Travelogue: Tallinn

Something I noticed in Denmark last year is that things in this part of the world seem to start later than in the US. I walked around Copenhagen in the early morning and did not see many people. It was a work day, so I should have seen commuters and people headed to trains and buses. Here in Finland, the taxi ride to the ferry was remarkable for the lack of traffic. I think I saw one car and a truck. In America, at least on the East Coast, traffic jams start at 6:30 AM. Most people are in the office by 8:30 AM.

I wonder if it is not the warping effect of New York. Whenever I have spent time on the West Coast of America, I’ve noticed that the day starts earlier and ends earlier. It’s like they are still on NY time. I have business associates in Los Angeles and I get e-mail from them at 9:00 AM my time, which means 6:00 AM their time. The secret handshake society I will be attending, at an undisclosed location, will start after lunch. The one in Denmark last year started at 2:00 PM and ran until 7:00 PM…

The ferry over to Estonia is a pretty cool thing, but another great example of things you can have or you can have diversity. The cars getting onto the ferry line up and go through an orderly process of driving onto the ferry. In America, the vibrant would be smashing into one another and getting into fights while going through the check-in, so that would mean an army of storm troopers to police the process. That would require commuters to line up hours in advance, which would mean a many hours long boarding process.

In Finland, the drivers get to the terminal an hour in advance and drive right through a quick check-in process. They drive onto the ferry and then head to the decks. The rest of us walked over a gangway to what is very much like a cruise ship. I was booked into the business section, which had a nice breakfast buffet, drinks, excellent WiFi and a staff to police the tables. I got a little work done, answered e-mails and spent the last hour reading a book while enjoying my second cup of coffee. The coffee was excellent…

My first impression of Tallinn, as I disembarked, was that it was dirty. Maybe it was the aftermath of winter, but the streets were caked with what looked like cinders. Where you get off the ferry is probably the least welcoming place, as it looks like a freight terminal that is under construction. In fact, most of Tallinn is under construction. Every other building is wrapped in plastic and the streets are torn up everywhere. This is not the best time for tourism, so maybe that’s why it seemed so grimy, but that was my first impression.

My second impression was that it stinks, stinks of diesel exhaust. It seems they have found a way to power everything with diesel, including bicycles and pets. When I walked out of the tunnel from the ferry to land, I was engulfed in a cloud of diesel exhaust from a passing truck. I’m surprised the EU permits it, but maybe they look the other way for the former communist countries. Maybe the Estonians just cheat. Either way, it reminded me of what it was like in America in the 80’s when city buses were like crop dusters…

Rather than follow the crowd to Old Town, I went the other direction and walked a dozen blocks to the east, then another dozen blocks or so south. If you look at a map, the tourist area is to the west, so I figured the real Tallinn was to the east. Given the history and layout of the city, my guess is the east is mostly built in the 20th century, but a lot of it dates to previous centuries. Estonia was a battle ground fought over by Danes, Russians, Germans, Swedes and Poles for most of its history, so it is tough to know.

For example, I walked past an apartment building, probably built in the middle of the last century. It was the drab concrete style popular with communists. Next to it was a cool looking old wood structure that would look at home on Cape Cod. Upon closer inspection, I saw it had undergone a recent renovation, so maybe it was old, but maybe it was just made to look like it dates to the 19th century. You can’t trust anything now. Even in a place like Estonia, everything is becoming a reproduction of a long gone culture of a foreign people.

If you want to get a sense of what life was like under the Soviets, walking around this part of Tallinn is a good way to do it. You see the old buildings and dilapidated old houses. It’s not a slum, but it has that aesthetic the Soviets were so famous for back during the Cold War. Lots of concrete and gray paint. The materialism of the Bolsheviks was really just the total lack of spiritual beauty. They were ugly people and that ugliness was made manifest their building and city planning. They were vulgar and depraved.

The other thing I noticed, or at least I think I noticed, is that Estonia is a country without an identity, other than a long list of historical grievances. The building and repairing is a rush to join the global economy, but it is not being done by the locals. They are just bystanders, as global interests invest in Tallinn. The Estonians working in the city could be Poles or Germans or space aliens, as far as the investors are concerned. Estonia is rushing to become a part of the consumer race…

Old Town Tallinn is a nice tourist trap. It is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe, so if you are a history buff, I highly recommend seeing it. You get a real sense of what urban life was like in the Middle Ages. One warning. You will walk a lot and do a lot of walking up hill on cobblestone streets and uneven walks. There’s also the fact it is laid out like a medieval city, which means the streets make no sense. I needed three tries to find the Nevsky Cathedral. I was pretty tired after a day of walking the city….

What do you do when you have no cell service, the fraud alert has shut down your credit cards, you have no cash and you’re in a strange foreign city? Well, let me explain. The people at my cell carrier said I would have no problem using my GSM phone in these counties. I would have to pay a fee to their partner here in Europe. This actually worked in Ireland, but it did not work in Denmark. I tried everything and finally got a burner in case I needed to make a call. I did not need it, but it was insurance.

In Finland, I was getting texts and e-mail over the cellular network, so I figured I was OK, as I never make calls anymore, just text and e-mail. In Estonia, I realized I had no cell service at all. I was not worried until I tried to buy something and all three credit cards were declined. To make matters worse, I had no cash of any type with me, as I planned to just charge everything. That meant I had no money and no way to call the credit card company to get the issue resolved. I was suddenly thinking about life in Estonia.

I found the tourist center, which will always have good free WiFi these days. I then downloaded Skype and setup a new account. I then called American Express using their toll free number, so I did not need credit on Skype. They turned my card back on and I used it to charge up the Skype account. Since Estonia has decent public WiFi, I figured that would get me through any more problems until I returned to a land in which the banks have greater trust. My next stop is Mother Russia, so…

As far as Tallinn, my guess is it serves Sweden and Finland as something like what Tijuana used to serve adventurous Americans. It’s a place to go to get crazy drunk and do things you don’t talk about upon your return. That’s just a hunch, but the way it is setup strikes me as that sort of thing. There’s a big open court in the middle of Old Town surrounded by cafes and bars. During the day, people shop and eat. In the evening, the crowd changes over and it becomes giant party with midgets and donkeys…

European butter and cheese is the greatest thing ever to an American. That’s because we have weird laws about dairy products to prevent small companies from competing with giant food corporations. Our dairy is not terrible, but it relatively flavorless compared to the European options. I have no opinion about which way is better, but I know I really love the taste of European dairy. I have probably consumed a pound of butter so far. Finnish egg butter is a nutty idea, but it is great spread over a freshly baked roll…

I visited the Nevsky Cathedral, which appears to be a working facility. They have signs up asking for donations. I walked in and the smell of incense brought back some memories, but the babushkas praying into front to the icons really brought back memories of the old women I remember as a boy. A church full of old women, though, is not a church. It is a museum. Does the shared culture collapse and then the churches follow, or is it that the churches fail and then the shared reality of the people follows? It’s a good question…

Men in Europe really like tight clothes. They really like suit jackets that are what Americas would see as a size too small. Even the portly guys have tight jackets and pants. The difference between Americans and Europeans is that the worst sin for a Euro is to be seen as boring, while the worst sin for an American is to be a phony. This shows up in men’s styles. European men look like they spent hours getting ready to go out, while American men want to look like they live in a house with no mirrors or hot water…

I saw three blacks in Tallinn. They were standing in front a restaurant called “Tabula Rasa.” On the street was a sign for the Final Four, the college men’s basketball tournament in America. I was overwhelmed by the urge to take a picture, but years of living in Lagos has trained me to avoid doing stuff like that. Still, after seeing the glory of Nevsky Cathedral, the whiff of incense still in my nostrils, I could not help but wonder if the man upstairs was gently reminding me that he is keeping an eye on me…

On my trips to this part of the world, I’ve noticed that women here are what we in America would call high maintenance. The men seem to put a lot of effort into doting on their women, while the women act like they deserve it plus more. In Copenhagen, I saw men pushing a cart in which their date would ride. Contrary to the Viking image, men in this part of the world seem almost henpecked. Given what we see with their politics, it’s clear that the culture veered into matriarchy at some point and politics followed.

Even if this is just a superficial affectation, it is interesting because of what we think caused the variety of eye colors, hair textures and hair colors in Northern European people. The most common explanation is that there was an imbalance between the sexes, as the males needed to engage in high risk activity like hunting large animals and fishing cold waters. The result was more girls than boys, which gave an edge to women with unusual eye and hair color, as far as the sexual marketplace.

A trait that offers an edge in terms of attracting a mate, especially for women in a world short of eligible men, is going to spread quickly. It would follow that women would be the pursuers, while the men could be indifferent. If things are the reverse today, then it suggests something important changed over the last many generations. Perhaps enough cads were killed off in wars to turn the tables, giving the doting males an edge. That would have changed the dynamic among women, making them high maintenance…

I am planning to take the train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg, so it meant taking the ferry back over the Gulf of Finland. I went to the taxi stand and to my surprise there was a black taxi driver. It turns out that there are at least two Nigerians in Helsinki, the cabbie and his mother. He took a call and I noted that he had a Muslim name. His Finnish was awful and his English something close to nonsense, so I would assume he grew up speaking his people’s native tongue. I had to program my destination into his GPS.

Of course, the reason for all of this is he was probably sporting an 80-IQ. I had practiced a handful of Finnish phrases, in case I needed to tell a Finnish speaker what I wanted. He did not understand what I said. He just pointed at his tablet and made the writing sign with his hand, so I got the idea. I entered the address and we were off, but he got lost in the port area somehow, so I had to help him get on the road. The GPS allows him to drive a taxi, which is a great example of how we make it easy for the stupid to survive.

When we finally got to my hotel, he became confused about how to enter or even how to get to the front gate. Finally, I yelled stop enough ways for him to get the idea. He was trying really hard to to do his job and for that I could not help but respect him, but he clearly lacked the intelligence to do it. He handed me the credit card machine, assuming I could work it, which led me to assume he could not, so I charged my taxi fare and walked the last block to the hotel. I had been driven by an unfrozen caveman.

I actually felt bad for him. Unlike our rulers, I get why second and third generation migrants become extremely hostile to the native populations. The first generation have enough on the ball to leave their native lands looking for a better life. It’s not enough to compete at a middling level in the West, but enough to compete at the bottom, which is a several steps up from what they can do back home. Being on welfare in the West is better than the good life in Nigeria, so migrating makes perfect sense to the first generation.

One way to think of the great replacement is to think of it as an effort to bring the bottom up, by importing a slightly better underclass. The little brown guys running leaf blowers in America and the migrants driving cabs in Europe are an upgrade to the native working classes, who the rulers see as too demanding and too lazy. The trouble is, the layer between the rulers and the lower classes is the middle class and they are the people paying the price for the ruler’s great demographic experiment.

What this is revealing is something that has been true for a long time, but the middle-class has been blind to it. That is, the ruling elites of the West are post-national and largely define themselves in opposition to the great middle-classes of the West. The more the middle balks at immigration, the more excited the managerial class gets for multiculturalism and mass migration. That’s because the louder the native complain, the more intense the managerial class sense of identity. They truly hate us…

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  1. Zman, are you going to Russia on a [shudder] personal vacation?! Maybe you are there to check out the future Mrs Zman (before taking ownership)?

  2. See any damage from the war? Figured maybe in Estonia: Operation Barbarossa & then the Kurland Pocket.

  3. I have a vibrant Uber driver in Boston once who got lost taking me to the airport early morning from the downtown Hilton (little to no traffic). Went thru the tunnel, turned the wrong way and voila we were going thru the tunnel again and back into Boston. On the second attempt, I resorted to telling him where to turn and NOW!

    Luckily I made my flight, but it was close.

  4. Thank you for these travelogs. They are really interesting. I was one of those people who did everything possible to avoid going to Europe with work or pleasure. Then my little brother was living in Germany for years and we decided to do an 11 day motorcycle ride through Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, then back through the black forest. Your detailed writing lends itself to great visualization of what you are seeing and that is great reading for me. I would honestly rather hear your summary experience than go there myself. Unfortunately you are right about the ruling class. They could give a big shit about what us “flyover clingers” care about. Replacing us and ruling over a big shithole is their dream. As long as they have power they could give a crap about what happens to the rest of us. While they are busy using our money to destroy our country. I often wonder how much they sit around and laugh about us rubes and our concerns, or if they just have kind of a grim determination of getting to the big goal line, a life without any more elections where they just rule into perpetuity, handing off the reigns to their children and extended family.

  5. Does anyone else hear the podcast explosion when they see the ellipses at the end of some of the paragraphs?

  6. “As far as Tallinn, my guess is it serves Sweden and Finland as something like what Tijuana used to serve adventurous Americans.” This is exactly correct. I haven’t lived in Tallinn for a while, but I always thought that Estonia is the Mexico of Finland. Alcohol prices were much lower in Tallinn so there’d be throngs of Finns and Swedes stocking up on beer and vodka for the return trip. Also there is a rather large Russian underclass, and if you were looking for the Estonian equivalent of a donkey show, there’d be Russian ladies doing it somewhere in Tallinn. Public drunkenness and seedy casinos were everywhere, so despite Tallinn’s efforts to evolve into a Stockholm or Helsinki, it was unfortunately still held back by the Russian migrations into Tallinn during the Soviet days. It actually shows that white immigrants can f**k up a country too.

  7. “‘Men in Europe really like tight clothes. They really like suit jackets that are what Americas would see as a size too small. Even the portly guys have tight jackets and pants.”

    This reminded me so much of the old SNL Czechoslovakian Brothers skits with Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd. They want the women to “see their bulges” LOL

  8. The more the middle balks, the more excited the managerial class gets. They truly hate us. (Abridged.)

    Maybe this American is projecting, but that’s the vibe I’m getting from the Brexit betrayal. That the betrayers are absolutely revelling in the fury and anger of the white working and middle classes.

    The anger of the people is supposed to be a break on the misdeeds of the managerial class. But when it’s an accelerant instead, surely that’s one of the signs of a broken democracy–or perhaps one of the flaws inherent in mass democracy itself.

  9. I don’t blame the people who flee from other people like themselves. Who would want to live among Somalians? It would be nice, although clearly too much to ask, that they show a little gratitude instead of having some low IQ dimwit Somali chick screeching about how racist America is when America took her in when she had to flee from her fellow Somalians. But I don’t blame them for wanting to come to Western nations. I do blame the people who know what a disaster it is causing but still demand more third-world migrants because it helps bump their profit margin for another quarter.

  10. I don’t think the elites hate the middle class. Rather, they disdain us as an inconvenient annoyance. They tend to live very well and generally benefit from having a servant class that is far below them (and cheap to own). They simply wish that we would shut up and show some gratitude for their superior wisdom. Deep in the recesses of their brain, they harbor anxiety about a potential middle class revolt and consequently place a high priority on disarming us. In an odd irony of human nature, confiscation would actually trigger the revolt they fear.

    • In terms of segments of the elite, particularly “entertainers” I believe the vast majority of them genuinely do hate the middle class. For example. there’s a tendency of black rappers to frequently use certain evil words, and then claim that white fans should buy the music but not sing along. The only word to describe such an attitude is arrogance. The average black sportsballer despises the white Boomer conservative season ticket holder. Steve Sailer’s “rule by actresses” is also relevant.

      • The black entertainers and athletes are simply enjoying scooping the wealth from YT, without blowing their black bonafides. They don’t want to be Sammy Davis Jr. or Jackie Robinson, black men living in a white man’s world. Kaepernick is the opposite extreme, he wants to scoop WT’s bucks and tell him to f*ck off to his face. But a lot of them are content to stack up the Benjamins and quietly enjoy the fun of it all with their black buddies, throwing shade at WT in their private moments, on the “down low”, so to speak.

    • TomA: “I don’t think the elites hate the middle class. Rather, they disdain us as an inconvenient annoyance.” Sooooo, they hate us.

  11. Yes, you are correct that the Nordic European countries have succumbed to the matriarchy… long ago.

    When I meet Nordic European “men” abroad they always have a sad air about them. They seem to be inherently ashamed of themselves on some level. Perhaps because their feminist religion tells them they’re toxic and bad, or perhaps because in the presence of North Americans sense their effeminacy. Maybe a bit of both.

    Get used to it. It’s our future, too. North American “men” seem to have thrown in the towel. Hell, there probably hasn’t been a proper man in the White House since Ike or JFK (whether you like either them or not, they were at least men). Canada’s current Prime Minister is so effeminate even many of the women refer to him as “faggot”.

    • Booby Da. Nordics are just low-key. They were that way before the politics changed. They’re known as phlegmatic. As for no real men in the white house since JFK, you’re just parroting things. Regardless of politics, all the following presidents were real men. Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Clinton, Bush Jr. Trump.

    • That day has arrived already here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

      Lots of men under 40 look a little too soft around the edges, especially in the urban areas. Not urbane, soft.

      • Anyone who is urban and doing decently will be soft baring military service anyway.

        Our lives don’t put any obvious wear on our bodies and a job where you drive to work, get pumped using the mouse , eat bad food and rinse repeat leads to pudginess even if you stay fit

        Europeans walk a lot more than we do and eat far healthier food which compensates

        This isn’t exactly new, physical culture was a big thing back in the 30’s when society started to become more urban

        If there is a reactionary society , it will probably have to push physical culture to some degree and any public figures ought to be very fit ala Putin

        It will also have to clean up the food supply a lot. Big Agro and Fast Food s not the way to go since it breeds weak men

        In that sense reaction is kind of fash as strength , health and gender appropriate masculinity/femininity need to be the expected conduct and it would help if violators faced social consequences

        I don’t think we’ll go labor camps for dissidents but my dark little heart does think that would put a new spin on “So Brave.”

      • And right on cue, the University of Kansas is now offering an “angry white men” course from one of its resident social justice warriors:

        How many male, urban white millennials and gen Zers do you think will be lining up to show the campus feminists that they are repentant, pliable pussies? The Booby’s guessing this will turn into a new major before 2020.

  12. The dirt and grit is because they still burn coal, and even brown coal, in that part of the world. It stinks and the soot coats everything. People often comment they can tell when they leave Germany and enter Poland just by the smell. When you get a thermal inversion layer, the smoke comes straight down from the chimneys into the streets and looks like brown fog. But in fairness to our eastern European counterparts, the Irish are still harvesting and burning peat to this very day.

  13. ZMan – your travelogues are amazing. Thank you. The best statement was that, in effect, we could have an amazing technological society, or we could have diversity. I think the tech exists and diversity is forced on us so we can’t have it.

  14. We were just in Italy, and were surprised at the poor air quality in Rome and Naples, coming from Boston. The air is better in smaller cities. Lots of two-stroke scooters in poor condition.

    We both have unlocked iPhones, so we bought local SIMs from a TIM stand at the train station in Rome, €25 for two, 40 GB I think. Worked great. Tip: Bring your own paperclip so you can get switch back on the flight home.

    Italy was great. It’s still Italian. Italian women are female, strikingly so alongside American or German women.

  15. I’ve lived most of my life in the affluent suburbs of the imperial capital, and I’m convinced that affluent whites prefer being served by brown people. It could be guilt ( “hey, these brown people have it much better here that where they come from), it could be that working class whites shatter their myth that they are part of some natural elite, it could be fear that their kith and kin could end up in the working class, or it could be a combination of these and other things. The exception is places like Starbucks, where they want young college educated or educatable kids making their complicated concoctions.

    • The white working class tends to find large bicoastal cities too expensive to live in, lacking the extended family and home cooking habits of the immigrant communities. The rise of opiate addiction has also removed a large number of them from the labor market, and immigrants have eagerly replaced them. Employers also seem to practice a race realism, recognizing that blacks/whites have higher drug use/absenteeism versus Hispanics/Asian.

      • The current situation was not the case when I was growing up here in the sixties and seventies — it couldn’t have been, since there were few Hispanics or Asians in the area. The issues you describe are the result of the labor market pressure caused by relentless mass immigration of brown people: lower wages, higher housing costs, etc. The working class apartment complexes — many built to house (white) workers (including my parents) during and after WWII, are now completely overrun by brown people, brown people who are willing to crowd a dozen people into a one room apartment, with several of them working for low wages to support themselves and send money back to Central America. Would I be disgruntled if my country had done that to me? Hell yeah. Your statement about “employers practicing race realism” shows a profound lack of understanding and/or compassion for the effects of 50 years of doing the bidding of the Chamber of Commerce and the Democrat party.

        • I don’t think it is helpful to let our side off the hook. Not many people were forced into drug addiction or obesity, vices that are far less common with Asian immigrants. Nothing about being white prevents you from living off of Cowen chalupas while you save money for a down payment.

          Employers don’t like addicts or those with criminal backgrounds. And their tendency is to favor profit above civic virtue, in this I agree about the perfidious Chamber. The link is very informative, Jason Richwine was purged from Heritage for being a race realist.

          • You seem to be indicating that these irredeemable whites (“Slappy Williamson, call your office!) got lazy, fat and drug addicted, and as a result the Chamber of Commerce had no alternative but to import millions of brown and yellow people to take their place. I think you have the causality arrow backwards. Even if you don’t see it this way, your lack of compassion for your fellow whites is repellent to me. (But perhaps you’re not white.) The almighty dollar and the GDP are not my totems. I miss the culture I grew up in, and I miss it deeply, and I’m repelled by people like you who tell the people most affected by the profound changes to suck it up.

          • Problems that have metastasized for decades and percolated to every corner of the realm now set one against the other at every level.

            To fix this by bickering with each other in 10 million petty squabbles is a win for our degenerate oligarchs. We were driven into these positions by them.

            The path out of this is to make changes at a very fundamental level: fix the biology, give the oligarchs the choice of the pike, the pyre or the noose.

          • That would require that our side be willing to take power and use it in an authoritarian way

            This is a hard sell to people made weak by prosperity and infected with a Liberal or Libertarian live and let live ethos

            The US in particular seems to be populated with foreigners by virtue signalling religious dingbats or leave me alone types with both sides populated evenly with money crazed grifters .

            The way to change that requires force used all the time, control of trade, control of what is taught to anyone under 21, control of speech in the public square , long and short, control.

            Until that need is embraced and the fear that somehow decent people using power with automagically lead to a bad end, real change will be hard

            Our side must want power bad enough to take it, use it ruthlessly for decades and rebuild and frankly we are just too damned lazy right now to do that and to individualistic and suspicious to follow a leader, if we even had one

            Until than, frankly Clown World deserves to be in charge as at least they try and archive goals , sometimes and they will till they fail of stupid.

          • This is exactly the scenario described in the Covington books, and it inspired lots of arguments with my older son when he was still in his sort of libertarian phase (now solidly and actively Identitarian). A strong control of the culture for the first generation or two after separation would be absolutely critical to imbue the populace with the correct attitudes, the correct history, the correct values. Any active dissent to that (the inevitable IKAGO fallacy or slippery slope or just this once etc.) must be ruthlessly repressed . And far too few Whites can see or accept that, so here we remain in clown world.

          • The term for this is an interregnum ,

            def a period when normal government is suspended, especially between successive reigns or regimes

            Its awfully hard for people feeling oppressed like many people are now to be sold an authoritarian state especially one that will end up poorer as well

            In the end things aren’t quite bad enough for this to seem better and I live in So Cal where its clown central

            It will happen though sooner than later or the US will become Brazil two which isn’t entirely bad as a broke, less effective government is far better than a big state in the wrong hands

          • Steve,

            On measures of achievement and conversely of anti-social behavior, Asians routinely outperform whites in the US. I think we should find that fact shameful. Part of being compassionate is reprimanding bad behavior. We get no allowances for victimhood. The better we behave, the harder it is for the media to defame us.

          • You’re not a native nor white. The U.S. used to be a very nice place even even 35 years ago. Back then in CA you could leave your car unlocked while shopping and even your front door at night. Crime was mostly among blacks and drug users whom the cops dealt with harshly.

            You could walk at night, shop as well with no fear of being robbed. Kids could play miles away unsupervised because the predators were non-existent.

            It all changed with the growth of the welfare state, along with forced busing which forced whites out of the cities. Low income apartments, public transport, flooded small town America with blacks. Then came the Hispanics and Asians. The later groups never integrated, they remain colonists and economic competitors

            Hispanics and blacks took California and turned it into a shit hole. Not whites.

          • Yeah can confirm. I make it point to talk to owners of autoshops when i can. They tell me that they have trouble finding guys that can pass the drug test. Also complain that insurance ties their hands if they want to give someone a chance. A book could be written about the multiple levers of control, which insurance co. figure prominently, in our modern society. My wife is a doc so i got a front row seat this fkking slowing rolling, and predictable opioid crisis. “with modern medicine nobody should be experiencing pain these days” These formulations are very safe if taken as directed” Essential, slow release heroin formulations. Very hard to defeat to.. crush up the oxy and mix it with your jack and coke, or better yet snort it. Yeah very safe. My wife was recruited to one of these pain clinics. Great hours very lucrative. I’m pretty much a heathen but even i counseled that her eternal soul would be endangered if she took that job. The sacklers made their first fortune selling barbiturates to house wifes. The whole scene reminds me of what they did in china in the 1800s. Same players to. They have alot of blood on their hands to be sure.

          • Your reply could easily be right out the Chambers of Commerce and any cheap labor republican.

            No the reason why the service industry prefers Hispanics because they can work them like dogs and they won’t complain. You can cheat them out of their pay, verbally abuse them like a slave and they say nothing. This has been my direct experience with how Hispanics are treated in industry here in CA.

            BigTech loves Asian grinders because they can work them like dogs and get massive amounts of OT with no complaint, even if it makes them sick.

            Whites won’t put up with that abuse. The addiction you talk about was caused by Purdue pharma(run by the tribe). They went full tilt right after NAFTA was passed and ripped the economic and social guts out of the heartland of the U.S. in less than a decade. For 30 damn years there were no real job opportunities for blue collar whites because of globalization.

            Now it’s sustain by your Chinese buddies pumping Fentanyl into the U.S. via Mexico. trying to kill off whites.

    • Appalachian hill country here, Ahem, ahem, ahem my family is far removed from white trash, but i am very conversant with their kind. In retrospect my clan was sorta white trash royalty. My father, a professor, would spay the neighbors animals for free in his shed using anesthesia and instruments from work. This gave us a certain cache in the hollow. haha many of the local farmers were strangely tenderhearted and squeamish. They would request us to put down their animals if they got sick, especially if it was favorite dog or something sentimental. Once i went to shoot my neighbors dog and fkked up and only wounded it. He had to call it back to us, and surprisingly it came back and sat:( I got a clean 2nd shot but honestly i still feel bad about that incident). I guess my long winded point is… would you want me weeding your flower garden?

      • “In retrospect my clan was sorta white trash royalty. ”

        Fischer, in his book Albion’s Seed, calls your type the backwoods ascendancy.

        • I’ll check it out. Backwoods ascendancy, huh. I like it and will tell dad that’s what he is next time I go home. My dad is an eccentric old coot. My last visit a young hill jack showed up. He produced a huge wad of greasy money. Dad disappeared into the backroom and came out with a large tray of silver bullion. I didn’t even bother to ask. They will also stop by with their newly bought guns for dad to shoot and comment upon. I shit you not.

          • Good, that means they have soft uncalloused hands!

            See how it works? pretty creepy, huh. Don’t feel too bad about sticking with the mexican gardener.

          • Yes, I see that you are VERY creepy. I will rest easy knowing the chance of any of my daughters being anywhere near you is very low. As for my “ Mexican Gardner,” WTF????? Can you read?

          • Maybe they should. Gardening is a skill that will save lives if things go to hell .

      • Once i went to shoot my neighbors dog and fkked up and only wounded it. He had to call it back to us, and surprisingly it came back and sat

        My sister had a budgie that she was very attached to, which got sick. It could hardly move, but lay on the floor of the cage, unable to reach its perch. After spending a fortune on veterinary bills, she finally asked me to handle it, because I’d been a fisherman and was used to strangling birds, so I had become the Family Dispatcher of Unwanted Budgies.

        Only, the last time I had murdered a budgie, the head had come off in my hand and lay there in my palm, eyes staring at me, the beak slowly moving. A very unpleasant experience I don’t mind admitting, since I’ve had budgies myself as a child.

        So I took a paper towel and wrapped it around the bird before twisting its head 360 and dropping it in the garbage bin. My sister was inconsolable and started on getting seriously drunk at 10 AM.

        After having drunk the better part of a bottle of fortified wine, she goes to buy another budgie, one that looks exactly like the deceased one. She comes home, installs the budgie in the cage and goes to polish off the rest of the wine.

        Meanwhile, her boyfriend has come home, and when she enters the kitchen, he’s there, with a chipper blue budgie on his shoulder. In her sozzled state, this does not compute very well, because she just left it in the cage, and she has a minor episode.

        So what had happened while she was shopping for a budgie, was that a neighbour had been taking out the trash, and a budgie had flow out of the trashcan and perched on her shoulder. Apparently, either my vigorous chiropraxia had done it a world of good, or it had gotten the message: pull yourself together RIGHT NOW, or else…!

        Alas, it died a few days later. My sister still makes dagger eyes when the episode is mentioned, and after that, I told people to take their sick budgies to the vet.

        • You sorta creeping me out Felix.. but tuck that story away in case you ever need to get out of jury duty. Can confirm that dispatching the family pet with gun or shovel does give one a certain street cred with the kids. Will tell my critics that is how the world got different dog breeds. They didn’t institute breeding programs, they outa hand killed dogs that irritated them with unwanted behavior. (eg biting a kid). Couple thousand generations of culling, walla a pug! Well that particular example may undermine my thesis, but you get the drift.

          • Strangling birds is part of the job as a longline hand. The gulls snatch the bait before it sinks, so you’ll catch dozens of birds each day. Most of them can be set free, but some are too badly off to save. After a few days, you grow numb to it.

            Usually, what you do is you shoot a gull, hoist it in the mast and that will keep the others away while you set the line. But my skipper was some sort of animal rights activist, he wouldn’t allow that. One time, he ordered us to cut the line during a haul to go after a gull with a broken wing.

            Also, he ate seagulls – puffins and fulmars – so there’s that. After a few months at sea, he’d have five or six black bin liners filled with frozen birds.

          • Sid and Felix those were some funny-horrible stories. The dog one was really sad. The other night a guy from the country was telling me that once as a kid his dad made him flush foxes out of their den since they were messing with the farm. On his first attempt, only the mother fox ran out. To his great discomfort, she sat not far away, looking on. On his second attempt, the little foxes ran out and the kid had to shotgun them all as she watched.

          • Yeah growing up in the rural American South you accumulate stories like that. the neighbor was a good guy to. I think intellectually he understood it was a mishap and that I was doing him a favor, but I don’t think he really liked me after that to tell you the truth. maybe a lesson in that. You do the dirty work and they despise you for it.

          • Yeah I feel sorry for you as a kid, and the dog. Damn. I think there’s truth in your last line. On topic, there was a mechanical engineer at work. In his late 50’s. Looked kinda like Wilfred Brimley. Friendliest guy ever. Anyway, at a previous job, cats kept breeding in one of the fabrication bays. He filled a 55 lb barrel up with water and drowned every kitten in it. He was a super smart engineer. But so dumb he openly talked about it up at the front office. The women got him fired. LOL. Funny thing is, he always talked about people getting killed (from watching the news the night before or whatever) and would laugh as he told you about it. He didn’t come into work one Monday. Turns out he died of a heart attack over the weekend playing tennis naked at a nudist colony. He would have LOVED that story! I wonder if he was giggling at himself as he lay dying.

      • I’ll hire a White man over anyone else so long as he won’t rip me off and if I can’t hire a White guy when I get to pick than I’d rather do it myself

  16. I pick up Revolt of the Elites and read a bit every now and then (I’m one of those people who leave books lying around and read them when I happen to be sitting in the right chair, I don’t make it to that chair often enough). That last couple of paragraphs look like it might be time to review that soon.

  17. “I was overwhelmed by the urge to take a picture”

    It’s a testament to your writing skill that, up until I read that sentence, I hadn’t noticed that you haven’t included any photos. Now I’m thinking that it’s a pity we can’t see some of the things you’ve written about. Regardless, I’m enjoying this series immensely.

  18. Oh, and if you think Tallinn looks dirty, you should have been there in the 90s when the whole place still looked like Soviet Union. When I go to Tallinn nowadays, it always strikes me how clean and modern the place looks like compared to what it was twenty years ago. But yeah, maybe they are doing all the repair work now before the tourists season and the whole city looks like a big construction yard. In summer Tallinn is usually a very nice place.

  19. On my trips to this part of the world, I’ve noticed that women here are what we in America would call high maintenance…. Perhaps enough cads were killed off in wars to turn the tables, giving the doting males an edge.

    The maintenance is provided for by the welfare state. Women do not need men to support her, the state will take money from men and give them to women, streamlining the whole idea of marriage without the messy part of actually, well, getting married and such.

    OTOH, this also means you don’t need to pay for casual sex. There’s no buttering her up with drinks or dinners or going on weeks and months of dates: you either go to third base on the first night, or you’ll go nowhere at all. Only chumps and incels buy drinks for girls, going Dutch at restaurants is perfectly normal – expected, in fact – and a woman will pay half the expenses in a relationship as a matter of principle.

    And a hot tip for Zblog punters exclusively: if you want to neg a Scandi woman, say something complimentary about Asians. Viking girls are insecure about their size and all feel like cows: big and ungainly. “Statuesque” is the kind of compliment you are looking for.

    • All of the above sounds like a formula for depopulation. No wonder the elites want all the imports.

      • Danish fertility rates are above Western average, if still below replacement.

        And Denmark does not have a population problem, we’re overcrowded as it is – in fact, we’d probably do better with a million (15%) less citizens. The fixation on population growth rates is part American frontier thinking, part an artefact of neoliberal economics, where the financial Ponzi scheme that feeds the welfare state, needs steady GDP growth not to collapse.

        The elite wants imports, because even if they are a net drain on the public coffers, they boost GDP and allow the globalists to underwrite more debt in your children and grandchildren’s names.

        • Actually the (((elite))) wants imports because inter-racial sexual arithmetic is very simple with respect to offspring:

          1. Only White plus White equals White.
          2. White plus Black equals Black.
          3. White plus Brown equals Brown.
          4. White plus Black or Brown also equals Negative White (viz., a stolen opportunity or absence of what would otherwise have been a new White). So a White/non-White union actually adds one non-White, and also subtracts one White.

          Since non-White men will ALWAYS very aggressively pursue White women (and rape if necessary), and even a certain percentage of White women who are repulsed by or indifferent to non-White men will succumb to this relentless pressure, the casino math invariably favors non-White increase and White decrease. Always.

          And there’s a force multiplier: as White men increasingly see their women stolen by non-Whites, and find it is impossible to simply kill their rivals (the natural mammalian biological impulse after all), they become demoralized and remove themselves from the sexual market place. Too, as White women see other White women increasingly with non-White partners, they follow the herd instinct and assume it is the thing to do. ((((Mass media))), (((advertising))), and (((education))) all relentlessly promote this.

          It’s really quite a (((racket))) when you think about it.

          When the pendulum finally swings back, Holocaust 2.0 is going to be the best Holocaust ever; you’ll be able to see it from space. Maybe we should call it the Supercaust.

          • I’ve come to suspect that globalists hate Sweden as much as they hate America, because Sweden is the epicenter of blondes, just like America is the epicenter of freedom. You can buy politicians wholesale, own all the banks and start wars at the drop of a hat, but not all your money and all your power can buy you what you desire most: blue eyes and blond hair.

            However, it doesn’t work very well in Europe. We’re quite a bit more racist over here and miscegenation rates are low, even in Sweden. It’s one thing to tote around a 220 lbs quarterback straight out of the jungle, quite another to show off a greasy, 120 lbs camel jockey who bathes in cologne twice a day and can’t even dance. And that’s before factoring in the Mohammadan injunction against trucking with infidels.

            As for the fertility rates in Scandinavia, luckily wir haben dann andere Methoden these days: Denmark is the biggest exporter of donor sperm on the planet, so it seems the meek shall inherit the earth after all. The next hundred years will see Nordic genes spread more successfully than the Normans ever managed. I bet there are more Jews being impregnated with Danish sperm than there are mixed couples in Denmark, and they are paying for the privilege.

          • Denmark is the biggest exporter of donor sperm on the planet.

            Being the biggest wankers in the world might not sound like much, but Denmark is rarely number one at anything, so we’ll take it.

            (Just wanted to get the jokes in myself, before someone commented on the modern, Viking strategy for world domination.)

          • I thought I read that most of that Nordic sperm was going to Latin America, so all it is likely to do is slightly lighten a number of Mestizos.

        • Yeah i think the dissident right would provide a great service if it could reintroduce a conversation on eugenics. It could be structured humanely. Its taboo as hell in academy currently. The chinese are moving hard into the area. I expect competitive pressure, if nothing else will re-introduce the subject in the west in next 20yrs.

          • Agree.

            I suspect that the genetic programs of the Nazis are lumped in with gas chambers to stop us from practicing eugenics, but the Chinese don’t suffer from those kinds of sensibilities. In a hundred years, you’ll have two billion Asians, averaging 6’6”, all with blue eyes, ivory skin and giant tits.

    • “Viking girls are insecure about their size…”. It seems many women want to be something they aren’t. The ones who own who they are and what they look like (within reason), they are the beautiful ones. A bunch of the crazy seems to go away, too, once they get over trying to look or act differently than who they are destined to be. Mrs. Dutch is tall and blonde and normal, and I try to remind her every day that all of those things are awesome.

      • We have a bunch of redheads were i am. many go to tanning beds and use dye lotions to darken their skin (more common 20 yrs ago). I was surprised that jap women used parasols to avoid the sun and stay fair when i lived in japan. I’ve had many fights with my own daughters over this issue. By force-of-will i’ve managed to keep tattoos and tanning beds out of my picture(knocking on wood). I”ll tell them “hey dumbasses, the rest of the world is trying to achieve that lovely fair skin, why ya want to look like an oopaloppa for gods sake” Bleaching agents are a big seller in india, for example.

        • By force-of-will i’ve managed to keep tattoos out of my picture

          Well done! You might want to refer to tattoos as “slut graffiti”, that little piece of rhetoric has worked wonders for me.

        • tell them getting a tattoo is being the ultimate conformist. I can’t guarantee it’ll work but the point is to be a rebel right.

          I’m Generation X and I was a hipster and I was only one of my friends that did not have a tattoo and it’s because I’m actually a natural Rebel. It’s been kind of annoying sometimes really. Even in highschool I would never read the book that was assigned to my class but I would read all the other books that were assigned different classes. I always liked to read I just don’t like people telling me what to do

        • Light skin is a status symbol everywhere but in white countries. Asian women are maniacal in their pursuit of white skin. Umbrellas on sunny days. Skin lightening cream is a multi billion dollar industry. Korea has a thriving cosmetic surgery industry where women from all over Asia go to look whiter. White women’s perky noses are especially a big deal.

    • You’re a manipulative crafty cock-hound aren’t you. Hey its all fair in love and war. Carry on good sir.

  20. Well Z, you arrived to Finland just in time to see the beginning of the collapse in the standards of Finnish taxi service. The taxi business used to be heavily regulated until recently, which meant reliable and good customer service, but also very high prices. Most of the drivers were Finns, and even the immigrants working as taxi drivers knew their job. The government liberalized the taxi market just last year, and now low IQ immigrants are being hired as taxi drivers, and people are complaining that they often can’t even find the place they are supposed to drive to.

    This is a good example of how the people on the right have to change their thinking because of the demographic question. I used to vote for the National Coalition Party, which is our center right cuckservative party, and supported economic deregulation, including liberalizing the rigid rules that regulated the taxi market, and made the whole taxi business resemble a medieval guild.

    I still support it in principle, but not anymore in practice, since in the “demographic age” economic deregulation often leads to flooding the labour market with Third World immigrants. So I won’t be voting for the cucks anymore, and I hope the populist Finns party will get an earth-shattering victory in the elections next week and, among other things, cancel the whole taxi reform. I’ll just bite my lip next time I have to pay 20 euros for a short taxi ride because I’m too shit faced drunk to walk back home from a bar.

  21. Interesting. I found Tallinn to be pretty clean and smart, but then I lived in the Russian far east for 4 years and when I was in Estonia I was actually on holiday from Lagos (the real one). Plus it was Christmas and everything covered in beautiful white snow. And yes, if you find yourself without 3G then Estonia’s where you want to be: I think it has more free public wifi per capita than any other country, they even have it in the park beside the tourist information centre.

    I’m not sure Estonian women are high maintenance. From what I could tell they’re more like Russians in that regard than (say) Swedes or Finns. Certainly Lithuanian women are more like Russians than western Europeans, and I have a little experience with them. They look high maintenance because they demand to be treated like princesses, but the gender roles in these countries are very well-defined: the man plays his manly role and the woman gets treated (superficially) like a princess. In reality this means she is showered with affection on the first few dates and enjoys lots of flowers but in a year’s time she’s married, stuck at home with a kid cooking borsch while hubby is out shagging someone else. This is a bit extreme, but it’s also very common. I don’t know many Estonian men but I know a few Latvians and Lithuanians, and they’re more like Russian men than Swedish men, for sure. The Finns are probably somewhere in the middle.

    To be honest, I think Estonian men probably have a better time with their women than American men do with theirs. I bet they don’t have an equivalent of AOC, for example. Maybe you ought to look into postponing that flight home? 😉

    • I lived in Estonia for about 3 years, and there is a marked difference between Estonians and Russians. Tallinn is about 50/50 Estonian/Russian, and the high-maintenance gals you see strutting around are Russians. Estonian lasses take after Swedes; you can easily tell by their dress. Russian gals tart themselves up much more than Estonians do. Russian men are usually trash; Estonians tend to cultivate an air of tight-clothing’d educated swankiness, again like the Swedes or Germans.

  22. You have a penchant for writing entertaining informative travelogue. How fortunate you are safely to walk all over Tallinn. I am traveling through the belly of the beast, the north San Francisco Bay…Delta area. It is 180 degrees opposite to your safe experience. Am envious.
    In Antioch/Pittsburgh, half vibrant from gov’t bringing in Section 8 from Oakland, and half Latin American. On either side of daughter, both families South American, bought the home and 15 family members sharing mortgage cost. Driving through Antioch requires one to be on very high alert. The Walking Dead are everywhere. Glimpse the eyes of crazed fiends lurching toward you on the streets, one must move quickly to get away. Have you been safe to walk and explore on your trip…everywhere? If so, this is a huge difference between there and here.

    • I grew up in the SFB Delta. Pittsburgh was vibrant even then with all the accompanying problems. Antioch had no vibrancy and was the type of white hellhole where young kids could roam far and wide on their bikes without the police and child courts being involved

  23. “The most common explanation is that there was an imbalance between the sexes, as the males needed to engage in high risk activity like hunting large animals and fishing cold waters. The result was more girls than boys, which gave an edge to women with unusual eye and hair color, as far as the sexual marketplace.”

    And you wonder why women developed fierce competitiveness with other women. When Ogg brought home to the cave the blond blue-eyed cutie, he would have been smart to let Brunhild assume first wife status to boss the young charmer, and maintain some level of hierarchical harmony.

  24. Oh boy! I want a diesel powered cat! No….wait….my cat passes gas…will that do?!

  25. In our thing, people get caught up in the nature side of the paradigm, but nurture is a powerful force. Being an immigrant is one of the most powerful cultural forces in explaining human behavior, it really does make them better people. There is only one bullet in that gun though. The second generation crashes right back down the biological standard. Grit and a GPS can get you far in life.

    The damnedest thing is that even immigrants of a different race DO assimilate. They absorb the worst of Western culture: the Black part. Even east Asians do this to disturbing degree. A black child who spent time in a refugee camp in darkest Africa will perform better in school then their own child who was raised next to African-Americans.

    • There is a regression to the mean. The first male who moved to the new land is going to be the better sort, more adventurous and probably smarter than the norm for his people. If he brought his wife, she may have those qualities or simply followed him. The children have a 50/50 shot at having the moxie and smarts of dear old dad. Spin the wheel again and the kids are 25%.

      If you only allowed 95-IQ Africans into your country, forbade them from going home to marry and did not permit them to bring the tribe over after they settled, You’e still going to end up with, in a few generations, with a population closer to their ethnic average. The kids of gen-2 will fall along the predictable range, with the smarter ones flowing the low fertility patterns we see in the West. The dumb ones will breed like bunnies.

      That means our immigration policy, if we had one above saying no to all migrants, has to include policies to encourage high fertility among the smart fraction and very low fertility among the dumb fraction. The choices for the latter are all cultural. The latter would require economic and health polices.

      • Regression to the mean is exactly why you should judge an individual based on their race if you will be dealing with this person’s offspring or relatives.

        It’s why it’s a bad idea to allow the “nice black couple” to move into your neighborhood. They might be whites in black face, but odds are that their children and relatives won’t.

    • There is only one bullet in that gun though. The second generation crashes right back down the biological standard.

      Just so. Apart from the explanation Zman proffers below, second generation immigrant didn’t choose to come here themselves.

      I rarely empathize with Mohammadans, but I can see why second generation immigrants are angry. They were born second class citizens and they’d be second class citizens if they went back to Kebabistan, tainted as they are with Western, liberal attitudes, and only speaking their ancestral tongues haltingly.

  26. Alex, thank you, that was good advice. It would never occur to me to inform the credit card agency of my itinerary. But, but… our mr. Z is too
    cagey and squirrelly to fall for your tricks. Away with you (((Fed))). 🙂

    • Actually, I did inform them, but they assured me that their state of the art fraud prevention wason top of things and I had nothing to fear.

      It was a small inconvenience, but a good lesson. Always have enough cash in the local currency to buy a bus ticket to the border.

      • I’m surprised you wouldn’t have made sure you had some Euros stashed away for emergencies.

        • American-Express is the least accepted credit card in Europe. Next time you come over, you might want to bring a Master Card or Visa. Cash is still the primary form of exchange over here with Bank cards (debit cards) being a close second.

  27. Setting aside the high quality of the topics you’ve chosen to write about, I find you a very amusing author. The line, “It seems they have found a way to power everything with diesel, including bicycles and pets” had me spitting up good bourbon.

    Also, N.B.: Estonia (and a few other Central/Eastern European countries) is one of the cyberfraud capitals of the world, so its always a good idea to share your itinerary with your primary card company in advance. They’ll note the dates you’re in a country and give you close to blanket authorization so you don’t have to deal with this stuff.

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