The Summer Of Hate

The Drudge Report has, for the most part, become a tabloid outlet for the political cranks and Hollywood degenerates. His page is full of the crazy rantings of media attention whores or stories about entertainment figures. The former is due to Drudge being a parasite on the mass media and the latter is due to his affliction. As a result, it no longer works as a useful portal to get the news of the day. Still, if you want to take the temperature of the Progressive loons in the mass media, Drudge is useful.

Currently, he has a picture of the bug-eyed bug-man Adam Schiff staring out from the page, in his best Charlie Manson face. In bold letters is the headline, “SCHIFF STARES DOWN TRUMP FACES JAIL MEDIA PUSH IMPEACHMENT”  Obviously, the point is to grab your attention. A little below, in the center column, are links to stories from various left-wing crazies describing the looming arrest, impeachment and jailing of President Trump. “There’s a gathering storm…you can feel it” reads one link.

Left-wing sites like the Huffington Post, of course, have been on the pending Trump indictment since 2015, so every day they run at least one post swearing it will happen any minute. Alternatively, they will run a post fantasizing about Trump’s last days. They always imagine him as Hitler in the bunker, because of the usual suspects. Like kids in the week before Christmas, the Left is sure that any day they will wake up and learn that Trump has been hauled out of the White House in chains to face trial for his crimes.

These postings in the media are mostly part of a well orchestrated propaganda campaign orchestrated by the NeverTrump loons. Like a disease, these people have spread from their warrens in so-called conservative media to all of the mass media. In one of life’s ironies, these people are determined to prove everyone right about the nature of subversives.The NeverTrump leaders have apparently decided that Kevin McDonald’s books were how-to manuals. Thus we get this organized subversion of the media.

Putting that aside, the reason these sites are desperate for trashy stories about Trump being hurled into a dungeon is there is an audience for it. Just as steam whistles like Sean Hannity dominate conservative cable, these sites are catering to an audience that wants to hear confirmation. Because all of the media is run by the usual suspects, this segment has always been over-served, but that does not change the fact the audience exists. In America, there are millions who think Trump is the Hitler described in the prophesies.

The question that arises is what happens if nothing happens? What is palpable on the MAGA side of the world is that the people who voted for Trump are becoming dispirited because he has done pretty much nothing in two years. Nothing that matters to a large swath of his voters. Despite efforts to spin it otherwise, Trump won on immigration and what it represents. His failings on the issue have started to convince many of his supporters that it was all just a big con and nothing was ever going to happen.

Of course, as Trump morphs into Jeb Bush, the Washington political elite has no reason to get rid of him. Trump as useful idiot is certainly better than Trump as martyr. The base of the Democratic party may want impeachment, but the people in charge want the status quo, so they are probably trying to figure out how to look busy, while doing nothing, hoping that is enough for their crazies. The trouble is the NeverTrump loons will never quit, so they will be stoking those fires until the oil runs out.

One result of the Obama years was a rise in black violence, peaking with series of BLM murder sprees set off by the White House. From the 2010 election forward, Team Obama had been working to get their voters angry, hoping that would result in good election results in 2012 and 2014. The trouble was those angry blacks thought it was authentic and they expected something to happen. When it did not happen they decided to take matters into their own hands. The result was a summer of BLM murder and mayhem.

Will something like that be in the cards for the summer of 2019? It’s hard to know, but the Democrats take the House in January and they are showing few signs of restraint. They toned it down a bit in the election in order to not scare the remaining whites in their coalition, but they seem to be determined to go full crazy once in power. Maybe it is just a pose. Perhaps they are hoping a well choreographed bit of theater is enough to satiate the howling mobs of their coalition. Maybe they have unleashed forces they cannot control.

On the other hand, Trump has been a cunning political animal, even if he has been all thumbs when it comes to governance. He clearly thinks having Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi as foils is good for his re-election campaign. That means he will be doing everything he can to poke that hornet’s nest. The stage is set for a year of NeverTrump loons stoking the impeachment fires, while the steam whistles in conservative talk radio and cable TV blow full blast making sure the red hats are fully engaged in the fight.

The trouble with the future is it is unpredictable, so how all this unfolds cannot be known in advance. Most likely, the Democrats have not yet worked out how to proceed and Team Trump is a circus of confusion. Still, the ingredients are in place for a very ugly year and when the Left gets ugly, it always means bloodshed. Now that those Antifa mobs no longer have Richard Spencer to chase around, they will need to do something. Odds are, it means attacking red hat wearing Trump supporters in the coming summer of hate.

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  1. My Compatriots,
    The “Q” movement is real and there are “proofs” MIL Intelligence and POTUS are involved in the systematic destruction of the deep state. “Trust the Plan” and WWG1WGA – “Where we go one we go all” are the main slogans.
    If you care to learn more, please check out SerialBrain2, War Drummer, and the numerous articles and videos to show the battle for our country and the world is in motion. Stopping human trafficking is a major battle that has been going on behind the scenes, thanks to Sessions.
    I implore you all to look, read, and view into it, as it gives me hope that the world is about to change for the better.
    Here are some links should you like to be red pilled:
    I believe you may be pleasantly surprised how much has already been accomplished, but as you know; the wheels of justice turn slowly.

  2. … fantasizing about Trump’s last days. They always imagine him as Hitler in the bunker …

    We all have our fantasies. My main one involves the ravens of the Tower of London growing very fat on the “strange fruit” of eyeballs of traitors adorning every available lamppost.

  3. “They toned it down a bit in the election in order to not scare the remaining whites in their coalition”

    LOL. Every uni educated white Democrat I meet thinks Trump is evil and stupid and that everyone who voted for Trump is a stupid bigot. If they are Hillary voters, they believe every narrative of the press including the latest lunacy about Russia. All Hillary and Bennie voters who are uni educated whites want Trump impeached. the only possible group for the Democrats to lose by being too looney is working class men. The rest of the whites gain status by embracing the lunacy du jour

  4. The sky is falling, the sky is falling !!!

    Good grief. Glen Beck pushed this crap 10 years ago. In fact the wife still teases me about all the rusting can goods in the basement.

    The president is a boob , a dope, a moron, etc.

    If he’s so stupid how did he become president ? A multi-million dollar NYC real estate mogal ? Famous celebrity ?

    The left is in a panic , but all the can do is throw empty threats at the president. If they could have done anything they would have long ago.

  5. Is it just me, or does Adam Schiff resemble late comedian Andy Kaufman. Perhaps he will take us all out for milk and cookies.

  6. Trump ran for office to preserve an America in which the kind of businesses he and his family run, that is casinos, hotels, and assorted shady real estate deals, flim flam schools and so forth.

    The fact that he does some things that benefit our side does not mean he is on our side and while he can buy us some time and shift the Overton window a bit he’s not going to save America .

    He can’t and its quite possible he is in way over his head and had now idea just how corrupt the system is anyway.

    In the end until the Right embraces power and is willing to forgo niceness in any way shape or form and rule with ruthless intent and in a collective manner they can’t win

    A proper revolutionary movement would be willing to consider the demolition of universities or maybe cities that don’t serve the public good a sane one probably won’t do it

    • Trump let his daughter marry a Jew. And advocated for Kunta Kintes to be allowed into sporting areas for White Men. He’s not Pro-White.

  7. The Deep State torpedoed the trade agreement with China. In exchange for a trade war at least and maybe a hot one.

    In War, trannies gays lesbians poc etc are no substitute for White men. Meanwhile the Dems might very well wage a general war on Whites and China a two front War at the same time.

    One way in which the war might be waged is the Purge movies which seem a template for Hollywood. The latest CW Supergirl had advocating White women and Blacks teaming up to kill all White men and their families. Dems pick ideas from Hollywood that is their think tank seriously.

    The advantage for Dems is they don’t have to mobilize White men against other White men. Just enable non Whites to do whatever they want against White men and make fighting back a crime . This is the case in the U.K.

    Trump himself is a goner. He will be impeached and convicted by the Dems and GOPe and spend the rest of his life in prison to punish blasphemy and deter others. While picking a fight with China and White men. At the same time. Yes they are that stupid. I fully expect Congress to also remove Pence and install Hillary as her machine comprises the entire DOJ and FBI. Pence can add 2 and 2 and get 4. Hillary thinks it’s always 5.

    Heck the real action will be Hillary and the FBI vs Kamala and Loius Farrakhan. The latter have all the big money donors and Hollywood. The former most of the Deep state.

    • More evidence in the UK of forceful opposition to the globalist agenda. EDL,Britain First seem to be more active than any comparable US orgs.UKIP is actually talking about demography as destiny.

      More anti-white crime in the US than the UK and a lot more explicitly eliminationist rhetoric as well eg “We will replace you”.

  8. I dont know if it’s true that Trump has done ‘nothing’. The military is on the border, H-1Bs are down, he dodged the UN migration pact turd sandwich, he is making some PC taboos more debatable and this is done against the fairly intense opposition of the DS, liberal judges, the entire MSM, dem party and half of his own party. I dont know if deportations are up or illegal immigration is down. And the wall seems to be going nowhere, whether that’s b/c of funding or something else.

    But besides building a wall that would mostly be symbolic anyway, and ignoring fantasy ideas like declaring martial law and leading a military-back coup against the constitutional order, what exactly should he have done that he hasn’t done, given that he is a civ nat, not white heritage, patriot, asked as an honest Q?

    • Doug Ross is good. Maggie’s Farm is good for headlines too. To keep in step with the Normie world, I follow Instapundit, i.e. Glenn Reynolds and his caste of friends.

  9. 2019 will just be theatrics and hysterics. In 2020 the Democrats might badly overplay their hand. The moment of truth will come when they openly rig the election.

        • Are you better prepared to fight in a group or as a lone wolf. If not all the guns in the world won’t help.

          This fight isn’t about AR15’s but about skill and will and the Right seems short on both.

        • Without it, we’re dead in the water because you know what dems mean when they say campaigning is bribery and making offers that can’t be refused.

      • We are not voting our way out of this and if an effective voter reform could get approved, we wouldn’t need it. The only practical measure possible at this point is to “starve the beast”. Minimize your consumption, boycott the culture, discourage anyone you can from joining the military, and minimize your taxes. If you can retire, do so immediately and draw any government benefit you can.

        • “… discourage anyone you can from joining the military”

          You are all wrong, Mr. Bach.

          This is an example of an ostensible right winger overlapping with the Left. The Left would like for white Americans to abandon US military service, so that the Left could replaace white men in the US mil. with the Left’s kind of ‘American

  10. SCOTUS just turned down an appeal from states wanting to defund Planned Parenthood. Roberts and Kavanaugh voted with the liberals. Now I would rather pay for abortions than 18 or more years of welfare, schooling and prison. But so much for picking “conservative” judges. At least the anti-abortion groups can keep their fundraising gig going a little longer.

    • Everyone who thinks “Well at least we got good judges,” is going to be sorely disappointed. They’re all swamp creatures who will side with the system in the end. If there are eight Republican SCROTUS justices watch four of them “grow” on the court.

    • Totally predicable for Roberts and remember Kavanaugh revealed when he was nominated that he is one with the Jesuits who taught him. ‘nuf said.

    • To be clear, abortion is eugenic, including in the sense that the population is kept more proportionately white:

      I agree on having little faith in “Conservative” judges. We also should not be hamstrung by originalism. If the Left is going to contrive legal arguments to serve their ideology/interests, the Right must reciprocate. Be aggressive and escalate however is necessary (and when prudent), or lose. Oswald Spengler:

      “Life is a struggle involving plants, animals, and humans. It is a struggle between individuals, social classes, peoples, and nations, and it can take the form of economic, social, political, and military competition. It is a struggle for the power to make one’s will prevail, to exploit one’s advantage, or to advance one’s opinion of what is just or expedient. When other means fail, recourse will be taken time and again to the ultimate means: violence. …

      “Talk of world peace is heard today only among the white peoples, and not among the much more numerous colored races. This is a perilous state of affairs. When individual thinkers and idealists talk of peace, as they have done since time immemorial, the effect is always negligible. But when whole peoples become pacifistic it is a symptom of senility. Strong and unspent races are not pacifistic. To adopt such a position is to abandon the future, for the pacifist ideal is a static, terminal condition that is contrary to the basic facts of existence.”

      • I’ve had an epiphany:

        “It is clear that a foundational principle of our Founding Fathers, the craftsman of our Constitution, was a primary concern for the common well-being of the white inhabitants of these United States. Foundational principles such as these are indelibly linked with our nation, and therefore our understanding of all laws, delegations of rights, etc. whatsoever, must be in reflection of said fundamental principles. Our understanding of the Constitution, and all other laws, must therefore live, change along with the movements of history, so that these foundational principles remain always in application. Therefore, I rule that, at the time of their committing x, y, and z, the defendants were in violation of no valid laws of these United States.”

        I think I have a winner here. | sarc.

    • >>>I would rather pay for abortions than 18 or more years of welfare, schooling and prison.

      I believe that’s actually about 16 years of welfare and schooling, followed on by 30 to 40 years of prisons and welfare.

  11. All theater to string us along. Maybe if they do impeach Trump it will convince the normies that voting is pretty much worthless. Nobody could be as unlucky or incompetent as Trump has been when it comes to selecting cabinet members and staff.

  12. Z Man;
    In a way, Q (as discussed tangentially in the previous thread) is a mirror image of Drudge, Huffpost, et al’s rantings about impeachment and removal.

    ‘Somebody up top is going to swoop in and punish all your enemies with no effort needed on your part.’

    But yet nothing much ever happens. Big event deadlines come and go without much change. Hard to know which set of disappointments might trigger something kinetic.

    You (Z Man) bet on it’s being the Commies’ and you could well be right since it’s been repeatedly pointed out that you can’t indite a sitting president. But as the French branch of the Cloud Folk just found out, once the preference cascade starts for some reason or other, there’s no telling where it goes.

    One scenario is that the derp state scumbags at DOJ SDNY really *do* indite P. Trump. You seem to think that they won’t because the Cloud really has bottled up most of his program. But, in the words of the evanescent Q, they really are that stupid. They’d see a glittering path to prominence for themselves and all of NYC would be egging them on. We’ve already seen DOJ torpedo the China trade trade talks by arresting the Red Princess in her lair (Vancouver BC). And just leaking news of an investigation is evidence that Q is right, they really *are* that stupid.

    So how would The Cloud actually stand down DOJ SDNY_? At that point in the scenario Pres. Trump has little choice but to fire the lot of them + Mueller and initiate wholesale purges of the derp state. He and his are then in no small amount of personal danger. Nixon knew he could resign in personal comfort. Trump knows he cannot.

    Coups often happen when somebody capable of executing one gets put in a box with no other way out. Death Ground in the words of Sun Tzu.

  13. One major problem with conservatism is that it became a political agenda when it should have been a mass cultural phenomenon instead. Forget about electing the right people; the right people do not exist — especially when the culture is a vapid wasteland. Make conservatism a lifestyle as much as it is a belief system. Convert enough people to the lifestyle and politics will take care of itself.

    • Describe your your ideal conservative lifestyle, WJ K.

      Would this lifestyle require wearing neckties and listening to classical music instead of, say, the late Ronnie James Dio’s rendition of *Die Young*?

    • Good plan. Conservatives should have an actual path as to what society looks like and a goal to get there,

      Its not however some vapid brand or lifestyle choice, That the Rob Dreher money cuck run and hide approach

      Its about power and authority to set the rules

      If you don’t want porn in your society you imprison or shoot porn producers , you don’t want opioids on your streets, you hang enough people so that dealing stops. Want to end cultural Marxism? same

      It will require a ruthless will and truly massive effort but there is no other way.

      Collective and Ruthless punishment damn the money costs or lose. your fight. No partial measures, do or do not.

      If you aren’t willing than you need to stop period and just let it die since you’ve deiced the Liberty end of the Left spectrum is more important than a healthy people

      A last thing, the Right must un-cuck itself on money issues. If people don’t have steady work at decent wages , you get no families in modernity. There are no sources of cheap social capital to bypass this that have worked anywhere on a large scale .

      You will pay a price for the goods and services enough to support your neighbors and your nation, even this limits your choices, might cut quality and or increases costs

      No cheap labor, no free trade, hell as little trade as possible , a tiny FIRE sector and whatever regs are required so that working stiffs can thrive

      The “liberty” option simply means an end game either collapse or Communism

  14. Back in 1975, when I was an infant, my parents took me to the pediatrician, a very nice man named Dr. Rosenbaum. He made sure all my vaccinations were up to date, then gave me one additional injection at the base of my neck, promising it was completely harmless. Shortly after that, there was this large swelling at the base of my neck, which I was told was also harmless.

    By the mid-80s, the swelling had grown into a large, melon-sized tumor, but again the doctors told me it was harmless. By the mid-90s, the tumor had transformed into an actual second human head, which spent all its time growling at me and telling me I was evil. By 2015 or so, the other head had grown its own arm, which it uses to constantly punch me in the face, while endlessly screaming at me and telling me I have no right to be in my body, that my body really belongs to the Other Head, has always belonged to the Other Head, and that I am pure evil merely for being here.

    You get the idea. In 1975 the population of America was roughly 160 million people, nearly all of whom were, well, Americans. In less than half of one lifetime we have grown an entire second country grafted on to the first. And the new country has absolutely no memory or attachment to the historical reality of the first country. It has no connection to America whatsoever: not historical, not cultural, not religious, not racial or ethnic, not linguistic, not ideological, not sentimental, none of it, zip, nada. Americans are a defeated, occupied people. Donald Trump promised the Great Escape, but all he delivered was Steve McQueen doing a few stunts on a motorcycle before getting shot.

    Trump will lose in 2020, and once the Khmer Rouge take power, they will seal all the exits and all the air ducts, and make sure they never, ever, ever relinquish power ever again. There will be no living with these people.

    But that’s not the end of the story, the next chapter is called Divorce and Partition. 160 million people cannot be kept on a short leash forever. Start thinking about that aspect in practical, reality-based, logistical terms.

    • I’m with Z Man on his view on this. The Left doesn’t have what it takes to physically force a change. They’ll de-platform and remove banking access, but that’s about as far as they can take it. The challenge will be to convince a large swath of America that this isn’t okay and that they should do something about it.

      • Z is dead wrong on the physical part. The Left just needs to hire the peeps to enforce their will. It’s not hard. Just hand out badges and guns to a bunch of ethnics and Bernie Bro whites and there is your army of enforcers.

        Thing is,never ever underestimate what a pack of low IQ fanatics will do once in power. Furthermore the Left never goes for half-measures when they can go all the way. De=platforming and loss of banking/credit privileges are just for starters.

        Wait until you see what they do to gun owners which will be #1 on the agenda. They will force confiscation by making every white gun owner a felon if they fail to turn in their guns.

        And they will make examples out of select white gun owners. These men will either end up shot dead by the cops or put in prison. There will be lots of them.

        In a short period of time we will be disarmed and ready for the boxcars and execution pits.

        • Don’t Black Pill

          In any case everyone on the Right needs to learn to cooperate , internally police work with others and put your damned ethics away till the Left is gone. If it comes to it show no mercy, no reconciliation no nothing, Them or us.

          Fight. Rule or die,stop running and stop cucking like a coward A few Polish Jews made hell for the Nazis , a few IRA for the Brits and even a few militia could wreck the US

          I suspect that enough people out there will be able to pull a

          What I Saw at the Coup anyway

          • >>>A few Polish Jews made hell for the Nazis, a few IRA for the Brits

            What I’d like to see develop in the USA, even at the initially-expected small scale, is the equivalent of Sinn Fein. That is, a legal and above-ground political party which maintains plausibly deniable contacts with elements which are decidedly underground. Where things go from there, time will tell.

          • The IRA were difficult for the Brits because the Brits showed restraint. The people opposing an American equivalent know they are morally supreme and therefore will be under no such limitations.Also Irish nationalism is seen as a left wing nationalism so could get away with things US nationalism cannot.

          • This is true but the US is far better armed, much larger and has more veterans with modern urban warfare skills

            We have millions of Armalite Rifles , tons of explosives and upwards of a trillion rounds of ammo to use

            Its also much easier to take the fight to the enemy, a tactic that once the IRA was able to manage worked quite well for them.

            And while they did not win per se they did well enough to count as a plus in their column.

            Truth is if the Right was organized and willing to pay the price they probably could annihilate the Left root and branch and make the US basically White and Right .

            Not in a direct fight mind but my leveraging the brittle system and by being nasty enough

            They aren’t simply because large chunks of the Right is utterly terrified of cooperation outside of State organization like police or military and has no idea how to actually rule or worse any desire too.

            Many are still afraid of what the neighbors thing and weakened by a moral system that is useless

            Its also not easy with infiltrators and such of course but it can be done.

            To win a fight you need the drive to dominate not to cuck and run.

            The hellish irony is the Left does have goals even in its Nazi strain you get a lot more “We want this stuff” from people like the Northwest Front than any Conservative group.

            They don’t have the power but unlike most Republicans the Nazis could run a functional if unpleasant society

            The trick is what do YOU want enough to sacrifice everything for .

            I suspect nothing and that is why the Right loses, too noble to mole in, no will to fight

            However if the the Right dumps the loser mindset and understand that boots on necks are not options but mandatory and goes authoritarian Right they’ve got a superb chance of winning .

            Eventually they can have the Republic back

        • Here’s a blueprint on how they’ll do it. Virginia AG introduced a bill to fight “hate crime.” It allows the AG’s office to identify hate crimes and target hate groups.

          In addition, anyone convicted of a hate crime can no longer own a gun.

          Granted, this legislation won’t pass at the moment, but, in time, as Virginia becomes minority white, the state will pass something similar. They will restrict gun ownership in any and every way possible and target white gunowners.

          It will happen.

          • Useless, the State will happily starve you to death because you once had a gun or were insufficiently cooperative with your own displacement or disarmament

            You need to be organized with others, able to run counter subversion on your own group and willing to fight till you win or they’ll pick you to death with one law after another

            You can’t run, you can’t hide and they’ll gladly move thousands or Africans or Arabs or Mexicans into your White village to replace you and make you pay for it

            Right now though is the time to prepare and to make a last effort to fix this with elections. The later will probably fail but we do have to try so it it comes to atrocity and it will, we can say “Hey we tried.”

            TL;DR running and hiding won’t help, though its not quite time get ready to fight in an organized way till you win because the other guys want you dead or enslaved

      • Banking access is such a colossal thing; however, that it alone is power enough to ruin. You simply cannot live even a working class existence without a bank account or the support of the welfare state. Attempts to build dissident communes would be the only end-run and that would be dealt with in Janet Reno style very quickly.

        • Try having a conversation with a standard issue right winger about the importance of making sure we don’t go to a purely digital only money supply (no cash) – and you’ll get all sorts of arguments about why they are sick of carrying around cash and think it would be just great if they could just carry a card around (or maybe get a chip implanted in their arm).

          Seriously – I come close to giving up hope when I deal with people on extremely simple shit like this – when people utterly refuse to think thru even the most simple shit – like making sure to keep using cash – so that cash remains a viable option.

          If you really want to see the level of retardation among most standard issue self proclaimed right wingers – try having a conversation about taxation.

    • You left out the part where the 160 million Heritage Americans were decimated by pornography, no-fault divorce, cultural Marxism, opioids, legal marijuana and video game escapism. There might only be a small handful with the health, heart and ability to fight back.

      • The US fertility rate was below replacement in 1973 at replacement in 1972

        This is 2 and a half decades before common Internet porn, probably a decade before common no fault divorce, 3 decades before serious cultural Marxism, 4 before common Opioids or legal weed and probably 2 or 3 before seriously addictive or compelling video games

        TV was in nearly every household for a decade during the baby boom so it wasn’t the boob tube either

        Things were terrible in the 90’s people burned alive and killed but we didn’t revolt

        What’s weakened them is economic warfare since the 70’s , immigration since 1965 and the inherent flaws in our ways of thinking.

        Americans are ultra individualistic , obsessed with money as a value marker and burdened by an ethical code that makes actually running a society too hard

        It all has to go

        Become worthy, take power, use power to make you Hallmark Channel World or be a slave.

      • Many of those are entirely preventable – thru your own damn choices.

        Nobody is gluing your hand to your dick and forcing you to watch porn.

        Nobody is holding you down and forcing you to smoke weed.

        Nobody is strapping your head to a computer screen and holding a gun to your head and forcing you to play Fallout.

        Even some of the other ones (cultural Marxism) – can be kept out of your direct life with minimal effort .

        One of the bigger problems with the current age is that we’re surrounded by idiots. But if we’re going to call ourselves “conservative” then there must be some admission that participating in some of this shit has an element of personal choice.

        I like to narrow the whole thing down and call it an arm movement problem. The simple fact of the matter is that almost all of the things you listed are entirely preventable by doing one extremely simple thing:

        Stop moving your goddam arms.

        No arm movement = no needle in your arm.

        No arm movement = no turning on the computer to watch the porn and tug on your dick

        No arm movement = no holding the joint in your mouth.

        No arm movement = no working the game controller.

        People expend an awful lot of energy and time engaging in destructive behavior – and then want to blame the whole thing on some outside forces.

        Sorry- but I blame it on arm movement.

        Which is something the Muslims seem to have figured out – because they’ll cut them off if you keep doing stupid shit.

  15. Does Trump want immigration reform and border security, or is he talking out of his ass like so many other “conservatives”? Maybe I’m a sucker, but I believe he does. Furthermore, I think most of his supporters believe he does. He did mouth the words that shall not be spoken, that the 14th Amendment does not guarantee birthright citizenship. The question is, how much patience does the MAGA crowd have? I’m willing to wait and see how his budget battles work out.

    • The GOPe has made it clear to him that if he tries to stop the free flow of cheap labor the votes will be there to impeach , AND convict.
      He has performed an invaluable service in Exposing them to their base for who they really are. And for Exposing the absolute mendacity of the neocons.

  16. I had lunch with 4 normies yesterday. friends of 40 years. one couple rush limbaugh/glen beck , one CNN. I was exercising my usual Keep it about the families talk.
    the cnn wife starts talking about the student loan crisis and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I went off on the whole rigged game , the media is completely controlled, cheap labor owns the gop, globo you know who owns the dems and ended it with the Z line ” we aren’t going to vote our way out if this” . fully expecting to get the “thats crazy” head shaking. but to my surprise they were all just nodding . Even Mrs. CNN said she cannot believe how crazy people get when they see trump of TV . My biggest fear is the campus crazies/Klantifa goons they have created. will get off the leash and innocents will be harmed. They are full of the most dangerous thing in the world, self righteous hate. they are truly the equivalent of MAO’s Red Guard, Right down to the tacit approval from the gov. and law enforcement.

    • “globo you know who owns the Dems…”

      While the current meme, Globohomo, certainly has a lot of zip to it, I find that Globo-Shlomo has the virtue of greater accuracy.

      Globo-homo-Shlomo would be best, but it sounds kinda clumsy.

      • The two times I have been placed in the penalty box on FaceBerg have been because of remarks unflattering of LGTBQ….etc. I call them the alphabet people since more and more letters keep getting added as more varieties of perverts get discovered.

        • I prefer the term “People of Bugger” but I daresay that would get me canned from the internet if I were to deploy it anywhere but here.

    • I fully expect somebody to open fire on Antifas or Pussy Hats or whoever, and then “find evidence” that the shooting was done by [fill in the blank with right-wing boogeymen]. “They must be stopped!” You know the rest.

    • Whenever normie starts railing against Trump or Western civilisation, I know they are like a bored woman – they just need a good man to steer them straight. I keep it subtle, “You know… things don’t look that bad from where I’m standing…” “Well, yeah – it would be better if it weren’t for X, darn it.” Then they are mine. They only need a couple of drips of red pill though at that point. Be careful. It is dangerous juju. They go home, get angry at what they see on TV, they like what they have heard and come back from more. I soon become their their red pill pusher, giving them enough for a fix without them actually giving them much of anything. When they go red-pill, they never for a moment recall getting it from me – they did it to themselves… NEVER go full-retard straight off with Normie or Norma. It is like trying to shove all of the peanuts down the throat of the llama in the petting zoo. Just a little, then a little more and then let them loose on the others……

  17. From the perch of ground zero–the land of Occasional-Cortex and Jerry “the human tick” Nadler…I see no self-awareness or self-limiting in the Democrats. As an acquaintance who still has ties to the old Democrat machine said recently…the old school Democrats are scared shitless of the new Jacobins in their midst and none will stand up to them. There are a bunch that got themselves into the NY Assembly and Senate–and now that both are controlled by radical Democrats–and with Cuomo trying to out Mau-Mau his 2020 competition, can goddamn guarantee that is where you will see the blueprint for the rest of the country, come Jan 1. It’s gonna get ugly.

    • OK, but that might result in “old-school Democrats” running to the (R) lever in the voting booth. There is NO question that “Reagan Democrats” pushed Trump over the top in the Upper Midwest, so that’s not impossible.

      • On the operative side, think it is simply these guys realizing they are about to be purged for good. Might run over to the R side, but not enough of them. In that neck of the woods demographics is destiny.

      • That is next and not far off….our local group of Proggies proposed a Venezuela-like regime of gun control at the local level recently. Won’t go anywhere, but tells you just what they’re thinking.

  18. “The trouble with the future is it is unpredictable…”

    That is rare wisdom these days. Also, I gave up drudge about six months ago. It’s a good decision for me. His headlines were just anxiety-provoking. Even thinking about going to his site now gives me a little visceral shudder

    • Funny, but I did the same thing. I forget what prompted it, possible his endless going on about Hollywood, but I deleted the bookmark from all my browsers and I don’t regret it. If I need material for a post or podcast, I’ll take a look, but otherwise, I don’t read Drudge anymore.

      • Yeah, love of celebrity is definitely a symptom of end-stage Empire. It’s hard for me to read any of the news when people talk about what ‘the way forward’ and ‘how do we get out of this mess’ because it seems really obvious to me that in a post truth world the only way to get back to the truth is for something cataclysmic to happen. People are not just all the sudden going to go ahead and start believing there are only two genders again. The craziness we see is only go in one direction as long as we live in the world of plenty. This isn’t the first time that Humanity has been in a post truth world. But there’s always a reset and it’s generally pretty brutal.

        But right now I’m sitting in my comfy leather chair wrapped up in my Restoration Hardware faux fur blanket listening to the rain outside and cracking open Eric Cline’s 1177 BC, The Year Civilization Collapsed. So my life’s pretty good.

      • I actually visit Drudge occasionally now for precisely the opposite reason that I used to.

        I use it now to determine what fresh load the opposition is shoveling this month.

    • Drudge used to be my daily first stop for years. I might get on there once a week now. I cut loose “news” outlets and opinion web pages much more quickly than I did a couple of years ago. The first to go was National Review when they fired Derbyshire. Since then I have zero patience for bullshit. It was kind of like breaking the seal on a night of drinking.

    • I switched from Drudge to TheLibertyDaily. It’s over the top, but makes me feel better about reading headlines.

  19. Drudge, the “IDW’, canceling CRTV/BlazeTV (Steyn, McInnes), canceled Patreon yesterday, the $600M Canadian govt bailout for” liberal” newspapers ($2.5B govt media total)….now I’ll admit I’m always about a half step behind but “they” are doing a hell-of-a job of boxing me in. I’m somewhat blackpilled but I found comfort in my redpilled self and I now sit here laughing at it all… What’s a better word for absurd?

    • Dystopian.

      Don’t worry, you’re one of the good guys, and that counts for something. Histories of the gulags usually include some of the black humor of the exterminatees, so if we keep on posting and memeing, some of our stuff will make it into future history books.

      If that doesn’t cheer you up, I don’t know what will.

    • You guys are gonna have to publish a list of all the “Pills” and what each color means. As a novice I have no clue what a red, white, black or whatever pill is. It’s confusing.
      I can’t believe my CAPTCHA is Fueek

  20. Someone just asked me breathlessly if I thought Mueller was closing in on Trump…that it was looking bad for him. I knew this person had been looking at the Drudge Report headlines.

    • Interesting mention of Drudge today. i’ve noticed in the last few months a decided turn in the news they aggregate to a distinctive negative slant on Trump. In other words, they’ve changed their balance pro/con. Anyone else perceive this?

      • Drudge has gone deep-end nevertrump. Deleted my link to him this morning.

        If Drudge is in it for clickbaiting, he won’t be getting it from me.

      • I rejoice to say that I haven’t looked at Drudge in several years. Before 2015 at least. Can’t remember beyond that.

      • Former Drudge reader here; your perception is IMHO accurate. The morphing of Drudge might perhaps have been incremental; in any event, there is really nothing left now at the website that is worth clicking.

        Perhaps Drudge transferred editorial control to a J-school graduate, or Drudge’s own personal affliction has dragged him down.

    • It really IS hard to listen to, ain’t it!

      WHY can’t these nincompoops get it through their tiny heads that Trump (or anybody else) cannot be impeached for something he might have done while he was NOT the president? Why can’t somebody just say this out loud?

      • M. R. V.;
        The only stated criteria in the Constitution for impeachment are ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’. It is a *political* remedy available to the Legislative Branch of Govt. to check the other two branches, not a matter of criminal prosecution which are the domains of the Executive Branch or Judicial Branch.

        Tl:Dr: A president can be impeached for any damned thing at all. You just need a majority of the House. To actually *remove* the president (or anybody else in either the Executive or Judicial Branches) you need 2/3 of the Senate. Hate to be a black pill dude but it is important to know the true situation.

  21. The lefties are right about one thing – something is in the air and it feels awfully much like 1939. They have been psyching themselves up and when they see that spark, they are going to jump on it and try and make a blaze of it.

    Get ahead of the game. Stock up on ammo and AR15’s. They are going to need to disarm you first. The rest of the plans for you get worse from there.

    • People are starting to wake up to the fact that left-wing extremity can only be countered by some pretty stiff stuff.

      In Europe in 1939 there were really only the two choices, communism or fascism. There was no middle. It was just a question of who was going to win. I think our side is abandoning the middle more slowly than their side. That doesn’t bode well.

      • Babe, just the point I made this morning. When Germany was in turmoil, the choice was between two extremes. The reasonable “middle” was forced to chose—and of course, both choices were arguably toxic in the long run. The Germans chose a decade or so of stability and peace by empowering a group of sociopaths followed by complete and total destruction of their society, which given recent events seems to be reaching its apex through elimination/replacement of the entire German people.

        At least the Germans had somewhat of an excuse—having not been a united people under a democratic form of government for any length of time. What will be our excuse?

        • Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner.

          A Republic is slightly better but if you allow your political class including the judicial one the slightest loophole it will turn corrupt. Its inevitable, doubly so for a nation founded on slavery, treason and worse.

          This is complicated by the fact that a system rigid enough to resist corruption can’t respond to actual emergencies.

          The tepid and stupid response to the starvation of the Great Depression beget 4 terms of Roosevelt and another forty years or so after that

          A proper system has to be rigidly nationalist, rigidly protectionist, rigidly limited at the same time flexible enough to handle emergencies and to adapt to new technology, giant multinational corporations and worse

          The US one isn’t even in the ballpark

          Now as to our excuse its simple, no one on our side knows how to rule men any more.

          By the time we get to ruling, it will require a stronger hand than we’d like and we’ll have been influenced so much by the Left that our methods will resemble there’s to a higher degree than we’d like or is healthy

        • I’m literally an Israeli on account of said Germans, but would not be so bold as to suggest that they alone, or even primarily, destroyed Germany.

          Incidentally, this kind of narrative is why I don’t bank on many whites getting to the other side of tomorrow. You’re not willing to accept that sometimes conflicts are inevitable and the best you can do is be on your own side. Germans, in my opinion, had about as much choice as a man in a tiger cage. Absent the ability to escape, the only way out is through the tiger. Communism at that time was immediate genocide of a lot of Germans, not just some polar opposite of fascism or nazism. Nazism was crude and antisemitic and cost my people dearly, but I wouldn’t dare suggest I would choose death for my people instead of bad times for another tribe. I do the latter daily when I enjoy IDF protection from arabs in the West Bank and Gaza.

          I don’t pretend it’s moral. It just is. My people are in an existential conflict and that is that. Implying peace negotiating was a choice would be farcical.

          • Communism wasn’t genocide of the Germans. We know this because the USSR took over much of Germany and yet they’re still here.

    • My “impending doom” friend talks about hoarding gold and silver, I’ve converted him to stocking up on lead.

  22. I am usually the one that has to be talked away from the ledge regarding disappointment with Trump, but….
    1. There is no Hillary and more people are aware of her criminality than ever before.
    2. Immigration talk, legal and illegal, is forefront now. (too late, I know)
    3. Nationalist talk is not verboten now.
    4. The white working and middle class at least has a major defender.
    5. Real trade talk and action for once.
    6. No more glad handing commie Euro leaders anymore.
    7. Supreme court and Federal judges unlike any we would ever got from the other side.
    8. The take down or humiliation of the main news outlets, fake news turned back on them.
    9. Alliances with like minded eastern euro nations that the U.S. really needs.
    10. A stop gap in the total fall of white and normy interests and concerns.
    11. No major wars or interest in more neo-con adventures, and possibly the dissolution of those snakes.

    Now the bad. There is and never will be a wall (surprise). He still is a major Zionist and shill for Israel.
    Our coming economic collapse will probably be on his watch and so will the blame.

    Another but, hopefully he is just a gateway to a major change in how normy America and the Right start reasserting some authority
    in this country. At least until President Tucker Carlson can implement our agenda and second wave push back on the Poz.

    For us now, start with giving out yellow vests for Christmas this year.
    Well I just couldn’t do another black pill Monday, sorry.

    • The trouble with the “well at least he has changed the conversation” stuff is we have been down this road. Reagan changed the conversation too and was much better at it. He managed to turn “liberal” into such a epithet that liberals stopped calling themselves liberal for close to two decades. Yet, despite all the conversation changing, the steady march left continued and then accelerated once the Reagan spell wore off.

      Throw in the fact that three years ago I did not have to worry about being de-platformed, having my access to the banking system cut off or being sued for blasphemy.

      I’ve been preaching patience for a long time. It’s going to get worse, much worse, before it breaks and we have a chance to take the fight to the other side. That said, I think people have a legitimate gripe when it comes to Trump. He could be doing much better.

      • Yes, indeed. Trump could be doing better. For a start, he could keep his mouth shut and stop feeding talking points to the opposition.

        • Comp;
          I think he’s pretty much stuck with it. It keeps his enemies off balance, forces coverage of topics of his own choosing, etc. He certainly would not get better treatment if he did stop tweeting. The Progs cannot be trusted to honor even a formal truce since they see themselves as being ‘on the right side of historuy’. Twitter dare not throw him off but would be happy to block his followers should he stop voluntarily, etc., etc.

        • That’s the way he gets his points across. If he spoke softly and delivered scholarly remarks, it would never be printed in the media.

        • He could be using his pen and phone to build the wall and put federal judges in their place but of course the Senate Brutus’s would probably join the demonRats. He should probably risk it.

      • Back around 2011/12–ended up having lunch at a conference with Jacob Appelbaum. Kind of a strange ranger…but most good code guys are. But he made the call on de-platforming, spying, censorship, the whole shooting match in the conversation. I think the only thing he missed was how gleefully private enterprises would join in–he though it would be more a function of government pressure.

        • You forgot about energy independence and sub-two buck a gallon gas.

          How soon we’ve all become spoiled. Remember the howling over Obama’s gas prices?

          Oh, and North Korea minding their own bidness ain’t so shabby, either.

      • First … everything is cyclical. Everything.

        And the sun has *already* entered into the current Grand Solar Minimum. The governments of the world, however, conti9nue to run after the false god of Anthropogenic Global Warming. It is already too late for them to “catch up” to things as they *are.*

        Therefore, the droughts, catastrophic crop failures, famines, population collapses, and pandemics that *always* accompany these grand solar minima will change *everything.*

        Sooner rather than later, entire populations and governments are going to find themselves in a “do-or-die” situation, and ALL “surplus populations” in Western countries will be sent back. Western governments and populations will *not* choose the only other choice.

        Those who live and act in harmony with the truth will survive. Everybody else … not so much.

        Again, this IS going to happen. It has *already* started.

        • True dat, but countering the effects of a Grand Solar Minimum are relatively simple in our time. Stirring up methane hydrate fields as needed is one method. Turning back the next ice-age is quite a different matter, but that too can be done after the last SJW is hanged.

      • “Throw in the fact that three years ago I did not have to worry about being de-platformed, having my access to the banking system cut off or being sued for blasphemy. ”

        Yep. The concerted attack of big-everything is a sight to behold. It’s one thing to get banned by Twitter; it’s another to lose any ability for people to pay you money or to shop at the grocery store or to just hold a job.

        With no alternative to big tech and big finance/banking, individuals can be shut down. Who needs gulags when you can simply destroy a man’s life to point where he may as well be dead. Heck, it’s actually cheaper than a whole gulag system, and you don’t have to worry about the optics.

        This is one area that Trump could easily have pushed back. He could have pressured big tech in any number of ways to back off the right. However, that said, it doesn’t matter because the next president and all the rest after that will be Democrats, and they will gladly let the banks, the credit card companies, the grocery stores, etc., discriminate on the basis of political views.

        Freedom of Association is alive and well . . . if it’s aimed at Whites with the wrong ideas.

      • “He could be doing much better.”
        You are being too kind. Trump has betrayed his base by not only not forcefully pursuing his campaign platform but also (and maybe most importantly) by not caring about the harm being done to his voters and supporters in the press/internet/social media. One of the low points was warning Antifa not to piss off his voters or they may get violent while the FBI and Justice Department are persecuting Trump voters for fighting back.

      • Ridiculous hag. Where does she get the notion–I won’t call it an idea–that “the world’s problems” can be “solved”? Anyway, Trump is merely a symptom, not a cause.

        • Merkel spent a LOT of time as a Communist apparatchik. By definition Marxists believe that the world’s problems can be solved–by them, of course.

      • “Merkel attributed increasing populism and nationalism to both the euro zone crisis and migration crisis seen in Europe over the last few years following the record influx of refugees, but said Germany would not shrink from the world stage.”
        If you’re catching flak, you know you’re over the target. Say what you will about Trump, he’s scared the bejesus out of the political class.

    • That would be OK except the law in the U.S. is no longer applied fairly, but rather there are degrees depending if you’re in the in-crowd or a protected class, or a dissident. Think Clinton and Comey vs. Manafort (in solitary confinement, no less!) and Flynn (life ruined). So someone acting to protect themselves out of fear for their life will be prosecuted if they are a Trump supporter. While the leftist goon doing the attack will be let off the hook. Just like we’ve been seeing for the last 2 years.

    • Always. I’m in NYC a lot and have developed habits designed to minimize problems if a problem occurs.

      • which is a shame. All of the good things in NY, and there’s only a few good things, are always crowded with people.. dare I say White people .. The museums, the High Line (abandoned rail tracks converted to a park), the waterfront parks like The Battery; always have crowds.

        • By luck of business calendar missed ‘93 and ‘01. I’ve been careful for years. Still enjoy things, but never lose situational awareness.

  23. You’ve covered this, but he needs to throw out Mueller on his ear and begin with the indictments. I hope that unnamed senior official at the Mencken Conference printed out that post and put it in a briefing folder.

    • I’ve written extensively about this topic here. This is delusional thinking. Trump can’t fire Mueller; only the Attorney General can fire him. Trump should have accepted Sessions’ resignation immediately after he recused himself from the Russia investigation. I had some hope that Matthew Whitaker was the outsider brought in by Trump to fire Mueller and end the investigation, but it’s clear that’s not going to happen. And Trump’s nominee to replace Sessions, William Barr, is a swamp creature with extensive experience in the CIA and the DoJ. He’s a GOPe company man. Mueller’s clown show of an investigation will continue unabated.

      Trump will likely be indicted in 2019 by the US Attorney’s office in Manhattan for campaign finance violations. (The US Attorney for SDNY in Manhattan was appointed by Jeff Sessions.) These are felony charges with the potential for jail time. Like the Mueller investigation, the indictment is BS, but it will further cripple Trump’s presidency. I won’t be surprised if Trump resigns in exchange for a full pardon for himself and his family from Pence. Soft coup completed.

      Trump took on the establishment but failed to install a loyal leader to keep the careerists at the DoJ under wraps, and now they’ve won. It’s game over for Trump–he’s finished. The Democrats in the House will hound him for the next two years. He’ll get no meaningful support from the Republican establishment. He’ll be indicted in 2019 and will either resign in early 2020 or will lose badly in his bid for 2020. Sessions will publish a memoir and will emerge as a sort of folk hero to the left, rather like Comey. What a shit show.

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