August Grab Bag

I’ve been very busy with the day job this week, so putting together a thematic show was not in the cards. Those take a little more time and  thought. The last part is the important part, as I actually have to think about what I’m going to say, rather than just wing it. There’s also the the miscellaneous stuff I want to gas on about, that does not fit a general theme. I think once a month I’ll do a show that is just a grab bag of miscellaneous items that strike my fancy. That provides a little head room, as far as my schedule.

I’ve also been in a foul mood this week. The endless gaslighting by the media has its effects, even when you know it is happening. It’s harder for me to think when I’m full of rage, so a week to blow off a little steam is useful. Given that traffic is way up here of late, I suspect I’m not alone in feeling the rage. Something is happening. A post here got 300 comments the other day. That never happens. J’Onquarious tells me his traffic is way up too. Maybe it’s those Russian trolls I keep hearing so much about.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I’m now on Spotify, so the millennials can tune in when not sobbing over white privilege and toxic masculinity.

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71 thoughts on “August Grab Bag

    • Not now it isn’t. But isn’t a good candidate to be a public utility? It was created by the US military with taxpayer dollars. It’s more like a land line phone system than a small, private business.

      • There is no benefit to treating it as a public utility. It is not a static technology like the land line phone system. The internet is a perfect example of unregulated growth and innovation. Just because a couple of silicon valley commies want to censor a bunch of people doesn’t mean we should just lock up the innovation and growth by a host of outdated regulatory mandates.

        • President Trump was talking about the problem of trying to apply 100-year-old regulations to modern technology. It’s on their radar, let’s hope they address somehow in the very near future.

      • The bullshit never ends does it ? The U.S. Military never created the internet, they merely came up with the idea of multiple data routes.
        Tim Berners Lee created the world we all live in. Aptly named the Web.

  1. in listening to section 1- this reminds me that I was talking with a friend the other day. I mentioned that the left has gone from being your fun uncle who would buy you booze – to being your crazy ass aunt who was into the latest new age fad.

  2. Z at 4:40. “The hive mentality of the Left makes them really good at organizing. Despite all their nutty ideas and the problems they have with their coalition…Once these guys try and sell an idea…they’re pretty effective at pushing it, which is why they’ve won just about every battle.” It’s good to see the D-Right acknowledge the skill and organizational ability of the Left. “Pretty effective”? It’s freakin awe-inspiring.

    There’s too much comforting talk on the Right about how the Left will “devour itself” / “devour its own”. It’s true they do. But it’s also a strength. It keeps their troops in line and the ideology pure. When their elite destroys a Lefty boss like Les Moonves, the message received by the broad Left is not, “You can’t trust us, you’d better defect to the Right.” It’s, “You know you’re on the winning boat. Captain or busser, we don’t care. If you hurt the cause you’re overboard.”

    Devouring doesn’t matter when they can just replace a bad Lefty with a good Lefty.

    • They ARE awesomely good at it, because it’s all they know how to do.

      Sure made a few queen bees insanely rich, and a lot of drones verrry comfortable- so it does work, in its way.

      “It keeps their troops in line and the ideology pure… they can just replace”
      Man, that was an astute Z-observation.
      We’ve always wondered at their staying power, thanks.

      • It may dawn on you someday as you skim the comments that we’re all pretty full of ourselves. Just blowing smoke over and over. Day after day. Passing time till judgement day pretending we’re Eric Hoffer Melville.

        • Oh, tosh, you wet blanket. I enjoy seeing parallel processing at work. While we still can.

          Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow…!

          • I read my first comment again. There’s nothing worse than stating the obvious in a smart ass way. You were right to check me. Cheers.

          • You mean your second? Cuz the “Z at 4:40” was very very good, truly Z-worthy

            (Aww sh*#! I’m doing it again!)
            “Just when you think you’re out, they drag you right back in”
            Micheal Corleone

          • Nah, Frip, I *am* wasting time cuz reasons.
            So. Busted. Guilty as hell.
            Just one more. I swear I can stop, really.

            I like this place way too much, time to get off my azz. Where do I start with this mess?

            Time for the sadhu to come back into the world. Helloooo, world

        • Find a like-minded community. I’m excited about a camping trip this week with IE. I hope all of you can find your own communities because they will be the gangs that protect us in the trying times ahead.

          By the way, IE is open to all ages. Ladies too. Many of the young guys are eager for the company of older dudes, if you can keep up. It’s a nice feeling.

  3. The segment explaining the need for rules, even in conflict, was stupendous. Of course there are also rules in war. Conventional militaries hate to fight insurgencies because the insurgents ‘cheat’ by not respecting lines between civilians and combatants, not showing up for regular battles etc. This reminds me of the ‘curious’ phenomenon of karate and TKD (especially) blackbelts having their asses handed to them in street fights. A street fighter doesn’t fight according to karate rules.

    We know the answer to both the macro- and micro-scale ‘unfair’ fighting; to fight with intelligent, ruthless savagery. WW2 combatives (‘commando fighting’) is about as ‘unsportsmanlike’ as martial arts can be. The principle scales up. The way to defeat a determined and popularly rooted insurgency….is Genghis Khan; kill anything that does not offer instant and complete groveling submission.

    It is to avoid these things, neck-chops and genocidal wars, that rules were invented, both for man to man fighting and for war. When one sides stop respecting these rules…..sharpen your field spades and bring a can of gasoline and a lighter….

    It’s not that leftie disagrees w us that I hate about them. But that they do not respect the laws. And then we re down to the laws of the jungle. And of physics. And that’s a hell of a place to fight. Make sure it s gonna be worse for them than for us.

  4. OT: Just curious Zman, but have you been following the fate of Michael Scheuer and (now )? He’s a fairly small fish (with major credentials) in the world of political commentary, but GoDaddy has deplatformed him, stealing his domain name. He seems no more inflammatory than you or many other writers on the right. It’s coming to everyone.

    • Obvious troll is obvious. “White supremacy” is a subjective abstraction that defies objective definition. It exists or does not exist in the eye of the beholder; it possesses no concrete actuality. Same applies to racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and all the other dreaded isms and phobias.

    • Trevor Noah. My heart trembles at the thought of not being able to compete with him. Compete at what? Getting the allies of the diverse to squee at the things I say?

    • Trevor Noah almost came in his pants getting ready to beat down Tomi Lauren. He could barely contain his lust and rage, I thought he was going to start chimping out on camera.
      A smiling psychopath, if you ask me.

    • Yawn. If I were you, dickless, I’d be afraid about the white man instantly recognizing you and your ilk when we finally fight back. You will undoubtedly end up in the same funeral pyre as your pet little brown people.

  5. Z Man, you’re brilliant. Thank you! I’m going to have to listen to this again as it was chock full of gems. Among many other thoughts, the notion you so succinctly articulated that ***the public space is now private and will be run by private corporations*** is an important truth we face right now as we witness censorship growing and lives being damaged by it.

  6. American corporatism gradually proves itself as suffocating in its own right as outright government tyranny. Ironically, top players in the “free market” have now declared open war on the free market of ideas. The time for insurrection draws nigh.

  7. The abandonment of all rules does give me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Kind of a late Rome Republic feeling (like your segment on Gaius Marius and the First Civil War).

    How do you share government with people who’ll never play by the rules? It is the reason so many people have the gut feeling that we’ll be killing each other soon.

    • I know an awful lot of conservatives who freak about throwing out the rules.

      They don’t seem to realize that once the rules get thrown out – the rules are gone. They don’t have to abide by them EITHER.

      Anybody who seriously studies war knows that if one side throws out the rules – then the other side HAS to follow , or lose.

      I think our side is stronger. And the rules at this point are just holding us back. But I have also always felt that there are some “higher” rules (if you want to call them that) – and those must be obeyed. One of those rules is that you cannot be expect to be the party that throws out the rules – and then also expect to win the fight.

      I believe that the little incident on Lexington Common all those years ago is a good example of this. The British showed up – told the colonists to disburse – and they WERE. Then a shot rang out – and the British shot a bunch of the militiamen. The British mission from the beginning was an act of tyranny – but as soon as they started shooting people down – they set the stage for their loss of the war. Because after that the colonists had moral conviction – as well as the moral right – to shoot their asses down at will in defense of their liberty.

      The same effect gets used by commies in protests. They will provoke the police into doing something stupid – so they have the moral high hand in rioting. The resistance during WW2 used these tactics against the Germans. They’d kill a few soldiers – the Germans would kill a whole village – and pretty soon the entire countryside hated the Germans.

      The left wing idiots of today are going over the top. Seems like people still aren’t REALLY shooting back – so maybe it’s going to actually take some shooting to set the whole thing off, I don’t know. Maybe it will take something like Bracken’s “What I saw At The Coup”. I guess we’ll have to see.

      At this point the trajectory of the leftist’s arc of action seems pretty clear though.

      • Crispus Attucks- (the guy shot by the Shot Heard Round The World)- was black.
        Always stirring sh*t up, ya know.

      • Yet on a lot of conservative forums, you still get tons and tons of commenters saying things like Whites will “end this identity group nonsense.”

    • @Drake
      Yea they have that gut feeling problem is they are lost on how to go about solving the problem they/we are facing…

    • I have that bad feeling in my gut too. I’ve largely retreated from the modern world partially just because it makes me so nervous now, the waiting. No TV, no movies, I read books but not by living authors. I do have some websites like this one. But basically I feel like I’m just waiting…

      • Whitney, me too. Might I suggest Gibbon’s “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”? A huge work, but actually a fast-moving survey of 1500 years broken up into bite size chunks. Here’s the thing—Gibbon (IMO) tells you how things are likely to play out, and also what matters. For example, leadership tends to run good for a leader or two, then you get a bunch of bad ones. Bad leadership leads to internal unhappiness and unrest, followed by external invasion. Leadership tends to usurp the powers and the rights of the citizens, while keeping and pretending to respect the nominal institutions of the republic. Porous borders lead to ruin. Appeasement and Danegeld lead to ruin. Religion is often a tool of the secular authorities. Ancestral gods and customs are obliterated all the time. Bad times lead to many people being put to death arbitrarily. Perhaps, most importantly, things don’t change that much over the centuries. It is our conceit that we live in vastly different times or that people behave much differently than they did in ancient times or in the Middle Ages. The book is a powerful handbook and chronicle of human behavior. Read it while the lights are still on.

        • I have a serious old book habit so now I’m shopping for it online. I think I’m going to go to the 1914 3 volume edition because it has a complete index. I’ll put it next to my four volume set of Churchill’s history of English-speaking people. I hope “the troubles” don’t start too soon because I have too much to read

          • I’ve got about 3000 books. I seem to have spent most of my life building bookcases. My proudest acquisition was when the wife gave me the 20 volume set of the OED. It was on sale for about a third of its usual price because a wonderful author whose name of cause eludes me wrote a book about it’s creation called “The meaning of everything.’ Ah, Simon Winchester, I think

    • Only here we have the Deep State playing the role of Sulla bringing his army into Rome and declaring himself dictator. But you are right, once you decide this is Vietnam and not bowling…there are no limits.

    • There were never any rules on the rich. Except to keep us down while they looted the country.

      What we were fed, were a set of lies to keep us inline and stop us from marching down to Google’s and Goldman Sachs HQ and torching them or beating some politico half to death for signing a trade pact that enriched him while destroying millions of jobs. ‘Seek justice through the courts’ the elites would tell us. Fat lot of good it did for us.

      These rules kept us from hunting down the Sackler family for deliberately pumping Oxycontin into regions to kill and addict people. Who act with impunity thanks to Congress.

      As long as I’ve been alive the political and corporate class has done as it pleased without worry of prosecution. And as always some conservative, mansion dwelling millionaire like Hannity who blubbers on about the “Rule of Law” which doesn’t exist.

  8. Outsourcing totalitarianism. Jesus, what a fucking nightmare. It’s like something from a 70s paranoia movie, except it’s real.

    At any rate, thanks for bringing us the bad news, Zman. Somebody’s gotta do it. Without the d-right writers, I think I’d be wandering around the Gaslight World thinking, “am I the only one seeing this shit?” and questioning my sanity.

    • +1000
      “Outsourcing totalitarianism” in the “Gaslight World”- instant classic, sez it all!

  9. A belated thanks for the Frontpage link posted in “Waiting for the Spark” –

    The Near Eastern mindset abides by an agreement only until one is strong enough to break it. The only true obligation is to one’s own.

    That explains a lot. So NonWhite.

    (For the nitpickers and civic nationalists-
    what is the American Ideal?
    An amalgamation of all the sons of Europa.)

  10. The mainstream is gone. The “mainstream media” and “mainline churches” have been captured by the Left. There is no middle any more. The mainstream is like downtown early on a Sunday morning. The occasional guy buying a coffee or picking up a paper, someone sweeping up somewhere. All the edifices are there, but there is nothing going on, everything is dead. Any entity aspiring to the mainstream has completely missed the boat. You either go loony left or find a home in a place like this.

    The good news is that this is how the culture evolves and adapts. I hope the lefties don’t capture the levers of power before they fall away into fratricide.

  11. Just discovered the (Link)s.
    Rashida’s election is troubling, but the revenge campaign by Cuomo against the NRA? That is some truly scary biz.

    How long before we’re Internally Displaced Persons? Hounded and harried, our efforts directed by Stasi and State- through public-private intermediaries.

    Fasces directed against the nation, not for it.
    Maybe Il Duce is about to be rehabilitated next.

    • One of my main concerns is that the Left won’t pull the trigger and start a civil war. Instead they’ll use the corporations, judicial fatwas and law enforcement(DHS, FBI) to render working and middle-class whites as non-people.

      We would be isolated economically, socially and politically without a shot being fired.

      Imagine if Big Tech figures out you’re a conservative(it’s not too hard). Next thing you know your cell phone doesn’t work, your email goes to oblivion. Your credit card either ceases to work or gets reported “stolen”, Your boss gets a phone call from DHS or FBI saying that you are a person of interest. And boom!! You’re fired and you lose your house and end up living in your car within a few months.

      This isn’t sci-fi anymore. There is a reason why Big Tech is collecting so much on us. Information means control in our system(that is until someone blows up the power grid).

      • Your water has just been shut off because you left a comment on the Z Man blog. If you don’t like it, start your own water utility!

  12. How can you people be so deluded?

    People of Color have many children

    white people don not have many children

    white women are increasingly giving birth to Children of Color

    The future is diverse. You guys keep losing. Consider: the antifa bike lock guy got off scott free, People of Color support open borders, gun control and higher taxes, Sarah Jeong is getting defended, people of your political persuasion get fired and hounded out of polite society


    • Heh. Kalergi thought the Mud World would be peaceful.

      You’ll miss us when we’re gone.
      You can have our soys and catgirls, our criminals and commies. Their bloodlines will give you the genetic uplift you seek, what you wanted in the first place.

      We will watch your boiling favellas from our cold mountains, our habitats on sea and in space. When you’ve starved, we’ll return in might and grace, as the prophecy foretold.

    • People of color have many children – paid for by white people.

      Have any of you dimwits thought thru what happens once you kill whitey?

      All whitey has to do to solve his problem with “diversity” is to get all the left wing idiots in their ranks to STFU – so we can shut off the checks. The inner cities explode in violence and there’s the perfect excuse to fence the whole thing off and let it eat itself.

      The Dindus in South Africa didn’t think it thru – and now they’re blowing up their turbine generator power plants – and the entire country is facing a crisis in the electrical grid:

      Gun control is meant for the diversity. And the diversity is stupid enough to go along with it. White boys don’t listen to the authorities and build guns using CNC machines and blue prints downloaded from the internet. Something that the diversity is incapable of doing.

      Open borders? So you’re admitting that you want to just flood the country with more idiots? Sounds like a great strategy – why is that? So you can blend in?

      Sarah Jeong is getting defended – you are correct on that one. The NY Times is also going bankrupt – so you cry all you want about what a great job she did – while the Grey Lady sinks below the waves.

      The diversity supports higher taxes. Of course they do – because they’re a bunch of leeches. Which is just another way of ADMITTING that you need us FAR more than we need you.

      Multiple countries in Africa have driven out whites. They all jump up and down and burn shit up while they celebrate. Then their asses starve to death and they sit in the dark because they don’t know how to maintain an electric grid. Something “whitey” figured out how to do something like 130 years ago.

      The left is eating itself. And the recent surge in censorship is proof positive that the left has lost the battle of wits.

      Good job dumbass. Yay – more diversity.

      • @Calsdad
        Well Said Brother…
        Parasites will not leave a host until it has killed it which leaves us with one option and that is destroy the parasites so the host can survive…If we don’t not only are we dooming ourselves but everyone else as well…I just hope we as a people wake up to that fact before the host is to far gone…

      • White boys were building cannons and guns long before CNC, 3D, or power lathes.

        (The Chinese, less alchemical in their science, couldn’t get their alloys strong enough for cannons.)

      • This is exactly why I don’t really worry about the next civil war supposedly right around the corner. Sure, the left will riot and destroy stuff – in the cities. Actual war requires actual leaders; who is going to lead the troops? David Hogg? Mad Max? Pelosi? And what of the troops? All we’ve seen from BLM and Antifa is a willingness to loot stores and burn their own neighborhoods down. Regardless of their original intent, all it takes for them to get distracted is the chance to loot a Walmart. Go ahead dipshits, riot, loot and burn. When you’re sitting in the ashes and starving, I’ll be the white guy who doesn’t send a check.

  13. The last gun I bought was through . After winning the auction, I went down to the Post Office, bought a money order with cash, and mailed it to the seller (who then sent the gun to my local store so I could go through all the background check hoops).

    I was wondering how long before the Post Office figured out how their money orders were being used and found a way to stop it.

  14. I’m new here (2 weeks or so) I’ve shared the site with a half dozen trustworthy friends. I know that is not driving any numbers but I’m very glad to have found thezman.

  15. You were hounded out of the comments section by the prefects at Neocon, sorry National, Review a few times, I recall. The NRO website is now lucky to get 10-15 comments for each blog post from “stars” like Jonah Goldberg, the “Asness Chair in Applied Liberty at the American Enterprise Institute.” And far fewer for the no-name cucks who also publish there. Payback is a bitch.

    • And NOBODY blocks faster on Twitter than NRO guys. I think they know that most of the people who bother to comment now are former readers who check in from time to time to see how hard they’re cucking and/or sucking at the moment.

    • And that’s something else we all need to keep in mind: Twatter and Fecesbook needs us way more than we need them. If they run us off, they will end up like the NRO – boring, bland, and irrelevant.
      For social media to thrive you need controversy, you need free speech, and you need to be very sparing with the censorship. When they run all the conservatives off, what will be left? the ugly feminists b*tching to the choir? The lewd exhibitionist queers without an audience? Militant atheists and Marxists trading tired old dogma? If you censor a forum to the tastes of queers, SJW’s and commies… they’re the only ones that will post on it, and they are as revolting to each other as they are to us.

      Not only do the lefties not have the muscle to steal a nation, they don’t have the intellect. Look at the lives of your average SJW’s: they’re mostly unemployed or unemployable liberal arts grads. If they do have jobs, they’re usually menial in nature like slinging coffee at Starbucks.

      It’s easy to be pessimistic but the tide is turning; that is why Lefty is getting so desperate and dishonest about his agenda.

    • The reason I decided to start the blog was that a few commenters at NRO told me I was the reason they bothered visiting NRO at all. It occurred to m that I was only visiting for the comments too.

      Some of the alt-right guys take credit for getting the comments shut down. I don’t recall much in the way of alt-right trolling. I do recall a handful of us keeping the place interesting. Once they purged us, the site took a nosedive.

      • Same thing happened at Reason – I was visiting for the comments. Then folks got fed up. started the Glibertarians, and a huge segment of the commentors went with them.

      • That’s half the reason I come *here*. I love the main posts, but I really love the back-and-forth in the comments. (and frankly, I usually hate comment sections — they almost always degenerate into snarky frats or personality cults or both. Do you moderate much, Z Man, or is this one of those “self-regulating institutions” libertarians (and anarchists) are always telling us must surely exist?)

      • “It occurred to m that I was only visiting for the comments too.”

        “I do recall a handful of us keeping the place interesting. Once they purged us, the site took a nosedive.”

        *cough* TAKIMAG *cough*

        Same shit. Different day.

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