The Russian Stain

During the Cold War, popular culture portrayed the Soviets in two ways, often at the same time. There was the ruthless ideologue, efficiently going about his business as an implacable enemy of freedom. The other type of Soviet character was the morally conflicted guy, whose honor compelled him to serve his country, but he also understood that communism was immoral. As far as villains go, both types of Soviet were given a lot of respect, mostly because liberals in Hollywood were sympathetic to Bolshevism.

Today, Hollywood never uses Russians as bad guys, but our political class sees them as the epicenter of evil in the modern world. Steve Sailer noted the other day that the pundit class has rewritten recent history to fit this narrative. The neocons are celebrating the tenth anniversary of something that never really happened, at least not in the way they currently tell it. In addition to the former neocon puppet Mikheil Saakashvili, we have Robert Kagan and here is Condoleezza Rice repeating the same whopper.

The funny thing about this myth-making is that it is unnecessary. The number of people in the political class who could locate South Ossetia is a very small number. Most normal Americans would be puzzled to learn that there is a country named after the peach state. As a public relations item, this ten year old non-event is useless. There’s also the fact that the actual events are easily accessible on-line. It looms large for the neocons, though, so they can’t stop thinking about it. In fact, they seem to be haunted by it.

The neocons have been mucking about in that part of the world for a long time. Some would say their interests go back to the pale of settlement days. That’s an amusing theory, but probably not very accurate. Still, there’s pretty good evidence that the American foreign policy establishment has been meddling in the region since the collapse of the Soviet Empire. The Boston Marathon bomber was probably recruited by US intelligence at some point. His uncle seems to know a lot of people in the CIA.

The thing that no one has yet to explain is why has the American ruling elite become fixated on Russia. Even if the reason for the neocon obsession is ancient hatreds, why is the America Left nuts about the Russians? It could simply be convenience, but there are better villains in the world for them to hate, at least in practical terms. China, for example, makes for a much better villain, given their economic and military status. Iran or Saudi Arabia work much better with the Left’s current deep dive into matriarchy.

Even if you want to believe that the Left has been infected by the ancient hatred that allegedly animates the neocons, the tenor of the Left’s hatred of the Russians is completely different. The neocons see Russia as a problem to be controlled so it does not revert back to its imperial habits. The Left now sees Russia as the manifestation of all that opposed the great Progressive project. Russia is not a problem to be managed. The very existence of Russia is seen as an affront to the neo-liberal world order.

This visceral hatred has some similarities to the Progressive loathing of the imperial governments of Europe prior to the Great War. Wilson and his people despised the old order, which is why they were so aggressively vengeful toward the Austrians and Germans after the war. American Progressives seem to have developed the same view of Russia and to a lesser degree the Visegrad counties. Their resistance to the neo-liberal order is viewed as an ideological challenge and that can never be tolerated.

The difference is that a century ago, Wilsonian democracy was ascendant, while the monarchical order was in decline. America and American leaders were the new kids on the world stage, pushing aside the old guard. Today, the neo-liberal order is in a defensive crouch, under assault from biological reality and populist revolts. Meanwhile, Russia and Eastern Europe are pretty much just normal countries. Perhaps part of the hatred for Russia is the need to find something to blame for the current troubles in the West.

Of course, it is a reminder of the absolute intolerance of secular religions. When people assign the natural order to divine forces, they can be indifferent to alternative forms of worship, as a part of the great mystery of life. When the natural order is a man made creation and  the moral code is created and maintained by man, any deviation must be viewed as a challenge to the creator’s legitimacy. The stubborn existence of European countries practicing the old ways is an insult to the neo-liberal creators.

There also may be the issue of reach. Russia is poor and relatively weak compared to the West, but it remains out of reach culturally and politically. It’s ability to thrive outside the new world order suggests the new world order cannot include the whole world. Central to the liberal impulse, going back to Wilson, has been the notion that it must conquer the globe. Russia is like a stain that they cannot get out of the fabric of global society. Putin is a new Tsar, the return of that same stubborn problem they cannot resolve.

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  1. The Left went from a photo-op Russian reset to hating them with a fury smelling like war.

    Something happened while Obama and the Deep State were spying on anyone they found interesting, and after they made a deal to sell our uranium to them. And yes, that means they first began spying on Trump just because they could. They never thought she would lose.

    We already know that Russia, along with China, hacked and read every one of HRC’s emails. What if, for instance, HRC basically admitted illegal action, murder in Libya or some other nefarious events?

    Well, China is not so quietly putting large amounts of money into politicians’ pockets and funding socialist endeavors in universities across the country. Who knows what other lefty endeavors they’re helping with?

    Russia on the other hand, is not so friendly. I wouldn’t put it past Putin that he’s threatening to publish all the Dems secrets that floated all over the world. After all, he’s got everything.

    So just like Trump and the NSA, Russia has to be a bad guy. It’s simple Alinsky.

    And yes, I think it’s just that simple.

  2. As a nod to my overseas cousins the Finns have an old saying, “A Russian is a Russian even if you cut him up and fry him in butter”

    That being said. Having the luxury of being American born at the tail end of the Cold War I have no axe to grind with the Russians.

    In fact if you read the comments on websites like Yahoo every time they try trotting out a bogus Russian collusion story most people are Pro President Putin.

    Tis a the strange turn of events once again proving our overlords do not have the best interest of white conservative Americans.

  3. @ ZMan

    Re: “The thing that no one has yet to explain is why has the American ruling elite become fixated on Russia.”

    Good sir, you are looking for an ideological explanation alone when the behavior of the (western) ruling elites has its motives in baser things. Ideology does play a part, but perhaps not in quite the way you think.

    The near-psychopathic behavior by the western ruling elites concerning Russia has its roots in economics, for the Russians belong to an economic bloc whose main competitors are the U.S.-NATO axis (to include the Arab oil monarchies, and Israel as well). The Russian bloc also contains Iran, Syria and the People’s Republic of China.

    This face-off between titans concerns the disposition of billions – perhaps trillions – of dollars in potential revenues from competing oil and LNG (liquid natural gas) development projects which will extract and then deliver to market fossil fuels from the gigantic South Pars-North Dome natural gas field which is located off the coasts of Qatar and Iran in the Persian Gulf.

    The so-called Shia pipeline project will bypass the Sunni Arab oil monarchies in favor of Iran, Syria and Lebanon. In 2011, the governments of Iran, Iraq and Syria signed a $10 billion agreement to construct a pipeline which would solidify the Iran-Iraq-Syria axis in the region. This deals follows on the heels of a 2006 deal between Iran and China to develop LNG infrastructure for its delivery to China.

    Shortly after the 2011 deal was finalized, the Assad government announced a major natural gas field discover in central Syria near Homs. Gazprom, the Russian energy firm, was contracted to develop the find. This agreement planned that a pipeline terminus would extend to the coast of Lebanon, where seagoing vessels would take on their cargos for delivery to Europe.

    After being rebuffed in an attempt to win Assad’s cooperation in a LNG development deal of their own, the Qataris and their Arab allies declared full-scale war upon the Assad government – seeing them as the lynchpin of the opposition bloc’s plans.

    The ongoing upheaval and wars in Syria and the Ukraine are all of a piece – as they are designed to destabilized the Russian-Chinese-Shia axis in the region. All of the sound-and-fury about human-rights violations, abuse of power by Assad, etc. – not to mention similar upheaval in Ukraine, is so much smoke-and-mirrors designed to obscure the real cause of all of this conflict – that the western oligarchs and their Arab allies are alarmed that they will lose out on a trillion dollars in potential revenues of sales of LNG and oil to the European market.

    That’s the economic piece. Russia is hated, culturally- and ideologically-speaking, because Putin and his people refuse to knuckle under to the post-modern, secular mandarins of political-correctness from the U.S. and western/northern Europe. Putin and the Russians appear to be traditional, Christian and nationalistic – unapologetically so – which has the Cultural Marxist elites of the West foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs. And the Russians are hated by the Sunni Arabs – the patrons of so many Sunni jihad/terror groups – because they are tough on Islamic jihad and Muslim terrorism in Chechnya and elsewhere.

    The final piece of the puzzle is fear. The Russians have been elevated to the status of the ultimate threat – and President Putin as the ultimate arch-villain – because the Western elites – in particular those in the U.S., but also those in the U.K. and other places, too – desperately need a huge distraction to divert attention from their enormous crimes – which range from garden-variety graft, theft and embezzlement to rape, sexual slavery pedophilia and murder. The elites fear that once the scope of their crimes is known, the mob with pitchforks and torches will come looking for them, hanging rope in hand.

    Perhaps the last reason Russia is hated is because the deep-state needs an enemy to justify its existence – the vast expense needed to sustain it, the sacrifices of the American people in all of those wars, many of which were unnecessary, and so forth. Without an enemy, preferably a formidable one, the gravy train threatens to stop – and that prospect has CEOs, bankers, lobbyists, Congressmen and Senators breaking out in a cold sweat.

    • Don’t really see any Russians involved. And people like Nellie Ohr got their expertise in Russian studies not because they’re Russophiles but to work on behalf of Western interests against Russia’s best interests. These western folks worked to make the 2014 Ukraine coup happen. There are Russian and Ukrainian 5th columnists who work with these westerners.

        • I saw them. Any others? I should’ve said “hardly any” because you can count them on one hand. All the others are westerners, all the usual anti-Russian actors doing their tradecraft junk. Veselnitskaya is an adoption lawyer who would like to see relations between U.S. and Russia warm up so she can broker adoptions of Russian babies, which came to an end in response to the criminal Browder’s Magnitsky Act, passed after bribing Congress.

  4. >Why is the America Left nuts about the Russians?

    One reason is Putin’s supposed ‘homophobia.’ This gets a lot of attention in the homosexual media, who are led to focus on Putin rather on the treatment of gays in, say, Saudi Arabia.

  5. I think many here are ignoring an important facet of the sparkling ‘Evil Russia’ cubic zircon on offer today, namely the deep human need for a semi-secular enemy.

    If, unlike in the bad old days, there is no actual, immediate secular enemy to demonize, then invariably a boogie man gets set up by TPTB. In modern times this is useful to give proles’ life a focus and doubly useful as a justification for giving the elite power and maintaining them in it.

    But not just any boogie man will do. It must be convincing enough to be believable yet distant enough that ritually denouncing it won’t bring a fast punch in the nose. And there is always a religious, supernatural element. Thus we are often presented with the spectacle of an evil boogie man who is formidable (like the actual devil), so denouncing (usually) him *feels* brave. But he (unlike God) is neither omnipotent or imminent (like God is) so the danger of denouncing him won’t bring any immediate consequences (they think). And believing this fundamental contradiction is always a well-defended elite dogma.

    Right now, Putin and Russia fulfill this deep spiritual need for The Cloud.

    We can know that this is a matter of quasi-religious belief because the proponents can’t answer the obvious logical questions: ‘If he (whomever is today’s version) is so big and so bad, why aren’t you the least bit respectful in bad mouthing him_? Aren’t you concerned about retribution_? Aren’t there likely adverse secular consequences from this apparent obsession of yours_? Etc.’

    And this is a pattern throughout history. Interestingly enough, it is often about (((The JQ))) *and*, for today, also the Russians. But it always seems to come back to (((The JQ))). Makes you wonder what is going on. Ought to make one careful about diving in too deep.

    • Excellent, as always, I agree; but I’d like to address your final paragraph.

      I do focus on the JQ, because the Elohim they feed may be something ancient, dark, and terrible. Like their lines, it may be older and darker than any here realize.

      Something drove the dominant pre-Ice Age populations into the most isolate wastes- the Lapp, the Abo, the Ainu, the Quemeche from Siberia. That Something keeps destroying civilization over and over again.

      Now It comes for a new contender, the people of the White Jesus. This is a War for the soul of this world.

      • Epic natural disasters accelerate It’s growth- the sudden melt of the Ice that drowned the world’s coasts (the Flood), the meteoric destruction of Ehdeen, Sumer and Harrapa (the angel with swords of fire), the Mosaic witness of Thera’s eruption, shattering Egypt, Crete, and the Levant’s coast (the plagues, the tidal wall of water).

        It seems to thrive on war, slavery, pain, deviance, and human or animal sacrifice. These replicate the ruined environments in which It can thrive.

        A greater Force of creation seems to be trying to constrain it, as one would contain a blight.
        We, the embodied, are the essential vessels for both the Blight and the Seeding.

        • *I use Babylonian ‘Ehdeen’- “Garden”- in place of the English ‘Eden’.

          (Often thought as Qumra, Iraq, but I agree with it’s use for the wider region, lush before meteor strikes destroyed the Fertile Crescent, further desertified by nomadic grazing.)

          Paradise is from Persian ‘Pardes’- “Orchard”.

          • PSS- I also agree that Thera’s pre-eruption were the plagues of Egypt downwind: hot sulphuric ash causing (boils), deadly red tide in the Nile (river of blood), leading to (frogs) fleeing the river, who quickly died, leading to (flies), whose pestilence led to the death of the (newborns) and others, and the ash cloud creating a choking (day of darkness).
            Moses’ trail led through the delta Sea of Reeds. The waters had withdrawn, enabling a path; the Egyptians got there, to see a returning tidal wave of water, a wall twenty stories high. The Fist of a God.

          • As to the Flood, city paving blocks have been found up to 25 miles off the coasts of Japan, Cuba, and Gibraltar.

  6. Z: the riddle posed here, to the extent there is one, was answered by none other than yourself in “Waiting for the Spark” a couple of days ago. The short version is we are in the last days of the American Empire.

    Specifically, threatening a war no one in the Imperial City knows will be fought (largely because they would be personally vaporized in a nanosecond) against a country that doesn’t pose an actual menace is a low-liability attempt to keep intact a near-dead polity. Plato analyzed this topic beautifully in “Republic.” In sum, a republic in its last day turns into tyranny and needs constant war to distract its populace. In our specific case, there will be no actual war because those who want a distraction would suffer themselves. Hence, the threats are actual threats and suffice to distract. In the meantime, our mandarins sell the furniture to the Chinese.

    Stick a fork in us.

  7. At their core, Progressives are useless parasites, and consequently will always invent a boogeyman and then pretend to fight against this evil menace in order to represent themselves as valuable guardians of society. It really doesn’t matter to them who or what is cast in the roll of boogeyman, it is only essential that there be one. Otherwise, people will begin to notice that they are just dependent freeloaders.

  8. I think part of it was that they knew the right was against Russia for a long time and they wanted a villain where they could say the right was being hypocritical for not joining the crusade.

    They call the right “comrade” and say they love commies when they ridicule their conspiracy. A lot of leftists simply don’t know any history. When I pointed out to one that Russia wasn’t communist, and hadn’t been for 30 years they said to me “Oh yeah, I guess you think they’re a perfect democracy!”

    A lot of their reasons for picking Russia involve them being really ignorant of everything they think they know.

  9. the Red tikkun ola Jews hate on Russia because it sloughed off Judeo-communism. The Zionist warmonger Jews hate Russia because it will not submit to open-borders globohomo. Z-man, what you said…but in fewer words.

  10. Because Russia is White. The hatred we see from our jewish elite is from pure racial hatred of an Aryan country that is not under their control, leading the way against the forced race-mixing of Europe.

  11. A safe bet is that either Hillary or Obama made some unambiguously corrupt and treasonous deal with the Russians. The media want to pump Trump – Russia collusion as preemptive cover in case any evidence of the yet undiscovered Hillary and/or Obama collusion.

    The public will find and think, “First the Dems were saying this, now the GOP is lobbing accusations. Who knows what is true?”

    • Frontrunning the issue, you bet.
      Inducing doubt before and in case the facts come out, that’s how gaslighting works.
      “You gonna believe (virtuous) me, or your lying eyes?”

      That, and the muscle memory of outmoded institutionals trying to keep their jobs (see Brooklyn, above yours).

  12. “The thing that no one has yet to explain is why has the American ruling elite become fixated on Russia. Even if the reason for the neocon obsession is ancient hatreds, why is the America Left nuts about the Russians?”

    An explanation I’m fond of is that the Left in general, like the American Cold War elites, were primed for an endless Co-Dominium, with the Soviets until everything collapsed. They spent fifty years primed to have a Russian enemy plus everyone else they could replace them with don’t seem to quite scratch the itch they have the same way. The Muslims aren’t reasonable (to put it mildly) and the Chinese might actually do something if pushed too far. Russia is structurally weak but still lead by reasonable people who aren’t going to jump into a nuclear war. That makes them relatively safe to antagonize.

    “The Left now sees Russia as the manifestation of all that opposed the great Progressive project. Russia is not a problem to be managed. The very existence of Russia is seen as an affront to the neo-liberal world order.”

    Most of this is Trump Derangement Syndrome. Russia was not exactly an unredeemable evil until Hillary lost. Most of the political Left was doing business with them as a tolerable nuisance until then. (Its entirely possible that they’d go back to doing that if they recapture the White House; kind of like how economic bad news only shows up in Republican administrations, Russia-hate may taper down if President Ocasio-Cortez takes power…)

    ” It’s ability to thrive outside the new world order suggests the new world order cannot include the whole world. ”

    This might be the core of the issue; Russia was considered to have been “brought in” in the 1990s under Yeltsin and seems to have escaped back out in the last 15 years. The Left is like a warden chasing after an escapee across half the world in every movie, its motive morphing from something professional into something personal. It also means that they system the Left is invested in is weak since even a weak but determined player can make his way out of it.

  13. Remember the old saying: Don’t fuck with the Russians. Top chaps and they may be the only ones that can save western civilisation.

    • Another saying about Russia and war: It may take a long time, but once they saddle up, they ride fast.

    • There are 3 grades of military-grade stupid:
      1. Private-grade stupid.
      2. Officer-grade stupid.
      3. War with Russia.

  14. Here’s the League of the South Russian Outreach Page.российский-охват-russian-outreach/

    Further, the Russians did not annex Crimea, they recovered it. Crimea was “given” to Ukraine by Nikita Khruschev back when he was in control of the Soviet government. Crimea was NEVER a legitimate part of Ukraine, the Donbas region isn’t either.

    Those claiming that Crimea belongs to Ukraine are supporting an illegal act committed by the Politburo of the defunct Soviet Union. A pox upon them.

  15. Russia under Putin also believes that they should remain an independent sovereign nation, and that conflicts with the goals of Davos and the Bilderbergs, who own both the Left and the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill.

  16. I wonder if the Russian language itself has an immunizing effect against the droning narrative which so affects the rest of us. It is so alien to European sounds, perhaps it provides a filter to the relentless low grade propaganda that has overtaken the west. The shoe seems to be on the other foot now in another way as well. My brother-in-law worked with Russian officers for eighteen months circa 1985. Russian greatness at that level was defined entirely by their struggle, whatever than was, with the legendary phenomenon of America. Now it would seem that certain Americans don’t know how to define themselves without that test against Russians.

    • Communism liberalism seems to be genetic . Russia and also Eastern Europe had 2 revolutions and 2 World Wars. And Hitler and Stalin and locals. Liberal gene got killed out. Or escaped. Some of your liberals unfortunately came from our countries, sorry for that.

    • Russians are very educated, in fact, the most literate country in the world. Most of the them speak at least two languages and understand pretty well what’s going on. They observe our current Western crisis with sympathy, amusement, disgust and wonder.

    • Deficients defining themselves in struggle relative to a people who have changed- sounds like our current Civil Rights movement.

  17. “Follow the money.” Same old shite, powerful business interests behind, or not so behind, the scenes want their tentacles wrapped around Mother Russia and hooks and blood funnel firmly in place. Putin repulsed vampiric Western globohomo forces and now symbolizes that to the world. Russia is a rival, allied with Iran and Assad, so that helps. Plus Russia is easy to use as a bogeyman being that business isn’t interfered with by insulting it, and yea it’s white, “patriarchal” and “Christian” in image, etc.

    • Your own post suggests that the Russian hatred is about more than money. You say that Russia is hated because it opposes globohomo and supports Iran/Assad, patriarchy, and Christianity. Our opponents are willing to lose lots of money to harm Russia and what it represents.

      Imagine all the money that Hollywood could make if it made movies that traditional Americans like. They are willing to lose all that money to push trannies in our faces. Promoting anti-whiteness and degeneracy is more important than maximizing profits.

      • If Russia were open for business and in the process of being raped by “the West” we wouldn’t be at this level of hysteria, not even close.

    • Plus, it turns out the main group targeted for death in Syria is the Christians, and their ‘renegade’ Alawite protector. Same as what happened to Maronite Catholic Lebanon.

  18. It’s all about money. The reason we don’t thrown down on China or KSA is simple. They own our political and business classes. The Saudis have spent 40+ years buying our politicians. How so? By offering them very fat “consulting” contracts when they leave office. All in return for supporting KSA during their time in office. The MSM used to report on this stuff way back when.

    Oh yeah the Saudis buy lots of our weapons systems that cost tens of billions. That really endears them to the Pentagon and Congress. God almighty does that endear them.

    The Chinese are no different. They own a whose who of D.C. from McConnell on down. Did you wonder how a man who is married to a daughter of a high ranking member of the CCP is allowed to be a U.S. Senator even though it spells massive security leaks. A normal American doing that would be barred from ever holding a clearance. Or take Diane Feinstein’s husband who made $100 million dealing with the Chinese when the chief secretary of Feinstein’s office was a spy for the Chicoms,. Quid pro quo anyone?

    How about Clinton. He sold China our ICBM guidance tech for a campaign contribution.

    The point is the Russians are really bad at bribing our officials and hence have no friends in D.C. unlike the Saudis.

    • Yes to everything you said, Rod. It’s sad how the Chinese figured out many moons ago that they need only give our “leaders” money and those leaders would dependably destroy their own people and country for the benefit of China.

      Some years ago, China made clear to Hollywood that they would not accept U.S. films for distribution in their country if they featured Chinese villains. Since Hollywood puts out so much dreck, they obliged as box office has been continually declining here in the U.S. but is steadily growing in China, where a new movie theatre opens every day somewhere in that vast space of a billion+ new paying customers. So back to the good ol’ Russian arch enemy (which fits the current anti-white sentiment as well).

      Also, the military industrial complex has been jonesing for a new arms race since the collapse of the USSR. Although Putin the mensch has said publicly several times that Russia will *not* enter into another insane arms race with the U.S., they still hold out hope they can threaten him enough to make him change his mind. He won’t. He’s upgraded the Russian military but unlike the U.S. is very stingy with the Rubles they get and as a result the Russian military has maximized the efficiency in developing state-of-the-art technology without it eating up the grotesque percentage of the economy that our U.S. military does (Russia’s 2018 military budget is approx $66 Billion, less than 1/10th of ours).

  19. Zman, I agree with a lot of your analysis here. Further, as some other commenters have already pointed out, China can never be the bogeyman because they’re not white so dat raciss. Secondly, I am not so sure if it is Russia that they hate so much as they hate Putin and they hate Putin for much the same reason that they hate Donald Trump i.e. they are men whose loyalty is to their own countries rather than the global managerial order. That’s a big no-no and has been for the last 20 years.

    By the by, the anti-Putin hysteria is not confined to US neocons. Over here in Britain the EU remain crowd is convinced that Putin was the puppetmaster behind the Brexit vote. He is the Emmanuel Goldstein figure for the Western managerialists.

  20. My guess as to why the Left hates Russia: They got kicked out of paradise. Russia is not the USSR, and the transformation of the USSR into Russia only happened because the Vanguard of the Proletariat themselves finally realized that Communism sucks — a lesson our Left never learned. (This is testable, therefore “scientific,” theory btw — if I’m right, then when Venezuela finally reverts to your typical Banana Republic, then El Sleazo Caudillo del Momento will get the full Vladimir Putin treatment, for proving that Chavezismo doesn’t work any better than Bolshevism).

  21. “China, for example, makes for a much better villain, given their economic and military status.”

    Oh are you kidding (absolutely true!). Picking on Russia is stupid, it is handing Russia to China as a stooge full of advanced weapons tech and natural resources. Absolutely idiotic. So stupid I wonder if it related to the ‘anti-American American empire’ mentality, ie those who push for this know it will leave the US in a worse geostrategic situation??

  22. China gets away with stuff that makes the Nazis look like choir boys. I read stories like this coming out of China and I think. Well, that’s pretty awful, I’d hate to live in China. Then I think, China and the Chinese people are still going to be there in 1,000 years because they have no guilt or shame about stuff like this:

  23. Reasons for the hatred of Russia, to my view, are predominantly from the neocon brain factory. Putin “persecuted” (read challenged the power of) the (((oligarchs))) who were attempting to mold Russia into an electoral democracy with politicians bought and paid for, similar to what we enjoy here in the USA. Also, Putin supports Iran and Assad in Syria, the so called “Shi’a corridor”, which are next on the chopping block to insure the safety(hegemony?) of you-know-who. These are flip sides of the same coin, or a complex with the same final common pathway, however you want to define it. All the other things you talk about seem to me equally true of China, except the part about the Christian religion, which could add a subjective fury to the brew.

    The democrats are on board about Russia only because it’s the best hatchet handy to slash at trump. Also, there is not much distance between the centrist democrats like the clintons and the neocon right. Weren’t Lieberman and McCain best friends and close to running on a ticket together? The idea of a left and a right is inaccurate in today’s world. Basically, there’s the establishment and there’s us!

  24. You’re giving the left more intellectual credit than they are due. After Trump’s election they were like someone drowning; desperately grasping at anything to keep them afloat. Lo and behold: “Russian meddling”! even with just an insignificant amount of evidence. They are desperate to say the least.

  25. While it’s tempting to try to find a single reason, I think it’s a perfect storm of:
    – Ancient Progressive factionalism (Anglo vs. Soviet) left stewing for decades.
    – Ancient Christian factionalism (Protestant vs. Russian Orthodox). Related to above.
    – Ancient Bolshevik factionalism (Stalinist vs. Trotskyite), particularly with neocons.
    – Russia is more openly anti-democratic now, and the Anglo world worships democracy.
    – Russia is becoming more Christian, which progressive elites particularly despise.
    – Proxy wars in the middle east.
    – Putin, like Trump, is a *successful* statesman, and nothing makes gamma losers burn with rage more than the flourishing of their enemies.
    – The cooked-up Russiagate scandal, originally created as a smoke screen for FISA abuse and actual Democratic collusion, has taken on a life of its own; they’re in way too deep to stop now.
    – Partly because of the above, leftists idiotically associate Trump with Russia, and so they hate Russia because they hate Trump (and vice versa).

    It’s easy to see why a person or group consumed with these ideas would be so fanatical in their hatred of Russia, and also why it makes them so contemptible.

  26. All the theories stated here seem reasonable. I’d add to them that the Russians were simply a convenient excuse for Trumps win and for the witch hunt. It makes as little sense as the official claims that some obscure video was responsible for Benghazi. That’s apparently a feature and not a bug. Simply a distraction of convenience.

  27. Putin is a classic alpha-male. The lefties pretty much hate all alpha-males and any demonstration of true masculinity. Every other world leader who is that type is also despised by the left, just like Trump. The only exception that I can think of is the newly elected President of Mexico, but the reasons there are obvious.

    Also, Putin believes in putting the interests of his country first, over the interests of the globalists. Add in that Russia is white and religious and it’s all pretty easy to figure out, plus the whole “leaving the plantation” factor that has been discussed here plays a huge role, although I suspect that even if he declared that he was bringing back Soviet policies, the other factors would cancel them out for the lefties.

    They truly are a feminist and soy-boy (but I repeat myself) party.

  28. Viewed as an efficiency obstacle for the elite’s fetish for organization, the last paragraph is the overarching factor. If Z were English the title would’ve been, “Russia, a Spanner in the Works.”

  29. In The River War, Churchill quotes General Gordon of Khartoum fame comparing Islam with communism. We all know the penalty for apostasy in Islam, and anyone who has read Witness knows that Chambers feared for the lives of his whole family as well as himself when he left the party.

    Russia not only left communism, she denounced it. This was the world leader of the communist movement declaring that ideology to be morally and economically bankrupt. When your whole sense of being is tied up in a religion like that, it is natural to want to see apostates destroyed.

    As far as the neocon thing goes, it does no good to ignore the Jewish influence on these developments. Sure, the neocon Jews denounced communism, but they did so after their influence in Russia had diminished greatly, and the hatred of Russia didn’t escalate exponentially until the purges of some Jewish oligarchs. You could even say thatbtheir turn toward conservatism was merely a tool to get back at Russia. All one need do is see what has happened to the establishment conservative outlets embracing every facet of liberalism while continuing to promote hatred of Russia while defending Israel. The hatred in this case is not religious/ideological, it is tribal. There is no escaping the fact that Jews were a major part of the ruling elite during and after the Russian Revolution, but their influence began to diminish with the exile of Trotsky and the turn toward a more nationalist form of communism under Stalin. I’ve talked about this before. See Emil Lengyel, Nationalism the Last Stage of Communism, published in 1969. He explains everything in ideological terms but when you throw in the ethnic aspect it makes more sense. No one could have done that in 1969 and kept a publisher, as it is true today. The nationalist trend has merely continued since that time, and this is what has this part of the neocon/liberal movement spiralling into an even greater frenzy of hatred.

    So there isn’t one explanation, but at least two, possibly more. The ideological/religious, and the tribal.

    • Well, they shot or exiled most of the Jewish “Old Bolsheviks”. This oversimplifies, but always seemed the Jewish contingent was more focused on going global at the gitgo—but Stalin realiized after the post WWI failed revolutions in the rest of Europe he had to focus on his consolidating his own power in Russia—and the Trotskyites were annoying (at best) baggage.

    • I think you and other posters are definitely on to something here. I’ve been reading Ron Unz’s “American Pravda” series and he mentions in many articles the infiltration of the American government, at quite high levels, of communist agents and sympathizers. We already know the “true believers” did a masterful job of running Pedowood and journalism and now control academia. Sour grapes explains a lot. Perhaps also Russia not bowing and scraping to it’s betters in the Imperial Capital and Wall Street.

      • Just go back and read Whittaker Chambers. You also have to remember that the largest concentration of “red diaper babies” was the south side of Chicago. No coincidence there. When I was in college up in Evanston, the various factions, including Trotskyites could turn out a crap load of protesters on demand. Barky would have spent his whole political ascendance steeped in a pot of these people.

        • Sam;

          Re Red Diaper Babies: You are forgetting Brooklyn & Upper Manhattan as main sources. In the turmoil of the late ’60s all one had to do to convey these radicals’ origins on your campus as sarcasm was to assume a Brooklyn accent. As in: ‘It’s tha syssstem, taare et dowwn.’

      • An excellent book also is Blacklisted by History by M. Stanton Evans. A purgative to much of what I was taught in schools and college. Tim

  30. Putin’s Russia is Patriarchal.
    Putin has forced gays, lesbians and other degenerates back into the shadows.
    As poor as Russians are, they love him, except the (((Russians))) that despise him.
    Putin is also bringing the church back into its more proper role in society.
    My Granfathers people came from Ireland in 1840s, my grandfather still despised the Brits until his death.
    Old hates are taught and they die hard, for (((liberals))) and (((neoconservatives))) this is also true, there hates intersect in Russia.

    • Western appraisals of Russian living standards are stupid, often not using Equivalent Purchasing Power measurements, and just dividing GDP by population. Neoliberal and ideological motivations.

      • One century ago Americans were the richest people on earth. Today those same people would rate far below the poverty line by any measure you can construct, except the ones that are not counted since they actually matter.

    • We were poor farmers growing up, but our neighbors were too, so no one noticed. We were rich in tradition and religion also, but not now.

      • The best kept secret is that being a community of ‘poor’ farmers is probably the closest to heaven you’re going to get on earth. All the lures of city living and materialism are just illusions of happiness sold to get you ensnared in the finance web.

  31. Contributing to this is the fact that the supposedly decrepit Russian military has actually done pretty well since about 1999 or so. The Russians more or less won in Chechnya, they won in Georgia, the Crimea operation was a huge success, and their intervention in Syria, while inconclusive, has certainly been effective in keeping Assad in power. Compared to the US track record since about the same time, not too shabby. Of course, US failure has much more to do with asinine goals being set by our political leadership, as opposed to actual military capability; the Russian military is tasked with doing things that militaries can actually do, such as kill terrorists and seize territory, as opposed to turning Third-World sh*tholes into functioning democracies.

  32. This is panic, pure and simple. Just liberals have different brain structure and for them, words have other meaning. They say democracy but think our power, they say civilized debate but mean silencing opponents. They use violence and accuse you for using violence. They scream Russians but mean white Americans. When we fought to bring down USSR, our liberals screamed also Americans but thought us…..:D

  33. Hmmmmmm.

    Another thought: one of the behaviour patterns I see consistently on the left is this: the prog zealot picks a fight and assumes the role of the bully. When the target of his wrath hauls back and kicks him in the balls for his efforts – the lefty will play the victim and accuse the target of bullying, intolerance, racism, fascism, etc. It’s a foundation of their narrative.

    If that is what is going on here it would support Z’s supposition that the liberals truly see Russia as a clear and present danger. They’ve rejected the hordes of violent morons out of Africa, they’ve given the finger to the EU, when the Pussy Riot feminists insisted on ‘protesting’ at the Olympics, they were kicked, slapped, and punched into a back alley and hauled away in a paddy wagon. When the lefties took to the soap boxes to decry all this – everyone with a triple digit IQ just laughed. More than a few of us admire Putin just for his common sense. When some of the hysteria from the left does reach Putin – he just smirks and shrugs because he doesn’t care.

    If everyone starts thinking like that – and at some point they must… the progs are in seriously deep trouble. This fear mongering about Russia certainly smacks of irrational panic, doesn’t it?

  34. Just a random data point. Several years ago had a project manager working for me that was an ex military intel analyst. Was Hungarian by birth. Spoke a bunch of languages including Russian. Finally over the course of a couple years figured out he was attached to 10th Special Forces. And appeared to have been all over those western ex-Soviet Republics—though you never got anything explicit—just things like the odd comment or two during the Ukraine crisis that showed he knew a fuck ton about the ground they were fighting on and that sort of thing. My conclusion is that he was with our guys in there rounding up nukes after the Soviet implosion—but also assume they were involved in all sorts of other extra-curriculars. Could never get a full story out him, even over drinks. Which said a lot.

    • I knew a guy like that. He used to visit my Dad. When Putin was about to take over there my Dad was concerned about whether Putin would be a return to the suppression of Christianity as he had been big in the KGB. This guy whips out a pic of Putin having his kids baptized by an Orthodox priest whlie he was still KGB. Whole family stopped Russia paranoia right then. Our leadership class has been running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

      • Problem is, everybody thinks Russian history began in 1917. That’s half the problem with all the experts running around pontificating. You mention the “Crimean War” to people and they look at you strangely, never mind the degree to which Russian involvement in the whole of the Balkans via treaty guarantees and political influence was at the root of WW1.

        • However, WWI also owed much to Kaiser Willy blowing off Bismarck’s network of stabilizing deals with Russia and the UK. And Moltke Jr. pushing Schlieffen’s plan, telling Willy that there was No Alternative.

    • Meanwhile China has more Christians than the USA and Russia put together. There are more Christians in China than there are people in the USA.

      • And there are more speakers of English in India than in the USA and Russia put together.

  35. OT: Do you suppose USAToday is running this story for any reason other than to humiliate the drunk, pretty White girl?

    Hundreds of people are arrested for DUI all over the country every day. It doesn’t usually make the national news.

    A DuckDuckGo search of her name turns up 21 stories at the top about her DUI arrest, from all over the country/internet. When the media decides to destroy you, they don’t hold back.

    The message they’re sending, straight from Sarah Jeong: “It’s not OK to be White.”

    • Our local paper will print a driver’s name in BOLD if he’s a citizen. Otherwise it’s “an un-licensed driver, driving an un-inspected, un-insured, vehicle.”

  36. RE: Tsarnev and the Boston Bombing.

    A couple of years ago I had a long conversation with a member of the Boston Police force who was heavily involved with that day. One of the things I asked him about was the reports that there was some guy grabbed up running away from the scene who turned out to be connected to the Saudi Government. These stories showed up in the media DIRECTLY after the bombing and then memory holed shortly thereafter (sort of like the reports of Israeli agents being picked up directly after 9/11).

    He confirmed that this was true – and he also confirmed that the guy was whisked out of the country and back to Saudi Arabia very quietly shortly after his pick up.

    If my memory serves me correctly – it was reported that the Russians actually warned us about the Tsarnaevs – and the FBI sat on the information. Given recent events – I would say this casts some suspicion upon the FBI. You could claim they were just incompetent – or you could claim they actively ignored the reports because there was something going on. I’d say either explanation deserves equal weight at this point (now that we have more info on typical FBI behavior).

    Another thing people forget – is that Russia was threatened around the time of their hosting of the Olympics – by the head of Saudi intelligence. The stuff I remember reading was that they were told “we control the Chechen rebels” – and this was threat was issued because the Russians were screwing around with the stuff the Saudis were mucking around with in Syria. Where were the Tsarnaev brothers from? Kyrgyzstan – but they were of Chechen descent.

    And you’ve got that previously mentioned connection between the uncle and the CIA.

    Sorry – but that’s way too many “coincidences” for me.

    Which is another question I asked the guy. And he pretty much said ‘ yeah – it was no coincidence’. In other words – don’t believe the stories about how those two just randomly decided to pressure cooker bomb the marathon – they’re total horseshit.

    It wasn’t the Russians – it was the Saudis. And our government either covered it up – or was in on it in some form or fashion.

    So – like you said: the fact that the cat ladies will bitch to the heavens about Russia, while standing at pussy hat marches and listening to Muslims educate them on feminism – and also get their asses blown up at public events – and then STILL give Saudi Arabia a pass……………. is just beyond retardation. I think we’ve got a direct application of the Blowfeld rule here:

    First time is an accident, second time is coincidence – third time is enemy action.

    The Saudis have been screwing around with things for decades. And our ruling class just gives it a pass. The Saudis fund mosques all over this country.

    • calsdad, the question becomes whether the ascension of MbS in Saudi Arabia represents a sea change in the way SA is operating, or is it the same old story with a new guy at the top? MbS is not messing around, see his own people and, right now, Canada.

      • Prince Mohammed bin Sultan is doing his best to appear as a reformer – but do not be deceived. The Koran and the Hadiths caution Muslims to form false alliances and use deception when their interests or those of Islam – are threatened. Taqiyya, kitman and tawriya are just three of the many forms of lying and strategic deception permitted in Islam for use against the infidels.

        I will change my tune when the Prince calls upon all of the believers – all Muslims around the world living in foreign (non-Muslim) lands – to return to Dar al-Islam. Another signal his views have genuinely changed would be if the kingdom began to allow religious plurality – i.e., the legal practice of other faiths inside Saudi Arabia, such as Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism, to name some examples. If ownership of a Bible or Torah wasn’t a serious crime under sharia any longer. MbS won’t do anything of these things – which is why the “excitement” surrounding his “reforms” amounts to very little in real terms.

        • That’s the excuse everybody keeps using.

          It’s horseshit. One of the arguments I made with all the Neocon idiots who were agitating for a war with Iraq after 9/11 was that said war was going to cost WAY more than that idiot Perle was estimating – and in the end we would LOSE the war – spend billions upon billions of dollars – and it would all be for nothing.

          What I said was – if we want to screw the Saudis and protect the country – well then we should make a hard nosed realistic estimate of where this whole mess was leading us – and spend the money on some sort of energy infrastructure so that we can tell the Saudis to go fuck themselves.

          The whole thing didn’t pass the sniff test for me then – but I guess I didn’t suspect that they were actively trying to destroy the country the way it looks now in hindsight.

          The point here is that an elite class that actually had the best interests of the country at heart would have likely taken an entirely different tact instead of just dumping us into another goddam war.

          Anybody who uses the “we needed the Saudi oil” excuse has never looked at where the US receives the majority of it’s oil from.

          It’s NOT Saudi Arabia.

          And if the Iraq War was for oil – then the costs should straight up be added to the cost on a gallon by gallon basis to any oil we received from that area. I’m pretty sure the accounting would then show getting oil from that region to be completely retarded economically.

          So now we’re back to the argument that the government in this country just has way too much power and is completely out of control. Because a market solution to the Middle East oil problem would be to just buy the shit somewhere else – or develop a different source of energy. The US government on the other hand gets to destroy the country , run up the debt, and kill your kids – as their “solution”.

          • The “kid gloves” treatment of the Saudis and other Arab oil monarchies lies in the fact their economic-political elites belong to the same globalist over-class as their western counterparts do. The Bush clan, for example, really have more in common with the Saudis, than they do with many of their own countrymen, thanks to their years in the oil business together.

            The Arabs also get treated as they do because they literally “own” us, as in without their support, the petro-dollar – and hence the USD itself – would collapse, taking our economy with it. has also gotten addicted to cheap credit from the Arab world, as their ME benefactors buy a ton of Treasury Bills and other federal government debt instruments.

            Until we as a nation extricate ourselves from these toxic agreements, we have no chance of becoming truly prosperous again, nor of charting our own foreign policy.

    • Interesting. Guess it’s superfluous to remind that most of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.

    • @ Calsdad

      Re: “The Saudis have been screwing around with things for decades. And our ruling class just gives it a pass. The Saudis fund mosques all over this country.”

      How right you are! If asked to name the single most-dangerous Islamic nation in the world, the deep-state and its minions want the average voter to say “Iran,” when the answer he/she really ought to give is “Saudi Arabia” (although Pakistan and Turkey, as well as Qatar, are also in the running).

      The Sunni Muslims have been waging civilization jihad against the West for decades, through the Muslim Brotherhood, which acts – despite their protests to the contrary – as a direct-action arm and proxy of the Sunni Arab monarchies.

      The Qataris and Saudis – along with Barack Obama and the Turks – created ISIS – funded it, organized it, and supplied it to the tune of twenty-five jumbo jets full of arms, ammo, gear, equipment, vehicles, and anything else a proxy army needs.

      The thrust of ISIS and other Muslim direct-action groups into Europe has been largely a Sunni-led effort, in particular on the part of Turkey and its would-be Caliph, neo-Ottoman President Recep Erdogan.

      Most of the most-vicious jihad and terror groups in the world are Sunni Muslim – al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, and on down the line around the world, anyplace there are Muslim separatists or Islamic-related upheaval. There are Shi’ite terror groups, but their impact upon the U.S. has been significantly less in recent years than in the past. They remain a threat to Israel, which is why Iran is often at the forefront of U.S.-Western reports on terrorism and its sponsors.

      The Saudis and their fellow Sunnis? They get a free pass, and are virtually never mentioned as the wellspring of all of this bloodshed, violence and chaos. Why? In large measure this must be because the enormous leverage the Arabs possess over our economy, banking and financial systems, thanks to the petro-dollar arrangement, and the fact that the U.S. federal government is addicted to cheap credit from the Arabs.

      You know the saying: “With ‘friends’ like these, who needs enemies?”

    • I seem to remember the Pussy Riot incident. Putin stood up for the Church. Lefties didn’t like that.

  37. Russophobia is a convenient way to deflect attention from the facts of Israeli control of many members of Congress and of our Middle East policies.

  38. Russia is a white supremacist country (it is almost 90% European white) bent on expansion and opposed to freedom. They hacked our election and work to undermine our government. I could see sympathizing with them in the past as they were experimenting with government reform and a way that rejected carnivorous capitalism but now they are just pure evil. If you do not want to reprimand and take up arms against the evil in Russia then you are a traitor plain and simple

    As an aside, it looks like the democrat might win the Ohio special election

    • How come it seems like it’s always Democrats who mysteriously “find” big bunches of uncounted votes in their favor?

      • Yup. Every f—-ing time. Is it just me or does this happen 75% of the time an election is close? A few bags of ballots that were lost or forgotten are “found” and they’re ALWAYS from heavily Democratic precincts

        • Al Franken. That idiot took one for the team, with the #MeToo movement, hoping to somehow translate his resignation into Trump resigning over being a sexist or something. Ridiculous.

      • Did you hear how they knew osama bin laden was really dead? He registered to vote in Chicago.

      • I think a good voter reform would be a time deadline for counting ‘found’ votes, say 3 hrs following closing of the pols. After that ‘found’ votes are null and void. I’ve worked in a polling precinct and the likelihood of votes being lost lacks credibility. ‘Lost’ votes are generally manufactured in a back room of the elementary school.

    • Well, the Russkies have been doing that since the Third Internationale. Even hired and ran their own candidate in ‘48 and owned most of the Roosevelt Administration.

    • Guess all of what said didn’t much matter to those dottering old grifters from Arkansas, didn’t stop the Uranium One deal, liberals are increasingly becoming the crackpots in the room, Liberalism is the new Scientology.
      The people making the jokes are becoming the joke.

    • 72 registered voters over the age of 116 voted in the Ohio 12th district special election. What’s in the water around there?

      • Vizzini, I suspect it’s the same thing that’s in the water everywhere, if we were actually given permission to look.

        BTW, I heard over a hundred of the over 116s are registered to vote. Maybe the others are in the “just discovered” bag of votes.

        There was another polling district with 200 and some voters and 600 and some completed ballots. The extra “bag of votes” got sent to the wrong place.

    • Russia is a white supremacist country because whites live there and have since the dawn of time. They actively discourage non-whites moving there and rightfully so, they don’t want to surrender their nation to “the other”. That’s a good thing.

      The US was 90% white in 1900 and remained so until the communists succeeded in passing an immigration law that discouraged white immigration and encouraged non-whites to come here, reducing the white percentage of the population from 90% to 65%, that’s a bad thing.

      Russia did not “hack our election”, that’s total bunk.

      Russia is a friend of those of us that favor freedom and liberty together with despising communists, like you Bloomington. The only good communist is a dead communist.

      Last, the Ohio special election was won by the Republican, communists were unable to steal that election.

  39. There is also the failure of the interventions the tribal muslim world to bring democracy that has ended in sectarian and tribal violence. The self-reflections of these failed intervention is totally absent and almost a taboo to talk about.

    • They say, “Oops, we made a mistake not considering what happens after we overthrow their leader.” Actually, destabilization and chaos are the goals, though they never admit it.

  40. There is no appreciable diffirence between neoliberal and neocon, though at one time they tried to distinguish themselves variously. Their animosity towards Russia is an affect of their deep connection to China and Israel. China views Russia as a rival despite rhetorically BRICS ally. Israel much the same, but is souring on Russia due to their insistence that Syria and Iran not be destabilized on behalf of Israeli imperialism.

  41. China isn’t the bogeyman for the Left because:
    1. There are still kind of communist and very statist, so they can’t be all bad.

    2. They aren’t White.

    Russia rejected communism, is run by a white man, and returned to traditional Orthodox Christianity and values – so they are perfect.

    • Drake, China is also willing to play footsie with the globalists, even though Xi and the Chinese are using the current situation to further their own ends. China is willing to accommodate globalism, on the surface, as part of its plan. Russia is saying “screw you”.

      • Yes – and they have the money and power to get all the big media companies to do their censorship for them.

  42. The reactionaries might actually have one right for a change: holiness spirals. Political correctness is a never ending, constantly rising game of virtue signalling. The left drifts ever more leftward until the whole shooting match implodes. Lenin or Stalin would shoot the average lefty today out of pity and would be forced to admit that these fools are of no use to anyone whatsoever.

    We see a similar situation in Canada right now – Prime Minister Pink Socks is getting ready to go to war with Saudi Arabia over the treatment of women. At the same time he will still drop to his knees to fellate Iranians and the hordes of moslem savages he’s brought into the country already.

    You are right, there is a game in play over on the left, it is not what it appears to be and the goal of it is not apparent. Could be a couple games in play; right now the loons have run away with the movement and they are all fighting amongst themselves for control.

    Once their management conflict is over we should see more sense and direction out of them.

  43. Russia makes the most convenient villain because their population is overwhelmingly white and stubbornly cling to a traditional Christian faith. Add in the Leftist disappointment that communism didn’t work out and you have the perfect bad guy.

    • I’ve gotten the sense that part (probably a good part) of the reason why so many on the left are going after Russia – is because of vindictiveness over them “leaving the fold”. When the person you worshipped suddenly decides that everything they had been telling you was horseshit – and just folds up camp and walks away, especially if you were dealing in some sort of religious-like belief system……. I think there’s a tendency towards vindictiveness.

      And that’s just the left wing side of the crazy house. Then you’ve got the right wing side (the Neocons) – who for the longest time were getting us involved in wars and ginning up any hysteria they could find against the mooslems. Now that it seems Israel has buddied up Saudi Arabia – they’re apparently back to their roots – which is stirring up shit against Russia.

      • You’re correct, but no stating the full picture.

        Israel is pushing the damnation of Russia in order to force them out of Syria and to stop supplying defensive weapons to Iran. If successful, those two actions will open the gate for Israel to stage unlimited attacks on Syria and Iran.

        I support the Russian engagement of Israel through their positive actions in support of both Iran and Syria.

        Fornicate Israel.

      • Eh….the Mooslims do very well stirring up hysteria on their own. I ain’t no NeoCon but there’s a big problem with those Muzzies.

        • The Mooslims do indeed stir up their own shit.

          But thinking that we had to send the US military over there to “fix” the problem – and Save Israel!! ™ , was largely a Neocon project.

          As such – they directly went against one of the founding warnings of this country – and basically acted as foreign agents as far as I am concerned.

          I’d also add that they are DIRECTLY responsible for the madness of the current age because they are DIRECTLY responsible for the election of the Gay Mulatto as President.

          Back before we even got involved in Iraq, I got into numerous arguments with all my Neocon dick-licking “conservative” friends by telling them that going into Iraq (and to a lesser degree Afghanistan) – was going to lead DIRECTLY to the election of lunatic Democrat on the next Presidential election cycle. This was before Obama was even a word anybody even remotely considered as being a President’s name.

          Knowing the cycles of history and knowing the voting predilections of Democrats was all that was needed to figure this out. Did anybody listen? Nope they just bitched and complained about Mooslems and bombings and Murica! and “Must Save Israel” and all the rest of it. Even the constant drumbeat of US politicians posing in front of their desks with those little crossed US and Israeli flag holders prominently displayed wasn’t enough to wake them up.

          Mooslems stirring up shit isn’t a good enough reason to destroy the country. Does anybody remember them announcing that we are going to war – and then almost in the same breath announcing that they don’t care about securing the border? I do. I also know a few guys who worked in the Border Patrol at the time – and they thought it was utterly retarded seeing as how there was more than ample evidence that Islamic types were seeping in over the porous border.

          You know what I think when somebody tells me that 1) we’re going to war , and : 2) we’re not going to seal the border?

          I think this guy is either a fucking moron – or he’ s up to something. Choose one. But both are probably true.

          If the Mooslems stir up shit in the Middle East – that’s a Middle East problem, if they’re giving the Israelis shit – well then that’s THEIR problem to solve – not ours. Are Muslims a problem here? Deport their asses – and seal the damn border. Find a way to shut off Saudi money to build mosques. The US government sure seems to be able to find ways to take money from US citizens – they should be able to find a way to shut off funding of mosques from outside countries.

          People will say ” that’s not politically do-able” . They’re probably right , but they’re only right because THEY are the problem because THEY refuse to consider the possibility of actually DOING IT.

          It’s a matter of will. Where there’s a will – there’s a way. When there is no will – there is NO way.

      • Andy Texan, I think it is as simple as that. People and nations are being asked to take sides, and Putin and Russia did not choose the side of the deep state.

  44. Why the Left and the Neo-Cons hate Russia?

    How about a combination of the following: 1) Communist China is a far more lucrative benefactor of the Clintons/McConnells/Feinsteins than the Russkis are, and 2) the Russkis are back to practicing Christian (Orthodox) religion.

    There may be other reasons…..who knows?

    • That, plus the fact that Putin squashed the (((oligarchs))). They were robbing the country blind at a time when the average Russian was in dire straits.

      • The Russians never stopped practicing Orthodox Christianity, the communist government did and now they’re gone.

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