Contempt Of The People

Outside of the various hives on the modern Left, it is generally assumed that the natural progression of democracy is toward some form of dictatorship. What starts as a sensible idea by sensible people leads to an expansion of the franchise to include a majority of people, who are not sensible. This inevitably leads to instability. The system first breaks down into factionalism and then becomes both corrupt and inept. The solution is the man of will, who will cut through the process and impose order on the chaos.

This is why the Founders were steadfastly opposed to democracy. They knew their history and their political philosophy. They also understood human nature. It is also why both sides of the Progressive order have rewritten history to have the Civil War as the second founding. Ben Shapiro cannot sing the praises of democracy if the authority to which he is appealing was opposed to it and to him. It turns out that democracy not only corrupts the present it must corrupt the past in order to legitimize itself.

One the problems with social cycle theory is it seems to blinker people into thinking that history not only repeats itself, but does so exactly. In the case of modern America, people think we are far away from Caesarism, because we have yet to have a Sulla. In other words, they assume the ascent into authoritarianism will follow the exact same path as past shifts from republic to empire. If present events don’t exactly fit the old template, then American has yet to enter that cycle, so there is no fear for an America Caesar.

This is a mistake, of course, as history does not repeat itself like a reboot of an old television franchise. Instead, the general pattern is repeated, but within the context of the age, along a different timeline. In the case of America, Lincoln was the Marius phase while the New Deal was the Sulla phase. Instead of a social war between the two, one phase ran its course, setting the ground work for the other, which in turn set off the process leading to where we are now. There’s no Caesar, but we see the signs of Caesarism.

For example, look at the general uselessness of the Congress. One party, the Republicans, are the sock puppets of global interests. In theory they represent the white middle class, the only people willing to vote Republican, but they are wholly owned by global enterprise. The Democrats, on the other hand, represent the spiritual aspirations of the global class. They feed at the same trough as the Republicans, but serve the female side of the global elite. They are the yin to the GOP yang.

This collapse of legitimacy results in a Congress that does very little. Instead, it relies on the Executive to do what it asks. The vast federal bureaucracy that Trump is struggling to operate is the real government of America. The FBI sedition scandal is a good example of the contempt with which the New Class holds the political class. They have no fear of either party in Congress, as they know they are powerless. Proof of that is the parade of people lying to Congress and never facing the consequences.

It used to be that defying the will of Congress had serious risk. Contempt of Congress was a weapon that could be used to put someone in prison. The last person that angered the Congress enough with their lying was Rita Lavelle. That was back in the 1980’s and she served six months in prison for contempt. Since then, Congress has been noticeably less willing to throw its weight around, to the point where the oligarchs feel free to lie in extravagant ways in front of House committees. They hold Congress in contempt.

What we have today is rule by a surprisingly small number of people. At the top is the global pirate class that owns the media, technology and finance. Under them are the lesser elites that rule over the academy, mass media, politics and foreign policy. This is the New Class, an elite within the bureaucracy that has a free hand in running the state, as long as they don’t anger their paymasters. At most there are a few thousand people controlling a few million person bureaucracy that runs the global empire.

Further evidence of this is what has been happening with Trump. The real power, the New Class, operating the executive bureaucracy, has no respect for him, so they happily do what they must to undermine his agenda. Instead of begging Congress to its job, he needs to figure out how to use the weapon that is the vast executive branch. Perhaps he is figuring it out, but thus far he has been unable to come to terms with this reality. The next Democrat president will not make the same mistake.

The Bolshevik Revolution was supposed to end up in a dictatorship of the proletariat, but instead resulted in a largely urban dictatorship of the nomenklatura, a term, derived from the Latin nomenclatura, meaning a list of names. The suggestion was that it was hereditary, rather than meritorious. Trotsky referred to it as a caste, rather than a class, as it looked more like the old Tsarist order, rather than something new. The managerial state described by James Burnham, has evolved into a similar sort of ruling caste.

This may be why we are now seeing similar displays of power that were seen in the old Soviet Union. The banning of books, the suppression of speech, the use of internal exile to intimidate dissidents, these are all features of the Soviet system now present in modern America. It could also be the result of minoritarianism, as both the Soviets and modern American see a disproportionate number of people in this ruling caste that are not part of the majority population. Therefore, they rule in fear of demographics.

Another point of comparison is how authoritarian rule that comes after some form of popular political system, whether communism or liberal democracy, is that it has firm control of the cities, but far less control of the hinterlands. Despite the mythology, the Soviet system was never able to fully control its territory. The Bolsheviks were reduced to weaponizing neglect, in order to keep the rural areas pacified. The American opioid epidemic is serving a similar function for the American New Class.

Again, historical analogies are never precise. The patterns we are seeing in modern America could also compare to a number of other historical examples. What matters is the macro pattern, where democracy inevitably leads to some form of authoritarian rule, based in the urban areas. That’s where we are now in modern America. The illusion of democracy has disguised the deep contempt the ruling elite has for the people, but that contempt is becoming more obvious. At some point, they will simply stop pretending.

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  1. Fascinating post and raises a question I’ve long asked, most recently to Yoram Hazony, who said he did not have the history background to answer definitively.

    Has there ever been a native-born ruling elite so culturally alienated from its own populace as the present American one?

    The later Tsarist Russian elite spoke French and looked down on the Russian peasantry, but they worshipped the same God and honored the same heritage and history as the serfs did.

    Ruling classes usually rule through enforced, mutually accepted tenets; but our Ruling Class is at war with our history and beliefs in the name of other, idealized versions of both. It wants the native-born dead.

    Any historical equivalents spring to mind?

  2. Never in history books I’ve seen do I see a comparitive analogue to America’s per capita ownership and wielding of weapons against an abusive oligarchy.
    A new wrinkle in history about to play out?

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  4. If I offer one more piece of unsolicited advice to my brothers in arms:

    Learn from history. You want to build a revolution, then take the propaganda (which is of the left and thus spread everywhere), which strikes at the heart of the matter, AND DRIVE IT HOME. Our movement will never take hold until we FULLY AND WHOLEHEARTEDLY represent the hidden truth in all of the red propaganda splendor. WE ARE FOR THE WORKER AND THE LABORER. Period. Full stop. Use their weapons against them. The value of a man’s sweat breaks through all artificial boundaries, COLOR, CREED, RELIGION, ETC. Dostoevsky described this in Siberia in such prophetic terms. It is what makes a man and gives a man a purpose and a soul. And what makes it most potent, is that it is TRUTHFUL and divides the masses from the exploiters. remember that seen from “It’s A Wonderful Life”, where they take two dollar bills after closing up and lock them in a safe and say I hope they have many babies. Of course the idea is absurd, BUT THAT’S WHAT INTEREST, ESPECIALLY COMPOUND INTEREST, IS. The usurers ARE STEALING FROM THE WORKING MAN. It is so potent that it cannot be stopped.

    Marx was a fraud and a liar because do you know what he never attacked??? His fellow tribalists that were behind all of the usury and finance of the world. Strange, don’t you think. Oh, he could rail against the industrialist, the capitalist, the oppressors, etc. But he never took on, full force, the REAL oppressors. That’s why Marxism was defeated on the field, only to be overcome by CHRISTIAN nations who had no idea why and how they were being led.

    One other comment. Not sure how many commenters frequent the chans, etc. But the rainbow flag, clown world, honkler meme is so fucking good. So so so good. But instead of calling it “honkler” we should launch a complete propaganda barrage to call that meme “honkie”/”honkey”. IT’S THE ULTIMATE TWO-FER!!!

    All the best my friends.

    • “Marx was a fraud and a liar because do you know what he never attacked??? His fellow tribalists that were behind all of the usury and finance of the world.”

      This is ignorant.

      Marx on the Jews: “What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money.” You could look it up instead of pulling crap out of your butt.

      • Is this CNN??? Yeah, why don’t you look up bukharin’s criticismsm of marx first before spouting off. Lol

      • My apologies, bukanin. You’ll see he tied marx directly to rothschild etc. man, we have google.

  5. The real power, the New Class, operating the executive bureaucracy, has no respect for him, so they happily do what they must to undermine his agenda

    The method utilized is simple: when Trump issues an EO, the rats make certain that it has a jot or a tittle which does not conform to Fed law or the Constitution. Trump relies on those lawyers to ‘make it right,’ which they deliberately FAIL to do.

    So it gets to the 9th Circus (or any of them….) and is struck down until Trump finds another lawyer to do the job right.

    If I were Trump, there would be ZERO survivors in the top 4-5 levels of every Cabinet agency. But he’s stuck with it–and the utterly useless Congress.

  6. More OT, and I’d hate to lower the lofty level of these deliberations, but I’d enjoy hearing ZMan’s take on the Lagos Mayor on the lam…

  7. I sometimes feel like a fundamentalist Christian waiting for the rapture. We are always waiting on something to happen.

  8. The basis of rule is not ‘constitutional’. Get Ben Shapiro drunk, and even he might understand that the USA isn’t a ‘proposition nation’ but an expression of superior power of one people uprooting a weaker people. Heck, I live on a piece of property that 250 years ago was being hunted by Seneca Indians. I “own” this land because conquerors swept through here and drove off the inhabitants.

    Nothing ‘propositional’ about that, nor do I apologize for any of it either.

    The Seneca in their day – part of the Iroquois League – did the same thing, probably (from what I have read about these splendid but brutal people) with fewer ‘documents’ and more straightforward bloodshed.

    As I get old and mourn the collapse of my mother country – England – I come to admire the firm but not inhumane system that William the Conqueror imposed on his new domain.

  9. A bit OT … I think I’m going to have to give up on Instapundit. The commenters there are just so steeped in Conserva-libertarianism. This is all your fault Zman (well you and Derb), making me think outside the acceptable thought bubble…

    • Instapundit seems to be moving in the right direction. They just figure out which bus they need to take, ten minutes after it leaves the station, again and again.

  10. “Instead of begging Congress to its job, he needs to figure out how to use the weapon that is the vast executive branch.”

    I’m convinced that has been going on, largely in secret, for 2+ years now. I suggest following The Conservative Treehouse, Brain Cates and other Epoch Times writers, and REX on Quod Verum. Huber, Horowitz, and secret grand juries have been looking into this while Trump does strategic deception such as complaining about Mueller. I predict Spygate will hit the fan before the elections.

    It would fit Trump perfectly. He does complex, years-long real estate deals that require secrecy, misdirection, and juggling competing forces. All he has to do to put Hillary (and Obama and the rest) in prison (or at least destroy their reputations forever) is have the FBI etc. follow the law to the letter. He’s got them over a barrel for illegal domestic spying, FARA violations, and who knows how much else. The scandal includes members of the media who were paid by Fusion GPS.

    I know it sounds like a MAGA wet dream, but there’s lots of evidence it’s going on. How could Trump not do this? He’d be vindicated, his promise to “Lock her up” would be kept. The Democratic Party would shattered going into 2020. The young radicals like AOC would fight with the DNC to take control of the ruins. Moderates and swing voters would vote GOP. There’s be a major shift of the Overton window, and in his second term Trump would be freed to do much more.

    Get the popcorn.

    • I hope you are right. All of that is coming down the line, but the other side knows it, too, and will be prepared. I expect a few fall guys thrown into the mire ( Strock?), and a fight to the finish over the rest. The media will be employed as the enforcer, along with all the institutional detectors and tools of punishment for “bad” thinking. Zuckerberg and the Google guys will be employed in the cause. The Leftist cult zombies will cheer them on. Gonna be interesting….

      • Democrats are trapped. Trump has known most of their crimes since Mike Rogers tipped him off. It just takes several years for airtight cases to be built. Of course the media will freak, but against airtight federal cases with plenty of evidence? It’s Watergate x 10, this time starring a cast of Democrats, from Obama on down. The MSM cannot spin it or cover it up.

        • I don’t for an instant believe that (the WILL to punish these crimes is simply lacking), but I’m crossing my fingers all the same. From your mouth to God’s ears.

          • You think Trump lacks will, huh? I think he’s shown lots of willfulness in his life. He’s flamboyant and plays for large stakes. If he does this right he’s vindicated, 2020 and his legacy are assured, and his enemies disgraced (at the very least). He can have Hillary and Obama begging for pardons. Why wouldn’t he?

    • Q is a LARP. Hillary and Obama well never see the inside of a courtroom, let alone a prison.

      • I’m not basing this prediction on Q. I’m basing it on a combination of Scott Adams, Brian Cates, Jeff Carlson, Thomas Wictor, REX, and some others.

      • Neither will Huma Abedin or Cheryl Mills or Brian Pagliano or Heather Sommers or anybody associated with the so-called “Clinton Foundation” (a whole different set of crimes). Neither will Brennan, Clapper, Comey, or any of them. One or two nebbish, throwaway nobodies might–MIGHT–be sacrificed, but it won’t amount to anything. Julian Assange, on the other hand …

        The truth will NEVER be told. THE CORRUPTION IS TERMINAL.

        • Trump has a massive ego. He’s a fan of revenge. He wants to be seen as consequential. He likes to show off. How could he not take the opportunity to fairly enforce the law against the Swamp, and use that to win re-election?

          • How could he appoint Rod Rosenstein to effectively head the FBI? Kirstjen Nielsen to head DHS? Fail to even start building the Wall for two years? Allow his daughter and her faggoty husband anywhere near the White House? Etc., etc.

          • There have been stumbles. I’m not claiming that everything is evidence of 6D chess. But note that in the early 1990s, Trump was fighting with the mob over his New Jersey casino. In the FBI, Mueller, Rosenstein, Barr, and Boente were also fighting the mob. There’s evidence Trump was an FBI informant.

          • Do you really believe what you’re saying? If so I feel sorry for you.
            Trump can’t even keep what he’s watching on TV a secret let alone build a case and not say anything.
            He’s a clown who has no idea what he’s doing.
            All of this Q bs is so sad and obliviously aimed at low intellect people….

          • I know how it sounds, but I believe it. It’s not based on Q. Read Scott Adams. Think about what it takes to put together huge real estate deals. Watch what happens over the coming months.

    • I hope you are right, but I don’t think so. Anyway, I won’t be holding my breath.

    • This is an example of what adults call “delusional thinking.”

      For all the hope he has inspired, Trump has been an epic failure as a Chief Executive. He has had trouble keeping his immediate cabinet in line with the Trump agenda, to say nothing of the high-level civil service employees.

      Personnel is policy. Trump needed to do an Erdogan-style mass restructuring of the Executive branch. Instead, he left the career bureaucrats, almost all of whom are Democrats, in their positions. Failure was guaranteed.

      A few low-level operatives will get the book tossed at them over the Russiagate fiasco as a circus show. Then it will be tossed onto the dustbin of history.

      • There’s plenty of evidence that Trump thinks long term and uses Sun Tzu strategic deception. If I am right, a whole lot of legal grief will hit Democrats in time to destroy them in the 2020 elections. If I am wrong, I’ll admit it, but I think I’m right.

      • Guest, that may or may not be true, but be careful about blindly buying what the MSM is selling you.

  11. All true, and it’s been getting worse at an accelerating pace. The key question is . . . what to do about it? Anticipate, prepare, react. The most probable scenario is that cancerous growth of the federal government leads to financial collapse, leads to soft revolution, leads to autocratic crackdown on non-conformists. First reaction will be a militia movement (similar to the first Revolution of 1773), but the jackboots are well prepared for this. After a period of evolutionary fitness selection, a new paradigm emerges that the hive cannot beat. And then things get very interesting.

    • My read of history is revolutions are mostly about timing. Crisis comes, the ruling order falls into question and there is a ground organized and prepare to offer an alternative.Only fools revolt against well organized and effective government.

      • Believe it or not, there are large numbers of middle and upper class whites who sincerely believe, even today, that more government programs are the solution to this society’s problems. Preferably FEDERAL government, of course.

        My PhD brother-in-law will only lose faith in the effectiveness of the federal government when every city street is ankle-deep in human blood.

      • Yes, I agree. The initial militia movements will be foolish and fail quickly because government will overreact in order to send a message. Perhaps a grassroots persuasion movement can gain some traction and succeed, but you can’t really count on that solely. If tyranny takes hold and becomes ruthless, you will need more than words to remain alive.

    • No revolution. Our side doesn’t have any organization. Instead the resistance will be local and spontaneous.

      My guess the first reaction by the Feds if we have a serious collapse will be freezing the bank accounts, followed by asset stripping of commoners like they did in Cyprus while doing aggressive gun confiscation.

      That’s what a Kamala. Biden or Bernie would do. Count on it.

      Look if they don’t prop up their fiat currency they won’t even be able to pay for their angry white men to enforce their rule and then the elite die. Not to mention every city goes up in flames when the SNAP are empty. then there’s every country that holds USD as a reserve currency will be out for our blood when they wake up and see it’s worth 1/100th of it’s previous value.

      Our tiny and crippled military can’t cope with that.

      Of course asset stripping is eating their seed corn.. The elite in D.C. don’t care. They only care about persevering their power and nothing else. They know what happens if they lose power.

      The Chinese will f**k us over at this time. Do you realize China produces the raw materials for our medications? Imagine if they cut it off, we go back to the 19th century in a matter of weeks. Europe produces our vaccines. What are we going to buy them with?

      Anyone who thinks it will be business as usual if full of it. The elites are very isolated from reality. We see their made men on Tucker every night, most are crackpots and coke heads. Most of our senior military leaders are just as bad and Trump found out the hard way with those clowns.

      • The next tyranny will face a paradigm they have never seen before which bypasses their strengths and exploits their weaknesses. It will use their own weight against them. The parasite fraction of society has been a voting strength for them and kept them in office, but soon it will become a cancer that eats them alive. For the rest of us . . . isolate and survive by improving your skill set and productivity. You’ll be largely on your own, no cavalry is coming to the rescue.

  12. Beginning in 1933 and the few years afterward, federal government exploded to over five times it’s previous size. It was all in the executive, and Congress assumed the same function of the human appendix.
    Anyway, this is one of those essays I send my family so that they will understand what is happening (regrettably) after it happens. But at least a catastrophe offers the possibility of correcting your faults when the worst and more likely thing that can happen is to double down on your mistakes. To my mind that is the most essential function of the dissident right, to understand human nature as it is, to understand ourselves, and to have a prepared class of people when events shatter illusions. We didn’t twenty years ago but now it is at least beginning to take shape, thanks to Z and perhaps a few hundred other individuals.

  13. The Trump admin is getting lots done with little scrutiny since all of the focus is on HIM and whatever hot button he’s pushing today to distract the MSM.

    Trump will hammer home the winning next year during his reelection campaign. Then, of course, the MSM will attack each claimed victory further endearing Trump to his supporters.

  14. Z, what you describe here is essentially Robert Michels’s Iron Law of Oligarchy, quoting the paraphrase in the below link, “all organizations – no matter how democratic their original intentions – eventually come to be ruled by a powerful entrenched minority that, when necessary, will act illegitimately to squelch internal opposition and divert the organization’s goals in order to maintain its power.”
    Sam Francis’s “anarcho-tyranny,” which you document here without naming (and have written about before, if I recall correctly), seems to me to be an essential element of the strategy of the ruling caste…

  15. Conjecture: Any country that lets women and loser men vote will eventually collapse b/c of Darwinian biology.

    • Hence Heinlein’s concept of earned “citizenship” which I term earned “suffrage”. Of course, that may be too late to implement and expect results from in our society. But the concept is valid in any future social reorganization—at least any run by man.

      • The most natural form of social organization for human beings is feudalism or monarchy, depending upon the size of the territory in question. Most people–MOST–are incapable of governing themselves. Too stupid and self-indulgent.

      • Hence Heinlein’s concept of earned “citizenship” which I term earned “suffrage”.

        His idea of earning the right to have a say in governing is valid. Something like that principle was involved in the early republic with property requirements for voting.

        But I have to jib at Heinlein’s formula for earning citizenship, at least in the novel (Starship Troopers?) where he dished it most explicitly — namely, military service. Being a militarist may teach many things, but there is no reason to believe it has any bearing on good government. Other qualifications and tests of character would be a better basis for admission to the ruling class.

        • Military Service in times of war certainly sharpens a mind, and if performed with members of one’s own Nation, creates a bond and connection that is hard to break. Yes, there are some problems, peacetime generals and all that, but it’s a good starting heuristic. Shows you can put your nation ahead of your life. But the people sending you have to also have served, unlike our current situation where the elites send the plebs off to die.

  16. “It could also be the result of minoritarianism, as both the Soviets and modern American see a disproportionate number of people in this ruling caste that are not part of the majority population.”

    I hear an echo…

  17. Yep, Mark Twain said something similar: “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” You mention the Founders’ grasp of human nature; yes, and they also knew their history … not surprisingly, so did the colonialists they led. Interestingly, it doesn’t require deep intellectual capacity to understand man or cyclic theories of history … this is why I struggle a bit with some of the arguments about IQ and biology. Don’t get me wrong, IQ and biology have everything to do with things that require penetrating intelligence, but connecting the dots of modern history, or seeing that the GOP and Dems are existentially evil twins, that simply doesn’t require a vast intellect. What we’re lacking today is LITERACY … the ability to comprehend basic data and draw logical conclusions. What we used to call “common sense.” Shoot, renew literacy in our culture and even the 80-IQ folk will make sense of governmental idiocy. And right there is the rationale for the elitists to keep government schooling as-is.

    • Don’t forget that many of the citizens have been programmed to think a certain way. No different than a cult, but much more vast in scope and broadly coordinated. Once you learn how to look for the media and political “cues” or “triggers” to turn the programming on or to reinforce it, you see that they are all over and you can’t ignore them. It’s a version of the red pill that changes everything you see and hear. Likewise, getting people away from the programming is an intense and difficult task, akin to an intervention to get back a person involved in a cult. You learn to pity those under the spell, not hate them, but they are very dangerous to themselves and others, without even knowing it, because they are suggestible. Their bullshit detectors have been disabled. We have our work cut out for us.

      • @Dutch. Good point. I often overlook such however as in my thinking, those whose “mind is not right” are defacto casualties in any future conflict. There will be no time, nor resources available for those people. We’ll have our hands full with our own.

        • We tend to shorthand this thing as “thinking emotionally” rather than “thinking rationally”. It is actually “being in the cult” versus “being out of the cult”. Cults tend to capture quite a few high-IQ people.

          This comes from the late ‘60s, when families would “lose” their teenager kids to the hippie movement, and the family backstop for them would be gone. Then the Krishnas and the Scientologists would move in to take them into the cult, because they were adrift. Charlie Manson pulled in a few as well. Now all those lost hippies are the Boomer parents, still largely unmoored, and roped in to the new cult of Leftism. This time around, most of them don’t even know they are under the spell.

          • Just out of idle curiosity … How many of the 75 million Boomers do you know personally?

          • 150 or so. About half are blue pilled. At work, at church, and in my family I watch it all go down. Once the argument or issue starts, I watch them “click” and go into the rote responses, punctuated with shame inducing “how could you even think that…”s. But I am immune to shame. These days, I stand aside and let others do the fights, I am not ready to be doxxed yet. I watch, listen, take mental notes, and call it the “fly on the wall” thing. I also have some first hand experience with how Scientology operates, taken the “personality” test and endured the hazing framed as “counseling”, which is an intense version of the psych game that is going on more broadly. If you can keep your wits about you during that process, it is very instructive on how it all works. I have family members that are very manipulative, and I have been aware of it since I was a small child. My antennas are always up for such things, perhaps I see them more often than they actually exist, but psychological manipulation is everywhere, now often done through awarding of endorphin jolts on line and in public groups and places.

    • The big issue concerning IQ is the fact that it has been concentrated in cities since the industrial revolution. Before then, intelligent people were distributed evenly throughout society. You might have great poets at the courts, but you would also have genius smithies who could do amazing things with iron. That’s all over now. Geniuses don’t hang around on the farm. They go to universities and cities. And that is a huge change.

      • Really? OK – I get your point as far as formal education, but my sense is that innate intelligence is still evenly dispersed. I live in a very rural area & see creative genius all the time. Granted, they’re all po’ white folk, but they’re the ones that “high-IQ” people turn to when their car or AC breaks down. As a matter of fact, those high-IQ urbanites are some of the most helpless humans the planet has ever seen. And having spent some time on many a rural homestead in my community, I can tell you that genius thrives.

  18. The USSR is my go-to model for predicting the moves of globohomo’s apparatchiks because it was modern era, Euro & driven by the (((culture of critique))). China is a less apt model because Asian, no Jewish subversives, etc…

    The relatively peaceful dissolution of the USSR & Warsaw Pact hopefully predicts a soft-secession-style endgame for Lincoln’s Empire. Leave Big Other the urbs, spin them off as free city-states & Balkanize the hinterlands alone racial & regional lines. An American Velvet Divorce. We’re already there in our hearts, and as Z notes, the other side’s been there for years. Despite the snarling among Antifas & Thought Leaders, I don’t think either camp wants hot civil war bad enough to pull those triggers on a national scale. The biggest hurdle is separating the urbs. That will likely require dindu-geld for generations, but after all, we’re already paying that now.

    Our shorter-term project is to figure out the racial/regional identities that will form the cores of America’s successor republics. That will likely require my lifetime & then some. It’s taken Europe decades of globohomo to re-awaken identity there. We are starting further behind on that curve.

    • Seems the current SA situation a possible point of contention to be considered. SA has kicked most of the Whites formally running things to the curb. The result being that SA is in a state of advanced disintegration wrt it’s infrastructure. So for those advancing a scenario of some sort of peaceful separation i.e., a homeland or reservation for Whites, how would this happen? Who the hell would run things when we left the stage. SA Black leadership was too stupid to understand this, but the US globalist elites are not. I suppose there will be any number of “good whites” wanting to stay behind a keep the system functioning, but in that case why allow a split?

      • Apartheid was a good idea, but the white South Africans got it backwards. It should have been the whites who reserved two or three homelands for themselves and cut loose the rest of the country.

  19. The Grey Men in the further reaches of the Soviet Union often fared batter than the political undesirables in the cities. Keep that in mind.

  20. ‘One the problems with social cycle theory is it seems to blinker people into thinking that history not only repeats itself, but does so exactly’

    A wise man once said however- “History doesn’t always repeat itself, but it does often rhyme”

    Which is why the (((Bolshevik))) Red Terror and destruction of the last century moved West (which they even said they would do back then) and turned into the ((((Media-Academia-Political))) complex of this century. They quite literally drew a road map and said ‘we are going to do this’, and they did! It would take far too long to explain the hows and whys but the nice summary is: patience. “The long march through the institutions” wasn’t just a catchy slogan, it was a war room strategy.

    Also lastly on this point- “but that contempt is becoming more obvious. At some point, they will simply stop pretending.”

    I’d say we are 90% of the way there now. You can walk into a public space and call for the demographic displacement of whites, financial disenfranchisement, reparations, and all manner of discrimination. And dare to get into a confrontation with a protected victim class at your own peril. So how much more is left? The plan is in the open now so the ‘ten percent’ remaining is simply figuring out where the ‘White Reservations’ will be located and herding us onto the rail cars. Pay back is a bitch, innit? This was NEVER, ever ever about ‘equal rights’. It was about fucking revenge, and you are seeing the full bloom of this bitter harvest now.

    • @Apex Predator
      “This was NEVER, never ever about ‘equal rights’. It was about fucking revenge,”

      And many think they deserve it. Social penance or something, I guess.

  21. Well done! Excellent article. I had to laugh, though, when you said (in different words) what I said in my book club a couple of months ago: that the future will take care of itself but that it’s the past that keeps changing!

    You said this:
    “[…] the New Class [has] no fear of either party in Congress, as they know they are powerless. Proof of that is the parade of people lying to Congress and never facing the consequences.”


    “They hold Congress in contempt.”

    To the first part of that quotation I would add that at least the liars to Congress showed up when summoned. As often as not, Congress is simply ignored when they issue subpoenas anyway.

    Regarding the observation that “They hold Congress in contempt,” I can say only that comment would be superfluous.

    Great article!

  22. Congressional hearings are used by elites to take advantage of the mea culpa culture we’ve grown into. It’s like a public confessional devoid of any actual admission of guilt. And every elite knows the worst consequence of going before Congress is going to be losing your CEO job, to the tune of a $15 million severance package with additional stock benefits and a lifetime of speaker’s fees. And even this is done mostly to keep up appearances of responsiveness to the hoi polloi.

    • @John
      It’s a circus designed for the masses, either to keep them agitated or sedated depending on what they want at the time…

  23. features of the Soviet system now present in modern America

    The most galling similarity to me is the intellectual tyranny: how you’re forced to go along with, and humiliatingly kowtow to, the Official Lies of the ruling class, which constitute a worldview opposite to reality on almost every point.

    If you read Solzhenitsyn, you’ll be amazed at the similarity in intellectual atmosphere between that time and ours.

    The big wildcard is the internet, where people can privately revel in reality.

    • Dr. Theodore Dalrymple Quote:

      “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

    • The most galling similarity to me is the intellectual tyranny: how you’re forced to go along with, and humiliatingly kowtow to, the Official Lies of the ruling class, which constitute a worldview opposite to reality on almost every point.
      Well if we had Community actual Community then we could tell them to Fuck Off and if they came at us well then we get to defend ourselves good and hard…Which is a whole lot better than waiting until the wolf is at your door and your wolfhound buddies are already rolled up because you didn’t stand up for them or you didn’t get there in time because you lived to far away…

      • Lineman….question….how would an off-the-grid community defend against attack by Google Earth drone swarm?

  24. “What we have today is rule by a surprisingly small number of people. ”

    There’s only one form of government : oligarchy. The forms -democratic, communist, monarchy -are only an expedient organization through which the oligarchs wield power, the oligarchs themselves, the actual people with the power, are more important.

  25. In the long run, the only two choices are right-wing authoritarianism or left-wing authoritarianism. But because the “conservatives” have naively stuck to their CivNat student-government principles, the left-wing authoritarians are taking over.

    And make no mistake about the difference: right-wing authoritarianism means executing murderers, drug dealers and child rapists; it means forcibly deporting illegals, even if it gets rough. Left-wing authoritarianism means the government taking your 13-year-old son away from you and helping him cut off his dick; it means being put in jail for a comment you made on Facebook ten years ago.

    The two are not equal.

    • Correct. At the moment, we’re on track for a left-wing takeover. Our elites – Jews and Northern WASPs, but mostly Jews – made a huge mistake importing millions of non-whites. They figured that they could rule over them as easily as gentile whites, but they’re wrong. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Muslims recognize them as their overlords in a way that gentile whites never would because Jews and WASPs are white!

      As soon as Florida and/or Texas turn blue (and they will) blacks and browns will be the permanent president with all the power that entails. Jews and their WASP minions will try to ride this tiger, but black and brown presidents will figure out sooner or later that they have the real power, that they can use the executive branch to pressure those Jews and WASPs and even crush them.

      The real power struggle will between Jews and their WASP minions against black and brown presidents. It will be Jewish money and media – campaign donations and coverage – against blacks and brown presidential power – IRS, SEC, federal prosecutors.

      Blacks and browns are stupid, but the executive branch is extremely powerful. Put a couple of Jewish political money men in prison on trumped up charges and watch the rest fall in line. Them with the gold might make the rules, but them with the guns get the gold.

      Jews always think that they’ll outsmart everyone – until the mob or the king’s men show up at their door.

      • Jews always think that they’ll outsmart everyone – until the mob or the king’s men show up at their door.
        So who wants to be the Kings men oh shit that sounds to much like work forget that I mentioned it…

        • These are a people that stood around and watched as over 6 million of them were slaughtered. I’m reading “Ordinary Men” right now and a 1000 Jews would literally stand in a market square all day as the Germans walked packs of 20 of them into the woods and shot them.

          There is no way they stand up to Brazil Norte.

          • You’re referring to the people who died of typhus and starvation because the allies bombed the German supply lines?

      • I think the key screwup was the civil service “reforms”, seeking to make it more “merit based” and less political. Who decides what conduct is meritorious? Does good character count for anything?

        The current system provides a major patronage advantage for the (D)irtbag side. The bureaucracy should fear a conservative president replacing them all down to lower management with partisans tasked with digging up waste and fraud – that’d be a fair division of patronage. And fair punishment would be taking the money out of their pensions.

        Any appearance of reduced fraud and waste that seemed to occur with “merit based” reforms was due to the bureaucracy becoming a self-sustaining leftist sinecure, adept mostly at covering for each other.

      • It’s just amazing how powerful a few Jews can be. Does it ever occur to you that you really are an inferior species?

        Sen. E. Kennedy was, of course, neither WASP or Jewish.

  26. Well done continuation of yesterday’s piece. Years ago, after reading Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart” I started paying more attention to the tightness of networks in what considers itself the “ruling elite”. Just look at the current FISA-gate (or whatever you want to call it) affair and see how tightly related by schools, marriage, jobs in and out of government, these people are and you begin to see just how small that world is. And how it can have priorities and agendas wholly unrelated to the benefit and welfare of the populace as a whole.

    • Shocking isn’t it? You would’ve thought that with 50 states and hundreds of differing national political factions that there should have been a more “diverse” political atmosphere in the Capitol City. But no. Our host estimates “thousands” at the helm, I wager it’s more in the hundreds- all connected in some ugly, perverse way.
      That is the fundamental problem we face- how do we cut their stranglehold? I came to this blog years ago following the “cloud vs dirt people” link and am more convinced than ever of that inescapable truth. I preach it loud and often, sometimes to my detriment, but at my age, f**k it.
      It resonates. Sometimes not initially but I keep pounding… Even some of my blue blooded liberal (former friends) acquaintance types grudgingly acknowledge the concentration of power in a few dirty, unscrupulous hands. Of course they’ve swallowed the PC bullshit and can’t conceive of they being the recipients of Soviet style retribution… but its coming.
      All we can do is keep the faith and push as hard as we can in what ever form we can.
      BTW Saml, I’m still fighting the FD wars after 40+ years.

    • And how it can have priorities and agendas wholly unrelated to the benefit and welfare of the populace as a whole.
      It’s never been about the benefit and welfare of the populace as a whole it’s always been about what benefited them… Always has always will because they hold the power and by our inaction that isn’t going to change…

      • But there is a salient difference that I’m just old enough to remember. In olden days there was a limiting factor. The “local” populace was still the one you had to live with if you were an “elite”. Or as the Chinese put it the “mandate of heaven” still had to be maintained. Lose it and lose your head. Now the “benefit” of globalism is the elites can simply import more compliant replacements and/or find new places to plunder. At my last job, inherited an offshored operations group. Didn’t really do anything cheaper or better, but was a more compliant group than dealing with the several hundred legacy Americans that did the jobs previously. Hire and fire at will, no severance costs, no muss, no fuss.

        • @SA
          Or maybe we are just more aware of it at this point in time…I think it’s been that way for a lot longer than any of us have been alive…

  27. Z man, do you think Trump will get a second term, and if he does, do you think there is any possibility he will take power as needed? I think yes to the first, no to the second.

  28. A good example of the arrogance of the New Class of super rich is the Poop War going on in San Francisco. It seems that some of the hyper-wealthy are promoting the construction of homeless shelters in upscale neighborhoods of San Francisco. These are the areas like Embarcadero downtown or the Crissy Field area on the northern side near Presidio. People who live in those areas are merely rich, not super rich. But if they find their mortgages under water because of the burgeoning population of street bums, guess who stands to gain? The super rich could wait for the street bums to work their magic and then start quietly buying up large chunks of lucrative real estate. When they get the square footage they need…presto! They call for the homeless to be moved elsewhere, opening up bountiful opportunities for new developments. This is precisely what the wealthy in Rome did in the second half of the second century B.C. to their own yeoman farmer class. They imported huge amounts of foreign grain into Rome and gave it to the poor, driving down the price of grain…and bankrupting the yeoman farmers. The Roman capitalists then bought the vacated land for pennies on the dollar. The Gracchi and Marians erupted soon after.

    Here’s the SF story…

    • It’s all about Power who holds it and who doesn’t…Power=Freedom so many don’t understand that simple equation…Sad That…

      • Also, very few people understand that the so-called “law” is nothing more than what the enforcers of the law SAY it is. At any given time and in any given case. It is important for people like us to remember that.

    • “You’ve got a billionaire living in his flat on the top of a block, and he looks down through devastation to some heroin addict injecting on a bed at the bottom, and it’s all part of the funky scene, you know? It adds to the frisson. For the bloke who’s living in the flat!”

      –Jonathan Bowden, “Why I am not a Conservative”

      (If you don’t know him, Bowden is worth reading. I recommend three of his essays, “Credo,” “Revisionism,” and “Western Civilization Bites Back,” all free at Counter Currents.)

    • Blockbusting used to be done with black renters. Now it is done with poopy street people. Who says we don’t evolve?

      • @Dutch
        That hit the nail on the head but I’m thinking these people deserve everything they are getting in spades…

    • For the puppet masters the ability to make a statement by seemingly putting up with inconveniences and rot is not even a small price to pay. Many have an address in SF and comfortable walled-off estates north of the Golden Gate and elsewhere. The millionaires in Lake Tahoe are being ethnically cleansed by the billionaires.

      There are a number of chic high rises in tony neighborhoods in SF and they are still building them in areas like Pacific Heights. A 1 bedroom is well over 1 million, often 2 or 3 million ++. They serve as occasional residences when their owners are force to slum around in the city and as P.O boxes.

    • Those super rich should read Poe’s “Mask of the Red Death” for why biowarfare against the lower classes is not a best practice.

  29. If only the proles on the progressive side could realize that they are despised just as much as we are. If and when they do, it’s too late. Just pretend you love your bondage.

    Since no political solution is possible, we have to wait and hope for some sort of mechanism that will instill fear into our overlords to release their grip and let some sort of rule of law return. Fat chance, and I don’t know what could do that.

    • “If only the proles on the progressive side could realize that they are despised just as much as we are. If and when they do, it’s too late. Just pretend you love your bondage.”

      They will. And you’re right, when they do it will be too late.

      Eventually, once all resistance has been beaten into the ground, the Black Lives Matter thugs are going to realize they don’t want white princess from Harvard preaching transgender-ism in their faces. The Asians are going to realize they’re the last productive segment left in the new economy and the state needs their wealth to exist. The Hispanics and blacks are going to realize that Professor Diversity at Berkeley doesn’t give a damn about them as individual people, but only as political units and economic inputs.

      The self-destructive ideologies our ruling class spins out of the universities will eventually destroy the very system they were designed to usurp. Unfortunately, by that time the Booby will be long gone, either in his grave or in a cabana in some foreign land.

      • Cabana in some foreign land…
        That is something the Right needs to be doing is setting up a Community outside of the US as a fall back option…Just a thought…

        • Eastern Europe would be one option. I don’t trust anything South of the border. Here’s the thing once Uncle Sam takes a powder, all those ex-pat Americans and businesses who set up shop down there will be fair game.

          Here’s another thing you need to take into account. If the U.S. collapses to the extent you have to flee, the dollar will become worthless. It’s going to set off a economic earthquake across the globe because it is the global currency. That means those people holding billions in U.S. currency will find themselves with near worthless paper.

          It will get ugly everywhere. Eventually there will be a re-ordering but it will take years.

          • You ever want to set down and go over it over coffee let me know…There is a way to go about it and tons of ways of how not to go about it…

          • “Here’s the thing once Uncle Sam takes a powder, all those ex-pat Americans and businesses who set up shop down there will be fair game.”

            True that. You have to have a back up plan for your back up plan. Not all Southern countries are the same, though. Some are better than others.

          • >>>I don’t trust anything South of the border.

            You’re right to be suspicious, though if you truly integrate into a Latin society (which generally requires both marrying a local, and being a bit of a gray man) you can fit into some communities quite well.

            I’ve never visited Mexico, but have spent perhaps six months in Argentina and Chile; the further south you go in the western hemisphere, the less unwelcome norteamericanos tend to be. But, if pressed, even most Argentines will voice an active dislike of the US government, though individual Americans may be OK

          • Haha – if pressed, even most Americans would probably voice an active dislike of the US Government.

          • If you have to press any person residing within the borders of the United States to voice an active dislike of the US Government – then they’re not a true American.

            That’s one very simple test to figure out who is on your side – and who isn’t.

          • Well, just about all Americans will assent to something like “it’s awful to be stuck at the DMV all morning” or “those Medicare reps can be real jerks”, but I’d guess that when the chips are down, a solid majority of “today’s Americans” want government to help them through life, and will give up essential freedoms to get that help.

            Guess we’ll find out the facts soon enough…..

          • If you keep going south, you’ll eventually end up in a potential paradise. Quiet backwater lands that most don’t care about (unlike Eastern Europe)

        • Great idea. Why fight for our country when we can just run off?

          We are now where Spain was in 1935. Think about it.

          • What’s the definition of a fall back plan??? If all else fails then you have somewhere to go to regroup, resupply, and fight again…

          • Well, yeah, the operative phrase being “If all else fails.” When the fighting is over and we have definitely lost, then yes, get out. But is this our country or not? If yes, then fight for it. If no, then why wait? Get out now. We don’t need or want you here.

          • Fair enough. That’s something you’d know better than I, so I accept what you say here. And I’m more than a little relieved to hear it. You had me going for a while with talk of running off. But as you say, I don’t know you. Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

          • The Confederates and the Nazis tried the South American fallback plan . I don’t see many of either.

            East Europe won’t want you either.

            Truth is if it goes to guns, you win or you die and your backup plan is a shallow grave . The consolation you take to Hel with you is the amount of damage you did to the other side.

            Me? I’m still messing about with the political system. Our side probably can’t win that way but we can learn some valuable things that way and it for the near future, beats the hell out of the alternatives

          • I hope the look on his face when he discovers you’re a 4 foot tall African Bushman is worth all the farting around.

          • Excellent example of what I’m talking about. Confederates and Nazis fled to South America. Did they form up an army and come back? Maybe some of them or their descendants have gone back – but they haven’t reversed what (for them) was a defeat. If they came back – they are essentially accepting the defeat and the new order of things in doing so.

          • You won’t be “fighting again” – if you run away. Find me even one instance where this has happened.

            I swear some of you guys never picked up a single history book.

          • So no one ever has retreated and regrouped and was able to fight again…Hmmm I guess you are reading different history books than I am…

          • Show me the examples. An army getting evacuated out of a country that wasn’t theirs because of a battlefield defeat does not count. We’re talking about a people getting dispossessed from their own land.

            Some of my ancestors fled the US after the revolution and went to New Brunswick. Obviously – they later came back. But they didn’t “win” anything back – they essentially accepted the defeat and the new order of things.

          • Very rarely from a far away foreign nation and almost always with help. We aren’t getting that

            You go down the revolution road in this country its Game of Thrones rules, you win or you die.

            That said as our host noted , we do love our luxuries and do not want to butcher the goose for rations

            Its why I always ask anyone upset with the status quo and feeling sporty ‘Have you cancelled cable and your other subscription services?”

            If you can’t make that little sacrifice you really aren’t ready for anything.

          • Yea if no one even has the nerve to meet face to face how are they ever going to form an army everyone thinks we have… Sometimes I wonder about people I really do…And this is why I comment fewer and fewer places and fewer times cause it’s all a circle jerk with everyone impressed by the sound of their own voice and that’s about it… Forget putting any skin in the game of which I have spent thousands on…When you guys are actually serious about your Liberty then give me call..

        • Husband and I have batted around the “where” of a bugout place. We can’t see a place. So we’re hunkered down with half-assed okay people. Central and South America is a No. They hate us anyway, and if our economy takes a bump and retirement checks stop, they’ll kill us. If you’re young and somehow off the money grid, good for you. They’ll still kill you. Where are you going to bugout….Hudson Bay? Northern Idaho or Northern Nevada, Montana after you boot the Hollywood lefties out. The damn wind blows so hard in Wyoming, you’ll walk crooked forever and a short growing season.

          • In what I’ll refer to here as “difficult times,” the best thing you can do is to STAY AMONG YOUR OWN KIND. Where you can blend in. Where you have roots. Running off to foreign parts will simply isolate you during “difficult times.” Bad idea.

          • @MRV
            I bet in a conversation f2f you might see things in a different light…It’s all about perception and what you’ve experienced that has lead you to believe a certain way… Sometimes seeing things from a different perspective brings about a change of thought…

          • I concur.I was in Wyoming as a boy. Good place to be a kid but a lousy place to live and there is a good reason that a state as big as that only has 500K people.

            Running is not an option

        • Running away is the wrong thing to do. You will never ever have a moment of peace since your foes are global in scope and will go out of their way to ruin you small homogeneous moral enclave just for fun.

          The only option is going to be to fight . Its good to work on elections right now though as Brexit is showing, its going to require more work even if you win.

          The most important thing though is to know what kind of society you want to run , how it is to be run and to learn to embrace your inner power hungry asshole

          Once you’ve done that and stopped trying to be rugged individualist Yeoman type or worse a serf, you can start on the hard stuff getting the power and organization to win

          When you win you make them obey you and punish those who won’t or you still lose. You aren’t fighting for freedom since you don’t have a moral or homogenius population

          You are fighting for old America, the traditions and posterity.

          It will come to us or maybe our kids to fight for they need and it will probably mean a collapse of modernity. Oh well

          The other option is a pedophile boot on your grandchildren’s face forever and an added chaser the destruction of everything worthwhile in our culture.

          No one is going to save you either, do you see a Caesar on the horizon or just more clowns?

          And before any hotheads think I advocating anything stupid or illegal, think again.

          A movement that won’t even try to take power from the established system can’t win a revolution.

          Voting is stupid and it may not work, but its fine to fail too. Organize or die and the political system is right now the best tool for organizing and you might even win.

          If you don’t, we sell those million rifles a year rifles for a reason, n’est-ce pas

          • And yet the question remains are you going to gain power all by yourself or do you think you just might need some help in that regard…

          • YEs, well, certainly nobody can do it alone. Thing is that we are waiting for the right conditions, and they are coming. Ten years or so.

          • @MRV
            I would say the conditions are ripe right now it’s just the people are to comfortable to actually take advantage of those conditions…Ten years from now the people might be ready because of the pain they are experiencing but the conditions will be less than ideal to do much more than survive…Sad That…

        • As a US military retiree, I have given serious consideration to relocating to a country (Croatia is the most recent candidate – well over 90% white and Christian) where my retirement income would be more than adequate given the local cost of living. I do have concerns that once the vibrant are in control they will prioritize the shrinking tax revenues from the increasingly disappearing productive whites towards Somali single mothers with half a dozen offspring over the former centurions of the fallen empire and I will be cutoff from the retirement I fought over thirty years to earn. Sometimes I think they’ll keep paying because why would you want to piss off a large population of highly trained and effective mischief makers. To quote a fictional character portrayed by a recently minted UK non-person “If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don’t have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.”

          But then I think, no, by that point the people in charge will be too low IQ to engage in strategic future projection.

        • Lineman, I suspect U. S. refugees under such an arrangement would turn into Confederatos in a couple of generations. The U.S. will be the hill we have to die on.

      • On an optimistic note: After people like you and I are swept away and the enemy thinks it is in full control, human nature will produce challengers to their fragile and inept rule, who will burst through, wipe them out, burn down the universities together with the eunuchs who work in them, and put things back on a foundation that, with several hundred years of dull convention, sporadic bloodshed, and a regeneration of folklore, might yield a new iteration of civil life, to glow and then die in its turn some hundreds or thousands of years from now.

    • A currency crisis is already underway. It cannot be stopped, and it will eventually engulf the whole world. Also there’s the current Grand Solar Minimum and the concomitant global cooling with crop failures. The world system as it stands now is doomed. Be patient. Be ready.

  30. Ave Caesar by Robinson Jeffers

    No bitterness: our ancestors did it.
    They were only ignorant and hopeful, they wanted freedom but wealth too.
    Their children will learn to hope for a Caesar.

    Or rather–for we are not aquiline Romans but soft mixed colonists–
    Some kindly Sicilian tyrant who’ll keep Poverty and Carthage off until the Romans arrive, We are easy to manage, a gregarious people,
    Full of sentiment, clever at mechanics, and we love our luxuries.

    • A sincerely nationalist Right Wing tyrant would be the best possible outcome for the West. Its the only way in an urban society to ameliorate the effects of Leftism and to ensure a healthy, rooted, natal culture.

      • There are many people in Chile today who will tell you – whispering, of course – that Pinochet was a gift from God. It’s hard to argue with that – Chile is a more civilized, pleasant and clean country nowadays than any of its neighbors, and perhaps even Britain or Sweden.

        The problem we have is our vastness. Chile conducts its national elections in one day. We won’t get a Pinochet, or a Franco, or even a Mussolini; we’ll get some corn-fed version of Idi Amin or something worse. Too much power at the top – too much money, too many weapons, too vast a compliant bureaucracy.

        We are the Al Sharpton nation now.

        • My fear exactly. Trump is probably a temporary stopgap, but given a recession at the right time, we could get a progressive loon in the presidency combined with a deep state bureaucracy. And the hatred,is built up enough in those people that a fracturing civil war is possible.

        • Chile was the only place my old firm consistently made money and had no “crisis du jour” problems in all the South American operations. Thankfully one of the old SA hands took one look at Chavez and realized he was trouble, even by Venezuelan standards, and we sold the JV interest there back to one of the other partners and got out.

        • I think you’ll get something much worse than that, dozens of tinpot dictators each hacking out as much land as he can keep in constant flux. In other words, history.

          Upside of that is you might a chance at your own little piece of this pie and a nation of your own.

          IMO this is the logical outcome of a nation that has no reason to exist other than historical inertia and far too many diverse peoples and opinions

          And note that if somehow magically all the Commies and foreigners went away, this would still be the case. Southrons and Yankees and West Coast people have jack all in common and have very different ideas of the role of the state

          The only thing that might make a different outcome is the growing redneck solidarity. Rural folks all over are much alike and in a nation where you see the Stars and Bars flown in upstate New York as a show of solidarity is one that could hack together some weak nation of convenience , if they can wrest power from the cities that is.

    • YW: “We are easy to manage, a gregarious people,
      Full of sentiment, clever at mechanics, and we love our luxuries.”

      Beautifully put.

  31. “they will simply stop pretending”… Like brexit, illegal immigration, Trudeau. I’m a little slow sometimes but I know when people hate me.

    • The globalists are playing a VERY dangerous game with BREXIT. If there is one issue that can rip the mask/facade off of this “democracy”, it is BREXIT. And the UK population has not been diluted enough such that opposition cannot be supported by numbers.

      But the real time to fight is not yet ripe of course. You usually need some form of economic misery – Weimar/immediate post-serfdom Russia/scarcity of bread in revolutionary France (the latter being completely faked by those behind the scenes), to spur the general populace into action.

      Especially in those low T/easily distracted boob tube environment. Deprogramming will be incredibly tough.

        • And I’ve yet to see anyone point out the most related of all these countries and power being that they disarmed the populace before things went sideways completely.
          I know iits been an ongoing thing here for decades with little real effect that benefits the powers that be. Things are pretty shitty most days but power from the barrel of a gun still hoids much truth

      • I’m wondering if under present circumstances, how many Venezuelans question their support of Chavez/Maduro back in the day. If they aren’t questioning it now, then there is no hope for them.

        A line in ‘1984’ has always stuck with me: It’s from one of Winston’s reveries, a memory of running into the air-raid shelters as a kid and hearing an elderly man telling his wife, “we shouldn’t have trusted the buggers, ma!”

        That could be a line on a gravestone, one marking a mass grave, anyway.

  32. Z man, as a heads up, was your blog taken down temporarily last night. I kept trying to access it and saw an “account suspended” notification and couldn’t get to the blog. Just an fyi

    • Yes, I am having server issues. I’m told traffic spikes are the issue, but it could be incompetence too. I’m making plans to upgrade the server.

      • You’re just that popular. Love your stuff, btw. And yes, we are very close to the final turning I think, meaning the next 10-20 years. The fact that the liberals on SCOTUS are even thinking there is a legitimate argument to banning a citizenship question on the census form, shows just how close we are to the contempt being fully revealed.

        If I could point to one mistake, I would say that the globalists have moved way too fast for their own good. They misjudged their own effectiveness.

        And for people on “our side” of this fight, one must absolutely study Stalin. The man literally crushed the Bolsheviks and the Trotskyites and any other pesky minoritarians before they fully realized what was happening. If you are facing an enemy with total propaganda control and endless pockets, what do you do?? You co-opt them and their weapons. The rainbow flag/honkler is an EXCELLENT piece of propaganda for us. So was the NPC meme. The CAI opened a meme warfare division for a reason…

          • I would start with two books, Stalin’s own “Short Course” history of the Soviet Union and Robert Conquest’s Stalin: Breaker of Nations.

            To understand how the Stalinist approach to political correctness played out in an environment of collective leadership (which may be more useful when observing what is going on among the intersectionalists) see the chapters on the arguments and purges surrounding the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution in Frank Dikötter’s books.

            Short course:


          • Vassily Grossman’s 1960 novel ‘Life and Fate’, Bertram Wolfe’s ‘Three Men Who Made a Revolution’, Alan Bullock’s ‘Hitler and Stalin’, Nekrich and Heller’s ‘Utopia in Power’, Arthur Koestler’s ‘Darkness at Noon’ (another novel), and Stalin’s own little book from the twenties, ‘The Foundations of Leninism.’ You can always hunt down a copy of Isaac Deutscher’s biography of Stalin if you happen to admire the man, as Deutscher, with some caveats, certainly did.

            Addendum: Don’t miss Milovan Djilas’ wonderful little book, ‘Conversations with Stalin.’

          • I continue to be impressed with the knowledge base of Z Blog readers. We have some serious students of history here. I don’t have time to follow up on all the suggestions, but I’m glad people are putting them on the table.

          • Gravity Denier and Zman:

            If I can clue you in to what “woke” me up. I was an avid reader of Dostoevsky. Huge fan of Churchill, I read his entire 6 volume biography from Hillsdale. I advocate reading the following: 1) all of Dostoevsky; 2) the Gulag Archipelago; and 3) THE MOST IMPORTANT – the Red Symphony. My “awakening” was when I first learned that almost all, literally all, of the Bolsheviks were Jewish. I thought it was a mistake. I was a huge Zionist/defender of Israel, and frankly still am somewhat. But understanding that one simple fact led me down a path where I now understand that the ENTIRE “official” history of the 20th century is a lie.

            Nesta Webster also did yeomen’s work on the French Revolution and related “conspiracy theories”. The taking of control of Europe can be traced back to the Illuminati and Adam Weishaupt. I have no idea as to what happened, but something did happen. And that “constant revolution” has been rolling over the world since 1776. Martin Armstrong has also been a significant influence.

            Do you not see Biblical prophecy literally playing itself out before our very eyes?? All is proceeding as foreseen thousands of years ago. There is literally nothing new under the sun… Which, ironically, might be the ultimate blackpill. One cannot fight what God has already set forth.

            Another little diddy, read Goebbel’s piece, those DAMN NAZIS. You want to get “woke”??? You really want to smash through the conditioning. Then you will realize that capitalism/communism are two sides of the same fucking coin. And that Jesus was 100% correct when he raised his hands against the usurers and said that LOVE of money was the root of all evil. Indeed it is. How did Japan become the world’s number 2 economy in the 1980s?? They have no natural resources. No precious metals. A NATION’S WEALTH IS IN THE PRODUCTIVE CAPACITY OF ITS PEOPLE. Period. Full stop. Always has been. Always will be. Then read the Goebbel’s piece and get fully fucking woke.

            Cheers brothers.

          • Thank you – I saw him interviewed after his first volume came out; I need to read this.

      • I noticed that too. For traffic spikes, I’d expect a message like “Temporary technical difficulties,” rather than “Account suspended.” Very curious.

        • What they are telling me is their system automatically shuts down my service after some point. Hence the message.

          I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade/move my server.

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