Open Thread: Voting Day

20:00: The internet tells me the polls are closing and both sides are sure their dreamed of result is coming true. I’m listening to the extremely racist and clearly “not who we are” guys at The Right Stuff cover the results. I may flip over and watch Jean-Francois Gariépy and extremely racist and clearly “not who we are” guests. There’s also a strong possibility that I watch a movie or read a book on Puritans I have in the queue. I’m getting the same vibe I had in 2012 when normal people hoped the polls were wrong.

15:00: Someone asked me what I was doing tonight. By that they meant where I would be watching the election results. The answer is, I probably won’t bother watching much of it and may not watch any of it. Getting a pirate feed from one of the cable channels is a hassle,e specially on a big news night. That and the talking heads they have in the studio are offensively stupid now. It has probably always been this way and it is just more obvious now that I never watch the stuff. I’m just not used to it anymore.

Still, it does feel like the quality of public affairs television has dropped significantly since when I started paying attention in the 1980’s. I recall there being a line about public discourse aiming at a ninth grade level audience. I forget the details, but it was soemthing like that about the intelligence of TV news. Admittedly, I’m not around many ninth graders, but I suspect the target IQ of TV these days is in the 80’s. It’s aimed at the sort of people our rulers think will be running America in the not so distant future.

Anyway, I’m not sure how I will track the results. I have to workout, eat dinner and then work on the podcast for this week. Jean-Francois Gariépy will be hosting a live show with some alt-right people, so maybe I’ll watch some of that tonight. The FTN guys are doing a live show, but I have no idea how they are hosting it or where they are hosting it. If I figure that out I’ll post a link here. I should probably figure out how to do live shows, just for events like this. I do have the NPR guy radio voice. May as well use it.

12:45: A great post by J’Onquarious on the midterms with some good links and a prediction for the outcome. Since I have not offered a prediction, I’ll go ahead and say the GOP ends up with 55 Senate seats, to 45 for the Democrats. I ignore the fake independents, as that’s just a Prog lie. In the House, I said way back that the result will be much closer than Team Brown has been predicting. I’ll go with the Democrats getting 220 seats to capture a razor thin majority. This will set off a circus like we have never seen.

Something that does not get mentioned is there are a dozen or so Democrats running who promised to vote against Pelosi for Speaker. That means anything other than a brown wave results in an ugly leadership fight. The bet made by the leadership was that they could wish themselves into a big majority and vindicate their decision to stagger on long after the expiry date. Anything less than a 20-seat majority is going to call that bluff and lead some of the young non-whites to demand a bigger slice of the leadership pie.

12:30: Someone suggested I re-post this.

11:40: I was a little late getting out of the office to vote. It’s raining heavy today, so that probably tamps down the enthusiasm. This morning I saw a lot of hens that are typically associated with the pink hat nonsense, but when I went back it was mostly blacks and old white people. If you want to see why I oppose democracy in all of its forms, come stand in line to vote in a Lagos election. It’s not just the people voting. It is the circus atmosphere of the people running the polling stations. They will not survive without us.

The one normal person working the station told me the turnout was very light thus far, so I’m a bit more encouraged about what will happen. There’s no logic to it. I just feel better when I know fewer people are voting. The conventional wisdom has always been that the bad guys need high turnout to rig an election. I’m not sure that applies in a place like Lagos, but I don’t know. There’s nothing happening locally to get the native angried up, so maybe this is just a normal turnout on a raining midterm election day

I voted for the Democrat for governor. I know nothing about him, other than he is black and he sounds remarkably stupid. The sitting governor is a white guy and a Republican, but Lagos deserves a king of their own. That and the current governor is a gun grabber, who signed off on a red-flag law that has already led to one murder by the cops. There’s no chance the Nog King will overturn that law, but sometimes the only thing you can hope to do in the voting booth is send a message. I’ll vote for a black moron over a gun-grabber.

08:40: Maybe it will not be a brown wave, so much as a twat wave. I stopped to vote and the place was jammed with middle-aged hens. It is raining here, so I was not about to stand in the rain to throw my vote away. I don’t recall it being that busy when I voted in 2016, but I would not trust my memory. Come to think of it, I went in the mid-morning last time and stood in line for an hour or more. I’ll go over around ten to see what it is like and that will be a better comparison. Still, seeing all of those hens was ominous.

07:00: Every once in a while, I get a request for an open thread on a topic, inviting commentary from the readers. Famous blogs like Star Slate Codex and Steve Sailer do this with some frequency, so it has been suggested I give it a try. According to the people who rule over us, the prophesies have foretold that today is when we are cleansed of our sins by the great brown wave. If this is indeed the end of the honky hegemony, we may as well enjoy it with a bit of running commentary. Perhaps today is the end of the world.

For those looking for some nitty-gritty analysis of the House and Senate races, here is a deep-dive on the former and one on the latter by Ethnark and McFeels at FTN. I have to say, I don’t watch or listen to any mainstream political chat shows these days. I’ll catch clips from Tucker once in a while, but otherwise I skip all of it. I make an exception for the FTN shows, because they do a very good job analyzing the news of the day in a format that is not openly hostile to my existence. I recommend their shows to the curious.

I’ve been puzzled about this midterm for a while. For starters, the Senate is going to swing to the Right this year. No pollster questions this. It is mostly due to so many Democrats up for re-election. In other words, when a Democrat cannot hide in the pack, like in a House race, they are in trouble. That’s why the predictions for a brown wave in the House strikes me as unlikely. A reader pointed out that the one election in modern times to be a split decision was 1970. Usually, both chambers move the same way in a midterm.

The thing about 1970 that makes it salient is the Left back then was going through a spasm of self-destructive lunacy similar to what we see today. They were also sure Nixon was Hitler. The big difference though is the Democrat leadership back then was not insane and the Democrats were in firm control of politics. They were the majority party with control of the House and control of most state houses. They also had 57 seats in the Senate prior to the election. In other words, beyond the superficial, there is no comparison.

Back when this brown wave stuff started in the media, I did a post on the House races, just looking for the number of seats that were legitimately in play this year. The most generous estimate is about 35, with a handful that are new due to redistricting. Incumbents just don’t lose very often and gerrymandering has made 80% of the House seats safe for one party or the other. Can the Dems win the House? Sure, but it is going to be very close and their majority will be very thin. Narrow majorities in the House are unworkable.

The funny thing is Trump will be guaranteed re-election in 2020 if the Democrats take the House, especially if Pelosi is the Speaker again. That ridiculous old bag is a great reminder of why no sane white person should ever vote Democrat. Trump does his best work when he has a foil and the Democrats in the House are a great freak show for him to use as props for the next two years. Given how quickly whites are figuring out the changing demographics, having anti-whites running the House is manna from heaven.

195 thoughts on “Open Thread: Voting Day

  1. This was not good. I feel bad omens when the house can be lost in a climate of hatred towards whites, to the party that has become the de facto anti-white party. I hope my sentiment now is just disappointment and not bad omens.

  2. Did the same in my district for congressional rep, voting for the carpet munching feather indian against our incumbent Paul Ryan wannabe, Kevin Yoder. He got crushed.

    Unfortunately, the nation’s great white hope, Kris Kobach, also got crushed. If we’re going to save this country–and I think we should just break the damned thing up–that saving is going to come from clannish whites in the South, not from the cuck corridor, which even after a couple of years of Trump Republicanism can’t pivot away from Midwestern Niceness.

    Three cheers for Kemp and DeSantis, though. Those were two of the three most important elections tonight, and we won two of them.

  3. OMG! I voted for a colored man today! That’s what happens when you don’t do your homework. Turns out our candidate for State comptroller is a “lawn jockey of the far right”, as the editors of one of the hip and now defunct black magazines described Clarence Thomas in 1992. Aka a black Republican, like Frederic Douglass or Jackie Robinson – one of “those”. I didn’t know – and being by definition a rayciss, being white and all, I stupidly voted straight line 3 (conservative) and wouldn’t you know, there was a negro in the mix.

    Oh wait, I voted for a lawn jockey, so it’s ok, right? It all fits into the narrative structure.

    I’m just trying to get the story in order before the purges start.

      • I grew up anti-lawn jockey, being from a NE liberal world in which Lincoln was a kind of god. That said, I’d put an Obama or Sharpton ‘lawn jockey’ statue in front of my house now, to annoy my liberal neighbors and to generally just be an asshole. I might look into this.

        • You ought to look into it. There might be a lucrative business opportunity in selling those things. The outrage factor alone will make them a joyful addition to any front lawn. Not to mention the fun that could be had installing them in public parks and in front of city halls all over the country. I think you have a winner!

  4. Democracy means the privilege of going to sleep one November night every two years wondering if you’ll still have rights or a country in the morning.

  5. Arrived at my polling place in an inner ring suburb of Detroit around 5:30 p.m. It was easily the busiest I’d seen it in the fifteen or so years I’ve lived here. Several other voters and poll workers remarked on the same. The crowd was about 90% black in a precinct that I’d guess is about 70% black.

  6. Voted at 3:30 pm PDT. Precinct full but no real wait. Bit of a chat up with former work colleague who was manning a polling station. Mine was the 159th ballot scanned. Northern CA county with 119 precincts and 101K registered voters (46%R, 23%D, 25%Decline-to-State, 6%Other). Seemed light, but CA pushes mail-in ballots and early voting. I wonder about R turnout when Senate is choice between two shitty Ds, same with Lt. Gov (though that’s a tits-on-a-boar position). And pretty boy Gavin Newsom the gun-grabber is clearly the annointed one. Cox will consider it a victory if he closes the gap to within single digits in the Governor’s race.
    Another bitter election day in this dystopian shithole of a state, but I did my duty as a citizen.

  7. Greetings from Dystopia (this is no jest)…

    I live in San Francisco and have for at least 2 decades voted by mail. This year I decided to make my way down to city hall to cast my ballot.

    Once pass the metal detectors I entered the labyrinth of the basement level. The hallway walls were lined with cheap plastic voting stands. A long line slowly moved towards an office at the end of a long hallway. This is where you picked up your ballot. There were probably 300 people down here, voters and city workers.

    There were 30 to 50 people ahead of me in line, not one of them white.

    When we got to the ballot room I found most of the city workers to be Asian and Latino with a few middle aged white cat ladies. (SF is roughly Asian:White, 1:1. The city hall workforce is Asian: White, 1:.000001. With most of the .000001 being either “fellow whites” or gay.

    When I finished and had dropped off my ballot I sat outside for 20 minutes watching who exited:

    Mostly Asian and Latino from across the social spectrum. Some elderly blacks but not as many as I thought there’d be. City Hall is close to a black neighborhood.

    Maybe 10% where white, and many of those could have been gay (very soft looking males). What struck me is that most of the whites also looked degenerate and decayed: overweight, tattooed, slovenly dressed, etc.

    Unless we can turn this around, middle America 2050 will become what SF is today…

    • And they are all voting for an 80-year-old white plutocrat, who can’t keep track of the name of the current president, who might soon reclaim national power as Speaker of the House.

      Yep, you gotta love democracy.

      • And she has. No surprise there. It’s going to be funny as hell when that senile dried up old bag goes on her revenge trip with mad dog Maxine and Cummings looking for Trump’s scalp.

        They are just so full of hate and revenge, they are going to go wild.

        You think it’s bad now, Just wait. Waters will be on MSM every night screaming about Orange Man Bad!!! and inciting Democrats to riot, etc. Same with Cummings.

        What I want to see know is what sort of house cleaning Trump does.

      • Gavin Newsom is Pelosi’s nephew, by the way.

        (I found out China corralled the militarily sensitive rare earths supply because Feinstein shut down our Mojave Valley rare earths mining– her husband R. Blum profited handsomely, as he always has in his many, many deals with China.)

  8. That this “election” is so “close” signals the death of Pax Americana and Cultural Marxism’s imminent victory. B.L.O.A.T.

  9. Win or lose for “Team R” today, demographic decline for true western civ types isn’t going away anytime soon.

    Even with another surprise upset today, the hill to keep the non-Western hordes from overwhelming this country is only going to get steeper and steeper as time goes on.

    TheZman gets it, and how. We need “something else”. What that something else is anyone’s guess. For now, I’m glad smart people are struggling with the reality of what’s coming.

    Keep up the good work, Zman.

    • I vacillate between slow down the train to lessen the impact, and just tear the damn bandaid off and get it over with. I fear at this point, the “something more” is societal collapse and eventual rebuild.

      • Don’t ever give up. The Poles fought on two fronts against hopeless odds in 1939; the French bagged it on one front – with tactical superiority – in 1940.

        In 2018 Poland lives; France dies. So, who knows? Let’s never quit. History sorts things out.

  10. Here in South Central PA my office was abuzz with all of the “hu-white” women gleefully chattering on about casting their lot in with fellow white cat lady and secular Mennonite Jess King (MMM MMM) (MMM) (MMM) = Mennonite. Jess’s slogan is “America Is For All Of Us”. By “All of Us” I don’t think she means native white working class slobs such as myself. King is running against Republican sack o’ shit Lloyd Smucker a typical PA cuckservative. He could be a whole helluva lot worse though I guess.
    Fortifying myself with a couple of shots of rye (a nod to Edgar Allen Poe and as balm to assuage with the guilt of casting ballots for those whom I find repellant) I made it to the polls around 430 PM. Traffic was spartan…a hot blonde chick and a smattering of old Latinos (Puerto Ricans or Dominicans).
    Pennsylvania will be interesting to watch as the districts have been recently rejiggered (aka fucked with) to favor our Brown Brothers and their coalition of white female moonbats.
    Everyone is always on about the Jews…We are seriously going to have to settle the MQ some time. The Mennonites are a pox upon our fair land. They are behind the nefarious “Church World Services” as well as several other horrid 3rd world replacement projects.

  11. In my area of Arizona, almost everyone votes early or by mail, and it’s estimated that statewide 80% of voters have done likewise, so we’re just hoping McSally hangs on…against a marxist who called AZ the “meth lab” of politics…Ain’t immigration great.

    • I just slipped out of work to vote. No whites voting at the polling place in my neighborhood; Hispanics and blacks only. There was an old white guy manning the ballot scanner; probably a flaming progressive.

      The land outside the imperial capital is changing rapidly.

      • That’s distressing, but perhaps many white voters who didn’t vote early did not slip off from work and will instead vote after they get off–something that may not have been a factor for the “vibrants” you saw during the work day.

    • We need the Wall and a moratorium on immigration, definitely, Pyrrhus. Unfortunately, that “meth lab” chick is a homegrown species of traitor. We’ve got to convince such people that E-migration is great.

  12. I too have sensed no Trumpian fear of the Dem circus taking the house. They are a target rich environment. And with the House is full of back stabbing and cowardly Repubs, this turn would represent a big plus for God Emperor. . .

    • Trump expected it. Ryan threw the House to the Democrats to spite Trump. He hated Trump from day one and openly insulted and opposed Trump over the last two years.

      Look the House GOP has always been run Chamber of Commerce man whores going back to Gingrich. The incoming minority speaker McCarthy is a whore to the farming and Silicon Valley interests. He will never help Trump on anything labor or immigration related.

  13. If we discovered another habitable planet what two colors would you prefer it be? Besides blue and green.

  14. “The funny thing is Trump will be guaranteed re-election in 2020 if the Democrats take the House, especially if Pelosi is the Speaker again.”

    This shrewd observation reminds me that while the present election is an “us-versus-them” scenario, it masks more complicated things going on beneath the political surface.

    For the Dems, they’ve really got everything riding on today’s outcome. If it turns into another humiliation for them, they’ll be inconsolable; but even if they get a majority in the House, they will not have “advanced” any larger point or policy. They’ll just be reasserting their old stock characters and slogans, in what amounts to a gesture of rebellion against Trump.

    Matters are different on the Right. Trump has been heroically campaigning for Republicans as if they were a coherent group, but a significant faction of that group is objectively opposed to Trump’s aims. If members of that faction–the former “establishment” Republicans–are the losers today, that’s lamentable, but perhaps not entirely deadly, in a long-game strategic sense. As Zman suggests, a Dem House might actually be clarifying for day-to-day politics: it would be Trump versus Dems, instead of the more confusing scenario of Trump waging battle on two fronts, one of which is within his own party.

    This division within the Right is something Liberals cannot seem to grasp. Even now, my Lib friends are still denouncing the Republicans as the party of the country club, the party of money and corporations. They have some vague idea about white identity, but they’ve been complaining about “rich white men” since the Age of Reagan; their frame of reference is still the social subtext of “Animal House” and “Caddyshack.” They really have no clue about the intellectually vital movement represented by iSteve, VDare, or Zblog. A win today would satisfy their urge to say, “So there!” and give them a period of rest after the past months’ agitations. But IMO it will have done nothing to halt the awakening going on in this country, and may in fact accelerate it.

    Now obviously I hope the Left loses, and the Trump revolution gains strength and confidence today. The Wall should be an *accomplishment* in 2020–not a promise again. But come tomorrow, if our side comes up short, I will not be feeling totally demoralized, as I did in 2008. I don’t think Liberals can say the same thing.

    • “Even now, my Lib friends are still denouncing the Republicans as the party of the country club, the party of money and corporations.”

      I find this odd because I grew up with a dad that drove a truck in NYC for a brewery. He was always a republican. He was in the Teamsters, but voted republican. He influenced me, I admit. He never had anything nice to say about democrats and went into great detail as to why. Dad was right, if he saw the democrats today he’d blow a gasket.

  15. My experience today is the polar opposite of yours. I doubt more than a handful of Democrats will vote all day in my precinct and it is quite possible that there won’t be a single non-white voting at our location. We were in and out in maybe 20 minutes, most voters in our precinct work traditional jobs and won’t vote until lunch-break or after work.

    Our Republican State Senator is running unopposed as are a slew of other local and even state level Republicans in Indiana. The only really competitive race is for the U.S. Senate here in Indiana and the only real hope for the incumbent Joe Donnelly is for enough conservative voters to vote Libertarian. The Democrats have been paying for mailers talking up how great the Libertarian is instead of buying mailers touting their own candidate. Trump was here last night in nearby Fort Wayne and there were perhaps 20,000 people in an arena that holds 13,000. Thousands were in the overflow and many more stood outside and watched on the Jumbotron. It was a very enthusiastic crowd, hopefully that translates into enough votes to give Mike Braun the win. We will see.

    • I can’t recall ever seeing Libertarian poll numbers resulting in anything even close to the actual vote totals. Polls are not votes, and many of the “libertarians” will not vote libertarian today. The poll figures will end up having overrepresented the ultimate libertarian vote. Many libertarians will get into the voting booth and realize that a vote for the LP is a vote for the Bolsheviks. They’ll vote GOP.

  16. “I voted for the Democrat for governor.”

    I understand. Cuckservatives can be worse than liberals, especially when they are cravenly seeking liberal approval. If I lived in Utah, I could not bring myself to cast a vote for Mitt Romney.

    • In fairness, I did so knowing there is no chance the black guy wins. I think if my vote counted, I might bee less cavalier. On the other hand, I’m planning to move in the next six months, so it truly matters not.

      • Can I ask which state? You don’t have to answer if you’d rather not. I want to move south and was thinking of VA but I’m not sure if that’s a good state. I can’t take the cold and snow in PA, I prefer to be near ocean, but won’t go back to NY and FL is not for me.

          • What’s left of ’em, anyway.

            My mother and sister got back late last night from the UDC National Convention in Richmond. Saw my mother this morning, and she told me that they were threatened by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, so they had to hold the main memorial service in the ballroom of their convention hotel instead of in UDC Memorial Hall in downtown Richmond. In any event, they pulled the rug out from under the Bolshies.

        • Beachcomber,

          You asked Zman and I hope he will answer you in due course, but since I live in VA here are a few thoughts.

          In Virginia’s house are many mansions. The regional divisions are huge. Northern VA (where I live), the counties south of the Imperial City, are demographically a Blue sinkhole. Traffic is dreadful and housing costs a kidney. There are nevertheless good things about it: an educated population, cultural attractions, a remnant of southern gentility — people, including those of color, are generally polite — and two major airports.

          The only other part of the state I know from personal experience is Fredericksburg. ‘Burg is really an extensive cluster of suburbs unattached to a city. Pleasant in its way but boring. There is nothing to do there.

          You mentioned the ocean, which probably means the Virginia Beach area. Scenic and generally pleasant but somewhat isolated from urban amenities.

          The Blue Ridge area is scenic. I’m not familiar with the cities around there. It’s a long way from the ocean.

          Climate depends on altitude. You probably won’t find most of VA having significantly different weather from PA. For that you have to look to the Carolinas.

          In my view, when you’re seeking to relocate there’s nothing like spending some time in targets of opportunity before committing. Good luck!

          • I was originally looking into VA shores north of VA Beach. Hurricane Michael scared the crap out of me, so on the water might not be smart. Close enough to drive to would be good enough.

            I am going to have to scope out areas in different states, I suppose. I want to avoid a lot of diversity, so there’s that hurdle too. Thanks to all of you that replied.

            And I have no problem with monuments. I think what’s been happening with that is horrible.

        • Probably PA. I lived in Virginia and it was nice. I happen to like cold and snow, so my preferred stop would be northern Maine or New Hampshire.

          • You seem to fly alot (I’m 100k/year on a single carrier plus nearly that on others). If Northern NH, you can fly out of Montreal; if northern Maine, you’ll need your own plane. Internet service in both regions is non-existent or terrible.

            So hopefully the move means you get to retire early. I’m your age and will be working at least another twenty.

            addendum: just noticed ‘PA’ as probable. wups. i suspect neither philly nor pitt since those places are just different flavors of Lagos

          • Probably central PA. I’m also thinking West Virginia could be interesting.I lived in Manchester NH once and I liked it, but been there done that.

        • Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama. Excellent climate. Good and plentiful water. Sane people. Lower cost of living and taxes. And you are the sort of carpetbagger that we would welcome. DO IT.

  17. I cannot speak for everyone, and with a giant caveat that I live in California – where there wasn’t even a Republican candidate for Senate – but I brought one #walkaway with me who voted straight Republican ticket. Always voted Democrat before, but she says she is becoming aware that she is white and I worked with that. Go team Red!

  18. If Republicans keep the House, expect a rerun of 2016 with liberals crying and gnashing their teeth, then yelling that the Russians again hacked the election. Only this time the charge will look ridiculous as social media has been censoring any dissident media under the charge of “Russian bot”.

    I wonder then how they’ll spin it: Trump has unleashed the ugliness that was inside every American, but was kept at bay by the wise intelligensia until Trump let it out?

    • That’s how they spun it in the W. Bush years — as the American voter having a temper tantrum. I’m pretty sure they’re out of excuses, though… which is very, very bad. In the 1868 presidential election, the Democrats were accused of “trying to win with the ballot what they failed to win with the bullet.” I’m scared 2018 is going to go the other way.

  19. Here in chilly/rainy MI it is an ‘oasis’ of Trump voters surrounded by one of th 5? counties that voted to coronate HerrlirerrREEE! So my mighty vote will be cancelled out several times. Whimsical me went to to preview the day’s ballot. To insure the right ballot you have to enter your entire address. I’m currently living at the gas station down the street. They do get my IP but… meh… I’m sure no one is making any future use of my inquiry. Swearsies!! Of course I just read the ballot instead of filling it out online so I could print it & take it with me… Poll experience report to follow…

    • Precinct Dude said they’ve had a steady line all day. Unusual (‘heavy’) turnout for a Mid-Term. Pale older crowd. Deplorable looking. It must be a small precinct because we vote in a small community center. The line was due to only one laptop able to verify addresses/ voter ID’s. Kinda quaint. Votes? Who knows… Hope it is a good sign… And that the weather is a discouraging for the city folk on the other side of the line…
      I’d love to see John James boot Pantsuitses Stab-her-now….

  20. The best part of living in MA in regards to elections is that I don’t have to spend any time researching the candidates or the issues. I just vote against them all and anything they want. It does make life easier when I just have to look for the “R” next a name to figure out if they get the vote.

    • Did you pull the lever in favor of Charlie “Faker” Baker, a/k/a Too Tall Deval? He’s a RINO’s RINO.

      I assume you voted NO on Question 1 and YES on Question 3.

      • No constitutional amendment, no on the question about setting nurse to patient ratios – and repeal the transgender crap. I voted for Faker simply because the other guy is a Democrat and is probably worse.

        My theory towards Republicans for DECADES has been that I vote for them (usually given no better choices) simply because they will occasionally at least say the things I want to hear. That way when they fail to follow thru – I at least have something to hold against them.

        I haven’t voted for a Democrat in something like 33 years – since I was in my late teens and came to my senses in regards to what they stand for. Given the complete lunacy coming out of the left currently – there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell I’d vote for anybody with D next to their name.

        Amazingly enough we still get liberty minded R’s up here in MA. I spent a decent amount of time talking with the woman who was running as the local Rep – and she at least knew how to say the words I wanted to hear.

        As far as NH goes – way back when Trump was running , I saw very few Hillary signs in this area (northwest MA – southern NH) . There were Trump signs everywhere – including people putting up those Yuge! banners by the sides of the highway. They’d usually stay up for a week or so before the Highway Dept would wake up and go take them down.

        About a month before the election – the wife and I took a few day long trip thru upper NH. We saw a pretty good amount of Hillary signs. Way more Hillary signs than I saw around my town in MA – or anywhere in the general area. I was surprised – but this was the part of NH where the people who live there are very likely NOT imports from out of state.

        The school where they do the voting was completely and totally jam packed tonite when the wife and I went to vote. I suppose I’ll watch the news later on to see how the results are stacking up – and see if I should start loading mags for the morning commie rush.

    • “The best part of living in MA in regards to elections is that I don’t have to spend any time researching the candidates or the issues. I just vote against them all and anything they want. ”

      Thanks for that laugh haha

    • I just voted here in RI on my way home from work. My vote may be a futile waste of time, but I appreciated having to produce a valid ID to get a ballot. The republican designations do save me time in the booth.

  21. Can’t tell about voting because they combined three precincts into one location this time around. The weather might help to dampen the enthusiasm of enough Dems to make a difference.

    • I’m not a physicist, but I’d say it would take hundreds of thousands of years, or perhaps infinity, for a full jar of vaseline to evaporate.

  22. Be careful with FTN

    They can be funny, but long time listeners know that they are often wrong and their analysis can be full of wishful thinking, to the point where it can be misleading

    • No doubt. The prediction business is always about hopes and dreams. It cuts both ways though. I think the people with the megaphones are doing more to fool themselves than alter opinions.

  23. I always expect the worst, so all the surprises are good ones. I learned yesterday that my county, San Diego, has the highest count of voter registration overpopulation. 810,000 more registered voters than eligible adults. How is this even possible, and why haven’t some heads rolled? Maybe voters don’t die here, they just move to another plane of consciousness. It is California, after all.

    • BTW, the voting process here is pretty damn lax. State your name, it’s on the list, here, go vote. No ID, nuttin’.

      • Same here except I have sign over my name. The guy who works my district goes to my church so I assume he wouldn’t let anyone sign for me.

  24. Zman, you really should republish your Letter to Civnats essay today, and every election day for that matter. IMO that essay is as powerful as the Flight 93 essay was in 2016.

    The Kavanaugh hearings were a watershed event for millions of people, but they probably can’t articulate why. Your essay articulated it perfectly.

    • Essay was indeed excellent, but this statement was absolutely false:

      “All of us have made the journey you will have to make.”

      I never had to make this “journey,” nor did any of my family or any of my friends. No exceptions. We are native white Southerners, though, and have therefore never at any time been under any illusions whatsoever about race. There are literally millions of us. We rejoice to see other whites finally awakening, but it is a gross error to assume that ALL whites have ever at any time been “unaware.”

      • White Southerners here, too. It’s always been particularly loathsome when some Northeast Yankee or Midwesterner has to declare us Southern redneck hillbillies to be racists when they have the luxury of a de facto ethnostate where they live.

  25. I live in the heart of Republican crackerville. I always vote before work on election day, and the line was longer than I’ve ever seen it. It’s usually me and a couple of old people in line at the door a little before seven. A good thirty people were in line when I got there this morning. Take it for what you will.

  26. “middle-aged hens”
    “the prophesies have foretold that today is when we are cleansed of our sins”

    Language like this is why Z Blog is such a joy to read.

      • Until this blog I hadn’t heard the term ‘honky’ used since I was a kid watching Richard Pryor on SNL opposite Chevy Chase (‘honky, honky honky … DEAD honky!’). It makes me want to watch an old blaxploitation movie.

  27. What Trump voter will switch his vote now, after two years of winning? Why would the dems win the house now but not in 2016? Anything is possible, but only some things are probable…

    • People go to Trump’s rally’s to see him. Not some bland, greasy old white pol that is so fake they can’t even talk anymore without sounding like a NPC.

      Because most GOP house reps are RINOS and Cucks. That’s why. In two years they accomplished nothing. They refused to fight for Trump’s immigration reforms and funding. They basically sat on their asses, that’s why.

      They supported a rabid anti-Trump leader – Ryan who went out of his way to harm Trump every chance he could. That’s why.

      • True, but aren’t those the ones retiring? Corker and Flake, for example. And dozens in the House.

  28. Eddie Van Halen, and especially his brother Alex, look Asian. It is because their mother was Indonesian. She suffered paranoia about Jehovah’s Witnesses. She thought they were in the trees. Alex, the drummer, would often wear sunglasses during photoshoots to hide his narrow eyes. Their father was Dutch, an alcoholic, and a jazz musician. The brothers were born in Amsterdam and moved to America at 7. David Lee Roth is Jewish. His father was a well-known eye surgeon in Los Angeles. Two of his uncles and his grandfather were surgeons as well.

  29. Reality matters. Trump has been campaigning his ass off for the past month in support of GOP candidates all over the country. No other president in my memory has ever worked as hard nor drawn such huge crowds in an off-year election. Also, his side has a strong economy, the Kavannagh effect which will send gangs of Rs to the polls in retribution, more blacks will vote R (or sit at home) than anyone expects, blue collar workingmen know that the new NAFTA deal has saved their jobs and they will vote today, and the foreign policy wins (NK and China) will please the suburban moms who crave peace and don’t want their sons going off to war. Dems have no leaders and are selling fear and the threat that abortion-on-demand will be taken from them. But only ugly women are passionate about that canard. Today they crash and burn, and tomorrow they start picking a new messiah. The irony is that he will likely be a white male. Watch for the name Hickenlooper in the coming weeks.

    • I remarked to several people last night after watching Trump’s rally in Indiana that the guy is 72 years old and looked like he could keep talking all night. Incredible stamina, he feeds off the energy of the crowd. If the GOP holds the House and makes gains in the Senate it will be because Trump has been campaigning harder than any President in a midterm I can remember.

    • Not many white ones. So, it doesn’t matter anyways. Soon, no white will be able to run as a Democrat except at local and regional level. I wait for the day when it is proudly announced that there are no white candidates for statewide or national office being run by the Democrats.

      • Steven Sailer’s strategy of pointing out Democrat Party has in fact become not just majority non-white, but increasingly anti-white party.

        • Sailer is very late in noticing that. Clinton got the ball rolling when he had the Democrats abandon the white working class in favor of minorities and cosmo whites. From there on out, the Democrats were flat out anti-working and middle-class and therefore anti-white.

          However, Sailer neglects to notice that the GOP was and is equally anti-white in terms of the policies its supports. They were the party that promoted free trade, cheap labor, globalization, off-shoring, etc.

          Until Trump came along there was no reason why a white person should even vote GOP anymore. Hell Ryan and McConnell had a bunch of legislation for president Hillary to sign.

          • A long time ago, Steve Sailer coined the term “Invade the World, Invite the World,” as being the GOP’s (neocon) policy.

      • Post-Kavanaugh, my attitude–and conclusion–is that ANYBODY and EVERYBODY who remains in the Dem Party OR votes for them on any pretext whatsoever should be considered malicious and evil. NO EXCEPTIONS. That was the finally defining moment.

  30. I just stood in line 20 minutes to vote. And I can’t tell you what 2016 was like because I didn’t vote. It look like an oligarchy to me. I didn’t want Hillary to win but she wasn’t going to take my state so I abstained. I was also euphoric after Trump’s win for about a week even though I didn’t vote. This year , I was motivated to vote from the Kavanagh hearings. And I bet that many other people are also. Here’s hoping anyway

  31. I was going to say that the liberals may have learned their lesson from 2016 and changed their polling methodology, but given all the evidence for their self-delusion, I think it unlikely. In fact, I think they are probably doubling down on their false polling as they really are that insane to repeat the same thing and hope for a different outcome. Thus, I don’t believe the polls at all. The confidence of a “blue-wave” really makes me think that is a reflection of their insecurity if they’re trying to make it sound inevitable. Thus, I truly believe the Republicans will be keeping the House from what I see.

    • The left learned a very important lesson in 2016. Black Lives Matter riots ceased, and the successful War on Women from 2012 was revived.

    • I agree. I don’t believe any poll in this environment. Trump supporters either don’t want to tell people or they’re literally afraid to tell anyone they support Trump for fear of being ostracized by family and friends or possibly losing their jobs. I really believe there is a silent majority of Trump supporters just waiting to be unleashed today.

  32. One thing that sticks in my craw is how juvenile elections have become. “Midterm” used to be a technical term out of poli sci; now it’s evidently a registered trademark that’s not only done to death in the media, but is a term of art among the liberals I know, who have been chirping for months now about how they’re worried about/ preparing for/ organizing for “The Midterms.” I guess it gives them a cozy feeling like they’re back in school.

    Equally juvenile is the futile “acting out” quality of much of the liberal activism. Here in NJ the Dem senate incumbent Menendez is a certified crook and scumbag, but he cleverly campaigned that a vote for him would be a symbolic slap against Trump. That was enough for the great and good in my town, who’ve been on a frantic mission to re-elect the guy. The more conflicted among them have taken pains to justify their vote (Menendez has been “very good on autism,” I’ve heard), but that only makes them more pathetic.

    It’s good for our side, I guess, when a lot of liberals are relegated to childish symbolic gestures. But obviously a citizenry made up of such people is a bad thing overall.

    • It’s always been a major tell for me how fixated and fetishistic the leftards are on the whole “Harry Potter” mythos. You see, the leftards are all Special People, with Special Powers, who all go to a Special School where they form secret underground societies to combat the Evil (and unsurprisingly White) People. It’ll be College Forever, for all the Special People! Their problems get solved not by having a plan or by determination, but by waving their Magic Wands!

      Never mind that the entire architecture, institutional culture, iconography and traditions of the Special Magical College is all quite obviously the entire product of Evil White Cultural Achievement. They can’t put two and two together. Why isn’t the oh-so-charming Special Magical College set amid the ever-so-charming mud huts of Senegal, or on a kibbutz in the Special Desert Country? Why are the Special People so racist and Anglocentric in their wish-fulfillment? For that matter, why does glorious Wakanda look like a souped-up hypertech European city? Where is the natural home-grown Afrotech? Where are the 200-story circular mud-huts, with hyper-steel conical roofs? Where is the hypersonic open sewer?

  33. The GOP will hold the House and the Democrats will implicitly call for violence.

    FTN were one of the few that predicted Trump’s win in 2016 and today they predict that the GOP will hold the House. The fulcrum of FTN’s analysis is that due to the leftism of pollsters, almost every poll gives the Democrats a nonexistent 5-7 point advantage.

    The GOP will narrowly hold the House and the leftists will see this as fascism. They will scream at us for our incivility while implicitly calling for our murder.

  34. I’ll be curious to see if the FTN guys called this election right. I thought they were delusional when they called the 2016 election for Trump and the Republicans, but as it turned out, they had it closer than any of the “professional” pollsters and pundits. If they get it right this time, some big time media outlet needs to give those boys a fat contract and their own show. Not that that’s ever likely to happen in this universe…

  35. 08:40: Reminds me of the old joke news story:

    “Democrats ahead in early voting, Republicans getting out of work now.”

  36. It’s not just whitey waking up to the reality of victim and identity politics. When Kavanaugh got smeared, you can bet every woman in the nation sat back and said “That could happen to my husband/son/brother…”

    In Kanada, the nooz of the day was about a queer who tried to get a cab. The mudflap driver learned that his customer was a pillow biter – and threw him out! Now the PC ruling class have to decide who the victim in that was, and what precedent it will set going forward. Who will end up at the top of the liberal victim totem pole? The queers? The women? The ethnics? Even if you are a liberal you have to see the lunacy of this.

    I’ve been watching this fella for awhile:

    How many other former liberal bugmen are coming around?

    • I’m not sure about that. Women never respond sensibly to anything. I don’t know much about women, but I know that much.

      • I know a lot about women. They are non-linear; it’s hard to predict how they will react to anything except diamonds and chocolate. Best not to talk to them…

      • That’s why my wife votes the way I tell her to vote. She admits to having no idea about politics. It’s always “He looks like a drunk” or “He looks nice.”

        • Yep. Same. Handed my absentee ballot to my wife so she could just copy it on hers. (I assume. It’s her vote). Happily married women have other things on their minds than politics. Plus, it’s an easy way to stroke the male ego; good for marriage politics.

      • “Women never respond sensibly to anything.”

        For a post about something as potentially existential as this midterm election, there are surprisingly many funny remarks in the comments.

  37. Looking ahead to 2020, the GOP is on defense on the vast majority of the map. Offense is possible in four states (OR, NH, MI). Doug Jones’ stolen property in AL should also be reclaimed.

    If the blue wave (50+ House) (+2 Senate) happens, we are probably looking at Trump pulling an LBJ, and Pence being the nominee.

    • An inconvenient fact for us is the “like as a person” rating. Obama averaged around 60% approval, while Trump is disliked 2-1. It helped that he was running against an even more disliked Hillary. The Dems may or may not make the same mistake in 2020. In the present media/academic environment, no Republican can remain likeable unless they cuck all the time.

      • Again, what the hell are you talking about? Trump’s approval rating is close to 50%. Obama topped off at 60% near the beginning of his first time, but didn’t average anywhere near that, it was in constant decline since he took office.

        Other readers, tell me, am I arguing with a known troll? If so, I’ll drop it. Pretty sure I’ve seen this dude’s name around here before but don’t recall this level of blatant concern-trolling.

      • Join the discussion…True, but the people LOVE Trump’s “in-your-face” posture.

    • If the “Blue Wave” happens, I’ll sleep with Christine Blasey Ford. Possibly, just possibly, a very narrow Dem majority in the House, but the Senate? No way. people need to quit panicking about this, and just get out and vote.

  38. The GOP has itself to blame by giving into its worst impulses of being pro-rich. The debacle over healthcare was a spectacular own goal that makes the Hillarycare proposal in the 90s look good in comparison. Scarce political capital was wasted on an invisible corporate tax cut, say what you want about Bannon, he was right about the optics of raising the top bracket to 44%.

    • Congress can be faulted for listening to Paul Ryan and not passing immigration cuts in the budget reconciliation. The Administration is responsible for wasting capital on the travel ban, which languished in the courts for a year. A shutdown of DACA, and a refugee moratorium could have been started on Day 1, with presumably favorable court judgement by now. The admin is also liable for the “family separation” debacle. This might have led to visibly higher working class wages perhaps a year earlier than was realized.

    • In terms of the next two years, regardless of a surprise result today; the administration should start using the phrase “human trafficking” whenever it refers to illegal immigration. Political capital should be invested into closing the asylum loophole, which grants “permisos trabajadores” to anyone that claims “credible fear”. The Dems should be put on the spot with E-Verify, farm state GOP reps be damned.

      • The phrase I heard about the caravans was, “the Walking Deadbeats.” I thought that sounded pretty catchy.

        • The caravan(s) themselves are a product of the amateurism in the administration. TPS status could have been revoked on Day 1, instead of used as leverage to get the Dems to vote for the Wall. Latin America has the image that the US is hypocritical and feckless. Both the admin and Congress are liable for never even mentioning “remittance tax”

          • You have no idea what you’re talking about. Have you been paying no attention at all for the last 2 years? The judiciary literally ordered the Trump administration to *restart DACA*, even though it was never more than an executive order in the first place.

            The problem is that you seem to think principles matter, and your principles in particular. What matters is power, not principles. I personally don’t believe that elections will change the power dynamic, but if you do, then you’d better hope to God for some Senate gains so that Trump can pack the courts with conservatives. That’s the only thing that matters that Republicans can truly control; immigration matters a lot, but even if the entire GOPe was on board with Trump’s agenda, there’s nothing they can do until the judiciary is brought to heel.

          • And we are approaching the moment of truth. For the court has already been chosen to order Trump to let the invaders in. He will have to (1) ignore the court (And his oath of office) and SAVE THE COUNTRY or (2) obey the court and LOSE THE COUNTRY. It’s do or die. Now or never.

    • Agreed. I was shocked that Trump pushed so hard for a tax break for the wealthy. He was not elected on that but on immigration and trade. On immigration he’s done nothing. He’s reneged on everything.

      That political capital wasted on the tax cut should have went to the Wall and E-Verify, which instead he ran away from. Same with going after remittances to Mexico.

      Both Trump and the GOP deserve a good shellacking and they will get it.

      The very fact that Trump has to have the Fox news pundits and Limbaugh with him at rallies shows how bad it is for the GOP.

      • TPS and DACA were revoked, but then tied up in the courts. It also mattered that considerable capital was exhausted by the Russia witch hunt, which compromised Sessions. The amateurish Kelly and Nielsen were running DHS instead of Kris Kobach.

  39. Here in NH we have the “choice” between a black republican and a gay democrat. True representation right there. Just like Drake, I guess I’ll be voting for the guy who beat the guy I voted for in the primaries…

    • Arent you guys like one of the whitest states in the union??

      But tbh, there are a few black conservatives I genuinely like, Clarence Thomas, that Milwaukee sheriff (I always forget his name). But that’s maybe 1% of the 1% of blacks that identify as ‘conservative’.

    • What’s the deal with NH, anyway? I thought it was being liberated by the Free State Project. But every election cycle, it seems to drift farther to the left. I take it the FSP has become another libertarian “success”?

        • It’s not just the Massholes moving there to escape the high taxes they voted for in MA. Massholes can vote in NH if they claim they are moving there even if they never do. They (illegal voters) were the difference in the 2016 Senate race.

        • Actually most of the Massholes have moved into Southern NH where they can still commute to their jobs in MA. Those areas have stayed pretty red as far as their voting habits. It’s other parts of the state that have started turning blue. This is something that gets debated endlessly up here – and even some of the NH guys I know will point out that if NH is going blue – it’s not due solely to Massholes coming over the border.

  40. Here’s my guess; the GOP keeps both the senate and the house. That’s what I believe, I obviously cant ‘know’ it and w re to the house, I wouldnt say I feel ‘confident’, it’s just what I believe, based on a sense that Trump is a lot more popular ‘on the ground floor’ than polls say. With that, good luck, to all of us.

    • You may be right. As in ’16, he draws huge crowds, whereas O’Bama and Biden get only hundreds. There was an ad on Craig’s List in Atlanta offering to pay people to come to the rally O’Bama held there. The rallies, at any rate, look exactly like 2016. And as Trump said yesterday, “Something is happening.”

  41. The major shift that still somewhat surprises me as how republican the working class became. I mean staunchly so. Trump obviously has been the big reason but white hate and weaponized brown invaders have done just as much.

    Two years ago these people around me timidly hid their views, but now, not so much. I hope it is enough.

    • ‘Honky bashing’ by leftie will give the day to Republicans I think. That NYTimes Korean whitey hater and Don Lemon and such, I couldnt imagine better ‘campaigners’ for our side than that

      • But how many John Q Publics even know about that? ZMan’s readers, yes, but most whites?

    • The Democrats were taken over by the hard-core social-justice crowd. Their blue-collar base wanted nothing to do with that crap or the serfdom it would lead to. So the Cloud People did a heel-turn on the working class and are now actively replacing working class whites with actual Third World peasants who will be more compliant.

      • GOP could lose all of its Midwestern governors today, that can’t be exclusively accounted to upper middle class cat ladies. The only Senate pickup in the Midwest is Indiana, unless Mizzourah is a Midwestern state to you. The trade war has raised fears of a recession, voters are angry at public services not being restored to pre-recession levels, and the tax cut played badly in an economically populist region.

        • The Midwestern GOP is cuck dominated. They lost by running away from Trump. The exemplar of this is Kasich the ultimate shabbos open society republican.

          There is no garuntee the GOP.can be refurbished in time, but if they nationally adopt the Trump platform they will easily dominate the Midwest until the imported demography shifts them into brown ethnostates 30 years on.

          The idea that trade barriers spook republicans outside of orange county is a cuckold fantasy.

          • I think it does spook moderates. 40% of Americans have no emergency savings, so a job loss is catastrophic. It’s understandable that they are afraid that steel tariffs will cause a factory to have layoffs. The Dems have always made hay out of Chinese-made Ivanka handbags, and Mar-a-Lago Eastern European guest workers. To low-info working class voters, it smacks of callousness and hypocrisy.

          • Employment among all demographics is up, notwithstanding tariffs and trade restrictions (which we and every country have had since there were countries in the current sense of the word).

        • Rauner was only good when he was holding the legislature’s feet to the fire over the budget. His own party betrayed him (including my state senator) so that hope is gone. Now it’s just meh.

        • That’s completely delusional. Illinois will likely go blue again, but it is a blue state. Frankly the Republicans should simply withdraw from Illinois as there is no upside for Republicans in holding elected office in that state because it will always be under Democrat control. Illinois is going down, and Republicans should let it go down under Democrat governance.

          Following the election the following states will most likely have Republican Governors: SD, NE, KS, OK, AR, MO, IA, IN, KY, TN.

          MN will go D, but it’s also a blue state. WI, MI, and OH may go blue.

          In the Senate, Republicans will win in MT, WY, ND, NE, MO, TN.

          • My town is blue but the state is majority red by territory. Don’t give up the ship, Cullerton and Madigan must die eventually.

            Rauner, the narcissist billionaire, should prevail over (((JB Pritzker))), another billionaire, in the race for governor. It’s widely appreciated that Pritzker doesn’t even live in Illinois majority of a given year. He is despised, actually, and even the tech community dislike him given his failure to achieve results at the 1871 incubator. But for Pritzker’s inheritence he would be just another slip and fall lawyer. Rauner holds.

          • Not trying to dis you and I really hope you are correct, but Pritzker has led every poll by +9 to +22. Poll bias is very real, but it’s more like 2-5 points in favor of Democrats. Rauner’s numbers don’t look surmountable.

          • If Rauner pulls it off, it will only be because of The Monster Vote showing up and dragging his sad self over the line. And I feel in my bones that it might.

            Too bad about Jeannie Ives, though. Rauner buried her with lies and cash, but despite that, she was a week’s worth of momentum away from evicting the failed incumbant Rauner in the Repub primary last spring.

            Ives would be kicking the slob J.B.’s fat posterior into next week had she been our candidate.

          • Nicely encapsulated. I concur and my household and friends had voted for Ives. (((JB))) is a disgusting fat slob of scant personal attainment despite having keys to the universe handed to him. I don’t believe (((the polls.)))

          • Rauner has conceded to Pritzker. The preliminary polls reached the inescapable conclusion. Rauner, despite his rhetoric, was a do-nothing limpwrist.

            Illinois is even more screwed. Provided I remain here, I will fight (((JB))) tooth and nail.

          • “Illinois is going down, and Republicans should let it go down under Democrat governance.”

            EXACTLY! You’re singing my song!

        • The “trade war” hasn’t “raised fears of a recession”, except with KFM ideologues in the globohomo media and the idiots who listen to them. International trade restriction is and always has been good for the national economy.

          I won’t even address the other points which are little more than feelz.

        • It needs to be looked upon as a case by case basis. A candidate like Cordray is well regarded here in the state among Trump-supporting Democrats, and a state level race has little implication for the Trump agenda. A Stacey Abrams type will not play here in the Midwest.

      • More compliant? I’d have to bet against that. Certainly the Bolsheviks *think* the brown masses will be more compliant, but I ain’t buyin’ it. The Bolsheviks are utterly divorced from reality.

    • People have been desperate for a party that would actually represent them for a long time.

      The Republican party’s popularity was intentionally and artificially limited by the pro-Rich, anti-worker policies it embraced. It embraced those policies for financial and cultural rather than electoral reasons

      Imagine where we would be if Trump and the Republicans had actually followed through on their promises, instead of delivering the same old GOPe policies, wrapped in new language.

  42. Yeah, it’s a rookie mistake: If you’re going to go open mike on the Hate Whitey campaign, it’s best to wait until Whitey is solidly in the minority.

    • That’s what I wonder: have they fixed the polling problems we saw in 2016,and how? Or are they just doing what they’ve always done because they don’t know what else to do, and so why should they be right this time?

      • I get calls from people asking me who I’m voting for and I always say Democrat. My guess after this election there going to be a bunch of people on the news talking about how the crackers are lying to the pollsters

        • I hang up on them on my landline. I have no need to inform pollsters of my voting choices, or waste my time lying to them.

          However, I had a new experience when I got a text from someone addressing a man. It was to promote a NY democratic politician. I texted back that there is no one here by that name, that I do not live in NY, and that I am a republican. He/she texted back that they would like to discuss the election with me and I texted back: Fuck off. That made me happy. 😁

        • Or – never underestimate the diabolical mind of the controllers – when polls and results don’t line up, they can argue vote-tampering.

          Come to think of it, that’s what they have done since at least 2000.

          I look forward to the next census. My late wife – bless her heart – aways insisted that we take this seriously and answer with good old-fashioned WASP honesty. Well, she’s gone now and in 2020 I get to be the asshole that she never let me be.

          I hope that millions of us confound the controllers with total bullshit in this, what is for most of us, the only survey we can ever answer.

          Crashing the system through a Cloward-Piven vandalism of “vital data” strikes one as an organic plan.

  43. Well it should be interesting to say the least, but I just can’t bear to watch, I’m going to the movies all day until it’s over.

    Trouble with trying to analyze election outcomes by appeals to previous historical patterns is that this is very much no longer the same country as it was in 1970. Or even 1990. I went to bed in Denmark, and woke up in Papua New Guinea. Whatever else happens, the Dems have already succeeded in turning this place from a tidy country cottage into an unrecognizable swarming seething rat cage. Why that should ever have been anybody’s goal in the first place is beyond me; nevertheless it was, and it worked.

    People are mistaken to think it is a race between Dems and GOP. The two parties in this former country are the Democrats (previously known as the Republicans), and the Khmer Rouge.

    If the Khmer Rouge retakes the House by even a one-seat margin, it will be the start of a never-ceasing vendetta of unrelenting and unimaginable bitterness and fury. Today is really a vote on whether or not a civil war will be happening later, or sooner.

    Good luck, sports fans.

      • Well actually I fibbed, I’m not “at the movies” as in a theater. A bunch of like-minded friends who can’t stand all the election night blather and flat-out Leftard media cheerleading always hole up with some good movies and some good Irish whiskey and wait til they’ve called it before we take a peek.

        The one movie we always screen is, in my view, the greatest American political film of all time (and also one of the best American films in any genre): Robert Altman’s hilarious and heart-breaking “Nashville”.

        If you’ve never seen it, Run, don’t walk.

    • “People are mistaken to think it is a race between the Dems and GOP. The two parties in this former country are the Democrats (previously known as the Republicans), and the Khmer Rouge.”

      That’s gold, Mr Fewer – and spot-on. One might quibble, and suggest you are being unfair to Pol Pot, “a man with a vision”, after all, a radical purifier in his way like John Brown wished to be. Our “Khmer Rouge” don’t plot revolution from jungle hideaways, but from mansions and think-tanks and boardrooms, and their guiding ideology seems to be, not ‘fewer but better Cambodians’, but ‘more and more cash.’

  44. I’ll be going over to the polls after work with my son who just turned 18. Living in New Jersey, I guess I’ll be voting for all the Republicans who beat the guys I voted for in the primaries. After 20 years with a Republican Rep, my district got seriously gerrymandered 2 years ago, so my vote there is pretty meaningless. The guys with the maps made sure there are enough Bergen County liberals in the East to outvote the Dirt People in the West. We’ll see if the rich libs care enough about Josh Gottheimer to vote for him on a rainy day.

    Senator Menendez is supposedly behind in the polls due to his blatant corruption. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if he actually loses.

    • Saw about 8 Gottheimer signs on the way in to work today and one lonely rain-bedraggled Menendez sign right after. Made me chuckle. And then on the opposite side of the highway a “REPUBLICAN CORRUPTION COSTS YOU MONEY” sign, which turned the chuckle into an outright laugh. At least until I got stuck in the traffic jam. Jersey, represent.

    • I saw maybe 4-5 pro-Menendez signs around Princeton over last few days. Hugin’s signs are all over the place. So there is hope the crook will go.

      My vote probably will be cancelled by a vote of some ghetto dweller in Trenton. I’m used to it – it was the same when I lived in Bergen.

    • Menendez was never at any time going to lose in NJ. I hate it with and for you, but there it is.

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