise.

        Fuel tankers, water bladder units, medic units, quartermaster airdrop pallet retrievers. Loggies all.

  9. Since all of the above is indubitably true, IMO we have no recourse but to trust that Trump is far more clever than our enemies, domestic and foreign, whose arrogance has blinded them to the new day dawning.

    It’s quite liberating to stop worrying and learn to trust the Donald.

    Go Trump.

  10. One of the few times the right joins together is on the public green to assemble an army , the plows and shovels get put down and the gun gets picked up.
    Lefty is in for a rude awakening , the right is getting woke.

    • When is the last time the right assembled an army? The right is mostly composed of people whose highest commitment is to maintaining their comfort. You guys greatly exaggerate the fighting potential of conservatives. Just because someone owns a lot of guns doesn’t mean he has any spirit to resist if that entails significant inconvenience.

      • They formed a small but effective one (a la Lex & Concord) at the Bundy ranch in Nevada. They forced the Feds to back off and go away. If the Feds had opened fire there, a much larger group would surely have been aroused to fight against them.

        • None of the people I knew at the time would or could have gone to help the Bundys, but many expressed the desire to take it right to our own local fbi and wipe them out.
          The “civil war” might be a national thing, but fighting it on a local basis is going to keep the commies off balance.

      • The question of “if” is a good one. I don’t know. But if the answer to “if” is “yes”, then I suspect that you will see very effective organization, very fast. Many of us, though inured to our creature comforts, do have experience in military or quasi-military organizations and posses the organizational and “field skills” to operationalize ad hoc organizations very fast.

      • Good point.

        However, ‘conventional’ is passe…for now. Got Iraq/Afghan?

        Think more along the lines of unconventional/guerilla/Red Dawn scenario…’specially west of the Pecos.

  11. “…Progressives will also call for civility when they sense a threat from their Left.” I guess I missed something. Progressives calling for civility? When did that ever happen?

  12. i hope the progs do set off a race war. My prediction: everyone else against the nigs. End result: no more black problem. Worth pointing out that the mexicans are quite busy cleansing the cities of nigs. They are good that way.

    • Let us not distract ourselves from the true disturbers of society, Mr. Hungman. I’d much rather take out a few hundred thousand Progs than forty million nigerians. Far more efficient too.

      • I understand you all will freak-out — however… I’m not necessarily knee-jery anti-colored… true, I don’t want to live in their societies of crime and debauchery… but the people who have sworn to kill you are the Marxists white Progs. Without them, the coloreds would all be happy weaving grass skirts

        • The left has been race baiting us the last two years. Don’t fall for it. This isn’t about race! Juss Saying is right.

    • Grew up in South Florida. One of the under (not) reported aspects of the Liberty City riots was that the blacks tried going after the Cubans at the outset. This was still close enough to the days when the Alpha 66 guys were still training out in the Everglades to re take Cuba. Well that shit lasted about twelve minutes before the the Cubans made it clear (with live fire demonstrations) that taking that shit out of Overtown, Liberty and other black neighborhoods was going to result in boned out carcasses nailed to telephone poles.

    • They may well be clearing the cities – but where are they all going?

      I can tell you there is a definite increase in black faces in the town I live in. Whether they actually live here or are just passing thru – I don’t know. But my town has had a population of 35k for as long as I can remember. That was made up of something like 95% white – with all the rest of the diversity making up the other 5%. That’s a typical distribution for a more expensive suburb in MA from my experience.

      I have noticed over maybe the last 4-5 years though – a definite uptick in black faces around town. We have a bike trail we didn’t use to have – and there’s been some 40B projects too and some lower income housing put in too.

      The Mexicans might be clearing out the cities – but those people are going somewhere. The Obama administration’s efforts to “diffuse” the poor out to the suburbs might be combining with the Mexicans to send them out all over the place.

      Seems to me a little bit like cutting open a cancerous tumor and allowing the cells to just start spreading everywhere. You were probably better off just leaving the the thing alone.

      • My county was ground zero for the Obama Admin’s effort to rewrite local building codes and effectively declare they could demand low income housing be built anywhere anytime they wanted…but we had to pay the costs to get to the “suggested” ratios. Thankfully we had a county exec that fought it tooth and nail and then Trump effectively stopped it. For now. But already have the Section 8 camel under the tent–and having been in the emergency services business–once you get a critical mass of that stuff, all sorts of things go to shit. The suburbs don’t soothe the savage beast–it just provides the savage beast a feedlot filled with fattened cows.

  13. This big anti-white purge is very similar to the South Park episode where the gnomes were stealing the kids’ underwear…

    Phase I) Purge country of whites
    Phase II) *
    Phase III) Wakanda!

    *Still working out the details

    • Used to use the Underpants Gnome as a slide for discussions about how to spot a shitty business plan. It was edgy for a Fortune 200 crew, but I got away with it.

  14. Have to wonder if the ultra radicalization the left is exhibiting will contribute to meaningful internal implosion. They won’t go away, but as they descend into Looney-Tunes they’re possibly losing some momentum? It’s unfortunate but I just want a few more years before Mad Max

  15. That of which anyone speaks is not going to be easy to address. It means that we do something that Dave Grossman, M.D. says we are not inclined to do, Kill Each Other. The only thing that generates such a response is it happening to US, the people. Will I ever be ready, NO! I will not shy away from the process, however.

    • Just a note: I don’t think Grossman is an M.D. He is a retired lieutenant colonel Ranger and instructor / professor of Military Science in Arkansas, though he may have moved on from that of late.

    • Umm, the evidence of the last couple of millennium don’t really support taking his comments about American farmboys of a particular time and generalizing from them.

      Look anywhere in the world, and any big city here. Does the evidence support the idea the humans find it hard to kill?

      Not just no, but HEII no.


  16. Looking back at the descent to the first Civil War, we’re at around 1856, where the slide to war accelerated. The mileposts will be passed in the same manner, but probably accelerate faster because of the mass media and viral nature of news. The progressive cities and California will refuse to enforce federal immigration law regardless of Congress or the Supreme Court, echoing the refusal of the abolitionist radicals in refusing to accept the Dred Scott decision or the Fugitive Slave Act of the early 1850s, citing a “higher law”, which in the case of John Brown, accepted murder and insurrection as an instrument of the will of the Republican Party, who in the Secret Six, funded and supported his terrorism in Kansas and at Harper’s Ferry, which finally drove the Deep South out of the Union. In between, the two party political system collapsed as the Whig party imploded and the Democrats split into Northern and Southern factions, with senators and representatives assaulting each other in the capital.

    We’ve already got a low level war on the border

    We’ve already had one attempted mass murder of political opponents

    Both the Democrat and Republican parties are fracturing into new groupings based on explicit identities, rather than common principles.

    We have yet to see Congress devolve into fistfights on the floor, but that’s approaching rapidly

    There will be a John Brown moment when a leftist cabal decides a Trump re-election is almost inevitable.

    • The winners write the history. If they win, stories will be told about the abusive defense of national borders, and how crazy it was to have a national identity. If we win, the idea of unfettered migration will become even more odious. Those are the stakes.

      • I’m either going to win or not be around to hear anymore horseshit about opening the borders.

    • This is pretty much spot-on, including the part about an accelerated timeline. We’ll get a very good idea of what’s in store following the mid-term elections. If they go badly for the Left (my own gut feeling is that they will), you’ll start to see more organized violence, probably in the form of bombing, which is what Leftists always seem to resort to. That will further alienate the rest of the country, almost guaranteeing Trump’s re-election, and THAT will be for the Left what the election of Lincoln was for the South.

      That puts us at about 1858.

  17. What’s more disturbing is all of our guys think that owning a firearm will keep the rising anti-white tide at bay. Just yesterday, we saw massive demonstrations by the Left in major cities. And yet, the Right will still make jokes about how quickly the civil war will be over. The Right has no way of organizing massive street protests in even one major city. To do so in several cities at once is only thought about in the abstract and on the fringes.

    In the 1948 Palestine war, The Palestinians had a rifle in every home. It didn’t stop the far better organized Jews from ejecting them.

    • Agreed. One wonders if the expected “Civil” war will simply be a relatively bloodless surrender by Americans who have grown so weak and so comfortable they haven’t the will to fight. The left is organized and financed and rude as hell, and the right is disorganized and polite. Turning the other cheek hasn’t ever worked for the Right, but they keep doing it.

      • This time around the cuck right is thoroughly discredited. We have a rallying point around Trump. What truly scares the revolutionary left is he could call up our own side to take to the streets in our millions with a tweet. He holds a bigger microphone and is the commander in chief of the military-whose infantry units are composed mainly of Trump loving sons of the dirt people.

      • The will enjoy a considerable initial advantage and i think they will kick our asses at first. But their very diversity will be their undoing in the long run.

    • Regretably you like many are fixated on the goings on in cities. This is a common concern for people who believe that those cities mean anything when things get sporty.

      The fact is, cities are deathtraps and essentially will destroy themselves during any type of insurrection with looting, murder and rape being a ongoing slow motion self destruction. They are vulnerable when the rural folks can isolate them from food, fuel, electrical power, water etc. Let them riot and burn their own neighborhoods down it’ll quickly get tiring for the normals there.

      • Find me one instance in history where some sort of “country” revolt or rioting ended up counting for anything as the wheels of history turned and the politics morphed into something else.

        Big political movements come out of crap that goes down in cities. Like it or not that seems to be what happens. I have been hearing stories of “riots in the countrysides” coming out of China for at least a decade – what difference have they made? The Nazis gained political power by actions taken within cities. So did the Bolsheviks. For that matter – so did the people who founded THIS country.

        If the “country” has anything going for it this time around – it’s that pretty much everything runs in just-in-time mode, and the cities and the people within them seem to have little to no understanding of the infrastructure that keeps them all alive every day. I think “country” people have retained much more of a grounding in what takes in regards to bare necessities to live. Whereas city people seem to be so disconnected from everything – and living in such a fragile systems – that country people this time around *may* have a real advantage when things get sporty.

        So the real question is: when the city turds force thru whatever political change they are able to force thru (for the sake of argument let’s say this is some sort of radical communist “nirvana”) – will they be able to be taken out by simply shutting shit off and watching them starve?

        If you really want to figure out how this will go down – WW2 history is the best indicator that I know of – along with maybe some study of Germany during the 20’s when they had hyperinflation. During that time people in the cities were selling everything they had for an egg – meanwhile a country farmer just picked himself up a nice grand piano as a present for the wife – for an egg. And he had plenty more where that came from.

        Did people evacuate the cities during WW2? Or did they stay put and die in place? I think the answer is: both. Some people will run away to their vacation homes in other states – and others (dindus?) – will be stuck where they are and suffer the consequences.

        Country people don’t fare so well when the “city people” send out the NKVD to starve your ass to death – for reference talk to a Ukranian.

          • You really think they won’t be able to staff up a homegrown version of the NKVD pretty quickly? You’re delusional if you don’t understand there would be plenty of willing volunteers.

            The NKVD didn’t exist before the Bolsheviks came in. And there’s apparently plenty of seed corn available for a new organization from the FBI ranks and possibly even the CIA if recent events around opposition to Trump is any indication.

            Yes – most of the military is made up of country boys – but not all of the military is trustworthy either.

            RE: “ran roughshod over a disarmed populace with no habit of liberty”.

            LOL – where is the “habit of liberty” in the current version of these United States? ZMan talks CONSTANTLY of the cuckservatives and shits all over libertarians? Please show me on the doll where the “habit of liberty” is in a population that sends it’s children to government run schools even though they’re chock full of Marxists and will willingly place the government presented penis in their mouth whenever it is hung out before them – AND , will get upset when you don’t do the same?

            I’m not disagreeing that the current day United States is not 1930’s Ukraine , but it’s also not the liberty utopia that I keep hearing it presented as. In fact I think the people who keep making that argument are probably the worst of the “cuckservatives” because they’re not acknowledging in the least how far down the liberty pole we’ve fallen.

            As far as the guns argument goes: I myself pointed out that there’s something like 400 million guns in civilian hands in this country according to recent articles. That’s not the issue: the issue is USING THEM. Which is EXACTLY the point that Solzhenitzen made about the Russians. Even if they were beating them to death with pitchforks and baseball bats – the Russians COULD HAVE successfully fought back and the “machine” would have run out of people rather quickly.

            They didn’t fight back. And if prior history of this country is any indication -since people have been knuckling under to the progressive experiment for going on 100 years now – it’s not a good bet they’d fight back this time either.

        • The NKVD ran roughshod over a disarmed population with no habit of liberty. Different story here.

          • It wasn’t the NKVD. It was the Checka. Mostly sociopath Bolshevik Jews. The odd Bill Ayers would qualify as Gestapo boy, but otherwise our sociopath Jews have the claws but not the balls.

          • Slight correction, that’s (((Ayers))).
            Yup, he is. Back then he and the SDS made deals with black gangs, as now.
            Splitting loot, safehouses, ‘street action’, and most importantly, lawyers.

    • Ignoring the dubious value of 60’s style street activism , the Right was able to match the Left in Portland at the patriot prayer and win despite police backing AntiFa at the mayors orders just what yesterday? Its also happened several times before this and last year.

      • Most of these hero-of-the-proletariat wannabes have never been in a real fight.

    • Street protests are irrelevant. No one cares about them.

      That said if things devolve in a warm or hot civil war, law enforcement will vanish. And when happens, those ethnics will loot and destroy their own cities and then go after the rich whites who support them.

      When we had the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, that’s what happened, the Mexicans and blacks looted and destroyed their own neighborhoods and businesses.

      The other problem is this. Once the rioting starts, all food deliveries to stores stop. All it will take is for a driver or two be killed or injured and no trucking company will allow their drivers into that city. In three days people will be without food, then real panic sets in, The ethnics will tear into each other for scraps. If they go to the suburbs they will be shot dead. You think car loads of cholos and brothas with guns are going to be welcome where the police and others live? Hell no.

      If the Feds intervene on behalf of the ethnics(and they will, even under Trump) they will end up dead as well because they will be targeting white gun owners.

      • The range was packed today…and has been increasingly so. For an area way behind enemy lines, am consistently surprised at how many “precision” guys are out there shooting teeny, tiny groups. Every. Fucking, Shot.

        • Saml – Really wish you folks in the cities best of luck… I’d never thought about it until reading your post but….. you’re our first line of defense. Good luck to you, Sir – from out where we don’t need no stinkn’ bug-out bags

          • Hopefully, not stuck here much longer. But was having this discussion with one of my kids this past weekend. The key skill is being as “gray” as possible. Don’t stand out. Don’t wear or own “tacti-cool” clothing or backpacks. Don’t post shit on Facebook or comment about anything to do with firearms or hunting. Know who your fellow travelers are. But have discussions over a drink at the club. Not email. No stickers on the car. Big fan of older “takedown” rifles and shotguns. Nothing that draws attention, but plenty effective and packs down to innocuous size. Be the Penguins…”cute and cuddly” and “smile and wave boys”.

        • Even my sane Bernie Bro buddies are feeling something on the wind. They’ve been buying and trying guns of all stripes and I’m in Cali

          Heck one of them is building a Cal legal AR and he’s the last guy I’d expect that from

          All that aside, you can wargame it till the cows come home but no one really knows how ACW 2 electric bugaloo or collapse will turn out

    • One of the differences between our current situation and civil/Revolutionary/foreign wars is the ubiquity of cameras. A colonialist used to be able to pick off a Redcoat from behind a tree and then run home for dinner without worrying about being caught. Now, if you defend yourself — yes, even self-defense! — some three-letter agency goon will come knocking at your door.

      We have to figure out a way of disabling the listening/looking devices in an urban area before we defend our families

      • There’s only so many goons from three letter agencies. Once they’re gone – what happens?

        Solzhenitzen made the following comment:

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
        ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

        Recently I’ve seen an article circulating around the internet about how many firearms are owned by civilians in the US. The claim is that it’s in the range of 400 million.

        So the access to the tools to do what Solzhenitzen lamented NOT doing – are very easily accessible.

        That’s not the question. The question is: WILL people do it?

        I’d say there’s probably a higher likelihood in the US that people would do it – if for no other reason than “diversity”. If the agents who come knocking on your door to drag you off are the typical government diversity hire – then the problem likely becomes easier to fight.

        If the agents at your door are all sporting white faces – then what happens is anybody’s guess.

        I’ve read that FBI agents in Idaho after Ruby Ridge knew damn well that their lives were in extreme danger after the Randy Weaver incident. So it’s not like people can’t get pissed off enough to do what needs to be done – the question is: will they?

      • The Revolutionary war also had the significant intervention by France. Successful insurgencies or revolts often have had powerful backing by rival states. People overestimate the power of plucky rebels fighting governments.

        • Excellent point sir. And the radicals of the sixties had the deep pockets of the USSR. Who do they have today? Soros is not a nation. He’s one viet hooker away from joining that North Korean DomDeloise if he becomes any sort of real problem. Where is their uncontrollable border on a sanctuary country? Specks of blue in a sea of red, water, power, food fuel cut off. Rhymes with Stalingrad.

      • Good point on the cameras.. One point that many miss, is the technology supporting the cameras, streaming devices etc. Is so vulnerable it’s pathetic, a simple device cobbled together from instructions from the Internet can disrupt those devices, destroy the data, (including video) and likely costs less that $50.00 to assemble.

        • A .308 or even a .22 round can pretty effectively disable your neighborhood big brother camera. It can have a very discouraging effect on the guy they send to fix it too.

    • Anyone who wants a civil war is out of their mind. The lack of reserves, the just in time supply chains, the digital transaction system, have put the entire population at risk. Without an up and running grid, you cannot even buy a stick of gum at Walmart because without scanners the clerks have no idea of what the price is, and without their registers they are incapable of making change.
      The country is divided along geographical lines but those lines do not follow the boundaries of states. The dividing lines are marked by city limits. The left and the cultural Marxists are isolated in the blue archipelago that makes up our mega cities. New York has more in common with San Francisco than it does with the counties that makeup upstate New York.
      Those areas that provide the city centers with food, fuel and water have been politically disenfranchised by those same city centers for decades. There is considerable dissatisfaction with the cultural Marxists in the hinterlands. A march into the hinterlands to disarm the deplorables may very well flip the switch. Without the continual extraction of resources from the outlying areas, these city centers will die.
      The radical left is very urban and very vulnerable. A deplorable with a cement mixer and a truck load of fertilizer can turn out their lights in an afternoon. According to a congressional study on the matter, the taking down of as few as nine substations would put the country in the dark for months, maybe years. The unfolding social unrest may very well make it impossible to get it back up again. In such a scenario, the city canters would collapse and the denizens would eat each other. Be careful what you hope for.

      • It’s a great point. Plus, our lines of transport and communication – especially after a general failure of the power grid – allow us to move freely from coast to coast, from Canada to Florida, from New York State to New Mexico.

        Consult a red/blue county-by-county map of the 2016 election, and take heart: General collapse won’t be kind to the enemy.

        The loyalty of the National Guard, in such circumstances, would likely follow the pattern of the Russian army in 1917, ensuring swift victory for the Deplorables.

      • Not really a question of ‘who wants a civil war.’

        Checkout the UN’s Agenda 21 and other plans by the Rockefeller/Rothchild elite.

        They’ve determined that there are about 6 billion too many folks on this rock (‘ceptin themselves of course)…and they don’t really give a flip what we think.

        Prepare accordingly…for they have to eat, sleep, poop as well.

        Kinda like tankers. Eventually they gotta pop the hatch ta pee!

    • Your point is well taken Tykebomb.
      I often see people use the Afghan analogy to describe how tough it will be for Orkistan to subdue freefor. Problematically, Afghans have been fighting each other and invaders for longer than Freefor has been around, much longer. I had an Afghan friend once who’d fled to Germany when the Russians entered the Stan. After 9/11 (no I don’t remotely believe the official narrative, but he did) he heard that members of Bin Laden’s family had been here in the US and were being allowed to leave. He told me “What the fuck is wrong with you Americans. This is weakness. You are showing them weakness. You should kill his whole fucking family on TV so that everyone will know you’re not fucking around.” Civil conflicts in the modern era are incredibly ugly (see the Shankill Rd Butchers for reference) and I don’t think anyone is prepared for what’s coming here. I love God and I love my country. In that order. God bless and keep you all.

      • Red State Americans have had zero years of prolonged peace since the 1930’s . We are always fighting someone, putting down riots, training and we are by global standards terrifyingly militarized

        No the nation on the planet tells their troops with sincerity “Thank you for your service” and nearly every Right Winger has some experience, martial arts, military service paint ball something .

        Most aren’t actual soldiers but they can learn faster than most and I suspect will do very well indeed, better if they learn how to build trustworthy difficult to subvert organizations

    • Agree to a point.

      But it appears in Chicongo, the need for the Right to ‘cull the herd’ has become redundant.

      The feral lads seem to be doing just fine each weekend.

  18. I keep telling myself that I’m ready for the stuff to hit the fan. But then I get the sneaking suspicion that I’m not, that nobody is.

    • Years ago I absolutely would have not been ready, wanted more time to buy our land and get prepared… now, I’m still not ready… want more time to finish building our homestead… but in a few years I might be sitting on the porch just waiting to enjoy the show

      • How will you harvest or even use the outhouse? (You’ll likely require electricity for indoor plumbing to work.) Can you be sure a sniper won’t be lurking in the weeds, waiting to pick you off and seize your property? You can’t be sure. Not unless your homestead is crewed by 3-4 rotating shifts of monitors and patrollers observing in all directions 24/7/365. I wouldn’t count too much on porch sitting. The show inevitably will visit you.

        I’m not smug, merely realistic. I live in a leafy Chicago neighborhood by the lake and, if SHTF, despite being an armed urban prepper with excellent survival skills earned through various expeditions and explorations around the world I believe my survival time will be approximately one month. That’s when they’ll initiate the firestorm which will roast me and mine like Dresden deja vu. My ashes in a landfill once the urban renewal begins, if an attempt to renew does occur in futura.

        • Then you need to start planning how and when to do it to them first, don’t you?

          • In association with whom? I’m already well-established shooter inter alia. The “aligned locals” I know are suburbanites with perhaps a ditzy daughter here in the city. The locals remaining are LEO/agents or trend left. I’m not moving, we have built a pretty fine life. Neither are we going to leave for a second home although we can afford several since we don’t want that albatross. I started planning when Sotero was elected, we’ll conceal and fight if necessary but my calculation is despite food, water, shelter, protection — we’ll last a month until the firestorm.

          • FellowDissident – so when they come for you just start fighting… even if you don’t remain you’ll have helped clear the path for others

        • Few urban mobs are coming this far out into the sticks to bother me, and if they do, the other farmers and I will be ready. Bring it.

          • It will be the leaders of the urban mobs and their handpicked ilk, not the rabble. Farmhouses have always been easy to attack, you best have a crew and a bunker with trenchline. SHTF and they will bring it – hope your shelter has many monitors and patrollers or else you are Superman.

        • So true, land fill bound are we band of prepped brothers ,in any shtf scenario. Hurricane Bill Martin reminds me ” best ending for us is to die in a pile of brass.”
          Bill and I survived 1968 1969 with 7th and 9th marines respectively. We touched the elephant Have you?

        • Do they still have those old water intake cribs a few miles offshore?

          Might be a place to ride out the opioid withdrawal phase if’n you could get your hands on a boat.

    • Me, I’m moving to Utah in ~18 months. They can take my guns when they’ve finished taking them from the cold dead hands of my Mormon neighbors.

      • Just stay away from the Wasatch Front where there’s already an abundance of diversity and the Saints are in a fervor to import as many immigrants as possible.

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