The Lie Machine

On an August night in 2016, Russell Orlando Courtier got into a dispute with Larnell Bruce Jr. in the parking lot of a convenience store in Oregon. Authorities are unsure what caused the dispute or why it escalated into a physical escalation. All they know is it ended when Courtier drove over a machete wielding Bruce with his Jeep. Courtier was eventually arrested and convicted of first degree murder. He was just sentenced to life in prison, which in Oregon means he gets out in 30 years, assuming good behavior.

Now, according to the media, the attack was a hate crime. Russell Orlando Courtier is a 40-year old white man and Larnell Bruce Jr. was a 19-year old black man, who is dutifully described by the media as a teenager. They want you to get the impression that he was an innocent 13-year old out riding his bike when he was viciously attacked by this white supremacist. Larnell Bruce Jr. is Emmett Till, another unfortunate black body destroyed by a society that was built on and continues to promote white supremacy.

In realty Larnell Bruce Jr. was a hyper-violent serial criminal, with 16 convictions, including one for beating a child with a skateboard. At just 19-years old, Larnell Bruce Jr. was well on his way to either life in a cage or the local cemetery. In fairness, none of his crimes warranted him getting killed by another lunatic in a parking lot, but the arc of his life was leading to this end from the day he was born. The fact is, some people are born bad and they come to bad ends. That was the case for Larnell Bruce Jr.

For his part, Russell Orlando Courtier was not quite the public menace as Mr. Bruce, but he has been convicted of four felonies and three misdemeanors. One of his convictions was for beating the mother of his child. Another was for attacking a man with a knife and another was for attacking a man with broken glass. During his time in the prison system, he joined a white prison gang. When he confronted Mr. Bruce, he was sporting prison ink from that gang and reportedly a hat with a white supremacist logo.

In other words, the real story here is that one of them miraculously made it to 40 without killing someone and the other managed to make it to adulthood. In a better managed society, the parents of Mr. Courtier would have been sterilized before reproducing and the parents of Mr. Bruce would not have been here. Eugenics gets a bad name, but it would have prevented these two lunatics from terrorizing society. In the case of Mr. Courtier, it would have prevented him from making another copy of himself.

According to the media, this is another example of white supremacists murdering innocent black people. The story will be entered into the various databases kept by groups that the lie machine relies upon to testify about these things. In ten years, no one will bother to look up the facts of cases like this. Instead, a ridiculous looking representative of an anti-white terror group will be allowed to include it in their libel against whites. Your children will be guilty, because two violent felons got into a beef in Oregon that ended in murder.

That’s how the lie machine works. The mass media contorts and manipulates events to fit into the narrative. The anti-white hate groups, like the ADL, then cherry pick their best work to include in their libel against white people. They are then invited by the media onto the various platforms to repeat their libel against white people. Other media platforms are assigned to cover these modern minstrel shows, so the lies go through the megaphones once more. Like an echo, the lie is repeated over and over and over.

This is highly orchestrated and coordinated propaganda by people who know exactly what they are doing. At the bottom of that news story is a video the news site put together. It has some clips of the family of the slain man talking about how much they miss the victim. There are images of the victim as a boy. The point of the video is to make you think the convicted man killed a innocent little child, rather than another hyper violent serial felon. Goebbels could not have imagined propaganda of this scale.

This is not simply bias. The mass media is a highly coordinated lie machine, purpose built to promote a blood libel against white people. Russell Orlando Courtier is a monster who should be in a cage, but people like Larnell Bruce Jr. are, according to the Obama administration, three percent of the population, but responsible for 30% of the homicides in this country. Yet, according to the lie machine, outliers like Courtier are the great threat to democracy, while the far more common and lethal people like Bruce are the victims.

It is a bit of trope now to point out that the anti-white bias in the media. It is so pervasive and common, it is now the soundtrack of our lives. That really does not get to the nature of the hatred these people have for us. A dinky little publication like the Oregonian invested hundreds of hours in order to promote this fake hate crime. You don’t do that unless the hatred is so consuming that it is the focus of your life. The fact is, these people are now defined by their hatred of white America. It’s who they are. It’s all they are.

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  1. So. I mean years ago, I stopped paying attention to the media. I’m talking, like the mid 90’s. Seems like what the answer is, is to discredit the media – and thanks to Trump, the final nail in the coffin just got hammered in.

    But what does that mean. We are sitting good here, as far as plugging the fingers in the dike of antiwhite propaganda. The spell is broken, and I suppose the next phase is widespread resistance, resistance in multivarious forms, up and down the range – from violence between a white and non white couple of felons in a parking lot to more sophisticated forms of pushback on the new public forum, the internet.

    I’ve been a white nationalist since the late 90’s. We are winning.

    That being said, it doesn’t bode well for the future if what you’re expecting is a truce; or some kind of return to societal normalcy. Well, man up damnit who cares. Just keep pushing. Its working.

  2. When the Cowboys play the Patriots, I have one of those, “Why can’t they both lose?” feelings.

    I feel in this case, that both lost, and society won. Yeah, the media is the media, they’re gonna do their thing. We’re not so far gone as a country that people lack the ability to roll their eyes at this sort of thing.

    There’s also this, which surprised me, “The decision appeared to mark Oregon’s first hate crime murder conviction in three decades.”

    Somehow that got past the editor…

  3. Why are Muslims wielding such a lot of power now in the West? Because they have demonstrated that they are prepared to use all lethal means up to and including mass murder to get what they want. Perhaps our masters are not so much in thrall to them as just downright scared of them. Nobody is scared of polite, well-behaved white people.

      • Felix… what do you think will happen to that power balance when there are way more Muslims than Globalists and weedy Euros? Your take?

        • Call me a Pollyanna, but I don’t think it will come to that.

          It’s extremely hard to rustle up dependable numbers on Mohammadan invaders, because everybody fudge them: the governments downplay them, the counterjihadis boost them, but a Moslem majority is at least five decades away.

          I think matters will come to a head long before that. A critical point will be when the number of POC in the US reaches 50% plus one – they’ll throw the biggest party in American history.

          Whatever happens then, will spill over into Europe, and America, ironically, will once again be coming to save the motherfucking day, by serving as a cautionary example and exporting white race consciousness to Europe.

          Repatriation is totally on the table in Denmark today. It’s a tentative, nervous position still, but it’s being discussed in Normieworld and people can actually vote for it.

      • Felix, maybe but that assumes that Mohammetans have no ambitions of their own. Twice they came close to conquering the whole of Europe. I doubt globalists had much to do with it.

        • Twice they came close to conquering the whole of Europe.

          Ancient history. The last time Western armies met the Arabs on a real battlefield – in 1990 – the Mohammadans were slaughtered at a rate of 100:1.

          Mohammadans are a nuisance, they are not dangerous, except in the sense that the globalists are wielding them against us. You might as well worry that the blacks in America should rise up and overthrow the white oppressor.

  4. The sin of omission. Paint a pretty picture. The truth is in the details. The statement “Wake up white people” was never more pertinent than it is today. White people bad. Progressive liars that push an agenda………heroes. We all need to hope we never have to defend ourselves with deadly force against a non white.

  5. “but people like Larnell Bruce Jr. are, according to the Obama administration, three percent of the population, but responsible for 30% of the homicides in this country. ”

    Uh, no, that would be 50% of the homicides in this country.

  6. There are so many false wife beating accusations, that I no longer believe any of them. This goes double when it’s a “baby-mama” rather that a wife. Not the point of the story, but still relevant in my view.

  7. The larger context is important too. The Progressive media engages in extreme propaganda for a very specific reason. They know that the escalating craziness is pushing the limits of societal acceptance and eventually this will force a backlash, perhaps in the form of a revolution or civil war. As such, a hot conflict would put these pansies at great risk, and since they really cannot defend themselves, they must rely on LEOs to protect them instead. The only way they can ensure the cooperation and protection of LEOs is to fully control the political apparatus and demonize the “enemy.” They anticipate a conventional militia-type opposition, and are preparing accordingly. What they will actually face will be quite different and essentially impossible to stop.

  8. I have become the New Soviet Man. I assume that everything that I read or see in the “news” is a lie or tells only part of the truth. Once you reach this point you can decipher the information that you are being fed. They think that we are all stupid and believe what they tell us. This is how the citizens of the USSR interpreted Pravada and Izvestia.

    • I’ve been in the
      “If their lips are moving .. then they’re lying”
      mode for awhile now ..

  9. (((Karl Marx))) cherry picked UK gov’t reports about industrialists’ abuses of their workers, reports that were written after the UK gov’t took action by sanctioning the industrialists and/or passing new laws & regulations. But Marx passed off accounts of such (addressed) abuse as the median case.

    (((Howard Zinn))) did the same thing in his “People’s History of the United States.” Slavery, Jim Crow, genocide, and all the rest of black arm band history.

    And, again, both Marx (Engles) & Zinn (Boston U) had sinecures supporting and funding their work. Heck, Marx never even stepped foot in a factory.

    There are numerous other examples, but you get the drift.

    They live by The Lie Machine. It has ever been thus with those (((people))).

  10. “by Aimee Green”

    How much younwanna bet our dear Aimee is the star of yet another episode of America’s most-watched show, Every. Single. Time. Theater?

    (maybe America’s /only/-watched show)

  11. Is this a case of a machine being put to bad use, or is it the machine itself that is the problem?

    I just sometimes imagine what it would be like if people were targeted with media promoting, say, flossing their teeth or highway courtesy.

      • No the key is to remember to back over him, look around to make sure there are no witnesses, and then drive away nonchalantly at a slow, but not suspiciously slow speed. I also understand that bleach and rented powerwashers are useful for removing road grime.

  12. It is key to remember that this habit of shaping, selectively editing the news to fit an anti-white, pro-minority worldview got rolling long ago. Probably as far back as 1940. There were major race riots in 1943 Detroit which were harbingers of the social engineering revolution unleashed after 1955. Time & again, Blacks were portrayed as innocents; hapless victims of White aggression or institutional racism. Particularly in the 1965-85 frame, their rampant criminality was obscured as something inevitable or excusable in their struggle to escape poverty.

    • It traces back at least to the liberation of Jewry in the West, the 19th century.

      There was some whitey-hating before by some few euros, but they took it to new heights and produced it on the industrial scale.

      • In 2300 BC, they brought in Guterian beast-men of Africa, barely more intelligent and far more vicious than dogs, and destroyed the Mesopatamian empires.

        Now the gangs, brown, black, and muslim, are sending their men for training not only in prisons, but in the military as well, for advanced training.

    • I can’t remember who said it, but they pointed out that the lack of tribalism is whites is novel. Our ancestors did not think that way, and certainly nobody other than whites thinks that way today. Historically it’s unnatural. It took years of propaganda to achieve it and it takes constant propaganda to maintain it. And now it’s not working as well as it used to so they are dialing it up.

      Maintaining this culture completely unique in history is unlikely. Humans will return to being humans. The cost of keeping them in this state is becoming too high a price to play.

  13. Mark Steyn has a fantastic column out today. Good to see him writing again, instead of wrecking his career trying to be some kind of William F. Buckley clone (the TV show, the cruises, etc). When he puts his mind to it, or when he’s pissed off, there’s no better prose stylist writing today.

    • Steyn needs multiiple sources of income just to keep up with the legal fees he incurs by offending Our Rulers. Writing, especially just on his blog, can’t bring in enough cash.

      The man attacks the reigning pieties and pays a price for his heresy. If 20 other right leaning scribes had his talent and balls, the proggies would have their asses kicked every day.

      As it is, we get Ben Shapiro.

      • I certainly don’t begrudge Steyn any money he gets, but I wish that he would write more – that’s where his true talent lies.

    • Steyn’s one of the few voices I still follow from my Bushie days (plus VDH & Coulter, a few others). He’s taken serious financial and personal heat for the cause, so I tend to forgive his shabbos goy interventionism. He’s a common starting point for most dissidents’ road to red-pilling and a good wordsmith, solid net positive for our side.

    • So, precisely because Paris is full of people who would love to burn down Notre Dame four days before Good Friday, it seems bizarrely improbable that it should happen by accident: that a highly desirable target should be taken out by some slapdash workman leaving a cigarette butt near his combustible foam take-out box – the lunchpack of Notre Dame – and letting the dried-out twelfth-century timbers do the rest.

      “Lunchpack of Notre Dame” is fantastic.

    • Steyn: “The builders who raised up those stones through great vaulted spaces soaring to heaven were primitive, ill-educated men who nevertheless had a sense of something beyond themselves and the present tense.”

      As Exile noted previously, it’s also time to drag religion kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
      Religion is a science mired in the dark ages, as was medicine in the 5th century.

      We have betrayed the young enough.
      We must give them the tools they need, I hope to provide a firm foundation. We were made for this.

  14. And it’s not just crime they lie about, it’s everything.

    I was forced out of politeness the other night to watch some sort of PBS news segment about climate change in Africa, and how climate change causes mass migration or some twaddle. There was all this footage of Africans farming in some remote African village. Except they weren’t “farming,” they were randomly, purposelessly poking big piles of dirt with crude shovels; in other words, it was staged for the cameras, it was Potemkin farming (besides, African /women/ do most of the agricultural work). The reporters literally said “climate change” in every single sentence, often twice in a single sentence. All the local “tribal elders” they interviewed also were sure to say “climate change” in every single sentence.

    We were told to believe that “climate change” causes poverty in remote African villages, but there was no “poverty” in evidence — these people, who all looked hale and well-fed, were simply living traditional rural African village life, exactly as their forebears had done for thousands of years. The only “poverty” was that they didn’t have shiny Wypipo gadgets, which of course they didn’t need. They lived in strange round-shaped huts and carried stuff around on their heads, just as they had done for millennia. They didn’t notice they were poor until some White reporter showed up and told them so, and they saw video on an iPhone of hot White women sipping Pinot grigiot in Europe. But they were desperate because climate change.

    Somehow “climate change” had caused a massive surge in the population of healthy, strapping young military-age males, who were all “desperate” to flee “poverty” to escape to Europe, mysteriously without any “desperate” wives or children slowing them down, to live a life of welfare, crime, shiny gadgets and raping White women. They were “desperate” to find “work” in Europe, only there is no demand in Europe for illiterate peasants to poke at mounds of dirt with a stick. And for a region supposedly devasted by climate change, there sure were an awful lot of them, all young and healthy and ready to roll.

    Because climate change. Lies on top of lies on top of lies, wrapped in lie ribbons in a giant lie box.

    The depths of these (((people’s))) sheer, blistering hatred for us is beyond measure.

  15. I know that as a matter of practical public propaganda, it’s of limited use to point out the left’s hypocrisy and double standards.

    But just as an observation, it’s absolutely amazing how the left is shameless enough to promote itself as the “party against racism,” and much of the normie public is naive enough to believe it, when exterminationist race hatred is the defining element of their thing.

    This is Soviet-level stuff.

    • There is the sort of reality that says if you stick your hand in the fire, you will get burned. Then there is the one that is not seen or felt firsthand, but is actually mostly passed around as secondhand hearsay. The Left has the manipulation of that sort of perceived reality down cold. Very difficult to fight back.

    • The reason this is “Soviet-level stuff” is because the people who did it there are also here.

    • As I understand it, the anti-white thesis runs as follows. There was no racism until white men invented it. To kill the disease, you kill the host. It’s demented, but it isn’t actually illogical once the premise is accepted.

      White people invented everything else – it is only natural to assume that they invented racism, evil, and global warming.

      I believe that millions of people worldwide actually think like this, and their numbers are growing, encouraged by elites whose motives are not quite sane.

      It’s beyond Soviet-level. It’s way worse than that. In twenty years those still around who know something of the Brezhnev era in the USSR will look back at it as a golden age of humane and sound government.

      • White people did invent evil. It’s just that our enemies don’t understand what that means. Without whites people raped, killed, stole, and had slaves plenty. It’s just that those things weren’t considered evil.

  16. It’s always so hard to find an innocent black man. They thought they had it with Trayvon. Just a kid out there buying Skittles and walking home. Then as you read it he really was probably casing the neighborhood. A criminal in waiting who had burglary tools in his locker.

    • It’s always so hard to find an innocent black man. They thought they had it with Trayvon.

      They chose Trayvon BECAUSE he was guilty. If they’d chosen a case where a white man had legitimately killed a black for no reason, they would risk seeing the perpetrator go to jail, and then there’d be no systemic racism to riot over.

      By choosing to champion only types like Trayvon or Mike Brown, they don’t run the risk of getting their hate spoiled.

      • That is a pretty acute insight. There was a shooting of a black man down in South Carolina sometime back. The officer asked for the guys ID and then panicked and shot him when he went to get it. My Progressive friend showed me the video, almost gleefully. I was like yeah, well, what of it -the cop deserves to be in jail. He seemed almost deflated. It was then that I realized they need a case that falls in the grey area.

        • Good observation! Lightbulb illuminated! Now I get why the local rage for inciting the Oakland Oscar Grant riots….in which by police direction, car traffic (including me) was turned and aimed directly into the rioters. Not sure how I got out alive. Cop car burning to my right. Massive swarm around trapped cars. They broke like a wave around my car and never saw me as if I was invisible. Went on to 3 blocks north to break hundreds of windows and set cars alight. No wonder why I appreciate Z Blog and you folks.

  17. “In a better managed society, the parents of Mr. Courtier would have been sterilized before reproducing and the parents of Mr. Bruce would not have been here.”

    You are quite harsh with Mr. Courtier. Conviction for 4 Felonies, 3 misdemeanors – don’t know any details, but from what little you told us about Mr. Courtier, I see no reason to share your conclusion that Mr. Courtier is a bad man.

    Do you seriously believe the courts always treated a white man fairly?

    • He bashed a women’s head against a car. He attacked a man with a knife. He attacked another man with broken glass. According to the video of this case, after the black guy brandished the machete, Courtier got in his Jeep and chased down the black who took off running.

      • Courtier never got the memo that running down and killing hyperviolent black thugs is the sort of thing reserved for mexicans and central americans.

      • Not a woman, but the mother of his child. There are good reasons for attacking a man with a knife or broken glass. It all depends on the situation.

        As for running that black guy who was brandishing a machete, there might also be a good reason for that. If only that he was already in for the hate crime of yelling at the guy, which might have sufficed for a sentence of many years (with his rap sheet).

        Did you ever hear the saying, if you get a death sentence for a petty offence, don’t bother with petty offences

    • No, the courts don’t treat whites fairly, but they didn’t frame this guy for multiple violent felonies. He’s bad. And he’s done a lot more than what he was convicted for.

      • Nonetheless he does appear to have some redeeming qualities, anger issues aside, No? He apparently doesn’t support diversity and has an aversion to vibrancy. I would also wager that he has never consumed soy and that his nut sack is heavily burdened.

  18. The point is that anti-white hate is not just hate; it is a religion, and whites are the Devil.

    Nietzsche made the point that it was “the priests” taught us to hate ourselves, rather than the Other.

    Well, what is better? To hate the Satan in ourselves, or the Satan out there in the Other?

    My feeling is that leftist hate is a regression to pre-Axial Age religion.

  19. “…This is highly orchestrated and coordinated propaganda by people who know exactly what they are doing….”

    Absolutely true.
    It’s no coincidence to hear the media use the same exact words and phraseology when “reporting” (i.e., spewing their left wing propaganda) on a topic they (and really, only they) deem of importance.

    Further, this massive propaganda effort is VERY well funded; one reason that TV ratings and newspaper circulation levels , by some miracle, do not seem to affect how/what CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, etc., say or do.
    For all intents and purposes, the “ratings” as far as they are concerned are totally irrelevant.

    The left plays hardball; always have, always will. They will never give up. And they are very organized and well funded (Soros, Steyer, hedge fund folks, investment bankers, union bosses, Hollywood, etc.).

    And do not be surprised if a lot of the $$$ and/or other support tossed to the left comes from Russia and the Arab oil states. After all, the left here in the USA is all in on (unreliable, costly, wasteful, inefficient) wind and solar and to literally abolish the use of oil, gas, coal and what remains of nuclear power.

    Who benefits if the USA decides radically diminish the use of oil/gas/coal?
    Well, which nations depend almost entirely for their foreign revenue on their exporting oil and gas ???
    I will give you TWO guesses.

    And now you know why the Ruskies and Arab states rooted for Hillary and not Trump (Hillary – the wind/solar wacko; Trump – the drill, drill , drill guy).
    And why they will support Bernie (another enviro wacko Brooklyn communist) or any demokrat (all of whom are enviro wackos).

    Abe Lincoln was 1000% correct when he said:
    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

    Yep, our own, home grown Quislings and Fifth Columnists, aided and abetted by certain foreign entities.

    • The batty mother-in-law is in town for Holy Week, and CNN/MSNBC has been blaring from the tv while she is here. Those people are completely unhinged, way more so than the last time she was in town. I’m surprised there isn’t spittle all over the camera lens. Whatever you think is going on over there these days, it is about ten times worse. 30 seconds should do it for you.

        • She is a caregiver for the MIL. My burden is a light one, relatively. Caregiving is a physical and emotional rollercoaster and a workout.

  20. One of the ironies of the BLM fiasco is that crime statistics show that the “oppressed” group between blacks and whites is whites. Interracial violent crime is almost all blacks murdering and raping whites. Yet we hear the opposite, blacks are under attack. Joe Normiecon’s only weapon against BLM is to claim that its pretty equal and blacks aren’t facing more attacks. He completely misses that the issue isn’t merely overblown, it’s entirely 180 degrees of the truth.

    Our side has the ability to counter this. The ADL, SPLC, and similar groups pump out fake statistics and white papers all the time to arm their loonies with rhetoric.

    We know around 82% of interracial crime is black on white, but most people don’t know it. How many whites were killed last year by blacks? And why don’t I see that number posted a dozen times in the comments of every badwhite kills a black unicorn story. How many whites were raped? Assaulted? We should know these numbers because we should hear them all the time. There’s videos of blacks recording themselves assaulting whites, those videos should be everywhere, the names of the victims known by everyone. Having the facts on our side doesn’t help us if we never mention them.

    This needs to go back in history as well. Everyone knows the poz history because it’s been fed to them. Most people “know” whites killed lots of indians by giving them smallpox blankets all the time despite their being just one account of it happening and no evidence anyone actually got smallpox from it. Yet whites getting attacked raped and murdered by Indians is never mentioned. There are accounts of this happening a lot, with names. That needs to enter normieworld.

    It would warm my heart to see a white NFL player take a knee for the national anthem and when asked why say it’s because our country turns a blind eye to the thousands of white victims of murder and rape last year.

    • Mark, just an addition to your fine analysis.

      Unfortunately, the truth is like a precious stone that takes great effort to discover and extract. For example, wrt “small pox blankets” and the first great attempt at genocide against Indians (of course, by evil whites). Nothing is further from the truth. Source, Lewis and Clark journals, written by Lewis and Clark during their three years exploring the Louisiana purchase territory. One of their charges by Thomas Jefferson was to inform and attempt to inoculate the Western tribes *against* smallpox with the new “Jenner vaccine”. You see TJ, that white supremest slave owner, was actually concerned about what would happen to the native/aboriginal populations when the white settlers began to move into the new territories.

      Of course, who the hell reads such exoteric writings these days—certainly not the socialist shitlibs we graduate from our great halls of (lower) learning, they’re too damn busy protesting that which they know nothing about.

      • Simply asking the obvious question–“How?”–should do the trick? HOW did badwhites inoculate blankets with smallpox pathogens? Exactly what method was used to do that? Where did the pathogens come from? How were they isolated in the first place, and how replicated and stored? Was there some secret medical laboratory in colonial America that nobody knew about then or now? All before the Industrial Revolution? How transported to wherever the blankets were inoculated therewith? How did these badwhites contrive to introduce the pathogens into the bloodstream–through the skin? Etc., etc. And if they were that scientifically advanced, it strikes me that they exercised enormous self-restraint by using the small-pox-through-the-skin means of inoculating the victims rather than destroying them en masse with their Super-Evil Death Ray.

        People hear these outlandish–and impossible–stories and believe them because they are so abysmally ignorant of things like disease transmission and, well, about everything else. And–most of all–utterly lacking in even a scintilla of common sense. It’s a cinch to propagandize a population of abject idiots.

    • Discovered the Bureau of Justice stat reports years ago. It was eye opening. And in discussions on crime and gun control have yet to run into a lefty that has bothered to read any of the data available there.

      • They lefties won’t care but the normal conservatives will. Even in my life time it’s gone from conservatives never mentioning that all the crime is coming from the ghettos to conservatives bringing up the the black murder rate when a cop kills a vibrant. But that’s just playing defense.

        Playing defense about how this specific guy was probably provoked, or some historical event is exaggerated when whites are blamed is a losing argument. If whites must answer for the crimes of all whites then everyone else should too. Slavery ended 150 years ago. Blacks murdering and raping whites at enormous rates has occurred every day of my life, and my fathers life, and my grandfathers life. They should be made to answer for it, the politicians harassed about it. The political commenters forced to condemn it publicly.

        That’s just one example though. Our enemies have sordid histories against whites. Like Alinsky we should personalize every white unjustly killed or murdered or assaulted through history by vibrants. That’s what our enemies do to us. Entering these statistics and stories into the average conservatives mind has to happen before we can even begin to imagine whites rioting in streets or rebelling against our rulers to restore their culture.

  21. Of course it’s more than just individual lies; it’s an effort to build up a whole fictitious reality. Which is the opposite of the real reality.

    That’s why their silencing of dissidents is so nasty: we’re challenging their whole lie-world.

    The worst part is that if we lose, this fictitious “reality” will go into the history books as the reality.

    I wonder how many historical time periods and peoples are thus misrepresented?

    • I suspect there is a lot of “rewritten” history out there. Indeed, we often say “history is written by the victors” as a truism of sorts. However, centuries ago, there were not as many literate people, i.e., historians and sources of information, such as archeologists, geneticists, newspapers, iPhones, etc.

      The truth can not be covered up permanently as there are too many sources to send to the “memory hole”. However, in the short term, such may not do us any good when all the high ground is in the control of the enemy.

      In my discussions with friends and family, I usually do not attempt to convey counterfactual information, but rather appeal to common sense (what’s left of it). One can often more easily point to inconsistencies in the narrative with some training in critical thinking, especially when the person you are talking to has some life experience under his belt. 20 somethings are often hopeless.

  22. If you’re not Courtier and you’re not like Courtier and it’s not hard to avoid being like Courtier, then you’re safe. You’re not a victim. Just don’t put on an EK hat.

    • How safe and not victimized are James Watson, Charles Murray and Roger Scruton for not being like Courtier?

    • “If you’re not Courtier and you’re not like Courtier and it’s not hard to avoid being like Courtier, then you’re safe.”

      As Orwell put it with regard to a similar matter, “If you believe this, you are dreaming a dream from which you will awake when someone bashes you with a rubber truncheon”.

      And oh yeah, hi, Tiny. How’s it goin’?

  23. They know the “truth”, they just need to find the evidence and ignore reality long enough to find some.

    • Which explains the “Nazi” rally in Virginia two summers ago.

      How many Boomer Conservatards accepted the MSM line about that event without question?

      • Too many, Thanks goodness the youngest are in their mid 50’s .and the oldest nearing mid 70’s

        This means by the 2030’s , the general consensus SHTF date, the youngest will be in their 60’s and the oldest mostly gone since boomer health is not great

        Also important there are numerically less younger boomers than older ones and the TFR while still highish declined a lot

        The bad side is the boomers and silents kind of damp down the worst of the radicalism in a way which means things are going to get ugly.

        This is expected and if the Actual Right learns to embrace the nasty , authoritarian political systems, collective punishment as needed , worse, and can know when to say “OK interregnum is over , lets be civil and no you can’t have reconciliation, its lucky you lived” they’ll do fine

        Younger (Gen X , Y and Z) Actual Right are far more open to this than boomers and silents for rather understandable reasons

    • We can only hope. The more people that realize that if they have the name; they might as well have the game- the better. That said, i am very perplexed by the guys that continue to insist on rehabilitating the national socialist.

      • SidVic, you make a great point. As the real right awakens further, NSDAP imagery is going to continue to be an issue.

        Someone (Weev maybe?) made a great point that we should all keep in mind moving forward. WigNats have no sense of humor whatsoever, and should be avoided at all costs.

        Don’t fall into the “any pro-white person is an ally” trap. You end up tied to the likes of Chris Cantwell that way.

        • Don’t fall into the “any pro-white person is an ally” trap- Haha my operating assumption of any pro-white is that they are unbalanced, or an informant at the very least. Does present a dilemma to any organizing one might want to try:)

          • I think most of us know few, if any, open pro-whites IRL.

            I’d venture to guess Tarrant didn’t know any.

  24. You know who else the lie machine lied about? James Fields.

    Who else are they lying about?

    • Fields was precisely the case I was going to mention. Without the political, anti-white, racial supremest angle, the worse verdict would be 2nd degree murder. Same with the Oregon case (I imagine), but toss a racial angle in by the prosecution and a jury of “good whites” will sacrifice one of their own to virtual signal just about every time.

    • I mentioned this on another article recently and I don’t like putting my stuff out in public because I -am- in a few federal databases, I know this for 100% fact as I was told as much by TPTB.

      My story is not unlike the one here. In that, there was an escalation of events on BOTH sides. I.E. Both parties were guilty. But that is not how the po-leece saw it. They saw, just like this story- “black vs. white” so you can imagine how that ended for me. They immediately go into ‘construct the narrative’ mode and the petition for the warrant was a literal pack of lies.

      The amount of asymmetric force brought to bear against me someone who had no history (unlike like the guy in story) was mind blowing. I had read about our out of control police state and the egregious abuse of the no-knock raid but it is an entirely different thing to experience it. So like Roger Stone, the 3am commandos arrived. It is a hell of a thing to be dragged out of your bed with several machineguns pointed at your face. BTW every single motherfucker that was throwing grenades around my house like it was the Bin Laden compound was WHITE. It is important you remember this fact because it won’t be a bunch of darkies coming for you, it will be the white badge gang enforcers.

      That would have been unthinkable not long ago and is so reminscent of the Stasi or other jackboot enforcers. “It can’t happen here, right?” It already has and it is getting worse.

      That cocksucker knew what I did not, which is all he had to do in a blue city was run to cops and play the race card and the full fury of hell would be unleashed on me despite his own contribution to our ‘disagreement’. Today? He is fine. I’m unemployable now w/ felony weapon charges and lots of other little charges they tacked onto me as well just to make it sting. I went from highly successful consultant to nearly destitute because I had the temerity to stop a racist brown guy from running his fucking mouth.

      If you read my charging document you’d think I was a roving lunatic on the edge. It was so full of lies and half-truths I don’t know where to begin. This is stand operating procedure for our utterly fucked criminal justice system.

      tl;dr- Get into a confrontation with a minority at your own peril, it may have costs you cannot possibly comprehend in the moment.

      • My motto “run silent, run deep” The times call for cagey men. Oh.. and if you have sons sit em down and explain it to them in the most serious earnestness. Start early. It is minefield out there for young white men in particular.

      • AP……Yes, Run Silent Run Deep. You took a big hit. Take care of you and yours. The macro world will rise and fall, rise and fall on it’s own time. No more Whack-A-Mole for you.
        Good advice,SV.

  25. Without being interested enough to look into the facts, it sounds like at best second degree murder—wasn’t the guy threatening him with a machete? Does identifying with white nationalism automatically upgrade to first degree now? Someone please post a link to the article for details.

    Does Zman block people? I’ve noticed that Alzebo and Lester fewer stopped posting rather abruptly. I ask only because others have said it, perhaps jokingly. Othervwebsites have blocked me for nothing very provocative. I would ask; how can you guys criticize Amazon for blocking things they don’t like?

    • I would say that Amazon operates like a public utility and has a social obligation to Free speech whereas Zman is a political and cultural opinion blog promoting his opinion. No pretense there. If I didn’t like him I wouldn’t click on every day.

    • Oh, and did anybody see that about the black guy who threw a five year old off a balcony in Minnesota? No reference to the child’s race! No talk of “hate”!

      • Posted this yesterday here:
        I read in newspeak that the vibrant was mad because after wandering through the mall hitting on white women to get laid (great line, Dude..”hey lady you wanna screw”), he failed, got pissed, decided to kill a white person, again wandered through the mall the day before and didn’t find the right white person to kill, until the next day he found the little white boy to kill and hurl into the void. Substitute kill for getting laid! Not the first time we’ve heard this story about vibrants on the white hoo-hoo hunt to get laid, failing, then killing. Hence the phrase Dead Beckys.

      • Yup, DR3. We know. We also know that no one cares. The express, openly stated moral animus of the left is racial hatred of whites, so pointing out that the Dems R the Real Raciss is less effective than calling a pope Catholic.

        • Practical technology, thanks, semantics are too limited a tool.
          You get in the car and turn the key, it doesn’t matter what you know or believe. The car runs.

          I say below religion is a science- primitive, but still, a science.

  26. “You don’t do that unless the hatred is so consuming that it is the focus of your life. The fact is, these people are now defined by their hatred of white American. It’s who they are. It’s all they are.”

    This is what happens, not simply when haters and extremists are allowed into academia, but when haters and extremists take over academia. There is no counterbalance, no accountability, no debate. Just ceaseless ideology, pounded like nails into the empty heads of privileged white brats seeking a cause to rationalize their inner- and outer-contempt.

    It works as well on a Western university campus as it does in a Wahhabist theological school in Saudi Arabia. At least the Wahhabis have enough sense to make foreigners the main focus of their holy war, rather than their countrymen, family, and neighbours.

    The Western nations have reached al level of degeneracy unmatched in history.

  27. Not necessarily so, Z Man. Take heart: whenever Leftie and his army of vibrants and menopausal women are put in charge, they will run the organization into the ground. The media is no exception. They can’t sell a subscription, never mind a narrative. Sales are diving, journalists are being laid off en masse – you should be happy! In the case of our two felonious friends – it was merely a case of two idiots fighting, and the weaker, dumber idiot losing.

    These people are a fount of truth if you read and hear them the right way. I think it is the Z Principle that states Leftie is always lying, and you can safely assume most of the time, the exact opposite is true. When you read between the lines, take into account what is being left out – the Lie Machine doesn’t work anymore.

    Up here in Alberta we just had our provincial election. Before every OyTube video I watched, incumbent cunned stunt – Rachael Notley of the socialist NDP – was bloviating against her main opponent who was supposedly a homophobe, racist, rapist and just a great big dink. Of course with all that going for him I just HAD to vote for him – and I see today that he won! I think the slagging from his hatchet faced opponent was what got him the win.

    It won’t be long now. These people are going to destroy themselves… and sadly, some of us… before they’re gone. Stay away from stupid people and keep your guns loaded.


    • “When you read between the lines, take into account what is being left out – the Lie Machine doesn’t work anymore.”

      Most don’t believe or even pay attention except in passing to the media. But because it is everywhere and on 24/7 it still controls the narrative.

      Stories like this are designed to paralyze whites. Sounds fishy but since so much is missing they can’t be sure so they keep their nose to the grindstone.

      White kids parrot what their teachers peddle to them and what the culture demands of them; the more easily conditioned wage war against themselves.

      Those who don’t belong here are driven to chimpout more and more.

      When the balloon finally does go up deal with the producers of the narrative and those who pay for it first.

      • I think it is all about wearing the normies down now. They are just too exhausted to raise a stink about the Notre Dame lies, so they are just letting it go. As long as the Antifa thugs or the Larnell Bruces are not in their faces, personally beating the crap out of them, they are withdrawing and just riding it out. But they are voting our way.

    • Here’s a little bit of a whitepill: “YouTubers are getting more views than CNN.”

      I quite like this Red Elephant guy. He’s got such a homely, middle-America demeanor that he kind of flies under the radar (contrast, for example, with the irritating style of Richard Spencer), but he’s still on /our/ side of the gate. He’s dishing out redpills all over the place.

      • The Red Elephant guy, Vince, produces a lot of content. A video at least every day, sometimes more, most around 15 minutes. These are the kind of videos you can send to your normie friends, since he comes across as a sensible guy. He’s punching well above his weight among those getting our ideas out there.

    • sorry glen, but they are selling a metric shitton of subscriptions. Each and every cable customer and Dish customer in the us is giving $$ each and every month to CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and on and on . Its baked into the bill. you cannot pay for only the channels you want. They sell by making sure you have no choice but to buy .

  28. I am still waiting for the Resistance to start to resist. These people double down every day until no truth is even available. I can’t even enjoy a good upbeat news item without questioning the source. If I was standing in a hot sweltering sunny day and they told me it will be clear today, I would have my doubts.
    Hey we did get a no arson report on Notre Dame, so that’s something.

    As a side note, Owen Benjamin just had his PayPal account banned and money frozen for 6 months.

    • The thing is, we are outliers. We consume the red pill because that’s who we are. Normies are happy to stay mostly blue-pilled, even though they know they get lied to 24/7, every day. As long as their normalcy bias is not destroyed and they are fed plausible excuses for what is going on, they are content to lie low. But we don’t just want to know what time it is, we want to know how the watch is put together and whether it has been set correctly. We shouldn’t be waiting for normie to figure it out, because he already knows the score. Our job is to provide a place for him to go if or when he finally decides to take the red pill. But don’t hold your breath, normie has had the red pills sitting there all along, and many of them will never screw up the courage to take them. The sad reality, even though it is not how we would like to see things go. Our numbers are far fewer than we would like them to be, but it is because most people are not wired like we are.

      • you are, of course, correct in your assessment of normies. However, their deficiencies are nothing that could not be corrected with a couple of days of missed meals.

      • @Dutch

        Right on the money. But consider the normie’s role in society: they are defenders of the status quo. If and when the status quo changes they’ll defend the new one. Without them society would be nothing but constant revolution.

      • Operative phrase: “not wired like we are.” There’s something to that biological reality stuff including hardwiring. Only so many will turn.

    • Yeah I worry about Owen Benjamin. Could end up suicided. Nonetheless I wish he would go into politics. Big good-looking guy like that could be really successful.

    • Having a wee moment of scruffy, starved hope today. Savour this! Inroads being made!
      Yesterday while visiting with an old Mormon wheelchair shut-in gal over a cut-throat game of cards, she made her observation on current politics. She NEVEREVER talks politics so this is front and center big deal for her.

      She is highly disturbed about the Lefty abortion racket, aborting babies at birth. Gave me an opening to drop seeds re Planned Parenthood circle of money to DNC then back to P.P.

      Next she’s horrified about reparations….yes! Big Black pill for her! In calm steady voice (inside my head was dancing happily) explained we should ask the defining questions about reparations…..How much?..Will that complete the debt?…If not, then it is defined as Tribute/Dane Geld. Should my great-grandfather who came over >1900 pay Tribute? Should my Swiss GGGrandfather pay Tribute?Should Indian tribes who kept slaves pay Tribute? Explained that They Hate Us. Got her thinking!

      Lastly she of all people said SHE LIKES TRUMP..he does naughty things but sure is good for economy and she said CLOSE THE BORDER…the illegals pumping their fists and carrying the Honduran flag scare her.

      Yes…people are noticing! Did my best to scatter Black Pills calmly all over fertile ground.

      • The LDS church made a slide to the left a couple weeks ago. They are “inspired” to now allow children of gay people, members or not, to be baptised. And being gay in the church does not constitute an apostasy anymore. It’s been downgraded to a naughty. So there we go and saw this coming a long way off. The church is growing by conversion from mainly Marxist Central and South America. It is losing youngpeople stateside so hence the appeal to Gay inclusion. This is also about flying under the Imperial Capitol radar and tax exempt status. It will come to a head over gun rights when the church will side with Imperial Capitol re taking guns, members outside of the US don’t care, and Int. Mountain west members will get thrown under the bus. Rural Western LDS members (not Salt Lake big cities) will have a Big wakeup. Predict many members from Utah the original mothership, Idaho, Wyoming will peel off. Follow the money.

    • Resistance doesn’t have to be confrontation, the problem is the DR is stuck in a ‘all or nothing mode with the emphasis on nothing and gun collecting.. It doesn’t understand that resistance to the ruling class occupies a spectrum of actions. From simply leaving flyers and posters in lefty areas, to say dropping roofing nails on major freeways to setting various ethnic groups against each other, etc.

      The Left is so whacked out, the DR would have no problem gas lighting them but won’t. If they are collective so stupid not take advantage of their enemies weakness, I don’t think armed resistance by this brain dead posse will amount to a hill of beans.

      • In my experience, the old Mormon ranching families in Northern Nevada -Western Utah will stiffen their collective spines hard and resist if their 2nd Amendment rights are threatened. Their livelihood is dependent on carrying firearms in the back country.
        Am grateful for any degree of waking up on the spectrum. Yes, I do not expect this old babe staunch Mormon woman to wake up and turn all Bill Ayers in reverse on us. However, if she’s this woken up this much at this stage of the game, there is a lot more cognitive dissonance/deer in headlight eyerolling going on back here than I thought! This is remarkable. Every little bit helps.
        Just 2 years ago the Church said no kids of gays can be baptised. Now with a new man as president/prophet 2 short years later this is reversed. This calls into question the LGBT*** agenda being pushed, quick changing of church “prophesy” in general, and the church rapidly moving into power positions Central and South Americans who also pay lots of tithing. The old school intermountain west Mormons will be kicked to the curb in place of the people-of-color and LBGT world.

        • The old school intermountain west Mormons will be kicked to the curb in place of the people-of-color and LBGT world.

          Now, that is pretty funny….

        • I would observe that their 2nd Amdt rights at this minute are dramatically and openly being curbed, not threatened, by the hard-blue, highest-percentage-female-in-the-nation legislature, capped now by the newly-installed socialist governor. They are busy running down the Bloomberg-structured and funded anti-gun legislation playbook. 600 square miles of LV valley urban sprawl now effectively controls a 110,000 square mile landmass for the left. We’ll see how those 2nd Amendment / America-loving Mormons respond to that.

      • There is quite a bit of flyer action and that sort of thing going, Its OK to be Whiet which has triggered many a campus Leftist

        However expecting Conservatives to sabotage the society they live in as a protest is questionable

        As for damaging highways, just no and hell no. I trust I do not have to explain why this is a bad idea . Don’t do that.

        Besides here in So Cali the roads are so bad no one would notice , piles of roofing nails , burning flipped cars , tires in the road are routine. The effective speed in L.A on many days is 30 MPH

    • I’ll have to check the timeline but didn’t the “no arson” reporting start 5 minutes before the fire started?

    • That’s the thing. These people need a paymaster. Somebody has to pay for the anti-white infrastructure. What’s scary is that when the Dems take permanent control of the White House and the House of Reps, the govt will pay for that infrastructure by taxing whites.

      Right now, the anti-white crusade is mostly being paid for by ((private)) citizens but that will change. In 20 years, the PoC coalition will have the full weight – and power – of the federal government behind it.

      We ain’t seen nothing yet.

      • I have come to believe that this whole shebang will come to a head, for good or ill, before 20 years are up. Full disclosure: this comes from a guy that assumed SA would collapse within 5 years of black rule and who shifted his retirement out of stock 5 years ago.

        • Bad times can go on a lot longer than we think they can, until they suddenly can’t. Constantinople limped along for 900 years after the collapse of the west (even *after* the 4th crusade!)

      • White liberals will dutifully pay those taxes, but white liberals are going extinct because their birthrate is so low. Only gun-toting racist whites are having children because they think their DNA is worth preserving, and they’ll take care of the diversity problem as soon as the police step aside, which they will when the money the government pays them becomes worthless.

        We’ll be like Serbia without NATO warplanes to bomb us into submission. The USAF will still exist on paper, but thanks to diversity hiring, they won’t have any flyable aircraft.

        • As an aside, a Taliban suicide squad back in 2012 did more damage to American Aviation than any incident since Vietnam

          Its took out 8 aircraft, 6% of all Harriers and stopping these guys essential required helo support and massive overwhelming firepower

          I don’t agree with that the Taliban believe but that’s what guts and a willingness to die for a cause can do.

          Right now, nobody has a cause worth risking jack for so its moot..

          • Yet Hiroshima is a thriving city while Detroit lies in ruins; no amount of firepower can effect as much damage as that caused by diversity. The US Navy now stays in port because its diverse crews cannot avoid hitting giant cargo ships that travel in straight lines while lit up like Christmas trees.

            The South African Air Force sold all its aircraft because its affirmative-action mechanics were incapable of maintaining them. Now they can’t touch the white enclave of Orania — any attack without air support would be a re-enactment of the Battle of Blood River.

    • Yeah, that’s what I do not understand. Why don’t one of these Tarrant types target the newhouse or Sackler families for retribution. I continue to be confused by the dogs that are not barking. PS that woman from the ADL is hideous. She reminds me of a Gothic gargoyle.

        • well, in any case, it exceedingly unwise to talk of these things. Nonetheless i will note that determined loner is very hard to stop. See oswald. As far as congressmen go.. tell it to those at the GOP at that softball game. If that guy could’ve shot worth a dang it would have been a real blood bath. Fact is, excluding military bases, this country is a big soft target. Also with the interconnectedness finding someone primary residence, place of work, or their kids school is distressingly easy. I don’t want to sound like a fag, but i really worry that our enemies don’t know of the fire with which they play.

    • It helps that Portland is full of prog death worshippers ever eager to demonstrate their anti-white credentials.

      And I say that from a similarly situated shitlib city, as i peruse my ballot for the upcoming election and see there is not one single white man running for anything.

      The 20 candidates for mayor and city council are all gay, black, latino, and/or female. With one possible blaxican tranny.

      I have zero representation. Everything coming from the media is designed to produce this outcome.

      Yeah them juze run solid propaganda but whites give them a pretty high ROI.

  29. Instead of a cage, we should reinstate transportation. I hear South Africa is offering great deals for blacks that murder whites. As for the white felon, how about we wall off a few hundred square miles of Alaska and airdrop those folks in there.

    • I stooped reading the Oregonian back in High school with the State was mostly Red. Its always sucked

      The transported felons do fine with a little starter help and the lack of drugs . Today’s felon was often yesterdays great explorer. If they get to a problem, bears gotta eat too.

      Also if we were willing and able to create safe and humane prisons, we’d have less prison gangs. Our society loves incarcerating people, sometimes it needs to but it won’t pay the bills to do it properly

      As for a an actual fix, not that anyone asks its really easy to get crime down but no one is willing or able to do it. Hard drugs need to go bye, bye which means closed borders and regulation, semi safe drugs need to be legal (low grade weed, shrooms that kind of thing) prostitution needs to be legal in houses (ala Nevada)

      Add on marriage needs to be for life when kids are involved with default near mandatory male custody and adultery without consent outside licensed houses of prostitution being a crime

      Throw in heavy prison time (5 years) for cuckoldry that results in a child with a custody claim. And note here its perfectly legal to get consent for surrogacy of any kind . Its the old way to get a child when the husband can’t

      This would reduce White crime to near nil and if we had an economy that supported the full range of workers with a decent wage, we’d hit a very low crime level with mainly black and latino impulse crime

      if did this after we deported enough people, shot or locked up the the the worst for life he’ll we’d have lower than Europe level crime but no one wants that. The prison Industrial Complex would go broke and that is a lot of jobs

      Hell a society that safe would bankrupt half the gun industry too.

      • Dude, you need to watch a few episodes of Locked Up Abroad and then you’ll realize we do have safe and Humane prisons

        • I have but I’m not competing with Chad or Niger or even China.

          The US prison system is failure , it doesn’t deter, is cruel and we lock more people than any other society on earth anyway.

          In a well run prison there should essentially be no very little violence , no prison rape and no fucking way we we tolerate something like SuperMax which is pure evil

          Compared to other well developed nations we are a failure in many respects.

          We have the worst worst child and infant mortality rate in the developed world too and while we compare compares well to most 3rd world nations on that we have 20% higher than fully Communist Cuba, according to the CIA

          Our lifespans are in decline as well

          If we cared and we don’t other than extracting all we can from the poor and working people we might manage to build a society that works which would end up being one where prison deters because being out is simply much better for most people

          Our recidivism rates show that our system doesn’t work at all period.

          Its the same stupid lazy and cheap approach to everything else, things like 12 Steps that basically never work and are kept around because we are too cheap and stupid to come up with a better approach

          The US honestly deserves the 3rd world hell its going to become because its run like one and cannot manage its appetite for corruption , greed and pure stupidity in any way

          I understand why, we populated the nation with the malcontents and failures of Europe and later everywhere else

          This was fine when no one was developed or they were bombed to smithereens but absolutely no one in the US seems to be able to get that its a fully developed, no frontier nation now and needs new rules

          Well the Left kind of does sometimes but of late they’ve been battened on Frankfort School , envy and hate and have the morals sense of a crack addict

          • AB, I read your comments with interest. This one no different, but instead I will respond a bit differently. Instead of taking your points one by one, let me attempt to address all in one retort: These countries you say are better than us in matters of prison reform, prenatal care, etc. are what countries?

            I’m sensing you are referring to 1st world, European, and perhaps some other English speaking situations such as Australia and New Zealand. Those countries are, until recently, racially homogenous, and White. We are not.

            Those statistics that you cite are heavily influenced by our minority populations, mainly Black and Hispanic. Remove those figures and you will see White numbers that, while perhaps not quite as good as a European social welfare state, are nevertheless comparable.

            I’ve seen this phenomenon wrt PISA scores time and again. Similar stat’s wrt gun violence. Remove our minorities, and we compare favorably to Luxenberg! Now you might say, “So what, we should do better with all our population.” To which I reply, take a look at Black African countries or South American, e.g., Brazil. Their Black and Hispanic and mulatto populations compare similar to our minority Black, Hispanic, and mulatto populations—or worse. Their prisons are as notorious—or worse, their prenatal death rate worse, their murder rates higher, etc.

            Once again, “Get the biology right, and it’s all downstream from there.”

          • I only have a couple of petty disagreements with you in that the US has a horrendous White drug and broken family crowd

            Fix those too and we’ll be far better off for it

            Note too that the majority of locked criminals in Europe are not White and yet they are able to contain the dysfunction to a better degree than we can.

            Race is huge factor, probably the main one but its not the only one and it can be dealt with

            That said, dealing with the issue for good would require something that Whites me included find morally abhorrent. Other than shooting repeat offenders or deporting them, there is not much else in our policy toolbox

            I do think that marriage fixes and jobs will help. I’m not the most sympathetic to others, my people come first

            However I also know that a huge chunk of the Black problem is because those folks have no incentive to cooperate or way out of poverty other than government employment

            We as a nation need jobs and its getting increasingly hard for anyone or any race to get a decent one especially someone with an average group IQ 90 and under.

            Automation and computers destroyed enough jobs to make society unstable.

            We could fix it but not of economic liberals get any say in things. Its going to require a zero sum style closed economy with distribution baked into the tax code

            My though is that you have a panel calculate the job loss vs employment ratio and percentage GDP in wages and tax automation accordingly

            Basically if say replacing a kiosk costs twenty, 10$ an hour jobs than the kiosk tax is $250,000 a year whereas wages up to a certain point are fully deductible

            The other option is for the State to hoover up increasingly more GDP. take over all natural monopolies (utilities and the like) and redistribute wealth as a monthly stipend

            This is incredibly destructive on every level but we’ve had near fifty years of low fertility and its heavily economic in origin.

            We can tolerate a few more decades of it but even with mass deportation , property claw backs and subsequent cheaper housing, not enough jobs will make for smaller families.

            Russia got a .5 TFR bump from its low in the 90’s by 2017 but there is no guarantee we’ll get such a thing especially after a traumatic shift in the way things are done

            If we do, great. No need for radical changes but if not, if we don’t want the future to be Amish Paradise , well

            We don’t get faith based fertility freebies now so we will have to find a way to pay for the urban population to have a decent life or else.

          • AB, you’re changing the argument somewhat, or perhaps making yourself more clear. If the subject is now that we need to retain (and create) good employment opportunities for those of the population left behind. I’m with you and always have been. First responsibility of a reasonable leadership is to help the population to help themselves, not abet a social Darwinian environment as we seem to have now. But again, to maximize all folks potential, we must first and foremost realize the biological and immutable fact of potential differences among the population groups and structure society around such truth.

          • In the vein ran across a little fun fact recently. The Swiss prison population is 68%…not Swiss. Also DoJ recently released a report on the illegal alien component of the Federal prison population..don’t recall the exact stats but struck me if you believe the estimates of illegal alien population in the US, they are over represented in the Federal system at 8-10x

  30. The Lie Machine is bad now, but just wait until the ban and censorship program of the internet is in full operation.

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