Dissident Diversity

Back in the 1980’s, something often remarked upon by conservative writers was the diversity of opinion on the Right versus the Left. By that point the Cold War version of the American Left was on fumes. Their policy ideas had a threadbare feel to them. Most of their leading figures struck people as anachronism. They would talk about labor issues, as if men still worked in factories and women were secretaries. The Right, in contrast, seemed to have a great wealth of ideas and idea makers in tune with the age.

Since the end of the Cold War, the Buckley Right has declined into a dull recitation of lines from a catechism that is no longer relevant to the age. The only thing interesting about the legacy Right is watching the neocons figure out how they will rejoin and subvert the Left side of the political class. There’s also the death watch for their legacy publications like National Review. Those are interesting for amusement purposes. Otherwise, there has not been an interesting idea from that crew since the Contract with America.

For its part, the Left has evolved into a weird spirit cult chasing after bogeymen like racism and white supremacy. From an anthropological perspective, that is an interesting thing to observe, but it is entirely without intellectual footing. It’s also infuriating to see bellowing primitives point and sputter at a heretic so the rage heads of their cult can attack the person. The sad spectacle of the House voting to condemn Steve King as a blasphemer speaks the madness that has gripped our ruling class.

What’s remarkable about the emptiness of the intellectual class is that the West is faced with problems that are unique to this age. Automation, for example, promises to reduce the need for labor to a point where the majority of adults will be idle. The demographics of the West, where populations begin to decline and age is an entirely new problem. The only country working this problem is Japan. These are complex and novel challenges, but the intellectual class is mostly silent on these and other pressing issues.

If you are looking for intellectual diversity and depth, the action is all on this side of the great divide. As the James Watson story reveals, the only place you can find honest discussion of the human sciences is on this side. Whether it is evolution, human cognitive ability or population genetics, the dissident right is the only place where people are discussing the amazing breakthroughs in the human sciences. The most interesting writing and commentary is now on outlaw blogs and podcasts.

Of course, it is politics and current events where you find most people on either side of the great divide, but again, the interesting stuff is all on this side. That’s where you see the great diversity on the dissident right. Jared Taylor, for example, is working the same material as Steve Sailer, but arriving at entirely different places politically. In fact, the two of them have debated in the past. When was the last time anyone debated anything on the other side? The closest we got is Tucker Carlson slapping down Ben Shapiro.

There’s also an aesthetic diversity to this side. The tone and material of Counter Currents is completely different from what you get at The Right Stuff. Greg Johnson is more in tune with the trans-occidental intellectual movement, so his material and commentary is more meta-political. The TRS guys are casual, appealing to an earthier audience. Their primary focus is on domestic issues and identity politics. There is plenty of crossover, but they are clearly appealing to different temperaments and a different aesthetic.

That’s the other thing you see on this side that is missing from the other side. There is an irreverence and a joie de vivre on this side. Say what you want about the TRS guys, but they are having fun being bad. RamZPaul is having a blast interviewing curious people on his YouTube channel. The people on the other side always look like they caught whiff of a bad odor. What passes for humor is a host saying wooden gag lines about Bluermpf. “Orange man bad!” Applause sign lights. Audience cheers. Rinse. Repeat.

When people talk about the political divide in the West, they often focus on practical matters like nationalism versus globalism. In reality, the divide is between the search for factual truth versus the search for moral truth. Not only are the goals different, but the methods are different. Both sides look at the human condition and wonder why things are as they are, but one side seeks to explain the great diversity of man, while the other side seeks to exterminate these differences, in order to reach a moral end.

That’s why there is so much more diversity of thought and opinion on this side. There can be only one moral framework, one set of moral truths. If two men say they’re Jesus, one of them must be wrong, thus the ever narrowing of our intellectual class. As the free thinkers and the curious are cast out, they find their way to this side, having to first cross the river of the damned, accepting biological reality. Living outside the favor of the popular gods is not always a lot of fun, but it vastly more interesting than the other side.

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  1. So what is Steve King’s voting record? Is he really worthy of our support? Perhaps we should be nominating and electing higher quality candidates, instead of weird fringe types. Put 500 morally virtuous candidates forward who are able to eloquently advance conservative ideals without saying nutty things (and yes, I do consider the quote “what’s wrong with white supremacy?” an idiotic thing to say. It doesn’t even matter if you believe it, it’s a stupid thing to say in this day and age. He could have focused on the attacks on Western Civilization, the left would be going ape, and more people would be standing back and saying “what’s wrong with that?”, bringing more people into the light.

    Can we not find 500 good, well spoken people to run for office in the United States? Out of 350 million or so? Instead we get Sharon Angles, the self identified witches from somewhere back east, and Steve King, who routinely says actual racist stuff, whether he believes it or not. Reminds me of the libertarian candidate for Congress here in Washington who showed up at a political rally in his Star Trek uniform. Seriously dude?

  2. Why does the left cheer on the destruction of white societies at the hands of the brown hoard ?

    Revenge of the Nerds.

    These dweebs got a wedgie back in high school and have been butt hurt ever since. Middle-class whites remind them of the jocks that tortured them in school and use Team Brown to enact revenge.

    Just a theory 🙂

  3. The left is NOT looking for either factual truth or moral truth. They have created their own bizarre morality based on wishful thinking and a lust for power over others. Now all they seek is evidence…. fabricated if necessary…..to bolster and entrench their beliefs. Offer up any facts or moral guidelines that don’t serve that agenda and you risk at the least being branded a social outcast….and in some cases your life.

  4. I can’t remember where I read it but an article from a lunatic lately claimed that, “Everyone on the right looks miserable.” In the article, the author saw everyone at pro-Trump rallies as despairing, one-eyed, seething and moments away from violence. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I instantly went to the comment section expecting him to be laughed at but on the contrary, there were dozens of comments agreeing with him. This was the polar opposite of everything I have personally witnessed and if you have ever had the displeasure of walking past a Lefty protest, you see it is like a circus train crashed into the asylum. Then I start thinking – maybe he is correct… which makes me the delusional one.

  5. Dammit, Zman, do you realize you have just answered a Great Question of the Ages-

    “What is Truth?”

    (It’s factual vs moral)

  6. the divide is between the search for factual truth versus the search for moral truth.

    Not sure I quite understand this, particularly in light of “[t]here can be only one moral framework, one set of moral truths.” Are you saying factual truths are many, and moral truths are one? Or are you saying a group’s morals cannot admit to compromise – you either accept them or you don’t, and they are basically a subjective thing?

    I can’t agree with that – that morals are a subjective thing, nor that the search for moral truth is somehow in competition with the search for factual truth. The two are congruent. You cannot have moral truth based upon factual lies (or mistakes). And factual truths inexorably lead to moral truths. For a factual truth to lead to a moral lie (or mistake) means the reasoning went wrong somewhere. The divide, seems to me, to be those searching for objective truths (iow, reality, be it moral or factual reality) vs. those seeking to create/impose their own views against objective reality because it doesn’t fit their preferences.

  7. >> As the free thinkers and the curious are cast out, they find their way to this side, having to first cross the river of the damned, accepting biological reality.

    There aren’t enough free thinkers in the population to make a dent in electoral outcomes in democratic elections. This statement becomes more accurate as the U.S. admits more and more immigrants from low IQ populations. Hell, Minnesotans just elected a Somali immigrant to Congress despite significant evidence that she committed bigamy and immigration fraud by marrying her brother. This is our future.

    Further, in the Current Year, not enough Americans are not going to accept any sort of biological reality to make a difference in electoral politics. Just look at what happened to James Watson or Steve King. It’s a career ending option.

    Zman is fond of saying that the causality chain is biology->culture->politics->economics. Biology is off the table in polite discussion, but I think we can make headway on getting Americans to accept cultural reality. Immigration fraud and sibling marriage may be fine in Somalia, but 95% of Americans would find them unacceptable. Large numbers of people will understand that it is inevitable that importing more Somalis means more cultural degradation of this sort.

    Similarly, we can make a lot of headway in getting people to cross the politics and economics rivers. AOC keeps saying that she wants a Democratic Socialism of the type practiced in Sweden or Norway, but large numbers of Americans are smart enough to understand that an America packed with large numbers of immigrants from Central America and South America is going to get Latin American socialism, not Swedish Democratic Socialism. If you want to get a boomer’s attention, ask him why he believes his 401k/IRA will be safe from confiscatory taxation based on tax laws written 30 years ago by a Congress that was 99% white and male. AOC and her cohorts will be coming after that accumulated wealth.

    IMO, the key is to work the economic, political, and cultural factors and let people draw their own conclusions on the race issue. They may never cross that bridge, and that’s okay as long as they vote the right way.

  8. Something has happened with Stefan Molyneux lately. It seems like ever since his much-criticized video about Jews, or maybe it was his trip to Poland, he’s been a one man wrecking crew against race delusion. Non-stop tweets about racial differences, IQ, defending whites and masculinity and criticizing diversity. He has about 900,000 youtube subscribers and 400,000 twitter followers, so his reach is far beyond anyone else on the dissident right.

  9. ” […] “Orange man bad!” Applause sign lights. Audience cheers. Rinse. Repeat. […]”

    Nailed it, as you always do.

    This is a truly curious phenomenon. I’ve tried not to conclude from the ubiquity of this sort of catechesis that “they” really don’t think that Donald Trump is the cause of what’s going on rather than merely a symptom–and a very early symptom at that–but they just don’t let up on it–ev-ah–so I am beginning to conclude that they really do think that if they could just contrive somehow to get rid of Orange Man Bad, their peaceable kingdom would spread without impediment throughout the whole round earth.

    Their shallowness and stupidity and their astonishing talent for ignoring the glaringly obvious is almost Scandinavian in its tenacity. Which is yet one more reason why they are not going to prevail.

  10. “cross the river of the damned, accepting biological reality” Maybe it’s not that leftie won’t cross the river but they are crossing back to escape the horror and unsee what they have already seen. At his center every leftie carries the certainty that he is the perfected human, and perfected humans seem to invariably be white. This contradiction is like a bad wire in the larger bundle, nothing now works as it should. Equality is a fine thing, but in a democracy it is a disease.

  11. The diversity of opinion amongst the Dissident Right, particularly as it reflects a genuine search for deeper truths about the human condition, is indeed intellectually stimulating. But the members of our thing are also not immune to irrational emotional reactions. As a practical matter, how do I break bread with a younger fellow traveler when our only point of commonality may be our white identity and race consciousness? He sees me and thinks “fucking Boomer with his silver spoon upbringing and ‘the history of ancient Rome and Greece have lessons for us.'” I see a guy who has wasted money and shown poor aesthetic judgment by getting full sleeves or a neck tattoo, and who seems to have an unhealthy preoccupation with legal weed. Discussing culture and politics won’t smooth over these differences and bond us together in opposition to the Left. Maybe the trenches and a hail of bullets will. Do I have the courage to risk that?

  12. “As the free thinkers and the curious are cast out, they find their way to this side, having to first cross the river of the damned, accepting biological reality.”

    I would challenge this. In my experience, the thinkers are more likely to self-censor or deceive. How many have crossed over since 2016 when a good many misjudged how much social and legal, if not physical, power would be brought to bear against them? In my accounting, essentially none.

    Curious men appear to have stumbled across the abyss, but at this point these doomed souls appear to realize: their only hope is winning silent support or drawing in the unthinking masses.

    • The unthinking masses will submit to–easily or even gladly–whoever wins because they are … unthinking masses.

  13. That’s a very good point: the left can’t pursue the truth because the dogma is more important than the truth. The truth threatens the religion.

    • JR…..you nailed it. Leftism is a spiritual religious movement. It gives them purpose. Without the religion of the left, they have nothing, no purpose, dust to dust, terrified of the void. They will cling bitterly to what they have, to resist change, and will tear you into bloody pieces if you insist on dragging them to wokeness! Having lived this, I only get familiar with the arguments for my own knowledge. Lefty doesn’t want to hear. Way too much to lose.

  14. It isn’t a divide between a search for factual and moral truth. The populari – the left and the cucks aren’t searching for anything. They only have dogma. So sicc their version of the inquisition on dissenters.
    Watson as Gallileo, Trump as Luther. His de-escalation was nailing the theses to the door.
    Also moralty has to be based in truth. if we can’t talk about something, it is like trying to diagnose someone if you can’t ask their weight or whether they smoke or their eating and exercise habits. You can try a “fix” but often will make things worse.
    The way to search for the truth is to have open, rigorous debates. You present your evidence, I’ll present mine, and we will reason through until an error or some irreducable disagreement is found.
    That is why the left doesn’t want free speech, just shrieks and deplatforms.

  15. I don’t see the difference between factual and moral truth. If a moral truth can’t be supported by facts, is it really moral or is it a lie masquerading as a platitude?

    The bible says “only God is good.” Jesus said this himself. But what’s good to God may be abhorrent to most people. It seems to me that most “moral truth” is feeling, sentiment and random emoting by people. It’s possible that God has a sense of humor that our modern society would consider “dark” or “macabre.” Actually, not me, but 90+% of society.

    Feminism is a perfect example. There is factual truth in biology. Women were never meant to work for the fire department, pulling people onto the roofs of their burning houses using one arm. Yet there they are. Their very presence on the scene is a lie, masquerading as a “moral truth” about human equality.

    • Read some Aquinas. An act is good or bad depending on if it moves us toward the proper telos (end). Finding that proper end has been the work of 2000 years of theology and moral philosophy. Aquinas did a lot of the hard work already in identifying the Cardinal Virtues that move one in the right direction, and the Left is busy undermining every single one of them: Prudence, Temperance, Courage, and Justice. The left has perverted each of these with a evil twin. Prudence is replaced by Ignorance, Temperance by Hedonism, Courage with Pusillanimity, and Justice perverted into Equality.

  16. What the Left doesn’t get, is that once they are done with us, they will turn on themselves. When “othering” and extermination are the orders of the day, how could it go otherwise?

    That kind of ignorance about end results is what you get when people operate under emotion rather than logic.

    • In the worst case scenario there will be some schadenfreude and final karmic come uppance should this course stay uncorrected.

      When the remaining white males are relegated to unpersons and possibly cast out to the hinterlands as savages they can at least sleep well knowing that the next ‘whitest’ on the Leftist Victim Totem Pole will be the next dominoes to fall.

      That will be Jews actually. White women will be targeted too of course but they have the ‘golden ticket’ of a 200,000 year genetic rocket boost between their legs. This whole thing in some basic reptile brain level is about, excuse my bluntness, white pussy. This is well known in places like Chateau Heartiste, etc.

      Anyways, white women will be subjugated probably gladly at that point just to have some aggression and patriarchy back in their life. This leaves only jews as obvious ‘whites’. That is when things will get VERY interesting because the orcs aren’t going to care too much. I’m sure they will plan ahead for this eventuality as it is in their nature to scheme decades in advance but I’m not clear about how they would manage to wriggle out other than perhaps turning some orcs with badges / guns against other orcs by giving them gibs / shekels.

    • And when people don’t know history because it is full of Bad People. Lessons from the French Revolution…

  17. Off-topic, but is Z ever right about NRO:

    “Gillette’s newest ad has been savagely received on the right, but its message is more conservative than the critics acknowledge.” Real tweet.

  18. “….but one side seeks to explain the great diversity of man, while the other side seeks to exterminate these differences, in order to reach a moral end….”

    The latter segment, above, of Zman’s comment, is the perfect definition of Marxism/Leninism/Bolshevism/communism; and many millions were killed by leftists seeking just that moral end.

    There is no intellectual diversity on the left because they do not need nor want it.
    As I have mentioned before, everything the left says and does – all the histrionics they engage in – is purposeful and aimed at creating disorder and chaos, to divide and conquer, to achieve absolute power. To impose a totalitarian state upon the masses.

    They are not crazy or unreasonable; all their actions and words are purposeful.

    It was no accident that Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro/Che, etc. used extermination to achieve and maintain power. And do not think for a minute, that US born/raised lefties would hesitate for one second to do likewise if they believed it would enable them to attain and maintain their goals.

    If you think I am FOS, recall the comments of public figures and “journalists” re: Trump supporters. They – the leftist elites – have DEFINED them essentially as vermin; using terminology very reminiscent of the rationale utilized in identifying people as Kulak or Untermensch .
    It is much easier to rationalize the extermination of “non-persons,” than it is to abolish real people.
    And do not forget that during the early days (1960s) of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), in preparing their Port Huron Statement, it was determined that those citizens who refused to follow the dictates of any left wing govt. they imposed here in the USA, would be placed in gulags (at least initially). Note that the key members of the SDS were all born, raised in the USA and attended universities here.

    While it’s interesting examining the history and evolution of political thought and present day views of those at opposite ends of the political spectrum, in the final analysis, is that the left wants all those who will not adhere to THEIR political worldview, extinguished, exterminated, dead.

    IMHO, that is the bottom line.

    • Indeed, explicit in Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” speech was not only that we are deplorable, but that we are not redeemable. Once you accept those premises regarding a population, what do you do with it?

  19. Automation, for example, promises to reduce the need for labor to a point where the majority of adults will be idle. The demographics of the West, where populations begin to decline and age is an entirely new problem.

    It’s almost as if the second problem is a solution for the first, if we stop mass immigration.

  20. Somewhat relevant to today’s topic; more so to ‘enemy of the people’ a few days ago:

    When I do an image search for ‘idiot’ using duckduckgo, I get 3 pictures of Trump out of the first 20. Doing the same with google gets 15 our of the first 20.

    No bias?

    • I’ll just say it again though I’m repeating myself. (for the sake of those who don’t read every day)

      OR! Or… you could use yandex.com from our Russian friends who are the evilest whitest patriarchal bad guys ever except Nazis.

      Yandex.com same search criteria, you must scroll a few pages down to image number 75 to see the BACK of Trump’s head. Clear now?

      Get thee to another continent. Anything US or Western Europe based is pozzed AF / compromised already.

      • Thanks A P. When I tried ‘idiot’ in the English version of yandex just now, I got four Trump pix in the first twenty.

        Three and four are both better than fifteen, I guess.

        Interesting … no donks in the first twenty of any of them.

  21. That was quite a concise manifesto. I think I’ll print it out and start nailing it to church doors.

    • True. They are the entropic catalyst. Always destroying and unraveling order, making life-span shorter and generally throwing a spanner in the gears.

    • Entropy is why all the claims for reparations are crap – and why any claim that “we built your society ” are also completely full of shit.

      Entropy buried anything they *might* have done – in the ground a long time ago.

  22. The political divide has us at a point in history, where we can say America today, is just like America 1858, or Spain 1933, or western culture as a whole 1938.

    We do need our rightwing diversity of thought, but we also need a true uniting of the right, not a public show with false left narratives on the airwaves and an army of paid antifa attacking us, but a private meeting between the heads, leaders, and brain trusts of the dissident right. So we can as an alliance create the alt institutions to counter the left, and work as one in a political counter Insurgency against the left, peeling them off one by one like they do the right. Boycotting with all our voices institutions and products that the left attempt to weaponize against us, to the point that corporate America gets sick of the back and forth, and takes a seat removing that power from the left.

    It can be done, but now we just need to organize it.

    • Yep, it’s clear to me that we need to create alternate institutions – businesses, finance, intellectual, community, etc. We need to give whites like us a home base.

      It’s that simple and that daunting. The Left will attempt to kill in the crib any white-based institution. But that’s the path to freedom. We can’t work within the system; we need to create an alternate system. A big job, but it can be done.

      • Lorenzo, we’re just now waking up to the scale and extent of the Deep State Left’s institutions.

        • Speak for yourself.

          Some of us have been aware for at least a couple of decades.

          And we have been sitting around for at least that long waiting for the rest of you to pull your heads out of your collective asses.

          The wars you all enthusiastically supported probably kept you busy between the sportsball games on the tube.

    • That’s what the AmRen Conferences are: organizing the right. Been going on for years. They are even international, although always meeting in the States.

  23. I really have trouble consuming mainstream content when there’s no acknowledgment of biological reality. Tucker Carlson is an exception, because I believe he’s aware, but has to keep a lid on it to keep his job. I’m sure Ann Coulter is also race-aware, and of course so is Pat Buchanan. Maybe a couple of others, perhaps Mark Steyn?

    I listen and read all of those mentioned by Z-man, including TRS, where FTN (Fash the Nation) is one of the two major shows on that website. The humorous TDS is the other. FTN is an excellent analysis of politics, with humor mixed in. Jazzhands McFeels is a talented guy. I’m also increasingly listening to Luke Ford’s youtube hangout, at least Monday through Friday, when Kevin Michael Grace is on. He’s a smart guy who’s been around for awhile and has interesting takes on a wide range of topics. It should be called the KMG show.

    • KMG was my first interview. He interviewed me a few years ago. He also taught me how to use Audacity so I could record my half of the interview. I was on Luke Ford once. he had some other guy who who annoyed me. KMG should have his own channel.

      • On weekends, when KMG isn’t on, I don’t recommend Ford’s channel. Sometimes there’s 10 or 12 guys on, some seem like they’re drunk. It can be a mess.

  24. The Left can only survive by indoctrinating it’s followers in approved orthodoxy, and the end result is a hive-minded herd of automatons that both think and move in lockstep. Free thinking individuals are antithetical to that process, and consequently are perceived as threats that must be ostracized or exterminated. The only time they engage in scientific thinking is as it relates to using modern technology to facilitate or enhance the indoctrination methodologies.

  25. I would say there is some diversity on the left, but the hetertope lefties are as verboten as the dissident rights. People such as James Petras, Ralph Nader, Nation of Islam. Perhaps Chomsky. The establishment does not get as mad about them, I suppose because they lack coherence. They are of the head, wonkish intellectual positions which, while possibly correct, can never martial mass support, whereas dissident right is of the heart. We have thumos binding us together.

  26. So if Media are the priestly class of the progressive movement, would the High Churches (respectable traditional) be ABC, CBS, NBC?
    Would the Low Churches (snakehandling true believers) be Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Vice?
    Just an observation.

  27. When much of the “diversity of thought” on the right consists of single childless men wanting to eliminate non-whites then I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

    Also, there is more diversity of thought on the left. Read Adam Serwer, Leonard Pitts, Nikole Hannah Jones, Sabaa Tahir, Marie Lu, and Medhi Hassan. All have differsent perspectives.

    Get out of your bubble and read some stuff that just doesn’t reinforce your worldview. Have you ever considered why Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Homosexuals, Asians, Latinos, and the trans-community are all allied against you?

    There is a reason you guys are not taken seriously.

    Incidentally, it might also be why you people do not seem to be successful in in terms of romance.

    • Why are we not entitled to self-determination?

      I get that these are troll responses, but if you genuinely are a leftist, please spell out why we deserved to be rendered into a powerless minority in our homeland in pursuit of the nebulous “social justice”?

      Why are we allowed nothing?

        • Do you encourage your fellow liberals to read Jared Taylor?

          What have we disallowed the noble PeeOhCee? Do they not have dozens of countries where they will remain the ethnic supermajority in perpetuity? They hate whites (and prove it at the ballot box) but want their dollars and refuse to leave. They have self-determination but refuse to exercise it.

          They are given moral legitimacy to pursue group interests? We are not. When National Review calls for the NAACP, ADL and LaRaza to lose tax-exempt status, you might have a point. When Fox deplatforms them, you might have a point.

          • Taking each of your ridiculous assertions in turn:

            1. Yes I do. They have read him and view him as a moron.

            2. Ummm, you do know about slavery and colonialism don’t you? People of Color built this country and yet they do not enjoy any of the wealth. whites having majorities have led to us to climate change, war, disease, and carnivorous capitalism. How is that defensible?

            3. People of Color hate whites? Then why do so many Men of Color marry, have sex with, and father children with white girls? How can you hate someone and share the most intimate contact?

            4.People of Color NEED their associations. When the dominant culture is white and based on white supremacy then others need advocacy groups to protect the interests of vulnerable groups.

          • I find it surprising that Mr. Taylor is a well-known figure among the left. Those who know him seem to be afraid, if he was just a moron then why ban him from Twitter?

            There was never slavery in Ohio, it was banned by the Northwest Ordinance, which precedes the Constitution.

            Ethnocentric non-whites should vote alongside ethnocentric whites, i.e. conservatives. To vote alongside deracinated whites is evidence of insincere values.

            If we are so dominant, why have we declined from 90% to 60%, approaching 15% in 2100?

          • People of color did not build this country any more than an ax or a shovel did. This country is the product of the descendants of British colonialists who braved everything for its creation. You, on the other hand, offer us nothing but trouble.

          • People of color built this nation, really? They certainly picked crops, even contributed skilled craftsmen in building structures—but what of it? They should now “share” in the wealth of the country. What wealth, how? The crops they picked and the buildings they helped erect are long since gone for the most part. What have these vibrant hoards done lately? What technological innovations have they bequeath to the nation’s benefit? What corporations have they started to promote such?

            On the other side of the equation, we can easily point to the parasitism and criminal destruction that follow these vibrant hoards.

          • White slaves in the Virginia Companies suffered an 80% mortality rate. We died by the tens of thousands doing the hard work of clearing the land- so POC could do the easier work of picking the crops.

          • People of Color built this country and yet they do not enjoy any of the wealth

            Lol. Yes this is why the South so thoroughly crushed the North in the Civil War.

            People of Color NEED their associations. When the dominant culture is white and based on white supremacy then others need advocacy groups to protect the interests of vulnerable groups.

            Sounds like PoCs would be happier in a different country. I propose universal reparations in the form of one-way plane tickets to Kinshasa. Everybody wins!

          • Arguing with Tiny Duck to my surprise does us far more good than harm.

            Its not going to change minds but helping us understand and clarify our own views makes us stronger

            Its also kind of fun.

            Lets me suggest this, if “Corn” and the other POC’s , NPC’s and the occasional sentient Left’s assertion that we “owe” the POC for Colonialism and Exploitation as risible an ideas as that is, exactly how much ?

            Lets split ways

            We pay the POC’s an agreeable sum minus part of our costs for infrastructure they use and could not build, and welfare adjust for inflation,

            We’ll set base reparations at 30 acres of land and a mule as was before. This is adjusted about $165,000 US assuming good Kansas Land and a good mule at 5K

            We’ll round this up to $200,000 as a friendship gift.

            We’ll right off infrastructure costs and a chunk of welfare and call it 100,000 – so 100,000 US

            call it 4 trillion over 10 years — at $400 million a year its a bargain . It will require hefty tax increase but I think we can manage it for a while and given we’ll start with criminals and welfare cases and no longer need to affirm action , we can shift funds around

            This covers all Black POC’s minus the talented 20%

            What say you? Africa Awaits

            Didn’t think so.

            A pro tip, the guilt racket and the willingness much less of the ability to pay or put up with Left wing nonsense is coming to an end

            For now Y?T is mostly happy to let you fight one another for diminishing spoils but no matter what those spoils are diminishing. Better get ready

          • People of color didn’t build anything lasting in this country. They picked cotton – and other agricultural products.

            The clothes made from that cotton has long since been buried in the ground and rotted away. The food products made from what they picked got shitted out a few days after consumption.

            Picking the lettuce for a sandwich consumed by my great great grandfather in 1860 does not entitle you to a claim on the actual wealth created by his descendents for a dozen generations after his death.

          • ‘People of Color built this country and yet they do not enjoy any of the wealth. ‘

            In the sense that cranes built the Sears Tower.

            You think they don’t enjoy the wealth? Over half the black population lives without working. I, in the full flower of my white privilege, get to punch a clock every day (as does my wife) just to pay taxes so blacks can live free. Reparations paid.

          • This “Jerry Corn” fella is jumping on a lot of our websites, attempting to stoke internal flames. He was on Chateau Heartiste yesterday and got his ass handed to him. Keep up the fire on him. Send him back to his handlers with his tail between his legs.

          • Maybe it’s just a coincidence that sub-Saharan Africans had not invented the wheel, were unable to construct a two-story building before whitey came along, and also turn every place they dominate into a shithole.

        • What the hell is that even supposed to mean? “whites have generally disallowed people of color” ??

          Sweden is a WHITE nation. Germany is a WHITE nation. So is France – so is Britain.

          There are no native blacks or “people of color” that EVER originated there or lived there until they were IMPORTED.

          Riddle me this: why does SWEDEN need to be diverse? And what claim at all – do “people of color” – have on the icy homeland of the Swedes?

          • 1. IF Sweden is not diverse it will be full of nothing but Swedes. That is a homogenous stale society with racist white supremacist roots.

            2.People of Color have a right to travel where they wish. NO ONE IS ILLEGAL. Sweden is also a nation founded on colonization.

          • You can recite your catechism until you are blue in the face, but it’s still nothing but empty drivel. Read your own words. They are nothing but assertions. It’s a catechism for a bizarre civic religion. And that’s *all* it is.

          • I’m really starting to like Jerry Corn.

            Not as a volunteer punching bag, no. As a walking, talking example of all our betters preach.
            A glorious man of the Future!

          • Sweden is founded on colonization? Really? Who colonised it and when? And where did they come from?

          • Yeah so? You bitch and whine about colonization – and then you bitch and whine that unless Sweden is not diverse it will be full of nothing but Swedes. The same principle applies to Africa. If whites don’t go into Africa – it will be full of nothing but Africans. And if white people (or Chinese) don’t go into Africa then the Africans won’t have electricity – or wells dug by white chicks in the Peace Corp.

            Your “arguments” are nonsensical.

            “Sweden is a nation founded on colonization”.

            You see this is where you start to reveal your brain damage.

            Sweden is populated with people who have descendants going back 20,000 years. Far enough that they developed a distinct eye color and a distinct hair color. There is NO rightful claim to the land occupied by the Swedes – other than by the Swedes themselves.

            You forget that the Chinese are looking for their own Lebensraum. And they’re going into Africa. If you’re going to argue that the diversity has a right to Sweden – then you’re also arguing that the Chinese have a right to Africa. And the Chinese have a proven record of solving their “issues” with problem populations by just eliminating them.

            Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it – you seem to think that Asians hate the white man more than they hate the black man. I really don’t think you’ve thought this out very much.

            But please proceed. I’ll never interrupt an enemy that’s in the process of making a big mistake

      • We are allowed only what we can take and defend by force. In that, I might tend to agree with Jerry—if that’s where his argument is headed.

        • It’s time to put the so-called “rules based international order” to the test.

          Wilson dragged us into the war on the principle of national self-determination. It’s time to cash the check.

          If it is immoral for a Hapsburg to rule Serbians, then it is doubly so immoral for the ANC to rule Afrikaners, and for bicoastal liberals to rule us.

          • Jerry, you aren’t really arguing for fairness. You and yours are arguing to take that which whites created. People of color are a huge drag on white societies. Unfortunately, lovers of cheap labor insist on importing people of color for cheap labor. The white society then has to pay for and deal with all the problems and issues that come with living in proximity to people of color. And we’re ridiculously tolerant. Because you’ve been brainwashed by the oligarchs’ media tools and schools to hate whites rather than the oligarchs who create a stressful economic situation for us to live in, you people with your incessant demands to take everything that whites have created and for whites to just go away and die, well, you are killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Once you get rid of white people, the society will be ugly and brutal, because that’s what people of color create. That is the goal of the oligarchs as that enables them the cheapest, dumbest, roughest pool of labor possible next to slavery.

          • Ursula….very well written and thought out! From an older gal to a younger gal, I am grateful to you for carrying the torch. You go with your articulate bad self!

          • All I am arguing for is equal rates of violent crime, illegitimacy and GOP voting percentage.

          • No, my dear, you are not. All you are doing is reciting a catechism. Read your own words.

          • We will see in a few years what “fairness” will get South Africa. Speaking of fairness, here’s a trade – all the white South Africans in exchange for all the POC in the US. Utopia ensues throughout both lands.

          • Fairness is a two way street and often as not two different parties with different desires ca’t reach a middle ground. Its best under those circumstances to stay separate.

          • LOL,

            In that case all the blacks should be sent back to Africa where they were unjustly taken from, the South Americans should be stuck behind a wall (they already have all of South and Central America – coming up here is just unfair) – women should take care of all the shitty jobs that men have done for a few millenia and men should sit around and just bitch about everything for a few hundred years to even it all out – and ALL forms of welfare should be completely eliminated – because if I have to work to eat – then so do you. It’s only fair.

        • I really hope he starts making that argument. Because then we’ll be completely legitimized to actually go ahead and do it.

      • I read this blog daily and love it… What I don’t get is why people on your “side of the divide” think whites (I am white) are being dispossessed. We still own 80% of the worlds wealth, live longer and reap the benefits of fore fathers power structure.
        Not trolling. Just trying to understand. I enjoy reading this blog because it makes me think a different way than I’m accustomed, but I can’t get over the fact that everything in my own life, and everything I’ve witnessed says that Whites have very little to “complain” about compared to POC.
        If anything, being a Christian I want to see POC on a more equal footing.
        Happy to have a conversation with anyone willing.

        • You must be a new daily reader, as the issues you asked about are frequently discussed here. Go back and read Z Man’s posts and the comments and all your questions will be answered.

        • Ctrl+F “DeBeers”

          The richest country in the world on a per capita basis is Singapore. The average life expectancy of working class whites is in secular decline, thanks to Sackler and Chinese opium.

          Whites have declined from 25% of South Africa in 1914, to only 4% of the births in 2018. There isn’t a single European nation-state where the native population has a fertility rate above replacement. Israel is not a European country.

          Almost every major corporation and clerical establishment opposes even the most milquetoast measures to even slow this down, let alone halt or reverse it. If our real names were released, most of us face the prospect of bankruptcy, divorce and homelessness.

          • I come from an American perspective… In this country I don’t think anyone can deny that being white gives us a huge advantage in wealth, education and health according to any metric.
            We have it pretty good.
            Yes minorities are catching up. Many people like myself see that as a good thing instead of something to dread…

        • Read this article again. Zman answers your question. Arguing morality while ignoring reality is a recipe for disaster.

          • Reality is that we live in a diverse country. I personally choose to accept this reality. I accept that people in my neighborhood have different cultural norms, and still try to be neighborly.
            Yes Zman brings up the “worst” of multiculturalism… I’m sure people living in 1950’s Alabama could bring up some horrible cultural norms of white people.
            In my personal experience if you follow the golden rule and be open life is good.

        • No, you’re not. You are lying, and you know it. And so do we. You are not interested in a conversation, and you know it. And so do we. You are merely trolling. Also, you are no Christian. A Churchian, yes, but that’s hardly the same thing, now, is it? So buzz off, kid. You just ain’t tall enough for this ride.

          • ???
            You my old friend, are so blinded by your bubble you forget that there are people out here trying to understand both sides. Sorry you can’t accept that.
            If you want to be a fringe movement of true believers who can’t even say your views out loud in public, keep avoiding discussion with anyone who disagrees in the slightest.
            If you ACTUALLY want to see your views of white decline be fixed start talking to people who are open to understanding.
            I have a feeling your not bright enough to discuss… Just complain.

        • Normie,
          ‘POC’ are on more than equal footing. In most situations they get preferential treatment. We even set aside tax money specifically for non whites to open businesses or go to college. Arguing that they aren’t on equal footing is a slap in the face of past generations who gave them equal footing and, when that wasn’t enough, gave them the preferential treatment we see today. That still isn’t working. It’s time to admit the bar is too high and accept them for what they are.

          • Obviously not if there’s a huge subsection of people who believe that any minority must not have earned what they have…
            Perception is everything. If you are born into a race that most people are “afraid of” and thinks are welfare recipients wouldn’t that give you a major disadvantage?
            Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be born a minority? How difficult that would be?

        • Not sure where you get your figures. “We” does not necessarily mean many whites, nor a majority. If more than 5% of “whites” own that 80% (assuming you are accurate) I would be shocked. You also presume that the reason POC have issues is because of whites, rather than POC’s own proclivities/limitations. Equal footing seems to me you are asking for equal outcomes. How is that fair? Should every black sprinter be required to carry an extra 50 lb dumbell so that all sprinters are on “equal footing” and cross the finish line at the same time? Do you really want Dr. Affirmative Action doing your open heart surgery? Or would you prefer Dr. Val E. Dictorian? Whom would you trust investing your life savings, an “equal footing” hire or someone with a proven track record?

          A more than “equal footing” has been provided through educational, hiring, social welfare and other preferences for decades, yet no significant inroads in various gaps. That would strongly indicate the issue is not with white “privilege,” but POC proclivities.

          • Very true.
            Most people are struggling in this country no matter the race. I don’t want equal outcomes (of course.) That’s obviously impossible.
            What is possible, after growing up in a diverse neighborhood in Chicago…. showed me that there are super intelligent black students, Asian students and white students. So when I had a black doctor in my teens I never thought “he must be an Affirmative Action hire.”
            Demeaning all Black hires and Asian hires because of some IQ test of a few thousand people just doesn’t seem “right” to me. I understand it makes people who are filled with hate feel better about why their own life sucks, but come on…
            Yes there are hires that were for the wrong reasons.
            I wouldn’t want a legacy hire, who’s uncle is the CEO running my 401k either.
            Proclivities are present in all races. Look at rural American whites killing themselves with opioids and abandoning their children in high numbers in 00′. I feel for them. I feel for blacks born into a “gang family.”
            Are we to only care about our own race? I don’t think anyone with any moral clarity thinks like that…
            Should we have affirmative action for kids raised in opiod dens in rural America? Sure. If it gives those poor kids a chance.
            Hope is a good thing.

    • When I’m shown observable and demonstrable contributions to the highly technical society that your vibrant hoards wish to partake in, then come back and we’ll talk. Right now, there are few contributors that I can see in relationship to the numbers parasitically attempting to live off of the creations of others, i.e., the white, European immigrant stock that settled this land.

      • People of Color never had a chance to build societies. Give it some time and you will see a flourishing. Remember when white males were considered superior athletes?

        Its like you people don’t know about slavery.

        • We know slavery was over 150 years ago. How much time will it take for blacks to flourish? One thing’s for sure–we’ll all be dead and so will our children and their children before that ever happens.

          • In fairness, equal opportunity to education was a recent development. IQ has also moved closer to parity in just the last 2 decades according to research proving environment is just as important to IQ as biology.

          • Epaminondas, there are no sources. IQ *difference* has remained stable between Whites and Blacks for a 100 years. Also, the Flynn effect is now showing signs of stabilization—probably because the effects of nutrition, education, and medicine upon the last few generations has run it’s course and the effect of environment has been more or less corrected for.

          • Serious question…
            What should we do with low IQ people?
            Aren’t there super smart people of all races who rise up?
            What do we do with all the low IQ people?

          • Normie, there is no “solution” as of yet, as the problem is ill-defined and seems to be growing. Nor does one believe there could even be a concensus derived in our divided society.

            Low IQ is (IMO) relative to one’s ability to maintain an independent and sufficiently prosperous life in a highly technical society that increasingly values products of the mind rather than manual labor.

            There are however intuitively logical steps that can be taken in light of current knowledge of the problem. 1st, immigrants from third world countries with limited IQ’s, education, and abilities should not be taken in as this country has limited resources to provide for them—like gainful employment. We can do more good for these folks through aid to their countries, rather than bring them here as perpetual Democrat voters and welfare recipients.

            As to “super smart” people all over the world—in this case, let’s just consider the low IQ world and forget about White nationalism and culture and such concerns (valid as well) for the moment.

            There is no reason to believe that these “super smart” individuals will have “super smart” children. Indeed, the evidence is against such. See regression towards the mean wrt parental IQ passed onto children.

            There’s more of course. There always is. But these two points are a start.

          • Normie, you reference is 10 years old. The Flynn effect shows signs of topping out. Also, the Flynn effect worked for Whites and minorities, with the bottom line that the “difference” between White average IQ and Black average IQ has remained constant at 15 points, or 1SD—like forever (USA here). Education is not a factor is “closing” the IQ gap.

            Additionally the type of jobs in the USA pulling down sufficient $$$ for a good life are becoming more complex and requiring higher IQ’s to master, in essence leaving both Whites and Blacks increasingly behind.

            Add to that the automation of any number of USA jobs that heretofore provided a fairly decent wage (consider long haul truckers upcoming plight) and you have a large problem looming. We don’t need to add to it.

          • In fact, they had far more and better resources in Africa than in Europe, especially northern Europe. But …

            Of course, there’s Liberia …

        • Detroit was the wealthiest city in America circa 1960.
          RSA and Rhodesia were the first and second most wealthy African countries circa 1970.

          Thousands of black men have made considerable wealth in sportsball, but most end up bankrupt.

          Blacks have never engaged in “self-gentrification”, but hypocrites like Spike Lee made millions off of the work started by the whites he despises.

          • Thousands of black men have been PAID considerable wealth in sportsball.

            They didn’t ‘create’ shit.

            Lebron James opens his mouth and bitches about white NFL team owners being slave owners – and yet he’s worth something like $400 million – and does nothing to prove how much better he would be by putting his money where his mouth is and buying a team and showing the rest of us how it’s done.

            It’s a similar situation to all the right wingers who want to bitch endlessly about how Twitter and Facebook are censoring them – but don’t seem to want to do a damn thing about and pick up a laptop and start coding their way into a competing solution.

            When people like Jerry Cornhole whine and complain about how “we were never given a chance!!” – it’s nothing more than childish whining. They have been given (literally – all the cities the POC have destroyed were built by white people before they were taken over by blacks) – multiple chances right here in the US to “build societies”. They took Haiti – which should be a tropical paradise – and turned it into a hellhole.

            They have Africa – which should be a great place to live – and have turned it into a shithole full of Africans.

            Cornhole wants to try and lump anybody who is not white into the classification of POC. The problem with that is: it just calls MORE attention to the fact that certain parts of the rainbow can’t keep up with the other parts.

            I like the example of Japan – because it shows that when you’ve got a capable people – they CAN “create a society” similar to the white man’s. They went from feudalism in the 19th century to a world conquering naval force in the mid 20th century – to a highly sophisticated technological society in the current age. And it was the Japanese people who did it (with some help by stealing/copying Western technology)

            Put that in comparison to multiple places in Africa where Western (white man’s) aid dollars have flowed in for decades – and have not accomplished shit.

            Jerry Cornhole can bitch and whine all he wants – but the truth is the truth – and truth is that he’s full of shit – societies get built by people who WANT to build them – and have the competence to do so.

            They aren’t built by people who burn down their own neighborhoods every time they get angry.

            When I was a child I used to break my own toys. I grew up and got over it. Seems like the POC needs to grow the fuck up.

          • Calsdad, is Jerry whining or trolling? But as a previous commenter pointing out, either does us a “good” in focusing our thoughts and clarifying our arguments. In this specific case, I had never thought of the Japanese allegory you cited. It is an excellent one in my opinion. I shall steal it and use It shamelessly. 😉

          • I don’t know why people get so upset about trolling.

            If you troll you can either catch a fish and torture it by keeping it on the line just to play with it – or you can hook a great white which will get pissed and come up and swamp your boat and eat everybody on board when they fall into the water.

            Stop being the minnow and be the great white.

            Let Cornhole be a troll – and then eat him and his damn boat.

        • Maybe they could build a communist society, since that has “never been given a real chance” either!

          • Steve….almost went full launch friendly fire on you then remembered your previous posts. The black cloud of expletives is still dissipating and unfortunately set the cat alight. Just for shits and grins and dumbshits in the wing, here was my rant…..
            Never been given a real chance….is total horseshit! Have heard this fall-back-position 10,000X from my full-on commie parents, their friends and half the people in the Bay Area including at work. Go study goddamn history, tally up the fallen nations, use your damned eyes, buy a set of platinum balls and grow up. Grow a beard and dump your Gillette blade. Good God… from how many generations do I have to hear the same dumbshit tired platitudes….that don’t EVER work. Over and over and over again. Good God, people are so stupid and do not ever learn. Dismaying.

        • “People of Color never had a chance to build societies.”

          See Haiti. The blacks overthrew and killed their “betters” and look at the glorious black paradise they created. Wakanda!

          See Africa. Various Europeans built governments in various regions/countries. Once the Europeans left or were kicked out, the Africans let it all go to sh*t, destroying it all themselves.

          See India. The Brits built a government, a complete bureaucratic apparatus and once they left, India treads water, barely keeping her head above, moving forward and backward in lurches. China rocketed past India, emerging from base agricultural society.

          A country is only as good as the people in it. White people consistently built high-trust, highly functional societies that people of color all want to live in because they cannot create it for themselves.

        • Quite false. They’ve had centuries to do it unmolested by Whites

          Its telling that other than some ruins in Greater Zimbabwe there is basically nothing there. Simply put the vast majority of Africans generally don’t build lasting structures.Maybe they can’t. Its not Y/T’s doing in any case.

          And most slavers were Black of Muslim , good luck getting anything from them.

          As for Hispanics, they had very advanced cultures that collapsed. Given those cultures performed mass human sacrifice routinely and were far more exploitative and cruel than the worst things attributed to Whites ,any action that contributed to this from Y/T get a pass. Also Modern Mexico and the rest generally enjoys a decent to modest standard of living and holds little real onus to Whites

          This leaves Asians, they are fully developed and we’ve exploited each other plenty. I think if anything China might be a bit in the black right now and Japan is doing very well

        • “People of Color never had a chance to build societies. ”

          Japan, China, Siam, Persia, various Indian states

          It’s just blacks and American Indians/’latinos’ who haven’t managed anything.

        • Right. Because Africa, South America, southeast Asia – those land masses just popped up around 10 years ago. It’s not like POCs in those places had millenia to build societies.

          It’s like you people don’t know about world history.

        • This is categorically false . Whites enslaved other Whites far more than they did POC’s and POC’s enslaved more POC’s than Whites every did. Slavery in a universal thing

          POC’s have had centuries with little or no contact with Whites and Africans built nothing much. Asians did well either in Asia or when they arrived in South and Central America

          Whites despite being enslaved , hell lour word for slave comes from the Slavic people are treated like crud are doing fine.

        • Again – this is comical bullshit.

          The Haitian slave revolt occurred in 1791. Since then – the Haitians have had MORE than ample chance to “build a society” . What they built was Haiti. In the meantime – whites went thru an entire continent and built and entire society.

          Then there’s Africa – which the POC have owned well like – forever.

          When white colonists came to Africa they didn’t conquer Wakanda. The found tribes living in huts.

          The POC in South America had “societies” they were conquered – and what they were when they were conquered were slave owning human sacrifice worshipping monstrosities. If the Aztecs could have figured out how to sail across the ocean I’m sure they would have gone to Africa – bought slaves from the *other Africans* – brought them back to Central America – then worked them to death and cut their hearts out.

          Since I’m sure you include Asians as POC – that’s yet another example that blows your assertion out of the water. Chinese have had a society – for thousands of years. The Japanese and Koreans – almost as long. Are you trying to say that Asians have been held back by whites for thousands of years? LOL

          Then we can go to the example of MULTIPLE cities right here in FUSA. Detroit. Washington D.C. Baltimore. (there are others) . As soon as black faces start taking political power – the whole thing goes down the shitter.

          Sorry dude – but you’re a complete and total moron. Even a halfway even handed assessment of the situation shows clearly that POC (whatever the fuck that even means in the first place) – have had more than ample opportunity to “build societies” – and for the blackest ones specifically (if you’re defining “society” as a modern white-like society) – they have failed miserably over and over and over again.

          Maybe your brown because you’re full of shit?

      • Remember: “Immigrant” and “Settler” are two entirely different things.

    • Have you ever considered why Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Homosexuals, Asians, Latinos, and the trans-community are all allied against you?

      Yes. It’s because the very existence of the society my people built shames them, and hating Whitey is more fun than honest examination of why the West reached such great heights. Not much more to it.

      Have you ever considered whether there is even a single valid reason Whitey should care?

    • “you people do not seem to be successful in in terms of romance.”

      Yep, only everyone else on the planet wants sex with us. We are the sexiest creatures alive.

        • False, yung black queenz are paying thousands of dollars for pure Aryan sperm from PeterSweden so they can birth “children of light”

          • Yung black queenz aren’t payin for sheeet.

            White men are paying (once again) with their tax dollars.

        • You got that backwards. (Unless you are including France’s president Maricon – in his case, yes, he craves black me).

        • Oh, and Tiny?
          I’ve worked with more hookers and dancers than you will meet in a lifetime.

          They hate, as in absolutely fucking hate, black customers.
          Dating girls will experiment with burning the coal once and often have a good experience- but only the first time. 90% come to regret it and say never, ever again. They hate playas who beat them up and steal their money, imagine that.

          PS- whadaya call a white woman with black children?
          – A single mother

        • The only white women I’ve seen that even come close to “craving black men” are trailer trash and weigh multiple hundreds of pounds.

          Seems like a similar situation to what I see down at the supermarket – where all the POC are driving 25 year old luxury label automobiles and acting like they’re all stylin and shit.

    • Jerry/Tiny, you do understand, don’t you, that once your usefulness to the borg is done, you are going to end up dead in a ditch with a bullet to the back of your head, along with a lot of other people? It’s how it always goes down.

    • Why people are engaging in debate with you when you wear your disingenuous intent like a badge of honor is a mystery to me. I think this is actually part of the problem with the white man you DID not identify. We are always read to extend the olive branch to those who utterly despise us and burn with the jealous hatred of 1000 suns.

      So that being the case allow me to be the first to award you with this, the PROPER response to this absurdity:


    • Whatever our ancestors did to the darkies and to your Abrahamic ancestors wasn’t nearly enough because you’re all still here whining about it.

      We’ll keep that in mind when the balloon finally goes up.

    • Yet they keep wanting to come/stay here or the EU, rather than going to Africa, Israel/ME, Malaysia/Vietnam/China/India, etc.

    • LOL.

      Re: ” Have you ever considered why Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Homosexuals, Asians, Latinos, and the trans-community are all allied against you? “.

      Yes I have in fact.

      The way I figure it is that if we just let the Muslims have their way for a while – then they’ll just kill all the Jews, homosexuals, all the heathen Asians and Latinos, every single member of the trans community will be thrown off of a tall building – and the blacks will convert or be turned into slaves – just like the Muslims do to blacks over in the Mideast.

      Then it will just be down to the white man and the Muslims. By that time all the women will be cowered into submission for fear of the burkha – so we won’t have to put up with feminism any more either.

      You seem to think you have an insoluble coalition, when in reality what you have is a barely held together rabble that is only not killing each other because they’re irrationality has temporarily been directed outwards.

      That’s a temporary state of affairs – that is already showing serious cracks.

    • Yep, I’ve thought that for a long time, but until the oligarchs start actually firing employees and their supervisors up the chain, the oligarchs are complicit.

    • The story about Google is good news. If “family” triggers them, they probably won’t breed. Since political inclinations are somewhat heritable, there will be fewer leftists in the future. Fix K-12 education and your work is done.

          • The joining of school and state is a feature of our system. You can’t repair it without taking a sledgehammer to Wall Street and the courts.

            I want you to consider something. The oligarchs(along with the Jews and others with money) all send their kids to boarding schools or private concerns like the Montessori. They have avoided public schools for well over a century because they know they were designed to produce obedient drones for factory work and today are worthless for even that. They just produce helpless teenagers.

      • This is why I feel that the American right’s traditional opposition to abortion is a strategic error. Shitlibs and browns are far more likely to abort their babies (especially the white shitlibs) than heritage Americans who will have and raise their children. So, give it another generation and the problem sorts itself out.

        For these reasons, I wouldn’t just support abortion, I’d actively promote it. Hell, even subsidise it. I’s not expensive, it’s cheap.

  28. The only relevant divide is not facts versus “morality”. The only real issue that matters at all is, the endless brown mudslide wants to invade the White countries, take their lands, their women, and all their stuff, and kill off the White people either actively, through violence, or passively, through breeding them out. And that (((Our Best Friends Ever))) are gleefully egging them on, and providing the financial, intellectual, moral and political framework for the invasion. And that despite all this, the White people still seem to lack the energy, awareness, and moral justification to fight against their own destruction, or even complain about it much. Nothing else matters.

    OT but I thought of a fun new way to troll the left: take their idiot slogan “true communism has never really been tried” and invert it:

    “True Nazism has never really been tried. Think of it, Hitler was defeated before he achieved his goals. We don’t know what a truly Nazi world would be like.”

    “A true Holocaust has never really been tried. For the Holocaust to work, it has to be totally successful. We won’t know what a post-Holocaust world would look like unless we try it the right way.”

    “True racism has never really been tried…”

    Laughs! Riots! Exploding blue-haired heads!

  29. Curiously a very similar divide happened about a thousand years ago. See Islamic golden age, debates between philosophers and believers, and how it ended. Our side lost badly then with consequences we still live with today. Doesn’t portend well for our times but perhaps it will be different now.

  30. Yeah, it is interesting on this side but like Whittaker Chambers decades ago, it still feels like the losing side. The left has legions from plain NPCs, resentful women and minorities, corporate oligarchs and plenty of low IQ dumb asses. Also the media and Hollywood.

    I look around at what passes for an American or European citizen nowadays and I don’t see a lot of recruits or warriors for our side. Granted, any revolution doesn’t need a majority to win, so my hope lies that our best such as Tucker, Steven King, Trump and all the secondary movement characters can finally gain a strong foothold in this culture war. No matter what we gain, the left as it is now is losing fast. They got nothing, notice the array of talk show shitlibs making fun of Trump’s misspelling of Hamburger? Really?

    • I agree that the Left has nothing, but there can be a lot of damage done in the meantime from an ideological—but wrong—movement. Perhaps even to the point of no recovery when the truth is finally, and painfully, made apparent to all but the most benighted. Take the recent example of the late great USSR.

    • At this point we probably have less of a numbers problem than we do a lines of communication problem. Yes, lots of white men are pozzed bureaucratic Janissaries, but millions are also on the edge and ready to raise the black flag.

      Just from observing our tribe, lots of guys (my circle is largely made up of white middle class professionals and skilled labor) are ready to cut the tether, to go from 0 to 88 at the first sign of group solidarity and commitment.

      • One of the benefits of the way things are working currently – is that as a white man, you can probably get away with smacking around the pozzed white men – and nobody is going to care.

        The blacks do this all the time: police their own.

        If we’re going to “win” – well then we have to start somewhere.

        And smacking around the white men who get out of line is probably a good place to start.

    • The left has legions from plain NPCs, resentful women and minorities, corporate oligarchs and plenty of low IQ dumb asses. Also the media and Hollywood.

      Does that sound like a winning side to you?

      • Against a side that is not yet willing to fight, they do have a good head start. Is there any bloodless way to win this? Likely not. As has been said before, all that is necessary for evil to win is for good men to do nothing. The question is, What do we do? So far I haven’t heard a coherent answer, but lots of discussion (not exclusively at this blog) about voting in better pols, locking and loading, deporting anybody who can’t speak decent English, etc. We need a consensus as to what to do when; a plan of action. If the Left can elect a community organizer, and the Right can figure out how to co-opt the Tea Party, why can’t us deplorable Bible-thumping gun toters come up with a strategy? Herding cats comes to mind…. As best I can tell, if we want a better government, we need to be better people individually, not collectively. It starts at home.

        • Part of the problem is our side is inflexible and lacks creativity not to mention a innate ruthlessness that the Left possesses in abundance.

          Look at Liz Warren, she realized real fast the education deck was stacked against her so she marked “American Indian” on the Harvard application and the rest is history. How many high IQ’s on our side had the nerve to play that game? None.

          I could describe a dozen more instances where we refuse to use the system to our advantage and instead bitch and over analyze.

          Too many on our side are anti-social and elitist as well. We have nothing that appeals to the white blue collars and dying middle-class. And without them we’re nothing but a gripefest.

    • Know I’m way late to the party, but the other side is learning too. “AOC” and her sh*t talking, tweeting, is one response to Drumpf and the populist and dissident right online.

    • Exactly.

      That’s why one of my retorts in conversations I have had with lefties recently is:

      I don’t know which one of these guys standing with me over here on the right is correct (telling me the truth) – but I am absolutely certain that everything I hear coming out of everybody on the left these days – is an absolute lie.

      This goes along with a general rule of life I have come to believe.

      It’s sometimes very hard to come up with the exact correct or “right” answer to things. But what you should – at the very minimum strive to do: is determine what the absolute wrong things to do are and avoid them like the plague.

      The left doesn’t seem to believe in this rule at all – as they actively embrace pretty much every single wrong headed thing that comes their way.

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