Bring Back The Hangman

It appears the Michael Avenatti story arc has reached its final phase, with his arrest by the FBI for trying to shake down the sneaker company Nike. Like everything else about this guy’s story, the events leading up to his arrest were an amusing mix of outlandish claims and ham-handed attention seeking. He was tweeting about how he was about to expose Nike for their crimes moments, before he was arrested by the FBI for his crimes. Even in custody, he is still working the grift that landed him in Federal custody.

What’s remarkable about this Avenatti story is not that he exists or that he has managed to hustle the left-wing media for a couple of years now. He actually had them giving him money to explore running for President. What’s remarkable about his story is that he is not all that uncommon. He’s more garish than most, owing to his heritage, but his type is becoming a common feature in public life. The most prominent politicians today are every bit as dishonest and corrupt. Ours is an age of the universal sociopath.

This proliferation of sociopaths is most certainly a new thing. A few generations ago, the rules of society would have prevented a character like Avenatti from getting to this level, as his demeanor would not have been tolerated. He simply would not have been granted an audience by the media, which is a big part of his story. In fact, it’s probable that his character cannot exist without social media. New social media not only makes it easy for stupid people to get on-line, but it makes it easier for grifters to exploit them.

That’s the truth about services like Facebook and Twitter. They did not invent the concept of social media or the public platform. Usenet was a very popular platform at the dawn of the internet culture. It’s fair to say the BBS was what initially drove amateur interest in the internet. Long before Mark Zuckerberg, message board communities were flourishing on-line, serving tens of millions of people. The thing was, you had to have a little savvy to reach these platforms and you needed some smarts to exploit them.

What the new platforms did was make it so a moron could get on-line. Phones come with Twitter and Facebook apps baked into the platform. In most cases, you can’t remove them even if you don’t use them. If you can operate a phone, you can be on these platforms, interacting with your fellow morons in minutes. What’s unique about this age is that the people who were encouraged to remain silent for most of human history have now been fitted with the tools to stand in the public square, bellowing like lunatics.

The stupid have always been catnip for the dishonest, so it stands to reason that the grifters would also flood in the public square, attracted by the stupid. Social media has become a hunting ground for the modern grifter. In a different age, Mike Cernovich would be a lawyer with an office behind a Vietnamese nail salon at the strip mall. Milo Yiannopoulos would have been working children’s birthday parties as a clown, who made the adults uncomfortable. Michael Avenatti would be selling real estate or used cars.

Now, go even further back and it is hard to imagine these types making it to adulthood, much less becoming public figures. For example, the serial killer is most likely a phenomenon of modernity. To get away with ritual killing, you have to live among people who don’t find it odd to be around strangers. If people started dying or disappearing in a small medieval village, people noticed. For most of human history, being a drifter or even a traveler was a good way to get killed by paranoid locals.

Of course, what we know about sociopaths like Avenatti is that their behavior did not start in late adulthood. He was a ripping people off as a kid. His inability to distinguish right from wrong probably would have gotten him killed by puberty in most times. Society was too near a run thing to tolerate these types of people. In fact, there’s good evidence that Western society deliberately removed these sorts of people from the breeding stock by the miracle of capital punishment. The executioner was essential to human civilization.

There’s pretty good evidence to suggest the prolific use of capital punishment raised western intelligence and provided the spark for what we think of us as the birth of modernity. By reducing the population of stupid people, the smart fraction increased. This led to a larger smart leisure class, who could then work on technological advances to overcome scarcity and the problems of human organization. More smart people made it possible for more smart people, so a cascading effect gave us modernity.

We know we are getting dumber now, and that may be due to the elimination of capital punishment, or possibly the fact we have eliminated the lethal consequences of stupidity, so the stupid are proliferating. Just as social media makes it possible for the proliferation of grifters, it’s possible that the end of capital punishment has allowed for the proliferation of sociopaths. In another age, these people either would have been killed in their youth or killed soon after reaching adulthood. Their reproduction would have been limited.

In short, what we may be experiencing is the result of western society evolving down a cul-de-sac, like the Panda. The proliferation of smart people resulted in a new social morality that permitted the flowering of a class of sociopaths and also a growing stock of stupid people on whom they can feed. It’s as if the Enlightenment unleashed a pathogen that made the left handed into status-seeking sociopaths and the right-handed into high-trust altruistic suckers. In time, the former has come to dominate the latter in the West.

Of course, no process continues into the future unabated. At some point, survival will require dealing with people like Michael Avenatti. If after a quick trial, he is hanged in a public square, the dynamics of society would quickly change. Being the slick talking grifter would plummet in status and even the dumb people in mass media would become afraid of them. The executions would proliferate until the balance of personality types in society was restored. In other words, it’s time to bring back the hangman.

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  1. I blame the lawyers. if they weren’t constantly suing companies on behalf of the survivors of stupid people, we wouldn’t have labels like “don’t drink the drain opener” and our collective iq issue would take care of itself. Darwin has been temporarily held up; but i’m sure it can’t last forever just like you said

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  4. I puzzled over this sentence for some time. Can anybody explain the meaning here? “Society was too near a run thing to tolerate these types of people.”

    • His supposition in that statement is that survival (in ye olden days) was tenuous and that civilization was a thin veneer on top. Subject to great damage from seemingly innocuous actions. Further that the leaders of society had some sense of ownership of it and so would not tolerate reckless actions that might permanently marry of destroy it.

      An analogy is that of an elderly person who zealously guards their furniture when the grandkids are over.

  5. The rise of stupidity is fairly evident anytime one ventures out their front door. I believe it’s one of the reasons why these ” Purge movies” are so popular.

    Same with zombie movies or TV series like The Walking Dead. Being able to eliminate the brain dead that walk among us is very appealing 🙂

    There’s one “society” that doesn’t tolerate overt stupidity or disrespect and that’s prison. it’s one of the reasons why inmates have a hard time readjusting to so-called normal society.

    In prison you held accountable for your actions. If someone on the street cut you off and got their teeth knocked out only to be told by the police or judge they got what they deserved it would go a long way curbing stupidity.


  6. Certain I will catch hell for this, but Planned Parenthood is doing their best. Horrible, but there it is.

  7. Just saw a USA Today headline. Women will no longer have kids because of wait…. global warming….

  8. The executioner made western society smarter (and unfortunately more docile), but a much more important factor was starvation of the poor and ignorant, with the younger sons of higher classes moving down to take their places…Greg Clark’s A Farewell to Alms documents the effects…

  9. Avenatti flourished because he served a purpose for the elite. Now a grifter doesn’t need to be gifted at conning suckers, he only needs to support the dominate narratives and he can get his moment in the sun. The suckers want to believe and there are stiff social and financial penalties for not believing.

    The higher skilled grifters like Sharpton and, probably, Cernovich are shrewder and know how to make the con last longer. But, as Z notes, even their job is easier these days due to a dumbed down populace and public discourse.

    There is a real chicken and egg dynamic at play in all institutions now. As bad thinkers get driven out, the narratives get dumber. As the narratives get dumber, the requirements lessen and dumber people are attracted to the organization and have a greater chance of rising to the top.

    This trend has really hit the tech world hard with the growth of female workers. Narratives are dumber and requirements are lower. When the tech world was male, it was survival of the fittest for ideas. Now being positive and enthusiastic is the winning communication style. In the 1980s James Damore would have been a star with a long lucrative career ahead of him.

    • “Avenatti flourished because he served a purpose for the elite…” You guys love to think too much. There’s not always some clever ideological angle. Get real. Avenatti was appealing as hell in his moment. I’m glad he fucked his life up because that dude is smart, articulate, and aggressive. And women love sharky looking bald guys. He’d have been Lefty’s jpitbull to devour dullard Trump in debate season. If he’d been halfway in control of himself he’d be the next president.

  10. Someone above was talking about how white men are going to take over and it’s gonna take unsentimental types to save the world and that’s who we are. That’s true. The hard right is full of hard men. Hard-hearted men. You can tell immediately who’s Left or Right by just mentioning the words ‘peanut allergy’ and see how the person reacts. I’m not even going to give an opinion on that. I’ve no idea. But restless leg syndrome is real. It sounds ten times gayer and made-up than a peanut allergy. But I’ve suffered from it. It’s real. It feels like someone is tickling your leg when you’re trying to fall asleep. It’s a special kind of suckiness. Being on the Right and men, we really can be too hard on other’s ailments. I’ve worked with tough factory guys. When they complain or can’t work or need time off for injuries or pain, they feel guilty as hell. Because they know other men are naturally skeptical and hard. But 97% of the time they’re not messing around. Same with pro athletes. I don’t care how rich or how black they are. When they say they’re hurt they’re hurt. Even if a player is “always” hurt he’s still way tougher than you and me.

  11. Bring back capital punishment? LOL. We can’t even get the crazy, drug-addled homeless criminals off the street because bleeding hearts won’t allow them to be touched.

    • You still have to pay the cost Spud Boy and you cannot safely contain mentally ill people and addicts in tents.

      Even without corruption, its big money and I can promise you that the bulk of heard heartened conservatives and just being cunts as usual. They want to opt out of the costs for peace and order so they can have more money

      If you truly want it, you need a lot more paths for people to opt into a good life which means nearly hermetically sealed ports and closed borders, repatriation, and very probably heavy regulation to contain efficiency and push wages up

      You’ll also need to control divorce once kids are in the picture

      With closed borders and ports you reduce the drug supply and lower the labor surplus paying for treatment deals with the addiction and the mental illness (this means paying for national health care if they can’t work) and the regulation ensures a bargain, you strive, you get ahead

      We won’t do and of these things and enough people out there won’t let assholes simply murder the homeless , so you’ll get more and more

      And yes I know that the cost modernity is too damned high. Tough, computers apparently come with a much higher social price tag than we expected

      • Thanks I noticed. Rolled in there with some pretty strong tea didn’t you bile. I guffawed (refuse to sound like teenage girl and use lol). I enjoy going there and arguing with their large Jewish readership. reminds me of college. To be fair, many are smart, but they all argue the same way. I often suspect that i’m arguing with one jew and his six sock puppets. I was able to get several to evoke nazi stuff so there is that.

    • Sid, good for you for arguing with the civnats. Even if you don’t sway your opponent, you may affect the audience.

      The civnats must wonder why they rarely win converts. I sure did when I was one. Civnats have an internally consistent worldview but sadly their worldview doesn’t fit the world itself. If most people really wanted to be race-blind, then the “Democrats aRe the Real Racists” argument would be persuasive. But it is not at all persuasive and that should suggest to the smarter ones that they must change their worldview to fit reality.

      • I added a bit of civnattery about what their idols “The Founding Fathers” had to say.

  12. We are experiencing the cascading results of dysgenic policies – subsidizing the least fit to breed and eat, removing capital punishment, discouraging family formation by the more capable, etc. There have been a couple of excellent reviews of a book explaining this, “At Our Wits’ End” (at Vdare and, I think, Occidental Observer). In the unavoidable cataclysm to come, there will be a lot of Whites dying too. Those who survive will be the hardest, most determined, and least sentimental. Only White men can build civilization, and only they can save a bit of it – but first they need to put their women in their place (at home).

    • Modernity is killing humanity in the industrialized world. Remember the White fertility rate has been below replacement for nearly 50 years.

      Simply you cannot have your cake an eat it to, move people into cities so you have more consumers and automate too many jobs to lower scale for even more profit they stop having kids. The only way around that requires a lot higher wages than make sense in any market society.

      There is no moral leverage to use and no social capital to spend and absolutely no policy choices that are available right now under the system we have that work.

      You have three choices, allow the system to collapse through population decline and/or replacement (Amish USA) allow the techies to kill of the increasing number of people whose value to them is too low (Silicon Valley meets Georgia Guidestones) or regulate the economy in ways that artificially increase wages

      Jobs or society dies its as simple as that

      Thus far we’ve chosen not to increase jobs so society dies . It deserves it

      1.6 forever baby

  13. ” In a different age, Mike Cernovich would be a lawyer with an office behind a Vietnamese nail salon at the strip mall. Milo Yiannopoulos would have been working children’s birthday parties as a clown, who made the adults uncomfortable.”

    Zman, I love you for this. I admire independent thought and blunt honesty far more than anyone’s high IQ.

  14. A bit off topic, but I wanted to share this article from Switzerland about unregistered gun ownership. Your readers who think all Europeans are unarmed may be interested in this.

    It’s in German (of course) but if you have Google Chrome, you can right click on it and select “Translate to English”. Even with the translation not being 100% precise, it’s a very understandable article.

    When you see the word “she” they are referring to a pistol which is feminine (die) in German.

    His girlfriend hates the gun. “I always have to make sure she does not dump her – or just throw her into the Limmat.”

    “….dump her – or just throw her into the Limmat.” means throwing the pistol, not the girlfriend, into the Limmat (a local river).

  15. It’s not that we’re getting dumber, we just don’t have to be any smarter.

    A European teenager today knows all about a smart phone and a PC because he’s been exposed to to one his entire life. But that same teenager has no real clue where his food or clothing comes from.

    200-years ago, not only did a teenager know where it came from, he worked for it every single day along with every member of his family.

    I would guess if you could put both in the same room, you’d discover one is just as smart as the other. They just knew different things because those things were very important to them.

    Same goes for the uber-rich and political elites. They are the same in-breeding, self serving, arrogant idiots they’ve always been. At least now, they can’t take our children away and send them to war whenever they feel like it.

  16. What is being described is the r vs K Reproduction Theory which explains the sudden decline of great civilizations through out history. In human terms ‘r’s can be easily fit into every negative category one can ascribe to sociopathic and phsycopathic behavior.

  17. Speaking of the lethal side effects of stupidity, can you imagine the terrible injuries when they used to put children working in factories around dangerous, nonidiot proof machines back in the early days of the industrial revolution? I’m sure that culled the foolish rather effectively too.

  18. I’m not convinced we actually have more sociopaths than we used to. A sociopath acts outside the bounds of what society will tolerate. These days, society has shown itself prepared to tolerate quite a bit. I’m willing to bet that in the circles Avenatti runs in, his ethics are pretty close to the norm.

  19. Half century ago people like Avenati woul have never been admitted to law school or allowed to take the bar exam. A quarter century ago his conduct would have gotten him disbarred. In modern America sociopaths like him are feted and adored by the sociopathic media.

  20. This is one terrific and useful and necessary essay! And, it is focused and to the point all the way. Funny too while never being anything other than deadly serious. Quite a feat.

  21. From the Rumjacks; your favorite Australian-Irish Band:
    The Jolly Executioner

    It said his blade weighed half a tonne,
    O’ Spanish steel, Christ how it shone,
    With a whistle & thump yer dash were done,
    And the axe cared not for who you were,
    He kept a cell below the tower,
    Where he signed the cross every half an hour,
    With a calf skin drum & a rattle tat taa,
    The Jolly Executioner.
    He had a son, a drunken sailor,
    Coulda been a Tinker, Tyke, or tailor,
    Sailed away to far Australia,
    To be the executioner,
    His rope were short, his knots were tight,
    He’d plait the hemp by candle light,
    With a crack & twang ye bade goodnight,
    To the Jolly Executioner.
    String em high & stretch em well,
    Burn a candle, strike a bell,
    Pipe their rotten souls to hell,
    For the Jolly Executioner.
    Then some bloke with a kite & key,
    Invented electricity,
    And the job were handed down to me,
    So fortunate you wish you were,
    I’ve cooked em all, the crooks & crumbs,
    The vagabonds & hapless bums,
    With a crackle & pop, ‘Ol’ Sparky’ sung,
    For the Jolly Executioner.
    I had a son, near broke me heart,
    A stand alone, a breed apart,
    Brought death unto a dying art,
    A general Practitioner,
    All white lab coats & PHD’s,
    And 10cc’s of anti-freeze,
    A noble art brought to its knees,
    Farewell to the Executioner.

  22. Avenatti was set up by a Trump administration conspiracy to keep him from winning the 2020 presidential election.

    And stop picking on people of left handedness…

  23. Sitting at a So Cal Starbucks this morning. Reversion to mean observed and confirmed. 1/3 of patrons should be institutionalized, 1/3 should be farm equipment. If you’re bringing the hangman back to California, bring a lot of rope.

    No shock Avenatti & his partner in crime Geragos are CA esquires. This place is a grifter’s Paradise.

  24. Either society is encouraging smart people to reproduce or dumb people to reproduce. Welfare systems do the latter.

    • You don’t have the moral authority of the church to get people to act against their interests and to mitigate the negative effects of shoving strangers into a city

      Thus either pay people to work which means controlling automation and efficiency pay people not have to kids or pay welfare but no matter what you will pay.

      Or you could just starve people to death and hope to god some opportunistic rich person doesn’t help them kill you as they have no connection whatever to you and yours

  25. If you don’t hang the sociopath, the sociopath becomes the hangman.

    *Current sociopolitical situation

  26. Remember reading a few years back that for ~500 years, England was executing ~1% of its most troublesome males each generation while their the upper classes were dramatically out-breeding the lower classes.

    Had to wipe a tear of joy from my cheek. I was overcome by the beauty.

    • Executions in the medieval period were quite rare actually and executioners all had second or third gigs to make ends meet even though the job paid well on account of people mostly having to be forced to do it

      What happened as serfdom ended and the healthy three tiered society normal for Caucasian peoples (those who rule, pray,work or some variation ) fell apart , the social controls went with it

      Most people broadly cannot handle freedom unless its heavily contained by custom .As opportunity and liberalism and such started to creep in , so did bad conduct.

      So we executed our way out which ought to be seen as an indictment of modernity if anything.

      Long run our low fertility will fix our society and if we were to keep foreigners out, a nation with the demographics of a retirement community and only the deeply religious having kids will have little crime

  27. We seem to be conflating two things in the comments: IQ and sociopathy. This leads to competing theories of solutions: execution vs consequences for stupidity. In the book, “The Son Also Rises”, by Gregory Clark, Clark makes the case for smarter people being more successful, and therefore wealthy. He tracks wills and estate documents through the centuries in England to show that the wealthy had more children and wealth to bequeath to them, while the poor did not. In other words, absent the welfare state, the higher IQ folk outbreed the lower IQ folk—eugenics. This led after a few centuries to the industrial revolution.

    This probably is not the case with sociopaths. I’m not aware of studies that associate such pathology with IQ (however, I could be wrong). So how to eliminate such pathology from the gene pool—execution, and that’s where the discussion from the Jolly Heretic, video one, seems right on—albeit, execution works well to eliminate impulsive, violent, and stupid people as well. But whether we can reinstitute a 1-2% culling of each generation seems problematic. A more feasible approach, again highly doubtful, would be sterilization for criminals and unwed mothers and fathers.

    A reference you might read: The Sociopath Next Door, by Martha Stout. May not be the best but has a number of detailed histories of prurient interest. Seems a hard 4-5% of the population are of the psycopathic/sociopathic persuasion. However, it is well recognized that certain occupations have, much, much, higher proportions as Z-man has wisely noted.

    • ”A more feasible approach, again highly doubtful, would be sterilization for criminals and unwed mothers and fathers.”

      Without medical welfare. The poor bears the disproportionate infant/child and adult mortality.

      So all things being equal alot of the poor are disappearing from the breeding pool by this alone

      With only as much food as in harvest boxes and lack of baby bonus. The poor is discouraged from breeding.

  28. It’s a bit like peanut allergies. Why are we unable to get peanuts on an airplane any more, why are there so many peanut warning signs and school bans? Did we, as humans, suddenly evolve a peanut allergy? No. More and more people who would have died from peanuts never did, and they passed this on to their children.

    • More likely it was just a slow rolling panic that afflicted mothers of young children. Incidents of peanut allergies have been on a steep decline. Food scares are probably a symptom of the decline is social trust. There’s nothing more frightening than the thought of invisible demons attacking us through food and water.

      • Food allergy deaths are declining, partly because more precautions are taken to prevent them. If you ever see somebody in anaphylactic shock, food allergies will seem less theoretical.

      • I think that it’s knowledge and avoidance, mixed in yes with over reaction. But, as a dad who brought a can of salted cashews home and unwittingly nearly killed his own daughter as a result (we didn’t know, until the airway started to close), it is a real thing.

        I read ingredients on jars of pesto very carefully now.

        • There has been a a number of studies on tree nut allergies. Peanut allergies are similar, but peanuts are not actually nuts. They are legumes. The protein involved is the same in people allergic to both tree nuts and peanuts. The prevalence of the allergy has been consistent in clinical studies. About 4% of the population is allergic to tree nuts or peanuts, with some overlap between the two. Self-reported allergies spiked in the 1990’s and then began to decline in the last decade.

          I expect similar data to turn up with gluten allergies. The biological prevalence of this allergy has remained constant, but self-reported incident have spiked. The fact that white people consume far too many grains probably explains why people feel better after going gluten free.

          • I think a factor in the gluten surge is that it ain’t your grand-dads gluten any more.

            There is no crop that’s been more fucked around with than wheat and current crops would be unrecognizable to a farmer 100 years ago.

          • Most people who are allergic are mildly allergic. what slice of the 4% are in life threatening danger by breathing peanut dust?

            no one on the airplane can eat nuts because someone might smell them!!!!

    • Peanut allergies can be avoided by feeding very small amounts of peanut flour to children starting at a young age. Their immune systems will not recognize it as an allergen if it is introduced this way.
      Similarly, allergies to cats can be reversed (even in adults) by constant low dosage exposure to cat dander.

      • Maybe, but my daughter doesn’t have a peanut allergy. She has a cashew allergy. There’s no way to predict that without a scratch test or lots of bloodwork.

      • Yep. Only allergy ever had was to cats as an adult. Wife decided to take in a stray kitten. All it took was two weeks of near anaphylaxis, eyes swollen shut, runny nose and sneezing and the reactions finally stopped.

  29. There’s a problem in cosmology known as the Fermi Problem. In a nutshell it states, if the goldilocks zone for the probability of life and even intelligent life seems so commonplace in the universe, where is everybody? (Should be detectable through transmissions).

    The Derb wrote an article on this subject some years ago. The title had Black Planet in it. A Black, black-pill.

    A possible explanation for this is that the cooperative cultures that are needed to develop a technocratic civilization also over-develop the cooperative instinct to the point of pathological altruism. Altruism, a necessary ingredient to rise, at some pivot point becomes destructive. Get smart, get pretty smart, spread the love, get dumb, get very dumb.

    Technological civilizations may be a short lived phenomenon. Never or very rarely getting out of this conundrum.

    Steve Sailor’s great-grandchildren may find Ta-Nehisi Coates intellectual challenging.

    • People try to figure out the optimum IQ and personality type to make everything work well. Maybe the civilizational secret sauce is to create an environment where different types and intelligences of people are given room to live and contribute. Not to go all multi-culti, but maybe giving the culture a little bit of room for different people, living in different neighborhoods, to do their bit and get rewarded for it is what makes it all go. It also seems to lead to the problems and excesses we see today, but that is another story.

      • What you describe is how we evolved. Symbiotic castes or estates…not competitive classes.

        Getting back to that without browning the civ may be a pathway out of this. Assuming we can get out of this.

      • “Not to go all multi-culti, but maybe giving the culture a little bit of room for different people, living in different neighborhoods, to do their bit and get rewarded for it is what makes it all go.”

        That worked pretty well in quite a few places for a long time.

        • Diversity is never good and while it can be tolerated in the manner you noted any society is better off without it. If you want ethnic food, get damned cookbook

          Not directed at you here Lorenzo, but while ethnic neighborhoods provide stimulation and excitement, I don’t care. Save your shekels and travel. Don’t bring it here because life is boring

          Boring, homogeneous cultures are better cultures

          Truth is a lot of the social trouble in the US came from European migrants and those same migrants helped usher in gun control, grew the state and lead to many of the problems we have today

          Its too late now but we’d have been better off with limiting immigration to White English Protestants of good character and not having slaves either

    • Going to space is stupid as the energy cost and material cost doesn’t pencil out under any reasonable circumstance. There are no habitable worlds in our solar system , its cost the GDP of nations to make say Mars livable and the low gravity will still hurt the colonists

      On top of that FTL may be effectively or completely impossible anyway

      Also its less altruism that kills space but urbanization. With a global “developed” world fertility average of 1.6 there is sooner than later not going to be population pressure other than from low tech immigrants

      Assuming we deal with that a USA with 200 million people living at a comfortable sustainable level has no reason whatever to go into space

      There also is no money for space with health care, pensions or anything else and honestly given “mars shot” or health insurance, I’ll take the later. I’d rather give the LaNiquas of the world welfare than waste money on an airless, waterless rock in the void

      Truth is no economy generates enough to cover everybody and have wealth to live on an airless rock

      The Chinese will fool about there , but the TFR tin China is 1.3 and only because of rural areas. The same applies to them.

      • @AB Prosper

        Energy and material cost to go to outer space isn’t prohibitive, entryist. Instead, the only thing that would make space travel prohibitive is people like you passing laws to make space travel illegal. Starship/Super Heavy development as well as the current Block Five Falcon Nine as shown that projects like the expendable SLS and every spaceplane booster are overpriced crap. The money that was wasted on the Senate Launch System’s propellant tanks (just propellant tanks!) would’ve paid for 1,000 SpaceX Starhopper/Starship prototypes. Technology keeps settlements alive on Moon and Mars. High tech gods would be worshipped in those societies as much as agrarian gods were worshiped by agrarian societies. The stupid can’t use microgravity toilets while in transit.

        That means the Turd World hordes would be mostly confined to Earth, forever.

        You and your fellow academic entryists hate the white man’s technology! You hate the white man and his creations and then you pretend to be “my fellow reactionary.”

  30. Trial by public acclamation sounds like a good idea. Also removing restraints on self defense. (sic.) The vicious are a more direct threat than the stupid. If robbery and assault could be resisted with immediate, lethal, and crushing force there would be a whole lot less of it.

    • This. Appeals to allow only a “proportionate response” are in every case our enemies’ first step towards anarchotyranny. The sole purpose of such arguments is to stay the hand of Justice.

  31. In China, treason was punished by executing 3 generations of the traitors family. So even more extreme than the West. However since the emperor is merciful, the traitor was skinned alive, while the furthest relatives were only beheaded.

    • Three generation punishment is good way to get rid of a damaged elite but collective punishment doesn’t sit well in Western craws.

      Also we are kind of entering a tribal period and when it comes to tribal warfare, no action you take has legitimacy to my tribe. XYZ person might be a monster but he’s my monster so F/U

      Also with bio weapons and such being nearly an at home thing , its wise to show some care. It won’t be that long before you got to arrest and execute some traitor and he adds Ebola to the landscape and suicides. Also unless you have a lot of men willing to die and said person, even modern weapons can make you pay a heavy price.

      The old Chinese story about “being late being considered treason and as the party was late, might as well go to war.” is still a thing

      Still one sociopath though can be executed to the applause of nearly everyone.

      Truth is many organizations deserve to be eliminated too. The business/institution closed all intellectual properties made public domain and in some cases the building bulldozed.

      Slating the Earth is bit excessive though, wastes good salt and land can always be ritually treated and reused.

      • I had an idea for a sci-fi horror book. A rogue molecular biologist yokes a melanin promoter to a biological toxin and inserts this construct into a communicatible virus. The story ends with a bunch of albinos sitting around bemoaning their lack of mating options. The (((PUBLISHER ))) shut my ass down.

  32. Where is Albert Pierrepont when you need him? But does seem like society has managed to turn the “tabula rasa” vs. heritability/innatism debate into a global Lethal Dose-50 (or worse) experiment.

  33. I swear I have read this thesis before about how modern Europe was formed by the reintroduction of the death penalty after the Church reversed their policy on it, but for the life of me cannot remember where.

  34. Not only no capital punishment, but no punishment at all, at least for certain protected classes. Juicy Smollett is merely the tip of the iceberg. Last weekend in Chicago a Negro killed an off-duty Mexican cop because he was POed at some Mexicans he’d been in altercation with earlier. Perp was on probation for burglary. This is a regular story. Guy is on parole, probation, wearing an ankle monitor when he kills someone. There’s simply no serious punishment for anything less than murder (and not always for that).

    • That’s because the only real crime left is “racism” or “bigotry”. Killing or maiming people is no big deal any more, as long as there is no “bigotry” involved.

      • Exactly. Who cares about a routine murder if there’s no “hate” in the mix?

  35. I’ve often thought we should dig up LBJ, shock him back to life, then hang his sorry ass.

  36. Climate change sounds like a great idea – a huge rapid ice age, or the catastrophic flooding of the coastal areas, would cull low IQ members of society rather quickly.

    • It’s like I tell Progs, “Why should I fear the rising tides? That’s where you people live and I hate you.”

    • The Booby knows not of “white supremacy”, but no doubt some on the extreme push that sort of thing.

      But in a political correctness world, where people are encouraged to aggregate aggressively based on “blackness”, “woman-ness”, “gayness” or what have you, it’s inevitable that it’s going to force people to subsequently come together based on “whiteness”, among other things.

      The Jesse Smollett and Nick Sandmann cases are only the latest examples that straight white males are the hated target group in fashionable bourgeois society, and this is preached and encouraged in higher education faculties. When your political elites openly hate you, you’re going to feel pressured to defend yourself.

      The clowns complaining about “white supremacy” are the same ones who have been fostering it for the last 50 years.

      The Booby suggests you get educated yourself, and he’s not referring to your fraudulent liberal arts degree:

    • Mr Collins,
      you have been indulging in too many synonyms.

      “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself.
      Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.
      The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.
      The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it.
      And, superiority excites envy.
      Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”
      Joseph Sobran, April 1997

    • @Tom Collins

      What the hilarious New Zealand livestream shows us… is that you Globalists can’t protect your precious brown pets.

  37. I agree with the overall gist of the article, but I think that declining IQ levels among whites are exacerbated by the dysgenic consequences of putting high IQ women in the work force, so that they are often childless or have one child in their mid-to late-30s or even later. Low IQ women are more likely to achieve at least replacement levels of fertility. A better way to raise white IQ levels is to actively discriminate in favor of men in the workplace and to restore marriage and motherhood as high status female careers.

    • Don’t overlook the effect of wage reduction (inflation) starting in the 60’s. When a typical middle class workingman’s wage could support a stay at home mom, we had stay at home mothers organizing home and hearth.

      My wife has three degrees, smart as a whip, and regrets everyday our decision to earn two incomes. There are plenty of women smart and not so smart that would heed their biological imperatives if they could live with a reasonable lifestyle.

    • Japan, which doesn’t have all of the problems associated with diversity, has the same problem for the same reason.

    • That’s very interesting. I have in the past defended having smart women contributing to the economy and technological advancement. I knew there were negative offsets, but never considered the lower birthrate angle and it’s impact on collective IQ.

  38. I watched Idiocracy about a month ago and I could make the same movie from the daily “average” and “suggested” internet clips

    • One of the funniest scenes ever is that guy in his apartment on the lazyboy watching some dumb show while sucking on a tube of movie popcorn butter. Someone knocks on his door and he yells, “go away, batin’. I wish I still lived in a crappy apartment just so I could yell that whenever someone knocks on the door.

  39. The sociopathic and stupid are everywhere. I saw them in my business life. I see them everyday everywhere. I imagine them drawn and quartered.

    • A very inefficient means of elimination. I think batch processing by packing them into old ocean freighters and sinking the freighter at sea is probably the best way forward. Hygienic, too.

      • Sorta like the German gas wagons that directed the exhaust gasses into the containment area, but more efficient.

  40. So what I get from this is that I am not getting back my campaign donations to Avenatti.
    Crap! Can Zuckerberg help out in any way?

  41. Interesting points.

    Let’s also not forget the effectiveness of corporal punishment. Nothing like a good caning – Singapore-style – to remind the youth that vandalism has real consequences.

    In the private sphere, there’s nothing like a punch in the teeth to remind people to mind their manners. A certain amount of contained violence is necessary to maintain civility. Perhaps we would prefer it were not so, but that doesn’t make it any less so.

    Just look at all those people, safe and snug inside their cars, flip the bird or scream profanities at others, when you know damn well they wouldn’t have to courage to do such things alone in an alley, face-to-face.

    Absence of fear = absence of civility.

    • I like a gallows for capital cases. Hangings have great entertainment value without all the mess concomitant to a beheading.
      I agree that corporal punishment should be reinstated for violent crime. A publick flogging that leaves the miscreant maimed would be a good
      way to deal with the particularly vicious.
      And of course, an armed society is a polite society.

      • And you can, of course, guarantee that the Justice system that just let Jussie the Jew Jig go free will never be under any political pressure to flog the uppity honky, can’t you?

      • The bad guys are armed too. I don’t think today’s officer safety wants a bullet in the skull pan when he comes to maim someone and note back in the day no one wanted the job as an executioner anyway

        If I was going to die a horrible death for some offense or be maimed, I’d might as well take you with me and a cheap AR15 and some Molotovs make that doable

        Things get worse if its a gang and officer safety’s wife and kids get a visit from some homies

        Now non lethal flogging with no criminal record is plausible. Kentucky tried this a few years ago though the experiment failed

        In the end the solution for crime is jobs and intact families with removal of the few problem elements

        If you can’t do this, pay people who can’t/won’t work to stay out of trouble

        You can’t go on the cheap though. Machines have seen to that , material costs down, social costs way way up.

        If you automate, than you get a welfare state

    • “Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.” Robert E. Howard

  42. Agreed. We’d have fewer corrupt politicians if a guillotine sat at every public square. In stead of baby proofing the cabinets and outlets and putting fences around every body of water and seat belts and air bags in every car maybe we should just let natural selection take its toll. If an idiot wants to stick his dick in an electrical outlet we should applaud his act as raising the IQ of society in general. It’s called “natural selection” because it is natural so who are we to fool mother nature? Let the idiots kill themselves if they want to eat Tide pods and execute the sociopaths. It will also cut down on bad drivers.

    • When I was younger I fell into the usual trap of thinking ” hey – I should tell that guy to not stick his hand on the hot stove ”

      The problem was – as I found out – that in more cases than not the idiot you were trying to protect from himself (or herself) – would then go on the attack. “You can’t tell me what to do!” – and things like that.

      In other words : a well meaning warning to a moron would turn into a long drawn out argument that would devolve into sheer stupidity.

      Somewhere along the line I realized that it was just pointless all around to keep the dummies from sticking their hands on hot stoves. Instead – it was much easier on me to just say ” that sounds like a good idea” – and then watch the person run around the kitchen with their hand on fire.

      With the correct mindset – a moron running around a kitchen with his hand on fire is actually quite entertaining.

      My general stress level also went down quite a bit when I stopped trying to interfere in the natural way of things. Dummies will stick their hands on stoves and catch their hands on fire. Your job is to stand there and be entertained. You shouldn’t interfere in God’s will.

    • Problem is as I’ve said repeatedly, the Welfare State. Remove that, and most all societal ills go away—or at least remediate eventually on their own.

      In the above example, you eat Tide Pods, the hospital does not treat you for free or on the tax payer dime. You get no disability from SSI, you get no welfare, ADA accommodations at work, and so forth.

      • And all those people laid off by machines end up weaponized by some ambitious elite. He can code, he know algorithms ! Necklace him! is a well deserved fate for a callous bastard

        A pro tip. if you don’t care about them they have not obligation to care about you and as this is not a Christian society (such a society would force reciprocal care) they have a moral right to go Rwanda on you and to preemptively smash your complex and fragile infrastructure

        I’d rather pay for the welfare state than create a power vacuum where MS13 or the Crips take over that job and “tax” cities anyway

        In any case your beloved computers and more advanced machines are the proximal cause of the dysgenic society , they are why you can’t make ends meet on one high school income and the TFR is so low

        Women entering the workforce in numbers is part of it but computers destroy the jobs men are best suited too.

        In the end, if you want a healthy society , deal with tech

        Or just wait and let the Amish have it all

  43. “we have eliminated the lethal consequences of stupidity”….perhaps the greatest line I’ve read here yet. I intend to spread this far and wide. It becomes more true as each day goes by.

    • I’m somewhat surprised that you have never heard that before.

      I’ve been hearing that for a few decades now.

      As somebody who has done a small amount of car racing, rides a motorcycle, shoots guns, and has worked in a number of industrial settings as well as doing a decent amount of home construction – it’s been pretty obvious to me for a long time (since like the 1980’s) – that as a society we have constantly worked towards eliminating the consequences for stupid behavior.

      It’s why I constantly go back to the “stop making me fund the welfare / nanny state” . Because it’s been plainly obvious to me that without a “system to fall back on when times get tough” – there’s a good many people who would be faced with the deadly consequences of their own actions.

      Helmet laws, drunk driving laws, OSHA, more and more forced “safety” measures in the construction industry, seatbelts, airbags, automated driver safety features, required car seats for infants and toddlers, all sorts of laws about keeping pets, healthcare dollars spend on people who have caused their own health issues, etc………………… round and round and round we have gone with these things until the “safety” imposed on you is almost literally suffocating.

      Every now and then the lunatics get off their leash and get some pushback – but it doesn’t happen often. I think it was in the 1990s the crazed mothers were on a tear to get airbags and seatbelts installed on MOTORCYCLES. The bike magazines were bringing this up and the loonies who were trying to push this shit were pretty much universally condemned by anybody who actually rode a motorcycle. The general public didn’t seem to give a enough of a shit for the loonies to gain any traction – and the motorcyclists themselves laughed in their faces – so luckily the whole effort died.

      But that is one of the few “safety – it’s for the children!!” efforts I’ve watched over the last few decades that has (and it never really come back either).

      IMHO this safety shit always tracks back to women.

      That’s why it’s a VITAL thing to get it thru men’s heads that they simply need to start telling women to STFU in many situations.

      • I drive a leased basic Toyota RAV4. It’s cheap and reliable. It has decent pickup and a nice tight turn radius . . . BUT the new models are crammed with “safety features” that mothers pushed for and I HATE THEM. It BEEEEEPS if you change lanes at any time for any reason without signalling, it BEEEPS if the temp goes to 37 or lower and warns you about icy roads, and it BEEEEPS if it thinks you’re going to have a collision when you’re obviously not. It’s the nanny state on steroids and it drives me f—king nuts.

        God, I loved driving on the autobahn.

        • LOL.

          I bitched about seat belt requirements, driving with the lights on during the day, and then airbags and ABS.

          You’re behind the curve.

    • …add that thought to the political and social construct of academia that used to cull the herd but now allows morons to find refuge within the sacred walls of education…..

  44. Survial Of The Fittest, a.k.a. Natural Selection, will return in earnest some day soon. A herd of mindless, sick cattle inevitably gets thinned – one way or another.

    • I’ve heard it referred to as the K-shift.
      Right now we are an r-selecting society. That will not last much longer.

  45. But…but…but blacks have a RIGHT to be stupid, Z…!!! Is this just some hatey scheme to eliminate blacks from the gene pool???

    • As P J O’Roark has famously said, “ You have the right to do anything you damn well please, and your only responsibility is to accept the consequences”.

      As a society, we seem to have adopted the first part and rejected the second.

  46. As existential threat declined in the modern era of civilization, fitness culling by the natural environment declined with it. Barbarian warfare provided a meager substitute, as the stupid tended to be killed off first on both sides. However, the stupid cohort is currently too large for any kind of policy solution to be effective. Rather, the environment must change in order for the problem to be remedied systemically. Otherwise, we will continue to evolve toward a hive/herd species.

  47. Thought the US average IQ was dropping due to the white birth rate dropping, and the influx of vibrancy from Mexico and Africa…. Doubt the near elimination of capital punishment has had that much of an effect.

    • No, white IQ is dropping about a point per generation. Ashkenazi IQ is also falling and a bit faster, as it starts from a higher figure. This is most likely due to intermarriage, but not exclusively. Jews no longer have rocket high selection pressure for intelligence.

      • If I may play the devil’s advocate, we may be wrongfully associating intellect with virtue.

      • I read a study, I don’t remember where, claiming that success, both academic and financial, mirrors IQ up until about an IQ of 140. Once you cross over an IQ of 140, success collapses. This would mean that our current society discriminates against a high IQ.

        • I have worked around a bunch of >150 IQ types. Two problems there. One is that they go off in strange tangents, while they remain oblivious to some of the obvious truths around them. Two is that they are completely overconfident in their capacity to be correct in every judgement they make. Put it all together, and you occasionally get spectacular success, but often offbeat and weird sorts of failures. These traits are also why, IMO, super smart people often have social issues.

          • I have found that the super high IQ people I’ve been around were the opposite of over confident. They can never seem to nail anything down. Way too many variables pinballing around in their brains. They do tend to get a little strange. One of the old man’s friends basically invented modern avionics and his full basement is half mad scientist laboratory and half enormous model train world. If you wanted to play with his trains you had to put on the locomotive engineer’s hat.

          • “If you wanted to play with his trains you had to put on the locomotive engineer’s hat.”

            Well yeah, obviously. How crass and uncouth to suggest otherwise!

          • I know what you mean, Mac. I also think that the root of my problems is my high IQ. I think my good looks and vast wealth are also part of the problem.

          • I recall a fellow I knew back in the 60s. He was a phone phreaker and computer wiz before they were common, MENSA member and proud of it.
            He wired his Harley, and the engine died when he turned the lights on.
            Book learnin’ smart vs. real world walkin’ around sense.

        • The main reason for that is the rarity. When you get into the one percent IQ range, you’re talking about a very small number of people. Throw in the fact that comparative advantage tops out at around 120 for 95% of the academy and 100% of finance and law, stratospheric IQ’s will tend to end up in narrow areas of math and science. Having a 150 IQ means a lot for a physicist, but not so much for a patent attorney. There are not many attractive feminists for the same reason.

        • There might not be much use—other than entertainment—for idiot savants. OK, I’m being facetious, but the point being that society can’t be blamed for discrimination when you are so smart as to be non-communicative with the rest of us peons. However, there seems to be any number of famous individuals that have been deemed “scary smart” having made significant contributions to society, albeit they have been labeled “eccentric” at times.

          • The opinion of the person that did the study was that society and the education system was failing people with extremely high IQs, and that we needed those people in order to make the jumps from the known to the unknown. If I’m not mistaken, his idea was to remove high IQ people from the education system and place them in an environment that would let them progress at their own pace.

          • McLeod, absolutely. Had that problem with my children growing up. Schools, especially public schools, have a leveling effect on outstanding (high ability) students. As we’ve said, they have been poz’d.

            It’s always easier to bring down the top, than raise the bottom. Attention is always spent on the laggers—whether or not such will do better in the long run for those individuals or society in general. Indeed, I removed my son from a public school (top district at that) when he came home on a Weds—proud that he had completed his weekly “math module”—and would be allowed to play video games during class for the remainder of the week. 🙁 ???

            Montessori schools believe in the system you describe. Classrooms have a variety of levels of students (basically differing grades). Students develop at their own rates and even teach each other.

            I’m not sure I buy into that concept completely. Students are human, and humans are lazy by nature. We need to be challenged and pushed. When I was young, that took the place of advanced grade placement. I was always the youngest in any class I was in. In that manner, I had to keep up, or fail.

          • Well, we also read numerous studies suggesting extremely high IQ students thrived among their intellectual peers and, therefore, skipping grades was beneficial. Our older son did fine skipping 1st grade (in private Christian school) but not so well skipping 5th grade. Academically there was no problem, but the age/social gap at that point was not so great. He got through it but if I had to do it over again, I’d choose a different route.

            And, merely FYI, here in the DFW suburbs, Montessori schools are predominantly Iranian and dot-Indian, with a few SJW Whites thrown in. Not our thing.

          • There was a fairly good movie about 20 years ago called “Little Man Tate” about this topic. Jodie Foster played an “ordinary” waitress mom of a “scary smart” little boy. She faced the choice of sending him to a boarding school which was an incubator for others like him or keeping him living with her and going to a “normal” public school. She wanted to keep him living with her, but saw how alive he became among others of “his kind”.

        • I honestly think this is a urban myth that extremely high IQ is associated with neuroticism or that society discriminates against the big brains. Vox Day promulgates this idea. I suspect because he feels bitter that his genius is relegated to the intellectual ghetto. My reasoning is that if you have a high IQ- you are smart enuf to turn down the high beams when warranted. Certainly, i have little problem faking mediocrity. I also have little problem instructing my gardener so his assertion of a SD communication gap down strikes me me as bull shit to. Not too many >140 IQs kicking around. I would be interested to know where Dutch worked or citaion of study mentioned.

          • Vox Day is full of crap, as far as one percent IQ correlating with poor interpersonal skills. Now, as far the communications gap, it exists, for sure, but I don’t think it is as much a function of g as culture. I grew up in the underclass, so I have little trouble communicating to poor people, but I have to think about it a bit. Rich people, on the other hand, often leave me baffled and homicidal.

            I’ve administered a lot of IQ tests in my life. I’ve also worked with large data sets of IQ data. The one thing you notice about the rare one percent IQ is they don’t think much of it. It’s the people in the high normal range who obsess over their smarts.

          • Yeah, I’ve never quite figured out why people in 115 to 125 IQ range can be so obsessed by IQ and so desirous to claim to be a few points above where they are.

            Generally speaking, they have the IQ to do most jobs. In addition, success at those jobs becomes more about other personality attributes than IQ so long as your IQ is above the 115 or 120, i.e. whether they have a 118 IQ or 121 just doesn’t matter.

            I mean, I don’t hear guys who are 6’0 or 6’1 obsessing about height or constantly trying to convince everyone that they’re really 6’2 or 6’3. They’re generally pretty happy to be taller than average and leave it at that.

          • My theory on the high normals thinking they are geniuses is this. If you are clocking in at 115, you are going through school smarter than most of your coevals. In fact, you probably will not get to know anyone significantly smarter. If there is a one percent IQ in your class, he’s probably not spending time with you. Mr. 115 gets to college and goes into something like economics or pre-law, where he is in with people ranging from 95-120, so he is again not running into those one percent people. They are in the computer lab or some other STEM area.

            Mr. 115 gets out of college thinking he is a super smart guy, because he has not run into anyone much smarter and he has not been in classrooms where he cannot master the material. He aced his econ classes, cruise through he liberal arts stuff, maybe even got into a good law school. In his work life, he is again one of the smart guys in the room, because he is hanging around other business types or education types or government worker types and so forth.

            Now, Mr. 140 spent his high school years fiddling with computers or reading esoteric material. He went to college and majored in really hard stuff, surrounded by people smarter than him in many cases. Obviously smarter than him. In his major, he spent four years learning why he got the wrong answer. That guy knows he’s smart, but he knows there is always someone smarter and knows there are problems he can’t solve.

          • Well, anyone who has taken even just a couple of math classes in college (and, thankfully, I only took a few) will quickly find where they stand in the IQ pecking order. When the average score on a test is a 42% but some guys are getting ~70% and one guy gets a 92%, it’s tough to pretend you’re as bright.

            Anyway, I grew up in an odd situation going to school both with working-class kids and kids on their way to Rice, Berkeley and a smattering of Ivies. We had the full spectrum so you knew where your stood.

            Funny thing was I don’t remember anyone getting too worked up about their brains. Maybe because that was still a time and place where a guy with a high school degree could live a nice middle class life. I suspect that the IQ frenzy we see today partially stems – no pun intended – from the understanding that the working class is getting destroyed and that the lifestyle gap between the below average (and even the average) and the smart is becoming a chasm.

          • Citizen, good observation. More can be read in Charles Murray’s book, “Coming Apart”. About 10 years or so old, but I got a lot of my initial concepts there. First reference I heard to “assorted mating”.

            We are leaving the bulk of the middle class behind and not one has a clue what to do except put them all on welfare (UBI).

          • Murray grew up in my part of the country. I know his world well. Murray has a lot of silly libertarian ideas, but he cares about the working and middle class because he grew up around them, as did I.

            The white poor and working class are falling apart – and have been for awhile. The white middle class is getting seriously squeezed, and it’s a 50-50 bet as to their fate.

            Upper middle class whites can see this, and they’re scared. (I know because I am one.) It’s no longer a matter of moving a less nice house, having less nice car and sending your kids to school full of rough, but decent white kids, if you fall from the upper middle class. Few are worried about that, certainly not the ones, like myself, who grew up in that world.

            We fear the culture of despair, the drugs, the lack of values. We also see that those neighborhoods are no longer heavily white, so we now have to deal not only with whites who are falling apart but blacks and browns as well.

            All whites need hope, pride and a new culture, but none more than working class and poor whites. Upper middle class and wealthy whites have abandoned them, thrown them to wolves for a few shekels and a pat on the head from those who hate us. It’s hard for me to express how much I hate those traitorous whites.

          • If the super rich techies have their way, the rest of humanity, the bottom 90% will be killed off, sterilized or in camps.

            Think of it as “Revenge of the Nerds” on a massive scale

            And this isn’t a fringe thing, its what sits in the heads of people like Marc Andreessen of NetScape as noted in the article on him in Hacker News , its a callous disdain for the life and value of regular people

            Its not new either, back when the A-Bomb was a new things they were taking bets if the weapon would ignite the atmosphere

            My take is a moral person who genuinely thought this was possible would never work on such a device, ever.

            Even though it didn’t, these peoples creation has come close on multiple occasions as late as 1983 to end all of civilization clearly by accident

            I’m a pretty sharp guy, supposedly a high verbal IQ sort with a decent “mechanical” as well but the computer nerds I’ve met sure as hell aren’t my people.

            I can learn what they know but they completely lack a grounding in humanity or heck the humanities and that should not be tolerated

            Given life expectancy isn’t going up and fertility is way down, maybe what they offer is a poison pill posted unironically on the Internet

            Its pretty clear that the Science! big brains are a threat to everyone and eventually will have to be contained. Regulation for now and I suspect that after the collapse we can shove smart people into the Priesthood or the like,so we can build a stable system as well.

            That said the decline in IQ is a limited thing, with collapse environmental conditions will shift and IQ will settle in around 95 for Whites give or take and than gradually rise.

            This loss of technical acumen is a very good thing as we won’t end up killing ourselves off by accident and even by design it will be lot harder.

            Otherwise a subset of the nerds will kill us all out of curiosity , greed or spite

          • Your description of the 115 crowd fits Vox Day. He constantly lets his readers know about his self reported high IQ but can fall for things that are transparently nonsense because he is so sure of his genius

          • just to be clear I was kidding about my gardener. My house looks like the one on Malcolm in the Middle.

          • I don’t remember where I read the study, it “seemed” pretty comprehensive. It wasn’t that extremely high IQ people were neurotic, it was that they didn’t have the same academic or financial success as those with just a high IQ.

          • Mcleod, The study I saw on concluded that it was a function of the vast number of people who are “smart” let’s say the 130-140 range preferentially deal with their own ilk all the time, When they meet the 160’s who are obviously an order of plus up they don’t like it, can’t handle it and avoid it. The “smarts” win by sheer weight of numbers. The mid 160’s are about one in thirty thousand, that’s very different than one in a hundred.

          • It has been written, but I forgot where/who, that IQ tests begin to fail to accurately describe genius over 160. In order to isolate the “scary smart”, one should poll the top performers in their fields as to whom they consider “smart”. Then you find out who those individuals are. Sounds feasible to me.

          • Billie Jones, you’re talking about midwits; 34% are btwn 100 and 115; 14% fall between 115 and 130; 2% are above 130. It’s a very small tail. In my humble experience, the differences between 130-140 and the 150-160s is small, and not a barrier. Certainly not enough to get you into Dunning-Kreuger territory, like with midwits in the 105-110 range zman discusses above. If you’re in the 98th percentile, you are probably doing something or went to school where you rub shoulders with 150-165, or higher. 80th percentile 112’s, not so much.

          • The 2% Mensa crowd is interesting.

            The truly elite do stand out and often don’t bother to join Mensa.

            A few seem borderline stupid – in the sense that they cannot look other people in the eye, cannot interact socially but wowza, when it comes to fresh ideas they put down on paper.

            The annoying ones are the ones who think they are smarter than you and use tiny little litmus tests to decide that is so.

            I’ll gladly compete with them every day as long as they aren’t by boss.

          • They may seem neurotic because you don’t understand. Your version of success isn’t in their vision. Sheldon on TBBT is a pretty good example. My older son is like that. He’s a theoretical physicist and his contact with planet Earth is very tenuous.

            We didn’t allow him to skip ahead in school, but he he didn’t have to attend classes and luckily he was a good athlete, so he played sports had contact and friends outside his head.

            Takes all kinds of people and we’d do best to get government out of our faces and let us all muddle along as best we can.

          • SidVic, purely personal observation in people crossed in the financial/IT field. The financial side doesn’t really reward creative thinking much, but the IT side, at least back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, sure seemed to. I watched people build “out there” systems and programs for the time, but they were never able to convert them to big time success. It all did encourage me to try my hand at some fun things to help me at work, proto-CRM stuff. The big thing I saw, socially, was that the high IQ guys would not want to talk over our heads, but had trouble dialing things back when they talked about things that interested them.

            To Z’s point, I may not have been dealing with real 1%ers, but maybe wanna-be’s following along close behind. In finance, everyone is try to climb over their peers on the success of their most recent transaction, so everything is a bit weird.

      • Something interesting is going to happen in a few generations. White conservatives have about 40% higher fertility than white liberals. And in white conservatives, the lowest IQ quadrant has fewer kids than the highest iq quadrant. Once the shitlibs have aborted and buggered themselves into irrelevance, I am predicting there will be a revival in fertility and a rise in IQ amongst whites.

          • We’re definitely being overrun by the black and brown horde. There may be hope if (and it’s a big if) enough whites become red-pilled and start advancing our own interests the way every other group does. If we can do that, we can punch way above our weight versus the blacks and browns.

            Under those circumstances, whites being more numerous and higher IQ as Dirtnapninja predicts would only help. Also, if whites become more conservative, there may be greater hope for red-pilling. There is hope for red-pilling the guy who is relying on his Constitutional principles to save him. The SJW begging forgiveness for his white privilege is beyond hope.

          • The middle option being Brazil/Mexico, where a refined elite rule over the hoi polloi. Not a pleasant outcome, but if 20 pct of the US are the whites, who are all smart, rich, right wing, and attractive (what dirtnap is pointing at) and the other 80% is a mystery meat horde that can barely feed itself… Western Civilization might not die out. Better than going 5th century Rome, I guess. I’d rather my grandkids live in Elysium with bulletproof hovercars to go past the favellas than be post-apocalypse subsitance farmers.

          • I wouldn’t count on Whites ruling over the masses in the US, at least for a long time. Jews have created a culture where whites are seen as the cause of everyone’s problems and other groups have the right to take what is now whites’. White males are seen as only having achieved due to white male privilege. BioLeninism will rule

          • The problem is that the US has a long “tradition” whereby any attempt by the smart, White, and wealthy to create their own little worlds is met by a rush on the part of POCs and cucked Whites as well to force the diversity back in to whatever people are trying to protect from it. You see this in everything from forcing section 8 housing down the throats of affluent neighborhoods to diversity quotas in STEM fields. Latin America, by contrast, has centuries of allowing the wealthy and ethnically European to live and reproduce amongst themselves. Even “gun control” in these countries is mostly about keeping the Orcs from getting weapons while the elite have their private armies and arsenals. Ironically enough, the Latin countries themselves may end up better off than the US in this regard.

          • Your comment really got me thinking. Given that this society is doomed and that the one last hope that anyone at all had at voting our way out of this has been shattered – what with MAGA turning into MIGA and all – what do we do now?

            This comment would probably have gelled better with yesterday’s post, but hear me out.

            Several methods were discussed, most of them (namely anything remotely involving engaging with the current system or any of it’s elements, such as the Fake News Media) correctly dismissed, one thread did remain – namely, finding somewhere to hole-up, go underground, and clandestinely build up a new society and new institutions in the shadows, only emerging once the current mess eventually runs itself into the ground, as it inevitably, eventually will since it is fundamentally at odds with reality in so many ways and on so many levels.

            I have been thinking along those lines for a while. My first instinct has been to try and search for areas of the country where I could enter into ‘internal exile’ and get away from this mess and ride out the storm – namely areas that are overwhelmingly white and well away from the deep blue megacities. Think montana, alaska, kansas, nebraska, something like that. Internal exile is certainly easier than ex-patting, given issues of citizenship, currency, and language amongst others that ex-pats face but in-pats would not.

            However your comment brought up a potentially fatal flaw with such a plan. Would shelter in some remote corner of a deep red state really prove to be shelter at all? There is nothing stopping the progs from flooding every red/rural area with as many immigrants as possible so as to eliminate the last bastions of dissent from their rule. So let’s say I get a ranch in rural montana in some area that is like 95% white and Christian, living the good life far from the deep blue megacities and the rivers of poz spewing their bilge all over this country. It sounds a lot better than the east coast city I live in now in a deep blue state. However, that could change in a heartbeat with another million obese guatamalans being shipped over the border with the express intent of demographically destroying the area. Or even just an influx of woke Californians fleeing from the consequence of prog rule that nonetheless hold on to the very same progtardation that wrecked CA to begin with.

            If there is no possible shelter to be found in internal exile, no cracks amongst the ruins for decency and my heritage to hide among and survive – then that would leave ex-patting to be the answer. But that is really hard to do, especially since I’m white and can’t just cross borders without documentation and receive a warm welcome and massive welfare on the other side.

            Perhaps this topic is worthy of discussion. Would it be viable to try and move to a white section of Latin America? Perhaps there it would be possible to settle amongst fellow Europeans, undisturbed by the browning tides drowning everywhere else. If there’s no hope even in the most remote corner of the U.S., maybe there’s shelter elsewhere? (Ironically in some of the very same countries sending us their human refuse in the first place.)

            Just a thought.

          • An end to immigration, secure border and sending back people who doesn’t use English as a 1st language , live on welfare or have serious criminal convictions is needed

            I’m White and prefer my own people in my own land however Brown threat is a bit overrated , most of the Mexicans I’ve met are OK people , they work and very few other than La Raza idiots and drug cultists are out to get Whites any more than anyone else

            Many also favor an illegal and often near complete immigration freeze. Typically the one’s who don’t need to go back.

            Some are real oddballs, one of my best friends and one of the smartest men I’ve know was Mexican

            My neighbors are Indio , Mestizo and White mixes and genuinely nice people who are pure deplorables , watch OAN and Fox and complain like the younger boomers they are.

            As for the other groups , same rules apply. Generally while we don’t need any more, the educated Christian ones are pretty cool people . The rest? Not so much

            The goal should be an 80-20 mix White/Other but getting that after repatriation will require an economy that supports families too and White cooperation

            I suspect it will require near dictatorial power as well to make the economic regulation needed.

            This part sucks as getting there will be difficult at best

    • Smart people choosing to have one kid then playing helicopter parent is a confounding factor. Even smart people can have a dumb kid. Only having one isn’t helping our cause. We are far below replacement rate without mass importation Sad but true.

      • I understand replacement rate concerns. But is that the real concern in light of our advance technological society? Or is it a concern for industrialists and governement worried about consumers and taxpayers?

        Is it more important to have two college educated, high functioning children, or three kids, one of whom is best suited as a cab driver—cab drivers soon to be an antiquated occupation?

        • Compsci, I think It’s primarily the industrialists and government both dependent on population growth for their Ponzi schemes.

          Japan seems to be avoiding replacement by ensuring robots will be able to care for an aging population rather than relying on pig-ignorant hostile imports.

          People should spend more time looking at and discussing the effect and implications of the nuptiality (who knew that that was a word?) of the Hajnal line and its Westward extension.
          There’s a reason why 95% of the modern world was invented by those originating to its west and north.

          • Japan illustrates something people don’t talk much about and that’s the sheer amount of potential technological progress that has NOT happened because our elite takes the easy way out and imports cheap wetbacks. Invent a fruit picking robot and, barring asteroid impact or nuclear war, you never need to invent it again and can build as many as you need forever. Hire Juan and Miguel to pick the fruit and you just need to hire Julio and Maria tomorrow. The fruit picking robot also might have spinoffs in other areas and make for some nice synergies. Immigrants just spin off more immigrants and social dysfunction.

          • Ted Kaczynski was right, maybe not in his actions but his manifesto was spot on

            90% of humanity has an IQ of 120 or less. What do you plan for them to do about them.

            If the answer is I don’t care , you’ve forfeited your moral standing as they are now no longer obligated to care for you .

            Maybe we ought to pay a bit more for fruit so we can have family farms or encourage more people to plant trees so that humanity can prosper and we aren’t ruled by our machines

            Progress is not what we exist, its a trap

            We exist to propagate our people or if religious for the glory of God not to make better tools or to “go to space” so rich people can elude the consequences or have a vanity project

          • I’ve thought a lot about this actually. I actually think that a lot of the problems of modern society have arisen because, over the last few centuries, machines have steadily eaten away at the tasks done by people from the left side of the bell curve and moving towards the center and right. At first it was just things like carrying water in mines. The first steam engine was literally tasked with pumping water out of mines. As time went on more and more skilled tasks fell to the Robot Horde. With AI they have crossed the center line and are devouring the right flank too.

            I think a lot of “social innovation” has been attempts to deal with this. At first things like shorter work weeks came along that were mostly positive and supported traditional social arrangements and healthy morals. Who could argue with Dad having more time at home with the kids? What we have now is things like mass welfare and hiring quotas for women and minorities. There are also increasing numbers of jobs that seem to be created just so that frivolous women can have “careers” doing make work. Of course you’ve also got huge numbers of government jobs that are there to give those slightly smarter than the welfare crowd something to do. The ruling class kept this process going as a series of patches all in the interest of keeping people busy and thus preventing social unrest. I think this is actually understandable. The average person has as much trouble facing idleness as he does the idea that there is no God.

            The answer, though, is NOT banning technology. I’ve read some of Kaczynski’s manifesto. This is one thing he got wrong along with the whole mailing bombs whittled from pine logs to random geeks bit. Tech control isn’t going to work any better than gun control and will confer the same huge advantage to the “cheaters”. Technology in general is getting smaller, lighter, cheaper, and easier to hide. This isn’t going to stop. The same goofy Leftists who want to ban AR-15s are now eyeing 3D printers because, well, you can print an AR-15 receiver just like anything else. Current resins are too weak to make that work but this is changing. It’s important not to let fear push us into joining the totalitarians.

            One of the things that will probably happen soon is that as the big countries adopt more poz and pass more restrictive laws, small island nations will find ways to allow smart, creative people to work from them, perhaps even remotely so they can remain in their pozzed homeland while working free of affirmative action and other regs at home. Peter Thiel and other people of a “neoreactionary” bent write about finding “an exit” from the Cathedral dominated big oppressive mass democracies. This is what I’m hinting at.

            What is the answer? I’d be lying if I said I knew. My best guess is something along the lines of a UBI/BIG such as Yang proposes. I think the main obstacle to this is actually human pride and that’s why modern societies adopted so many dysfunctional ideas (feminism, race equalism, gender dysfunction, etc…) No one wants to admit that they’re “useless” even if the consequence is just that you get to live a comfortable life without working. People need purpose, even if it’s ultimately a contrived one. So this is our task for the later years of the 21st century. We need to help people invent new purposes that don’t involve stupid, destructive ideas. I actually think The Wammen may be helpful in this. A lot of single career women are as crazy as they are (putting a knitted vagina on your head is not the act of a sane person) because they actually would be happier being at home and raising kids. Turn off the flood of feminist propaganda, give everyone their YangBucks, and watch them do that. Maybe other groups will take the hint.

            This is too long, I know. I’ve had a lot of these ideas bottled up for a long time. I could write more too but I’ll stop now. If you got this far, thank for reading!

          • I’m with you on the 3-D printers. But there are bio-tech versions of the 3-D printer on the cusp of widespread availability. Machines that can produce whatever sequence of DNA you program into it. The ability to custom make a destructive virus looks like too dangerous a power to be widely available. But how do we prevent the technology with anything less than the totalitarian methods it would take to effectively suppress “ordinary” 3-D printing?

        • It’s the concern of our leaders “owners”. Which is another way of stating your reply. Members of congress don’t work for us. They work for their owners.

          I view this simple reality as the biggest flaw of democracy as we live it right now.

        • I.8 to 1.6 forever means you hand society over to the Amish.

          In any case, people are the point of of society not innovation or technology which if anything just creates a heterogeneous smear of ideas and destroys culture

          and if it requires that we control tech to get people to breed, so be it. You can ban self driving cars, require guilded licensed cabbies to operate them and do a host of other things to make sure regular folks have work.

          A world made up of of amoral tech nerds and Hi IQ assholes is a world of monsters not men . Its average people like the cabby who matter and is humanity not geeks who are outsiders.

          Now this doesn’t mean some decline is a bad thing but look at this this way, say a fungal outbreak made our lands uninhabitable for non Whites . How long would you want the population to stay below replacement just so you can have more machines

          We’ve had 50 years of low fertility give or take and in a few more lifetimes, its game over

          Is that what we want?

          If not, society will have to budge and the techies and their toys contained

      • History seems to indicate that only a couple children actually survived to adulthood in large families. So smaller families is not necessarily a bad thing. The problem is other groups are having larger families still, even with modern medicine. Hence the population disaster that is Africa.

      • What would be so terrible about a smaller population? Less stress on the environment and on people. But we have to make sure this doesn’t apply only to whites or those with higher IQs.

        Stop the influx of Third World peasants, stop subsidizing irresponsible breeding, and let everyone else have as many or as few children as they want. Or don’t you believe reproduction should be voluntary and produce wanted kids?

    • One factor you’re neglecting is that higher IQ white females are taking themselves out of the genetic pool by focusing on their career to the point of giving up having children.

      The other thing is since they are now higher status females, the available pool of white males they are attracted to shrinks dramatically. In a earlier era this wasn’t a issue since they would have been nurses or teachers. Now they are executives, management, etc. And they end up as cat ladies since they can’t find men of a higher social status than them.

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