The Inhumanity Of Openness

A core assumption of cosmopolitan globalism is that the ideal society is the completely open society. That is, there are no barriers between people and all transactions are completely transparent. Organizations are based entirely on neutral rules, so that anyone meeting an objective set of criteria may join. Goods and services flow freely, without regards to national borders or local interests. The open society is therefore transactional, where the friction of custom, national interest and tradition is eliminated.

To see how central the concept of the open society is to the globalist project, you just have to look at the chief global advocate for globalism, George Soros. He is a citizen of nowhere, but he meddles everywhere. Through his organization, The Open Society Foundations, he funds subversive organizations all over the West. The goal is to destroy borders, customs and traditions, in order to turn the West into an open, transactional commerce area for the world. Openness is central to post-nationalism.

If a society is fully open, therefore, it means all people have access to all things, all places and so forth. It follows, according to the logic of the adherents, that any organization lacking the diversity of its surrounding environment, must not be fully open. A fire house without vibrancy, for example, is somehow discriminating against the vibrant. There does not have to be proof of this. The lack of vibrancy is proof enough. After all, if the hiring process of the firehouse was open and transparent, it would be fully vibrant.

At first blush, this sounds sort of reasonable, but it is when you examine it in detail that this zeal for openness is found to be every bit as extreme and inhuman as the radical ideologies of the past. This post from Robin Hanson offers a good illustration. His first thought experiment, regarding discrimination against the left-handed, comes to the conclusion that busting up exclusionary group preferences is good for the world. The reason is, such discrimination offends the gods of efficiency.

This sounds fine in the abstract, until you think about it in practice. Hanson assumes insiders create rules for arbitrary reasons. They just like one another and foolishly create rules that favor themselves. If only they could see the beauty of openness, they would drop those rules, so let’s just bust up those rules for them. Attacks on free association and private discrimination are not just about liberating the excluded. They are about liberating the included, so they can enjoy openness and vibrancy.

He then gets into “gender” differences, by which he means sex differences. This confusion we see on the Left between biological reality and their fantasy constructs is an essential element of their world view. It’s a form of fallacy where they compare reality to some model of reality, then critique the model, rather than use the model to gain a better understanding of reality. Therefore they talk about gender roles and ignore biology, because the model of gender is easier to critique.

This passage from his post is where we see the extreme radicalism.

Some may postulate gender as an innate atomic feature of the universe of human concerns, so that when we desire that an associate have a certain gender that has nothing to do with their many other associated features. But that seems crazy to me. Much more plausibly, what we like about a gender is strongly tied to the set of associated features that tend to go along with that gender. That is, we like the package of features that “are” a gender.

He is taking the theoretical model of gender that is not based in biologic reality then imposing it on reality. The whole post is a great example of sophistry, but it is also an insight into the thinking of the people who currently rule over us. They really have accepted the blank slate arguments about observable reality being a social construct. When you start talking about society “assigning roles” based on packages of features associated with genders, you have slipped the chains of reality.

The monstrous nature of the open society lies in the fact it assumes choice, based in anything but objective criteria, is invalid. The male who marries a female because of biology is acting from bias. The male who marries a man, because of economic benefit is acting rationally, because his decision is based on objective criteria. This view of people strips them of their humanity and turns them into economic units, cursed with a sense of moral duty and a belief in free will. They must be broken of those beliefs.

This is what lies behind the sudden promotion of race mixing on television. Every ad must feature a mixed race couple. It’s not so much a denial of biology, it is a denial of choice driven by anything other than objective criteria. Preferring your own race or ethnicity is invalid, because it places a barrier between you and others. Breaking up these antiquated notions of choice is not about racism. It’s about destroying any barriers between people, as those are by definition invalid in an open society.

This is why they are so berserk about what is coming from the human sciences with regards to the nature of man. If people are wired to favor their kin over strangers, for example, the open society cannot exist. More important, biology is a more authentic authority than whatever is bubbling up from the soft sciences. Destroying science will become a crusade, as it is the only way to preserve the open society. The un-personing of James Watson is not a sacrifice. It is atonement.

There’s also an anarcho-nihilism quality to the open society. If all human relations are reduced to self-interest based in objective criteria, there’s no reason for anyone to sacrifice. Trust is not objective and it cannot be measured. Without trust, human cooperation is impossible, as no one has an interest in sacrificing today for the good of a whole he may not be around to enjoy. The result of the open society is a Hobbesian world where everyone is a stranger and everyone is a predator.

That is what makes the zeal for openness immoral. It violates the natural order. It’s why a people under siege will sacrifice rather than open their gates. They know without that barrier between them and the besiegers, they don’t exist. It’s why the first demand of the conqueror is for the conquered to tear down their walls. The people preaching the open society are similarly acting from the position of the conqueror. If the West tears down its walls, removes its borders, becomes fully open, it ceases to exist.

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  1. I’ve noted the race-mixing in recent advertising. Someone from outer space, looking at our ads, could assume that gender is easily distinguished at a glance, since (according to our ads), females are white and males are brown, usually black.

  2. The biological, Christian family is at the core of these attacks, as they are the foundation of the anglo/celtic society resistant to globalhomo. If you are especially a younger man please marry and breed, you are the resistance.

    • Nope, Noble and beautiful European DNA is at the core of these attacks

      They want to get rid of Natural thing which Charles Darwin and Mendel describe as Nature-Gene that make European a noble people

      Christianity is just source of their strength, it has been that way since Roman Era

      In Christianity theory, Jesus can save Everyone regardless of nationality or Gender; Out group such as Roman soldier or prostitute

      Its against border and nationality at primitive times and Greco-Roman intellectual thought that is nothing but scam

      Christianity is Liberalism of Middle Age

  3. More like feudal society than leviathan, of course the multiracial society will eradicate any kind of trust among people especially between high class and lower class

    You have to look up to the India, Where Two Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi get killed by “Different factions”

    India is example of multi-racial society look alike

    Unlike Han-Chinese of China, India was never unification their own, Ethnicity and Language divided to faction by faction

    High Class can communicate each other by using English, but rest of the people can’t

    You may surprise How High Class and Others live in different world it will make them a different species

    And That’s What Future will be

    World Wide Web-Open world, Class [The Wealth] will decide everything not a Nationality or State

    ruler who have no responsibility to the people thanks to the Open society

    Ruler, billionaire are not the same species any more, and they just justified it where they live as a God and Rest of mundane live at Low quality

    Its Feudal society much worse version, people can’t fight against over lord simply they are racially and Culturally alienate to each other

    Over Lord Found Ultimate domination plan, same good old divide and conquer tactics with Race/Gender/Immigration

  4. Amid all this seriousness I did have a chuckle at Z’s no doubt intentional echo of one of the great lines of one of the funniest movies of all time:

    “The male who married a man for economic benefit is acting rationally….”
    – The Zman, above

    “Joe (Tony Curtis): But you’re a guy! Why would a guy wanna marry a guy?
    Jerry (Jack Lemmon): Security! ”
    – Billy Wilder, ‘Some Like It Hot’, 1959

  5. To promote openness in a tree, whether an actual apple tree or the metaphorical tree of liberty, requires pruning. Pruning is great for the well being of the tree (the collective) but not so much for the branches and leaves that are removed and discarded (some individuals). Under an egalitarian regime, it shouldn’t matter which branch is chosen for removal, as all are equal. But reality dictates that someone must wield the pruning saw, which makes that someone supra-equal. And his biases shall select the branches, but as a negation of those that should remain: here the productive old stock with many years of proven fruit bearing, there the vigor and promise of new shoots. Liberty/Equality/Fraternity leads inexorably to the guillotine.

  6. The use of arbitrary standards that ignore fundamental reality is a mean to an end. The brain dead sycophants of the left buy into it….. because they are idiots. But those behind the scenes understand this paradigm is a facade. It cannot work. They don’t care. The purpose is the destruction of current standards so those behind the scenes can RULE with impunity in the future. Once the insanity has done it’s intended job it AND the oxygen thieves embracing it will be eliminated.

  7. Hanson’s post is rather opaque, but when he says towards the end that “I don’t see gender-success correlations as by themselves offering much of a justification for anti-discrimination efforts today to suppress such correlations”, that sounds to me like he is saying that current efforts to enforce absolute gender equality are not justified. Is that something we should be getting upset about? Isn’t that what we think too?

    • Sounds like a trembling weasel walking on a tightrope, actually.
      Nope, belay that. More likely a con man laughing all the way to the bank.

  8. “Much more plausibly, what we like about a gender is strongly tied to the set of associated features that tend to go along with that gender. That is, we like the package of features that “are” a gender.”

    This is either gibberish, or a statement that men like women because women have the features of women, and vice versa. Why didn’t I think of that!

  9. I don’t have a big problem with the idea that gender is a social construct, but let’s also acknowledge that what most people care about is not gender, but sex, which is determined by the organ between your legs at birth.

  10. We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us.

    Good art imitates life, regardless of how lousy life is.

  11. Zman, could you define “objective criteria” as you are using it? Because biological sex is, by definition, objective, whereas self-selected gender is not objective. It is subjective, again, by definition. Do you mean something more like “socially approved criteria?”

      • Feudalism in terms of imposition of strict hierarchy of rulers and ruled. The bottom of the pyramid has no voice and minimal obligations. The middle class of bureaucrats, journalists and professors appear to have a reciprocal relationship with the rulers.

      • Feudalism also implies leaders born into their roles, rather than power hungry psychopaths cheating their way to the top.

        Feudalism shouldn’t be a bad word to anyone who is actually a traditionalist. Capitalism and republicanism should be.

  12. The leftist “model of reality” is precisely what they are promoting with the global warming fantasy. Any of us climate deniers who point to the fallacies in their computer model are attacked as heretics. In fact, wasn’t socialism originally referred to as “scientific socialism” in the early 20th century? Leftists keep trying to hijack science to fit every model in their arsenal.

    • Outside my office window this morning are the bus loads of career protesters, all fixed up with their “Green New Deal” stuff this time around. Very professionally done signs and banners. It’s as if all of this is coordinated behind the scenes, and everything has been written out in advance for AOC to issue and publicize. Gotta stop the cow farts (that’s banning meat and dairy food for you and me). Lots of dogs on leashes this time around, that’s new. Who doesn’t love a happy dog? Obligatory group photos being taken, so they can all reminisce over their activism when they get old, about how they saved the world.

      • Green New Deal is the announcement of an invasion, a resource grab.

        That’s what Matty Iglesias fans were talking about yesterday-

        “If we shipped suffering Puerto Ricans to empty Montana, we’d gain 2 Senators…”

        “If we started funding green research at the University of Wyoming, we could then go on to green infrastructure and jobs…”

        My liberal brother moved north to prospect gold Regions 5 & 6.

        The liberals view Western mining like the Chinese view Africa.

        Seizure, not consumers, is the Davoisie ground game. Efficiency means keeping routes open for cargo containers, pipelines, and approved ‘transit fee collectors’.

        • Puerto Rico is losing population do to lack of babies at an alarming rate. The Left nearly sees them as a use it or lose it asset at this point.

          Everyone knows the Left will never play by any civilized rules unless they win. The Right doesn’t actually care , so long as they can loot, lose nobly and they can take a Benedict Option

          This leaves a bad conundrum, the system as lousy at it is, is being destroyed and the economic choices of the Chamber of Commerce Right and the practice of wage arbitrage enabled by technology means there is less loot

          This means a dying society and very polarized system. The Left don’t care, they love chaos till they end up under the guillotine anyway but the Cucks Right is scared , so scared that a tiny disruption in the form of President Trump sent them into crazy town

          In the end since the system itself is at risk, joking calling President Trump God Emperor tells us something

          No one cares about democracy as much as the elite want us to, like the Russians at the end of their cycle , we know its a scan.

          This makes the US ripe for ultra nationalism or fracture. In any case the globalists won’t be the ones in charge.

          The trick is keeping them from destroying all of us in the process of being rod of them.

    • Epa;
      Worse than that, on one day they deny that there *is* such a thing as ‘objective reality’. Otherwise there is no way for there to be the ‘social science’ of diversity, open boarders, that they crave. But on the day after that they just f…n *love* science because it is ‘settled’ (in their favor).

      Really stupid, evil sophistry. Soros must be pinching himself at our Western Elite’s gullibility. He has made his program their truth. Because they have to have one, this one’s convenient for their economic interests and it flatters their egos.

      I have the mental image of he and his circle seeing themselves as lions, gazing out at a great savannah full of prey animals they have managed to make lame by poisoning the water hole.

    • I’m not advocating for anything like this but there is a part of me that wonders if it would be possible to develop a brain scan for leftism and what a society that at the age of adulthood, 21 anyone with that scan must undergo rehab. if they fail three times , euthanasia would be like.

      Such a society wouldn’t have many immigrants but could brain scan those too though failing there would just be a prohibition on immigration and later visits.

      Imagine there’s no leftists
      It isn’t hard to do
      No one else problems to kill and die for
      And no undermining your religion, too

  13. ” The goal is to destroy borders, customs and traditions…”

    Yes, that is surely correct. But

    “in order to turn the West into an open, transactional commerce area for the world.”

    No, because the consequence wil be a permanent state of fear, resentment and conflict – which will smash commerce, but provide an ideal rationale for greater totalitarian monitoring and control.

    It is a global totalitarian state that is the primary goal – and increased economic efficiency is just a lie to justify it.

  14. A thought provoking piece. I would say I am in favour of an open society but not Soros’s open society.

    Soros is an arch- Platonist, his enemy is us, the common people. His open society is just an excuse for him and his fellow Davonians to extend their sway over the entirety of humanity rather than being limited to one nation state at a time with all the pesky constraints that implies such as having to stand for elections, being held to account for a manifesto that people support etc. So boring.

    THe open society I would support is one in which the governing class operates in complete transparency, in which trade is free between states and competition within them. This would do away for example with the crony capitalist model which drives the EU and most of the defence industry of the world as well as monstrosities like the British NHS.

    People would be free to travel but not necessarily to reside and as a consequence not to receive the handouts designed for the inhabitants of a particualr place. Of course they are free to apply for residence based on certain conditions, which are decided in the interests of the existing population of the place they wish to reside in. These conditions cannot include reference to origin or skin colour obviously. And must not be determined by the narrow selfish interest of a political class at odds with its own people. This is one of the most fundamental questions in politics and we are baely allowed to ask it with out being labelled racists.

    • These conditions cannot include reference to origin or skin colour obviously.

      Why is that obvious? Wouldn’t that make quaint areas such as “Chinatowns,” “Little Italies” and Amish towns impossible? Kind of ruin the whole “quaintness” of those enclaves which makes them interesting to frequent in the first place.

      • I don’t think he meant it like that; “free to travel, but not to reside” is a very workable standard in the age of air travel. Kudos.

    • “Soros is an arch-Platonist, his enemy is us, the common people.”


      Get this through your head, and do it quick smart.

      Soros is a Jew, and his enemy is us, the evil stupid goyim, who somehow don’t appreciate the innate perfect superiority of… THE JEWS!! His enemy is the non-Jews… and especially the White, European, Christian non-Jews.

      The greatest political philosopher of all time was Oscar Wilde, and precisely because he was not talking about either politics or philosophy.

      He encapsulated the whole thing by saying politics was “the rage of Caliban at seeing his face in a mirror.” (viz., Caliban was forced by evidence to admit that he was ugly and brutal, not noble and fair like Miranda and Prospero).

      It’s a pithier way of stating Nietzsche’s main premise, that all human misbehavior is rooted in resentment.

      With the possible exception of some NE Asian populations and a few Brahmins, pretty much ALL non-White populations on planet Earth would prefer to be White, and to live in Europe and America among White people, among the best music, art, architecture, literature, poetry, philosophy, cooking, fashion, technology and everything else. Oh, and also the girls. There’s really just no comparison. Do you see mobs of Danish people beating down the doors to go live in Bangladesh?

      All modern global politics is based on Caliban’s resentment that he isn’t White, and the circus-master of the entire enterprise is the Jews. As Sailer puts it, the Jews don’t resent the Holocaust nearly as much as they resent the Golfocaust. And their evenge has been to tear down Harvard, which they didn’t create, and fill it with mystery meat.

      With the Jews, it’s envy and resentment on steroids which are also on steroids which themselves are on steroids. Wagner had it dead to rights when he made the snarling, resentful dwarf Alberich steal the Rhinegold, and thus the power to destroy the world, all becuz he couldn’t date one of the foxy blonde Rhinemaidens.

      This sort of envy would be comical if it weren’t so unimaginably powerful and poisonous.

      It’s going to be the death of us. In a world without White people, the world is just some odious combination of Sao Paolo and Shenzhen. In other words, it’s no better than some seething, swarming anthill. Lawd help us.

    • Bollocks. My right to have nothing to do with you trumps any imagined right you may think you have concerning contact of any kind with me,

  15. “… they compare reality to some model of reality, then critique the model …” – and here I thought they were wailing and gnashing their teeth against reality, having completely and uncritically accepted the model. I thought “… their fallacy …” was that they assume the real world is malleable, their model absolute.

    “Every ad must feature a mixed race couple.” – mere merchants thinking their money slavishly following someone else’s narrative can reverse the entire course of human biology and history.

    “… soft sciences …” Oxymoron. A definitional slip. If it’s soft, it ain’t science. If it’s science, it ain’t soft. Reason and respect for reality don’t “make allowances” for the opposite. “Xirl Pscience”.

    “… people preaching the open society are … the conqueror.” More mere merchants pretending kingship, ‘leading’ The Anti-Industrial Revolution. But following in the footsteps of The Assault From The Ivory Tower.

    Perhaps the perpetrators of this horth thit – at any level – should get an all expense paid final trip to Glacier National Park, remove all their accouterments of society, and tie one of their arms to a tree. A taste of biologic reality … we could make wagers on their life expectancy, in the “nature” they love and pretend to worship, without the products (clothes, glasses, shoes) of the society, culture, civilization they hate.

  16. It is a fallacy that the people advocating (indeed imposing) open society policies are doing so for altruistic or idealistic reasons. Rather, they fully understand reality as it has existed all throughout history. Parasites are unwelcome because they are a scourge on humanity and eventually get purged. From the point of view of the human parasite, open society policies enhance their survival prospects immensely. If you really want to dominate a democratic governmental system, import voters who can be easily bribed. And you cannot beat a parasite by trying to talk them out of doing what comes natural.

    • To some extent it’s academic whether they have good intentions or bad intentions. The important thing is to keep our eye on the ball: the destruction they’re doing, and the existential need to reverse it.

    • It’s a war. Ideology is camouflage. Parasites uncontrolled always kill the host. Looters have to keep the parasites partially in check to maximize plunder.

      • Not understanding how immigrants of 2019 are different from the Italians or the Irish during the industrial revolution? All seriousness…
        People in America were furious we were importing people with no education and a different religion.
        It seemed to work out alright.
        Whats the difference? Just race?

        • We’ve only been seriously affluent for about a half century now, and the parasite fraction has grown from <5% at the start of the 20th Century to about 50% now (and growing fast). Couple that with the 30+ million of unassimilated easily bribable illegals and you have a formula for Leftist domination of the federal government in perpetuity. See Venezuela as an example of that future.

        • Really???? Try European, for one thing. People who fell under the category of “Western Civilization.”

        • Yes. 95% of all immigration since 1965 is nonwhite.

          Why should *we* be enriched.
          What do they have to offer?

          If they’re so wunnerful, shouldn’t they help their own at home?

          You wouldn’t mind bringing white South Africans en masse, would you? Because you’re not a racist or a xenophobe.

          • Uh???
            Why does it matter that theyre non white to a normal person?
            Mexican immagrants offer what Italian and Irish immagrants offered: hard work for less money.
            Again no differnce unless u base it on anget for people that have s different skin color…

          • Thats. Ompletley subjective.
            Latino culture is family oriented, work oriented, and religous.
            If they were white Canadians I have a feeling it would be fine with “anti immigration” Rep. King types.

        • If you honestly dont know the difference between immigrants in 2019 and the Italian and Irish immigrants who arrived during the Industrial Revolution, then yes, you are obtuse; or you’re just not paying attention.
          The good news is you get to believe whatever you want to believe.

          • Boy are you in for some learning when the people of color get more control. It’s all in motion, we have only to wait for the wave to break over our heads. You may remember back to this time when your fellow countrymen tried to warn you. I wish I had listened to the brave souls trying to warn us back in the 90s. Way too late now.

        • Try and concentrate. The difference is that Italians and Irish (and Poles and French and other Europeans) share history and cultural roots with the original English-Scottish-German-etc. stock. And even with the Italians and Irish the accommodation to American ways wasn’t always healthy: the gang wars that generation of immigrants spawned may seem like a joke or fairy tale now thanks to Hollywood, but the reality was brutal and it coarsened American life.

          Now you want us to welcome a massive influx of people who are very different from Italians et al., who don’t have a compatible culture and who couldn’t care less about becoming traditional Americans. They are here to live off the fat of the land built by the people they are being imported to replace.

          I hope that answers your question. And yeah, I know, swing of the pendulum. Take your pendulum and cram it up your cloaca.

  17. Attacks on free association and private discrimination are not just about liberating the excluded. They are about liberating the included, so they can enjoy openness and vibrancy.

    And yet it doesn’t always feel like they’re doing it for my benefit, you know?

    Seriously, I think that’s one of the nastiest things about left-wing ideology: it lets people rationalize their malice. They see halos over their heads as they destroy innocent people. Leftists are bad people who think of themselves as good people. It’s one of the elements that gives their thing so much energy.

      • Groupthink and mobs. They collectively go after non-conformists just like the aliens from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Anyone discovered as a bad thinker gets publicly attacked by the mob (in real life or on the internet) and they succeed in getting them fired or thrown off their social media platform, which in many cases was how they earned their living. That’s how they “destroy innocent people.” (As if you didn’t know.)

        • Yeah, I guess I disagree. I work at a very Liberal dominant job and I’m a pretty moderate person. I can tell my views aren’t accepted but I’m not losing my job over not being a Liberal.
          The people that are losing their jobs over their social media in my opinion can’t complain… Private business (as if you don’t know) has the right to employee who they want to employ.
          If you’re showing up at the Unite the Right Rally with a Tiki torch, or going to Berkeley throwing fire bombs (like the idiot Antifa people) and your boss finds out, he can fire you. That’s cool with me.
          I don’t understand how that’s the fault of any ideology.
          I know that if I post racist (or race “realist”) material on my Twitter and my boss finds out, I’ll be fired. That’s her right. She doesn’t want to work with a race realist, and wouldn’t want me around her clients.
          I think people need to grow up and accept that we don’t live in the 50’s anymore. Things change. People that were once persecuted are now given the same protections in our capitalist society as white men. Race realist views that were once mainstream are now… well not mainstream. That’s life.
          I’m sure it sucked being a Black liberal living in the south in the 50’s. You prob. couldn’t say what you really believed in public.
          Now “race realists” are dealing with the same conditions. The pendulum has swung my friend…
          If you post that you don’t want certain people around you, and your business serves those people, they have the right to get rid of you.
          As for the MOB attacking you on the internet… The internet sucks. People are mean. Social media is controlled by a Capitalist system where they want as many people as possible, they don’t care about the 1st amendment.
          Thanks for responding to me.

          • Do private businesses enjoy the freedom to not hire analphabetic negroes?

            Do private businesses enjoy the freedom not to hire negresses with tats?

            Do private businesses enjoy the freedom to not serve BLM activists named Trayvon and Dontavious?

            Do private businesses enjoy the freedom to form organizations which unequivocally exclude Hebrews from joining?

            Do private businesses enjoy the freedom to fire female employees who complain that they are being discriminated against because they must were skirts and high heels?

            Do private businesses enjoy the freedom to fire employees because they announce that they are transitioning?

            Today, more and more people recognize that being black or jewish or female or gay does not thereby confer any special consideration and that those who contend otherwise are to be held in contempt and are to be ridiculed.

          • Very true. Private companies most certainly use to be able to discriminate with impunity.
            Blacks couldn’t even eat in the same resturants…
            Like I said, the pendulum has swung. Now people that use to be discriminated against are now afford the rights that only belonged to white men.
            As I see it, thats what this movement seems to be about. Envy that people once on the fringes are now standing where white men once stood.
            Race realists are the new analphebtic negros of the 1950s…

          • So, white kids can go to schools where they won’t get beat up by L’il Gangsta, right?

            I’m sorry it’s hard to change jobs, cuz it is; and I’m sorry the new wife has a beanlet or two by her previous. They look just like you.

            Keep this up! Surely it will make things better someday.

          • First, blacks and browns did not grab control of the commanding heights of U.S. society in some glorious triumph over gentile white guys.

            Jews and other Good Whites (people like you) quietly took control of the choke points in a remarkable covert victory. (I hate them – and you – but I have to respect what they achieved.) Blacks and browns are simply being used by Jews and Good Whites to punish and demean Bad Whites.

            If you think for one second that your fellow Jews and Good Whites actually like and want to live around blacks and browns, you’re a fool.

            Second, I generally agree with you. Jews and Good Whites now control the media and much corporate leadership, particularly the tech sector. It’s their call if they want to fire non-believers. Bad Whites should quit our whining and fight back.

            It’s going to a very long and difficult road, but we need to create a separate community that protects our own. It’s not the job of Cult of Equality priests such as yourself to look out for Bad Whites like me.

            We fucked up. We got lazy. Therefore, we need to fix the problem. To be honest, the odds are very much against us. That said, Bad Whites are the best, most adaptive people in history. I wouldn’t count us out.

          • True. Us “jews and good whites” did not slaughter or use violence to achieve equality with people. We didnt exclude whole races based off of hatred. We now promote people who are accepting of differences… sorry that enrages you.
            I too am white, and believe it or not don’t mind working with blacks and browns. Usually if you get to known people and look past race were all equally good and bad…
            I read this blog because its well written and gives a different perspective than my urban, liberal bubble.
            I bet if you stopped generalizing and trying to find ways to blame society: jews, browns etc. you would be a happier person.
            Things will never go back to what you are hoping for… That world doesnt exist. Young people are the future and demography is destiny.
            Might as well accept change and deal with it instead of making things worse by giving white people a bad name….

          • “. . . and my boss finds out, I’ll be fired. That’s HER right. SHE doesn’t want to work with a race realist. . .”
            There’s your problem.

          • Normie, that would be a legitimate view were it not for the fact that private businesses are not free to hire and fire as they see fit. I don’t know about the USA but in the UK all employers have to hire according to “diversity quotas” whether they like it or not. It is not a free market.

          • No, youre right. Here we hire the children of higher ups and let kids into college if their parents went to the same school…
            Racial quotas are a out 5% of admissions.

          • Suppose your boss decides to fire you because she discovers the views you state here — not some hypothetical extremes. Or she doesn’t like men and wants to replace you with a specimen of the sisterhood. Or she doesn’t like the color of your eyes.

            Plus she’s influential and has loads of contacts in your field, so no one else will risk hiring you either.

            Is that just a further deflection of the pendulum and it’s all good?

      • Are you obtuse? Just look at that white kid from Covington. If he wasn’t innocent, then the word is stripped of meaning. Yet for merely wearing a red ball cap with “Make America Great Again” on it, he was doxxed, threatened with bodily harm, targeted for expulsion from school, targeted for rejection for university admission, defamed and libelled in the press. See also Justce Kavanaugh. Wise up.

        • Not obtuse.
          Outside of rural areas wearing that hat means youre looking for a fight…
          Just like wearing a BLM hat in Appalachia means youre looking for a fight.
          I thought everyone knew that?
          Wise up.

  18. Evolutionary anthropologist, Robin Fox has a chapter in his book “The Tribal Imagination -Civilisation and the Savage Mind” called “Open Societies and Closed Minds -civilisation Versus Tribalism” and he says that the west is open to cultures that in reality is extremely closed with no civil society in the cultures they come from. He predicts conflicts due to this and will have to become a close culture too. He rejects universalism and says the west is particular.

  19. A completely open society will never work (in the way the advocates intend) because openness will select for the best candidates to fill the available tasks. So IQ, physical strength, and social skills walk right back in the door and create discriminatory outcomes. The “openness” movement is simply another one of those things used to boss you around and take away your stuff.

  20. The progression of our current reality tells us what bridge to cross. It does not tell us when. We will cross it when we have to. If we need to burn some of the bridges we have already crossed, so be it. I am all in.

  21. Like all authoritarian governments they need to end the opposition’s natural right of freedom of association. It being a natural right dooms their efforts. Here we are, despite all their efforts, on this naughty little webpage talking about naughty things.

    • The 1964 Civil Rights Act killed freedom of association. The following year is when they opened the floodgates into the US for the Third World. 1964-65 is when the West died.

      • I don’t think the West is doomed. I think that there will be a sudden violent correction to the mean. Think French Revolution not the Fall of Rome.

          • True. The thing is right now, neither side has a plan on how they’d rule if they actually won. Oh the Left has some vague ideas, nearly all of the evil. however civil wars tend to destroy wealth especially fake wealth.

            The Left has a huge disadvantage in that the utopian societies they try to build are frighteningly expensive.

            The Right can survive, probably does better with less and may well be able to destroy enough to make any Leftist victory utterly Pyrrhic

            All that aside the Right cannot win till it embraces ideology.

            Not “Leave me alone” not “morning in America” but a fact based rational way to govern.

            Hell as I’ve noted Neo Nazis do better on these grounds and most of those guys are far from the cream of any crop

            The other complexity is any planning requiring assuming American churches will uncuck and everyone with toddle back on in and start believing again is underpants gnome level logic

            You may well end up with a nation of hardened, suspicious killers and survivors all armed to the teeth and many blooded in battle with very little religious attachment

            Nearly all Deplorables believe in God of some kind , many are not religious

            You need to build a society for those scary people. This can be done, its not that hard but it requires people who understand them which rules out most of the current intelligentsia

          • If it comes to civil war, then it comes to dissolution and separation. Certain regions will simply coagulate together in mutual defense and for civil order. One of my questions is then what about places like the West Coast where the areas close to the sea are leftist but the rest of those states aren’t. Will Oregon or Washington be able to hold onto their eastern parts? They do out number them, but it would require a Guard or Militia from among them to occupy and control the eastern areas. Not so easy.

            My other interest is in wondering, in the case of civil war is how will Washington, DC manage it? Which side will be in charge? How will the armed forces react? The generals and upper officer corps will do whatever they’re told to do by whomever. The soldiers, sergeants, LTs, captains and majors may not be very amenable to killing patriotic Americans and the vets who’ll be among them.

          • Also, coastal California (and Sacramento) have already seceded from the Fed govt in that any Federal law it disapproves of, it ignores. That would change if it stopped paying taxes, but the de facto separation we have here will not be undone by any Dem president, and the Reps refuse to do anything about it out of their basic spinelessness and cowardice. Sessions wouldn’t enforce the Fed rule of law here. Why would any Rep do so at this point?

            Of course, we’ll get to drown in the feces of all the homeless we already have and encourage, and then all those the other states will send us.

          • Johnmark;
            In reply to your very insightful questions concerning Red/Blue states (I. E. Washington, Oregon) I don’t how it’s going to shake out but I do know that we won’t have to wait very long to find out. A gun-grabbing initiative was passed last Nov. by the limp-wristed liberal majority in the Seattle area that affects the whole state that went into effect Jan. 1.This turd of a law makes the owner of any firearm criminally libel if his gun(s) are stolen from his home and subsequently
            used in a crime. There are other restrictions on semi-auto weapons that effectively make the owners of such felons. As of this week, six different county sheriffs have announced that they will not be enforcing this law, calling it unconstitutional. So- the lines are drawn.
            In Oregon, the state legislature is getting ready to raitfy a draconian law(s) that limit among other things, the magazines in all firearms to a 5 bullet capacity
            And a limit of 20 rounds a month for ammo purchases.
            In this new regulatory nightmare there will be NO grandfathering in of existing private fire-arms. The venerable six-shooter will have to be surrendered to the State. We will see how this plays it with the Eastern Oregon ranchers.
            The leftist agenda is hurtling us towards confrontation.

          • They’re worried about six-shooters! Wait till all the good people of Oregon bust out those local-machine-shop-autos they’ve been saving up for a rainy day.

        • Oops, sorry Wolf, i forgot to chime in with a hearty 1000 %, spot on, that was the year the Revolution was won

    • “Here we are, despite all their efforts, on this naughty little webpage talking about naughty things.”

      Using VPNs and pseudonyms.

      Look at VDare, who can’t even organize a tiny academic conference anywhere in the country.

      Look at the Boy Scouts, who can’t have … boys!

      Go on, try to start a local Men’s Club in your area, and watch the lawyers (insert parentheses as needed) come out like mosquitos from the swamp.

      Real freedom of association is one of our absolute War Aims, really a condition of victory in our thing. We should push it harder.

    • Freedom of association has what has actually been under assault for decades, if not centuries. The average normie does not think about freedom of association, and treats the thing like it is the air that we breathe, when it is actually being crushed out of him by degrees. Normies have been trained to self-censor their own associations, and it has all worked very well so far. But things appear to be changing now. Questions are being asked and things are being pointed out.

      Part of it is the internet, where people can “privately” explore ideas and arguments, away from the self-censoring public associations, and consider what different things mean to them, personally and confidentially (at least until the NSA publishes the lists).

      • Before the internet I imagine the majority thought their thoughts and ideas were outliers. They are desperately trying to put the genie back in the bottle.

  22. That the pig George Soros continues to draw breath day after day proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the existence of the Deep State.

    • When was the last time anyone saw him in public?

      He put most of his money into “charities” … his presence is no longer required.

  23. All of this stuff, I’m increasingly coming to think, is designed to produce “learned helplessness.” The open society is just chock-full of choices — they’re nearly infinite, in fact! — but they’re all meaningless. Witness the fact that the Left (and especially their shock troops, the cucks) praise gays, trannies, and “strong independent women” to the skies… then freak out because men aren’t “manning up” and getting married. In the open society, you can marry a homosexual, a horse, a homosexual horse, or a minor (coming soon to a mosque near you!), but what you can’t do is decide not to get married. Similarly, you may choose one of nearly infinite iterations of almost-identical iCrap, but you must not, under any circumstances, cut the cord. You must choose, but none of your choices matter, because you end up in the same place anyway (see also: Every American election since 1992). Nothing you do can possibly matter, so tune in, turn on, and drop out. Leave your wallet.

  24. My favorite part about openness is they mean openness for YOU, not for themselves. Concealing information from the public to cover up corruption by calling it “classified” for example. They also hire by type casting. The elites hire only people who look and sound like they do, and they weed out the unbelievers. That’s how you get, for example, female Air Force generals who all look like butch lesbians with phony deep voices. (The male generals are type cast too. It’s hilarious to see them in large groups.)

    This is why calling the Globalists hypocrites is pointless. They never said the rules were for them. Their goal is to enforce the rules upon you.

    Which is why the VA Governor still has a job. Anybody on the wrong side of the fence would have been handed a bowl of poison berries a week ago. I have friends who say that this is hypocritical. It’s only hypocritical if you say and believe the rules apply to you, but then fail to obey your own rules. You can’t be a hypocrite if you’re not subject to the rules written for everyone else. The lack of openness is what allows Soros to prey on his enemies.

    (Never mind that what Northam did wasn’t so terrible back in 1984 when people weren’t douchebags who couldn’t take a joke.)

    • I was in high school in Georgia in 1984 and we used expressions like “mighty white of you” and said things like “it’s good to be free white and American” but nobody went about in blackface. We knew not to do that. I’m not saying he should be thrown into the void for it but I think it’s weird that it seems to be an epidemic among Democratic leaders

      • Sargon of Akkad made the observation that every SJW he researched always said things like, “well we’ve all been hateful” or “we’ve all done horrible things”. He realized that most Lefties are atoning for being horrible people.

        Black Conservatives all know that white liberals are waiting for a chance to call them “uncle toms” and use racial slurs as soon as a POC steps out of their assigned role.

      • Yup, the rules of common decency never applied to the Good and Better People, they don’t need them.

        Political colonialism.
        I saw that term yesterday for Dems who want to turn Montana blue, and thought immediately of my beloved liberal brother.

        He moved to a small, quaint, 90% white town in northern CA, to get away from the steaming, vibrant shithole of the Central Valley.

        The problem is, it’s full of Trump Reds, people so stupid they live with no crime, small town values, elk herds on the main highway, and a big July 4th parade- one they let him lead, as a welcome.

        Because they built such a fine refuge, they must be too stupid to keep it. I mean, look who they voted for!

        He’s going to save them from themselves. Maybe God brought him for a reason. He switched his party affiliation to Republican- after all, it’s a meaningless label- and is going to run for town council. He’ll show ’em how to live right! We need some change around here!

        It’s like he was from the Pale of Somalia or something

          • Don’t worry, we already know about him. Like the attorney who moved here from San Fecescrisco. After six months of residency he ran for city council on the platform of “I’m the smart guy from fancy law school etc.” But did anybody know his grandfather or his father? Hell no. He came in dead last by a wide margin. A year later, as rootless as ever, he crept off to some state east of the Mississippi River.

      • I suspect it’s more a function of locality & time. In the deep south you’re right that was not going to fly then. Further north or west not so much, blackface was just a costume then and there.

        Ted Danson thought nothing of celebrating his black girlfriend… remember that story?

        Retroactively applying today’s morals is just a terrible idea. Judge people how they act today not yesterday.

        • The 1980’s increasingly look like the high water mark of race relations. Eddie Murphy’s take here is funny not because he’s roasting white people. He’s roasting how white people are portrayed. “Watching Dynasty” for example. Sure, he wears white makeup and makes fun of voices and mannerisms, but it’s funny because it’s kinda true and pretty harmless. It’s also funny that in 1984 making fun of white people for liking Hallmark cards has, in recent years, become an attack on Hallmark for insufficient “openness”.

          The real satire here mocks how white people are portrayed “see! See! We were RIGHT!” which is pretty subversive.

      • I agree with you. There are just stupid people out there and they do stupid things. But while the usual barkers scream, “Hypocrites!”, the Democrats gave themselves a week to remember that the rules are not applied to them at all, so they just laugh about the hypocrite thing.

    • Yes. Going back to the opening statements…

      “That is, there are no barriers between people and all transactions are completely transparent. Organizations are based entirely on neutral rules, so that anyone meeting an objective set of criteria may join.”

      This is actually applied in a highly selective way in practice.

      • Exactly right. Anybody who ever spent any time working in Government understands this. I used to watch Government employees rig contracts all the time. They would set up fake email accounts to send source sensitive materials to their buddy in Company X. My colleagues would always wonder how the other team always seemed to have more insight, and it was because their friend had wired the contract for them. I once had an Air Force Lt Col ask me, “So, when we award this to [company x], you guys will all quit and join [company x], right?” That’s illegal. When they awarded the contract, I found all my guys new and better jobs, and that same Lt Col hated me hard and would make a show of ignoring me at meetings. I used to tell people, “Watch John, this is hilarious,” and we’d sit there and laugh and laugh.

        The whole Clinton/FBI/Mueller/Russia thing is a perfect contemporary example. Way back in my National Review commenting days, when the Clinton email story broke, I quickly pointed out that there were multiple criminal violations committed, that people get prosecuted, fined, and debarred for life from government employment…….and that Hillary Clinton would walk and the Government would make sure of it.

        They never said those rules would apply to the people in charge.

    • Got to agree with Whitney re Northam. Came of age in the rayciss south in the ’80s, and blackface was not “a thing” that I could see. maybe only upper crust sothren whites were into it?

      • I think he’s right too. I probably could have said that better. I don’t mean to condone the costumes. Other than the schadenfreude of watching the Left try to figure out how to deal with it, I figured he would survive and was simply enjoying watching that sanctimonious infanticide loving a-hole getting hoisted on his own petard.

  25. The plan for the open society involves mass importing clannish and tribal Third Worlders, who are much less “open” than the host population of white people. This isn’t going to go well.

    • “Openness” is less ideology and more the manifestation of group evolutionary competition.

      Soon the ideology won’t matter. As competition becomes more and more heated it is the competition itself that will drive this.

      Since we are now all the same race, the consumer race…we are all in the same spiraling competition. Spiraling into greater and greater disorder. By disorder I mean the current social milieu. The natural order is beginning to reassert itself.

      This doesn’t end well.

      • It often ends up in nightmarish collective punishment scenarios this time amplified by databases and our tech.

        You help that guy I hate, your grand-kids are liable for it. Your part of that institution, your cousins kids get it.

        Ends up push to shove everyone including Northern and Western Europeans are tribal and N/W Europeans have happily killed entire populations . The 30 years war waged with matchlock muskets mostly killed upwards of half the population of Germany

        Maybe the globalists figure they’ll be safer if everyone is like them, clannish, tribal and materialistic but the displays a staggering lack of knowledge of human nature.

        It will end up nowhere good and if you are a loathed ethic group? Well we can buccal swab entire populations and make sure that group cannot hide among the population. Baring that everything about everyone is in a database somewhere . No reason for the Regime of Hat ™ not to use them.

        They certainly can go live among the “new citizens” who can’t maintain a nice society but they won’t enjoy it very much if they make it at all. The new citizens hate them worse.

        • I’m not sure what you are aiming at…if you’re equating kinship conflicts with conflicts across a genetic barrier I disagree.

          The largely nordic character of European civilization(800 and to the present) honors Rome. The anti-whites will not honor us. They will erase our memory and accomplishments. We will survive as ghosts and demons in their primitive stories.

      • If Hobbes was right and it is just a war of all against all; then, like Buster Scruggs, I just hope to have a good run before I ultimately succumb to a faster draw.

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