Enemy Of The People

There has never been a time when normal people did not know the media was biased and biased in a predictable direction. For every non-liberal in the media, there were at least ten liberals. The ratio was probably higher, but then, as now, some lefties liked to pretend they were independents or some third option. The media used to invest a lot of time denying they had a bias and an agenda, but the only people who believed them were on the Left, which had the odd effect of confirming they had a bias and an agenda.

The thing is though, the media seemed like it was biased in a predictable way. In the 1980’s, for example, the newspapers featured stories about the so-called homeless crisis on a weekly basis. That’s when we went from calling them bums to pretending their only problem was a lack of shelter. Once Clinton assumed power, the homeless stories disappeared. It was a running joke for a long time, because it was so obvious, but also because it was so predictable. Everyone got the joke, except Lefty.

As many have observed, the mask began to drop during the Clinton years when so many media members quit their jobs and went to work in the administration. It’s hard to maintain the illusion of independence when there is a revolving door between the media and left-wing political operations. That’s when CNN became known as the Clinton News Network, because they were so hilariously in the tank for them. Some tried to maintain the ruse, but any pretense of objectivity ended in the 1990’s.

Again, there was still a sense that it was just bias and that it was predictable and therefore you could adjust for it. Today, that does not appear to be the case. The mainstream media has become advocates, but not necessarily advocates for the Progressive base of the Democratic coalition. They seem to be serving the agendas of private parties operating off-stage. For example, sites like the Huffington Post and Daily Beast are about moral enforcement than news and current events.

The recent harassment of Alex McNabb by Antifa member Christopher Mathias is a great example of the phenomenon. The Huffington Post provides him with a cover identity as a reporter, but in reality someone else is paying his way. His job is as a witch hunter, looking for anyone in violation of the blasphemy laws. This is a strange new phenomenon that does not have a corollary in the past. Even Woodward and Bernstein were legitimate reporters, even if Woodward had deep connections to the intelligence community.

There’s an argument that this sort of religious advocacy is the natural result of the narrative journalism that evolved in the 1960’s and 1970’s. If you are going to report stories, the point is to inform. If you are going to spin tales, then the first goal is to entertain and there is nothing quite as a gripping as a morality tale. These doxing stories are just campfire tales for the hard thumping loons of the far Left. The point of them is to tell the reader that they must be vigilant, as heretics are everywhere.

That’s probably true, but what about stories like this one, where it is clear the New York Times now has a whole department involved in explicit political advocacy. That is a highly organized effort to alter public policy. More important, it is a long term project, going back to the Obama years. The New York Times posted a database of gun owners, with an accompanying map, in a campaign to terrorize gun owners. This goes well beyond bias and even past the morality tales spun by the Huffington Post.

It does not stop there. This story about the death of Saudi national Jamal Khashoggi takes advocacy to another level. As an aside, the story is written by Lee Smith, who was fired from The Weekly Standard by Bill Kristol. His crime was having uncovered Kristol’s involvement in the fake dossier the FBI was using to subvert Trump. The story of Khashoggi’s life and death reads like a Hollywood spy thriller, but it was not a CIA caper. It was an operation apparently run by the the Washington Post.

We’ve come a long way from simple bias. The same media that can’t stop talking about Russian efforts to trick voters into voting the wrong way, was running a covert operation to trick the government into supporting Iran over Saudi Arabia. Unlike the Russians, the Washington Post actually killed someone or at least got someone killed. Unlike the Trump team, the Washington Post was actually working with a foreign country that is often viewed as hostile to American interests.

Trump started calling the media the “enemy of the American people” but he seems to have dropped it for some reason. Maybe the media threatened him. Given what we are seeing, how long before Washington Post reporters are planting car bombs and spiking drinks with polonium? Whether or not they see Americans as the enemy is hard to know, but they certainly don’t see themselves as on the same team as Americans. While they may not be the enemies of the people, they are a short bus ride to that position.

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  3. Have said before if nothing else President Trump has highlighted the hypocrisy and downright treason of the so-called mainstream media.

    Sadly a lot of people still rely on it for their news. Took a couple of guys to the range. They enjoyed it. Topic of politics came up ,stressed the importance of having the right people in there to protect the Second Amendment . . . . nope , “orange man bad “

  4. It’s DONE. Stick a fork in it. The work “moral” just went the way of “liberal” at the hands of Beatrice and Sidney Webb. Reading all you guys who are Right From The Beginning refer to the most disgusting, amoral, probably CriminaLeft creatures as the “morality police” makes me want to puke, then disbelieve EVERYTHING I read. That said … well … I do.

  5. The Imperial Post is essentially a mouthpiece for the CIA. The Church hearings exposed their infiltration of the media. Of course now the Democrats (the Republicans never cared that much–“muh intelligence agencies keepin’ Murika safe!”) are all about the CIA and their media whores. ZOG agent calls problem glasses with “information about Trump and Russia,” which could easily be competely phony, and now it’s a story all over the news media, with the legitimacy that too many normies still accept. “If there’s smoke there’s fire, right?”

  6. Is that a short bus ride, or a ride in a short bus?

    Since it’s the media we’re talking about, I assume it is the bus that is short.

  7. I hope I live to see the war crimes trials, which will be televised/streamed. Jim Accosta blubbering like a baby. Wolf Blitzer exclaiming, “But I vas chust following orders!”

  8. “Are you now or have you ever been pro-White?”
    The McCarthy hearings, c. 2019.


    Also, led to this:
    “In light of the fact that a number of Senate and House seats and governor’s mansions were stolen after the mid-term election in egregious and blatant voter fraud,”


    …”Sweden’s Green Party has now decided it wants the state to require Swedes with “too much space” in their homes to be made to house—in addition to already funding—their ethnic replacements.”

    “apparently good for the economy (despite the fact that only 500 of the 160,000 “migrants” who arrived in the country in 2016 are presently employed)”

    “Nine people are arrested every day for “hateful comments” on social media in the United Kingdom. “

    • Jeebus, the article gets worse, amplifying Zman’s theme:

      “Europe’s free speech apocalypse:
      France has enacted broad surveillance powers including warrantless wiretapping and mass metadata collection that critics call a “French Patriot Act.” The U.K. is debating a far-reaching surveillance bill, widely known by its nickname, the “Snoopers’ Charter,” that will cement the legal foundation for practices including breaking into digital devices and mass searches of internet records.” Etc etc etc

  9. Just this morning I saw a headline from a “mainstream” news app that said something like “Trump quotes Hitler Lover in Tweet.” – Of course I had to open the page, and it was Pat Buchanan of all people. Pretty sickening. But some millennial who’s never even heard of Buchanan may as well think he’s wearing white sheets.

    I think it’s getting worse because they’re losing control of the narrative they’ve had since Hearst consolidated Newspaper power in the Victorian era. He got us into the Spanish American war while supporting a highly “progressive” agenda his entire life. Other media barons are similar. In an era where I can go to a platform like this for alternate commentary, it’s a terrible threat.

    This is why their ultimate goal will be to outright block webpages in a Chinese style system. That pesky first amendment gets in their way right now. I’m sure they loved the social credit scores in China that were rolled out last year. Their rising militancy is a sign that people can go to blogs of their choice these days, especially those from outside the country.

    This is nothing new under the sun. The NYT was describing the Soviet Union as a paradise run by “Uncle Joe” in the 1930’s.

  10. Reading actually existing left, progressive and Marxist blogs and whatnot, I am struck by how often they, too, rail about media bias. I don’t think all of them are completely deluded on this either, depending on the topic. Though they tend to rant about what is and is not covered, as opposed to the slant of the coverage.

    Remember how Kerry voted for it before he voted against it? In my experience, one of the most useful weapons we have at the moment is the two panel meme. There is no cheaper or easier way to demonstrate that we have not always been at war with Eastasia.

    Now if only we had the wherewithal to put series of these on billboards ala the old Burma Shave ads… Repetition is the mother of retention.

  11. I used to wonder at the literal thousands of comments on Huffpo.

    Somebody noted that all the gushing approval on NYT and twitter were probably bots.

    Now, I agree. Bots- meaning deep pockets and pro organizers. The activist trainer industry is maturing; the politicos are indeed working for the Media Church, and the dark powers behind it.

  12. The reason why the media’s mask has dropped and the fangs have come out is, they’ve won and they know it. What we’re seeing at CNN, HuffPo, Harvard, NYT ( same thing), ADLSPLCABCNBCBSMSNBCLGBTQRXIsraelGoldmanMossad is the functional equivalent of a trained negro doing a silly victory dance in the end zone, after he successfully caught the funny-looking ball the white man threw to him. There’s no longer any need for the presence of disinterested professionalism in media. You’re living in a mopping-up operation. They can do whatever they like.

    Trump is a rear-guard nuisance who has been quite easily castrated, and there’s never going to be another one, so who cares. Wall or no wall, fifty per cent or more of newborns in America are already non-white, which functionally means non-American. A million legally-admitted Guptas, Mohammeds and Ching- chongs arrive every year, settle their invasion beach-heads and begin chain-migration; downward wage suppression and the spiraling cost of flight from glorious Diversity strangles White family formation, forced integration functionally equals forced miscegenation and mongrelization, Christianity has been successfully hounded from the public sphere, White suicides and drug addiction are at record rates, gun confiscation is on the horizon, the entire intellectual and conceptual framework of the country has been successfully deformed into mutant anti-White gibberish, and, well, Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper are people whose names you shouldn’t know, but somehow you do.

    Shlomo Silverman, Tovah Goldbergstein, and Israel Shekelberg couldn’t be laughing harder. The plan actually worked.

    It took a long, patient, carefully-concealed century, but the Jews have finally conquered and destroyed the goyim in America. Now they can relax, and revel in their conquest. It’s already too late. The last time this worked out so well for them (Bolshevik Russia, 1918-1939) they murdered, tortured, raped, starved and enslaved 25 million Russian and Ukrainian European Christians. Orthodox churches were dynamited by the truckload, and Christian clergy were tortured to death on a daily basis. And that was in a technologically primitive society. This go-round, with endless supplies of vengeful mudslide shock troops, will be a real humdinger.

    “War Is Deception” — whose motto is that?

    Oh, right… Mossad.

    Ask yourself: how many religions do you know of which have a big yearly family holiday dinner that celebrates the mass slaughter of African children?

    • Again, when Revelations mentions a Juice who seems to die, then comes back to life to rule the world in a false peace, it didn’t mean one puppet on a stage.

      It meant a people.
      It meant the Fauxlocaust.

    • “You’re living in a mopping-up operation. They can do whatever they like.”

      They at least feel they have the moral right to do as they like which explains much of the anger about the Trump victory and any criticism that comes their way.

      I also have been telling people that the elite is in a mopping up stage but the fantasy that guns mean that the left will soon be defeated enables the right to cope with having lost the war before a shot is fired by the mass of gun owners.

  13. Yes, the major media organizations are overtly biased and proactively prosecute campaigns of disinformation and memetic indoctrination. And yes, they represent a clear and present danger to the country by virtue of their dominance over national messaging venues. At present, you cannot beat them at their game (small scale exposé on the internet is just a fart in a hurricane). If you want to make a tangible impact, buy more firearms and ammunition. That really pisses them off.

    • The French police are arming themselves with G36’s and live ammo against unarmed Yellow Vests. The French Media and even “conservative” politicians are in support of the police.

      Preview of coming attractions.

  14. “As many have observed, the mask began to drop during the Clinton years when so many media members quit their jobs and went to work in the administration.”

    Didnt the same happened during the Bush II administration? We had a bunch of (((Neocon))) journalists writting GWB speechs, it was David Frum that came with Axis of Evil.

  15. El Rushbo doesn’t call them the “drive by media” for nothing:

    “It’s journalistic malpractice, except it’s not because it’s not journalism. It’s advocacy disguised as journalism, they are advocates for one side, but they never, ever admit that.”

  16. A phenomenon I’ve noticed lately is that often stories unfavorable to the establishment narrative go entirely uncovered in the mainstream press. I don’t have a specific example in hand, but many times over the past few years I’ve read a story in the right leaning press (e.g., Fox New, the Daily Caller, etc.), and then done an internet search, only to find that ONLY right-leaning news sites covered it. In the past, these types of stories would be buried on page 16 of the newspaper and would be accompanied with quotes from some advocate saying, “It’s a non-story because of X, Y and Z,” but today the mainstream press simply and universally ignores them.

    • It’s error by omission. Or if they do cover a subject, it’s only showing one side of it. How many stories of immigration are ever told from the standpoint of the harmful effects to people and society? It’s only about the poor families looking for a better life, and the bigots who stand in the way.

      • The media used to give “the right,” such as it is, at least one brief quote in an article or TV news report. More and more, it’s just straight prog narrative, and the opposition is just assumed to be so repugnant that even a word of their protest can’t be printed or aired.

  17. “For every non-liberal in the media, there were at least ten liberals.”

    Whenever somebody tells me they’re a “liberal,” I always ask them what precisely it is that they’re being liberal with. They’re too cowardly to admit it directly, but in the end it’s always the same what they’re “liberal” with. It’s always someone else’s money, someone else’s social capital, someone else’s neighborhood, someone else’s heritage, someone else’s safety, someone else’s school district. So long as it’s Eileen and Sheryl who are being raped by DeShauntrious and Mohammed, but not Judith or Tovah or Madison getting enriched, everything’s hunky-dory. So long as Jack and Mike lose their jobs to Gupta and Prajeet, but Shlomo’s job is mysteriously safe from pruning, everything’s grand.

    When somebody tells me they’re “progressive,” I always ask them what it is they think they’re “progressing” towards. And how will they know when they’ve progressed sufficiently to judge that it’s time to stop. When people tell me that “diversity is our strength,” I ask them if that means that, in the interests of “equity” and “social justice”, they’re in favor of limiting the number of Jews in academia, law, politics, media and finance to their rightful two per cent?

    Another fun one (but it doesn’t work on young people cuz they don’t understand the reference) is, when people say they’re “progressive” I ask them, “Oh, you mean like progressive rock? You mean you like things that are like Emerson Lake and Palmer, boring, over-complicated, incomprehensible unlistenable pretentious nonsense? You mean you’re progressive like that?”

    As you can imagine, I’m a lot of fun at night clubs in Park Slope.

    • I like your reference to progressive rock.

      Indeed, the word “progressive” should be recognized as a warning. Everywhere it shows up, you know trouble is brewing. We should put it on iodine bottles.

    • “You mean like Emerson Lake and Palmer”

      Of course, YES wasn’t quite as pretentious as E.L.P.

      greetings from Bay Ridge.
      which is fast becoming Bay Root.

      • While arguments based on appeals to authority or expertise are often charmless and un-persuasive, nevertheless like Captain Beefheart once said “I’m gonna do it anyway… and then I’m gonna GIT right outta town!”

        I’m a classically trained pianist, and also an experienced blues and rock player. And for whatever it’s worth, I can tell you from an informed standpoint that about a dozen compositions by “Yes” are really quite brilliant (and the rest are snoozers), and the music of ELP is mostly incoherent garbage. The two exceptions I’ll make for ELP are “The Great Gate of Kiev” and the piano solo to “Benny the Bouncer” (which I used to play in bars as a teenager). Both of those are lovely, the rest, um, not. I’ll also add that I know a bit of gossip about Keith Emerson that illustrates he was a very nice man and a good guy. God rest his soul.

        Meantime though, I stand by the main diagnosis that politically speaking, “progressive ” equals “I am a dishonest retard”.

    • Early Prog is mostly garbage, agreed. But Dream Theater has taken what Prog Rock started with, mixed in some Metal, added a virtuoso pianist and guitarist, and produced a lot of music that is worth listening to. Maybe not the lyrics…

    • A couple decades ago I bought Allan Holdsworth’s first solo album and played it on my grandfather’s wall-length audio credenza. It confused and irritated me. I was supremely disappointed. Mind you, my IBM executive grandfather saw ELP in concert and was very impressed. He had routed out room for 2 EV horns and a CD player rather than buy a whole new audio package. I couldn’t resist playing that album on that stereo occasionally. It was giving me an ulcer from the stress.

      In a year’s time, I was listening to it at near rock concert volume and feeling joy that gave me painful goose-bumps. I knew every nuance of it and I liked it. It’s ironic that Holdsworth himself was religiously improvisational and would frown on memorizing his solos in, as he would say, “parrot fashion.”

      I’m trying to build a case for my theory that people are “tuned” to certain melodies. Melody and Harmony theory were at one time distinct educational subjects, before video games I guess. So maybe what Full Scream Ahead is saying is that they’re not “tuned” to ELP, as it’s unlikely their music is categorically boring or unlistenable. Now the Herbie Hancock band on a bad night, maybe. One can at least appreciate that they, and maybe Focus successfully played classical music themes with electric instruments. Full Scream Ahead being a classical pianist, I’m curious if they find it strange that I’m bored with Mozart and love Handel. Although the best classical music IMO is among the works for organ. Oh, and to remain on topic…those damn liberals!

  18. Mr. Khablahblah was defintely a traitor to his country, and quite possibly a spy. He deserved what he got and he got what he deserved. The Saudis should be applauded for handling his treason in an efficient and effective manner. WaPo has blood on its hands.

    • They sure could have handled it better. With all the money they gave the Clintons, you would think they could use their hit man. Just shoot the guy in the street and call it a robbery (even if none of his stuff is missing).

  19. As far as I can see, New York Times article you linked to does not say anything about the Times posting a database of gun owners. Instead it reports that a newspaper called The Journal News that had posted such a database (covering two counties north of NYC) had been forced to take it down.

    You really need to be more careful, because mistakes like that really don’t enhance your credibility.

      • ???????

        That is not a good attitude! You make a lot of bald, unsupported assertions in your posts that often strike me as questionable, despite the fact that I share your underlying view of race in general (and blacks in particular). If you don’t think it’s important to read the articles you link to and get them right, then why should I (or anyone) have confidence in anything else you have to say? Why shouldn’t I think of you as just another sloppy opinion blogger whose opinions I just happen to mostly share?

    • It happened. It was a while ago and I’m not going to bother to look for a link. It was pretty shocking too. You should look for it. You can find a link I’m sure. As a matter of fact you should probably fact check everything you read. Start with assuming you know nothing. It’s really the only way to learn

      • I remember seeing the article with the database of NY gun owners; the online version had a Google Map with pushpins of every (registered) gun owner in Westchester county (a suburb just north on NYC). You could click on any pushpin and get the name and address of whoever it was.
        I looked again a week later, but the map was removed.
        But while it was up, how many people scraped all of the data, for future use?

    • Here you go, dipshit. People shouldn’t have to google it for you, but since you’ve made an ass of yourself already…


      “Two weeks ago, the paper published the names and addresses of handgun permit holders — a total of 33,614 — in two suburban counties, Westchester and Rockland, and put maps of their locations online.”

      Here’s the BEST part:

      ““As journalists, we are prepared for criticism,” Ms. Hasson said, as she sat in her meticulously tended office and described the ways her 225 employees have been harassed since the article was published. “But in the U.S., journalists should not be threatened.” She has paid for staff members who do not feel safe in their homes to stay at hotels, offered guards to walk employees to their cars, encouraged employees to change their home telephone numbers and has been coordinating with the local police.”

      Bunch of dish it out but can’t take it whiny ass cowards.

      • Geez, don’t people read? The article you linked to in no way conflicts with what I said in my comment, which is that the gun owner information was not published by the Times, but by a small paper called the Journal News. Janet Hasson, the woman you quote, is its publisher.

        The Times reported on the story, and yes, they did link to the information. But so did a thousand other media outlets. The Times had no special involvement in this.

  20. It’s not the five Ws, it’s narrative now. I feel like I’m reading editors or opinion pieces. I always love the defense of newspaper when they effectively show their bias in an editorial, the defense is, “well, it’s their editorial board and editorial, not their reporters.” Yeah, they’re the ones making the hiring decisions, so they’re going to hire those who align with their views.

  21. One benefit of the student debt bubble is that “journolism majors” will soon be culled. These scribes have done major damage to society by promoting the con job that they are a “profession” akin to law and medicine.

    A limitation is that while journolists are in secular decline, “social media marketers” are in a secular increase as a way to fill the female quota in TechBro companies. With HR increasingly being automated, the feminist commissar is evolving.

  22. Unless and until the “elites” in the Crony-Capitalist Media live in fear for their lives, nothing will change.

  23. It’s disturbing to think that there are people who watch CNN without knowing it’s an infomercial for the DNC. Same with the NY Times.

  24. That’s when we went from calling them bums to pretending their only problem was a lack of shelter

    And most of “the homeless” appeared following the Left’s successful campaign to close insane asylums. To the Left, no one is “insane,” which should be no surprise.

    • The cheap Right didn’t help. Locking up people and treating them requires taxes and hurts the looters bank accounts don’t ya know.

  25. Just when I think people are waking up, I read something like this and realize we really are doomed, as John Derbyshire would say. We’ve got the one-sided media as described in Z’s post, along with the rapid demographic change, and the voting patterns the “new Americans” bring with them. Sprinkle in Big Tech Censorship, gun rights hanging by a thread, and ubiquitous anti-white sentiment and I’ve gotta say, this Monday morning is starting out more gloomy than normal.

    • If you believe we are in bad shape, consider the native French. They do not even have gun rights. However, with luck and perseverance the Yellow Vests may bring down the EU project. Wish them well and get yourself a Yellow Vest. It may be necessary here in the near future.

      • I suppose you might be right. And just when we all thought the French were hopelessly cucked. Maybe the future is sunnier here than I think. Maybe even yellow….

      • If the French need guns, the Swiss can help them out. Firearms could also be illegally exported from the US, one piece at a time. (Don’t try this at home). If they can’t stop the mail from being used to send drugs…

        Guns are not the hard part, ammo is. Most Euro countries strictly limit the amount of ammo you can have at one time. DIY smokeless powder is a bad time.

      • Guns are plentiful in France, it very well armed by European standards and gun runners happy to supply guns and ammo in unlimited numbers for a price . This includes better stuff than we get too.

        The US OTOH seemingly lacks willpower to fight . The French could end up Warsaw Ghetto dead maybe but most if the US Right will climb aboard the box cars having forgotten to unbury their now illegal guns or to shoot a single round

        The Europeans know that Democracy is a sham, the Americans refuse to believe that

        That said of the US Actual Right develops a useful reality based ideology that takes current situations into account (this is a mostly urban, very high tech not that moral society that’s growing less observantly Christian) and finds a way to make Right wing thinking work with that and dumps Libertarian cuckery, it can take power if it wishes

        That won’t be easy, American right wing thinking is stuck in 1992 or so with an unhealthy dose of avoidance of responsibility . That has to change, power may corrupt but it also heals .

        • Living conditions (both economic and cultural) must be very bad in France. The US still is quite free and prosperous in comparison. I pray that Mme Guillotine is restored but more judiciously used.

      • Guns are just retail therapy unless they are in the hands of people who will fight for their civilization which is not the case now in the US. The French may often be misguided but they have a tradition of fighting for their rights.

      • After some additional thought, this Yellow Vest phenomenon could be a storming the Bastille moment. While the French are known for cuckery they have also been the center of most revolutionary change in the modern world. If the government fires on the protesters all hell is going to break out. Macron’s fall will bring down the republic and shatter the EU. Patriots, Popular Sovereignty is breaking out. The importance of the protests is inversely proportional to the amount of ‘coverage’ in our enemy press. Revolution in France will be opportunity to bring down the curtain on the traitors in our ranks. Viva la Jaune Gilet !

        • “… cuckery …”?? Two consecutive generations of the genocide of their “best and brightest” followed by Full Spectrum Dominance of a hostile alien ideology. They are lucky to have French men.

    • People are waking up. But waking up doesn’t translate into action, at least not yet and probably not for awhile.

      Trump, in spite of every social and political institution campaigning against him, managed to get elected. That should tell you something about legacy Americans.

      Most of Europe’s nations have nationalist parties. They only seem to inch along with each and every election: 3% more here, 5% there. Expect to see this accelerate.

      We need a political national platform. No one will step forward because they’ll be dead or imprisoned within a week or two. So we need to build from the bottom. Everyone needs to develop a small network even if it’s only 2 or 3 people. Then reach out, make new friends. Rotary Club, etc. Join something, anything traditional … and keep your cards close to your chest until you know whom to trust.

      We need to un-fragment our social fabric. Which will take some time, effort and stick-to-itness.

    • C.S. Lewis once wrote that reading history gives one a big picture view of events that people at the time couldn’t see. One thing in particular is the worldview that people of the same era all share. They might have seen themselves as completely different from each other, on opposite sides of a particular question, but they shared common assumptions that were so basic they weren’t even aware of them.

      In our time, I think it’s this assumption that ‘voting’ is the ultimate decider of power, which will never change. Both sides agree on this. Leftists want immigrants because they foresee a permanent bank of votes that will keep them in charge. Rightists see this same future and fear it. But what if voting becomes irrelevant?

      Why should these foreign invaders agree with the current possessors of power that voting is the way to run a society? Why should they? Are they from cultures where voting is highly valued? Did voting get them into this country? No, they didn’t bother with that sort of second-hand, third-hand method of getting what they wanted. They just swaggered in and made themselves an immovable fact-on-the-ground. The people who value voting helped them to do it, but who’s to say that these newcomers will uniformly return the favor and help THEM when there’s a faster, more immediate way of getting what they want?

      All I’m saying is, it’s shortsighted to assume that the way things are right now is the way they’ll always be. The Left is already getting a small taste of what it’s like to fundamentally change the terrain and expect that their vehicle will keep going down the same familiar route, as old, white politicos are being ejected and replaced by leaders of the tribes they’ve so carelessly imported. A bit more tipping of the balance, and those tribes may decide that they have their own traditional way of running things that they’d prefer to implement.

  26. We’re heading for the RoboCop dystopia, but the corporations in charge doing all the bad shit are run by lefties.

    • which means they won’t last long. Get woke go broke

      China OTOH or a resurgent nationalist Europe or hell Russia at so,me point will happily reap the rewards of common sense

      That said all this is understandable , modernity probably is doomed and in the longer term, we are going to a post industrial future. The year 2151 won’t be warp 5 capable ships but very possibly horse and wagons musket and whatever is left

      The Amish won’t even notice though

  27. They are a distraction. They are tools of the enemy of the people. Even honest lefties are turning their nose up at them. The jig is up, which is why subscriptions are diving, it’s why they’re downsizing, and laying off staff. It’s also why they are trying so hard to control and censor the social media. They will fail at that too.

    I will bet there are any number of plots and conspiracies ready to go at the drop of a hat to kill Trump. Guaranteed – I can think of at least a dozen suspects that would pot him for a dime. I also think that the real witch hunters are behind the scenes – and that crime thinkers and heretics had best watch their sixes, and be vigilant themselves. How convenient it would be, for example, if Z were murdered by a deranged gun owner with links to the NRA?

    Another real question has to be asked too: how long before ‘reporters’ and ‘journalists’ start turning up in alleys with their throats cut by a citizenry that is fed up with being trolled and humiliated by them?

    Things are getting more interesting all the time.

    • Before things get “interesting”, things are going to have to become chaotic. At the moment, it is difficult to launch attacks on media personnel because the entire legal and enforcement apparatus will come down on you. However, if that apparatus itself becomes compromised due to external causes, then the “interesting” things you mentioned will become more commonplace. Unhinged righties will definitely be tempted to go rogue, like Timothy McVeigh. But if they do so now, they’ll end up like McVeigh.

      • Saw an interesting interview with Tucker Carlson last week where the guest was supposedly an expert in Artificial Intelligence. The guest’s prognostication was that because of the rapid evolution in AI, by something like 2025, 40+% of the existing jobs will be displaced by AI. The interesting thing is that among the ‘repetitive’ AI jobs included such occupations as Primary Care Physicians and CPAs. That might trigger the chaos you have warned about.

        • Most ‘experts’ you see on media have a vested interest in promoting whatever they are an ‘expert’ in. AI can do double entry bookeeping, or match up symptoms to a diagnosis. AI *cannot* determine why something is wrong, however (“cause”). The totality of the world is what the AI system can see. Bob from Accounting can call up the engineering manager and say “are you sure we wrote a check for 5 billion dollars to our vendor?” The AI can only do this is programmed to. Edge cases that break the rules of the system are what break AI. This is why chess/go are playable by AI, because the rules can never be broken. Show me a self-driving car that can drive on a road covered in snow.

          • A new, and rather good, song by Grimes (Musk’s girlfriend), uses “song, dance, sex, and fashion as propaganda to promote goodwill towards Artificial Intelligence.

            When our coming AI overlords find support for their agenda in one’s downloads, they may be less likely to delete one’s offspring.”

            Grimes- “We Appreciate Power”

          • Expert diagnostic systems for cancer existed in the 70’s and worked quite well.

            More versatile systems may not replace all Doctors but they allow skills and thus wages to be arbitraged down and demand for labor to be lower.

            Lower wages means less babies as we’ve seen for nearly fifty years in every nation

            I don’t know why this is so hard for people to understand I guess its because it would require economic changes and its easier to blame a morals

            And yes feminism leads to smaller families, obviously. Its not the main cause otherwise the TFR would have stayed high in the 1930’s and if I read the stats correctly, its was roughly the same as right now

            And note too, ask the younger millennial why they have so few babies and every one of them will tell you they can’t afford them. If you think an entire generation is wrong or lying, you need to rethink your position

            Either the cost of living drops drastically , by half or so or the number of child will stay below replacement indefinitely Every group with a three digit IQ or hell near that is at or near below replacement fertility on planet Earth. Even Mexico

            In the long long term this is fine if you don’t mind an Amish future or an African one or a Muslim one depending but modernity must be paid for and this means changes

            My guess is it means all kinds of automation controls , mandates that are essentially make work or a massive , as in most of the economy , welfare state

            There isn’t a demand for labor anywhere for much of anything that pays enough for a stable middle class or to induce a 3 digit urban population to have babies

            A last thing, the industrial revolution did not create more jobs, Its forced a lower work week and later women and minors from the work force to compensate

            This is not “more jobs” its less with socialist work sharing and control . The markets save Henry Ford didn’t fix this, government boots on necks after decades of labor violence did.

      • Then we’re due for more false flag operations… like the McVeigh Narrative. As if we haven’t had enough. Years, decades of them.

        • I don’t think McVeigh was a false flag. It smacked of a retaliatory operation and even if it was a false flag it ended up calming things down a lot.

          The FBI/ATF and such got a lot less eager to confiscate firearms and lay siege to people after the price got a lot higher.

          I am told that the FBI went a spoke to some militia leaders after this and asked them if they would be willing to go to the aid of other militias if this happened

          The reply was supposedly “why would we need to do this, there are plenty of you Fed bastards around here.” which sobered then right pronto . No one in office wants to fight a multi level insurgency against enemies they can’t recognize and who will take the fight to their houses

          In any case, more “right now” than a couple of decades ago the one upside of the Bundy idiots shindig is the fact that a lot of people showed u;p at the ranch to help them including people who are not predisposed to like or even tolerate Mormons and old people quite ready to die

          This again improved professionalism and while LaVoy Finicum’s loss was nasty, I’ll note that was the State not the Feds and L.F could have avoided it and probably not done any real time.

          This organization is something the Right is lacking and if they had it and understood the actual society most of us on the Right live in (suburbs and high tech) they could do a good job running the show

          Last thing, the most important electoral thing we need to do is dump the losers. We need a Republican Congress who passes bills while they have power and not wait to introduce things like reciprocal carry or ACA repeal when they know they won’t pass

          Use power or get out, losers.

    • Bill Clinton opened up the Clinton Doctrine during the Kosovo War which made members of the press legitimate primary wartime targets

      This I suspect will bite them in ass since they no longer can effectively claim unlawful warfare in an attempt to gain the moral high ground not that this will stop them from trying.

      That said I suspect the US and a few other nations need an interregnum period, two to four decades of single party Dissident Right rule till the moral rot is purged out, the economy stabilized and people feel able to have families.

      After that the population should be moral and possibly religious enough to a Republic or Parliamentary system or whatever is preferred.

      However the Dissident Right hasn’t quite embraced that role and far too many of our foot soldiers ideological and otherwise are the “No State! Flee to Monticello 2.0 types.” and unwilling to rule

      That needs to change because trust me the Left and the .Alt Left want power and will stop at nothing to get it. Rule or be Ruled by your enemies.

      • The Kosovo War was one of those sad inflection points in the decline of the modern West.
        “We’ll intervene wherever and whenever we feel like it, invited or not, ethical or not, Constitutional or not.”

        Hooray for the Deep State and the Military-Industrial Axis. And God Bless Raytheon!

  28. Z-man, that final paragraph—asking how long before reporters are spiking drinks with polonium—could be the nub of an unsettling science fiction story. I’m thinking of something along the lines of the “firemen” in Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”: how their function, and even the meaning of the word for their occupation, changed in a dystopian society.

    How might the word “reporter” be changing right before our eyes, to anticipate the sinister world that’s coming? In the past, being a reporter meant giving information to the public; reporters were generally tasked with puncturing the cocoon of secrecy in which rulers surround themselves.

    In the future, will a reporter be someone whose job it is to inform ON the public, to terrorize average citizens with the threat of exposing their “secrets,” as a prelude to punishment by the rulers?

    That was a principle enshrined in the Soviet Union, although I’m not aware that there was a credentialed profession devoted to “reporting” in such a sense.

    • I could swear there’s a story like this already but I can’t remember the name.

      In a similar vein, Max Barry’s “Jennifer Government” involves a future where the protagonist is told to shoot teenagers as part of a Marketing campaign to drive up street cred for Nike. He goes to the police, who assume he wants to subcontract the work to them.

  29. This is why I have maintained for a long time that the Democratic Party is simply the political arm of the Media Class, and NOT the other way around…as many conservative pundits like Rush Limbaugh maintain. Politicians get their money and marching orders from the media. The Media Class are incredibly influential and wealthy, and have the ability not only to finance favored politicians, but also to keep them in line via constant agitprop. They are also amazingly adept at shaping public opinion. The media is a many-headed Hydra which will not submit to mere “elections”. Something a little more substantial will be required to tame this beast.

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