The New Bull Connor

For a long time, Bull Connor was the symbol of southern racism, because he famously used fire hoses and dogs on civil rights agitators in Birmingham Alabama. Like most white people in the 60’s, he opposed the idea of racial integration, but it was his way of doing it that got him labeled as the ultimate racist. It was one thing to believe that integration was a terrible idea. It was another to take pleasure in a hatred of blacks for no other reason than their race. Hatred, even of that which should be hated, always has an ugliness to it.

Today, the ugly face of racial hatred is directed at whites and worn by social justice warriors, claiming to be fighting white supremacy. In reality they are just anti-white bigots who compete with one another over how much they hate white people. One difference between the anti-white bigots of today and guys like Bull Connor is he was happy to live his life in obscurity. He never set out to be a famous racist. Today’s social justice warriors see racial hatred as a path to fame and glory. It’s the easy way into the high culture.

An example of this is Brandeis associate professor Dorothy Kim. She is someone passing herself off as a medievalist. In reality, she is a white-hating bigot and a social justice warrior, who lives to harass white people. Her current crusade is an attack on Rachel Fulton Brown, a tenured professor at the University of Chicago. Kim’s reason for attacking Dr. Brown is that she is a conservative white women, who does real scholarship, rather than agitate for nutty causes. Kim thinks she can get ahead by hating the white woman.

Rachel Fulton Brown is a serious scholar who has written award winning books on arcane medieval topics. She has written this book and this book. Even if you are a fan of medieval European history, these are esoteric subjects, but that’s how the stock of knowledge is developed and expanded. Dorothy Kim is a ridiculous person who writes nonsense like this. The only people talking about white supremacy are liars and lunatics. It does not matter which applies here, either should be disqualifying for an academic in civil society.

Dorothy Kim is not just focusing her attention on Rachel Brown. Kim is an all purpose white-hater who whores herself out to the daffy girls of Progressive media, hired to popularize academic racism. Not content with attacking white people in real-time, the social justice warriors are now determined to rewrite history to make Henry VIII into soul brother number one. In that Daily Beast post, Mx. Kim goes out of her way to fall for the Cheddar Man hoax, suggesting she is dumber than her sparse work product suggests.

That’s just the thing about the people like Mx. Kim. They are not just content to publicly attack white people for being white. There’s a suicidal nihilism to the modern racist. Their project is as much about decreasing the stock of human knowledge as it is chasing white people from the white societies that welcomed them. What’s offensive about Mx. Kim is not that she does not know things, it’s that she knows wrong things and demands that the rest of us, as a matter of social justice, accept falsehoods as fact, fiction as truth.

That’s another thing you see with the social justice warriors. They seek to replace accomplishment with moral fanaticism. Rachel Brown has reached her status by a long career of being good at her specialty. Mx. Kim is just not bright enough or willing to do the work, so she is attacking white people, in order to establish her bona fides as a culture warrior. Everything about Mx. Kim’s career to this point is a claim that she is a victim, by virtue of her DNA, and therefore must get free stuff from white people or else racism.

That’s why these people are so vicious. Being a virtue signalling loon is a highly competitive racket. There’s always someone out there preparing a nuttier claim than the most nutty claim of the moment. Because the ideology of the social justice warrior is completely empty, a pure negative ideology, the result is a version of the mob screaming “Goldstein” in 1984. It’s not enough to hate white people. What matters is that you are seen hating whitey and doing so with an enthusiasm that is without rival.

That is the ugliness that Mx. Kim shares with classic racists like Bull Connor from half a century ago. It was not that he opposed integration that made him ugly. It was that he was willing to abandon decency and order in his opposition to it. The willingness to sacrifice everything for a principle is fanaticism and it is just as much an enemy of civil society as the barbarian. That’s what you see with people like Mx. Kim. She is a fanatic, ready to burn it all down in the name of social justice. There’s nothing uglier than a fanatic.

Addendum: A commenter asked how people like Mx. Kim get into the academy. The reason the social justice warrior has success is that Progressives are always fighting themselves. By that, I mean they are are always at war with that which they fear about themselves or that which they are currently doing. The Left’s rage against Russian meddling corresponds with their own collaboration with Russian oligarchs in an effort to rig recent elections. Google the phrase “Opposite Rule Of Liberalism.”

In the case of the academy, the people hooting about racism and white supremacy are relying on the innate racism of the modern academy. “Oh look! We have an Asian applicant in medieval European studies!” The white liberals in the field are so desperate for multicultural status points, they fall all over themselves to find and embrace non-whites, purely on racial grounds. They embrace anti-racism, because they hate their own racism and the result is more of the self-loathing that drives the Progressive.

Multiculturalism has created a vast market for dull-witted grifters like Mx. Kim. She gets the attention that women naturally crave, but she gets to make a career out of it, thus making herself both a hero of feminism and multiculturalism. Her choice was working in a cubicle somewhere as a clerk or going into the promising world of social justice. it’s not hard to see why she chose to be a SJW. It’s also easy to see why she is so bitter and nasty. At some level, she knows she is a fraud and she hates herself even more.

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  1. Bit late to the party here, but David Cole’s recent column (“Fling Poo at a Jew” 07AUG2018) actually applies to Asian leftists as well. Read the following excerpt and mentally replace “Jew” with “Asian SJW”.

    There’s a myth that Jews tell themselves […] It’s the myth that Jews are part of the “disenfranchised.” On one side is the “white Christian power structure,” and on the other side, the “outsiders” (blacks, Latinos, Muslims, gays, lesbians, trannies…and Jews). This is the guiding myth that informs the actions of Jewish leftists. […]
    […] I hate to break this to you, but every time you’ve crowed to a black or brown friend about how you’re “one of them,” that person was silently despising you. Oh sure, they may have been smiling politely, but that’s only because, inside, they were imagining beating the shit outta you, and they found the thought pleasing.
    The truly “marginalized” […] don’t see [Jews] as marginalized nonwhites.

    FWIW, personally, the racism I’ve personally experienced has been about 5:1 from American Blacks vs whites. And to those who think east Asians generally benefit from Affirmative Action: sorry, but that simply ain’t so.

    • Asians weren’t American slaves, making the Kill YT agenda rather transparent. Or should we simply pay reparations to the whole world we were busy oppressing?

  2. “At some level, she knows she is a fraud and she hates herself even more.”

    Maybe. Maybe not. Asians often are aware that Jews run much of the US and that a great way to get ahead is by hating whitey. This yields status, attention and money without having to actually accomplish anything. Most Asians only feel loyalty to their family (which includes obviously themselves) and their tribe. If destroying whites helps them, it is seem as virtuous to destroy white people in any fashion necessary. They feel they are superior to whites anyway. Asian women are much more into this than Asian men.

    Besides, it isn’t hard to see why hating whitey attracts so many grifters. It is the greatest con of all time. Zero downside with nearly unlimited upside

  3. “Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.” ― Dostoyevsky

    • Good quote. Sometimes for a white pilling/self delusional exercise I try to think of societies that have gone through something akin to whats in Western Europe and The Anglophone World and have resurected themselves. Russia is the obvious example, China with Xiaoping, Lee Kwan Yu learning on the fly. It can be done but the way out regretably seems to be through. However in all of the above cases, there was never an imported vassal army of canon fodder to do Lefties bidding. It will consume the Progs as even Orks have there own agenda and interests. The silver lining is that the left will be destroyed, whether we can we survive is unclear.

  4. So your a college kid Frip ? That explains a lot. The fact that you are here is encouraging.. Oh and by the way please speak louder and try not to use such big words. I’m one of those blue collar guys 😉

  5. That’s where the real anger comes from-low self esteem and the knowledge that you really aren’t up to the level of those you are critiquing and you feel extreme jealously, hatred, and anger.
    It’s really no deeper than that.

  6. Zman: “It was one thing to believe that integration was a terrible idea. It was another to take pleasure in a hatred of blacks for no other reason than their race. Hatred, even of that which should be hated, always has an ugliness to it.” Both wise and un-ideologically human. Great post overall. The kind of post I call Normie-Ready or email-able. Nothing in it to make Left leaning friend nervous as he imagines his wife reading it over his shoulder. No disdain for mixed-race marriage. No snide racial remarks. No “sodomite” slurs.

    The perfect villain in Mx. Kim. And gut level descriptions of the game being played. “That’s why these people are so vicious. Being a virtue signalling loon is a highly competitive racket.” Any fairly educated normie with a sense of humor and a natural loathing for lordly bitches would be roused by this post. Hell almost all Z’s posts. But ones such as this fly at very approachable levels. Even for our blue collar friends.

    “What’s offensive about Mx. Kim is not that she does not know things, it’s that she knows wrong things and demands that the rest of us, as a matter of social justice, accept falsehoods as fact, fiction as truth.” Damn that’s good. Having to sit in class as professors have their way with you is unbearable. A third of the time I’d have to get up and walk out mid-lecture. College is torture.

    • It isn’t “hatred” of blacks. It isn’t even “Racism”. It’s called Statistical common sense based on their actions, and the crime reports.

  7. Overton is catching on to that modern leftism is pretty overt anti-white racism. If you want to know ‘how on earth Bull Connor could feel as he did about blacks, ask a SJW how ‘ze’ (btw, what freaks they are lol) feels about whites.’

    “Oh but its not the same because…..” they will answer. As if Mr. Connor did not believe he had perfectly good reason for his racism as well.

  8. And from today’s USA Today crossword we have this clue. 37 Down
    “___-right (fringe hate groups)”

    Wonder what the three letters should be?

  9. You forget that he fought the same institutional power that Kim now enjoys the favor of. White men will never be able to defend themselves if they decry those who resisted before them as monsters.

    Bull did nothing wrong.

  10. “I knew Bull Connor. And you, sir, are no Bull Connor.”

    Sorry. I just had to get that in here.

  11. “There’s a suicidal nihilism to the modern racist.”

    I am becoming convinced that the racism inherent to modern SJW’s is actually merely a symptom, one of many, of their nihilism.

    I am no philosopher but here goes anyway… there is no other way for me to explain mass self-hatred. There is no other way to explain a desire to destroy everything. If you believe in nothing then nothing should exist, and everything that is something needs to be destroyed. If you examine the actions of the modern extreme left this explains them all.

    Many people seem to struggle with white self-hatred. What I wrote above explains it perfectly. It explains the bizarreness of transgenderism perfectly. It explains notions like “facts are racist”. Take a look at any headline, any bizarre pronouncement, any of the Bizarro world things we see in life today and they are explained by nihilism.

    • “But it’s not fair”
      “Who’s the fucking nihilist, you bunch of crybabies”

      Wonder if many of these are more the LARP’er version of nihilists. Just watching things unfold at Oberlin as funding starts to get cut to cover for enrollment and donation drops. Lot of “oh, but I never thought my little destroy the racist institution thing would destroy my well paying, do little job”

    • J*ws and non-whites want to commandeer white countries. It’s that simple. “Racism” is the inventive they hurl against whites for what every other group does. All groups are “racist” and tribal. The great disadvantage of whites is that we are the least tribal and most universalist and naive. We practically beg the other races to steal our lunch money.

  12. The problem with rewarding dysgenic traits is that eventually you get to the tipping point where dysgenic people try to outdo each other.

  13. I find it particularly awful when East Asians like Kim or Jeong get into this racket. At least when it comes to the black feminists, we can generally assume that they are (a) native to the USA and (b) not particularly smart. They don’t deserve the kind of privileged positions they have, but they’re basically just acting on instinct, and as a society we have a responsibility to find SOME place for them to fit in.

    The Asian SJWs, however, come from groups that are privileged in every conceivable way – high IQ, high income, AND the benefits of Affirmative Action and racial quotas. Their anti-white hatred cannot be ascribed to envy or stupidity. It is cold, calculating, and genuinely racist. Reactionary philosophy describes leftism as a system of power, with most individuals as pawns; but the Asians are aware of the game, they’re aware of the endgame (i.e. conquest), and they play it anyway. Their SJWs are the most contemptible of all.

    And yes, I’m aware that all of this applies to Ashkenazi Jews as well. For those monomaniacs out there, consider that the entire world Jewish population is under 15 million, with most non-Israelis already living in the USA, while there are over a billion each of Chinese and Indians and millions of them are trying to migrate to the west every year. You want to end domestic Jewish race-hustling, that’s great, but that’ll get you nowhere until you stop importing and rewarding foreign race-hustlers.

    • Asians are just as tribal as the Jews and even more ruthless, they even prey on their own people as seen in China where they carve up political prisoners and sell their organs on the black market. They are the apex of ruthless SOB’s.

      Look at China today, they are flooding the U.S. with Fentanyl and other designer opioids like “Pink” that you can even buy over the net and sent via e-packet to your home. If you’re really frisky you can order Carfentanyl which is so deadly, one microgram can kill you. It’s perfect for terrorists and you can order it by the kilo if you want.

      Hey lets not forget that CHina also uses sites like Ebay, Amazon, Wal-Mart and others to launder drug money back to Asia. Ever wonder about those products that are priced hundreds or even thousands more than the same thing sold by someone else?

      • There’s a difference between East and South Asians in this regard (roughly ‘slanty eyes’ vs Indians; btw I completely stand by being an Indophile, does NOT imply I think they should all move to the US, they should build India, just to disclose). But w East Asians, even our ‘friends’ Koreans and Japanese (allies on the big board) I think you re on to something.

        • If you go read the book ” Japan’s War – The Great Pacific Conflict” – by Edwin P. Hoyt, ………………. you would be able to stop thinking and know.

          He details pretty clearly that the war(s) preceding and leading into the war with the US – were largely based on Japanese feelings of being a superior race – and also for kicking the white man out of Asia. The Japanese thought themselves a superior race to the Chinese and Koreans (and probably still do). And that explains much of the brutality they inflicted upon those they went to war against.

          I’ve seen a lot of comments over the years about the brutality of the US Pacific war against the Japanese that explained it thru the racial aspect. WW2 for the US in the Pacific WAS a racial war.

          You read the soldier’s accounts of fighting in that war – and they freely admit it.

          • Even today the Japanese retain an element of superiority feeling and very strong ethnocentrism. It’s obviously not brutal today the way it was then but you still sense it, behind the elaborate courtesy. The same is largely true for China btw, although courtesy is not a particular interest of theirs to display, dont know about Korea but I assume they’re sort of a mix of Chinese and Japanese traits.

          • As for Asian interest in getting their kids into US colleges and universities, or even New England prep schools for high school, my question is — If they are so academically gifted and superior, even, to the progeny of the folks who founded those institutions, then why on earth would they want to cross the world and go there, only to remain a minority? Why not stay home and develop their own institutions of higher learning — and keep all the pasty-faced honkies out?

            P. S. I don’t even fear a Chinese Army attack. Have you ever seen them drive a car on the Interstate? Clueless as to what they are doing or where they are.

          • Ha! I like the Chinese-Canadian comedian’s explanation: “But of course you can see the stoplight with your big gwailo roundeyes!!”

          • A Cambodian explained that the Vietnam War was very much a race war:
            Khmer Jeune (Yellow, Chinese descent, light-skinned academics)
            Khmer Rouge (Red, copper-skinned farmers)
            Khmer Verde (Green, black-skinned hillbillies).
            He pointed to a black American and said, “the Verde are darker than you are.”

            In Vietnam itself, Viet against Khia.
            In Laos, Hmong and Yards (Montagnards) are the hillbillies.

            The Hmong, Khmer, and Khia are like Louisiana’s Cajuns, former nobles of an empire lost to time. (Jain empire Angor Wat, Mekong irrigation empire 1000 A.D., French Revolution.)

        • Moran ya Simba, do you ever consider moving back to India to help make India great? Especially given the looming crisis in the U.S.’s future?

          • Now Ursula, in India they hire eunuchs as bill collectors. The eunuch lifts his sarong, exposing his ruined genitals, and follows you around until you give up and pay the bill.

            No, I don’t think anyone is returning to that.

          • LOL! Thanks, Alzaebo, for providing me with plenty of chuckles with your commentary, as well as illumination delivered artfully.

    • I give the black feminists way more of a pass than the Koreans – because as much as we might not like it – the blacks have at least been here almost as long as the whites have. The simple passage of time is not an excuse for them being like they are ……. but anybody who has grown up and lived in this country and knows it’s history knows damn well there’s been a “black issue” for as long as they’ve been here.

      When I hear Korean women start going all SJW however – I think : WTF bitch – you just got here, you don’t have the right – you haven’t put in the time. I think maybe you REALLY ought to think about GOING BACK if being here is really that painful for you.

      My next thought is : Why the &$%! are we importing MORE of this bullshit? Don’t we already have enough home grown?

  14. Another strong entry, Z. Thanks not only for your insights but for the energy you expend to keep the light on.

    I alternate between hopefulness and despair. There is no doubt that opposition to cultural Marxism is more pronounced — at least on a verbal level — than in the ’90s, when the loony Left’s long march through the institutions scored victory after victory. But the pushback remains almost entirely among outsiders.

    The anti-white, anti-rational forces still rule. Those of us who can be categorized as alt-right (a vague term, but perhaps better that way to avoid hardening into another ideology) are frustrated. Everybody agrees that the Left can’t be argued with, that it is closed to any thought outside its desire to dissolve civilization in the acid of so-called social justice. But then, how to fight back when arguments are irrelevant to the power structure? What’s the use of convincing more people about the reality of anti-West and anti-white tyranny when the newly convinced can’t pass through the intellect/influence barrier?

    No one that I am aware of has a good answer. Some think that only an economic upheaval or violent civil conflict can make a difference; but the cost of either hardly bears thinking on.

    Somebody cheer me up, please.

    • Just randomly answering but, and I know this is trite and easily said, we have come through worse before. Black Death, Siege of Vienna, Battle of Tours, Lepanto. From my own perspective Gorta Mor. Its probably an odd thing to say but our biggest problem has been enthtrophy due to the success of our civilization. From a materialist or even a rationalist Marxist perspective we have never been more well off, but its killing us. One of our main problems is that we can afford the lunacy of the left and its (((enablers))). I’m not anti Jewish legitematly, but you can’t deny radically disproportionate over representation in the far left.

    • But cultural marxism is also WAAAAY more extreme than it was in the 90s. They really are uber batshit crazy now.

  15. Almost as if someone is actively hunting to find every switch in the brain and heart that can be dialed from positive to negative, from suppressed to overdone.

    Someone with an interest in psychology, perhaps? Someone with incredible reach.
    Enough reach to reward and promote that which is denied by all common sense and goodwill, as if they have done this before.

    I’m still struggling to define clearly something that Dutch brought to Friday’s podcast.

    He mentioned that social ‘currency’ can be debased or skewed like trade currency.
    “Storehouse of value” and “full faith and credit” come to mind, a kind of social usury.

    • Jacques Derrida comes to mind. He promoted a pathological hatred of Western Civilization in his works and sought to tear down the patriarchy and hierarchy.

      Sadly he was embraced by Western intellectuals and academia – Yale invited him over from France to teach.

      I remember when I used to read Dkos and all the other major s**tlib sites in the early 2000’s. Derrida was a poster boy of the Lefty elite and they mourned his passing as well as one of the greatest thinkers the world has ever seen.

      His works now power the SJW’s.

      • Word on the street is that Derrida was sexually harassing one of his students.. a young half-french-half-vietnamese woman.
        Anybody else hear that?

        anyhows, he’s de-constructing himself now, so who cares.

        • Humerous comment on Derrida’s passing by a writer whose name I can’t recall. As best I remember (warning — lightly paraphrased):

          Jacques Derrida is now involved in his own terminal narrative with death.

          One of the most witty and cutting observations I’ve ever read …

    • Alzaebo, the West has shot its wad, to put it crudely. As an example to humanity, we have nothing to show anyone any more. Any sort of future Renaissance will be built over a period much longer than our own lives, or those of our children and grandchildren. The current Western social “full faith and credit” is an empty vessel. We have learned how to micromanage the currency and financial markets (for now), but we have completely lost any social or political capital we ever had. Instead of aspiring to something good and timeless, we convulse over who gets the social goody-bag, awarded for no other reason than who can deliver the best sob story of their own dire circumstances and who might be the evil SOB’s who discriminated against them. The West has gone nuts.

  16. This is why I retired. Academia was never my main gig anyway, and while I felt like I was doing the Lord’s work being the one (deep cover) non-lunatic voice in my department, one can only do the King Canute routine for so long; eventually the ulcers get you. It’s actually worse than Z Man makes it out to be. Yes, deep down they know they’re talentless grifters, but the entire ivory tower ecosystem is designed to help them suppress it.

    E.g. one of the places I worked had an applicant threaten legal action — he alleged the program blackballed him for his political views. Which they did, of course, as he was slightly to the right of Mao Zedong, but the point is the smug self-congratulation the faculty displayed. They’re convinced, to the roots of their being, that they ARE open-minded and tolerant. To them, there are vast chasms between the Judean People’s Front and the People’s Front of Judea. Facts and reason are meaningless to them, if they don’t lead to the proper political conclusion. If Donald Trump cured cancer, within minutes every single ivory tower denizen would be out there writing articles about “the lymphoma myth” — it was all a scam by cishetpat White doctors to keep the very smart bruthas down. The sooner the ivory tower is blown up and the earth salted, the better America will be.

    • Academia suffers from a lack of “civilian control”, and functions as a “state within a state”. Unless one is a “full professor” any expression of right-wing views will lead to not being admitted, getting short shift from the doctoral adviser, not getting hired, not getting tenure, and not getting recognition within the field. The system is full of gatekeeping originally designed to ward out Medieval heretics. The best thing to do is destroy it. Design a new academia where one achieves prominence outside the academy, and then serves a 10 year non-renewable appointment. All social fields must display a partisan balance mirroring society.

      • “Academia suffers from a lack of “civilian control””

        That is interesting, I havent thought of that before. The argument against is that we would get Soviet ‘science’ if the state started messing w academia too much and I htink this concern has merit.

        Again I end up with ‘its the culture stupid’. Back in the day ppl understood academic methods and respected them etc. Today, any tenured job is too close to being a pillow and then they get bored and start acting out.

        • I don’t envision partisan nominations for hard sciences. But for the liberal arts, its a necessity. For many of the social sciences it is also important to restore ideological diversity. We also need to find ways of firing all unnecessary administrators, starting with anyone in “diversity”. Athletics must also be deprofessionalized, perhaps even the first two years of ROTC should be mandatory as it was long ago before my time.

        • Yeah, Simba, back in the day ppl understood academic methods.
          Nowadays, I suspect, numerous ‘intellectuals’ can’t explain what a Straw Man is.

          • There actually was discussion of an “ideological balance” law back in the days (early Aughts if I remember correctly). “Conservatives” were against it because it involved government regs (that would adversely affect their pals, the Left), and the Left was against it because of course they were. Anyway, it wouldn’t matter, as the hivemind worked out their response long ago: “It’s not that we’re opposed to conservatives on principle; we cherish the free expression of ideas! It’s just that conservatives are too stupid to be academics.” No, really — that’s what they went with. They don’t hire right-wingers because right-wingers are just too dumb to write things like like “A Queer Exploration of Fat Time.”

          • Academics have written about tons of “epicycles” trying to explain away the Copernican truth of discrimination against the Right.

    • Cut the government money off and they will implode as all lunatics do. I cut off my college entirely years ago. I won’t even admit to attending the shit hole.

    • ” They’re convinced, to the roots of their being, that they ARE open-minded and tolerant.”

      They’re fanatics, you cannot reason with them. Btw, I just discovered your blog. Great work!

  17. The growth and intensity of the SJW movement is a symptom of the cancer that has afflicted society. This is not a case of a few loons operating on the fringes and curable via commitment to a mental hospital. Rather, this behavior is a leading edge indicator of the rapid degeneration of the species. In our current evolutionary environment, lunacy is rewarded with success, and thereby reinforces the lunacy trait. This is why the cancer is growing.

  18. The YouTube site “Oppressed Media” posted a good one on August 7th entitled “The Left’s beef with white people explained.” Compliments this post by Z. It addresses the “beef” from a Cultural Marxism perspective and the insidious CM agenda of rewriting history. It’s a good tube and many here would find it worthy of the little more than 30 minutes it runs. Even offers the “solution”.

  19. It is also worth it to point out that Bull Connor’s foolhardy tactics were used as a means to galvanize the support of his enemies. We on the dissident right would be wise to emulate our foes…However in this age of fractured media (and attention spans) this will prove to be a difficult undertaking

    • Trump bears his share of the blame. He could quit Twitter and move to Gab. He could use national security previsions to either force Twitter to end censorship, or outright nationalize the company.

      • De Beers, that was funny. You seem to think presidents are superheroes in a no consequence universe. Trump could start wearing a dress tomorrow. But no, no he really couldn’t.

    • I think the anti-white hordes may be reaching a point of overreach. White Mr Jones is starting to notice things beyond his morning coffee and doughnut. (or his survival instinct really is dead and we re doing CPR on a corpse, writ large).

  20. Spot On … “Their project is as much about decreasing the stock of human knowledge as it is chasing white people from the white societies that welcomed them.” This sentence is the summation of all truth in the essay.

    Dumb folk are threatened by superior intelligence and those who have leveraged their intellect to produce wealth or increase “the stock of human knowledge.” So generally they’re threatened by white culture, what we’ve come to know as Western Civ. The threatened illiterati have only two tools in their toolbag, to mouth off about inequality or resort to violence. Those of superior intellect are also rather refined in basic etiquette – they don’t use Bull Connor firehoses – but maybe they need to drop the kindly diplomacy and start calling out the race-baiters for what they are – ignorant, dimwitted losers. Very impolitic, but brusquely put true-truth is the only way for intellectuals to penetrate the amused-to-death mass mind.

    Then there’s this : “A commenter asked how people like Mx. Kim get into the academy. ”

    That’s easy … the same way raging faggots end up in the priesthood. A threatened minority group weaves its way into leadership, organizes themselves into gang-like clubs, and perpetuate themselves by promoting like-minded perverts. Throw in a little love-fest for tolerance and multiculturalism, and you’ve got a recipe to take down any previously respected organization.

  21. Any complaint about anti-white hatred in academia that omits the word “Jews” is chickenshit.

    • Truth. These truckling older guys flatter themselves that they are radical by carping about “Cultural Marxism.” They are literally too chickenshit to look at what that term really signifies.

    • Ron Unz “The Myth of American Meritocracy” should be required reading for every parent that is considering sending their child to university. Aaron Clarey’s “worthless” is also good for parents/youth. Anything by Dennis Praeger is literally worthless.

    • I see Z’s Jew sandwich here; this was a Korean slut, yet we cant have forgetting to blame the Jews. Yes, I know, then the argument goes ‘but the Jews taught her….’ Well maybe, who knows. But it’s clearly not just ‘ze Jews’ doing this. And some ‘Juden’ reject it.

      The JQ is a perfectly legit thing to look at. But I believe the ‘brown pill’, a term I may even have coined, makes sense, for ppl who get off the realism highway at ‘ZE JEWS!!!’ exit. Ie, it’s a simplistic ‘explanation’ just like ‘white priviledge’ or all the other stuff. It is averting looking at actual reality, to focus on something that may make some sense but is evidently not the cause of everything from rainy Sundays to flat tires.

      • Right on, Simba. Maybe the Jews taught her, and maybe the Northeastern WASP elites taught her a huge bunch more.

        It’s rather sad to see folks picking fights on such speculative grounds.
        This really turns off Normies, who’d otherwise have great interest in our ideas (incl. HBD), now that the Jeongs etc. are flailing about, in their childish demonization of whites.
        Most JQers come off as “Jew sandwich” counterparts to Jeong’s infantilism.

      • Do you deny that the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act was primarily due to decades of J*wish activism?

        “J*ws have been at the forefront in supporting movements aimed at altering the ethnic status quo in the United States in favor of immigration of non-European peoples”

        • Im not denying that at all, I currently do not master the volumes of documents and old newspaper articles etc one would have to look at to see how exactly this outright insane law was passed through. I am sure many Jews did terrible work then. I am also sure many non-Jews did as well. Let me repeat myself “The JQ is a perfectly legit thing to look at.” I am not afraid of the JQ, I just dont grant it omnipotent explanatory powers.

      • It’s an interesting topic which I try not to fixate on, but one way of explaining it might be by comparison to the early Christians. Not to suggest there is anything sinister about Christianity, but the ideology was essentially crafted by Jews—Jesus was a Jew—and most of its early proselytizers were Jews. However, after a short while, most Christians were the indigenous populations and the apparatus was off and running, until much later, when Jews became more or less hostile to Christianity. The same thing can be seen in fast forward with communism—most of the early communists were Jews, and obviously, Marx was Jewish by ethnicity at least, but by the 80s, the neoconservatives, an essentially Jewish cadre were largely responsible for breaking down the Soviet empire. Who knows, lol, maybe they will all turn white nationalist in a little while!

        So I see this multi cult/leftist apparatus as a self perpetuating system of rewards and punishments to ensconce an ideology. This had to be created by someone, someone with brains and power.

        I would recommend reading Kevin macdonalds culture of critique and the essays in cultural insurrections, but don’t get too fanatic about it.

        • That is a pretty interesting thought, Jews start ‘it’ (Christianity, communism, multi-culti hell). But then it snowballs out of their control, and often eats them as well as a good chunk of whitie pie. Seems a valid observation of history.

          • The word is “golems”. Yes, they’re aware of the consequences of riding the tiger- but still they ride it. Gotta give ’em that.

          • They know that many will die, but of those who survive, many will succeed beyond all normal measure.

            Juice aphorism: “What is the greatest treasure? It is the treasure you can take with you when you run.”

  22. “it’s that she knows wrong things and demands that the rest of us, as a matter of social justice, accept falsehoods as fact, fiction as truth.”
    I ran into this last week. My wife works for a charity that provides camps and events for this citys foster kids; who are mostly comprised of sun peoples. It’s founded and lead by Jewish people and we are Christian but that’s another story.
    Last weekend my wife had a foster parent over who have five kids in this program, they are sun people whose ancestors did not voluntarily cross the Atlantic. Her boyfriend (another tangent) was a nice man of the sun who I like and get along with, and is 20+years my senior. He proceeded to tell me that 90% of all innovation came from his people in Africa. To be a kind host I respectfully disagreed and worked toward another path of discussion.
    He was clearly a true believer…

    • I’ve heard a million of such lectures, from not only every variety of sun people, but from white foreigners and American subcultures as well.

      Everyone carries a secret history in their heart, a Truth that fills them up with pride and wonder at hidden glory. It’s a narrative of roots, manuevers, and identity. Of a People.

      It can be broad-based, such as a mainstream religion or sportsball, or substream, such as Emili Baraka varients (what TuNeCede heard), Hell’s Angels politics, Bismaili Islam, Zairen juju, Sikh rebellion, MittelEuropa empire, and many, many more.

      (I try not to disagree or interrupt them, I enjoy watching it happen. I accept none of it and all of it.)

      I’m not hearing pride and joy from the new believers, the interlocking frauds and grifters of the Left. I didn’t hear joy from Soviet Communism either, yet they still took near half the world. How long will this apocalyptic witch hunt go on?

      • Meant to say ‘the interlocking denominations of fraud and grift’ in the Leftist religion.
        The iron rice bowl believers.

        With capitalism you can count the inventory, labor hours, and growth rate for a reasonable estimate.

        How the hell do you guesstimate patronage and dark pools?
        Will my retirement capital be based on percentage of intersectionality?

      • Alzaebo, witch hunters need a target population. When the rest of us self-segregate and blend into the landscape, they will have no one to turn on but each other. Looking forward to it, actually, it’s a necessary part of righting the ship.

  23. Once again..a Korean female. The craziest, most batshit insane Asian SJWs are always Korean females, and often those who chase white dick.

    • Korea has one of the highest rates of plastic surgery, they also appear to be big fans of skin whitening. They also have one of the lowest fertility rates, even lower than secular Jews in the US.

    • Its bizarre, but based on econmic prinicples. I lived in New Zealand for a few years and worked in the British High Commission. I always found it unsettling how one of the greatest drivers of Western Culture continuously and ostentasiously debased itself and its own history for the sake of poz brownie points but so be it. I worked with a lot of Indians and North Asians. Most of the Mothers conformed to the Tiger Mom stereotype, with an extremely narrow field of acceptable professions. I remember one Hindu mother practically threatening her son with ostracism over his descission, never mind the average 30k per annum pay increase, to train as a vet as opposed to an accountant.

      • My vet gets more to see the animals than the pediatrician gets to see the kids. And the vet’s business is cash on the barrelhead.

    • I’ve mixed feelings about Asians. They’re cool and very not cool. Sweet and mean as hell. Hard to get a handle on their essence. Agree that the most insane people on earth are weirdo female Asian SJWs. Here in SoCal Asian men are plentiful on the golf courses. It’s not uncommon for the course to move slow because a Korean/Chinese group is constantly arguing. Like many non White cultures they sound and gesture like they’re going to fight, but never do. Funny, seems only whites and blacks actually fight when they sound like they’re going to.

      If you ever get a chance watch the Kim Duk-Koo ESPN documentary. One of the best sports docs ever. He’s the boxer who Ray Mancini killed. Very tough race.

      • Their religious ideas are a bizarre mind-wreck. It’s like they’re frickin’ aliens.

        (Even though embedded within is a long history of science from a totally different mindset. Lots of valuable bits, but difficult to translate or correlate.)

  24. My question is, how does a person like Kim get tenure at a college? The quality of humanities inquiry has fallen so low that it has become a non-subject. They are actively whittling down the educated set of American life so that few can compete with the nonsense peddlers of contemporary society. STEM subjects are a high bar for cognitive power, but its practitioners are essentially technicians, without worldly power. Verbal intelligence and historical grounding are the bedrock of political discourse. That’s why historically grounded commentators such as Buchanan and Z are the best.

    • A big question particularly for us is how do we take it back the humanities as it’s overwhelmingly converged throughout the entire Western world, some parts of Central/Eastern Europe and Russia notwithstanding. By any objective standard our’s is the side with truth and data on its side but the Progs are legion. Short a decline of the US Empire, or some sort of insurgency the Poz still holds the instiutions of culture.

      • I think some areas are simply not worth saving. Sociology comes to mind. The coming college collapse will hose off most English departments. In order to survive, the nonsense fields like gender studies will be purged. That said, I think the West is headed for a dark ages. Imagine non-whites squatting in the Museum of Natural History, using display items for kindling.

        • Oh god, I can see that coming. “We must destroy the contents of these museums because they are a constant source of unmerited pride to white peoples. These are the reservoirs where white privilege is stored. Words like terra-cotta and chiaroscuro are purposely used to demoralize people of color.”

          • Red, it is as likely they will use it for kindling because that’s all they will have, or out of complete ignorance, rather than because they will be consciously burning up the evidence of the patriarchy. I recall this sort of thing was not uncommon in the Dark Ages and in other tough times.

          • Fifty years ago I graduated as an Art History major from a college where that study was considered an important part of a Liberal Arts education, hence their granting a degree in it. The school did NOT grant a B. A. in Studio Art, however, even though it offered lower credit courses in this field. My point is that those who continued to pursue studies and careers in this field are inherently conservative, seeking to recognize the skills, talents and touchstones that connoisseurs recognize in attributions of artwork from years — or centuries past. I fear that some of the essential “compare and contrast” (training your eye) method has been laid aside in current liberal arts curricula, with more political concerns filling in. An example of this is the recent sale — largest ever — multi-millions $ for a “Salvatore Mundi” supposedly by Leonardo, now believed strongly to be from his “studio”! Who were the experts who accepted the attribution and recommended the sale? A really bad joke.

          • Leftists are much smarter than Conservatives in some ways. Collective punishment and eliminating institutions so you can replace them works

            I mean the Reds were able to make something as stupid as Communism work for 75 years or so by doing this. Imagine how well a smart idea would do.

            If the new state were to bulldoze most of the Universities and especially every elite institution K through college I’m hard pressed to see how this would hurt .

            I’d spare museums though

            They aren’t politically neutral but are easily fixed. Colleges less so and if you can’t wrest control of an enemy resource and use it for yourself than the next best thing is to destroy it.

        • Z, I agree a reckoning is coming, one that will be triggeed by the coming financial collapse (looks to be 2 to 3 years out), but I think this will force our government to activate full military control of the nation as that will be demanded to keep such a scenario from occurring.
          It could mean the US will split and places like California will be left to their own devices, but who really knows…

        • “That said, I think the West is headed for a dark ages. Imagine non-whites squatting in the Museum of Natural History, using display items for kindling.” This could be half-serious exaggeration, or meant to be understood as a genuine forecast. It’s hard to decipher the rhetoric of fringe leaders such as yourself, from their real thoughts on the future. Since you’ve just predicted a disturbing scenario in some detail, I’d like to know when we or our beloved descendents can expect to be living in such a way. 2045? 2318? 2505? Or so far off no one can truly claim to care. So far off that anything is possible so this is just another carelessly flicked blackpill.

          • Actually, I find it hard to decipher the rheteroic of “mainstream” leaders — their real intent — moreso than that of “fringe” leaders such as the Z-Man. He states it rather plainly: This place is doomed.

            I see this reality daily in the smallish sized forrmer “littlest city in the world” in which I’ve lived for 40 years and am now leaving. The place is no longer recognizeable, between the hordes of Californians moving in, and unimpeded immigration into this state with the fifth (?) highest Hispanic population per capita. The tension is expecially apparant in the booming local construction: my older, formerly rural neighborhood is being hemmed in by massive building projects — many hundreds of trendy homes starting at $675 and up popping up in the former dog walking field nearby, all to squat on tiny, 1/4 acre lots and house the waves of well-heeled, BMW and Audi-driving white folks; while low income apartments are sprouting down by the main highway, and “active senior 55+” warrens and hutches for hipsters are growing like uncontrolled cancer all within two miles. Concensus among those I’ve known is that no sense of community remains.

            Stopped in to WalMart last night in the center of town. I was stunned at how it appeared like an international bazaar. Packed full at 9:30PM … I don’t think I heard anyone speaking english (or unaccented english), except for a couple of black ladies by the juice aisle. This may be a phenomena just in our uncontrollingly expanding western urban areas, I don’t know. But balance that against the hatred of traditional culture, history and accomplishment, and reconcile that with preservation of who we are, what we did, and what we dreamed. It doesn’t bode well, and he says it plainly.

            (ADDENDUM: No sense of “former” community remains. There likely are very strong “South of the Border” and hipster SJW cultures. I don’t know, really, as I don’t go downtown much anymore, except on very rare occasions like last evening.)

          • No, it’s probably more realistic that corrupt you know what politicians will realize the value of these artifacts and sell them to China or Japan or somewhere.

          • You have a majority minority future in two decades or less. 2031, thirteen years from now? We can count the number of 10 year olds. We can only estimate the births from immigrants, but it’s not decreasing.

            Add in the numbers retiring, on disability, on welfare, addicted, convicted, bankrupt, homeless, underwater, or dropped from unemployment.

            Next add in the exponential growth rate of frauds and grifters like Mx. Kim, as well as Snitch State bureaucrats and enforcers.
            Count the number of affirmative action hires and electees, the Bull Connors.

            If the Left wins the next round of elections, we might have our black pill within three years.
            Is that soon enough?

        • As you know, the only thing keeping most State U’s afloat at this point is Chinese kids paying full freight. Ironically, Trump’s so-called “trade war” with China might do the trick — if the value of the yuan drops 15%, it’ll no longer make sense for CCP bigshots to send their spare sons to American day cares. Your Ohio States will, at that point, be a few lab disciplines squatting around the football stadium.

          • Spot on. Have one kid at a “public Ivy” and not only do they have rep offices in China—but run all sorts of “acclimation” programs and other add-ons specificallly for those students. All at a hefty mark up, course. But it is pretty clear the economics are falling apart. Get a good view into that with another son who left may alma mater after a year (loved engineering, hated the politics of the liberal arts part of the campus) and talked his way back into a very small, fully endowed engineering school. They take no federal money, provide full scholarships from endowment funds—and it is amazing how efficiently they can crank out 100% employed graduates that have no debt. Place is run with a bare minimum of admin staff and overhead—so even with the full ride, their actual costs are much lower than the private Big 10 school he went to for first year.

          • Ah yes, the “acclimation” programs. I get a kick out of those. The only way these “students” get admitted is by “passing” the Engrish proficiency exams… which they hire ringers for, as they do for ALL their work, because the universities’ rep offices in China are the only people on earth who don’t know that the Chinese cheat at everything, all the time, even when cheating is actually counterproductive (it is this, and this alone, that will keep the People’s Liberation Army from our shores). It’s one hell of a scam — the pay’s great and the bennies can’t be beat. And if they happen to ask you to let them into the part of the engineering buildings where the work on military contracts is done… well, that’s just that legendary Asian work ethic. Always studying, they are!

          • You’re talking about ~1.5 billion people with four millennia of history. Is it remotely possible that all of them “cheat at everything, all the time?”

          • It does. Grants one dual BS degree. The google machine will tell you. Other hint. It’s in Derbyshire’s backyard.

          • I started studying naval architecture when I was a teenager, but I was more interested in small boats than in ships.
            good luck to your son.

          • Yes, at our school they have closed a perfectly good natatorium for the natives and opened a cushy international center for the foreign kids who make it a point not to mingle with or even look at us.

          • Sev;

            Very encouraging news. It has always seemed to me that the key to collapsing the Prog empire was to cut off their cash flow from their various interlocking slush funds, particularly those located in NGO World, of which Big U is a leading member. It would be lovely if collapsing the China Trade Scam also blew up Big U.

            Also, who knew that keeping your security clearance after retiring from govt. work was worth big bank. The epic squealing about Brennan losing his post-retirement CIA clearance is a giant flashing red light ‘tell’. It will be pretty easy to start the chant, ‘Pull them all.’ at the next few Trump rallies. Yet another way to drain the swamp that went previously unnoticed by most of us.

            My excuse: I had naively supposed that since I lost my own middling level security clearance when I retired, everybody else did too.

          • Despite not delivering on some of the promises you have to give The Donald credit.
            As has been previously mentioned on this column, he is still trapped in the old boomer prosperity minded trap but he does instinctivly, maybe not intellectually grasp a lot of the same concepts we do. As a Civ/Nat Boomer he’s not fully able to bridge the divide, and accept the bioogical aspects of our arguement. But, easily dismissed as it is he genuinely loves the U.S and what he believes, albeit falsely, it is (nation of immigrants as opposed to Albions seed). Of all the positives for us, those who accept the Neo Reactionaries Gnon, or those who accept that reality tends to happen whether we like it or not, his victory in 2016 was one of the biggest boosts possible. Financial crash 2008, Le Pen’s 30% showing, Orban’s successful defiance of the lidless eye of Soros, Visegrad 4, Brexit, Austria, AFD becomming the 2nd biggest party in the most ostentaiously self loathing nation on the face of the earth, Imperator Salvini, The Donald’s win was that cold shower and cup of coffee
            that set you up after a binge and hangover

          • I honestly don’t know why more people don’t get the point that one of THE key things to understand is that the prog empire lives on other people’s money. It’s an argument I’ve been having with people who should know better for going on twenty years now.

            The usual response I get is “but what about the schools!?” – or “what about the roads!!?”. And this is coming from people who fashion themselves as “conservative”.

            It does seem to me that people are waking up to this a *little* – but it might be too little too late, especially because as this point the empire doesn’t necessarily rely strictly on taxes – it relies on debt.

        • What we know as high culture will be gone by late century. When I attend a 18th or 19th century symphony or operatic performance that is the glory of Civilization, it strikes me that such magnificence will likely be unknown in a very few decades. Our heritage squandered for the sake of progressive ideology and virtue signaling.

        • I distinguish between legitimate subject matters, areas of life and reality that could, and probably should, be subjected to sound academic/scientific inquiry and then hopelessly corrupted academic departments. Sociology and anthropology are examples. I think you could academically investigate the collective behaviors of groups and find interesting trends or document phenomenae. But I also believe no one currently in such a department as currently run, is doing that or should have any part of it after rational reforms.

          It’s a little as if cultural pressures had made every math department ‘discover that yes, 2+2=5 and btw, it’s racist to say 4’. That does not mean math cant be studied, It just means actual scholars and not overblown nutjobs should be doing the studying. Same w anthropology.

          • MyS;

            Can’t contradict what you say re Anthropology and Sociology today. In the ’70s they caved in to absolute Cultural Relativism because otherwise they could be successfully denounced by their fellow Progs in the viciously competitive politics of academia: Death by Prog purity spiral.

            But if you take the position that human nature is only partially malleable and so human behavior falls within certain biological, ecological and technological limits, then they can have something useful to say about how all these factors interoperate. And some within those fields tried to do that prior to the academic triumph of Cultural Marxism.

            Interestingly, the above statement is the basic premise of Military Studies, an essential part of military command and statecraft today. It is vital to have a pretty good idea of the limits of human nature within any present context before issuing orders or formulating strategy. History and experiment fleshes these limits out.

            It is indeed ironic that a white male ‘social science’ academic can have a solid career if he is willing to forgo Prog approval and work as a teacher/researcher for the various military higher education institutions, of which there are many. Officer and NCO intellectual development is taken very seriously, requiring no less than two years of concentrated instruction (8 hours a day, 5+ days a week ) + extensive homework to reach senior rank as an officer. Of course this is administered in chunks over time.

      • The answer to that question is that the political right (and center) have to begin our own long march through the institutions to take them back from the commies. It begins by removing the leftists and Marxists from control of public education institutions and infrastructure in Red states. Most private colleges are a lost cause–let them go.

        One of the top priorities of every Republican governor should be reforming the state Department of Education and the Board of Regents to make these institutions accountable to the population of the state they serve. Cut useless degree programs. Slash administrative budgets. End or severely curtail the diversity racket. These would be tremendously popular initiatives and the societal benefits would be immeasurable.

        Couple this with state and federal support for vocational tech training in high schools and community colleges and you have a winning agenda. Betsy DeVos has done an admirable job, but if I were President Trump I would appoint Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs as my Secretary of Education.

        • Mr. Market is already starting to do that. At Missouri what you could figure out pretty quickly between the enrollment decline and the reported revenue shortfalls is that the bulk of the kids opting not to go there were full(er) tuition out of state kids. That had an outsized impact on revenue. Similarly, Oberlin is making massive cuts and has frankly stated that the long term viability is in question. Mitch Daniels has turned Purdue into the “hot” school by freezing tuition for the past five years. One of my cousins is a full professor there (animal geneticist) and has said most of the cost reduction has come from “de-bullshitting” the place and having fiscal discipline. Just wait and watch.

          • Saml Adams, If a few more schools start be-bullshitting themselves, showing fiscal restraint, and freezing (or reducing) tuition, it will make competition for students and funds that much more pointed for the rest. It could turn from a rarity, to a trend, to a stampede. Schools that don’t adapt would end up closing their doors.

            I guess you covered that in your reference to Mr. Market.

            Also, it’s a very apt term you used, “de-bullshitting.” It’s the right word at the right time. I hope it gains some currency.

          • My spelling error, obviously. I guess be-bullshitting themselves is what they have been doing for years

          • For example, here in the NE, kids barely knew about Purdue a half dozen years ago. Now it’s one of the hottest engineering schools for out of state kids to apply to. Which will raise the average academic standing and so it goes. Not going to happen quickly and barehanding a badger out of his hole would be easier than cleaning out the layers of entrenched bureaucracy. But a few good signs.

          • When a school starts running out of money and is in danger of closing – I would imagine it gets a LOT easier to run out the progressive infestation.

            People’s attitudes tend to change quite substantially when they don’t know where their next meal might come from:

            Chancellor we’re very upset to hear that Professor Tawanda Jones of the African Studies Dept. is going to be laid off!!!

            Professors – let me show you a Powerpoint of the schools finances. First here is a recent study done showing student opinion of the African Studies Dept. You will note that if it could go that low it would be negative. The next chart shows the amount of money consumed by that department’s salaries and the resulting lawsuits and payouts coming from the constant flow of claims of racial harrassment tied to that department.

            The last chart shows the budget shortfall and you will note it overlaps quite closely with the money spent on the African Studies Dept. ……………………..

            Screw Tawanda!!! – Screw Latisha!!!! Screw the African Studies department!!!

          • With all due respect, it’s not the invisible hand of Mr. Market that is imposing change at Purdue–it’s the very visible hand of Mr. Daniels. This change is not going to happen blindly or natively in response to market forces. It’s going to take political leadership, vision, and action from conservatives. Mitch Daniels is delivering, although not as aggressively as I would like.

            By contrast, the last article I read on Mizzou was that the University was closing dorms and a couple other buildings and making deep cuts to facilities staffing, but has doubled down on diversity and inclusion by expanding programs and hiring even more diversity staff. Missouri is a red state. Where the hell are the Governor and the legislature and why are they not imposing Purdue-style change on the University system?

        • If I were President Trump I would eliminate the Dept. of Education all together. For starters. I would also end federal funding of any kind for colleges. It is immoral to force a house painter supporting a family in Kentucky to pay taxes to send the son of a lawyer to college in New York. Pay your way or don’t go. .

          • “If I were President Trump I would eliminate the Dept. of Education all together.” If he started doing colossal things like that I’ve no idea how the secret service could keep him alive. You’d have crazed Lefties flying their private planes into his face.

        • Mike Rowe seems to instinctively understand some of the issues here. I remember watching one of his TED talks and yelling YES!! at my computer screen as he was talking about the exact same types of things I noticed as far back as the 80’s and 90’s when I was working blue collar type jobs.

          The decline of US business started that far back as that was when the infestation of Masters degreed “business” people started coming in and taking over. I remember reading about how in the new age these degreed genuises were going to lead us all to the promised land while all the old Neanderthals who spent their lives learning a business from the bottom up and finished their careers by running them – were just “wrong”.

          Even as a kid in my 20’s I thought that outlook on things was just moronic.

      • Jordan Peterson comes out and states that universities are doomed and not worth attending anymore when you factor in costs and being exposed to Cultural Marxism/Post Modernism on campus. He actually advocates trade school in many cases.

        The fact is you don’t need college to get a grounding in the liberal arts and humanities. That can be done via computer. If it doesn’t need a lab it can be done on-line.

        Now if you’re a credential seeker that doesn’t work well, But learning was never about getting a credential and then forgetting about everything you learned.

        • Good friend of mine owns an HVAC contractor in a neighboring city. He runs “apprentice” programs with the the local (mostly minority)—really a chance to learn basics, have a place to study after school. Lot of the kids go to college b/c that is what they are told they have to do—but get some useless degree—and several have come back and gone to work for him. Suddenly learning a real trade that can make you 80-100k around here doesn’t look so bad after a year pulling lattes at Starbucks.

          • The skilled trades are still an awesome way to make a living and a damn good one. And the more obsessed everyone is with going to college the better the trades look.

            College is nothing but a debt mill anyway. The federal government is the one who is issuing the student loans, issuing the actual debt and so you can start off Life as a debt slave to the federal government for a hundred K or more.

            The high schools encourage everybody to go to college so that they can go into debt to the federal government. It’s a horrific scam.

            I know several young men whose parents sent them off to college and who came back after a year or more and said I don’t want to do this got a job in the trades and are very happy.

        • Rod, I see it as the STEM majors who want to work at it will find ways to do so away from Big U, and those who are lefty but scrappy will go straight to on-line personal brand building. Kids of poor parents will successfully fill the trades. That leaves the spoiled kids of wealthy lefties to attend Big U, which means the Big U sheepskin won’t be worth sheep dip.

    • Kim is an assistant professor, so she does not have tenure.

      She’s a (((Brandeis))) University. Need we say more?

      • G;
        Having studied the topography of academia today, the local tactical situation and the correlation of forces, this is Mx Kim’s considered strategy to get that tenure she so badly wants: No more, no less.

    • College and university liberal arts programs call for protest. Doesn’t matter what you protest, as long as the target is politically correct. Picking fights with popular leaders is a great PR scam too. We see it even here on the right: consider a marginal like Vox Day when he went off on Z. Later he went off on Gab. Then Jordan Peterson. Picking those fights played well to his audience of soyboys and incels and gave him traction with other marginal younger men.
      I think you’ll find this chick is a carefully groomed and trained affirmative action hire that will eventually crap on the floor and embarrass the handlers the same way Vox did. Performance artists become a dreadful bore once their novelty fades away.

      • I wouldn’t necessarily knock Vox. His anti SJW comic book work and harassing of the prog sci/fi fantasy literature is a necessary help in founding new sub cultures. He can be a little bit hard to listen to at times, but legitimatly when a topic does not concern himself or his own interests directly he can be very insightful.

      • I wouldn’t lump Jordan Peterson in with Vox Day.

        If anybody deserves to be labeled an intellectual – it’s Peterson. The guy has done the work to have the opinions that he has. And it’s almost unheard of to hear a legitimate professor talk about the things this guy does. I believe that is why he is so popular.

        His Kings College speech about the rising tide of compelled speech was especially poignant because the barbarians were literally banging at the gates while he was giving it:

        I find it pretty hard to cast aside a legitimate intellectual who is calling out the left for what it is and making no bones about doing it.

        • Agree, so long as we all keep in mind that Jordan Peterson has ties and done consulting for globalists and UN stuff…

          • I think the question to ask in regards to that is : When?

            As in before he started going after leftists online just a few years ago?

            And to also bear in mind that it’s possible that the exposure to the globalists and UN is exactly why he’s doing what he’s doing. There’s nothing like seeing how the sausage is made to open one’s eyes.

          • Good point. What puzzles me most about Peterson is why he’s intent on urging young white people into avoiding identity politics while identity politics-playing third worlders flood the Western nations. Clearly he’s not that stupid to understand what happens to Whitey when he plays the political game under a different set of rules.

          • Peterson is terrified of any conflict and is habitually a get eaten last kind of guy.

            White people with a strong sense of identity will create vast amounts of conflict and will almost certainly be pushed into war by the elite.

            I’m mean the election of a tepid reformer like Trump has caused a near Constitutional crisis . Can you imagine what a real reform movement would do especially when they won’t take no for an answer,

            Sane people are scared of Bosnia X Rwanda and timid people like Peterson in all his bland Canadian way even more so.

            Peterson thinks we can coexist with millions of foreigners, that a multi ethnic society that is moderately left can thrive and that conflict can be avoided and we can still have some small world interconnected globalism

            Its not true. In the end White stake power for Whites or die , slam the door shut and go nationalists or ultra this is not an option.

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